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For Mr. and Mra. Hunter j
Mr. and Mr?, Alfred Hunter. w'lo1
are leprlng tomorrow for their I
homo at Hartford, Conn., were
glvrn a delightful aurprlse part/
nn Monday evening, when a num
ner or ineir mends entortamcu a'.;
^bridge in tholr. honor nt tli*s home
l^f Mrs.' Richard Gilkenon on Eaat
* Pork avdnun. Mr. and Mr*. Hunter
were completely aurpriooii when
fr.thty wont to the dfikenon home
Wand found tho guest* assembled
Five tabids wore occupied with
bridge during the evening. and a
. salad lunch was served. The hosts
and boflteese* on thl\ occasion
> we-n Mr. and Mrs. Gll&eiion. Mr.
nnd Mrs. B. B. Smith. Mr. aud Mrs.
Anthony ftonvn, Mr. and M-h. f.
'B. Cohneli, Mr. and Mrs. J. M.
> Dobhle, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Stevens
dud Mr. and Mr?. John M. Klsfner.
A number of other partle.i
^.Tiare been given to honor Mr. nnd
Mts. Hunter, among which was a
^pHrigo held at the home or Mr. and
BttfA.. Joseph Hosier on Friday eveBrting
of last week.
ml * : * * .
iir uiaii Mnnivcrsary
lY 1*110 R. T. Webb Class of tho M.
IjK, Cftbrch, South, celebrated its
l{:thirteenth anniversary last cveH.nlng
wlth o covered rti?*.h supper
Mapd & flollftr social held In the so-j
JjjpaT rodtas of tho church. The
grooms wcro decorated with purp'.a
M&kd lavortdar. *the colors of the
A largo birthday cake cea
^ Jtered tho table and was cut by tho
Mfeharter members pronent. Mrs. 3*3.
.Taylor, Mrs. Ward Downs and
[yp'SB Dora Cox. The guests of the
dy.enlrtg wore rtie members of Mhs
9g Blanche Gibson's class. Following
|Pthe supper a short buslnoss wan
glv To Witness Game.
Mr. and Mrs. Brooke S. Hutchln
gjon aro leaving Friday for New
HfcTaVeh, Conh., whore they will wis
the Yhlc-Harvard football!
r gartto on Saturday. C. E. Hutchinson,
win nlan am Vnaf tnr the* ?nmni
Bid will 1)9 Joined there by Mrx
i. yqteblnson, who has been the
I n?it of her son, Frank Hulchin-J
I son, and family, since the man-Inge1
jp Of- Harold Hutchinson and Mls.i;
- Margaret Owens on November 1?V
I .Tohn W. Mason. Jr., will also goj
F t<J New Haven for the game.
' o
Briflde Luncheon.
' Mrs.* Alfred Hunter of Hartford,
Oonn., who was a resident of tills
[ -City for some tlmn, ontertalned tills
^afternoon with n bridge luncheon
fci'-bf charming apiioin.tinents at tho
fj$i6me of Mrs. Richard Gllkeson on
ff.&aBt Park avenue. Yellow mums;
tj.Vwere effectively used in tho tabl-J
^decorations, and twenty-four gueste I
gHfrere ontertalned at luncheon an*' j
B later occupied six tables at bridge. ]
Kfclv.,; * * *
. Returning Tonight.
Mrs. James O. Watson is returntonight
from Mexico, Mo.,
[/ Where eho spent several weeks as
bKtfcd. guest of Mrs. Charles A.
$ Barnes." Mrs. Watson uiul Mrs.'
RBafnos wore schoolmates at CouchSjftV
College. Previous to going to
pplissouri, Mrs. Watson spent u
jsWeck at Plncviilo, Ky., with Mr
feiWatson, who was there on busl
In Italy.
Miss Eleanor Watson, who is
touring abroad, is now In Italy with
the party with whom she is touri
lng. Miss Watson has been abroad
! for leveral months and will probably
not raturn home for some
time. She Is the daughter or Mr.
h^ndtWrs. James 0. Watson of Fort
Meeting Postponed
m The Initiatory ceremonies which .
u'.ivere to havo been held next Sunday
by Court Joan of Arc, Catliof
Ho Daughters of America, have
' been Indefinitely postponed.
[-. j *
M With Miss 8!pe.
v Miss Lucy Sipe will be hostes
at 7:80 o'clock Uiis ovonlng at Fairs'
mont Farms to the girls of the
P$!rlondly Class ot Christ Episcopal
? ?
| .Meeting Called.
I A. meeting of all those interested
tain the-Thanksgiving dinner and ba
i f sot* which the women of St. Peter'*.
/ Catholic Church will hold begin/
fling next Thursday will be heid
yj at 7:30 this evening at the social
' rooms of the church, at which time
- persons will be assigned to duties]
L and pl&UB completed for tho event.
. i
I*. Interesting Program.
. Much Interest centers In the proit-gram
to be presented at 2:20 to-'
y-morrow at the Masonic Temple by!
f Ibe community service committee'
h- of th? American citizenship depart-!
mailt o( the Woman's Club. Thoi
yesterday, today and tomorrow of i
) Fairmont trill he doplotod in sons '
.story and dialogue. The member i I
of Ihe department and of the gen-i
v oral club will ha out In large num.!
i, BOrs and are being ptmiosi-iI
- bring membership cards to be pre-!
' sehted at tho door.
< t
j* I'ltzer-Tootlnnnn.
, > W. S. Pltzer. loenl carpenter i
and prominent In Odd Fellow cir-!
vvww*, tt41u ?4>0i ,n-ilu iooinmun,!
't who resided In Pennsylvania
1 avotiuo. this city, were married
tiuiotly In the parlors at Hotel!
' Henry. Pittsburgh, at 3 o'clock
Monday afternoon by the Rev. II.
H. Mooset pastor of the Methodist
Episcopal Church at Bellevue. ;
The couple were attended by
Mf. Pltzer'n nephew. T. C. Pitzer.
and Mrs. Pitzer of Pittsburgh. Mr. i
t.nd Mrs. Pitzer will reside tern-'
' Twills* Afternoon and
Evening Frocks, ,
I Christmas Cards*
Gifts and Novelties
k Yhfch I personally selected
I Have Arrived.
jj ^W ; Maton(o Temple SflOp
porarlly at Bellrlew, but later win
remove to his property'In Emerson
^ *
Concerning Clarksburg Qugta
A 100 por cent attendance
marked yeaterday'a-weekly luncheon
of the Quota Club. Dr. H. K?
Moan, won Known local physician,
was the speaker, taking for
hia subject, "Nervousness." The
spcqkor went Into the subject in
a brief but vary Interesting und
Instructive manner. A short business
session was held with Mrs.
Corlnno Lockman, president, proaiding.
The club has derided to
accept the Invitation of the Fairmont
club to be Its ghosts the
coming Monday evening at a dinner
at tho Fairmont Hotel.?
Clarksburg Exponent. .
Pretty Affair
Cover* weer laid for several at a
dinner party of pretty appointmeuts
at which Mr. and Mrs. BrnJamin
Karafnahy entertvu-d laat
evening at the Fairmont Hntnl 10
honor Mr. add Mrs. F. B. Block
nnd Mtb. Bertha Block of Trenton.
N. J., who aro guests of >>.
Mrs. Dan Block at their home un
Adams street.
* ?
Entertains Club
Mrs. John A. Clark, Jr., was
hostess yesterday at her home on
Walnut avenue to the Tuesdnv
Brldgo Club. A three cour?R lunch
eon wag served upon th0 arrival of
th*? guests, following which flv?i
| #f
I n
si when
ffi the I
jjjf tige.
& most
? in hi:
Sd wher
U| of th
| J riii S
H . agen
S[ this i
t <
f thing
?? stock
I (
!jk fine
M ful n
? will :
W/l 9Q if
* V
ffi as it
| "The St
1 We
| JL a. x-J JL^
I 420 MAIN ST.
Detroit, Mith. who io the fh?it
ot Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Joilltf at
[their home ?o Madleon street
I Mrs. George E. Peddlcord trill entertain
the clun next TueaJ'iy.
Mr. and Mrs. George H.. Smith
of Halleck were glren a Burnrlae
| housowarmlng last Friday evening
in tbeir new homo. The
i guests presented Mrs. Smith with
'? Sheffield casserole. During the
evening refreshments were-served.
! Mrs. Smith was before her marjraige
recently, Miss Blake Austin
of Alorgantown.
Guest Here
I Miss Julia H. Houston of PhllaI
delphia has been the guest of Miss
^Charlotte Towson for the last few
days at her home in Benonl avenue.
Miss Houston left this morning
for her home. /
To Xew York
Mr. and Mrs. Jamea Edwin
Watson and son, Nod, have gonej
to New York where they will remain
until after Thanksgiving.
While they aro In the East Ned
will have hjj tonsils removed.
Has Guest
Miss MetaGalllgber.haa had as
her guest at hor homo in Qulncy
street. Mrs. Walter Pell of Grafton.
Mrs. Poll was here for several <
days aud returned last evening to
hor home In Grafton.
IIuvo Guests i
Mrs. Sampson Finn, Mrs. Max !
DeLynn and Mrs. Isaac DeLyun of J i
rhe strength of a name is w
. it is known that a piano mei
)uo-Art Piano, his establish:
rhis is true not merely becai
noted instrument in the wo]
1 policy that only dealers of i
ictive localities shall be appi
other words, it is the associc
fame with a merchant who 1
3 locality. The combination c
e the Duo-Art is displayed tl
e highest musical culture.
s the only store in the state
cy for thislamous instrume
)ur new store is one of the la
; is for your comfort and co:
of Duo-Art Pianos in both
jlad to have you call and see
display and hear some worn
lusic?And in coming here
Cinrl n o] 4 m?i * ni-iMnimlinlV
J.1I1U a Ulli-Cieui
is genuine,
ore With a
j^fisA *r**in3RTn8Af5jiA ?,.
bom'edn Fairmont areine:*^
Will Entertain
Mr. and Mr*. Max Bear are enentertalnlng
this evening at their
home in the Country Club road
honoring Mr. and Mrs F., It.
Block and Mrs. Bertha Block ot
Trenton. N. J., the gueats ol Mr.
and Mre. Dan Block. Mr*. Simpson
Finn. Mrs. Max DeLynn and Mrk.
Isaac DeLynn. the gueats of Mr,
and Mrs. P. P LlDson. will share
in the honors of the evening. Flr*|
tables of bridge will be In play.
Bridge Club.
The Wednesday Bridge Club is
meeting this afternoon at the
home of Miss Amelia Bennett in
Locust avenue. Luncheon will hj
served upon the arrival of the
guests. An out-of-town guest twi'J
be Miss Margaret Johnson, tho
guest of Miss Mary Hurst. i
Thursday Luncheon.
Mrs. Louis Lyons of Cottage avpnuo
will entertain at a 1 o'clock :
luncheon tomorrow at the Fair*
mont Hotel to honor Mr. and Mrs. i
F. R. Block and Mrs. Bertha Block <
of Trenton, N. J., the guests of 1
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Block, in this I
To Be Bridesmaid.
Miss Meta Calliber Is leaving
Friday for Dillon, N. C., where she
will lie bridesmaid at the marriage
in ansa ivriosi manning anu nem
Do LInd, which will be solemnized .
next Wednesday. Miss Manning !
war, Miss GnlUher'e roommate at 1
the Colonial School In Washington 1
from which Mir,a Galllher was grad i
uated last spring. Mr Da Llnd h
' PIA?
I Myp
) Isn't there
tion in beir
of the ins
^ Q home?
IM And you
JMMft world's mos
Steinway, Stec
Stroud, W(
h of a ;
ell illustrated in the fact
rchant in any locality repres
ment at once has distinct i
iise he has the agency for
rid, but because it has bee
reputation and standing in
Dinted Duo-Art representat
ition of an instrument of w
lias won a position and stan
if the two makes the warei
le natural rendezvous for pe
of West Virginia that has
int. Naturally, we are proi
ireest and best arraneed-ei
nvenience. We carry a com
Grand and Upright styles.
der- _ . _
The A?On
you Small Grand
j n IhuxArt
*2185 gj&
and will .go from there to IVashinv J
ton and Alexandria, Va., where the '
will visit before returning home.
? * * 1
Entertain Club !
hfra. C. D. Highland Is entertaining
the Main Street Boole club
at a buffet luncheon thla afternoon
at her home on Fairmont
avenue. Tbo guests were servce
with luncheon upon their arrlml.
following which an lntereylnu
program was observel.
Entertaining Division
Mrs. T. A. Nelll Is entertain-1
Jng her division of the Ladle?'
Auxiliary of the M. P.. Church at
her home on Sixth street today.
?? *
Circle To Meet
The Isabella Thoburn Circle of
the First M. E. Church will meet
it 7:30 o'clock Thursday even iu i
nt the social rooms of tho church. '
Mrs. J. L. Detxer'a division will
be in charge of the meeting, and 1
features of the program will be a j
vocal solo by Mis* Irene Osb.ro e, I
a report of the missionary confer-1
ence he'd recently at Baltimore by 1
Mrs. Levi B. Harr, and a reading
ly Mrs. Harr* Wye off <- Mrs. J.
M. Altman will conduct tbft drvc-,
Llonnl, and tho dlvsion members:
will be tho hostesses. , f
Guests Here
Dr. and Mrs. P. D. Wright of :
August, Ga.. aro gURats of Mr. an-1
Mrs. Jeha W.? Mason at their
^ome on Moreantown avenun.
Doctor Wright, has boon here for
soveral days on bus'ness and was
fContlnuod on page eight.)
ws I
'iano Is a ?
supreme satisfac- jftj
ig able to say this $
trument in your
can have it in the p
it famous makes? M
u ?
?ber I
that 1
ients EBi
'ieS" ' i!
!n a jj?!
their TO i
:ives. ||
orld- !
ding m
?om ?k
:ople to;
the |
id of ?
rery- $
plete $&
j| p*:
PHONE 926 fg k
r-cm warn rtf- ? JK gto*. wtm*. ftm- i
' ,.', ' ' .
Again the
The new season brings the supr
We have an abundant supply of
tive, lower than they will be after tl
"What housekeeper will not tak
collection of table and decorative Hi
Napkins that Bhe has been wan tin;
Cotton Table Damask, GOc, 75c,
80c yard.
All Linen Damask, $2.25 to $'1
GGx68 Inch Pattern Cloths, $5.50
Napkins to match $7.50.
70x70 inch Pattern Cloths $8.00.
~ IC
Welcome Al
What fun to come to Toytov
Dollies, Games and Books. They'ri
Store on the Fourth Floor. All reai
ents to come and see.
Years ago before the toy ma!
arms," there were plenty of all k
those days have grown up or pas
ftfraln +V?ia ia +V10 n-Konfflot DVinun'mr
v?>w niv givubvoii oiiv/nuijj
ever seen. And they're at lower pi
Girls will delight in the dolli
will delight in the trains, engines
' too will be fascinated with these
Remember Toytown is on the
Stylish St
For V
A Ji All over blacl
\ ? welted sole, med
\ ll rsren _ in i x
\ ?1 wiatns, 4 i
I ] Hartley's ai
f Jl Fairmont.
Ay. Aunt Polly
L \ Blac
plain toe
v. piece. E
Xig^ >V 57.00.
Same s
nr. ?: t~~i
f ringed Lace Curtain
Panels at $2.25 to $8.50
The newest effects in artistic
window draping is provided by
these clever lace panels that are
all the rage among better home
owners today.
Made of Tuscan Nets, Filet
Nets, Casement Nets and Duo
tone isobinette witn sine ana cotton
fringe. Sizes to fit windows
of standard dimensions.
All Wool (to i
pj Blankets
% $10 Up
Day of Fine I
Linens |1
eme opportunity for lovers of ftns
good linens and prices are very attrac-'jfl
lis Thanksgiving season is over. ' I^jj
a great delight in looking through oUr>"S
acns, to pick out the Table Cloths irtd |
r so long? And what superb gift! fOJMg#
Napkins to match. $8.50. <
71?c90 Inch Pattern Cloths, ?14. '
Napkins to match ?12.00.
15 Inch All Linen Lunch Cloths, bs
54 Inch All Linen Lunch Cloths
I to Hartley's i
fn and see all the bright new Toys,
a ail in their places in the great Toy J*3ft]
3y for Girls and Boys and their par.
kers left t]ieir benches to "shoulder : }
inds of Toys, but the children-of fl
sed into their teens; and wo say '
; of Toys the children of today have 119
es and doll furniture, and the hoys '~k
and fascinating games, Grown-UMi
out Shoes
: kid lace boots, 8 inch top plain the, IIM
iura heel with rubber top piece. D and ,
o 9 sizes, price $8.50.
%um |
re exclusive agents for this shoe in
k kid lace or button style, 7 Inch top, II 9
, welt sole, low heel with rubber top5||
and EEE widths, 4 to 9 sizes, prtce ' .
ihoe with cloth tops, $6.00.
A r T* -
une 01 inese oeauiuui ||
ate Christmas gift for any wd| 9
man. Some of them are aU plaa6| j
combined, tnnimed. with
iui goia ana coioren oraia. au
are newest effects in round'and IE)
oval shapes.
Third Floor 1
yvvvJ $1.00 to$3.00 '
v-'-vj ''

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