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J r-? t... f?_J ?
Su rur oy riea uross
Walking Eighteen
es Yesterday.
5GTON, Dec. 6.?John
13, arrived In Manninglay
afternoon after hav1
from Archer, a diedghteen
ynlles. and anfat
he vraa looking for
'and mother.
Ie "fellow waa taken In
tho local chapter Red
his atory brongbt out.
that hie father and
hose hoino waa formerey,
eeparated, and the
eight children were
among atrangera. Thla
baa Seen ataylng with
it ,'Archer, but heard Jn
Ethat hli parents were I
nd were no.w living In
iSHe immediately start- 1
mid them.
aitlyed here the ybung
Jred and soiled, but he
quite presentable again
g and was made much
of the locql women in-1 \
his case. Miss Rhea
retary of the Red Cross
er for him at the hotpe
le Clolland, and he was
there during the night,
an -gave hint a suit of
t night, and soveral
of small sums of money
very Intelligent little
I endeared himself to I
of those who tallied
itfln Investigated his
Ing that his parents
:e. and John was sent
home he had left again
ng. He was placed In '
of .the street car con- I
: .agreed to sea' him i
.the' Clarksburg oar at i
Viwonian from the wel- I
Ejfare dpimrtmont will meet him at !<'
M^^^HmpCand arrongo for
y5 JVmnhington Society '
I Missionary Meet
I and Forelgi i
[^ BfflEgRSociety of the Presb. i
bian Church will hold it? regular '
> mmo of Mrs. A. J.
BSfflpTel- in Clayton addition, i
MroaRfay afternoon at 3:30.
BBQmgjieaders for this meeting re I
^H5xSdna'~ Beaty and Mrs. E. C. 1
TaMeri "Tha'tfiuslc for the occ-i- i
BHgprtll' boMn Charge of Mrs.
Jharles Hurd. "Utah, or Mormon- .<
B'in. ahoiyersla and Syria" is th? '
Subject W the afternoon.
I libers of this organlza-j
JUflt finished a missioii '
tied, "In the Vanguarl
os," wmlch was very innthly
.mothers' meetingman's
Christian Temperi
will be held at the home
R. -Howard, 112 Dancir
light at 7:80. The con;
i prepared an excellent
ind dainty refreshment-!
liaslonary Play,
entitled "Circle -Three
Ion" will he given by tin
Home and Foreign Mis
nonary Society ct the Presbyterlnn i
church Friday evening at'S o'clock.
This pipy .promises to be very n 1
I The cast Includes almost the full
mmhershlp of the society.. The
principals are Mrs. L. H. Boor. Mrs.
c. C., Basnet!. Mrs. Chhrles Drake.
Mrs. E. 'C. McOarnes. Mrs. M. P.
Bramilton. Mrs. A. J. Hnmmel, Mrs
m. ^Hobs, , Mrs. Charles Hurd,
jpb. Thomas Leonard. Mrs. A. I .
Hjnchard, Mrs. James Phillips. Mrs.
Bbrry. Sybort. Mrs. E. IV. Marr,
Mrs. Prank Magec, Mrs. C. J. Mc
fcapIy^Mps. Clara McQnire. Mrs.
HHtfyKness, and Miss Maria Burs.
Exceptional talent Is shown b7
many ^members of the cast, it Is
Baid, and the committee expressed
Bn.earncst hope today that the pubBic
will take advaptape of the opBBCnnltn
4? aaa (ho ontorfnlnmnrt
KVsllvor offering will ho taken V.
he end otsthe program.
>" MoetWednetday.
Tho Woman's Foreign MlshlonKrv
Society of tho M. E. Church
111 hold ite" rogular^ meeting toP
^snrprlje is being arranged fo Bu>
members. fortunate enough to
ft this' session, It is. stated, and
Kaon member is requested to bring
her Christmas ottering.
The hostesses for this o.ccaBloo
are Mrs. Allle Hildreth. Mrs. I. W
KBKris.'-MrgtfM. E. Arnett,.Mrs. Car sSjjLeveJie",
Mrs. WlUlam RobinExn,
Mrs. ,C. N. .Wllcox.. and Mist
B Edliorj Tone Test
Music lovers of Mannlngton will
Be given a treat tonight when JosBnh
Phillips and the Fleming Sis
Bern Trio give a recital 1n the high
chool auditorium,-In the nature of
K torio-test for the new Edison
Mr. Phillips fa a baritone slngv
Bp lame, and the three Fleming sis its-assure
the program of Interest
SB beauty. ' Each of these singers
BMre mbarked musical ability, It i<
BThe business"* and professional
Wittnen of "Mannlngton will meet
Hdt:'evening at .the home of Dr
B^kbla Moore -for the purpose, of
BknLdngl a-'Business and Frofes
'-n.-ia woman's Club. The meetBng-mi
begin at 7 o'clock. Dr
[Moore said this morning that an
I Pithy Paragraplis
j From Mannington
Deacon Slapapple came ' e3gfa
Into the office this morning ah
handed a paper across the detl
This Is what it said:
"The line-up oi Jimmy Thoma
All-American drug store footba
team has been made to inclnd
the following players.
Name Position
"Phebe" Furbee Left end
Jay Atha Left Tackle
Ed Snodgrass Left Guard
Dick Olarkeon Center .
Lawrence Huffman Right Guard
Win Smith Right Tackle
"Stiff" Huey Right End
"Tip" Mead . . Quarterback
"Doc" Burt (CapO-Left Hhlfb^c
Ed Holland- Righ Halfbao
Fred Boaty -Fullback
"Bob" Burt Coach
stonal women, and expressed lb
hope that they will attend tonlgh
To'Clarksburg, j
Miss Dorothy Paraons has r?
turned to Clarksburg afte
spending the Thanksgiving vacs
lion with her parents here. Ml3
Parsons is teaching in Clarksbur
this year. /
Mrs. Ed. Hamilton is recovei
Ihg nicely from an operatic
which, she recently underwent a
the Ohio Valley Genoral Hospl
tal, In Wheeling.
Baby GUI.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Stewart ar
the proud parents of a baby gli
born last. week. She has bee
named Mary Isabel.
nuADCi rvrooioro
Tuesday morning the last chapf
jxerclse before the Chrlstma
holidays will be hold in the hig
jchool auditorium. On Frida
ifternoon. December 22. a specie
program will be presented by th
students ?in the Central Schoo
rhis program will bo given durln
the Inst period, It was nnnouncei
In chapel this morning.
Principal W. L. Sprouse drei
intention to the special nurabe
pfthe Redpath Lecture Cours
tvhicli will be given at the audi
torlum . noxt Monday night. 0
this evening Homer C. Boblil
will give an address on one c
three subjects. "Duds and DougT
nuts,". "Smouldering Embers." o
'Under the Northern Lights."
Mr. Boblitt is a man who ha
traveled through all parts of th
world, and. has gained the train
ing and equipment which make
lim a wonderfully interesting an.
powerful speaker.
Following the regular chap*:
axercises Superintendent D. C
Tabler spoke for a fevy minutes t
the senior class regarding thei
work' in arithmetic during th
second semester.
General arithmetic, it wa
pointed out. .will bo required c
ill seniors during this period, es
lept those who have had core
mercial arithmetic. However, Mi
Tabler stated, he would bo gla
[f all the seniors who have ha
commercial arithmetic woul
take general work ' if they fe<
tbov rnn do no.
"Not very many folks who pas
through the high school havo ha
enough arithmetic." he said
"and if I were to advise or mak
a suggestion. It would ho thn
every senior take general arlth
mctlc during the second seme:
ter." ,
i ^
Poccola of Downs was arreste
Sunday evening by Officers Efaand
Hough and lodged in the cit
jail to await trial yosterday afte
noon for assault and for bein
drunk and disorderly.
OTion Krnnvht hofnro Tuaflro .1
M. Barrack yesterday Mrs. Pei
cola-was held under $100* peac
bond, and when she (ailed.to giv
ball was sent to Fairmont to th
county Jail. The charge was pn
ferrod by hor husband, Tom Pe<
The woman, it is said, frequen
ly takes too freely of bad ipom
shine and each tlmo raises a con
motion at home. This timo sh
sold some clothing belonging t
the children and used the mqne
to buy liquor. When the offtuoi
from Mannington arrived the
found Jom Peccola in tiie yan
barefooted, and the woman lnsld
the houso threatening him with
gun. 1
The woman offered little resis
ance when the officers brought h(
to Mannington and she was muc
quieter yesterday when the cas
came before the Jnstice.
m rinuT niocftci
iu nun i uioc^oi
MANNINGTON, Doc. 5.?Durln
the recent summer months ft.
(ree tberculosls clinics wdro hel
In Mannlngton District, revealln
the tact that there are many cast
of positive tuberculosis In the con
It Is to help just such cases i
these, It- Is polntod out, that th
present sale1 ot Christmas seals :
being held. Sixty-five per cent <
the money realised by this meat
Is kept In the district to aid th
cases of T. B. at home, and to a
slst In fighting-this disease.
The. sale^of Christmas seals
being conducted by the Woman
Club, and the leaders are antlcipa
Ing the full cooperation of the pu;
roll* call will be made thla erenlng
" at a meeting to be held In the
II hlghrsiboflfatidltorlum:
| Ray Magee, C. 0. Blake, and
IfJobn Clover bays been enllated as
| team captains, and ' Mr. Blake
I made a request for the girls of
| the high school to assist In the
I work at chapel this morning.
- With a corps of live, enthusiastic
5 school glrlaworktng for the Red
. Cross the snccess of the roll call <
' In Mannlngton is assured, It Is i
. felt. . i
Memberships and snbscrlptioos |
are already being received at local I
?r headquarters,, some of them by '
malL- When the teams ??f to J
work on the hodse-to-diduse canvass
as planned it is . thought that t
Manninpton will enroll 100 per i
cdnt heavier' than last . year. (
k ? ! i
GrttidMi and iimiiI as tha ** t
tflMtlena at tba laeal theaters appear- ,
toe ta tUa column axa fa rn la had by 4
'? tba aidi oen^orahlp aammlttaa of tba 1
Woman's Clot af Fairmont. 11m Want
6 Vlnrinlan dot* not mum ur n- .
? iponitbUky far tba pteteu axprcaaad. .
?Tba Cdttar.
r The Blue Ridge J
i- A treat for the ^yes as well as ^
is the ears is the leading feature of ,
g the attraction at the Blue Ridge to* (
' day. that appears last, but is by no j
means least on the program. It is i
- a sextette of very attractive girls
n who are charmingly and modestly .
t gowned, and having Just enough
I- pep to put the'ir numbers over in
a pleasing manner, and their entertainment
Is both refined and artiso
tic. throughout. ,
1 A1 H; Wilson would rank second
a on'the program but could hardly be
given secondary consideration, as
ho is an old time favorite who long
ago won fame for as au
entertainer who will uu- allow hiB j
audience to go to sleep. j
2 I North and South is a unique and .
j very original act, presented in a
spirited fashion by twa young men.
iuo luurui uuenug is a dancing k
g skit by a young man and woman J
h Cooper and Lapey, as they ara.
.. known.
I Pola Negri in "The Eyes of the*1
c I Mommy'- plays a role of an Egypt- J
l" I Ian girl that is .well suited to hor 1
g'type, and If you are interested i.i 1
j studying customs of foreign coun
tries, you will find some very
w striking settings and backgrounds, 1
r but it is a weird story, and not one 1
e tlint will tpnd to make you lmppy 1
|. It is not^a picture that children '
Q or morbid folk should see. <
If i The Princess
i- Johnny Hines In "Sure Flra r
Flint" Is the attraction at the i
Princess today, in a comedy that t
s is full of very amushig situations
o that fulfill the purpose for which >
i- they"were intended just to provide 1
a mirth?and If you are wanting i
d light entertainment that will n(y <
tax your mental faculties to any I
tl extent .then you will find it lr. :
5. this'picture. Co"' :les of the right l
o sort have a place to fill In tlio
r lives of picture goers, ?S well as j
0 the more serious stories, tor ihere ,
are times when we need just the
* fun and cheer they afford and ro- |
lax at I on from the stress ar.d strJfa
L~ of 11 fo that they give,
l" 'Wo have noted that there are
r- fewor and fewer of the slapstick
4 variety and more of real comedy
4 being Injected into the short coni4
ics offered a3 added features,
which certainly Is a big step in
the right direction. #
d There is also a short comedy.
g The Nelson
lt One motion picture critic classes
"Manslaughter" with the six best
. pictures of November, and he says
that Cecil de Milles, illness of last
winter must have done him as
much good as a prison sentence did
Lydia Thome, as played by Leal)rlcc
Joy. *
Well, whatever accounts for It.
in our opinion he 'has given to
the screen in this picture, oue of
y ino most lorcciui lessons mat
d could bo presented and In a manw
nor that should havo a lasting ofy
feet for good upon the minds and
r- hearts of those who see it.
g It is spectacular at times and
may have its weak spots, but, the
strong points- brought out quite
c- out-balance any thing that has
:e been overdone or left out.
e It is not a picturo for children,
o but for young peoplo who'aro in
e- the formative period, and adults;
> it has a great message.
TUomas Melgnan does tne very
t- best work In bis career as district
a- attorney Dan 0' Bannon and thore
a- are several well known players in
ie the supporting cast.
y The Divio
s With the scenes laid.In Engiy
land and America "Ths Wonderful
1, .Thing," appearing at the Dixie toe
day offers a story that lias value,
a both as entertainment anil something
to think about,
tr It Is a fllmization of the stage
if play of the same title, and while
h It presents no very unu3ual nituaio
tioot. liie star, No.ma Tnlmadge
Is as always, pleaslag and slncero.
Sirs. Lydlg Hoyt .the society
wnmau who bos takoi up motion
pictures as a new interest, and
|T hoi pirved qulto icessful, be
- cause,at uer personal magnetism
and 'charm plays an important
u? role.
a Buster Keaton , provides the
Id comedy of the program and there
ig 1? also Pathe News.
is *-:
LONDON. Dec. 5?The House
is of Commons early today passed a
is resolution authorising amendment
Is of the Reade Facilities Act to re)t
new It for one year and to inis
creaeo to SO,000,ODO pounds storlla
lag the maximum guarantees pros'
vided b ythe measuro.'The resolution
was offered by Stanley Baldr
Is win, chancellor of the exchequer,
's More than twenty Georgian Liborals,
voted agVlnst tho; govern
Temperature of 28 Degrees
Below Zero Reported in
' Helena, Monk
CHICAGO, Dec.. 5.?Wlllt?r tolay
made Its first onslaught,
preadlng a trail of zero temperaarea
through-the Northwoat and
jlaln states and canting a drop
n temperature as tar south 'tis
Texas-la the South and Tennessee
a the central area.
Helena; Mont., with a tamperaure
ot 18 degrees below aero,
ras the coldest place In the conn
ts. Sub-iero toraperatuies were
worded throughout Montana,'
forth Dakota, and parta ot Mlnlesota.
with Havrfc. Mont., recordng'
It below, Willlston. N. D., ?
lelow; Grand Fords, N; D., 4' boow,
and Fargo, N. D'., 8 below.
The Southern Rock; Mountain
itatea were, warned by forecaaters
o prepare for drops In tompcraure
ot from 15 to 20 degrees, atended
by dlght flurries-of snow.
Throughout the Upper MlsatsIppl
"Valley stales the breath of
rioter was manifest In a biting
rind that sent the mercury
currying . downward. Weather
orecasts " indicated the ware
ronld spread into the lower lake
eglon and the Atlantic and West
lulf states, with the exception of
Florida peninsula by tonight or
Vednesday. i
(Continued from Page One)
Kinney said Jhat .Night Chief
3hroyer, Policeman Downey and
lie went to the Mitchell home between
two and three o'clock Sunlay
morning. When they tried the
front door of the houso it was unlocked
and they entered. They also
found another door leading off tho
hallway open and'entered this
room. A man was sleeping in thii
room, and when aroused told
them that* MVs. Mitchell was . in
the room across Lhe hall. |
/ Found Door Docked
Night Chief Shroyer tried the
ioor to the room designated and
finding it locked, knocked on the
lohr. In a minute tho door wan
opened by Mr. Jones. The 9fflcers
mtered the' room and told-Jonoa
that they had a warrant-to search
Lhe place, McKlnney said that
Jones told them to go ahead aiiii
search. When the search led to
the adjoining room in which Mrs.
Mitchell was in hod, Jones demanded
them to halt and show the t
warrant. As .the warrant was d.l ected
to Mrs. Mitchell the officers
juterett the other''room*'1 and.'Policeman
McKlnney read the warrant
to Mrs. Mitchell. The search
tor liquor was then continued.
(Tho officer was not allowed to
testify as to his finding in regard
to the search for liquor, but it is
known that no Intoxicating liquor
was found.)
After the search for liquor was
included. Night Chief Shroyer
who had been making an examina;ion
of the two rooms, placed the
jonple under arrest on the chargo
ipon which they wero tried today.
CVhen asked* what intonnanpn they
iad -for suspocting the couple of
jeing guilty of the charge placed
igainst them, Policeman. McKlnney
iiilH <linv . fnnml\Tt*a MHahnt1'?
shoes and stockings under Jones'
ced, that the double bed in -which
rones had boon sleeping showed
rvery indication it had been occalied
by two persons prior to the
m trance of.tho officers into the
rooms-and that furthermore that
ho door between the room In
which Jones had been sleeping and
the room whero Mrs. Mitchell was
round on a leather couclfe In the
combination kitchen and dining
room was wido open when tho officers
entered tho rooms.
Night Chief Shroyer and Policeman
Downey corroborated the principal
parts of Policeman McKinoey's
testimony, and the city rested
its case.
Mrs. Mitchell was tho first witness
introduced by the defense.
She told the following story In a
clear cool voice and in a convlnc
hg manner. Last Fberuary sna
purchased the house^ on PIcrpout
avenue when she thought that "her
[ather and mother were going to
make their home with her^ Later
tier father, who was In falling
lealth got better and decided) not
:o break up his home. )
Tells. Her Story
After buying- the house, Mra.
Mitchell testified that she had to
nake as much money as gossibio
:o make her payments on tho
louse. Sho rented out tho top floor
to one family, thp second floor tc
mother family and occupied the
lower floor herself. She had three
rooms In her apartment. One of
hese.she rented to Gay Ash and
mother to h)r. Jones. The last
room she used ps a kitten, dining
oom and sleeping quarters. This
oom opened into Mr. Jones* room
Mrs. Mitchell said that \Jr.
Jones was agreeable and that she
ind various other tenants of tho
louse used Mr. Jones* room for
it sitting room. On the nlKht'when
lie raid was' made, the said that
ihe flalshed her work at a Main
itreet, store at O o'clock god that
she . and Mr. Jones went' to the
loiise. When she roacHeS home
her feet were tired and hurting her
from being on them'all day and
tattt 8 o'clock at night. .'.'Mr.
tones went to tho kitchen to get a
lunch, and 'sitting In "front of the
tire In his room 1 pulled off my
shoes and stockings,*' she.testified.
"When ho returned from'?the
kitchen I got up and,went' to tho
kitchen and prepared for bed. Botore
retiring I closed the door between
the two rooms." . .
Mr. Jones corroborated. ' the
not uncommon for some oT ihcrn ^
leave! some part of their wearing ;]i
apparel-lnthe room. Oay Ash, the
last defense witness, corroborated
Mrs. Huffs story about all the
tenants tiring Mr, Jones' room for
a lounging room. n
The attorneys for the defense
wanted to argue the case, so City
Attorney. Kern opened the argument
. In closing his argument Attorney
Kern read a recegt decision
from the supreme poprt which
said that all that was necessary for
the.city to prove 'In the case was that
the conple had had the ODPor- ^
tunlty and Inclination to commit "
the actfor which hey ware charg- ?
ed. ' ," ?< , '
Attorney Rose opened the -4sgoment
for the defense and Attorney V
Branden closed .The defense at- ?
torneys tried to show, that the V
city's wltneisses' had . not made a
case against their clients. In closing.
City Attorney Kern made a bn
few;remarks in regard .to. points U1
brought out by the defense attor- se;
neys. The case was th'en given to hii
Mayor Conaway who had his ds- i
clsion ready, finding the couple 1/
guilty and Imposing tinea ot $80
and coata on each. Jho cane war I
appealed to the Marlon County (
Criminal Court. I ;
Christinas Tree
A Christmas celebration with a
tree and gilts *"1 he held at the
Upper Glade School ttie evening
of December 23. *
i Meetings Close ,
Tho revival meetings which y
were In session at Glade Pork for .
tho past three weeks, were for \
morly closed Sunday evening.
Personals *
Miss Cora Snyder visited too
Misses Iva and Dollle Hawklr.s
The Rev. George Sharp and the y
Rev. James Wallace visited at the /
home ot R. L. Starky Sunday.
D. S. Hawkins and F. R Hawkins
were shipping In Mannlngton
Saturday. 'If
Mrs. T. B. Holbert visited at i
the home ot N.-F, Hawkins Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Talklngtm J
and famlly and Miss Mallssa Floyd ?
visited at the home of James Price 1
Sunday. N v
The Misses Lena Price and Lillian
Llveiey visited Miss Ida
Hawkins Thanksgiving Day.
Mrs. Emmet Starkey is a ^ueat f
at the home ot R. L. Starkey. /
Mrs. J. E. Price visited at tho A
home of D. S. Hawkins one day ?!
last week. *
Mr. and Mrs. Willie Baiter anil \
chlldrn visited the formers' father.
Thomas Baker of -Margaret
Sunday. J*
Mrs. T. B. Holbert visited C. S. fe
Hawkins one day last week. J}'
Miss Violet Sturms visited MUe
Cora Snyder"one day last week.it> ?P.
D. Yost and Davis Floyd pi
were shopping In Manntagton Sat- L
urday. I'
Mr. and Mrs. Don Kcllar and 1
family visited at the home of B,
R. Martin Sunday. .
Curtis Pried visited Bruce Cuuningham
Sunday afternoon.
Wilbur Beatty visited at Margaret
Sunday evening. . Miss.
Gay Griffith visited at the ,
home of Brue Cunningham Sun- Hi
Miss Iva-Hawkins wa3 shopping
in Curtlsvlile Saturday.
Ardas Straight vls.iej at the
home of Paul and High Martin
Mlse Ira Hawkins was shopping
in Curtisville Saturday. aI
Mrs. W. M. Asher visited Mary se
Ann Martin Saturday. pi
Mrs. Robert Hlggin3 aul chll- wl
dren and Miss Goidie lUwkin- af
berry visited at the home of J .L. Is
Bice Sunday.
Byron Cunningham. Teddy th
Moor6 and John Asher visited Bess th
Harvey Sunday, w
Bill and Okey A3her visited H. f|]
C. Cunningham Sunday. n.
Charles Moore and Hush Mart- th
In were shopping In Joetpwn Sat- hi
urday. . .< in
Mrs. A. C. Starkey and children ze
visited at the home ot 1*. D Yost th
Sunday. " th
" 1? C]
Funeral. 'of Robert" Jack
to Be Held Here Tomorrow ^
The funeral ot llobert Jack. "J
whose death occurred yesterday fl.
morning at his home on Penhsyl- th
vanla avenue, will be hold from b<
the residence at 2 o'clock tomorrow.
The services will be conduct- w
ed by the Rev. T. G. Meredith, pas- ?.
tor of the Highland Avenue M. E. jc
Church, and burial will bo mode jj
in Woodlawn Cometery by Mus- -.p
grave and Son. A son, George, ^
who. resides In Moundivilie, came ,j,
hern yesterday for the funeral.
Another son, John Jack, resides .
at Barnesville.
C. W. Evans of this city address- "
ed the Epworth League -of the DI*
mond Street M. E. Church last H
night, the opening service ot "Win- *J
My-Chom-Woek." Mr. Evans made
very plain the need ot eervfce in "
the Christian chnrch today, and
that "we are not Christiana unless s
we at least try to enlist someono.
at every opportunity, for the Lord."
This thought will be carried on* D:
during the weelt. wl
Robert Smith condncted the aong tli
aervice.' He will have charge "of th
this service each evening this week. Ci
which begins promptly at 7:30, St
This evenlg, the Ray. A. G.Znm- or
brunner of Grafton will afleak. by
t LI
B.?Thro bandits today1 attached
the cashier of the Public Service
Gas Co. and a - policeman wha a
guarded him as they left the company's
offices, felled them and fled
lack'expected to get an awful'bump
t he wee badly mistaken. The hoop
:e a bit of cotton.' Then It hounded
at Jack end Flip sprawling. The hi
irt, and then started to laugh.
: r
. J >
"You are very much different than
n't roll around, cannon?" "No." re
m , UIILUUUUUII null, lOOMng lip. Haw
mlng down a hill. "They won't hurt
'hey .Just want to meet you."
ijsg ;?
So Jack was Introduced to the merry
11 ourselves the Happy ,Hoops," oxpla
IIowb. "becauae wo always eee the <
eantlme Jack was noticing that every
hoops.' (Continued.). ,.
. an<
gh Tribute Paid to Pioneer iig
Resident by Dr. Stoetzer
at Services Today. t*n
" N to'
A larse concourse ot relatlref Mil
id friends attonded tho fuueraJ tll<
rvlcos of Mrs. Kmma E. Rltchlej 1
oneer rejldttil of this city,
hlch were hold at 3 o'clock this ,'lJ
ternoou from i.er reeldcrcd on e
icuat arcnuo.
The so'vlcis were conducted t.y ??]
e Rev. H. C Stoetzer paetor ot j!:
o Preib/ier.tn Church, with *
hlch the decerned had.h'een af- !
Hated for many year.', and ho ;Ma
Lid a hleh trlhnta nf ro?nnp>
ie memory of Mrs. Ritchie, who ti<
id spent almost her entire life eT<
this community. Doctor Stoct- 1
ir was assisted In the services by Do
ie Rev. R. T. Brown, pastor of ani
e Billingslea Memorial ME. I
hurch, South. ' bui
The Presbyterian quartet ac- M"
impamied by Mrs. E.E. Church
,ng effectively "Crossing the 52
ar" "Load Kindly Light" and
lesus,'Lover of My Soul." The
oral offerings which surrounded N'
ie casket were numerous aud ,
. Gn
Following the services the body in
as conveyed to Woodlawn Cemo- j
ry .where It was buried by R. C. Mr
)nes. The pa.ll bearers, were aor
UTV "F. Smith. 'AnthAriv Ttnvnn n
rank C.,Ewan, Frank H. Flein- urn
g, Lynn E.'Yodor and George F. en<
lynes. Ch
Out-ot-tovn people here for'the nlj
ineral were D. S. Ritchie and 1
ra. Mary Post ot Unlontown; Pa.. Ea
other and slater ot the late John Shi
Itchie, husband ot the deceased; Mr
iss Cordelia Lawhead and Mrs. vis
. L. Dobhison, nieces ot the de- Sui
ased, also from Unlontown, 'and 1
lab Eattle Prlde ot Morgantown to
so a niece.. !
,, the
ST. '. LOCiS, Mo., Doc. 5. =
in lei Moms; . 87, -who . served ?
th-the BHtlsh army on Ave don- ,
lents-and who was one of the I
rce surviving veterans ot the
lmean War in the United
stem, is dead here: as a result' P
. Injuries received when Struck -
a-street ,car., He.'was born in
merick, Ireland. t?
V r'** ' ? ' ^ ' g,''
937 OR 788 J
lo .trtka .1?p ,S?^
""=T Were n3t
Pffifw &*>& '
' W ' " ?*
tob. are," said the hoop. "You
plied Jack. Then he heard a
r a great many more hoopB
you," said tho ?ieddly hoop.
band of Happy Hoops. "W?i
.lned-one of the round little
cheerful side of things." In the
iuiu& Uiuuuu aim was maac
dr. and Mrs. E. B. Thorn o an
ldren vlaltod R. E. Arnott Sui
-Ir. and Mrs. Walter Cordra
I Miss Lutte Arnott vroro shO|
S in Mannlngotn Saturday orei
diss Nellie Starkey visited a
home ot her parents at Dee
I Saturday and Sunday,
diss Gall Cunningham roturuc
Mannington Sunday cvonlng
ss Cunningham Is a student' I
) Mannington high school,
dr. and Mrs.' Walter Cordra
1 daughter Helen Mario an
is Lutlo Arnett spent Sunday a
i home of R. E. Arnett .
dr. and Mrs. Will Hayes an
ldren and Mr .and Mrs. Georg
letstone visited at thecoma c
s. Etta Wilson Sunday.!' "
dr. and Mrs. J. W. Fraloy, Mr
rtlu Cunningham and tho Miss;
also and Jane Lawlis visited a
t home ot C. F. Fraloy Sunda
inlng. j
dr. and Mrs. Virgil Straight t
n^Pnll *1? ? a--a
uuiuil noio UIU IS'DOUI ui iur
1 Mrs. J. E. Starkej Sunday,
drs. Rose Brinkley ot Clarki
rg Is tie guest ot' Mrs. Maxell
dr. and Mrs. Raymond Cfaesne
1 daughter Mary Jane, Mrs. N
Inkley and La wren Musgrav
tored to Mannlngton Saturday,
diss Lntie Arnett visited Mis
U Starkey Sunday evening,
drs. Jennie Campbell and Mn
ico Cunningham were shoppln
Mannlngton Saturday evening,
erome. the small son ot Mr. ad
a. J. E. Klger, has been 01 to
no time.,
rhe revival meetings, bethghel
ler the direction ot< the Revo
1; Mr. Ayors at the Curtl
apel were discontinued < seven
:aia ago. j
dr. and Mrs. A. W, Beattj
rl Beatty, Mr .and Mra, Old
iw. and pbildren and Mr. an
a. Dewey Price and aon bwigh
Ited at"the homo of P. M. Hlbfc
nday. . ,
VUllam Asher recently moved ii
his new home here,
diss Edna Starkoy, g^stndent 1
Palrmont State Normal Schoo
1 Miss Lillian Lively, who. a
ds high , school at Mannlngtoi
' V>.f3ITY
Merchant and Goff "
| Dork^'
office which are understood to hare
been satisfactory. to'botK parties., " '
Arrangements for the evacuation
of all British troops remaining In
Free State territory aoo goring for
last of the military will baro le':
by December IS. ' 8
Although the appolqtment ot th
new governor' general of Ulster has
not been announced, the report that
the Duke or Ahe-dorn would be the
choice seems llkelji to prove accuConstitution1
LONDON, Deed 5?(By tho Associated
^ Press)?Kliy
I Irfsh'^ree'statOiM^a'dom^nlo^of
tho British Emplro.
spent the Thanksglvlnglholldaya at
their homes InoOlado Forlc.
Harry Straight and .lohn Dsjla
left here recently tori Oklahoma.
I _31r n-O-J-Jt-ne Tv._
Hon Dwight .and' Earl Bcatty vera
UiQ^gneata of thn formers father.
| ^Mlsa Naomi Asher is staying at
^ ham moved^to Ohio recently.
1' community attendedjup funeral of
h Cue MuBgravo baa ratnrned homo
i- after Barring for a short time as
night policeman In Mannlngton.
,t ^ Mlsa Ada Beatty. rrho^ttend
J The body of S. E. Bnyr r. *
if death occurred in Cincinnati. Ohio.
several days ago, wa;
y a new home.
Baalmann's Gas Tahlrt* hnfnr.>
" packag/of genuine ? Baaltuntf
Baalmann, Chemist, San Franclit

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