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He sought to nteal some pr
nicnn m nnvc
->rtiiinf?fi^ baskets dc,
through? 'j$jo ' '
* ?xi uu ri Dtitfu, uu yub IU yitt} iu
inWts'tmpeiltng the pre
grew dj an opponent who has not
(Utterance between
B * technical end a personal foul?
voire personal contact,'while a
>n J foul 1^ committed when a
j Crack Ilh
a. BOHON, E. 6. WELLS, R. H. 1
Coach QUI > oi&the "University' ot
Illinois .la renowned as' a maker
ot track champions. ?Lack ot.material
doesn't mean a'thing In the
Tigers Expected to Make
Hard Fight jfor Honors in
American LeagueDETROIT,
Dec. 8?(By the Associated
Frees)?Detroit baeebdil
fandom, which loyally has supported
the Detroit Tigers whether
they were "up" or "down," has
set Its heart on an American League
pennant tor 19233, '
The Tigers, com'lng trom the
cellar position to tnira place in me
1322 race,'' are expected by the
tans to be stronger lit 1923 than
they were this year. Frank Navln,
president ot tho club, belleres
that such should Me the case.
Poor, pitching has been tho
downfall ot the Tigers for several
years, in the opinion ot observers.
Next season. Detroit vglil start
with the best string of hinders of
which the .local outfit has boastol
In a number of years. In speaking
of his team's prospocts Mr. Navln
"We should have the best pitch"
lng staff In the history of the club,
'Rip' Collins, whom we obtained
from Boston for Howard Ehmko
and other players , will give us
held, where we neSd It most. Sylvester
Johnson, out nearly the entire
season .due: to Injuries, unl
doubtedly will deliver. Herman
Plllette ,one of-thO'leading pitchers
In 1922, and wjlp with. Johnson
wa? obtained from the Pacific
Coast League, will, with Collins
head our hurling staff. It la possible
that we will make one or two
deals this winter thdt will give us
even greater strength In the box.
"The team will be strengthened
at second base by the addition rf
Del Pratt Blue Is one of the best
first basemen In . the game and
Rigney, with but one year In the
majors, already is considered one
ot the best. shortstops. At third,
we have Haney and Jones, excollent
fielders. Jones, a left handed
batsman, can alternate with Haney
nl right hander.
"In Bassler, we have a great
catcher and Woodall Is close bohind
him. The ability of the Detroit
outfield Is too well known to
need comment.
"The club, with an oven break,
should do better'next season than
in 19^2, when we finished third."
CHICAGO, Dec. 9?.Chicago's
National League baseball club is
long on champions. It claims to
have the tallest and shdrtcst men
in the major leagues and also the
strongest player.
Ernest Osborne, a pitcher.
standing C feet 6>A Inches in his
stocking feet, undoubtedly Is the
tallest player In the majors. Earl
Adams, who came to tho Cubs
from Wichita Falls, Kans, Is a
second baseman, and measures
only 5 feet 4 Inches
Lawrence ("Hack"), Miller,
who came from the Pacific Coast
League Is said to be the strongest
man In baseball. He Is the son 61
Sebesttan Miller who for years
was known about Chicago and the
Middle West as the "strong man,"
and whose tests of strength are
well remembered by the, old
timers. Hack Inherited much of
his parent's make-up, but he prefers
playing baseball to touring
the country,exhibiting his strength
However, for the edification of '
his teammates, "Hack" has pickor)
11 n a hrtvcn 'etise nnrl 4?Ll? ?
' " "1' ? OUVU DUU WAIIIg
hold of the heels of the Iron shoe,
straightened It out He . also will
push a nail through a two Inch
plank with his thumb. He Is a hitter
'ot the slugging type ,hla' blows
having plenty or strength behind
NEW TORK, Dec. 8.?The
tenth national foreign trade con- '
rention ot the National Foreign
Trade Council will bb' held In
New Orleans on.Aprll 26,'36, 27,
1 noo a if n li.. -i -1
i v?. i*. uufia, ttuurinar ft But
Bounced today. . ,
SANTIAGO, Chile, Dec; 9.?The !
Argentine charge d' affairs has Informed
Foreign Minister'Aldnnate
lhat Argentina will hot participate
n the proposed Valpdral^^^ ^
nois Cross-Cou
-. -,a- , ,
G ILL, M. TOPPER, A. SyiHU^ O. ..
life of GtU. When Ills track teams
appear decidedly weak In some'par*
tlcular branch he seems to hare
the faculty of making: a; star over
W 9addes-A.Stoum- GEOOCIA
m r y. Beqiwtt-GtoaciA
_ ' ^ TllfiCH-viBCtNW PCX
I C^few-Kibde-CNTO
'Oeed-TuukNE T
f Qucuteri)flcfc3-aviS
kiahn-vANDcosru Mu;
BarUotS- ai_
f^back^- SKit^iZ
I 'Harron-stoociA ncu I
1 Ttcu. BeajO'vsMotosi
raES^-Tttlibacks-' Pleteh
Saw. Campball-irNNt
Killing Black
Jinx toi
" .A .- /? ' . - \
Byron HarrlB, better known as
"Slim," Is a member ut tile Philadelphia
Athletics' pitching staff..
Harris. Is 050 of the beBt pitchers
In the league as far as stuff is
concerned.. He has a dazzling
curve ball ftiat breaks sharply and
one of the fastest fast balls In major
league keeping.
Besides haying a great amouni
of stuff, HSrrls has an,awkward delivery,"
and/ this peculiar pitching)
/ ;^A e
motion adds.<to his effectiveness, i
Harris won 9 camea and lost 20 I
last season. A black cat made a
losing pitcher o? Harris. It ha(>-,
pened down In Texas one day last
winter. 'Harris, amusing himself
with a sling shot, took a crack at
a black cat' that was wandering
across a fl61d. His aim was this
and he killed the cat. . N
The'killing of the cat happened
invthe presence of three witnesses
and the news, spread. It reached
the American League /this" spring
and ball players, always eager for
WELLINGTON, B. C., Doc. 9.?
The failure of prohibition here Is
attributed to fear of its financial
effect ! Complete figures on the licensing
referendum submitted to
the voters this -week show: a major*
i,tjr of 1|J38 in favor of continuance
of licenses. In 193.D the majority
against prohibition was
!. .
( v see-twlsts ?s
*7,r hou) our shakv / '
7 ljborclcsemwsv'' '
a at
fMMK, ?BB - '
1 i Jff i
k /t
The cross-country team that -will
represent Illinois'; on, the'-track is
one 61' the best-ever derelopedtat
the. Institution. Oil)i teels" \tbyt it
will press all the other cr'os&ounrmjr(Holl^
oresu Ht&ertA-crimw
Koecurecu Lemoa-ctmo* 1
til- vsNDeoeu : I
toh Murray-sewancw I I J
BtadfcrctvANoeoeii.'i -I~f H
? Pearce-ausuun? LA-JI
OSIA Davi s otOMIA WCM - ,
?n Wealey iu 34M4 ? MB
jn suit Kelley-vaNCW
item coma J? '?2H
IvihlUceooeu HgiD|fl
u Amold-vwoMA LJ a
er-otooew?, '
isset Whirling ^sf\ m
csOBCIA. ttcH , '/l J
Cat Is j
* Slim Harris j
a psychological advantage, seize I j
upon the incident and made,It part ;
ot. their attack whenever'Conine;
Mack called upon Harris to pitts'i.j
As Harris wahhed up he ,wbu4d |
hear condoling messages such as:j
"Tough'luck, Sllm.^that-a^pitch-;
er with your strff can't win. bu'.i
it's that black cat you'killed that*',
doing it? Killing a black cat ruin^
u< man for life." ''
"Gee fSlim,' I'd sooner, break a
hundred looking-glasses than even
slap a black cat, much less kill
pne," ' , " _
The thing finally.got Harris, fta
became Jlrmly convinced that it
was tbe black cat thdt held him
back and any lime be pitched'he
kept thinking about the death of
the :snloky .feline so that me could
not concentrate upon his pitching,
would slow np In his delivery,, $1
to get the break'on bis curve ball
and lose control.
The story of Harris' failure In
1922 is the story of a slain cat. >'
SAN DIEGO, Dec. 9-?Thorough
search of the deserts of Aris'ona
for the' two mlBelng army officers
from Hookwell Field, San Dlb'go,
who are believed to have'made a
forced landing was under way'today.
Three army planes from San
Diego Iwere In Arisona and five
more were due from'Fort miss,
~ ^ vres
try teams itfotho'limit. According ha
to^ QUI, the Illinois team" has . the ,t"
speed aad' the ,stamina,/" tfpth so h
very esi&tlal to crosscountry ran- ?
ning. ' , 8?
mm a H iy iiyi VI IV I Ikb ; ^
f '* . - 'V -V , * * ? ?
South Comes to Front During ha
Last Ten Years in jj
Football Way. ?
** : . ?><
1 . . . ' SOI
(Herb^la the lineup o(;?putk-- ^
era -players who received* the llu"
moat first/.'choice votes.-.frbm
more -than/ft scoca- of' the', lckding
football experts of .* Unit c.
section: \lt
Center?Kiibnle, Centre. rei
. Tackle?Bennett, Georgja. be
Tnckle?A,^ Staton; Georgia bp
Tech. ' co
. Gnard?Reagan;, Aufrurui' h vi
Guard?liayls,'.'Gebrgta..Tectt. ]Pr
End?Romar, Yanderbllt. .. ; ICI
f EndrrRoberte, pentrei ;s?
Qiiartyhock' ?: Covington, an
Centrp. t, , . Ml
'Halfback '?'Barron T'Ce or gla ;ili
Tech. , V '* gli
Halfback?Shlrey. Auburn. ' bn
Fullback?Fletcher, Georgia. tin
' , " th<
. During the past' tetf years' tho b|.
| South has "certainly made rapid t'at
: prides on the gridirortv .
I 'Ibe class of football played hejlotv
the: Mason' and VWon' line D|
| compares moEt favorably with that r!
! of any other sectidii of the. couh- '
try."' '
Albania' Sprang one of. the real ,
surprises of the season" when Xca
Scott's pupUs deteatad Pexjnsjl- .
vauia fl to 7. Coming directly. after to
Penn's decisive defeat o? the Navy! fq
*ii. was onp Qf the biggest upsets! Pi
of the ycut. .V' fflVJi
In the . WesC Michigan, shared ( 0]
uie cuamjucESQip nonors ot the A!
"Big Ton" with, Iowa. ijnquestlon- Jh
al>?y lias one, o' Iho nest Iral
learns in i1i<?1 country! VaudrrMt 'w<
hV?ld hi chirpn to,, a scoji.eps >,' tic
The f'no showing/ot'Georgia sit
Tech against,' the \Na?y and- Notre ho
Dame, Auburn's .great'.: game with wc
jhe Army and' (Virginia's play /
against Princeton are a few -.of. thb .tic
othor outstanding features, of-the re
great season the South,enjoyed on sti
the gridiron/ ' 1 V',.! ;tri
In selecting 'njiy-Southern ,hon- 'h'd
or roll I hayh had the advice of tic
more than a. score of the leading IS
Bport experts of the South. While
the usualfdifference of opinion ex- ho
latedi* as MP customary when pick- ca
Ing all-star , elevens, the-southern op
critics agreed on more players for of
(heir titst and second- teams than to
the . writers in /anv other "aenifnn r??>
of the country. ca
Bomar of Vanderbilt, RohejSa'of _
Centro, Davis ot Georplo Tor.ll, Ku- ?
bale of Centre, Barson otasbrgla "1
Tech and Shire of'Auburn',Won a , (
place on practically every first
eleven selected torn the south.
"Red" Roberta' ot Cuntre was'
the'most shifted about player In. "
Southland. Most critics placed him '
at end, others at'gua'ril and'tickle, _
while many believed hb wohldedo
Ms best work at fullback-Regard- ?
less of where - he was' stntloneii !*?
every erpert selected him.
Weldtielof Georgia, rated the I
best guardr la the south last yedr ;J
by a majority, of the-experts, su[- .'J
feted fnom.au Injured shoulder-all '?
season and never re'acheflvhls ?
form of last year, the southern i?
critics, said.- - ...
: / . . . o
The first basketball game of the P
seas'bn'bodhed tor the Normal floor "
lastinlght between a local colored
team and one from Clarksjrarg, was
called, off. The visitors failed to
appear. , .. . .. ^
1 (i
hedule This Year Will Be
y wM. uAwiiaivc IIWII.; '
Last Season. * t
' ' '" ' * iv ' '
apROWfTOWN. DMi'v'
aflrmlhg the.' repokythat 'jMiti
rtmell/ former Pcan track star.
(i1.resigned hl? all. year, position
Wedt Virginia University'to Uike.l
irga.pJ track athletics at Penh
its' College the Mountaineer auirlties
anndnnoed that HomsrJ
irtln,. one of Wat. .^ 'irglttia's
salest-all-around athletes. would
cceed Cartmeli aa freshman bajthat!
coaph and also - that the
srlfhg'schedule "would be less oxntre
than: before.
Gartmell came to Wept-Virginia
rly-ln the wieter ol 19S0- and
s served at Varsity track: coach; I
ishinhn - basketball' coach anjl j
liner of the football scms?I. He i
s made many ff>:ds In Woe', I
retain and laid the foundation
what Hi expected; to he a'greafl
ick team". The splendid physical
edition: of the 1322 Mountaineer
iverf?:which'went thrpugh 'the
ison practically intact, is a fit
ig .tribute-tdcbls 'success as-, a
ilner. andf guprctian' op the phyal
side of the men. "?
Last year, and- <the sns'oh' hefor'n
! freshmen. flodh ajhodulo 'cbmi
iscfl-almost as- moof .gouwi as
teVarstty card. However. )t Hex
en found that'tbIs policy Is ba'.l
iolastlcally'aid: according-to'li'etor
of Athletics'.H.- .AT Stans
vy-tba schedule .will.-- be;> cut
wti*,tb ai. least a third, for '-tho
mtag season'./Ho addsd.thst it
iuld coll tor games- with tho PU..'
bshipen,. Penn State Freemen,
ski, IndianaNormal.-.iFatrmontrmpl,
, Potomac State' College
d pthor strong, qiilnls. Homer
irtln. the. load's new coach',' -is
esdy '.prominent .(nl'.Wost . Vlr
iia collegiate .spprt- Circles,
vfng played four ycape of footII,
baseball anfi' baseball- at
3 University. ' Ho ;Is* recognlzc.1
stho greatest floor star We.<t
rginla .'.has (evor . had i: and hi*
iriy. admirers. eipect him to,'at
fa.njore success as;a cqacty;
NEW YORK, Dec. S?Satlif*?-1
r.v progress in the .preparations
r holding the Olympic, games at
irlsjii' 1954,1s.i't ported. In a reiw
received Sy the American
yniplc Commission here today,
bert Gelger. Jr.,.. chairman "t
e '^pston," A. A? athlfitic .caniIttee,'yrbn
jrehir,5a))roa8' aoms;
leks.agp .to^lnrej,llgate(1ioon(lJ-'
ms^romJan",; America#^ 'tow
in'dpolnt, said that, work " '"op
th': thb stadium, and tracks was.;
!li: advanced... ..... . V ; ;
in. his'prollnjlnary commurtlorin
bust of. the (A. ,0.,A - Mr.vpetger
Red,that- .'.the V.mamV,'ringing;
lokt ln'.lhe Cbl.umhuiv Stadlifin.
s heea.'promUed to be. excep-l
inally fast .by .the hummer , .of
54,.. :. :
Reporting' on 1 the probatt i.
using situation -fp'r the; Anioj;-'.
n tesm 'Gelger expressed the,
lnlon - that-the proponed system
small-bouses to- bo constructed
?;% 'vtdiang, teams would,not.
ove satiifattory frbm an Ambcl-,
n point' of view.
:* ?n?i bl_ i
' Phones 39S or ,399 ;
Merchant and (Soff I '
. .. .Streets - |j
? ?r+- ; ? '
'U J I l> - - , I?: ;
We need used fnrnlture tc .
apply our old < store icotner, I
ackson end Jefferson itreeu;
on need New Furniture from
nr new . etore, 211 Monroe i
treat. Let ue exchange. . W4 I
mo repair or aroro [.irmcure.
Ton will Had icomploto )iu?
t tutnituro, carptea, itoTea,
:NoKp?; ?tr?ei. J
See Denham First Co. 1
' SSi Mtmrocititntft. . ' ,
l?gg 'tOrWooi?OKft>
' i ii. l ...... -w1
- ? " ? . .. 'Jii ..'4 . 5"
rr i
m Scribe |
' : ' ,v .
jsUatoth 'Rofl, writing !? tbe
Huntington Herald-Dlapatcb, lvts
the following Interesting story'nn
lumuau, . snowing , it to oe tne
most ancient of an the sports:
i Is not "difficult to establish
that football- Is the oldest outdoor
sp'prt known..The faptthlt Isaiah
mentions that Ood In His wrath
Might toss h|s people .like a hall
)h a large country Is proof that aa
early'oi.74"B. 0., as early as the
founding-of Rome this game was
played. - The earliest explorers of
thfc. North" found the yonng Kg;
qulmaux playing upon the l'co
with a cleverly made footbai! eewn
with a-welt and filled with moss.
Travelers .In the South Seas found
the natives playing a simple
game with a ball. tnado of bamboo
fibre and even stout Cortes
has recorded such- a gamo as existing
among the Astecs. Such Informality
. ip. easily explained?'
child.nature Is uniform and.children
forced.to Sod their ou'li toys
naturally turn to -the same ohJeots.
"The Colt tribes whom Caesar
found in "Gaul claims that football
was once a rite among their;
ancestors In the worship of. the
sun 'god. These tribes not only
used the skulls of their enemies'
for drinking oups hut indulged, iu
tho gentlo sport of. kicking their
severed heads about as footballs.
.-''If we "were privileged to.',go
bgcli 4o Ancient Sparta, tho' land
,of swift runners and soldiers I of
[great, endurance. iye. would .flh^
: football a favorite game. Not
i played, of course, as it is pigysil
upw, but the unquestioned ancestor
of ^the present game.
;"Wheu Rome conquered' Greece
shp adopted tilts Greek version' of
'football .In addition to a form of
'football which she already had.
I A/tcr Augustus Caesar by hip
(proscription-, and massacres Pfovied
Ao the Romans his rlght'.to
,succeed to the place left vacant
oy me assansniauon or Julius
'Caesar, be'look up sorloUs legislation
and ordered-a',, reform of
football rules.
"Julius Pollui, under the Hnvperor
Comedos, would hare been
a Prince of Emperors had he noi
been so great an athlete
'and spent his time In,convincing
Ithe ltomnnS that, lie was the
I greatest charioteer; boxer, gladla'|tor'ami
- -football "player-in the
whole empire: The description
of Aiigustana football -game was
I for. a square -Held; side lines, coulter.
lines', goals-marked by-posts.
The game wag played Jfke Roraait
i military tocllnlcac' nrUh lwetttyr
Iseveti on each atpe. fifteen fprwards,
Hvo defensive' backs, four
halfbacks, and three fullbacks.
;Goals were changed after each
iscore. Scoring was accomplished
| by kicking or carrying, the ball
' ;'a'v *""i '!-?'* " *" * *' . :r-*' '**"*"'"r
i- t t- . -
| Monongahel;
If you are having any
fill out the form given be
trouble.'will then.be promi
, s'ky;' I* _jyi. : >v;' ?.
aiuiwitUAiljeiLiA rOWE
- / /, :i'
We are having trouble \
1 "Sh
On Rang*
.......0??-Heaftai 8l$ri
Qm-wjfe. - (
Wtter Btitar
i:v .-. ' ...
i.vvS.%!>? - :ir.?:
< .' > ".lib,
I .
Do^r ) Yffc ./W-rrS'
L' ^^^3
IVs Early Daxfs
M^'rthe "goal line between th22fl
posts and two fouls like klcUnsftJ
th'a ball out of bounds scorod'MM
goal Officials, as indicative nf
their honored end impartial .ot- ,
Ute.' were slotted .. in garnunuy
Oommaed ol,.one half the coatn|tBfa
?! ''rad>gam?*.ss a grand. scri Ji^l
mage from beginning to end wlUfLJ
oatyorder oo method. the liiijlm.
toamjurrendored- ajl bannors and
paraphernalia- to winners atJgfiBB
i 'iFootball-V'irvived tho.tafSOH
Rome and , proceeded throughout I
the middle ages. . ,, 'J
"Shakespeare (Ires repeatetFrdjfl
ference to -the . "gome. H^ajH
.many sources give.ovhlrhml^HH
the Romans brought football! to V
England. LaW students ini u> I
that the' pathway.of Knells.. lee- M
IUlatlon Is punctuated by, many a- 1
Ilaw regarding rootlmll. A l"tv,.*<M
1314 states that the playing li
forbidden , on , pain. 6l) iuiyi.wi.-t,'
/fv.Uddet ibe Edwards and tjSSj
Richards and tbn Henrys, who
.make'England's. Royal roll. A1.* .?]
was .repealed ufforl to. UBimBM
' (Continued qjp-;^gyjj||jy I
A Suit is On5^ TI
as Good as M
it Wears
Test a Dan Block Tailor- I I
cd-to-Measure Suit o fi*J I
1 the scales of service?' 1
i consider ' how lonKS? II
wears. Oan-Bloclc^c?: >.1
tomers say they get more I
wear ' 1
their I
ever rf i'-e a m e';dl. waa 1
possitje.' Su(ts Tailpr^ ' I
to-Mcasure at, $2h.^u|?
i Dan Block J
a Power and' ]
: iO; 11
Company I
trouble with our gas sen-ice I ']
ilow and mail it to us. Your I 1
pfly investigated WITHOUT I I
with items-marked
. ^ ^ uteniilJi

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