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I1 "There lan't an earthly reason s
^^Sed^aurS^tt*0 1? *?rkj" IJ,0' '
SgffirM Dobaoa slaters. Laura iraa a
Mfc*. nraslcal member of the famtlv. e
E can't itnd tie In- f
ather lett you in- >
Maude and 1 t
> your contribution t
Household cipen- ^
tins, hut went on P
t with apparent d
tlstlo mombor ot) a
up the protest, tl
I lett off. "You n
how It will sound h
tat wHl people say f
that Maude Doblo
to work In on d
lour selling mlnla- g
i playing at con 1
ist hack. d
tfereht," cookod g
a poraon has' a n
all right to make
itn, yon aren't tal- g
E unices bolng do- 1
go," shouted Joan; '
ma. "That's what I 1
ist becaaso I know 1
little ant) haro tried ?
e by helping Dinah t
ordering and keepts.
and Just because a
bed so any right- I
can sleep in It and
don't like to have I
thick In my room t
imestlo Joan'. That's e
te. I'll Just show <!
ig geslde domestic, n
nrse In stenography 1
ted to get out and 1
and I'll show . you t
s mnch brains to be
y as It does to paint o
day at concerts. I'm n
Domestic . Joan.! e
aude looked aghast: J
ghod. "We'll regard k
mil. m ? duau. jamjuuso oi I
f>rse you won't stick it out a
g You'll soon find thnt your talonta g
I simply don't lip in that direction, s
I Domestic you are and domestic you e
| Joan had finished her breakfast
| and- yeas out of the dining room S
I door before Laura had flnlahcd her t
f rciiiarlcs.TShe-waS in high dudgeon
| and Sir cheeks still glowed with h
I pent up wrath when she reached 1;
[ttfifi&Office of Kenneth- Jones, 1
I whither she had been sent hy the 1
| principal of the school from which s
I she had Just received her diploma
[ ' "the Kenneth Jones brokerage h
I c oncern Is. growing vjry rapidly," t
I the principal told Joan. "They t
I jisvn naked ponnlsstki .to Inter, s
I Bietv any of our graduates. They b
HESBS^well, but Mr. Jones talk? h
I to .all applicants and oniy takes t
f. people ho considers very proiuis- d
in*, Von might call there first, y
Hi UBUCe inG?11 xma u n
Hmr*. 4?nQB'8 rather blunt munner s
did not intimidate Joan that morn- h
9 In*. He talked with her at length h
?j!aild studied her as she talked to v
Th>*i he called in his son, h
Kenneth' Jones, Jr., and introduc- tl
h cd'hlin'to Joan. p
I \son and I work tqjetheo. I c
i am^ralniDg him to take my placo. t
whfR^I retire," the senior Jones a
V said, and then,.turning to his son, v
"Take Miss Dobson to our office c
l %nd give her a trial, letter. Test her o
} speed and her accuracy." h
I The younger Kenneth Jones tl
R showed none of his father's blunt* r
H?K^?S **** h? seemed a trifle tl
embarrassed at the task set before v
He, sat ror a lew minutes r
BHvlth Joan In the richly furnished C
.Inner office where, be and his t
fefather both Sad their desks. Then 1
he started dictation, hut the die- a
, tatlon wa? given so alowly that p
, Joan Conoid have taken it easily In
I long hand*'Then he showed her In- s
I} to a small private office and told h
Hnratajvtiiae 'her Ums in copying "
F' It.' It was an easy endggfr matter a
. "y z0e bbc
??| , John and Anits
.When Barrett and his daughter|v
. landed to Holland, Mya wa Sal- c
I ready on her long journey to the a
\ Balkans Sho had left the ship In d
HBftgcfaetem. boat bcforo tho pas- c
t scngera-were awake.
\ Lying sleepless in his cahin,
-Barrett had fought through night \
WptjKtiStkht'fMyra's analysts of his b
I situation. But as he watched his t
I daughter slowly recover from the li
" shock of his revolt he regjfeod how f.
strong his anxiety for her was. h
HflHe "remembered the time, long li
ago. when she had hovered, a frail _
Ktaby almost, between life and
bath for weeks. He thought of the n
woman who had watched beside f<
film, taking his placo when he w
: slept refusing to rest-herselt, more d
w-eteadfsst in courage than he, more r
iK- And of how, when the teiTiflc o
UHuspense 'was over, she had gone ci
fKhjbravely tolling .and saving to s
LJaneet the bills, doing her own J
work, patching, mending, having n
nothing herself bat. the love she tl
" Barrett cabled ^on Janrling: ^ n
In leisurely fulil9n.be ud his s
Jttdanfhter made .their way to the y
d'south of Franco and for weeks t]
l lbzled In the sun-and-flowor land.
IBUlofalost. her jailor, warmed and b
jgawwdtand laughed'and adoringly n
:cd her dud on wonder trips tl
through ancient, storied towns un- p
ome^dea of ithat ties* ^ob amount- ^
<1 to." 1 "J." j
Joan smiled and Kenneth Jones .
mllod back. It wu a (rank, hem.
:st smile, but It made" Joan blusn.
tonneth Jones .Was thinking: "I
render whether I can' keeg-a level '
luslness head with such an attracIve
young woman In the office."
The next- morning "Joan arrived
eforo either of her chiefs, When
fenneth, Sr? arrived she was
ustlbg his deske-rednstlng It, for
t had already been'treated to* a
ppllcatlon ot the feather duster by
he office cleanerl Mr., Jones
otloed moreover, that his Inkwell
ad been freshly cleaned and re- ,
llled. . \ ,
What dictation Joan took that .
lay w/s very slowly given by Ken- loth,
Jr., so her skill as a stenoranhnr
wtiH nnt twtt tn thn tftst.
'hat evening when Kenneth, Sr.,
[rapped into his son's office before h
olng home for the day Joan had n
. question for him. ' si
"It you don't mind I am going to w
:et bold of the maii who c: mas ,
lere. I'd like to be here in' the y
tornlng to seel that he cleans p
tnder the desks'. The dust is thick o
n one of the book-coses and. by k
he way, some of your law books r
leed robinijlng. May I send them it
o the bindery?" e
Mr. Kenneth. Sr., gave his conent
without paying any apparent it
lead to what Joan said.
The next day a sudden turn ot s]
lusiness kept both Mr. Kenneths in It
ho ottico until long past lunchon
time. Then thhpe wap a hurried U
lispatch of an office boy to the U
earest "cafe for sandwiches. I'd
Ike some tea,.' said Kenneth. Sr., "
lettlBhly, "only it's alwpys'cold by P
ho fjmt) it gots here." - b
Joan heard and presently another l'
fflco boy was dispatched to Uu '!
earest drug storo and provision v
tore. By the tlmo the sandwiches .
,nd pie had come In from the cafe, ban
had \ newly purchased tea-, J'
ottie humming over an alqoho! 5
lame. She had borrowed cups and u
Queers and spoons from two of the _
:ir!s who sometimes. ate ip, and q
he'was ready to pass aycup of
teaming <ea to' each other em'iloyers.
/ t]
"Well, l!m. blessed," said Kenneth
ir.. and Joan beat a hasty retreat!. [,
0 hpr private office. I,
. That afternoon between rush of a
lusiness,. father onid son had a j
irlet oonfetence. regarding Joan, l|
'lio next morning the younger ?
Cenneth said he had something to k
ay to Joan. t,
"Tou know my father has origin- a
1 ideas.' he began. "I dare say it's
.is original'ideas that ijajro 'ilnde r
his the largest brokerage house iu K
own.1 lie's a great judgnot char a
icter. Ho's been sizing yoij up and j,
e's been sizing up thV situation ?
icro in tho ottico. He's come to ri
he conclusion that though you a,
oubtloss arc .a fine stenographer ;
our roal talent Is of a?what you a,
tltrlif anil rlnmaotln ttoiitmz TJiu I
heory of success In business is to al
et every one to work at the thing b;
ie or she is beat suited, to do.' He
oa come to .the conclusion th^t (i
. hat this office needs most is a
ousewifo?a sort of o^pert along
bat line, ir yon understand.-'Tha< r
lace has, never been properlv
leaned. You'd have .charge o!
hat with a bunch of cleaners to do
s yon' told'them to. Then- father
ias'been thinking of starting"a re v
reatlon rooth and lupchroom for ~
ur Wdrk'ers, Busy days we always "
avo to send out for meals, and J*
bat Is never satisfactory. The Jeason
I am talking to you about ?'
bis is because such' a position "
rould' bo worth nearly twice as . '
audi as the one you now hold, i
food secretaries \ire not difficult
o find. Father operas tQ. think that .
le'd never be able.to find any oiV Y,
0 well suited as you for this now
losition he has In mind."
Joan listened with color rising.^
Ihe. sighed and looked down'when "
ie finished. "I appose,' she said. ?J
1 ought not to object. In fact \
uch a job really appeals to me. Jj'
. lr
iKLEV. n
J 81
' If bi
i Reconciled v :
entured a bit at play In tbe gild I
d- gamlng-rooms of Mont? Carlo I
ad spent their winnings hilarious* "
inlng and dancing together ' at
llro's. ' ' i
One day-Barret wrote his wife: I
"Last night I fell asleep reading. I
Then I awoke/Alice had gone to I
ed. 1 was stiff and sore and'irrl- I
able. Angry, I looked to see what {
Iked me so. Beside me was: a tier- sotly.
comfortable dlran. The-fault 1
ad been in me. I. had been to I
>ng without changing my position I
"Anita, I haro been" asleep with, X
>und myself, irkei, I thought It
as your fault. It was mine. My1
ear, we need awakening and?
eadjustment. 4 i
"We each have demanded of the ,
ther the state of mind of early
ourtship. Impossible and?undeIrable.
Courtship Is a dead-level,
larriage Is a climb", with develop- j
lent and achievement all along
bo way. t:
"Wo have had a dozen years and '
lore 9f happiness; only d few
ears of irritation. WMch means
bo most, tells the truer story? V
ay, as. I see dt. now, thatflhe few ?.
ears are merely an epispde, that
be dozen years are what count.
"If you dont thii^ so, ydh shall.
,o.vuu' way. al you agree wiur
le?and I pray you will?drop,
iese hideous dlvoroe proceedings;
ack our bag and. Junior's, gr.?. L
tie Mnnrotanlii hy'the tall an?
omo to yonr daughter and your
nsband?John." '
Eleven days later (same a eablo.
Coming, dears, Anita ,an(l Junior."
(THE JlNDi) .1 ' ,
Tl 1 ' '77
ho'.Grees Wizard felt ?orry foi
Maryt Mink wrote to the Ore
wizard for a magical piano.
"I do get so alcki" Bald tuc
urrylng home from school to i
ty practicing. Would you klnc
and me a magical piano so th
'hen I touch It, it will play itaStl
The Green Wizard felt sorry I
tarty and made Vim a 0106-1111
lano, exactly like his ~~old pi
nly that it had magical wh
eys and magical htack keys th
layed anything you wished. Wh
was finished the Twins delltl
d it and took the oi l one awny.
As Mrs. -Mink.was1 out mark
ig. Bhe never know'the dlfforeni
"Won't she be surprised wh
he hears Marty'playing so well
tughed Nancy. ,
But what do you th.V;! In le
tan a week the Green Wiza
ad nnothor letter from.Marty.
"FlddlOBticks,';' woto. tile Iette
Ma says I've learnea to play t
lano perfectly "now and shi
ought mo a fiddle. It's harder
tarn than the othcW Do you hi
en to have a magical fiddle, M
Wizard?" \v
The kind, patient-wizard made
ve often wondered why every 1
uslness didn't havo somp ono li
tat to ltpk after things. But?I
-you seo, I've always boon call
Domestic Joan'! That's why I we
t work so I could prove to my s
trs that I was fitted for son
htng else."
Kenneth Jones, Jr., suddenly f
Is levelheadedness vd Vehing.,
0 know was that he saw befo
tm the girl who, for the" last It
ays, had been exerJL-y an uril
cvahle fascination dvtr him. A
ow she socmed to bo distresse
lennoth sjeppea toward her, I
>ro lie knew it ho had laid !i
n'nds en h'or two shoulders.
The ntlie father enterfci - t
oom and the routine of the day 1
ap. Kenneth, Jr.. proceeded wl
Is talk that evening as ho we
orao with Joan. And that even!
'hen his rather asked him for i
esult of thd Interview he. said. ''I
irry to have butted In, dud, b
asked. Joan to marry me and .s
Tho olddr Kenneth responded
applng the son violently on t!
"Bully for you "'ho said.
Copyright 1322, by McCluro.N.,,
paper Syndicate.)
1 ?Unllko tho cornerstone li
ig of tho W. C. T. U. communl
ullding hero a few dayB ago, wh
n elaborate ceremony was arrat
d, was tho observance in conni
on with the placing Qf the fit
tore on tho new $125,000 Jail J
ig erected hero by Mpnongal
ountv to ronlnrn thn nhcmlnta /\t
No observance had been plann
\ advance, but Sheriff WillfE
IcK. Yost, happening on t:
icne just as the first stone w
efng placed on a corner, decid
lore should be some observan
C the event. He hurried to his <
ce- and obtained a bottle of moc
ilne, the possession of which h,
Dubtless sent some pnfortunc
(dividual to a solitary place wii
i the walls just tore down.
With pomp and ceremony and
te presence of- a large cro\
hich had gathered on the spur
le moment. Sheriff Yost broke t
Loonshine Iiqjuo rover the corm
;one and the on lookers joined
inging "How Dry I Am7? \
hp?i Headache
4usi v will -?v rr?.
?t( 2^*? tbuu.m?104vj
r'mrtouff^y tsw
l vourtaxi I ( be
(yj 5 )<ere u?~_|' i m
^^tab; righty ^
r (m\ss.ie&; ji.u
? "
y || JBI^B ^
' ' >- " <* '
M srty and: made him' a nlpe lltt
* V''.. , ?"' '
. v;fV\' jjiV. \ .
I fiddle and aent it oterX with I
Twins who gave .lt to' Marty.'
"I hope he's satisfied now,".a
the Wtiard.
Bnt mind you he soon receive
third letter. . . >
'07 "Ma's never satisfied. She si
Do I've learned to fiddle so fast, i
]u_ bought mo a saxaphone. Oh,
lt# please send me a magical sa
at phone, III never learn to play t
in thing." j
it So a magical saxophone he g
But that wasn't the end.
at- . Marty had a Bute and a ha
?e. and three kinds of drums ami
en cello and a bass viol and a hi
I!'' before ho was through asking
things, and each tlipe the . nl
iss klpd wltard helped him.
rd At'lost came this lettor:
' "Dear Mr. Oreen Wlsard, pie
i,-. send me a magical plpo^rgt
he That's ma's latest. Marty^,!'
3*3 potter go back to youd o.. hhi
to pland. I'm busy," answeTed I
IP- Wltard', And the Twins .took
tr. over at once. ' '.*.,
(To Be Continued.)
yi . | J Copyright 1922..)
ilg I .
w Three Pudding
Si Sauces:
io- Ot Columbia University
0lt - .Hard Sauce
1*2 cup butter
,re ' 1 cup brown sugar
awj '2 tablespoons cream
JC.| , 1-2 teaspoon 'nntlla extract'
n,l ''.Cream butter. 'hbrougiily, ad
rt. sugar ami Cream wo'.. Ail
v. Croaia a little ac a time no
Vp beat until tlie1 imbethnos'i (
lc> mount.
l,n Moussellee Sao *
l?. .1 onit powttdred suin
1th Yolln 4 eggs
nt Few grains salt
uq 1-2 teaspoon vanilla
he 1 ci.it cream, slffly. bn?>i
nt Beat egg yotra until th .;c, i d
ut sugar graduall,- and ?n.lnil
!io tiuali' g. Cook tver hoi wait
nnltl thick, roir.nve.. and f t
by cold, FoJ lb. crmt.Tt,';-?C
he salt and vanll'a
Liquid Sauce r
\ 1 cup brown atftar.
at-' 1.3 cup'wator
' 1 tablespoon Corn starch
1-1 cnp cold water
l.'t trap butter
Few grains salt
IL 1-2 teaspoon vanilla
Boll sugar add tfaler togothi
?> five minutes. Ml* cornstarc
"v with the one-fourth cup col
water, add to sugar and slmm't
Si. thirty mlnntes. Adti buttor, aa
"1 and vanilla, anil serve as soo
I'- as butter Is melted.
, NOTE' If one does not hav
cream, the whites of the eggi
f|,' beaten until stiff may be added
It would be a good sauce, bo
j not '.'MouBseltae,' as that nam
Implies cream.
CO u.M.vw-.i. in..
w.?au, iupiuo nuin. ui?v pay a. Ofl
Course. Write MOLER BARB]
?j COLLEGE, 841 W. 5th., Clnclrmi
|! Pme-Ur
^ ^
[email protected]^
*" """ V'- ~ .y ^-y>. .. '*
? '? la^f%in IWI | ~r% " " *y'
IP *K*T BE HOME <&"*m
- I CAM'T h ' !
(ear tr-goodbye- . ?I? j
' ' T'-' ' * " *'rv - J-..
p Local-Coal Operators Asked to
*\<i to Movement fofSc'hool
of ti'fned ip State
I A movement fqr tha erection ot
; a school ot mlnea has Tj**?"awti#
|. by K. M. Lambte, chief of the State
' i Department ot Mlnea; whO'has sent
' a letter-to local coaTdperatoncall
- ing-attentiontoTthe importancaot
West Virginia in the bltumlous coal
Industry and Its lack of educational
le facilities .'Although. WeatVlrginla
ranks.second- in mineral produc.
. tlon. lt has only ede school,giving
mining oonrses and no school ot
mines, while Alabama. ' ranking
aid eighteenth,' .has two .schools of
mines. - i'-.' ?
do Thei B(at<^hent to local epal'operators
yeadikas'tollows: .
ays "West Virginia is in,(jrest need
ihe ot a school at' mines tosnregierly
do, educate the mining men of the fu
xo- tare in the.sclence end art of mln
his ing tor the conservation j?f life,
limb.and coal, and to put the mln.
ot Ing Industry ot this stato on a
more efficient basis.
o*q "Competition Is said. to he the
In life of trade and to compete In any
buslnoss it is necessary to have a
(,r thorough knowledge of all phases
c. ot that business, and, while we have
' been fortunate In' having the great_
est deposits ot Quality coal known.
si, wo also have some ot the worst condltlons
to contend with In coal mlnIng.
.The problems .of the future
will he harder than those of today,
JjT. as drift mining will soon .bo a"thing
? of the past And all of our cotil mln'
Ing will eventually he shaft propositions.
Wo1 know thatewe will en;
1 counter these problems so why not
lay the foundation now for .the tu~
ture? , i
"West Virginia Is Just In Its (h-1
Tandy in cool, mining. There has
boon mined In this state since ISOo
a tdtal ot i.377,979,45? short tons of
ooal up to and including the fiscal
j pear ending June 30, 1920, and all
that time It Waj estimated that tho'
nyailahle coal yet remaining in this
slate was 169,814,603,527 short |
tons. i
] "West Virginia lias at present a
. [groator number of men attending j
tevening~ mining school's than any,
d other cosl mining stale, there be-i
d lag,an average qf StlO men per
d wedk. This training, plus the prac|f
tloal knowledge possessed by those
attending these, classes. Is making
them much more oflclent. Tha,
j short course lh cos! mining .given!
!during the sumer at the University!
: IB M
: Blackheaded
' | Pimples Quit
! WitiiS. S. S.
! Wkr?PhopU*PoUonGo??Vh>enR*dBiood'Cello
Increaae! S. S. S.
Build. The.e Red*B)ood Cells.
if Too can be tare of thlo, nsture has no
h substitute lor red^blcod-ceila. Pimple7
poison can't 11*# lh the fed rlTtri of
11 yont blood aft lohf ha there are ehooth
? rich red-bleod^celli red1:^8:
= ) i* ^he shame
1 cf a blemished/ace !
1 blood-coll. I That la what yon ntoi
3 When yen aee ptmplea atario* at yon In
4 the mlrrerr Blaekhoadod pimp loo art
s) wortel Beat ma la worae yet! Toucan
M try eurythtay nadaf the ion.?you'll'
3 find only one ftmiwer, re cell-power
| In year hloedl The tromoadosa ra3
anlta erodnced h* an lietMu 1b t*a.
a blood-Mill It oat of tha A. B. Co of
1 modioli ocltaeo. Bad-calli am A elttr.
a Mn.Tlrt tlni t?? aaijliu.nla
if. lortblt ftmploxlont. Thtf noon
y aetro power, Imna til four nonet
H art hi ?f ftoriflttd. Itor notn
LI ,"r"' {? from the
U blickhoid pool, from Wt, from ten-.
M mt n< okln ernptltna, from nnmi
clam Impnrltleo, from Chat tired. ex- '
hitnlej. run'do WD foolltf. Bodbloodt
eoBi art tko moot Imptrtaat thlor la
? the world tt itch tf an I. & farm
hand thorn ftrraa. B. s. B. hit beta
**twa tlact UM, at oat of tht tml
att hlotd-huUitro. bltod-eltiatert tad
S&SftSUar b,tu* It
Smacks of
Dlfrtie ,\t"duPSE FOft'"^
"J*?' / YOURSELF.'' ..
?"* ?NOT BE Home FOE
( Tfiis'.morning And thev
needofmen scientifically traified Q
In the seJenCe'aad ort 'ot mining, tl t
Bnehthat West. Virginia most lini 1
a school of mines where the mln- '
Ins men of tomorrow can be gtne a
a mjnlni education In keeping witn h
the needs of -the state'! greatest Ii
Industry.!" . j
1 Read Tl
1t News trc
jyi ORE woi
'* *inanyot
Men buy here
place where .v
5L ' t00>"
if - Men buy here
m liable quality
<5| wives and m<
? ample. ^
I We Know V
{3} *
? The many ye;
jg community h;
|j " Now?at Chr
*| ence is offere
the rigjit soil
?? - Our salespeo]
j| mont?know
??' ? most suitable
if . things that v
| wearer. .
|' Furs, Linger
|| The sensible
Furs, for insl
a please a worn
?| Silk undergo
jl ' ever has moi'i
j| Handkerchiei
j? coats, Neglig
all .comeunde
l| vants.
| Christmas P:
I This store ho
lower RBGU1
Dresses and r
Open a Chai
If cash is nun
. ' , account with
very' welcome
But ? whate1
your Christm
^ I , who apprecial
does not) fro
. c
I . o
jf "The Best
Mystery 1
where povoo^ '
suppose he is yt > po>
helen? he didnt( wher
, $ay-hoh?do ) rrhtfr
. voo thimk .,htt3 >/- 'mut
ay His offitfep fly. i*u.<al
J L IF uie*
if;], >
are this, year on neoct-Friday,In#
rtll be observed Id Jewish homes
nd in theHouseof Ood for eight
ays thereafter,' startle a from
hursday evening. J
This festival la a.minor holiday
nd is reminiscent of the Mlccaean
victory In the battle for
arael'a faith whan the bropbetic
romlse was verified: "Not by
" - ' *
lis Christn
>m Osgoo<
nen buy their wearing ap]
her Fairmont store.
i as well as women because
romen shop is the place fo
with-cohfidence that they
at lowest consistent price
jthers and sweethearts hi
\Yv';"'./V'r > ' \'?
- ; . 'i _ ' ;
1/hat Women \
ars we've been- serving th<
ave .taught us exactly whf
istmas time?the benefit'
d to men who want to plea
\ of gifts.
? . . !
pie know just about ever;
the things'they prefer?k
for them. They will help
nil fit and wear well am
ie--Things to \
gift is the gift a woman <
cance, what under the sui
an than a fur,wrap/or sc;
rments are always welcoi
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