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Iird Highest Output of Year
Reported Tuesday by
IMfnes in. Region.
r/Supply 25 Per Cent Len
th Fairmont District
Q'Today, However.
{.are! coal was mined In North$yest'Virginia
at 2,731 care,
136,550 tone, on Tuesday than
jdUme since . December 11,
in ;2?968 cars vera produced,
liajeelc loading In Northern
it Virginia was reached on
embel* 27, when 3,001 cars
frpsev wore the three record
ragivifys o? 1922 In Northern
'reduction on the various diDns
^yesterday was as follows:
Iiston, 1*22 cars; Connells41
cars; Cumberland, 107
M.-;& K? 73 cars; M. &
05 cabs;' Monongahela, 516
W>' M?B. & W., 68 cars;
H. B.,,63 cars.
?\?."Emptlas Easing,
cations arc that the empty
'.In .Northern West Virginia
in'dn the wane. There is an
jtep?ji?.46 per cent run on
^divisions. This is against
re'has been a decrease on all
ffidtylslons. The car.supply
iVMpnongah Division, B. & 0?
Hflid ' tatrly well at 61 per
and the car Bupply was sub
tjito give all mines ordering
pt: least :some empties. No
wpre .chalked up as being
Along the Monongahela to
ugS&tt a, 49 per cent run ol
es,_agalnst 59 per cent yes.
gjpHnes on the M. & W. bad
jer cent run today against 30
0X63*8 * thp Western Mary,
waay had' a 26 per cent run
r^rigalnst 30 por cent yesterJms!mf~4oday
had a^DS 'tier
i,jagalnst 41-pet cent yea:
b 35 per cent run of can
ished on the Mcr.ongahela
ylvanla today.
[visional Placement
ipply data In Northern
rglnla today follows:
s Cars on Placed at Emp.
the Dlv. 7 a.m. Ord.
lb 1754 1349 2186
on 105 105 295,
W. 361 301 598
290 290 586
nd H.
78 78 300
2588 2183 3965
Weekly Coal Loading
In Northern West Virst
week producod 387 cars
Bvvnv* ??? v??3 Wivo YVttO piUUUf
tXr on the B. & o. system as
Iowa: Monongah Division 27S
Gift's, Charleston Division 22 cars,
Jcnnellsvllle Division o cars,
Cumberland Division 19 cars, M.
EfisSSJ cars.
Commercial Coal
tjILaat-week there were 1,127 cars
of commercial coal loaded on the
I'Monongah Dlviison B. & O. Ths
I railroads obtained 357 cars and
Iflcm ere loaded on privately
owned cars. The commercial
Ibsdlas ran 72 per cent.
Market Conditions
It la;, reported in coal circles
:oday that coal Is In a right fair
demand, especially along the Mote
ongabela. The price was report,
ed to have been (3.25.
To produce a complete automo.
bile It requires labor in accessory,
Plate glass, fabric, metal and other
g^;;also In mines, farms and for.
tffijfbn will meet at hall Thursi
Nay at 12 o'clock prompt to ati^d/ithe
funeral of Brother J.
. M. Holmes. v
J. L. Leech, Secretary
I^ Hv' E. Trlplett, Noble Grand
An airedalp. Owner may
have same by paying for
fhis advertising. Call 1723
RJ Twenty machine coal I
I loaders. One htheksmith.
I I Four machine men. Six
I | pick miners. Regular work,
j White ^Rosk Mine on B. & J
COMPANY. 408 Bethle hem
Building. Phone
t . .
Oldest Member of Club Pre
sented With Pin?Professor
Lively Speaks0.
S. McKlnney, oldest membe
of the Kiwanis Club, was the re
Hnlanf nf o <Hf> t*r.m ?i?u *
I day. after he had been escorted t
the president's tablo. Dr. Lero,
Howard made the presentation
: closing hie remarks with a wis!
j for the continued able advice o
Mr. McKInney. Tho testlmonla
! was a handsome Klwnms pin, o:
j which is to be engraved' Mr. Mc
. Kinney's name. The members n
the club rose and. applauded the!
oldest member as he looked non
plussed and admitted that It wa
the first time In his life lie' hat
found himself unable 10 uiuk
suitable reply. He accepted th
gift with a few well chosen re
marks in which he thanked th
members for their kind remeni
b ranee.
The ladies who have served th
luncheon at the "Y" for the pas
year were also remembered by th
club with a gift for each aftc
president Howard had voiced th
appreciation of the club for Uioi
excellent service. Miss Bentel re
sponded for the ladles, thauklm
the Klwanlans very kindly to
their remembrance. The atte.1
dance prize given by Mr. Sclion
maker was a fine ham and wa
taken away by W. D. Evans, to
only man of the club who was t
win twice to get it once. On a fot
mer occasion Evans had been th
lucky man but had been cnllu.
from the lunch room and lost eul
l'rof. E. L. Lively addressed th
club on his Impressions of th
third meeting of tho Internationa
Lyceum Bureau, which dlscuese.
world peace at Its meeting I,
Washington December 7-8.9. !i
the short* time given him he ha
but little onnnri,tnl(? ??
-n?. .v iu u-.?u?;
eveu the high points of the. meet
ing. His resume inqluded littl
more.thaa>a short brief lonwfli
; 'W^fhtrnHnd tho speakers. Hi
remarks on' the stand certaii
newspai^rs had taken in refer
ence to statements made by CIhiii
enceau and his own opinions o
the French statesman were vci;
President Howard took occas
ion to forget the serious side 1cm,
enough to call Bob Henry, Law
renco Cunningham, Sam Miller
and ^ob Smith to their feet, an
remind these only single member
of the club that time was flying
At the close of the meeting, whlcl
is the last at which Doctor How
ard will preside as president, h
took occasion in a pleasant wa;
to thank the club for the co-opei
atlon shown him during his tern
of 'office. Doctor Howard ha
been absent from his own clu'
only two meetings in the i*$ar an
then was in attendance at anothe
Kiwanis club, one meeting beini
at Toronto where ho was a deli
gate to the international meeting
and tho other in Philadelphia
Hollo J. Conley will be inducts
Into office next week. M. C
Lough, who attended the goo>
roads meeting of the' Kiwanl
1 ciubB of the state at Charlesto;
last wee* will Rive a report nex
week, for which time it was mad
a special order after it becam
apparent today .that there was no
time enough to give it due coc
NEW YORK, Dec. 27. ?Th
French Savole, ar,riving here toda;
after the roughest voyage In he
; history, reported the possible los
at sea of the steamship Tudorsta
bound from Seattle, Wasb., fo
Glasgow. The Tudorstar is operat
ed by the Blue Star line of thi
Union Cold Storage Co.
PITTSBURGH, Dec. 27?Direc
tors of the Pittsburgh Coal Co,
today declared a quarterly divl
dend of 1% per cent o;
the preferred stock and >1 a shar
on the common. The last prevlou
declaration on the common was li
July. *
We,desire In this way to express
our thanks to our many
..J P.. 4 7,..
Iuicuua uuu uoiKUUUio iur uio
kindness shown us at the death
ot our beloved Mother, Mrs.
Annie B. Rager. Also for the
many beautiful flowers and for
I the use of their cars at the
funeral. Mrs.. L. B. Morgan,
George, Allen and Clarence B.
From and after January 1st.,
1923. interest will be charged
on all taxes due the City. Pay
now and save Interest
: . : ?' r .. '
Xmas Weather of
Twelve Seasons
I Given by Bolyard
I Weather records oil Christmas
for the period covering
from 1911 to 1322 Inclusive
show that there were two
" Christmas days In that period,
when the maximum temperature
was higher than this year.
In 1916 the maximum wan 91
degrees above sere and in 1916
it was 67 degrees above. Howr
ever, the minimum for 1922
. was higher than during any
i- other year in the period. The j
d minimum this year was 32 dey
gregs above. These facts were I
i, furnished today by Creed ?ol- '
lij yard, local weather man. m
fi The maximum and mlnature*
1' temperatures and the weather
s condition for the period from
. 1911 follow:
f Yr. Min. Max. Con.
r 1911 28 45 Rain
- 1912 8 * 45 Cloudy I
B 1913 11 38 Cloudy
i 1914 1 24 Clear !
r, 1915 24 61 Cloudy ,
b : 1916 26 57 Cloudy !
J 1917 11 30 Clear i
e 1918 26 33 Snow
-i 1919 16 30 Cloudy
! 1920 20 32 Cloudy
0I 1921 28 32 Snow
f' 1922 32 66 Clear
c'Hallanan Emphatically Denies
J Any Instruction to Assess
s Government Issues
J CHARLESTON, W. Va., Dec. 27.
? ?No Instructions have been issued
^ to West Virginia assessors to tax
li! government bonds, Tax Commls-j
- j sioner Walter S. Hallanan declared J
.t.?4U?ll.. tAjan . A't ?hn diimfti
u | tiiii])JiuLiutviij ivu?j. ??. ?,?y ?? ? n
had been' circulated in Washington,
-las was declared In press dispatchles
last night,
f' On the contrary, Mr. Hallanan
v! pointed out, since 1919 this stato
l;a?.l been considering bank hold
inga of government bonds in deterS
mining the value of bank stocks for
' taxation purposes, the exact point
' made by the Supreme Court of the
1 United States in deciding an Okla5
homa case which caused the pres
ent discussion and concerning
6 which the erroneous report of West
' Virginia's action was made.
b Discussing the manner in which
t the report might have arisen that
" new instructions had been issued
1 to assessors here, Mr. Hallanan
J said that when the Supreme Court
J decision was made November 20
a he read a report which inaccurater
ly stated that states could tax fed5
eral bonds. Certain that this was
not correct, he asked Represents?'
tive L. S. Echols for a copy of the
_ decision, and Mr. Echols replied
1 that there had been no written
opinion but that the court had up1
held the principle which, as a for8
mer member of the State Tax DeJ
partmeht, he knew had long been
I In force In West Virginia.
0 "The real fact Is that we 'beat
8 the Supreme Court to it' by several
II years," Mr. Hallanan said In denyl"
lng there was any move here to tax
government bonds.
J. Three men were Injured paln,
fully this morning In tho plant of
r the Shamrock Fuel Co., at Holt
t They were David Plouger, George
. Hyatt and John Munsey.
a Shortly after the men went to
work la the tnlne of the Sham,
rock Company a trip of cam was
wrecked In the mine, and as they
ran down the Incline they crashed
" Into the walls and caused a fall of
" coal which caught all three of the
J men beneath It.
a They were brought to Fairmont
8 Hospital on the train reaching
a here shortly after 9 o'clock, where
their Injuries were deseed. Two
of thorn, Hyatt and Munsey, were
- able to leave the hospital follow
I ins mo oressing or tnetr injuries
? Plouger was the most seriously
Injured and will remain at the
hospital until he recovers. He is
suffering from contusions of the
back. Hyatt had a badly bruised
shoulder, and Munsey had cou.
tuslone ot the neck and shooldor
Clarence Currey has been ap
pointed administrator ot the personal
estate ot Margaret Grace, deceased.
The bond is |2,000.
1 . ===
A heavy brown overcoat was
taken by mistake from-the Assembly
Room ot the Masonic
Temple Friday night Finder
please return same -to Julian
Stealey, Janitor of the BulldI
">? v
r i
\ - -
?: 'vt ? ; -: '.kv'%
i .
Senator Jiodge Declares Any
Further Attempt to Limit
Armaments Useless.
WASHINGTON, Dec., 27. ? Administration
senators under the
lead of Chairman Lodge or the foreign
relations committee began In
the Senate today a determined
fight against the proposal of Senator
Borah, Republican, Idaho, for
a, new International conference in
Washington to discuss economic
conditions and disarmament.
Senator Lodge, who was said by
his colleagues to have ascertained
the viejvs 6f President Harding and
his administration advisers, opened
his attack as soon as the Senate
began work on the Borah proposal,
which is in the form of an
amendment to the annual Naval
Bill requesting the President to
call an economic and armaments
The foreign relations' chairman
recounted the difficulties of further
armament limitation encountered
at the Washington Arms Conference
a year ago and declared that
in view of the attitude taken by
other powers it would be "useless"
to attempt to limit land armaments
unless it were established before
band, that Franco had changed her
The fight on the Senate Af!oor
began after a score of administration
senators had conferred in
Senateor Lodge's offjce and map.
ped out a program providing for a
resort to parliamentary tactics if
necessary to defeat the move by
Senator Borah. A part of the
group of iSenate irreconcilable*
who have voted with Mr. Borah on
many, other questions of foreign
policy also vWas arrayed again3t
his amendment, while the attituuq
of the " Domocratfc".,&ide. of .the
. oneT with many rilembe^i urideeifled
whether to support or oppose
the conference plan.
Senator Lodge declared the
amendment's proposal for an
economic discussion was* an en.
tirely new subject, foreign to the
provision put into the bill by the
Hou?e for a further naval limitation
conference, and was of
"grave importance." He recited
that the conduct of foreign affairs
was in the hands of the President,
and that he would not be bound to
accept any advico offered by tke
Senate although "almost any
President would give weight" to
senatorial advice.
Reviewing the work of the
WaBhincton Arms flnnfflriflnm *hn
Republican leader recalled that
Premier Brian had told the conference
that France could not consent
to any limitation of land
"Of course that put an end to
any further action by the conference
on the question of land armament,"
said Senator Lodgo, "because
no action could be taken except
by unanimous agreement."
Turning to the provision in the
Naval Bill as passed by the
House and in the Borah amendment
for a move > to limit the
building of naval vessels of 10,000
tons and less, Senator Lodge
pointed out that the Washington
conference 'was unable to do that
because of the objections of
France and other powers."
TUSCON, Ariz., Dec. 27?A
freight train collided with Southern
Pacific passenger train No.
110, eastbound near Rillito, four,
teen miles from Tuscon early this
morning. The passenger train was
standing still at the time and was
rammed by the freight, wrecking
serveral freight carB. None of the
passengers was injured but a fireman
was severely scalded, it is ro_
CHICAGO, Dec. Z7. ? JOun It.
Shlppey, who yesterday said he
had knowledge, ot the disappearance
of Mrs. Kate Mitchell Trostell,
was Identified by police today as
William Decker, recently pronounced
a mental misfit by the Paycopathlc
Hospital. Police said he
had a penchant for claiming knowledge
ot crimes ot public Interest
after first attracting attention by
suicide attempts.
Arthur Poster, arrested In connection
with the alleged death ot
Mrs. Trostell, still maintained his
Innocence today after tlftteen days
of almost constant Questioning.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 27. ? Dr.
Wilbur P. Crafts, for 28 years superintendent
ot the international
Reform Bureau, which he founded;
and widely known because ot his
activities on bshalt of prohibition
and similar mpvements, died at a
hospital here today of pneumonia.
He' wM-73 years old, <
i . ,
ct m Ifc Command}
Newsies to Have
Big Party-Tree
Laden With Gifts
Everything is in readiness
for the- big Christmas celebration
and treat to be gtvbn The
West Virginian newsies and
agents this evening. The party
-will start at 7:30 and will be
held around the giant Christmas
tree that has been erected
lust outside the press-room. It
will be laden down with gilts
for the boys, and will be lighted
from top to bottom with
colored electric lights. Of
course, all the gifts for the lads
who sell and deliver The "West
Virginian can't be > placed on
the tree, but many of than will
be on the tree and tho rest oc
the presents under it. Every
newsboy likes candy and
among the gifts tonight will be
1 a big bag of candy for each
( newsie and agent.
Coke Production Sets Pace
for Year in Northern
West Virginia
Once again the meeting place o?
the operators.mlners' conference
has been changed. It will be held
at 10 i o'clock next Wednesday
morning at the Congress Hotel.
Chicago, Instead of at the Cleveland
Hotel, Cleveland, as expect,
It Is generally thought that this
conference will get down to business
and arrive at some decision;
According, to Inside Information,
Ktenk. Farrlngton, leader, .ot^he
would be on the Central Competitive
Field basis. Since Farrlngton
has been trimmed by John L.
.Lewis, he goes along with the
Lewis regime, which Is in accnr.
dance with the predictions that If
the operators thought the family
quarrel among the miners' leaders
was the basis of breaking up
the miners' organization they
were simply klddlag themselves.
Willard Coming
President Daniel A. Willard of
the B. & o. System will accom.
pany the officials of that road,
whdn thpv mpet thA \'nr<Turn
West Virginia Coal Operators' Association
at 11 o'clock tomorrow
morning at the association rooms
in the Jacobs Building. The op.
erators will hold a preliminary
conference among themselves at
the rooms one hour before the
joint conference ,
U. M. W. of A. Notes
Representatives from sub districts
1, 2, 3, and 4 all the sub
districts of West Virginia, are
meeting today in Grafton, Frank
McCartney, distirct hoard member
and James McCleary, district or.
ganlzer, are in attendance at the
Robert Peters, secretary of sub
district 4, and Harry T. Wilson
district auditor, are attending the
meeting in Grafton today.
Reports indicate that Nick
Aiuuu is running second In the
race (or president ot sub district
4. James McCleary, district organizer!
apparently is third, 'with
Andew McComas, '"'yatt, in the
Raiload Fuel
Railroads securod 367 cars of
coal oft the Monongah Division,
B. & 0., yesterday. As customary
(or some time, the foreign roads
got the bulk of the tonnage, obtaining
267 cam, while the B. &
0., received the remaining 100
Foreign roads got 115 cars of
coal oft the M. & W., and the W.
M. got forty.nlne cars oft the B.
& W. brooch, while forty care ot
railroad fuel were loaded off the
Cumberland Division, B. & 0.,
thirty-nine care of foreign and one
car of local railroad fuel. Thirty,
one cars of raiload fuel were loaded
off the Charleston Division, B.
& O.. all of which went to foreign
carriers except nine cars.
Fler Shipments
Coal shipments to Arlington
Pier havo been on the increase
recently off the Monongah Dlvisi.
(Continued on page four.)
SOFIA, Dec. 27.?(By the Associated
Press)?A seven-hour day
for office workers will he substituted
by the-government for the
present eight-hour schedule be-,
ginning January 1. The new shift
will he from 8 o'clock to 8, eliminating
the customary two hours
for lunch.
It It announced that hereafter
time wtrlU be designated according
fo a twenty four hohr clock.
Jazz has been banned In the
schools of Kansas City, Kan. The
firm that rents the pianos to the
schools was tke-ohlector. _ ^
CBER 27, 1922.
I c
Man Wanted In Connection e
With Louisiana Kidnaping t
Seeking BailHELD
Additional Arests Expected at ^
Mer Rouge by* Secret
Service Agents. 1
BALTIMORE, Dec. 27.?In an effort
to obtain ball before com- u
mencing hie flgbt against extradition,
Dr. B. M. McKoln, former
mayor of Mer'Rouge, La., -who -was I
arrested here yesterday at tbe re- I
quest of Governor Parker of Louis- '
lana, obtained a writ of habeas corpus
today tn the city court. Governor
Parker accused Doctor McKoln
of mnrder.
1 The writ was mads returnable
immediately but upon request of
Doctor McKoIn's counsel, former r
United States District Attorney
Robert R. Carman, the hearing was
postponed until tomorrow and Doctor
McKoln was taken back to his
A ehort time before, in central
police court, Doctor McKoIn's case
was adjourned by Juatice'Stanlelgh 2
until January 8 at the request of v
the detectives working on the case, I
This was to permit time for the y
preparaUon and forwarding of the v
necessary documents from Louis- v
lana. Governor Parker had tele- "
graphed the polico department ask- r
lng for ten days' delay, adding that '?
the requisition -papers would he
forwarded. c
The one day adjournment of tho c
habeas corpus hearing was taken J
after a conference between Chief 1
Judge Gortef.'Attorney Carman and *
>?rd- Hutnnr.'-Tnrrtii'^Tropwhar is S i
BradyCllnlc at'Johns Hopkins Btos-I'f
pltal, with' whom Doctor "McKoln
has been associated since last Oc- c
tober. Doctor Young had gone, to
the courthouse with an offer to 0
produce ball for the former mayor J
of Mer Rouge. He asked for an immediate
hearing on the habeas cor- jj
pus proceedings, saying that one jj
of his patients was lying, upon the 13
operating table at the hospital and J
was in a precarious condition. Im- c
mediate operation was necessary, "P
he said. In these circumstances, it 3
was decided to defer the hearing
for a day. \ "
No difficulty was anticipated by 8
Doctor McKoln'e friends in obtain- J1
Ing bail. In this connection Doc- J
tor Young received a telegram from J
the Central Savings & Trust Co. of |a
Mer Rougqt' offering to furnish bail
In any amount required in order to (
obtain Doctor Mckoin's release I
from jail.
BASTROP,, La., Dec. 27.?
There was an air of expectancy
here and at Mer Rogue today as
Department of Justice agents and
representatives of the state gov(Contlnued
on page four.)
uuubltu BY KULICE
LOUISVILLE, Ky., Dec. 27.?
The air iof mystery surrounding
the shooting of O. L. Black In the "
apartment of Mrs. Olive L. Jones, J
divorcee, had heen Increased to- '
day by facts uncovered by police ?
department investigators. Mrs. J
Jones, who claims she fired In self (
defense, faces a charge of murder. 1
Officials declared Important *
polntB In the woman's account of c
the tragedy had been contradicted.
Investigators also Intimated ^
that the discovery of a piece of
looped wire outside the window
near which tho body (was found
was considered of Importance. The .
wire, together with marks bellev- a
ed to have been caused by shoe ,
nails, indicated a possibility that
Black was shot In another room
i- 11
uww? wv wuu IU. fflUUU UiO. UUU}
was found, and ralaed or lowered '
through the window, It wqs aald. J
Mra. Jones' former husband de.
clared In Cincinnati yesterday that s
prior to-the shooting plans had
been made for the remarriage ot
the divorced couple on January 1
He reiterated his statement that ?
he would stand by Mrs. Jones ?
throughout the case. a
" n
SAN FRANCISCO, Deo. 47:? *
The California Railroad Commls- J
slon has authorised the Postal *
Telegraph Co. to discontinue its
office at VlBalla and Incidentally
has allowed J. C. Ward, credited
with being the oldest telegrapher s:
In the United' State In point ot tl
service, to retire as manager of ti
the'office. * li
Ward has been In the office for \
forty years. He claims the dlstlne. ^
Hon of having been the f^trapher li
at General Grant's headquarters
during the Civil War. He also p
says he taught Thomas A. Edison C
the Morse code. t
' ?ki <l-Vv'._ . v.,'.V V -,? ' -I
- : 86cA<MOK
t i i- i
Summonses have been Issued tor
Tul jurors tor tbe January term
it Criminal Court The sixteen
urors wno mts oeon summoned
rill aiipear for aerrlce on Tuesday,
anuary 9. The names of the petit
nrors for the January term of
ourt trill be announced as eoon
a the date tor them to appear la
The grand Jurors and the dierlcta
which they represent are as
Fairmont District?Arch Brownleld,
Frank Bbydston, Carl Beaty
,nd Hood Clayton.
Mannlngton Dlsrtict?C. 0. Baelett,
A. B. Jollltr and Leslie S.
Grant District?John W. Wolfe
rid Charles Lynn.
Lincoln District?Ben Jones and
Vlllle Downs.
Paw Paw District?Jarvls Parker.
Union Dlstrlot?Homer Hall and
Irady Meredith.
Wlnfleld District?William Bunler
and Marshall- Harris.
Counsel of Miners' Union to
Carry On Appeal to Test
Allen's Conviction
7.?Certainty that Walter Allen,
'ho defaulted the bond glren
lending an appeal from hla tenear
sentence on a treason charge",
rould be returned to t'C. state
kit hthe aid of the defense In the
miners' march" cases was exiressed
by T. C. Townsend, his
hlef counsel, today. '
Deputy Sheriff H. E. Keadia
ame to Charleston yestefday In
onnectlon with The search for
Lllen by state authorities, and
irougbt the first news of tho deaulb^<rfo^Rpre
bf the djond,.
,u.,iu,uuia ; yii-y, , UUL uuicera
Marching lor talm had missed him
ijr a law houra ther.
The appeal to teat the legality
I Allen's conviction on a treason
harged based on the 1921
march" will be carried on, Mr.
'ownsend said. In explaining that
ie expected the defense would
ring about Allen's return. The
ecord ot the case tor Supreme
lourt consideration was being
repared and would bo presented ,
oon, be declared.
Possibility that the appeal might
e contested by the Btate on the
found that Allen was a fugitive,
a chse he might not return before
he case went Into the Supreme
lourt, was being considered tolORED
Ipshur County Man Wearing
a Red Sweater Killed in
Doddridge County
CLARKSBURG, W. Va., Dec. 27.
-James S. Meek, 52, veil known
Jpshuu County farmer, was gored
0 death by a bull yesterday aftraoon
at the farm of a daughter,
drs. Beaulah Gum, In Doddridge
lounty, where he went to Bpend
he holidays. He was wearing a
ed sweater when the bull attackd
Mr. Meek was the father .of Jeff
leek, tackle on the West Virginia
Vesleyan College football team.
Mrs. L. L. Goodrum. who was for
number of years located here as
chiropractor, having headquarters
1 the Masonic Temple, has returnd
here and will open up her rooms '
i the Professional Building In the '
ooms of Miss May Montgomery, j
ho is 1U. Mrs. Goodrum will 1
ave these rooms until Miss Mont- J
ornery recovers her health.
MIDDLETOWN. o? Dec. 27.?. ]
ferbert S. Tinny, 22 years old, 1
lellerue, Fa., said to be a grmdu- t
ie .of Princeton University and a ,
lember. of tie Princeton Club of (
rew York, was found dead In his
com ,ln a boarding house bete, toay,
with the cord of a bath robe '
notted around hie throat.
WASHINGTON, Deo. 27. ? The ]
pring weather now prevailing over i
he East will flee by late today or '
Dmorrow before a storm of marked ,
itensity which, according to the
7eather Bureau, wlU aweep up the j
.tlantlc Coast from the south dur- ,
lg the next twenty-four hours. i
"Dangerous gales" will accomany
the storm, along the Atlantic >
loast and considerable lhange Is In '
tore for the .Ohlo Valley.
v. : , y (i t;'.; '.
sociated Press Wire
Failure Foreseen If Turks Per.
sist in Present Method?
British Declare They Will'.
Never Abandon MousuUp
^ .'-{JmEffl
Associated Proas) ?Thratigh
eign Secretary Curzon, Great Brit*
aln infOrmoH Tnrlrmr a-.U-Elfc- '-B
fl.ord^Cunion Bald "in this lettor
nent ot^thd.Irak, andI England since
Jurors Selected Today Fn Caiaa
Is. Meredith today entered but one
order, this bolne In th. <1.?
case in which Harvey L. Faist Is '4
In that cue Judge Meredith entered
an order confirming Oie re.
mlseloner, k which the>s2?K the
Blreet waa oonflrmed. The |iur.
chase price waa 16,6ft 0'.'and! tbo
purchasers were J. OiiRichard aud
Jurors were selected In; Circuit
:ourt this morning in'.theXCMe ol
n which the plalntltt seeks to re:over
?276 from,the defendant tor
lamages to a Dodge automobile.
he cue are Fred M.oBlilin'lilfflB
f w? " "
P^und^ JL
of^thoy fato^ ot Mmel terlecislon
In which Russia Is not a
htvlnoff emphaelteB the Import- fll
tnee ot Mmel to plumber buBlncba
Mmel, located on the Baltlo Sea,
raa-natlonaltied by,'the Treaty of
Serial Ilea. The trrltory formerly

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