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I the season tonight on the Y
I. A. floor when the Icomel
tickle the American Legloi
of this city that la .helm
fed by A I. ("Doc") Gar roll
game will start at 7 o'clock
ett 1b a former Wesleyan ita
hai rounded together a bund
tat player* who are expectei
lAe thlngeJiTely for the hlgl
te high school players havi
S&worklng hard the last tar
^getting ihaped up for th<
tnf of the aeaaon and ihouli
ble to make a good showln;
te game tonight. During th
tfmas vacation the team ha
'etaglng workouts in ih
Ing. Frank Ice stated thi
ting that he was not sure n
Ineup tor thi* evening, but 1
most certain that the men t
would include Cole, Esketl:
and Ilomino. The fifth ma
likely be Raathkcr.
it (Side High School will ge
Iret real teat of the season t<
I evening wnen tno teat
i to (ace Jasper Colebank1
High School live. Th
1J he played on tho Eat
r.r.Colebank.ls reported t
trong team. He Is ono t
coaches in the state, an
sany material at all wl
ormtdable aggregation. .
ime will be played in Ora
aturday night.
To Play Cubs.
Toothmnn's Normal teal
rj the Monongah Cubs o
lal,floor next Monday evt
id'teams are evenly mate!
a.good game is expectet
teams played at Monoi
year, and the local lad
game. They will bo ou
late _the trick on Monda
Industrial League.
ilanned to start an Indui
iketball League at tbe 1
next week, If tbe scbedul
irranged by tbat time. .
try meeting was held c
L CrA. last night to wor
details of the organlzatloi
nned to have six teams 1
gue. Flvo organization
oed up now. they being th
R- Co.. Monongah Glasi
t Mining Machinery, th
lOttle Co. and the Domestl
Shows Class,
lib Is strong tor southpaw
retty good hitter himsel
idmlts that most left ham
1i9^vi uuuiB HIMI tai mul o kiiaii ufei
SiAh being the case, the natun
onoluslon that Cobb must drat
* that most left-handed batters ar
rouble! even more than him b
outhpaw pitching.
No doubt that la the Teason wh
lobb put through the ' deal ft
louthpaw Ray Francis ot th
Washington Club.
Cobb figures every club th?
mute to have a chance as a pel
?nt< contender needs a southpat
fow that It Is definitely settle
haf Oldham will not be a Tlge
Cobb's' best bet as a southpa
tossed on. Bert Cole seems to t
gat a bit shy of major league ca!
All ot which made It necessar
hat Cobb go out and land a eoutl
"Francis proved to be tt
beist possibility on' the marke
Rere ls how be looked to Cobb:
^ "Francis showed me more stu
than- PO per cent of the America
League southpaws last year.
Jldn't find him soft picking by an
means. 1 am ot the opinion thi
If iuh' iue UQBl iei
has had In years,
rned Victory
it fans hare a rlgl
r satisfied villi Hi
'showing on th
s Day,| says Cherli
> Morgantown Ne
rovlowing tho Dm
The Mountaineer
orthy of their stsi
ots and with hut II
,ty four hours rei
from a rattle.- ti
Journey, they wet
ed to victory ov?
mCBt, hardest flgh
y the greatest fo
team on the Parlf
lountalneers ao.iea
aatohed as much I
weight as they vei
tutgers and whe
sased by an excep
passing attack c
gtanlans, aga'ni
lal defense had hoc
of which the Mnui
not the slightest a,
^ Information. the victory 1
K teems apparently itiftere
w heat bnt the Mountali
K whose schedule raj ui
^Kk4*'traMd ""t"'
I ^"thTHF'*
^L. cent running attack ami 2
cent overhaul while the^fli
"""chapter 1
' Jack bad lirdly started with his iltl
! of them shouted, "You'd better elow do*
I speeding." Tim made Jack laugh, for 1
* course his long steps msde the llttown
? lie wagon travel fast Soon the
I V -***!
" The peculiar eights were very Intore
? getvllle looked lHte a toyland village, wll
J houses and stores. "How would you like
jj asked one of the midgets, as they came
j? be fine," replied Jack.
" Flip barked loudly when Jack was li
o too. was hungry, and when a midget toss
5-jslt 'whole. Jack's loaf of bread was the si
e'was like a tiny morsel of steak. "We'll
0 these," said Jack. (Continued).
so'ely upon thoir overhead and Idence
J* uvcn their man Stockton for of-jcernli
J. fonse. What measure of su"cob?' some
J* Uity enjoyed at It must be credit- doubt
ed to Stockton whose burling was beate
urpatently everything that *^i?s extrei
il been said and written of It before Vlrgli
r, hand. At carrying the ball, how- the t
e evei he made no showing, beieg terml
y effectively stopped at all tiXtM. their
Bjobs and Skeate, particularly The 1
y the former, did the heavy damage three
>r f<:r the coast eleven In thi final gome
e perked. It must'-be remembered, nal p
- however, that Btoes was inlectPi: ^
it into the game in the fourth qu?ir- won
?- tcv and being rated a reguli- Con- cor^'
v. iaga Varsity back was abla id jjrgt
d make his line bucking,and ruvl'ig
r, n.cre effective against the tiring 0Pp0t
iv Mountalnoers. Doctor Spears iw??l ^Ithei
ie .v.-ne but freshmen reserve 04 iks state
II. and these Inexperienced men Jin s.ua >
picbably feared t o trust in view
y of the strong finish "of the west- out a
tj. criers. Either Bamunt or M:MU- bothe
te lan would probably have gone have
t strong on the offense had they
teen put into the game but It is
It doubtful if they would havo b.j'.n tw<
n inch force defensively against stand
i the Gonzaga overhead. Day
y Gonzaga lived true to its reou- "West
it ttt'or of being a fourth qua! tor lie H
t- srrrlng team. All their tbt Uon town
r-'ints came In this section vnd speak
toth'scores were mode possible New
it hy long forwards covering ?' T
e nn.ch as forty five yards in two lo- tali
is stances. Unless offensive tactics the!
le were especially prepared for terse aB
w rtsscs, thoy would naturallr l?! atai
? .lard to stop.' For Stockton does d#j
s tot arch his heaves but shoots the re(,
?1 Pell on a line like s hullet. This Car
t- daterence from the average long tad
i' d.stonce thrower, wherein the dc fnij
n fmsivc back counts on at l-iit a f?Bl
't little height to the throw to en- |n.
r able him to get to the recsl-er, Bs
- probably coot the Mountaineers jn ,
their score. plaj
That the Spears clan fought lar
? hard to the last Is evidenced by scri
the fact, however, that when Ihvy ed
/ fnnlr fhn hall nn rlnnmn 4v> (llh nhs
. luun wu van uu uunua >u jifi
. shadow of their own goal goal 0
posts In the closing minutes ul was
,, the game when It looked like Oon- mm
' zaga might get a third touchdown, tul
.. they rushed It out on consecutive tlm
/ plays trom their own 2-yard' line the
to their 38-yard lino betore the tra<
tlunl whistle blew. That's .coming tin'
d back with a punch and showed ot t
.. that the gang was still In thsTe- tali
i_ Oonsaga's game in the tourth to 1
~ quarter was undoubtedly a reck, ten
.. less one, so to speak. With long yari
? chances bolng taken In the mat- this
ter ot distance heaves, and success Inn
v attendant. West Virginia natural- tng
t ly could not afford to open up ler
B' such a game and furthermore bad Mei
II no passer for such a style had the yar
Mountaineers so chosen. T
a From every standpoint the game glcl
y- was entirely satisfactory and the whi
iy Mountaineers' followers, all things to ]
is considered, should be satisfied, ent
ie The players went out to the coast Am
iy with the anticipation of the trip ohl
IS and the thrill of 4- sightseeing tour a d
< through new country as their big fori
e- thought. Doctor Spears betore It r
and all .the way en route made no tha
it secret of . his tsar that ovsrconft- his
!'& i. ^
\ y' 'Hle
load of uldgati, when one
proper w?b rttcllMj .
sting to Jack. in tact. Mid>h
its Uttle ?tre?t? and tiny
J to have something to oatt
to a battery. "That would
landed a loat of broad. He,
ed htm a bone ho Bwallowod
se of a bun and Flip's chop
have to have a lot more of
i and lack of seriousness con
ng the game would cause
trouble. Although he un
edly managed to get thlt
n down to some extent It It
mely doubtful If the West
tilans entered the game with
incertalnty of score but de
nation to win that marked
work here Thanksgiving
three touchdowns in the first
periods probably added
t o the relaxation In the fl
any rate, the Mountaineers
That settles that. Their re
Is clear. They have taken ths
leg of the East versus West,
did It creditably, too. Theli
tents were as strong at
r of the teams Pitt'and Pent
will face. The Mountatnoer
rail say to their oastern col
es, "We won ours; now gc
nd get yours beforo yolt start
ring lis who wnai miKni
Local Boys Big Stirs.
o Fairmont boya were out
lug stars In the Christina!
game at San Diego between
Virginia and Consign,' Char
odges, writing In the Morgan
New Dominion, recalls. In
Ing of their performances, the
Dominion says:
hree of the fonr Mounleers
who have laid down
Ir grid togs tor the lilt time
collegiate players were outidlng
stars In the Christmas
r clash at San Diego. We
ir to Bob Hawkins at end,
italn Rubs Meredith at
kle and Homer Martin at
back. Like aa not, Tubby
ron, who is the fourth retlrMountaineer,
did is much
the other trio, but, burled
the center of the l(ne, bis
r bas escaped the spectacuand
the notice of the
bee. Certain If Tubby playto
form, he did as great's
t as anyone on the Held,
lob Hawkins' gems at end
i a sterling one. The Fairit
boy put up some wonderdetersive
playing and tour
es during the game nallei|
Gonzaga quarterback In his
:ks following punts. Msrs
plunging and bscklng up
he line stood out while Capi
Russ Meredith, In addition
lis great game at tackle, Intepted
a pass and ran eighty
ds for a touchdown. On
i play, he received superb
irference, Dob Hawkins takout
the last Gonsaga tackwho
was about to overtake
redlth on the Gonsags 15d
he scintillating West- VlrIan
was little Nick Nardaccl,
>se runs tore the Oonzaglsts
pieces. Nick was a consist- .
gainer and proved bis Allerlcan
class. youngs town,
o, by this time, should be In
ellrium ot Joy over the pernance
of her favorite son.
lust not be forgotten though
t Nick got the ehanoe to use
lithe body in the ojMUBSld
Movie Colony Has
Heart Failure as
Mountaineers Yell
We?t Virginia'! football
men, while In Los Angelea en
ronte home, netted Hollywood,
the home of the mov)e birds.
They escaped alive without
damage after gMng the coir,
lege yell. After the giving of
the yell It was easy to escape
while the natives were recovering.
Most of the mono
birds thought there was another
earthquake when the Mountaineers
cleared their throats.
"Fats" Spears had himself
filmed posing with Dorothy
Phillips and Jackie Coogan.
It Is reported that Spears was
offered a contract to play a
heavy part In the scenario that
Is being produced at the present
unio. 11 w remicu lu mrii Decause
he couldn't hold a toot'
hall all thrdpgh the performance.
Adam Stansbury was snapped
at his typewriter poundIns
out press agent stuff. This
picture will be shown on slow
motion so that one can see how
Adam hits the keys so fast
without making a mistake.
The Hollywood' colony Toted
Nate Cartmell the best looking
man on the squad much to the
chagrin of Joe Setron and Russell
though ' the Bterllng Interference
of SI Simon, Gus Ekberg,
Homer Martin et al. These
powerful backs are murderous
when clearing the way and It
Is certain that they were doing
some cracking ahead of the
Youngstown boy at San Diego.
PASADENA. Cal., Dec. 28.?
Coach Hugo Bezdek of Penn State
Is concentrating on defensive football
In practice at the Rose Bowl
here In preparation for the g,ime
against the University of Southern
California at the annual Tournament
of Roses on New Year's
In workouts Bezdek has his secend
string men play on the oftenslve
throughout, and they are
making no gain against the heavy
, Nlttany LlonB. Bezdek Bald that
he would shift his line up a Joren
times if necessary before New
1 Year's Day to decide which eleven
men were beet fitted to start.
1 J. B. Bendenk, guard, who wss
1 lpjured In practice, Is able to train
with the others, but Bezdek will
> not allow him to get In the "rough
1 The Trojans also are holding
; daily workouts.
mvuii inmuMiw in
' The West Virginia Association
' of New England (successor to the
West Virginia Club of Boston) wag
i formed this year through the desire
of West Virginians in New England
. to get together tor the education of
New England In what West Virginia
really Is, and for the delight;
ful social advantages of meeting
and learning to know one idother.
The association Is trying In a
modest way to minimise the feeling,
present all over the country,
> and particularly in New England,
that West Virginia is absolutely
' the worst place harboring the worst
' kind -of people to be found anyi
where. West Virginians love their
i state and are of the type that do
not like to see It done an Injustice.
So, they have handed together, students,
professors, and residents to
try to overcome this widespread
taTk of West Virginia In the same
breath with Mexico and such un
civilized countries.
Then, too, the social part of the
association is a very his part ot It.
The meetings afe held once a
month, and a dinner Is usually
served,, after which, some prominent
son or daughter of the state
speaks for a few minutes and then
comes the social hour when everyone
gets to know everyone else
and West Virginia Is the topic of
The association has an enrollment
of over 125, hut owing to the
great distances or some of the
members from the city of Boston,
the average attendance Is .about
forty persons. The organisation Is
as informal as possible and there
Is no particular program-for any
of the meetings.
Lieut Col. Walter C. Sweeney of
Wheeling, who was the head of the
censorsmp department tn t&e A.
E. F? spoke to the association at
lta last meeting and told of many
of his experiences In the SpanishAmerican,
Philippine and World
Those enrolled from Fairmont
are Joseph Hartley and H. Earl
The funeral of Mrs. C. D. Care
penter, whoe death occurred set-'
eral days ago at hia home In
Orant Town, was held this after-:
noon at 2 o'clock from the Ballah
Chapel, and hnrlal traa made tn"
the cemetery at Fatrrtew by' p.
C.. Junta. v -> ,
Oono Minimum Charge for 61
fvO containing 10 worte woul
)" Jc per wort wpnla coat i
for special ratea on oontr
The Fairmont State Normal
School (lra loat their second game
ot the season last nttbt at King,
wood, when they were defeated by
George Hill's King Club by a
score of 40 to 14. P. Listen play?d
the best ball for tbe winners, getting
eight field goals.- Tbe lineup
.and summary:
King Club Fairmont
White Small
p. Llston Miller
Larue .... Mltohle
Hill Wolfe
H. Llston Higglnbotham
Substitutions?Hanet for White,
Swartswelder for Larue. King for
P. Llston. Everly for King, Michael
for Miller.
Field goals?White 6, Hanst 1,
P. Llston 8, Larue 2. Hill 2, Smell
7, Miller. 2,' Mltchie 1.
Foul goals?Larue 1 out of 2,
Hill 1 out of 2. Ml??r < out of 8.
NEW YORK, Dec. 28?Imiiortant
matters concerned with col.
lege athletics were slated for dls.
chssion today at-the fifteenth annual
convention of the Collegiate
Athletic Association. Among quo*,
tlons expected to be called were
changes In the organisation's Id.
stituion, formation generally
among colleges of sectional
"conferences'' similar to those
-now In existence in the West, and
proposed membership in the
American Olympic Association
and the National Amateur Athletic
Federation. Gen. John J,
Pershing and John G. HIbbbnh.
president of Princeton, were
scheduled to address the delegates
at a dinner tonight.
NEW YORK. Dec. 28?Football
will legenerate Into parches! if reformers
succeed In having adopted
ruleB tending to minimise the physleal
aggressiveness of the game,
In the opinion of Frank Cavanaugh,
coach of the BoBton College eleven,
who was a star on rugged Dartmouth
teams a few years ago.
At f Via monflno rtf + ViA ImnelAss
. ... .... hivi?.iu6 vi iuo Atuoiivau
^Football Coaches' Association yesterday
he objected to a proposal to
eliminate side clipping because It
would take much away from the
fundamentals of the sport.
"We will soon come to a period."
he said, "when rules will bo Introduced
to the effect that players
will not be allowed to bend their,
necks and then we will all adjourn
to the parches! board and haw a
good time,
| monongah]
Locals Victorious
The Honongah Cubs were the
victors of the basketball game
played between the Cubs and the
C. It. C. Independents of Clarksburg
last night at the West Monongah
High School. Hank Fleming
caged nineteen baskets and
Tom Smith, running mate turned
in twelre. The locals will play the
Fairmont Normal School team
Monday night.
The Amoma Class of the Baptist
Church will meet at the home of
Miss Kathleen Shaver Friday
I Mr. ml Mrs. D. Levy have re|
turned to their home here from
I AJtoona, pa., where they were call
e(l by the death of the lattetfs slater.
Mrs. George Living visited her
father, Hay HolbSrt of Fairmont,
The Rev. A. A. Dye, pastor of
the Baptist Church, nas gone to
Parkersburg for a visit with relatives.
Edna Pryor, daughter ot Mr.
and Mrs. John Pryor, who has
been a patient m the Fairmont
State Hospital, returned to her
home on Bridge'street recently, j
Mrs. Walter Gasklns and Catherine
Gasklna, visited in Fairmont
Mrs. Charles Curry is seriously
ill at the home o( her mother
on Lambert Street.
Mrs. Benjamin Kamlnsky is ill
at her home on Bridge street
Robert Lipscomb son ot Mr. and
Mrs. Guy Lipscomb, is ill with
Miss Alverda McCloy was shopping
In Fairmont yesterday.
$8.?Farmers, orchard owners and
livestock dealers toiether paid to
the state only 80 cents oht of each
$1,000 collected from the gross
eales, tax, Walter 8. ' Hallanan
pointed ont today In commenting
on - the announcement yesterday
ot the totals collected since the
tax went Into operation.
The total collections were. $$,612,594.61,
and the three classes
ot business named paid $2,021.98,
which Instead ot being 8 per cent,
as "had Bben" declared when the figures
were announced* Is less than
one-tenth" ct 1 per cdnt ot the total.
The exemption ot $10,4)00 annually,
Mr. Hallanan said, was
the main .factor, in/the low total
tor asnculturaUactlvltlee.^,;, ' * a*
issifled Advertising Is SS?. Par Insi
d cost Jfc (the minimum charge) ro
inly 40c (or two Insertions. Call the
'/'' . :
*?. ?.
Help! It's a broad s
thing in the way of hel]
statement, too?but it's
the Wants.
Even in these days i
are scarce, yon may get i
even domestic servants, i
in every line of endeavor
The Wants are effic:
This Date in. History
December 28
- 1758?Tbe French settlement
of Goree taken by the British
Admiral Keppel.
1788?John Logan, a Scottish
divine and poet, died. He obtained
much distinction as an eloquent
1845?Texas admitted to the
All cancollaccn orders on contract
and until forbid orders must
be In writing, addressed to tbe
Want-Ad Department. This Is tor
your protection.
the West VlrglnMD wtli not be
responsible for more than ona lacorrect
Insertion of any advertisement
ordered for more than one
' Boarders Wanted
and Board (10.00 per week: newly
fitted up; free bath; modern conveniences;
Water St., Phone 1669. S108A
Houses And Lots
MODERN 5 room bungalow with
bath. Lot 60x120. (2,000 cash ?
balance terms. A. > G. Bailer,
Hlghlawns. 6195 A
MODERN 5 room bungalow wltn
bath . Lot 50x120. (2,000 cash?
bianco terms. A. G. Bailey, Hlghlawns.
easy terms on spruce street
cottage. Four rooms, bath. Also
four rooms on Speedway oar line.
GEO. H. BROBST. 6127 A
.siH.wjpi nil I in. I . II
crowns 65.00. up. False teeth
612,50 up. Teeth extracted 75c.
Dr. Smith, 206 Merchant street.
Open evenings.
No. 621$.A
Storage, moving
kinds. Live and Dead storage
for automobiles by
he month. ^
6th St., & Virginia Ave.
Professional Service
? - - m
Union Dentists
Consult us for prices
on your Dental work.
- Our prices may mean
a saving to you.
Office over the McCrory
5 and 10 Store.
Opp. Court House
dr. deem: chiropodist and
foot specialist at 8hurtleff
and welton's every
monday. m51a
Osteopathic Physician
and Rye Specialist
?will derota a part of Ma time to
non-aurglcal treatmom ot Recta!
and Colon troublee aa Contls, Flaaura
Flatula. Hemmorrboid (pllaa)
Purtla-Am (Itching PUaa) Chronic
Conatlpatlon and other allmanta.
Hemorrhoids (Piles) lor
non surgical treatment
and removal.
Office Hall Block
V : % < : ' ! \ . V" ill ? (V ? *
u nn word
lance?An edvertlaemenl 22(10 .
r on* Insertion, tut at <
Classltled depirtment
4 ' i
. t P
P*""'. B
. ' '' 0!
tatement to say every- J'
>?and a most emphatic ,,
lived up tb every day in ti
vhen competent workers
til kinds of good workers
salespeople, those skilled *
, through the Want Ads.
lent and satisfactory. g
?????? A
I; Autos And Accessories t
? ?...? ti
Philadelphia Battery service n
StMlOZk 6
In Fairmont Cam ace Worka a
recharging and repairing on nil C
makes ot batteries. Philadelphia fi
Diamond Grid nattoriea, suav- 1
anteed two peart, d
JOHN M. 8PHAK. Pron. tl
Piano Tuning & Re- 'J
pairing 1 ?
RALPH HAWLEY, tuner .manutac '?
turers registered mechanic No. .
226, telephone 407-R. 6202 A a
! " 1 1 11 11 '' . o
upticians ?'
We nee the latest scientific '!
instrument in eye examine- r<
tion. rl
Opposite Court House J
Second Floor b
Female Hdp Wanted
WOMAN GOOK^ndklteben girl 1
rntmt Hoipltal No. 3. Phone .TOD. WOMAN
Cook and kitchen girl lmmediately.
Apply Fairmont Hospital
No. 3, Phone 303. 6265A _
WANTED?Lady clerk In general
atore. 508 Pennsylvania avenue.
Apply to person. 6868 A ,
WANTED?Qlrl to take charge ot
baby. No housework. Call 273.
Restaur ante
FOR better meala and service. 1
Palace restaurant 133 Mam _
No. 6219-A
Furnished Rooms v
home comlorta. Phone " 223-R.
Gllff House. 6261 A ONE
log room for rest. South Side. Phone
1167-J. 6262 A S
ROOMS, 211 Chicago St 6266A ?
1574-R. 622JA
housekeeping. Phone 1047-.J.
, 6160 A
FURNISHED light housekeeping
rooms for rent Phone 1574-R.
V No. 6256.A
411 Washington street.
6268 A
2024-J. 6264A
tw LIGHT H6t}flEKfibt>lNo
ROGMS. 317 Hamilton streetPhone
819-R. ~
. Lost *>' _
SOME WHERE in Falrviaw viein.
ity small BEAGLE bound. Ana- J1
wera to nanie of,Fannie. Finder
call 1487?W.. , :' 6260 ^ }f
* ' ii.' i " i'ii 2'
Businew Opportunities p.
MIAMI, FLORIDA, ? Dally !i
Metropolis Wont Ad* IVic pu
word cash wltb ordor
f No. 5770-A "
SVlWiliU. tUUs, u jw
want to Mr. eeu or ?acnen*a ad- vartlee
your warn la Tampa and
South Florida. Oaa of tOa tuoai
aat Tampa circulation and lerieai n
dally areraco want ad unaagb ot Y,
any Florida paper. Guaranteed to ?.
awered. Addraaa THE tAMPa b1
plication. lnqulrlee cheerfully an- O
TIMES, Tampa, Florida. ??a P:
^Notice 1? hereby gren that the
ipS>f^honM ?K||
'o^TWNoV^N^UB^lIC 8ER!y
been flled'.ij^tJSjj iW^ok line- I
authority to cMn?a tta^ eite:
^e Commlsilongto be held aflto
rier once 'each^ week^or three
apers or opposite pontics it such
lerebe, and ol general clrculaon
In the county or counties uticted
Uy the proposed change In
Iso mall to or serre'bnJeaeh o(
a consumers affected thereby,
t least fifteen days prior to said 'q
y the Commlss?on?rSowSgrithat
ice Commission for authority 'to
bange Its rates, ^the rates ijtjoVHEhMu
need^of coal or light
^M)8Syarmont^aveaue!'1' G257VA

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