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VMuch Interest Being Show
^.itizens in Several, o
Inrlll bold municipal elections
Thursday, and there Is much
est In the'yiiinual affair In n
communities while' In one o
there Is little or no' intere
mnuse there'll but ohe ticket:
There is additional Intere
Htho election at Rlvesvllle c
count ot the (act that the i
ihtte ulil rote on a pro
ciiahce o. the corporate llm
the^c(ty. The matter has bet
months. 'Aere are three tick
n the fie/d at Monongah altl
his Is not certain, while Wor
Hp iris ??M 116 years or <
H^wofk. ln selecting . dep
^ ent. Apply employment
I U>Hf will offer Fiilrm
foods and render the
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ I ^
Stocks. Page 4
V >-..*
ie 1
ounty V* _/next
SX" > 1
Inter- >tO- . I
irtone. ( v |
it be- \^a\
in the \ \v
et In V V *
eople ??fY \
nn.prt tSSb/Pn K t
i E ^ * EEO IN E.O
ick,it Jury Selected to Try Case
Hospital Superintendent
; J- Against Dentist.
ckoi.: Malpractice in oAracUne a, to
resulting lri a broken jaw bone
the'charge which forms the bi
of a suit which was started in
Circuit Court this morning agal
Jcmn" Dr. Clyde H. Neill, a local denl
The plaintiff in the case is R
Margaret J. Loathgm. auperinti
a the ent ot lhe Cook HosPlta1,
jple's The case has been pending in
t. Circuit Court for. several years
cicet: has b?en continued from time
time. This morning, with Spe
i Judge Trevey Nutter on the bei
craft, | the jury was drawn and sworn
ig, C.j try the case. By agreement
oil. counsel the taking of evidence
; then postponed until Tues
morning, January 2, at 9:30 a. i
The Jury Js composed of S.
jslea, Stiver, A. G. Hawkins, I. 8. 1
.. D. tip, Elmer Wilcox, Fred M. Billii
lea, W. W. Hayhurst, Jesse
Floyd, Brooks Manley, D. M. 1
mon.- J. H. Ashcraft, D. Demi
more and C. L. Clayton,
field Two days, are expected to be
ncer- en up In the trial of the case,
best judge W. S. Meredith dlsmii
ured. the remaining Jurors until Th
Id be day, January 4.
t soc- ii
notli- . 0|L prices ADVANCE
1 Mtn than
;/ FAfii
n_i-ij-_r-'.'-- jL~rL'
Ebb . Tide
<1 r ' - . ?Ml I
1 OlUELisT^N; .^b."'Vjb.?Au-I
toraobilo iiifonjeV issued for 1922]
jtt will be recognized as villi until
| January 15, 1023, C. E. Hlner,
| I tulrf of the automobile depart*
x&eat of thpi State Road Commission
unnounced today. Because
of a fire which interferred with
f price of Pennsylvania crude
^ was advanced 25 cents to $3.2
barrel by the principal purchat
agents here at the opening of
>ver market today. Othor advances
art- 25 cents.a barrel were: Cal
of- $2.11, Somerset $1.90; Somei
Light $2.15. Corning at $1
and Raglan at $1.00 were
Hay, Clover and Alfalfa
B, I Car each. Save money at
iue buy at car, Walker's Si'
ad in?PHONE
1805 and 211
Under the new management
ornery of Morgaatown. Here
lonters the choicest, well cooked
i same aervlco that gave them
Operating' Harvey"* Restaurant
the electric power at the state industrial
school at Pruntytown, It j
was imik>sslble to have the license'
plates ready for UBe January 1,'
and the extension of the time liqiit
Dtli, became necessary, but Mr. Hlner
isis wafl certaln that Plenty of Plates
^ would bo availablo and that all
Inst automobiles could be equipped
tlst. with their 1923 numbers by the
liss middle of next munf.i.
md- *The West Virginian autohritles
have announced thqt they. would
the recognize as valid the 192^ Ohio
but flcenBe plates and those of other
to states until February 1 ,and have
cial requested other, states to recogich,
nize the West Virginia , 1922
i to licenses until February 15.
i L.
jar. Charged with stealing. $460 front
irio a boarder at Ida May, John Bardyon
was given a preliminary heartak
ing bofore Justice J. L. Blocher
this morning. A number of witnaooao
toctlflo^ fnr tlio nla?n
urg. u?aaua tsBUUGU ?w? Uiu omiu, wu
Justice Blochor was of the opinion
that Bardyon should be held for
the action of the grand jury. Bond
was fixed at $1,000.
0m The money was taken during a
5 a Christmas celebration at a house
|lng in Ida May on Christmas night
Ujq Bardyon was arrested and has
0f been confined in the county jail.
>ell, The defendant is represented by
raot Attorney Victor Shaw.
1.73 The trial of Henry> ("Peg") Lectin
was started before Justice M. It.
Musgrove this morntng. Lee is bo
ing tried on charges of selling
liquor. Ho is represented by Attornpy
Ward Lanhani. At the
n morning session of court a jury
, | was empaneled, and the taking or
*a | evidence was continued until this
d- I afternoon.
J r
| *I will not be, responsible for I
? | any debts contracted by any- fl
U II Ana ftHini"
Girl tor general ottice work
Mnst hare experience, or business
education. .Write Four
States Mercantile Company,
Four-States, W. Va., giving ex-;
perlence, references and salary
?J 1
JflONT, W. VA.^ SATglpi
o .
?? i i gg
fr Ur, '
M ^
%/j r>r~,\
A] x I
*Aj -/
Commutation Made by Harding
on Condition That Convicts
Leave Country.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 30.?The
sentences of eight members of the
j Industrial Workers of the World,
convicted in the Haywood case of
conspiracy and violation of wartime
laws, were commuted by President
Harding today, to expire at
once, on condition that the eight
i prisoners leave the United StntHnl
and never return.
All or the men are subject to deportation,
and it was a condition
of their commutation that should
they return to this country the
clemency granted would be void. It
was further said that the President
had reached the decision that
should any one of them return, they
would be apprehended and returned
to Leavenworth Penitentiary to
serve out the remainder.of their
sentences. , ,
The men whose sentences were
commuted were: Aurelio Vinvontl
Azuara, sentenced to twenty
years; C. J. Bourg, ten years;
Peter Green, ten years; Charlos
L. Lambert, twenty years; Harry
Lloyd, five years; Burt Lorton, ten
years; Samuel Scarlett, twenty
years; Archie Sinclair, ten years, j
The prisoners will be given sixty
days in which to arrange for
their departure ,and will be required
to give bond on their departure
from prison that they will appoar
at a stated time and surrender
themselves for deportation. *
Federal Prohibition Agent and
. Woman Believed Overcome
by Fumes.
TRENTON, N. J.. Dec. 30,-r-Walter-A.
Neely ot this city, a federal
prohibition enforcement agent, and
a woman Identified as Mrs. Annabelle
Oleason, mother ot three
girls, died today in Mercer Hospital
here a short time after they
had been found together in an automobile
In a-private garage. The
motor was running and It la presumed
that they were overcome by
fumes. Neely, a widower, was,, a
veteran of the recent war.
.Neely served as a'first lieutenant
with lUth-Mlchlgan'Oun Battalion,'
SOth .. Division, and was
wounded twice Id the Argonne.' Ho
became'-an enforcement agent In
January,of this year,
y evening;pe"cemb1
iXhftffr lif it i?yi? m> i
Government Feels That International
clpalists Can
Make AdjustmentsWORLD
Hughes Thinks Peace.In Danger
If Forcible Collection Is
Made From Germany.
closure by Secretary Hughes;. lp
his New Jtaven speech.last night,'
bt .the'.belief or tho Washington
government that an International
commlsslop of financiers, lnclud.
leg Americans, might well be call!
ed In to Recommend a method of
settlement for the reparations
crisis,' apparently Teavei^the next
move In the hands of the allied
premieip. ' {i'-JL
The Amerlciu ' sugestlon, Mr.
Hughes specified was offered as An
alternative In the event that ' the
premiers-at their Paris meeting
next' Tuesda tall to find, a basis
for -adjustment of their'' views
"among' themselves."
r The secretary stressed the.vlew
that? settlement by the premiers
was. be hoped fog. He pointed
out .that falling, such an" agreement.
-the world might bh.,facing
the employment of forcible, means
to collect reparations from Germany
and .outlined, the danger'to
worldpeace- the- American government
roresahr la that coutbc.
ii..The 'plain waratagifito >. allied
rafteam^Sthatithe Hhftpd States
tenia nofadSok with favor on atTfeSpted
fordlble tellectfon' was1
reiterated ' by Mr.: TWifhes Jnlils
address,' and' the financial commission
plan put' forward as an
alternative that would 'open hopefully'
the way for American, helpfulness.
As a first condition of appointment
of en economic commission,
however, Mr. Hughes speelflod
that the whole Question of-. German's
capacity to pay and methods
of payment must be 'token out of
pollttcB." Tho problem ^'ist' be
SQuared with economic facts alone,
he said, and relieved of all the
three men early today shot a big
Bchool girl as she was en yout
from a school entertainment, kll
ed a policeman and In torn wa
shot and probably fatally .wounc
ed by another patrolman. Th
girl,.Miss.Minnie Flnkelstein, 1'
was shot through the hip. He
wound was not serious. The dea
officer was William J. O'Malley,
probationary policeman.
Miss Flnkelstein said the thre
men accosted her and anoth'er gil
as they were walking, with he
brother and;"another hlgh/schoc
'student. When she protested on
of tho men. began firing a plsto
all,three running when the gti
fell. Patrolman' O'Malley, hearin
the shooting, dashed np only to,b
shot three times. His partner she
the gunman. '
At the hospital the woundo
man refused to'Identity himself.
DETROIT, .Sea 30.?Eight-yes
old Mary -Qlovannangell,. Mdnape
eight day* ago and held tor a rat
som of $20,000, was returned to he
home this morning . less tha
twelve hours after her father, Nli
ola Olovannangell; East, side banl
er, had'Teported'her disappearance
to tho pollbe:'? ' 1 ' -f'
]R 30,1922.
?uw*i| ? a. MMMMp
as Result
Sentiment of paying the
' Virginia by check la 6nce a
tQPB, following in the wake i
, Dennla of the Pittsburgh Ooa
urday. The mining region*
, it is said, by. the dangerous
Leas than two year*: ago
at Lowsvtlle, .Monongalia Co
New, England Fuel & Tranap
robbed. The greatdr. portion,
ter one of the, hlghwaytnen
the sentiment was crystal!!*
; ment pt .miners by check'; ?
- - Within: the past all mon"
mines along Scott's Run, end
. At that tlme Commiaaldher
;i press an opinion, J aald thats
i concerned nothing' could be
era miiat be paid in cash. Th
ever, specify currency as ths '
y suggested, however, that ba
ter working hours.
Many cooi operators, in
. lng an effortto have the at a
that" although pay] rolls arC
acts of highwaymen are!sue
' ot paymasters. Just what wil
to pay by check Is a lpatter i
t .
Last Mir
To Stren
tion of . .6,500,000); for mode
quested of Congress today bj
mitted a letter frohi Secreta
result ofthe arms conferenc
adopt a new policy; regardinj
be maintained at a standard <
of similar vessels of foreign
Wray, a member qf.thdT.0l!
football team, and Lewis 'A.
early today as a result of jh,
vania Railroad.trainTtosttck t
beth']^^^T^jiilagfen. 1
~ "The "party .was on its w
Country" Club when. it. wis b
;Atlantic City. Wray'and Bn
fractured skulls.
Wray was a star on th<
brother of Lud Wray, also a
One Kille
ARDMORE, Okla., Dec.
killed and two blocks of fra
stroyed in a fire here today,
Bandits i
held up the paymaster, of the
and escaped with the $?0,000
tered the ofices of the compa
master, just returned from
heavily guarded by an armed
ly by the sudden raid.
Turks Reii
ATHENS, Dec. 30.?Th
ments in the direction of Mi
ownership of which is in disj
acording to advice to the C
A division of 0,000 Turl
ready left Van for Mosul.
17-Year-0ltl High School Gir
Injured?One of Gunmen
Shot?Others EscapentxroArtn
9ft r
questions of sentiment and clashing
political opinions and counter
It was this method alone, the
secretary's statement plainly Indicated,
which in the view of the
American government would make
possible American (.economic aid
to Europe. '
Secretary Hughes' address and
Senator Borah's withdrawal of his
navy bill amendment requesting
the President to call an economic
conference combined to clear the
air considerably with regard to the
effort of the American government
to be helpful in the reparations
tangle. It had been made
plain that the administration saw
no present hope of accomplishing
good results through the method
proposed by Senator Borah.
There was nothing here, today
to indicate that the American government
had it now in. mind to
take any other initiative other
than to suggest informally, as
Mr. Hughes had done, a way in
which Urn*Allied- Premiers themselves
might seek the aid .of American
economic strength in restoring
Europe. Neither the White
House nor the State Department
would give any definite Informs(Continued
on page four.)
30.?Reports to the State Health
Department of 300 cases of Influenza
In Princeton. W. Va., whose
population Is only 6,000, and numerous
cases In other parts of
the state were announce dtoday
by Dr. W. T. Henshaw, state
hoalth commissioner. In the town
of Helen, In Raleigh County, seventy
five cases have been reported,
Williamson reported sixteen
and several other cities and towns
have notified the department ol
large'numbers of cases.'
Doctor Henshaw has Issued Instructions
to-co-health officers to
report all Influenza cases "to the
State Department of Health and
has been sent out recommendations
for checking "the spread cf
the disease.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 30. ? Although
lacking definite figures, Department
of Commerce officials as
sert that'the Christmas'buying this
year, was "exceptionally, large.'VDs
partment and'other stores.have>reported'jsales-among
the-largest In
Mall'order"vsales, It Is stated!
were the largest on record.
; { . - ti>. .
Full A.
illizing tor
Here by Check
of Recent Holdups
coal miners of Northern West
Cain being urged by coal operant
the cruel murder of Paymaatcr
1 Co., nearPittsburgh, laet Satall
orer the country, are stirred,
practice of paying miners In cash.,
a darlni-rOhbery -gas committed
lint)-, when the, paymaster of the
orlatlon COM was held up ' and
of the payroll was recovered atwas
shot'add killed. At that time
lng In this region'for the payis
the Pursglove Interests with
eavored to pay the men by check.
McCulloiigltf wli^n asked-to. er- as
far ds th'e.lolnt agreement pros ' construed
to. mean that the mlne
West Virginia-'jtate laws, howmeans
of paying the miners. He
nklng. arrangements be made atthis
region are In favor of . makte
law changed. They contend
Insured against loss the daring
h that they Jeporadlse the lives
1 'result -In the , renewed move .
of conjecture. lute
I?A supplemental, appropriarnization
of battleships was rer
President Harding, who transry
Denman, declaring that as a
e in Europe, the nation must
t. its.capital ^hjps.,if .th.ey.are to,
of tfficiericy comparable to tijat
;S^Elieil , J
Dec. au.?uiarence Alexander
lUniversity of Pennsylvania
Brunner of Philadelphia, died
iuri^rfeW^N^^ j^Penngyfc
X 'J[
ay to a dance at the Woodtffry
bm|Pi^n^ a ' hospital "''frsli
s Penhsylvania team. He was a
PransjtlVahia'star.' :
d in Fire
30.?At least one person was
me business buildings were deTwo
other persons are reported
Get $20,000
?Armed bandits this morning
Ferry Cap and Screw Company
weekly payroll. The robbers enny
with pistols drawn. The paya
banker -with the money,
escort, was caught unexpectediforce
e Turks are sending reinforcedsuI,
the rich oil district, the
iute at the Lausanne conference
entral News from a reliable
dsh troops, it is stated, has alPOLICEMAN
I Entire Pittsburgh Detective
Force Called Out?Three
Arrests Made. . .
It PITTSBURGH, Dec. 30?Patrol
h man Dan Conley, patrolling a beat
e la tie Hill district hero was murU
dered at 4 o'clock tbls morning.
3 His body, with a bullet through
I- the heart, waa found In an alley
u by a follow offlcbr who heard four
shots a moment earlier.
r. when word of the murder reach'
ed headquarters. Superintendent
of Public Safety J. C. Calhoun
took personal charge of the ease.
He ordered the entire detective
force and.all available policemen
, rushed to the dlstrttt, where a
e dragnet was- spreadl'i ' -''
I, By dawd- three arrests had been
>1 made. Joe Carter, -a'negro,"one of
g the.- suspects,. Uvea..within a stone
e throw of thb-alley where the otit
fleer's body . was -fo.nhd. Robert
Germany, also a negro, and his
d wife Lena were arrested on lnfor
mauou luruiau uy rouw uiouwo*
ant James Rogan. The lieutenant
said that Germany stopped, him' on
r. the street last night and ..asked
d him questions concerning Pollcei.
man Coniey."ir
Superintendent Calhoun, alter a
t preliminary investigation, said he
beliered Coniey was Wiled by a
c- persori ho was trying "to arrest,
e The oflcer'a pistol was In his hoi'
star and had-not'heen flred.V- -
Federal Official Under Wilson
Administration Faces Consniracv
Charok H
Crowell, assistant secretary of war

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