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I'feet on moit persons. Thnt
Llcularly so In the cases of
in who are being tqught to
is piano and In those homes
jntenoi;>reout of tune, chllare
being trained in faculty
*Mr,-,Hawloy pointed oul
out of tuneness come on so
.lly'"" that the children learn
g:different because of their
nt association with the famno-on"
which they are learu'$lay.
lt' ls when they go
their homes and perform on
'r stringed instruments
(oEop-tuned almost constant$?HiWley-said,
add he de,lit
(ls,surprising that pianos
i fairly good tune as long as
do. "A. piano is not betteIts
one no matter what It
na a really flue piano, run'.flunilreda
of dollars value,
I much mistreated
0 be out of tune
id, "and perhaps
ise'or have the
. perfect hprmony
3 successful muslgets
through, with
s,. are trained In
In the toclilnquc
a . large ^measure,
. .to'io all In their
rerage of once la
least two tunings
ago the Ladies'
ubllshed an article
care of the piano
uses mdst plana
ists the strings,
h causing keys to
ses Ivories to turn
I' anu varnisu id cruutt. w jjt; 11
(land ventilate the dampness
O&tch all the mice! Oil ot
olr 'powdered moth balls on
Sojr!Inside of the piano will
notheout. No device of conid>;'can'
overcome the effects
st and cold which expands
ontracts the strings throwe
plano out of tune. The 30,Dunds
-of strain exerted by
strings ' upon the frame
Ollt1' of blance when
ano ls out of tune, so It is
hint to have the piano tuned
nally. You will have a betand;Mrs.
Harvey Fortney of
ood spent the week-end and
mas Day with Mr. Fortney's
and Mrs. Arla'C. Tetrick and,
B^H^spent Christmas with
I was a" guest at
L Eliza Tetrlck
was a business
eal Kollar were
ers at the home
tbs a business
Ston Monday,
of Tetrick's
>n of Long Ron
was a visitor in
me of Mr. and
mdlng the beenila
Theatre at
wore^Mrs. MarJail,
A. C. Stackrfleld
and John
^ *? ' j'
Piano Expert
A. Q. Porta ey was a caller at
Blngamon Monday.
Mrs. Carrie Kellar transacted
business at Blngamon Tuesday, >
Harold Kellar, who has been at- G
tending the Fairmont State Nor- mal
School ,1s spending the holidays
with bis parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Neal U. Kellar.
Mrs. Anna Oyteii of. Fairmont
spent Christmas with her mother,
Mrs. Eliza Tetrlck.
H .F. Sturm transacted business 1
at Blngamon Tuesday. t
Albert Michael of Farmlngton 1
visited friends here Sunday. t
Mrs. Lou Wolf visited Mrs. '
Emma Stnckpole Sunday and :
Christmas Day. "
Theodofe Martin of Upper Bin t
gamon transacted business here ,j
Tuesday. (
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hess of i
Annabelle were the week-end
guests of Mrs; Hess' parents, Mr, j
anil Mrs. H. L. Sturm. ,
Mrs. Elizabeth Sturm and chit- r
dren, Forest and Genevene, visited f
the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. |,
William Ashcraft of Enterprise re- s
cently.. p
Miss Gladys Ttate is spending n
this week with her grandparents, ?
Mr. and Mrs. James Morgan ol 8
Annabelle. n
Mrs. Arthur M. Holbert and f,
children, Forest and Harry, left ?
last week, for Oakland, Md., where h
they will-be the guests of Mrs. Hoi- i
bert's mother, Mrs. Wilt, for some p
time. # ' y
Mrs. Bessie Connor visited at A. a
Q. Fortney's Tuesday. t
Miss Hattie Martin of Long Run c
was a Sunday caller at the homo ?
of her aunt. Miss Amanda Mr.ln- n
tire. C
Miss Clunce Tetrick transacted y
business at Shinnston Wednesday.
A. M. Holbert was/ a business f(
caller in Fairmont Saturday. n
James and Henry Sturm wore s
business callers in Shinnstcni _
James B. Fowler was at Blugamon
Saturday .v
Thoso calling at Charles Crlss sJ11
Wednesday were Mrs. Bessie J.
Connor and children. Bertha. Mil- ?
drcd, Ruth, and Blanche. Mis. ?.
Emma Hcflln. Mrs. Darrell Tetrick '
Miss Ollle Fortncy, Elanor aud }'
Helen Hess. b
Miss Edyth Kellur visited
friends on Long Run Wednesday. | V
The following persons were en-je
tertalned at a Christmas dinner by jt(
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Connor. Mr.j'tl
and Mrs. D. S. Tetrick,.Mrs. Emma! ?
Unflln IPIonn. ..H/l LT..I.n Ll.ud I
iiciiiu, uimiiii aiiu ncivu ricic<
Mr .and Mrs. John Vincent and, ^
children, Harold Martin, Angle and li
Rex Ogdcn. Mrs. Kvu CouLiir, a
Jcsso F. Sturm and the ltev. Eddie! v
Vincent. | c
Announcement of the marriage j ii
of Herachel Av Tetrlck and Miss c
Alma Emerson of Dallas. Tex., has!
been received hero by Mrs. N. M. n
Tetrlck. mother of Mr. Tetrlck. He j_
bus been employed in the oil flcius a
of Texas for several years. c
Christmas day, John Cunning- H
hum, accompanied by his brother i,
JaspeT, wore returning to tholr c
home hore from Shinnston when n {,
Buick car, driven by Mr. Shingle- b
ton of Clarksburg, smashed Into f,
the Ford driven by John Cunning- ti
ham and almost demolished it n
The accident happenod at the
curve In the road at Vlropa. No one
wa hurt. The driver of the Buick :j
wns snprfUncr nnd lnnt rnntrnl nf
Ills car. J J
C . M. Sturm was a buisneav
visitor hero Wednesday. i y
H. E. Harbert and son Frank ,
transacted business here Saturday. ^
Thomas Balmbridge ot Farmiug*
ton inspected the roads here Monday.
Miss Itoso Sturm, who spent tlio
past week at the homo of D. S. j.
Totrick, has returned to her hotue
on Harter Hill.
James U. Sturm visited hia sis- Z
tor, Mrs. J. E. Hamilton of Davis
Kidge, Tuesday.
H. L. Sturm was a business caller
here Saturday.
Henry Sturm was In Clarksburg
Saturday consulting an eye.apecialist.
E. N. Heldreth was in Shinnstcn |
Wednesday. I
Miss Martha Tate of Harter 1
Hill is spending the winter in [
Clarksburg. I
Mrs. Allie Lamb was a Christ- Z
mas guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
James B. Fowler.
Miss Edyth Kellar was \>i
Shinnston Monday having some
dental work done.
E. W. Tate and daughter Gladys
were shopping in Fairmont Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Dzjp. Tetrick were
shopping in Fairmont Thursday.
Miss Irene Bice visited here
Monday on business.
Mrs. Bessie Connor and daughter
Bertha were shopping in Fairmont
Miss Beatrice Wood has accepted
a position in the Bell Telephone
office at Fairmont.
Jesse F. Sturm made a business
trip to Shinnston recently.
Mrs. Garrett Sharp was a recent
guest of her sister. Mrs. HowaM
Mrs. Maggie Sturm spent Thursday
at A. 0. Fortney's.
Miss Ida Glover was a recent
Fairmont visitor.
Mrs. Desslo Hedrelh visited II.
L. Sturms Thursday.
Charles ' G. Sturm returned to
Ills home here recently from Met*
whero he was employed by the
Pittsburgh and West Virginia Gas
A. G. McDowel and Mr. Hibba o?
Fairmont wore In this community
Wednesday soliciting subscriptions
tor the Farm and Fireside Magazine.
A. C. Tetrick transacted business
In Shlnnston Thursday
F. M. Stackpole has returned to
work again alter a short Illness
with Influents.
ireat Possibilities for State
Institution Seen by President
MORGANTOWN, W. Va, Dec. 3)
-When West Virginia University
us obtained Its lull growth, It will
le an Institution ol service which
rill as nearly as possible meet the ?
leeds of every person In West Vlr- i
;lula and ,ol course, at the same (
Jme serve the other states who r
end their sons snd daughters to r.
Vest Virginia to secure an cduca- s
Ion. Dr. Frank B. Trotter, prest- t
lent of the University, sees great d
losslbilities for the school in the I
text few years. , r
There Is an insistent demand for v
in expansion of the University v
chool of medicine into a four-year J
nedicai school of the most advano *
d type. Such a school will doubt888
be established as soon as the J
tate can furnish adequate hos- >
iltal facilities for clinical work, K
oake other additions to the equip- J
nent of the school, and expand the *
taff of the medical school to the 6
ecessary degree. A bill to provide
or a four-year modical course at
he University is being- introduced s
ato the 1923 session of the State a
.egislaturo, the bill having been s
repared by a committee, from the a
tate Medical Society, which ban ti
lready Indorsed. the project The 8
ommittee is composed of Dr. c
leorge McQuono of Charleston, b
)oap. John N. Simpson of the v
ledical school, Dr. C. A. Ray, of
'.harleston, and Dr. A. T. Nult of
llkins. t]
Funds have already been asked C
or a building to house the depart- f
lent of education of the Unlver- n
ity. This department will be ex- "V
anded ito a school or college of 1?
ducatlon at an. early date. | s
The courses in business admits;*1 F
ration arc rapidly growing into ajj
epartment of business adminisira-113
Ion. and such a department may 1 J3
oon become a special school, it J(
he demand continues to grow as. 2
i recent years for training for the '
uuiiiuas worm.
A graduate schooldn which jj,
Vest Virginians may take advane-;g
d work without having to migrate, p
a distant states will be started t]
his year if sufficient finances' are ^
jade available. ! t
The University sununor school o
rill not be complete until courses * n
a mining and other special work j v
re included with the regular 1
rork. Already the training In agrhd
ulture and In law hus been offered j F
a summer as well ns work iu the-! F
ollege of arts and sciences. j
The housing of nil the depart-J
lenta, schools and colleges of the, t
Inlverslty in a comfortable way i\\
nd so that the maximum effiij
iency in student training is pus-, v
iblc must be worked out. Much a
as already boon done and more Is! C
ontemplated Or has already been fi
isured by appropriations. Tie.- a
uilditig of two more dormitories h
or women and extensive dormi- fl
ories for men arc imperative p
oo/la nf ftin no?1? -
Plans have beeu considered tor ^
tie establishment of a branch ot 6
he summer school in the Southern
art of the state. Tho question of
loney is the big one here, as al- s
eady there has come to the l*?ni? t
ersity such a demand for work, of a
his kind that there can be no ^
oubt of the service that such a *
chool would render to the people 1
if the stato.
The original Westminster Abcy
is said to have been built in
16 by Kitg Sebert of Essex.
We Clean Blankets
?not cheaper
but better
Heinze & Co.
Phone 1200*1201
' A !
New Yes
When we open agaii
will be additional bai
ed Down Sale. Ifyo
patronized this mat
next week.
? ,^ t -
Grace Lutheran ?
8unday school -will be held at e
:30;a. m. tomorrow with F. II.
"ry,' superintendent. In phsrie. *
Fondling the Christ Child'' will *
o the subject of the sermon to .1
? delivered by the Rev. Roy J. h
leyer, pastor of the church, at tho *
egular morning service at. 10:45. '
('clock tomorrow mbrnlng. Chris- "
lan EndeavJr will nieet at"?:30 p. *
0. "Our Boat New Year's Qreet- 1
ng" will be the subject of :.the o
venlng sermon to be delivered'at
be regular .7:30 p. m. evening, \
esper service; A watch servioe't
rill be held at the church begin- ,
ilng at 11 p. m. t
First Baptist a
A beautiful cantata entitled ?
The Wise Men" will be rendered 5
iy the choir of the First Baptist't
Ihurch In Walnut avenue tomor- 1
o evening beginning at 7:30 p. S
1. "The'Church as the Malting In- a
titntton of the Kingdom" will bo v
he subject of the sermon to be c
elivered by tho Rev. W. J,
Iddy. pastor of the church, at the
egular 10:45 o'clock morning ser- 8
lee .tomorrow. A Jnntor sormon Ii
rill be delivered by the pastor at. J
0:80 a. in., and unhfprl will' E
ie "Two Pieces o? Paper." Son- \j
lay school.will meet et 9:30 a. 19. 9
nd at 10:45 a. m. there will be t|
he junior B. Y. P. U. meeting.
lenior B* Y. P. U. will be held p
,t 6:30 p. m. jind intermediate ii
1. Y. P. U. is scheduled fo- It
:45 p. nu rf
Central Christian si
"Looking Both Ways "will be th>
ubject of the 10:45 a. m. sermoa
nd "1923 Resolutions" will be the *
ubject of the 7:30 p. m. message 11
t the Central Christian Churqh t|
omorrow. Following the evening 8
ervice the young people will have
horge of a watch meeting which
egins at 10:30 p. m. Biblo school tl
rill begin at 9:30 a. m. a
First M. E. ' -V u
Sunday schoolx will be held at y
be First Methodist Episcopal *
Ihurcb, Fairmont avenue and J
'ourth streeU at 9:30 a. ra. to ^
rorrow with Superintendent C. ?
V. Evans in charge. "Our 8
*ather" will be the%subject of the
ermonto be delivered by the
astor. the Rev. Claude H. King f'
t 10:45 a. m. Joseph King'will J
e the leader at Junior League to J
0 held at 6:30 p. m. and the sub- J
ect will be "A Great Invitation. '
'he regular evening, servlecs at!*1
:30 p. m. have been dispensed i*
rlth and a watch night servlo ?
rill be held at 10 -o'clock. "A
lew Way" a special New Year's **
ermon. will be delivered by the J
astor of the church. Teacher!s,?!
raining will be held Tuesday .
Iglit at 7:30 p. m. and church J'
raining night wllllf be held at .7 *'
'clock Woduesday night. A bual- *'
ess session of the. official board jc
rill follow the training period. JF
"he Ladies' Aid will meet Thqra- JJ
ay afternoon at 2. o'clock .The "
loys and Girl Scouts will meetrP1
'riday night at 7:30 p. m. rgj
M. P. Temple.
"Redeeming The Time for the <
lays Are Evil" is the subject of j
ie sermon to be delivered by Dr. t
. C. Broomfield at the itfethodlst ^
'rotestant Church in Monroe street ^
t 10:45 o'clock tomorrow morning. '
lass meetings at 9 o'clock will be 1,
allowed by Sunday school at 9:30 J
. m. Christian. Endeavor will bo^r
eld at 6:45 p. m. Doctor Broopv 1
1 eld, pastor of the church, wljl ||j
reach again in the evening nt 7:3ii |F
. m. on the subject. "And the Door 1.2
Vis Shut," a special New Year's,
ermon. ;
First Presbyterian. j
"The Secret of Unfailing Enttiu-I
iasm" Is the subject of the sermon.
o be delivered tomorrow morning;
t 10:45 o'clock at the First Pres-i
lyterlan Church. Jackson and Joterson
streets, by Dr. H. G. Stoet-j
,er. The subject that Doctor j
' " :l
Domestic Coal
Brook Bridge, Mine, Norwood'
Pittsburg Seam
We specialize in Lump CoaV
| Orate and. Cook Stove Use i
! Run of Mine Coal?$4.00 Ton ;
Lump |S.00 Ton i
! Slack Coal (or Banking (ur- ,
naces?Two Ton Loads J6.00 1
No coal delivered In less than j
1 1-2 ton loads. i
Call Phone No. 1788 W. !
ar's Day
i on Tuesday there
'gains in the Mark
u have not already I
nmoth sale do so
^nin*"??mceT?t.7:S0'p. m. It
Wonderful Things That People
yill Do Tomorrow?the New Year."
lible Khool wqpbe held at 9:30 a.
i. wlth'tV C.' Ewan,'. superintendent
a charge/ The Jdnlor Endeavor
/ill be held at 2:30 p. m. and:the
ntermedlate Society will meet at
:80 p. m. .A preparatory aerrice
nil be held Wedneaday evening at
{30 p. m. followed by a meeting
f the board.of elden.
Diamond Street M. E.
- The. Bot. A. D. Craig, paetor of
be Diamond Street M. E. Church.
rlU preach at both the morning
ervlce at 10:30 and the evening
ervlce at 7:30 tomorrow. The
luhday school will meet-at 0:30 a.
i.. with. Guy McDougal, superlnbndent.
in charge .The Kpworth
eague baa changed -the hour of
ervlce from 6:80. to 10:30 p. m.,
t which-time the watch night serice
will be conducted and aspelal
Bllllngslea Memorial M. E.
'Sundayschool will be held at
;80 a. m. tomorrow at the BUllngafut
Memo/nl Church, with H,' T.
ones; superintendent, in charge.
1. T. Brown, pastor of the church.
[ill preacn at me regular ions a.
3. service on "N'ew Tear Medita(on?,"
Senior and Junior leagues
rill meet at 6:46 p. m., and at 7:30
. m. the Rev; B. M. Keith, presld3g
elder of the Fairmont diBtrlct,
l.i B.^Church, Sout|ip, will preach,
he sermon will be followed by'the
acrament of the Lord's Supper.
Christian Science 6oclety.
The Christian Science Society
fill hold; Sunday school and preachlg
services In the, auditorium o!
he Masodlc Temple at 11 o'clock
unday morning.
Highland Ave. M. E.
Sunday school ? will be held at
te Highland AVenue M. E. Church
! S:3D o'clock tomorrow morning
'ith Harry 8haffermap." superlnindent.
In charge, followed by
Dmmhnlop services' at. 10:30 a. m.
uhlor League at 6:30 and Epworth
eague at 6:45 p. m. will be followI
by the first' of the special evanelistlc
services'at 7:30 p. m. .
First Methodist Frotestant
"Tw|co Born Men" is tho Insrestlng
title of the sermon to
e delivered by the Rev. J. J.
hllllps. pastor of ihe First
lethodlst Frotestant Church, at
:30 p. m. service tomorrow. At
te morning worship service at
0:45 o'clock the Reverend Mr.
hllllps will discuss. the thdme,
The Voice of the Past." Sunday
rhopl will convene at 9:30- a.
i. under the direction of W. D.
cbaefer, superintendent,
' Junior-Endeavor meeting,-will
c neju ai u p. m. wnn miss visia
all,- superintendent,. in> charge,
ease Gump, president of the Sen?r
Endeavor, will direct thcimeet|ig
to be; held at 6:36 m.' The
jttage prayer meetings will, connue
during, the. comlpgi week In
reparation tor the sfeecial evanelistic'
services which will begin
qnday. January 7.
First United. Brethren
A reorganization of tbo Sunday
cbool will' constitute .an iroporant
phase of the business to ue
isndled 'at the First United BreUi*
en Church tomorrow.; The rnor;anization
will be effected followng
a short Sunday school pencil
i m
! " I
I ' . .
* ' . ' is
l, /
promotion will b- riven out. No
BermtnCservlce will He*liwa*btf
cause o( the reorganization work
conflicting .
Junior and Senior Christian Endeavor
meetings will'be held .at'
6:36 p. m. The topic ot the latter
will be "Lessons From' a New
Year's Psalm." M. L. West win
serve as leader. The pastor,; the
BeV. W. O. Ware, will d|afcbss the
theme, "The Perishable and the
Imperishable," at the 7:30 p. ml
service. Following the sermon, the
sacrament of the Lord's supper!
will be efldcted. A social hour will'
be held previous to the watch
meetlng.and at'the concltislon. ot
.the evening service. The L. L.
, Cook Sunday School Class will
have charge of the watch meeting
program. .
Diamond Street M. E.
The services in the -Diamond
Street U, E. Church tomtgrow
will consist of Sunday school at
9:30 a. m.. under the direction of
Otiy McDougal, superintendent;
preaching service at 10:30'a. ia,,'
Epworth League at 6:80 ' p. m.,
under the' direction of J. R. Bymer,
president; Junior Epworth
League at 6:30 p. m. with Harry
Brady aa leader; evening iVorthlp
and sermon service at 7:80 p. m.
The Rev. A. D. Craig Is pastor, of
the church.
A feature of the morning worship
service at 10:45 o'clock In
the Baptist Temple tomorrow will
he the' sermon, "Tracking God
Across the Centuries," to be given
by the pastor, the Rev. J. Walter
Barnes. *The - Reverend. Mr.
Barnes will discuss the subject
for twenty minutes following
which the choir will sing "My
Wonderful Dream." The Junior-B.
Y. P. U. will congregate for the
preaching service instead of meeting
in the basemont of the church.
The Senior B. Y. P. U. will meet
at 6:30 p. m., and the World
Wide Guild members will have
Charge of the program. _
At 9:30 a. m'., Sunday school
will convene. The attendance r*?
Cord for last Sunday totaled 200.
The Business Men's Bible- Glass
had 69 persons in attendance. The
goal .for the first Sunday tp Jan*
uray.is 100. Five new members
were received into the church last
J Sunday, making sitxy .eight new
'members joining-the church with*
I in the last three months.. At 7:30
jp. m. in this church, in place vf
:the regular preaching service, the
: choir will present a Christmas
j cantata^"
|. ; WATSON, |
Celebration Held.
Local lodges,' Knights pf Pythias
and Pythian Sisters, '"and member*
of their families,-held a Christmas
entertainment at their half recenfv
ly. A Christmas tree with' brilliant
'-'trimmings -bore many presents,
which were distributed by a Santa
;Claus. Each child received a bak
j or candy and a present from the
lodge. Owjng to lack of. room only
a few. children, wereuinvited out?
side of the lodge members*'families.
Church Program.
A program - was given at ,thp
. > : . ' : ?
Ve Specialize
i '. " 1 *
Lciose M
n m ?? -r^
tor All tsu
. ' : . H trLET
icy Street Entrance
tity- * - i'v.
Bennett, who hid . hU.toot ^
Injured while slighting from, a .
street car laat Saturday night,
which made an amputation of hie
toes pecesaary, la doing aa well aa G
conld he expected at this time. Mr. t|
Bennett waa taken to a Fairmont ..
hospital. . '* *
Pneumonia Victim. j,
David Jarrett has been confined. ,
to hl? home In Beverly Pike for the
past several days anfferlot from an 3
attack of pneumonia. His ?md! v
tlon at this time Is reported to'be w
Bllthtly better,
Claaa Meeting. 3
The Watson Singing Class .was ,
entertained at the home of Mr- and p
Mrs. 0. M. Hale In Beverly Pike
one evening recently . Business of t,
the class was adjusted after which ri
mpalc and a social bout; was enjoyed/
-The Misses -Georgia and f
Gladys Hale, who were,the hostess- I
e's for the evening, served the I
guests with refreshments'. Those 1
present were Mr. and Mrs. Bert I
Johnson, 5 hire. Ada f Sheets,. Mrs.
Opal Anderson. Miss Rhea Glrod. ,
Iva postello.' Mlldreh * Petpra,* Mae ?
Costello, Irene Costelto and mem. f
bets of the Hale family. The next ,
meeting will be. held pt the home !
of Mrs. Opal Anderson. ?
Christmas Dinner. *
Mr. and Mrs. H. B, Fltshugh ep- J
tertalned members of their family S
, at a Christmas dinner last' Mondavi _
The home was decorated for the qo
cailon with the aeaaon's colors sod *
the dinner'was a; mld-dey ihffalr. '
Out-of-town members of the family n
present were Mr. and Mrs. Jepso
H. Harlls and children. Fred and h
Gertrude of Rives ville.Mr. and Mrs. a
Harry_.FItihugh and. children ol
Allecln, Pa. a
Local Woman III. 5
Miss Ida Furhee. who makes her 0
home with Mr. and Mrs. Bart Martin.of
the New England Addition. ?
has been seriously ill for the past
several days. Her condition at this C
time Is considered critical. w
Home. For Vacation. b
Arbon and Edna Tarleton, who
are; students of the state university .ii
at Morgantown, are here to spend
the' Christmas 'vacation'with their ?
parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. Hi Tarleton.
Church Notes.
The , following services will ho
held In the Methodist Protestant
Church tomorrow: Sunday school ,
at 9:45 a. m.: preaching service at *
7:30 p. hi., sermon by the regular -?
pastor,'.the Rev. A. W. Lowe: an- 11
nual election of Sunday school of- e
fleers,' Sunday morning. '
Alltop-Dodd. c
Announcements of the marriage ^
of Miss'Jessie Dodd and Vance R.
I Alltop, which occurred at Oakland, :8
tlfdi, -Wednesday, . have bpenre- ?
iceived here., They' "returned-" 40 ?
[Klngmont the evening following
1 their marriage and will take tip
tbejr residence there, In a ' few
- - Werionlls.4 ' ' H s"' .
Mr. and Mrs.'Frank Hartley and
'daughter Mildred Were guests at a
Christmas dinner given at the, home
of Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson of
Miss Genevieve Wilson of: MllIsrsrllle
Is* visiting at'the home of
her brother, 'William Wilson of
Walnut avenue.'
Mrs. R. C.' Reserve of Pallvlew
has been the guest of her (laugh'
\ , '
' ' ' -' : . .l
. / . v-( t
*af Books
siness Needs
f 1 ' *
*? ; ; .
1923 FOl^ i; "
ttfnp Comp
man Building
Rhone 1
. '4, :.i !.y.'
! ..vnr^s-j
era next wee*. ,mt. tvooniz m em- ,v .1
mines near leys. ^
neater ot too claaa and son Lyn
th^Mlews Helen and ^drl?n
ooth'man, Kite Price. Helen
Oeorge Fleming 1* ill at h|*
Bllllo Fleming, email aor^ or
t hie home' on- WatBr-ia&fetJ^r(U
Misa Helen^Darle of QrH^n Ijj^r
Joe Fucoy la 111 at hie home cti
rrldge etreetvwlth^iiCdlaStrSK"'';
TlmothS" Talbott, of. Ni?w 'Mfe J
'1th hie mother, Mrs. Julia T?l- 1
ott on Main atreet a SSI
Mrs. T. J. Talbott erasjhqupltk -RjB
HHSF T"l,ed ,n I
Mlaa Neflle 8m?pe waa ahopplng ^
COBANaa naainuB it'?
_C^A^0^TON,^^ 30?Dr. ^ 1
ubmlttod hlB resignation' to the
.'I H ?:? W' '

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