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I Women Indul
A MER1CA.N women now ire ipenc
A tag approximately 1600,000
, * * 000 a year on rouge, lip etlcki
Sslr 'nets, jewelry and fcther beaut
per* and feminine foibles of all kind:
In abort. Milady America'! realty bo
' costs enough to pay half the Intern
on the national debt or the entire at
I'( proprlitlon for the United States n?v.
Oorersment eoureei ot Infortnatio
ad rexrta complied'by official'be
reaos are authority for tbeee (acti
Ma the United States governmer
Isn't getting ready to conduct a can
paign against feminine extravaganci
The goTernraent came by this Informs
. tlon quite Incidentally. It la reveale
' la the income tax reports and report
to.the Department, of Commerce. Th
Information thus revealed la lndlcatlT
of a condition.
Washington a Test Storehouse of Is
formation on All Subjects.
'Washington la a world storehous
fir Information, facte and fanclti
gj iThe city i la filled to, overflowing wit
*" .fgcte of vital Interest to every per
son in the United States. There Ian
uy question that hah an answer ths
. can not be answered In Washington
Somewhpre In the government record
oqa-be found the answers to the fol
lowing questions and millions more:
iiHOW, much does the American mat
gHgipend each year on hair cutting?an
_ manicuring of hi? linger nsllsl
How many Americans have an an
^/-Mgtln.corae of more than (1,000,000
women mr worn short*
a ?sktrt? than st present, and It so when
.'.fvfjyfcb smoked the "Urat ,cl*aretta
'^* '1^ CCORDINO to reports of pn
drep 0f elementary school ag
.'jjw working all day to help iwell .th
Many of theie children, In a praise
worthy endeavor to (tin the rudiment
i| of so education, go to school at sigh
School officials and Judges of th
Juvenile courts of pr actically all larg
' oltieg'Vow are being flooded with1 at
tyf S <?;"pjlcatiohs from parenta and guardian
of children who are. anxious to dli
pense with day school training and g
:^- .r'to work.' in a survey In Washington
It was discovered; that nearly 2,00
such certificates had been Issued.
Officials,of the Children's Bureau c
Sgftsi "vtheipepartment of Labor and of othe
R|k' > ' '1>ran0bee of the government are stud}
Ing the situation which, It Is fearet
' % ' **' 'ym
1^ V I In m
' JT^
Hi amount of money' I
stnf on qcjf anc/ other
??'s hat eJouUed in ' the
last year, ffe wcnJert
" . .._ _ - - , . t,
*, * IK '
ge in Luxuries
U Who invented th? umbrella end bow
(- did he come to do it?
I, How many realdente ot the United
I- States depend on tips-for the largest
k share ot their Incomes?
x What la the best method ot growing
it asparagus?
i- What Is the average length ot time
r. that stenographers work betore quitn
ting tho office to get married?
I- How many children are born each
I. year in tno united states?
it What Is the probability that your
i- automobile will be stolen during 1922?
s. Groat Knss of Information Has to Do
With Women.
11 A great mass of the Information cole
lected by the government baa to do
o with women. The gorernment continually
studies the women of the United
_ States, the women of Europe, 8outh
America and even Africa. This la because
some New York exporter, Tor
o instance, may. wish to know wiat
i. styles sell best In Havana or Buenos
b Aires. Information of this variety, can
- be supplied on demand by the Com't
raerce Department y
it The Commerce Department for Inl.
stance, recently undertook to find out
a wby American-made dresses and coats
I- for women found only infrequent sales
in Cuba. An American offlclal got on
e the lob and interviewed a number of
d Cuban storekeepers. He learned the
Cuban ideal of feminine pulchritude
i- differs "widely from thuts .ii
? the United States. Here the Blender,
r athletlo figure Is admired In woman.
7 In Havana most admiration is ex7
pressed (or the rounded type of figure
- may bold a menace {or the welfare of
- tbc now generation. Child labor legise
latlon not only by the Federal governe
ment, but by the states, bee at best received
rough sledding from the courts.
!- The United States Supreme Court ree
cently found it necessary to declare
U unconstitutional a federal statute lne
tended to protect the nation .against
e .exploitation of child labor,
t- Child labor Fight Contlnnei.
* Under the prohibitive federal tax.
child labor now is virtually prevented
i( throughout the country. But welfare
0 workers, assisted by the American
Federation of Labor and other agenif
clee, aro staging a continuous battle
r with laws anil custom to protect chil
dren. That child labor still la a realiI,
ty throughout the country is shown by
i . /..;! V.
and discover &>e
. [>ux.om
with Mft cgmi. It >u the difference
between the Anglo-Saxen and
the Latin Ideal. American manufacturers
had been trying to sell In Cuba
gowns and coats built to accentuate
the slender figure. The Cubans failed
to buy. And the American fashion exporters
lost money until the 'feovernment
got on the job. Then they began
to win.
Returning to tho American women
the government data shows that she
now is less extravagant than two years
ago, despite the apparently tremendous
sum she atlU Insists on spending
each year for bcautlflers.
That charming little habit of Miss
T.lh?rtV?and fnn thai mnOav *'- T IW
erty, too?of powdering her no*e at
odd moments now costs approximately
J50.000.000 a year, or enough to build
the greatest dreadnought afloat and
leave more than *10.000,000 for a fleet
of submarine chaser:.
The government now collects nearly
550,000,000 a year in luxury taxes on
articles purchased mainly by or for
women, like Jewelry, candy, perfumes
and cosmetics, fnce lotions and scented
soaps, diamonds and powders and
beautlflers of all, hinds.
Tbe American woman since the war
has taken to smoking cigarettes like
her European sister, who long ago becamo
as much of ah addict to the ween
as tbe European male, Xhx reoolpts
show that the sale of cigarettes in the
United States has increased. During
1920, for Instance, tho number of ordinary
slied cigarettes sold in the United
Suites was 50,400,000,000. In 1913
the United States consumed onlr is.
000,000,000 cigarottes a year.
n Work A
the (act that the United states Census
Bureau still lists in Its occupation statistics
"persons engaged in gainful occupation
10 years of age and over."
The Census Bureau now Is analyzing
Its occupation statistics as to age
of workers. Soon official reports will
be available on the exact number of
persons between 10 and 15 years of
age who are at work.
Thousands of girls and hoys In every
state now are discontinuing their
public school training at the earliest
legal age to go to work. The number
who go to work rather than attend
high school Is very large. In Hundreds
of cases children- do not even
complete training up to the eighth
grade. The low age limit In some
states permits students to leave school
ss early as tho sixth grade.
- IITc
m investigate feminine s-fy
popular vamp type is. w>
Pnbltc Pays an Ever Cronlng Amoanl
In Iniary Tnies,
Doeplto unemployment, falling prices
and other considerations, American
cltlxenB are paying an ever-increaelns
amount of so-called luxury taxes. Returns
to the Internal Revenue Bureau
of the treasury show billions are spent
t %
ill Day an
That hundreds of these students later
attempt to make ud this' deficiency
In tbclr educational training Is abown
by tht large attendance at night
schools, ? commercial schools operated
under prlvato direction, and the Institutions
o{ learning malntaned by semipublic
Institutions and big m'anufacturIng
plants. Approximately 400,000
students now are enrolled In private
schools, maintained by a big religious
Institution and by manufacturing
plants, according to reports la the U.
S. Bureau of Education. In the main,
these educational institutions operate
at night. / \
The young man or woman, however,
who works during the day, and at
night tries to make up Us deficiency
in elementary education, Is much
/ ' I
fes /n Cola
ill, a/n-iasf",, ert ,
''''l^ c
a/onef with the
each year on articles ranging from
dirk knives and fancy toilet soaps to
i passenger automobllos and accessories
I that are not generally regarded as
: nccossarlos ol lito. /
Girl stenographers and other victims
of the habit spent $28,052,000 {or
chewing gum In the Bret six months of
id Study a
handicapped, officials point out. But
at the same time this student Is much
to be complimented because of his enterprise,
it Is emphasized. Welfare
workers and government officials
unite In recommending that all^boys
and girls who possibly can manage It
should at least attend high school for
two years before.striking out Into the
Industrial-world. v
Boys Leave Earlier
A class of more than 1,000,000 girls
of 15 each year desert school to go to
' work In offices and factories, reports
show. This means that a majority of
them have spent at least two years in
high schools.
Boys generally, leave ichopl at an
earlier'age than gfrlS, it li explained.
Thla la because the male, even at the
ege of 14 or 15, begins to feel respon
the present flscil year. In the preceding
rear ther spent *37,498,100.
Cindy munchers and their beaux,
spent 1237,431,800 on sugared delicacies
In six months,
(Inmhlfira- hrMr? flAnria awd inlUalpa
bugs bought In six months 17,827.833
decks of cards and paid mora than a
million dollars In taxes. In the year
they used 38,605,777 decks and paid
nearly two million In taxes at a rate
o( eight cents a. deck.
Art losers are the only class upon
the list who restrained their desires
and purchased In smaller quantity or
amount Returns to the government
I (a<(y
ohT Taking tne
"when an "admirer
I box. or rouqc.
knou> *>T m a
1014 ^haft w/f
oucft, perfumes
/esser i/tce$,
how only $4,09?,269 (post (or sculptures,
paintings drawings and.other
similar art objects x In the last six
months of 1920, while In the prertous
Ureal year they spent more than $15,900,000.
A new neive baa evidently entered
t Night
alblllty to become a producer, otfloials
believe. There are no accurate reports
on the age at which most boys
leave school. The number In high
schools, however, Is usually - smaller
than that ot girls, except in high
schools which give training In craftsmanship'
ot virions kinds, as well as
In general subjects. Olrls, however.
seem to predominate Is tie enrollment
In night ichools offering training exclusively
In primary commercial worlt,
such as stenography and typewriting.
Although tho large number ot children
holding school certificates permitting,them
to work may seem discouraging
to the welfare worker, the
desire for education la growing
through the entire country, officials
are discovering.. One manifestation ot
I pi I I
w ^ *
II 'Plra
/can vomar> fpena on
\ hab'J" tuou/J pa/
dreadnautfhC an* {
the field of Whittle sport. Oorenua? j
returne ehow $33JIT,940 spent for tennis
rackets, self clubs and other sportlns
goods In the six months, as compared
with only 319,500.500 for the entire
year preceding.
Termont Girls Spend little on fit- '
fumes and Boaotlflers.
Vermont Is stlll^ealthy/and ourltan,
It seethe 'rom the tsx (1 hi ret The
girls there are 1 etlll of the mod set
quiet, ebrlnklng violet type. They uee
little perfumery, cosmetics end toilet
preparations and the drug stores do
but a light business la bottled medicines.
au ot thOjQr.een Mountaineers,; f
men, women and'ebUdrep. spent less. .?
than 125,000 In the Iut fiscal year for
perfumes, cosmetics and medicinal
preparations of all the patent rarlsUee
froo'ialve to pills or the revenue man
was cheated.
New York City sjjpnt something like
twelve and a half million dollars, Just
what part represents cosmetics and
perfumes for Broadway chornseinind .
Just What part Is pllle, salves, medicines,
Including Horke Vfnq and Others,
can not he determined, because
the 'teme are net segregated.
New York City's soft drink bill Is > .
staggering. The city Is undoubtedly
the wettest spot on earth, without any
reference to Mr. Volstead. Tan returns
show that upward of a billion and a
half dollars were spent for soft drinks
over fountains and near beer bare.
Chicago waa a good second In tWs're-"" 1
Government Helping Women (n Ken
Serious Problems,
Although the government is Interest- '
ed In foibles of American women, attention
le also given to the more eub-V , stantlsl
things affecting the sen. In
the Department of Agriculture scores
ot experts ere at work to asetf^ the :
American housewife solve her prjte- .
lems. One group of men and women
are contiguously experimenting with
methods bt preserving and canning
vegetables and traits. The rcsoltgjjBgflj
ineir eapertmenis are published in
pamphlet form, which may be bad {or
the asking, or at times a atnall fee, by
any woman In the United States,
The department's lnvestlgaflojjs .are - j
conducted along lines intended to be
the most simple that can be derlaed
and no costly paraphernalia le used.
Each Summer during the canning season
the department stages aoamplrignt'.ijj
to reach millions 6l women wttb the - |
Information available. >?SS$f|?
this"la the record hlmakin^lt^rollisent
this year In all klnd? of'public and
private schools and colleges. The largest
freshman, classesIs history have V,
been enrolled this year at most colleges.
One big Eastern Institution recently
announced It haijl.bMa forced '-S
to refuse matriculation to nearly 1000 1
applicants tor admission because of
Inadequate facilities to house and train
Jn the state oolleges and unlversl-JB
tics, budget officials are hastily pr^fl
parlpg' estimates of deficiency appr^^H
prlatlons needed to make possible
admission of thousands of unexpecjf
MUUCUIB. i^SiBiaiUTCB 01 ffliny tlMH
are-grwpllni witli thi probltm of

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