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j Town Talk
was replaced following collapse of
(he structure. By accident, the cornerstone
was re-laid upside down,
but no one noticod'the difference.
What was ft|e date of the cornerBtOQO?
ft was s^almplc matter to bridge
" the pond with two boards, neither
- -.'of which wasqa!te;]ong enough to
roach across. The dlagraiA shows
IPYouth'a CompanItlme
story for the
>; engineer ot the
Jfarle Sybert,8conran
Church, Turtle
ipal Church, North
esbs'tcrlan Church,
ie near Fifth avo
Iof Grattou*11 'is a medical piHaggerty
of Farmlngton was
c Hospital for the removal of
Mlj^gton ^ underwent a minor
Church?Miss Elsie
i of South America, Is the guest
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Mayers, In
ir home in Watson avenue, will
r savtolln <solo at the services
orrow morning In the thirst
sbytorlan Church In Jackson
VJeShrson streets. Miss BrownBSJ?vlolfnIst
of somo ability,
Ui ^^FSirmmit Stat'j
Hon at noon today from a home
Sprint street. The central fire el
tlon trhck made a qnlck .run to t
scene of the reported fire bat upi
arrival found that the tire had bei
Scarlet Fever?Lawrence. Bo]
ard. a jroothemployed In the ma
tng department ot The West VI
glnlan, Is confined to his home
Front street with scarlet fever.
Whlnnle end Miss Virginia Paulli
Matthews both of Farmlngtc
wore married this morning In tl
parlor of the Watson Hotel.by t]
Rev. J. C. BroomHeld, pastor of tl
Methodist Protestant Temple. '
Returned to jThsIr Home?Mi
Katherlne Mason and Mr*. Jam
Watson of Beaver'Falls, Pa, w!
spent the holidays with Or. a:
Mrs. J. C. Broomtleld at their hot
In Fourth street, left this moral!
tor their home. Mrs. Mason at
Mrs. Watson are atwts ot Doct
Office Force Entertained ? h
and Mrs. Meal Hetlln entertain*
the members of the office force
the power department of the y.
nongahela Power & Railway C
last evening at their home In tl
Speedway. Decorations consist!!
of holly, pine, mistletoe and oth
Christmas flowers were used offt
tlvely. Chess, brfdgo and oth
games formed the chief dlverslo:
of the , evening. Refreshmen
were served. Those present we
R. W. I-anior, A. W. Schoepf, H.
Daniels. Joseph Snlvely. Godgr
Stanlas, E. S. Wlnfre. R.' C. JDo
aid, Joe Feather, E. B. Tbompso
8. T. Burke, Mrs. Pauline Halnt
and Mr. and Mrs. Neal Heflln.
Radio Dinner Party?Mr. ar
Mrs. Floyd Patton are entertali
lug at a radio dinner party th
evening at their home In Clev
land avenue to honor their guest
tm. uuu mis. euurae u. JOllll
of Grafton, who are spending tt
woek end irt the Patton home.
Square Dance?A square dam
will be held Monday evening i
the Italian-American Buldllng c
the corner of Madison and Jacl
son streets. Special music wl
be provided.
financeers may
settle question
of reparation:
(Continued from Pige One)
tlon as to what attitude the noun
Inn out process may hav'e.devclo
ed In European capitals.
Claim Germany Opposed
PARIS, Ddb. 80.?(By the A
sociatod Press)?Prance has mai
an intensive study of the repar
tions questions for the last foi
years and is convinced that Ge
many does not want to restore h<
financial stability if such a st(
u.cuuo ji?;iucih iu luu Ul u rctt
onable war indemnity. < Such la tl
authoritative though unotici;
comment ot the speech or tt
American Secretary of State i
New Haven last night.
to reopen monda'
Harvey's Restaurant In Madlsc
street will re-open at 11 o'clot
Monday mornins under the ma
agement ot the now owners, J, i
1 Richards and L. 0. Richards
! Morgantown. As Monday Is Ne
Year'B Day a special chicken at
turkey diner will be served.
The restaurant Is being papen
and redecorated, and all ot tl
furniture and equipment has bei
renovated. Several changes ha*
bean mado in the culinary staff,
eluding a new chef and two ne
waltresse and waiters. The re
turant will bo managed personal
by the Richard brothers;
test questions in
schools prepare
Examination lists of questlor
to be given to pupils of the fourt
fifth, sixth, seventh and elgb
grades of Marlon County, will
sent out to the teachers of ti
schools the latter part of no
week, according to Miss Clara \V
son, county superintendent
schools, who has announced th
the list'Is completed and will '
ready for uistribuuon oy tnai era
The directory of Marion'Coun
teachers will be mailed throug
out the county Tuesday.
The list of test Questions w
compiled by the various tehche
of the county schools. Miss Grr.
Price, teacher of the Parmlngb
Grade School In Lincoln Dlatri
compiled the fifth grade list. T
test questions for the sixth gra
were made up by Mrs. Grace Ai
mons, teacher of the Klnglno
School In Union District. P. .!
Rider, principal of the Pitch
School In Paw Paw District, tavi
sponsible for the seventh gra
list. The eighth grade list w
compiled by George Grimes ai
Miss Grace Robinson, teachers
the junior high school at Barrac
vllle In Fairmont District . T!
fourth grade list was made tip
Miss Wilson's 'office in thi cou
house .
The following-letter of capiat
tlon will bo sent with the list
examination questions by Ml
"It has been customary for It
office to send out three lists of i
amlnatlon questions during t
year. Not having beon in office
tlmo to send a list out at the 01
of two months. I decided to se:
oat two tests this year. This one
to bo given pt the close of the fit
semester. Another one will be ee
oat near the close of the term,
would suggest that you give tt
test on,January (.or 10,1011."
/ VP
? ' To StArt ^
In Tho' revival meetings will ropen
*. tX Ballah Chapel next'Sunday
evening with a sermon by the
n Kev. 1. a Tyler, pastor ot the
en church, at 7:20 p. m. This year's
meetings are beginning one day In
ad ranee of the revival conducted
y. Jit Ballah Chapejrlset year, which
II- lasted "the entire month of Jonu.
Ir- ary. *'
In To Fairmont
. lira. John Oompton and family
left here the latter part of this
R- week for Fairmont. In the future
>e they will reside on.the East Side
m, in that city. Instead - of In Grant
>>e Town, where they hare Ured tur
he several years. v
" Christmas Program
A Christmas program composed
,, of a pageant sod cantata was
e8' given at Ballah Chapel Sunday
J0 evening. The entertainment was
,4 given by the young people of the
?e community and the Mtssee Ice
served as directors,
ad Personals
or Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Cross cud
children were the guests of Mrs.
Cross' parents at Hoodsvlllo yestr.
bo Mrs. George McElroy was shop,
ot ping In Fatrmoht Friday.
[0- Miss Bessie Barth was a busl!o.
ness visitor In .Fairmont Saturday,
he Mr. and Mrs. J. J Barbe and
ig Mr. and Mrs. Victor Romaln mo.
er torod to Mannlngton Sunday for a
ic- visit with relatives,
er Ray Barth left here Saturday
ns for New Martinsville where he
t? was the holiday guest of Ms
re brothe re and sisters.
(Continued from Page One)
id Ing of a definite nature, although
a- it was evident that many thought
is there would he but one ticket tn
s- the field, The Peoples' party, tics,
ek, now in the field, 1b as fbUovs:
to Mayor?Goorge Fleming,
le Recorder?W. E. Haggerty.
Couocllmen ? French Colin,
Harry Bennett, Tom Rogers. \V. H.
:e McDonald and Goorge Thompson.
it '
ijj Klux Chief
j J. K, Sklpworth is head ot the
*" I Kn Klux Klan In Morehouse Parali'8"'
1, The following real eatate transI
fera have been recorded at the of1
flee of County Clerk Lee , N. Sati
I 0. E, Slma and'Boaale M>Slmms,.
y W. W. Murphy and Virginia Mur
phy to Jeaale M. Hess, a parcel of
real estate at Sunshine, Manningm
ton District: consideration 11, etc.
k Bank of Mannlngton to U. ,H.
n-! Debendarfter, -a porcol of land In
C. I Mannlngton, a consideration S5S0>)
of Fidelia Sharp to Minerva Sturm
w a parcel of real estate In Worthid
Ington: consideration $1,300.
H. D. McTavlsh and wife to
>d Lee Toothm&n a parcel of land la
ie Foundstono Acres In Lincoln Die>n
trict; consideration $16.09.
re Mr. and Mrs. James F. Cunin
nlngham to Desse E. Hawkins, a
w parcel of land in Cunningham
,8. Run of Buffalo Cceek lln Manningjv
ton district; consideration (2,000.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles 1. Ice to
Hobert W. Berry, a parcel of land
In Barrackvllle; consideration (3,600.
the following marriage licenses
have been Issued at the office of
19, County Clerk Lee N. Satterfield:
h. 8ophta Shulek, 21, and John Kut>i
baa, 24, both of Rivesville.
bo Virginia Pauline Matthews, 21,
bo and Thomas R. Whinnio, 2G, both
xt of Farmlngton.
11- Pote Sobak, 25, and Mary Man*
of kut, 16, both of Ida May. Pete
of Mnnlrn,. 4l.?
"? IHOUHUVi \IL SUM gull QBig
be hl8 consent in-person.
10. James W. Crltchfold, 28, Waslity
ington, D. C., and Monna B. Ma;h
son, 28, Mannlngton.
? Has Mosjem Ideas
be ^
i':. * " ' ; i ' y' .^HKh
M. W;
er I
o- -J| K*
de (ggKL
ns IS&v''"-*}& > ;
be J9B
at 3Nr?5S&^9^H
rt- ^WH|M|
ia- 11
nil Says Mrs. Englehardt of Prowls
donee, R. I., In suing for dlrorca
st from Adolpb H. Englehardt
nt (above) who styles himself "The
I Divine Healer" She names 123
da women, one of whom la 82 7ears
^ 011" '
"Stolon 'kisses" worth $100,
Mrs. Alma Smythe of Alexandri
She asked that sum in her suit i
late Senator "feoles Penrose.'
Opinions Divided on Possibl
.Outcome of Conference in
Chicago Next WeekBoth
coaj, operators and' mine]
are doing a whole lot of tall thin
Ing and guessing as to the outcoit
of the Joint conference in Chlcae
next Wednesday. Opinions at
varied as to the outcome.
Tfcere are somo prominent coi
operators who believe that som
thing concrete will be worked 01
at the conference. They base th
largely upon the fact that sufi
cient meetings already have bee
called to accomplish something.
On the other hand. there ai
equally prominent coal operators 1
Northern West Virginia who b
lievo that little will be worked ou
They believe in some instances thi
at a conference to be held after tl
Chicago session something may 1
worked out, but think U?.will I
along the line that Preside]
Lewis of the United Mine Works:
of America pulled 'the last timi
that It, individual agreements rat
er than a resumption ot the o;
tour state ngreemont.
Drift ot the miners' opinion 1
eally Is ot no Import bocnuse tt
brains nnd the machinery that m
nlpulales national wage agreemen
are In IndlanapoliB. It Is know
however, that Prank Farrlngto
leader of the Illinois miners, in:
mated to the operators In the la
conference that the basis of agre
ment must be on tho lines of tl
old Central Competitive Field pla
This Is not popular In Northei
West Virginia, It generally belt
understood that separate agre
ments are desirable here It thi
can be obtained. On the othi
hand, those In touch with miner
activities admit that this will I
difficult to get away wltb.
There is a lot ot guessing as
whether or not there will be a
other strike. The general, feelli
Is that there will not be, but th
of course Is not certain until tl
actual agreement is signed. The:
Is a feeling, too, that both the ope
ators and miners will stay awi
from any concrete action untlt al
er the Fact-Finding Commlsslc
makes its report to Congress.
After all. this report will alot
create public opinion as It enrrh
no authority to force a basis <
settlement, which Is the" real hot
of contention.
Public sentiment will play a b
part in this controversy In th
coal Industry, and either side th:
falls to hearken to the public wl
he out of luck and possibly tl
victim of some objectionable le
islatlon. Unfortunately the publ
Is blndly led to believe that th
Is Its only recourse, ovedooklr
the fact that the coal Industry
an nnatablllsed Industry and a
ways will be as long as so mar
uncertainties govern It.
Because of the possibility ot tt
Chicago conference produclr
some "tangible results Presldont ,
lime wnne, i larKSDurc. 18 urgit
all members of the Northern We
Virginia Coal Operators 'Assoc!
tlon to attend. All members, b
and small, are entitled to partk
pate In the conference. Any pt
Icy accepted there would .atie
Northern West Virginia and 1
operators having anion mines, ai
for that reason every member
being urged to attend. All met
bers are representatives of the a
soclatlon, It has been explained.
"June" This Time
Due to a typographical error
was stated In last night's We
Virginian that John A. Clark i
the Clark C. & C. Co. would i
to Chicago. It should have ret
John A. Clark, Jr.
Monongahela Meeting
?- Monongahela Coal Assoc!
. ; >-?
' ; ' ,,'
000 (her valuation) must be paid for
a, Va., told the "Washington court
igainst Lelghton Taylor, secretary ti
tlon will hold' Its annual meetln
In the rooms of the Chamber ;
Commerce In the Union Sank
, Trust Co; Building, Morgan to wi
on January 11. At this session.o
fleers will be elected.
Operators connected -with th
association produco from five I
six millions of tons of coal anm
1 ally.
i tV. E. Watson, Fairmont, pros
A dent or the association, leaves fc
Chicago on Sunday, stopping c
Pittsburgh, and Youngstonrn, O.
Personal Mention
Ray J. Shoahan of the Johnso
Coal Co., Toledo, Ohio, was 1
Fairmont today.
Robert A. Pollock, president c
the Rivesville Coal Co., is on
business trip to Pittsburgh.
. | M. L. Hudson, Chicago, troai
urer of the ^Edward Hinea "inte:
ie ests. is In Fairmont today.
AV. McJarvis, Plttlsburgh, of th
o Pittsburgh and. Bessemer Coal Co
IsUn the city today iu the uearc
aJ of coal touange.
gj Market Stronger
. Marketing conditions are in
proving, according to reports froi
'? various-sections of the region. Th
!i- market closed yesterday with cor
m being quoted at $3.50 to 13.00. 1
' possibly a lew instances it wa
?3.75 at some of the minest
, Better grades of, Sewlckley sol
ln at about the samo price as min
o- run. Freeport was quoted at |3 I
t $3.25, it is reported,
it Railroad Fuel
ie Railroad fuel loading in Norti
)a ern West Virginia on Friday ai
grogated 570 carloads. Of tha
)0 203 cars were local fuel and 36
it went to foreign carriers.
" A slight bit less of railroad fu<
j; was loaded on the Monongah DP
li. ision, B. and 0., yesterday tha
ld the previous day.
The railroad fuel loading on th
_ various divisions yesterday was a
j J f blows:
a- Railroads . Loaded Local Foreig
ts B. and 0.?
n, Monongah 343 141 202
n, Charleston 30 7 28
Li- Cumberland 23 1 22
st M. and W.? 120 120
e- B. and W. 64 54 ...
n. 570 203 367
to Coke Loading.
12- .. .
Fiity-iive cars 01 cone were 10a
ed in Northern West Virginia ye
terday. Thirty-live care were pr
, duced on the Monongah Dlvisio:
3 one car on the Charleston Dlvisioi
Je four cars on the Cumberland Dh
. slon and fifteen cars on the M.
n? K'
1B' All of this coke moved east, ?
li cept sixteen ears oftuhe Mononga
ie Division, B. & 0., which weyt wea
re , Eastern Leading,
r' Eastern coal loading out i
V Northern West Virginia yesterdl
" aggregated 1,096 carloads. Th
"i was loaded ns follows oft the yai
ous divisions: B. & O.?Mononga
" 779 ears: Charleston,- 20 cars; Co
M nellgvllle, 5 cars; Cumberland,
cars; M. & K? 78 'cars: M.
ie W., S9 cars; <W. M.?W.-B. & H. I
106 cars: W., 16 cars.
If Western coal shipments consli
_t ed of elghty-nlHe cars oft the M
? nongah Division and nineteen cai
off thtt rhnrlsitnn nivlalnn
>y A corporation which is nnlquo i
many ot Ita purposes, known i
>? the Cnrrey Cemetery and. Met
orlal Association, has been grants
a certificate ot incorporation, an
'* the certificate ot incorporation h?
* been,filed at the office ot Count
Clerk Lee N. Satterfleld.
.? The purpose of the corporallci
,u aa outlined in the charter, will i
c, to "Veep", in good condition a
ls" cemeteries and burying place
?j where members of the Cnrre
I, family end their connections ai
n. buried or shall be buried,'to on
i. land for such pimposes, to e?u
monuments, or publish memorial
Jn the way or family.histories; i
it care for orphan children of t!
it Cutrey family and the aged an
of the Inform, and to educnto worth
to .young people .in-said family."
id gjl^wwrorators are Thai!
^ v HJ'-*- J
Predictions of Business Prosperity
Have Cheerful Effecton
Sales TodayNew
YORK, Dec. ^30.?Virtu
ally all groups of stocka snored to
1 l lghoi levels In -today's brief ses'
slon of the market, the laat'of ths
year. Widespread predictions ot
business prosperity durltjg the
coming year and Secretary
Hughes' sug^atlcn of an' international
conference of financiers to
settle the repn.-tA'ons - problem
had a cheerful effect on sentl-'
mont, while an advance in Pennsylvania
crude oil prices was reflected
in a brisk demand for the
oil shares. Sume of the other
conspicuous strong points were
Standard Oil ot California, Hous- <
ton Oil, Chicago & Northwestern
Continental Can, Bosh Magneto, I
Stromberg Carburetor and Duponi, I
all up 2 to -4 points. New peaki
prices tor tho year were established
by Endicott Johnson, North
American and Stewart Warner,
the gains ranging from 1 1-2 to 1
points. The closing was strong.
Sales approximated SOO.OOO.
Allied Chemlcal-ft Dye 70S
Allls-Chalmers 45AC
Amer. Boot Sugar 3Tii
Amor. Can 7314
,' Amer. Car & Foundry 183 hid
- Amer. Hide & Leather ptd. 75
Amer. International Corp. ... 26Vi
Amer. Locomotive 12771
- Amer. Smelting & Rofg. ... 567i
ig Amer. Sugar 70%
}( Amer. Sumatra Tobacco .... 28%
fc Amor. T. & T .......*..123
n, Amer. Tobacco 154
if. Amer. Woolen 05%
Anaconda Copper ........... 5014
1, -Atchison 102<4
:o Atl., Gulf & W. Indies 21 %
u. Baldwin Locomotive 129
Baltimore ? Ohio 42%
, Bethlehem Steel "B" 62%
r" Canadian Pacific 144%
t ^enirai wauiBr USS"}fc J
Chandler Motors ;... 67 (
Chesapeake ft/Ohio1 71',4 (
Chicago, Mil., and St. Paul .. 28% )
n Chicago, R. I. & Pac 82%
n Chnlo Copper 26% \
Colorado Fuel & Iron 2714 t
if Corn Products 132 % t
a 'Crucible Steel 70% |
Erie Hi t
FamouB Players-Lasky 91% j
r. General Asphalt 46% 1
{ General Electric IS-1,.; e
. I General* Motors 14% Ie
Goodrich Co So'; (
Great Northern pfd 14% t
Ilinole Cenetral 113
Inspiration Copper 36%
International Harvester 88% hid
i- Int. Mer. Marine pfd 38% i
n International Paper 52% J
e Invincible Oil ? 14 S 1
il Kelly-Sprlngfleld Tiro ...... 4?
n Kennecott Copper 86% 1
is Louisville & Nanshvllle 138% bid j I
Mexican Petroleum -280 bid i
a Miami Copper 27% 1
ie Middle States Oil 11%
O Mldvale Steel 23% '
Missouri Pacific 16 i
New York Central 91% :
N. Y? N. H. and Hartford ... 21% I
?- Norfolk and Western 112
! Northern Pacific 74%
L> Oklahoma Prod, ft Ret 1% '
i' Paolflo Oil .,. 38 I
Pan American Petroleum ... 61 >
>1 Pennsylvania r. 40%
v- People's Oas 83 j
n Pure Oil 27% 1
Ray Consllldated Copper .... 14% 1
e Reading- 79% 1
s Rep. Iron ft Bteel 48% 1
Royal Dutch, N. Y 62% ,
_ Sears Roebuck 86%
B Sinclair Con. Oil 35 !
Southern Pacllle 80%
Southern Railway 27% 1
Standard Oil ol N.J 41%
Studebaker Corp 117 '
Tennessee Copper 10% '
Texas Co 48%
Texas ft PSolho 20%
Tobacco Products 34 !
Transooontlnental Oil ........ 13% .
d- Union Faclllc 133 ' ;
s- United Retail Stores 75
o- U. S. Ind, Alcohol 68% ;
a. United States Rubber 58% 1
a. United t8ates Steel 108% .
'I- Utah Copper .65 .
ft IVestlnghouse Electrlo 60%
Willys overland 11% ;
x- Cbgo. N. W. 8o
ih Maxwell Mot B 15%
it. Cons. Oas ....' 121 :
Liberty Bonds !
01 NEW YORK, Dec. 30?Liborly
7 bonds closed: Liberty 3%'s 101.00;
?| second 4's 08.28: tlrat 4 1-4's 00.68:
h second I Hi 88.64; tblrd 4 IVs
88.04; fourth 4 1-4's 38.84; Vlctdiy
J 4 3-4's uncalled 100.84. (
& ?
Chicago Produce
CHICAGO. Dec. 30.?Butter unchanged.
'> Egga unchanged, receipts 1.888
o* cases. ~rB
Poultry" alire higher; fowlslS?
33; .springs 18; roosters 18; turkeys
28; geese 16.
Pittsburgh Livestock
r PITTSBURGH. Dec. 80?Hogs
u (Ol^ciyu ?|WU? lunoi, UEttTJH 9.UU
?9.15; heavy, light yorkers anil
in pigs 9.75 ?9.85.
1B Sheep and lambs receipts 500 <
steady. Sheep 8,76; lambs 15.75.
,i Calves receipts 160 steady. Top
.3 ." ?>.
y - Chicago Grain.
- CHICAGO. Dec. SO.?Wheat lvalues
fluctuated rapidly here today
" during the early dealings after an
J; unsettled oponlng. The Liverpool
11 vrhear market failed to reflect the
" sharp break In prices on this side
* ot the Atlantic yesterday, and-vala
:t . 1 . i ,
Is .. ' LOST '
lo Ladles' gold -wrist witch,
te with boys, picture on face Oft
id watoh. Between Ooldeh's Corty
ner and city building or be
twee'n city building'and Her.1.
chant_St Finder please return
(Mi ng i
Ing. Now* development* had Ultl
w no. effect early, eome tradei
who bad eold out . earller jn th
week begiir In a' quandry. belietln
:bere baa bean break enough bi
lot inclined to reinstate long,.line
ind were awaiting further deteloi
nente. The opening which virle
!rom Mo decline to 4'He, advene
arid May *1.22 to 1-2 an? Jul
till* 3,S to 21.12 1-2 was roliowe
by a further setback all around.
Corn and oaCs were unsettled i
line with the action In whea
there being considerable hvonln
?p under way for over the yes
snd. After opening 1 l-8c lower t
f-Sc higher, with May 71 1-4 to 2-1
:be corn market underwent sllgt
further losses all around.
Oats started unchanged to 1-4
iown. May 44 3-4 to 7-8 and late
leclined a little more. i
Provisions were unchanged to 1
>ff at the start.
A verdict for the plaintiff fo
he sum of 3340.90 was returns*
n Clrcut Court at . a late hou
'osterday afternoon In tho auto
noblle damage suit brought b;
^ronrh K Rurnoe nf tfsla elf'
igalnst Lloyd M. Kuhn of Mon
>agah. Instructions from tbi
:ourt were such that It require:
inly a few minutes for the Jur;
,o arrlre at a rerdlct.
The suit was brought for dam
iges to a Dodge automobile whid
vas struck by a Ford truck drlvin
ly a delivery boy employed li
:onnection with Kuhn's grocer;
itore at Monopgah.
The defense set up that at th
Imo of the accident the driver o
he truck was not acting,wlthli
he scope of bis authority bu
ind gone On a "frolic of his owu'
0 Worthlngton. The plaintiff In
roduced evidence to show tha
he hoy was authorised to dellve
frocerles /to the home of Johi
v'ichols and that tho accident oc
lurred on the return trip betweei
he grocery store and ?he Nichol
The court Instructed the Jury
ipon request of the plaintiff, tha
he Jury should find for the plain
Iff If the Jurors were of oplnloi
.hat the accident occurred be:
ween the Nichols homeland th
trocery store. The Jury was no
ong In finding this fact and con
lequently assessed the damage
it 5540.90. The suit was an oli
me and had been pending In th
Circuit Court tor several yean
The following Jaw and chancer
suits have been entered at the o
lice of L. A. Cather, clerk of th
Marlon County Circuit Court:
Harry Shaw against David; f
Myers and Flat Hun Gat Coal Co
1 corporation, an action In ussunii
sit, for damages of 82,000. Vlctc
Shaw is attorney for the plaintiff.
Jesse G. Floyd against J. T. Di
vise, Justlco of tho peace, an ai
lion In prohibition. Musgravi
Brandon and Conley are attorney
tor tlie plaintiff. \
Frank laqutnta against Stahle
Sysrainsky, an action In trespas
on the case tor damages of $2,001
Shaw and Shaw aro the attorns;
tor the plaintiff.
Pats; laqutnta, an Infant unde
the age ot 21 years, who sues' b
his next friend, Frank laqutnta, a
action In trespass on the case to
lamages ol 25,000. Attorneys Sha'
tnd Shaw represent the plaintiff.
Henry O.' McDanlel against Smlt
Morris and Hattle Morris, a pri
:eedlng In chancer;. Walter I
Haggerty Is attorney lor the plali
Daniel Toothman against Mlcl
sel Karolclk, a proceeding In (thai
eery. M. W. Ogden Is attorney fc
the plaintiff.
James B.' Ford and Mary M. For
against Minnie A. Weekley, Gu
Weekley, O. J. Fleming, WllUai
P. Williams and Rllla Williams,
proceeding la chancery. Attorne
lohn Henshaw represents th
Alpbonso Carlone against Phli
ma C. Jenkins, L. C. Jenkins, trot
tee, Delbert Jenkins, H. F. Jonkin
D. H. Morgan and B. A. Grosi
partners as Morgan and Grose, I
8.- Jenkins and the Real Estate, In
provement Co. o[ Baltimore, Md..
proceeding In chanoery, M. V
Oxden la the counsel tor tbe plsli
Jff. ,
Mary Ellon Martin against Wl
Ham Wade Martin, a proceeding 1
chancery. Curt E. Amoe la the a
tornoy for the plaintiff.
Maixle Carpenter agalhat Ou
Carpenter, a proceeding In . cbai
eery. M. W. Ogden la the counai
tor the plaintiff.
Charlei C.- Holaworth of .th
M. P. and R. Co., engineering do
partment haa been promoted t
manager of the maintenance o
way department, according toes
announcement made toady by W
a Kline, manager of railways. H
takes the place of F. A. H. Kellej
who haa been tranaferred to otha
duties. !
You Will Feel Proui
IF you build with the mateni
your home, you will (eel oont
i.et us tell you more about the
West Vlrftuls.
Dickerson Bui]
y Ojcar Hawklna or.? H
i Is still nulte^ll^falnfluenia. Mrs. V
1 Springer a,nd
? Miss Mary Sturm of flhlnnston I
[ wu a^recent guest of Miss Mary V
t Mr. and Mrs. Guy Etterbirk of 1
' Merchant street will spend the M
r **Mra Russell Malone oM'otomaoM
avenue l/quite 111 with Influenta^l
Labtn Prlchard. administrator o^H
s the Jane Wiley state, Is In the cliH
d on ImsInoMi.concernlng the 'eitauH
e Odward Henderson'jHhdf' slat a
. I Miss Llltle Henderson of the Spe. II
way, are Indisposed. Their mothv'S
"Prom reports from over th|B
> country there semes to be a ton^l
e- dency to the recurrence ot IdHuB
>, enta" declare Dr. L. N. Yost, COttn^fl
o ty health officer, and Dr. J. a|
Jamison, city health officer. In tB
"AH caaee^ should' be reportrr^H
" caught unprepared as lit was
h "Individuals should endeavor 11
J" Improve their vital resistance h B
; careful attention to the' laws '
ute more than aleeplhg with thH
>' windows wide open, remembe^B
f* sunshine and-fresh air are thB
lr greatest^.enemies the "flu^ gerij
I Influents, or cold, should go
J bed, or remain^ Indoors. H condj
ua^we ^

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