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To honor Mtsp''ffelUe Frlch'ard,1
W whose engagement to D. A. CarI
on of New York City war '-ri-l
itly announced. tho Mlsies
Nelllo Morrla and .Edna Miller
I entertained; wlibl a dharmlngly 1
appointed brldgd tea yeaterday
afternoon at the-home of the
'ormer'a parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Morris, on Locust aro-ij
I ?w.ue. Christmas effects wero;1
^ '"Bprettlly used In the decorations, .
' and a salad lunch was served at
W tho conclusion of the evening's I
I entertainment. Four tables woro
used. In playing . bridge during
the earlier hours of the .aftornoon. .
und later so'number come In for, .
I tea. MfaiTOiekard Is a cousin of <
the Miaus Morrii and Miller. \
The honor/guest was presented 1
I with several' pieces ol beautiful i
linen by (he hostesses. Out-ofI
town guests present were Mrs.
I N. Homer Barnes,'of Marlon, Mass.,
J the Kuosttol her parents, Mr. and
I Mrs. E. F. Hartley; Miss Wills
Cunningham of Washington, D.
f Rowand; Mrs. .Charles A. Slnsel
I of Lumberport; Miss Stella Park
Vr of I'arkcrsburg, and the Misses
Katharine Alger and Beulab
Members of the -Woman's'Cluh
will meet neat Wednesday at
the Y. Wi 0. A. for (he purpose
of sewing for.the children of the:
.salvation Army. They will sewj.
trom 10 o'clock until S o'clock
p and .clothing will'be made for i
B children from 0 to 8 years. The'
B.'Bclothlnk. Is -badly needed for the.
| , children, who] will be unablo to
Ani; woman or
whether a memor
not, la asked
ind the day or an
1 pair ot scissors
Ralph Hurt Is
'Committee ot the
this work In
I have the garready
for making
o'tfrick of Seattle,
Ive herb tomorul
weeks' visit
Irs. C. M. Peters I
a Benonl avenue,
a cousin of llr.
EMrsrAvon J. Reynolds
I) this evening at their
acock Park. The guests
ejUip',members of the
Mrs. W. IS.' Brooks are j
jon to Morgsntown, j
'Will reside. /They were I j
^Morgantown for soma ;,
ad moved back td'tliiw'i
ad been ' residing at I)
Park. Mr. Btooka has!]
id In Morgantown fbr|,
and j thpy will mova
,the first of the year. |
a Is^a daughter of Dr. j
rry Fleming ^iTd Mrs. j j
Ewui speno mo week-;'
esburg as the guests I,
t'ster, Mrs. George |
r.: and Mrs, Treutle i
lands)* evening (or St.
Flu.', where they will
nslnder of the winter.
s Prlchard, who spent !
)k us the guest of her ]
Dorcda Prlchard, at 1
a oLcust avenue, is I
y- for New York. Miss i
mgtgement to David
dn of New York was
during her stay' l^ere,
arrlage will be an ev.
Miss Prlohard
Irs. 0. F. Lough enter- .
^Hiaineo wua a cnarmingiy appoint
ed 7 o'clock dinner party last
evening at their home on Carle^gton
street to honor their cousin,
Miss. Nellie' Prlchard, whose en^^^Bgagement
to David A. Carson was
recenU^ajMotinced. Christmas ef lects
were prettily used In the 14*
>!>' decorations and covers were
^^^Bald for fourteen. An out of town
^Lnest present was Miss Wllla Cun
^Klngharn, a cousin o( Miss PrlchH|>,'
guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
^ towand at their home on Maple
of MIbs Margar- J
King Heard These Thlng?."T. E^ \
Johnson; alr,v ?Ob:to -Bethlehem;" hij
women's 1 choris,.' "Oh'.Wondrous 'a
Bur;" offering and offertory;
Christmas postlude, Harlter.
Part 2?Chornsr" "Ont 'of Bart
neaa;" ,ouartat, "Adoration;" so- h
prano solo; "Return Not," Hiss k
Morgan; recitatlre, bass, "And the *
Wise Mon Imparted," T. E."John-; n
son; chorui, 'Holy, Holy, Holy;"; T
benediction; postludoj "Hallelu- h
Iah Chorus,'-1 Handel. !h
;The personnel of the choir Is as I *
'ollows; j h
Soprano?Miss : .Ira Morgan,
Miss Marian Stephenson, Mrs. A.,1
H. Lynch, Mrs. W. E. Brooks, Miss I
Bsthlle Hampton and Miss Ruth '
Alto?Mrs.. W. D. Evans, Mrs. J
Cecil Ogdeh, Miss- Ruby Moran 1
and Miss NeUe Mclntire. J
Tenor-rE. L. Klnkead, -8. O. 1
Feaater, and E. F. Van Glider; r
Bass?T. E. Johnson, Wllmot 1
Eardley, Mahlon Henderson and 1
N B. Jamison. '
* * ? a
Attended Party 1
Ml? Lucy Kelley has returned
from Pittsburgh, where'she was a
guest at a luncheon glwen by the .
Maryland College- Club ot the *
Woman's College ot Luthervllle,- ?
Md. of which college she Is a grad
uate. The luncheon was held at ?
the Hotel Chatham. She also visit- j
ed with friendB In Wheeling. J
? I
Highly Recommended
Walter J. Millard, who will make
two addresses In this 1 city next
Wednesday, comes here highly !
heralded. The Detroit papers, as J
well as many others, Bpeak la the 1
highest terms not only ot the ines- c
sago he brings but of the eloctrlty- 8
ing way. in which he presents his 6
views to the public. Mr. Mllard Is ;l
field secretary of the Proportional '
Representation League,' and will J
speak on municipal reform In his '
addross In the. Circuit Court room
next Wednesday;' evening at s
o'clcok. A mock electlpn illustrating
what is meant by proportional 1
representation will bo ono of the 8
Interesting foatures of the evening, '
and'through tnls method some '
brand new Ideas will be presented 8
Ilm ?r .11
iui iuo kuuoiuciauuu ui an uivjo ~
Interested in clean politics and -if- 1
fectlve administration of municipal J
affirs. 1
Mi'. Millard will speak at thu Rotary
Club luncheon at the Y. M. C.
A. Wednesday noon ,and is being
brought to this city through-the of
forts of tho League * of Women i]
. e *o , P
Important Meeting
An important meeting of the
Y. W. C. A. wll be hold , this eve- Jj
ling at 7 o'clock at the head- 0
luarters on Mpnroe street.
.. *
Delightful Bridge
Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Satter- p
field' entertained at a pretty apjointed
bridge party last evnelng j }J
n- their home in'Gaston" avenue, J
lonoring the letter's sister. Mrs. J
Harry ConnoH of - Parkersburg, v
ivho is their guest. Christmas 8
jffects were artistically used in 0
the decorations and a salad bud- a
?er was served. Ten tables were \
wed in playing. ?. JJ
m * D
AUtop-Dodd v
Miss Jossie Dodd of KIngmont n
md Vance Alltop were, married e
rue'sday at Oakland, Md. They
returned here that evening and
mve taken up their residence R
lere. I
Bible Class to Meet
The William A. Sunday Neighborhood
Study Bible Class will T*
Meet at 7:30 o'clock Monday e
evening In the home of Mrs. John ?
3. Hicks in Gaston avenue; The y
esson study will be from the ^
fourth chapter of Romans and r
will be taught by F. J. Smith. 0
* 4 c
Square Dance. J
The Protected Hnmo.P.lrnl* will .
bold a square dance Tuesday evening
in the Italian-American Building
in Jackson street. Lanham's .
Orchestra will provide, the musio. J
All members and their friends are *
sordlally invited. 5
?. * ? a
Althouse Sings a Speech n
On one of his last triumphant
tours, Paul Althouse, who appears
here January 11 at the First M. H. J
Church sang in a Montana town on *
his comprehensive coast-to-coast P
trip. As usual he achieved the sue- J
cess that is always the rule for him ?
and a rousing social welcome bo-ij
sides. Nothing would do after hia|~
sensational evenlngappearance hut; J
that he should be the guest the w
next day at luncheon in his honor ja
given by a well-known club of the
place. As the train that would take]*
air. Aitnouse to his seat date that 11
same evening did not leave till
after 2 o'clock, he accepted tho in- J
vltatlon so cordially extended to
him. Had he known what was In 1/
store for him, possibly ho would 8
have refused. .
The luncheon took place. Mr.
Althouso occupied the place of
honor. What was more natural "
than he should be called upon to .
make a speech?
Mr. Althouse rose from .his
place. For once the dauntless hero ,
of many first nights at the Metro- j]
polltian was,bonpulssed,-as many ,
a man has been under slmiUar qlr- j
curastances. The applause that had _
greeted his rising ceased. Every
gate was focused upon him. In thj) q
unnatural silence Mr. Althouse a
dared his throat and began.
I "Gentlemen: I do not wnow.why 0
It Is, but I find It far more difficult c
to mako a spoech then to sing. I?
er I?," the distinguished tenor for t
once was lost as the words failed I
to come. g
Then the silence was opportune- g
ly broken by a voice coming from n
the back of th eroom, "Say It with r
singing!" t
The bust of sympethctlc laugh- v
tcr that followed the sally was
quickly turned to applause as the v
noted tenor took' the suggestion at e
Its worth and strode toward the
piano followed by*h!s accompanist li
This time when he faced his on- S
lookers, Jt was n6t. to hesitate' tor I
lack of appropriate "words, fori
emld the hushed silence again. Mr. u
2??iPIMw jSal
peech. ' . ,
Wedding Anniversaries.
Mr. end Mrs. A. M. Michael and
Ira. Mlchael'a parenta,- Mr. and
Ira, C. L. Reay,-celebrated their
redding annlreranrlea at a Christ.
iea dinner gtren by Mr. and Mra.
'hom&a A. Barrackman ot Morganown.
Mr. and Mra. Michael have
een married seventeen yeara,
rhlle Mr. and Mra. Reay celebrated
heir fifty-ninth annlveraary. Mra.
larracdcman la alao a daughter ot
Ir. and Mrs. Reay.
Marriage. Announced
Announcement haa been made
f the marriage at Ouy E. Campell
ot Oration, Pal,'a former. MaIon
County young man and Miss
mis Elisabeth Campbell, which
ran solemnised at the Temple
taptlat Church at Washington,
). C., with tho Rev. J. J.'Muir otIdatlng.
Following the wedding
. reception was held In the Wllird
Dinner Party
Ur. and Mm. Edward-Slack anertalned
at a prettily appointed
[Inner party last evening at their
lome in Chicago street in honor
it Mr. and Mr;. E. C. Butler ot
lleveland, and Mrs. Frederic C.
Imtth, the guest ot Dr. and Mrs.
). P. Fitch.
Entertain Choir
. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver A. Wood
ntertalned the choir ot the Orace
.utheran Church last evening at
heir home In Walnut avenue. The
iholr members with their .wives
,nd husbands were delightfully
mtertalned with music and-games
ind delicious refreshments' were
erved. Christmas elects were pret
ily used in the Interior decoraIons.
Guest for Dance
Col. H. C. Nutt ot Pittsburgh
rill arrive tomorrow morning to
pond a few days with Mr. and
drs. S. D. Brady at their homo In
he West End Addition. He will
ttend the dance Monday.morning
jid the bridge Monday/night at
ho Country Club, at which Mrind
Mrs. Brady will be host and
Elks Banco
A Inro-A. numhar will attend the
Tew Year's dance of the local
adge of Elks to be held -New
'ear's night at the Xasonie Temle
with Mack's Orchestra to fur-,
ish thfr music. A buffet supper
rill bo served by tho ^ntertainlent
committee, and a number of
ut-of-town guests will be present.
* *
New Year's Reception
Plans have practically r been
orfected for the New Year's reeptlon
of the Woman's Club to
e hold at the Masonlc^Temple on
lew Year's afternoon from 3 to
o'clock. TJho hospitality commltee
of which Mrs. Edwin Robinon
is chairman, will have charge
f the afternoon's entertainment,
nd music will be finished by
he High 8chool Orchestra. A
irge number of the club memers
will be out for the reception,
hicli promises to be among the
lost enjoyable meetings of the
utire year.
n. E. Hftrdwav has returned from
lewark, Ohio, where he spent sevrnl
days with relatives.
Miss Stella Parker arrived here
esterday from Parketsburg for a
irlef visit with her sister, Mrs.
iarle'r L. Faust. Miss Parker is
mployed by the West Virginia
Itate Board of Children's Quartans-and
her territory includes
en counties ot {ho state.
Homer Barnes ot Marlon, Mass.,
rho spent the holidays here with
is parents-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. E.
'. Hartley, will return ,to Marlon
n Monday. Mrs. Barnes and
aughter, Louise Hartley, will relain
here for a longer visit.
Among local people who reurned
yesterday morning -from
Wheeling, where they attended
he B. & 0. dance the evening
revlous, are Mr. and Mrs. H. G.
'letcher and daughters, the
Ilsses Louise and Odell, Mrs.
essle Nutum and daughter, Miss
.uclle; Miss Wilna Lee Davis,
Irs. A. L. Hettner and daughter,
ties Naomi, Mrs. Ernest Bartlett
nd Mr. and Mra. Harry Fleming.
Mr. and Mr?. E. E. Church are
pending the holidays with relives
at' Claysvllle, Pa.
Mr. and Mrs. JameB Stewart ot
lorgantown, who spent a short
Ime in this olty with relatives, aro
eturning this atternon to Morantown.
Miss Hasel Gwynn has recorered
rom a several days' Illness.
Miss Clara Hoover left some time
go for Adah, Pa., where she will
eslde. Miss Hoover was until reently
employed In the millinery
epartment ot Hartley's store.
The Rev. James E. Gordon; paa
sr of the Central Christian Church
i Walnut avenue and Third street,
till leave Monday for Phillipaburg,
'a., where, he will conduct evauellstlce
meetings tor two weeks.
Senator Charles G. Coffman of
llarksburg was here yesterday on
business trip.
P. L. Hupp, first gunner's mate
n the IT. S Q Vncitn ?-Kr.v t.
ow In the Jafclpyards at Norfolk,
'a., tor repairs before proceeding
o Panama, la here on leave. Mr.
[npp la a aon ot I. M. Hupp ot tho
ipeedway. He baa been with the
I. S. Nevada f or the paat two
lontha at Rio do Janerio, when It
epresented the United Statea In
be Centennial Expoattlon which
raa held there.
NIbb Gwendolyn Queer remalni
ery ill Ip her home in Diamond
Mr. Bnd Mra. Guy F. BUUngaay
ot Newark, Ohio, are gueate ot
t org an BUltngaley at hla home 11
ocuat avenue.
Dr. B. W. Howard, who iccomanled
Mr. and Mra. C. W. Wat
| sister, Mr*.- Flora Hayes-.andMtss e
i Flora Ham. 'i - t
j Mr. * and Mrs. C, E. Talbard t
hare aa their house guests Mr.
andMrs. Hay Swindler of Mojr- e
tan town and Miss Irene QtUla 01 "1
Uhlontown. Pa. t
Mlaa' Loralne'Altman went to 1
Western sort, Md., yesterday
where she will visit with relatirea
before returning to Bdckhannon, a
where ahe attends Wesleyan 'Col- I
I lege.. J,, - v c
Mr. and Mrs.. Clyde R. Baiter -'
hare gone, to Cincinnati, Ohio, J
where the former la a student at S
the Cincinnati College of Dental '
Surgery. Mr. and Mrs. Baker will J
reside there nntil Mr. Baker com- $
pletes his course In June. J
Judge W. Si Haymond, who
has been ill at bla home In
Cleveland avenue la lmprovlhg 1
slowly, v
Dr. and Mrs. Earl F. Hartley
hare returned to their home' at
Johnstown, a., after spending several
days here' with the former's
parents, Mr, and Mrs. John Hartley
In their home on the South
Mrs. A. Blon Boggs of Pittburgh
arrlvoH hero today to spend
New Year's with her grandson,
L. Blon Boggs, at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. L. 0. Boggs In fourth
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Stewart\cl
Morgantown are spending a low
dkys In the city.
Registered at the Fairmont
Hotel today are: J. McDonough.
C. B. Carver, Pittsburgh: J. D.,
'Broadnax, Now York City; Wlllaml
Ruese, 0. E. Sackor, Cleveland:
R. J,. Sk'eahan, Toledo: H.
If. T,flf?hfnn Mf f.olro Pnrlr Mfi.r -
!Mr. and Mrs. James W. Crutchfield,
Marietta, Ohio; C .B. Ambrose.
Washhington, D. C.: Mr.
and Mrs. S. A. Crowe, Rockford.
1111.; H. Rolahd. Washington, Pa.;
|M. L. Hoedron, Chicago; Louis
Black. J. K. Buckhanon. Morgantown;
Sal 0. Brant, Huntington;
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Black.
Salem; J. Bahjak, Lost Creek;
Mrs. John Shenk,. Parkersburg;
C. H. Donovan. L. M. English,
! Wheeling; Mr. and Mrs. F. P.
Summers. Jane'Lew; H. E. Kettering,
W. R. Crapshaw; Hendricks.
Mrs. Clyde Hacker is very 111
with Influenza at her home In
Fourth street.
j Th'e Monongah Fuel Co. was
I authorized by tho secretary of
state in Charleston yesterday to
romove its principal office from
Monongah to Fairmont. It was
also authorized to Increase Its
{capital stock from $50,000 to
Hay Manager
George W. Hay has been appointed
general manager of Elltliorn
Division of the 'Coniolldaitlon
Coal Co., to succeed the late
Capt. John Gordon Smyth, as- ]
suming those duties on Monday.
General Superintendent ,
I Qeorgt T. Watson, president of ,
the By-Products Coal Co., with ,
operations in Monongalia and ,
Harrison County, has appointed ;
John Gill as genoral superintend- ,
ent, commencing January 1. His \
father was mine foreman of the .
old Briar Hill C. & C. Co.
r-n j
| Mary Chatter's '
Weekly Letter j
My dear Louise:? . . ^ i
?Aiwjr xour ounces, inree xeas ana ,
two luncheons, to say nothing of ]
smaller Informal affairs, all in this
one week, along comes an Invitation
from tho Brady boys, Dunlap and
Zell, tor a breakfast dance to ,
be held In the Country Club, begin- ,
nlng at midnight Sunday night and lasting
until 5 o'clock Monday .
morning, and now Ann Debutante ,
Is frantically trying to arrange ber |
"dates" so that she may sleep Sun- |
day afternoon and evening and not ,
be exhausted for the affair extraor- ;
dlnaire. ,
They are having It for their house .
guests, "True" Orenner of Pitts- ,
burgh and "Dolly" Darling of Bal- ,
tlraore, and I know It will be loads of
fun. "Ed" Barret's Old Gold and ,
Bluo Orchestra Is going to p)ay, .
and breakfast will be Served at 5
o'clock. "True" and "Dolly" have ;
both been here before, and they
are so clever that thoy Just keep
one In tears, laughing- at their banter.
Of course the Hutchinson affairs
were the most brilliant of
the week, the tea being given
from 3 to 5 o'clock Thursday afternoon
in their home, "8onnencroft'
In Morgantown avenue, and the
dance from 9 to 2 o'clock that
night In the Country Club. Mrs.
Hutchinson bad the tea tor her
four daughters-in-law. Margaret,
of Montgomery, W. Va., who Is
Harold's wife; Bonnie of I ogan.
who Is Frank's wife; Katharine of
I Cincinnati, who Is Lee's wife, and
iRae of this elty, who Is Brooks'
vtiiv, miu m?u bub ana njr. naichlnson
tad the dance for tlie
four married sona and thelj Wives
and for Paul, "Bobby" and "Jimmle."
Tbe Interior of "Sonnencroft"
waa plctorlally decorated for (ho
tea with polnaettlaa and Christmas
grenery, and In the apaclona
living, room waa a large Ch-t?tmas
tree trimmed with icicles, little
lanterns and dassljsf: ami
menta. It stood In the bay window,
and nearby real logs c.-ackled'
and slsiled in tbe open fireplace.
Outafde tho wind was
blowing, and a pretty Bnow storm
had come up. AcroSi the hall
Mack's Orchestra played softly
Joiepblne Mason and Martha
HutchlnBon Colborn met the guests
at the door,' and thoy both looked
very attractive. "Joe"- wore an
evening gown of. aapphlre blno
mt-7 Jane &ok?d resplendent It
irf-afternoon rawn of black, thi
saterlatwhlch looked like cbonlUe
ml it vu tubloned with a hlgl
ollar of "the material at, the hack
Che aleerea were Terr lost ant
Ight, and the ikirt was long ant
Mrs: C. E. Hutchinson natural!]
tood first In the receiving 11ns
nd she wore a becoming afternooi
town of navy bine and gold bro
aded material with flowing geor
;ette crepe sleeves. Margaret, wht
rag next, wore her wedding gowt
if Ivory satin, and It Is exquisite
"he bodice." la sleeveless, belni
eld ln'place'with rhlneatooe shoal
er straps, and the skirt Is grace
ully. draped and caught . at thi
ralstllne. with a thlnestone buckle
5ae,-a charming, blonde, looke:
switching In an evening gown 01
irchld colored crepe de Chine ant
tllver lace, silver slippers wit!
'hlneatone buckles, and a sllvet
netal cloth headband around bet
solffure. Bonnlo was alluring It
treen and silver lace over green
lasblonefl sleeveless. Katherlno
vho was Katharine Race betori
ier marriage, was darling looklni
n a sweet Uttle light blue tatfeti
town, made with a tight bodlct
tnd bouffant skirt A deep lacs
sertha enhanced the round neck
Ine, and rainbow colored rlbbor
torroed the girdle, in her hair eht
wore a beautiful shell comb, stud
led with sapphires.
Iff.. f Ow,llk I. - J
miD. nugu i . oiutiU) iu u uuuu
some gray georgette crepe after
ioon govs, presided over ttte dlu
ng room, and tea was poured li
the early part ot the. afternoon b]
Mrs. T. W. Atnett, who Is Susar
kroett Haymond, Katherlne Ar
aett Henry and Bernards' mother
tnd Mrs. J. M., Black, and In thi
later afternoon by Mrs. Edwli
Robinson and Mrs. Thomas Brett
Mrs. Arnett looked so sweet iu :
lashiohable dinner gown of porl
wlnklo colored lace with slhei
trimming and Mrs. Black was bo
tomlngly gowned in a black after
soon gown.'Mrs. Robinson woro at
ilegant dinner gown of hrowi
georgette, elaborately beaded/will
wide bands ot Kolinsky.fur ntth,
bottom ot the side panols. Mrs
Rrett, who Is little Mary Allot
Brott's mother .looked lovely in t
Back afternoon gown.
In the* center of the tea tablt
was a beautiful basket ot polnsot
tins, tied with ribbons, and shade,
randies threw out a warm glow
loyce ot Pittsburgh caterod, an<
everything was delicious. Titerwere
little red candy bird nests
ind In these vanilla iced cream
with black walnuts In It, was serv
sd. There were rolled green pep
Mr sandwiches, cheese sandwlcltei
tnd plain sandwiches. There wert
thocolate cakes and cocanut balls;
there was pretty green candy It
the shape ot loaves, and then
were bright red marshmalloe
nlnts. Thero were salted pecans
tnd tea and coffee.
Serving were Katherlne Arnetl'
Henry, who is Mrs. Hutchlnsop':
ilece, Mary Ellen Henry, Marj
Hartley Greer and Mary Mouldi
Kathorlne was superb In a Len
trln green, long waistcd dlnnci
sown, which was trimmed In Cut
tnd which had darling little shoul
lor straps. Mary Ellen wore i
black taffetta and georgette crept
itternon gown, trimmed with stee
bends and silver slippers ant
Mary Oreer wore a rose and toi
teorgfetto crepe dinner gown
which vras very long, and had i
pretty girdle of rose and tan rib
Mary Hurst was lovely In !
black velvet afternoon gown, fash
ioned with a full circular skirt, lonj
walsted bodice and very stlor
sleeves. A pretty little band el
lace added softness to the neck
The annual dinner dance whtct
was held at the club Tuesda;
eight was a decided success, am
everyone had a delightful time
The Interior of tho club was ur
tlstlcally decorated with Christ
mas trees, branches of holly am
holly wreaths. Dinner was serwv
In the main 'and private dlnlnf
rooms and In the bell room. In thi
latter only, small tables were used
ina uiese were arranged aiong mf
trail, to resemble a cabaret The
senter of the floor -was reserved
'or dancing between courses
Lighted candles and sprays o!
holly on the tables added to the et
tectlvehcss of the decoratiouc
Flowers for
Georgeous roses
plaht fresh every mi
Flowers to weai
arranged in themost
. - All kinds of i
118 Main Street "*
r kraut, cranberries and hot t
I rollr.Shredded hearts ol lettuce 1
i with Russian dressing, and crack- t
i ere comprlaad tha third oouiac,
. and date ' pudding with whipped '
t cream, and coffee the fourth.
' There were -qulte-a few out?f- J
J town guests there, theie Including f
1 Hope Domain, "Jack" Hutch Ins, 1
Mary and Nelson Stewart, of Mor- J
r gantown; Jean DeWltt of Walnut '
, HI lie, Philadelphia, who le the '
i guest of Laura Lee Hutchlnaon;
- "Betty" Murray of Pittsburgh, who ?
- was the guest of Mary Moulds J
) Hurst; Louise and Deimar Robin- '
i son of Winchester,,Va^ who are J
- the guests of LouIse'B father i and ?
1 mother, Mr. and .Mrs. Homer Hall '
* and Mary and Llnsday Frame, who ;
' are Tlsltlng Linsday's. father and f
- mother, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. ,
- Frame of Adams street,
| Hope, crowed the best dancer In ,
| Morgan town, wore a gown ot gold),
iav? |Uibuo ivu0 naiovuu, ?v?? ?>???
taffetts, while "Jack" looked captivating
In an orchid-colored goorgette
crepe oVenlng gown. Mary
Stewart, who is a stunning brunette,
wore an attractively plain
goWn of black velvet.
Jean DeWltt looked lovely In a
green georgette crepe gown, which
was embellished with white,crystal
beads. With this she wore silver
slippers and stockings. Betty Murray,
who la beautiful and charming,
wore a lace dinner gown of brown,
which, In shade, just matched her
deep brown eyes.
Louise wore a ravishing gown of
brocaded silver cloth, with a deep
bertha of Bllvor lace, and a sliver
headband. Her slippers and stook-'
lugs were also of sliver. She and
Delmar seem very happy.
I think that perhaps Mrs. W. H.
Conaway. who la Harrison's mother,
was the most beautiful matron
there. Her hair Is white, as you
know, and.she wore a\ delicately
colored evening gown of Alice blue
brocaded velvet and chiffon.
Mary Frame looked lovely In a
bright green dinner gown of georgette
crepe, elaborately beaded with
bronze beads. -She wore a wide
gold headband and a pretty Spanish
shell comb In her coiffure.
Maalue Jenkins, who Is a "deb"
this year, was adorable In a brocaded
white satin gown, fashioned with
a basque bodice and a long bouffant'skirt.
At the hem of the skirt
and up one side of It was a row
of pretty roae and bine beaded
Virginia Peddlcord, another
"deb," was quite smart looking In
a gown of green and silver brocaded
material. She Is a charming
blonde and Is one of the most popular
of the "buds." Doris, Maxine's
older sister, was ravishing In
an orchid colored "georgette crepe
gown, on which the only trimming
was a cluster of bright (mrple
grapes hanging from the girdle
With this she wore ,orchld-co]ored
satin slippers and silk stockings,
and carrlod a coque .feather fan,
whlclfwaa shaded from a delicate
orchid color torn deep purple. t
I '"PAmnwwrtW -n ?
ivmuiivn, vulUUi IUIt| UI'llIIU B
> hummed the debutantes and 1
i1 "prop" school boys as they skip- ?
r ped along to the strains of mcslo <
i producod by "Bud's Band," n new t
orchestra, at the matinee dance <
. which was held In tho auditorium '
- of the Masonic Temple Chrls'maa 1
f afternoon. For tomorrow would 1
. bring tho dinner dance at the t
, Country CInb, and tomorrow a I
t luncheon and tomorrow a tea, a
I tea dance and a dance In the even- 1
I Ing In the club, and tomorrow, ? s
tomorrow will someday bring a re- t
, turn to eastern finishing schools t
and academies and perhaps a tew i
! tears at parting, and then social t
. festivities in the little city will be ,
folded and laid away In lavender, ,
. Dancing started at 3 o'clock and
,' continued' until 6, and such enthu[
slasm as reigned! There vfereml
: least ihroe men present to every
girl?all of the dances werej'tag"
' ones?and what "cutting" and
fussing there was for glrlB.
Laur.t I-re Hutchinson's guest.
1 Jean DeV'ltc of Walnut Hlllu,
[ Philadelphia, was tlicre .looking
1 very attractive and pretty In an
- afternoon gown of navy bluo satin
- embroidered all over In gold
" thread, and she was the cynosure
1 of male attention. She Is of the
1 tall-blonde type, and Is very strtkI
ing looking.
> Martha Dlcksrson, who Is a love:
, | ly young 'deb" and It the dangh'
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Murray Dick
y erson of Fairmont avenue, wore a
i fashionable and pretty, afternoon
. gown or sapphire blue Velvet,
f which was trimmed with bands of
gold lace. The sleeves of It were
. very short and the skirt very long.
i - i i i i mi i i m ii
/Tyi'b .jw..
yfiMBpjiii) JIWLII'**
New Year?
grown; at our own \
irning. .
"faw all cnpiol otfoiiw
*vi UM
; artistic fashion. .
looming and foliage '
Ruth Morgan, who was with
Jim" FTame, looked re*# blase
iad stunning In a black crepe gown,
Itmlcu, which was to long and
nil, the, skirt being drcular, that
t touched the door. Her hair- la
J10 bobbed, and ahe wore a pretty
lttle black toque with r band of
ur around It. .
Jane Cunningham, cbafmlnglj'
laturale, might be well called the
wile of the balk She alio la a
ilonde, and all the men tap that
he danoea divinely. She wore a
iretty dark green accordlan pleatid
skirt with a green embroidered
iver blouse, and no hat. The latter
irobably contributed to Mr popuarlty,
for all men seem to hate a
ist . .
"I with I might tell you about
ill of the glrla' clothes, but you
lever would have time to raad
ibout them tt I did. Yet I must
ell you something about the boys.
Phey were all dreadtully nice and
mllsglate looking In their tweed
pita and loud neckties, some of
hem wearing dapper un sweaters
inder their suit coats. Moat of
hem were of the tall slender type
vlth dark hair and dark dreamy
yes, and ll'I wager that more
ban one feminine, heart fluttered
lopefnlly as appraising ayat raitid
on Its owner?and the orchesral
Instruments sent forth the
trains of "Tomorrow, tomor?w."
!? /
On Wadoesday Mela Qallther
>nd Martaret Oaaklll had a nice
unoheon in the Country Club tor
lean DeWltt. The clnb was beauIfully
decorated In keeping wtlh
he Chrlsthiaa season, this being
arrlod out In the table decora.
Ions alio. Luncheon was served
it 1 o'clock, after which bridge
vas played. There ware enough
or four tables. Meta.ts the pretty
lttle blonde whom you asked mo
ibout, and Margaret Is "ltd" Qaslilt's
This morning Virginia qnd Lu-~
itto Lough had a bridge party for
lean In their homo In Locust avolus.
Playing started at 10:30
/clock and thore were four tabOB.
Luncheon was ssfved at 1
' This afternoon Mrs. T. W.
trnette ana Susan Arnette Hay.
aond and Katherlne Arnetto
ienry Are having a tea in Mrs.
trnott's home In Locust avonuo
or Fannie Haymond Arnette,
iargaret Owena Hutchinson
[Harold's wile) and Jessie Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Hutchinson's
lance In the Club on Thursday
light vras one of the very nicest
ivents of the.season. All of the
naln floor of the club house was
leautltully adorned with Christ as
decorations, and "Bid" Barett's
Old Gold and Bine Orchesra
furnished the music.
Mr. and Mrs. Hutchinson, ana
he honor guests received the
tueste In the north end of the ba'l
oom, and shortly after 9:30
I'clock the receiving line dlssolvid
and dancing which oontlnued
mtll 2 o'clock, began. With the
ixcepUon of Rao, who wore a
rhlte beaded gown; Mrs. Hutch,
nsoa and all of her daughters-lnaw
wore the gowns they had
rorn at the tea In the afternoon,
ind they looked very lovely.
The ball room was very pretty
rlth red and gold decorations, and
(reamers of red crepe papers exended
from the ends of the room
O a chandelier .covered with the
taper, In the center of the coll.
ng large red wreaths, gold leaves
Hauge F
Ridgely, Off Locust A
\ti rf
V i V
On Sale
>ot rolls, salted almonds? dsllcl
omm j?njr, whic^;
^ nrHSchln^'wor'vthe'lrs!'a
It was hard to dshids which looked
"Betty" Murray looked boa :
tul la a' salmon colored chllfou /
gown, with which aho carried a
tan of the same color. Mrs. John
James Brown Stonier, who before
her marriage this tall was HelhajH
Robinson, looked very fashion:.
In a rose and (did brocado go
which was trimmed with wide
bands ot blue (01 tur. The sktrs
Was cut.olroular, and a wide bai
ot the tur was around the bottom
Nell Prlchard's engagement was
announced Wednesday to tho olty
editor ot some big Sm- York paper
at e luncheon which her sir:
Dorcas had (or her in their home
In Rldgoly avenue. Tho guests Included
sorority listers of Nell's,
who Is a Kappa Kappa Oomma, and
used-fetfeOtlvsly'ltlViliS decorations.
Nail 1> just a dear, and one or the "
moat attractive |1rla I hare ever
known, and ereryono la ao pleased
prominent siilliu
take place In the early epring.
On Friday ajternoon Nell Morrla
and Fdna Millar bad a bridge toa
lor Nell In Nell Morrla' home In
tabloa^ot^bridge,^and then^eeveral
dance Tburiday arternoon In bar
home In Fairmont avenue, and all
ol tble year's "deba"-and male flappers
were out intprofuslon. "Eddie"
Barrett's Old Gold ana Blue S3
Orchestra ^played,^ and dancing
and everyone bad a dMIghtful time!
Mr. Brady, wbo Is Zell and Dunlap'e
wonderful time dancing with the
"debs." I never saw anyone with
Hons and that he Is tar from stopT'am
going to have a big surprise
for you soon, dear?porhaps
this coming week, and next Saturday
1 shall tell you about the br

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