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Mtmber American PublHb'-rii^Attoelatlen. j
8 . fast aio UUmeaU wfli Ixnrortant?If autweription
j tt ^malled^ea tbo first of tojgoM ^
Ira ??ats; cn? month, 80c, cash (a advance,
cbanso in Mdrai givv eld m well m new \
Poetoffice at Fainaont, West Virginia, u a
by business and industrial trodo 1
.tlons to maintain respect for the c
ivernment would go far toward pre- *
among our people engendered by *
rfled and radical elements," is the 1
Attorney General Daugherty to the 1
)ard of trade. "So long as the mass $
realize that government can endure 1
righteous observation of law and 1
Ice, the nation has nothing .to fear,"
eiieral continues. 8
nust admit that the obverse of this 1
when the mass of people fail to J
egolng fact, and that the nation has
fear when individuals and factions v
s if they could be laws unto them- J
ations absorb hundreds of thousands ^
their-various organizations. Each B
organized with the purpose of fur- t
dvantage and Interest of its own
kers. So narrow is the groove of
in in which some of these trade as ate
that the last few years have af- '
5 examples of the lengths to which ! *
jo .in order to secure an aavantage 11
nay react in the most harmful way c
lont and welfare of their fellow men, jj
n government is set and grounded c
cipai that each individual or c-mun ^
Ikeep .paramount the good ot the ma^^Strict-observance
of law keeps this standsteady,
for the law and the constitution abides
he principal'. When any association, no mat- f
how powerful, seeks to raise its own Interosts
tt the crushedinterests of the general-public. 1
government trembles. Continuous onslaught
more, "than detrimental. 13
jmerica is the earthly paradise of those engagod
;he trades and the oporatlon of businoss. The ?
eriean Tvorkingman is a king when compared ^
Misjbrother of Europe, and when a trade aslation
drears 'its' own advancement above tbe |
its protection, jt may for a tomporary
i, spell out its own destruction. a
ffi^'octrine must be instilled Into the mind 8
,'rifeart of the great masses of raw unaslmilated c
gMB^Rteiy a -part of the nation. It Is evor J
|umfwrned radical who is ready to lgnoro the
|. Busiiiess and trade associations have their ?
pk: cut out for them in holding fast to a course
llaW and Justice. It is tremendously difficult a
Jgl, ^anized for the advancement of group
|it.:aua 10 noia sucn ambition so that it will |
fringe- upon the rights of others. j ^
LB .divine Sarah, idol of the French people, I
frying at death's door with practically no t
?^'er recovery. With magnificient cour- t
i^yeyer, she refuses to give up, sending r
ges of cheer to the outside world, and words I
^JeVher anxious countrymen.
^hardt'.is an old woman, yet at the time of
aieat-neizure she was studying with undim- y
|d enthusiasm the presentation of a new part v
^1^, which, was shortly to be produced. She f
Dhfldenco that for ten years longer she would r
her place on the boards and her place in
laudlts of her admiring audiences.
Simons actress' confidence in her never de- a
ng popularity is not misplaced. So long as J
iardt can muster the strength to trail her f
robes across a stage, that long can she v
u$on an audience happy at the sight of her. I f
faithfulness of the audiences In France and i
.ijaly to those actors and actresses who have once i
a |HE MAID that are not accor
but outside of that
OH THE * COUKTHOOSE the first magnitude
$f^*}lblnk ^ everybody should play "Terribly," said
said the Maid on the "Terribly is rlgl
. Courthouse to the Janitor this *
" Pla/'at bridge," corrected the
janitor, who is a member ot the bridge Sf . TO?y
H|d?bcorrected.- said the iSSt 5?
IeTen "?' 1 ha,e 5a
j&w -* * * ssrwr?
Kf&i" agreed the Maid, ?*? ffljS
/ "9" this,bridge staff Is the rage ^ jggS nu
^ worse^han BOO, ao we ^o^d m0rnlng, J
j^^^^^epSdikwhS>trmn play- I
not speaking , of honesty, as to start one.
Well, I tramp my part- generally ^have t
I ocr's ace quite ireon^ntlir,;^nlaT. than men.
all, youth and beauty In its theatrical productions.
iimsriea. hu never produced a atar to equal Sarah
Bernhardt and it neverwillforits public will not
ihed'the e'ncdurageme'nt.nqr the loyalty that makes
t possible. When physical beauty begins to fade,
10 matter how high the flameof talent burns, the
voman actress is relegated to the shadow. To
he French It . matters Uttle that this wonderful
Soman is but the shriveled busk ot her former
ihyslcal radiance. They look beyond this to the
rhJte light ot genius, and, if, as the physicians
ilalm, Bernhardt never comes back to the stagi
igaln, her loss will- be felt, more keenly than the
oris of the most promising young talent of all
rHE administration is pleading to be allowed
to proceed according to Its own plans in re;ard
to the attitude ot the United States toward
Sufope. The President in a letter to the Senate
isks that the premature amendment suggested
ly Senator Borah be defeated so that plans now
letng formulated by the President and his cabnet
may go ahead unhindered.
That the request ot the. President will be given
iu'e consideration goeB without question. Surely
he President of the United; States and his cabinet
.'ho have been living with the,European situation
or months past, weighing and balancing, studying
.nd watching, are more capable of formulating
or this country a policy under which we may act.
han Senator Borah and any supporting faction,
rho may enlist under his banner.
The people of this country realize that a crisis
s at hand which demands all the wisdom that
he statesmanship here can command. There are
ertaln European problems coming out of reparaion
disagreements and selfish political attitudes
hat America cannot nor will not touch, but thore
s an economic situation which must be saved If .
be United States can do it, and action here will
irobably call the United States into closer^ relaionshlp
with the other nations than it has lilthero
been our policy to obBerve.
Whatever the outcome, no small senatorial
roup bo its loader over so brilliant can presume
o direct the expansion of the American foreign ;
ollcy. This, administration may stand or fall by
ts action now, and since the responsibility rests
rith it, it should surely be given a free hand to
roceed as it sees best. Since Senator Borah has
timself witnessed a need, and gathered himself
nd his followers toward a similar end to thai in
ho minds of the administration, why should he
ot put *hi8 own strength and influence behind
ho wishes of the President in this matter?
FAIRMONT seems to be suffering an epidemic
of old fashioned grippe; probably flu in a
ight form. Physicians are overworked taking care
? tho number, of cases that havo developed. The
dtients are thoroughly miserable, but are seldom
langerously 111. Families are taken- with it' in
ne, two, three or&er, thus proving tho coutagiousless
of the diseaso.
Especial carc should be takon by those afflicted
o avoid passiug the illness on to others. What
nay be a case involving but a few days conflneaont
for one person, may prove fatally serious
or another. All grippe casos should be isolated,
>nd it would be belter not to receive callers at!
11 lu the home whero one or .more cases are ]
While many welcomed the unusually warm and |
vuouiu; ivmvuui uvciiuiub u?cr cuijaiuiaa, lulling
it delightful to stroll in the open without
loavy wraps and the usual trappings of Christmas
feather, yet those days seemed veritable trouble
ireeders for the public health and there has been
tremendous numbr of bad colds followiug, with
;rippe complications in dozens of instances. Alaost
invariably this is true when unseasonably
/arm weather prevails in winter time. It is hard
o find the reason, unless the .people carelessly
xpose themselves or, what is equally dangerous,
ail to regulate the temperature in their homes,
nd become overheated as a consequence.
Certainly the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Company pays a lot of taxes in West Virelnia.
fobody denies thia fact upon which the distin.aished
representative of the B. & 6. dwelt bo
mpressively In the conference here on Thursday.
Jut how much money does the B. & 0. derive
rom its West Virginia business? Which way does
he balanco dip most heavily? Will the mere paynent
of taxes discharge all the obligation of the
I. &. O. to West Virginia and her people.
Goloshes will now come into their own. The
oung ladies have been practising a good while
rith this kind of footgear, doubtless getting ready
or this kind of weather. Preparednoss' is the
ight idea.
The New Year's resolution has become more of
; popular joke than a real, serious pledge, but
oking aside, why not a new and better program
or the new year? None of us are so good Wit
chat we might be better and since there is room
or improvement, why not strive toward it? Aimng
high never hurt anyone, and all human achieve*,
nent is built upon ambition.
ind third hand j
jw other things 1 ^ ^
ding to Hoyle, it
^ am a star of Charley Hodges In the New
Dominion gets his nose up in the
re populjir at a sir and throws a tew stink bombs
at Pitt .
the Maid.
it no dpubt" Al| we gotta say is that he had
? better pull la his ears, as we are
iH about to enter a tunnel and?
oqb manner in ? ? ?
'tMnk'that Uie We. doa't W1,nt.lt> *et ?*ed'
win, forgetting Sal t liml
the real point. - ? . ,
"Our "ocal" snows arrlyed all
hfy f? amusJ. r'8ht- ,kLot'? d?* a weatherman
' from the composing room.
rse," said the Thfl New Year ls ju,t aroand the
udge," said the corner It ho don't slip.
This is the last kolum we'llwrite
, this year. Ain't you glad?
auch power Is
n express train So are we!
But then there Is next yeiuv
nllsts, women which makes us both sorry,
letter eyesight
- And fellow was making a.sneech
{tF YOU WANT TO L<S*v<s| /\U/, WHO A??N
Hope vo ACHtsve.rMAr\WL^?? nsm^BS
BMP sy ^c^-THMQ IT i?1 ^
bswn?'To us J' And if you want to- l
STAttP&O ON YH<5 icee.1. .OFaY^WR1"
TRxiUSERS '.'.11 __ .
WwfltfB*** ^ / y ???.?
Coprrlfht. 1122, The W?t Virstalsa.
Mountains have mighty magic, the sea has a wondrous lure,
And the spell of the desert-places is a spell that will long endur
But deep in the hearts of the city-brod is a love too great to pe
For tho lights, the lights of the city, that summon them hon
Though the sons of the roaring city shall roam to the ends of eart
ufciuimus iii 'noi.it uuu umtio, muug in iqve ana rairtn;
As the darkness falls about them, they shall peer across the.ski
For the lights of tho city, to gladden their homesick eyes.
And .they in their sleep shall vision the glamorous streets th
With the lamps of ten thousand motor cars that scurry to ai
And the flare and glare of the blazing signs where the rushii
crowd goes by,
In the lights, the lights of the city, that flaunt against the sk
When once their wonder, grips you, you shall no more be fre
They wield enchantment greatdr than mountains, waste,* or se
.Though you wander tho wild world over to the furtliorraost haun
of men,
The lights, the lights of the city, shall summon you homo agal:
ouco and said, "Now I'll ask my- ffrrrr. ? , ?
self one simple question. 1 ENTERPRISE
"And It will be; a damn silly an- 8
swer.youtwJU get," said some one. Mlgs Anna Ga|| Tetr|ck c?
in the audience. 'fined to her home with tonsilit
* * Bernard Bice, son of Mr. a
California'has more than l.OOQ.-J^rs. w. 'O. Bice, was taken to &
000 acres of fruit trees. No won-1 son. Hospital ai Clarksburg 1c
tier people like to go to California.J Thursday where his toosilB we
The juices they servo are wonder- J removed by Doctor Sloan. He :
ful. turned home .Friday evening and'
getting along nicely. .
Have you exchanged your Christ- w. S. Wise has visited frlen
mas present yet? at Wyatt for the past week.
Miss Irene Shafer of Fairmc
Daniel Willard danced for the and Miss Guenadine Mclntire
first time in Wheeling last night. Enterprise were shopping
We mako the Bando, officials dance Shinnston Wednesday,
sometimes. Miss Georgia Sprlgg, fifth gra
teacher of the local school, is epei
But the music isn't any too
sweet. ? ; ?
? '
Bnt they are nice boys at that. COAL
t * i r at i
General Pilsudski is the name -
of a Polish leader. ? ~We thought I *087 UK 788 J.
you might be ^interested. McCOY COAL CO.
Only a few mnrr> ahnnplnrr ? "
months before light underwear. : ? r
' i ?
You may think ahoy carries fun- CTTY ICE flOMPANI
ny things in his pocket, but did you 1/1" ono
ever look'in a woman's hand bag? JrnOUeS 8jo 01' oily
Happy New Var Everybody! Merchant and Goff
Don't forget the- midnight-to- L??___i.
raorning dance at the Country Club.
All Mary Chatter's tobacco chew- _
era w.l! be there. U reported. CUT GLAgS
TOKIO, Dec. 30.?Deposits in APPPPTAPT 1?
clearing house banks throughout A AijLJu
the country at the end of October
showed a decrease of 33,381,000 Wo have a limited amount o
Vptl cnmnfipa/1 with tha fin rl ft# watai> ohftphola . nnlilata
September, while that of loans Ice teaa, basket vases, etc,, a
showed on increase of 7,808,000. greatly reduced prices.
Artists and photographers say Rear M an and Oros,,a st (
a woman's face usually is moro
beautiful seen from the left side. I
5 i
g Theno will be for the boy or girl who . ?
g JEBtw starts to satfc In earnest An account |
I yKKgifiW' with the Peoples National Bank will I
? ymWfifSi*.! prove one of the greatest; helps In *
holding a good site fund.
4 Per. ent Interest Paid on Savings I
mm the Peoples
H National Bank
^ ^j^yrtn^nsus, CaV.taH200.000.00 v.'|8IBIHmnUBlM
,1 Mr,'. via Mrs.-Boy, Fortney ha^e
moiredjnto their new home, recently
erected In West Enterprise,
The .-'infant'. son -of; Mr. end .Mrs.
Lute Nutter was laldto reStin.the
i L O. 0. F. Cemetery here' Tues'
day afternoon. The'chlld'had beep
. named, James Jeffersonl Funeral
; services were conducted by:the
Rev?J. B. F. Yoke, pastor of; the
M. B.. Church 8outh.
Mtss^Edna Vanmeter ls 'visiting
her1 sister, Mrs. C. ; Bradley ol
Morgantown, this week.
Mrs. Nancy Tetrlck spent' Christ,
mas 'Day with her son, Arch Tetrlck,
and daughter, Mrs. .John
, Sturm of Shlnneton.O/
W; Zuspin.of Mason, W. Va?
visited' his daughter Mrs. Arch
Martin and family, Christmas Day.
; Miss Bernlce Stewart,'who is a
atudeht In the Athens School ol
OhldVjg qpendlng the holidays with
her Parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E.
, Stewart.
Lo.rls Mouser of Quantlco, Vn? Is
home one ten days' fprloughvisiting
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C.
Dayld Cooper of Clarksburg was
the guest of. hie sister, Mrs. Thomas
Lguils, Sunday.
| Joe Barton of Fairmont delivered
to John Demary four hogs Tues.
day 'evening. The average weight
was 600 pounds.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Wagner of
Zelslng,spent Christmas Day with
Mr. and Mrs. C. El. Crlalep and
1 family.
James F. Mclntire; Forrest MclnU
ttremnd L. O. Mclntire were In
n Clarksburg Friday transacting logal
c business
ll Mrs; Bell Crislep of Clarksburg
I spent Christmas Day with her son,
J C. E. .Crislep and family.
! Haymond. Vandergrift of Georgej
town..spent theweok-end with his
' uncle, W. R. Robey and family;
bliss Georgia Billingsley of
Worthington visited. Mr. and Mrs.
Thpmas Loulis 'Sunday.
Mr, and Mrs. Gail Sturm spont
the.^wpek-end with home folks.. .
INews, was received here. Tuesday.
by Mrs. L. 0. Mclntire of the
death1 of her cousin, Mrs. Grace
li Lewjs of Grafton.
? Miss Mary Virginia Cottreir of
J Clarksburg is spending the holidays
with'- her grandmother, Mrs. Lyde
The ^Loyal Messenger C]asB of
J* (the M.. E. Church South Sunday
School was entertained by the
teatjh'er, Mrs. Lyde Martin,at her
home in West Enterprise Thurs.
day evening. Those present were
Mrs. Charley Tetrick, Mrs. R. B.
Nutter, Opal Fortney, Burl Tetrick,
08 Mrs. George Tetrick. Mrs. Nancy
Tetrick. Mrs. J. L.; Barrick, Mrs.
. Howard Pigott. Mrs. 0. F. Nease,
at Mrs! Mary Stewart, Mrs. .C. E.
. Stpwor't and little. Mary Virginia
The;Misses Josephine Shaver
lg and .Irene Shaver visited relatives
here"tlils week.- V" * '
y. ????;?
Historically engineering is .one
of the oldest of professions.
ts . ""TT
o oo.cao <=51
J 8
| (|
5 you have any c
U grasp-from lack
<: I
6 If you would go:
s' . |) be it good or bi
J o The National Bi
f 2 .
i i n
Candy Firm Reorganized With
Store Here Under Direction
of C- B. Ambrose.
The Benj. Franklin Candy Co.
store In-the Osgood Building, 422
Main street; was reopened today
under the hew management and supervision
ot Clyde B. Ambrose of
Washington, D. C;
Mr. Ambrose was In Fairmont
yesterday making final arrangements
to reestablish' tho candy
store. For a number of years Mr.
Ambrose served the United States
government as a pure food expert
and i he recently became affiliated
with the reorganised Benj. Franklln
Candy Co., whose headquarters
and factory are In Washington.
For several days the local store
was closed due to the reorganization
plans being carried out but It
was temporarily opened to taku
care of holiday shoppers who desired
their favorilo BenJ. Franklin
candles for.Christmas. > Saturday a
week ago was unusually hoavy In
i point ot sales, according to the
statement of Miss Sylvia Connor,,
uie saiesiaay in cnarge or tne store,
and the stocks Were considerably
depleted. However, there has been
a sufficient Variety,, of candy on
hand.'according to'Miss Connor,
and fresh shipments will soon bo
on the way from the Washington
faqtory each day.
Mr. Ambrose returned to Washington
last night, but. before, doing
so had occasion to look thoroughly
over the city, remarking that Fairmont
impressed him raoro favorably
thait any other small city in
which his company is operating
Benj. Franklin candy is. made .in
the mp?t sanitary way of,'pure, unadulterated
ingredbents, Mr. Ambrose
said. It is. "old-fashioned"
candy quite like the best sort of
a cook would make at home In her
oyrn kitchen and Its widespread
popularity is largely duo to Its
"homey'l appea/ance and' deliciousness,
Mr. Ambrose declared.
The. Ben]. Franklin pandy store
will be open every day and also
during the evenings until 9 or 10
. Lodge Notes
The various lodges of Worthington
haye elected officers for the
ensuing term as follows:.
Evergreen Lodge-No. 14, K. of
P.?C: C., Glenn McKnigbt; V.
C."; Elisha Brumage; prelate, Ray
Edgell; M. at A., Dave Thorn:
M-. of W:, F. M, BUllhgslea; Mi
of F., E. L. Billlngalea; M. E.;
A. J. McDaniel; I. G., I. H.
Nicholas; O. O., John Heflln; K.
) CZZZ3 Q C=> Q < > QC3 O C=> C
*pp, Sta
, * .
January is tl
American bus
. 1L. count of itself.;
over, records e
counts taken.'
i :"'
. It is, a very, goo,c
take an .invent
What did you
1922? Have you.
advance in the
ipportunities that you J
: of ihoney?
forward) be prepared foi
id. Start a Savings \
irik of Fairmont will' he
. . . . ' J V.' :
i National By
of Fairmont
^l*"4OO,qoo - Surplus *6c
?N) 10 I

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