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pup Ixtter Sjle. The great sale ol
frit, accumulated through the jear in
Jf. pad Letter ufiicc was commenced on
c aniay. Over half the immensa catalogue
-tides ol jewelry, largely of the "dol
jr'Sfoit, but with "sprinkling enough of
tbc genuine to induce a lively competition,
t pnards of -threo hundred articles in the
collection arc packages of latent medicines,
lu EUbw va in i ) j u - i "3
oils, old school ana new school, allopathic,
homececathie.ThomrcniaD. eclectic and all
sort, for tr. relief nf rvMT naiadT known
to man or woman There arc over one
hundred fiftr pold funtiTosed to bei
watches on the catalogue, and no end of drawn liom Mexico. This is in consequence
silver watches. Also, an indescribable med-1 of an understanding between the French and
ley of all the varieties of wares known to American Governments, that when France
civilization. Amongst the odd articles thus ! leaves Maximilian to himself this Govern
nassed through ITnele .Sam', mmlu finrlin ! tnent shall not interfere, in short he is to be
their way to the Dead letter office, are sets
way to the Dead letter office, are sets
oemakct's tools, packages of type, la-
wigs, bun'dlcs of clothing, duplicate
i of sewing maeincs, packages of felt
ol fnoematct
dies' wigs,
Trfs nf ci
hats, iron coz wheels fsmalf.. lots of i.mn-
i . . ' . .
wicks, arcss elevators, lalse bosoms (ladies.)
sDouiaer-straps, tiieces ol a Diano
i ,j
of a piano, lamp
burners, hundreds of militarv books, ire.)
The proceeds from the tales will be depos
ited, subject to the order of the owners,
should any of them ever turn up.
Not Had. The turkey burst its confine
ments while roasting and the stuffing escap
ed, to ihc terror of the llibrnian damsel
left to watch it, who ran to call her mistress.
"Ma'm," she screamed : "coma down and
see the turkey ; 'tis brownin' nicely, but
some of the cocsalexavnts is bustin, out "'
Ihe "eonsalcments'' is good.
A Nrw Mnnr The rmit lnRnireil anil
distinguished of the New York hair dressers
lies introduced the custom of dressing tbe
hair of his lovely customers, by adding and
blending with the natural growth tresses of
lalse hair locks of yellow are intermixed
in the dark hair of the brunette, while the
bloudo's colder) tracts are striped with
black. This unique style is called the
Zebra, and it is expected that it will bo a
great success.
Bar all Kigbt "Day Tms "The not
very promising son of an anxious parent or
two Baa oeen employed, at board, in a store
tor ahout six mouths. Tarcnts write to the
bead of the concern asking how boy pets
aloog ; H nc is steady ; and if he sleeps in
tbe store. Head of concern answers briefly
Bay good as ever, bleeps in the store
day times; don't know whore be sleets
:l.fr. it i.u. rt . r
Old Dose. The leading physicians in
"aria have come to tlic conclusion that one
ot the best preventive of cholera is rum
mixed with tea. ; and in consequence of this
an immense consumption has taken plaoe in
i rauoe inmiD iue last lortnigot. Tins med
icine was Known in Ireland a great many
imio )5u, mi me oiu hong says :
"T.'hat made me fannj and frislty
Was when I put era in e in my tay.
B ae sowl it was nothing but whisky '."
The people of Leyden, Holland, recently
made a raid on tbe cats of tbe town, and in
otto nicht slew some six hundred. Thov had
no uraefe in their 6oals, and didn't want so
iBHCti mewsic in their ears.
An Irioh ftasant beini; atktd why he tr-
..:,.Jk...,:.. ... "t!.
uii.tou ma pi w lkkc up ma quarters Wltu
his family, made an answer abounding with
Sdtirieal naiete , "Why not? Doesn't the
place afford every convenience that a pig can
At the meeting of the Taunton Associa
tion of Ministers at Fall lliver last week,
one of the pastors lamenting the small nnm-l-er
of children in his Sunday school, was
asked by another if many marriages were
taking pkee in tbe parish. "No," he re
ilied; "it is too much like heaven in that
Aaron Bradley, a colored lawyer at Sa
tannab. Geo., has been eouvicted of using
insurrectionary language in public assem
blage, inciting lawlessness and disturbance
uf public peace and good order, and sentenc
ed to a year's impriMinment, or according to
one account Jive years. One of the specifi
cations on which be was found guilty, was
telling the colored people of Savannah that
to take tbe proierty of their former owners
was not stealing that they had earned it,
and it by right belonged to them.
Hark on the Moon. Some French gentle
man 1ms been publishing what seems to be a
most unprovoked attack on the moon. In
tbe first place be remarks that wo could do
periectly well without it. As for oceanic
or atmospheric tides, wc do not really want
them. Many highly respectable plane' s do
without them altogether. And in our case
the moon is merely a big aerolite, which
was apparently wandering about space prom
iscuously, till it met the earth and at once
stock itself on to:us like a burr or a joor
U. II. Crosby, the Chicago man who
amassed a large fortune by holding for a rise
and speculatinc in high wines, ami then put
most of it into tbc splendid o;era bouse
erected by him rot long ago in that city,
made a general assignment of his property
on Wednesday, for the benefit of his credit
ors. His liabilities amount to between
$400,000 and $500,000. Trustees arc to
ell the opera house, March 5.
Krw Attjuctioxs, at the Vermont Gailery of
Art The proprietor of this establishment has
just returned lrom Boston where he has pur
chased a very large assortment of tngratingt of
different sizes, which will be on exhibition and
for sale at the Gallery in a few days.
A lady was asked the other day why she
ebose to live a sinple lilo Sho naiveiy re
plied : "Because I'm Lot able to support
a husband." Sharp.
DoN'rSE Foolish. Tou can make Six Dol
lars from-Flfty Cents. Call and examine an in
vention urgently needed by everybody. Or a
sample sent free by mail for 50c, that retails
easily for SO, by It. I. Wolcott, 170 Chatham
Square, New York.
BcnuNOTOx Bcsiness College. This Ins
Uon is designed to impart to young men a sound
f tactical butinttt education which shall fit
them for active duty in any department of busi
ness. The College Monthly with all information
may be obtained by adlressing Bryan Stratton
and Hoyt, Burlington Vt.
Bnrlicgtcnspt, 1.1SG5 wtf
IVews ol the week.
Br Telegraph
New Yobe, Dec. 23.
A Washington dispatch says that Secreta
ry SIcCulIoch denies that he wished or
need the loan of $100,000,000 asidefrom the
regular revenues of tho Government as has
been currently reported.
Gen. Wm E. Strong, Inspector General
on Gen. Howard's staff, returned to Wash
ington yesterday from a three months tour
in the southwest. He reports affairs in the
interior or Texas in a deplorable state. Much
destitution exists ainoDg the blacks and
whites The blacks are willing to work but
the wmtcs are not in a condition to eunply
tbem The latter arc also universally cVm
plained of for bad treatment and violation of
of such contracts as had been entered into
Bitter hostitity to tbe Government and Gen
eral lawlessness prevails.
So great was the ignorance of tbc whites
that they scarcely knew that the war had
ended and the blacks thought themselves yet
slaves. When President Johnson's brother
was accidentally wounded from tbe discbarge
of his gun, a number of surgeons were ap
plied to for professional treatment. Each
Cue refused his services because he was
brother to tbc President, and he was obliged
to tend Dearly 100 miles for a Federal sur
ga, and died solely for want of prompt
Louisviujc, Dec 23.
i tornado last night in tbe Ticinitr of Pa-
laeki unroofed banding? and temporarily
destroyed telegraph communication with
the South.
There was some disturb incc on Christmas
at ClarksTille between the whites and the
negroes Particulars not jet received.
New York, Dec. 2S.
Steamship Saxonia from Southampton
13th has arrived.
i Visnisoios. Dee. 29.
( It is understood in diplomatic circles that
tne t rench troow wm soon De entirely with-
; left t0 th? Mja". H friends in Europe
; Ie" t0 tno lcans- " inenas in Europe
! J !hat m ench aIDtingency he will quit
, iIcoi . A , ..
! . The friends of a higher tariff are organu-
ing their forces during the recess. Thet
Will r TlTPMrwl tn fa rTXT thr-i-IM rsH (hammM.
v ii -li V'- r X
I "l""
UIIU '1V "UJ SW V'inVM V UUJ a le a t, U I. 1, ill'
crease, but the 1'enn. interest is so tremen
dous that united with New England facto
ries it may succeed.
The President's house is undergoing puri
fication to-day, for New Years' rectption.
There is everv prospect lor the usual rush of
the people.
The army is to be still further reduced.
Gen. Grant's visit to New Orleans is to see
how great a reduction Sheridan's army will
The Chronicle has ceased to argue in favor
of negro suffrage in this district. The ene
mies of the proposed reform a&acrt that this
indicates that the President will veto tho
bill if pasted.
Mr. Stanton this morning assured a prom
inent statesman that all rumors of a disa
greement between himself and the President
were whtllv false. He expects to remain in
the Cabinet for some time to come.
Providence. R. I , Dec 29.
The steamer Commonwealth of the Ston
ington Line, together with tbe depot, ad
joining buildings, and 30 freight cars, 1C of
wnicn were loaded with freight, were total
ly destroyed by fire this morning at Groton,
Ct. The Commonwealth was one ot tbc fin
cet boats on the Ssund, and had arrived from
New York but a short time previous.
New Yosk, Dec. 30.
A Washington despatch 6ays the trial of
Gee for maltreatment ot Union prisoners
which was begun at Raleigh has been re
moved to Salisbury.
Uen. Grant will occupy bis new residence
in Washington about January 15th.
Washington, Dec 30.
Snow commenced falling early this morn
ing. At 11 o'clock tho ground was covered
to the depth of three or four inches. The
storm still continues. Some of the papers
erroneously stated that the pirate Semmes is
kept in irons.
Nw Yoie. Dec. 30.
The steamship America sailed at noon to
day for Europe taking $230,000 in specie.
At S A. M. to-day snow eowaieoced fall
' and Is fallen fast since
BaSTO.v, Dec. 30.
It is nuowing last bere at 2 l I.
Kumors of a I'roclnmntloii
WiSHi.vcroN, Jan. 2.
The story is again revived that tbe Presi
dent will iue a proclamation in two or
three seeks announcing to the country that
the work uf reconstruction w oomidetc. TIiik
would greatly embarrass Congress. Prom
inent Republicans assert that it cannot be
true, as the President has stated to them
repeatedly that he desires to avoid a conflict
with Congress.
Death ot Winter Unvi".
Washington, Jan. 2.
A number of members of Congress have
gone up to attend the funeral of Winter
Davis at Baltimore. His sudden death has
produced a deep impression here.
Yesterday morning the mail service on all
the routes which have bttn let in Virginia
West Virginia, 'orth Carolina, South Caro
lina and Florida went into operation. It is
said that but few routes remain vacant in
the first three States.
Senator Wilson's bill granting a million
acres of land to our public schools is attract
ing considerable attention. There are up
wards of one thousand applicants for admis
sion on tbe rolls at present,
Fire in Philadelphia.
Pijiladeu'Uu, Jan. 2.
A very destructive fire broke out at one
o clook this morning in Chestnut Street.
Buildings occupied by Ilarnden's Express
Co., Kockhill A Wilson, wholesale clothiers
and i'erry Co., clothing were almost en
tirely deetroyed. The loss will not fall
short ot one million dollars.
New York City nnd the I'enlans,
New Yoke, Jan. 2.
Mayor Hoffman delivered his inaugural
Mahony, Fenian Congress ommencod
its sessions al 10 o'clock to-day.
General Grant's .Movements.
Washington, Jan. 3.
The funeral of Henry Winter Davis in
Baltimore was attendod by many of the
most prominent people in Washington.
Gen. Grant and party arc expected back
in a day or two from the wtdding. The
general will not start south again for a
week or two.
There ia considerable talk here to-day over
the allegation of tbc colored people that the
President refused to sec them on New Years
Day. It is alleged that the President gave
orders that the colored people should not be
admitted till the reception was over when
ho immediately retired tj his private apart
ment. Tbc colored people were then admit
ted to take a very brief look at the public
rooms m the Presidential apartments.
Several memebers of Congress who ar
rived here during the recess have been pre
paring important bills which they will intro
duce immediately after Congress meets.
It is rumored that Senator Doolittlc has
rrcpe red a speech in which he will take a
strong ground in favor ol immediate admis
sion of tbc Southern claimants. The first
contest will be over tbe Tenn. delegation.
i'rlie Jloner for the Navy .
New Yoek, Jan. 3.
A Washington dcsrtch gives a list ol the
prire money paid to different commanders
and flag officers ol vesBtl, during the rebel
lion. $9,500,000 has been paid thus far.
H) captures remain unadjusted which will
swell the aggregate to about $15,000,000.
Address e1Ge. Pa.rsieMo the Negroes, j
Locibville, Jan. 2. i
f:,.r. P.I...jj a a aa I
. iwiram tuw cuiorcu pco-
pie in the. open air to-day. He congratu
lated them that eliTery wag ended forever.
and they had no longer any interests separ
ate from tbc macs of the American people,
lie predicted that the colored people would
soon be allowed to testify in the courts and
tbc removal of all their disabilities. He
urged industry, thrift and the cultivation of
mind and kind feelings towards all.
The speech was enthusiastically re
ceived and the utmost good order prevailed
New Yoee, Jan. 3.
l S.Csof 'SI 104i 7.30s, 1st series 99i
2d scries 99 3d scries 991 5.20s ot
'C2 102i of 'C4 101110.403 93 Jan.
Coupons. 144.
Boston, Jan. 3.
Vermont Central 1st Mortgage, SO.
Flour steady Western sutwrfine 7.25 to
7,78 , common extra $8,75 to 9.25 ; medium
1U to II ; St. Louis $11 to 10.
Corn, quiet Western mixed 1,00 to 1,04,
n cstern and Southern yellow 104 to IDS.
Oats, dull Northern, and Canada COe
to M!c.
Butter 30 to 45.
Chet6e 10 to 10
Iloston .llarket
TV CD.NEsnar. Jan. 3
FLOUR sales of Western superfine at 7 26
7 73 i commen extras at $5 73 0 9 26 j medium ex
trasatiioeil ; and good and choice including
Genesee, Canada, Ohio, and Micblcan, at 111 &
12 .10 f Mil. 6t. Louis Flour at I3l5?bbl.
Corn Meal 1730 Cfor good shipping brands.
Buckwheat 3 3 25 fc 100 Iks.
iRAIN Tbe demand for Corn continues moder
ate, sales of Soatbern eU'c) at Slot & 1 to for new
and oldi and Western is.ed Jl ot a 1 03 tuih.
Oats are dull, Silcs "f Nortnern and Canada at
S3 S 60c i and Trlnce Edward-Island at S7 ffl SSc f
bsib. Bye Is dull at it OS B 1 10 f bush. Barley
Is very dull lrom boo (3 1 1 OS bnsb. White Beans
are eady demand, common and sooa blae pod
Jl 50 2 25 j and marrow and extra pea at'2 23 8
2 Sj pbush. Canada Peas jl 3j 1 60 t butb for
common and choice. Shorts $17 23; Fine Feed
M B 32 ; and Mlddlngs at $33 IS io ton.
THO VISIONS The Pork market remains about
the same at $SS for prime ; $3o ef 33 f,r eld and new
men ; and $33 IS 37 for clear, as to quality. Beef
baa been in very fair demand at $192:43 for mets
and extra, and $21 0 23 for family. Lard is In mod
erate demand at 19 21c f ft cash. In Mils and
tierces. Smoked Ilanu IB a 19c f a. Uozs 13 a
licfS, as to quality, and extra lots at HI Si Ilia
V !b. Butter Is Heady, at 40 tt 4ie for good, choice
and extra Vermont and New Turk, and 33 ft 3Sj
for common and fair ; Canada ranges from 30
33c i and 27 e 33c for Western. Cheese has been In
steady demand, with sales at 16 2oe y tt, as ito
quality, lncludlnc I aetory made.
WOOL There has been a very good demand
for domestic tbe put week, an4 prices are firm and
well maintained. Tbe trauacttoes eomprho 70 000
Sd Aeeee and yulled, at prices ringing from 30 0
78c f , aj to quality.
f By Telegraph to the Free Press.
Wumuday Jan. 3
At market I03S Cattle.
Market Beef extra p ewt., 1 13 50 St H,iJ
First quality, (1223 0 1301.
Second quality, ill 00 ll SO.
Third quality ! 00 9 SO
Working Oxen, per pair, !!, ISO 2i.
Com aod CaHs, J0, 37, 30 M 100
VrarUngs, J25 tt 28.
Two years old, t30 m 43.
Three years old, ISO ST GO.
8hMiudLamtM4M5at aaarket. I'riees.ln let
300 4 00 S 00 5SO N0O. Hltr selection, it 75
S SO 10 25.
Hides, Si 10c per lb., Calf Skins 5S
Pelts, lrni 1,73 each
Tallow, a T9e.
Tre trains were all on ttacaxtd ahoat tJse i
number of Cattle as lat w.rfc. Tbe quality wj
aeout the tame, and priees aeaaeshat advanced aa J
sales quite brisk.
About 2(100 lees ahesp than last week, aud as the
quality was oonckterably better sales were qulek
quit a eaateut to teat week.
prrinl Jlolirrs.
.11 It S . W I N S I. O W .
An experienced Norte and Female Physician,
Presents to the Attention of Mothers her
ror Children Teething.
which greatly facilitates the process of teethinx, by
softening the En mi, redneinc all innamraations.
will allav ALL l'Al.N and spismodic action, and is
Depend upon It, mothers, it will give rest to your
selves and
Itelief aud Health to Your Inltintx
We bare put up and fold this article for over 30
years, and eantay in renrfr are anif trurs ot it what
we have never been able to say of any other xnedo
cine neter ktu it failed in a sinyCe witantt t rffeet a
wt, when timely used. Never did we know an in
stance of dissatisfaction by any one who nsed It- On
the contrary, all are delighted with Its operation
and speak In terms of commendation of Ita magical
eSeets and medical virtues. We speak in this mat
ter " ira ire do Iiwic,"after30 jears cxperleaeed
and pledgt eur reputation for the futfilmtnt of xekat irt
Uri declare. In almost every Instance where the
Infant Is suffering from pain and exhaustion, reUe
will bo found In fifteen or twenty minutes after
jmp Is administered.
Full directions for u&Ing will accompany eaco
bottle. None genuine unless the Cu-simlle ot
TI3 A PF.RKIN8,iNew York.ie on the outside
Sold by all Druggists throughout the world.
June S dawCmols
The last aa ' the best , the right article finally ;
everybody likes It ; Is purely vegetahlo ; restores
grey hair In four weeks, or money refunded. It
will do It every time Three appllcitlons will cure
all humors of the icalp. Ask for ITEBSTEtCS
any other.
Jtequirti immediate attention and should b
checked. If allotted to continue.
Irritation ol the I.unir, n Pcnuaui-nt
Tbront Allectlnu, or an Incurable
I.ung Disease
is onca tub rejclt.
Broivn's Itronciilnl Troches
nivi.io a wnECT i.tixrucx ox int raars, oive
iaucniaTE nxuir.
I'o Hrouchitli, Asthma, Catarrh, Con
sumptlvc and Thront Disease,
Taocuts arte csen with alvxts good scocts-
will find TrocJto useful In clearing the voice when
taken before Singing or Speaking, and relieving
the throat after an unusual exertion of the vocal
organs. The Trocatt are recommended and pre
scribed by Fhysislans, and have had testimonials
from eminent men throughout the country. Being
an article of true merit, and having t rot ed their
eScaey by a test of many years, each jear Pna",
them In new localities In various parts of the world
and the TrseJfi are universally pronounced tetter
than other articles.
Obtam only "Baows's Bboscbial Trocms," and
do not take any of the ;rnfn Imitationt that
may be offered.
Sold everywhere in the United States,
Foreign Countries, at 33 cents per box.
Oct. IS
Durno's Catarrh Snuff,
Which, In the first stages of a cold aetsllke magle
Headache, Hoarseness, Diphtheria and Bronchitis,
Sore Eyes, Deafness, Bad Taste and Smell, being the
cf Catarrh. This snuffremoves and prevents
all these, and Insures a healthy Head. Its e-ects
are pleasant and safe even
r. nleasant and saTe even ftr Infants who n r
from EnuCes.
It has the highest profe jslonal testimonials
forMeents forOneBox, or$l lortour Boxes.
Addre. JAS. DUEN0, P.O.Box 1233,
' NewTcrk.
Wholesale, by D.BARNES CO., 21 Park Row, K.
Dee. 8. W1'
Special polices.
itch: itch: itch:
Scratch ! Scratch ! Scratch '
Also cote Salt Knicii.ULCTKS.CmuiLiis..
all Earrnoas or Tat Saw. Price J0 cents, ror
sals by all drazjtitj.
Bj t tndlne CO cents to WEEKS & POTTER,
Ajcsts, 170 Wiii'xjtoa street, Boiua, It trOl
fcnrardedbvcall.frescf poitajs, to any ar
the fnlted States.
Oct. 23, lSej-daslyr
orj Hair Dye U tba best In tba world. Tho cnl)
tree and perfect Dye Ilarsileu Isitantaneoa
and Reliable pro u:ei a splendid Black cr Kator
al Brown remedies tbe 111 effects of Bad Dyei. and
frequently rertores tbe orljlail color. Sold by all
Druzslrtj. Tbe genuine Is signed, W. A. Batchelor
61 Barcliy ttreet. New ork.
Jan. M. 1ECS. dawly
These plasters bare tbeecmpactsess of lid letber
and tbe flexibility of a silk glove. They havo
enred varicose veins and external aneurisms. Fur
all:airecilnf of tbe chest, weight about the dla
pbragm or upper portion of tbe bowels. In colds and
coughs, for Injuries of the back, for all strains or
brniies, for a weak back, for nervous pains of the
bowels, and other nervous affections and cramps,
for heart aCections, In all these eases they bare to
be used to be properly appreciated.
Dr. T. Allcock Sin I bate been suffering un
der a severe attack of neuralgic disease of my bow
els for years, with hypertrophy of the heart, and
have tried everything known to the practice of
medicine from the very best It. D.'s ; but truth
prompts me to aay that your plasters have given me
more permanent relief than anything else I bare
used, and I believe will produce a perfect cure.
The counter-irritant effect of your plasters Is
produced In such a mild and gradual way, they so
Invigorate the circulation around the parts to
which they are applied, and exert upon all n'rvous
diseases such a great sedative Influence, that I
place them confidently at the bead of every plaster
now In ute.
Yours, Tery truly,
27 ltdawim
elebratcd DR. DOW continues to devote bis entl
time to the treatment of all diseases Incident to a
female swtem. An experience of twenty-three
ears en able bim to guarantee fpeedy and penna
nent relief in tbe irerteeoirseA iiftH and at-
elktr Mrnttrua! IJtrampmtntttrm tMafrtrr at'
All letters for advlee uuit eoatala I . OCjco.
9 Endieott street, Beetoo.
K. B. Board furnished tw iboae wbo wlab
remain jnder treatment.
Bos'on, June it. 1965. 13tawl
N O T II E 11 i: .V U A ( K M E X T:
While the attention or the enemy is tally
Kiincri lly Grant.
the attention of tbe general public is no less earo-
estly engaged by
which is aocumpliahinc wonders in tbe way of besu
tlTylng beade that age, or sickness, 'or feprtdous
nature bad disfigured with un-lthtlv hues. MIlUn
aijs truly that
ao lata renowned than war." Manuraetated by J.
CRISTA DO RO, IS v. 6Ator Ilonse, New York.
Sold by Dnucgiata. Applied y all Hair Dreams,
Dee. 27 dwlea.
Cares Kidney Dieete.
Cures Rheumatism.
Cures Urinary DUeases.
Cures tirarel.
Cares 8trtctare.
Tbe BEST Field K tract ttOck I now btfure the
pabllc. ISSMOLJXDFk'S For all diaeares a bo re.
and for irgjx.vct and PJIXS f.V THE BACK,
FEMALE COMPLAl.rs, and duorders ariaug
fseca EXCESSES OF A.ff kl.D. it Is perfectly
l.rrAIX JBLX. For eele by aU Apotheonrln ev
eeywhete. PKWE OXE DOLLAR. Tkr IT
DcaLiwa neeaaa. Wholesale Druggist. 9
Hanover street, Boston, General Agents.
Jan l,li-wly
Tl (I.V. Chloaama, orSiothpatcb, (abw Llrenpot
and Lentigo, or Freckles, are often very anno) lag,
particularly to ladles of light complexion, lor the
discolored spots ebow more plainly on the face of
a blonde than a brant ttc . but they greatly mar
the beauty cf either . and any preparation that
will effectually reuiure them without injuring the
texture or color of the sain is ia certainly a deside
ratim. Ir. B. C. Perry, who has made diseases o
the skin a specialty, has discovered a remedy for
these diseolorations. which i at once p.otnpt, infal
lible and harmless.
Prepared only by B. C. PERRY, Dermatologist.
No. 19 Bond Street. New York, and for sale by all
d ugctsts ; price 2 per bottle. Call for
Sold by all Druggists In Burlington.
Dec. 13 wfim
In "helburn Dec 26 at the reetdeDCe of M L -
Miner, Esq , by Rev. A L. Cooper Mr. Ambrose A.
Drew of Burlington and)llss Marion L. Russell of
In Burllngten Dee. 31st, by Rev. M'K. Petty,
Mr. William II. McBride and Mlse Sarah A. Brown
ell, lcth of Colchester.
In Underbill, Dec 7,155, by Rev. H. Webster,
Mr. Ed gar E. Ilerrlck, ofMIlton, to Mis Sarah M.
Tyler, of the former place.
In Col :hester, on Monday, Jan. 1st, by Iter. J.K.
Converse, Mr. Onyx Adams of Battle Creek, Mich.,
to Miss Betsey M. Wickware of Colchester.
In Essex, VL Dee. 23. 1363, by Rev. S. Paruielee
Mr. Ira 4. Tracy of Moeers New York, to Miss
MaryA. UlUs, daughter of Deacon Simeon Bliss of
the above place.
In New York City, on Wednesday, Dee. 7, by
Rcr. Dr. O srood.Tliomaa D. Robinson and Mary L.
daughter or Alfred Brooks, all ol New York.
In the Congregational Church Ilineeburgh.on
Tuesday evening Jan. al, Chester'M. Ferrin M. D.
or East St. Johnsbury and MarienE. Benedict of
Ini larlotlfl. Vt,, Dec iTdliat toe reaideaeeor
bir son-in-law T.J. Hasklna, Mrs. Kutli Atwell
ted 9' years 1 months and IS days.
N. Y.TriSanr please copy.
At the residence of her son In the cltv "f Bearer
Dam, .Wisconsin, Tuesday Dec 36th I3, Mrs.
Lewis Hlgbee,!; ears.
Vermont ! teeoy.
In Indianapolis, Ind., Edward R , sou or Henry
WTiitney, or this city, aged J9 years.
The late Rebellion aUnds out peculiar and ex
traordinary in human events ; and tbe magnificent
scale upon which the war has been conducted, en
stltute It one or the Greatett and mott Brilliant Ci
trrs of the irorWi Hitler).
Mr. lleadley, or all writers, Is perhaps best qual
ified to portray tho stupendous reaturea ol the
mighty contest. His pretlous works on les mo
mentous themes have placed him In the first posi
tion, as a graphic and powerful delineator or war
scenes and characters, and the magnitude and gran
deur or the present subject, impart to his pen the
fire and vigor or a yet more exalted inspiratlon.aad
furnish ample scope Tor the highest exhibition of
bis peculiar genius fjr military description. Under
bis powerful pen the stirring scenes of the War pass
In review with the vividness and distinctness or
present and living reality t while his great talent
lor condensation enables him toembody everythln'
ot Importance In a compass Just suited to the public
want. From no other source can so clear and com
prehensive an Impression or the grand march or
events be obtained, so easily and agreeably,as from
Mr. Ueadley'a work.
utner uiatonei nave oeen lasuea nerore urants
Report and other Official Documents were submlt-
ble. Mr. Headier has delayed the completion or
this till those liocumentl moettential to authenticity
and correclnett could be obtained.
Tbe Second Volume, completing this Work, will
be Issued in March, 1&C6. Agents wanted to engage
in iu fle in ever' town and county in the United
f-" "rpamcu
HS Asylum Street, Hartford. Conn.
ScaASTOX X Bcaa, Agents. iSal
OIPCI (tJiMiu vs asuuvs iui Mil ur
' TO Dl'IDPL' A Oi-iX
as i Wo a sV,V W UV's
Jn. I wtm
Architect nnd Prnctient Builder,
Qficc at residence, Essex, 17.
TITlIEi'EheiuaT be consulted upon everything
I T relating to the erection or iiuiittings 01 an
classes, from tbe foundation to the roof. He Drafts
Plana and Drawings, (with all necessary calculi-
tions, erections, sections, .sc.) ctLnurcues, Acaae-
raies, dcuoci nooses. Hotels, uweiungs, sc.
and ? "jj at-h gtnerally.lneluding additions
and lmprovementj.
HaTlnz bad considerable exDerlence In the erec
uoa i uQcnirr inarcnes ne ininxi ne can cive
entire satlifactlca (either ai contractor or snperln
tend.nWWall5.bomayneed.bli serrlcei In this
branch cf Architecture, and hs would adrlio
"Building Committees" to consult blra personally
ci oy ieer oeiore contracting witn otccrs. lie auo
Dram and Constructs Bclldlnp of all kinds from
tba simple and cheaper forms, to the heavier and
core expensive. Auarcss
Architect and BuUJer. Esiex, Vt.
Jan. 4. wm
Affricul tural Society.
niHE next annual meeting of this Scclety will Le
J. holden at the office or the Secretary, In Bar
llniton, on Wednesday, the 7tb day of February,
A. I). leCC, at 2 o'clock P. M.
queatra to present tnem on tno rorenoon or mat
aay. rrr oraer u rresiaent,
MMIE third Lecture before the "Young Jlcn's As-
A. locution" win be given at
Tuc-dny Eicnlng, January Oth, I SCO,
ill' REV. A. I.. STONE.
Admission M Cents.
tickets fur sale at the BookltAna. and t tlw.
Do&rs open at 7 o'clock. Ltctnrea tn Mmiuw
ataocioca. JanXdwlt
ts' ...ilKAnbfc
ll-tll'l 9 Ilvllt-llll'f 'iiiiii-iii'
.at III. I ailMII.IIIlt l Ollin.im
ur llAItltUKU,
ti Il t at uuil Surplus. S:t, -1)1). 00(1.
S. in S. WIRES, Agents
Home Insiiraiice Company
'aplliil and Surplus. SI,T30,0(K).
S. X R. S. WIUF.S. Agents.
riielus Co of.Yorth America
locutsorated is 1 7 J t . Oldest Company In the
:. Oldest Company
United Sutee )
npltal and Sutplu., il,S(H),0(IO.
Perpetsal las. arnated on arst-elass buildings.
S.tn,S. WIRES, Agents.
international In. Company
( 'a pita I and Siiriilu-, 1, 00,00(1,
b. & It 8. WIRES, Agents.
iHctropolitaii JllMiraiifc Co.
upltal and SurpliM, $1,150.(1110,
TblaOa. istsuaa i aet aroate to yoltay bsHsn.
S.1R.S. WIRES, A genu.
.or th Western IiiMiranccCo
Cai'itul mill Surplu-, JSO,000
laeorpurated in 1SJ.'.
b. A R. S. WIRES, Agents.
IMui'iiik Insurance Company
Capitnl ami Surplu, 1.000,700.
S. A R. S. WIRES, Agents.
Connecticut I-'ire In. CO.
Capital nnil -Surplus $273,000,
S. A U & WIRES. Agents.
A'arraijaiisctt V.X. .ll.Iii.x.Co.
Capitul and Surplu, SCOO.OOO,
S.1R.S. WIRES. Agents.
r.:iiii:ii' Fire Insurance Co.
l-m.lial nml Surnlii"-. 1 102.107.
S. A IL S. WIRES, Agents.
d'niiiiiii't'i-u Iiisuraiice Co.
CAPITAL ANOSiniM.lS. 170.000.
, K 4 It- . WIRES, Agents.
A'iairara Fire IiiMirance Co.
CAPITAL AXIS Srill'I.r.S 1 .300.000.
This Company insures detached larini and vil
lage dwellings, three jears. ror ' percent
S. A K. S. WIKES. Agents
liorillard Fire Insurance Co
This Co. returns i net profits to policy holders.
5. If U. S. WIRES, General Agents.
Western .Mass. Insurance Co
S. A R. S. WIRE3, General Agents.
iYortli American Fire Ins. Co
Incorporated 121.
Fifty per cent of net profits returned to
S. A R. S. WIRES, General Agents.
A npllcatlons for agencies for the three last named
Companies In Vermont, Western New Hampshire
and Northern New York, should be mad to us as
UeneraJ Agents and Agency Superintendent! for
said Com P'nies In said territory.
Fire anJ Inland Insurance taken In the above
named lint class Companies, to the amount or
J2M fit). In one risk.
Dwelling b onses and their contents and farm pro
perty generally will be Insured Tor one or a term or
jears, allowing theinsurcd torecelve back yearlr
three-fourths Uie profits at rates so low as to make
it an object to al I having such property to insure,
to try these Companies.
Fremlum notes are not required, and the Insured
Incurs no liability to assessments ithe large cash of
these Companies famish perfect Indemnity rural!
First-class rarra and village dwellllng houses,
with their contents, will lie Insured three years ror
hair 01 one per cent, ror the entire term. Losses
liberally adjusted and promptlypald at this agency.
S. i. R. B. WIRES, Agents.
rilDE ENTIRE STOCK at the New York Bonnet
Store to be closed ont on or befnrn tha first rr
January next.
Call soon for bargains.
8. S. BROWN,
Dee.21.dtr. No. 1 Central Block.
basing elsewhere. 8.8. BROWN.
Bltort2rfeC,a555l5,k' Ch"eh 8t'
Burlington. t.. March S2.
.1 " ':- .
or tbi
illniihattaii Life Ins.
, Assets,
i mnr, . . .a-
- " '""A.SS??-" '""tLV'JS,.'
bts !n KBSX,' w thT In'.d
LiC&iui poiaoa tno joist, sigce asa caiui piwu o
Insurance, thus affording to the public the advas-
tsKea u eitner system at vneir onuou in oue imu-
tuUon, The lowest rates of premiums are charged
that can be adouted and furnuh reoulslta secur
to the assured and perpetuity to the company.
Tilt company kai already pxii otrr (1,000,000 r
tows ana oxer l juuy.w in ajtiunut ro policy
Premiums mar be Daidslnzlr or In five cr ten an
nual payments, at option of the assured. This
clan Is commended to the nubile as It elves to the
asmred the tnll valne cf all the money paid and
being completes In early life, whilst the parties are
vigorous and hopeful, gives entire exemption from
pat menu or anxieties iu aavanceu iue. its raise
cannot oe toonigniy esumaiea.
These are made payable at death or on attaining a
giren age, rremiums payaoie m ten annual pay
ments. The policy becomes non forfeitable for one
tenth of amount imnred ror each payment, parties
insuring in this plan have all the advantages of
a saT.nirs uanr. as tne rtarment or premiums se- '
cures Its eiuiralent value, payable on the assurer
attuning tne pven age or at aeatn snouia it occur
sooner vnoie
llfe.ahort term, endowment and
issued In all their various and an-
annuity policies Issued In all their various and ap
proved iwri
,Printed documents containing lull
Infvrmatlon furnished without eharire and sent free
br mall, tlood local scents wanted in ererr town
ami enerzetia and reliable men employed on favor-
aoie terms to travel lor tnis coupany
b 4 it. s wn:ts.
Oen. Agents f. Agency Supt.s
for Vermont and counties or 8aratoea. 'Washington.
WarrenpEssex, Clinton, Franklin and St. Lawrence
in iew iora. jaa juawiy
Fur Fifty I'ears the Family Paper of the
This valuable old paper, (the oldest of its kind in
the worId.)wbicb has done so much for the mainten
ance or Puritan principles and great reforms In tbe
eouatry, is now managed with u&surpasaed ability
ana enterprise, it never oeiorenaa so large a suo
scription list as no, and has lately added various
popular and attractive features. January 2 its
LEEPAl'KR will be issued, and from that
time It will appear In M.WTVFK. and be the LAR-
uuir i-.i-r.iioi its amain -ewtngianu,
cBets a variety ot
for new subscribers, worth from 11.2; for one new
subscriber, up to $ ii rur rortv new subscribers. It
oners any or our uoiueani foreign jiomnues lor
a ear. an tbe Foreign Uuirterllrs. Webster's New
ietionary complete, anatespean -a tveras, various
lautiful Boots'lUker's best Sewing Machine, ec
I l&vnuaiu.i itr.ourtuc.it continues to oe as it
has sn long l-een. the chief, often the only paper of
that larze and Influential class or persons who hold
nrmiy to tne urtnuuux raitn ana pouty, tne princi
ples rr which were su empbsticailr reaffirmed br
the National Council and this Is the reason that
discerning tusines.- men value the paper o
mgutt as
An Advertising Ifledium.
Other papers may adapt themselves more to aU
denomination, to political issues anl temporary
eerrents or thought and feeling, and thus obtain
large circulation and do much good, nut the Re
corder has always bad tbe great fundamental Ideas
f Our Fathers to defend and promote, and cannot
be teunted br a more lucrative eircelatioa from
seeking to term and guide public sentiment Air tbe
greater ultimate good and for a more uneees re
gard. The maintenance of a Scriptural faith, pure
discipline, earnest piety .increasing knowledge, the
eaecutiuu of tbe Temperance, Sun lay and other
vital laws, the final riahts r,r all men, made or one
blood, will be iu cardinal aim.
Having increased Its editorial corps and its list ol
well paid contributors, it will be able, with Its en
larzedsiae. to erlve full correspondence, borne and
ioreigB, a careful digest of all idtgieus and secular I
intelligence, Ute 1 engreseionai proceeuings, ail ue
moral bearings t the new and gr at issue bow be
fore the nation, and in every way seek to be many
papers la one, r 11 that Is needed mr a complete,!
neb and safe !amil paper. 1'rioe per year.
Office ;o. II coram. 1. Boston.
Dee. 29, -diwiw
Til E X K V Y O It Iv T I M ES
Kiilnrgcmetit of the llally, Scmi-ti cehly.
and i eeKiy 1 tme.
The laarsest ami Cheapest
Tbe New York Times has beea enlarced to tbe
else or ue ijoniou lines.
Kaeh anmber eon tains etikl nazes of seven eol-
nnnaeaeh or tiffm tir Columns in all meilnc It
tbe largest aewspeper in the u at ted state.
The TIMES will contain re-alarly
I'ull 'ongrciotinl Hciorts.
Ileport of the I.egl-lature.
.Hi -aes and I'uhlic Docuuiciits.
Ilcporls of Cutirt and I'uhlic Jlcetin.
l'.urercnn Ncti In Knll
1'oteigii nnd I)ometlc Correspondence.
News lrom nil pnrts ol the World.
I.itemry XeHs,ScIectIoii,nnJ 3Iicellnny
thin nnihle will be done to mate tho
TIMES tbe must valuable and interetting Family
ewspeper tn tne l nuea states, its price wui re.
.nrfniind. In snite of the fact that its site
and contents nave been inceroaeu one-iwrui.
Tbe following are tbe prices of the editions, paya
ble in all eases In advance .
The Pally Times, per annum, $10
The DaUy Times 'Sunday Hdition Included.).. IU
The Semi-Weekly Times, one year, $3
Tbe Weekly Times, one year 12
TKm, nrirea are invariable, rlub rates are dis
continued. We have no traveling agents. Reran
tn Checks or Post office Money Orders ir possible.
Address, II. J. RAYMOND t CO.
Times Office, Iew 1 ork.
This Is the AMBnOiU that KiSJEHai.
This Is the Cure that lay
la the AJWKOsu that Eis; &,!, !
This Is the Mtaivho was bald acd
Who now bit raven locks, thsv ssy.
. He nsed the Cure that lay
' It. hn lwnmi,lt ,!,, I .nr. t, .! J
This Is the Maiden, handsome and
Who married the man once bald and
Who not? has raven locks, they ssy.
lie nsl the Ambrosia that King
This Is the ranon.who, by the way.
aiarrled tho maiden, nandaome and
To tbc man once bald and gray,
lint who now has raven locks, they
riecausc he used the Core that lay
la the AJIliKosLi that lUar; made.
This Is tha Bell that rings away
To arouse the people sad and gay
1 nto wis larr, wmcn nere uoes lay .
If yon would not be bald or pray,
L'lt (Ae AXBRosia that Jlinj made.
L H.TUBBS & CO., Proprietors, Peterboro , N.H.
Premium Cheese J'a t .
PaUnted December 12 13il, and June 22, 18M.)
Vitli Cooper's ratcnt Heater and Self
Adjuslinc; Valves.
(Patented February 12, 1861.)
rpniS VAT with iu latest Improvements Is now
e,rCUUr- C. C. POST. Agent.
Hlneiturgb, Vt, Oct. 11th, 1543. wtf
Tea best and doit
Economical Slovo Tinnnc
Cold Feet Obviated
Those that use Stewart's Parle ttA.. nn
plain of cold feet, damp or chilly rooms or frosty
Stewart's Parlor Stove
Tbe temp rat ore of y cur roonu always under your
Vinfrnt sae Dr.. I the wn. 1 .1 . .
H ue. eaav aaawjk SltTaeSlUTV IbQTC 111 UjH
o lick room or nurserjr tixQuld ha without bte
w art's Parlor Star wiLh arnt. u.
tmlnent pbjtlciacs.l
at O. 3. BLO DUETT X CO.
Osllege Street
All who prefer the
Vase Burn i n g- S one
should net rerget the
O K I i: .Y T .1 JL ,
The most cLccifa! and rerlaVld one
Their desiga and pattern are the result nt taste
and their
I r a c t i e a I W orti
. Success.
UtaiUntty est hand.
Strictly a lirst rlius Stove.
A" O A' i : O K T T K K .
IJIodpctt tfc Sweet's
Galvaiii.cd Fortahle Ovens
of ill sites
. IVholesele.
11 11 I T T A A' I A
te.i A' corrr.i: i'ots
ot every deaerlptien.
Chamher Sets &c.
Mloicc's Scutes
new acknowledged to le INFERIOR TO NONE.
tf all alses and patterns, lr sale by
College Street.
ggnlnf mul Danhrnre.
skates i skates::
A large asMirtment ot
qualities and price
All Straps with patent buekles,
Wthite Lead.
Atlantic White Lead
and ..Unseed Oil Co.,
.of New York.
Manufactiii-ers of PVKE WHITE
LEAD, Di7-tnd in Oil, RED LEAD
LITHARGE, Glaij-mak.-"' Rd
Lead, etc
AIso'LINSEE D OIL, Raw, E'oiled
and Refined.
For sale by Druggists 5: Dealerf
generally, and hy
General Agenu,
587 Pesrl St.. NEW YORK
rE, THE SUESCxUBEItS, having been
appointed by the Honorable the Probata Court
ror the District or Chittenden. Commissioners to re
ceive, examine and adjust the claims and demands
of all persons,agaInit the estate of Philander Wells,
lata or Ulneshsgh, in said District, represented
Insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibit
ed in onset tnereu ; ana six months xroa tne aay
cr the data hereof, being allowed by said Court ror
that purpose, we do therefore hereby give notice,
that we trill attend to the business of our appoint
ment at the dwelling of Elearir Ulan la iHnesDurgh
la said District, on the last Tuesdays cf Ja
nuary and June next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each
zt said days.
Dated this 23th day orDecemher, A. D. 1355.
JOSEPa MARSH, (,,,..,...
RCFCS PATRICrf, jCOmmlssloneri
STATE OF VEEMONT. irpo aU persona eon
District of Chittenden, u.) JL cernedinthe estate
of Alvln J. Watklns, late or cUsex, la laid District,
At a Probate Court holJen at Burlington, within
and ror the District or Chittenden, on tie 3rd day
or Jan. A. D. IS6 an Instrument, purporting to be
tho but Will and Testament or Alvln J. Welkins,
bite ol Essex, ia said District, deceased, was
n.Ti . I rn 1. 1 1 i'-r. . r i . I r... i-v .
And It Is ordered br said Court that tba 24th dar nt
January. A. D. 1SW at tho Probate Court Kooma la
said Burlington, be assigned tor proving said In
strument ; anu toat notice tnereot De given to all
persons concerned. hvpablishic!r this order thrM
weeks successively in tne Burlington Free Press, a
newspaper printed a, raid Burlington, previous to
the time appointed.
TUKRf rear. VoU are herebr notified tn annear
before said Court, at the time and place aferesald,
and contest the probate of said will, if you have
Oiven under mr hand, at tbe Probata Court
rooms, this 3d day of January, A. I)., ld6.
w-jswj r. t. hales, judge.
EOF VERMONT. ? I HE Honorable the
District or Chittenden, ss. 1 rtobateUouitfortha
District or Chittenden. To all persons interested
intheestato ot Ulram Clark, or Hlnesbnrh.ln
said district.
Wbcksus. application in writing hath been mads
to this Court br the Euardisn or said wardi for li
cense to sell thowholeorreal estate of said ward, let
ting torth therein that his said ward now owns ten
acres or land and an Interest InJand which was set
outastht dower or the late Violet Clark, In said
AxDinsRicro.x.the said Court appointed and as
signed the J3i day or January,A.D.,iS66,atthe
Probate Court rooms, in said District, to hear and
decide upon said application, and ordered
that public notice thereorbe given to all persons
inieresieu inerein, if pubiisning uns oraer lure
weeks successiTely, tn the Burlington Free Press,
newsjiaper, which circulates In the neighborhood or
tnote persons inieresieu merein, all or which
publications shall be prtrlous to the time appoint
ed ror hearing.
Taaairoar. you are hereby notified to appear
before sab! Court, at the time and place aforesaid,
then and there to object to the granting of such
license, lryou see cause.
Given under my hand, at the Probate Court
Rooms, this M day orjannary, A. D. 1.
ww3 T. K. WALES, Judge.
irE, THE SUBSCRIBERS, having been
TT appointed br the Honorable the Probate
Court for the District of Chittenden, Commissioners
to receive, examine and adjust the claims and de
mands of all persons against the estate or Ellsha
Bars tow late or South Uurliagtnn In said district,rep
resented insolvent, and also all claims and demands
exhibited in offset thereto ; and six months from
the day or the date hereof, being allowed by said
Court for that purpose, wedo therefore hereby give
notice, that we will attend to the business of oar
appointment at the dwelling of Martha Baratew,
tn Seutli Burlington. In said District, on the first
Mondays or February and Jane next, at 10
otoieek, A. M., on eaeb or the said days.
Dated this 3th dar of December. A. D., IHZ.
LEMUEL S. DREW, 1 Cemmls
HUGII KIMBALL, jsieners.
District or Chittenden, ss. ) X Probate Court
lor tbe District or Chittenden,
To all persona Interested In the estite ot DavM
Caswell late ol llloeabur;h. In said District. deceas
ed, lintmso.
Whereas, said Court hath assmed the S8th dav
or January next fbr the settlement of the admlniatra
tioii account of tbe executor or the
last will and testament or sakl deceased,
and ordered that public notice taereef be
given to all persons interested ia said estate, by
publishing this order three weeks successively pre
vious to the day assigned, in tbe Hurlingten Free
Press printed in Burlington, in said District.
Therefore, you are hereby notified to appear at
ttse Probate Coert rooms, in Burlington, en the
day assigned, tbenaad there to contest the allow
ance or said account, ir you see etuse.
Given under my hand, this 27th day or December,
A. D. l-5.
T.E. WALES, Judge.
irE.THESUBSCP.inERS, having been apoelnt
11 ed by tbe Honorable the Irobate Court lor the
District orChittenden, Commissioners to receive,
examine and adjust the claims and demands or all
persons againit tbe estate or Zantha Gould, late of
lluntington. In said District, represented insolvent,
and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset
thereto : and six months lrom the day or the date
hereof, being allowed by said Court or that par
pose, we do therefore hereby give notice that we
will attend to tlu- business of our appointment at
the dwelling of Ira Sweet, in or near Uantingten.in
said District, on the third Thursiavs of Jannarr
and May next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each or said
Dated this 9tn day or iiecemoer. v u. le&i.
ENOS P. IIOAO, $ rsuss'eners.
STATE OF VERMONT, ? rpnE Hen. the Preeate
District or Chittenden. ss.i L Court tor the District
To the heirs arid all nersos.. Interested In the estate
or Matthew brewin, late or Underhill, in said Dis
trict, deceased.
Wnir.tls. said Court has assigned the 13th dav or
January nevt Tor the settlement or tbe administra
tion account or the administratrix ot the estate of
said deceased, and ordered that public notice there-
. k. 1... .!! lunflnj Int.p.atwil In attt .ifnl
by publishing tbb order three weeks successively
reviousiy to tne aay asiigneu, ia tno uuruugiou
rec Press printed iu Burlington. Iu saM Dis
TniRtror.i, ytu are hereby notlEed to appear at
the Probate Court rooms. In Burlinzton. on the dar
assigned, then and there to contest the allowance
ol said account, u you see cause.
lilven under my hand at Burlington, In said Dis
trict, this 19th day or Dee A. I. IS.
i. t- IIAttlS, JUUgO
STATE OF VERMONT. 1 'PHE Hen the Probate
District or Chittenden, ss J A Court, rer the Dis
trict or Chittenden.
To all persons interested the estate or Ferry Rekl,
orUlnesburgh, In said District, deceased.
lRftBea4. annlleation In writing, hath been
made to this Court bv the zuardian of said ward
for license to sell the real estate or said ward set
ting forth therein that his said ward owns eight
acres of land In Monktnn, Vermont, and that It
would be beneficial to said ward to sell andeinvert
the same into money.
And thereupon the said Court appointed and
assigned the Doth day or December. A.D. lSCJ.sttba
Probate Court rooms, ia saia district, to near
and decide nuon said aDDlicatlou. and ordered
public notice thereor to be given to all per
sons Interested therein, by publishing this order
three weeks successively in tne uurnngtea tree
Press, a newspaper, which circulates In the neigh
borhood or those persons interested therein, all or
which publications shall be previous to tha time
apnolnted tor hearing
inereiorcyou ars unruj uvuuw w,wfca4
fore said Court, at the time and place afore said,
then and there to object to tho granting or such
licenes.iryou see cause.
uiven unuer my nana; at tun rtuoaw Miuih
rooms, this 13th day or November, A. D. IPS3.
XT1XL be the belter every way, IT red occasion- .
IT ally aspoonlull of
Allien7 Condition Powders.
They will cure moat of the disea tcs to which hor
tes are liable, Increase the appetite and spirits, an
with respeiuMe grooming, giv a brllit, -loss
appearance to the hair. They are the result of ae
tual and longcontinued experiment, are prepared
with the utmost care, frxra the very best or mate
rial, and guaranteed vastly superior to anything
known. Many Vermont gentlemen, owners or fine
horses, buy them by tbe doirn, and give them frear '
ly As a consequence, their horses are always le
good condition and spirits, and remarkaMefer their
imaoth shining coats. For sale by merchants every
where. I-1-TllUTCII Ell Jc SON, St-Albans,
Vt . proprietors s Demas Barnes Co,, New York.
John 1 F. Henry A Co., Katerbury, VL, wholesale
Nov.JX wJm
fur public favor Is found In
Irviiis'! Cedar Plaster,
For dr 'islng and healing all kinds of Cuts and
Wonndt. A never falling remedy for pain in the
Back, Chest, Sid-, and Limbs, Bruises, Boils.Crack
ed Hands, Ague In the Face, Corns. Loral Uheuma
tlc Pains, ac , S;C Cuts and Wounds on Horses and
Where thii Plaster U Applied, P11I11 can
not IZaist.
Sold by Merchants generally. I L. DUTCH
ER Jt SOX. Proprietors i Demas Barnes 4 Ca,
New York, John F. Henry Co., Waterbury, Vt,
wholesale agents.
Who has astonished the scientific classes or Paris
at Albany, N. V. Madame Perregiult by the aid of
her wonderful Instrument, known as the Horoscope,
guarantees to produce a life-like picture or tbe fu
ture husband or wife or the patron, together with
the date or marriage, leading traits of character,
occupation, etc. Tnlslms humbug, as thousands
oltrstlmonlals can assert She will send, when de
sired, a written guarantee that the picture Is what
It purports to be. By stating age, height, com-.
niexiou, coior o w .
7: ' 1 .r.rmlf.nj. aAlreajad to TOOT-
L.t. nd aiamoed envelope, addressed to your-i
self, tou will receive the picture byre tarn mall.
7 AddresTMadneM. U. piRMOACLT,
Oat. 19 -dlr. P. O. Draweraw. Albanr.N.Y

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