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I, irrstini- eitv. COttntV
ad btatc ntwn
,;1 uo found on the fourth pageofthis
lltelln; or the Board or Trade
a :ic mcetingol thtlBoard of Trade Tuesday
ring was reasonably we'd attended. In
o absence or the 1'rcfident. Vice-President
, i Kennedy presided. The resignation
Urn LcTi UnUernood as l'residentof
Hoard was read by the Secretary, and
lion it wis accepted. Interesting re-.-
on the adrantajes of Burlington for
.i- branches of manufacturing, were
by C. J. Alger, Esq., Mr. Kennedy,
. :u-a Names, 1!. S. XichoK and
The petition of a number of citi
n.jucsting the liasrd tocall a general
4 of propcrtv-holders and men of
-- to consider the subject of inaugu
i sjmc new manufacturing enterprises
iclerredto the Kxocutne Committee of
I! .aril, with authority to fall such a
;iug in tbir discretion. The meeting
, on motion of Jude Wales, adjourned
( it M jmlay evening, at the same place,
ue 1. i-mc-.- done a- mainly prelimin
j lint the feeling i.f the meeting, so far
u found eipre-ion, was excellent ; and
c ! a'.. no it i.l 11 to important results
:' luture.
liiiii'n'ou and Limoillc llailroad
n j Ii-ve opened an ofhVc in the room
Merchant's National Hank liiuidiog,
rl n c jjiiid by the T. haii A'len K2-
,iu.,o MiKksr, Mar I0!h. lijtter a
. . r 10-div Salrsrnge from li to
1 i.t-. ai . uili.ni to quality. Ofciieese
, i I, is- ero offered. Sale 7 to 13
Hon 40 to 15 eeit
IUtifr Makkkt, May llih.
iikel wa-tbc same as la-t week
1' 1 u'.ring Common to fair, 10 to
m.d,uui to good. 90 cents . selec-
; I- ; gilt edge -M cents.
,-i.viii.iily Urge ami well asoru?d
ui- and hoes may be found at
1 niV-. on Church Street. His
complete, embracing all the
from the most reliable manu
mi it would be difficult to name
1 -roods in the line not to lie
i'iino. Aan illustration of
; 1 is ?.t vtliieh he sells his goods
- inKirtisetnent in this paper.
1 :uu i:u retirement of our joung
1 m. r 11. WilLios, from the firm of
i 11 H iltm-, his been followed
1 n ii it 1 in of a partnership.clsewhere
, .m-i unctd, between Mener. W.
ii:i ill lilia- Lyman, of this city.
, ti is a y 111115 gentleiran of good
. itj and wide acquaintance,
n v. li.-in will retain the good
t . 1 1, and have the best wishes
, r.,. :ri,:.J. Mr. F. 11. Wilkin
. I'tnea;; 1, ':u're some flattering
.-1 1 1. c:?i. .its ha.s lieen held out
- II
1 s I)rc and Secretary W . E.
i'ii' Kihan Allen togine Com
1, went to Troy, Monday, lor
f prentiog to Trojan Hooks,
niutions, heretofore notiicd in
nun-, a- a committee in behalf of
upany. (In arriving in the city
i . lid to the Hooks' bouse, where
- .- m) An vi as already in session, and
,: Ingram announced to his men that
- ni..itlee ul the Ethans had arrived
: . ui! d t.i men to bring in tne frame,
nuny. Mr McDjnald, i-tiairman of
1 1 . i.i.'. addrtid the committee,
1 th ia to Trov. Captain Drew
11, in a lr luting words, presented the
:,itiu- to the II ioks. and Mr. Ie-
,.M 1 1 mi Jed in a neat little speech,
, in iu-. :i "1 ulnch a geoerai invita
' 1. is iiiun 1 ut tj aJjonrn to the Amcr
i'i lioii-t ar.J " vitw the remains.' At
' - ui an (ic.iLt collation was spread.
1 in h..ur v.a pleasantly spent in diseus-
.in t .i.iMls ui.d in friendly conversation.
. '. 1 .'i!i lc hour of departure arrived
d the u; rc-eiitatits ul the EthaLS were
I'-ti'i t tl.e at put ui-1 the Hooks ' saw
1.1 ult" n ub sings and cheers and many
vi-.'k'i r u ocasioo was a very
nt ui. 1 interesting one, and will bind
njiAnu's yit cioecr in irienary
m a - A icmfk- storm ol thunder
tiiir..'. rain, wind and hail com
. .-ited tl,i- tin. 'I Saturdjy night,
g for -evcral hours. Hail stones
. rard louud li inches in circum
I ,itre was another severe thunder
- -iday uigbt. An immense quantity
. ,i CilLa.
1 1- ir1'?-. an old resident, died la-t
! r, u;ed Mi. He bad resided in town
I it fifty J ears and until quite re
1 n unite active in town mat-
t .ill iln' shoi.l is in aprosperouscon
. l.iingin attendance ICO scholars.
i.-.iehcr- nt an expense of
r ear
. . : 1,1 linn. The first spring lot of
.-! .r t'.i-lumber mill-of C. I". Norton,
irb. arrived on Sunday, last. d
I '; 1 : .e mills started on fall time.
iri.itn,'. prevails t soma extent in
1 ills'" irili in I vi ioity. Three eases have
.- ivict fiti!
Mr si''.r, ip' p!ar Bros , hatters in
I' attsbar.-'i, Wpth hi' wife and two children
1 1 1 1 11 irr t!F ts'ina fro-u very serious in--j
on Sunday list. Their horse took
j'lf u: J t iraing shpiri around tumbled
1 ! 1 u ! . nit 1 the ditch with the carriage
1 t'le.r N' 1 hones broken, children
nirt 1' .rcr.t-bruised but not dangcr-
i.iitLim Last Siturd.ty morning
- V rtcr, Siitton, Eldy and Itosd, ier
iii J -a s i-ond aijiputat.on ul the right
1 o .Vie! Allen, lat.lv I'tosht in a cir-1-
iv Mue'i feir t, 110 w entertained
. 1 in 10: liv?, as lis H lt.ry lft-,
. 1 - Wus'ihjrn, ,1' the M. E C
1 1 oji hi his new fi-ld ui labor la t Sab
I l'.r evening the Cuiirpgatunal
. . s-i(l; gave a missiouary concert.
'in' r. are bceiiminir v.iy fully
1 : ', anl arc resulting in much good.
V in. 11 t the annual convocation of
. Chapter. No 14, held at the Lodgo
h-Wi'.ne-Jay, May Otli. the following
": r- were i.ii'Ctcd
M L Molt. S. K. 11. I. , 1- Vantine. E.
11 Mi, (.no. I) Siivilcs, E. S. , W'-lN. Iw--.
- . W W. liockwell, Treas. : 11. L.
ttle-, C 11 , O.o. Lytnin, I'. S . (ieo.
il 's iw.es. r A C. ; L. K. Siwles, M. 3rd
. C M C aik. M. il V. ; C. It. Ilos-ell.
M I-t . Vm Y. llrown. Sentinel.
Tlii town j.ajs tax this year on I0! dogs,
w 1 !l amounts to as much as the tax on
'iiinjrci acres of land or tloo worth ol
r n jt 'p r.v Tuer are 202 polls,
v ' makes ttii aierage a little more tbau
I g to every third man.
i'i' spring is very backward. Tlio ground
l' ry wet, the frost not being out yet and,
: ier little work has teen. done.
Ha'. iard Mott, ol Kjuses l'oint, N. V ,
was pit ufl' the train last week at this
, -ar ij ..iiiss ha refused to pay the extra
''! en ivnM c urged by the company, lie
' aus Up a-tc i the agent for a ticket and
refused to guc biin one The azent siys
dil n it ce.tr hi u asfc lur one. Mr. Mott
a d tbe agent were out good friends and lis
-as he wiii sU3 tli company for damiges.
AxxiaL MitTtM, Tbe Green Mountain
A eiatun of Uaivcr.salisn will bold their
ungual meeting in Chester. Wednesday aud
Tt'jr-Jiy . Juno D.h and lOtli. A lull at-
' dani'd is desired Delegates w ill be re
1. red ti bring wiiiten reports of their re
Se'i:ive iiaiishjs. Thtrewiil be an occa
mal sermon by the Key. E. Hewitt, of
V 1 d-t u Sjbjjct "Church Orgauiu
t jn", a lecture by theUer. Dr. Eli Iiallou,
fSjath Woid-t.ick. Subject : "Tempor
al .:c ; an e-saj hy the Kev. J. F. Simmons,
f SpringfiilJ. Sabjcct : "How Shall Wo
detain Adults in the Sunday School?"
The Chester parish extends an invitation to
and entertainment will be furnished for
ail who attend. The Central Vermont Kail-
road will furnish half faro tickets to all
"ho Lave paid full fare in going to tbe Association.
su-iu.i:vi:to. AS"
The Tlconctroga Cf ntcnnlal.
XESEXTED. Though Monday morning broke dis
mal and dreary enough, and there was
every indication of a long storm, notwith
standing Old Probabilities' flittering pro
phecy of clear weather, thcro gathered in
the staunch steamer Montreal a goodly
company of some six hundred persons, all
told, on the way to tne centennial celebra
tion of the greatest deed of Vermont's most
illustrious hero. Among tho excursionists
were Lieutenant-Governor Lyman G. Hinck
ley, of Chelsea ; Generals Stannard, Wells,
Darstow. Henry and Foster ; Colonels Os
car 1. Ferguson and C. F. Spaulding ; Dr.
A. P. Grinnell.and Messrs. W. W. Walker
and Edward Wells, of this city ; a goodly
representation of Post Stannard, G.
A. Il , and the Eihan Allen En
gine Company, forty-five strong, carry
ing with them tfceir new and elegant
spider. The First l'egimcnt. National
Guards, was represented by Lieutenant
Colonel V,'. I,. Greenleaf, of Winooski,
Major Darius Martin, of Middlcbary, and
Quartermaster William Smith, of this city.
Last in the list bat not least was the Sher
man Hand, of Winooski, whose excellent
music added much to the enjoyment ol the
occasion, and whose praise was in every
one's mouth. With good music and good
company the time passed rapidly away,
aud, as a special providence to the excur
sionists, the clerk of the weather was plea--ed
to hold tbe rain in abeyance, except an
oeca-tonal sprinkle.
At E--x the company was augmented by
a party of seven, headed by the llev. J. W.
Sands, and Mr. S. W. Clark, of Will-bar.:.
At Westport it was found that the steamer
Curicw had anticipated the Montreal by an
hour or two, and bad thus ba-ely cheated
itoutot a number of pas-engcrs. At about
11 o'clock an elegant "spread'' was pro
vided by the Ethans, to which full justice
was done, and at noon the steamer urrived
at her destination.
On arriving at Tieonderoga the steamer
was saluted with volleys of musketry by
the Harlow Grays, who were drawn up on
shore, and the firing of cannon, and at the
sUatuhoat landing tho psrty was met by
the Vergcnnes Cornet Ihnd and the Stevens
II j-c Company, also of that ancient city,
and c-corted to Wicker's Hotel. Here the
line w as broken and some time given up to
th- interchange of friendly greeting and tho
agncahle px-tire 01 lunch. The Ethans'
spider, in the meantime, vas quito tho
centre ut Bttra turn, and 'tho appearance
and hearing ol t'ie company were very
highly praised on all sides
The- visiting organization-, aside from
those on tbe Montreal, consisted of the Bar
low Grajs, forty -Irong, and the Brigade
Band, ol St. Albans , 1'o-t Stevenson, To in
number, and the Comet Kami, 17 pieces, of
Port Henry ; Post Koberts, forty in num
bsr, and the Brigade Drum Corps,
ot liutland ; Stevens Hose and the. Cor
net Band, Vergenncs , tho Whitehall
Cornet Band and the Bristol Cornet Band.
Tlio steamer Curlew, Captain A. Crane, took
down about 150 citizen- of Vcrgennes, in
cluding Mayor Hopkins, Gen. George W.
Grandey, P.ev. C. Ingles Chapin, Mr. J. G.
Ilmdes and many others. Whitehall was
represented by a delegation of about 100
citizens ; Rutland,300.ineludin; Hon. Chas.
II Jovee. Col. Rjdfieli Proctor. J. 11.
Uaz -iton, and others , and Brandon, To
TflE TRh-s.
Anun the reprcsentitives of the press
pre-cnl. wero Hon. Henry Ciark and W. O
Mason. Kutiend GloU . Ilev. S. B. Petten
gill and Joseph Auld, Rutland Herald ,
Hon. Albert Claike, S:. Albans Messenger ,
Lucius iligclow, St. Albans Adeertiser ,
Hun. Geo. 11. Bigelow, Burlington Nm
mi. Col. L. E. Knapp, Middlebary Rs
tslcr . II. M Mott, Brandon Union , TV. P.
Hill, Montpelier-4roi ana Patriot. W. II.
Tefft. Whitehall Chronidr . W. A.Vt ilkins,
Whitehall 7Vmrj. II. W. Blair, Troy
Tim's, A. S. Pease, Saratoga .Sun , M. B.
Hardv, New York Tribune, Kml Kise,
New York Herald . Julian Scott, New York
tlraphu . Edward Crapsey, New York
Ttm's . Messrs. Johnson and Van Buv
kirk. Free Pres. am. Timls. Mr. T.
M. Tubin, of the Tieonderoga ' 71
tmfl. did everything in his power for
tbe convenience of visiting editors
and reporters. Mr. Seott had been at
Tieonderoga for two or three day-, taking
sketches of the ruins of the toit and other
objects of historical interest l.r the New
York iirapluc.
Gen. John Hammond, of Crwn Point,
who was originally appiintel inirshal ol
the day, was detained at horn" I y illness,
and tho management of the proecs-ion was
entrustf d to Joseph Eolf, formerly Licu-
tenant-Colom ! of the 10".:1! Xw Y irk
At about two o'clock tho pnv-sion was
formed in the following order
Marshal of the' Pay and A. lo
bt. Afbarjn Uriirade Band,
barlow uras.
lt.-preiieat.ttve? of tne Pre-,
Oral r o: tbe lley.
Jimteil Onesu.
ShermiQ Coroet Band,
bj.hea Allen Engine tompenv
orgenneii Cornel Band.
Stevens Hose,
ltriltsl Band and Hntlaod Brum Cu-ui.
Post Kuberti.
Post bunnard.
Tieonderoga cornet Bind.
roec Airrea vi red. 1
WhifhaU Cornet Band,
fort Henry Cornet Uiol. i
Cit zen .
Tne procession formed in Iront of Wick
er's Hotel and matched through the fields
and up the hill to the ruins of the old fort.
Just as tbe procession was forming the sun
broke through the clouds which had so long j
obscured it , and as the long train marched
up tbe green hill, with flying color? and
drums beating, with the lako glittcrin-r in
the sunshine below, the ruir.s with their
1 s cred associations rearing their time-worn
! front above, the scene wjs a most pic
turesque and striking one inved
' at the ruins a number ol r-ns
I bad been provided for the a.cim
I inudation of spectators, but they proved
( ludicrously inadequate and by far the larger
' proportion were forced to st&ti'i Compe
tent judges, estimate the whole number ol
Iters ins present as not lar from o.OOO cer
tainly a very gratifing figure. And en
passant, before the procession is dismissed,
it may be said that no amount of patriotism
could sec anything sacred c-r venerable
about tho mud, which was ol tbe worst pos
sible consistency and ol unfathomable
tbe President of tlio day, the Hon. William
E Calkios, of Tieonderoga, first cailed for
music from the Sherman Band, to which
they responded with " Yankea Doodle,"
acd gave it in admirable stylo The Rev.
L. V. Price, pastor of the Congregational
Church of Tieonderoga, then ofi'areda pra
er, after which the Port Henry Baud dis
coursed most excellent mu-i.' Next in or
der came tho
Toe address ol welcome was defivereel by
the Hon. W. E. Caikins.ol licooderogt, as
follows :
Next in the order ,of business, according
M the programmo.ocnies tbe ititliction upon
you of a short speech by myself. 1 dime
home from Albmy to run a pic-nie,and this
is the " pic-nic " I am expected to run ! It
seems proper for us to catch inspiration
from tho Camp-Fires around us and recall to
memory the capture of Tieonderoga hy
Ethan Allen in the naiuo of tho Groat Je
hovah and the Continental Congrc-s. Hero
oa this consecrated ground, was the first
harvest of prisoners ot the devolution ; here
the first place where the drillid regulars of
a foreign loe stacked arm- to the yeomanry
of America; hero the Drt intimation that
crowns might crumble and kingdoms pass
away ; here tne enamel ol monarchy and
despotism was punctured, and men
learned to assert and maintain their inalien
able rights of lite, liberty and pursuit of
happiness. We are told by tbo bold and
daring commander, that the enterprise was
executed in tbe gray ol the morning of the
lOih of May, ITTj ; that the san semed to
n-e on that morning with a superior lus
tre, and Tieonderoga and its dtpcnlencies
saiilcd on its conquerors.
I bid a hearty welcome to all in behall of
Posts Weed and Stevenson, of the Grand
Army of the Itepublic. to who-cuouinctiing
energy and perseverance the ceremonies ol
this day are chufly due. We cannot ba un
mindful that the actors of a hundred years
ago heed not the drum beat of to-day, bat
we fed assured that their spirits are
"marching on," and when tho marble which
marks tho resting place of Ethan Allen and
his eighty-three Green Mountain Boys shall
have yielded to the crumbling hand of time,
their memories and examples will live,
gathering brighter lustre with increasing
In conclusion, the speaker welcomed tbe
largo delegation from his own native State,
Mr. Calkins then introduced to thcaudi
ence, in a few fitting words, the orator of
the day, the Iter. Joseph Cook, formerly of
Tieonderoga, but now of Boston, a brief
and imperfect abstract of whose address is
given below. Mr. Cook spoke with earnest
ness and force, and at times with true elo
quence, and was frequently interrupted
with applause.
jiu. coot's ORATION.
This is a soil older than Plymouth l'.ock.
In 1609, eleven years before the voyage of
the Ma) flower began, Samuel Champlain
fought a btttlc with tho Iroquois not far
from the spot where Ethan Allen landed in
the early dawn, one hundred years ago. By
virtue of their discovery of the St. Law
rence and the Slis-issippi the French claimed
dominion over all the land watered by the
tributaries of tboso great rivers. Tho Eng
lish claimed the same territory, and the dis
pute was settled by the arbitrament of arms
on tho heights ol Quebec Over this soil
hive floated tbe competing flags of three
nations. This majestic spot befits tho seeno
and the commemoration of mighty events. 1
have passed weeks, almost, on the Acropolis
of Athens ; I havo ascended Mount Par
nassus ; I havo strolled over the fateful
fields of Troy; I have wandered over the
ruins of Baalbec. and stood on tho plain of
Marathon , but I am fascinated w ith Tieon
deroga and Lake George. We are on the
old continent. Of the northern mountains
tho Adirondacks first came above tbo waters
thev are older than the Green Mountains,
the Allegbanies and the mighty Mississippi,
And here as on the plains of Troy the plans
of Ged arc accomplished.
Mr. Cook then spoke of tho historic spot
on which they stood, and gave a somewhat
detailed description of tho fort. It is the
best preserved ruin, all things taken into
consideration, on this continent. Here is a
ruin which may well compare with score
on the banks ol the Ilhine. And aside from
its historic traditions it has a romance of
another kind. During the French occupa
tion ot tho fort a beautiful Indian girl was
iiapn-oned in it, and was pursued aud tor
mented with the unholy love of a French
oflicer. At length, to c-cape his attacks,
she flung herscll from the parapet and lell
crushed and lifeless on the rocks beneath,
bhc had saved her honor, but at the cxpenso
ol her life, aud the rocks would be lor ever
glorified by tho deed.
Ethan Allen was only 3S years old when
he captured tho fort. At that time the pa
triots around Boston lacked powder, and
this lack of powder was ouo ot tho eau-cs
that led to tho capture of the furt. Samuel
Adam- and John Hancock planned the''
deed lor tue purpose ot obtaining ammuni
tion. But one uf Allen's chiet motives in
pclorruing the act was to obtain control ot
Lake Champlain and through it of Canada.
The chief epochs in Ethan Allen's life were
hi- career before Tieonderoga ; his capture
ol tbe fort ; his attack on Montreal ; bis
imprisoment, and the final noble bat crip
pled years ot hislifc. Constitutionally and
politically he was the father ot Vermont.
He protected the State and at ln-t by
statesmanship brought it into tbo Union.
My purpose now is to gather same lessan.
for the nation Irom each part of Ethan Allen'.-
life and career. Purer than the blue
of this blue sky was tho patriotism ot Ethan
Allen. Let us imagine what he might say
to us in regard to tbe threats and the
promises of onr national luture. If he
stood here to-day he would have wide views
of America's future. They would bo
greater than he dreamed ot and
greater than we now dream. If he were
here to-day he would prophesy for us for a
century hence a great country, with a pop
ulation of 150.000.000. united, possibly,
in one language and one religiun. The
moralitv ot the Decalogue and ot the Ser
mon on the Mount would bo the morality of
science. J'o croakers and pessimists he
wou.d say, you managed slavery in tbe first j
century 01 iue iicpuunc, in mu scuuaei juu
can have no greater ta-k. So much lor
what Ethan Allen would say of tho uation.
The orator then read Ethan Allen's own
account uf the capture uf the fort, and at
its conclusion called for three cheers for the
gallant 3 Green Mountain lijs through
whom Allen accomplished tbo deed, which
were given with a will. Mr. Cook then re
sumed - Tbe 10 prisoners then taken were
the first of tbe revolution. This was the
first place where trained regulars gave up
their arms to untrained Americans. One
hundred years hence we will be undisturbed
by tho congratulations interchanged be
tween one hundred and fifty million people.
line hundred and fifty years ago this fort
ress belonged to the French, but it was a!-o
Jehovah's ; fifty years later it belonged to
the British, but still it was Jehovah's ; to
day Americans hold it, but tt is Jehovah's.
It is tbe solemn responsibility ct
every American citizen to find which way
Jehovah is moving, and to move with him.
Tbe diu'usion of conscientiousness must keep
pace with liberty, intelligence and material
wealth. Safe republicani-m is compounded
only with all these elements. Americans
mu-t not be without standards of the high
est order. God is. not was . God was, and i,
and is to come. Forever our nation is Jeho
vah's, and no moans to diffuse eooscieutious
ness a- much 'is liberty, intelligence and ma
terial wealth.
The hour for the return voyage had now
come, and without waiting for the remain
ing exercises which embraced much of the
highest interest the cxcur-ionisH returned
to the Montreal. The trip from Tieondero
ga to Burlington was enlivened by music
by the band who proved very liberal in the
matter of encores singing, etc. A dancing
party was formed and a number oF couples
tripped the light fantastic to Straoss's lat
est until tbe increasing breath of old lioreas
and tbo shortening of that of the musicians
warned them to desi-t. The Sthans saved
several persons from death by starvation
by another elegant collation which they
served, arid all went merry as a mar
riage bell. At lengtn Burlington was
reached and the excursionists disappeared
from public view, to the pleasant accom
paniments of a torchlight procession and
music by the band, all, wo are sure, having
spent a most enjoyable day and saddened
only by the thought that pressing engage.
Kients would detain them from tho next cen
tennial or Tieonderoga.
Samuel Campbell, of liutland, great
grandfather of oor townsmin, Geo. Ii
Hagar, E-q., was ono of the famous' eighty
three whi cjmposad Allen's lorcc nt the
capture of tbe fort.
Among the visitors at Ti, Monday, was
J. E. Parker, ot Whiting, a grandson ol
Major Beach who raado the famous sixty
milo walk to alarm tho Green Mjuntain
Boys. Mr. Parker lias in bis possession a
locket containing a picture of Major Baach,
a cane he once owned, and a white waist
coat with medallions worked in blacs silk
presented to him by Wa-hington as a re
cognition ol his services.
The Montreal was under tho oommaQd of
Captain J. II. Manville, of Whitehall, who
proTed himself a most courteous and accom
modating ofiieer. taking every care for the
corafi-rt of his passengers. On disembark
ing u; liarliugton. by way of a tote of
thanks, three cheers and a "tiger" were
given lor Captain Manvillo with rnthu-i-
It is, perhaps, ungracious to lind fault,
now the centennial is over, but wo may -ay
that the telegraphic arrangements were
wretchedly defective, both through the lack
of operators and tbe extreme distance of the
j offi ac from the eno of action Another
' thing which caused much comment was the
I almost incredible number of men who were
I lying around looso in an intoxicated condi-
tion.and tho frequency witb which the pro
ceedings were interrupted by b-ittlcs-royal
between these persons.
Btate or New yoat, -Llecutlve
Chamber, Albany, -Slay
C, IS73. j
T. M. Teste, iliq-
ria-Tbe (Jovernor sincerely; re;rotj tlai pres
io" official cnsarementJ Incident to the closlnr
dais or tno session will make It Impossible for him
t . accept jour kind invitation to attend the ctnten
uial Celebr.Uon aiTiconderoia. May 10th.
Very truly J"0"".-
Vi. T. Feltus.
noli a be-czePAST or osi: or alles' soLunas.
Detroit. Mich.. Slay 10.
Abel Kip ov Tuney. son of Lieutenant Jjimoel
Torrey.oi.eof tho company who entered K rtTi
ooideroiA with fctban Allen, one hundred years
aio. lo oa, . sends i-reetlog and in spirit Joins you
lo comu-euioratin Ibo dee-ds of that bravo band.
Jle asks oa to Join h.ra in nonorln: to the memory
r hs tatier.lrom whose lips be basso often heanl
HiArKsi,. ..r i-ow thev cattured tbe fort, on hun-
! Jred eaiao. Abel Kip-let Tohbev.
j is s Acavsnson or etuas;allex.
J Hew Yoac, May M.
To Ike t : initn Centennial Comn
I s-art, ; t bo with you. to-morrow.
but found
tbat I ecu 1 .ot be with jou until 2.43 p.m.
Etnas Alles,
Grandson ot Lthan Alltn.
The b. Johnsbury Caledonian annoances .
the failure of George II. -fc J. M. NTeeks. of .
I larsc. bat they arc in houses and lands and
TnilUnnd wiorttrairea that cannot be tamed
' iiito money just now to advantage.
BarllDirtOB's Setoaa Spelling Match.
City Hall was well filled, Tuesday e?cn
ing, with one or our best audiences, cn the
occasion of the second spelling match of tbo
season. Nearly sixty martyrs ranged them
selves on tho stage and calmly awaited the
orthographic boulders about to be burltdat
them by Professor C. S. Halscy, the cnun
ciator. The referees were tho P.ev. L. G.
Ware, Hon. M.B.Tjler aud iV L Barnap,
Esq. The first three victims v.cre ladies,
who stepped down and out on "cadense,"
"guage," and "spurm" (for ' s.ieriu ") res
pectively. Then tho ranks were rapidly
thinned by such severe spells as the follow
ing : Omlct (the first malo victim), cx
cuseable, collosscuca, hiaencal (by a lady),
ralcry (for raillery), gugular, crisypcla",
rclcivo, scigc, mignonnct, blueing, confusc
able. confu-iblc, nastcrtium, asphixia,
ipecacuhana, seignory, and wasscl. Mr.
Cartright.of the Sophomore classoi tbe li . V.
M. went down on "searment" (for "cere
ment") ; City Grand Juror E. F. Brownell
on"tyme" (for"thjt: .") ; O.J. Walker,
Esq., on "sensient" ( r "sentient") ; Col.
Chapman on "pu-silat...nity" (alter having
spelled it correctly on the first trial) ; and
Mr. Cutler, of the Junior Class of tho U.
V. M., on "tranquility." Finally the
ranks were narrowed down to one gentle
men and live ladies, when the former Mr.
N. Leatned retired to the ante-room on
"abhorcnce,"and tho ladies were left alone,
having entirely innquisbtd and put to
flight all the representatives of the sterner
sex. These were Misses Belle Crook
cr, Mollie Henry, Annie Barker, Isa
dora Kelton, and Helen Slayton. The
contest cow bccauio sharp and decisive.
Miss Kelton was tho first of the immortal
five to succumb, " chyropodisl " not being
allowed by cither dictionary. The next
inartuto tho shade of Web-tcr was Miss
Barker, "ictbyology " doing tho business,
and Miss Henry was soon called upou to
condole with her predecessors on " tb ra1
cic." Only two contestants now remained
and tho balance long was doubtful. Poly
syllables had no terrors for cither and lor
somo time it seemed as if the dictionary
makers would emerge from the fray van
quished. Thcint-rcst ol the audience grew
intense. At length Prof. lla!-cy pleasantly
enunciated the dubious word "tcctotol -r."
Miss Crocker spelled it with a duublc "1"
and retired amid loud applause, which her
generally excellent spilling and clear enunci
ation richly deserved. This gave the first
prize, a copy ol Webster's I'nabridgcd, to
the heroine af tho evening, Mis lit-lien
Slayton, of Stowc, Vermont, a memoir uf
the Freshman Cias cf the I . V. M , who
was cheered to the echo. The second prize,
a copy of Longfellow's latest poem, "The
Hanging of the Crane," wa- awarded to
Mi-s Crooker.
Tho mntch waa Very suiee-sfol one, 10
a pecuniary point of view, toe net receipts
being T0, which will go to tho Home tor
Destitute Children. The spelling was, on
the wholo. very good, and showed e nsid
irable proficiency, but the grcit draw
back to tbo enjoyment of this as well as
the previous match, was the fee: that the
letters were enunciated by tne spellers
especially the ladies in i low a tunc of
voice that it was impossible for the rct
crecs to follow the spelling, much less
tho-a more remote, in the body ol the hall.
Mi.-s Caroline M Crroe. ul" w huso loss 1 y
tbe wreck of the S.-hillcr thre is now no
reasonable douot. was a diughter ol Mr.
Thomas Crane, formerly ot Berkeley, M 1- .
Mis- Crane was lur a season teacher at the
Norton. Mi-s , Seminary and wa- a lativ of
rare ace ..i.'is't "-its She wis the great
granddaughier ui t.- late Kev. Tno. An
dros, ol Berkeley, aud, as lias been ml,
was a niece ol Mrs. George P. Marsh, after
whom she was named Caroline Mar-h. She
will be sadly lamented by a wile cirele ,
At the recent annual meeting of the fta-
tional Prison Association, in New York i
city, F. J. Phelps, E-q , of this city, wa- I
appointed a membtr ol the standing c 1111- j
mittee on criminal l.-.w reform, and tlic j
Itcv. F.-anklin Butler, ul WinJs.r, of that '
on di-ehargei convie: . j
J. S. W Alt in, E-q , fir ov.-r toiriy jai-
editor and proprietor vf tile Sherbrookc
Uazftte, ut bhtrbrookc, V tj
2Tth ult. H-a was a native
died on the
f lVn,.iim 1
Vt.. and an uncle ol tho Hon. E 1'. Walt jii.
of Montpelier. Deceased wa an earne-t
advocate and a zealous worker for all enter
prises calculated to promote the moral and
material welfare of the community, -an! his
death will bo sincerely mourmd by many
outsido of tho-c brought untbr his imme
diate influence.
Madame De F.jther, ono of the mjt pop
ular vocali-ts iu New York, has accepted
the position ol solui-t in tin- 1 '..or of St.
George's church, in that city.
Mrs. W. X. Oliver i- no lunger i'.i" so
prano of (Jracc church. New York, hut has
engaged herself to Camilla Ur-a. as the v, -calist
of her concert company, and inn uds
leaving tbo city with that troupe soon.
Kcv. Nehemiah L. Chase, a well-ki.uwn
Methodist clergyman, of M inehester, N II ,
died suddenly in that city, Tuesday, of par
alysis, aged 01 veiirs. He was born in Mid
dlesex, Vt , and during bis mini-try he was
stationed in many place- in Vermont aud
New Hampshire. Alsout six jcars a;u ho
retired from the Conference on nccjuntuf
feeble health, and became an agent of the
New Hampshire Bible S iciety. He was
greatly esteemed ly bis brethren in the
ministry, and the people to whoui he inmis
tered. Ho leaves a widow and an adopted
daughter. His remmns wero taken to the
place of his birth fur interment, yesterday.
Bcv. Justin K. Bicharl-ua was installed
pastor ol the First Bipti-t Cnureh at liut
land, on Tuesday.
The KsFjr.si School The Tru-te -s ol the
lleform School havo decided to gionand
remodel the arsenal buildings at Vcrgennes
and adapt them, as well as possible, to the
wants and purposes ot the institution. The
plans are not yet fully made, but probably
the old oflieers' quarters will bo converted
into the girls' reformatory, the arsenal into
work rooms, school room3 and a dormitory
for tbo boys, aud a new building of wood
wiil be added to tbo barracks fur ifaVcr-'
quarters, the hospital and culinary pur
poses, 'i'lii urrangement, hoicvcr, may be
Kicuiiomi. Ilev. 1). S. Frost, of Jonesville,
w ho has proached there Tor several past, has
removed to St. Albans The best wishes of
his many frierds attend him. He has
preached between fourteen hundred and
lifteen hundred fuueral sermons, in bis life,
and is gool for a good many more.
Uibert Towers, fi-q..of llichmond, i one
of our modern patriarchs, having -is -sits
who are men grown and two daughters.
He bu-ied a son, avoung man, a few years
ago. His oldest son, John has been c induc
tor on tbe Now Orleans and Mobile Itail
rotil for several jtar.s past. Ho has been nt
home a part uf the winter but returned last
week to New Orleans. Four other children
also left home last week, one for New York,
two for Ilarre to attenl school, and another
Frank I'enn, who recently graduated from
the Bllevua (N. Y) medical college.
Geo. Ilarnuci has rented and moved into
tho corner -tore built by J. 1'. liarouai.
It is still no uncorarron thing to see full
grown mcu with rod aud line, passing up
and down the littlo streams, going through
all the motions of fishing ; but where troat
were once quite plenty nothing bat min
nows are now found.
Richmond has not got tbo spelling mania
yet, but tbeladies are working like beavers to
cushion and carpet tho church, and a spe
cial invitation is extended tu the gentlemen
to appear on the Uili instant at tbecburcb,
ariD-.il and equipped with hammers and
stictchers, to lay tho carpets. Tbe house is
now nearly completed. It will be sonic
weeks btfore it will bo ready for uc Great
credit is doc the ladies for their perseve
rance in ihiscnlerpri.:; they havciai-cd in
one way and another fur it within tho la-t
thicejcars about 700. The whole co-t
will be about 3,000.
A national contention of bant ca.s!iiers
and hankers ii to be lield on tho 20th of
j July nest, at baratoa. The object of tie
c-jnTentioDi! a free discussion of questions
' relating to banking and finance generally,
Liquor Kaid is Eden. The Newsdealer
ol the 5tb, tay3t On Monday Deputy
Sheriff Stevens, proceeded to the inn of
E'dj. Scott, with n warrant to search for
liquor, seize the "critter" and arrest the
owner. Mr. Scott was informed of his
business, and showed him into his bar, and
a small quantity of liquor found. Stevens
then proposed to go down tbe cellar to
make further search, but to this Mr. Scott
demurred. Tho oflicer expressed a deter
mination to go down, and Mr. Scott was
equally determined that bo should not and
informed him that he would never live to
get down there Stevens said he should go
down or die, whereupon Scott collared him
and called for help and his family gathered
around and indulged in language more
vigorous than elegant, but the determined
officer was too much for them, and soon
rolled out of the cellar hatchway about
200 gallons of old Kentucky and Ohio bour
bon valued at nearly a thousand dollars.
Scott was arrested on charge of selling and
about a hundred witnesses subpeencd. The
trial was held jestcrday. before justice
Stevens when a plea of guilty ut eight of
fences was entered. Scott was fined 80
and costs, both amounting to over $130, and
an ,pcal taken.
L.a'Coln. Officers of Lincoln Valley
Lodgo No. 07. I. 0. of G. T..for the quarter
ending Aug. 1st, 1675 : Kcv. D. F. Brooks,
W. C. T; Jennie Brooks, V. T; Phcbo
Batcheldcr, S : E. S. Stearns, F. S ; E.
Purinton. T; W. W. Pope. 0 ; M. Barton,
M ; 1). W. Stearns, p. W. 0. T ; J. 0.
Dow. Sen; L. S. Varncy, A. S; Mary Gove,
D. M ; Elizi Chamberlain, 11. II. S ; Georgt
ana Barton, L. II. S.
Lauoille Cointv Itejis BelviJcro is re
joicing in snow drifts.
The Directors of tho MorrisTilla Fair
Ground Company have voted to havo a
horse trot on the 30th of June and 1st of
July, at which 1,50X1 in purses will he
Mr. Gates, principal of the People's
Academy and Murrisvillo Graded School,
has resigned that position. He will be suc
ceeded by Prof. IllancharJ. nf Iowa, who
bad charge ol tho school in 1(1, and left it
to enter the army. The new building is
rapidly approaching completion and will be
one ot tbo Lio.st commodious school build
inirs in the State. The main building is 40
x'tlwitb a projection for stairs 12 x 31.
The first and second floors are divided into
three rooms each witfi a halt on the third
tljur 35 x CO. Tbo rooms are large and
well lighted. A hail which will seat COO
people- forms 3 part ol the building.
By requisition of the Governor of Ver
mont upon Governor Tildcn. it became tbe
duty ol Snenff Belong last Saturday, to ar
rest Albert Jleacham. indicted lor burglary
in Lauiuille county, Vt. Tbo criminal was
stopping in tbe town of Dickinson at the
time, and ob-crving the approach ot the
officer put on a dress and u shaker bonnet
and started lor the woods. The oflicer was
not le-s suspicious and started too. ovei
bauling hiui alter a sharp chase, and deliv
ering him tu the officer from Vermont.
Maiom VaUadium.
strick jv Lii.nTNi.so. It seems a littlo
early to be chronicling damage by light
ning , but in liutland. during the thunder
st-irm. Monday morning, the lightning
struck tin-tour near one ut the chimneys of
Geo L. White's marble shop, and passed
djwn 1.1 the cellar, tearing eff plastering,
sp. tiling ratters and floors, and petting fire
1 1 the building, which wa-soon extinguish
ed with z tew paifs of water. Tbe building
wa-pretty well shaken, and some families
oecupjing the building were considerably
At Sutherland Falls, the lightning strnek
a barn belonging to N. S. Werner, and
killed a horse w bich was standing in an ad
joining barn. the buildings standing at right
angles with each other. Three horses were
standing together, but tbe other tno were
unit jure-1.
?ul ai-.isTias EaA of C.lton, aftUncch aadabl
Ba;t-t I'Uie-r cetirat3e lu Quarter CtnttDOlat
1 the 1 1: ref the piper to all new icbserlbers until
n it Ja-uar , lor $1. Choip eooazfe 1
Man; i.!lir rather than take ntoMonl med.oine.
euCVrer, from embs, cold, i&flueni. sore iLroat,
r tendenc) te coufonntiun, will Had In llr. Wuv
ter'. MAiaiAir or tViui chirkt a rimed w azree
ai,le to the uilate as effectual In reoiovin; diMae.
u' c and f I a bottle, large bottlee mneb tbe obeaper.
May ia datavlt
L'lll'iM !.!
Slay II.
Murk .Unrl.il
Cattle. Sbeep A- Lambt.
.. i-J S65
ii 2JS
TI,.' ce
Li.t l
frr.iin Verauul..
rr.ee-or Market Beer A few eboiee. !10I075,
eatra, ( 1'o.iiu.lii J.". first quality, IS SO SO; tec
on.iqual t.$:iarsoi. third qattlty, $2 0006 23.
fne-. 01 s.t- re Cattle Working oza per pair,
lli-'. Jl'si. .;., $.110. Milch Cu and Calves,
:r..ai $C40e-t . Farp.w Cow. $AMMOi extra, teaettAV,
yearoid', $.-f-3.'
ir e-e.i-I biiet-i- andL-iaibs In lotf,$3. 33S, I3S0,
" : f ft . s,r.ui Lnl",' Huelbc Iflb. ' Veal Calres,
I .Vlrft -01
I'r etu ! II ilea. Tallow and Skins CrifJttoa
Il..lt, 7 a7,c V lb. Tahow.) 6c f a. Country
II lei. Mat e rtb. Tallow. 'tf Si I'elts, ;i T5
a-Jicii-lj Call Skllu,, IU9i c f tz-
I at: eTIio l.ve stock trains were all In early
eai-e-pt m a 1-1 ot ntnteen crloedi by William Col
well tlia-. did not reach tbe market until Tutsday
n in mclu lini; Nurtbern b?l beabof caltleonsale.
Trie market le-r cattle was not narticBlarly Mitre,
butsners not at present constant r jailors at this
market, asth'tr wants canni be fully supplied.
Witb Ii 'ht arrivals, weflnd tbo market wltbvut im.
pri.vement from lest week
sht-ep llutebets were not disposed to pay advanc
ed prices tb.s week, tbere bem; considerable mmy
leal ciltes .n sale, batchers partook ofbotb kinus
! Btoe-s. Tbe rauire is from -i2;$c Y tb for sbeep.
exeepl.i clio'e-e ducks, wbicb suid as blfb as de 1
tt.. oprua lambs are on tbe Increase, selhn:lo.day
Iri.m 1 11 lts 1 u, as lu 'luallty.
IVjltrj bumelbin like lusifbsof poultry land-e-1
tins murnin. lt.ee ranges from 15s?16c V tb.
it onto:. MAii.iirr?..
7civiiiAr.3Jay 12. 1575.
KURT. T -if -Iwuind for Flour has been my.
Salt tt $t to 4 ; for Western fapetlne;
$. i. -fa ' :r couiaon extras , S 75 (36 i for U i
CfUr. d aiitl Minneota extras; j6 23(0 7 OJ lo whito
whrjt 'h o, In l.ao aod Michtaa; $C SO G7 i lor
linn., s. anil ftso S6 s 51 for bt. Louit. iuehntn;
cbtiut) and lavorito branoi. Corn licet is Arm
and m been e!ltox at ff2S C 4 40
Udt Meal leois :.-oua $7 Co a 9 f bW. as to the
iiKAlN- Tho tcarki't for Corn bis quite dull and
pr.cee are eaaier. balei bate been a.vli S 9"c t
bu-hel for mixed and (llow. 0-its are inttesdv
demanl. Tbe aaloe bato been at 76 & Sic I
barbel for mixed and white. In II) e tales at
SI V)1 25 tf bu-hel. bnorUliave Wen selling at
$.(, tNi & 2: ui tt ton and tine Feed and Middlings
at $27 Ui Ckt iJ ton. In Barley uothiD; has been
done and pilea are quite nominal.
PKUVIalONs. ioit has been in steadr demand
bat ti.e market is easier. Sales hate been at
4i7 "ii(ii 1-. for lirimo. SfiCUfii)J3 for met-s. and
i S $.7 V bbl. tor clear and extra clear, as t
iualit. t-rf is flrni and has been in demand, with
-i,c-iat JUi;i itftlJ lor mes and extra mess, and
s.tir.? 2.7 tor famll3. Lardisuuiet and in teady
jemcd. The sale-J have been at 16 & IDic fc tb for
Htpam and kt-tt o rendered. Smoked Hams are
iirm, ana sales at 131 He V tb for Roston and
1'RuDUCE. Arri uf l-utter considerable Mar
k?t quit-t dull. Tbe antes of choice New York acd
Vermont Ujir.es hare been at 21 it6c, and common
to m dmm raaze from is & 23j t lb. a to quality.
Choti-o t firm with a steady demand, b-tiei at
Hi & 17c lb. I. hi to lieans at ft bO ft I V
t'U'lt for medium ; extn pea at $J 3) 0 40, aLd
tellowojes at $1 (t 3 tic tj" bush. Kfr?s at ? 6S
l-o lor Northern and .itern. Potatoos at 703?
t oush. loi Jaekfon Whiten and fcarly Rofe.
MMpiea;aratmu: V tb. ilalerup at V
VM)Of. There ha. been a cocaiderable d'.tnin
Km I, but prices hare ruled in faror of botrM.
Tliere i? no profpeiet of uny farorahle chant e. The
shIls eompnae U"t,iO lbs Ohio and lVnniylTania
lleoei . o.';uC; Its New York Wuonsin
aud.Michi-an UecCfB at 47 Ct 53j I lb ; 4.-..UU0 lb.
unabeila'-d unwerehintable llceven at '(l'e
i, .'tii.ttui-i lbs f.-inbin; and dolaice flecrcs at St&bic
Y lb.
iiiy Te e-rapb
A i iv url4 3Ioi.r a ltd NtcrU .Hnrkeli,
New York, Slay II.
MilNHY at 0J3 percent.
ITitSlK M-rcantue raptr at
hT&RLlMl hXCilAMill dull In cmsNuenco of
a Wr-re numef billi beiu drawn a'Minst tbe
pcreuaeao! hrle fr the Knrouean market.
liOUDdn'1 and firm at 1I52HS).
HullOWlMi lutes rangei from I cr cent to
fi.i;niN(i3, $r..7t-.(ino
Sl'EOIh bbipments.$r7,70. ,
THKaMJUY l..shursementi $iJ.CW.
bTATE HOftI.S are quiet.
HAII.UOAI llaNlb moderate dealin-s at ua
eltaned prices.
bTOL'KS firm but qaiet otrlv In the day, tho only
intereetmz features l-eln TjciHo 3111 and Krie
which ne-irly nioaopoltIet the busitierS daring the
a:trnooii. Tli wlo market went off under tbo
oad ol I'ae Ho Mill, Wabauh ant fauuii. It was
rejiortcd thai, tbe tnract between the I'jc.Qo 31 ill
btramthip to. unl the I'jnama Ka troad Co. bad
not been signed, and as a consequeico I'anitVA
dropped from 11 to 141, aniTaeitio 3Uil Irom t
t 4ii; Wabash oeclmrtt from 121 to tt. AUikut
cloned up raider steadier.
The transactions a;iier-ted 173,003 shires, with
the principal dealin; as Mlows i Erie6 43,7m;
laako bhore I3,70i; tacitlo Mill C7.kX); WeeUrn
tnion, Wabash, lOfiW ; Union ratlXip, 60,-
(OLD closed at 1 IH
MONCYat'itl utr cent.
U jVLKNME.ST liON'lto ara actlvo and steady.
KTATfi UO.Di quiet and num nal.
STOClCa actlre.
The lol lowing wero tho closlnr quotations
V. S.te.'H tlfsx 10-Ji
U. K Ci, 'SI Ooup...-1-Ui
U. S. 63,0-a)'t.2 Kcsllbl
5-20 coup, 'oJ 1 1 (-4
5-dUc,up, 04 ll'l
5-Js) coup, 'o5 old-.liyi
b-Oi Cj. ucvT iue....Uli
Delaware i IIudson.121
Canton.... .......... O-'i
Con Col Company-
CuUaberland . ........ -i
Vi. U.Teisrapb Co.. 761
QuicksiUer 1 i
'vs. lie,;. July... liit
U. S. near 5j 116
UMO Ke... llei
10 40dCoupbn 1 174
Currency ta.
Caifazo 3t Ncrthves. 41t
ii.pteferrod. ....... Ml
i leve., CoL Cm... 08
Titw Jersey Central .110
Cuicaxo 4 Uoek Isl'd 1041
Milwaukee -tbUul 'Xi
Dreferred -I jh ureierrea oo
FaclueMail 41J Toledo A Wabash.... ht
JUostoa vvater i'ower 1" I I).preirrtd IW
Adaina ExprtM Co..lO-'i I Kort Wayne,(ex.dtr.) Oai
Wells, t-'drgo t Co.-. 91 I Alton i Trre ilauto &
Am. Mb. LxprcjsCo 611 1 IKj.prelerttKl 21
U. S hxprtritd Co.... 01 i I .'hlcuro X Alton. ...IQj
ew Yoit Cnual-..I03 I Io. preferred 110
Erie -1 1 Ohio Mtsalsaippi.. 'M
ix. preferrtd 1 1 tela ware Jl Lick. ...1191
lUrlem 1X A. A V. Teh Co 25i
JH.prefiMTMl U4 Indiana Central &i
Michi-an Central.... 71 I Chic, bur. Quincy.lMi
fanima .Mil lIannilatSt.Joie-h21J
Union tWiia stocks 73 Central i'aelUc bond. 102 j
L 8.h6 SlichispmSo- "I I Vulan Tacifis lUi
liilm.li C'trl....-.1.11 U. P. SiiiilDi I'u dob 92i
Clerelandl Httsbur; J2J j
Tonn. Ci,x-conp.... 71 I Louisiana Cj.ex-cocpT
Tenscc-oe 6. new... 71$ I (JeorU Cl S3
VlrMnia Cj... 31 I NortbCarolinaC.... VI)
Do. new 31 South t' oliaa Cs.... 3JJ
Misoart Cj 1021 1 Kxchang icsf....4M
st. Joseph a.
,1U1 txcaanx-oaort....tt
ler salt Iemalc Complalntsv
In oung or old, ciarrltd or single, at the dawn of
womanhood, or tho ehan;ii of life, Dr. Pierce's Fa
Torite Prescription manifests sneha positively rem
edial influence as to call forth tbe loadest prabo
from all who use it.
Mr. Jou.t A. Khzet, dtu;;Ut, or Knob N'osttr,
Mo., writts ax follows
" Br. Pierce, Eaflalo, N. Y. : Dear S:r Your med
lefnes lell better than any other I keep, and giro
universal satisfaction. The pooplo are especially
dellsbted with jour Favorite Prescription, and It
seems to be a favorite among all that hare ever
used It." It Is sold by- Dra;gUta andjieaiers In
Medicines. May 13deGdJtw!w
You may journey o'er tho ravins
lijj.Mfll'lj A Utter thread to And,
ior a sbhius sua, jeu u see
Eureka's not behind.
Beadlet. In Charlotte, on Eundav. May9tli.of
s-arlet fever, Powell W., only child of John and
Mary K. Bradley, a?ed 6 months and 21 days.
iiauana papers pieaso copy.
Cole. In this cliy. on tutilay evening, &:ay9th.
Miss Utile S. Cole, eldest dauzbter of Ur. Matthew
Pbilups In Etlrksboro. April 27tb. of pvral-
vsis, llavid Phllllpa, a;ea 76 years. Mr. Phillips
bad been a resident or btarksboro lor Gs y ears, and
was a worthy citizen and estimable man.
ItEiD.-In Wlllhton. on Ihursday, May Cth,
Lottie L. Heed, aged 19 years.
Lelaku. At Middlehurv: Mar 3. of cancer. Mrs.
Clara r., wife of F. A. Leland. aped 47.
Goonnteu tt Middleburr. MavS. or Erlzlit's
diseate. iloratio tloodricb. aed 7e.
Haves At Mlddletiury. MayC. ot an abscess.
Martha M., wife of James llajes, aedot.
atcuhox In Jericho. April tb, cf consump
tion, J. it. AtcbUon, azed 33 years.
A dearly loved companion Las irone to his rest i
Ills weary, tired spirit hat nuwn
To the arms of oor Father, tbo home of the Mart,
Vr hero many more dear ones have gone.
Permit, Oh kind Father, his spirit to guide.
lliroctanil watcn o'er in love;
When a Tew more earth trials are over, we'll bide
In tby bosom and meet him above.
'te.c Jidm-ttsijinfnts.
OrLco tormerly occupied by Dr. Kncx.
Aprll27. dlAw:t
Tim ci:i.i;ui:k'rt.i tiiottix;
Will staLd this scssoa, in CiltUnden C.unty,
vithcr iu
jeiciczio ok i:iM:.s!2iJicta:.
The subscriber tales treasure In ctfdrlnr the ser-
vice ot this tine S alilun to tbe breeders or sow! t
stuck, with a view to Improve tbe price in the-r i
iilamond has ;otlbo bestclaasof coils tbat can I
be shown from auv ono horse in this country. !
Terms. Sa.uo to be paid at tne end ot mo service,
acd 1S.0U If Ibe mate proves to be with teal.
ii. . i:i:i:s.ti:ic.
May it wtf
A good, substantial pair to
At refttnaUe price call on
.. u, i'V!ii:, ... .virtuosi. I.
A a tl Id; in the ho of p tvtlaor fancy
ij ii
iv l u w u u o,
Aal hir-j but tittle mmy, call on
It. UVIUT, ... UI.AKOMil.
IT llir WAST
The BKi? Butter or toy Lind of Fainnr' Produce,
or aouui .a taa "duai ci
Groceries anil Provisions,
At fresh iDtl pare u the our feet atT-irds, CiU on
i,. it. in i.i:, ... iiirvooMti.
Hmlljr, if yoo ! Dot want am thing At all, citl io.
loot us urer aoa Date a nm can oy toe wgy
of friendship, &bl oa will tlwajs Col
tbat job aire bcn well paid
fjr etUioi oq
1.. tt. it ui:,
iv i mui.
May 11 -xtf
IJ ii jotir Iloofs, anil blinds
The Clit'apesl ami KcsLlMaco.
iCOprs. Ladies' ere Huttoa V t. warranted.
at 1.73
3 do do d ,F,i4 laced do., at $1.-5
20U do do Amer.ean Kid Button Dovts.
aAid anl warranted, at $i-jO
5k) d'j do berje or Prunella filipperj, atfioe
6j d) do Serse Congress Gaiters at 7Se
130 do Mou's Calf C ot-, eohd and ood,
warraiitKst, at 10t)
Iii addition to the above, I
would respect tally call the
attention ot the puldio to my
Milc, Quality ami L'rir.t:
CAS NO T li E H Ult PA S.S K D.
Lutlies stre p.trlicitliirly iv
iiuested to :all titiil see our
Tlio iinust thing ovttr oflertitl
iu Hi Is oily.
11. a. MOOXEV.
Ma li s?5-Jtf
kou saw:,
J conistin; of a farm .c Ecx, a.tnarrd about
two mile- above Keaex Jnn'tion on tho Winooikl
Kiver- 'I he furin con-tia-'a of 37 acres ami l well
watered n-t fenced. Tnobuildiusconsitt ofrood
b.-ue and barns. Sad farm wis st U from Jas.
Jl Delano' etate.aa idowcr. AloaaHire in tho
Ifoniestetd.rilued at SM And a small place at
Butler'J Corner.", containing tbree-fourtba acre of
land. The buil-iiu; consist of whlto hoaieand
triclc shop. Kor mrther lurticu an c.ll on or
adarcsa. JA-. 11. DELVNO,
May 12 tCw2w Erfei Junction. Vt.
MAY 7 1875.
TAlNfS NOTE'S O.X PaRIJ-2 v.cj, cmita,
,ipaSi lama.
iiUK KKETCII1NU CLUB Letters anil Etnliel on
Landscai Art. Br J"1"1 T r.hlti, M.
MR. iJIITULisaro Honrs Series. L. B. Walf.rJ.
WHIP ANIa SfVU-Saunttrer'a berles. I'y Gcorse
Warlnj, Jr.
CIIILDIIUOD-Lltt'.e Cla,s!ca. Bj- Hoisttsr John
OUit IlETACIISIEST-by Kalherin. Kin;.
ALICE LORIUIME hy R. D. Illsctmoro.
BEX IN INDU6TRV A Plea foe the Workln-GliL
PRKAl'IlIsa ITIIHCT KOTE3 by H.S.ltorrl,
1 1. 1)., LL.II.
Corner CLu.-eli snil Collexe Etretti.
JI.jS niintir
850 8100
3500 81000
InTC-ted in Stock PriTilegc-i in Wall Street,
leads to many tkoutandt ef dollars profit. Compre
hensive explanatory elrcu.ars. cunialotnr detallM
statements and quotation prices of all stocks dealt
InatlheJVcw j'0rArrA:iA-dkMet. malll fret to
these desirln to stwui.ie. AMres-
Bankers and Brokers.
Opn. N. V. Stock Exchange. 12 Wau. 8t., N. V.
tlarch 21. deodAwly
1 S fcl i
May 1 1. wCaios
Qta. dcfriistmants.
The Trottln: SU'.lions
V.'ill make tbo Season of 1S7S at the abore farm.
UA3int,KTiKIAKr MOXANrn was sired
bvRtsJyk's llamUetoalaD, dam by Roe's Abdal
lah Chief by Old Abdallah, fgaltd April 13th, IbCl;
liloodBay! 1C Hands.
Terms $3tl, to wit., $10 at time of serrlee, and StO
tVhen) the mare proves la fual.
liox ;loVA.H was sired by namptoa (sod
of Rjslyh's IIambletonlan),dam by Volunteer (son
nf Hysdyk's llambletonlao. a&d the sire of tiloster,
llnntren. Ac ). z d. by uld AbdaUah; roaled 1370;
Bay i Ul hands.
Will be limited to twenty-lire Mares. Terms 10,
to wit., 110 at time of sertUe, and $20 when the
Mare proves In foal.
FOKTI.'.rvis, sired by Clarion, dan by Wil
liam Tell, sranddam by Old Abdallah ; foaled 1363;
Black 1 15) hands.
Tetms. Slu to Insure.
Mares pastured at $i per week, bat accidents at
owners' ilk.t
it. 11 No business attended to on Sunda s.
RT For Circulars, tirtnj full particulars, pedi
rees, etc., please addrues
3Iot'I.TO.TI Duos, West Randolph, Vermont.
May II, 4613
Paper Hangings!
.Utiti)- I'attcrtis Atf.itillj- Selling
Window Shades,
etc, etc:., etc.
r (
C A lilt I AGi:S !
All pile", t'oc: SXa and canard.
A large esnttiTMnt at Uiv, LOtTiriees.
HT ltcpnirill lioiic r'lisii::ibl j ,
ami :il Ilor( ntiticc.
53- Call am t'c how far 11 111 II 1;
mono 501.
ai.i.i:. a. stiimi,
Park Block.
tu -. Isri-dlwtf
X O T I C K .
We, the tmdcrMgued, this
day lorni :i cojiartiiershii) lor
the traii-.ictioii ol
and as
forwarding mul Commisiion
at the
South 11 Iturf, llurllngton, 't.,
to eominesteti Monday, 3Iay
17th, Si, under the linn
nanieofWilkins & Lyiiiiin.
V.'. li. .VII.!iIs,
iuiai.i. !. nx.
.uriiustu.i ,t.-uioa:, May s, 1.'..
llavinz tliiaday sold my entire lalereit in tho
Coal, tVuod ana Iron business to Meeers. V Ilkins A
Lyman. I woold take this opportu .iiy ta return
my thanks to all my old frferus and customers,
and request tnem toeuD'.ian. their patruuase with
the new cooeerB.
All aacoatits due th. firm ol W. II. 1 V. II. tvl!
kins, or tho snlieerlber, mast b. eellkd at onco.
I. II. .VIL.IiI.-..
raarlin-ton, VtraBost, May a, 1375. dlwlm
11. 31. rnn!.r."i.
Jlarli'.e and (Sranile Works,
.iti i Molte Grmj and lllue
Aan, impobtcr vr
iti:i, iiit.li' am iti-tii: sioTcii
i. ii.i .M ri.
Havin- the Aceo-y of on. of tbe lar-ree Maoufac
turers lu AtoMeaa, I can ;lve extra Indaceuieuts
to purchasers.
rians and ttmatis farnishsd n spplloation.
!!I0? AMI Tar.lJ O.i' DANK STSBtT. EAaT OF
May l.l-JUiJiatinJm
A l' COST!
AT COS.'.'
oppoitk FLT.TJdnr, i.iBiir.r, cnuncn st.
ilay 7, I'Ti tJwtl
-vij J ' JI..TIIi:tVK.IIICH,
Ur '-5!JH?2!L WAT. ,
. M.yll.dxwif
Fr Books, Writing Paper,
Envelopes, Blank Books,
Games, Gold Pens & Pencils,
Portnioimak'S, Card Cases,
Albums, Bccalcomanies,
Pocket Knives, Chrotuos,
Frames, Writing Desks, -Sc.
Press lor stumping Mono
grams and Initials ; large as
sortment Croquet, Cliivalrle,
Base Balls, Foot Ball& Bute.
No. 48 Church M., -Hook & Pen."
April 16-d4wtf IIEMIY U, DAVIS.
gxniipiBt Routes.
WI will Mil at Pnbllo Anetlon, at tb. Elm Tres
lloua.. In Mllten, Vermont, on Uonday, May
31, 1675. at 10 o'clock In th. forenoon, tb. lollow
lnr vroporty. nolooilns; to th. estate of Ell Barnom,
Banlrnpt. All the shares and loterest In the La.
mollle valley Bntter and Cbees. Mannfactorln:
Company i and also all the shares and Interest In
the Milton Falls Cheese factory Company, belonr
Infto tb. tstats of sa d Ell Barnnm. Also all
noiasbonds, anil chesea In action belonslnx to sa!d
esute.' . ,
L.B.PLATT, J Asslrneeeof the s
JEll. P. CLARK, i tate of Kl) Carnum.
Milton, Hay 12, lSTa.-4S.w3ir.
I will sell at PuMlo Auction, at the Elm Tree
Hons., In Milton, Vermont, on Mocdsy. May
31, 1373 at loo'dock, a. m the following proper.y,
belonslnz to tbeestate of llenry C Baraa-n. Bank
rupt. All tbe Bankrupt's Interest In about fifteen
acres of land and tbe bulldlnss thereon standing,
sltnated In Milton, Vermont, and belonInf to tlio
estate of Elijah llerrick, deceAsed, ana belnthrt
sam. premises in which tb. widow of tho said
Klllahhas a life estate, and now oempled by her.
Assignee of the estate of llenry C. Barnnm.
Milton, May Ii,1373 16,w3w.
VL. tbe 16th dav ot April. A. V 17S.
The nnderaiTned be ebr rivea notice of bli id-
polntment ajAUtsnoe of tbe estate of Champlain
Hoyei and Merritt W. Hojtr. partner, under the
name of C A M. W. Pojvt. of Uoonitstoo. in the
County of aUennlnton, and State of Vermont, mtu
ln said llitrlct.wbu bare been adjudged baokrojj.s
upon their own petition, by ttv Dutrict court of
id District. AUKAUaU li. UAHD.Nhtt,
iSwiw A-i.ntc.
Urtr VrlDrrnbtiaiCnis.
We shall offer on Monday
movniny, May 10th9 a hand
some assortment of Ladies''
Drape d9 Ete Garments, jrom
$Z.OO each, uinvards
l'AHASOLS, ilc.t
In yreat variety and at rea
sonable irlce.
Ona Yard Wiae, Only rntecn I'enls.
New Prints ; Xew Giisghnins.
sTitirr.o diiJi-,
t:m:cit mi.kv
New Fatten Dress C.mxls.
We bara opeao 1 m!s ret a ban lsouie Una of
.ai.i. lTitn ii.h .t.i tvoot..
Vit hare mem iu
btrllietl, l'liiltl mill l'laalii SooJ.
New l'arasvls Just lUeeiVe-d.
"Bee Hive"
rorCurprts In Hit clir atitl SUHo.
Rich Patterns in Body llrus-
selit arrived this week.
NEW 01 1. CUITIIr.
Discriminatin;; Jaies pronannse t-ur ssirtment
of Carpets aneqaaiiea.
Good OoudS at Itr:ioiiulK'
"BEE HIV 15."
Ilay 5 IJwtf
(Chartered Norembar II, ISTO.)
Capital, - - - - SIOO.OOO.
for moneys paid Into Court, and ts aathorizea to aet
as nardian or receiver of estates.
Interest allowed om DE?o.-ira,
which may ba mad. and withdrawn at any time,
and will be entitled to interest forme wholo tim.
tbey may remain with th. Company.
kxecntors. AnmloUtratora. orTrastees of Fitatea.
and F.malee naaecmstomed to Ibe trantscttoo of
bnalnesa. as well as KeLljrioaj and BeneTolent instl
Milons. wUl nd this ttmpany a conveniens depo
sitary for money.
omc wirB law
MEucnavnTs wATiosrox. i3ik or
IIKSRT P. B1CC0K. Praaldrnt.
CUARLE8 W. V.OODU0CIIK, Treasarer.
STATE OF VERMONT, The Uonorahl. tb.
ntSTRiCTorciirmTiir Prcbate Court, rcitb
DISTRICT or CHITTMDCr, 55. J Wj ula , ChltteBl.
Totheheirsandall persons Interesud In th. eatat.
cf Air ed U. Allen, lat. of Colchester, In said
dtsrrict. deceased. OazcTISO.
'IiriIEKEA.1. application hath been mad. to this
?T Court la writini. by the administrator ol
tbo citato aforena d. prayin; for licena.
and anthoritr to sell tho real esute of said de
ceaed. setting forth therein that It would b
I eneficlsl 10 the heirs and all perscnt Interested In
said estate to sell the wh il.of Oi. real estate of said
decf aid an.1 coorert the same Into money ; and all
the heirs residiu- In this I tate bailor, filed their
wriiwn consent to such eal.i
Whereapou. the said Court appointed and aisirned
the Sih day if Hay. A. II. IS73, at the mbata
Loun Rooms. In said District, to bear and decide up
on said application, and petition, and ordered
puMIc notice thereof bo -ircn to all persons intet-
,.1 .y"r?'n bJr publishin-: said order, toxether
witli the time and place of hearing, three weeks'sua
ces.liely in the Burlington 1'reu Press, a newspaper
wheh circulates m th. neighborhood of those
ixnons interested in said esute, all which pub
lications shall bo prerious to tho day assigned for
Therefore, you are hereby not'fied to appear be
fore said Court at the time and place assigned, then
and there in said C nrt, L make your objections to
tho granting such licena, if ou se cauae.
Uuen under my band al the Probate Court
Rooms, thai Clh day of ilay, a. 1. 1373.
ItwJw k. a. TAFT, Rejistcr.
7E TIIH LSUCbCrJDEHS, hiring been ap
fl ioidu-.1 by tho Honorable tno Probata Court
lor the i).atrit:t oi Cbtttendrn. Comlasioners to re.
coive, exam.nf ami adjust tbe cLaima and demaadj
of all ptron-t aintthe ciitateol Ira r.&hattuck,
late ol tiarliiaton, in ia.d l..itrict. decea-ted. and
ai'o an c'Lainu ai auianua cintDinsa in oilkji
thereto; awl r.x months from tbe dar of the date
hrreof", bem ' ailoiml by the said Court for that
purp-x-e, we do thervioro hereby giro notice, that
we will at trod to the oumcsa of our appointment,
as tho nice of Wm. &naw, in burUnjton,
iu raid D.iinct, on tho Brit WedotiKiaTS of Julr
and orember next, at ID o'clock 3. m., on each of
days. -J6wJw
aval! tnia 3d day or 3Iy. A. D, 13T3.
rn, TIIH -CCCltIBEns, hannt been ap
1 po.ottfti by tlio Honorable the Itobato Court
for Um lhstr ft of Chittenden, t'onimisa'oncra to
rtceir. examine uid adiu.t the cLaimj ami demanda
of all pvrauDa, a9a;Uat tlio estate of Lucid!
m uie 01 jencno. 111 Sfiaualnct, deccasou,
and also all cLuma and dein.tndd exhibited in otdet
thereto; and .x tnonths frm the dav of tha data
hereof, beinj allowed by sa.i Court for that purpose.
mo uv ineraure nerooy .re notice, tnat we win at
tend to the btUiDesj ol our a nnui ntmrnt. at thm
dweluns buuaouofccno:ed hy JUhaU Dirtlett,
in Jcriobo, in said i strict, on tbo N.urthTu?dayB
of July and tepu ciwr wit, at lu o'clock a. m.,on
each of said ta.
ivieu uiif ji aay o: Mir, ,. 11. hj:-.
::ili:v it. ;in ciii:i.i., iistati:.
STATE OF VER3I0NT, Tho Honorable tha
PisrniCT or r.,nr.,1E.,,. '
ToaUtternons interested in tbettato of Henrv
II. Mitchell, late of .n s:d U stricL. Ct.
"ri-ErE-S. sa.d Court hath XMined the M
1 ? day of Judo. 1-73. for the settlement of
administration account of the administrator cf laid
ea.aie, anvl !or a dtreo of the jeaidue of laid
rat&te to tbe heir or inl deceased, and
ordered that pub! c not'ee thereof bo irea to all
persons interested in sa.d estate, by publishing thli
onler three weeks succeafl'vely pretious to tho day
attsigned. in tho Hurl ot- n Free Fre, printe4
m iuriin"ton, in sa u v -tr.ct.
Therelore. Ton are hert.br notified to anncar at tha
Ptottato Court lb oma, in Burlington, un the day
ass: sued, then and there to contest tbe allowance of
laid account. 1: yon two cause, aud to establish
i our njbt as heirs and lawiul claimant
ut t-aid rts'.dse. 4-iw3w
tiiren under my hand, this II th day of May,
. IK to75. n. &. TAFT, Kesiater.
:E. THE -sUBSCUICEHS, harin; been ip
11 ttolnted br tbo Honorable the lrobata Court
tor tho District of Chittenden, Commissionera ta
receire. examine and adjust tbe claimi and demandJ
fall persons, aa at the etUte of I rani! Hay,
late ot iiinburt). tn sad District, deceased,
and also all clainxf and demands exhibited in odet
thereto; aud. nut mouths from tho dy t-f tho dato
hereof bein; albtwed hy sa.d ourt. for that purpose,
we do therefore herti-y giTe notice, that we will
attend to the btu.nif-a ot our appointment, at tho
n CierkV office, m liineebuj 'b. in aaid District.
on the lint Weuutcaaj i ot Jane and Utober next,
at 10 ovioea . m., on eaeo o sa.d days.
uaiea inis aTjiii uu oi Aorii, a. v. isra.
il tl. iuLDWlN. ! Coam.iiU.MM.
rE, THE SUBSCRIBERS, bavin- been ap
7 1 pointed by tho Honorable the Irobato Court
fbr the District of Cb'ttonden. Commusioners to re
ceive, examtno and adjust the claims and dema ads of
all persons, aa.mit tue eute ot iratHX alory.
late of LMtorbul, in aaid Instriet. deceased, ana
alio all elaima and demands exhibited m of&et
thereto ; and tix months ttoa the day of tbo dto
hereof, bein allowed by said Conrt fbr that purpow,
we do therefore bereb ive notice, that we will
attend to the bo?inss of our annointment. at the
-lKcUin'- bbuae i Johnbtt ry. in todtrhial, in said
District, on tbe thtid 1 uetdayi of July anl
bnumoer next, at iu o'clock A. 31., on each of
Aid days. Ijwj
jjatea t&us rta day or . pr:i. a. d. it.
31 h.lIM.iOin,i,vmt,,
HaVKMON llALL;toinmsiioDeH.
jsatitv iiiui,i:t,.s ustati:.
STATE OF VERMONT ) T all persons Coc-
DiSraiCToraiiTra-iLE.T,i!,.cJe . ,
tvT Uiohmon-i, in n:d D.tr.ct. deoea-wa.
Ala Probate Conrt hi-l-Un at Barlm:ton. within
and lor the Ihstnct ul I U-ttt u len. on tho tth aay ct
A p il, A. IK i". an lu.-tnintcn uurjiomn
to t too lat U.'.l sl'1 Testament, ol Jcrrjr
lllfJt), tato of Rctnu. Qt, a an.d lite . ;t. do
eatdtd, was pre-ent.-. t tn t'ourt afbretaui, tor
rrohatcand it iaMntTiil t-v - , 1 tVart that tho Isth
dajr of Uy, A. LK 1:, ut the lnbato Court
iiMimsm tjkia unri.tiiioii. 00 wirneu lur prormr
wud iBStrnment . aud t(j u-iiice thereof be preu
toallpcrvond cunccrue-l jnblihin th'. order
Utret woolu rucctia .. m t Durlincn Weekly
rrao rrost, a uvw-uaix-i ur iut.d at aud Corlsos:
tua. pterioai t tLe t un- ii(a- ntod.
inoreiore. vuu an- tier. t. n une toappcar inrioro
aid Coart, at the t me ..1 i place abreai.l. and con
toatthe probate of a..l w 11. ; ou hare eaar-o.
inven onuor my rnwi m IjUI unburn in 31M ins
triet. thia 2itb A : Aj.ru. A. I. i;C5
ji:um;v nn.i.s k.u .n.vi.i:.
IIC abfcnhr ha' two F-iJ-MorJ, IlertJ-b-Kik,
Jwsey Balls, hml !r iu the hett batter fetock.
157'. No, 7, (A. J. C 4'. Htrrd-boox ). aire.
bjrtou" :-0'-, Catvi. "o It a 19
lEoother. ""ileur- M 1 ' -.roDped Jano 13"3 .
tins. '-Wehin-iti-u" JIT , ti.im. " Lady Oltfton,"
txi.l sell oa( - n ribcui. t e parcmcr to Qmto
hUchoiee. oth i nl-iit'-i eattley toaunae.
ljtst nr: lur i fiain , Jx.t-lr; lor ilalor, '
t:ll Mm sell op Fall Ca r dropnl ot H, 1374
sire, rismrek F,i:.a3i. I ill . d its, "Vlnre-t,
aTTa. Pnco$lJ 10. I a.i nnr aditre-w.
Aprils, tlJr Albany eimonL
"lirHEREAit, the Vo-mont Central Uatilrosd
11 Cumnant. dtr-t trn-t aul molt r.
lur'n date the twun.icth dv of 3Ijy, A. 1.
e-HiTeje-i tu II. II. Uuitnen-ell. KohertC. Hooper,
and II 11. Ore-or- n. alltif Ixismn. lrotc,arjtl to
the tnrrtror tr Furvir r4 or them and . f thlr 103
c(M, to be apfjuinti-d in the ra tuner thereloartAr
proride-l in eae Taca-iCvsn nona tccar, " tno rail
road and franehi-e tf ts d onioiay. eatud tbe
ermoot Central Ra.troai. as Ine md U locateJ,
eonatrnettMl. ati imp overt, and as tfce sim may
hereafter be legally located, cunatrnettd md 1m
prtTed hy Mid ."typany. eatenrtin; from Windsor,
in tbe State of Wtj nt, to turllon)D, In said
btite, an-I also tie stations, engine tou-i, (hops.
rn-Kl t onsen, ir.m, s.r-oper-, ana utnrr appnaa;f
with all tbe Un-U thert he'xnr-nsand mteoaed
lor the tue and accMEin--'at on of 9 ild roal, a tbey
cow arend they mix tu f rt paired and im
proved, tretDr with an the locomdiret( enitno,
paener, rreuh:. dut, haoJ al other cam, ami
alt tho other jMn-nal pnpert blunjn to raid
company, at th fsto puw 15 tu n by aalde-im
pau ,tr as in nmn may ow iveTea:ier raaoa tr
rvnewe-t by raid c-jmpaoy, sjject however 10 al!
ttetlrttsatvl privil-e8 wh ch the Vermont and
Catada Hailrad Cmnj.in b tv ;c and to the above
era e ted prcmi.iei as couuioed in tho jareral ia
deotnrra oettreen am Vurtm nt Central Railroad
Coir paoy and tho sj'd ermo t and Canada Kail-
roa-i iaiMnT. serany, naikHi &a(u stia, a.
1). 11J. Januar llt,, a 1. 130. aod July 9th,
A. It. lOU. aod recorded at the tnwn of St. Albaus,
at Franklin Count , iu tee bta'e o; Vennont,
rrference tu nhich u made an 1 subjet to a prior
mortao a m.t firth loan 'ndentnro made and
cxecuiMi on tne iwetu tu ua in uctooer, a u.
11. by and buiwi.tn the aid Vermont Central
Riilroail iii3tDiDv uf the tim urt. and William
Amory ani Chad. O. Whi'm-re o: Cajttoe, and John
builh, of fcl Albans aa Trustee, of th- beoond
part ana only recuraeti :a suu oi termuai.
and to which rvferenca ina'le and which isorv
naa mate as r'-- r ly fr tbe payment of
bunds Usue-1 by tbe ra d v e-mon! eetral Rallroid
Compan to tho umUa.t of two m'lilv&a ofdollars ;"
and i- id J;elut trust a-iJ wortao waimadeupon
tbe conditiou that oa-d rmtJni 'et.tral Railroad
Company itMMild, well aod trnly pay or cause t be
paiu the aeerulox ctereet upon the not or bonde
ut laid cold juuy, iiaue-1 ur tube iued by Bald
company tu tWau-uunt ui une mi 11. on fire handred
tbonand dulljrs accord n-; to the tenor thereo,
and alto u pay tlio priuc.pal thcieof mriuan; to
their promise whn the -ame beeume due."
Atsdwhenas, m aud by rit deed ol treat and
moitx; ic agreed b and between tbe paruetf
thereto thatitat ny time thereshatlbe abreaen
of tho coud-tU-n l-ierw , t.y tbe pun payment ol
interest whau due or the nuo-pj mnl .f principal
wnen due, f-r the 'acs i six months after the
muncy so tiita due. and iwo-th.r-is m amount of the
ho dcrs ot -.d nu:cu- bi.dJ shail nqncotitla
wrttinr under tr.cir hands, tbe ;rnti premties
and piopvrty may uH.n enati ne;let b sold at
public auction y said I'rustewi or tbo fumrorof
tntmaad their utxerari. raiwt howeeur to all
tbe nthts created and eiist n; unler prior murt
"es aod incu urraccv". 1 - tbat parpoe tbo
party tf ti.e nrt part aerc'.v empowers tbetu
by an authority irrevuuh:e, tuth sell and con
vey b deed or oeeds nndcr llislr Itonds and sea's
the sa d iiaiich 4-3, premises ant proocrty tot.be
purthaMrorpureha-ere.taey i,iTi-j:ttir month
notictjot any lu't-ndeu .-4.0 by pabiishfoi an ad
Tertiemcnt therei: u one cevipjper. at leaatln
thecuunty ofuulk. :n toe&tutanf MajbcbuMtts,
anainejcb uf tbe oouctiei of Cbitteudeo. ab
ln;VnDd Vs'in-I--:, :u thebUiteof ermui, stat
ins there. n 'he tme aod p.aco vt sa!e.
Andwbe'eas, the uunersiced hare hen daly
appolbto-1. a'.ree hiy to and in acc Jidanc with the
terms and p:T.iuus uf aid dcel 01 trust aod
morfa-'9, Tiuj-oes. ' Oil ..NMiirea which hato
occn'red In sa.d U art -f I mitees. awl hare ac
cepted Saild appi.int nnt. a ltd hje tberobj become
the tucceseors of tho T(ute oriirltwllv natatd In
raid deed aud tlolbwd tri It t is sme powets wblah
they ou.d havo had if ihe hvt Ucn orij!iiial
patties to said lustiumebi, and that holders of tho
notes or bocd-i s.ur-:d by "lid deed uf trust aod
mortzae-on am nut two-tlurds la
amount o aM n..tv ana iM.iads Uued as aforesaid,
har rqneud 1a wr.t.n uno-jr the r bands that
the satu uranivd prewt-s jftl property maf be
sold at pubaic auctiua as prow 1 -ted m sa.d deed for
the reLun tbat tnero las been a bre-ehlnUa
condlttun naui-a in sal J trust aud mort
r. in th s that there has been a nos-paymcnt
Zt the interest wn.ca has fecomv doeoponsald
notM or tAds for m..re than tho spaco orsix
months alter tae muuey heoaiae due.to wither
tbespw ofMToral , ars Ut past.
Tbere&re. kBe uuderi;iid Kirecot.ee that aU
tho preml.es. prupett,, nsbts and pmilees
named and dend in s.ld ed of tru.1
aim mortxo. bearin; oati tae tent.eth day
of May. A. V, iSii. 1l ' Pblic
anctiun,attaeCoottllousetin tho tonof Moot
peiier-lntbeConnfr of Has-ilatoo, un Tne-dar.
the tweoty-eewno day of June, A.Ii. l&75,attwelre
o'clock nMn,sut to tbe incumbrances named
in said deirto- uutand mo.uare, and also U any
other Hens andcI-Ums exlllB3Uierwon srowinxont
oftheadmlnUtrat uB or said property. onder iU
rection .rthe Ccut ct Chancery lur tha htau of
PsSwl the fliheenlh dar of Jlsrch, A. D. ISn.
KdTfcat UOWf, f v c niton t Central
J03KPU il. CO.NVEIlbE, j ft.it. Co.
March 19. liT-w-hn
Tn 1; r.KT.
r. Bnaw-- a
Immediately. Inquire of , A,OER
Feb.ll-uU' c.j.aiuaui.
y - -la.

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