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I'll ui3 rifEss, FifiDAY ironxrxc, oeceiber
S5hs r(c firqss.
nuituNGTO.v, rnin.vY, dec. isso.
rmiiMiEu bv
The Vrec Mrrss dissociation,
t:. a. iii;m:dh-i Editor,
Tcrm2.00nycar,iilun)i in mliancc
Travellers Guide.
From I he North 9-10 and 11.-02 a. m., an J S3't 7 05
and 1(:4( n. ta.
From the Kat,i.v Central Vt. II. It., 4 53 and 11:02
a. iil, and and -eon p. iu.
rromitie..uih,tf-2j and i ua a. m. ; and-rtoand
;t" p. m.
From tl.v lii-'t, iv I'.irliDBlou 4 Lamoille K. IU
UK A. Hi. and 5.04' )t. HI.
)oinj: Nr.rtti aud Vet, 4sh, fcCS, and lit 05 a.
11.J3. 4 4 aud T3 1. iu.
lioiuj: Kai, lit Central t. lt.lt., 10 00 a.m.,
ami 4 40 and v.43 p. m.
t;olngNJiiili, ;:JjanJ U:(iia. ru.; and 5.37 anJ 705
p. in.
tlinii Eait. bv- Purllng'on A I-amulUe 11. IL, 6 5 a.
nu, and 4.4 "t p. in.
nteavjfr Win leaves ttuiliujiton for Flatts
burgh, ui :13 a. ia, ; nt tinting, reaches here at 5 00
p. Id.
Tue IVc si Jon t has api tinted AlmonBarnc
of Venr.ont a Tutted Stales consul at Oura-
t Then are 12." vessels of various Kinds de
lalned between Montreal and Quel -or bv tho
ieo Mix kade.
The ceu'ennialof Rutland county will be
celebrated February 22d. 1S1, Henry Hall
deliveiins tbe oration.
Femzx to Deatii. A man was found
dead in lli? lam of A. X. Kin nt Tua
bride, Suv. CI I. fnwen to death. Ue'
MippOMiIto ! Mr. II it ill or Norwich.
Ii is nw iir.dcrstiHl tlut the trial of
sikw M. V.Viu. the Urattlclwro bank de
faulter, has lufii po-dptmeil until the Fibru- i
aivttmiof tin- I'niv.l Slates Court in this 1
At a mcftit t the n pie-scutativts of nil T
the towns in Addi-on county, to whom was
ivf rnd ihe hill aLfe for an appropriation
of $J."i,W to build a new County Court
lluu-e at Mtdulthury, tin informal ballot
was taken, which showed sixteen towwop I
twd to th" bill and M.ven favoring it. '
AFui'istlaya nitii? "for the i-romolion j
if holi'u'sr will bcii .it Bran Ion, Monday
Dec ti, 150, at 7 p. rrvachtag three I
times day. Half fare on the A cmioat
Central KnlIro.uI ; services conducteil in the
lljp!i-t church by the Silver Lake Holiness
A-culion, Kev. C. 1. Hauler presidei.t,
lli-v. B. S. Ta) lor seen tary.
Tnt Signal Ofticc records showed a mini
mum of 4J aliovc zero Wednesday, the 24th.
This is the lowest recorded tcmiTature, for
that date.sincc the establishment of the signal
station in our city. The fog or iai?t on the
lake caused by the water U'lcg warmer than
the air was recorded before and just after
sunrie. passing oil in fantattic shapes. The
first record last year was on the ISth of
Decern! icr.
DEsrcrcTivE Tizz. r. B. Salisbury's
tteum miil and furuitarc manufactory, near
the railridd track in West lEandolph villagi-,
was burned with its valuable machinery on
the morning of Thursday, Xov. 25th. The
loss is total, amounting to r20,0on. This
lire throws a large number of men out of
employment and is Itcsides a great loss to the
place. Small insurance. No dwelling houses
were burned.
Gls. Bcttecfilid's Appointment. The
New York llcraWi Washington srccial
sajtr The President has directed the su
peiiclccdfLt of the census to airain canvass
certain townships in South Carolina to ascer
tain if the report of the supervisor of the
cen-us of that Stale Is correct. General But
tcrfhld, tiixrvior of Vermont, in whom
Senators Edmunds and Morrill profess the
greatest confidence, has Iteen assirneel to this
important duty, and, with four able and ex
pel iciued assistants, will this week I tegi n to
take the census a4 thoroughly as possible.
The Beuuingtrn Itanner siysthat JuJge
llarretts way of treating a criminal, in the
way Ihe law directs was the real cause o!
the opposition to lma. A nicely drcscd
liiimr seller dinlikes to 1-c used as a criminal,
but Judge Barrett had a habit of sentencing
rumscllers, burglar, horse-thieves, etc., ac
cording to the tenor of th? law, irrespective
.f fine clothe, and naturally the rum inter
tut did not like it. A correspondent writes
that the dozen men who are awaiting trial in
Woodstoek juil had a regular torchlight pro--cShion
when they heard of J ude Barrett's
Eight boats laden with iron ore, lumber
and barley are frozen in at Whitehall in the
harlior ami canal, and also several lints
bound north with carries of coal. The tug
boats of the New Vbik and I.akc Champlain
transportation compiny made ttieir last trips
on Wednesday, breaking thick lecasfaras
t'liimney loiut,S3 miles distant from White
hall. The tug Tisdale lpcame disahIM b- a
tut-kin big which was drawn between the
wheel and the hull of the Mat. Tlie lion
sheathing upon the lug Brilliant was torn off
by the ice, and it was towed to Whitelnll by
another tug. 1 he canal boat J. J. McFar
rn, wiih a jart cf n cargo of lumber, was
cut through by the ice aial sank to the deck.
The ice in the canal is three inches in thick.
Less. Tlirc inches t,f snow hue fallen at
wellville, a small settlement in the town of
ltcadaboro andaliout three miles from North
Adam, Mass., Kdm ruller, proprietor of
the Jlartwcllville hotel, had an encounter on
the 2th, with a man named Henry VH!- ,
ham, and the latttir c!ubed his antagonist (
severely lhat death resulted in a few hours.
The diapute arose over some stolen sheep
f.und in Tuller possession. Wilham claim
ed lhat lbs animals ltlonged to the widow
Oldens, with whom ha boardtiL Tii. en
counter U-twe-cn the men took place in
front of the hotel. Fuller started toward
Wilham and threaten, d t- thnsh hiin, but
the would be assaih.at was quickly put
upon the defensive, ! r William advanced
to meet him and wh'n within striking ih
tancc Nat him aVi't the head with a heavy
cane, fracturing the skull in two pUces.
Til f ecid Haw which Ji.is swept ovt r the
U ni led Sta:i3 and the Canada? during the
last fe-v tlays ta tlte tiwst remarkable yet rc
cordeil for Noiemhcr. The central area of
this wave rested on Monday, over Ohio and
Wtbtern I'ennlvami, where the thmnoiiie
ter Elood at T d. rees arwve 7en but the 1
wae ttrclthi d wist ward to the summits of
the Bit ky Mountain and eastward to the
Atlantic seaboard In a northcily and south
trlyhneit ttn:'!eil fiom the paralhls of
Manitoba to thfttt of ihe fulf of Mxico
lodeed, th whole country east of the Hoe by
Mountains was buried beneath its frigid air,
except ihe eitirme Southeastern section.
The w iele cxtrnt of Ihe cold is as remarkable
asilseurly arrival the temperatures rang
ing fiu.i.llaneoii- f riu VM fU-grees on Ihe
Virginia cote! to 1 1 in Ten newer and New
Yoik, U-low zero on the likes and 111 In 10
below 7i ro in ihe Northwest.
Thf M. Allans Mtinger nukes a raid f
on the Icgi"l.itie oilicers, el liiningthat tl ir
nuinU-r is tur teht hirgf. It xy thit while
(lov KarTihuniha..:i'rcr(tarvandtwomrs'K-R
jers in the ev rtitiir ilepnilment, the gov r
nor and conned cf New llamiiiire have only
a ch rk, while the j initor of the Mate, House t
acts as d'KtrkeepT In the "ice of we re
tary of St ite v.e find a th puty, a 1 1 ik and a I
uit-ss. n' r while the See retary of State in Ne
Hampshire, gt-ts ahiiiir with only nth-putt
Serg.'fliit nt anus I'hinneyis supportenl by a
elcik hmMwo iiesfensirs, while In New
Hampshire the f-e rgi ant at-arms, flfshi
own writing and inns ,U omi errands. '1 he
Houe of lU pit m nttiviR at Montpelier h:ts
three clrkf, t v dooihcTS and four mtf
engT. Th Nt vr Hsiiipvh.re Houelias
tvfi dei 1.4, three d'f !l:eei"wra and two me-j-se
tigers, iir s. natj has wo iloorkeeprs
anrt two p'igts, but Ihe Senators at Concur!
have only one of eaih. AlMiut our State 1
House are ernpioeIa jatitrr, walcbman,
two enginters and four swts rs, while lb
eapitol at Coword i taken cure of by xv
janitor and two assistants. In short the
work in our Ieg: Mature that is divide! among
twenty messengers and employes, in New j
Hampshire is done by seven.
Monktos. Orin Lawrence, an old and es- i
teemed resident of this town, suddenly fell
dead while arising from bis itM. where he'
had laid down a few momenta previous to
rest. Heart dae ihourht to lie the
Vkmesnes At the nutting of the com
mittee coniWised it the lie ptotciit itives of
Addison count v, to whom w. is uftircd the
bill before the l-gisliitiiie, asking for an ap
propriation of 525.000 to build a new coun
ty court hmw at Middlehury, ov. Stew nit
read letters from spiral punm'tn-ut citizens
of Vcrgcnnes favoiiiii; such an appropriation,
and as the Ilopu-sentative from this city,
Col. Walter S-ranton, voted with the sixteen
others a?aint the bill at the informal ballot,
it was claimed he did utt represent the
wishes of his constituents corrcf tly. Hence
Col. Srranton deeml it his d.ity to call a
public mettin of ihe voters to nhtain their
wishes on th- question. Tor tliis purpose
public notices wcie isMietl on Wednesday
last and a notice iimrtcd in the local paptr,
iquo8tiifr the 't(ts to mett on Friday
L-cniti. Tlic meeting was held in the
low n lull aud the attendance w r.s unusually
large for a caucus meeting. Hon. A. T.
Smith was cailed to the chair. Mr. Icran
tou luictl y l eview cd his action and
tho questions before them and dis
claimed any personal bias in the matter,
dcMrinj simply to honestly and correctly re
present their wihcs, which he asked them
now to instruct him ui-on On motion, the
speitktr appoinkd as a -ommitlce to draft
m-ohitbus exprosiie of the views of the
meeting. Messrs. John 11 I!obtrt, S. S.
Gaines and Thomr.s M.ick, who reported the
following: Uesnlvid, That wc hiartil',' en
dorse the action taken by our Representa
tive, Walter Scranton, in opposing the bill
to raise a tax of &23,9ft fjr the puqiose cf
building a new Ciunty'ourt IIoujatMtd
dlebuiy. The rcselut.n was ad.tptiil by a
vote of 1S2 Ir and r.o:i ;iiuht.
Kl.lai-Vi)il wilt hit K. hifv n:itl Uvtrlicaiea
ai-i worst .-aifi 1'iifs. o ,Jaw1n
W li si.fftr wii!i Isit:is a, or iiuiij aita cuuwJ
. it. wlieu j. IU . w Ktntraitt'fJ by our ima
lirugyist u vive tttislAi-tntu 'r laanry u-iuiiJcl.
rate, wiiclworac, iiuiritioin a-j-i ftimulAtit
witliiHi .iiliitii:re Malt Hittiin.
Ttt "-iiiTcrcr wlw it patienUj ciiJuiion
Iho a:tcr au.t iouRinir Tor relltf, gUaiy hm.1
jnMtilujiti.it mil tiatn-?i n tuuuuf or Uieu taln.
Wirmr'n bite KiJnr anJ Li r Cuie J'8 both,
juuittH t'i" tiuc "Frirni lu Nte.r w nuffennff
hiiminitT. Vjt tliv KI.Iik't. LJver or Urinary Or
ini ii is mriiiiWf. yga-m,-,fAwy
Th4 rosIiWeCn-o
For all Feui.ilo CotuplalnK
Thij ra.rarTiJN ntsToaw iiEX."ODTaiT
SATiatL usanoN't ncFCTi ma vital row ta
ATjanr,sTiu:tiTiSTiit.ariEe oiTHrrEBV
and ururf into i lcj((avu :"PTOE and
rTctsoTa.i'or'JArTuEtriii: n.-uJkal uitdeu
lirf. ItBlrfllltTUB DA-K AjiDriLVWM
tem; it n-rLACi' t.as io tiieir
t:ATtnL rornos. Isat r-isnso or ueahisj
nowv, t'Arttro riiy, EiG"iEA;r&neSAUie,n
It wilt si ell liafcsnciil ucJi-r n!l clivii-n-.IanCirtiuIiirmour
rllh tbe la Ikat
govcriilLefriuiiIOHFrtcin. , , ,
Fr iboccro cflildnry Coiaplalot of eituer
ATXf tLbt t'ompouud in iinnrpaMeIa
L.ydla 1 rioLham'n X retablf ComouaJ
UyKpared tttbepropritt)iBlAborutry.
o. 2J3 Western Atrna?, Lynn, Masj.
Price. S1. Six Bottles to one address, S5.
ad lor ju;tM . Atidhw uNv .
No fawlly ,-liouldb5WlWioutLyi!UK.rint.LaaiV
LIVER Fl LLS. Tiny cure Conotipation, liillooi-nii-1
ToqtlJlly ot tbe Liver. 2 i rt. jki hot
GEO. C. CC0DW1N & CO.. Bosljrt, Gwe.-jl Ajenl
bvti bf DniUtu
Ai-ini.), io.iAwtr; m
Vitalte ami Uorlfbea tho IHoI, Tones
up the Sy-tcm, 3Iakr tho Weak
strong-, Uuild up the Urvkrn
tloTrn, InvIc;orate4 tho
It rain, aud
Dyspepsia, Nervous Affections, Gen
eral Debility, Neuralgia, Fever
and Ague, Paralysis, Chronic
Diarrhea, Boils, Dropsy,
Humors, Female Com
plaints, liver Com
plaint, Eemittent
Fever, and
Supplies (tie Lbod with its Vital IMncIple, or
IAfo Klemeot, IKON, tfutisg HtrDRtb.
Vliror Ar.d New I lf intt all rn cf the imii.
Injeffccusre not fuIljeJ Ly correifoniji; i tac
tion, bat are permanent.
SETH W rOWLE S. SOX?, Proprietor, S4
ILvtm Atcsuc, Btfttsa. SvU ty U DruuiU
Auel i!3tWiTllf
Jlcfl tlie irijjtrfai.nf i ft Ihr ui-11a1
utillnipliy wuhj ni i-n-fiil prrtn'N. It
h a twrli-ctlv pur ui-If iiuimlr, eiu-lr-Hft
ttiu l arte iiuptrunt irjK-rtl- uf a (re
Titlr, a iwiti ul.ii a-riitu. It lartuic tti
lilV mt diiif, ln1,'wrAtcii Mf'tl nwtft'irrnt
lit itri'iil ntoU'"!i u-l liter an. I -fTc ;t a mv-t
HA'uurjr tliHUe in Hie c:itira rTnteni, wlieu !u m
nttii'i oi nttwii.
l-nr Mle it all iiugjrl-ti aiI tjialt.T'snsi)
.Nov 4 -tu.trir.HiitA wliu
Are a symptom of Jaundice,
Dyspepsia, Constipation, Bil
iousncss,and LiverComplaint.
will cure the disease and re
move yellowness from s!:tn
and eyes. Warranted to cure.
Sold everywhere at 25 cts. per bottle.
.Ian Slsii dtwjv
I 1 HI A H H I H H I
With Kit. GlUtMAVS
Soni bfi.i-lo fAV,
I h.i v n Kni tlitf i on Hum p-
litlt If tllU J'JIlt ut tlljtL'tUttl
tiou " Uml uf h".
tlit time will tiiHt
If ji.u have Vcuk I.
in Hh iiU-l Tvini. oi
n!ie-n 'ii will TTl-tU yuu bad.
An'hnn. r i Ml ou.aiid ituv a
bolllv of Itr. tier
uian, 4 oiiKli mi a l u
huuiucioii Cure
atu ir, Anr lanntf io-iuiri
of h buttle, ou rr
vlve no beuedt, j.leiue return
ur m ut, hi we HCll Ml tlKl,
it to four ublMrtu uu
I rirt-. 15 n. ui t. 1 or m'e bj
ct ll.deowCm
mi pav - Mot tiers,
iiirplnite oriuiu.
Ilmuj-re A iMnry
hl'l.i:. KliiiiUth niAile Airtfitt uutiv UirwU Uf
l(A k. John H. AUkN ot Iliif-lunth, H mkliiK
Krciit umiiT fnii'lH: tn all th- low in around, ly
limklntr HAKNLbSKS wf nTf lMcrlplion. ilrig!
and tl'tiiMe. ami Hrlliuir th-m at nrirt- wtikb allow
irft.Mf ti rM. if th-y wilt. II? nl-to m-ll all
sly !' 'ud kind t)t WaotH, liuiry m Cftrriatrm,
-tc. 1'JUtuO ur Hinrl", i imde I llif I il warvrlal
ami warrtiited. llf al-otlt U m ,siiir and Hun
irM ie imntr fid hltiKlw .'.t i v
SUffar.ttr Ittttiul frifltli lum 1
JOHN II. AI.LKV, li. u. " h
Hme-'.tr;ri. Feb. 4,1"?". 1.
JSla FAm
npplylnjt a want which men of emlntnt atllllj
hare dcotca ear r htujy nd (-iitHHmont t
11?11t ufftli r ditfaPM of I lie Kldiir),
Jlladaer, Lrlnnrr (Irsaua nnj Niruua ti
lem-aadfrumitiritmeuf litduuxcr) lu rainiliy
Increased In faTor, cainlrfr tbe amwnal and con
r.dcnce of medical nu n and tnonLi hap usd It,
Httashccomcafarorltewita all olasici and uhrm
rvrr lntrodurod hat tupcrsrjpil 1l oihrr treat m rut a.
lut.Iiort,tmhtltilntnnsia intrfisnd Rtipcrlnrlu,
:b4titUnoa the onlr rccordzrd ri liable rcuw-dy.
rrelle mot rreralent, danjrrroua and fatal afloc
tiuai that afUict iuanLind. and to vamd and Insid
luui m tliclrthiractpr.t hat ptions often autTer for
alontlino before knowlo hl alls tbem. Tho
l lost itiaracterlstlc nynii'totus are gradual t anUnj;
aay ot the whole bodj;rals In tin back, elde or
lain, a tiak. feeble, exhausted ffellur;- lug of
arpttltc anil dread of tiercluc; scanty and oalnful
alharje of larloukly colored urine; lna!flliy to
retain or expel the urint; minute shred or rmu la
I lie urine, and. lien the disease i of lnn duration,
ttic'slniiuthtmacUtlonand general nertoui pro
tratlon THE ONLY CURE.
ITc car ptvdt heir, and wlthnut fear of eontradle
lion, that UA'S KIDNEY I'A l U the nr and
cnly infallible curn fur cery form or Kidney dl
cae. It Kthc bot remedy yet dlncoverrd for thl
complaint. and moiei ffeetual In It oneratlon lhan
wnyoUiertroattnem. U using faithfully and fcrnliit
tttl? no rao will te found m inTtteraie as not 19
yield to Its powerful remedial Tlrtuen.
VTe haro tho most uoequlvoeal tectfmouy to 111
cnratlteiowerafromman) person of hltti tharac-
f lir mall If nf (if fKistaifel on ri'Ci Int of
mclr pflce. IleftuUr. HJ(i r-nwtM. for olthUuaH
casts of luLg uudliic tSXK-, ehUdren'a,fl.
ivj now ct'tliiH a aala on our icimu-
tloa. weriyemltdiie th afflicted trn tbem.
A fci UAVS KIUNEV l'AI. take no other,
ftjd fou will L.H bu d(.i.i'lid. ibhbOwh4
eiro r.e;ioiwix.l Co.. neneraIA?pr.ts.
K. n.stiarus e'o AireLts lori'hlttendtii i.uaty
Mif lisO- -JeodAwly
For Man and Boast.
.2 litre cure for Wounds,
Sprain, JJruiies,
and till Skin Xliscasct. Hub
lit in iccll tcith the hand.
Soli It til drazsUti. rric. fta 1 33a per lettls
(Formerly lr. CrO&'i AUwy CVre.)
Tcyetablo rreparatlon and the only aor
rfuiedy lu tbe uortd ftr HrlcM" Ii
Irlnnry DIeaiMi.
etTTestlTuenials ofthc Llahest eTJer to proof
OlTiot ine cure oi uinnrica, can iir n ar
ner'i Safe Diabtra 4 are.
BFvT tbe cure or Brlffbta and the other
diicas4-4, call tot Waraer'i Sf Hidaey
and LlTr Cur.
Safe Remedies ar
sold by Druggists
and Dealers in
Medicine every
H. H. Warner & Co.
Fur bale in Itmliuionnr Vmctiit, Taft. A Oi.
Frazier's Root Bitters!
Tbe Itrwf I. Iter and Kidney Medicine,
The Urat .NereTonlc mill A pprCIzcr,
lite ltrat Kloort Clennvrr nud tbe
a a i4u auubortic li
t uiupouueled.
Bewaie of unprincipled quarks and imita
tors. Dr. Frazier's Hoot Hitters were the
first genuine liquid Cathartic JSuters maue.
Hundreds have attempted to imitate them
and failed. They arc cow the best selling
and most reliable Tonic Diuretic and Cathar
tic in existence. Its immense a.de is due en
tirely to Its intrinsic merits and the recom
mendation of those who use it.
If vou aic weak, lantnud, disinclined lor
any exertion, use Frazier's Hitlers.
If our fli.-li U flabby and your comi'leiion
sallow, us Fra7iers Hitters.
If you arc worn down with the care of
ehildrcii, i:w Fia2icrs RHter.
Iftm hac sot the blur-', use rmzie-rs
If von ketit late hours and lired
contrary to the hwi ef In tilth, me Frazier's
If you have abused instead ci i el nature s
gifts, use Frazier's Hitters.
If vou feel old before your time :
If life has become a burden and you have
gloomy forebodings, ue Fraziei'? Hitters.
If your liandi tremble and j-our eyes have
grown dim, Frazier's Hoot Bitten will make
you feel young arain. Sold by all drunsists
everywhere at the low price of $1.00 jur
Ilt-nr A I)aie, solo i'rt',
Foraalei.v lircrjrr lino-.
Julj si dneotciii
I Constipation and Piles.
UIt.lt, II. CLAUCSuthHer,TUaaya,l
IattcJ IlLcaaharai. It haeurd naay rf I
bad saaca af rilX. aad ha ae t falleC to I
I act C Or Ic ally."
ELM).V r 1 IM IIIL1, rSl. lhan. 11,1
Iaaya, lt U f rubric value. Arur all trrc I
years of creet nffcrlaj fron I'Uca awd Caa-1
I UveacM lt-caaaplctuly cur d ame.
C. B. llOUAUO.V, nTEtrLaLIrr, ). a L
I naiLMirotuMdaa wonder fjr Wf In c
I nlcUly curbc a aevcra Lifer aud UJaey I
Dccauso It cleanses the system of
I the poisonous humors that develops I
I In Kldncv and Urinary diseases, on-
liouenoesi Jaundice, constipation.
I Piles, or In Rheumatism, neuralgia!
I and Female disorders.
lilDNLY.WOlIT U adry Trg--tLU coav
I puad aud caa b neat by aaall proaali.
I One package it III atel(1iiarinrd'I('lae.
lltj It at th Iracslt. rrU.-, Sl.eO.
tXLLinSlA15:ClTiCa.. PrcsrL tan.
I 3 UurUavtaa. Tt.
Tor I f Hses of the 1 lirn&t an I I it!iT4,
Ell- tl HI eoUtli, f "oM-f VLxl
l!.ge,tlf h. ltiuu.lutH,
A -til ill i
liie ie ewm'.iiniii-i,
u tin a liavf wuii the i uu
it'lciH'e it miuikiti'l Hii-1
lx-utu' li'iueliifll wonl-t,
ani'itig not only t lie ut
mjtii natlolH, iiut lias
t-itraorJiiury virtue.
IVihaiM In n fit-r
irui-lao i'l a rriu-
tMlJim.or milnin n at
l. m ir ai Ayer'a t'lieny
l'-toil It tl-t tffU
known tilh(iiitli(- about
f..it yjii. l-y aloiiijeou
IluuM wriri 'f limnell
(lusuin , llmt luii- won
lir It a eouflJenrf la in nines never -.iui.ii'i i
snf ot&fr uieJRitie. 11 still waken 1 lie nntst rtlce-
tujlccieioieWiiAi, (Wi , rlwi,tliattau
u.aUc ty niedKalt-Lill. Iu.l-M.lb f'ln-rry IVit
ral bat rtally rM'l Uie-te ubtoiu 1i"ej-"of
their tern-rafi a ireat item, aJ irUfu a i--Iihk
ofioimutiitrrroui tbcir latal eOecH, thai U well
I'-niU'ldirtliertiaclr taken In f jiti. l-vry
lan.ily alioull lime It iu ttit-irtlo-'t ltr lln r ly
and niomtit tLitelof latiieuilMM. M rnrss, milli-r-inir.au'l
ett'i life N bated ty tlnntiiiM 1) pruti-Unm.
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will nt Kwi It Jon f-.r tin- nrotfi titi It Mflrd-
1Py IU titutlv i.h? lu -u-l leu atta ki.
t'riare.l bv lr J e ALIt.lt I wi II M
lractlal aud An.iHti 1 i mii.U'-. s.,1 1 l,y n'I
DrajgliiH aud dulri in ledtoin
"t!tob7un well Ml 1
txblu t. ctlen fill, aud KB I
DMd Medicine, &od a7 I
U tbit belt BAJIY millJLVm u ' "
111. Worltl. wmia wirri.nu.
I-rte. IS 111. TtUI D.UU 10 IU.
II. g. BBOfflf. Tnv., Bt'BLIXQTUH. I f.
I Sold by au Drnriflr..
fpt Wr-lUWtt
Galls A TO GIVE SorcM,
Coms JfBoil;
Strain, rjPistuta,
aiKW I !(:-. n-
at r.iict Iu'lleht3 find ilnrk colois. i Tlioso ki,"''' ''''
lion;-e from lirst-lianil, coiiPliiontly nilitr n grn.1 - v-vr
t rut, ii Iiicli niy"l"ricii(l Retailors" li:np to pay Ptra
to my jolilicr competitors.
fffijL.iz:.i".v .7.v 7..ior;.s"'r.r.v .n.iin: iroouo
.T.tCKKTS, MT.I.VT.V .ir.t.VTI.r.S .l.V .I.ICIir.TS,
skiiits, sir.tivr.s; wii.ii'z?i:nti, ..v .
ie.!ui.-i..ci: zi:in':i sr.mrs.
100 Dozen Corsets from 50 cents up to the Best.
AIki .1111 Hole Aim fr Th.iia;wnti'i lilow Fitl.njr Cm t. l.wW jv1nn.1-7oi.hr Vor-.t si. Inolnlms
U-t witilcri lmiit.itl.ii. New Jmt iwvim-1. lit-nu.uilortii W.miI. -lulu.il
Kniitn.ir Y.irn-. f'an it t.l an kin.H. isnru t inn
r.itfiin. Kid lilmi s from 2 ofi l-utnun,
14 and C I..iUoii ilnL i, im.iu KM. bUek all
SOOdoZ. lI.i-.lrrT, fjiuj lunt !a'li. rl-,tlnitil.low. Viiltn .ui-l ki 1 .mioiis orp 1 riiiimm.
rrlnzei, (ilmiM lacc-i. liuttims. (irtLunrnt-t, Mlk, I .n-n auI 1-uy lI.iaiikci
In liir ailotr, llamturs rj'stnc. Iiresif .ill tlilitft rnakf. Un-ti ( nil
bilk bave k Kml'UK r.m i:.al Ii.i.r m itrfcp-, iniiis Muut Hi im-n
and ivrredion 1 nzzis all ot tin Unvt quality, I- e ftirt aim, Uiu'.rMiuui
WiltUcfo. oil 1'ati tar", t !ii"it" s: Uork. 1 mn h. TuMic a-d r mrr
TiV8 u n.t .NotloiM.
Nocnrliitiit iric." to in:i!ii: up for liail account.
Silk Fur-Lined Circulars end Dolmans
in Ileal Ernii ana Grey Hpirrel,
From th.e Cheapest to $95.00.
Ever Before Exhibited
New York.
Otter, Seal and Mink Sets
Also Fur TrlmmiiiKs in all v.;. tills nml iual!ty, all bought for rash
from tlie leading I'nr Jlanufactmcrs cil'Xnv York.
Ihe soaili I nli frl i I Intir in !o,!;, i rtitly fnr iminrlion.
bear mnnnnj- x-auuiiimiEhi-is HFJiBQUAnTsns n rtnts
and Ladies' and Children's READY MADE GOODS.
The Millinery Department
U ilitily ni.Klr 1 uli .ill me it."-t c-t ni in anit4Erj.l".tIiJt ar. t.uu.Ja. nind, ar.d t-MilUU 1:1
aMjnmriit uiiiuri'a-Ji-d lur lliir t-ilnti. II n-i ni.il HotiintH in all li.ilt-4 slia.I.- ul.d ui.ittrlalJ. tti
iiL Pliiah, loDtr.Niiit, Itcm-r and IVnthrr Hat liiiir tlie nio-t ile:rai-lf. rattt-m Han and ItoiitifM
.limtlrom I'um, In Ui I'tMliUV, MLl.UUt, Ri;i(illT0 CFILK ilflltLLKM-K STUFS; u'-t.t
200 Trimmed Hats and Bonnets of our own Deriigiiti,
Kn'M Uii 1 li ij.iv 1 tjfl..
Tliere i-. a tiayniBift.l aili-tv. Tli I 011s Vii I!ar I'hi-lit". :u dimwit 1:1 .ill 11 v all .liiJil
-Lade's IUeid linld. Dam e'aTdllal and lle-lii.tro;.- cin..r- iin-dn'i-iiutin. '1 he jiilei-j ur.' latijr
iri(r Irom lujt ir jard. laiiu-"i- and .lain e -.ti. I-:' adc uml I'latn -iIk hutri-.
i.d Vt-UrtCftis, uu flicatit stock of ltiblion-i. In ( ntirt h tit-w itinit.iis tin lu.lil' t'ie Htf
bud, tlitl Hilled, l'aiisian .Nnt-!tr,(ioId lint ad and llu-h (' ntn liotn tin cheaiH'it
to i4-r.Tard. I..njr ln.nifs m hfjk, h lute and ttrfurs, lutrlrb Vi) in irv iin.
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jniii", Wiujm, ti-athrr lUmU, Mnutr, Jet 'I nii.iutni't and tina;m-nH l:i
allimttt-ru1. lUUand Itontivt-i tnninii-.l M imlrr tv ri-ml a'.it
tomiwiriu iriintm'rs. As usual in diar'i ma-l lor innmiin.
wtic'iailiil'iiriha-liiitlimleiiarliiifi'. o.itv uin prlti'. U
ttlnrh all an '
Mm, Glass Ware, Wall Paw, 'fm-iraie, CBlto anS
Plate! Ware Deparlmeiil,
It iii tl it me.
lt'lM..r to 1 ui1-!! d.i
taiilatieil, and I Iic.im-
el l.v all rtis;..iiicr-4 ll.at 11 imle u r a tr.u ao I u- d L-c oa ntv
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ie future 10 a wi'l pat-omztd a', in the pa-1.
Thit Stoic is Oie-rtteicKciI itlt I lie l.uh'sf uTXcu .ohN.
T. and I.'. Piste's and Iwite I'u'h It st Imjuirt..! White eiraiiMe. new Mtle Wall I'jKr, all kind of
ttlass W are, Iimpi, 1 liaii.b bei". Hall Ijiihiw. m w Hi le l.n.ran ltnp. 1'it m li e hm i tn plala and
baided Srtt, l.-rirjtrd !-ttiil)d Majollra Wait'. l aMe and 1m kit cmlerv. Srlsor-. Shears. Itutton
11 Ie 'utter, K-rs and Webster 1- ine I'UTi-d tie. ureit b i-sa-n-. o-i tin- r. aid tii 1 ui t . mut
er i, In 1I..UH hoi 1 ai ) iiM-ful ait 1 Ie).
All funnels mat Keel in plain fifine -
Sin ef tin; Kie-Nt
ChuN-b 1,
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i- WinnffanQlatfla.1. itl h i' mwilh.i Vm..Ii ft V J faW
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t.riiriH-f M-ill in'. It'Hk Iiluii.t. Iiieiifrt, Wi t
1 ItHTtf. but a Uf- Mart-iitf , linH.tlyti. l.iliun-ll,
Mi.lui" nil. tn i ml ! biai, Muurt. A l hi ti
tle, and Atota, ttith l.mmlifS truin Itureait
JuiuIImii to -t..ila: Wllt.xi Jurntli.ii inMuit
line. W Hxlimizt.-n. 1 uirtli-ld. I Mnti. HelUiitii,
l t-nirfvillt. I'rint fluti. 'I ri-nton. ullntiit, I miiid
ihi, IutetiMuttli, Althliu.il, nnd kmi'HS t Hj
aHliUiirt.ilt'tMrf"uriir.tKkol.n nml Kim.i
ttlle; ht-i.kiia to rariuin't IU.imiiite. I't-u
t..ii4H.rt, liHl.'lM'tiil.'iit r 1-1 1 'It, tittumtrit I'.l.li
illr.lHkiil'Mimj, I'ella. Moiir.M., Brht ht Mouifs,
N.'Ktun iiMtdirH: Ih-s Mnlins In ludisr.-.l i nnd
Wliilvmet; Atluttlie to U and .iidul-n, and .
A rut n tn Harlan. Tlilt It MniliTtly Hit fid
lUtlrnud. villi h iiwiw, nnd ..imtiH- a iliruu.b !
loi.'Imint biiiiMoliitittliKI-ticiiT KitiHits I
lliii'iimbl iiiri'ss l'RSMtiitfer I rains, with Ciill-
iiiiin I'Mlmf ( m nt lat tn-d. are run i-im litf dnilr I
trt-tnit-tie iticvi.o mill I'roKtt, Kansas I irv, i
I't.I'M It. Ill I I r-t. J.EAVENHOKTll a Oil Aldll- '
M.S. l lii aut'li car" are hIho run Irf-lwei-n Milaau
ktti and ktiJ it r. via tho "Alllaaukee and
kllm. IMt-rl I Ine" 1
'Ititt "l.ieut Itmk Idatu! U niaenltlerntlr '
tjuilipr-d Its nwl Ii.nI it nliui'ly K-il-t l,uul Us '
limh Ills 1.1 with ft eel rjils i
W bitl will i1iiit! on ni'w-t mill tn' lhfi'bnnro
f ni'tjin-t nr in.- It, In ir pnii-int; mif ih. ,
l4uti(ul irHiiie4 ! lllttioiit and lotvn. In iik f I
tiuriiititi.ini cut ImiiIiiii firs tliat Mumil'iiHT "U I
'IbrotiKb l.iprest 'Irulnt bm kt i eiitiro 1
iuel. us tf.mil us Is irt eil In uny tlrft-ilass bolt, I,
ur"veiitT-tlTe 1 1 ntt
At prwlaiiiic llni Ijttt Hint a tna-riiy "f lli I
prs.iJe (.refer neparalt nii'irlun-tili l.ir ttitTt-rt-iit 1
.uriMMHt taiid tht miineien i.isii'ni.'fr l.ii'iiless
of thlA line ir.iiillin! it p. i- at- iIcmhh1 i . mi- .
rt'.unce ibitt Itm l'ttuany rutin i'uttiMt I'.il.n
Mtrvlna e'ari fmlrf(im urpoiet, atili'wfarr ,
PI'I.I.UAV eVI.AI'i: l'lt4 iirr tun
COIJCH. Ill.t'tlPS, K4..H.f4 till,
'Ilekela l IhH I.l.ie, known ua tltn
mil l'lt Agent la tbts I nlteil Mwlr
r in furm illon not vbCuluublg ttt y
O Ua'l gvpvrivtenjdut,
ililll liiilllteill,
?.!.( Ui- ol' im iraiiil I'.ill ami Win- '
l i-)n.:iii!:;"ii! llu- l.:itct Sniciol"
mi m winter m
i . ii v, dt i.rt.t t in.fi i-otii . i.ii!ttr .n 1
-ll.iv 1.1 .i 1 the j, si d.-iiiiis ol 1 ori-iii uu 1
in in in qtwlilifi and ttk" ir lnlo:e
j d I --M.il' t.oii I'l tt.' N'.ittl;
i til M .1 J I'l
IIFiliSilil I!
BOO, WOO, 300,
mil rjii! WtMil Clolh
4, I)1iu:iiii ami C.tacli
iiian I'lslcrrt!
Oloaly, Cloaks, Cloaks,
Doliii.ni;', Dolmans, Dolmaiii,
OlstciT, UisteiF, Ulr.tc-is.
ini.ii;i:s",.-i and j!issi:s
i.amiin i..m-. .-un i ni
ll'c im-i ptwun m
'Tic ! :
wl'i.. up -11-i.tjv ;I.iuia2.-.i,..:ilv J-t uu a tulr.
ilUr4 and t'nns i;ucmtiM,
h vi iiMihi-;. sjmioTi U mi").
1-lIU'in qUUH, 1-U'f Thlli-. V, Llinir llll-l
3"d Kmrr i:.iktf, luiUt Artir!..
in Vermont or Northern
- - , iiie K
I s ;;i.4l Mi'nll i4i(Us,
ltonnct i
11m W.irhl
111114 t 17
tint ..tin
trrt-ul fntiiri il t-u
-M-.b( .
at an iiourir tin oar. , .,, ,
I ?Urfin.t nt lr..n llrldi-v M.tn thf MU-I -( 1 1
audMltmiunrltenut all i.intt t ri.t-t.it lit In
1 Iin.'. anil trait lerrt aro avi'i-l-sl at mi. il (to. 1-
K .mm (iir lA'Bveiiwortb, an I Alt I.i-mhi, i
ni 1 1 itiit tieinii niiidt in I nil it I ",',i
'I 111, I'ltIM ll'At. It It ioM llnN l"
(Tin- ui'KAr 'jiiitH mm:
I ni.l)ws
I At iik-aco mtb all divert:.:.,! lines fur iiiw
j Bind ntxi .utli .... ...
1 At Km. i moon, wlttitio I AM.handl.
At WAstii.Nt.ios linear-, mab I
I ' A, . 1 .1 I D Willi lit I'l-llt It It
. A l.
At i'l out , tt it'll r l". A. I ; C o A 11:
: l r
V . Ill Mid . and I . C vv n.is.
i At IttHk 11 AM', with Mllwankef .A C .
' lHltn.1 Mw.rtl.liif." and II.n h HI d A I'.
At I
At WITIJlltllTr. WlUlllifii.t i'l ti i
AMIIIINMII, ttitlii eiiir.il IJiH It
AtlUH Vi.MS.i11iO M 0 h 1 It It
All Ol M It. HI I rrH. With I tlf'H I ill. II It
Ainu ui . Willi M A M- It tl li lo Aiti .
All in t-MHi HjrTIN.tnibll I B AN Itlt
AtOrriMHV, mitb i t-ntrnl ! II It .
M IVI'ac. audi- H A V, It It.ls
At hliiKt k. Willi I'd, I'eo A " tr : Wali.M
I .'iiits A l'.ie,aiidM I., ken A N -W. K. lid.
AtCAMtltitV, Willi II M. J H It.
At Ait itistiv. tttili AH It, l'"ka A J mil ti.
Attli WkutHlini. Ur I . I' II ltd.
At lot At tSHoHTU. Willi hail. CaC, I l.ali
Cent U. ltds.
AthANtASCirT. with all lines fr tbe West
aua outuwem.
hrn.,.1. l-ll(l t. Itt'S VllliMX
ATI lllNlt, nnd I.K t.N l OIC I 11.
"lrat Itiuk lalitud Ittnitts, ur9 tol.l tiy
:ttul Cituutlu.
Vr bttauQ lit lift tttliee, ttddre,
ueu I 'Hit. aud Ak(
e,bivg-, Hi,
TlllrV""::1' 1
.11 u i.u.-.itfiirTii!t:iiTnuj i,rui. .
I m up la ejivt Sk Bj ihji tar Fi-nil I'm j
he lent He Ur pr-iarad ol UiImiu T.'ti Pn'tolliai i
t.auJi. O.l l.jn.&ni iitlwr to-iu.. lurnuli '
U Ln.iwu luiikr rM i 4iciA34, n t.i:fcly CHumraJi I
If tii-ui. und t siidltt il jr bm.; pruiuluci't I
ttiMt, 11 .1 ; MlUl.NKtt.ln CiiKja-.isco tb I
jlrf)H.I atMrt I' I: ii ww'l knn l;. tl.f nf.li-il i
prof- ttm t'ut lill.t' KiM li m.a ll K will UaiJ tha
croit-! tvlie ft r C n'in.l'.J H Ir.tlinnza. t ronctiiu.
h - Ibxiar. Uulk I ui e. Ut elauu Mioii.lu lla in.
e tiait i Winr -1 it -h-
I a a l-.I.V t- K U.l. ,nl t pPij:Ti:li It it msko a
il.'l vh'ft.l t ri U-tU IIjiism U:.-itn.t. tuttka -I
i Kivi una. a'.if if kno Birii,,ia
isi:m i uitiv, rroptutor.
Ill Vuil.tsn Sireel, 'iileu.co.
.I'd. l-nr DiuijiK rr UI
I ., inur l.iuH-r luc It;
.Wk vw.ii ni- UrttUitQl ,i 11!
tJftl4il.tr-vn.uik. ji.nr taiuAia rr 111
7?-it hy nun;iisri, urui-fks a
UlkKlltUdUNTS ittrjuacrf.
W eiis KirniHrovj L'.i.UmllnKtou.ui.oledle
AkiI.h, Hill nii'l': Die traaY at nunufatturcri'
I rn-t-t. Nm Itf, NK-tUwlj
ClliiS. S. PRBirTlOE
kiiiiv mi
The following loiter proes that
worst form, IS CUKABLK:
ToirDO. 0., September, S3, laTS.
tfs.l. II. II. Wakvfk a e'o., itwheater, N. Y.
fientleiiien: llauiff enraped tleatlt from Bright'
di-fa-.e by tlie ue of your Jteraedy, I feel it a duty
not tmlr in at knowledge my gratitude to jou per
sonalh. but a No to bring m ctue before the public,
at'd lu tf troe n ho are suilertug similarly to Judj;e
w helhera medicine not prepared by the rejrulara"
mill 1 ure tiiii Irlghtrut malady or not.
In tlte summer of 1-.7J I maj Unt tatcn 111 with
sTmptrni't v, liRh, I n'OA Informed, mere thoneof
lirlirlit'a iUsi -e. I went to Marquette, Mich., and
calk J to ui) aid a physician of noted ability. After
remaining a considerable time under his care I
found 110 Improvement; on the contrary, mydis-ii-e
coimderabiv a?er.ated. I nex plated
iuv-.rH m charge of one of the nrst pbiicunt in
Toledo, o., with no better result. I mas then til
dace J to tr Ihe hklll of an emmeut medical man in
Near York, und remained under hi care six
month-). Finding invself growing ateadily weaker,
with no Abatement ot the kidney derangement, I
1 began toleipairof ever getting well.
In the summer of 1ST3 my ft lends Intended me to
CO abroad, thinking that the ae voyage, together
mitli the superior skill of foretgu medical men,
ml'ht I'tTeet ature. 1 surcevJM in gaining an In
troduction ta the celebrate-t Ur. Deelat of Parts,
and remained under bis rare filtten months. He
used in my case m hat Is known as the carbolic treat
ment, and then every taethyd whu,h the moat
acieiilinc ranofthe profeMiuu t.r. the eontlnent
u.-r.i kiio ii to ciunlut. 2o lmpruven:;ct Leliiir
apparent. Hie w-uati utpr. t' , t eunetueu 01
cimal emineiice, mereneit holicited seenmotths
of careful treatment by this k'ud gentleman brought
me to the beginning ofthemoat aggravated symp
toms td the disease. With awoilen limbs, dij
ordered bver, inipalretl digestion and serious Irregu
larities olthe heart, I proceedeil to Manchester,
EiU- and for live mouths my case baffled the skill
of lr. Hubetti. ou of ihe ablest men of hlspro-fe-Jsu.n
m 1:11 r and. and author or a work on tils-
e.L-es of the kidneys. His great knowledge did I
ni ax an in my case ; ami, nnsuy, despairing ui auy
linpr.iemeti!, tniuh lm a cure, I returned to my
native laud in the belief that i uiuat noon die.
Nhfn I readied nornehTO physicians were sura
I moneil, m ho, on subjecting samples of the urine tu
the test of heal and arid, ilSioveretl the presence
of albumen lu large proportion, while tho micros
1'upenhowni numerous raits. Alt this, together
I with the despairtug look ot in? physicians, forced
tiitmiTiiitiTiii-i-f t.fiv,i,-tkm that deuth ma.s Inevitable.
1 thtn tlismi-.ird my medical attendants, with the
iiteiition of lilting nature struggle on unaided
to the cud; fur my tonibleneo in the ability of
medical tiU'S to "'te with disordered kidneys had
become, to siy Ihe leant, greatly lessened. At this
time, 1 weighed iuyef lu the preoace of several
friends In the mho.c-.ale grocery establbihmeut or
Lint rum .1 Co.. Toledo, O.. and turned the scale at
I2S, iNunids.e.; p.unds more than mr ordinary
' mtighl when In health; In olhtr words, the tissue
( of my laty were fiaturated mlth C', pounds, or
aoinut Kaiioiiioi water.
riualu, while listlessly lingering in pain and aa
guislt. 1 was liibtrnied by a lady residing on llj
mouih uveiiui. Kochester, N. Y., that one Charles
cral'of Charlotte had dmcovertd a remedy fur
BrtgT.t's Dl chic, mlth whleb he bad cured himself
aud ni in) others. 1 immediately repaired to mv
residence bv Ihe lake, aud altera treatment of live
mewks w.th IV remedy (uw called 'WAKNLK'S
sUKKlHNfcV AMi LlvtlKe'l 1( LT'), all my symp
toms abatrd, and 1 Ugan to feel that 1 was almost
it well man. Iietunied home, taking mith me a
qti ltitity ot the medicine, and nuw, although months
litiet'Iapscdhiine 1 took the last due, I Jojlully
let tare inviclf absolutely well, toth m nnud aud
M1011M van bave occasion In the future to U3e this
1 tier vou are at liberty to do so, and auy one mho
hesitates to Ullete the conclusiveness of my state-
menls is rt spftifully reierrtil to the follow tug per
son, m mere aware of thu tharaeter of my ail
liititt utidlheapiiareut hopelenues uf my castt :
Mnu. I.e Blanc, 40 Hue Hrownot, Paris; Henri 1U
Blois. 11 i:ue MalesherU's, 1'arls; Iir. hetellcr, Bor
deaux. 1 ranee; Ir. E. e harmanx, llueAigineana
Ltfa-s ichv, France; M. Jean Clelulc, bl eual de
la Molka; Bernard Brad-haw, Ks. s York Charu
lurs, Adi I phi, lamdon, J. W. laiug, Lsii . Loutlou;
John H. Wilson, .New otk; J. . Beer, Toledo, O.;
TlioiUH 1 biuiels, 'lob do, lb; J. 1'rentlce, Tolido, U
BtspecHully yours, 1 H.s 3. I'll ENTICE.
The M BttiteJt in the OKI D that Iesl
1ILI.Y rill's BUHHilS UlsKXbK, UIA
BK"! an I ALL Kidney and LUer Ibsea-es.
A Ml IH WHkU SUM! I.Alt Hie AI'l'E
Till.. IVII i:;IV K. Mtil.snoN, ULMUIILii
LOI i:L(.l II, nml Punnri tl.e lliuol. EBB
tJul.iU Stftthta of ALL kinds; CL'KU
I l!l.Uil I IK, H l.'AItll ; (rive LKL'I and
1 N VI I l.'Al i:tr. and IS tbe Bent KeUiedj kUOAU
Sa Fi: PI LlaS.
K.tiM.tt lui HsllU.tVs ii.tlltl' HtLN
i i -I'l.I 1 . BII IOI sM, 111 U(1V am
I rFvlIC SO Altl K l he br 'I kuomti 1-ixatlve
i:.H:"- s.n: I!KMKlUKMarf-iid l lrus
' ii-,ts mi 1 Pejleisln Meibtiiie evervwbtr
11. II. W'AltNi:iC X CO.,
lau llLMH!, N. v
.t I In l;.u Itnxton ! tncful, VaIi v r.i.
I I in II ( -Ii.tt.MwH
I ..'OK SAL.K.
I kiinWii i Cih It.iltiti Ktlttio Itaee. H.luattsl In
j l ur i. ntn, W .istiintrlnti t ntintv, t4tni theaouih
-Lit: id t It- WiiKxitkl Tiitiipifce, two miles I row
I Watetlnrv Vil'.ie and tailroad stnll.ui t'oiitalninjf
I tit . res, ,nt ided as b'll.iws li acres in mowing
I an I till i' , I i. tc- nt pi-tu re, and the balance in
llirw MMIH Bl It UOOHI M cunslstiUB of
.1 Itltte itltli1ltv "f itn -, HeuUi. fir ft jruuth
, w..J...t.i.( l . 'u-f . u. Alioac'xnlSutfar-Orth-
aid of nvi'inl cn.th Vaple. A one-story Pwelllnir
, ll.tii-e ai.d Hani, within one-hit If iniltt ofacho-l
I hoi-ic l.r lurlher parlbular Inquire of Mr.
Hatlt.iii. on thf lanu adj.ilnlnic ald prtmlsps; or
I VV.IIHK. Uttileis. riainneni. iiiiiivan t ii, ..u,
Will It K. HMELS.
ov It, Iwi. -Slwtf
tied ('aids, ZH ntvles aud Huts, pot
C e'A-aie, t'olciies'er, t. lTwliw
Gr ethh as(
U r a lit tj tia'rao I upn r u IUh. ami Kja In I
I .lu -..I . urTKl V R'l. K AM) UVIoLicti In I
I'-coalymolionlwt ftrt.e10n.tJ4 MKHiuir. bar I
am inrnr.Tiv.
KIIi::r,T W Iii-I.lj- rrrA:im -J
HikI iinvitrimsHcil lor llt ,r 2 Oi I,
kiim:-.n. biiui'sv, iiki..; ; inv
Ksf i.etss ui :.M:iti;, m:i:iois
Ii:illl.C'l'V, .r ntiy livi 1:1 i ntH
nrMv.x from till IVS.I. or til. illlli:it
uiM:tM:s.ANiiri 1,1,1.011 t-1: i:it-
lti.UdDaiirt KIISK I'UISOMMJ.ln
liift'rlnl malarial at-rlinn.
arHr tb atlllativa rf ft KUlST I V.KT trltb
JLNIl'ER hh ltl I US and l(l:l IV MAI r hc
dueovuriMl KlIiNLe, KH. nhicli acu tpociniaily aa t"ia
Kijrifja and Uriniry l)icm. rctutlntf iIlimjiu In tti
jlladder and any alralntitif. UntrtlDg-. bratoi Irntatbin In
Uw water paauxec. C 1111 K tham at tens' ri. lcr and
oaoatr.x a bMlthj culuc and ra-y tin ot urine. H caa
t Uktn at all times, la all climab-s. ttitbuut tnjcjrr la
Ui lyttom. L'nbk anj ctber prepratia fir knin-j
dil&kulUoii. It baa a tery ileurait and t-rp-Lla taut
and tUor. It eontaioi taitlv diuretic irprn-a
and will bo I usiuacute. J.u-llv fipfc ttiiv will
bk It, and flvntlmti will Had JvUJ.NLe.LS tLa
tMat kldnaj Tunic war oaed I
NI IT II Ml trw ttrm tSa fir?.
TIKNXU 4 Id RTI , ali n fV..rriart Gomm.au-t
iu.iwip, whlrh piiniti K 1 1. F I. FN to b lold wltbont It-
1 eonM)b7druglnti Eiuct-naailuUwrperwinaararjrMbera.
, J"W tip t Quart-tin ZUjUUmot General on J Fjm.tfy t'.
LAWRENCE k MSRIIW, Pro'rs. Chicago. I L
txild by lrcK.Uts Urocn lad l:i-.-i Mrtt.i
Wei i -t. Itif n irh-on A Co Piirllrifctf.n, WtMlcale
.Sfntn, will Miuolr ttiv tiul- at maniilaciurcri
prli-es, Nov l,tt dAly
5Ltcal Xotirrs.
M 1. it 1 11 r ou.vin's iisr.vn
bTATK eK hllMuN l 1 To all twr-uiH con-
bf llurlinton, 111 uk1 di-it:Kt .iecta-ii-1.
Git -n.l:
At a ITul.ali' court but lou at Unrlinc'ou. within
and for the Diairl. t of Ctiitti-tidi-n, on llio 21 Uj of
November, ,.l. Km), an Instrument, uuriuminir to
be the last Will anJ Totaraent of .MIk-TC foHm,
Lite of Burllngtnn, la aiil dUtrtct, Uiveaied, n aa
presented to th Court a:oreal!, for Prol.ate.and it Is
ordered bv ?aid Court that the 15lh dij of Hcceraber,
A. I. Ivni.at the tr.itat Court rrKiim Id aid Bnr-
cerued b iuhl!ihlnc Una order thrr e weeks nurce
't u iii-ar 1.-
route! the iiroLatfvf aid mill, if jou luveuiuse.
Uivun unUtr nir hand at Jlurliiwm In ?al 1 Di-t-trb
t, this iAl tla. uf extoiirr. A. I. l9. ,
2i3w Jt. i.ir 1, iicni-.i.er.
inic-w:v u.tuirs rsTAri;.
W'E the snbJtnbvra, baMnj? IjeenspiKuntedbT the
Honorablo Ihe lTobaie e'ourt for the Uintrif t of I'bit
letiden, CommUnoncrs to rerele c. examine and al
Jutt the claims snd demau.U of till nerstns asnust
the estate of Birney Ward, late nf Witiiatou,
In raid ilibtrnt. dereaed, and alaO all cl urn and
ilema" J- exhibited In olivet t here-to ; and lx months
fromihedav ot the date hereof, tn-init allowed by
hald Court lor t hat imriw-te, we lo the refure hereby
pre notice llmt me mill attend to the buiinpaS of
our appoint mrut." at the dwell'uc boine ot the
late Barnev Ward, In ait distrirt, em the la-t Sat
urdays of lie, tin tier and Apnl ceit, at lUo'eloik
a. en each of saivl (Ut.
l'dTe4lhn UtbtUy of November. 1
1). I. TAICOTT, j f 11 r
WATFD.-a miiiiANii yihliinckllo.
T a Double B.issand iolin. Must be good tone
and verv low In nrlci.
Send lull particulars m 10
price, make, etc..
New lork City.
to 1 . ,.. in 1 1, Mf wn.vtfuue,
if roc wivr a
For WOOD or COAL, rail at
Oct 3 vOm Ilinesbiirgh, Ti
Tbe bt pest and mo-t ctnplctc stock of Carnage
and sleighs in Hdspait of the count rj will 1 found
at Brown's i;eoiiti.rvt BurUngtoi. t. oles-rooni
on M. I'aul Mreet, Just below Hie Vai Ness House,
Consoling of two and three Spring, Canopy Top
and Kxtenaion Top I'haetons. tde bar and side
spring lop and no-top 1'uggles, concord andtwtv
seated Wagons, Jump Scats, etc., ctr
Alt orders promptly attended to.
They are of cv err desirable varietv uftae very
liest manufac ture, a'ld tit Ihe Uti-n aiid nit -tjlLsh
I do not sell on commission, neither do I have my
goods ton-tgned to me, I buv for cash and sell for
tastuortts tqu.caUnt. Mj prices are at:ll lower
than ever before, and shall coutmue to sell. va.'.rir
considered, for ptlces that defy alt toinpciiou. 1
UKtN Br.SlsES-1.
Thankful for past favor 3. I iIl to 'int a continu
ance of the same. II. U. t;i;o..
Burlington, April 2!, lsT -mtf
For Si'liool
Hulls. S!i.
aa i'v rau ai
lliiu-tbargh, Vu
i.aiijsi ivii'icoi
(for one. two. or tbree horsek
ForThrehhiiis il Cloanins: Giain
ami Saw itii-T Wootl.
I'atenlel, M inufattureil and sdd by
3llddlftoit Spriiiffs, Wricioul,
The most s ithi ictokv ma lnnes In the raaiket.
Iliuncvr awAKitat all competitive exhibitions.
JJrbun1 fall to sen I (or Clrt utars and ITn e- List,
which will be furnished fre. Address asaiove
Clergymen and public lr'm in
find ll'AlfC FJtXtr valuable to allay
u;t.in. nr 'IV. mot I . una l.u no 3.
For sale by all dealers in medicines.
v o
D. R.V. G.
Dyspepsia, Iinliestioa,l
And aUtrcuM. aiinn; ituifftont.j
ires afltr
d th
St m
P ul.ii V I ' .nJfl
i.l-jir.t, 1 'Ptdfi
he IUck and lu-.ts,
It i ihf btl KltJ
Purtl r ui
Dr5ji-J. t fii ptr
t.non t r maiwy
ri it Our Mini
Tnai. I ui r.. tii
pet. r i if. w l.l e. a
D. V.C.Mf.. Co.,
li Ve. I r N
N.wV iLlkfict,
1 IT. Cditr-tci. 113 T Jt:a Z'jzit.
Nept 1, tUwl;
( .UrdiriKf, mil it DrluL
, III lit, 3IANOU
AH Ilearitt)r thf "tomiirh. P-twH lt.w.t.
Llttr. Kliliit-j,aua t iitiij'mm".
VtiuUC. hlrrl-lf tm"ini r(wi.iiui
Iruittle loiui'lulnts.
v iu I- r-v'1' ' t fl rMa "'T Kl" not ir' "r
In lli, ur i..r anttlitiiK ltti tire or Injur!.. u
fuuudlu tii ni.
ta-rnur drtitrclit for IIn llttli-rs an I ti v
ihrttt U-fwit? )(U tin p. Tiiktr uu oilier.
p 1 r anaholuteandtrrcNtlMiriir
lirunl.iui.ti, Ut ff tilHui, tuluttroa
narcotu s
N fato Iok CmnnK. I
All bt- ! I ty J.
I tup HtlUrt tin, t , DHIT
20 2nd Haiul
Cook and Parlor Stoves,
Almost .n fc-Kfcl h ner. VEKV LOW, nt
ilmesturt;li. Vt,
ct -w?ni
I DU. .. H WHITE'S j)
V P U L M 0 ti fv R Y
V - tlR
IConjIis Colds, rroap, .tsu.iii.i, i
Wlidnpiii; Cous'ii,
l( Aud other Liiiy; .1 flections. JJ
Vr fi.. 1. I
Ptop's. 1
tit M BD1C1 L ejr i I
k.a tuirkita. 9
The n-rMirt of Cul. Julm D. Mea.l, Sapfr
ifatenJcnt of Ariculturdl Affairs, contain
the fallowing Hie ci,tcnlay, t!i2 Tc-Uy
and tl.tr Te-3Iorrow of Wrmont Agricul
ture, " by IVof. Ili-nry M. Seel, of Mielelle
liury, "Parasites of Animals,- I.y Prof. O.
II. I'erUns, of the University of Vermont ,
"Uquid Mitnure," ly Z. K. Jamrwn of Ira
bur'h; "JluiMin btnnes." hy iliram A.
Cutting, State Geijlnsjlst fu ke t-;.tM f our
Boys at Home. by Mrs. J. M. Vii;htt
Knosbtiri;L ; '.Maple Siurar in Vermont," by
H It. TowIp, West Ilerksliire; "A Change
iu Farm System De-mnnelctl," by J. W. San
born, Hanover, X. II.; "Vermont ilerino
Sheep Breeders Asaociation I13' AUiert
C)idiman, 31ieldlebury ; "llnsilaife," by Col.
I Mead; an address of interest by eic-ttor. J.
flre-0iv Smith of St. Alba p.?, on Agricul
ture; "Tin? Soil," by Hon. ii 1. Culton,
, Imsliiirili; 'SuL;ar," by Vrot. Peter Collier
I of Washington; "Education fur the Farm
er, by President Buckham ; "What should
1 be taught in the Common Schools," by Suj
1 erintendent Conaut ; Fertilization, " by
Prof. W O. Atvatcrof -Middlctown, Conn.;
"Dairy Inlcrisl," by O. M. TinUiam of
t Pomfn I. f te.
IUiii:.i! Note-? -A rorre3pondent ij
1 porta that the Central Vermont, In order to
gi t a route southward from Windsor with
j nut Retin over the Sullivan or Vermont Val
ley, a instance of uO miles, is inakin a sur
I vy of a parallel road which if built, will be
on the Vermont Mde of the Connecticut and
throueh the towns of SpriDgfleld and
J Weiitliersfit-M. At the same time, the Con
j necticut Itircr road proposes to build, tinder
I a charier nlreaely olitained from New II amp
j pliire a link from Hinsdale to a point oppo
I site I!rattltlM)ro, a distance of Sve or tlx
t miles, in e'rder to aroid oing over the road
irom tinier -t rails to lirattieooro, now Cfin
Irollett by tbe Central Vermont, and then tbe
Connce licut Biver interest would have a line
from Windsor, Vt., t Springfield, ilass.,
and liocomc mdi-pcndent of Mw Central
The li.iinaers ot tbe Northern (N. II.),
railroad are considering two plans one of
extending tbe Clartmont railroad,now owned
by the Nuitbc-rn corfiontlion, across the Con-ne-cticut
Hirer to Cavendish, Vl, and thus
aopni tiiry iwitc vt fuiirantt t anu me
oilier to gun the same end by aiding in the
Whitt- Biver Junction and
I W ool-leirk road from the latter point to Rut-
lanu. .i 111c lasi-nainen piarc conneciion
lie made with the Delaware and Hud
son Canal Company's system of roads, which
it is believed would control a great business
from Sarntcga and the Adirondack region,
and at the Mime time open a itew route from
those sections to Boston via Buthnd. White
Biver Junction and Concord.
CoxmitOATiosaussi. At the quarter mil
lennial celt brat ion of the old First Church in
Boston, .Mayor Pricec said : "I Lave no
doubt that Congregationalism was the orjly
chureh form which could hiTe maintained
j the cause of the colonies, subdued the wilder
, ness and the savages, aud laid the foundation
I1 on which was subsequently erected constitu
tional libtrty, civil and religious. If the
Enclish church Lad been established here as
in Kngland, the social anil political constitu-
1 . , ,. rnl.l.Ttr vnnl.l b-tv
1 "v" ' "j t
1 Ui.cu wuuiiy tiini.ii.ii iivui u iv n -' -
I Congregationalism means civil as well as reii
t gious lihuty. When we remccitcr that at
tins eliy ueituer in Jnianu nor anywuerc
else was there rcliou liberty, we can un
derstand what an important step was taken
when they broke loose from the power con
trollinir the church nnd asserted the princi
ple of Congregationalism. This must have
created as much astonishment In the mother
country a? did afterward the denial of the
right of taxation without representation. We
owe to them much of that catholicity of
spiiit which now pervades all religious sect3,
and that characteristic of humanity which
makes us entertain love and respect for each
other. We owe to them that steadiness of
faith with which New England has always
resisted materialism aud rationalism. Wc
owe to them those Christian qualities which
have always distinguished the Puritan char
acter, and Koston will retain her influence in
the land while her Puritanism remains."
Di3TiNorLsiiEi Vermostec. A gentlc-j
nun after perU3ins his daily raPer remarfc-
eil, tin' "Vermnlers are everywhere, and al
ways in the front lank." He vvas asked
why the thought was suggested at that mo
ment, lie replicet I have not read a col
umn of the journal without seeing the name
of some Vermont ci,tf and he mentioned the
list as fulldws: Chester A. Arthur, Vice-
President-elect , George P. Marsh, American
minister to Italy ; John A. Kasson, minister
to Austria, member-elect of Congress, and
firobable Republican candidate for speaker ;
ev. (Jeorce I. Walker. D. I).; E. W.
Stoughton, of Xew York, one of the most
prominent lawyer? and statesmen of the
country ; Samuel W. DorseTV late Senator
from Arkansas ; Wm. 31. tvarts, the dis
tintru"tit 1 Jiferetary of State, although not a
ermontcr his father was, and he has a Ver
mont wife, which is the next thine to being
a nativp, and who although a resident of
Xew l ork is almost as much identified with
the State as anr of her citizens :
! Hiland II'ill, tbe venerable ex-Gov
ernor and honored citizen, John
1 0. Churchill, ev-Congres sman, and one
i of the electors at large of "cw York ; Henry
Ed 'ertoii of Calif orn:a. a distinguished law
yer, and tbe only Republican elictor of that
State ; II. -n. John K. Harmon of California,
a native el H'est Kutiand , John I.Gilbert
of 3Ialonr. X. Y., member ef Xew Yoik As
sembly ; Mat hew Hak the distinguished
Albany lawyer ; iitn. II. H. llaxter, and
Hon. T W I'ark of Kenninrrton, energetic
t business men and millionaires ; Rev. George
X. Roardman, D. D., the distinguished di
vine ; Hon. Luke P.Roland, ilerritt H.
Sherman, who bos been chosen superintend
ent of public instruction iu Arizona Territory.
Surely this is a long list of Vermonters, all
of whose names appear incidently here and
there in the same day's issue of a great
metropolitan newspaper. Vermont has rea-
son to take pride in her scattered soc3, if not
1 in thi peculiar incident. Uutlind la-
The Ciiuinnali ComnereialUnma from a
persjon who knows," that General Grant's net
income from investments is alaVJt 53,000 a
year, which is 4 per cent on 20.),00t), a sum
which would ordinarily be considered sul3
cicnt to maintain tbe (ten. and Airs. (tant
Sarah Bernhardt, it is said, receives onc
tbird the guss profits etf her shows, on the
cuarantte i t never less than o00 for each
performance. Abbcv gets tbe rest, and is
eipectid to make "100,000 us his share. 1
The rii;lit to sell librettos was sold for $10.
000, and S.irony give 81,500 fttr the priv
ilege of taking and selling bcr photognjl
Forth" past ten years Jwbn Hay, cav As
sistant Set retary of State, and John II. Nico
lav. Marshal of the United btates riupretnie
Court, lnve Ivcen at work on a life of lio-,
, coin. Ihiy were private sccrvtaries e.t the I
White Hoi: during Lincoln's administra-1
lion. The first volume will soon be given to
! the nii'ilic
, pjtf J.,n es t. Watson, the famous as I
tron0llM- ,.,c .lirector of the t.bservatnrv 1
' ... .
ar in.. I ii'icrsii v eii Jiicniiran. inn mnre re
cently of lh University of Wiacon-iii, died
j ut AludisiMi, Wis., on Nov. 28. He was. at
i the time of his death engaged in building aud
I equipping at .Madison what wemld have been
; one of the best astronomical obvrvatories in
Ihe world. He was born in KUiri cminty,
i Cumila West, January 28, It, of Arum
Iran patents, who sexm afterward setthd in
Michigan. He graduated nt the University
of Mulligan in 1S57, became teacher of
' mathnr.nties there anil a&sitant at theubser
ator lie was app.iutetl professor of as
1 tronomy, IS.jI, etf physics and matheiuatics,
lMUl.and director of the observatory; hedU
' cove retl eighteen asteroids ; went to Iowa in
1MJ0, and to Sicily in 1ST0, t j observe eclips-
is of tbe sun, ami in 1374 was the head of
a very sucecsaful American cipetlition which
(itterw-u tbe transit ot tnusai i'e-Mi,
Chint. lr his vario'H aitronnmical discov
tries he was in 1S70 awarded the gold medal t
of tbe French Academy of Sciences. He
bis e-emtributed to many scientific journals,
has prepaml vaiioua astronomical char!?, i
uml is author if "A l'opular Treatise on
( enuts" tlHVI) nnd "Tbetvrt lie-al Astroiuv-
my. Kelating tothe Motions of the Heavenly
lkxliia II evolving Around the Sun in Ac
cordance with the Iaw of Universal Gravita- t
tion, with Numerical Uamp!es and Auxili
ary Tables" i lbf).
Dvei: line Like. -From Uu to tltteen car
lnads etf iron ore from ibe CliHteauga mines,
leive riatlsburgh daily for tbe Smth. I
It is reported that the Chateaugiy railroad ,
I'ompnuy will build u pier or dck at Platta
burgh 11)14 Winter, to fact Mate tint lending of
iion on into canal ln.au. Il is to extend
into the I iki nltout 500 ttet beyond high wa-le-r
mm kt will lie fifty feet ide, huili simi.
lar to a breakwater Tbe pier is to be sur"
mounted by a trestle aUut 24 feet bub,
with a double track, ami Suites for lo-uhng
the ore from the rais into the boats. The
track leading to it will croi the Aimlilc
braueh and pas through thi? aud bank to
the lake about one-third of tbe di-tance frcm
tbe 4tuth whatf to tbe liirrn(k3.
I'iiilIsiiv. -IC W Cleveland, livery keer
nnd blaiksmiib, aetUt jears, dieel Mondny
evmimr, the Sid Inst , of wlut mil snpp,tseti
to lie consumption, thouh the phv ici.i ni dis
; aL,reulas lowlmt was the mil l rouble lie
' liad nn ultiiek ot pneumr-nU lust Spring,
j which ivetaed ti set tie into cont Jinpuoii. lie
wish man ot muaikabte "trengih and had .
considerable reputation as :i vvustler.
Sntt.rdivitsn.vw-tMrtll.biy nml on Wed
nesilav nflerntatn it Ifgan aiin, tlmi inmr-
incgixxl sliighing for Thanksgiving. Tbe
n entber bts lield cold for several d iyg, each
morning this week flndine; the thermometer
frt'intwoto twelve below zero.
II. E. Cummings. principal of Urad-
ton! Aoaihmy. is at Iiou.e viMtin frn s
diitiii W. Tlmjikivi!" taeitlion.
Ci..Isa Acadi-my, tauht by John 31
Comiloek, diKetl it3 Pull term Nov. lTlh.
Tiii-vl-iy afternoon the IkkIv of a man froz
en t- death wus found in th .rn of Aar"n
Kiry .fTimbriil.
Out? IlYpi-riritte IrtHil 7'tunf.
"I ba 1 been, sick an 1 niierb!e lcjf anJ
bad caturvl my hoabiiid k3Uiut.li trouble and e-x-leiie,
no one -fn.edto uov t,tiai a.lcd m , fiat
I tta)ciiin!fteIrtii,heartC3Ma': ! Ui O'lr-aed. la
thi Tram of mind I p.t a boiti'- -i ii j - I', t s
an-l u-d them unknown t- my laui it 1 fjun
mn M linro,e t-n.1 f2tnel vj ini t.ai ra niinanJ
and familir thought it trati?e r.nd uu oi in.
wbealtol.1 tht-ui what ha I bclfd ir tiny .all
'Uurrah for Hon Bitten! Ions ni IT th. yw- ,
firtlir have made iwither vteiL wtmh
'IceM.t: -r rijR. j,,ult
, , i.LM4 AND CV tSSU:-
MitLe 1-r.ui Siiiu tm rta Ei.s 1 i. - fJ lor
E.U. l:IlJi:oe,TAClBarciarwrert, wVork,
Stf'iJ fott&tir laUl&,iieand triR
ocl i :
Tlie Great Blood Purifier, iC'd
II ny Tfeniftlv nn dI i I il
"VT7"E.the nnieralffned, having n.i- J DU. COR-
Incur practicejad havLnsesiaiiuedihw f. Taulab;
which it I? prepared, would caeifullr -e, tinmen 1
It to the community aa the cheats!, safe-t ant
most efficacious of alt the preparations ot artapa
nlla la the market. It highly coacuttat 1 d.ite,
(there blnz In a iv en amount of S:rc? tvv the
amonut ot Vegetable Extract Hu: any oth r con
tains.) the care, skill and cleauliiic3 of itimanG
facfore, are sure guarantees cf its purity and
effect. T. It. CROSBY, Jt I W. I. DUCK,
M. S. BCNTON, M. L., J. i. ELLIOT 31 D.,
M. D., JOIAU CRO-sBV, M. D A (. ULS.
Tho3e who have faiVd toW bcnttltt' t b i "ler
Sarparillas should not fad to mike a siut ! tr ai nf
this Blood runfylng and life Iiiviso!q Com
pound of sXer Sariapartlli. PauW'm V ow
Itack. Mauttrate, Black Cohosh. i;arg t. I idJn
Ileuip. aud the Berries of Ja-dp r a 1 Cur.
conitttusd with Iodul of rotaa.uni 1:1. U. . the
rreyartHiiK-the CfirEttcttv S-KHt- t iitr
Eas. SfiaXer Tillage, H.. :n 1 suae I bvTnia4
OBCtTT. it-lnrentntor. Sold everTwa-re. impilr
5EueIo-.fi slanip t'-r ''hak-r Mis. at
Ncrvoiuineas, Hyatera, Xight Sweats, Sleep
Desinet?, Cough, Emaciation nnd Dxhae ar at
once arreatetl by MALT BITTEI. Thu nrlpinl
and Int. &ra parable FoODilECicisc uricaliuour
Lsbmcnt and atrcnth. It ficds tae boJy auii the
brain. It regiilatcj thu ftenu.'li an-l bowel,
cleonsei the liver and Lldneys, Increase. the apo
tite, and cctkaes the.blood. llilth, drenth aal
peace or mlaJ are sore w foltow i;s dally nc
Preparet' by MALT BITTERS CUMPANT front
C.&rmi'utl ifalt a-I llvys, 1 so1 1 ev j, .There.
Anjf lc,Nt. tu.frU w:j r j marts
Is n sure remedy for
Coughs, Colds, Whooping
Cough, ar.d all Lung dis
eases, when used in season.
Fifty years ago, Elder
Downs was given up by his
physicians, to c:e with Con
sumption, Under these cir
cumstances be compounded
this Htixirt was cured,
and lived to a good old age.
You can try it for the price
of one doctor's isit.
For sale everywhere.
I 530IO il.iUNi; ;tji.-5 . n-
IANOS, fT25 c ra s l".
-Nov SSMAwtvr
W.ITED.-Tu cireacae of CVTABUl in
ea-h UftifhborhokL witli Pr Ksrs.ur's I.vm-
eilT.to.Ltroduce If. 8uupl fret". O'.M TILtON,
Pitt-.iurif. Pa Nov WMnMw
!XV VTi;i"i r.TH i: the
Europe and America.
2 years Iu the Secret Sjrvte. oit" S'tut lDt.ee
i lives, la all parts of tht world. octavo imcm. i-
ttill-PV engravlniis. A'ao la pre-, ttv. new II a
I traits I Books. Kvfra indiu-ciii M'- ofcrcd. I T
terms addrchs .f. II. Bran A Co. 11 irtford, it, i-r
CtLCagO. IUi. Sv SVdiwaw
'iliVVVA VEAKande
i U outat free,
f q) f 0 VICKEKV.
espe'i"s 'l Affjnt.
.a nircH, - v.
Auasta, it line.
i:ivsi'.vri:i: acikjti
. t lltvl-f.r .V.M. LL-t vtVl
irirri.n let. r.vl-LU I. I! I l:vl?
I I1LLI'- -IM'IP-"N .V I J
ruUlrienf ARM VMMIOMI.
For- Home Garden. Tarn
and IVti l j r t
"Because, bvo
iu yitfj
The Acierican
M'i I lu Tlft:s.tn!i
I'litsiaul -e- .(1
ti tlibiL, i Liu.niul tv
if i-j
and Uiurtt priiVattg,
It belps
Wife, and pirates poJ in-truct
tie CnllJrea. ItU .( mV,
aud every Slait, W emaa. aoJ
ti.na - la rc. n. ? a
t llttt, j oUfekt I. In.
Il U'lII Mr! VkU.
TcrHia fwr ut. 10
lil; Tbrce, SI; Tour. S3,
tllUat rtf IliU) eurfiee.
One SiKitHeJ. 6 C- f
splcutlltl ITeuiin lit
at u Coat,
i Se.l your tiXirti a I
i Oird Jar C . fl' II
1 fxiffti IZui&aUd Pa nftk
orwci: jn to.,
'13 ttrosuf ij.JTBWTOEZ.
Vol 40. tSSt.
800 Instracttve,
Original, Fleaaiag,
Uiefol Eitiags.
tier ma u Ftllllon
tupplitd tR MM!
iv r . tu 1S4 1a t En otA .
'ov 10 MAw-
The American Shoe Tip Co.
wan OA ST TOBia
Ttat Is now to cxtenslTelr warn on
Which was Introduced bytten. and hywlikb
th above amount bas baen tared to parenla an
nuallr. Tbii Black Tip mill aa" still
more, aa besides feeing worn vn tho coarser
grades it Is worn c-n line aud rol!r aln.J
whera the Alelal Tip on account U lis Itvki
would not be ustsL
They all haro cur Trade Mark A. S. T.
stampvJ ou f rDi cf Tip.
Partots altould A3K FOB SHOES th Hit
tK't 615W13W
ffnnV RfAV PC nrtfi PoUtrna
n.nitjunr'i, Vt
(.K i wSra
We w.nl 50 OLD STOVF-4 lu ncliaiff" 1.1 u
n. REil . l.VNl IL
ixi wsm iunf.lu-ah, ..
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