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Jlrnn Trmprraiun lr llio WveU I'M1
In? Feb. 1, fr r.isbl Yvnn.
signal omct, i:mLINGTOS Vt.
Feb.C(liT 7th, Sth. VUi. lotli, lit u,
ISM.. ..3 0 10 IS 16
1ST5.. .. S II 4 2 x
15;.. en 4 -t 1 i
1577.. 5 iW l
1S7S. .. 30 aJ li 12
!:.. .. S3 1 1 1 52
1.S1 .. 17 2t t! 13 -
1M 11 l- St 41 43 3-J
Knoa nri null-a dollar n tl.7'n in New
Tows reports print.! sX llio Tctn IVess
office with neatness ami dpattli.
Ninety-two rears ag.) iSuuday Dhiu
Allen dieil at Ins home in this city.
Tue State Teach rs Association is to met l
at Northfield AuUil 10, 11 anil 12.
Kor.iN's and blucUrtU have been fccn in
town. Spring is rapidiy approaching.
31ns. Hammond Taii.ou Ius been holding
revival meetings nt Milton for sonic time
FnEionT from the Central Vermont is now
sent ovcrtlie Northern ro.tI as before the late
TnE Gov. Underwood property at the
head of r-arl street is adtcrtircd for sale or
to rent.
The town of Alhurgh has fifty-five
v idow?, thus bcaling the town of Georgia by
Ir is rumored that tin American Ilapid
Telegraph Company will soon extend its line
to Montreal, via this city.
Kssev Ckstce. Rev. George S. Guernsey
will preach in Hssc Centre nevt Sunday,
Feb. 20tht morning and afternoon.
Several teams have crossed from Port
ICcnt to this city. The ice is reported "ii
ood condition with tlie exception of a mini
Iter of cracks.
The Trustees of the State lteform School
invite bids Tor the erection of the additional
building, the construction of which has ju-st
been authorised.
The Congregational Society of Middle
bury have oflVrcd ltev. 11. i!. Putnam of
Charlotte, what he asked, ;'.!, 0U0 a j car, to
lwcomc their pastor.
Porn teams two single and two double
crowd the lake from near WilKboro Point,
yesterday, and the thinnest ice found was
seven inches in thickness
Trie ice nun have resumed their hariet
in, whUh was temporarily interrupted by
the thaw. The ice is of fine qnality and
ranges from twelve to fifteen iiu lies in thick
ness. Owners of merino sheep tind a lor-r de
mand than tver from the West; within a
few wks large sales have been made in
Ohio and Miswari, and the nr.rkit isaln 13 s
The Spiritualists will hold a mass conven
tion at Watcrbury Friday, Saturday and
Sunday, Ftb. IP, 19 and 21. Mr. Child, the
spirit medium, will address the convention
St. Albas Uctteu Mviiket, Feb. 15.
The rceiipts were light and market dull.
Winter Tnadc butter fsold at H to 20 rents
per pound. No fall butter offering. I'ggs
20 cents per dozen.
Iticimoxn Market, Fib. 11. The at
tendance was very small. Fresh made but
ter sold at 22 to 2- cents; October, line, 27
to 23. ( Iiwn1, plain, II to 121 cents , ki;
12i to 131. '
The meetings of the Central Vermont,
Northern Concord, Ionell and Nashua, and
I5oton and Lowell railroads in Uoston. arc
reported to have ajreiil that operations shall
lie resume 1 as before.
Fii:e at Jericho. The house and barn of
Lyman Stimpson, nrarJerieho Ccntie, weie
destroyed by fire on Satun!a' afternoon with
their entire contents. The cause of the fire
was a defective flue. Ijcks alxmt 2,WO.
AMoSfi the items in thcltivcrsand Har!ors
appropriation bill now pending in the Ilouoe
is an item for the survey of the channel le
tween North Hero and South Hero, with a
view to an appropriation nct year for tier p
eninj it.
At last the State ha a Superintendent of
I cation, Mr. Darlt having formally ac
cented the position, his salary leing guaran
teed by a numler of prominent gentlemen,
who expect to be reimbursed by the nc it
Laixje Saie of Stch k. Nine thousand
hare of the Crown Point iron company's
tnrk sold by referee James Spencer, Tues
d iy at the Merchants' bank of Whitehall,
were Iought by Gen. John Hammond of
Crown Pniut, for 110,000.
Imi'oi:tantIeal LstaieTkansfei I lev.
lMuard Hungcrford has sold his farm at
Winooki Park to Michael Kelly for eighteen
thousand dollars ; and Mr. Kelly lias trans
ferred his farm in Charlotte to Mr. Hunrer
ford for four thousand dollars
Cue ir Convention. The county tern
perawc convention to nominate a candidate
for (. mity Commissioner will le held in this
lit- on Wednesday of net week, at 11
Vclocka. in., at the rooms of the Voting
Men's Christian Association.
A lEiirEi-AXCE convention was hdd at
Montpdicr on Saturday to nominate a coun
ty commissioner, under the liquor law, to
Lhvc cl argc or the appointment of licpior
agents. After fpeeches and resolution",
Jarr.rs II II olden of Middlesex was nom
inated. For the iKincfit of those w ho are so fearful
that there is any prosper I of a Fenian raid
over the Itordr, the St. Allans Mfftwjtr
riyn that there is nft the slightest indication
of any fuch tldng in that vie i nil). British
agents have be n buy at work triing to un
earth -oi wlhing looking in tint directum, but
have irnally failed.
At the St. Alhans rolling mill a large buc
is now employed and orders enough are on
ban 1 for scleral months work, licceully
largo quantities of fatetl rait-t were sent to the
Maine Central and G rand Trunk roadj, ami
more arc now being rolled are for the ('
tral, whkh will put dow u several thmmt:d
tons in the spring.
iiL on newiupers and printed luat-
. tit forradi tWtioitiiees or fru'
lion of two ounces. Mmy nplc su pj '
that the rate is one cent for cadi paper, aid,
by neglect to pay the full postage, have tin ir
printed inaltrr thrown into the IhWoHkc
waste basket or sent to the dead litter
office U-causc the pontage is not piid,
A Wei 1 -Known Lawei: 1s.k .1.
Wliecl.vk, the well known Milton J in
hasbfomu insane. He has lately Income
rather disposed to nul inrholy, :tnd Iminj
attended tbc series of me tings ondiii lil by
Mrs. Hammond, thr excitement is tbnbt
to have had an effect upon his brain, llis
feared that he will have to be taken to an
The Winter of IS Si will long be run 111
Itf red as m,e duriii; which llir elements hue
run riot. We have had the coldol weal In r,
the severest storms, the most frnpienldiis
trrs by pea and lasd, and the greatest lubh
ts of late years. If the law of coinit-nea
tion op rates throughout the year, the plras.
untft Summer within tb meniory f the
oldest inliabitant ought to swi eed thin
ceplionally rough Winter.
Pa t Tivr. The Central Vermont line
now run their day express train letween
Montreal and Hoiton, via White Hirer Junc
tion and Concord, in ten and oneJialf hour-,
including stops. As the line is all steel rails,
1 the distance, whih i334 mils .can 1a madp
Iwith abtyand case at this speed, which is
the fastest running of n railway
w Biiglairl for the distanre.
1- wme.1- Fxciunob 1'RoJpcrrEb.- In New
irk M'mdiy night, a dinner was givi n by
,1 une i . Burden, Ihe well known iron mami
f atlle raiser and stock breed. r, to a
party of fc-ntlemen interested in agrUnllure
and tcrk ra. ing, for the purpose of organ
bin, a firmer? dub, or exchange, in that
cjtv m nig 'V gentlemen present were
Oui (iiant. Mi Diosinore, Col. Cannon,
(M Waring and others. It is understood
that .Mr Burden t,iH prcsident of the pro
jected organizidjoi.
Vekqexnes. Kggs arc selling at 35 cents
per dozen in Vcrgcnncs, but are very scarce.
Potatoes hring 50 cents per bushel at the
Xew Haven depot for shipment. Hay is $1G
per ton, delivered at the stationary presses
aloni tlic line of the railroad, whence it is
shipped, largely to Massachusetts.
OdncNsnrEei and Lake CiuurLAis Hail
1:0 id. A. A. Gaddts, the general manager
of the Boston, Hoosac Tunnel and Western
Kail way has accepted the appointment of
general manger of the Oijdensburg and Lake
Champkin Ilailroad and will wumc the
office the first of March. Although the re
signalion of President Averi!! has been for
sometime in the hands of tho directors, it is
not probable that any change in the office
will lo made until the June meeting of the
The St. Alhans Jftssenger thinks it has
discovered that the new tax law bears hard
on the poor man, and is so pleased with its
supposed discovery that it daily prints an
item something like this: "A feeling that
the new tav law is not altogether a boon to
poor men is fast becoming prevalent." Will
the Messenger please explain. A "poorman,'
we take it, is one who pays only a poll-tax;
and as the new law will undoubtedly largely
decrease the amount of this tax it looks to
man up a tree as if it would be at least some
thing of a ixxni to poor men" if not "alto
gether a boon."
The Pi blio Schools, The enrolmout of
our public schools, the present term, shows a
gratifjingly largo attendance. Tho figures
arc as follows: High School, 90; Grammar,
133; G rammar School annex, 29 ; Pine street
intermediate. 72 : Pomcroy intermediate, 74
Adams intermediate, 42 ; North and Murray
streets intermediate, 23: Tine street primary,
I; Pomcroy primary, 104; Adams pri-
mary, 3i jvoith and Murray streets pri
mary,.); Falls school, 40; riorth avenue,
school, lb : Ungraded day school,23 ; ungrad
ed ni?ht school, 31 ; making a total of 979
ViCE-Pi:ESiDEST-ELCerr Chester A. Arthur
has written a personal letter to Mr. Forbes,
the Vermont correspondent of the Boston
Journal, in acknowledgment of the articles
that have appeared in the Journal relative to
his birthplace in Fairfield. General Arthur
talcs that this Democratic scheme to prove
him a foreigner has liecn a matter of httlc
interest to him, and that it had no attention
from him. Gen. Arthur, however, expresses
his obligation to the Journal correspondent
for the kind interest he has shown in tho
matter by the refutation of these Democratic
barges of his foreign birth.
The State's Piiisos. The new contract
forcomiet lalwr made by the State Prison
Direetois allows 50 cents fur a day's labor,
and is irrevocable for five j'care; thcedd one,
was for 10 cents a day ami could be
annulled on three months notice. The prison
is about to undergo thorough repairs. The
old wotnled structures within the prison
walls w ill all be torn down, the eastern wall
of the piUon yard rcmovetl nearly 25 feet
farther hade, and a new brick building con
structed large enough to contain all the
machinery and work-shop room needed f or
the convicts. A largo two-story building,
with amansird roof, for the officers quar
ter?, and another fine building for the use of
the Superintendent and family will be put
SrEEe lies presenting the statue of Judge
Collamer of Vermont were made in the
House of Itepreentatives, Tuesday. The
firn was 1.3 air. Tyler, who was followed by
Dr. luring. Alex. II. Stephens also made
an address in connection with the presenta
tion of the Collamer statue. Mr. Stephens,
it stems, Ikiarded with Governor Collamer
during a large portion of his public career,
and Iiecamc particular!) attached to him.
The e-vicc president of the Confederacy
referred to the memories of those early days
and sketched some of the distinguished men
who formed the intimate circle of friends in
which Governor (Villamer moved. Of all
Hi at ha'id of noble men, he said, there arc
only 1 ft upon the stage of public action the
learned and scholar!)- George P. Marsh,
Minister to Italy, the penior Senator from
Maine, Hannibal Hamlin, Secretary Itamsey
and hlinsiU
Failcke at St. Albass. It was fondly
lioped some lime since that pretty much all
St. Albans having gone into bankruptcy we
would hear no more of business reverses
there. Stub, however, is not the case. The
failure is announced of Henry Danenbaum,
clothing deale r, w ho has been put into insol
vency on the petition of II. B. Clallin & Co.,
T New York. The amount of claims proved
so far amounts to $2.1,412.70, representing
21 creditors in sums van im; from $5.20 to
?10,&j.Gd, the latter sum being held by the
Vermont National Bank and the other heavy
creditors leing II. B. ClaflinAi Co., and Bates,
Heed & Cooley, and E. S. Jaffrey & Co.
There are more creditors 3'ct to prove their
claims which w ill amount to bcveral thou
wind dollars more. Mr. Danenbaum shows
as assets $20,C1S. CO worth of goods iu the
store and iOO of loGk accounts considered
good, and offers to compromise for 2.1 cents,
which some of the creditors refuse.
Tun Bi:oeen Bicattleuoi:o Banc S. M.
Waite is out with an open letter in reply to
the recent statement of Hecciver Price in
which he claims that he paid stockholders
12U,1 CO. 73 since the capital waslost or used
up and paid back to them ; a loss by sneak
thieves of over $40,000 and all expenses and
government taxes of bank for eight yean, I
which would be not less than STJO.OOO, show
ing a gross expenditure of $220,000 paid
since he had any resources licyond what he
could supply ersonally. He says that all
his ae cumulations were put into the bank
unihr a vain hoiie that he might recover
these sums advanced by him, purchase all
the stock, wind up this bank and keep its
loss in the fiuiily. In doiug this he has suc-
riliccil and no ti; by the mo4 careful
ine,tigation has succeeded in tracing any
investnuiits into his hand or the lussof nuy
money in Wall street -KcuIalion."
ut.Sri.nLi Commissoxei:s Fowcia. We
are now in formed that au error was made In
the cngrossingor printing of the amendment
to the city 1 hart r parsed by the last Legis
lature, and that it was written "Whenever
the own rsf the grmUr part' of the frontage
shall tiliim, tie, instead of "the quarter
pirt," as it isgivcuin the session laws. This,
hovtvr, seemsto us 11 point of minor im
Iiortanre, f-iiicc the second clause of the act
ivs the Strtet Commissioners pocr to
make iniprov ments and assess betterments
u it hout any jt lition w hatever a power
which will d 1 ike the majority of projicrty
owners as himply outrageous ; and any at
tempt tiM-x niM it will undoubtedly le con
tested in the courts. It dm's fectm as if this
tinki ring of Ihe cit' charter by a few self
cenibtituteil lawgivra had gone uite far
enough. In future when any such thing is
prui'fed hi us have n full, frank and free
deciisMni of any pro timed aiuendiiicuts. As
for the p trti ular amciiduicnt under discus
sion, the lowers of the Street Cummissioners
wire preiouOy ipi'ite as ample and have
Ik-cu ex 1 ised quite as arbitrarily as tho ma
jority tti tho propetty-owners desire ; and
the enlargement of their authority will lie
rerrived with anything but enthusiasm.
The S inmia or Veumont. From the last
otllcial re)ort of the State Superintendent of
I-Mucation,it appears that the school children
of ihe State number 75,233, distributed over
2,1! l'J districts, and attending 2.S07 schxls.
Tliewhools are inaintuineil at an annual
cxi'use of 4 10,210 , and 4,359 teachers are
paid 300,320 a year. The average cost to
the State ir sibolar is aUtut $5.93 jn-r au
1111111. Tht re am 7,123 heht-lars who attend
olhir than public srlnxds. 'Ihe State has
three Normal Sdnwh, fur which it contribu
tes about ,il2,00 annually. Vermont has
iiindtcn inenrrfiraled academies, with 105
tcaditis and 2,51'! scholars. Their income
from tuition amounts to 2t,(Vj , in addi
tion to wbldi they receive 17,000 annually
from endowment funds. There aru also 19
graded w bonis in the State with C,03fi whol
ars, luving 129 tear hers.
Iwis .lil N011 of Bvansville, is a great
sufferer from what is supposed to be con
suntptioii. He rerrntly coughd up what
those who saw them called two living crea
tures, having the form r.f worms. They
were about three inches long, and its large as
a big fish worm.
Legislation Affecting Enrlingtcn.
1STKKKSTTO ri;oi'Ei:TY owxcirs oihki:
The Session Laws of 180 have just Utn
issued in a substantial volume of 329 pages,
from which it appears that the Iislatme
passed three hundred and one acts and leso
lutions. Of these 141 are public nets, t lev 11
are resolutions, 07 are nets relating to cor
porations and the balance coine under the
head of miscellaneous The orimipdad
relating to ou" municipality i one whuli
greatly cnl irges tlio powers of the Sired
Commissioners. As the hw previously
stood, the Commissioners could, niwui a jx ti
tion signed by the owners of a "wiiWy
the frouta-re" on anv street or iwrliou of a
street, grade, pave or macadamize, uili
and gutter such street or make either
of these improvements, all at the expense of
the property-owners. As then t is am 1 ded,
the Commissioners may do the sun- rpon
the petition of the owners of ai.'w pai
of the frontage; and they mayaNni.
without any 2titiont asaessin upon pi
ty-owners "so much of the cost and insp
of making such improvements as th.-y -hall
iudire such lsnds or buildinss to lie li iihit
thcrebr. The matter is of such cei r! in
terest that we print tliis cxtraordin iry 11-1 in
lull :
Bed. 1. So much of reetion thni f an
actentillcxl An act in amendment 01 ami in
addition to an act approved JsovcinU r 2U
1872, entitlci 'An act in amendment ot ai
act to incorporate the city of Burlington, ap
proved Novemlier 22. lytll, and of the -ecr-
al amendments thereof heretofore en. ted
approved NovcmlK?r 24. 1874, as comme nces
the paragraph, with the words, "Whenever
a petition in writing, aim riiwes me 51111c
paragraph with the words, 4,LTntil the same
shall be paid," is hereby amended so as to
read as follows :
"Whenever the ow ners of 1 he (prirter part
of the lands or bin Mines almttin uiMtu any
street, lane or alley, or part thereof, in said
city shall present their pel it ion in writing
to tue isoaruot Aldermen pnrnmr inai sucn
street, lane, or alle-, orp:irttuercot, as speci
neti. tic craueu, pave-U or macadami7Cii.
curbed and gutterctl, and that a sidewalk or
me sidewalks mcreoi ic consiruticd, or re
paired and flarjTed. or that cither one 01
more of such improvements lie nude, the
City Council may order and direct the Street
Commissioners to cause such improvements
to be made. Ihcbtrect Commissioners, sul
ject to the orders and ordinances of the City
Council, shall have power, without such pe
tition, to make the improvements alxn e fpeci-
neu, eiiuer ono or more ot tuem, and to :is
sess against the owners of the lands or build
ings abutting on such street, lane or alley,
and adjoining the part where such improve
ments shall be made, whether ma le upon pe
tition or otherwise, so much of the cot and
expense of making such improvements as
iney snail judge such Minis or nuiuiings to
be bencnttcu thereby: which assess.
ments shall be made uion irivin
to the parties interested twelve days
nonce 01 the time and place ot hearm;
in the manner provided in section ninety-
inreeoicuanicriwentv-ioUTOi tue uenenu
Statutts. The Street Commissioners shall
make up a statement of all such assessment',
describing the lands or buildings assessed,
and forthnithcause the Panic to be; recorded
In the City Clerk's office', and when so re
corded such assessments shall lie and remain
a lien, in tho nature of a tav, upon the lands
or buildings so assessed, until Ihe Mine dtall
be paid."
bEO. 2. This act shall lake efl cl from its
Approved December 22, lSt-0.
Another act gives to our City Court juris
diction of all cases brought against the city
to recover moneys paid under protest for
taics or assessments upon real es
tate, either party having the option
of an appeal, and provides that no judge of
said court shall be disqualified from hearing
and deciding such a case liecatise he is a tax
payer here or liable to taxation. The remain
ing acts in relation to our home affairs pro
vide that the State Treasurer shall deliver to
the Treasurer of the Green Mount Ceme tcry
Association the balance of the Ktlian Allen
Monument fund, the income to housed in
the care and preservation of the burial lots in
that cemetery; that only three-fourths of
the trustees ot tbc Farmers and Mechanics
Savings Institution and Trust Company need
be inhabitants of this State ; and that n
county tax of two cents on the dolhrltcas
scssed. Ti.E Deadwood (D.T.)Vy Timet has
these pleasant things to say of Major 1 Leonard
Love, formerly of Richmond, and at present
Indian agent at the Cheyenne reservation
The Government has had more more trou
ble, and there has been more alleged crooked
ness at the Cheyenne Indian reservation than
at all the others combined. About a year ago
Major Leonard Love, a nephew of the laic
uovernor Howard, was appointed to the
position, and since then there have been no
complaints heard from Indians or !ovcrn-
menu ihe Jiajor is a pleasant, all able gen
tleman, a man of fine executive ability, and
just the kind of person we should think
could manage unruly Indians, as he pssriscs
firmness, coupled with kindness, in a marked
AuRiccLTtKE. In the act establialung the
ofllce of superintendent of agricultural af
fairs, no provision was made for the publica
tion of a reiort, but Col. Mead, deeming this
an important part of his work, and as a con
tinuation of those already made by the old
Board of Agriculture, has been so careful in
the use of the amount allowed him for ex
penses, as to le able to publish a volume of
332 pages, filled with addresses and p-ijra
Irom gentlemen well known in agricultural
and scientific investigation, liesiiles other
important information. The Siij.eriiitendeiit
was directed to visit and hold meetings in as
many of the towns of the State as positU ;
which he did to the uuiuIkt of one hundred
and fifty. The Slate Agricultural College
proposing to co-operate with the Superin
tendent, the people in many pbr-es were en
abled to listen to interesting and valuable ad
dresses from President Bue khani, Dr. Crosby
and Profs. W.O. Atwaterand (.1. II. Perkins.
The Superintendent also obtained the assist
ance ot gentlemen in different parts of the
State, and Mr. J. W. Sanborn, Superintend
ent of the New Hampshire College farm, and
Mr. Tinkham.agricultural editor of the Fru -man,
at tended meetings ami rendc re-d valuable
assistance. Local help was als 1 employe!
wherever it could be obtained. Tho report
is mainly filled with addresses and pajnrs
on various subjects, the list in I inline
"The past, present and future of Vermont
agriculture," by Prof. Scely ; "Improvement
of pastures in tho Champlain Valley," by F.
D. Douglass ot Whiting; "On the mure im
nortant parasites of the higher animals," by
Prof. Perkins of the University of V rmont;
"The soil, its formation and rdatioti to the
rocks," by E. P. Colton of Irasburgh : "A
change in farm system demanded," hy.l. W.
Sanbnrn; "Curiosities of plant growth, and
the worth of such observations to the farm
er." by Dr. H. A. Cutting, State (IcologKt ;
Vermont Merino She p Breeders Assik hi
tion," by the secretary, Albert Chapman of
Middlcbury; ''Ensilage," by the superintcn-rie-nt
; address by (Joy. Smith, ddncredut
lhthel. at the White Kiur Valley fair;
"Fie-ld experiments with fertilizers," under
the suiterinlendence of the Mate Agricultural
College, by Prof. W. (. Atwater; "Suirar
from cornstalks and sorghum." by Pruf. Feb r
Collier, chemist of the department of agri
culture at Washington ; "What sort of au
education shall we give to the we of our thil
cren who arc going to lie farmers," by Presi
dent Buekham, etc. Mr. Tmkhaui has an
illustrateel article upon "Seltinj milk :Z. B.
Jameson of Irasburgh, one on the "Value of
liquid manure" anil the suicrintendent an-
ntLrr mi (lit 'l)iainu-4 iT itiitiu'vtif nmtiiiil- "
HiNKsnuuu. We see in an arti It; in the
New York 7"rrt the statement of scyual
eiliens of this town in n lat'ion to the nativ
ity of Vice President Arthur. 'Ihe apphea
tion which Truth mnkesof this evidence
t is ful.-to and if the whole arti h: ief rred tois
made up in the same way it is but a 11111-
nini' tissue of lies from lu'iriuiiii; t ud and
well worthy the publisher of the Moiey 1
Mr. D. L. Palmer has sold his tarm
and stock to Mr. John Mctiee foi 57eHt
The sftciablo last week was at the te
sidenceof II. M. Willsou and despite tin
bad going alfout 70 atte nd-d.
Mr. Henry White drove a spirited young
horse to Burlington and returning in the
night had the misfortune tn break its
near Muddy Brook. He drove rm attorn
three miles before he found out what was
matter. Then rousing Mr. John Whnhr
the horse was put out of its misery and Mr
White w as carried home.
Mr. Isaiah Dow has just put into his far
tory 11 steam heating apparatus at a at "f
$700.00. It consists ot a boiler (upibleot
running a 30 horso power engine, which
sends hot steam In pqtes to all parts of the
building and very much siinphlh'S the d)r
The Academy ehwel la'-t Friday with
rhfitnrieal exercises in which H-vernl of lb1
vnune irentleman and ladies did themselves
muc ii credit. 1 lie w imi n
I'l for 11 snrinc ti-riti.
It..- A 1 t. . I. 1 lt l..l..lt r...,i.t-i.il I
ti... ucin!ta ,.r.i'. r r...r,.ti....ui . i.iin 1.
In Hiuesburg, was recently visited by altout
one hundred of his fiic-nts ami jurishi. tiers.
A pleasant, social evening was passed ami
K..ltaiitial tokens of friendship were left
as reminders f their visit, for whi.h the
itncttor and family express their sincere
thanks, and their grateful upprn iation of
the Kindly spirit mai proirpieu mem.
Grand Isla County Ccurt.
'I he county court for Grand Isle met at
the court Imne at North Hero, Tuesday
Juilire i:oce pnsidinir. When the grand
jury was called, Jiulgi lbyee delivered
charge and wound up by saving that iuas-
mudi as there xvas no business to come be-
frc them, the couhl draw their pay and re
tire to (heir homes. When the relit jury
was called, all but two answered, but there
was nothing for them so they were not
sworn and w real n" given leave to return
home. .Ind;e lloj remarked that in all
his expel it ntv on the I n h lids was the first
lime that he bad tver fcen a grand jury
called out nt the regular term of court and
tind absolutely nothing for them to do. The
only matter brought before the couit wasan
apphYiii.m for divorce made by Mary A.
Darby againt Hubert Duby, on the ground
of wilful desertion. Some three years ago
they were married 111 Alburffh, having al
wavs been neighbors, and, alter living to
gether for altout five wceks.ho left her moth
er's, where they were living, and has never
returned to Ids wife although living in the
same ndghtorhoHl. The divorce was grant'
ed. But six or seven new entries were made,
and at 11-30 the court adjourned, after a 90
minutes session, in which the lomrcst pro
ceeding was the payment of the jurors. At
dinner lime the etiquette of the court was
stri llv C'bservcd ami the landlord would nut
op, n the dining room door until Judge
Bovr-camwarcd to leail the bar to the tablt
Hem 111 Allen, of Xorth Hero, Henry Har
rinzton. of South Hero, and Win. Housiu
gcr, of Alhurgh, wen appointed county
roid commission rs.
Waito's Crime3-
v mtmrsTiMi detii-s of the kecokt
The stockholders of the ruined First Na
tion ii Bank of Brattklioro met on Thursday,
for t he piu pose . if c 1 d ing a permanc n t agent
for Ihe hank. Two ballots were taken.ro
suiting iu no choice, after which the meeting
adjourned until the first Tuesday in May.
Receiver Price submitted his reiort, which
details the operations of Ihe defaulter Waite.
He t-av,s that among the assets of the bank
shown by President Waite, in the prc-
fciicv of anuimVr of the directors of the
bank, vc ie the following promissory notes
Burden A Co, 20,000; Kilcy Burdett
$13,000; Taunton Locomotive Works,$lS,-
-112; Lvon A, Ileah-, $25,000; Windsor
Hotel, $25,(0; ( Spinner. $110,000 ; Con
nccticut Uiver Kail road Companv, $50,000 ;
S. A. Leonard. $10,000: S. M. Waite.Sl
lH0; Trcnor W. Paik, $20,000 ; Fntlerick
Killings. 20.0Wt. I his paper, with the ex-
erpl ion of one pail 1 h, was forged as to the
makers, :uui Hie lonrer was Mias Al. viaite
who deMroyesI or litok away with him, Juno
iu, all oi it, except the two last papers.
The First National Bank of Brattleboro
was orgauied June; 30. 1&G1. with a capital
oi imuu.ihh'. iiie capital stock was increas
ed$100,0(K SeptemtMT 14, l&GI. and was
inrllier increased rlOO.WU IVccmticr 19.
Itjtil. It was proposed that $150,000 of the
tii.o'J capital mock should be paid in
cah, and that the Windham county bank.
wiiu a nomiini capital 01 iuU.UW. should
1 convcrled and merged into tho First Na-
ior.al Bank. Dividends were paid on $117.-
uou oniy ni inc new cash capital 01 JjlW.WU,
January J, inh. 1 he balance ot 330 shares
to make the 3,000 shares, were 111 the name
l -VI. vvailc. althouih there is no evi
dence that he ever ptid for these shares or
irew uie (livnienus upon them. Uetween
January 1. IWlland January 1(11. the new
capital stitek was entirely ,iil in. Without
spending what oiher it ins in I his statement
re lound raiMlied, 11 apiears ih.it the capi
tal of the First Nalioml Bank of Brattle-
toro was never more, in fact, than $150.-
000. The moderate amount of deposits.
iehl by this bank, in c-onneclion with
the large dividends piid, viz.: 8 per cent,
fromJanuiry, is;$, to the 3car before the
failure, h ive led to Ihe N-licf that tho elivi-
lends were not earned. From January. 13G5
to January, 1S30, thccxccssof expenditures
over income was(b,i 12.',ITk Mr. Price goes
into calculation to show that of the $400,000
urn in uiwtieniis in uicecn years, pronauiy
ru,0cHi was taken from the capital and nev
r earned. While complying nominally with
the requirements of the law relative to Na
tional banks, aitc evidently used thein
stiiulkn to advance his pe rsonal interest.
1 Ids is obvious in many operations of the
bank, but his personal account is interesting
and curiously iihwratcs the truth of this
tilt iiu ni. It wot au account subject to
'lent erupt 1 n-, ot rredits and debts, atone
line shomng a cruht bil-mce of $07,000:
at another time, an overdraft of $35,000.
When he uscil funds of the bank in a pri-
vale peeul ltion he made no charce of the
amount to his account, nor did he make his
note, but drew on the bank balances in New
1 ork or L0M011 as though they were his per
sonal property. During the sixteen years'
xistence of the brink N aite's account alone
was clnrged with $4.10.400.79. an averaire
cxienihlure by him of over $2S,000 a year
luring inc whole period, white considerable
sums used never apiH'ared in his account.
The only evidenee of the purchase (tf stock
l the bank by Waite with money nominally
!us own, was mi Jan. I.E. 15.0- the day bo
'ore the annual meeting of the stockholders
for the t ledion of directors, when he paid
X. B. Willivton, the rttiring president,
$S.r00 for eighty. live shares ot his stock.
and for this purpose lrrowed $3,000 of W.
l. not Kwiii, and -r..00U oi the JIoiiMin Wa-
ional Bank. While occasionally getting
money on ltorrowed names, and often bor
rowing a 11 line for the puntose, Waite, in
s7i, 1m ing pressed for money and his own
account ov rdrawn $:W,01W, t,et out to bor
row largely of arieus corporations, and
rechle-ly made and pledged the stock of
the First National Bank to the ex
tent of 1,21m shares for the pur-
Uiug an overissue of 1.173 share.
1'lie suit brought by Kiley Burdett in 1871
ag-uiivt Jacob Fsley A, Ci., on an improve
ment in the manufacture of parlor organs
patented by Burddt, was prosecuted with
lunds furnished from time to time by Waite,
pirlly from his never failing personal ac- ,
count in the bank. Tin; amount expended
by him -an not Ik- Mated with xaelness, but
it is Iieiicvcd to Ik at least 15,000, with at
torney's fees amounting to about $12,000
more, still unpaid. Judgment was finally
obtained in April, l&iO, in the United States
Circuit Court against F.stcyfcCn. for $1(51,
000, upon which, and after giving necessary
security, Ililcy A: Co. txk an appeal to the
limed rtlalcs Niprcme t ourt, where the
tiFf xull not be reaehetl in less than two
years. After the commencement of the suit
by Ihmldl, I uui informed he assigned all
his riL'ht, title and interest in the patent to
Since preparing this statement I have re
ceived letters from Huntington v. Jackson
of Chicago, my attorney, tind r ilate of Feb.
2 and 4, and continuing rumors which came
to me from various dlndionsaltout the pa
mcntof Sr0,tiiH by Silas M Waite out cit
the moneys of the First National Bank of
I'.ralt Idiom. . ji. Waite. a brother of
Silas M. While, was secretary of the Western
Fire and Murine Insurance Company of
Chicago, which failed in lt?Cl. Mr. Spink,
au eieil, exumined the Imoks, and found
th it ihe set rctary was a default r to a largo
amount. An arbitration committee of three
of th din dors was appointed to wind up
Ihe air.iirs or the compiuy, and incidentally
to s lite the dcf.dr.it ion. Of this committee',
only one incniU'r survives, C A. Fargo of
Chicago, who states tb:il the de-ralcation was
$20OJmki, mid th it $50,000 in cash was paid
by (i. ; Kotirrt-, a partner of W. H.
Wail, iu the luintter business, and
a I n 'in I for $ I ( 10,1 h W) was gi veu by
Clinics C and Silas M. Waite, to prevent
the arrest of their brother, win h they alter
waid paid. '1 he amount stated by .Mr. Far
go to have been piid $150,0110 is continu
ed by Mr. Il.imniil, then cashier of the in
surance company, and by Frederick Tultle,
its president, who added that it was reported
at that time tint $70,000 came from the
Fust National buik of Brallhboro. The
$70,000 was, doubtlessly, sent to Chicago in
IheMHiiigof lmiV .ut of $270 ,000 of the
new bills of this bank j lit ret eived from
Wii-.hington, so that then were 110 drafts on
the I tooks of litis or ollur hanks to record
ihe tianvirtion. Charles C. Waite undoubt-
illy it paid the amount in excess of $50,000,
, and aid 's aecrtunt iu the bank is red) ted,
as iivu.d, with two $10,0H) items, on April
1 .th and July "Dili, ISbi, probibly troin lus
11 vi 101 1 v..
h iidiin:.', but
r k 1 1 t in ikes
11 u il
'Ihe 1 ilc IhlW spo'de-d the
a light snow-fall Saturday
it so (hit runners arc still
'1 he ni diueii propo-r pulling an arlide
111 ihe warning lor town meeting, to sea 11
Ihe piivn will tiike advatilage ot the act in
I I 1 em e to pit) nig t ixh to tin: Measurer th
.1. B William" is visiting his brother, W
J. Willi huh, in ludiiiia. tleo. W. Priudlc
h is U-en -p tiding a few wit ks with friends
in YV tsi 011-111,
Befote the break up tin re was a rood deal
of ompi.iint about liy wt Us mid cisterns.
The I iv(. i-.ir has been iciimikabte for this.
'I In unusual c oldncs ttf the Winter so iu
It rf red with the w lb r supply iu mot of
the Mn auis iu this vie inity that siwand grist
mi Hi ui te i lit a 'imni mi tie ot the nine, in
I many pl.iees stiiMins appt ared to be ulmo'-t
Iroc 11 soini.
Will tin re lie any ai tiontakt 11 iu 11 ference
l' bom.- insur an-.- ot pio)!. rt Sue I. llungs
"lV. '""t it stems foohsh It. n.-nd so
I h"" ' money out of town cvt ry 3 ear when it
, might as w. 11 1e.na.11 at homeand property
'M' T'dly mi ane.
'town nice tin conies on Ihe 1st of Mareli
'I lie auditors met t iu the town house Salur
j uay, uie -'inn.
Thoni.id M on,H 1. of Bast Albany, while
at work in the vardat Crandy's mill, was
ctiiifflit miller some lolling loga. and crushed
into the snow, having one leg broken and
receiving intern U injuries, wuicu win
ablv cauM his death.
MfMcs Shi n.irtL an old and respected citi
zenof Cm iwlioro. xv ai badly hurt Monday
by a horse falling on him, ami breaking his
coiiar 'Mine, ami ouier iwn uj m ins ww,
account of his old are Ins recovery is uouui
Thedisea. of tlu sheep, called scab, has
greatly increas d in lra-burgh during the
winter; several ll k us aieauiicieii ana near
ly ruined.
Peter Traiimr of fan.cnburgh is 105 years
old. He is able to walk alout tho village
and enjoys very good health.
(His Atwater, a pnniming young mail of
Brattleboro, a eraduale of Yale College, nnd
connected with the hemical laboratory of
Harvard, has Itccoiiie violently insane nnd
taken to the asviuin
There were 21 Kilns and 28 deaths in
Bradford in 1830. Seventeen of those who
died were over ."J) ye irs of age, and nine
over 75 vears. The oldest was 83 years II
months. In 1S70. I here were ol births and
34 deaths.
The township of Biiksdurc will soon com
plete tho tirst century 01 us existence, nav
ins been chattered by the Legislature June
22, 1781. Bthan All n was the chairman of
the legislative cemimittec that recommended
the grant. The town h isa prospective ecu
tenarian iu the person of John Ha7eUon,
who, if he lives uidil next fall, will be one
hundred years old. He retains possession of
his faculties toa remaikable degretr, and bids
fait to live y t many ye ars.
Col. Ira Clifford dieil al his residence in
New Haven on Saturday, Feb. 12, after an
illness of two day?. He was born Sept. 2,
17li7. During the a live portion of his life
he wa3 the owner f a large and valuable
Taria on Ixew Have 11 rive r, which he carried
on in the most succc-wrul manner for many
years. After the dcalh f his wife, a few
years since, he temnved to New Haven vil
lage, where he hassincercsided. For a long
period he xvas one of the deacons of the Con
gregational church in New Haven. He was
elected by his townmen often to places of
public responsibility, and in lhC-1 and 1805
wasamemlMT of the Ucncral Assembly.
He was also for several yiars elected county
commissioner in AddNon county. Col. Clif
ford was prominent as a Mason and well
known as such throughout the State. For
many years he was the presiding officer in
the lodge at Middlcbury aud the" chapter at
vergenncs, and tue ommanucr 01 the com
mandery of Knights T mplar at Middle-bury:
and the chapter at Bristol, established in
1HU3, 1 tears his nunc two children sur
vive him. Henry O. Cifford of New Havcn.
who is now engaged in Ihe sheep business in
Kansas, and .Mrs. Mary F. Meacham. widow
or me late lion, .lames .Meacham.
Jericho.- The next rcirular service at Cal
vary church, Jericho, will beheld, I). V. on
Sunday, leb. 20tli, at hall-past three p. m.
Anotiiki: Fcmvn Bvjo.-The Washing
ton correspondent of the Boston IferalJs&ysi
Intelligence has ln.'cii received by a promi
nent officer of the government of a threaten
ed attempt to disturb the public peace, byau
organized raid by Iriih sympathizers on
Canadian territory, as a means of annoying
and frightening the F.ngllvh government. It
is understood that Stc rdary Kvarts has made
the information furiiwied to him the basisof
a communication to that government. In
conversation, ihe sec rdary expressed the
opinion that the movements, if such are on
foot, will not amount to anvthing. He does
not lelievc that there is to be au organized
military reltcllion in Ireland, and he conse
quently thinks tint Iheie will not be any
military movement really undertaken against
the Canadian province, .should It be. how
ever, this Government w ill do all in Us power
10 prevent 11.
Overtiir T.kk. M done has a new naner
entitled The Ftimnr.
Hay is selling
at $20 per ton at Ausable
John II. Birdsdl of Pluli.leh.hia suncr-
sedes Mr. Van Amain as superintendent of
the Lake View Ibueand ch ism property at
Ausable Chasm.
Dennis Foley's bam at Bond jar was burn
ed recently, together with 1 1 cows, one span
of horses, about live Ions or hay, a boggy,
cutter, harness and fanning tooN.
John Ten Broeck Kttchum. Esn.. one
of the oldest citizens of Pittsburgh,
died on the morning of February 10.
Mr. Kctchum was lorn in Water
ford, in the year 1H'.. While he was
yet a youth his family moved to New York,
where, in course of tune, he entered into
mercantile life. Through his administration
orthe atfairsof the Plattsburgh Dock com
pany he became well known ftroughout that
Kitten Economy Again.
The analytical chemist for the Indian De
partment of the dovi riin.i 11L Dr. Bd ward
G. Love, has made further analyses of bak
ing powders, anil this lime of simples, both
of which were purchased by Dr. Love hiui-
hcii in open murkd.
As carbolic acid gtb is lite bread leavening
power generated by the admixture of cream
of tartar and bi-carbonate of soda, the fol
lowing, copied from Dr. love's certificate of
analysis of the comparative jicldsof this
gas by the powders examined, is of interest :
Av.iiIit.U raritoalc
Namca of the a. i-l is, entile Inclieii
tuning 1uh .It-r. t" r t-at-li mini e of powder.
'Cleveland's Superioi" 1 18.2
'Itoyar iiu.2
The sample of ( 'lev ela n I s Biki ng Pow der
previously analysed, with result showu in
the original article on 'Kit hen Beonomy,"
was furnished to Dr. Love by the Hoyal
Baking Powder Company. A 1. Tribune.
Ji.2,S, 1881.
T.ci. Beach dlisl at his n-ti l.-nce hi West ford,
tb. Itb. of Diieumoma. alter a Mlu.it Illness, at the
age ot nearly It years, lie was until of kmx1 un-de-'fltandlnK.
thoughtful mltid, tut-rlul teuiper, la
dUfitrlous hal.lt t, pertun nt itii-rrv, piit-lie uplrlt
and moral life, tie was a k archiiivt and a aiau
ot business Imejjnty. lie hil-l the . nice of liwu
treasurer tar atut year, lie was active in pro
motion the Interests t m li'NiN .iit-l elm ret) ft, of
temperance and trtxt-lunhT. He uasu Kenlal man
.11 wM-ieiy, au uniuiceni I111-.1. m 1 :mi latuer, a
rave and unotminlaiiiiti It. .trcr of ihe tiurdL-u nf
Mrs. Sarah rKtcturdo i.-h if.- id tin ntfiv
tlieil two data afttr her huh 111 1, of t msumptioii,
at the age of T years. Mtewas 1 nunetd New
1 pswit ii, ji., a iiev oie-i w He an-l tlu tinttlterol
fuur hll-lreii. three of ulnuu Mime her. and for
their more than iloulde aillict'im r nral )iupathy
is ieu.
M r. and Mrs. Iieaeh were t.nrn .1 tht s mi, tlar.
he double funeral m-m-". U-lii ulten-lel at the
trremitloual iurch it .1 I n-i- fouin-i'trathni.
Pannera In life, and 111 death nl di ide.1 ttT hy a
ne 1 mien ai in nine. i. r. it.
Chlllrndrii t'ouni) i Mit niloiit
Tl e lepal voters of t'ltlttcii.teii Count) nho are
la favor of the state l'roM'itry law, are notified
to rend dlcates to meet Iu Cuut ntloii, to he held
In the room of the Ttuu-r Men's ChiUtiau A80cia
llon, In ttie aty of nurlmjjtuu, at it oMock a. m..
ou Wedne3Iay, Felt. '.lit, l--t, to nouilnale a
canJhtatc for Count) C.itiimir-tioaer f c the eusu-
iug year, and to transai l ant nlher Iusiuei3 that
may proporly im before s 1 .1 nm vent Ion.
The towui are entitled t-i delv as Mlowa :
Burllneton, First V ar-l, 3 , s.vim-l VV ard, c ; Third
Wan!,; Foarth VVar.l, s; Fifili Ward I; Char-
ltte,4; Colchester, 11; Kssex.r; llinelurgh, 5;
HantlUKton, 4; J(richi,r; .Vliin-n. it; KlchuionJ,
; Shelburne, 4; South i:urtnii;loii,2; M. Uoorgr,
; UnJerhill, 6 ; estfot.l, l; V illist.ni, 5.
IttA VV. mm rs
"T Co.
c. I. Ci r.Kit
A1M1 Nro
A Cr. lfnli .
Nothing! aotou.liicncl.ta inut's rtiualuine a
acbelor a.s atuppiu Iir une ntutit .it ihe house uf
married friend an-l U'linr kepi anake fr tlveor
hu hours l.y the cnlnctil .1 1 n UiU. All cross
andcrylne Lables it ! onlv Il r.itl-is ti make
them wilt anJ aniiilnj'. oimjr m in, rtmemUT
thla.riaufcr. VvU 15 detnli at,
This la lnJo-l an eiiUirhteiied .tL'e. mid vet there
are tt ouaands of pinple nrn-iratii of the fact that a
HllCht old ucclticted iilltii ttTiinn lies la oit
HtilUtlou. Adamsun .VMr ' fiyh ..ixjim, curea
couu lis and t olds os lv m.ii'ie. '1 1 1 tl vize in 1 ruts.
large ooilli. is iiu. r tu-iii.w.ianiw
A FoiiI-hhhiIIm-
I M mini 11
lseviii worse thaiiaf-ml mouthed mm. Hut no
in worse than a foul 1
tote need !u fotil-tiumtlti-d il thfv nliloulyuae
MtZcipoNT an-l ruti 11 111 uill. H-m't spare Hie
1-luntl and aputl the moiilli.as s.-me p ileitis do n Ith
their uhll-lrtu when Hit v uithln'l l Hie r-t.
'I lie Friend of Ili-li Hli I a11c.
Warner's Safe K I. lin y and I i r cure is the rem-
Lily that will uie Hie tiinit ilise is. pe ulur to
woiiun. Headache. NeurtiiMi. IUs.rdereil Ner
VVeaklieHH, Mental SIiim kH. uui Kin-irei .111111 tils
are ctTmlualJv meI l ilsii-'-'. t he VvthtrU
Vayiit,ii, .tail l't nirt.lAwiw
Against Jtseaso vililcli llireat lis the weak W heal
ft itler are the grtjutcm safepu ml.
liei' It. iL.tutlw ly
More peopl are wasting 111 throuch diseases
of lh KlducN without kit-mint nliai ails them
than from any other nim'l tlu t' Kii'NkT
l'i is the appntpilatc u molt
I t . 1 r. deodintw
I have biiffereil fotui a knl.ie dilllriilty for the
.i4l tin VHiirtl hi i.iiiiti, IIIIC.I tt uertus KtUSIIIS.
h?"U Un nave me ttttt ti'iiiir 11 rt ln-f, Imt Hflr
usiiinthree and oiitj-lulf Ih.hIi-si VV arnei's ssfe
KI-IiihV aud uver cure, my omwmh r.(. .-.in- huc
tHtuttu rell-jve-l. Mr r is n j irs. 1 recmii
tneml this ureal rvme-h all miHt-ruur fr.mi iter-
tous UoiibleH. .11 ii-. iti.
tiwttou, I'a. .Ii'ilv iii.,I.V3w
I have Buffered with si. k In .ill-hi nil mv life.
uuillatX months itfu. I. It. V ii ,'i-pep-iia item
1 me. 1. 1 . -hi -i "!,
Sua use, N. Y.
I'reninliiru Low l llnir n-ncaJait
may I nUttta irt eelVrflj the ue .d Hukmjtt'.S
CiHoilNR. ltliasbe.it used ititlmii m Is of easea
ueeie tit" hair was ,niuti tit In Imii-HuIH, an-l
has ucf er failed b arrest it -I. IV ; it i.r'iiitiies a
healthj aud vlxuritui kpiuIIi, imi I il i- aT the same
lime uiii.m1M.ii ' " ' ' ' f.tr Ihe
tlt'ltNEIT'S KI.VViMtl.NO I VI It M IS .lie the
beat, sirotJKeot aul iui)l healthful, Hldeer-
w here.
r. I. l.i tii.tluir.tf.t lu?
I'lt'iis-iiil Letter.
Tlifj an hlicit-t i.t uii'.tiliic. A JUOkmIi
lerp'' I HatifoM. c 01111., wrin-n lr. bavi.l
Keniicil, of Citintoiit, N. t , Hi it Kjv write K?m-
e.lj,eure.l Kim of 'innu.- Uut lH-u-a-) and Imh-
t'cstKHi, from win It ti. tti I HiiUt-rC'l fralii;
tilim. Tills n.u niImi.Ii I l-ut liotluuK inure tti-in
any one in.ty i-siK-fl u ii-t iih.h tuts nitJn in?.
Dollar ttlill.' Nasiuilieonoi l.r.t(ioii w lie 11 litflili
is In question. Tin ilfrirvnua f.ir !m Is a'iiiK
to hitroluct' Pr. kt-iitipls raorilt' lt-itit.l'
anions Iih ptn;.!, llt'ittt .1.1 ter. Ilcaliliis
dlwdy-i a Men. I of r Utw.x
1 ti(iljJ.TtiH tn tin- im t.tl tt Uxn '!itl Ircii
nuuc-i hi nul t;.M.i aiMiiiHl inc A. . l . '
beautiful r.lack Int. an. I it U tun n.trt iiti
ftiqmrln lor tlicm, for Qiw nUtiv-i a- oil at 1 na-
miuii, at 1 hey iodine hIxk I.iIIh one halt.
Tlie rarrworn ami overworVcl
strength iu M.Ut IWlti r.
(In. I r
ilit .IIV
EriCEUies.Juit iiitw rttit.')it, r..U, l.nng au.
UroiidiUl Coni'iUint-i sretn ! ie f nl-iuie. In
these raws if HiiTUnttM4 the ic-t itdiijr t 1 In
logrta I.rtt!e nt X. II. IMHWS FIIMK. Alin.li
l.lvarUMj (roes-iH!. rein f atj.l iiltlnutityefTtets
acomHelemre In all ra-i.-s Mlicre the i-rt-utliinjT
organs are alTft.l. I m II in tunc atM prevent
tterlous hinp littl'-ulllfs. Sol. I In jii ilnijiirists.
1 VI. 1 Jl 1.1
Tliu I'enitinn S)rnp has cureO Ihtniiun.l-i
wtin were pniTerinn fnun H)'ieiisi.i. Ih Kilty, lAwr
C-uinilakit, It"iM, llimiori, imHle ' .mpiamH,
TamphleU free tti utiy o-Urem. Silti . I'ttwleA
Sins, H Hion.
Hat t Ulnr ItuKnui ir U 111 lierry
always at hanJ. It cures ('niijilH,eiM-crl;ro!ii h.tH,
Wnooplnn Cough, C'ronp, Inlluenza, t'oitimpUtm
au.t all Throat anl Lntiir eanil ilni-. Micnlsan.t
ft a txittlc
iir n lute's 1'iiliiioiinr)' i:iivr
ljwarrante.lt. relnvt ttu C'roii; In tiiirij mm
nt cm: To relieve. 1 common C'ol.l ininieltatft : To
rellcie Asthma at on.?; To eure all roughs u
fore ulceration : To eure tr? tliroat: To rure
Iloarscnesd of sinpers or iHaUT4. T .tlways
loown a C'oiish : To ihe 1-.1t teat t. rais-
freely: To alv.Mys pro-live rt :it night: T
0 0 iatU faction to all n hi use It
Felt. lUlm.
Elbhiihje &iursov, M. D.of Ilu-lson, N.V., v. rites
have UHtM FulloWi Sttuu nf Hi i-inhiunhifiu
. L-H-t v,t - iimi yin ) uiki inner loin an-i
Throat diseases, witlt the moat Krutlfymi; n -nlls.
Of the varicMii forms of a.liimusu-rma I'lHtsnhrirus
bu., . 1 1 1 ..i an. mi in uie. mint nm
been iouu I compute, ,ilapte.l 10 the reriairc
mentdorihe axe-las Kelh.ws' furnHHin.lSjrupof
The Vollnlc llell ., .tiaroliall, MIrli,
Will aen.l the'r ielel.ratsl Electro-Vol 1.11 imi
Hfiiif uiiimr-i upon ,n tiitit trial. Mmtlv 4 ur.1
cniarantee.l. Tliey mean tt hat Iht-f av. Wnteto
mem wiiiioui neiay ruv lt,il.wly
KkrLEIt At IVi'.l fli II. I.. I t..rrl.eiii, xr
T wher he haJ cone for his health. Noah TyUr
j nr. unt .ji .mil- auu i.ncia nui ler.
HKELKK. III Ks-t. l. IV . TOt 1t I tv
hci'ier, ajjett nil )tar-, ytmiiit miu of ititoauJ
waii:ktihv. iMin i.ivi: viorK
For the etk eudiiiji Tues-liy, 1VI. 1. U1.
t'attll' SllPfll fllwl I ll.il.i u.. i..
uiiiweci:. . im 3nr, 6134
Ijist week. 15H ?m iniTn
nccHiii jiarKti .vi lew noir. n ti: km-
PVtratT 00,il V: first mi.Uitv i,l (hi .ji it tr. - ... .....i
wvMi .1; iuirn imainy i oud 4 15.
r.l onalii
mew i Mori can h vvoikinj; Oxen. V Pi
iruiu iiw ui. Jiiun I-IIW4 .in.i fi Uui trim.
t M, 35, 3 45 ; Karroi Ci-wsjliiia . li earlmj.'s IT
w li.inujrjin'ii jia io -. ; iitree yea old jj
aw nc v eslern fit Hi-fit-in .--hit. vnm,
rncesioi Mieep him l-itnhs in ii.fs. j 50 3 4
ad 5 M ea.h ; eitra t& 0 or from 1 t, r..c lU.
Veal CtUtM 3. ;. v m. ' p
riTTIE-PrlcCs (if Is! nl i..r.
tallied. The qn ility hardly Kii-at to last week's
Sheep and LimNs The mat k. t heU up at old il-'.
iirei with a flair trade.
roultry HupplT lutht. Chickens, Fowls and Tur
keys, at lftjiicVa.
novroN ii uk iris.
VEiKsitr, Feb. 16, lSKt.
FLOUR. The demand is mn-Icrtn tmt nr:ra
wiilt Hdstalued. Miles at S3 IS c.a a cm) r.,r uirn
oierflne H 3c ;s for inintuun extras; it 6ft
S 5t for V laconsin exrras, and Jd 73,36 iH) ror Minne
sota extras. liicluduir 1 Inure bakers brands In
winter wheats, 5 s&4 5 50 i..r Ohio and Miehlgaa ;
r6Ua0for llllnoiaand Indian .au.l JS ;5 fwfor
St. Ixtuls, tncludini: favorite I imily bran.ls. rat cut
Mprlnn wheats, Im liidimt isconsm and .Miiidc
sota, at f5et H iHibbt. 1'attnt winter wheat
Including choice Inkers bran-Is, Wisconsin lind
Minncaou extras al fJ 85 m 15 W bbl. Corn Meal
is in fair demand at ii CM fi-V bb. lite Flour
at s Sivas 75 l bbl. Oat Meal at fs iw u c v IM.
(t ICAIIN. 'Ihere hastteena better ib-nmnJ rr
Cora. Sales of mixed and yellow hat e been at 33
bOc V bushel. Oitd are in fair demand. Saleahate
iieeo at 52c y busheL l;ye ii 00 o 1 or. i bush
eL In Short the sales havt U-en at (J0lMK4it imi;
aoJ ttne Feed and .MiddiiDRa at til an&t 00 i ton.
FROWSIONS. Prices oil Pork are unehanired.
Sales hate iteen at fli W m 13 CD for )rliue ; I U 00
c4 is ou mens, and ! ouca 19 so for cir and extra
clear, a to quality. In Iteef sales have iwen at 14 u
(411 (H) for mens and extra mess, an-l f is a u ori bbl
for tamllr. Iar.l Is 1 11 fair ileman I Hales have
beenatM10c y a for cut and Western, IneUi-l-inil
steam and kettle rendered, smoked Hams t
to 10 vjc V I for ity and Western.
1 r i nern isa mei.iy uemano ror cnnice
Butter. VV ouoie e'reameriLri At --s., xu f.ir '.m-i
and choice: New Vol k and Vermont dairy at &
5Mc Vtt fur choice, and IiV-a 20c rt. for fair to pothl.
Chee&e, 8 Q 13c. Kirirs at S-i wSi c. VV lute Ivans
Ann. Sales of Western an-l Northern Pea at it m
4190; choice moliuiits at 1 75 1 1 S5; Vellow
tjeiwiiuoMi 1a; huj ice-i Kiuneva at ft (in J
1 Iu V bbl. Potatoea raiuje from M Me per bu.
Applea rane from f I 60 1 75 i-er bbl.
By Telegraph t the Free I ress i.nd Time.
iciv York l'rdure?Iarket.
NKW Yoke, Feb. IS.
COTTON. The market Is nuoied us I finer Ilrm.
to-day. Salea of l.Joit bales. .Middliutr uplands
at 11 -i.
FLOUK Themuket s wi'h.mt . eci.K ' chamre.
Kecelptd of ll.WNi barrets. Sales of li..om
barrels. No. 1 at 3 J i; tmperlliie slate mi l
we9ternat3Civ4 3 90:imiiuo!itii irt-nl eMraiAest-
ernand state at 4 3W4 55 ; to hou-e etra
at 4 OMC 75 ; .tiiimon to ctmnv white wheal
western eiira ui a n.tt on ; ia'iy venue wiie.u
western extra at u if uto m : timimou to ih.hI extra
Ohio at 4 4Dr75; i-inoiu.iii tit 1 lion evlra st. ltuia
at4W,SC.73; 1 untie to il.mt.Ie extra it;iiw;;
.Miuaesutaeviraui 4whji'. e i-iuj; quui.
HVK H.OUIt. The market is uuoie.1 us1k-UU!
ateady at 25tf5 d fur superhno.
COIIN MK.V1- The nurkel is quoted as beuii:
qtueL Sale uf i barrels; )cllow western al
X 5l.i3 15.
WHEAT The market Unnoted v,trf'Jc.iotteraii-i
heavy. Itei-eipIS tif4.Moii bunhelJ. .salesid I.47;,ins)
budhela; iticlil-lltur 3-uMNMt H t. hMrts of 117,-
IXt-l bushels. No. 1 Chica at 1 15 ; No. 2 red
at 1 I.v-m istj ; i white at ioi.i it.;
retl for February at 1 17,tl H.
It YE Tho market is quoted as bclnc ilu'l
it m X v 1.
BVKI.EY The market is niioici as heme quiet
to-day. Ch.ilce tvvo-rimiit slate at 5; two-rowed
state at ss.
ltAlcl.Ki MALT The tturkel Id quoteil lnine
dull, six-ronetl state at 1 2.
tents l ite maiket is nuoioi i.miiv as nciiur
heavy an-l k,av cent lower. Ueteipts of
3fi.cnjit; bushela. Sales cd 55I,itoo bushels, no hiding
63 noo bushels nnp-it. F.xpoilstd Hsihni. No. at
aiVs; hieamer veuow ai iiJt , .-. - i"r
February al 67iii.57e..
OATS The markit is quoted to-dav as
tielnit one-half at one ct-iit lower, lieteipn d
37,ioi bushels. Sales of IS'.tnto bnthels. VIixe.1
western at 41 J45 ; white ito. al 4l.-i- ; .No. ? lor
February at
HAY The market Is nuoiel as belli htm
Shiplneat 1 01 lit.
llUlt ie inarkt'L is qnoimi us i-etitg quui
tidttteady. New trks.it li"-23.
e'OKKKE The mirket la iuoid as belnir tnuet ;
Kin at I0413V
SliiVK icenn.ii is tiantt-d as vtrv qui. t;
Standard A at h m ; cut hut ut !;
ruihed at s,c-4VS,; ihw uenti at v k -j :
Kranulate-I at
JllUlAtv I lie Ill irfc l qintie-i im-iuk hiiii
weak: New orleaus at ihM5ci; mk-'W for k1
to choice.
HICK The market is oiioled as iciiiir ac.
live and flrm, to-dj) ; t'.irolitu .md I-outsiaua at
PKTKOl.ErM The iinrket Is qii.itisl as beine
flrtiL. Crule at Is1, ; rillit-! at 'J,.
TALLOW. - I It market IS ioi til us Winn
Unn. sales iKW.um at i;.4.
IOTAHES Tlio mirket is qii-ne-1 weak ami
ina.-n1iHl IiriL' Island at tint taiMsl : Jersetn
at uiKkuiM; State Peei less, l situ IS; M ite Kose
at i
t-'vb u. diwtr
500,000 Acres
iiv 'i lie i ini up i in:
K. 1
i.t rmi i
II Hi UlltlS, Willi tl Will lie .llt frf, .1 Idrt
cm ui is i. mi in.
I mid 4tiiiiini-iUtiii r. Ml n iu Lei, Wis.
imes o in it ts
t.1r-H4, 1', t,
Uf iii tl-il lit nee A.I
tP I K'kKin, Ai
iHnl A, Mslne,
)u yi'.r lo Atiitli., hii.I ti-r. jti.iiillll trt-
AUllf4,l yw tts k ( Mitiiln, Me l(llt.
Drugs nnti fHrticnts.
astona 'iii )OSP4
mils. A jWiitlior.-."
remedy for slecplcs': and irritnWc
Cl.ililrcn. Thi; Ucripeof Old J'.
Pitclicr. Tree frnra Morpliine. and
not Nnrrntir. l'onnnla puljlislicil
witli carh lxitlle. l'or l'latulenry,
.Tjsimil.iting ihe fnod, SonrSloinarfi.
IVicrislim-S'!, Worm's, and Disor
dered Itou-cK, Cai-tria Ii.t? the larg
est sale of any article dispensed ly
A Porfcetcl PnrJfipr nf tlin Sybteni.
ijrrtof tf'MtlylwtttnItvtti"J aurtAtf ftlHCtivm."
l'orlnilisosUon, and Dyspepsia,
the many forms of J.iwr G'oin
plainl, impure and Impoverished
Jllo.xl, and 1'unctional Derange
ments attendant upon Debility, ami
for J'.iiil.lin- up the weak, A.li
Tonic is doubtless the most prompt
and certain remedy yet devised. Jn
Hi. bottles, 75 rents; Six bottles.
8 1. Accredited Physicians and
Clcrgyincn, i;ho may desire to tet
the Tonic, will be supplied with not
exceeding six bottles, at ono-li:ilt'
the retail price, money to accom
pany the order. Sold bv 1 ri!LKts.
and by D. !. Dewey & Co., j6I)c
St., N'.V.
The most I'mvorful.
PpiicI rating and J'aiii-rrlipxinj;
remedy ever devised by man. It
soothes Pain, it allays inflammation.
ii neais uounus.ami it cures
Solatira, T.iinilino, Scald's,
Itnriix. Still" .Toints. Cuts Suelt
inss, Frost liitrs, (jiiinsov. Salt
Itlicuiu, Itoli, Sprains Galls, and
Ijimcncss lrom any cause. Suf
ferers from
l'AIN IN' tut: HACK,
rover Soros, Irruptions, l'.rolccn
Itreasls, ooiilrarti-a fords. Nou-
and owners of Jiorj-o-i, planters, me
chanics, merchants and professional
men everywhere, unite in saying, that
lirinss relief when all other Lini
ments, Oils, Kxtracts and Kmbrocx-
tions liuvu l.uled.
l'islisoarel'iilly placed In .Slron
ami tCf liable Companies. Losses
quickly settled anil paid.
T. S. PE0K,
Dru Coats.
New Goods,
New Goods.
'i haie in.t om ii it I I iff -(in
h. nl Ni'tt Ham
ind iriiiuii el
U at the l-rit is
tturttt. In tiiioaiiiliit!s( ittie moiL.. ,
Iiolil ami
W hite
-Is. Tow
aw t 4 lnd t him id. . N.iiliiH,
fllmr, I'.initlet .m-1 I ; i-uii 4'r.i.-hea
ANi, iiu.ir lu-i l'.. mt n p 1 metis.
iy the j ir.l.
Family Sheetings
and Shirtings,
and Pillow Cottons.
-r.lei. In. I. IUU I'd. .i. Led .ml t nt...i. lied, in
all Ihe leadm; t.r.t'i.ls ItiKmit In Ihe tr.id.-. 'lhos
aie .it mi i iMiiiti'' tiie.r ii-hi-m ii.ii i.iiieii-1,
tuiL's. tU- :irc imii'-l I- itmlt. at nr ftiM k.
n hi h Me oiler al the lt-nt -i i-m rs l tin ine.-. ir
y Ihe vaid.
New Prints ami Caiuta
J ust Received.
Opera House It lock.
i'i:cu i:i:r. i ii r.r.s.
1M 14-.ltWtf
Clcrctmen ami i'i.Mic pl.rs will
find llAir' I.7itlrtali.aMelllat
Iriilationt 1 Tlitoat. Clio I, ami I.linK
For alc hv all iUmUts hi infU.imM.
1VI.4.S.1 lAttly
CougIn, ColiN, t'rmip, Vvllmi.!,1!
II Anil ollur 1.11115 AflVdiim-i. jj
A. r.
JVIondTy-, Feb. Kttli.
1 - K H H
Wo offer at Specially Low Prices,
Piece- r.iiion Damasks from
1 1 uNlitim to line 4uaUty.
Pieces Turkey Ke4l Damasks.
Do. Xapkins, all railos.
)). TtiucN. anions uliteli
arc soiiui iiutahle harahis.
nflfl l5,, Sproails fi'oni chrap
VUU Doui4slic Quills to the Hue
Lice Curtains and .Curtain Nets in
sreat variety.
FillowCiisc Linens, Linen Slicciings.
I lie i n imt d pood canno: tail - t-leiuu, Ixitlr
Iii quality mid jaice
Th icfrhns ni.iVps In Itl.HCHEI, lX
r.IXAt'Iino. an! IIAI-r-liLICHEI) Cotton-;
Nijrht-4;own Cutttms, etc., tc. Wide ShceiinKs,
IMIow-l'ase rotttms, iti. 'e otler to Merchants,
Hi ttfts, t liimsckppiHT. those p! at unusuallj
ow i-noos.
1000 Pieces! Immense Wew Line
Just Ready. All new, fresh goods
and nevr patterns, just imported.
OiirFiniirot-IoriM.ire far Fniwnortrtthoaprtrdi
luriljr wild, th fluths liner, and hctxler, and the
uiirk Inter and mure tttirat'lt. ltiiyinsi til qiiantl
lies. ai e ! fr our hileale and ltctail depirt
tnents we are alii to ntTer litem ut rfinarWaMy low
pnees, trOni 2 cuts per yard np'vards. Werall
pittn ular atteiitioti t-ntir matched p litems.
N'imv Sprinj: Prints, Ginghams
CloaUin-s, etc.
Fel 12 Olwtf
Capcine Porous Plaster
NoreniedFitinrenl-lelr or favoraWr known.
is rapid ui relieving quirt in enrmtf For Ln
Hark. l.'hiiuiatlDl, Khlner A tie-thins, and Ac
Hark, i.htiiuiatlDl, Kidney AlltTimiis. and Acute
and l a 1 us utnerally. it is the unrivalled remedy.
Feb 1 VJJw4V
Hon'l Inline your I.il' IioforC
o;iiiiiiiiii; iiir I'lans, nhit-li f,'ic
joii a "lo-siilcd ctiutract."
General Insurance
III Xi-h an.l IHir.il.te Mjt, Ju.t lieurtl.
MX Till: NEW i-TlLKS.
A full ft in k of all kinds of llleached and Hrown
MtietitiKS and Miirtings, nhu-tt wu odtrnt xtty
low pri es.
SjHt-ial prU-es on nid. Sheetiucs and rillo
4'ase4'tiloiis l.y the Iiv.
sun Tim l.ui;e vaiiieties of
A nI other Irmimltifs for Colton (I.o.Ij.
I. IM .Unit
nook i- ek run i-iin. Acents reimrt jatofin
; 1 a day troiits. Jten or women wanting sure
pr; iiini; litsiliess !hoiil-l not hwe thlit rhailt-e to
lift. IVrnturr ltclin(tihT Itit HVnil.s ILII-I
E3 tiks. I'Kltfl K WII I. P.I'Y. Steiid forfirt-u-
laruioiit-eti it. 1. rutiiisner, 01
fur 11 hi!) t., lt.to:i. Ma-s., or 4Vtneord, N. II.
1 fimfX
is riir. ci:i: it niNErnvi .
1 1-limit) luif runs rrum 1 Ui''B0Utn ti
rim.- itutsit.i: throiuiti .l-liet. rVpm4il1e.
t.. 11. -4-t l.iluie. K.fk Isluift. I'V.',-T Wtl
1 itH'rir. l.ma t'lH.JIrtreii.K l.rin.kl) n. llrlnnell.
lH-tt Mlti.-iithfi-nljtlf liw. Mwnxt. Allnn
iw tind Avieu. with lram lies from Itunmu
JiiiH-lM'ti to 1'ii-rla; Wilt.-o Jututua t. Hu-hh-Iiii..
VV iohiu!li-n. Vnlrtleld. t-hl.n. ltelkiuip.
. titrville. lM'tln.IrMUtllltlu.tT,'
rn. Irf-ivi'iiwiTlli, AtthUoo. sTd Kama! t itr:
VV n'hit'tii untiruniy.skli . nd kmn-illi-,
Kei-kuk to ttiriultvton, Itminitwrte. llfn-l.Ht-ri,
liMleiH'ixtent Kl.lon, tHtumwv KtMy-ilK',tt-knl.t-ii,
I VI lit. M tfint. nml IKs Molnva;
.wI.hi It M.itiriw: IK Mi ilues ! lQtMot-litii.l
Wlnurwt; AtktniKtlawttti.lAi.lumn; tl
A .. t lltrluiu Tbts t ptttiiively ll onlr
l.iilr-md. wIikIihwuh. il irt thtxiikU
l.iii- in-lit rhti-wo tto tlte Miiteof Kiwm
I liroiikli Kress I'swisiurr rTntro, will Iull
nnii liljet :tritta hi!. tire run sm-(i wjr dftily
N-itti-tit no sixl I'MiklA. Kansas (Ity.
t ,. i 11 Hi 1 its. ,r V kNW'OKTII nnd ATt'Hl
h, . 1 lir.iu hear arcil-'run U'lww-n filwnu-k.t-
ihhI h ini- itv, ut thu "Ultwnuke od
I., k Id tu-l Mm I tue
I tf ".rval lt.uk ldan.1 Is mtiirnllleentlir
isiii-tiL It - r-i.d Uti tt fiiui'ty iHrlt,., uud iu
it iek til 1 1-1 with Mteel rati.
VV usi will i-iVii-m.' j.-u lutft will ttottmilenMire
tI ftitiii: y-mr tn.-il. while iwMtii ver tho
l-fatititut i-iuirtes tt Illiitoi nnd ln. In n t-f
ttr iiiitkinilt eul luiunii K'nTi that fc-tiiu(miiT sit
'llirotilt llti-reio 'Irani-. m trt nit tutlro
in il. i:'i-l H MTted to ttuj tlrswUu uulel,
I.-fMei'H llv itiit
A-ire lutum the tnt thst n niajorttT f th
ps'l-le rreter wpnratf m-irtntems I-r dillereiit
liu-t.i iwikI Ilie nuiueu-H' n-HH-ni.er lAiiies
vt tliks Inn wiirr.nitimttlt. wo ttrtiWiv-.t t-in
ikuiK-e thut litis t'nianr runs Pullm in r-tu
Hiri'ii ('.10 t.r uleet-uiiC iiurinHH's, ind i'oltf
1 I.I.M l,V I.VI'K 'U nrr rm
mil 'I letet Aeewl" In'tlw" I wlletl twt
I'ur llrtw.tttou nut ublitUiublO Ul i
A. liKMMAl.U
SLrgnl Xoticrs.
HTATKIIKVI.IIMH.NT, 1 Tlie ll..nK-:it.ltf Ihe
Till piTM.iis tiderenteil m Iheehtateid lli-liur
V ai k, late iI Charlitttf. in sai-l ltttrn I. deee.i.tM
VlIkHHs, Fald Court has RSMj-rieil thf Uih day
tit Mareh. lt. tieit fitr the Heltlrnie lit ot
th ad iuiu isi rat 111 uet'ount of the adinmiKtrutor d
said eUte, id tor iterreeot the resittue of said
ft-tuttrlo the heirs u( t.ui. drt.f.uu-d. und indend
that pttt'lic Itolice thtreid le khvii lo nit erti
Ititeresled Ut fcaid estate Im puUli-hiitu tl- t-ler
three weels biueesttety, t.ttttiislit the dav ns
biifned. iu Ihe lturluit..u tie 1'ren.s, printed lit l.tu
liiiituu. In tuid Uistrn-t.
therefore, Juil are herehy notified to ap; r at
Ihe Prolnite Court Himujs. iu i:urliiiirtitii..n The uv
as9itued, then and there loi-onteat ihe lloaiiee id
tnUl actotint, if on tee tause, an-l 10 fHtatiii-h yui
right as heirs, letrateu and Ian ful rUunaut- d
said residue.
Gtveu uuilertuy hand, this 13th daf of Ktlmirv
D. I'm!. (iLO. V. WALE, llfidiler
iioiii:iit tou luvs nvi iri.
We, the huin4Til-rs. Itaiintr in-en appoiMe.l
the llouoral'le, the ln4Mte4'nrt fr the Inst rut of
lhitteitd-u, 4'nniliiis.sitiiers1i)lt-i eive.eaiiiilieiid
ndju-ttherl.iiiusnud0i-itiaiitL4O.UI irr-His .u'loi-t
the rotate of KU rt 'lowers, lit id Kihui-iid,
In tal ditrt-t,iltH-ea,-il.aiMl aL-onll Liin an I d
tiia.'ids ehilntil iu olliit thereto; 4ml -ix iienil i-.
f nun th day of the date hereof Ih-ih:' ilh-n, 1 i-f
Kaid t-ourt lor that itur'tut. e do Hot lre lu r -v
(five imllt-e that ne mil nttt iidlollielMi-nii 1
appointment, at the tl.llilijf li'u d the nil I
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Wk the sub- nu-rs, ha utu I- 11 ap-nir-d u the
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teudeu, I'uinmtssiiuiPM to reeenv. rvaiuiue ,1 il 1 1
jtistthe nanus ttiidilLiiumls of all --i-'Os ajratii-:
Ihe estate of Mary iWeuun. late of I'harlMiie.
Iu waid ilintnit. dereiwrtl, an-l al--alltlaiiiis anl
deiualtds ehlltitei in wtr- t thrreto : and mx months
fiomthedaf of the late hereof. Iw-intr alluttrd if
said I'ourt lor th it purpse. we do then-lure hi-rel-
rive notice that we will attind tuthe i-ti-tn.'-s ot
our'apitoiutiaMtii. at the residence of Irt it. Vu-kt-r,
in 4hajlolte. iu saM di-trnt. on the Dtft Wr-lotn-.lays
of April and heptMuter next, at Wo'ti!
a. in., on e.u-h of naid iUs.
lated this miidty 01 rvuruary, iu
-t.l'li'.L' Comnus.,ioiier
'011a Poflrida."
If yon want strktly pure 3u jar, if to Koln-rt-N t
Kyon want uenmne V.itasss and Svruits, p.tt
U-tIerti A I'etkUM'a.
If yon want thi llnrat of Tens che-ip. g- to K rf,-rts
A IVrkiiLs s.
If jnu want aitsolutriT i-ure Spu-en a-t-I ISakittg
J'owders, go to fculM-tts A ivrkmv-.
II yon want tlrbt-lass Fariuaceoiu rood-, jr ti
l.'ulit-rt X IVrkiiiit'a.
If you want the lluest of Flour cheap, po to KoU-rt.
A ivrknot's.
If yon want tlio very r holcest of Tanned Fiuits and
VigetaWes, gi to IJoIktIs a Perkins's.
If you want any kind of TaMe Luxuries, pf
KotHfiWA IVrklns n.
lfyotlwaRtFrtiitjOD.il Ve-fwIaWes In their season,
p. lo KulKTtri A Tetkliui'd.
If jou want jrenaine Miaker Apple Satire, ro to
KobertsA lVrkliiss.
If you want Tol'et or Laundry Swpa, p tit l'li'its
A ferins.
If you want the very Iest of fljrars and Tokuvo, ro
to Kolierts A Perkins's.
If yoa want ivwir Mats an 1 1:03s to Ht-'l-ertaA
If you want Woodenwareor Hnishes, go to I'tlx.-rts
A Ptrkintt's.
If you want some plare for Itea-hiaartere wt.cn you
eotue to i;urlmgtin, 1:1 thetery 1u-ii-m eeit
tre of the city, go to ltnlerts A Perkins's.
.lay Wtleuin..
If you want to do yonr trailing where thttr mate a
ttpeetaltT of the lent of everithine at lite low-f-tt
MbMille prices, trrtto li ilerrs t PetklnVs.
M 4'hurch i-rreet.
Best Quality Honest Quantity.
Claims nro l.ciiiK iail tiaili, at
this olliec. These Ioflrcot Imt
littlocnch j car and .loan immcu-e
ninuuiit of Kooit.
Iu town and out of low u, to call an-l examine the
illitstratftl Library
Ever Published.
All KiiiKM-rilK m ho nee it. u1istHh; MV and (re
lff-rl& iiiiniths for only I.?5. Hilh 14 elriant
4'hroios and 3 Hum Putt rails ot the uiot-t f-Iniiiient
Men or Murrica ami l-urope, an d.liervr.-',
for the siuitll stimof St.U. 1 hue -icupv d th
Maazmi and rtiroiuos on ehilttuiiat luv ixltee.
Tho-e otlt of tmtu m ho send 111 their suits, notions.
and are not sattsued with iltelt tirst numler.
ran rr turn them to tue and tht-ir uiouer will In
r.m-i.lot. j. ni u IX, Ant
Snilcf Eooiiis to Eeut, oil Cbnrcli StretsL
rat ant Port!! 11 aru mo-; It Cradle. If tou have a
bihy you nitut one. Price, Jiso.
1 tioti iiuititi ior itaie, t&K 1 uorsd tor f l.
1 JAn' Mate for fliw. 1 Irire .afe for i;s. A lot
of spu-es. pore, and Miikiitaul 4'heuin; Toliai
11 in ir at ii.i.r ritiuK. I'tMtuea tnetP. turni-
.cn- or ine lieaunr nmtiutnt in me
w orld, tf vents h-t
atitva-s awiui rueap. a net Kaiife tneap.
lic.il Estate to m-IU
I'ommisiion X .Indian Slnrr.
riillt'ge SL, UurlingloD, Vt
1VI. 4, .11 nil
A.l.lrca l.AN I EL F. BEATTY.
TIIK UIIMIM ri:AYKi:-s.ton ll.nullM. Bj
Haiiiiiiiiii fitj.i.u'11. i"iiu. ; t-iuiu. ;i.
-By bHalsur. inuio.; 'l.4lu fl..V
TONlll-E OF nilE-Bj Wllllim Arttllir. IMprt,
Fil. Ii, .lilAwlt
lHninjtirt trettuif puriMiMiiy iHeiirii-r
.rent feiituro td our 1'hIu-h t't mw MK IN
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this liitti.vT lmtoum iink auk as
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Eat nml fvuttu
At l-.otk.wHU wlththeL.S.A.M.a, oodt
it W.A K- K.ls.
Atv.3iiiNiToM liEitinra. vith 1 C. A t.
u u ic
All.SU. with tit remit IL
Atlkoui..witM I. A J.; P.U.E.i I a. A
W ; 111 Mid : tiud T. V. V. Kite.
At IttHK IhI . tl, wllti -Mllwuukee .V i;
I? Und Mff t lam." ktkd IUx k Ul d A Pt- . 1
At Ivk.Mtur,wllh tho Ituteui-vtl 1'W
C. M V M. I . K.
AiM'srt.iiikurT.withttt,r.u in:
AtliulNNkll, with etitntl l.-ou. Ii. li
AtPEs MiuNt-H, ihl M A l It IX
Att'Ol'M'lL Hi VMS, with t iikti litle K U
Al OVA II 4. with It. A Mit. 11. It IC 111 Neb
Atl'll MM! sJr'M-TloN.wlthll.f It AN t; It
AtUrTrww. with lVutr1 loaiiU IL U
ft. U A lae.iidr 1 Aid, IC It-ts.
Al KoKlk.withTii. I'eot AWwri W,jI
Uul X i'ttC- wod M U. ke.. IN-tt. IL lids.
At I'AVfuoi, with Ii M.J K- tl.
At ATt liltofJ, with AUh ,'l'opeka A ;U,la Kc
AWtu A Nt. wnd n'oa. Hr It. P. K. hth.
At l,fc.kSHoitru. with Kwu. IW. tuid Uiutu
1 1-nU IL lUh.
AtKNs 11 TT, with all line fvr tU ".Ufd
ftiui ituuiuwiwu
Ihrouth to 1'PORIt. DEN wlOlMtM.
ATTIIIMI!. nnd l.tl E.MIOK I'll.
nml faiiMla.
our IHIUIO tlrhel dlrM,
12- ' JOHN",
Uullkl. iaJ TiiaviirA.

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