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THIS VAMirnniLTs. IcllhUiarlng wonnn. TLcvdo not heW. ,ilw ,t. .... I
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A lllcoti
D.il 3 oil know I cahxq 'o im U J ou In We iiigt.t,
( .undone iin I urnritr,
V licit the t ill irciB hi fit- nM tinceruiu llfjlit
lU'Lkuruil ii'e fi'i'i'iiijf ?
HM J mi klinn I kIihcI lime, luu
Wjii'ic tiio muti trUaiiM't thick uiioc,
A nil all i.rt,ihit Bit'l it H below,
Lav tlu iiinoiiliii'if, It I to mtnow i
AH II Hi 1 1 'IK' (I t II v tl!1.
H ( Hit 1 in- r rv mr 1 1 till.
Out tin .-lyii tft ni)itiu l-ii-h or ihii, our liyitiiiff
TIil jou lint UmU U4 twij, tn 111 iiienlltuiloof pow
.V.iU-Iu-tl Tit'i mc cheerily 1
H.il jmi, far away, lliruiisli till thie loaxncnof
lit .r inp r.ilthie ?
I i verv Mill ntnl tmticlii mm the pl-ve.
The turf Umwh f.iiiinjr.
Pillititf from llm bruin-tun hnrv,
Kaliitik' ttiTintili the rrmM'M keii ar,
r.i'lln to tiifir immMiritiR bi'.i,
lKi I I til (in- tit'olllliC lii thi' i Km 1 1,
Aliuot KceiiH'il I'l i-tiirt tn Hniin I
'I lif tin hI i nni hi lli.il Kii-ni nioiiihl
All win itiiuiii mi ( nitti, itii'l fkv, iit.il tleM Ali'1 Ml
i vi mv nun. iMiicti upon jui niruugH mc t.ivll
I'j liftth tJilliriilunjr,
HI 1 jnu heir mc. li I jm; wnwer mr, mine own J
1 1 mirtinu liiiiijr,
Thli fiiirii L-iiiit we wnw fur im n'oiie,
'I III tl'l mi tPCIiilnL'
Wit", t n till I (II O Of VHltll,
Willi the .ic,i,U.it coul nr tniiti.
With ih fii-r to i ii-lii.t
Vhllf life H In vp aii-l Ci'tli li mile,
U II Hill'): lit !UtK' l,,.ll Wll
At (ho Lint i.' i. rn i lnl.l.
)ei, iny umit(r. in Hie n.Miiiijit Mimltiijr lonely,
jn Dtp n.-tirtn..t hue lun luit itinl k-iuh iimmh,
I t.ii I i'iir ilu-.uiuiiL'.
The silent I ami.
Into thf "Merit t.ml t
Ah I who clu! I let 1 iMlhitlici ?
('loii u itie t filing k tu.jii il.ukly if.it her,
A thl h.uti're.l wrt-i ks lie till- kcr mi the Mraicl.
Who Iim U im llli it tli'iitk1 h Hi'l,
ThitlhT, o'i 1 thl'liiT,
Into thf , lit nt .tUit
In'n tht'Sioiii I in 1 1
'lo tut. t iiiniliM-t rij.'loin
f .Hi plTlftt.Oll ! '1 I'll Irr nioriiltil 1-loin
(f hiMiiti on-mult t The in nnNpi le .unl h.liul I
M nn ill in k i n II l H- III 111 ll MI M.llhl,
M ml ltir llopi-N It ii In l.!'H nm
(mutlii- Silent Lu.'ll
O Lin-1 ! O t.lii'1 I
l'.r ill llu' 1'rokeri-hf.irleil.
The iii.M.-l litiiil-l ,y nut f ite tillotloil,
II 'i kiiit-t, iimi wiih ineitctl tnrcli iloth iti'i.l
To li'.i I in with u tfi'ittli' h unl.
Into the i.iulur the int.UikpjrtC'l,
Into Hit' Burnt LjiiiI 1
J. t, VvnimUt,
SA.IH'U, s.iiim.s,
flKitlt ii ts .mt IMiutti of Iho Unit) 1,1 fo
oniif.iiiuioroi "M'li iit'H'."
oiot'emiy liuniisneil u utici rcviow
of tho iutuio jtiu life of thia t-nergetia
Scotchman, written for tlto TiOiiduu
War UU AiMitioiml m.itter of intercut is
tiow triveu. HU nctivo juit ia tliu world's
worK uegin-i witli las scttk'iai'iit in Iiih
lmttve tiiwii of lliiddiutuii u hiimcuu.
at tho ngo uf Jt in quito
vwy m iiinterhianti tu;ii no was tnen
iu aoro mill uf i:itietitH. Ho was the
'o",iitfest uf eight doctois liaiitg charge
of yOUd brutally healthy ftil;t nml, liaviny
uui icw ii iniysie-, wuiiu'il Hani m nthcr
n$H. Hu lectured at lladdiiiKtuii on
lir.iclie.il etiemKtry, iilnsiuhiv and mi-
ttiral liistuty ; Icamcd mnsio and paitit
iu ; wrote aittcle.s fur the IMinburcl
WuUff f'JtrimfaU; of which Thomas
iUUiray, iu. ),t tlie iiolitic.il economiHt,
was tho editor ; and jiruduced his iirnt
book, "IMtypical Kdue.itiuii." Xuno of
these dcMccH aiipe.ircd, fur ll m moment,
to succeed. Mr. Smiles thought of Aus
tralia, and fiu.illy went tu Hullaud ami
Germany : and. after a vear'tt ttbseneo.
was invited to become editor of the Leeds
2'imcfi, a weekly paper, the proprietor of
wmcu nan neen urueiv ny Hi'l auieies in
tho lZdiubmgh journal. With a sahuy
of .C2Q0 a tAc:ir lio bceauu'
An C!tlttr at I,i cd,
fimtwoiked, nfter Ins ent-toin, verv hard
writing, lectuuii" at imehamcn instt
tutes, and tho like. Whiln at JeedH he
not only toiled at ins newpaptr utid Ids
leeiurcP, nut tim a v.iht nuaiititv ot uu
paid wuik. Ho was seen tary to the Leeds
Parliamentary Kvfnrm Association, and
toiik an active pait in the anti-eorn law
ngitalimi from its very eommeneeinent.
Ho full a life in. iken olio wonder liow he
found leisure to unoke the iiueisehanm
liipe ulnnyh himrun his d Hut like
all who lead htrenuotiu Hvts, he teems to
imye louiut time lor everything, eyen to
write ii "Histoty of frehuul ;" to teach in
Hunday-school ; to lcctuie. at t)ip Mam
Chester Authenroum ; to "btiimp" the
"Yeht Hiding ou the pom-law question ; to
undertake an adult clat-H at tho Zion
school, Holbeck ; to attempt to establish
himself in Leeds as ft medical practition
er, and to get mariied.
4t as .Mr. Huiil ib' niiiiriage which
lpially dtcnieil which among many pur
suits chould bo his winking prottbHiou.
Uis edituii il salary could nut btipport a
mariied man, to he undertook tlie asMst-plit-secut.uvhhipuf
tho T-cdaftud Thllbk
taihvay, uud leinaincd ou the hini)' of
that co.npany until itsumalgainiitiou with
tho Xorthiuht in. It was this associa
tion with railways, and the men who made
them, continued during his w cretarship
of tho Suutliea&Uin Hue, which provided
Mr. Kiniles not only with a MiihVicnt in-.
quire, but with oppuitunjticfi uf cariijng
tho lives of tho lomaikablo men whofau
Heeds he has interpreted to to tho general
public. It will perhaps iihtonibh the
many peoplo who can new r tiud timo for
unytliing, to hear that theehaimiug vol
umes Mr. HmilcH has written were, with
the exeeptiou of two or tlueu of the lubt
jbsued, ftll written in thp cvemng. The
ecietaiy of ti great raihvtiy cumimny 1ms
jdeuty to occujiy him dining buhiuess
hours ; and, rts hi r James (Stephen wrote
lib "Lssays" bifore beginning tho day's
tiuiik, ho tiiu .m. piuiii'H wiuo net uouks
and inutinurable ai tides and pamphlets
nfter it was over.
t'lt is just tho habit of induMry," is his
explanation of how it has all been done,
but he in ton candid and kindly u man to
deny that Mich habit may bo indulged in
to excess. A day Hpent'iu the anxious
and varied woik of an ollicitlof n great
railway comtmny. followed bv im ew-niiiLf
of Hteinry composition, m.i, Jielptomako
a man wealthy nnd wise, hut it hardly
makes hint healthy, Ju Xoteiubcr( 71,
wliile collecting the final proof sheet of
''CJiaiaeler," Mr, Smih'H was suddenly nr
reBted in the midst of woik by
A Stroke or Inrn1)t;
, for tho timo bung, entirely dis-
housoin Pembrukegaulens, isfollowed hy
"i"-" i-incisu m mc aiieinouii. mv.
Smiles is uu indefatigable walker, and,
when the wenlher is favorable, takcHewry
ftdvautngc of it. Spare and active of lig-
ure, he is still able to take n quantity of
i o u icniniKamo lur h inau oi ins
yenis. As night nnproachcH, however, ho
is careful not to biing about sleepless-
. . 'v exciting occupation. Neither
whtit nor piquet engages Jiis afternoons
r jus evenings, lor Mr, hiniles is per
impn, ino solitary well-Know n man in
ijonaun wjio iioesnot belong to one club.
In his own opinion he does bestbv dinim
l"u ll,v nun leaning novels uuerwartl.
man is more cood-natmed than Alr.
Stniles, nnd less given to deliver sly back
banders nt literary folks ; but his open
proksion that the readimr of unwnmoU
eahns nnd soothes him for slumber would
ii ins eainior weio not so well known, sa
vor of satire. Since his illness he is oblig-
vn, uulmu hu iiungs. io
Tone IIIiuclr Diat ii,
to lrduee tho activity (f his brain, to so-
cure ft night s roM. Ami ho has found
therrgtilar circulating library noicl tho
most rlhcacious fortius purpose. The
poiiraiisol hteplienfon, of D.irwiu and
Willis, oi c-nmueeis and nhilrifioiiiirrsi
mittered ocr tho liottso in IVmbroko
(Irtideiis, are latlier maiksof work dene
and books already read than indications
of present life. So rue tho portrait of
Meter Jingo aboothe libraiv tin place,
nnd the editions of Scott and li.ilzno on
l ie ijookhelws. For the two latter au
thois Mr. Smilts niteitains neifeet ml.
lunation. Although of ScottiMi biith ho
apiiears to piefer tho i'renchman, whoso
power oi analysis nppe.tls to liis phi!os.o-
.MllC lUStlllctK ! bllt: ln Inrm-u ll.io l.r.ll.
annohi oy rote, and is, to supply his np
pi lite for novels, obliged to tall back up-
on me iniue soothing productions of tho
comcinpurary mum. As a change from
the quiet loutine of home life, now that
that they hae seen their children settled
in ino worm, jir, ami .Mrs. Hmiles con
tiutie the habit, fortni'd lii-kt in tlm a,-
of work and then in thoho of sickness, of
iMvuimg abroad. A continental tiip
twice n year makes n pleasant bleak from
uiu in in v i Lr ii . a ii . im i hut- .nt in. ...
fiitigahle in Peking fur new ground
givis clitoriul variety to well-earnod
in tho method of his binrrjinl
Hmili's imreuwl at nil times, uud fspcciuN
ly diuiuuliis later venra of 1 Unr.. tlm
n.urho liu 1jchi iu "'Tlio I.ifo of (lein-go
htqi iciisuli," tliu lirht r,utk wliioli lnailu
Him klionil to till! l'L'ail lie mi Ii If l,n
JiuJ not kuou tLo man limwclf iutimate-
J.v, no not only collected mateiial from
lna lneuili and descendc-irU, 1ml visited
iiio localities m wliicu lm hfowas pasbed
LoculUIti? or UN .Jiiii
gives paiticnlar iutcrobt and freshness to
r. fjniiles a biograiilnc.il woik. In pall
the habit was ciiL'eiidcii'.l nnl nf lli.i !.;.
in fly nnd rccieutive manner in which ho
wroto liii liooks nhilo ho as a railunv
hecretary. It waaiu tho intervals uf liubi-
ness nnd llio vritmc of leadine art iclra.
that ho aecuniulated tho mateiial llml 1...
afterwnid c iii)loycd at other intervals of
Mien excellent advantage. "It is very
am noi to mite, ilr. Hniiloa will oli-
mu-vc, "nlien your mind is charged with
facta and ideas." And tho factsand idem
Hero accumulated Iit wiiat. to komo hit.
sous, would aiiiuar a lalioiious luocess.
1( 3lr KlllllpM if v.-na niiin lflu ...II
way post enabled him to givo np tho
editorship of the Leeds 7Vni, and, hav
ing once learned to make meuioijiulu and
to writo from them, tho habit was too
Mrous to bo i iscoutmned. lfn mrt
Clcorgo Stephenson at Leeds, and, rccog
nhiug tho lino and exceptional character
of tho man, began to collect materials for
writing lua Inogranliy. wlnlo encraircl
tliorimtinoof inisincjs. ho found on.
portuuilics of going over tho ground ou
which milch of StellhellMin'a limn l.n.l
neeu passed and Ins eaily work done.
Thus, wliilo theamalgam.ition of thocoin.
panics foimiiig iho Norllieavteru was iu
progrcas, it was fontid necessury for Mr.
Smiles to go to Newcasthi to cxiinyno Uia
books of tho then extant Leeds Xoitliclu
company. .i odd times ho inquired of
vinous prisons concerning tlm nilly lifo
of (ieoigo Sti ohensoif : innl. ilinnur n
lcsidcnco of m vend mouths, ooutrivud to
iick up lacm mid identify localities. Ou
our Mimmer evcniuirs nud Snmlnv nftnr.
noons ho went lo Wylani, whero Stephen
bou nas hum. found old lii'nliln ulm in.
collected him as a "grit darclecrcd lad-
lie. and afterward visited Ilewlv llm-n
Xcwburu, Williuntou Ouav. Killnicunrlh
ami all the places at which "Ocordio" had
iiveu auu worked, tu tlio saino milliner
olnlay nfter holiday was spent iu lookiug
up localiliea for "Ihc Lives of tho Kn
giueers." "Indlistli.il liiiiErr.lliliv 'Tlm
Lives of lioultou mul Watt," "l'ho Hug
llcnots,"uiid tho biographiea of tho Scot
titli uaturalisth alicady mentioned. Tho
surroundings of overy man wero
l'utlenll) lllinttd l'p.
and work was mado to feel very much liko
piny. "Self-Help," Mr. Suulcn's most
buecissful book, was, like all tho rest, Iho
lesull of lougpicvious aocuiiiuiatiou. As
Iho biographies wero written from vol
uminous notes nud memoranda, bo was
"Self-Help" tho lesult of numeious leo
tures delivered on bubjecta beariug on
tho main issue. It ia not n little curious
that this clever book bhouhl havo been
miuo ieiiseii iieioro ino success oi "flio
I.ifu of fleorge Hlcphensou" gao publish-
ia coninienco 111 mo nutlior a woilt. Tho
erv life of Stellhcnson itself lnmirrhf
Mr. Siniles nciution from the great rail
way nioucer's son Itobert. nhu ti.l.l l.im
ho feared ho would losu both money and
tinio bennuae i'iw una oared niiMhing
aboit tho !icB of nigiiiri'iH. Mr.
Smiles, honcver, was of Iho opinion of
Sir .lohn Siui'l.urns legnrds uselul as well
oruaiuental neraous. A I'leiiclnnnii
was one day praising to Sir John tho man
who ementid lullles, Mheieupon tho
poruy n.iroiict reninrkcil that
charm about Mr Smiles Ii tha entirn nb.
senco of cither tho literary air or of that
.a i u b oi uumpiioiisncss whioli often
ebnga liko a pcstilcnco to tho Hclfmndo
man. jio is always quiet, peifoctly uu
assuming a3ll self-possessed, and 'has r
niiaint way of his own in answering nitca
lions. Ho has just finished ii lifo of
James Xasmvth. tho ci.l-brali.,1 Invculnr
oi ino nnminer, ono of an artistic family,
who turned his ntti ntion to mechanics, as
mil rilr u illiani Armstronp. llm lauvnr
nnd Arkwright thn barber.' Mr. Xns
m.l III IS lloiv livo venrs nl.lnr limn Alt.
tunica ; aim ino voiumo anout to njipcnr
...u iiiuuij inn in liucrcai an who liavo
over seen or heard of tho Nasmyth liam
mer. Tlio book has been a li.isni'i.W
luetion. and not written br nnnlclieia n
wero Mr. Smiles's cnilicr eftbits, for
which ho. liko all eood workmen mrwlnat.
ly pleads as if in extenuation, that they
wero written, if thouglifully, yet in small
installments. When asked which of his
works cost him tlio most labor ami
nnxieiy, no answered, in Ins soft tones,
with just an ichoofthc Lothinna ii:
Ihem, "Uriugiug out tho Chariug Cross
X..II1U 11,
'flic PJtr miri tlm Dos,
tFroin crnnil.erbM J.iurn j;.
account ot ins unsneinliln iiifoin.l
tlon, tho grevhottud is no trouliteuinm n.
to bo excluded from mnny kennels. A
gamekeeper iu tho North having one of
these annuals given into his charge, was
i- ..lino lorinenieu uy us noise and
misconduct, nnd nt last became obliged
to turn him nut to wander wherever ho
pleased. Xow, thero happened to bo a
pic on ino same luennses n neli a so en
joyed freedom. To Iho astonishment of
eerjbody, theso twofoimedafastfiiend
ship, to close that they fed together, hlept
together, nnd kept coiistnntly iu compa
ny, without tho olio ever showing tho
slightest hostility toward the other. Tho
dog, that had formellv kent un n lieinel-
unl iiuanel among Ins own race, now
seemed anxious to accummodato himself
to tlio wajs of Ids new fiiend : while tho
pig in Ins turn seemed equally willing to
stand high iu tho favor of tlm lioim.l
Alter this state of things had gonoou for
souio lime, iney catno to undcistaiid
somcthingof tho natural uifta of nimnn.
other. Liing on tlio conllues of a moor
w hero hares and lubbita nbouuded. thev
D..t. I.. .1 imi . i i: .
"ie" o' u a iiiiiu ijinei llllllllllg on
uieu'owu account, ino Hound liemp
guided by sight moro tlinn by scent,
louud most diilicultv iustartiiifflnsm-ev
and here the pig, which nppenrs to bo en
dowed with an excellent bccnt, camo to
ins ussisiauce. Jvuowiug what was rc-
quueu oi mm, piggy would traco tho
haio or rabbit to its lair, and then wait
for his coninauiou to do thn vest. Tims
guided, tho hound would sometimes tnko
tlio prey with one bound, or if ho failed
in that, ho gavo pursuit : and when tho
inro or rabbit wns captured, returned
Wth it to tho lIcr. which imuifiliatetv
tore it to pieces, to bo amicably devomed
between t lit in. Tho keener, obliced to
piit a stop to this poaching, confined the
ng ; out ino nouud biio tied Ins constancy
i.V following his friend to tho stv. when.
lumen wiiu nun nuerwaril ou tlio ucst
if terms. Altboucli tho lmmi.l cmld
lcaii over tho stv-rails with tlm inentenl
ease, no never attempted lo sutiply tho
diri'; wuu moro uaies or raiiiuta.
A l-urllait Lo.p Letter.
Peruana tho oddebt lovo letter ever
written was ouo from John Winthropto
his third wifo a short timo biforethev
weiemnrricu. no was a riir Inn of ih.
straightcst sect ; so was sho ; the two
wero equally mate led so far. and Im nc.
eordiugly addresses her in tlio strangest
nuapiation oi scripture language to Iho
piupobch of cotutbhip eer seen. lie
begins : "flrace, mercy, nnd pence, etc.
My own beloved Bnouve. mv tnnsl. uurrt
friend nud faithful companion of mv pil.
grimage, the happy- and hopiful supply.
. wniiov ii.-nur, oi mv greaiesi losses
ic had lost two wives.) "I wish iIiloh
most plentiful increaso of all Iruo coni-
orl 111 tlio love of C 11 1st. with n Inrmi
and prosperous addition of whatsoever
nappiliess llio sweet fslato of holy ed
lwk, iu tho kindi at society of a loving
husband, mny afford thee. Being filhd
with tho iov of thv love, nnd wnntinrr n.
portunity of moro familiar communion
with thee, which my heart fervently de
snes, I am constrained to enso tho bur-
ten o my miud bv t na nnor heln of mv
scribbling pen, being sufficiently assureil
.iiio, iiioiign my pieseuce is Hint wlueb
thou desiiest, vet in tho want thereof
theso Hues ahull not bo uufiuitfiil of com
fort to thee. And now, inyaneet love,
let mo awhilo solace
inemliranco of our love, of which this
pringtime of our acnuiiiiilioicn emi .mi
foith na yet no moro but tho lenves mid
losBoms, wliilbt the fruit lies wrapped up
.no u-uui-r nun oi uopo ; a littio moio
.itienco will disclasn tins fruit in i.l
bring it to suro maturitv. Let it be our
care and labour to pieservo theso hopeful
buds from tho beasts of tho Held, and
from frusta nud other injmiea of tho air,
kbt our fruit full off eio it bo ripe, or loso
aught in tho beauty and pleasautness
thomif. Let lis llluck no simli ni.llli.u
uud thorns na would defruud our plauta
of their duo uouriahmout ; let us pruno
off biiportluous brunches J let na not
sliok at aonio labor iu watering and man
uring them ; tho plenty nud goodness of
our Unit shall Jrecompeuso ua abundant
ly. Our trooB are nlanted in u fruitful
soil ; tho ground and pattern of our lovo
is no other but that between Christ and
bis denr spouse, of whom sho speaks as
tho finds him. 'My well beloved is niino
1111(1111111108.' Loowna their banquet
ing house, lovo waB their Jwine, lovo was
their ensign ; lovo wns his invitings, lovo
wna her fatiitiuga ; lovo wns hiB apples,
love was her condorls ; lovo was his em
braciuga, lovo was her lefiesliinga ; Una
mado him Beck her, lovo mado lur seek
him j Into mado him wed her. Ioe inndn
..w.i ...n rnc. HI .l.'a . (f ......l . .
uriituii i iiiiilD-'rralt. itiiii p,..u. our ume. who iinnK tiiai one cmlit
llnrlim. or it. Vat-lout .milium. .1 more than tnougli unless the father has to
William VandciMIt, nccordlnu to my ail. 1 !S !';. 'ffiey brltin their children Into the
vices, s on i-Ci vmrn nld. ume. rl.th m ""'jr unu ireriiicnity anu consequent
IhiiChichuiall Snouirer. Ho has lo a. Iiuvi '.. . .'"? iindcrbllt . house is not liko the
eilint clven tin ntiliu Inifre.i I,. r.iii.,.rt. , "uzzicwh iioiife, f nil of meanncii and trca-
nd otlur proncity. lie mule n laica In- ".i!"' backhltiiig William, Uio great tire
teitment In Kovtrnniei.t Ijoml-, In order not I "iu'l", V ' ,W ,w "PV many grana
rasped w Hi .'ins . ''. nfii in; unves ms norsci
to hav his nallow years harassed with bml.
ness. Not exactly a hypoclnnilrlac, he Is so
iiuiLii ueiigiueu wiiu ms niii mul lit? larjjc
revenue in il that ho gives ninth of ItU time
unto doctora. nnd nnnovs hli frlrr.iU w-ltd hi.
scneifivcncM about his hcillli. With the
neann or a null lie has tho nerves of a wo.
man. 1 or sonic lime past he has hu l tho
movement euro, or llio ruhliinc cine. what.
ever it tuny ho called, luvoliing somebody
conic and sciuh his muscles over and delude
hhn with I he idea that friction U hcallh. Ho
is niso a victim of tho Loinrcopnthic people,
and bothers Ms filetidsliy tililnir out ot his
liinkci pnpcis oi .io. I, io. o and Ho, n,
and swallonini: them In Iho midst nf in.
orilinarv social dcmnnslrnttons.
uu is eo mr iree noin r.nlroidoccupitlii.s
now iiiai no uccs not co more t an twice tn
one month tntluNcw Voik Centrnl rnllrnnl
nation. Indeed ho is out ot New Y-rk
icntrn stock'. I o rreent V Rn , II. nt in nn.l
his faniily altogether hid not over a 100,000
slnics tf Central. I am told th.tt his son
Uecre, who is ju't about milling lo be to he
SI yenisoM, iiscs' 2i),ijiii) fharcs of this
floek, hit him by 1,1s grandfather. There
fere -Mr. Vandcrbilt Ins not nn-r AO nun
snares oi .New ork Cenlial. '1 l.ls at imr
would be only TS, 000,00 ). Kmc may say
that he has but jO.OOO.OOOat rreent hi New
York Central ttock. I Inve iniiititidwh.it
ias nil II elm c with the mom v ho nbla ned
hVflliilU out his Nlw Yoik CNnlril. Snmn
siy that ho bought his long line of govern,
men', bonds wiih il. Oil cts siy thai he pes.
nve-s long lines OI SIOCK 111 1110 giailCr
railroad, hi the.Mexiean railroads, etc.
1'ioin what 1 hear, Williun Vanelcrhiit
and ms glow n-up tons do not alwnvs look
through the san.c glastes. William's father
en uic loys t-irge sums ol money, iu irtn-
ral. 20.(00 thares iiniece. '1'liisl.as InnitL'tit
them for S' eril ytais putt an annual income
in 'Muu.uuu. Hut lo Ci.rneilus Viimlcil.il',
the i,hl romn.od. ire's ihlest grands in. ho left
TOO. 000 shuns, erivin:? him nil Inrnme f f
almost tM J.O'jO a ear. 1 In so incomes, Im.
Iiil' Indeptiidont of Ihelr father, the bojs
Vsc.l a. 'I tier l'lt-a.vd.
Cornelius, the elder son, Is very ronserratlre,
plain and ttralghl. lie has built hinifelf n
ety nobis house, 1ml II dues not show the
aicliiteulmsl t.iste and quillly of that of his
licit brother, William K., who is the poblltto
number of Iho futility in the thud i;eneratioii
Ctirnelius, Jr., fas l.ols called, Ins very goo I
liiauius, nui no very Hushing or innOTatinc
WiU'am K. is n nus'tivo nirit. n .-.rt . f
Dan Cameron among the Vandeihilts. IKn
amcron Is to'.elu utud for contradicting Ins
father, and saying no when the M im
would tuv Ve s. Wllll.,til IC is the Don Cam.
eron of the Vamltrbills. WhenhcfiU down
to play poker w llh his father he makes his
tire ante every time. "I'niher," ho m.
you hive nut untied." "Yes I have. V. II.
llnill." F3VS the till! man. "1 be-L- vnnrnnr.
tlon," says the son. "yon allied last lime.
but not I his time." Then the old ?n:iti 1
the sun's pardon and units up. NeveilhV
less, William K. Is described as heinj ruled
by his wife. Ills wife is S Mihipiu us'y
formed wemian, rather of the dark ord. r, :
round nnd flu-h, nnd cercies that nan c'iss
power that the ilark women alnais d.ie-,.
ever tlio mm wliocomo lo have thur fiulune
to.d. Ilium It. would be very much milted
if ho rtad this notice, lechii-e he Is nut
nwatc that he is eoverned bv his u fe. but
that Is the ttaJllioii atuunil the Vandcrbilt
ouse, and beiper a fa'.lliful renorttr I mu.t
tell It.
lliere arc four sors in the Vnruhrlilli
Household nnd four ilnuzlilcrs. The four
tons nrc Cornelius, William IC, Fred and
(lenrcc. The four il.uiliteif, all n'.irricd,
are Mts. Klholt Shepherd, .Mrs. Slnane, Mr?.
Tweuiililey ami Mrs Webb. To start with,
the sous t Cornelius was much better put np
for bv his grandfather th in line of the hIIicim.
because ho took his grai.dfather's name, nnd
Hie old.'nmn saw more of him as he ilevilnptd
than he did ol the yuan; sons. Tin ni was
an Idea fur mine jean that Cornelius was
the railroad gmhisof the fjn.ilv i but lectin-
y a tlieiny has developed tint Willi
K. is mole uf u business man tli-ui fiir.
Vt Ilh'im K. I have nlicady detcribed. lio
out Oil Ihn rnfid. n.ut tj mill. .1 n. .l.n. ......1
lion ut times by his compeers, he tries, from
incro good nature, to sum up Ins grand-chil-then,
and finally aayat "I really don't know
u iiiauy i uavc. 1 KOOW
Tlio .llolhera are all Dolnz Well,
anil tho fathers hive a ncwcrln on their faces
eivety nine i seo tncm." What a happy fani
ilythatls! Wealth docs not scrimp them.
Income does not ston Its outcome. It ..rr.
serves tho two'grcat law0f Increaso and mul
.'Ir. Mienherd. who mnrrlcd II.A nl.ln.l
iiaiigiiicr, is a queer character. Ho Is now
iinisnuig n uuiuung on iiftli avenuo occupy,
ins a pail of the old Hulger's Institute,
which has for It! signs IheSife Deposit Hank,
Iho Hulger's Dank, lhe;ilink of Hanks. .We
uu aiuii aim iL'n'i line nisi, irvir. I nip. nm
n-k what the IJank of Hanks Is. The
friends of tho Vandcrbilt family smile
ant S.IVt "1 hat is nnn nr Klinnlionl'
the next dauirhter Is Afra Rtnnnr. Rtnno
Istlio leading camel man in Now York. I In
constructs articles on which mankind and
woniaukind walk. That rather gives him a
black eic in the superstition nf New Vnrtr na
one nf the Viinderhilt family. If he could
only make ceilings on which pooplo could
not walk, it might bo different, but to put
heaiitilul articles under our feet seems strange
from sue ha very rich person. .So on the
wiioioine Slnnnc element of the v andcrbilt
iUUUIV IS .1 ll lie OlllPil i OU'n minn nnrl nit
larly hy iho William K. element. At Ihc
same llmo the Kloancs rank very hijh in the
llierc.llllilo WOlld. Thn mni'tiinclnt liiill.Uni.
of the Moitie faniily, on upper llroadway,
hardly has Its matt h In the world lor a store
oi any siri ami as a carpet et ircit is beyond
The third daughter la Mrs. Twnnd1i.v
Twoinhley was hi Ihc paper.niaking business
Ii .Ma'sichusetts, and was not worth flO.OOO
w hen he lii'irtitil one uf William Vauderliill's
daujhtirs : but be was a gentleman. The
v aniicrinlls siy they elo not demand monov
as a qualification to ci mc luto their famile-.
but they do demand respectability, good
n dure, good manners and good feelings. It
Is to tho credit of William Vandcrbilt and his
wife that Ihov rrmrd Ihuir own fortune na
SulUtleiil for all tliolr 1
credit was also duo to tho mini who lidded i ""low turn ; lovo lnndo lumber K.i
the shut." This is, fl,o Uejbtouo of tho flu"r, lovo mado her his servant. Lovo
jueJiitlMl biogiaphiea which havo mado hred our fellowship, let lovo continue it,
their author famous, that tho records of "'ul '",0 "hall increaso it until death ahull
culllta and caniiia nro of lesabiiman int.
est than those of inventions, which havo
enriched, instead of impoverishing tho
human race. Mr, Sinilea'a judgment
piuieii bouiiu. ior llio success ol lus lung
abledhim. Hy tho eoininand of his eloc- iVf. V... , fr,r ,, . . ,
tors ho was consigned . ,o entire rest (ur w 0" Z f lho ' vVa " mi St
three, years-a teri iblo in .o ion on a man I ,ul'a hem tran8,'tc,, iu'jn" r, ",c , "'0 ' .
ui inn it niutjiuijif ill, int.' iii-niiut-Ul
was enmnletelv snceessfnl. In Irnvellii... , V "1" V'""' ! " '"ail 1UU
""j :"," . ,, V ,i.Vn;.Vrr nt i ,n r ,ifBm"' iiungaiiau, itiiiiminian, Bwcd.
Vlethiin nTeen M Zk.Vm l o Liin.it II u ! ""l. .? ",''' ." JapaiiebO. It
ISethnal Oiceu Museum, ho Bpent this
weary perioit, and camo out strong, wen
and icsulved, in thn words of Dr. Atkiu,
to "make tho most of tho sal. ago of life,"
Hut ho judged it wiso to lilinqitish bin
railway work, and has tinco occupied his
lirao In wilting "Thrift nud Duty," ns
well na the biographic a of (leoigo Muoro,
of IMwaid tho Scottish nnlninhst, uud of
Jtobert D.ek, baker, geologist, nnd botan-
Bt of Tlllll'BO.
Hinoo his hajqiy and compltto recovery
Mr. Smiles or Dr. Smiles, na his intiui.
fttcs moro nccuiutely cul) him bus led
the pleuaant lifo of a mini nf lileraiy t.iutu
htt without tho necessity for literary lu
bor. A morning ut his desk iu his suug
It. linK Imnn
instnlled all over tho woild nB u stock
jirizo-boolc forbchoolu, nnd has cariied
tho author's nuine to tho
I'.mla of llio i:nrlh.
MrSmilcawas by no means so elated
nt lua liternry uueeesa ns to overlook for
nn instant tho inteiest of tlio railway com
puniea ho Berved, nnd who thnnked him
ua hnuilBoniely for his Hervieea na did Sig.
Mcunbrenanil Iho JapancBo l'rof. Nuka
nuira for his "SelMIelp." After woik
ing heaitily for tho iiin.ilganiation of
northern lailways, which practically dia
e slublibhi d him ua nu ussistnnt seen tary,
ho worked witli even greater energy ns
secretory of tho Southeustoru. Agieat'
elissolvo it. Ameu."
The J..nu.7 llrlile.
tA IVrtriiit ot Jfro, f;jn, nee furrti.l.)
"Tliero wm a Knurrinan bcniile,
Auu the Je-ssaiiiy nrnlf."
"Anil von went nnro Willi myrtle t-roirncil I''
Ynu once weio .lip, Cor wl i
I .sir lloliMiiltli-a itruiia in hum fouml
llionulao uf Jasiiiine-r.louiL. 1
Uaiir8trani,'i.Usi.fnis! You wluuii lie loenl.
Yun wlin wi".' l.riauiin(r ilt.il
it felinieil la hiiuka-tur us liuve lirote.1
Bone inn a fmi;ruiitntlo ;
A itiiiie tun slia.towy f.r to Htauil
ileal lolling!!) I'rlmroana.
lteahlo llii'ih'urnlil Icir, anil
Our iiiory than liroilier, Musos I
Wft rsnnot miens your volep, wlio Vliow
Ki'uinii'imiy'aialii imlluii
Fir us 'i r I lua ll.-ai. '1'ililn must atniw
Mure-!iiilii.!,ie nun jou!
Tet Koiun afaut ,pwa we tiare. Yuu fame
W liill lliat khiU Mini lia.l II.-.I ;
Tun laiwnl Ilia lulr ! ynu krw til. lumg
Um'i un Jour hin, 'us aal.l.
Tou liveit, nn.l .llml. Or when, or lum,
Wliou.lHl 'IhlauKcut uura
llul marka ynur riwa iirow a liea.l.louo now
ily UslJ.uillli'aJi.iiumv Swvie-ia t
a.lii. Ilvt.wu.
1 u tlner.iks'r I'luycr,
he is a came n,nn. he ft els his i ats nnd Is an
Innovation, and dots m t lonsult l.ls fullur
uuoiu ntniniFS nr pleasure, lie is a club man
ami uses ma gime nnd is a hard mm to
tackle at the game. His hoii'o Is a tine deni-
llSlr.tllon 111 h llv I Kiro'li ilv he i nns nnv
Ihmg. His fthcr has leen conmelleii to
hell, hhn iiuike mi'tier. lec.msj William IT.
is not irouh'ed with lashfuluess and goes
rigue in urn usss me tun in in what is the
tafe thing, nn.l tell, lum th it, if he fells lum
out he will lose the confidence of his criatcst
Next, ns lo 1'ikI. Tied is nn IninrcssiUe.
nni' rous.'feiLiiilne kind nf iillou, ncennhng
lo my inloi million. He has a cousin named
I one lice, who wns lnuriied tn u pretty wo-
...... i. .mien..; inui HIS WHO Hill IIOl Cl
along well together. 1'ied came on Hie bur.
ison. fell the .plendoruf .Mrs. Tnrrenee, in.
centineiilly cuiid and en 'eil by uuirrj lug his
e.-iii-iii wnu. .uis muiie more eicilenienl
In the Vnuderbilt f imily than aiiyihing th it
had happencil bhieo Will-am K.'s horso
Hi kid olf the hnrte'hoe. The great subject
tu eu.ii ii juse is me uenuvtiir ot me li'itses.
Hut whin Fred married his cousin's wife,
William, his father, was not nbhito tell Hut
day whether the htirses kicked of u shoe or
not. 'U.e Orthodox Hutch reformed
principles of the house weru seriously us.
William, the sire, having mnrri' I n clergy,
man's duughltr, nnd knowing lint his wife
la alw-ajs light, iirlit ul uly on morals, left
the qiiitlkm to her. SI. e has severe views
on divoicc-, etc. William nn.l his wife laid
awake of nights for some lime, wondering
whether they should discard 1'rcd for hav.
Ing made tiulia match. It was a feihuis
time in the (ninily. 1'ud only had s-.',000,.
000. 'Ihe hhn of tliul peair boy luingpov.
city slilcken with i-J.OOD.OOJ moved llio
tyinpatliii a nf his lalhi r and mother. They
wtpt. l'or sniiio nights, Il Is said, Ihercwi.s
vc ry little slei p In tne house. Tiually n dis.
mal picture was presented to Ihe couple nf
poor l'red. with only 4g.000.000 wanilerinir
around Ihc slricts unit unublc to Hud a board-
ing House. j was
llvt-oliel f.. 1'i.rgltti lllin
on aceoiuit of hlspovetty. lie was forgiven.
Yet slill It is a bote spot In Ihe family. The
faniily is plain and tranquil, and can stand
mil thing but a social niitinke. Trcd'a w ife,
it Is said, has no childten. We hear very
little of or pour l-'rt-el. Yet lie is taken back
into the household, and is not going to starve,
on the slrcets with only ii,0o0,000. Thero
la a great deal ot human nature in our parents,
uftcr all.
Finally we cotno to Ucorge. Oeorgu has
been a w aid for bumu lime. 1 le Is just now
coming of ago and his 20,000 shares of Now
i otk Central stock are going to bo available.
So (leorge will make his entry into this life
with $100,000 tijear income i nnd when 1
think nf the lush and elegant girls roving
niouud these slteels and going lo tlio matin,
ees, who will hardly look over the bend of n
fellow witti only $.'i(M) n jour, I begin to see
thai (icorgc Is going to gel the woman des.
tmt.l for sumo other man. (Jeore'e is a.'
times In tli rot Ihau Ihe ij.lOOO.n.year-m iu
We nil know th it women are Hindu for men,
and a nun i!j limes moru of u limn ihm ordi
nary will hue made il great mlslako unlesi
he gits something very line fur that In
eonie. Ai to tho YuuderU!!, daughters Ihey sr.
I lit tliev will not have ndrentiirt r.s. vnlcnr.
mnsorodd-lieartcd peiplo of the world to
marry their children. Ihc nearest approach
lo a worldly person who has come into that
lumtly Is .Mrs. William IC, who gave the
urcnt hill the oilier night. Twomhley was
a Hl'Ston VOIltiir man ulm Btrunlr 11, .. I. nor. ..r
anoerniu-s daughter and when the old
folks were sitislied that hcwasatrue.hcnrt.d
young man, they ashed nu further questions
lieu he entered tin ir family they set about
m.iuk nun large ai.ii creiiiiauio occupation at
I hear that in Ihe Vnuderbilt household tlm
sens, the elnughteis, U.e sons-in-law ami the
iiaugnitrs-in.iaw an stanil ou the same font
lug respected, tHloved, nnd all given an
equal chance I y the line old Knickerbocker
w no is 60 much richer than any of them.
. Hl.am s fortune is ut lensl ?'JOO,000,000.
'.iu lias tw.ouu.uuuu il eovirn ilflit linmls
lie told 6nme of his ftienils about four years
niiu inn. ui incuine was io,vuu,uuo a year,
lie has never been beaten by any stock
o crater, and has mule eviry one of thein
who tackled him squeal. So 1 would not tie
turpilsed if he-h-id an income ot 20,000,000
u.ieui, niiiiii is anoui equal to llio capital of
un. ui ins coiupeiiiuis.
Tho youngest il.vichter of William, llm
fire, married Dr. Webb, Iho son of James
iiiiiun iieun. ejl.l .nr. Wclili, who is slill
a.ivc, nui a tiany cnnduiite ror tliu obituary
cjiliimn was a great editor of New York
uiyneiorc mc advent ol Iho elder llennelt.
lie had nothing lo speak of. He probably
had enough money to rent his nltlce and buy
a sicond-hantl gig to drive around nnd sec
ms patients, im tlrurle ihc heirt of the
youngest daughter of Vumlrrtiilt. hho wns
a I all, lithe girl, win could loll tenpins mag.
nilliintly. Si,,; tnuld stand up in the Icnpiu
alley ul Hara'oga and beat her father, her
ii'omir, un tier t.rothera and all her sisters,
nnd all tho company that was lirnu -lit in
playing tenpins, l.veiy tune they rolled
w un ner iney nad to pay the shot. Nut par
liitllnrly Lcnutlflll. butuf a fine-, healthy fhr.
uic, a splendid linrsewoniaD and read v for
any evercise. she had the I'ltul Cfnt.i tint In
fick out a money grub, hul a btlglit young
jaiuiii.i until.
When Dr. Webb entered the family they
made it n easnnt for 1dm at one. iu aDw
clearly enough that it would no! do for him
in ne going around -cw Jork practicing on
sniali.pox pailonts, scarlet fever children nnd
mumps when he had a wife worth at least
iS.OOel.OCO. So they put him Into a banking
house of somo kind, uud made it nominal for
mm. lull.
Mill. tn. nuia ana I-linnlo.ua
dispersed from bis mind, he ceased lo feel
Strang-,! in that household, and has had nt
hast one child, if not morn. Thn l.l,llnQ..r,l.V
,.r v -i.i . . ,. . . . . ' -.'.-" ."V
... ..n; .uii.uruiie iniuujr is to taae tile se-.ire
out of the sons-in-law and iljughteis.in.
law, so they will speedily produce au In.
Cl ease.
I lie (IIK pt on mav he asked l,,l!,r ,
and .Mrs. Vainlerbilt prefir this or that son
or daughter. I tindirst ind that thcie is no
iliscriniinatlon nt nil among tho children hy
the parents. The children, while genial and
wholesome take up then-own careers and the
parints. in Ihe Alnrrlean at. In t.t II...,,
their rare. A tine d mncracy eiists In the
amleibdt circle. Will, an, ihn aim i.
cluclly occupied driving his horses, keeping
disease nway nnd making his posterity hap
py. Ills wife Is a thorough mother, wife
and woman. Sho Ins ho affectations, no
passions for ecstatic society. Mie has borne
a large family of chlldien ulihont ili,.i,i.,
and loves them nil, nnd her husband takes
his cue from her. She Is not mutli concerned
about Iho world's opinion, but hopes anil ex.
Iiccis ucr children to he lunest, faithful,
pure and to avoid scmdil.
I tie excrescence Iu Iho family is Mrs.
William K. Vnndcihilt, win gave the great
party riceilllv. She was a Mi.a Kmill. nn.t
her father w us named .Murray Smith. Ho
lived at Mobile, Alabama, and had an Irish,
man's face, lio was north nothing, or next
lo nothing. Ho loved the Soulh, and camo
here us a cotton broker after tho war. His
wife, however, was a Virginia woman, and
suiierior lo Smith, of a good family. -Mrs.
illlam K, Vandcrbilt inherits tlio parvenu
from her father and the blue blood element
from her mother. It was sho who guided
her husband Into building tho magnificent
homo whero ttic lata hs.ll una riven, a tmusn
tl.st probably has not its equal ns a pn rate
residence In Iho world. Having been the
genius of Its construction, she naturally
wished In give a party to warm it such as
would honor tho mansion.
Mrs. Cailvlo bitterly reeretted lmvlnir mar.
rieil au author. Young ladles who havo a
newsrnper rt porter on Ihc r strtmrran i.ntl
too cautious. Vhidigo Inter-Ocean.
'Ihn tiprtnc I" I., tlio Air
The . i In la In Ihe air :
For. w III! the Ural warm klaaes nf tlio rsln,
Tlie wltite-r's l.-y anriow lire-alatu tears :
All.l tluit.ruwu lliiualu-a liittly Olhl wlttl brlffhl
eyi-athe rahhlt re-ra
Kipiu tlie .talk warien where tlie llr-eoiica lie,
.Mi.l trt'a.H uiih aiinw ilruii utnlufout, mul rui.a
tlier tlie mosry kanll j atntlila. k l.hila ny
Ae l oas uur nai Ii at e-ve-nhig unit I lie aui.'a.
May longer tellli ua I All, tiuw gee I lit ae.
Ura.s-suille.l S.rlng iu all lie-r Joy of lauglilni
UH.u.iy t
l.aud .Vfcasure.
Tho American J'armcr ndvisencvny
fanner tn l-rn.. ... n,
...i . . .-...w iiiri.siin a llglil,
atitr polo just sixteen aiula half feet long
for ineasiirinn- lnml It. .. linl.. .,.-
ticohecan Icniii to btet. n rod nt livo
paces, which will nnswcr'vciy well for or-dinai-y
farm woik. Ascertaining the
number of rods in width and length of
w.u.usjun wish to mcastue, multiply
ono by tho other nnd divido by 1C0, nnd
you havo Iho number of neres, ns IfiO
square rods make an ncro. If you wish
to lay oil' one ncro measure thirteen rods
each way. This lacks only n rn.l nf full
measure. A four rod tape,' lino is better
w-ben you have a boy In entry ono end. ft
a ery iinporiniii Hint every farmer should
know tho acreage nnd lie-Id of Ids own
crops Aoaiiitnn gites-a woik and beg n
measurement nt once.
Pekl.t Hulks,
This Varietv r.f ittinlr. ir.i .'nVA.l....l
- j ... ......... ...iu ...iiu.iuseei
into this country from China about tnnltn
.ji.iuu uieir iiiirouuciiou itiev
navoiapidly becomo iiojiular with nil
lovers of lino water fowls, until nt the
present timo tliev fl t (t illmritst It tllfa-H-O.sl las
(idmitted to bo ono ot tho best vnriclies,
if not tho best variety, known nnd bred
in tins country. They nro very Inrge
weighing frum fourteen In elvi.-nT, ,,.io
per pair, are ef lino form, and tho plum
age of both sexes is of a uniform creamy
white. The legs aro short.Bet wide apart,
and aro oi a beautiful vellow color. Tho
bill is of II bidder si, ,1,1,. ,, i, ,,r.,,i. ...
aflnoorniigo color. They aio devoid of
manure every year than to givo large
" iv t-'iitj nine.
" uottie of carbolic ocid should bo kept
III i"vrrt" fnciii 1.... . a1
i r . ' ... not merely ns n dis
infectant, but ns n wash for wounds uud
n?. ? nor "I1-' l,urPeao it should be di
luted with water. Its power to destroy
fungus rrmevtl.d mnt.. i.i.- ;,f.
r,l.. . 1 .....r. CiUUOUU llClll U.
valuable in pruning orchards of pear,
plum or pench where hllrrht nr ntlmr .Ii.
K,"i"U.7,ec,ed- .Tl'. l"niK "hears
acid wnter 7 "' mt,,""
J-hero is n serious b.s nt rnrimir. r.n.
seycro wiinls passing over plowed lan.l in
llr r' I.1,'0 f!'' rinpy 1'iilverizes tho
"''"' " n." ', it ia I'lown freely, ns may
ho sen. l.f II. I.I..-1 ... - ' .. .
sidoof n plowed field. This Heck on the
snow is tho richest portion of tho anil. A
grow ill of winter grain, if only ryo to be
,.'""" in siuing, auor.is somo pro.
tection from winds nn.l nlll ...ni.n.i ,.ia
expense in this item alono.
llio cross of tho Cot
uo iri not as ponuUr n it Wn ft few Trnt-n
ago, except or early Iambs. Tho wool iB
not liked. Tho South or Hampshiro Down
sliectl crossed fm r,tt,nl.l - i...t.
of the finest quality, nnd thero nro npt to
oo ii inrgo proportion of twius.
llio common harrow can bo nm.licl tn
many mom inimii.,si it..... n.
. " ....... in imniiiuii .ill..
of preiarni3 t in L'i-inii.,1 r.,r i.
is ono of tho best implements for lining
mauuro nfter it has hem. ...,. .1 i
cast, moro thoroughly mixing it with the
fectivc ' ih m!lu"rd llunl,lJ ef-
top-knot,, "lhB head being ,,ifrmiy their oals too rapidly
smooth and of fine form. Thev nro very 11,7, .''"''".'e'ked by placing some
active, hardy nnd prolific, often conh 7il,f , t10 '''
mencing to lay from tho nndillo to tho last
of l ebruary, nud e-ontiuuiug, with short
intervals of rest, until tho end of spring,
rbey can bo successfully raised on farms
not supplied with ponds or running
n...,.u.o -Mi-ping uiem wen supplied
Willi water from tho well or spriiig,place.l
... ..uiiKua tucru enev can invn rr.., n..
ccbs to it ut nil timca. This combination
of good qualities certainly entitles them
no e.-i.iieei i. superu variety.
I'rullai.d Treo C'ulliiro.
1. IUbtond of "trimmilin- 111." trnnu an.
cording to tho old fashion, to makn them
long-legged nnd loug-nnued, tiim them
down, so as to muko them even, snug nud
2. Instead of manuring heaiily in u
ouiu.. n.u.u us inn .out oi iho tree, spread
tho mauuro, if needed nt all. broadcast
over tho whole suifaee, especially whero
.uu .uua ui .nu rouis c.iu gel at ll.
3. Instead Of Sliaditiir n Un,ll nlntn
iiuoue ino stem, cultivate- tho whole sur-
iaco uroadcast.
4, Prefer a well nntvert'n.l nlnnt, ...p.
iaco in nu orchnrd, with n moderately
ricu sou, to Heavy manuring and a surface-
covered with a hard crust and weeds
ana grass.
5. Hcmeinbor that it is bellnr tn not n..t
ten trees with nil tho necessary euro to
make them livo ami llourish, than to set
out a hundred tieea ami haio them nlldio
irom carelessness.
b. llemcmber t int tobacco i n .',,,,
and will kill insects rapidly if proper) v
apiilied to thf in. nnd is mm nf tlm I......
drugs for freeing fruit trees rapidly of
1 Itiallv. do not neelect tn set m.S n
many finit trees of different varieties as
you possibly can. It will pay. If you
havo but a small farm put out tlio fewer
trees, but put out as many asyou can find
oi'i.e-o .or. career lurm mnrn rn.
1 ruit evaporators nro commirntle-nlvi.il
expensive, they are ory easily operated.
...... t.w.i.. ...n-u nun is always naianie.
If your farm ia near a railroai'l, vou will
do able to sell every bushel nf fruit fnr
city consumption that ynu may happen to
raise, and you will malizo satisfactory
prices for it. Hy nil mn.itis nlnnt nil tl...
...nt ireea euue Jnu 111 iv nnd room for,
and raise all tho fruittli.it vou cm c,..n
your trees to bear.
A Nen- Vie for stnsv.li.al,
A writer lo tho Ifunie mul ',. . 1,',....
tucky, makes Hientiu.i of thn use nf siirp.
dust in planting tiotatoes. and usaeila
that tho product wheio sawdust w.ia used
was twice as great as whero noun was
used, and linger and smoother. It was
uot stated whether the sawdust hail been
used us nu absorbent, was mixed with
manure, or was used us it originally cuiue
..uu. mr snw,-wilicii Wuuld Illlike consul
eruble difference. Neither was it stated
how much was Used ill tlie hill, norwheth.
er tho sawdust was from hard or soft
wood, all of which nro very imnnrtant
onsiderations. lint it ia In.nllv 1. ..
bio that this article is iu its native state
ill be Used velv nxtniisiml.- nu n forti'lt--.
er until more ia 'known ubuiit it, although
ns stated tlm yield nf liiit.itilr-a can ha
doubled by its use, ut tlio preseut time.
wueii ineie aio so many portable mills at
work iu the general destruction of the
fori at. of Now Kiiglaml, mid sun dust is
accumulating in quantities, if it cm bo
Utilized as profitably, it certainly si
Wo dune.
Within u e-lv fe-w veai-sfaimerbitiri.il.
Ulhiu. Couu.. liae been iu ttio habit nf
carting fu.ni a permanent bteam-uiill the
sawdust that aceuiuiilatcd, using it ns nu
bsorlieut nud for beddiug iniriioscs. but
no claim has eer been made, uur baa it
been suggested, tint of itse-lf It possessed
auy ngneultur.il uiluu fuither lhau its
absorpt is o power, but thut it excited n
remarkably beneficial mechanical effect
upon the mauuro with which it was in
corpornted, so that il icry much aided its
disintegration tu pulverization, u thing
that is always dcsiialile. Sawdust is
substance that is useful to tho farmer in
tlio office it performs na un nbsoibeut nud
illsuilegrntor, and nlsn in the hho Unit IS
Slltlsfactouly made of it fur liaekiiiL.
around the ico of nu too bouse, but its
further uso has not jet been satisfactorily
thus bo compelled tn nick l,!s,.nissi,i,-
mastieato them moro thoroughly, aud
Hey wi II do him much more good' than if
hurriedly eaten in tlio ordinary way.
Considerable difficulty is sometimes ex
perienced iu turning under corn stubble
by spring plowing. It is greitiy lesaeii
ed by p i.siug n heavy drag oier tho field,
when, ns the roots nro loosened by frost,
tho butta nio tipped over. Tim gnin to
I be oat or bailey crop following will moro
thnn pay tho expense.
iio.tih nii'ics.
Note, on Ilou.el.olil Ilecorulloii.
For tho common sitting-room a tible
spread mado of C.iutou ilanuel ia useful
tlio border mado of th,. ll,.n.u.l ,.- i....
caded Cautou llatuiol, whieb" is a novelty
in tlio storea just now : or rim nr trim il
.utjnj n.iu u sinpu oi cretonne
A pretty tidy is mado by embroidering
a spray of (lowers or a bird on n small
square of satin ; then put a baud of satin
around thistbavH it ,.f .. .. ,,,i-..
ooior j tneu another band outside of this
and lltiiHli with fiinge. If the satin ia of
u origin color ami of good quality, it
necela no other decoration.
Tho small round stands seen in nbm.st
every sitting-room are made ornnmeutiii
uj iiuriutr a l.im irntiii n i mL-n-l ... ii.
edge. Cover thn tim nf tlm i.,,,.t .. :n.
crash, nud crochet u latiibrequin of tlie
lish-coi'd bo much ued for various fancy
aiticles. Mako tho lambrequin just ns
yoti make tho tidies, with close work nud
with open spaces through which libbous
nro eo ue run. i inisii with fringe from
tbiee to four inches deep. Havo tho lam
brequin, with the iiingo added, reach to
where the Ices of tlm stand .'ntn 11...
.i A,I",ll7 W-V to oyer tlio uiqier put of
tlio buck of a handsome chair is to buy n
eoweioi uno quality, nnd witli heavily
fringed ends j tio the centro of tho towel
with n ribbon or cord lightly so that the
andsof tho tow-el aro left Im. t,i..rt tt..
ends of a necktie j put the tied centre of
tho towel iu tho mnl.Un of th,. Mek of the
.-iiair, ami npread tlio ends out, pulling a
bow- of ribbon nt tho centro wl ill,.,
towel is tied. This is n paitieuUrlv good
tidy for ii gentlein.iu'a higli.b.ieked'ch.ilr,
ns ho may lean bis head nu i ither side
niinoiu Boning tho chnir.
A tirottv scran bar' Is ......l,. t. .
four pieces of Java funv.it n ...i..-t...'. ..r 7.
yard deep ; cut tlie cointia off an that
pieces shall bopoiiiU-d at iho bottom nud
lnuiidiug nt tho tup. If of blue all-wool
"inn, nonia r-muroiiicry silk a pretty
(Irceuaway llguro ou annllmr In' i,,-t,!ht
colors, yellow nnd pink being especially
pretty. In order to havo a guide to w ort:
ny, traco the design ou somo very thin
paper, paste this to tho can.-as, and after
working Ihe lines pull Iho tinner n.n t.fnllv
..... , ...i-u ..an wursieu ine colur of the
canvas crochet one or two rows of clusc
work urouud each piece and crochet tlu-m
cogeiuer : tuna i with u n..r, .....i i..
suis, and have either n ribbon to hang it
by, or another cord and lir.i las,.ls
com aioue.
farm .olr..
The earlier in the season that laud phis.
ter or gypsum is sown on clover tho more
certain it is to produce good results.
Somo experienced farmers bow it on tlio
last snow, nud insist thut to do moat good
it should bo applied befoin upiiug raiua
have passed.
It is beat to net the old coat of hair
ohnuged na Bonn as possible uu horses,
pelore being put to hard spring work.
For this purpose the brush uud enrrv
comb should be freely used. A little oil
una., -in. ueip uiu operation, uill slioulu
bo discontinued before hard work be.
It is very important to work horses verv
moderately the first two or three dujs of
spring work. Let them rest frequently,
aud cuao tho collar at least every half
hour. A little euro iu beginning right
will snvo hoiHCB from galls that, if neg
lected, will muko them of little use
through the season.
-The value of wood ashes as a feitiliser
too little uppiceuitcd. They contain
Vnrvitlir tiroooltinna tho valuable initi.
eral propel ties needed by plants. Thiy
ars especially vuhiuhlu for oichardaiu
beariug, liming nuns jet unexplained
effect in perfecting tho fruit. It is better
to givs a light eUctsiug of any potash
prepaiing porridge, gravies, etc., the salt
should uot bo added until the dish is i.ie
pured. Vhen boiling cabbago put a slice of
salt pork In the water and nn agreeable
llavor, with no objectionable grease or
fat, will bo given to the c.ibbngc.
Kurosenow.lt mi.V.. v,irinni.iu.
bright as new. Saturate a wouh nrng and
rub with it. It will also removo stains
from tho clean varnished furniture.
If a little Vineirnr nr unmn nl.lnr .S ..t..
ed with ntovo polish it will not tako much
rubbing to mako tho ntovo bright, nnd
tlio blacking la not likely to Ily off iu film
The addition of a lillln
soup will rivo nn agreeable ll ivor to it.
Do notp.it in enough to makn it a ills-,
t met llavor, but put it in witli t!m bmb,
aud pepper nnd salt.
mi'lo of canned whortleberries
Should havo ail Itlnlnrern it nni.- ll.n..
over tiio top put ntrips of pnffpist . Tin
much crust with tho b 'rrios in ikes au nl
most tasteless pio.
Au excellent cement for mendii.rr nl,i.
is formed by stirring into a thick b-,1u-tiou
of gum nrabio sufficient piaster ,,r
pin's to m iko n thick piste. Apply with
a brush to tho fractured edges ami press
them together. In threo days the rirtieh)
will bo ready for use.
The npproved manner of citing an og
is tho English fashion. Set tlio egg up.
rigid in tlio cup, nviko nu oritleo m one
end nud cat out of tho Bhcll, tl ivotiug to
the taste. Eggs disc-dor silver bo much,
little ivory spoons may In uso.I for egg.
spoons. If of silver tho sp .on should lie
laid in cold water ns soon us used.
Boiled hams aro much nicer if allowed
to Btand in tho water in which thev un
boiled until cold ; tlso outside due's not
then turn black and dry up ns it does
when taken from the water to c.uil. c.n.
scfjuently there is less waste in preparing
i.ifiu .or mo mine, nut always lciue tu
ber tn removo tho lid of tho Lottie so that
tho steam may escape.
If tllO Carpet in vnllr aittlnrr.r.ssn. Is
becoming thin, and you think it will list
but n short timo longer, buy the peer car
pet now, if ffS-ssible, nud let tho old ouo
rest through tho summer. Hivo it thor
oughly cleaned, aired, nnd suuued, nud
then lay it nway. A Cirpet treated in
this way will bumetimes bear tho wear of
several winters, wh. mils if trntkC .l.mn
tho whole year, it will not last moro than
m.eollaliaous Iteclpc.
An agreeable dish for dessert is mail
in aids way : Line a deep pie-plato with
nah crust, put n layer of red raspberry
jaui ou this, and cover with a iniituro
mado by beating threo eggs, ono cup of
powdered sugar, a tablespooufiil of but
ter : llavor with a very littio ultnoud ex
tract ; put this smoothly over the jam :
bako till tho crust is douc j servo with
To make a Bo-cnlled ovster pio fill n
shallow pitddiiig-dish witlioysters, cream,
pepper, aalt, and butter. Let them stand
on the top of tho stove until boiling ;
then cover tho top of tho dish with n rich
crust about half an inch thick : bake un
til the crust is browned delicately. Servo
hot. This ia a delicious side-dish, tn bo
Ht sides fillies nud hinibrnnnins r.,r II...
...uiie.-i mm inoie spreads ma. n ..r m.m.
remeor llsb-eord or cirpot-n-aj-p, very
baudsuuie window lambrcquiiM nro made
USD, llUll WIlCU OUO COUbl.b'lS lllW slm.t .1
timo it takes to cieichot th. -in. it iliii-M ti...
uppeur 10 uo much of n tusk. Ouo in-
diutllous woman, who inner sits witli
idle-hand, has mado bed-spread also,
with bioad bands of ribbon run iu it; it
is a i cully elegntit pice, of faucv work,
and ono which will never wear out. Th..
stand tc.iifs are pielty when eio
cheted of au open-work pattern, mid
lined with ke.irh-t or bbio silnsia. Tho
lining, of course, costs le-ss than thn nli.
.llouseholil lllnu
Salt fish are quickest and best freshen
ed by so-iking iu sour mill,,
Lobsters boiled uud served on toast
niakis a dandy dish fur u lunch or ten.
Cold rain water nud snap will reninec
machine grease, from washable labiics.
Fish maybe seded much cu-iei by
first dipping them into scalding water for
a moment.
Milk which has clinuc-c.1 mar tin uu-nnl.
eiicd orreii.lcicd lit fur uso by'htiiiiug iu
a littio soda.
I'rcBh meat, begiuniug to sour, will
n. eiei. ii pnice.1 out ot doors iu the cool eil lartar, and uno of s.ida : ono eun .,f
mr oser niglit. raisins, cloves, nnd cinnamon to suit onr
Kerosene will soften boots and shoes '"''!' """ cup of stoued and chopped
hardened by water, reueleriug them soft r-l"iiU8- 1- the experience of must
mid pliablo us now, , cooks that cake mndo with cream of tar-
A tnblespoouful of turpentine boiled '! "-8'"l '.''ll-'p moist longer than
with your whito clothes will greatly ,,i 1 th,lt,m"'.1" "i"' I'aking powder, but the.
tho whitening process. B , l'""'1" ""li,Teuient tojiso that it has
l'.lktn fnr lnl.nl. lo ....t- I l!..IT , i I "' V "".'"'. ."'" ""'
, : ; min irose mis cat.
gluo in strong vinegar, then belting it to , daik brown.
muling uiu. itddiug nour. -
Hnile.1 Blarch is much improved by the European capitals nro very good cities not
addition of sperm or Bait, or both, or a 1 to live In this Spring. In UuuKm every
little gum undue, dissolved. public building, cieadimn to Ihe gaa.wotks,
When cooking a largo fowl or joint nf 3 ''arelnlly guarded ajaiiibt ihe cxpl.nbu of
........ .-. V .- . . . infernal iitnrhi.ips l.i.la .1....I.1. ........
......... ...it. uei-m-ii.i Willi 11 l.l.llnrit.l .
eaten with any kind of fowl or game.
To mako au nppetiziti!rbtef steiv. t.ikn
out the bono and bind tho pieces of beef
tightly, putting n lemon, pared nud cut
in two, nnd some herbs in before binding.
Place it in as small a stew-p.ni or ki-tth.
as will allow of its being covered witli
water. Let it cook Blowly nud gnntlv j
do not u.ld any water unless absolutely
necessary. Shoe n largo o.'iiou aud fie it
brown, and add to tho water also inv
sliced vegetables ymt clio.uo; or cook
the vegetables in a ketthi be-theMis,.lynt
aud servo ou tho platter with tho beef. If
you do not ndd any water you will have
eery rieu gravy, and il portion nl it 111 IV
be leseryed for soup Btoek.
It is sometimes hard tn . 1 i . 1 ul, ,t I,.
li.no fur the luncheon, which in tuauv
homes takes the place of tho iniddn din
ner. If a family ia fund of oistersouu
mid never bo wholly at a lo is. Heie is
nun way to servo them : (let them iu tho
hell : wash the shells perfectly elnm
on a bed of coals ; have your table spread,
and on it have some thtii slices of bread,
somo eiisp crackers, butter, pepper, and
'alt, celery, if in season j if nut, pickles
nf sumo kind. Have the milk and water
hot, ready to stir the chocolate i-i. so tnat
it may go to the table delicately and fresh
ly made with tlie oyidris. When the ny.
tenure done- tho shells will open; have,
ready some butter, mado soft bv standing
on the hearth of tlie stove, but do not
melt it ; put a little lump ou each ovster,
nud it will melt there. Tho iinner shell
should bo removed, of course, but servo
the oyster on the lower ouo. Chocolate
is reeoinmeuded iu placo of tea or cjiTee,
as thu olnldrou may be allowed to drink
Steamed corn bread is n.irtienhirlT
wholesome when made with buttermilk.
If this cannot be urucure.1. uso tnbbnrn.l
milk. Tutwo cups of ludiau meal allow
one cup of white tlour. two tabh so. inn.
fills tif whito sugar, two uud uliilf cups
of milk, ono teuspoouful of soda, one of
salt, nue tnblespoouful uud a half of melt
o.l butter : steam for two boms iu a well.
uttt-re-d tiu, and diy off in the men.
A delicate omelette is made lima i rtn.it
the yolks of four eggs, and while beatim.
mix with them a teaspoouful of Hour,
two tablcspoonfuls of pulverized suc.ir
pinch of b.ilt, and any tiavoriug i xtraet
that ion choose ; this, of enure, cm lie
decided with reference to thenther disluM
which mako up tlie dinner. Heat tho
whites of the four eggs ton froth nn.l
mix with tlie other. Hake this on u but-
ere'd dlsll : ndcCPllhltn will anaunr it
will rise scry light nnd blown nicely in a
veiy few minulcs. Scud to the table but.
If you pleiisn sou limv sift powered sugar
over it before sending it to tho tabh.
delicious and inexpensive, raisin nil,..
is mude of two eggs, ouo cup an.l . I.nlf
of sugar, two-thirds of a cup of butter,
one cup of Bweet milk, two cups nnd a
half of Hour, three teiispoonfiils of b.ik.
mg powder or two teaspeionf ula of cream
, but bake uutil the top is a
paper to prevent its being Bcorchod.
conceited clfoits to
I nits shudders over
s t tlie cly on lire.
Keroseuowillbuiuclcnieriftheburncrs 'lt
no bulled fur live niiiiiitea lev., or t hi-,... mtm t.. n, .,...,.i.,..r.r vn..n...?. -V f .....
time a year in wooel ashes aud water. occiurcuev, ami, to cap Ihe clluini, lhe9o
Clear boiling water will remove ten Jll,lllulllJU:' assassins issue a cheeilid pioc-
staiusj pour tho water through the str iu 1 niiu-tlon warning pccple not to alleiid the
uud thua prevent its spreading over tlio r1nr"1,mll,,n ceremonies at Moscow, because
fabric, Ihc Czar will ho inuideii d then If mil sooner
SultwiU carai. asw milk; heun0,la f,Utt TuJy1i'

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