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tub wnKtu.Y rnnn mess bcchm copy
tt cut i lor three .noii'ii', tl.ro for six nnntlu tl.no
n yuii, i Hituc lice,
A. vv ' m uu nu.t MiliSii-ipiloiu, icc?hcl nt
.e mi "-oc illOfc-oMrccl. I'ulUJvcittsliisi.itcR
it n oi-.llcatlon.
At rhinta cannot ic oiHiiel fiv (nibiorlitiot.
ut.- iiiH'-swIll plcaic ruiiii wuli ur-l.-n names
u . nit (iiti-i.'ti iinlil iiajmeut U reeoluM, and all
Vi?e.s uro htopii?-! al tlio cml of the time rwl.l Mr,
UiMlttaiu-tutllic rhkoftlio subscriber unless
iniiilc by icglslcrcil Utter, or by du-ik or.wlal
iiler lujnblc to the I'liU-thcM.
The il iti wtivn the pubscrliition expire lw on the
A it ilit t.tibul of each ln(er, the vliange of which
to 'i Miiiiti'tiietiL date becomes n lecclpt for I emit
.1. No other rii'clt.t Hsetit miens reiiucfteil,
llieipcelptitfilie inner U a sufflclcnt receipt lor
i .i i "I aulMirlptiou,
When ui-batiga of aMiis n iltHlieit, both the
uM anil new nti Irenes should be Kit en.
(The S,X&
DUHLINGTON, KltlDAY, AIM!. 50, 1833.
ri'llMsllEll 1IY
The Tree l'rits .1.iorlnlion
ti. i. ur.Miititir, i:iiier(
Terin-!V.r.miai t-nr,nln) win nils mice-
Tin' New Yoik Assembly Ins passed ft till
dealing ft forest commission ol llircc mem-
birs, ti) lie appointed by tlic Govctnor.whosn
duly II shall Iju lolnvcstlgnlc tlic condition of
tin' Adirondack rotcstsand rcpoitlo tlic next
legislalurc sticli measures us may be deemed
ndvl'nblc for tliur priservutlon.
t anaj.i Is about to take u great step lu ad-
tm.co, In the way or the extension or the
iliclnc franchise. The Conservatives lire
piesdni; a bill Ihtough riiill.mient which
will ill ct a radical change In the dncctlon
ilidie ,1c i.
I "1 v '
i) .i r
p r umm ,i
In. ,1 .
curt- till.
Inclllcs, tonus and villages Hie
, : liiric itlon is reduced by llus
i HOO to;3U0, ora leulal of 20
in the l ill ;il districts the quail
il be tl.c iiwneishlp cd rial pr. li
vable of 2)1, or the payment of
ii iriilid l -20 ih1! .iiiiiiiin. Tho provi-donsor
the (In . rl i icl, giving the franchise to farm
ers' ii-, is extended lotlie other provinces.
And in lie Ih in tin', It has bien provided
that unuuitiied women, po-sctslug the neees.
s-uy propcity qualification, shall also be ah
lowid l" vole
An intctcstnig (vlhcllon of statistics in ic-
gardlothc numUr of cvllogc-btcd men lu
the three piofcr-bions hi.s Just been published,
'1 lil ih i, by comparing n number of the
lcid'n.t e lieges In Ibe l"nitcd;Statcs, lint an
average ol U.S per tint of the nuulti itis be
come doclois of inidichii1, 21 per cent be
come ministers, and 10.0 tir cent Lecome
lavvyeis. Not half as many college cr.uiu.
ates, therefore, ituily muliciuc us enter the
law oi the ministry. Atiothci table shows
that in the various medical schools ol tl.c
L'till. d States in U80 there were 'J,S70 slu
dents, us agtinsl 501M in theological schools
and .1131 En law schools, Dut troni the re.
poitsof Ihe various Jprotissionul schools to
the I niled Males Commissioner r.f IMuea
lion ii appiats lliat of those in atliiulanee at
plofissionul scheols the pel cent of students
holding il gics lu ait or science wjs,ln tnedi
cine 7.1) i ir .end., in theology 20.4 pir (eat,
iinil in la., 51 1 pir cent
S I'ne iUeiislin statistics ale given con.
cermn tlu liquor intctitt in Chicago an
iuteicst so poweiful that at tlij recent inuui
elpal election, where the sdoou keepers
weie p'.llcd aijaiiist tin "tl.urch-Koins" ele.
tnents ol soeicly, the latter weielirnoiuinous-
ly routed. Of Ibe total ta In that city ot a
little l.-Si tli m i il,U00,OW iijsesed lajt year,
the entire lepior interest, including yOOJ sa
loons and wholesilc dealers, were assessed
less than -iplJ.OW or onediniiot one per cent,
The ctr. expanse's eins:d by the liquor lu-
teies's to the city last j ear Cover aud above
all the oidinary expeus s, such asgis, water,
seiveiag', ele., eimninn to all business;, c.v
cesded i'JJO.O'JO.
KtceilV'l fr lieemiM hoill saloon
luar uki-ii frui cjmn;riillt-r'i
l .t.k) IIJ.UW I'l
upci i-.i lit ii, i-iiine iKjuor nuer
it; .Uirures ut.cn fioin us-n'-ora'
l.ioK- I2,l'l'l in)
Tn'at ... . . .(I'jJ.X.'iMn
t'aiillor extra cxih-iim'h, eni-tiilly estl-
nu'i'l t'J.l.i.O'iiMiy
iLimai-e iiiiti) mm inc etii, .trninuiiK
lo II) it lemiarauce tlieorj' lint iiiuul
Itilil.le .....fril.TM i.u
'l'ne Canadian po el nnient has ii fused to
help the Ameilcaii whihey-makers out of
their ttouble. The amount of tases unpaid
on wlnskey held In biud for several years In
thiscouutryiscstiuutcd at about f 50,000,000,
thetime fur the piymentof which expired
within the year and unless some means of
evadin 'leinpwailly such payment Ii found, a
l.irj qu intlly of Ibis htskcy must be tlirown
upon the market and sold at n reduction
from pics"nt piices. Many Western b inks
hold lare rpi mtilics of the paper of Ihe dls-
tillirs on which thiy have u nde libciid ad.
vances -.villi which tl.c ilistlllcis have further
incriasid their production To avoid n
break in the whiskey market and Its effect
on ceitaln banks the distillers have attempt
ed to nit part of their bonded Etoek tempjr
ailly oulsiile the country. Canada has refus
ed lo amend its revenue laws to help them
and they have turned toward the island ot
llermudd, the plan being as fellows i While
still lu bond the whiskey is exported ton for
eign port, Ihcic landed and n certificate of
the fact obtiiinid from the Amiiican Consul,
It tlien becomes foriijn wbUkey to all leal
intents and purpose, is reshippedln Ihcnomc
vessel bul; to New oik, and is entitled to
lie theic in bond for another period of years,
at the lud of which the operation is again re
peated. The New Ycrk Jltmltl points out some
significant facts as lo the employment of
women and cnlldren fliowu by tho census
stalistics. The whole number of females re
parted as pursuing gainful occupations In the
United States in 1870 was l,8aO,2S8. In
1SS0 the numhei was 2,017,757, shonlug an
increase during the ten jears of B10,609.
This result shows that the numbii of females
engaged in occupations has increased at a
much hUl.er rate than the female population
and nlso at a higher into linn Ihe number of
males piusiiliig occupations. It further ap
pears that the rale ot Increase lu the number
ot fema'cs piiisuiu,' occupations has been far
higher in manufacturing and mechanical in
dustries that is, In r.icloiies chiefly than in
any other kind of employ inent. blniilar re
sults uio shown by the cen-.us statistics with
reference to the employment of children. In
1870 the wholik number between leu and
liriccu ycarsof ago leported as puisuing gain
ful occupations was 730,101. In 18tM the
number was 1,118,350, or an increase during
Iho decade ot 379,1'.IJ. The rate of lids In
crease was greater than the rale of increase
in the jopulalion between those ages, and II
wa-Siftlbo grcalet Ihan llie rale of increase in
the number of adults puisulng gainful occu
pations. As in tho ease of women, so lu the
case of children, the rate or Increase In the
number employed has been greatist In fac
tories. Nearly three hundred thousandmcrc
wtjiiucu, find nbout sixty thousand more chil
drcu weiu employed In manufacturing indus
triwrh 1880 limn In 1870.
The Insurance Chronicle prlnls some sift'
tlsllcs ot suicide for the months or the w Inter
lust closej which are ol some Interest. Il
appears that the whole number reported for
the United States Is 290, ol which December
lias 123 to its credit, January 75 and Tibm-
nry 82. Ot Ihe causes dissipation stands at
the head with 02 suicides alttlbulcd to it.
Dullness trouble comes next with 28 1 then
"sickness" with 37 1 "Insanity" wllh 20 j
"family trouble" with 24 j "love ttouble'
with 1 1, and "grief" with 10. "Itcllgious il
lusion" Mounts for 2. OI tho methods cm-
ployed shooting had precedence, 101 lives
having been terminated at the point
of tho pls'ol. Kirty-elght nf the un
happy ones tried poisoning, 45 lung
lug, thlrty-rour the ratjr m I litlecit drown
ing. One Jumpoil Iroui a bight, one Inhaled
gasand five threw themselves under railroad
trains. As lo sex, there were 222 mills and
fifty-seven females, showing more endurance
on the part or the latter than or the former
or tho hard Winter and oilier Ills. Consid
ered with lelercncc lo nationality, Ameilcans
preponderated, rurnishlng 148, nriorc thiu
fifty per cent. The Oermtins rame next
with seventy-nines tlu Iilsh with twenty.
oncj thellnglish with eleven; the Scotch
with seven. Ot the occupations, slugularly
enough the farmers were most fully repre
sented, tlilrly-four suicides being reported as
tillers ol the soil. Fourteen were merchants
thirteen clerks, five tailors, Tour saloon,
keepers. Several occupations, Including
politician and trump, furnished one each,
Two of tlu suicides w ere persons 8d ye irs uf
aire, while ihe youngest suicide was 13. The
greatest number, eleven, was at the ago of
3-5. Scvculy-tlx of tho unfortunate w etc
husband, thirty-live wives, sixty-seven
bachelors, ih'Ven n.alds, eight widowers anil
four widjws.
So much for tho general figures. An in
tercstln local stu ly Is .furnished by the
New York JttniU, which Ins guthered the
statistics of suicide in that city for the period
1309-1882. from the IltraWi sun.nnty It
nppcars, that In the period mentioned there
occurnd 2170 cases of suicide, aud lu the
ten yuirs from 1871 to 1391 n tot il ot 1070
cases were noted. Ol these 107G, 1177 were
men and 300 women showing, ns In the
Termer statistics, more endurance on tnc part
ot the so-called weaker sex than on that or
the sttonger. l!y far the greatest number ol
suicides cccurred between the aes of 30 and
i), though the whole list cmbiaces nil ages,
rrom the child or 10 yeats to the nonogenar.
Ian. OT tlic whole number, 1239, or nearly
75 pir cent were of forci.'ii birth, while the
proportion of foicigncrs In the city's popu
lace was but 40 per cent ; and the nationality
leading the entire list was tho Germau.
Among the men a trifle ocr hnlf were mar
ried, white among (lie women over 00 per
cent wcic oi this class. May Is the favorite
month for suicides, notwithstanding iho
seemingly unfavorable chaiactcr of that
month Tor shuttling oil this mortal coil. As
to the means oi suicide, the pistol is ottenest
used, after which comes hanging, and then
the culling class. Clgarmakcrs and tailors
arc numerous among men ; and Ihe park8
aud public placis of ihe city ate very geuer
ally the resoit of thou seeking self-dislruc.
a ;iisiuiiist:ns hU.mih..
The belief that lien. Duller would "stir
tilings up" it he were elected Governor was
undoubtedly a convincing argument in Ids
behalf with a large share ot tlic floating vote
ot Massachusetts ; and theic is one public
inslitulion of that Stnte which he lias stirred
up as much as the mo-it ardent advocate of
the Stirling process could desire. We riTcr
of course to the Tewksbury almshouse, as to
the character of which a legislative Invest!
gation has been In progress for a fottnlght
psst. The tistlmony against the manage-
mcnl or lliciiislittitiin has not yet beenclosed
and the detencc is yet lobe beard j but it has
neetlheless been proved conclusively that the
management of the asylum has been cor-
nipt, Inellkient nnd cruel. The institution
has ever Einee 1953 been in the charge of a
family named Marsh; aud it has Leen piovcd
by a large number of witnesses that the
Marshes sold tlic dead bodies or paupers to
medical schools, burning coffins either empty
or filled with snnd; nnd that they appropri
ated lo I lie t r own use the clothing and per.
sonal property of the paupers. As to Ihe
nelliclcncy of the management, it has been
proved that Insane paupers were made to act
as nurses m the hospital, the result being In
one case the murder by smotheilngof a pati
ent by her inune uurse, and lu others gieat
abuses. It rurthermore appears that several
insane women Were confined In solitary
uoms, were ptovided witli no clothing
lalevcr and given but little tood, several
ruriowly missing dealh by sttrvatlou.
Of Ihe revolting ditalls of the almshouse
abusis such as requiiing hair u dozen per
sons lo bathe in the same water our
telegraphic despatches have given our
leaders some nccount. The story is a dis
giace to Masnichusettsatid to the nineteenth
century. Do (Julucey dates the modern
philiutbropic bipulsefrom the establishment
or ahusboiu.es ; but if all ahnshousis were
on tho model of this at Tewksbury Ihey
would not bo among the philanthro
pies but among the Infamies of the
times. The inmates of Ihe Institution
were and are the most forlorn, the most ab
jectly helpless of all God's creatures the
wrecks of society, the unhappy icllius of
hereditaiy sins and evil passions, the wrong-
cd and the forsaken and these hapless oues
tho State of Massachusetts through its official
icpicscnlalivcs, in the true spirit of the old
veiie, "it's only n pauper whom nobody
owna, jobbed and starved and maltreated
while alive and sold Ihclr bodies wLcn dead.
lAnd what makes the case still more open to
criticism is the fact that hall a dozen
yiars ago an investigation elicited racts very
similar to those which are now Inspiring Ihe
whole country with horror, but in spite ol
which the Marshes wero retained as managers
of the almshouse.
As our leaders know, we do not ndiulie
Gov. llutlcr. We have no confidence lu him.
It is more than doubtful whether his objec t
in smoking out Iho nhnsboiibe is n good one.
Hut however that may be, be is certaiuly do
ing an excellent work.
'i he will of l'cler Cooper 'icveids tint Ihe
philanthropist lelt less than 42,000,000. Of
this, after deducting irlOO.OOO lur Cooper
Union, unit twice ns much for smallir tier.
sonal bequests, tho residue Is iliilded rquilly
between Ids two children, ex-AIayor Cooper
and Mrs. Hewitt. As his son-lu.law iioiuts
oui in an interview, h is reauy surprising,
nneu one iukis lino atcouui Ills llll'JCSS
benefactions, that Mr. Cooper lelt even so
largo an estate, l'robably not less than four
millions ho gave nw ay during his lout; life
lime. He mlirlit have left ten millions. In.
stead of less Ihan two, had he been iuspiied,
as Mr. Jay Gould's Hirif bas, by "the or
dlnarv nnd vulirar nmbltion of rich men.'
Tho proposition to rear an enduring and
befitting monument in New Yotk to l'eter
Cooper, by raising u fund which shall en
largo four-fold the facilities for a Heo tech
nlcal education now offered by Cooper Union,
Is one which will commend Unit lo everybody.
Tho convention called by Patrick l'.gan of
the National League or Ireland, meets nt
Philadelphia on Thursday ol next week, nnd
Ihe probabilities recni to favor a pretty IHc
ly session. Tho convention Is lo consist of
one delegate from each land league society In
this country with n membership or fitly, nnd
two from each one with a membeiship of n
hundred. According to Ilia call Ihe object
of tl.c convention Is "To voice the liotror
which freemen of every inej feel on behold
ing a peaceable, ludiistrlotts and virtuous na
tion despoiled by force of all vcstlgos of con
stitutional nberty ; the lives of nor elilzens
ruthlessly sacrificed on the paid and pci Jurcd
testimony of self-confessed villains; her Jiuy
box packed by political and lcllglous bigotry ;
Ihe ermine of her Judicial benih thli ly con.
cenlingcas'le conspiracy nn 1 partisanship;
the functions of government withm her con
fines ndmlnlslcrcd by her cnetnlis i and all
her national and political rights obliterated
by a ferocious coeiclon act whoso tjiantious
provisions shock civilization, engender and
reward crime, and justify every Icijltl'iiatc
cllort or anexaspcrated poople in resisting its
enforcement." This fiery call Ins a highly
belligerent twang and affords leuson lor
thinking Unit the dynamite gang may nltempt
to capture the convention. Many prominent
Irish-Americans deny that it cm do so or
will do so, but others arc already pri paicd to
express disgust at "parliamentary meth
ods," and Intimate that "vigorous mens.
ure"wlll be urged In the convention.
Patrick I'oul of the Irith 11'wM says
"There is, 1 think, a geuernl want of faith In
parliamentary methods mil constitutional
modes of agitation. There Is ooe secret Irish
organization, the Clan.na Gael, which Is out.
spoken In favor or other methods. Of course
lam not entitled tospeak forlhem, nn I do.not
know what they will do. They am bclicNcd
to he in favor of Iho dyn unite method. They
would bo entitled to representation under the
call." John Dreslln and John Dcvoy say
that the obiett ol tlu.' convention Is "the
foundation of n central body whtih shall per'
form Tor united Itlshincn Ihe functions or a
government; and John lloyle O'U'.IIly has
pollen of the coming convention ns "a par.
lament of people without a country, but de.
termlncd to have ouc." Thai is, Ihese gen
tlcmen propose to erect a formal govit.nnont
for Ireland nt Philadelphia, ir the idea Is
cariied out New York w ill bo made the olll
cial as it is now the actual capital ot Ire
laudi the new Irish pirlinnient will hold its
sessions there j and Ihe heads of Uio t cw
government will, likely anouh, entry on
negotiations with Mr. Gladstone aeiom the
Atlantic. The Idea, however, may result In
serious consequences, If canuil out, for in
the present tUiu of feeling in Kngland It
would take but very little lo disluib our
diplomatic relations with that country.
Hut however that may he, it is sincerely
lo be Tbopcd, lor the best good or tho Irish
and their cause, that the dynamite faetion
willbesevciclys.it down upou. Itisdom:
more harm to the cause for which It is otensi-
bly working thin all other agencies combin
ed, and the sooner all Irl.luuen recognize th
fact the belter. There'll patiiots and ihe
true friends of Itehnd can not alTord U be
associated in tho public mind with murder.
ers nnd usasslns. If the dynamite cruwd
capture the Philadelphia convention It will
be h sad day for Ireland and lur cause.
i.(0M;r.Mti, lAoiih.
In nn cditotial published in IheaC column:
u shoit time ago, we attempted to point out
some of the causes of the Increase of clime In
this country. We mentioned three cxci
sivc nnd ill-governed Immigration, growh;
infidelity, nnd sensational and impure htira
ture. Another cause might have been men
tioned, and ceitalnly deserves some nllcutlon
from those who arc studyitigthe subject more
in detail. It is that of uncongenial work.
Thete nic thousands, nnd liundteds of thou
sands, of men and women in this country
who arc demoralized, and icudered danger
ous to Ihe community, by uncongenial wnik.
And of these there arc two classes ; flist,
those w ho have, by choice or necessity, en
gaged in employments for which they arc
naturally unfilled oi llt-eiiulppcd ; and sic
ond, those whose work Is uucon'icnial (o
them by reason of its inadequate returns.
The first class is less dangerous than the
second, for this reason ; persons who are dis
satisfied with their wotk because they feel
themselves unfitted for it, are apt to make
their dissatisfaction the menus and reason
for recking etuployment which shall he
congenial to them. Tliey are iestless;
and look with longing eyes upon the
prosperity and content of olherB, hut
their restlessness is not often of
a harmful kind. It leads them to seik relief
from personal drudgery, but not by un
worthy means. As a general rule, those who
are ambitious enough to fce-1 ft desire lor Ihe
proper kind ot work, Ihe work for which
they arc suited, arc loo high minded to des
cend to crime and dishonesty, Xo stigma
should attach lo a man because lie is not sot.
lsfied with his work, if, nt the same time, lie
desires better woik. It is not Irom this class
ot dissatisfied laborers Hint the worst art of
our criminal class Is iccruited; (.llhough It
is true that uncongenial labor of the first kind
dois lead to indolence and paiirirism. If tiie
right kind of work can not be secured as it
often can not the very desire for it, so com
mendable iu itself, Is likely to ueoct and pro.
duce evil coi'sequcoecs. In so fkr u in
dolence is crime, the first class nf dissatisfied
woikers is a dangerous class.
Hut Ihe principal evil is to be apprehended
from the second class those whose work is
uncongenial lo them because ol Its inadequate
leturus. Dy lar the greater uunibcr ot dissa
tinned lnboicrs is ot this class, and it includes
In the main, those persons who belong to the
ovicr ranks ot society, Bud who are, Iheie-
fore, subject to stronger temptation from
Ihclr cnvironmcut thau others of a higher
rank. It is not so much the kind cf
work that uukts these men and women
discontented It Is the low, hopeless piano
or poverty upon which the uotli keeps them
To illustiatc, take the most dUagrceble and
monotonous wotk that caulie fouud, as for
iustance coal mining. If a manor woman
could get $20 or 50 a day for pirking coal
out of the earth In silence and daikucs,
there would te hiindiedsandlhoiieaniui of out
but and inns', highly educated people who
w oukl oigci ly seek Ihe opportunity lo woik
at even thia wearing, monotonous work, and
Ihey would wik at It most cheerfully.
Why ? Ilec.iusi! their toil could tie so quick.
ly transmuted into comfort, iiilcjvndcncc,
luxury even. The hours of uihtary itojl
would ho more than roiniieuaitcd by the re
n'ard. Itut If the pay for the same work is
hut a dollar a day il becomes unbearable and
slavish loll.
-Most ot the Uaurhes of inauual labor
which require only physical slicuglh, cudur.
nncc, or self.ilcuial, us illstlngihahcd from
iiiichaulcal skill, ate underpaid. Tho vsst
disproportion between the gains or largu cm.
ploycis, In these fiehU or labor, and Ihe
wages whlt-h arc puid those who really coin
Iks ptotlls, prove Mils, (live al miith etlia
cicJit ns you will lo tho "head power," aud
Mill t ii tnti! I confess llutt the "ilo-inwct" I
iiotiidequalely icpiescnled In tho lesull. It Is
thi9 discrepancy between what they accom
plish nnd bat tl.cy rerclvi1, Hint ihlves la
boring mi n lo mi'chlef. And Ihcynruilc
inonillzid In nnolhcr way Mill. They have
no lime nod n minus for cultivating their
klghcr I minis, l'or Ihem life Is nothing but
diulgciy dining nil the available bonis of
the diy, rind heavy, hi n-t-llke sleep during
Ihe night. Wotk, cat, sleep Ibis Is ihclr
routine, Iroui day to clay, from month to
tiionlh, and year to yeai. Weaiiness,
cvin to cxhaustljn, pn vents Ihe use
of llie ivinliu liJuts for social en.
Joymenl or mental Improvement, and ear
ly similiter must picparc tlic va3led tissue
for the cnily labor ot tho mot row. So these
perph degenerate Into mere lutchincs, phy
sically and mentally, nnd Into mire battel ies
id vile passion, moiallyniul spiiitually. Wo
nun, especially, ate degiaded by exacting
and undctpaid woik. Very few or Ihcyoung
gills cons'anlly being thrown upon their own
resources tor suppoil, cm resist ll.e lempln
tlou lo add llie more liberal wages of vice lo
the scanty pittance which Industry allows
them for keiping b)dy nnd find together.
In the tight organization of society, this
prolllic cause of vice should ic tcmoved.
Labor should bear koine mote adequate tela
Hon, to capital ; hard physical toil mid self
denial should have ft financial value, at least
approaching somewhat more nearly that ol
mechanical and pioressioii'il skill, for in the
great woild's woik It Is woith as much, if
ii jt mole; the houts of labor siiould be np
potlloncd to tlu best wellarc or the laboter
especially, we think, should caily morning
labor bo restricted ; nnd finally, women's
woik in particular should leceive more near
ly Ibe conipensitlon which It desirves. lie
ca'ise it it women's work, it should u t Ic
oorly pa d. 11 such refoim Is not Inaugur
ated, the vle'ous cl iss will be more and more
lurgily recruited from Hie ranks or llie labor
ing class.
.nn, menu's rm. n..
Till Ihfnrteiik VillllltM tlitll lie until
I. finler III llie ,TI nriter ill llltrlti'-lle
llu not 'liilil Mull he Kiliivii."
Drill is, Apiil 12. Joe Dnidj's trial was
iisumed loday and Caiey, the informer,
continue! lr's evidence. Carey ndmlttul
ll.al he wus ihe pilnelpnl paymaster of ll.e
itvu-sli.i and gave ll.p sjginl for Duikc's
murder, lie also udiuUtid taking the c,-in
mui.ioa while engaged In these deeds ot
bluoil. O.l being shown n pliologiaph ot
Tynan, Witness Carey Idenlllieditas ll.e per.
lin.t of "Number One." Ho was one of the
iitici 1.1 movers In Ibe lnurdci of Durke, bid
was under cuninuUlou during Ihe time direct
ly preceding llie event, lieiug cKcly inter-
rogaled he finally ujiniuui mat lie was r.oi
under eompulsiouwheii he pointed out Dipke
lu the assassins and niged Ihe muidtrcrs lo
nmeinU r that llie man In Ihe gray suit was
Although witness for 0 jears had leen
working b r waes averaging two po:,nds n
wick, be had, in 183J. 90 tenants ori'invln,;
Ids houses.
Coliu-el for the definccbroiightout in sharp
coctrjsl tuthcrif! ntt inaileeiy the Lrownlliat
Caiey drove with his children to ll.e door of
Ihe c iiiieh In I'itz Hatiis'scib May flili, that
ho was the Hi si to sug'ist Hint d.lgjirs be
used nnd allerwards suggested lb it the
weapons with wl ieh the crime, wns commit,
ted be ptilnu exhibition as national relict.
Wilners'.s answers to the iiucsUonsconmn.
ing tjie romises of pardon weie given with
much hi'sitatiru aud liiiallyhc said hehad been
inform! d bv Million, chief of tho detectives,
that If his evidence was given treely nnd was
confirmed by that ol other uiluiiccs ho ami
ins i.rotner vvoum no paruoncu. inismaie
ineiit caused a sensation, His attention be
ing called to the Hilling details discovered
lately leeanliii'' tho luovi incuts of Pltz liar-
rii's cab in the t irk on the day of Ihe intir-
ikr, and wh.cli wre not given ny uie wn
ness, Carey lemaiked that he so tar only h id
answered the questions put by i.e counsel,
and could if uniistiicle I nnd if disiied tell a
irieat deal more.
li.c cross-examination was veiy seveie
and searching. The counsel for the defense
said that Cnej's bands were Hiepedin
b ood.
Carey " 1 hat's not ti tie." Carey Mid he
was only Idling halt of what ho kn.'W, ai-d
was mote liienilly to the counsel for the de-
use man llie countel iiiinsui wasawnico..
lie told the hit l ir in beir ill mind tint he
was not telling even thing lie knew airidiist
The counsel vihcmentlv molested that it
was his wish to have no friii.dly inter
coms.1 with llie witness and no favor from
Kuv.n-h the di iver nf llie cab in vvh'ch
the murdeieis tode, wis placed on llie stand
He chanecd somewhat tke cvidenc lie cave
nt Ihe prelin.inaiv examination. lib testi
mony showed tint It was lirady who direct
ed him where to drive and who designated
the pliwe for lilm to wail tot the murderers
.May Clh. Kuvuuagji made n in.iteri.il
amendment to his lestmiony by faying that
It was MVlli, not Delaney, lie urove lo ine
same ot the murder Willi t-atey. ins pic
vious statement was a mistake.
James Mullett auothei piisuner made a
statement to the crown on the strength ol
which it Is said Unit lie will be nice pled as
Annie Meagher deposed that she was with
liracly al Her uncle's pome Jlay tint r.i live p.
m.. and s"ait from 0.4-5 ilutil 8 n. 111.
Lillle, ft public house keeper, diposed
that Drady was in his house at 4 p. in, aud
agalu ut 8:45 p. ill., -May 0.
Cross examination elicited the Tact that
Liltleiu house was n regula1' icndizvous ror
the InvincibleS.
Drady'a counsel argued an hour in sup.
noitot the alibi for the nrisouei.
The counscl'dcnounccd Carev's villainy in
having betrayed the men whom lie seduced
into lie! ''onumssion ot crtm?. I no lniorni
ets, he eld, cvitriidlcltil each oilier on Im
portant points. Tho rule wns infamous that
infoiuiers' testimony unCfc0.ii.nicd by nny
other evidence should be accent .'d. 'Jolet-
ested evidence must be conoborated by dis.
interested testimony. In this easo such
evidence was lacking.
vcidict is uiivcled early to-nioitow
Ilratli C'onv Ii tril und sciitviitvif lo he
.Dminx, Apill 13. The tilnl of Joe
lirady was concluded lo-ihy. The de
fence called a clerk named Kennedy
who swoie llul lie spoke to Drfdy who
was aceompjiiiul by a girl ou Dominlck
stitel, between 5 and 7 o'clock o tho even
ing of May Oth, tho date or the Phirulv Park
murders He tccoguized Ann'o Meagher,
who tisllhcl first she was with Iliauy on
lliat evenitg, as Iho gill In question. The
witness faid he also met Drady tho tohuvv.
ing day. Tho latter declaud that the niur-
ilcu ;vo;jld ruin Ihe cause or Ireland. Upon
the I'onclu.L.u ut Kennedy's testimony the
defence anuuuiicid (lny would call no oilier
witnesses. 1 no argument ot counsel for t he
ilcfcncc ami prosecution followed.
Webb, llie pilsonir's counsel. nrolcsXed
ugalu-t the ucnilfsun ot evidence bearing
uimn llie exisleutu of u conspiracy prior to
May 3id, evin though eyideuce he thus ex
cluded which would Ihiow light on Die plot
existing befoul that dale to murder Durke. Tbu
only exception to that priuclpui would be
lliat eviuencc which coueeineil the words
and acts of the mlsontr mielil with nioniii,tv
nnd accouhng to Ihe niles of evidence lie ad
juit,ted. Webb said Ihe prisoners wire lint
arraigned on charge of conspiracy. This was
followed by a charge of murder. Ho con.
tcndtfl lliat such a combination of churgis
was uiipiectilented.
Tbu eouit said Iho jupsciit jndicUiicU ves
not one id conspiracy and miirdtr. but a'
single indictment of murder.
Adams, lor tl.c ut lence. ileclured concern.
Jng the iliango lu Kavaniigh's evidence yes.
Unlay that his siiddin discovciy that It vins
Smith Hid not Delaney whom he diove
tt the scene with Catev was a sLorv
concocted between Uavaiihgb and Caiey.
i line wuo oiuei uisciepaucii's uitwccn iijy
ctldcuco ot Iho former nml that of tlit. auir
ivllniascjhy whom IhcCiovwi ought 1 1 bin It
up ids perjuries. Only one of the Crown wit
nesses ever saw Drady la fote .May 0th, yl
they now claim that Ihey lecngnized him n .
llie mail they saw In PIuimiIx Pal U that day.
H Ihe Jury bcllevid Ihe Mvllm es ml k u
llieu the cam re-l-e I silely mi tie suyicl'.us
evidence id inr, hi.eis.
The Coin t mid Ihe points Webb taisid
against die Inltii Isctton id evidence could
not bo Fiuiii'utd
Adams mltl, "Heiiven torbhl tl.nt I should
ever be niialgotd beforu iho trlbtiiial ot pub
lic opinion iu lira ly has beon In advance 1 1
Ihe legul ir til.d. Drady'a cise l.asheeii pre
Judged, ills guilt his bien pnsillncd In n
tnmner the most stand dousin lecord. Let
not the July be pievet.led Ironi doing justice
bicaii-e th" ciime Is 'iv fn'. but let them con
slihrsilely wheiler lliadv Is guilty. Let
them beir lu mlntl lhai Ihe elder evidence
ngalnjl liim coii.es fto.u cisonswho spoke
In save lb ir uivn links. Such evldei.ee
must evir bj legitded with gnnt stiplr!nn.
Adams Slid the prlueipils In the conspiracy
lied lo ll c 1'nlled Stales and 1'iance l.eb te
Catcy and Kavnnngh leslllleil.
Nalsli for llie Clow n said "Il Is coii'cilcd
tint the Clinic was the fruit or conspiracy."
1 ho account or Its organization and lis ob.
Jcclsand pi ins given by Panel ould never
have been concoeleJ by llie most skilful
lawyers. If Carey and ICnvaiiajh weie en
gaged In concocting evidence they would
loth have svvoin In the lame story hi minor
as will ns mior dctaib Tin evidence id
vniious vvltntsEes who swore to h ivlng seen
Drady In Plucnlx Patk fiiiuishcd the slroiig.
c-t possible prod that llindy was llicie.
Tliete was an utter fdlitic of llie ilc'f.ntc I )
establish an alibi.
Judge O'Diicn iu tluigiug Ihe juty com
mculeil on the ;evldvnce nddiieed by the de-fen-e
to prove the ulilii an 1 Slid lucre was
nollilng so r.ir ns could be diovered lolls
Ihe putleiilar evening, -May Clh, In tl e mind
or Miss Meagher. Lvidenco tending to prove
an allot was irtquentiy tesotitii to or invent
cd.cn'ccl illy by women. when It would as si
riictiiK He dwelt upon the evident dt site
ot iicnniuy to maun mo lime nt wlncli'l.c
saw llrad) III in ns 'icing before 9 ucloeli
p.m. 1 lie lesilinony ol tins witness was
open to Iho same comment as Unit id the
otlur wltnessis Tor the difniee, intnely that
lie was itetl ling lo Pave oeeniied on one
diywhit ii'lually happeicd another day
Hie judge said lh.it although Carey
had evuy loi.eeiiable tnolivc und
Indue cinent to give statements cileulated lo
serve his own purpose he old a idralghlfor
waid stoty whlili did not spue lilni'ell. The
eviuence wcniiosuow lint t lie- men in li.i
park with Ibe object of murder wne Invincl
blis, nltlioiigli sui.e who wire coguizint
of the pi in and were not there might not
nave neiu meuuiois o; u,o uroiiii rnooii. nn1
Judge ixhorted the jury to render an unnir.
lial venllcl. He expiesied llie hope Unit
tliey wouia lie li.llueuced by Divine Insplra.
Judge O'Diieu flidskeil Ids clargo to I lie
jury 'it t liiitee.ii mlnu'es after liiric
o'clock, when the ji.ry Kti'cd. They were
absent but a shot t t toe, and riluinlng an
nnunced lint they louud D.ad) guilty of the
murcliT nt l.olil 1 le.li in K Caveudlsli atli
-Mr. Duike.
There wns bieathliss silence in the court
when ll.e Juty nnucut.ced the virdicl
Drady was nt once sentenced to be banged
Mar lllh
noitsi:s Tii.t-r .vi tins n!trr.i:s
'llie if -J J I It.lirrs vilio linte lion
iiiiiii- mini feii),uuu lanli.
tl'l onl Mil' Sjl.l .1 ,t 111-Tllnes.J
The list of tiotling hoises who hae wou
putses or slakes nrgiegallnz a' hn-t 10,003
rumpuses 221 names of hot ses that have
peiroriiied from the days of Dulc.innti and
l.ady Suffolk, who beerm their victorious
catursui ls.ib, down lo the t ' ingstone. I.I
win Thome, S.ritn Chius, etc., of the pnsent
1 he pirni ns a eanipaiuiicr must he aw.ird-
1 to Goliisnuth Ma Id. l'loni 1870 to 17
lids marvelous bltlc maie had 121 victories,
aud tiie e'jof Mora Teintilo lire Ibe nearest
approach to Uer in this icsncet, Ihe i. umber
ol beats she trotted lu 2:30 or littler was
1 he nclii d net g ilt.s aside troni cxpen
ses that she.li is bro'igld lo her owner, loot
up tsu, too. -o n use ot any age cr cotiulry
ever won so much money as the little inbred
Abdellah mare, who is now meeklv neifoiin
ing the ibit'es of ,i m'dron at Fashion Stud
1 aim. Her hmg I'ueer was In Hush I hues :
itO.000 purses weie not lufiequcnt and sev
eral people whom she ha- euilcbed have
cause to bless Ibe day when it was ilulded
inai sue was too in tempered tor ploughing
mid had baiir be trained for the track.
1 here are but three others whose winmnjs
teaeli lieble inures lu Ihe thousands, v z.
Anieiiem Gill. ill9.100i Hams. -illl.iW).
ami Jiiuje 1 miction, ?iu'.,u-Ji. Dexter,
it'sa leiupe, nopcuu ami i-atty thorn d
not fill far shoit of -jtOO.OijO. 'Hie greatist
winnii on the running turf In this country
was Hindoo and his nit lartdngs amounted
less iiiau suo.uuu.
It has also bien sliosn in several cases thai
a'tiiiiler can be ir urlive lainnaigiiliig tor ten
or twelve or even nrn'cr number of vears.
yet we find lint 101. nearly ouc-half. of the
iu,uuu norsis wue not suci'issfui in races
Iir a teiloii grealer than live veins. Asa
rule we llduk Ihe old time tiotttr s'ayed
longer at the lioul than those ot thepat two
ditiides, but that fact m ly be atliibutuble to
lucre Ljivinz neen less competition and tliey
weie not to socij outclassed. A striking e-
ception to this is t .und in the velirau 'fom
Keeier. unuer llie name ol Lnyucci Cliief
tie won ins nrsl race In 130i. al llie Civile
New York, and his Ihiitv-seventh was won
In .Maine. In 1S'.'. this 19 n nerlud o Hi
VcaM and noneor the inlervealng calender
divisions has failed to see him t-t the front
one or tnoie limes, except 16li3 and R3l.
lie is a marvel oi wear. (Mil l.'i'ly Nilloiu
Is only one siasou liiluml liim mid she won a
gieat number of (aces, 75 In ing ciedited lu
hei more than twice Ifielus quota.
Chleigo, alias llardbeard, alin Jim ltockiy,
tiuirauus even lorn iveeier, Having won lus
first race lu lN'j'J aud Ids lad In 1870, no Ics
than 18 seasons of hard caiupilgning. i
believe ho Is still alive In Cahtornl i. An
intiri sting reinlni-ienee of lilm vvi.s recently
imblislied and if we ale not mlstakeu he wou
a scrim race in si ) i nr.
Ullier notauie "lasters ' are, liroiiier Jon
nlliin. Dyron, Coullilencc. Cozette. IK-rlir.
Lilian AILmi. ) lor.i lenm . Georce W illus.
Gohl-milll Alabl, Hots' ur Hunlless, John
11.. Jolm Milart, l.aily 1 iilnMm, laaily .vtos.
cow, Lidy Star, Pilot Temple, Silas Itleh
and Ihoinns Jilfetson, ail of whom have a
successful career of at leasl ten season's dm.
Tlds table also luiiib,.' c a new lest of tiie
,.r ci..lli...i rt'.i...i i. n ... n.,.1
tliat Voluuleir bt.ids the list with tell itpic
seutattves. while hissiic, Uvsdvk's llamble.
toniau, tanks second, w ilh eight of of his get
In thv lyb'e. 'Ihe only olherslallionsth.it
have more lha two representatives, tire i
Ethan Allen, 3; Daniel ijundierl, I! ; Young
Columbus. 4i Htuc nun, 4: Vermont t.iacu
Hawk, oi AlcMinuers Aociiimn, u; nuii
Kd vatd Lveiilt, 3.
lklL.I.4rll l' lillil'IIA.M.
Oiib oi Itanium' .ilonslciii kicuui.-
Iiiliiriuli'il lllMI i tsiiii io iienin.
Pilot, who licit to Jumhu wns Ihe largest
elephant ever seen lu Amcilea, became ugly
the othei night and the next morning he
made a lu.!ou; ullaek on Ids fellow pichy
ilerms, says Ihe Now ioi!; 11'ntU. Frank
Hyatt, the siipeilutenjeut nf ll.e live elcl,
of tlio show, said he couldn't guarantee any
man his life with such abea't about. While
Ihe audience .c:o at the puforiuancc Pilot
was kept uuder constant wide:, and he was
noio.r i-ntrnaloil iiunv from hifl Stall Wtiili
vvas In ill humor. As Ihe day advanced lie
became inoro Irritable than ever. When lie
was looacucd fqr valeting he caught ICiepir
William Newman hv llie heud snd filing him
linwn. and when be was driven Into lit, (tall
ho biLutiifl perfectly lurious. lie li.ggcd
savagely ut Iho hands confining Ids fed. He
buttid at the wooden uprights around him.
lie Hung himself against the animals ou pilh
irslde. Tho keepers were eilled logelhar,
and it was evident to them that an extraor
dinary effort must be male to get Iheumiily
brule AL.der Bubjectioti.
At uiglif ailcr tho pcrrormanco was over
(houholo force wero' gutheied. The long
lines of mammoths in their fluiL uuder Iho
amnhilheatre weie iiuhl. Thu lauleiiL.
show ed only Iho w living I uinks and Ihe gieat,
misshapen bulks ranged iuiihilf eiic-Ie.
The re was one sound in Iho place audit
came from Pilot, Tho elephant was still in
II ffl IIZV. 11(1 Mill strove 1,1 hen l.lme.lr I
bjviilc ii a ny. Tho keepers strove to dis'elpllno
...... uun ua,.-n ii uoojnu ui wi ii-irftincii
pliant i lo n'slst them. Obedient to li.o
vyoril and goad I rltz and Gipsy sided up to
it.- .i.i...."i,ii ... ... i .''i' "'
iieuMis i iioi nun presseu ngainsi lillu oil
elthirslde. Their Joint weight ovcrcani"
him. He could plunge about no more.
'! hi n Ihe keepers crawled between the lees
of Ihe clephiiils mid fastened n Manila rope
nn huh anil n hilf Ih'elc to his feel. Willi
no ciroit ho regilned his Iiccdom for in In
Mailt and the ligatures wero snapped like
cords. Hut Fritz mil Gypsy, Iralued to
Ihclr work, piessed against I.I m ugalu. Tho
furious beast was poivirless. Jlo did not
yield without ft struggle. Ilolunged against
the two elephants Willi all his weight, now
at oneii'id ngd'i at the other. He tried lo
gore them Willi his disks. Ills trunk was
whirled through the nir like a flail. His
cm ill, piggish eyes wero savage and blood,
sin I. lie did not tiiimpct, but n strange
siuiid hkoesciplng sltiitn came nnd went
Willi cvny snuggle. The animal was fairly
mad. Tho ki cpers lost no time. Th ypio.
cured new lopes two nnd n half Inches In
thickness. They bound lh-i fore reel tightly
und then the hind reet. Stout ropes weie
ntlarheil lo cither and ran through blocks
fastened lo tho building nt opposite oxtrcinl
lies. Then forty men laid hold of the lines
and lugged with a will U!l thegteat brutu's
legs were dragged from itndor him nnd he
tank upon his belly. He still struggled s iv.
ngtly. A couple of men wh i venluied with,
in leach weie tossed over like nine pins, nnd
lio toie down a big post supposing Ihe
amphitheatre floor. Next a rope was fattened
to bis feel nnd drawn over his back and w hen
it was fastened to a Meek the keeper dru 'ed
him oyir on his side. Then they began dis
cipllnlng him witli hoop poles.
Hut their work wns or no avail. SoAr
stlugstall, the elephant trainer, ilictded'llnt
itwas in use Irvinglo sube(t ihe brule. In
spile id Ids costing sjio.000 be would have
to bo killed, as lhat alone would insure Ihe
satity of those about him. .Mr. Aistln-stnll
got a big navy levolver nnd five bullets
driven Into Ibe animal's heart put at end to
Idol. Word was s.-nt to the proprletots or
thesluw nnd then to the Society lor llie
l'leveiillon of Cruelty lo Animals. In ibe
evening lepiesentnllves from the litter and
f i oni th.' Xnohigicnl Department ot Central
Paik gpl.cred In the elephant's quailtrs,
aed under he direction or Dr. Leonard, of
Iho iteilniiy College, lhcgre.il brute- was
ipmlued and his remains sent to Ilaiicn
isi.init. ins tusks were prrscvcd, und one
icg w..s cm to uio college ot I'hysicians aud
Surgeons tor dissection.
JllM(tl.Al IIKDIllIt MntiX.
Ilizel Mike" was plsycd fur the two
tliou-andlh llnu Monday night, in McVIek
ii's Ihcalic, Chicago.
A ooloicd wool in will, it is said, make her
deb.itu us Seiilca In "L'Africilne," at the
Stadt theatre, Fraukfort-on-tho-Main.
Ileniy Waul ll.icher alteuded tho per
form nice or "Semlra-nide" at tlio Acidemy
on Sa'uid ly. This was Ihe Hist time in ids
nte tii.it no ever witnessed an oera!iccr
ii alliance.
Mr. Jetonio Hopkins announces lliat his
eighteenth springtide festival in New Veil:
will bo given In the Star Thoitre. on tho nf.
ternoon of Apnl 21, when will bo piesented
several oiUlnal works for pi.no, orcbestn
and voice, and his Juvenile operetta, "Tally
111,11 win ..union.
Tcrc.-hu Tua, the young Italian violinist
who created such n sensition in Dcrlin a few
mouths ago, lias since app.-are I In 120 con
certs In Gerrainy, Austria and Hungary, the
receipts of which nm jiint to JO,lU0. Her
ursi concerts in v enim were In the Orera
House a distln-ticu aocnnled no violinist
since illlanoiii.
.Miss I.oltie.MignouCrabliee, better known
by the simple name of holla, has been losin.
tier singing voice during some time pjsl and
by the advice of Iter physicians will retire
Iroin the slaje for two years lu order to seek
e-x pert mtdiril treatment In Ltirop.'. Should it
be found that her voice ennnot be restored her
letiremcnt from the stage will be perma
Patll ascribes most of her excellent health
loNleolini's paternal care of her. .she u a
selfish little woman nt best, an, tlds man has
leacueti ner Heart ny tits care nt her. They
live very happily together, the r.ict tint shr.
bus n liuebatid living on otic side and he n
wife and five children on the other, never
seeming lo disturb Ihem. Greet prime donn;
e in atford a high-minded indilTcicnco In do.
mesne matters of tint sort.
Ihe mo-t rimirkable conceit lourevir
made iu this country will bo beirun bv Then-
uoie u-onias nun ins orchestra this month.
11 will extend from Dahlmorc to San Fran
Cisco, will Include In its circuit; thirty cities,
and will last from April 20 to Julv 7. Dur.
ing Hie seveuly-three dijs Inclusive between
those dmes seventy.lhreo concerts will be
given, and In twelve cities Ihe performances
win use 10 tin- uiemty ot tesiivuls, in which
local choius sieielies will take part. In
iiiiny of these feslivals "Iho Hedemptiou,"
'The .Mesai.h" .and "r.lilah" will bo clven
entire, and at others selections from "those
works will be given with parts ot Lohen
grin." "Ihe Damnation of Faut."nnd other
choial works. AlSdl Lake City the Mor.
iuoii euoir, numoering uailj voices, wilt take
Wong Chin Foil, tiie editor of the Chinese
.tMi7e,rn,wiIlso)u publish liislhiglislijtratis
latlon of the historical Chinese drama. "Fan
lou: or. 1 he liova Slave." The wor e was
begun about two years ago. The translator
says co-jceining llie nook, ' -r an ion ranks
iiiLlimcsc with the Iliad and Odvssev in
eiree-K, ami ruiakspearc s ptays in i.ngii-u
hlerilure. Itwaa written twelve bundled
years ago by Hung Ming, a direct descendeut
ol Coi.tucius. The play has steiddy held its
plicu on the Listirn stage. It is played
iiirouuiioui ejiea, e-tnni, &iam ami iituito.
stan, nnd tlioiijli it treats of a court and
king wldchviry few understand, it is popular
neciuse it is so natural and true, t an ion
Is Ihe son of a kinu in the Tone- dvnastv.
His father becomes enamored of a peasant
wuo, as was ouen tuo caee-. is wen euncatetl.
She is l-eautiful and e-nterlalnliig. and for a
few years lives In the royal household, the
favoiileof cinptess and emperor. Hut her
conduct was only a pint of her plan to gain
llie mi one. I lie empress is out out or the
way, she ninths the emperor whoisalso
MJIed, and the pcsint llitis iiecotncs cm.
prtss. The prince is sold as a slave. This
is the prologue. The interest cculiis in the
royal slave, w l.o, by valor and the aid of the
Ititantrv, lluailr regains the throne desmle
the many intiiiites of tho emmcss. who Is
killed in the lt net. There are tlvo proud,
itent characters. The plot js very deep, and
though iutricate, Is simple aud natural. The
vv oik of translating was never hcfoie at.
tempted, lor lo do justice to It, one must
bo cdticitid well in both Chinese ami
During the Winters of 1874 9, 1975-0 and
1870-7 the sufferings of tho poor lu New-
York city from privation, cold and want ot
employment wero unprecedented in llie ms
Icryof the Metropolis. L'very day during
Ihcro long Winters, from 3 o'clock In the
utltinoou until 0.30, Mr. Pclcr Coopcrs.it in
Ids ollico or binary on Lexington avenue nnt)
no one. however slmbuy m dress, was re
fused admission. On thelablo before him
were lied bundled ol newly coined half
tloll.ii h aud piles of one dollar greenbacks,
nd these piles wero leplenlsucd every hour
bv-the seivaid tr: attendance. His rule was
to give cvtty'appile'anl half a dillarlnany
evnit, and if Ihe c'iso seemcd'to tie a special
ly urgent one, the (iVurwa9 doubled, with
n icquest either to write a history of the case,
huve It authenticated by some cicgymait or
oilier lu-lhoiily, and send It In for further
onsiderallon. AJui'ly ns 2.JU oeloekiii
llie nrtuuoou irowjs ot poverty stricken
people men and women of eveiy nationality
and position In life might he sien gathered
lu hont or Ihe Lexington avenue usldeiicc.
und the amount expended often amounted to
j200 iu a single day, Irrtspcctlve of the spe
cial cases that weie more carefully iuqiilra)
Into, ipul lu which special aid was glrcu.
Moslnflliu applicants were 6traogers, nnd
many of coutse, wurc do might frauds. Hut
Iho old man proceeded upon Iho principle
that It is better to bo deceived by many than
to deny ono deserving sufferer, lie could
nllord, ho used losay, to give half n dollar lo
anybody who nskul for it, irrtspecllve of Ihe
limits il Ihe rpplicant, and lime did not pi r
ml', him to uqiiiu Ico' minutely inlo the cir
cumstances. His heaviest week deiilri; any
season aggtegaled $11100.
I'liliSO.Vll, AMI i'tlMTIUh .Mills.
The Dr mklyii Congregational Association
u-s ns'.eil Henry Ward llccchcr, who last
year vvllluli e-W frnln lis tt'rml,r,t!.t. in .n
year wllhdtew from Us membeiship. to re.
i ii i ii.
.Mayor Ilatilson, ot Chleigo, Is mentioned
iislhoprobiblecindidileof tiie Democracy
for the vlce-presldency lu 1881.
Ollleer ICearney, who arrested Gulteau,
reruei to join n Western circus nnd go on
The family record of Jos.'dIi Thompson
or Simmon, Gap, Ga., lists nine wives nnd
) children.
Young l)jt ij00nc, ti great grandson of
Iho explorer of old K'cntuckv. dellvir. mr.
cols for one of Ihe great Droadvvay firms of
on ii salary oi -Jl.oo; n week.
Senntor Wntner .Miller will ri-llvcr thL.
opening address nt the second iiuiiitil exhibi
tion of Ihe National mining and Industrial
exposition at Denver, Col., July 17th. next.
ihe exhibition will close Sept. lOlh.
DWup Warty of D.ikola, says tint Silling
Dull will soon Join Iho embolic church.
Two ll.ousacd Indians In Dakota belong to
Iho Catholic church.
Virginia's monument of ltolctt il. Lee will
b; unveiled at Lexington nn the 5th of June.
Jelletson Davis will pieslde, Gen. Joseph 11.
Johns in will be chief marshal, ami Major
John W . I) inlcl, orator.
Tho children of John GUI, an i.gcri nnd
wealthy New York innchnul, uio befole a
New York court with an action brought lo
lest his Insanity. They claim that lie is tin
duly iiifliienceil by servants who seek control
of bis properly.
Thonvis P. Chen.v hca the iipulalion of
Icing one ot tho most sagacious polilic.il
propiiets in New Hauipsirue, and he thinks
the legislature of that Slate will choose two
Scnnlors this year, and that their names will
be Hollliis and Dlair.
'I he poitralt of General Grant that was
commenced by Lo Clear and finished bv
Dierstadt hasbieu pluced In the Hast Doom
of tho vv bite House.
Dr. Oatlln.', the Inventor of the famous
gun, Isn Southerner. He is still hard at
woik at other i-iveiilinn", and ptotnlscs to
again surprise Ihe world
lMward .Murphy, n member of Iho New
1 orl! Common C mnell und n deputy shot
ill, died in cell nt Ilssex Mailed on Sunday
nigiit. lie was awaiting (rial for keeping
ii.-ii. cuinincui would ne surer.
A daughter of Mrs. Victoria Woodlmll I113
made Ler debut ou the stage of the Savoy
lliealie in Loud m luumaliucu performance
she played the Princess in Gilbert's "Palace
ol Truth," and naturally failed t do much
In so thllieult apirt, though shu is described
as piounsing.
Chicago has ubaut 4000 liquor shops, nnd
her police lust year made 31,713 urresls, of
which 15,970 -wire for diunkeness. And
yet some of her people seem to be astonished
111 uie recent sweeping liemocrntic victory i
the gieat City of tiie I'liln.
Tint Is u hopetulblt of 11 political revolt:
lion projies-inj lu Maryland. Hven tho
slcidy-gomg Democratic IlaUlnnre Sun is
moved lo declare Ilia' the protest against the
management ol ils 1 arty ". lb is n good deal
ui eiicomaiciucni 10 uie ineuds ot goo I gov
ui unie-in.
The contest for the Democratic nomination
for tiovctiurot Kentucl.y Is becoming an
iiilciesling one. I here me uo.v five canili
dales lu tho field. They nte ex-Congressmau
Proctor Knott, I'lionns L. Jones, Judge
Owsley and General D-ickner and Charles
it. jacoo, .vtayor ot Louisville.
.Miss Dorothea Lyndo Dix, well know
for her many vears' service In philanthropic
work, has been very 111 for some time past
but Is better and stronger just now tLan she
was several months ago. .Miss Dix is about
eighty jears old. Mie beg-in her good work
ucii cue was only imricen.
The constitutional amendment for probibl
lion was 1 ejected lu Iho Connecticut Douse
by newly a party vote, or ihe Itcpuh
beans voting, lit voted lor nnd 5 against
it, nnd 01 the Democrats, II voted for 1
uut iu iuiiii i.e-,
"A variety of statements," says London
Truth, "have been make lespecting Ibe
(iUeen's accident, but the real fact is that
her .Majesty slipped on the staircase ns she
was going 10 lur carriage for a drive, and.
her fool having aim irintly caiuht In her
iires, sue ten and, insldes being severe r
shaken, lur knees weie bruised aud one ot
inem s; ratnnl. '
Senator Voorhces of Indiani, Is at Hot
priog', Ark. lie Is serenaded about twice
a week and is having such 11 gooj time
orally that lie will stay there two or three
weeks longer. Sen Uor Camden an I family
of West V llglnla nre also nt Hot .springs,
Willi some 1. OUO others, tho Invest num.
her ot visitors that resott has; ever had at one
Ilosi Douhetir is iu her 01st vear, and still
lives her curious retired life, dresed in male
attiie, and painting industriously Lelevie's
gallery in London is lo have an exhibition of
her later works, including "Iho Itimlim
snot," iu which the figures arc by Sir 1M
win Landsecr ; "1'heOld .Monarch," "The
Wounded Klgle," "Tin Wild Cat." and
eight ar mue oilier large compositions.
L"rd Justice Drctt has succeeded Sir
George Jessel. He is the hero of three uni
versdy biat races, was famed as a barristir
for Ids skill In nautical and mercantile cases.
was tho conversazione partis 111 who chal
lenged couden, and when beaten, lived to
win lus election at I telston by the mayoi's
easting vole. He was solicitor general In
ISM, nnd subsequently Justice of the Com-
111011 l'jeas.
John Drown died of eiysipclas. In addition
lo his other duties, lie discharged with great
discretion that of almoner to the queen, aud
sought out for bis mistress deserving objects
01 uoumy. ne also ouen acted as tno bear
er of Stale documents from Londou to Dal.
moral, an 1 ruv rrrj,i, and rtuceof important
ones between Loudon and Daveno. when
three years ng 1, the qiiceu visited the Italian
The Detuoera's of Ihe New York Legisla-
ture have passed a practically frcc-tum bill,
which lennves tho very slight lestrictioui
now existing upon llie s tic or hq uor in the
two great ciuesof the State. In some csuu.
ties or New York thoprohlblllouisls sjppott
cd IJeinhcratle ciiulidates for the Legislatute
ut llie last election, The former have their
reward. Tho lesson practical temperance
men should learn Is to strive nfter the attain.
able, und ir they nre ltepubllcan, obtain
what Ihey can lu llie way or "ree-ulation"
through the Htpubliean organization.
.Mr Alexander Allan, who was nt one lime
11 dramatic author of soma celebrity, and n
friend of 1 'Hz Greene Hidlick, George p.
Morris, Cliarlis Dickens and James Wallack,
ded I ile ly hi obscurity In nn oulsklit of
DiooLljn, N. Y, lie was born lu Loudon
111 1310 of a lileinry family. Hie best known
of whom was J..I1H Gall, tie novelist, nnd
Sir Alexander Gait, llie Canadian Sta;esinn
.Vllsbn times and lo-ses caused lilm 16 ccas"
his lileraiy work and he pi'sed the Iat 30
veins of his life as an humble attisan.
Hear Admiral J. W. A. Nicholson, who
recenly ritsscd on tq Hie rellrcd list, is l(e
last of n line of American sailors. Ills grand,
father, Commodore Samuel Nichoj)n--onc
of three brothers, commodores 111 Ihe payy
was lieutenant under Paul Jones (nine action
between tho Don lloniiuo Hleliaid and tho
Serapls. Ue was also the 11,-st commander
of the Constitution (Old Ironsidesi, and was
senior ollleer nt tho navy at Ids dealh. He
left i son Admiral Nicholson's father who
la-illy during ,hS last nor wfih O eat Brl.
Since Senator Tabor l.nj discovered that
the Czar ot Itussla wears n bullet-proo! SjJOO
undershirt ho has no Joy in his 230 night
shllls. Scnaloi Cnmeion of Pennsylvania, with
Ids family, will sail for L'uiope on May 19.
He snvs ho will not resign Ids scat in the
Scnnte, nor would he accept a place In the
Cabinet If olTcrod h'in.
A Kansas piper says the dissolute, the do-
pravtd.lhc vicious among the colored people,
nre gravitating Into tlic Democratic ranks.
Tl.cy bilong thirc.
Gov. Clcvilond of New York Ins vetoed a
bill lo reorganize the fire department of Duf
falo In the Interest of Ihe Democrats, making
the pailbati character ot the bill Ihe basis ot
the- veto.
The educational 1 jiivenlbii which met
Hstweik at Frankfort, Ky., was ptobably
iho first githeilng,in tint State e-onipost-il per
sons of all p .litied partb-s and of both races.
.,..,se pre'eni widely r glide 1 this eitr 11m
s mice as a good omen.
Of Iho young:r -sch,) ,1" l Aniciir in
novelM., Mr. Wilkle Co'luis is quoted 111
unkindly saying lint they "p rd-.t In wiltim,
or small things," nod us writing "do
sinptionat tho rosl of human Interest "
cooper, he added, is Hie only American
writer who ha3 cdvcu us di -tl-i.-ilv Iv A.,,,.,1
can w-( ik-
The 1'hil.id. Iphh Tim t s.ivs thai it th
Democia'lo leaders shall deel ue to the r nm
try, by llie defeat or ICllul ill Tor Sp-aken,
011 Iho Inc trade Iss'ie, th il tlu 1 11 iff pob -v
ol 133.1.shill be unsettled, and plunged Inlo
11 pre-ldeiitl il combat, the II, on, .era's w m'l
b ubl- lo elect one side or their lieki t In
either Indiana. Ohio. I1, linee Iv ml 1. '.iv
Jirsey, New York and Connecili it.
The hill .VtM diUftle of a 1 cent title
says: ".Mr. Gladstone occ.ip;, I himself
yestctday In felling 11 c-licrty Inu 0:1 the is.
late of iho Hon. 11. F. Leve -on-t lower, at
Holnibiiry. The light honorable gentlema-i
borrowed nn axe from the ganleni r and com
pletcd the link lu hdf an hour, a ho ivy
Enow slonn prevailing during the tinu
Hx-Gov. Horatio Seymour will bo seventy
thiec years old the Sist of .May Ills home
Is a farm.ioii,e lo Deerlleld, N. V., two and
n In'f miles norlh of Utici, whence is de
rived the tet 111 'The De-erfi, Id Sage." His
four sUters are still livtng, three of them be
ing widow, One risldes ut Yonker". an
iitliir at l'a7ci.ovia, an I the other two in
L'tle.i. Julii, the youugesl, is ll.e wire of
Senator Conkling.
Only two gifts or subs'antiil va'uo havo
been received by Columbia College since its
foimditlon in 1754 one or -:25,WW from Mr
Ficdcrlck Gebh ird, and another of uno itain
ani'iunt, rrom Mr. sn-piu..,, Whitney Phcnix,
which will notbj available lor 111 my vears
to come. The up-toivn t roptrty of die co.
lege h is now come to v leld the large sum of
?31 1,940 iu ground rent-, fiee.rtax, which
is equ d to a capital or ,,vir -;4 ( OJ.OOO at 5
pi r cent. Dut the tius'e.-s waul aiioth- r ;4,
000,000s Ni dissent is expressed, it is sdd, by any
Nebraska paper Willi He: admirable vvotklng
ot thu high license law in lint Si ale. It has
closed halt or the bir rooms, in biding near
ly all that wire espei Lilly disreputable. Tho
men who pay 11 tax ol j500 or ilOOJ for their
privilege and still make 111 mey out of it are
s dd to be "111 a large elegit e intelligent, and
nobjily knows better thin they do the ad
vantages lo Ihem, as well as to the c nnmiini.
ty, of having tho liquor iralll" pi iced lu ic
sponsible hands."
-Mr. C. C. Trowbridge of Dur ,it Mich
who died last week, ha I lived c 'ntiinnuely
In ft house which bo Luiit fifiy.seven jears
ago. His father-in-law, Solomon Sibley,
was the first American citizen lo se-nle in
Detroit nfter ils occupation by Ihe Lnib d
Mites lu 17lil. He liimsJf was ll.e l.i-t sur.
vlvor of theexploiing expedition of liM,
which Governor L-.-wis Cass commatidcl.aiid
which explored the upper la'ees from Don at
to the head waters of the Ml-slssippi in f 111
birch bark canoes, cich t'uily-tliree feet 1 ing
and si feet wide.
liven in Italy the cleigy will sometimes
talk-politics, when, in the opinion id their
official superiors, they shouldn't. Tin bi-h.
op of Leghorn was Invite I to pionounee Ihe
benediction at Iho launihiiig of the Pilian
war ship Lepinto. und Hie pone bad 11 '
jeclion. Dut the bi-hop tinforiun ilely s nd
in his address to the king! "Nowtliitm
vine providence lu Its Inscrutable cms, s
his placed iu the hands of your majes'y the
destinies ot Italy," an expresaion very dis.
phasing to the pone, who maintains tint Un
king n.us the control of Italy to ounsels
decidedly not divine. Theiifore 11 repn
mind will be administered to the- bMion he.
eau'c he allowed himself to stray iroin
purely religious mailers Into the field of
Captain Caiey, win, it maybe remember
ed, acquired unhappy notoriety, and obloquy
troni riding oil and leaving the princ lin-
perlal in his moment of peril, has just died
of a broken spirit at Kurueliee, iu Ui- D -in
hay presidency, where lie lias served Ihe last
three yeais with his rejtnient, the Ninety,
eighth, lie was Iho nephew of a disllneuisii.
ed ollicer, Geniral Jackson Carey, nnd cam,'
or 11 Guernsey family which contributed many
galliut soldiers aud siilois. A few months
alter he cnteied the sirvieche dislingiiishi
himseir In an expedition agdnst llie liunns
ot Yucilau. When Ids first regiment, thu
I bird We.-t Indian, broke un. be einm..!
turthtr distinctioii in tho Fr.inco-Priis-.iun
war, d dng duly with a-i ambiil inc-e at Tours,
where ho was thrice taken nriioner At th
close of the war IheFtench society of Sec mrs
attx Dlessesa.varded him the cros', the rib-
b 111, and Ihe ibploni 1 of merit. Ho subs.'-
qut-nlly pissed with high honors through Ihe
severe examinations of the stall c illege. and
as a certificated gradilltc went out to siuth
Africa for duty wlih the intelligence depirt
mcnt, where the niisrortune came- uhieb
clouded his caret r.
Alth nigh very link- Ins been said of late
about civil service reform, it Is cvi lent that
the administration intends locatrv out Ine
provisions Of the Pendleton bill In "o id f itlli
and to give the experiment n thoroughly fnir
trial. Koran lias been fouu I in n building of
tlio agricultural bureau for the commission lo
work in, and by Ibe 1st of July iho new sys
lem will lie inanimate.!. Th,. I lie- tn A-na II
npply to all Government olheers. both lu ami
out of Washington, employing fitly or inoie
clerks, and it may be subsequently extended
to the smaller officers al the discietiou of the
executive. The work or classification us
provyleaj for by 1 ivv is goi.ig on, and those
possessing inlluenee are in il.in t Ii roont fir
all that it is worth before the d iy when ils
nun. ill is sujipi sell IO CX He
Tin New Yoik Miil.Kxm; snv s 1 "'I he
final niquittalof Mommscti of Un cliarge of
libelling DUmatck vvil! not soothe iho iintat
cd Chancellor, Ihough it Is to h,i hoped 1 hut
It will make an end of the scaudd of the p.i.
sedition ot the first ot living hUoriniis t.y
llie gre.dis. or living s'a'esiuen. Mommsen,
as every one know a. Is 11 lire long l.ib,rd ol
a Ivauced views.aud In the cimpaigu ot li-91,
Vsh;n he vyas clcct-d no u Pngiiss st, lie hau
died Dlsinaicl, wiliiont elovis, niplou,.g Uu
fu'e that hid coinpil'id Geima-iv In delind
the Veiy condilloiH of l.tr i-xistiiiu- egaiust
the statisnian lo whom slu-oaeil her pieser
vallon and mill in d uni v. 'llie puilciilar
grievance which loused Ihe prince wns the
u.ecr the vvopl "sw Indie" when cbar.icleiiz.
Ing the ccouoinie policy ol mnu.iuy nnd
lbsiiinrck, who keeps lithographed blinks of
complaint for th purpose, nllid out 11 requl
sllton for Moiiuii'en's pi lsemil m an I Ihe In
diction nra penalty id sl-.V. flt. nmi ,
anillli s imprisonment. Mommsen has be -n
ieloiious ull aloiu the Una id Ic, -il cinllh 1
save nnci.nml lhat lempqraiy iheek w is 11111
ply atoned foi by (he d cl ir.iilon of (lie jut v
thiil whnn 11 man of ,s iutiifuncss null
oourngti declated th it lie applh.it iho woid I.)
i-oiirj Him not pi me individual, uie jury
,ld do liolldn,- but u li..e-,. I. tin .0, I uofi
him, Mommsen is uu elephaul in Disiiiare k's
pot of ointment,

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