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he Jrcc ms.'
lleforc Madame Paul sallci for Europe the
brisk bulling Cor her service! next season be-
tween Mai tiers .Uipksjn ami Abbey was
c:mcliljVdbytlioforiiiir's ulTcr of 5300 a
nl-lit, wli ch tho diva accepted, live thou
sand Hve hundred a night I n sum very
much "iroitir thin the vast majority of man.
Unil cam In a veir, anil an nmjunt wlnso
TMlnou miv be belter understood when It Is
kniivu that the average pay ot persons till
nlovedl.i the numifacturing Industtlo) of
this S".i c Is leas thai Unco hundred dollars a
year, Barely tho Ainoric ins nron generous
1 e p'e.
It m iy not h.i kno.tu by all amateur aitists
lint H,u itotciilv In art, like Ilia slovenly In
lllnr ttm'ii t, t'Ollltlir to tho frout. If the
ins.hml now pirsucU.yiicorUlu Frcnchy
scVnl ufNew Yotltndnters should come
Into voiiw. It will be very caay for anyone to
bcco'iio Iih own wila. Tho method U film
rv tn s,ii:m-7i! ihu flinneiit from Uic lube Up-
on il.o ranva. letting It lie In cnagul itul
blotclii!, .1 Llie Oritic rp!iHW It, HWc
scranhlod ig;uu Umt." With tho Wall
Wiiltm.inftluoC wrilhu au.l the ricnehy
stylo f imbuing c-oinbff into fushtop,
iniy wo 1 despair of our hiving
literati, er :i lu'lmiul ait.
A n -w lilufetnitimi of tho n.arvclbus ami
hither o c ni an.Uvtly iiiiiuiuglniil wpacitl
f.f ftcffiMMlv :n a mutl.u foico wns given
IVnfpssi! II in v Moi ton of the Slecns I
stltitn if TLvlinohuv. In a le-cturc in New
York, Hi nihir ilrfht. H sho.ed 1Y ex
nerlmon' ll.at. Itv .1 tiinp'c contrivance an,:
at slhr.h! L'pca-i', ctutricity could he used a
amottv nortoii.it merely to prupel street
pam. lni t i r ill UiC Ill.iSt C'lillp'iCuUd kind c
midline. The energy stoicd In a bo
nieasurt g a foot tucli way could take a car
full of muuii'i is hom oiie end of Aow oriv
rliv n ihQ other. Prof. Mmlo-i claimed that
the contrivance mi-ht cu-eud in vulue the in
vntitioii of the Iclenhone, u the secret of up-
hivinf . r. tf pin us u motive power has
l:j I
hitherto been sought In Tuln.
Gov. li itlcr hit givtu u new turn toaftdrs
at Tt-wkbury by a s nt.nury tuncrcession 01
tlicMarahnmnrt-eiiunt, In a communion
tton to the State Uoird tf Ileallh, Lunacy
and Chariiv. he diiccU Hut b:dy to n-.sumc
and cxeiclau all Hie 1 emirs and duties of the
Uouid of Trustees of ll.o uhhshouso a direc-
Iron whHi.houevtr, thu bond declined to
follow- and advices the board lo appoint an
ofllcer toatoucclakechargcof theidmshousc,
Ilcfuithtr says to the buatd that ItUhis
leution to put the icFponslbllUy Tor the con
duet of tho almshouse primarily andispeciul
Iv im in oiir board hi Hie futuie. so that
tin re may U no ground for jusunablc sus
picion J.crcaftti Hi a i'suiraltsoto not prop-
uly c-.uducto I. audits Inma'es, iltl.cr alive
or ue ill, U't huiimuuly cared for." To a re
P liter Gov. IJutler t'ftiri.rds taid that the
i.'iiiovlI of the tni'ttci was a lemcd'ul and
not a pun tie Hip, an I that if the Invtstl
g'ilin tommitteo decides that nothing has
b- tn shown iknuatory to the trustcea
their iiiann-'enient, thiy can bu restored by
executive otiler. This has a plausible air,
but when it h remcml ered that thmfar only
one tide has Wen heard from, the Clovernoi
actio' npi tars like a mere snip Judgment.
There arc two Eidts to every nustion, and
llih Tewksbury nnttcr Is no cictpth
the rule ; and tu coudenm the men
out a healing Is, to say tho le.ut,
Ait Itiiporlnut Nt'rlcA ol Artlclfi,
A'l i portrait undeitahing just begun
by the Vht.v. Pit's is the publicailon of a
scries of at tides upon the fauna and flora v
Vermont, the furnui wiitttn by Mr. F. H,
Ilcrnek of tho Ho k Point Iutitutt', wln'Se
aitich s in the Scientific American and other
pcrio icils have given him a wide reputa-
tion, and ilu hitler by (Jeorge II, Pirklnp,
IIoHiml IV- fitor o Katuial IlUtory in the
Uuivtrshy of Vtrnifint. Tlitse articles
while f xhaii'-tive and thoit-ngli, ill ho wtit
ten In popular Myle, and wilt, we thhik, he
found cf luitici-t and value to all readers.
Paper-t In b.-tli seiics will he puhlisbed ut
fie'iicut interval lhnnuho.it the fre.iSon and
tl.3 wlio'e will nnHiilute a full and. c jiuplete
nccnunt tf Ihu tljweri and the birdsandwil
animate of Vtrmoiit. We haCK'me lo large
ep(iise in pioeiubuj these artieliF, but we
aresure Uut we will he will repaid In the
iceniific-d uttiuetivcnts ai.d value of our pa
per. e c -miiKml I he series to the attention
of our lei'leis as well wot thy of perusal and
of permanent preservation.
jipli: j t3is:so on divokci:.
While the (pi1 slion of divorce is exciting
co much intcic&t in the public mind and is
the subject of &n mucli delate, a very timely
contribution t j the literature of the subject I:
an article by Jude John A. Jameson of
Chicago In the April number of the Sorth
American Jittieio. Judge Jameson'd opin
ions -will c u ry great weight from his ac-
hnowletlg'-d eminence in the legal profession.
ai.d from his long and Intimate acquaintance
with tho prnctlc.il side of the question. His
tseccral Icis are marly coincident with
those heretofure expressed by tho Kkee
Pjas5, and formulate, indeed, the Judgment
of the ureal innjrily of practical men on
t'lW much-vexed subject. A resume of
Judga Jamcbon'i aiticle will he of general
Ipcitliiug first of divorce laws and their
ai hi nlbtr.it Ion in the Wtbtern SHtcs, Judge
Jimcson sa)b that no city has suffered more
from its supposed hiuly than Chicago. Con.
sUUiiuglhc oiiglc and magnitude of Its
pjpulati tn, in.vie up by thcconlluencjof the
Bepaiate oveiflows of all nillons, that city
hgs behind uany pirts of the V ist in the
rehllve nuihher of its divorces. Liberality
In granting divorce?, however, Is not a New
Jl inland iden. IWurcthcriscof Christlaully,
tlu le tiling nations of tltc world allowed un
limited dhorec. It wus the Inv of the J Jin
doo, the Chinese, tho Jevs, the
Itomu.f, Iheaifitul IStitonp, anil, with
soiiio iftieivahons, of the Greeks
Chiistlauity, rcrimctlug the supposed
d.ini law phced stiict liniitH to tlic
right tf (livoiee, ciiotluingiltoa sing'ctaue,
a lull cry. From tho union of tho Christian
and Itouuu atoe tliu riuon law, which, as
the 1 nv of the rhuich of Home, became, as
to inarrlnge anddlvoicc, that of Christen,
dom. Tho early reformers revolted ajrainst
tho canonical restil'iluns imposed by the
chure'i, utid in all communities In which
their rli clples hive pievailed a moro liberal
system f illvoic's has been established
LIUralUy In gi.mtlug divi-rciS is but a step
In thu general m m'm?ut f jr ereatcr social
frc(dnii) wllcli eh irai t-iio our mo Icrn
ue, If Xi w IJaglunl hits hrtou.e dUtln
Cutehedforit.it i bfa'iM'bhe htsicverled
farthest toward tlie fiiInal l)pe.
Thedivtitity of ni'Mmi U.v toid j luctlec
of divorce rcils upou dillirent eoi.ceptFonsof
the nature of marriage. Indeed, inverse
customs and laws touching these tubjects
have been but attempts at different luges oi
civilization to rcacli the golden mean, where
cither by the enforced cjotlnuanw of mar-
tlagj or by divorce, the evil to all conccrneu
should be the least, and the good the great
rat. the tent tiuestlon belni, What regula-
it,r. will best mi iwrve tho interests, nrsi oi
society t Becoadly, of the children; and list-
lv. of the parties themselves ?
The arguments bearing on tho question of
in,. r,.i nr nf rair ctcil divorce arc
very nicely balanced. Whereby law m.
ihgo Is indissoluble, or where loo
great obstacles are thrjwn In the way of Its
dis olutlon, tho flisconlenic.i pirues oie
Iv either lo abscond, or to defy law and rc-
llnlou. and sink Into il.unnt Immorality.
This presents the least Injurious phase. Com-
tielled loconllmic a hated union, I hey may
endeavor to cast off thtlr burden by erlme.or
Mtk revenge by brutal treatment.of the inno
cent standing in the way.
On the other hind the knowledge on the
nut of nnrrled persons that they may easily
or for slight causes, dissolve their relation,
tends to make all mailt d differences Irreron
elhhle. Hut If It he known tint no divorce
will he alloed fr any caiic.nr tli it notliin,
but an ofTcuseof tin most serious ehiracter
p.in ho ma le th-' mound for it, and that oui
nt eieat co-t In money and In social lirnonii
nv. uuirtels will be s-'ltled and a modus Vi
vendi discovered. Tins Is the chief nrgumcut
nrridnst liberal diorcos. In Illinois dl voices
(i vinculo are granted for adultery, extreme
and repeated cruelly, .tle-crllon, hahuuil
.Iriinkcnness. and felony. Judge Jameson
then comintcs the statistics of divorce In Il
linois with lhoe in various puts of New
Kiighiinl. and finds that they fall below the
l.i'inr. When It U considered, he says, that
Vermont 3 an old State, with a flid p
laliou of nearlv pur.- American descent, the
latbof one divorce t- ever 11 nuriiages,
tn is?. Inillmti's a much crca'cr lax,
ty In Its divorce laws tliau prevails le IIH-
In rtspect to the uitivity and the busl-
DCS9 unit social standing oE the parm
to divorce suits. It is believed tliat alar;
maluiltv consists of freibly arrived Immi
grants fw.ii Kiropeand fion other States,
Xo business or piofesaion fa'ls to cmtiihutc
ita quota to the throng seeking divorces, uui
th'i number of so-callcl profe.-sion.il men
notliree. The bulk coaslsts of wurkinj
men. mi-chanies. tunnels for commeiclal
lious-.'p, clerks, saloon keeper?, actors, gam
blurs, farmers and other classes of rather ob
scure men. Hoarding house Uic is c'pccuui
fatal to pcrmai.ence of the marital relUion,
perhaps becau32 In It wive 1 ara commonly
left without emnlovuieut. and fall aicad
prey to sinister Inlluentea.
Hut by far the most Important question
relates lo the rh'hlful tauses of divoic
is conceded by all c dej that permit divorce
at all that adultery Is a sullkicut tau-e.
Lookin! alone to the comecpjcncer. is aiul-
tery, liy whomsoever coinmittid, tle3trvin;
of great sr coudemnallon than extreme cniel-
ty, which, if repeated, is made Hie ground of
divorce? From the uatuie of the case, cruel.
tyU commonly exercised by thy husband
upon the wife. Such conduct ludiratcs
te.nper iucompitlblc with the martial rtla-
tbu, and wh le It miiy inthct a less poignant
mental dlstius than the scriptural ciusc:
adultery it oahl not to ho permitted, on any
erms tu contiuu-.'. Coasuler, ateo, the ease
of detcitlon. Tho typical case of desertion
Is that of a worn-out, heart-broken mother
left hv her wretch of a husbaud lo struggle
adnstpoveity, alone, with his children. In
many cases the deserting husband lias re
turned, after his wife, l-y j cars or tfruzgl
liasaenuirid a little h me and a comfoi table
s-ipport for hl3 children, and quarteied him
s-.lf up-n her. The gteat extent of ourcoun
try aud the migratory hiUts of our peopl
ma'ie thei-o tho eummoi.c-t of all the his
tories of djnutic miscty tn our courts,
One more cause lo which we shall refer
is that of habitiul drunkenness. In the
I resent state of (air laws tl.eic may be tunc
dunklngof spiiitu ms liquors without legally
endangeiin ' the statin of inirrhige While
Jem lUiHug tho production of the technical
cvideu'-e req lired by law, no jnd', pa-siuj
Ufon cft-iesof thaklnd.ci'i or ought to over
look the tenlble evidmee of phyt logics I fact
exhibited in the swollc.i face, the shaking
huuh, nnd llio tainted breath. Xo such
man ought to Ik; allowed to become the fath
er of any wonun's ehlldien.
Tlie best go.d, therefore, of the wife, of
the children and of the public, i! email da that
some divorces shall he granted fir non'
scriptural causes. Hut when this Is said,
alt lias been (aid that can be truthfully said
In favor of liberal divorces as they are grant
ed in Illinois. It is our fhm conviction that
if the truth could bo acccrtalued, ut least
two-lhinN, perhaps four-JUths of the 714
case; of divorce during the past year In Chi.
cogo either weie fraudulent in fact, or, with
a reasonably conciliatory temper on the part
of the couples divorced, and under sufil-
lenlly stilngfnt legal condiliom.fwere avoid
abb or preventable. There Is, beyond ques-
tlon, fraud in the Inception of many casts
u others, doubtless, there is leal or virtual
collusion. If some divorces on all the
grounds utatcd ought lo be granted, and if,
as the laws are, there ate vast numbers that
ought not to be granted, what fehall be done
toicmedy the evil? The answer Is, tho
proceedings must be so mo lific I as to reilucc
fraud and collusion to a minimum ; (lie coiv
sequences cf a decree must be made to the
guilty party highly punitory, and the public
,'Dtiment In regard to divorces must be cor
rected. So much touching the notice and
defence. Healths these change, there should
bo one In tho consequences ot drrea of di-
rorce to the offending p u tic3. Tupeumt both
divorced parties to marry again Is to phce
premium upon the commission of the of.
fences by hw made the grounds of divorce.
In cases of desertion, It should ho provided
that, if Ihc complainant be a wife, the court
should have power to grant the divorce,
or, at her option, to continue the caw, to
await her application for a requisition to
compel her husband lo return and resume
the pcrfoimauco of hU miaul du'.bs. That
lids scheme of legislation would Involve a
Federal euactmcnt authorizing requisitions
such cases, constitutes tia objection
to it. One who has lost a watch v.orlh
fifteen or twenty dollars, by theft, in Muine,
may set tu motion tho formidable machinery
of State and Federal law, and dra; the thief
hack to thfitStatc from the remotest corner of
Oregon. Why should the wretch who Uza Jcjt
bis helpless wife and children In the same
State of -Mid nc, and "gone West to grow up
with thecountn" and another wife, not he
dragged buck fiom Oicgon as well ?
Finally, tho most effective remedy will lj
the olevatlon of public sentiment in regard lo
the sanctity of marrlago the obligation lo
keep tho faith which a mm has plttlgcd In
marriage to his wlfi and to tho State, and
which he renews upon the birth of each of
bis children, to abide with her until death,
unless separated by law for stiictly necessary
Atiiio. co Univ.
llio people of the Catholic chunk hire
are soon to have a fcsllvul or fair o" man
kind In Hie school houo halt. The object
will he to laisj inonev to bn exmn h a in the
purchase of books for the library which ha
recently oeuu slatted.
Mr. Charles thaoman. second s m of Geo.
C, Chapman, Is home ou a vis t. 31 r.
Chapimn was formerly In (he mercantile
l him ncs 3 here In oarlnersh in with It uroiiier.
Liter he lived sotnevears In Sin l-rmcisfo.
but for lh'-' past tineoor four eirs he Iris
bieudoiu; tnilnesi In Xe.v Yotk City,
1IU miny old Mend in Mlddltbury will bu
gi'iu to see iitin I'.omeaain.
Three new doctors have recently settled In
In town with the intention of Dtacttchur imel-
ic.uc here. Hut Ihero Is a rumor to Ihet fleet
lint we are coin ' to lose one of our old nhv-
fit! H.3 Hoon. I he one In miction bulmr l)r.
Kddy. It is said that Dr. Kddy has beeu
oiiereei anil i.as i.c'cptcd tho tupennteu
thncyof a city hospital.
The nlhl school suited some time since
by Pioloasor C, I). Head, principal of Ihu
.Mitiaitotuy u railed ocuooi, is prospeiin,
II no I v, 'lu.lioit is free, so th it all may at
tend whoehoo'o without cost to thems' Ives,
The mimbei of Uiosj whobivoalieudy taken
advantage if this excellent opp rtunlly Is
only 12, ljut there are a go el many more In
town who woiiieiiiKe to go oui wno s ay
away on account of a sense of Minim nt le-
njl loun I Inc'twa-d in their hoiks. Yet these
are the verv Persons who would be th i in v.
benefited by pict-cut iustrinioii. Mr. .Mead
l.ai had o!unt ny oilers of ass sta cj in his
Hood wi-ik, uiulcan tea'.lt all who miy up-
Thcie aic now lour grinding midlines in
ddly oieuith)u at the pulp mill, all of tl.cm
runniiu i.liht an I d-ty. It U edeula'eil tlitt
eieh guilder, when In pel feet running con
dition, will gtind an average of four and one
hair tons of pulp per diy, sol hit the average
dully output ot this milt will b- about tllt
icen ions oi puip.
John Luimplin ot hnn Middlehuiy was
ancsted t rid iy evening and shut up in the
county jail on chaice (.1 bi-lardv nrefeired
by a young wonuu of Kist Middhbury with
wiiom vuauipiin nan ncen uetping eom-
Fiauk A. F.irr, the new landlord
Oku hou-c i f Jn-1 Middlebuiy, will op
) n
his hotel Willi a ball on lie evening cl
nut of aijy.
A man named Carter eamu down heie
from sjn.orthere in 1 lankhu cjim'y, hatur
day, looking after his wife, fro.n who-n
lias been separated tome live or six ,tars,
iWliicli ptr.od ho wantid the womins
sent to have extended in j crpitU'im by
divorce court. Sonic lialf aeloz-n yeiisago
Carter an 1 ids wire were keepiuu hiaiiun
Jihi3j up in rianklin county, and hiu im
iheir b utile rs, it seems, whs one Daniel 31c
Xaughtou t'arttr and tho wile for some
rcasm or other trot to quauehn and lluillv
tsretd to dtvieb their assets and stpirntt'
without, however, either lieUiuirora'letiml-
liiiilo get any legal divoiec. Mis.; Carter
went tlf with the nturemeutloiied McXauh
Ion. with whom she has ever since lived.
She took u f uplc ol children with her and
lus since m ietj nvo er nine utiuuious 10 uic
Hock. Cutter hls went to living with an
other woman ami it nppcirs thai lie was le
cent I v arrested on tint account, Accoidim
to his own story the autlurilies in Fianklln
county hive premised him immuuity from
punishment if he voald ctase living with
this wonnu. lie now wants a di voice ftom
his wife probably wishing to many the oil;
woniiii. and he says also tint he wants
chance lo see his children sometimes. Mrs.
Carter attlist denied lhat she un 1 McXaush-
ton weie married, but fin dly owrct that
Uitv had been married acros3 the lake. Car
ter sajstti.it h? will stick hcte until hegdns
his point. .Mcauatiiou and me wonnu
have hen living together in MIddlebury I
the last three or four yeirs. He is a lazy and
apj, aieullv good for nothing fellow, and the
town has teen obliged to coutiiuuie nrgely
lo the suppjit oi me I uuuy ti'jw me mai
lt r will end is a mystety. but it id pretty evl-
dent that both parties have earned a home In
The new certificates of pensions who&i
monthly rate was raised fiom IS to and
Itoni "til lo yj by the last Congress hav
len lorwatded to most of tlie old soldiers
In this v.c'nitvwho wtrc cutitljd to thzm.
The numlicr of such soldiers in thu pat t of
me comiiy is un very urge.
Mri. Joseth HrouilUlt had both of her ftet
quite badly sc tided, Hie other day. A rcfleu
POt Willi II WlLS SlillKltl'il ou me C'llL'O oi a i
hie was ai'cnlently oveilurned and the on-
ten's thro ah uooii her feel win. li wore s
bidly buni6d llut he will not he able to
walii lor some li w.
It Is sal I thai th-j wason hrultu over th
radroid hoie mosojutobo r.ded up t-ome
feet higher than they arc at present. One of
them is so bv that a brakemau of oidiiurv
height canuot pass under it without nam
Mr. Jason Davcuport. having soM his resi
dence heie will sell oui hU fumi'ijio by auc
tion, ami as soon us i,e can sirai 'mm up i.i-
ufl-iiis in Middlel-ury, will remove for gooi
to .Mint ennuis, juiin., w litre nii sn live.
For more lhau a cencrntbn pail Mr, D iveu
port has li.en uiiu of tlie relive budmss men
ot Middlvbury, un j it would sr em rather Lite
In life lor Mm Jo pull up stakes and blutt
ai.owiuu.e nti, Jiv jjivei.jiuii i us oeeu
solong iik'i.tUkd with uio lowf, mat I Js re
moval hence now will ntceunly cuale ucoa-
elder able gap in our business clicks.
Mrs. Drake, who lives on Main street
having e-Mcnsive alterations uud Improve
un nt mei'Ic uj ou her rcsiucuce
Miss Mwry Hopkins Mho recently sold her
nous? on biorra avenue, Jias iniuc n uargun
for the Hew Lbenczer Smith house ou Mam
street. The price ajrecd upoa for the jilacc
is iriouo,
1'. F. Chapman lias returned from Text,
wheic he went smie lime azo witli sheen, in
company with Jtessis. unvtratni j. buv.
erance. He contemplates making n.oro trip
in the future.
Prof. Solon Alliec, lately nrofessr of Latin
In Midillebury College, will soon u ou bJ his
farm in lngUon, jN, li. lie will do at com
nan itd by Mis. Albec. d.uuhlerof Prof. W
II l.ur!.,.r xki, 1 i. it) i 1 1 i(l I ii i I rinri tnoi . I
Ing the vuulti.
liio students oi ju id ill el airy Uolle'e are
tot to have unv sugar e'ay this siasou. For
several years past U has la'tn a (Usloui of thu
college to givcinc unysa u-iytvery apringm
which to eo oil after maple suxir. but this
annual sugar hunting diy is omitted this
time because there is no sugar lo go alter
Theie was s -me improvement in the local
markets Monday ovei the sales uud prices of
lat wetk. New undo butter brought from
IS to S3 ceuts per puuud. The sales of but
ter were comparatively light, Kggs sold for
llcenupir uztn; poiuiois oi ine best
quality, stand urn; m u cents per uuhel.
Fred Marsalh a hac ot a youu' child
which was bulled Monday. It was only
eight or ten da) sold, ami thed.seasc ! said
lohavehecn u iiiiiy.eieveiopeu ense oi ine
Sinta Saturday. Mr. fuller . Pieicc has
been rapidly g dnjng on Ids disensi-, and If he
t-oni nuea 10 inprovu a- rayiuiv no win li
able tosil up in h few days.
Frank Trudo and Miss Mary M irsiiles
bolliof Mhldjebmy, wero inatiicd by I he
Hev. i'atlitr .viHiouey uMho tauiouc church
riuuday aitcrnoon.
Hev. K. P. Hooker of Lawrence, Alass..
and Hev. Wm, D. Smith or Hoyallon, Vl.,
who weie clitwiu Ii-i iar by tho aluuitil of
Mhldltbuty co'hgJ as tlnlr orator and pott,
respectively, for the coming eommcijccinenh
both llud themselves nmUu to peifotm the
luty wliult mcy weie riecieu io uo, and ny
l ciniruhr coincidence their respecltvo sub.
sibling find themselvis sbnihrly stinted.
Under these eiicumstances the I lev, Ueorge
W. Heott of Fitchhurah. .Mass. a trraduatu of
tho college In tho class of ISttt, htsponsentcd
to perform the i filet) of orator. A pout hfs
not tl ueen see;uieu.
The C irtcr-MeXaughtou imbroglio has not
yet como to a lined. Mrs. Carter, whose ig
norance Is remarUahly denflu ii matters of
law and morality, states that she siqipcsed
line eIui had a m rft t t rigid to live with
Namzhton. tiku will not, however, livo with
him anv moro until slu 1)23 secured ftdtvorco
from Carter, which flhu iuttn Is to ctL if Mie
can, as snou as posdhh'. Cuter will not onr
pose her tn her clouts lo procure a $ohd le
gal scpiration. Indeed, when uu attempt
wus made to persuade ma man an.) wue q
;o to living logtmer u'iiu, mey una uisseiu
d with promnt uninunttv, J!esides htvini
been suppoUed a part hy the town of Mid-
dlebtiry, the woman has often sent the chlh
dren auout mo streets uegiug. Uarter siys
they never h id to be whf n thy lived with
htm, and tuc wonnu says he ilea.
Mr. U. D. Twttchell I.as b-t-n npntlutel
a hninlstrutor (with will annexed) of times-
lite oi me uic wntiies nay, tu piucoi
Ju tge Thurmsn tiro Mii ileCfHS.'-t. It Is a
cutlous fact that ou thu moiiilnur when Judie
Hiooklua died so suddenly he was l.urriiur
around to gti ins wurie done up to nut le
lnlht net around In time t attend the feii.tr
alof ilr. Hay, winch was yet for that day.
Tho two men had In en tiiunhersof iho Ma
sonic belie of Shoreha-n, an 1 bth were
bulled undjr tlu auspices of thai lodge.
,Iut eiich snow fell Tuesday foreuoon
to limli-d i"t lint Siimmet is yet soma dis-
t nice oft.
The UnlrcrsdMs lure are uol to have any
more preaching just at present. They will
wait until thev Lri t thoiriill ttrs stialehUncd
nut before proceeding any fuither with their
Mr. Wl'tis K. Guernsey of Huttanel was In
town Tuesday. Sir. Guernry was graduate
of Middlehury college In Ihu ehss r 1871).
Since list December Mr. Guernsey Las been
the secictnry or the Hulland Young Men's
Christ Im Asfoditbii and ho is thu editor of
the assoel tlion a orgtii. a sm ill sheet put).
1'slied once a luonllt nnd (allcel tho Monthly
Contriry t his picvinui InteutioiH, Mr,
Jason Davenport, having iinde nirangeiiients
Iji llio sain ol h s liHuranto laiitnes', siatleei
westward wllh hiiftndly Monday noon, A
largo number of thtir old neihbois nnd
fttends went lo lite depot to sic Ihemoir. Mr.
Dtveuporl eamu to Middi.tiury when a mere
hoy and his always lived h- ro sinn. While
in business heie he m ub two cr three for
tunes, whh It he was so unlucky as to lea
aain. However he leaves town a good
leal better oil than he wai when he came
here llist.
Two cu lo.i" Is oT pulp peril iy Is thequaut
ily now being turned out hv the Green Moun
tain PulpCompiny. Thu wood which they
use in us manuiacture is spruce cxciu
Almost every one win can ntbrJ it stems
to be rep.iiilng and improving his hou-c and
groun Is. The .unount of this kind of wntk
whnh is being done 1? gi eater til in Ins been
done in miy Spring lor bevtinl cars.
It Is will kt.ott n Ih it some bil !ren weie
blown up .i few 3 cars uz In a i imuut lo
by an old empty inn which once hail con-'
lidi.cd iiiiro-;dcenne. b nnc .Muldlebury
fellows sinilluly got ptetly full Tuesday by
rinsing out an tnipl barrel which had I or til
er! y contaiiieil alcohol nn 1 iblnklng the ilns
l:u;s. Hut liny u-cd ii:ejar lo d the rins-
ing wiiu
I he contrut for bu Idnii the new town
hot hc h i been nwiuled by the building c tn
miltte to Mis-rs. .S'idtli mid Allen of MId
dlebury. Misrs. A. P. Tunner of M ddli
bury and K. 11. Diul'ls of crgeuues jointly
hid lower than Smith and Allen, hut there
was some hitch In the atiaugements, and the
cojiraet was let as stated.
Mr. II ibiinon CarlwelL of ttic Grcei
Mountain Pulp compuiy, lias secured letters
piicut from the government of the United
S'utesfor an Improvement in wood pulp
uriKinz tuiciiineiy, uy means oi wtiicti im
provement a liner quality of paper can ho
ma lo Irom the pulp than wus formeily ins-
There Is a thaace. thoueh a small one. per-
iispS that we thill haven now manufaetur-
ing industry In town. A company Ins been
P-ru.cii lor Die nunuutturcot certslu kinds
of agticu'.tutal implements and some MiJd'e
uury men are interested In Ihc cnterpihe
isutnhrstooi that the new c-impatiy his nu
yet R' Ithd ou t; JiImcj in which lo engtge hi
Iho woik of tn mufact tiring tlx tr imnlcmenU
and lint thr-' arc cins.deiiiu the ailvatituges
furnldtel by iho water power ii Middle-
About two inches of trjow tell Tuts lay c
cuing in iwo bouis and a little uuro came
down Udtusdiy niormiij. iho ?un soon
lojkitoir, but it probibly h-Ipeel the mapli
sujir uusiniss sotne, li iioi too I itc.
11 3V. Father Cunningham of Uiatllcboro
was in town Wediie-div and was cord-allv
gtected by hrts of frtentjs of nil denomina-
lions. Father Cunning!) tm was for a period
oi nuetn icirs pisior ot the Jltddkbury
Catholic church, and wus always ono of the
iti' st popular of pritnts. Two yeirs ogo
Jiisiinp uc uoesbridii I saw lit to send him to
liraltlahoro and he went there, nhhoiuh
was much Lgiiust his own will nud to the
great regret l luseoiuiegiliqi).
A, P. Topper, H-q., nn I T. II. McLcod
Kn . h ive g 'tiu to Ihdei atk to nuue befom
jueige rower a nut'ou lo di'solve.iu injunc-
eioo in u-i imp u. tin itquoii wuicrbille,
A Mhldleburv wonnn win had been dron.
red fiom the pwisdon mil on account nf mar.
nji'ff a secomt I Usbaml, width marriage af-
tcrwaid ptovti) to ho a mart inge only In Torni
lorthe nwm Uit the man ahendy had ono
ifu uuu uiiuivoieeu wue iivpi, applied to
the government lo be reUoicd to the pension
use. i no appne.t lo-i wms ma le anoiu lour
teen years agn, hut the cisu has not jet been
There nlwns sei ms to be ttoublo and Irlb.
illation down in "i'ft)g llolbw." Some of
the deni7e;n ol li) it It putty sienito hye only
for tho pur' ( so of waning t etpelual Warfare
Hgiinst each other. For iust.iiiQc, tome of
thefeiirib pupulatnti got at bugeihoids
nieiav iinetnoon. ami inev nan it t triuH
hat lie, in width h -tiles wire the principal
weipons ucil, and tluse weio hurled about
sou a a hat prquiP-cu l-isiy. One of the eom
batat.U wti.t to a Ii'Aer liter on tn ".n I
soineiiiing i.ui.u uciJtti uic matter, but 11 ap-
pean daller a little tnveMtoalioti that tho
Dnnplali,aut wa tho one who was chiclly to
oiuiue tor ine wnuio transaction.
The sheet) business Ins not been verv hp.
ill:, r,ic (P.Ij i. . ,,r ... 1 1
h iu lecu shinned from this station. anil ihosi-
dtd,i)otgooutMileofthe State. 'Ibey were
shipped by Hollin J. Jones of Cornwall to
i'. uurutiUiu oi uavenuisu.
lor some daiHiMSlU has been reDorttcl
about btwn that the cotton factory properly
hml at last been sold. The report seems to
be nu entire mistake. It appears lint the
owneis ol the pioperly Keep tontlnually va
ryh.w their niico lor It, ami when they havL
been i fiend thtir o;;n pilcc for it, they have
then nsktd higher figures, which secui3 t,o he
mo reason wny tue iroperiy yei remains on
tneir uauus.
At last after many divs the workmen hum
suctcededln getting the old court house off
us louniiauon, so that xyc-rK can goon about
tho foundation for the new building. Uround
lor mo lounei iiion was broticii 1 uesday. Tl,
new building will 1m nix fnt wider and
twemyfeet longer thai tho old one. The
prehminaiy work iur the new town houso
lias also beeu bejun, tha wortmeti starling
iu on inu j jo it ceieiubeiiy atiernooq.
Tlie statement that tlie hid of Tnnnsr .fc
Daniels for the contract to build our Inwu
nousj was lower intu tnai oi sinitu k Allen,
is appurently an inaccuracy, The facts ore
l lie si-, llui btimmiuc spec llcatlona u-pm.
TupiM r & Daideh, 11,700 1 Smith Jc Allen.
ll.oo'J. iioyQver, Homo slight changes in
.eplii.swere made after i he epecitlrniiona
weie drawn up, ami by an accident, all men-
non oi ino tieps wusumuieei iu ine spec ilk i.
(bus. One change made is that tho belt line
to I e of nmrblo Instead of bull brick, as
was at firel intended. These nnd other ex
tuis, wl.kl; ure nil additions to the sprcillca
thus in nccordatite v.fth which iho bids wero
nude, of course necessitate somo additional
cxptn'c and for them Mcssis. Smith & Allen
ho tttbwiil about iyOO, at which price they
liavo agreed to take such purt of the land on
Iho lot recently putcbascd by tho town as a
town house site as will not ho uncej for that
putpose. This land will lie to tho rear of iho
new tftwi) boiiffl and will bo on Pleasant
slrtLt. Theio has been s mio little misumler-
standlng about thisimUtor, wLicU the state
ment here mado uujjtit lo e fleet ually cear
Tho funeral of Mrs. Ahlra (Gninnl Giavel
was largely attendee! Thursday from tho late
resilience on aiam stcci. west oi ine iimio.
Tlio sttvices were conducted by H-v. M. A.
Wicker, Tho casket was hidden" with tho
.....r...t.... ..r 1. 1. 1 l. Willi.1.. I ii
riuiu9.;ii ui ii'imio, "i "i,H ii milt ill II,
ulnti, son oi iurs, uravel, irom U'cvcland.
and Ihu ripened phcaf t
"Tlicro 1 a reaper wboe naiao la hfiiii.
Ami wittt iiU ktcitlu Venn '
lie t'uu llio iii'arilu l era n at a brt-ftth,
Aiiif l lie flowe a 111 at jjruw bet ueen.
TM bmly wusbuiied In the new pemetcry,
The disposition to tmprovo Hie surround-
lugs of homo has never been more aenerol
iu Vergeunes than it is this spring. How far 1
tho example of Iho Ula?e Improvttnenl
society Is responsible for lids desire lo Irush !
up anu auu to tno general go m i h ks eioes
not appear, but it Is nn hupoilaul factor
without doubt. Ve icmurk Ihe piesenee or
carpenters and jialnurs ou hIiuopI eveiy
street. Mr. F. K. Haven Is making changes
iu his house on Main strci t. At the Amt i i
can a new dining-room is added. Mr. Mc
uuen is atiiiing to me conveniences oi iu
house ou Nortli streot. lion. Ge.
0 randy is pulling In a bay window in h's
comforiohly arranged hnuMj on Hlbow street.
Mr. Puilo Hristol Is adding a piazza to hi
house, so, also, la Mr. N, U, Not ton orna
menting his houses with a rear piuzza, Mr.
J. IS. llnw ev. on Wti er street, is nnuir.g
additions to his it side nee, already ono of tin;
best on tho street. Mr. Fos. on Scho"l
sticet, Is making great Improvements.
Tho Village Immovenunt society through
Its active nu 1 obuivlur intent, Mr.
Anlrew It s-, c.Ls'iitr tf tie erget.it' s
bank, Is letting l'i the dayligiit oa Mnhi
stteet. The sclenre of Ireu tiimming Is well
tindei stood by yotp g rspiu lmj, and as n te
suit tho a ragg -looking willows and the
no 'Iccted urns li ive put on a ttlm nnduttrae
live nlr, and ale rtaelyfor tho neb nmu'iits
spring is sure lo give them.
Tho old town hill, relieved of its sur-
rounding rubbish, has more the air of a pub
lic building II em it has worn lorinanv voirs.
The addition of lliirtv fe t to Iho rear of Ihe
ground slory would give (lie public a goo I
mil lor get era i me, uud it is ircdiel,
Mr. O. F. (. Kimbdl pttpises Inking
trip to California, and ep.rw to h-ave Mon.
dny, the UOth hist. "GioigeV 1 nt coveia
the; person tf our icpicsniiitilve, one of our
listers, city MieriiT, eonstable. etc. Ilu will
lake with htm the good will of nil.
The health of Hon. Hlwaid Seymour Is
some hit belter.
H'jv. M. A. Wicker ef the M. K. church
preacln d his farcwill per.nou befoie hi
church and soc'.tlv Sundiy nllcriioon.
Tho church was li'led with a deeply
interested nun siinpaiiiiing nud enee,
Mr. ieker has in teited hluisJf to
the pu-plo of ht.sdnrge. nnd Ins won
deservedly high opinion lurkii.diusjof h.'iul
and teal Clnhliau graces fio.u all who have
known him in his duly wall; of lire ir.d c
crsilion among u.s. His elepatture will be
legrttted by more lln.n i.te included In the
church ovei which ho has pitMdcd siwtll,
Ine bug light in Ihe Weston school ill
Irict has tinallv eud.'d in the granlh tf
certificate to Mhs Kate Ibnnclly, whoiaught
in me cubiriei lormeiiy,
Tin ro was a ruin way Tuesday ii,ninin:
A young Leo with Ids tisler fro.n Lincoln,
wire driving throuch La t street, wl en fi
some reasou the hfir.se, which wus young at d
iicttiis'r.ing, loon nutit and threw n.eic '
pants of the bu.:gy out in fiont of tiu stoic
o,siH'jiis nam ige wi.s done.
The social event of the s ms m Is tiio
cent marriaze tf D.'nc m Jtu ithan Dike
Mis. Mand.iiiaXoit'n, li-ali of litis illn'
The tbacou has hut re.t n:ly tcturntd Irom
tlie Wist, and his mairtugu wus a fraud on
the gost-ips, as they lnve not had n chance to
canvass tho subject. Ihu countraclin.
parties are both ovtr 00 years of age.
Many of our citizens uro rcn dntin ' and re
pa'ilng their test let.e s. Am uig thou ie
pairing are W. H. D iii'hee. U.A. McO-
V. llittli. J. bt ueorgi, i i ank Green
'li, rs'ble .Altmsi n, nnd Henrv Gates. I
tenon's & Duusiieu's h! tck are lo 1 c tep dul
cet so )tl.
W. H. Duthee has t tken FonUce Xat!
into pariticrsmp wuu mm tu all his bu-ii.e
enterprise oulsl'le ot hU liiHlol intercs s.
The maple fiuar season Ins about eb-cd.
nnd only a very small amouut has bee
There was a sugar festival foi the Sunday
Dnt.Mi i ti.,. r i i. 'i t ...
oiunn ii lull Ji, n, l,lUll.ll 1 lll.-Ml,M VH'U-
There was a rather sour hoking lot of
farmers ou Ihc street Sjtuuhy. Tl.a low
price ol butter and the failure ot Hie
creps taken together mado them far fiom
Flovd Hiiggs. coloieel. win recently left
town in tho daik his tcturned. It is ateo
rumored that he was in hiding iu his hous-
out from under tlie ollbcra' protecting wing,
Xearly all ihc bscebs n Xew H-iven tno!
l'remh leave Monday niiht. Thcv nrolublv
all g 1 1 gcther Sunday and laid Iheir plms
for thtlr depirlure. The employers cau
give no ciuse iur ineir u siausiuctloi;.
Meitloa wasinide, nil long alne. of the
I act uui surpriso pi.rueswem to be Ihc on!
ot the Aoison at tin .u, i4 par Mi.ige. Starl
turn. We nw chrnnlcle auollier Mirtv of
tlie same ehancter which o.curred the 17th
it.st. Mr. and .Mrs rpoor, having bee
pleasantly surprised at Ihe Christnus trie
and afterwards sirpris:! by a pitiy from
unniingi 'ii, nini again ny mentis irom
ItiuoMiiirgh, Hristol and el-ewheri-, and once
more 3iirniiS"d by the utile folks of thu ,s m
diy-fxhooi, in doubt arieiib-jr surrn
ptrty was tho ltt Ihlng lo lie expected by
tue pa-tor ami ins wue. ine surpii-ers oi
this incisbm were the old r part of ihu Sun
lay school, mo-tiy members of .Mis. Dtvid
FurgUsotis thes, tl.f young lal.es known in
the scho d as the "HeapeiV together with
llio "Chr.s'iati Workers" of Mr. Sielm y
Ituhntll'd cliis, the la'ter mostly nnuli'd
Indies and gentlemen. A few other 1 1 lends
were piefceiit, about lliitty In all. A pie is
tint evening wns enjoyui. vu,ju tin
convir.-a'Joii in tin parlor was tlow
Ing Uautlfuliy al uig, uti('Lreiiionbu-ly
(surptise are lather uncciemonijas m
Iheir uatutc two young ladies, .Misses Carrie
Hi ton and Agnes Smith, entered the lomi,
and piuslogbtforeMis. Spqjr.their Sunday.
school superinteiHitnt, in a f. w b nutiful
words presented her in Ik h ill of the "lb
ets" of Ihe scho d a sU ( f tine wniio dun ik
nmkius as a token oi their teg.ird. Mis
Sjo jr ro-moiido t in a reeling iiiidh ippv iinn-ntj-.
Mf. S. llus'inc'l tlji n stepped fi-rwtrd
nud lu a lew eiioice worus piee:mu .ur.
Spoor in behalf of the "Cnristtan
Wai kers" of the bundav S2ho A
white eiiuiak table clo'h lo msteh the tiari-
kins. Tlos was a ilouMe tuti il-o at d Mr
Snoor wa- for it httli uu-iblo lo ri'blv
but in a moment novered herself nnd re
sounded In a very appropriate in inner.
few other tokens of ngud wvie also added,
union j whkh was a nice white si k h milker-
chief from .Mis. Mtong, wl low of the lite
Judg-i Stiong, anil a hiud-)omu col
Iur from Mis. Hilton. Unco more
tlie "S .veet bye nnd by o" was
suug by pistor ana pe-Mve ami then
appropriate prayer wus olleied hv
the pastor. Supper was then 'iniiouiiced ami
the company an uuimrnti) ii me umiii
room wlure a bointiful repittt was served by
ill - ladies of the party. At un hour rather
blip for Kunelav-school people Ihe co.nninv
(ieparted, leaving behind them mpiykiud
i its lor me rtiinui; nibtur uau ins wue.
The following resolution was pissed, an 1
nn Rented to He:v. A. O. h:Kor bv Iho Lfllcial
hoard of tho St trkb ro M. K. thureh al thtlr
hist otllcml nice-Hug for tho cjniertnco ytat
tiow closing t
Rtntied, Tii.ttwe ten ler our iiiiicpre ana heart
f t th mc tn llr.i. aulhUterS.iiir lor tlu-lr cir-
ncst nif'l vrjlcientidiwra (luring their t iy ainoa
Ant our prayer Is itiat flo-l'i rlelict l-Iesiiiiji
may Hv t nt im u vujuy.
physician, M, D
Smith, is
soon to
ieaTO town and locate
In .Middle-
Grounel has been broken for .Mr, Hooker s
new residence.
Mr. and Mrs. Kzra Warner and diuyhter
of Chicago are in town, gucs'a or . n.
Itcmseo, Mrs. Warner's lather. .Mr. Warner
is a memuLT m iuu ueieurnun wuumsiic
grocery house of Sprague, Warner A Com
Oa Frid iy Ust at tho resjdenco of lur tin.
Iaaae B. Spaulding, -Mrs. Pheho (U light)
Spauleilng departed lids me at ino advanced
aged of bS yean ami four months. 'Ihe
funeral was a'tmded at tho family residence
Suueiay, Hev, h. u, nainaway ollitlat-
On Wodntwuy cluing Mts. Ildlou chses
the scries of meetings lhat have beep conduct-
a fur tho last lour wieas uuuer ner manago-
5Ir. Hathaway Is to preach his farewell
sermsn on Bunduy next.
Spring work has fairly begun.
C. W. Allen. Era., linked fro it his W st
ein trip a few days sii.ee, accompanied by
hlscQusjn, llissWjunlo Allen of Woodstock,
:utD islk cou.nti
Albiirglu j
OreU extltcmcnt cxbtq over amonrv find. I
comprising over fortv nli-ens it i,u r,,n
dallng hack to 17G0. .Mr. John O'Xdl, while :
plowing on .Mi. 31. Molt' furni, 1) ing on tlie.'
wett shore, known as llio old Logmi faun, j
blotftcl up some coin both of gdd and sihti.
luvi opii it opuni"!! unci niorta nut l.lljy
wear from use. Various are the thet tilts as
to wluiice It cnmt Spertilalors ate seeking
to get Ihe money.
I, :uii,m: coi;,tv.
MISS Ml.li.U' MtlHll b:it fniw In l
Jo!mshury for a few wctks, lo ptifecthtr
s -If in the art of finishing photographs In
ChlTonr studio, after which Mio will iclurn
nt.d takecliitgo of that branch or her fnth
er'fl. .Mr. Meirill Is, without e.ceptbn, the
old'st phulogruphtr in Ihe Slate.
Stephen Dorr, Hq , of Jciiehn, m old
lime tesiebnt of Ihis pi fe, M quip' s.ek ut
the Mlsis Dodged. Ho came tip ln-t week
on n visit and was taken suddenly HI.
Mumps nroabioid In the land, seeking
whom ihey nmy adi in.
Quite a Mimher .f the Normal fccIiotnr3
nave loll lo tench summer schools,
Willie Morsa has beuu a private telegraph
linciuniiliig from the village to the depot.
by inems or wlocli bo pn-poics to learn to
"sling lightning." It r rcw ranldlv for n d iv
or two, hut amliionlr (uno lnn.mtirl mill-
m he tiflu! luil llio s'ilit ir,-c:lll m nf ik.
Ini? peimUsiiiii Id ihc lliuciiiiuiinv's win-.
(If., In Mhuli I.i; litlp. tl hiinstlf. 1' Hill
unrilni n prohlcni or Ihe futiiro r,s to whclli
cr tint 1.113 la cur built.
'I Ii re Is one new hou.o Roln up here
.Ine Jiicubi h putiini lip n il welling nel Hie
rncipi p ivc. ue are a criming city.
J!j-r. l're'l I.wr.nee ai.il wife of .Maililil
X.V., nnd.Mr. JIhwIl-v r.f Ihe sinu' iilnf,.
win lnve hecn vi-liin h, ro, J,me iclmtied
l'i uiLir nonHfl. r. .
Lnl .li Kivico at Ihe Il.iiiliil chilli h next
Miiniay ti.111 mng In li.-i.r .Mr. l'i. rn-V fate-
well Ft'riiinn.
llecrjc ll.i'trr ami Dm JIcDitv mrlook
tnn flcoly nf Ihs anlerl la-t v, ek ami l,ep!
np Ihe p(ri n.i.inre for H-vtrnl il.iy.. Thev
ii,.il a ill, a llul g-Hj,l time, hut the 'Mrnier
aim ,n ine nw putas'tpin II e r prreeeil-lii-i,
anil llteil thuu .1 np'cco ami rusls,
Kimr ane-n mc iiinim in i..r sillln.
lupi -r.
MI-pc! Jennie j-tmUlinl ami I.illlo Waltr.
limn I aiu I em eacimtil tn leid, Ihe wa',
k hml ihe ciimliii wnimr. .Mips 'S I'.iti h
and I iiilrr h.ie uejiun nn the r -"con, I v
in Ju i lu l.'urneis. and .M.aj .Mary Wiiul,
h,s ns cue I ,iu! nf l,cr fi run r rc'io U I
M.ellanu. Mi's Laura I! rklnrd nnd Jul;
Irucvaie In leadi In lih glianivillc and
1'lelclier Ceutie. and I'lou I'.ail 111 Uust
1 Iciclnr.
buailiiR U ahrail done. L-sj than half
the uiciaecrop La? l.ceu mad
W. II. Hale ha.utd hN ri'.idiincc on Sum
i.iertliee-, li .Mr. J. II. SaIthsIiih. feo the
piin'tri ami proniri'iidcis nuiile us ray last
wee, rur "J. u. bwln'ton' ieicre
".Mr. P. II. I.lviuloii" in nM liurlinijtn
nn and wei: and plcasuutly iuue:n'ji.rei
tv.isjai . ; jii n t:o v vr v.
.Mr. Hurnliam lnnslit ten Irises and b.n
taken them tn -M issachinetts. He n lid !i5il
In I.. C. nrr.-ii fnr a fpau of bi.ii.k h'tisej,
and f 2T.j fur u rangy elu a nut limse. Ado.
ireiiicr it wai a very line lot nf f inry hor-c.
Hn'sca hrln a good n:Icj. whatever iiciv lie
and nf Ihe hutur nuikct, i.r ut!.ci kimla of
.Mrs. Oert'a W. Kecn-dv and Mi-s Einini
Tajl,-r prtPfiitc I n lot lille I tilth little jrar.
in nl3 and other tilings In a oita bwi, U
wmiian at woiic fur -i firmer on tin Henrv
farm, 'this wouiia woiks vtith l.er liiisbitid
Inking rate of tin c iws ui.d pig', an I a cuia
in uniieia'aiiLi oui.iinor tiorx tiettcr ha
it ink in un ;r. Mic 13 utilised tn sjulmr am
uttirly ui:at,!e In pripare the Utile items ol
cl.illjiiu'. Ihey wire uwviled n rcarngo.m
ptatted for this country where they hive nut
a ungle iclut vc or aumi ntanre. nor cm
tillier of them speak a wold of J.jliih. ?
foveral la ILs in thu vllligo kindly iiretmr.
Ilie tiling., and they were show n tottieyuutij
noniau, who could only uiiu.Thi.inil by pit.
loniinc fcigus thai li was a mil I ruin t ,e I.i
Vithcr Iiakcr.iml .Mlsi Li'Ihu Arms wire
not in irried listwicl; i.s some pioirsn
Parted, hut are In celcl ute Hi ir we.ldui.
this (veiling. A II io sit of silver was pre
hciiicii auinpg oiii-T ii'imemiH gilts.
Jlr. C. . Arms Is quite euk with an at
link of l.nwch.ils. 'Ihe rtxl r thinks he
w ill be li tter In a few i!a s.
J. Iitnrd Mieplee has linucht tin nlur
fonnerlf ociupieil hv Ihc h'e Dr. 1'il.s fni
ii'initt iS.UOO. William D-..1 Ion -hi tu-i
ar-rcs oil lio.n Iho easleily side of the f.iun
iur to'j i.
It aienn n-ilte prolnb'o Hint a i.ev strict
will pun lie oponid turallel with .Main
Mnci on tno a iuiii' uy fine, conniiencnig at
Ihu Dtvh & t'rnsxtt 1 nil ling, mi l co.ni;
mil nl the lea dL'iice of (ten. W, Kaudi'l.
The b'ft iuu of sip this suison. Sntlie
in lu tun .Mnadiy and his run every dav
btncc, ami huu fair tn tniku a iietlygoid
Biig-ir stinnn.
Dr. Whi-elnck has returned and taken an
olliic in .Mr. Uui'IiLrlra u.iildiu:
In Jtirslifleld Is a fini'Iv consistln nf a
luii.liet and lour ( Iiddreii. Ihe nin'h'r uein
tiJ years oM, an I llii vii'nigLst ilitld-17, i
whom lion.- have husband or wife, and id!
vc tngdher.
un llio i nn nut. nt ,m i c I.I t h.'iv win
organu d tlie Abill Diaw-ctit .Mmvircon
puny, with the following hoard of d.nctors
.,mirb"- .Men ls, .Mi.sjs i; lis, A. A. l-'IcK h r
l'. utiai in ami u. b. retry, lieo. ;ie
ols pn i-id.'i.t ; Tied K. Siiiiih, treis irer.
If u 4 yit dul l.d wlure the co up my will
locate us worK. wi.it ti, ns H.c niuielnu.
'.ilea, is in in uniiuciuie llio new ly invei.tu
'Abell draw-cut mowing lnarlrne!'
Mit in i:it vi:itiio.NT.
One ( f J nuts .Me liiire'a l.ttlo eitlsluok.
r leg oui' div le. cully, and Dr. Or.iv bi in.
1 li. loo'her (I ctorc.iuld le f.itlml neaier
than Xoith Troy, wle'te evcrliMiy is id ways
at li line, fro i)iou uilinin voiuntei nt to go
and summon Mire.r.d aid. O.t the way 1k
is olil iri-d lo wad ,1s hnis i.i I in wa'tr
rcveral liu.es an 1 iu ouu itistaticu li a hois
ale a mis. tep and threw him into tlie
iitt r itt to hi. nriuiiitr, ruining Ihu tislitii:
or this teal in. About inidiilglit lie nrilviii
ut Norlh liuy.lnit It was not until -1 a. in.
Iho nct dav that a t hy.iclau arrir.'d ti set
tho limb. WatJuM IW.
The following divorce cifcj have hem
heard and invoices granted In 1 rankiiti conn
ty court .Mirth.iA. Sumo vs. I,. I'. Moue
lull grnuttd f.ir d s -rtlnn. J.ucy A. rudiug
Ion t. (). JI, rullington i bill L-rantulfiir
dt8i.TtIon. tancy l.ivelilte vs. John I.nv-1
cite; bill nr.intul for desi rtlnn. .I.i.. f, i
1'l.int va. Ann Li I'linl j hill gian'dl funic-
seilinn. Melissa I rouletto vs. tile I ton-
lelte i I ill giantcd for neglect and n liu.il to
puppoti. b.irau i roiiiuiey va. emi-vcii iriim
hley; lull planted for iksirlion and ncelict
and r, fiis.il to mppurt. I.nclr.di binllli Put-
r vs. u.iiicii myior in i grann'ii i ! Intnl.
rahlo scvtiity, and neglect and lefnpal to
llenlim n likfmd ol Uiweli whs t vn
WTiksngo atrested for thing a fjiin at.i mlgli.
l.oi's lioy and pi ic-d under h ind- of .fltii) to
cp llio peace, no oun-reu (ouee iur in.
ut'ii.r. llio other nlgtii, winiu bis wue itrini.
lei, wiiiiliplie complained ol tasting .trauge.
. tirnr iiklinr ll ..no wcui in me a irnu
for water, was taken with violent ciaunus
nnd lirr.bly III, only siic.'eiiiing la icacnin..
ino luiuan uv crawling ou iur ii'inui anu
ki.ni in tl.n door. A little girl was nt p'nv
outside, nnd Mrs. llaslord tailed In her to
lell her Iiiollcr to come. Mm wentand
found I cr in convulsions, and niltiiini-.ttrid
ani ditnwhu i ri ii'vid Her. i hilo lids
was being done liiifordwns busy cmptt ing
llio contents of tlu'tcipnl and Ihrcc linies
acilding ll out. The woman aiyashclie
lietea ln.rliusbiii'1 put poison In the ten.
Trial of tho suit nt 0 id ipeo vs. Gilo lor
nliductlon lias begun ot bl. Juhtisbuiy I cfore
Jiidgu ltedllild. About lour yeiira ago tii'o
Is allege-l lo hsvo au luclciH. ulsput s diu-jli.
tor and reslraini'd lierBeviral weiks. Tno
oilier casts arising Irom tho allnn.il iiuiluc-
loa will also bu In aril Dy juuge iteuin.ii.
Tlio Farmer
Tho Business Irian,
ISO Uullcgo .Street.
vm:i: imii:ss ashociatiox,
18!) Colk-KO atrei-t.
lOCO 0:j1 EaTolspK, plain,
1000 " " w.thpurbisb
Cl "3
All kinds antl qualities at corres
contlingly lov prices.
1H!) C'nllc;;o Street.
4 Cents a Ciuiro,
65 " Kcam,
IK!) (Jullcsc Street.
I'or restlvnls, Ten I'iirtlcs.Vc.
Tho Free Pro
189 Oollega Stre
i:.sti:i:n vkismon i-
Vc-il Ifiilidolpli,
I. T. JI itlhoiis, formerly of b i-Uli I! it-al
ton. r.nd fatliti-lii-li.v.if Dr. V. L'. liatlcv,
men oi cou-umptioii at lna Ksideirc iu ll.i
vinige situr.tay morning.
.S iwycr k Ains leu li ive takm poesessiou
,m iu.; More r cei ry urc'irsed ol A. 11. lice
The fu lend of Henry Ilulinits toil; phc
iuu iciineiice onui.av aiiern inn. . -ivice
were co.idi.eic I l,y "liev. V. , Haidv
a'sistcii liy inv. .Mr. U rd.
It is no credit tn the citizens of Una tnwn
in it less ttiaiia d z'.n were present tn
courage lh-ohiervaii' e of D.coiutn n Day
ul the inci'ling ba'.urdiy evening. 1' is un
dir-toid, ho.tevci, lint the matter wld bu
Pi-lied lorwarl imdu' toe in luujutneul of
... O. .ll ). .OU, l.l.
ll"-i. Wm. II. Dull i!s ted for t'lii.if'
.Mondiy, nu bun in s connected witli the
iiuinington tiniii. wli c'i was willed to tl,
state pome lone -inc.-.
Ihe .MccltniieV br d iceiiveil a vitv tine
ins-nni'ii ii may. nils, witli thu sunl
liuui ili'anud a few divs a'.,, was bou .I.i
uy ni'.isctipii hi, wlileli Ph iws tint Ihe c
.ens appnciaie anl inleu I lo suppuit th,
l'lt CUIlll.
Jlllill btlW.lrl Of JollIKOT Will lllim, In
be a c iiisln and lielr of A. T. Slew.itt'., with
lis liwyer, ij.-otgo u. Haleimm. I:-u . oi
UUIe Talil, wire In town l-rldavon hudm
I'ir'aiiiing to the i-st.ilili. ueut of his i luii.i
ei.rnv i.rn-Mi oi .11011 no nr. a lirinnvi.i
a stiiKK ov a t r tin uliliu cnuilinr
rnd.iy niglii.ou tligcro-s:ng here, knock d in
sei si., u ami ins suo'il kr biokin.
It. 1. lirillWK IMS llivenle. n rrn n.id
llllie li.slrumeiit to li-tipplh-d lo i ciniiiijii
cimein lor tiu in-ta it iuu ms taMug nf plio.
vul tiili. ol Helving "HJ.CtS.
J. L. Clnuibcrlin of llirnar.l has nh lined
a pension and i.c piy a uoimtl-ig to
i lie funeral of 1. 1'. M lttiuws t wk pi i
ilusdav un rnltl . and h s b tv wm. t.,l.-i..i i
Koclu-a erfor builal.
Trl 1 iy iifier.io.ui ocrarre I the funcrdor
.n)-ti'i I) ingli-S win (led April H:h. the
liy pi.ciiliu: lis ilgiiir-nlntli blnl.d.ie.
ue inn ue.'ii a re'picie 1 C1U7CI1 lor maul
iirsnniauevol.il Cllilrc'l lil.-nibjrt. iin
13JI. Horn tu in.vn III 1,'Jl. a sou ot one o!
ihc in. I Pinters he lived lure till 1S.H tv
hermovtdto It.tu!tu.i wli re lu nsid.-d
live or stv yeira uud lemoved tn .ilonto. Ih r
tl ere renuinlag ll I IS37 when he ntiiru d io
l.neihca. liy in cm atioii a farunr he anmu
c 1 a sn'jst .mid pr tpir'v In the most Ii un ra
le nmniur nnd litvd througlio.it nn ixem.
Plary life. Ho lenvis in dill Iron. A w d-
m ny tno aicm I man .1 ie and Iwn eikUii.
nnd n hiollur aurvltc hlui. Ho was one of
ten children, s.-veii brothers nud thieo tis.
tcrs, all but one. who died at Hi. Ilvm ' over
seventy yeirs nud oua plater, iioa- living, b-.
Ing in Iur idncly.sic aid jear. 2t'o descend
ml ot tno i; mgiii-s tia no sutvlvea.
Mrs. Anu S. Marlln left for Vonrennes
I-'riday iiiotuiiig. Intending to bj ubunt till
J tine.
The Ormgo county brirlng cxanilnatiin of
leicnersoceursMiiiriuy, April -jtti tu cull
tow n.
Very lit Hp implo fttgn Ins been made this
yeir ii-nl the ator.'S have n3 H't exhibiled
none for sale.
I'lio sUlirs of llio 0. njiogition Do Xotio
Drue have (oiiimencul the irccttoit of a
0 ivenl nt Jolinsbnry. Tho Liiil.lin' Is
lo cist 10M 1. They lut e a school ot a 30
acli iiiir..
Th C'onncetiiiit Ulvcr Luniher coiiinani-
iis stalled the hirge-t drive In iis hiploiv
down the ritei. It cn-sista of Ud,0i)J,l)0il
feu" of Iniuher, SO.U)().OI.O of which is lo he
left al Meludoea's l'u Is, l'rora COO lo (.00
men will b p ipiired Id perform the work
.ii.il It wld lake ICS data to icacli Hartford.
Tl.o expense or thu drive will bo about $l.-,uo
per day.
They must lu npntiy s! of people over
at llroton. A cniiilo of fellow., Itanlnlph
and Iliottn. (pmnclh-d hvit ii luurbdwo
luan and llinwn chalk nged Ilindolnh to
llglit it out. TliMTPiuf the story is told by
a corrispondent ns Minus i " IIhm l.nllenge
wis iliilynccipted, and hit Siluidiv lifter
noon Ihu pirius met miir thu depot, ground
was staked off an. I Ufiy spectators w-eio pres
sent to to see that tho nllair was coudni-ti d
according to methods of the ilrg. In nlnlf
hour el veil rouwU Ind In n foi-ihi nnd holh
parties ha lbe(-nki..-Lkeddowii K-piiiinlly lut, j
us ll iiidoliili lul.l urn. cd himself tt-ilh n m,.,-,-
nf shiip iron wluc'i win Hid lo his im ,1 j
Iliottn got me w.hsi nt it niui wns tnkni
mil WH3 iniiiti
well iiintilatid
trout l ie ring wuu n u.an
uud uiablicd.
Olf AXjIj kinds,
rom iiIIiitnlsiir.ioVMtliiS'Jaril(o
Flrat-elacs work at low prices.
181) Colic;;.! Street.
With r:ar tuw n:i'.l7 rrlit:i ea tien,
Only 40 Cents a fitrl.anr.
ivm:n iMtnss association,
18!) Uiillrgo .Street.
Cards in all tho Fashionablo
btylo3,lmnd3omoly printi-d,
at very lov piicos.
ri:i:n pukss asoci.vtion,
18!) CoIIi-ko Hlreet.
In liiixes.aliJOeoiit-iiiiil iii,ii-(Is.
or nice Xnto INipcr, H, y,)Ur
liii-ino-M .mil printed on, fjil.no
tlllll ll)Uitl-(lM.
181) Colle-ge Slrtet.
ss Associalion,
et, Burlington. Vt.
sul-tiii:ic vi:ii7in. r.
Judge Ve.izey Ins gtantcd nn inr.ction
against Aaron A. Stint, an I olh is oi liau.
ilo.pii, in favor of the Connicl. t.t liivn
Mlilital l ire Iusui.ii.ee conipinv . f ill ons
lulls. This company, wlnc'i v,.ten I wind
up its busuicss over n vciraji, bea.se of
Iho depression of mi;i u"d Im-uupc -, hula
1 irge atnuint of nssess ncnts a.' nn t ,. ,lcy
lnldirs In Randolph, and tniK of Ih de
fend mts in ihik hill p,..i ulr use. ssuicnts
to tho tiea'.mcr ot the company, s. u. t,i,c.r
livin, undir protetl. X. I., liotdin, iLcir
all-miy, his bnaijlit suit ag i st S. II,
'lieri.ian, the treas'inr. jcia in iy, nud not
in his cap, lily ns trevurer, to t.civir back
what they had paid, p-iininonlug bliu 1 1 ap.
penrat llaniloiph, unking the sin s unap.
instable, thiriby h p'ng to gt pii-'ininls
a.'alnd him In that loun. Tiuee 1 1 .s wire
br night ."igain-t tue ir. .nunr, cuh r 'urn.
able on ihlKienl dite-, w.th the uc gn of
uiiiking the tivnsiiri i tuvd mailyoii hi.n.
dr, d niiU'P, putli-ig l.im lo gt at e"Ku-o (n
'I funillll sl doll ir nit. h ..-.a . .
sigilid. If siic-jis.ful in Ihi-s nil., to Itin.r
several litiniir-,1 mote whidi w mid t r ' a ,y
ha.-e mired th") tiens-ner. 'll. lull .t.J.
!tunt charges Ihe dcNndials Willi ( m.l.in.
i: and co.ife lei I'm - loji.thcr n,i sin.
iiiaiiv others of lh.it to tn io I...I,
jii'.iie a,- dust the in n-utcr in 1! ind ilpli nnd
lor tho purtio-c of h ii-iss.ng nnd a inoyin"
Idin nnd pieveii'ing hn.i ci.!ei-'iug Hie to",
in i. nine tiiipnid a-ess units. Tim r,rtn
JiiLctiou rt--.li mis lit -in, ti c.r a.' -nt-j and at-
loniets from Hie fiirllur pio-enitui i of the
miiis, mm mo ill II-a -111-811111111. ,(., l,,j,-car
it the tir.n to li-la-Id in .Si pteuilier of tho
mm of ihiuciry for Win llii'iicoantv Tim
treii.llier Ins been s.i r..4.fnl I..
tliirlccn tliniisiv.ddollars i f Hi.- siMccii thou
Mind le.-iul hy a 11 pi r cent us-css unit
.Ml'. II .11. I!.i.f, w.n the s li ol nvts.
tress who timtiit btci.lien IV. I) i.v ,m.i
Hi other Julia" tlie iilplnUt In lleiison, but
li , It. claims anv kn ,. tl !'-of un. r.. ti
ic'l'ilre.l their "stir-r ul" uiatii -,n dies
Deunlsl,nllil.ii was 3) venrs agi an In Ins.
an In-h uui litiug In L'.otle n.i, on 1 Ind
i iliil-.lla-i d a f. w Ii in In, I d .1 lt-4 lo- li ir.l
Worn, wuie.i lieco iti ted to ii... i . 1 1 t.ii- ......
ofaliiend. lie pklinic I villi tic mou.-v
whlill tin-icdon C'allthin's i -... 1 I,n ,..
tent that he Ucinn- I i-.ui -, a ,d -'S wars aj-o
tsas nt to Ur,ticbor. when- 1, rem ii'in.l
mtil r.cvnily, whim hiving le'ilnel his rea.
he ti-tui'r.d lo hisnlii lio.ii.-. lit. ..-tr-
Ucl ah ait light iais since.
John Hues. iiTrovand II i-ion l,rni.i.rr.,
was diiiik by a bridge and thrown from a
cir. a-rtorth roui.al, tins other nieht. "ind
h.i I his pkull nittijurid lint uIs not expect-
rerdi'iaud CI mjli of X ir ticli shot l,lms,-lf
at llnlleld. ihu oilier day. Hewis;', tears
,, .i-iu iuu iiiurueu.
Tlie Vermont Mirbie c imp inv an. l.ntl.l.
ing a so'dicis' iiioniiiuei.t for' the town of
Ml now lo he unulled Djcorallnn d iy
L'iclua H gelotv. editor of lti, ltit...,i
lleraU, h is been conliiud to Ins rooms at
niu iiiriii.ii uotise, Mr several stocks.
IMnlo Wc.l a iiuc weeks ago. .Mr. Iligi-low's
f i t conir.li'iicvd tn trouble liini n-.l v. r...
ly, Ihc ti utile origin uing fro n a corn which
ii- aueuiiie i n uui ive. bine then it has
Town woi"C. and Mr. llL'iluv 1,,,.-1,
nblj to w al', for a nnc limn ti.int.
Ill 111! Case of tjlnto VS. II. W. Live tcr
eontitnpl of i-o irt, the icpuideut was dis.
charged, us the court held tint it was not a
itillul or wrongful reltis.il lu ntlend and
testily an I tli it In- had a lo.isouable excuse.
Duo hundred and tlftf chili !l"l 11 Wl-l-l. fill,.
tinned bv Ilil.op De Uoesb.-la.-nl, at West
tittnti'i, list .-..iiuiat
Itanney Hntvard, lisi , f a- many toms n
iininent mi. -i in. I l-iwti-r of l'.ictorv
l nt. HU 1 al 1 1 ii- llnii- of his death tn.l.-.i nf
the piobaie (ouu f -r die n mil shire of Hen.
iiiii.-ioii m.iiiiy, hi ii t.ry s-nidcnly, Tues.
.liyof tiiiitaleii of ihi'icait. Ilitvasana-
tive id Jam il-1, and win about 5j tears of
rjlu-MiMi .V; on-. ot W.si llitllatidlnrollio
couirn.-i foi fi. i ni. nng 11,000 vokliers' licad-Ptoilt-..
'11.0 ll-lliii g is all being ilotio by
hand, the old sui l'u i-t luilhoil not having
liecti fo ind so duia'i
The iiipeivisois nf Iho Insane, in cotnpli.
once wllh the reipiin in- nts r f the law passed
by the ltt li-gislnlure, and with the full con.
C'tricnie and upprotal of tho Pilperlnlcndent
of Hie nsliini. have illavluirgut tlinteca Mule
and until pitteiit., po.i c ot whom have been
Iniuitcs of the t-.stluni for twenty years.
bcvrr.il oilier cnsesuiiMitiilir consideration.
Tho ctpeUfl-S of the tl Ilu of llmlan.l fr
the pist viar were ns rllinn tlcueral pur.
posea. i?7.18l 71 j h'shtfivs. 147,100 4J: sew
ers, 1,113:111; Ktnl, tjl7,l-i7.j, Ihero
ci ipts f i oui nJ soun- s exc -cded I l.e cxpendl.
t"ies by ijJ...MI.O.'. Th.- l ondul i)ibt of tho
'iin.;e ,s .7?.i,.ii(j in water ittn.is. 'tiieother
liabilities nf the village fo it up 414,799.07.
wltliassitsntiU,040,s.. '
nunge is i;j.i,.,i(j m water nn,is. Tlieother

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