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To Mitiktrlbcrwi
Whtn jour p iper comes to j ou in a pink wrapper
tt Is ii'jtlco that your luuserlptiou nas cxpircu
Mcate renew promptly ana urns no Dumber.
Coinir.rrclul tourists are very numerous,
Fuot-ball has token tlic place ot Uscbill
ou Hit' campus.
The tlobtls of thy Centra! House block 1ms
been removed.
A couple of schooners Hindu She trip across
nit! i.iKi', jiouuuy,
Q ilte a number of cusc of pneumonia are
repo.ted about town.
Only tMit wctks more of university life
T.t r .!. II M
ior ui ol'uiuis vi me vj.
Tlw water lu'tho lake ti now Ave and one
h:ilf feet ubovc luw vuUt mark.
On 1'ild.iy night's train from Uostnn were
luUnwiiU", m leuuu ioi ivincuco.
Wo iciel to learn that Mr. John Uscomb
u u-ry ill at his liumu ou n luooskl avenue.
lion. Henry Hull. id's present Intention is
to ko tu Denver some lime in llio latter pan
ct tlic i all.
Prof. William Darling will begin his course
ed lectures at the Midical College the nrsl
ot neil mouth.
The annual mcctlnj; of the Central Ver
mont Uallrowl Company will be. held at St.
. Albans -May lClh.
Tim Wind statue of Lafayette is now In
the hands ot the found iyn.cu and will Lc In
Wit my next June.
Our mere hauls with hardly an exception
icpoit trade as good and Ihu prospect for the
coming teuton excellent.
Thu Messrs. Henderson have returned from
their UitUm trip am! cerbudy Is glad
to tie ttum Uicli uj'utn.
The annual meeting of the llurllngton and
Lamoille lallioul company will bo held in
this citi, on .Monday, Apill otMi.
The first quality of maple sugar is retail
in,; ut tents a pound, and cvrup at 1.25
per gallon most unusually high price?.
New machinery is biing put lu thu ttcaiii
tr .Maquiim and it will be several weeks Lc
fore tlu will bo ic'Jdy to leave the harbor.
Mci-. Walker, Hatch & Co., have pur
ehasjd tlio biismebs of tlio Uuihngton tfpjkej
company und williuiry it ou under llmtuuine,
'Ihe steiiiner Vermunt will make her lirf-t
trip tin teuton tn May 28th. She will iuu
e-u tutibunllully the bame time card us last
'I he extent r of the new Catholic building
oiiN"nhaenue is now piuetieallv completed,
and wt ik is lemg igeicusly i tithed on the
It U anuutinced that II. W. Love Is fchort
ly to ttilner a lecture In this city, bused ou
his tiltempts to euloice the piohlbitory liquor
luw lu Uullaud.
The tuuU which have been laid up at our
due Its ll.u pust stattuu are leceivlug the Jin
Ulttuu tuiiUies preparatory lo beginning their
fccuvju's tiips.
The temi-annual meeting tf the Vermont
Ilon.ee ji illuc Med'tal toen-ty will be held
ut thu an Nets houte, lu this dty, on Wed
uesduy, il ly U.
rliie Meninet Williams came out of the har
bor w.th Hying tolcr, Tuesday, and made
her llrat Hip ot t tic season witli a good-sized
load of i asengers.
Mr. A. IJjutiu his just returned from New
Yoik, wheie he purchased an entire new
stock ut gujds lu all dcpattuients. He will
hate n gnind opening next week.
The steamer A. WlhUms began her sea
son's tilpj luesday, leuvlug thheityatti.IiOa.
m. ltetarning, the will liutc I'ialtsburgU at
liUO p. m. nti a reach IhU poit ut 3 UU p. in.
Hiv. Dr. U. I). SwfT id is spending a week
in town. Ho U lh: guibt of Mr. Hungerfurd.
Dr. Sail" T.l will occupy ttic pulpit of the
WinoosM ateuuc CoLgicgutioiml church next
'J lie Good Temphus of Clilllenden, La
nvillle, Frauhlin and Jiaud Isle,1 counties arc
to lrtvc a union and InsU't picnic on the
McrrUvii.u camp giouud, the lirst Wednes
day in June. ,
At its leecnt ecssiou the Troy conference
uppoimcd :i cjinmiitec to confer with a like
committee, If uppoinletl, of the Vermont
conterence, tobucmelhe uturn of the Bur
lington d.btuct to the Troy conference.
Of Methodist cleiejiLtu well known In
thlsdty, the Troy coutenme has coutiuued
Kcv. '1. A. (iiillm as pre&idirg elder of the
Sjrato,;! district, anil 1ms ttiitltev. Henry
Gral.tun to Gloversille and W. J. Heath tu
The new postal law m..lis the taking of a
newpiijtr and the reiuFul to pay tor the
same, thelt, und uny pi i sua guilty or such
an acdoii U liable to ciiimual piocecdings,
the tame us If lie Ind btoleu guods to the
nmonui t'f the sub&ciiptiou.
The I.egi&Ia'.uie luiug at its hut session
t fixed ihe amount of the highway tax at 13
cents on the dollar of the grand hit, when
paid In cmU, our street authorities will have
u much Hi.aikr sum of money to expend up
on the fctrteis than herefoloie, unless the
lijard ui Aldermen increase- it.
Jlr. L. W. Kenney, who has been connect
ed for a long time wiih the Uutland illvision
of the Ceutiul Vermont rail ma 1 m the capa
city of im engineer, ami is known to all ruil
roaimeu heieahuut?, has received and ac-
cepieil an appointment as astistaut muster
mechanic at vt nue ltiver junction.
fcjprin ' Is heie. And thcio are manv dead
lluil'b hi our tices and shrubbery, many
)eie about the corners of fences, u any
things In itunljuid and bick yard which
need t-Kitiiugiiuuy eie the f u'l beauty and
glery at the KUcm is tnjovel. Attend tu
ttiisitnd ti.u3t.turt at yuur own imne an
iiupiovcn.cnt suclety.
A new htreet Is shortly to be opened, paral
lel with 11110 slieet and running from Huw-
ard Hn-el buu.e teveu bundrtd teet to anoth
er new urect extending from ni.o lo tihel
burn falrcct. On the.e ttnels a latgouumkr
of houses ai e to Lc e reeled this Sousuu, C. It.
Haywuid, K?(p, alotie having matte arrange
ment to UuiM a dozen.
As-Utimt Surgeon O. W. 1'itk of the First
ngimeut, Nuiioual Guard, bus been promo i
ei burgeon, vice L. M. Uingumui resigned,
ar.d Di. Churlis F, Uraneh ot Coventry ap-
pointe i us-iHam surgeon, ,ce 1'iCK promot
ed. Dr. Hranch beic-d dutlue: the rebellion.
attaining thu i ft 1 1 lc of mujor. Ho is a grad
uate o thu u.cdicnl department of the Uni
versity of erinunt.
Li-t Tuesday eveniiiff. at the cunferencc
meeting of .MetlxHlibt pastorf, ttic vounj men
of the tltuch in this city presented tkeir re
tiring psior, Itev. Mernlt Hulburd, n very
l.anclaoiiie tit ot Jlawthorucsworksin twelve
volun.e-'. 'Ihu cut is lloughtttu it MitUin's
Lcauulul etching edition. rece:tlv published,
At llu stiue liinu the pastor ot Ihu district
presenied 1'retid'tcg Lider Koe an elegant
gum uicu.
An IntertMlng case tair.e up the other day
in City Court undei the so-called Civil Dam-
ngei net the nut cave or lha kind, we be.
heve, In thit i ait of tLe Stale. The udmiii'
Istrator of liio c&tatc of the late 11. Flana-
gin tiled Jtilut O'Mura fr duniHircs eut-
turned by a lively team while in the control
of n person who became intoxicated on htpior
furnifcLed by ()'.Muin. The result wus a
judgmi nt for $30 5U and coals in favor of the
planum, ami the judgment lias been paid.
A luge foiceistmploytdtmtho new build.
of the lViguton Manufacturing Compiuy
and it is expitted that I ho blruclurc wilt bo
ready for occupancy early in May. The work
Is lu thareo of that veteran builder Mr. W,
11, Tow intend, and everything Is done in the
most tltorough nud buhs-tantlut manner. The
company will employ a number of hands and
tueir cuurpris-o m an itnpjriaui aadiliou to
the intinstiieB 0 Ifuillnglon.
Thedealtrs renortllhestoekof coal hi thecitv
as veiy low. Indeed, they have been obliged
of hie t brlng in coul by rail, ono concetti
having itcently reccivcdnftteu hundred tons
In that manner. Thu New Yurie rannl will
be opened May Oili, und the first shipments
ino coui nusiness is mi Imporiant one here
mueieuurs naviiig tinting the past season
Landhel something like sixty thousuud tons,
of which about thirtylivo thousand tuns was
soul m mo ctiy ror local coniurnptlon,
Since January 1st the Hev. Thcorloro A
liopKln lias l.eeti holding Bervlcta und
nrta' hintr dunmr e'eveu tiundavR in M.t
her, Underhill, Mlddlelairy, liraudon and
cvu" Muijwigiujd uupunuuy iasi ue ftgutn
preached at St. Stephen'; church. Middle.
bury, where he has accepted duty for the
two next Sundays also, llu has cogaged to
ds at Trimtv ctiurcu, I'laiisuurgn, ou aim
day, .May l&h, and at Trlulty church, Hut'
laud, on Juno 10th.
A young son of Mr. James 11. Scully was
the victim of a serious and somewhat cuilous
accident Tuesday hiirht. He was on his way
home when a heavy iron ball thrown Into the
air by another hid fell aliectly on Lis head,
lnntrtlng a irtghtiul wound. Tlio boy was
taken home an soon as polbh und his wound
wasdicsH-d by Dr. Y. II. Lund. At Inst
accounts his condition win very favoiable
nnd strong hopes of his ticovcry were enter
tained. That such will bu llu1 lesult Is cer-
tninly the hope of the many friend of the
11. W, Love was arrested ut Rutland nt
midnight. Sunday, ou the charge of at
tempted rape on u voting trirl. He was
taken before it magistrate Monday nnd
promptly furnished hall n wealthy nud
prominent citizen of llullind oiTeilng, we
uic told, to ball him in -0,01)0 If ncces
a try. H Is claimed that the proceeding
against ijovc was n "put-up jou," nuu cer
tainly his arrest In the middle of the tiHit
nnd Biminnry commitment to j dl will stnkc
most people as a very great outrage.
The railroad consolidation has at last
taken pi net icnl shape. The holders of a
tnajotily of the recently foreclosed llrstmort
gago bnndfl of the Vtimont Central rallromi
company hmc foimtd the "Consohdattd
Hullroad Company of Vermont" and hae
filed articles of nidation according lo law
for the purpose of operating said rnilrrad.
Ilotnlholdcrs who h ive not et si ned these
nrticlcs arc given until May 11th next to do
The Central Vermont railroad Is extending
its Canadian connections. At n meeting held
ut Iberville, 1'. Q., Thurpdiy, of the slock-
noiucrsami ui lectors ot tnu tmeuoo nnu
Magog taihoad n con n act was executed for
the rebuilding of that toad (which Is twenty
three miles in length) nnd its extension 19
miles to herbrouk, where it will connect
with the Grand Tiiinlc, The i?tansteud.
ShtfTordnud Chamhly road urns from St.
Johns to Waterloo, nud tlic roads mentioned
constitute the Northern Division of the Cen
tral Vermont railroad.
Among the cases finally disposed of at the
recent term of Chittenden County Court was
mat veneiaiJie one ot liiwreucj uniitum ti
aK vs. the Vermont Ceutial Ilillroad com.
pany, in chincery. It Ins stood on the docket
for more than a generation, nnd on the docket
for the teim jut closed the title of the cjfc
was followed by the memuraiidum, "Seo
docket ot September term, 1SG0, for numer
ous prior cntrlc." The case his nt last been
discontinued. ThU leaves as thu oldest case
now on the dotket that of Charles H. Cut
ting vs James Dol in. which is oiilv fiftcm
jcars old a very moJerato age for the
father ot the docket."
Mr. Kdgar lhckwilh lia? been appointed
to succeed Mr. J( hn C. Lvi.ch as irciur.d
sccietmy of the V. M. C. A. in this ell)',
Mr. Utckwiili U a Ilurlington boy, a grain,
ate of the U. V. M. in the cln-s of 'SJ, and
Is well known to our people lis a young muu
of I Uh Chi ill.in character nnd of fine
rcholaih' nndsccial attainments, and in his
acquisition a? general (ccretury the associa
tion nas set tneu a most excaieni man tor
the place. Sir. lUckwith has had some ex-
periencc In Y, M. C. A. work in IJobton, nud
win ciouuues) hring (rained abilities and a
thorough Knowledge of the best Christian
methods to his work in this citv. He will
succeed Mr, Lynch on May 1.
The wind of Saturday niuht and Sunday
morning broke uplhe Iceiulhelake picttytf
cctuully.and the broad lake is now open. '1 lie
season's closiug of the lake was of abo-it the
ucraic duration, The earliest clotlmr A the
lake for the past seventy cars was January
Ui. 1SG3 ; the latest. March 4th. 1S19: the
meantime of closing Is Januaty SKth. The
latest uaic oi opening was April auth, loio.
List year the 1 ike closed January 23d and
opened Arril 5; in 1881, the dates were re
spectively Jauuiry 19lh and April 21st; In
JUS", l-cimurv ad and March 8th: 187 h
January 20th and April 2Jd; In 1878 the
like was closed only lor a lew days in the
latter part of January.
The Burlington nnd Lamoille road has
purchase il of the Central road the locomotive
'JietheJ," und it is now he mr rebut t at the
11. & L. car-thonp, under the dlnctiou of
master mechanic F. O. ltrowncll. It is to
be thoroughly overhauled, furnis-hed Willi
new trucks and a handsome new cab of
birch and black wnbut, and will be run as a
rasscngcr engine on the road. Thu Hut
lington nnd Lamoille passenger cars, six in
all, arc also being repainted nnd revarnUhed,
and will make a very handsome appearance
when finished. The freight cats and reftig
crater and butter cms are being repainted, ii
a tasteful gtny tint. 'Jho fictght business
over the road lias been unusually gmd the
past turner nnu Severn new u&i cars nave
been built ut the shops.
Matket prices for the nrcsent week will
range uLout as follows i Spinach, CO ccntsa
peek: lettuce, 10 cents n head: rudibhes. 5
cents ubunch; tew maple suar, 15 to 18
ceuts : cgiis. 20 cents: butter. 21 to 20 : po
tatoes, 00 cents per hu'hel : checie. 15 to 18
etuis: ermont laid, 15 to 18 cents : apple?.
yS.OO to $4 per Parrel; tbbiL'e, 4 to 5
cents per pound; turnips, 3 cents per pound;
beets, 3 cents; parsnips 3 cents ; prunes, 12
to 3') cents; prunelles, 25 cents ; ormigts, 15
to GO cents per dozen ; lemons 20 to 40
cents; bananas CO lo 75 cents; figs 25
cents per pound : dates. 20 cents : honi w 20
u i-cuis yvt jhiuuu ; evupuiHini uppits, 4)
to 25 cents per pound; dried apples, 12 to
14 cents. Sweet potatoes tniy'hc ha J i.t 8
cents a pound; cocoanuts, 8 lo 10 cents
apiece; tomato.'s, 15 to 20 cents per pound ;
pine'uppies, so to ou cents apiece.
When Am 11 blows his horn, 'tis cooel for
both hay and corn." So runs the old pr.ivert
and as April appeals lo be blowing his horn
sonic what vigorously at the present time, liny
anu corn ougnuo ou turn nt mm this j ear. Jly
many the backwardness of the reason is re
garded unfavorably, but it is u fact that the
moat productive years are 'Usually thosj in
which the Spring is cold. The fear of frost
is much less among fruit growers nt Ihe pres
eut time than it would be had March and
April been warm months. There Is a taing
that "as in my frostises in May" are tu be
expected us there aic "mlstbes In March,"
nnd as March was both thy and cold, the
proverb indicates that no frot U to be feired
In May this year. There is no reason to rp.
gard Ihe propped for any great crop us nnf i-
vorauii. i ue outiooK ior iruit is especially
good, and as to crop prospects generally, the
discomfort ol this chilly (wtuihir may be
somewhat ullevialed by faith in ihe ptovetb.
iv cuiu April me uarn win nil."
The real estate movement has been more
active of luie than for a number of jcars
past ; and taken in connection with the large
number of buildings now in course of erec
tion and to be erected this season, thu nlniost
uupnceuenitd Tdcmaud for tlwc- hn ' boons
and tcncments.and the fact that every artisan
has nil the work he can possibly do, there Is
convincing evidence of tho city's growth and
prosperity, rouowing are tnu real estate
conveyances maucs utu our last nnnn t
John r, Fnrmer lu Louis Wright, houso und
lot wett side St. l'aul ttrctt. .1125: Samuel
jcnuison anu others to iunru Lhuinherliii,
house and lot west sido Sheltairn s-trect,
4900: Alice H. Lawrence to Michael -Me.
Cabo. house and lot west sidcSt. I'aul street.
1100; Llias Lyman to Fatiick llochejiouse
hiki iut west siue is on i tiattcrv strti-t
9ieiu i4. il. iricic to . lt.MiuutditiL'. one.
hulf i interebt in building and lot notthwtst
corner urunt fctteci m.ii inooiiu venue.
5-1150; i. It. Spauldiug to J. O. Thorn.
trustee, sumo propert)', Jj2500; J. O. Thorp
eu iuim r. ppuuiuing, mauuord lorm,
iflOOO; L. C. Dod-c and wife to .Mary
4'iuiuiier uuspuai, uouge piac I'uiri street,
termB private: 11. W. Carncnter to r. L.
Tuft, house aud lot west side Will-ird stieel.
$230 j Marin Wolcott to O. C, Stacy, land
and tenement buildings west sido Church
street, opposite court house. 3300 1 John
and Ellen Flaherty to J. W. Madlg m, house
ami ioi west sine uuampiain street, t
A. and F. Johonnott to Lucy S. kiniiilatid.
three-ttory I nick building njrth side College
strict, &8000 : .Mary Ooonuy to Thomas
Cooney, undivided two. thirds of laud und
three houses corner Main and lattery stteels,
$2200: Angoline Lander lo James Lamr.
Jr.. house and lotnrlhwcst corner Nonli
and North Union streets, $355; Denis
O'Dea to Michael Commiugs, Iioufc nnd lot
cast side Chumplaln street. 750 ; Joseph
Lcitenviile to Napoleon Yell, house and lot
on Elmwood avenue, on Spring tired und on
tfoilh street, terms pilvuto t Jolin Llscmu to
l'snl lionttte, house ami lot eust thio North
Union street, !l0Ut balnno 1J. Feck lo
Ueorge n , Lee, huildiug lot south side Nortli
s'reet, S50 ! J. W. Wnrdlow toC. K. Nash,
lot on old falrirround. SIOO I S. M. l'onr.
ndtr.lnlsttator, to John Bpcncer, house ntid
tot tioilh title Mnin street ast of nivtue,
S7C0 ; Knglcsby anil Hudson, trustees, to
Wells, uicharusem cc xjth, tot suuiu siue uur
Ipiti' Kirrct. c.S.lOO i W. 11. Macrae, admlnls-
Iruttir, to II. (J. Smith, livery burn and lot
south sido Mechanics stieet, $1UW w. u.
lhs and wife to Henry Greene, house nod
lot can stele ecuoru sireei, iuuu.
tub: uoiiK i' it.vi'ii
.Mr, Ware .Scfiirt I.rcturc,
The chapel of the Unitarian church was
filled last evening with an attentive and in
terested audience, gathered lu hear Hev. Mr.
Ware's second lecturo on Itaphael. This
opened with a brief essay on the province of
art. The lecturer deduct! beauty to bo one
of the most useful, as It Is one of the most
universal of the utilities needing only the
attentive eye, willing lo 'consider" the lilies,
lo discover It everywhere. In this uuivcnal
presence of beauty is evidence of the immn.
nenceof Uod.asaiiindwellini! sphlt. Ihroueh-
out His unlvciBc. There isrellglon in ntt
nnd a gospel or benuty, ot which luphael
was the trreat cvanirellst. deserving the title
of "Evangelist of Att" as much ni Durer, to
whom It was uUcn. both because of hlschoice
of gospel themes und fiem the simplicity,
iiku mat ot me gospel, ot ins itcatmeui ut
them. It wus Raphael's mission t
de-light the wo'ld. Ho ctnnot be given
Iho highest phec; but only one, Michel
Angelo, tho imagluntle creator, surpasses
him, ns the sublime surpasses the lovely.
Itaphael was not n irreat clmrncttrj but he
wus lovable, modest, chinning, nnd n3 com-
parcel with ihe men ot im lime moral, lie
is the palnler of delightful grace. The old
fashioned phross "heat ts delight" seems to
belong to him. The consummate loveliness
of his woik Is visible In even thing lo which
he put his hand ns In the Madontit now In
tho Metropolitan nui'-cmi ut New York,
which though largely the wetk of his pupils,
aud injured by restorers still shows by Its
pericci ennrm ami grace oi composition mm
ItapljiU'l has b.cu there.
Mr. Waic spoke of the haul work repre
sented in such skill and perfection ns nn nrr
list, ns well ns in tho surprising mm iter ot
Raphael's paintings nnd frescoes, ptoiluced
in the twenty jenrs between the painting of
ills "uuamtin loung iviiight 'unit ot me
Iraiufiguritiou," with which his career
closed, lu 1520, in his 37th year.
On the walls of the cli ipel und on easels on
the platform Sir. Ware hud hung some CO or
OU photeiginphs and engravings ot uaphacrs
works tugtt tier wiih photographs of a doz
en of the gteattst ah.lings of his early teach
er, IViiuni", selccled ft tun his own very ex
temlve collection. Of the characttrlsiics of
some of these, Mr. are spoke In d. tail. In
closiug he reverted n train to thu hi eh u-ts of
art us un educnteir nud inspirer. lu our day
it h is become 1 irgely the mere decorator of
our human life, and as n consequence we get
much of the frippery ; but Mile of the ele
vating and umoblirg influence of utt. In his
wotk or astonishing heauiy, gra'e nnd de
light, Hiphset was a true Unctactur of the
w orld.
Mr. Ware wns snffeilnir from a sevetc
colli, nnd spoke with dilllculty ; hut made
himself hcaul, i.eveithetess with entire dis
tinctness nnd held, throughout the It dure,
the close aud gtntilkd nlLenllou ot hU n nil
ence many of them lemahiiug afier its
close to cxtmiue somewhat mere closely the
photographs ami engravings, it is rare thai
so interesting, appnchtlve und Instructive a
lecture can be so lully nnd fitlinly illustrat
ed. ;iiiTn;.Nii;. coi.mv cuiust.
cRrliic Hie t'loau of ilic SomkIvii
The forenoon session Thursday was taken
up witli the case of Hplcer vs. .Spiccr. The
pctitlooer took tl-o stind and iloaied point
blank every material allegitiou nude by tlio
witnesses fortlie petitioner i und all the les
tluionywa3of the most coutiaJictory char-
At the afternoon ses'ionthc case wits tnkcti
ur of Sarah E. Kelly vs. (Jcorec V. Kelly,
a ttiit lor divoice on the ground of alleged
amiitciy. in this rnso there wus n private
healing in the judgch' loom. Haul und i-uf-ford
for petitioner; J, V, Hussell lor peti
tie nei
Ihe uii.uir.dcr of tlic nflernoon wns taken
up wiih dispo-ing of cases left oren nnel
hearings ou oreorwo meittor.fi.
Adjourned until 2 o'clock Erhhiy afternoon.
IH'clftlon lu tlio Uorrr C'ue t'lniu
tl the Term.
At the orcnlng or court Friday after
noon, nn hour or two was occupied in ctllinr
tho docket. When tlu divoreo case wera
icarhed decisions were antnunccd a? fol
lows; Jlary II. llury vs. Willi un C. Harry,
cane c 'ittinued to allow hbtllantto submit
additional testlmo.) ; ). G. Stone- ts. Sarah
Stone und Adolphin ltiiHell v. Ihu rid Hus
sell, tamo disposition ; Sira'i E. K"llv v.
Gcj. . Kelly, divorce eran'cd ; E'tura
A. llorlor ve. Jo'm 11. Ilorled', divorce j
Marlhn i?mith v. Aithur V. Smith, contiu
ueil: Minnie E. Spiccr vs. 31, 11, Spice r, pe
tition denied: 3Iurv Jane Vaiuev vs. Albert
Ilntley Varney, petition granted and petition
er given me amody oi the minor cuildieu.
Maty L. Wood vs. Augustus Wood, petition
granted nnd llbellant given i'oOO nliiuouy,
?1U0 to be paid in o'J days and tho hulanco
in six month) : Emily L. White vf. Chnikb
F. White, p-.tlllon granted and libellunt giv
en the cul""iiy ol iho chUU; AiU A. 1 uy vs.
Hiram O. Fay, petition granted. In F. J.
Start vs. H. II. Mart, heard last term, the
elccree w as to moihih (1 us to dvo Cunt St irt
the custody of the children in two tcais uller
tue Kiuming oi the tltcrec.
iho culllu ' of the lOcketbe nir comn eted,
the court unnounccd the npnoiutineut of V.
ij. jiunnpoi itnriin 'ton, M. v. Willanl or
tieno ami 1 in 1 1j. Ukuson ot Uichmontl
a roid couimiioners for the) ear ensuing.
uimri was men Htiiourmvl sine elie.
The ciianctry court then held a biief ses
sion, at which no business of public interest
I'uuiid Ilrownvd.
The wife of I. O, Mulnn -y, a da-ihler of
Shuba.'l 1 lelcher, aged about 'M, wis drown
ed luesday, at Woodstock, lu u well nt her
home in tho south purt ot the town. It is
believed to be a suicide on nccouut of f nnlly
irouuics. ;?uo leaves two younz uautrmers.
Crop llcporlw.
1 torn Uutland county: Tho snow which
wns unusually deep has all disappeared e x
ceut the remnants of some hro drift. The
gremnd Is ncurlyRttled and drying oft rapid
iy. Dome ure beginning to plough. Jho
maple sugar season is nearly nt un end, nnd
hu1 been poor, not over one fourth the imr.
ago amount his been made', some fav not over
oiie-eignin ; many n u n it up at uil. tjlieiso
luctoiica imve nearly all started: cows um n
good demand, gool ones fcelliug tcadily nt
450. Horses me veiy high, l'otn'.oes uro
sellliig at 0 to 1)0 ecnH per bushel j corn, HO
cents; emtp, CO to 05 cents good butter
Belling nt JJ5 cents for local consumers. Veal
calveuscll nt 0 cents for live weight, nnel
many dairymen arc fattening large ntmibeis
ot them, There is plenty of hay to carry Ihe
steick Ihiough lo crass.
Windsor county ; Snow moved oil with
out any freshet, ami only u few of ihe Itrco
drifts are left, Thn priMiil Is Iho lightest
nigur crop fer SO years, nvt raping less linn
one nounel per tree. Nearly nil are through
and have begun work lu thu llehts. Winter
grains nrc looking well, nud only plenty of
rain Is needed to insure go d grain und grass
crops, diock tus winiereei wen, especially
sheep, nnd tboie raUIni: eurlv lambs ard very
tiuecesbiui. ino large mini iters klileil hy
nogs ihe pasi teruem wus illscouiiiging to
sheep bleeders, but il 13 Imped llu increased
tax will tend to decrease the numbers of the
worthless hut cipenIvc "pets."
Tlio 3Iuuiiofliiotliia: Tune.
Tho at.te.mrrtem fclatemtnt of Mrs. Ilialr,
whii was bhnt by her husband Inst Mondnv.
has been taken. It goes to show that 111 dr
is Innocent of nuv mtont in kill hla uir..
Mis. lllalr btuted her belief In her husband's
Innocence, nnd tho age d couple wept piofuso.
ly when, after the statement by the woundeel
woman, the husband wni accoinp mled hack
tojillhytlmolllcerf. Thero is llilto or no
ground on whle h to lusc a supposition that Ulair
uiiLiiueu uuuuer. iho shooting is undouht
eelly the result of cireless handling of IW
arms, and In no other way ts Elair crlmluully
respe.n"ih!e for tho ucrhhnt. The wouhh-j
condition Is critical, nnd very little hope is
mvi itiiuvu ui net i ecu very.
vi:uMiNr ?ir.TiioDitT.
Otteiiliis "f tlio TlilrH-tilnlli Annual
0?ccIj1 lo the I rec Preis nJ Times 1
The thirty-ninth annual session of the Ver
mont Conference of the Methodist Episcopal
church opened nt St. Albacs, on cdnesday,
At ril 25th, Ulshop Harris presiding. Tliere
was a preliminary service on Tuesday even
ing, under the direction of Her. A. J. Hough
of Woodstock, well known us the poet of the
conference. After singing, tho scripture
wns read and praytr offered by Hev. J. A,
Shcrburn of Ilarte. Mr. Hough announced
his text tn 1st Corinthians, 3d chapter, 25th
verse, nnd tllscouiscd upon the great posses
sions of the Christian believer "All things arc
yours." Tho hrgo church of tho Methodist
pcclcty was welt filled with an Interested and
appreciative congregation.
At the opening of Iho regular session
on Wednesday morning, It. Morgan
cnllcJ the roll of members, ninety
responding. II. Morgan was chosen secretary
by acclamation, wiih F, M. Frost, 1). IL
Hicknell nnd (Jeorgo Smith assistants nud T.
F. Frost railroad fecretnry. A committee
was ordered to communicate the fraternal
sympathy of the conference with llishop
Feck in his sickness. Various committees
were ordered nnd eleetcd. Communications
from the Philadelphia conference on Indlau
affairs were referred to committee. A coin-
mitlec wns appointed to consider tho ccnlc
nary of Ale thoetism, which occurs next year.
Prcsldine: Elder J. J. Noc presented a me-
moiial fiom the Trtiy conference and a rest,
lutlon ns follows : To tho Vermont Annual
Conference of the M. E. church, dear fathers
aud bicthrcn the following preamble nnd res.
ohillous this day adopted by the Troy annual
conference are rtspcclfullysubmilteel to your
consideration t
ll ifrra. The committee on honmlarlci at t tin
sencral conference if lsiOtllu po cintiffo the do
Hcriptloii I tlio hountlarlei of tho Vermont And
Troy conference ai to tuke tho Burlington (lintrlct
hm now roneiituteii from the Troj au-l give It to the
Whtrea. W e hellef o such channes ulioulct not be
maile njtahiHt Hie ioiionatle wwti and jirotcittof
the churches of the naM Burlington ihstrn t, winch i
arc ho oppoHeil ami iliti ami tio ho nroti-st a(alnt j
hclnji roniiectetl wi'h the Vermont Coufe-reace, i
i'loderf, That itomer i:.uon. w, n. iioiines .
. lUUiai. It. tlraham aiol v. J. llc.uti ho and
tlmy lieiebj ifv appointed ctuimlislotiersrf tmatu). I
arlirt, roitleit furin piratiraiilt Stf'tof HicdlH
cliilliif, to uii'i t alike lommHsion from tho Ver
mont t otifetencp, tho aMoiiuuicut of which we re
upei'ttullT nqiu'H ut ut Hts)jnto he held in m,
Altu'iM, Vt., Apr 1 1 5i h iiiHt., lo readjust the
itouudarks item eeu thu Vermont aud 'Irojcon
fvrcuciM, Re tot ted. That we hereby respectfully but cirn
enlv prar the t.ud i-ominlHSioii, if it ahull be cod
n iiuifU) 1 1 lenure iae iiurnuifioii uistnct iu ne
'Iroy Con ft renve.
Ilerhfd. That a copt of the fi.rrirriSnff tirramljle
ami riHuluiloiis tinned l the 1'reinU'in, Henry w,
warrui, and ."vcreiiiry, J, W Katon, of thu nody
be trati-imtlt'd 1 1 the Venn )'it Confeicuco tube
held hi M. Ahia'H, Vt., A,nU3lh, ISSJ,
3Ir. Noe's resolution is as follows:
irtitiea. Tin' Troy annual conference, at iti lei
Hl'jti v(iiiiiiieii'iii(r April 1, lv)3, did appoint i com.
inifitou, aiprovukd for Inpaiairraph 1N of the dis-
vlpllne, us km jc f jr the appoint iin.ui rf a like com
niiiiioii tm niti p,in oi tins c jinerence, una pruTiiitr
I he nai I lomiiilwoii.tf uppoliited.to restore the llur
IniL'tou district to thu '1 ry conference, und,
Whtrtat, To continue to hold the Bui llinrtoa dli-
tntt ugmi'itthvir alitinst unurilmom wi-h vr.thlu
ttiH conference, will only det-peti the unfriendly
retllmj already existnur, u'ld hinder the cause vt
ejol in this u is tnu, tUvfcfore,
Iletvhed. That Mcrrltt Hulburd. .T. W. nniiftt.
M. I). Juiill). I). It. Low til arid J.J. Nod be. hii l n-e
litivby appoiuud by Hie ermuut aiiuual confer
eucu t uiuailHtmnera on bouudariefl, B4 provided for
lu paragraph l'J t of the iii-ciphne, to meet the cuui-
liil-sioncra aitnohited bv the 1'iov con fu rente tore
a'IJu-.tthbouudul3S ftutweeu Dili aud the Troy
A motion was mule to refer the matter to
n committee to hear the cusc, and If deemed
xpeuieut to nominate a commission ; voted
lo hear laymen who wish to renresent
churches and then left r to committee. The
conference adjourned te J p. m., when J. D.
liceinan, . tl. iiyue, IK JJ. -Miller, I. F,
Frost, and J, It. Jlartleit weru AMiolntcd
said committee. Mr. Huntington and Ira
Itutsellof Ilurlinston, G'eoigo A. Thrall of
Ilutlai.d, .1 tulgc Canity et llenninglou, h.
Hownrd Kellogg of Ilnsjn.and 1). C. Smith
of I Jens in addrcscel the conference until 5.30
ii., and the cusc wis given to the com
The educational anniveisirv was observed
In the evening, Dr.Jvidd.-r of New York giv
ing the address.
ui rai;.Mi;.N county
IMdie Head, a boy of about six years, had
a veiy uirrow escape from being drowned
in inc mm biream a tew days ago. An alarm
was given by a playmate, and Mr. Perry
Head, the bi's father, came to his retcue. I
He found him umhr water and Houtimrelown
the stieam, und run in aud biought hhn out.
About two minutes more, doubllce. would
hive flnielied Hie hoy.
The report, purporting tt) have como by
way of Monkton, in regard to the suicide of
Mi-s Per re, a daughter of He late Judge
Inc, is untrue. .Mips Pe-rre Is now residing
in lown, nnd is decidedly more respectable
than any person who would dure make an
attempt to Injure her icputiuion.
Khov Jtuirlloii.
Ilev. S. Doaaldsin preached his farewell
sermon Sunday. .Mr. Donaldson has served
liiii people faithfully and well for two years,
and tliegeneiul Uchng is of regict that he
win not nturn.
The a Mourned school mecllni was held
litt week Tuesday cvenimr and was
not hugely utleudeil. An effort hid
been nudi- by the commilteo and those most
interested to ll a more proper grade in the
several ehpailmeiiis tluee grabs In the
prinmiy und iut- imediite. and four in Ihe
other, ihj fiuiith to Include Lnlin. Tho vote
was a UcrbU to Iillu hi lug taught.
Mt. Eund. who hus been in noor health
for a 1 ng time, has been removed lo llrut
tleboro, liming been pronounced Ins inc.
Miss Kmm i Sand, who was Instne some
four yeuis sit ce ami tuirted to Unit tleboro,
has siricu lecovired aud gme West ami mar.
rkd n Mr. Sinds, wm of Itev, Mr. Sands,
formerly u p-tstor at IZ-sex.
Suhjei t for ronferi nee nt Umvcisalist
churcli evening e.f April UOth. The Wisdom,
Power, Justice and Me rcy of God t Texts,
PsalniH cxlvil, 0:11 Chronicles xx, G: Isuiati
xlv, 21-25. Pi, din cxlv. 1) : Cullateral rea 1-
lug( 1 Kings vni. S3 ; Int. xlvi, 10 Isi. Ixvi,
1: Jer. xxxii. 17-27: Dan. v. 35: Murk X.
2U-27; PhulmcxI entire; Luke vi, 32-311
UiKe xv, il to euel ; l.uke xxiv.
SI. licorgc.
II. IJ. Corr, Kmi Is Ihe llrst man in town
lo commence Spilng p'oughitu.
Mr. IraO. hoekwood, our venerable school
uperiulendeut, hus been somewhat inca-
pacited for manual lilor fur the past two
Mr. Georire K. Illnstllll has come back from
St. Itwrence county nud is stopping wiih
ins itrotner, uucs rt. 11111911111.
Hurry J. Sutton, Ln , U nrenirinjr to re-
pair aud rebuild the Nallian L cknood house
ami num.
lllrnm II. Til ley. formerly a member nf Co.
U. 2:iditci:l. Vt, Vol.. who was wounded ut
the ballle of lianUs Pord In May, 1803, Iuib
just received a pension of four dollars a
mount nnel 0 ick p iy amounting to S3U.
II, Gecrnnel wife havu lust returned from
a somewnui exttnsivo western lour.
Hev, J. W. Hurnctt nreuched hU fnrewell
sermon nisi nutuiuy.
An extra uoor is ticiu mi in the unner
room ejf the itcademy for the nnrnosu of
checking tho nojuo which heretoioro h:i9teen
very annoying to hoth teacher und scholars in
me lower room.
Hon. A . A. Weed H snendlmr a few davs
lu Troy, N. V.
An Hccieient tjccurreel hero Thursday morn.
lug to one of Iho railroael employes. Ho be
longed wiih the mixed train which was
switched lor inc mull and ns tho l&tUr train
pastel thu Million he wus sUndlug near the
platform nnel whs struck hy the umll bag and
knocked senseless. His Injuries were not as
serious, uowever, nswusnt nrsi anticipated.
The weather ctlll combines uufavoiablc for
lurmlug operations.
Hurt, Van Mlet fc Co., have filled their
new refrigerator with a car load of lemons
anu orutigeti. 1
An unusually largo amount of lumber is
being got out at j, 11. llartletl's saw mill.
Udwurel Spear his nearly recovered from
uia proiougcii unless.
The Hillwln Manufacturing company are
constantly receiving ordets from all parts of
thocounliy, (Julio n huge number of their
rcirigc'ruiora uuvo ueeu slilpjied to lexus.
Tho church aud society at Jericho Centre
were surprised last week hy the presentation
ui h ucnuiuui eiui uay ciock, ny u. n, iunr
tin, for which they return many thanks.
Tlieontcam Chotcn, Taxes, i:tc.
Special Deipotch to Ike Pro Vtta and Tiraci )
HtJTI.AXn. Vt. Ahrll 2.1. Thn nnnnnl t-m.
lion oi the Tillage w as held this afternoon and
tho following ottlcers elected i President of
village, r. fugo j clerk, Ceo. , IJottum j
trensurer. Ilenrr F. Field t auditor. John A.
Sheldon j collector, Ueorge Willis water
ruiiiniissioncr, waiter u. Jnnuon i municipal
judge, Marllu O. Everts chief engine r,
James Levins; first assistant engineer. K,K,
nuunum t bccoou ntsisinm engineer, V. 1
Edely. Tho trustees elected aret Ward 1,
II, O. Eatemanj 3, J. I). HanDahan, 3, W.
F, Eddy j 4, V. W. Whitcombj 5, C. F.
Itlchardson i 0. S. Havwardi 7. Put (Id.
rain. Tho great contest waiovcr Judge of
the municipal rouit. Sir- Evcits beinrr ic.
elerted hy nine majority over J.D.Spclhuan.
A tax of 20 cents ou the granel list for current
expenses nnd live cents for building scw ets,
wns voted and It was also voted to uppropri
ale part of tlio 31aln street park for a site for
tho memorial hall If the building committee
wish lo locate there.
tiii; utisii ;atiii:iiim:,
'reparation for tlio new Irlali-Amrr-
Icnu National LcBffiio-(Tiiriicll the
Only I,cadcr.'
Hy Telegraph to the Free Tress and Ttruei.
PltlLADZLrill A. Pa.. Anrll 2 Tim nli
jeet of the convention of the Irish National
Land IvCaguo of America, which was called
to order iu Horticultural liall this morning,
with COO delegates present, is to wind up the
affairs of that body aud merge it with nnothe r
body, whoso scope Is broader. Tho land
league, as now organized, deals only wiih
questions of land law nnd nation il and local
self-government. Tho principles of the IiUh
mtloual league, which was forincil inDdblln
in October last, are, first, nttion.il self-irov.
crnmcntf second, land law refoim; third,
local self-government j fourth, extension or
pmliamerilHryandinunlcipdfrnnchisc?; fifth,
development nnel encourugement nf the
labor and Industtial iuleiots of frflnul 1
These principles it U believed will form the!
pjattorm upon w inch the new national league, 1
which will be created to-morrow, will slaml.
As eirly ns ID o'clock tho committee of 15!
1 credentials mm ilntcd bv Prcttrlr nt 1
Moomy, Mxhnct lh)land, and Patrick Pgau'
were In session an I at five minutes pa-it 12
the convention was culled to order by James
a. .uooncy ui iiuitiij. ihe convention or.
canled by ihe election as president r James
A. Mouney, pnfldcut of ihe Irish Lind
leusue of the Piutt-d SluiP4. (in t.ibinr il...
chair Ir. Mooney addressed the conveition.
Platley nt Uostou, moved tho appointment
of u committee on crcelenlliN, each S'ate
nudteriltoiy icprescutcd to elect Its own
committee man. Amid much confusion
I latley's mot! u w a can led. The Vermont
repiesentalive on Ihu committee was Hernanl
The nporfof the committee on rrcdi-nthvl
wasiealbyUr, W.H.CejleofnultiiiDre. The
names of the women's ikhfL'atmi wrrn prt.
eel with applause. IZich of the seven Phila
delphia female blanches hud three dele-g ites
udmilted. Hedpath's name was loudly cheer
ed as wus John Devoj'u. Thcclialrmto of
the committee on credenlluls state 1 that nil
tne crecieuiials presented had been favorably
pnssedon. Ilynes read his "general state
ment." Explanation being asked why the
lecture expenses ef Duvitt, guilt an and Pur
uell weie paid bvlhc lea.'ue the M-cietarv
stated that these gentlemen had given all Ihe
ii-i-dina lib incir lectures to tne league ltui'ln,
and the central couucll thought It only pioper
that their expenses should be paid.
Hayne'd report shows that during the year
83 new branches were enrolled, there are
now ou the roll MO branches of whose ex
istence thu ceutial olllcj has ofllcial knowl
edge, and 293 nut kn iwn oillciully.
Hev. J. J. Wiil-ili of Wuteibury, Conu.,
ticasttrer ot the league, wus greeted with up.
nlausenml explulncd why the: cxpeuscs of
Purnell, Davitt nnd Sul ivau we re aid hy
him, und went on 10 My hu did not tlelgn to
answer the later reeiUed from an alleged
Irishimiu wh.) demmdeil how he hid dared
to pay the funeral cxpense-9 of one who
should be dear to every Irishman.
jicunycx auw 1 oik, demanded the name
of this -un-IrUh ecouudreL" Cries of "Imv.
cott him" and "110, no," arose.
.Hey, Wulfeh thai read his rennrt. Dnrtn-r
the readirg he toijk occmion to make a state
ment 111 rtganl to certain monies tent him
for Widow Wuhh, one of whosj sons had
been hung nnd anoih-r tenteuced for life to
penal imiludo. lie f.iid that every Irish.
man believed th-fc bovs "tiiltles and whlh
their own nol.lc mother knew them tn Un In.
noccnt, anel'cven knew the guilty pirllcs, xas
lo patriotic to turn informer ns "some Igno
ble villains' were doing. Heti;ok counsel
irom iurne-n ana remitted her 5370.
His report showed the bahnccon Innd
January Udi as 12,711.
me cuair uppomteu as auditing committee
luivy ui .nieuigin, iiioniisn.
Doheity of Mu'-saclniSt.tts and Dr. .1. W.
tjasey 01 .cw iorlt.
ihe llllnou delcirition niadu frantic n
peated uttcmnts to havit rem I thn rrnnrt nf
uiuuiu iiiuuiuf mcy nuo rdiseo; out were tic-
Liurcu imi ue oruer.
liyrno of Ohio moved the 'nnnnintmpnt nf
one delugatc from each Statu' to constlluti u
committee to prepare n plan for merging with
iuu iaininii insu uvnrue wnicn meets 10
morrow. He said the word "land" n-ia n-
culiaily dear lo Ohio men, but ho wanted to
Lc iu harmony with the Irish Jfatl inal League
and hoped the chair would appoint such a
The ftillowlrc Is the resolution of thn ron.
fereuco committee : Hesolvcil. that, iu re-
spouf c to the c dl for tlio lrlsh-Amerlrun Sh
uoinl Convention to bo he d to-morrow, nnd
in view of Ihe tuosnect that tlx? ddihcrtlim;
of Ih it convention will result in the union of
all the pit riot ic Inn boduso.i the con li
neiit In tho new organization support! 01; the-
Aatloiinl leugue of Inland, the di'legiu-s of
this couventiuii altend iu a body the sessions
of the sahl Irish American National Conven
lion ami assist in promoiin ' the union.
At 1 o'clock the secrttirv nnnminrcd ttm
whole number of vedes cat at 337 of which
were ISI ayes, 150 imts.
The result was creeled with tremendous
commotion. Hev. Ch irles O'lteilly of
!-ciroit eloquent v nnneii ed to tho inmoiitv
to make tho vote unanimous. Patrick Kmn
explained that Ins views hiving been alluded
to during Ihe elelnic, he would stnte that the
detcrmimtioii o the convention met his most
hearty approval.
it was men moved end carried that the
property e.f thu haguo bo tinned over to the
new league.
The aut4'riniicii Chemltt Anal)xi' xu
of iho I.eailliii; linking l'uitdcr.
and uluit ho 11 ml I lie in inn if ul.
I have tria-tilued imiles ot 'cicteland'a fuier'
or BakiuK Pnwder" aud "Royal Itaklng l'oftder,
ipunhased hy mjnlf In ttus city, and! tlndtlicy
co it Jill i
(Clopluiidii sitiierlnr
lluklns row
Cream of Tartar
Iiicurhonato of m la
Available cirti t-iin acid x is 1 J.oi imr cent, eiul
alont to W.'i cabin inclici of an wr at, of
"floral linking loutrr."
Cream of Tartar
lllcarboni'eof So la
Caihoimtti of Amiuinll
Taitarlc Add
Avallablo carbonic acid gu U.io per cent, equiv
alent to lia.i cubic loch os of gu per oz. of
Ammonia gu 0.13 per cent, equivalent to 10 4
cubic inches per oz. of rowder.
roto The Tartaric Acid was dauntless Intro
duced an free acid, hut subsequently combined
wttn ammonia, and exist 4 in the rowder as
Taruatc of Ammonia.
s. o love, rn. i.
Tlio abovo ihowa eoncluslrety thai "t'lerclaud';
Superior" Is a Btrleily pure Cream of Tartar Ilaklnir
rowder, It has ana been anal) nod by rrofesnor
JoiiDHouof Yalo Collcic; Dr. tleuth of tne Urn-
vcralty of reuuaylvaula; ITesideut Morton of the
HteveuH Iustltutu; Win. M, llabirsliaw, F, V, H.(
Analyst for the Chemical Trade of New York, aud
other eminent chemist, all of whom pronounce
It absolutely pure aud healthful. Wa(' Jvumal
of Utatth,
Vermont .Tiurlcet.
Vcrgcnnes April 21; Mai ket not lively, Iiut'er,
ll.tovJc-cuti per rrjundj selocttous, 3 cents per
pound vtrga, 13 eetita per do2cn j potatoM 60 to 5
cents per umbel I lie latter npuro for sli-pmerit
b?ana, tl.cnto$iojperbuihcl maple sugar, W lo
itcenia per p'Minn, and sea cc : beef, 7 to S ccnM
per pound: per s. stov eeuls per pound I hay.l.oo
10 iiu wi pert'tn, utile tbjinir.
&t. Alian April fiii ltccctpt laiire. market
q'llet, B liter s-il 1 at 2-) to 22 cents per pound ; nn
lections 3 1 cuts, w.tti friryloti higher price".
Uiiicr uwtt litteiii f,lc Mock .ilarhai,
Pnr the week ending Tuciday, April 21, issfl.
Cattle, Sheep and Lamb-i. Swine
This week I5fll 9311
l.nt weifc
One Year un",
She ep and
I 'nil In. I !ltnli4 I'ulvna H
M,llllt fll., J l
New Mam.nhtre, 1'H 211 IH
Vrninnt ltd vrt Win
Masiii timelti .. H ?' m,)
.New York ,
wen ern
, lRi
Total. .
?ilimlifr nf i-trm nvir .11 fT siren t it . I jt.-ai..t. an. I
Itweli 33 ; lington nud Albany Fiieliinirif :
K.iHltin la ; total 315.
Prices ot Miukot IlL'f KxttA ti (ui i a f.rt f itut
qualltj $7 5l5ijsfiO weond fiualitr S3 ta f I W) :
mini quality i O rfl T5. '
11 11 PH nf Mm n I'll I In li.illnr, limn U
from lion (,ij 'i'.o, Aiik-ii foMSund faiUs from
t I't. 3SiA Hi Furrow I "own lif,f HI. Vanrv i-nu j
t-niH ho. yrartincs t v years old IIS
i3i; tnrcc jear old tn t$ Jil.
Kwlno Western fat, live. TktffVu Vlt. Xruthern
ilrcssed Hoys, 0,v (310c it.
I'ricciorsn'Tp nnd UiuiiH-ln lots. $3(V. ( fievs
5 00 eac Ii : extra i'i 7t. ur from fl i.tfs.r. w t)..
al Cities 33 ftVI'j.
Pllrei nf Itlilo-l. T.illn.vi nn.l min-Ttpl.ri.inn
Hides. 7(STi! H !) IlilLrlitmi T.illdw ti.k uis
County Hides, he ivy, i(7J, ,n V ! Hctit.'&suc
WJti! e'OlllltV 'l'.lltoV. JUiiflbn Vl?. unnl Po.td.
It BOin, j eaclij sii"in-'i btiu, KO vid cacti.
uair Mvius, la a, like Vtii.
N. 11 Choice urn lc IneAw o nutlilna huf ktnll.
fed nm to H'l'itt. luiiiorks. Hxtra and nrat nnalitv
Ini'ludcs tlU'tip-nt lartfo fa ntiMi, jii:oii I and third
'l.llily lin III It's oxen nud I wo and ttirpp-venr.rild
Inferior quality aro tlu own out.
Western Hum nvcr tli.i lliri nn.l iti.tv
Railroad are inciu I -d only iu tlic llruntou marke".
Hosto-i iuock veitos.
hilPttlv Of (Jlttl0 COUSlderAMr IrnMC.i,! frnm
lastwei-K. Westirn eaitlo have run in freely.
a fieri wen a'sn tl7 hcml of C'aindian (utile, tut
tho latter wei l ull tin eTiHirt n mi ui m mv mm
of the WPHtern wcit thn naiuj w.ir, hut after df
HR'tliiiC 1313 Ilea I 111 it mil out of Ihe irnnntrv w
tUure hutctiers' giijiiily Uru'. 'llicne cattle wire
not all arrivals at tlieiu j.inh. Nearly oiie-lialf of
the Uutertuwii Uidy weru rxuoits The move
inent hi Cittle n!ios a lUrllnc 011 country muck ot
.4. -i.', 11 v.i 1 nvmu r uiij mi tqn ii tit'cnnc is i e
iiorted un W'esli'lii eiltle. Ino ciiftir. 'I i '! Mt
thene jaids I dull. Country tuitlu Mdhinr at il 5)
6") diei-teil ttc llt.
SIlPCl) ati I.lItl!.S-Ttlt 11-411. ll Kim nl J fnr I hi.
tii'iiitu nt in irket, Willi jdeiify of western. Country
fljeks were litit h tit ilia rates wcie Koverned In
il measure hy tli cost of etem I iui'n. Kate-i,
tow lucweitfiit wittiwui! on. S ieuu ini lerat e
at HSc'cm-.
MUCH Covva The nru-n nn r.it'rli nnw4 hiv
Icellnt-d und tn irkt has hern n'ia il ill. 'I ht
quotations ringed from $5 .e3 75 V lua 1 for L'ood
jjr.iii'i ii im toy itea-i rur vuiniuou.
Cel.Vl.s-The i.iult.t fir Vi-N I r.ir tn
Tht-ir Ih a fc-oo I ui'i'ly ou nale. Iilea range huui
3i0 J V'''i ti C WtlKtU.
IIittti .i!urlti.-l.
WKtJNEeDlV, April 21,
, 1H1.
FLOUR Till drill iltil f'ir I'IniirU t.mro ar-Uv
'rices advanced 13 i asc per barr! on most kin U.
A e OUotL) h lll-l nf tl.U V,ll inil 4 lluti,U m
follows: Western .sn peril no at J3 r.0r. 4 vi V
: Common i tr.n ni 1 1 i ,.u .1 n,i i 1,1.1 ui..i
MlniU'tot.t extr.H ut M hi . U o,i a i.i.l. Imtmlmi
chouc tukera luaiid-t. Winter ln-at i Inve hei-u
iu fair tl-mutd. and h.nnt'icit spIIiii durilijf thu
n week at i Sijji bM for Mle'imau:
co (.i, o ft i for euiio and Initi.i.i. Im-iudiu
chole ro.Ier -tr,iitfhU: and T .3 O, G 75 for
Hi no s :nid s . nmii. s.iilni hi l'mnii
h.ne bei a Hell:iiiut H 'i rfT Ti V hbl. nn 1 clime
brands t.jw lin f-llnu u s (m) v ban-c',
ami 1'atuit Whiter Wheats liive bcn nelllnjf at
1 " W ' I'VI "Hi.
CORN Mi:.L InCor.iMe.il Ihe in h.iv.1n-i n
uucliivtil. NiKs luvebcju at f3 u(.;iu3 pirbhl.
ItVl FI.OI It liic rioiii h n liMii wihltit- In
m i' I lots Iti'j pan weik at J 73 Mo ptr barrel.
OVTMLAL -The la.itkit li is In i n alcnlv dtir.ti.-
th weik null pales ji rt 21 vt C 5'i tore miiio:i to
irood; and ?-l 73-n I vi f r oiotcV 'ifn teiu famy
brand ri.
CORN 't hole has heeuaflim fi-eLtu foi rom.
The nb'S of .Mm mixed un I jelluw luxulcn at
ti .ti2.: l ntl. d u 1 1 w 7c: no ci.ibH h.ic
luiu o eii Htiiii.ii ,u tijini',1' per oiisiiei.
OVTS Oils A'ti llrill U'e n l it h.iIp nf Xo I
extra nhltelois at ell.SCi'J V l,iHhel. No. a
W i tt lit S.irfs-'C : No a h 111 e at 3ti.' nnil nr
ItYKTliu Mirkif f r Ue lias born dull and
prica aru ui.eii iiii:i-.i. mi j tiavo uem at 7t (.
u v imiiei iur o o u-iry , a'i"-
MlO!:i--T,it' iiuei-s of s.iorti lnu ran?ed
iiuriut; un wic . ii'ui?ii (,r wi .in Tjf on.
rise n:i:i ami Mii)i)Lie:-,-TiM Mirvet
has tieen qaiot. I'n. i aie iju acdat 21,rf ii y ton.
eoTltt.W m:m MUM.-'iherehisb-enahteady
ilPiibllid fort o ton d Meal durtnrf tlic n-ist wek.
I ll'TI .11 V H HI f.U V I ! it I'll p.-r ion.
llARDLi Th 3 111 li net Is n l rt. Tli nlm h.ive
tieen .S InlloAS Hnrl.lk' tho ii.iU tcKt llX'ia
Mijht soil at II ei; No I a-i I Ni t Canada
iva- iidu i-vi.,, B'-i.i.i in rem, tl un.
roitKllli. t'oikinirktt a ftribwith nrioa
uuchaiivl. e q ivr piLes of iiriui", a $tu 4i
filOiihisa 60 iriclu line hack.
LRU. The mark, t fo lard Is unlet. The
saies nave itei-ti iu lift l(t wo t a for Mn
and cnte-rn, '.nclnha steam an I kutic rcn-
SMOKHIl HVMn hue !
i.ltnx;at isxi4
t3Vc W It., n to mia.ity
1II:FF. IhP IV.-f MurkPt hi I,u btoa It
iut;"' iuu a" in ii ii in ij a'i i ir mess : vit& iz
extra mcs ; und fit so i.i 17 tauilly and nljte.
1 1 UTT Kit ClIUKSK AND LtiC.3.
Itt'Tl EH Theie U tilt-j Iv ilemnn.t tcr i-hn'ro
rades cr lluiter, hit th.s kind is ncarce. Very
mui-hiifl'iu new llutler Is ii.iur. t-ales nf 'entru
an I Niiith'TU C'cumru-s httt been at V7 es c
torif'hl't iltt Choice! l ifjitl lt.Il.lt WpKlfCIl 1 l ill
lin-ked .it IIklIi;,' Ulh; NVw Ymt una Vnmxn.t
ujiries iiuvu ueeu neninz at -Hit Vic V P ior choice,
aid 'a (4 Vl v It, for f i'r to nno I. Fal" dairy
Hitter H nuoti-d hi is'j.n j f,. iiiiiniu
Clintli: Mi:ket St-nlv with t.ir ,lninnil
We qm-t d choice gra lei ar II wilt tl il
ior i.i r o eon i: a-i.iitiif( a n, i.ir (,tiim.,ri
LMt-v. rViM hiveeiHitdofr lnntlia . i'jj nt
Ri-tein l'.ne bi'cri at ts ivc per ilozcu. Im-Iudiujf
u'nr, ,kw it 1 11,1-mre. .tew mrk.i'i-i crmoni
ino hii'ts : I', iiieu K lw.ud NUnd n-i I N'm.l Mrnt,.
nt Mi,. N' pir iloni: and WiHtetu at 15
I'OTAIOiN. lViUtoe-t nn) Hnn .md the dutnnti.l
Is Heady. Wepioie prtcisot 1 luey varletlea t f
w ims'i. alea id .'iriheni Hiiil K,isleni bare been
at (l V bu-tliet. PMltUn, Kirlr Rose, Seed
llniri, New York IVerlexii, .-liver Uoliarn, W hlto
uninks, and alltitt.er commo'i prades ot roiatoo
have Utsifd lu iiiieet from Ilnu'nH biuhi-l
cordlii- to (U ilily, hrtctt pjtata.'d at il 0U 3 'J3
IKY AND STRAW. The iu.irl.et U itrtn f..f
Bradesnf hat. saW at Itlita f.4 IT 0(1(1 ton, uh
m.ydiii'11 ii nj..r- in -t not jure mi lite 1 uier TUtt
aainH oi ni iuu a' turn ui i in y ton
anl I'lmcat .ower latta. Re Mraw i $13 (4 U iw
I-' V.UMUIH iw ti)a
llllVvS AND CM'VKIl Mini-There M a l"-1
demand for (.enl i W tc-in ( lover US 17c V ft;
N.'w Tunk, do , Mil 17 c; Tiliiothj f.' w) 55 per
Ms i:LI NFeitS.
vwu D Ma. . ( f u Wwl h.u lucn (i to dull.
Priced are btcaly. Prices of Olilo and IVnmtv .
ani.i tlocces me ipiii ed ot 4'M iVtJtti for X and
XX; Ihcon-siu and .MiililLMU lleecen at :s e sn.-
V H, and No. 1 ilci-ivn at 43 4'c V lb. '1 lie
demand lor I'ulliil woals li.iilncu hleadr. Choice
eastern anu m.ii no hiipi Ti rane imm sisc. huJ
i;oiiuinii ami tronu supers iroin 'ii Sm. e'omu iu
u:iu i ii i uiu' neee h i autre iioui i.i i.fl ssi x iu. it
uinvaitied lleeced Hales h ue hiten at IT ( '.'Ic V
hale of choice mipern, at 43 t& 5c wa. and oiu
moil and lov ltiIcs at sit ui. jai u rt. hi
AUrttralli ati'l New Zelind Wools the H.iles hive
been at 4't t 4V V K CallfornU wo-1 Ins hiiu
seiiloir at as (., nt V r, luclu linj: choice norilicru
nun Hitunuu taor.
TALLOW, The Market IsejuU-t. hales rite been
at'S & b c VI''. tiieasa Is quoted at jf y Ic
New Vorlc I'roiluio .Harlict-Apvll i 5.
FUlliR-dull. R'ci-liiti of in.tMi, birrds. Sales
of is ono bam-U. V.x porta of 6,e)iW barrels. No.tt
hi v ijia.i u.) ; rupcruue extra in a e ami wpnTcrn at
a J0(.(4 ia ; 1'ominoudt 4 10 24 fi ; KMhl ut 4 70(51 i'i
"l.'llll I'MIII HI U Ji I "II ; K-Airil If'MO HI H l
TMi ht. Ium at 4 HKT SI : Minnesota extra at
fiGOwtetpoj ilouhioctraatiJi;0(.8 7tii, Ryk h loiru
steady at 3 b. Coun Mkai. quiet at 5 OtM
uitIN WuiAT weak. Rpeelrus of lo.ooohtijh.
elit. hJlea of a,a;4 imki hushvis. import of n,tm
buslu'l. sprlut nominal t No. ? red at 1
No. t red state at 1 2iW ; No. I white statu ut 1 ii3
(4 US V t No. I til! eat 1 U, ; No. 2 re I ror April
at 121, It K nnu j Wcsitin ut 7MT7 ; Canada
and state at u&m. UiKiKr-mmj No. n Canada
at hi: limrradid CunmU ut VT. IUui.kv Miit
quiet; fancy mo-row td M-ile ut 1 ui). Cokn lte
leivm ui itiisnein. raieaoi x.ax.iHH iiUHheli,
nxiims oi ij.ihhi nuNiiiM. ,. x at uunsw
yellow at 7(1:411; No. a t .ir A pi 11 at cs. oith
lessaitivti. Reciipts of Itl.tMW hiuhela. Satea of
wa.inw UIIBIieiH. IMStMllV U.tflOtK I Y lliie ft! OS' ft H
o. il for April at an ,(.?
HAY fleady at Mui3U.
OlteiCKltlbH-tOHKK ilullat 7 SttiST 4. rirjuiH
dull, Maudard A at ht ! cut loaf 'and crushed
at V. molahsks Eteady ; New Orlcaua at3iyi60.
Hint -tend!
l'lto VISIONS Tallow -Arm at W$SS'.
i-peetlcst at isfoveo. noui-rtrm at K(
i'OHx rather weak I mess at IHf-S-rfSot'.
!;. 1fT?lM" meats nnu pickie-i hilucsat
lvlfl4I rib bPllles atlOV; pickled 'houlders at
9 Vfi94 j nlckled hams at is, Aliddles firm, fuitf
lilt IF
'"riK-iirm at HjSO. tmtsK-sttaly ut u
I'KTIHlf prt.,l. .--.. t. ...n i
l ood f Ji-Vomiu' unel Old
Koo-1 and mcdlr no for ycuina and old, pit.wrrd
mthovttrmtHtttUvH, from Canadian lurh-y Mall,
lion Oiilnlnn K,.iL . il I in i i.i.n :
" , ,, . oiimimiii-Hiiijr, mil-
i-iujiai,., i uniTHijr, nj riavin ui irn-ir iiliiiiphih
ll'tneuiid Muscle I'rodurliu Material than all other
J "" i.-.tii.lll.-, willir IIVH HUIII l;
Jt'ctloniurgucdagihiiit uiatt Hfju ji h. ijh j ,r
niMi'MMi.-in in aeity. i ridiy, April 20,
Ahrahaiu iJuis Hir ktuilaud. lu thu Tut vnnr nf hiu
Kmhht. In thH city, April 20, I athn Agicf,
n yeiiru, 3 ruanins a id 5 duya.
f AitiiFU. la th'.m-ity, April V. V, o. LtiniT,
aged c
A Book IhrKvi'rv Ainu!
Young, Mitldlc-ageil and Old.
1-in.unf.i.i imnvrir iiini r"uu rrom U'l scret on
111 fllW llfft intlf in nl'Pilatf.,1 on.l I
Tho who doubt this airtlon utiriiild purrtia" the
" .i"'"'ui ui rn 1 inr-ii 11 v i ni 1 r, i.i pin
MKDICAI. lNMITUIK. II0M011, entl'lrd i;
scn;rr. or 1,111:; 011 si:i,i.iicr-sililVATIo-v.
nxhauste.1 Vitiiity, ervoll
and P 1H cal ni'hlllfr. Iirr.tni.lnrn T1....11... . ,...
or Vitality Impaired by the Krrorsof Yo-i:hnrtoo
close application to husiuccM, may bo rotorManr)
253th Pdltlni. rt laPil nn.l I til irrrn.1 I11.1 .,,,1.(1 1,
m It Is a Mandaid mednat wmk, thchesr Inttie
hncliahlaiiiniiir(j1,wrii,rnl,ya uhrsu-iau of KrPHt
expetlent e, to wlmm ,hs awarded n ironl nPl lew
elled n.ed hy th National Medu-Hl AKsiclaimn.
tl-,",u'1" "'-rtiuii'ii anil very exppnMtp t nerav
mir. &(0i.aii, tn-i'-f. tnun vr nirib!i prcffrtn
tlons for a'l forriiK of dht-aicaeuto an.l i hiontc.ttte
result of many years of rxtf'ishp and ni-ee'(.ful
practice, either one of winch U worth r- n itm the
price of thPlKKik. II .und in bea-u fill Frinli clmh
embossed, full irllt. 1'rli-e t 21; ,v m.itl u wt..m,i
on mclptof pi he. Illustrated Mt in plu ttixietitF.
Send now.
Tin: scuiAri: or nrr,: ou siji.r
i'iii,m:uvai nt-s.
Is beyond all comparison the most PXTaordlnsry
work on I'hyaloioir y ever published. l hi rp ,s i ot h.
lag Ah uever iht t e mimed or futit;ii ceu either
rpfllllrfl or Wlnh tn know lint irhol Ij f.i'l an
ed. tendon Lancet.
Tin:scnri:or 1,111:; oic si:i,f.
i,itii;it. mo.
Is a mirvelof art ami be mtv.warr mt,i tn i.n n k.
ter medical book in evciy Mhcttiau can heoi, aiuirt
elsewhere for double, thp pi ice, fir tu m-Uicy wia
2f.Il.-YuU.NCl ntid MIDDLi: AdHil'MKN can
Bio much time, Hullvrtiiff und t xpense tv rea I. Dp
Ihe .science of Life, fir eoiiferr'ni: w.tli the .lulhvr.
who may tie coihiuip lonull disr ati requlttnir bklll
and experleiiee. Address
ii:ai:oiv ii:iicti, invimi ii"
tiru. ic. i.iiui::e, m. it.,
I Until nth Mn-ii, iiukiou, iTiaat.
apr 83,3, iliwlm
Has Ivlore
Tnmurillnut;ailrjetlo'iiliiFINi: I'llKM'iI MIU
LIXEUV f.O'jl)-. W'uolTcrft l.ir'-' iiortmtfM of
lu nil tlic latest ar.il i!i' f i'n'.iia'i!'.' j ! at iv.in.
'UTfulIy v prlc ul-o a fo'npleto block of e!c-
II UK C00II", l omrr.'l'iR tin- I.lMlTltl VTE,
.MICK VlV.,NMPaiir, I'lV-lOttl. C'OU IT, IlTTA.
OPHtl. Nt'cKC'i:iMaal S.t:c'ie-i ti nil varieties
OU'I lirlcet. ll.l'ig, Net., I'.ii., tc.
94 Church street.
usiui.hu r., vt.
W E5'T r0232? THS 1IVMBE3.JI-J
;(U lit, 05 A nm
a ciiaumino .-irony or tlsc.vn tkasant lite,
Transl.itoil from Iho .Vrur ilr l)?itr .Vowfe, for Tm. Vakei: Dlaoh, and to be
completed In i-UIit week-, from April "I at.
ThU will lie followed; by a
Great Story of Amencan Factory Life,
wniTTr.s ti'cciALi.y ron tiik bi.adu, dy
MISS HELEN M, WINSLOW, of Johnson, Vermont,
And which will run thinush the gumincr nirmth'. Ml WinMow has iivcr eporIe?ncid
tho llfo ei( which she writer, Imt ut thu Instance ol tho publisher ot Tm; Blade sho
has tslted fionmof Iho inaiiuf.irtiiriiu cltio- un'l nndi? rt careful stU'ly of It from every
standpoint; nml with tlio uM ot vnlu.ibloluroiiuatlniieterUeilfrom operatives ami tuan
acers and lmardlni;-hniieo keepers, us well u- from luiporl.tnt eloctmuntii placed In her
hands by COL. CAKKdLL 1. WKUiUT, Chief of tho Mas-achusetU Uureau of
btatistics and Labor, she has been ubto to produce
A Tale of Thrilling' Interest,
Foundeelln some re-pects tip m Incidents ot actual occurrence, und portraying with
Wvid reall-m t!i5 intilllfiinit pIiumm of human ntturo and experience in tho life
and labor that occupy such un Important place In Xew Knstand.
Mis VinIow'.-i cunlribdtion' to some of tho ino-t popular Hterury publication In
Boston, Xew York and Philadelphia h.tvo eom:n vu led attention, and sho U repardtHf
as a writer ot tinintial tnlllianri, versatility and proniUe. In erdr that her friends
in Vermont, as rll ui ihoio of the publiaher, may have the benellt of tho foreolu
nnd other attraclho fe-alures of Tm: Hi. vnc, without t iklv.A upon themselves nn un
duo burden nt a soao;i after niiiteif tlu-Ir reading for the j ear hu probably been se
cured, I hae deterinliiil to e-xtend to them tho following
If Mib-L'ril)L'tl i'or at (iiit'LS before tlio editions alreatly printed
are exhausted, I will semi TIIK RLADK from the beixinnins of
"Povcrina,' April 'Jlstto January 1, !SS1,:J7 weeks, for only
And If it Is 1 neon entt' lit for uny to pay don, payment may bedeferred unlll tho
first of July, , , ,
Remittances may bo made, nt my risk, by money order, bank check, or express.
now In Its 43d ear, Is n literary paper of peneral circulation throushout the country,
hut haliitf Ion,; been oviud by n pentleuiian i( tho old school of journalism, has not
for fiome jears at bceri puiliel with anjthliu like tho enterprise that has IntroditceHl
many Inferior Papers. Tho changes that hae been mado slneo ho disposotl of it havo
been nnUe-raally eommende-d by tho press, atul
since tho fir-t uf January. I prefer to My no moro nf tho paper myself, but would
respectfully in Uo attention to u few of tho (.cores of commen lation by the press;
Tin. YvNKtT ItLWiRut n-mn. In new bauds, luibeen pnltrped and Improved and em
to hac tmind a llidd it Its tusn lu Ameilca. Instead of c itorln? to tlio "upper ten tiioimud"
served liyiltc tuui.irinct, nr to tin lom-r trat i served ly ttic ntiliy niicltttes and cliromo
baited books wlthulilcli hoiii- publishers noiUlilmt. It Dtrlks a cUi'U mean and furnishes enter
taining literary pabulum lur th inllllons ot l:ittd:izeut readers, u tio don't w ant to bo bored
ou the one Ii ind m- (1fiiir.iHzed ou the nther. It Is lo this country about what Household
Words, edited by Chtili'H Dickens, Jr., Is to i:tu;lanJ, and all lovers nt clean but brlsht aud tak
Indllteraliiroeiei'iht toiejulee tint theiu U a paper of this clisi. It If for mlo by all uewsdeab
eis.Iiii'l-jti-urt I t'uitu ts(iii(ftin.
Tnii llL.vnn Is sonu-lliti; like Hie knife, rf which the owner lost the handle and replaced It
Mlh a new imp, then broke tin, blade and had a new one put la Its place, declaring tt to be thu
"sanio old kntle." It has been enlarged and motlerulzed until Its oul friends would hardly re
cognize U. UMlUrttalustls bet feature, with many new oujs added, and will boawelcomo
guest In tery Imiue. H'eirmi (.Mass.) JteraU.
A clean, handsome, readable paper and one ot tho best family Journals In the laud. A UlUon,
(.v. r.) accord.
Yfas a popular newspaper when tho pres-nt generation of adults were children, Ins renewed
Its Youth, Is printed ou Hue white paper, with cle ir tne, eight pages, leates fastened and open
ed, charming stories, lauiflublo anecdote, able cdiioilals, great variety, nothliii heavy, no
trash. I'rovidatee ISuttettn.
Enlarged aud ery greatly Improved, and starts out on a new career of prosperity. Malm
It Is bright, sharp, contains a great nrletyof reading, and nothing will be found In Its
eolumus is lite ti may not be read with pleasure and profit by cmy member of the family, Keene
.V. JI.) Obsener,
All It claims to be. Col. Clarke lias mado It noithy a place lu every family. It Is high-toned,
pure lu every word, aud entertaining aud Instructive. Woodstock i t.) Stawtanl.
X good old paper modernized. Ualyohe Tramertpt,
Tnr Yankki llMnt U ono of the oldest and best of the Itoston literary weeklies. Tho
new proprietor has made tt one ot the best family Journals published anyw here. .Vorrfiowu
Tho olde-t, largest, brightest, haudsmne-t paper of Its ct iss Tor the money In tho Uulted
States.-Brldoton Me.) AVm.
Always entertaining, amusing and ln-tnietlvo.-.Vai(i Mirror.
It really does ono good to read such a refined and vholesomo paper. XetvmarKet . 11.)
These dozen quotations nearly all from New England papers will suffice to show
how tho paper is reganled heio It Is bent known; thoso from other parts o tho
country aro of a similar character.
This advertisement will appear but once. Order now, to get full benefit ol offer.
Very respectfully,
Hcffal Notices.
Sarah lllssctl's K?tato.
.,v,?' ! nb'crib'Ti, nanus tieen nppolntej ij
i?' """"'''I. tn IToi.atcConit for Hie lil-inctol
Lnlttui' eu. Clltnmld.ltjli.l. In r...ivn ...mm.
ami a'ljuit Hie cluliiH anl ilcmand, of all per.onl,
ualnit the ntatu ot tiarali lilwctt, lain of iVarlotlP,
In nui.l .liilrnt dccnwl, auJalug all flalmn
aiiiilFtnaaOiclHlliitt.clliiollii'.t llierttn; anil tlx
loneil I) Hal'l Court for that nuriioiie, mo ilo tlicic
Joio lieitljy mvonolko nut wa will niuu.l lo tho
liiliiliefafilourapiKiliilmeiit, at tuo toMlnco of
Allirt Mall.li-, in C'linrlolle, Vt., In i.ll iln.
trie, on IIm Hmt 'lue-iuj.of May atil Noicmb r
next tit lilo'dor.K u, m , on lach of aal 1 dayi.
Il.ri.l hli awti dai ot April, iv.j.
II, Y. 1-lllNllf.lv. 1 ,
tui:NLZLIt v.IID,f '"tnrulasloncrs.
Dennis F. Tisli's INtiitc.
Wi:, tde mit,r'ril.'rH having been appiintPil by
'lie llonoiaiili-tlift 1'mb.it" i mn lor mq lli.trlrt
of I tnlteii kli,roiiiiiil..ionera t receive, examlna
aii.la.ljint the claim, anl ilcnuni'j of all pernoni
ua.iiM lh, iMatnof lii-nnl, r Ii.ii, iatgof Mutli
llnrlliiitton, in Kinl il.ntrl.i .lee at il, ami a'no all
cla'iiMaii'l.teiiiinU cxtilbltc-.l In uii.ct thiretn;
Jln'l.lx tii'intha from tlie Ur .1 itio dat heleor,
b"liijrulloMul livsohl Court for that imrpoiie, we ill
tliH.-lnio heieby cue nollee that we will attcml
lo Ihe leiiliip.i of .mr ftppolntment. at the .Iwell.
nloneol Mr.. UKi A. I a i In n.u.l .llrlrlcl, on
lhect'on'nne..lay. of May aielNoitlnlier lcxt,at
1 1 hi l it .1 ,r .,f April,
A 'Mil .M. ,IIJl..ov I ,.
tollN i:. SMllll clommm.oaer..
Anstrui Mtivoln's IJstutc.
FTA 1 II W CliMON r, 1 Thi llonorablo ,lu
" 'oruuTtLMns .. !;;.',';vsffi'e:
Tnaiimrflinairrrrf ted in ihe t.'ate' of An-tnn
Lluinin, lam or Miitun, ui Mid iNatruit d.
UCUKA-i. 4 lid Couiltiaia--ljtned tho lllh ikiyut
.May, lv. fir thi FCtllement or the n Imiiiutrj.
t-ir i no -mint and for a decree of the renldno oi Kid
cit.ite to tliu In Irs of n id ilccuatp I, and otdi-red
Mu utiiii' iidikc tt.crejf i" (iL'ii in ni. pii.
tiH intirenti-.i m a.ii i ei'at" uy piiuiiihiu tun
okI' r tiin'ij V("kH Buc,""fUV' ly pr viou- t th
day HS'uneft, in tiid It itlintou 1'kek ri.n,
ptinted lu llnllURto'i In tutd iittU .
'lliere-f'tr , jou .ire herchy iiotthel t.i apn'Mi tt
the I'njtiate ( ourt rcn j iu llu liui; mi, on tne d.iy
.usineil. tlii'ii nn l ltn-ri" tn fMtit,xt ti.. '.Hi.w
of mild account If you nee rauii-. an I t cstii-li.li
j-iui i iifiii at ii.' irs j iv g i.ec4 aui iiivini euiiiuiit-t
of -aid residu
(liven tiii'k'r mr hind, tl!- 2"tii dav of April,
Alt Hi. eiLoituc w. WALUs'iu-iriiur.
3Iry C. SmltiVri Itutu.
iTAl n or EltMONT, ) Toa'.l prmin .-in-
uutrtct of CHltteuden. -s. f - -
tltirllutou, In said district, ducked,
At a Prolate t.'ourt, holdeu at Bur ington, within
and for tlic IliHtr.it ut Clitltpmlpii. mi Hip vr,rh .l.iv
of April, 1S-J, an lustrumuut, puriHjrtilij tu tu
the ldt will uul le-iam ut of .Miry C hui.tli
late ol IJ'iillniit'.ii, tn m-l dxiilct, deceased, wm
prtm iif 1 t'i the onirt afore .ild, fur protiate. Aud
it Is ordend ly fiitd rour that the l)tli iliy of
May. I, at the 1'roliite fourt roTiis in hald
liuilirytu.i. li aHilnned lor proving tald instru
ment; aud lha notice theie.jf jd ivcn lu all pr
buiit (.oneeined. Uy pulill-hnii; ttut enter tare!
wtek-t MH'ceitlvih in tlie I!nrniij;ton I'keb I'uk,
.i iiir-4ti.iper print dat taid Uurliuuton, pmvtouH tn
th4tlllll Hplrftlllted.
'1 hen fre, ju'i ar hereoy n tlfli'il to appear iu
f Jie a . "1 cow t, at tho lime anl i!ace n'orusid
a.i I Cjiitt.si the probat of siU will, if you l.Jie
n ven under mr Land at Burlinaton, lu aid Dis
trlci, t u.-l ti da or April, -t-a,
v tihtj. W. WALn, Kler
Sarah II. ChnstYrj Kstntu.
bTATK OF VCItMUNT, ) To alt perso-i- ron
Ui.lrHolC.ltt.nl,.,,,. , 'laV ll."u,xr''u?J
of Westford, lu said distrkt, utc. a-ei d.
At a Trobate court holden at Iiariinirtou. withiu
aud for the Distrli-t of Chittenden, 0:1 tho 25tb day
of Apnl, Hi3, an iiiitiunu i.t. purirttni to
thu i i-i Will an 1 TeitaniL'iit of .irn II. CU ie late
of Westford, in f.nd di-tritt, dj'eaae,, v,
preaentf! t'i the Court ufnr.a!d. Ioi I'rutute and It
h ordered liy t...ld tuuir Ui.it the isth day of
May, 1vJ, nt the I'loiiate C-nut irmiiH lu p ji I
UurHnjjton. I.e anlnit-d for pnnlni hall intiii-mt-nt;
and lha tiutue thit if Riven to all
ptrnom cuitri'ined bv piiiilij-.uiii' Ml ordi line)
week-succe-iiciy In tlic liiiiliiurion I-ukk 1'uk.-h,
a i, w-ij .tper piiuted at Mil liuriiuti ui piev,oui
to ihe time .ippointcd.
Then-ftire, juiiare hert-hy tiotllled to appear be
fore n,ild eourt at the time and pi ti t af a 'a d, and
contehtthu probate of n.iid itl, if y t hjveij'H-
tluen undir ui) haml at Itirltn:.tn in aid Dn
trUt, thh Tain Jay o? April. A. l. 1J.
4Jw 3 iv UhlJ. W, U A1.KS 1I
Insolvency Xotiee.
I hereby ai e notice nf my app ln!mi. ai an
a j-iee -f t tie co'ate of Ileniy M. I'ield and Mmon
U. II ill ck, insolvent debwrs late jiartner In tra it
unlei the name of the Jcrielio Chair Company ot
Jcricln, vt.
Jc .eho, Aprtt 21, MJ. a I'T
CLARKE, Publisher.

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