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Clilttcnilon County.
Charles Flint, foreman In tho Burling
ton Woolen Mills company's machine
slnp, Injnreil one of his hands quite se
verely Tuesday Frank Scrlbner and
L Inn les Sanborn, who have been for u
number of years In the employ of Ed
wards, Stevens A: Co., have none to New
buryport, Mass., where they intend to
make their home G. G. F. Tohey of
New .Mexico is in town spending u few
days with his family Wlnooski is one
of the Ilrt towiislnshlppingand receiving
freight on the Central Vermont railroad
line in Vermont, ami it has one of the
poorest depots in the United States. Any
one riding through the place would think
by tho looks of tlie depot that thev were
out on the frontier. The people of Wi
nooskl feel insulted with such an old
rookery, and they think that it is
high time that something should
be done toward securing a new one
The entertainment at Corporation hall
Saturday evening was one of the finest
ever given here, and called out a select
audience. The little farce by tho "young
folks" was a grand success. The Ladies'
Aid society of the Congregational church
wish to present their thanks to the Round
about club for the very pleasing manner
in which the operetta was rendered, and
also for the sum ot money which it secured
for them A lecture course has been
arranged by the trustees of the Congrega
tional church. The first lecture was
delivered by W. n. II. Murray in the
church on Thursday evening, March 17.
John Eastwood of Dedham, .Mass., for
merly of Winooski, who is on his way to
Ludlow, where he hns a situation, is in
town spending a few days Charles
H. W'ardwell returned from Chicago hist
Fitduy, where ho has been visiting
his brother Miss Addle Edwards is
in town spending a few days with her
friends It is stated that D. I). Went-
worth has a standing oiler ot $500 for his
horse The Winooski graded school
closed last Friday for a vacation of three
weeks. Saturday evening tho scholars
cave an exhibition in Corporation hall.
The admission was 35 cents. The pro
ceeds was about $50, which amount
is to be expended for the bene
lit of the school in procuring a librarv.
The exhibition was a flue one in every
respect, consisting of instrumental and
vocal music, recitations, readings, tablanx,
a dialogue, operetta and the court scene
from the Merchant, of Venice. Parts
were taken by the following : Frank Sul
livan, Arthur Piatt, Willie Cronau, Lottie
Bullock, Allle Cross, Euola Greenleaf,
Katie F.irrell, Henrietta O'Brine, Lizzie
Moore, Carrie Baraby, Lena Grav, Jennie
Wardwell, Frank Lamar, Kddie Dean,
Laura Moren, Nellie Jnbell, .Minnie Hara
by, Hmira ILafountain, Andrew Mor
row, Patrick Fox, Nora Patnaud,
rnncis Sullivan, Warren Kidder, Lena
Gray, Misse Wheeler and Deavitt, Ague
O'Hrme. Willie Kevnolds, Patiick Sul
livan, Arthur W'ardwell, Clarence Wilbur.
Frank Vilas, Minnie Wheeler.
Mrs. II. D. Walker ot Providence, H. I.,
gave an Interesting address Monday even
mga' the Methodist church In Winooski.
She held the close attention of her au
dience, which was largely composed of
young people, to the end. At the close
six new members were added to the W,
C. T U Monday evening of this week
the Roundabout saciety were very pleas-,
nntly entertained at the residence ot Mr.
G. li, Catlin. The programme ronsisted
of singing, reading of "Evangeline" and
other selections, rendered by the follow
inc, members of the society: Mrs. II. E.
Clement, Mrs. II. A. Wilbur, Miss Man-Steven-!,
Mrs, L It. Dyke, Mrs. L F. Bur
dick, Mrs. J. D. Tanner. .Mrs. F. S. Aiken,
Mr F S. Aiken, Mr. II. K. Clement, Mr.
L. F Burdlck, Mr. J. D. Tanner, Mr. II.
F. Wolcott and Mr. .G. li. Catlin. Mr.
Allan Kvarts presided at the piano
The foundry of Edwards, Stevens A: Co.,
which has been running on three-quarter
time is now running full time.
Mr John Debeville has tapped his sugar
orchard, but has not made much sugar
yet ...March has been an unusually hard
month so far with active winds and
whirling snow Snow in the woods is
from three to live feet deep Mr. J. G.
Weller has sold his team for a long price
to a party from Albany, X. Y. He had
previously refused $000 lor them Rev.
G A. Kerr exchanged with Mr. Field,
Sunday The academy opened Monday.
Mr. Thomas Davies, in his Ttth year,
is conlined to his house with rheumatism.
. A little son of John Osgood had his face
biully cut by a wire fence while coasting.
. .. .Tne farm which belongs to the es
tate of Edward Pooler, has been sold to
D, M. and J. C. Robinson The only
sou ot Dr. Arkley was buried last Sunday.
The doctor has the sympathy of a large
ircleof friends in his bereavement.
Leo Tracy n short time since sold a
valuable horse to Rutland parties
Mrs. Kmina Taggard of New York, who
lias been visiting in town since last sum
mer, returned home last Wednesday
Mrs. Tomlinson, who has been sick tor
some time Is not expected to live Miss
Addle E Ed wauls, a former teaf her in the
high school, was recently the guest of Mr.
Walter V Weed , . . I'lie high school closed
its winter term Friday. The vacation is
two weeks, the next term beginning March
Town olllcers were elected March 15 as
follows; Moderator, Ira W. Sayles; town
clerk, Salmon Green; selectmen, Kdward
Hlldreth, II. A. Hodges, C. W. Jacobs;
treasurer, A. K Jacobs ; overseer of the
poor, Albert Town; constable, R, M. Co
nant, lifters, F. F. Freeman, K.ra Stevens.
W. I), Hall ; auditors. II. 0. Gleason,
Ralph K. Jones, l S. Whltcomb; trustee
United States fund, J. L. Mason ; fenc
viewers, H L.Barnes, Henry Martin, Henry
Glllett ; town grand jurors, It. K. Jones.
S. A Andrews; street commissioners, G.
II. Fay, Daniel Mahonoy, S. F. Cutler ;
agent to prosecute and defend suits, S. II,
Davis ; cemetery trustees, J. L. Mason.
Darker Halch, U. S. Whltcomb; school
directors for three years, F. K. Hriggs.F. F.
Gleason. Tax for town, State and county,
43 cents ; highway, 15 cents ; school tax,
35 cents ; total, 83 cents. For county com
missioner K. li. Andrews had M) votes
Miss Harron recently appointed post
mistress at Richmond is a bright young
lady of some 19 summers, sister of the
Catholic priest of this place, and will
doubtless make a popular otllcial when
she gets the rones learned. Several loca
tions are talked of for the olhce, the latest
being Patrick Henley's house near Ma
sonic! block. Mr. Kdwards who was first
appointed soon went to Chicago and still
remains there where his family are soon
to move. Mr, Kdwards and one son were
engaged In one of the stock yards buying
stock when the great strike occurred, be
ing practical butchers they went Into tho
slaughter houses and learned a great
many new hands. They were often
threatened with violence, but went firmed
for a long time, and did not scare worth a
cent Charles Woodworth.the popular
postolllce clerk for many years, Intends in
the near future to move to Massachusetts.
His estimable wife Is a natlveol New Bed
ford Mrs. Dr. Mowers is visiting
relatives and lriends in Harre.
.n:itK'HO C KNTUK.
Miss Hattle Hovey is home from her
school in Massachusetts leroine Dotv
I has moved to the Rufus Ilrlgham farm In
r-ssex it,, a. .lonlon is in lloston this
week looking up the sugar trade. He ex
pects to ship quite a quantity this spring.
There was no preaching or other
church services heie last Sunday, on ac
count of the storm An extra town
meeting has been warned, to elect road
commissioners, as these elected at the
annual meeting were not legally elected,
If the voters understood the laws better
mere would be less careless voting...
Rev. Mr. W illlams has been holding so.ne
extra meetings here this week, assisted
by some of the neighboring ministers,
Rev. A. Hazen preached Wednesday af
ternoon and Mr, Hates of Wllliston in the
evening William R. Woodruff has
received a pension of $S per month with
$351.47 back pay Willard Story has
moved on to the Bishop farm and without
making any "papers" as every one else
has Kbert Lane and Frank Cham
bers are to carry on George Stiles's sugar
worKs wns season. ...uuenten Powell has
moved to Kssex Junction and Silas Ran-1
som has taken the place vacated by him.
m, , .., t i '
This village had another narrow escape
from serious con migration I? r day evening.
iiicnuw uiMicuiuuiuemuc near me
stove in village hall took lire, and was in
a livoly blaze when the light was seen
from an adjoining house. It was readily
extinguished with but slight damage.
How many more such "close shaves" will
oe ueeueo to rouse tne citizens to some
concerted action ? ... ..Mrs. H. 1). Walker j
! V- 't ,,V7,i,V'yml"L"1' wo'Kt!r
in uioiuiumu .. i.e., gave an in-1
teresting address Sunday evening at the
union temperance meeting in the Congre
gational church. At its close a local union
was organized with over 30 members, and
prospects of large growth and enthusias
tic work; Mrs. Ell Barnum was chosen
btiuday services, followed by a Bible
ass, will be held at 1 rinity ( Lpiscopal) !
chape, Milton, on alternate Sundays, be
ginning) with March 31), at 10:30 a. m.
Lenten services, with lectures Introduc
tory to the Book of Common Prayer, will
be held at the same hour, on every Wed
nesday morning. The next lecture in the
special lecture course, preceded bv a short
service, is to be delivered in the village
nan on u rmay evening next, .March Is, at
7,:3.! bi',!i1"i.I,!f v, Hol"V'r, NVllitu o N'orth-1
lie d. l ie third special lecture is lo be
delivered at the same place and hour, on
Monday evening, March 31, bv the Rev.
William Farrar Weeks of Enosburgh
Falls. The distributed leaflets of "The
People's Service" make it easy for all to
take part in it, to which the public aie
cordially Invited. Admission is free, and
there is no collection. At the first special
lecture, by the Rev. Thomas Burgess of
St. Alb.ius, the attendance was large,
some being present from Georgia.
The winter term of our graded school
cioieu msi ! rmay. .Mr. llayden, the prin
cipal, has been with us for two years and
lilts irim-ii in fnvi- n-itl, mi.. .w....l..
.... . ........... ... ...... wi., (n-uj.n , imiiu
as a gentleman and a teacher. The fol
lowing pupils In the intermediate depart-'
ment of our graded school. Miss Llllte K,
Peck teacher, had no marks against their
names for the winter term just closed :
Charles Bates, Marion Bates, KdgarGuy
ette, Florence Guvette, Willie L. Bell,
Wilbur Sawyer, Bessie Wllley The
family of Jason Hunt start for Omaha
Wednesday Mr. Hunt went out there
last tall and now has sent for his family
Charles II. Nicholsjis moving on to Hunt's
farm and is to run it this year
Bei t Richardson and family have come
from the West and are to live with his
wife's father, Kleazer Hunt.
Mr. Henun Russell was quite sick last
week ifnd his son, K. It Russell, was
unueii iiouie. ne is oeiier now
w mil his
son has returned to li s work.
i.'r.. i- ....
the road for Cross A; Son, Montpeller.
....; .. 1
The creamery at the Centre commenced
business last week. H. W. Norton has
been employed for the season as general
yet up otV. presentlvriting in U,.s S
manager No sugar has been made
ity. The weather still remains cold and
good sleighing Rev. Mrs. Fenner has
closed her labors at the Centre and gone
to Waterbury Last Saturday Mr.
George Magee of Hinesburgh and Lillian
Pierce of Huntington were united in holy
matrimony and visited relatives in Hunt
iiigton over Sunday Th9 Ladies i
Aid bocieiy win hold sociable at the
town hall on Tuesday evening, March 33,
for the benefit of the parsonage Com
munion services will be held in the Union
church at the North village next Sunday
at the closeot the forenoon setvlce. ..At
our last March meeting it was voted that
the sum ol ?-15 be appropriated for the ob
servance of Decoration Day In town
The funeral services of the little child ot
Willie Knights took place at the Centre
last Friday Mrs. Mary Strong has
moved lrom the village back on to her
firm Mr. Harrv Ross has loused tils
farm to Russell Johns of Hinesbuigh,
formerly of Huntington, for one year.
John McLane, who died last week was
years of age. ....Dr. W. S. N.iv u .
pected to return from Ne w Ynt k in ii fnii
days 11. R. Towiibend. who has been
laid up with a severe attack of neuralgia
is out agal Miss Hattle Rawson,
who has been conlined to tho house for
the past f.-w weeks with a verv severe
cold has nearly recovered We have
two constables in town, neither one of
whom is within four miles of a telegraph
or railroad station free lecture bv
Rev. A. D. Barber of Wllliston will be
given in the Congregational church
I'liday evening. Subject, "A Represen
tative W oman and Her;Vork" A party
of 18 young people drove up from Burling
ton in tho "Adirondack" last Thursday
evening, calling upon Miss Lorn Percival,
who with a few invited friends enterlaiu-
them Mr. Anson Field took a load
ot small boys to Burlington Saturday to
attend the "Kqiiescurrlciiluin A
dramatic entertainment was given at
Academy hull Friday evening for the
iienelltor the Ladles Aid Society, The
.ir...... a 1 1 i V. . .. ; in,
-i i l! ') " " ' i1"0. M,nch f"rcu
v1i'JJ,i?e'',l.,"r.Llrcloof l ,l:,1o(1 wt'ru
ZZl nv i'l!!1'15, !,r??,e,ltr,'1' T ' WMlntH
were over 'J ..... MUs Kuilly Pratt, who I
died in Huntington ami whose funeral
was receu lyattended in this village was
iiv r.VVio"f i i,,l"lown. heliiK one of a fain-
i ."L1 . 1"1,lru"' .lh,r. (lt',!t" . w,ls tllu ,
"al V ""y3 uuiiuu io nreiiK mo mini- incut over t ie present manner or sound
ber. Our townsman, John T. Pratt, was ing a tiro alarm. The new engine U ex
a brother, Miss Pratt was fil years ot
"go Apropos of the "Failltv Mall
Service," a letter was mailed at this olllce
directed fo a piomlneiit llrm tu Burling
ton, desiring an answer by return mail.
The letter was received at the olllce of the
llrm in lloston, and from there returned
to Burlington.
Rev. A. 1). Harbor will give a lecture in
tho Congregational church in Jericho,
I;riday evening, Match 18, at 7:3J o'clock.
Subject, A Representative Woman and
Her Work:
North Hum.
John Durham's wooden wedding the
1st Inst., was attended by about 40 friends
who brought with them manv useful and
ornamental presents Quite a number
of spectators from Alburgh, Isle Lu Mott,
and St. Albans Day, attended our ad
journed town meeting, Saturday the
."th. It seems to he generally under
stood by outsiders that a North Island
town meeting is worth attending fiom the
fact that considerable talk has been in
dulged in for the past two years over the
ouiuiing ot our nrlilge. The lirst day's
I meeting it took from 3 p. m. till sundown
to elect a moderator, town clerk and one
selectman, live ballots being made before
an election was declared. A feeble at
tempt was made the lirst day of the meet
ing to show that certain individuals had
got more of the town's money than be
longed to them but it failed so utterly
that the gentleman who started the thing
got badly lett when they ran for lirst se
lectman The tail-end of our .March
meeting will be reached the 13th, when
mo town reports are lo be made
lint till,
election of olllcers was completed the 5th,
I (at an adjourned meeting) tho following
I being the list : Moderator, O. P. Knight j
tow" clerk, John Tudhope : selectmen,
Mortimer Hazen, C. B Russell, Muthew
Watson; treasurer, It. R. Hathway ;over-
seer. U. 1'. Kn u it : cons ii i (' mr La
Hyde : listers, II. II. Hazen, J. I). Hazen.
W in. Beat ; auditors, C. Hyde, C. 1'. Hazen,
S. K. Hibbard ; trustees of public monev,
R. It. Hathaway ; town grand jurors, H.
II. Hazen, It. L. Clark, S. K. Hibbard :
agent, II. W. Allen ; superintendent ot
schools, H. H. Hazen; road commision-
ers, U. P. Knight, C. P. Hazen, Win. Best
it was voted not t
to lower the tolls on nnr
bridge nor put any stone in the pile work
unless voted at a suecial town meeting
called for that purpose. No amount was
voted on the grand list as no town ieports
were made at cither meeting, but at the
meeting of the 13th Inst., a full report is
to be lead and asulllcient sum voted to de-
iraythe necessary expenses lor the en-
suing vear. Hereatter it has been suggest
ed.and will probably be voted at this next
meeting that tho town reports me to bu
printed and distributed at least two weeks
before town meeting day arrives, our tax
paers having come to the conclusion that
town alfuirs have run at Ioo.-e ends long
The third town meeting since the 1st
lllwt nr-rMll-ri.,1 n 1 11 ril ' M!.., r.l, ...
this meeting was to make a report ot the
moneys received and exnended the oast,
year and see what per cent will be raised
on the town's grand list of S0O
i for the year entiling. The interest on
j the town's bonds, .$10,000, is due April 1.
j North hurrisbiircli.
The donation at the Methodist church
on Wednesday evening was a very social
affair and was well attended A new
I water wheel is being put in the grist mill.
J Mr. Henry Ball has moved into one
! part ot Mr. James Squier's residence and
I for the season is to assist in farm work.
Messrs F. McKenzie and (J. H.
Mearnsof Kee-eville, N. V., passeil last
Sabbath witli their old triend mid pastor.
I.... 11 ir !..!. 1. 1.. . w . i. . .
iici. vj.ji.iiuiiLMii.i urs. i eier uiouk
who fell and broke her hip on the cellar
steps a few days ago is still a great suf-
ierer, out, is doing as well as could be ex
pected for one of her age. For days the
bones remained unset Several are
anticipating a pleasant evening at the
opera house in Burlington next Tuesday
evening in listening to Rev. Sam Jones
on "Character and Characters." Mr.
Alvlu Ball is still under the care of Dr.
A. B. Beeman is slowly recovering from
his Illness Newton Havens closes his
labors with the grist mill at the Falls the
15th iust. and goes to Shelhuru Rev.
K. Folsom of the Methodist Episcopal
J-'""' "eiiei. n is hoped ne will
"UK ' m hopi'iy his puiplt soon
i "rough the t llorts ot two ci
tWO fOllir:lfl.)S lit
.i n. mciiariison l-ost, they have neat
and tidy rooms for the next meeting,
March 18th Charles Mudget Is last
West 'liS eWt'lry ,)U!,iui;ss t" KO
Rev. Mr. Barnev nreacheil nt. tin. Mnti,n
' Sundaj Key.
r ... V win preacu in
the Methodist Episcopal church next
Sunday and will aNo conduct the services
ol the quarterly meeting Joseph Pur-
motit returned to Chicago Monday night
C. C. Alfreil is receiving orders for
sugar utensils Rev. G. W. White
more, who has been with the Baptist peo
ple for two weeks past lias rtturne l to his
home In W'atertown, N. Y Mrs. J,
M. Hotchkiss isstlll Improving c m'
Clow has rented J, M. Beemaii's farm tor
one year Joseph Purmout has rented his
farm to K, T. Burns ot S wanton Rev
Mr. Crocker of Rhode Island will preach
in the Baptist chinch next Sunday.
South lltro.
W. P. Hall has sold Providenco Island
lying just southwest of South Hero for
.,400toK R. Goodsell of isle La Motte
who intends converting it into a summer
resort. A moio lovely situation cannot
be round as it Is in line of the passing
steamers, The Island was bought ten or
twelve years ago for SI ,400 Capt
uoriiin lias rented the lot Ino Snmnr
,u uu ew !. rK. 11 "' "'Ill run
ii, mm )cm i no .-jaooatii school cwn-
cert at the Congregational church passed
oil with credit to all who took part in it
last Sunday evening Miss Lettlo
Laiulon Is visiting friends lu Milton.
The academy students have organized
for a seVies of lyceiims. The Urn of the
spring term is to be held Friday evening,
March IS Mrs. John Bugbee U visit
ingfrieuds In Wes t Berkshire Rev
Mr. Hyde of thu Methodist church is btili
confined to his room The marriage of
Miss Klla Patten to Mr. F. W. Tillotson of
List Montpeller occurred on Thursday
morning, Rev Mr. Wilder formerly of
tins place olllclatlng Homer Brew
sterstirts for South America about the
1st of May meeting of the new en
gine company, recently organized, was
held at thu Pleasant fctreet engine house
on Thursday evening. A committee, was
iiipmiieu in until oyuiws and a constltu
nun, mm mu uiai i er oi illy Kll ug llie organ-
l company into hose and engine !-
was discussed, hu . one im uake
It "iiis quite probai.lo t i tho district
will bo supplied with a 11 iiite l electric
alarm system. J. A. 1 o Ii s , s worked
out a very si mi le an I i nexpe S i
rangcme.it. which, no doubt,' c n 1 e put
' 1'ractlciil use and be a gr -at in m vi
pected everyday, and an adjourned moot
ing of the company will be held on the
evening following the arrival of the en
gine.. ..The Ladies' Industrial society of
the Congregational church spent Friday
afternoon very pleasantly with Mrs.
George W. llendee S. B. Walte of
Hyde Park has onened his soring school
ol penmanship at the academy Fri
day was a genuine March day and It it had
not been lor tho recent thaws the snow
v ould have been piled up Immensely....
...Mr. William Chase has what lie thinks
will be the idea in the line of a method for
heating cars. He has applied for a patent
and expects that he has a fine tiling
A. O. Gates is to give his story of travel
across the continent with the Grand Army,
at 1 1 Vile Park on Krhln v pvimliur . . . Post
I Warner, (J. A. it., Is toholdan entertam
I ment ut town hall on Tuesday evening the
l.tui msi....KeV Air. uushee ot the Con
gregational church will soon take Ills an
nual vacation The academy students
held very npropribte memorial services
for tlie late Amherst Palmer, who died
during the vacation between the winter
and spring terms. Interesting and appro
priate remarks were made by Prof. Stone.
Rev. Mr. Ilushee, and by the classmates
of the deceased.
J. A. Robinson, dentist, attended tho
meetings of the State dental society, at
Burlington this week The afternoon
session of school at the academy, now be
gins at 1.30 Instead of 1 Frank W.
Sherman late mail clerk between Essex
Junction and Boston is visiting friends in
town Rev. W. II. Hyde and family
are to be given a donation this week
Dana CluiIIee is reported in quite serious
ill health.
There were a large number of people In
town Saturday, yet trade was light. But
ter was quoted at HI to 33 cents. Eggs 15
cents Elder I'ei klus preached at the
Advent church Sunday, In the morning
he vigorously denounced church socia
bles Albert Dunshee, an old and re
spected citizen, died last week. The
funeral took place from the Advent
church Friday. Mrs Smith of Brandon,
the Spiritualist speaker, outdated
Hon. Henry Ballard of Burlington lec
tures in Holley hall this evening! The
Baptists realized about $10 from their
necktie sociable No services were held
in the Methodist church Sunday evening.
The pastor, Rev. Mr. Gregory, is suffer
ing lrom a severe cold Joseph Hasklns
has accepted the foremanshlp of the
painting department of tlie Bristol
Manufacturing company's works
There were several cases of too much
"tanglefoot" on the streets Saturday
evening. The language used by some of
thedrunkatds was frightful, but no ar
rests were made Myron W. Wilson
of the Herald is still very low, but the
prospects of his recovery are fair The
receipts of the Methodist sociable last
week were over 'J I. H. May and C.
L. Norton of Hinesburgh were in town
Saturday A new creamery is to lie
put in at South Starksboro this season by
Kvarts A: Eastman. The creamery busi
ness Is rapidly destroying the Bristol but
ter market.
Arthur Fairbanks lost a good horse the
last week Willie Beard has gone to
Massachusetts to work Prof. Fletch
er's singing school closed Saturday
Judge Poland has gone to St. Johnsbury
to stop a few days. His health is much
better now than It has been of late
Mlttie Kelley lias gone to Richmond to
live with her sister, .Mrs. S R. Miller, Jr.
Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Stratton and
families have moved to East, Upton, Mass.
Tarbel Shattuckaud Elijah Stratton,
both suffering from a shock ot paralysis,
are in a teeble state of health at pre-eut.
Frank Laraway was in Mont
peller the. past week buying ma
chinery for his saw mill The camp-
lire at Capt. Moses McFarland's on the
evening nl the 9th w.is one of the bright
est eampflres ever held in town. Tlie
special feature was a speech by Capt. Mc
Farland, giving his experience west of the
Mississippi and a poem from Henry
Thomas, short speeches from other com
rades and music. A grand supper was
served to all by Capt, and Mrs. McFar-
lanil The young people are to give a
dramatic entertainment at the brown
church Saturday evening. The proceeds
are to go toward buying a bell IKcar
Lafountaln's house and barn of Belvidere
burned to the ground Wednesday night,
tlie ilth, with all their contents, the family
barely escaping with their lives.
Fay Sargent, for manv years a hook
keeper of H. A. Winshlp's, left ior Kansas
City last week, wheie he has obtained a
position in tlie American National bank of
that city lolin E. Harrimaii started
for Omaha Tuesday Miss II. L.
Browne, daughter of Dr. U.S. Browne of
St. Johnsbury, has been visiting Mrs.
Gov. Furnham A new pipe organ for
the Congregational church will be pur
chased very soon, The church has already
$1000 on hand for this purpose II.
E. Parker and wife returned from
their trip to Southern Pines, N, C,
Friday evening Tlie spring term of
tlie Bradtord academy opened Monday
with a large number of students
.Miss C. V.. Strickland, the popular French
and German teacher, returned from her
trip to Boston on Saturday Wednes
day eveniug the ladies of the Cougrega
llenal society will give a "crazy tea" in
the church parlors The Champion
Lodge I. O, (J, F. Is In a most prosperous
condition. Many new members have
been initiated during the past two weeks
Mr. E. R. Cllley of Piermont, N. II ,
a manufacturer of butter tubs and lad
ders, was severely injured by the break
ing of an emery wheel. Tlie fragments
struck him In the face below the right
eye, breaking tlie cheek bone and cutting
a gastT some six inches In length.
Wl'Kt 1 111 II l II I ll ,
At the regular convocation of Whitney
Chapter, No. 5 , R. A. M March 14th,
the following olllcers were elected for the
ensuing ear: N L. Hoyden, M E II P;
Lucius Webb, Jr., E, K ; George E, Beard,
E S ; E. Gerry, secretary ; C. E. Abbott,
treasurer; E. L. Bass, C. II.; K. O. Hib
bard, P. S. ; O, Woodcock, It A. C. ; N. B.
Weston. G. M. M V. ; C. I). Sanborn, G.
M and V. ; O. Chamberlain, G. M. 1st
V.; A. 1). Merkel, chaplain; K. T.Sault,
John Untied!, stewards ; S. N. Flsk, sen
line!. On the same day tlie following
were elected as olllcers ot Haswell Coun
cil, No. (1C. It and S. M. ; E. O. Hibbard, T.
J. M. ; J. P. Cleveland, D. M. ; N. L. Hoy
den, P. C. W. ; George K. Beard, secre
lary ; N. B. Weston, treasurer; O. Wood
cock, C. G.; Lucius Webb, Jr,C. C. ;
A. D. Merkel, chaplain ; F. P. Morse,
steward ; Gordon Peck, sentinel. A pub
lic Installation was held lu the evening
wilh an address by Commander K. O.
Hibbard, after which tlie company nd
journed to the Red Lion Inn and partook
of a flue banquet.
Wont llurlmlilrn,
Mrs. J. C. Bugbee of Morrlsville, Is at
present visiting her mother, Mrs. L. Leach
at tho home ot her sister, Mrs. Rev. M. P.
Bell Mr. Win. B. Doolan has recent
ly purchased as a gentleman's driver tho
; well-bred Woodburu Pilot, six years old
I mare, out of Hambletonlaii and Messen.
I ger mare, of Rev. M. P. Bell, considera
tion private tug last quarterly meet
ing lor this conference year, occurred
Sunday, the pastor olllclatlng After
a long sickness, Mr. Jacob Cnlimber died
yesterday, funeral tho 1,'lth at the Centre,
attention bv the Rev. Mr. Scholleld, pas
tor of the Baptist church Mr. II. S.
Yaw has rented his farm to Mr. W. B.
Sunday services will be held lu Km
manuel church. K.ist Georgia, on alter
nate Sundays, beginning with March 20,
at ,"l::!0 p. in.; Bible class and Sunday
school, at y p. m. Lenten services on each
Wednesday afternoon at .'1 p. in. This
week the Wednesday service will be held
at Mr. Kraus's, next week at Mr. K. J.
Miss Kuima Utton ot Morrlsville will
spend the spring In the family of George
K Melvin Miss Mory Ober is visiting
Miss Mary Perham in Fairfax Mr.
Jones of Johnson and Miss Lilla Walermaii
are visiting in JefTersonvllle Roscoe
Fullhas the contract for keepingthe roads
open and has appointed Royal Dickinson
his deputy In district No. (i Rossie
Dickinson will spend the summer in Wll
liston Miss Alice Flagg who went to
Minneapolis last summer has accepted
a position in the ofllce of the Minneapolis
lluuchccpcr Whooping cough ts
prevalent Benjamin Westmiiu has
taken possession of his far in lu district
No. 7 Cambridge voted $35 for Me
morial Day Rev. Gemont Graves held
Episcopal services In Jeflersonville Sun
day A few farmers have tapped their
sugar trees, but little sugar hns yet been
made Orange W. Reynolds has pur
chased the "old meeting house" nt the
Boro Cambridge town tax is 00 cents
on a dollar. The highway tax is to be
raised in money Jo Watkins started
for Fargo, Dak., with his father's family
last week ; at the last meeting of Phienix
lodge he was presented with a very hand
some dressing case 11. N. Gray will
have a grist mill erected and in running
order by May 15 on the Kllenwood lot in
Cambridge Boro.
Wilmer Heath of Sparta, Mich,, visited
last week at W. II. Griswold's An
drew McIIenry has vacated S. H. Reed's
tenement and moved Into Wetherby &
Pages's tenement over In "Jersey"
Patrick Nellin hns taken possession of the
tenement vacated by McIIenry Miss
Carroll's school at IfefTersonvilie opened
with 30 pupils Mrs. Sabrinu Macom-
ber of Greensboro is ill at A. Hawley's of
pneumonia Willis Marshall, an ex-
horter of Morrlsville, oillciated at the
Boro last Sunday Richard R. Dodge
lias left his position on tlie Central Ver
mont and Is stopping at home,
Mr. E. I). Chilson his nearly finished
the repairs on tlie Goss & Gleason kaolin
depot at the Monktou crossing. There is
to be a large shed added to the rear of the
structure Mr. F. C. Strong, though
suffering from a bad cough and
cold, is able to be about the house
Vergennes sent another delegation t j the
Burlington horse exhibition Friday
The product of Mr. N. L. Boynton's dairy,
Bristol Flats, Inst year, was about M)00
pounds; average price from 3(1 to 3S cents
per pound Over 100 days of sleighing
thus far, have been recorded for the win
ter of lS-il-S" Beeman academy. New
Haven, closed Friday Dr. Griuiiell of
Burlington was summoned in counsel
over M. II. Wilson of Bristol, who is im
proving Rumor threatens to reduce
the physicians in this place, by one or
Mnndav morning (J. H. &nrli"' ,t Cn.
shipped to Boston Is cows and 40 calves.
On the plank road, between Ver-1
gennesand Bristol, there haveb- en 100 days
of sleighing K. I'.lmer of Wevbridge I
has sold his rarm to N. K P.irkill '
Kggs are declining, chickens are ailvanc- I
ing ; a few turkeys are in market at the I
same price as chickens Among the i
distrielschools recently closed are those lu I
Shoreham taugnt by Miss Mary Parker,
district No. 0, Weybridge, Miss' Mary J. ,
Klmer, tlie 5th ; Miss Hattle Hamilton,
Cornwall, Friday ; district No. 7, Monk
ton, Geotge II. Dalrymple, the 35th ult. ;
district No, II, Cornwall, Mls Amber Cair, I
the 5th; Miss Emma Lawrence, No. 3,
same town, the 5th; the South Br stol i
school, taught by .Miss M A, Field ; Miss
Flora Gramley in district No, 3, Paiiton,
last week ; No. li, West Cornwall, by Miss
Sarah Guernsey, last week D. O.
Noouan shipped a car of potatoes to Bos
ton Itom North Ferilsburgh Mondav.
Price paid, 85 to 50 cents, latter price for
choice siiowllakes Mrs. J. s. Hickok
is still attending a sick relative In New
Rev. Mr. Sherman of the Baptist church
exchanged with Rev. Mr. Shirk of Whit
ing Sunday Tuesday evening the
Ladies' Aid society give n sociable in the
vestry of the Methodist church Mr.
R. O. Green, who has been in the
employ of A. Graveline, wheelright,
lett here for North Adams Saturday.
Fridav evening some 40 of bis ft lends
tendered him a supper at Mr. Lewis'
Lota s residence Rev. Mr. Robertson
preached an excellent sermon at the Con
gregation church Sunday 1). It.
Young has placed a Tuft's fountain in Ids
store Dr. K W. Sliipmiin expects !o
re! ire lrom practice and go to New York.. , .
Rev. G. II. Worthed, the evangelist, de
livered a temperance lecture in tlie town
bull Sunday evening Tlie Congrega
tional ladies' society meet with the Misses
Benton Wednesday at 3 p. in The
society of Christian endeavor will meet
in the Congregational vestry this even
ing. Mr. W. H. Patten left Tuesday for Bos
ton to be absent until Friday..,, ..There
will be religious meetings in the hall
every evening tills week Mr.
Meech of the tea store, has been a suHerer
from rheumatism the past week, but Is I
out again William Naylor, w ho left I
this place tor Worcester, Mass., i
in the fall, died Sunday, He leaves a
mother and brother here A surprise
party was tendered J. C Walker of Fer
risburg Thursday evening last by about I
135 ot his fileniR It was the 30th until-1
versnry of his marriage. Mr. and Mrs. i
Walker were presented an easy chair. '
looking glass and hanging lami) Joel '
Tucker takes the Kay tarni, Muiikton, for
the ensuing year I. Sharkey has sold
his farm in Whiting to his brother and
has bought tlie Merwin Baldwin farm
L. Perkins of Weybridge will take
possession of his farm, the Col. Dodge
place, this spring.
The temiierance lecture at,' the town
hall Tuesday evening, by Rev. Mr
Worthed, was not largely attended
Mrs. H. P. Kllthor, the nurse, has been
called to Rutland, to care lor Mrs. Peters,
sister of N. G. Notion, who is quite teeble.
....The Bradbury parly started for Wash
ington Thursriay. William left them
at Rutland for liodoii. A short dlst nice
tills side oi Trov a freight train was off
the track anil Miss Klla, the Invalid, was
carried around on a truck to the train be
yond, Saturday Lt Charles, his mother
and sister reached Washington T. J.
NIT3IB15H 38
Deavitt, Inspector, and Col. J. II. Lucia,
had an interview at Montpeller with H, P.
Kllthorp, respecting his pension claim,
which lias been disallowed M. J.
Graves of Montpeller was in town Wed
nesday, and looking well. He may go Into
business in this city.
S nn I mi.
Dr. O. A. Gee will soon commence tho
practice of medicine at Brandon Chirk
S. Jennlson, who was stricken with pa
ralysis February 33d, died Sunday morn
ing. The funeral was held Tnnlm- nt
his late residence, at 3.30, p. m.
Orrln Gnv. the hinfm itiptnlior nf tlr
clotli manufacturing linn of Gay Bros.,
filed at Ills resirletir.R iti Mils nliiri. lnmluv
of typhoid pneumonia, He was an up
right man and greatly esteemed. He was
born lu Putnam. Conn., August 4, 1S40.
Isle I. a Motto.
J. A. and J. P. 'Hall nre loading a car
with potatoes for the Boston market
Mr. and Mrs. It. It. Hathaway of North
Hero and Mr. and Mrs. H. G. X'ike o
Cliazy were in town last Sunday
.Mrs. Josle Lewis aud Miss Hattle Rock
well of Albnrgh are visiting at, Mr. M. B.
Rockwell's Mr. and Mrs. Gary
Witherell of West Chazv were in town
last week James Duba had a shoul
der dislocated a few days ago while work
lug on tlie road Doras Goodsell had
the misfortune to have one f his horses
break its leg so badly that lie was obliged
to kill it It was a little girl boarder
that came to James Duba's March 0.
Ntnr 1 1 u u ii .
Mr. G. W. Barton and C. II. Wicker
have let .their farms for the coming year,
the latter to John Welcome It Is va
cation now at the academy. The spring
term opens the 33nd Hon. Robert B.
Langdon ot Minneapolis, Minn., made a
flying visit to this, his native town,
remaining here over Sunday. Mrs.
Langdon and their daughter were In Phil
adelphia and were to meet Mr. Langdon
in New York Tuesday evening. They were
eu route home from a brief trip to Wash
ington, Old Point Comfort and other
places of Interest Tlie funeral of Mr.
Alva Hathorn was attended last Sunday,
Rev. Mr. Stebbins olllclatlng. Mr. Ha
thorn was about 00 years of age and had
been a member of the church tor tJ5 years,
enjoying the full respect of his townsmen
It is announced that a Dr. Rogue
has engaged rooms in town preparatory
to taking up tlie practice of Dr. Preston,
who is moving to Brandon.
Mary, mother of John L. Tuttle died
Monday night, aged SI The Young
Men's Catholic union Is celebrated St.
Patrick's day with a drama, "Shandy
Maguire," and a lecture by Prof. T. C.
O'Sullivan at the Blauchard Opera house,
Thursday evening Tlie liquor raids
in Montpeller are likely to to prevent the
democratic collector of internal revenue
from making as good a showing at his
next annual report as he did last year.
Rum forms one of the bulwarks of
democracy as usual Tlie denizens of
Union and Rialto blocks were thoroughly
territled Sunday night by a terrific explo
sion about. 0:30 p. m.. in tlie rear of 1). F.
Img's book store. Visions of safe blow
ing burglars danced before the visions of
those who heard the noise mid It required
a good deal of nerve backed by a police
man's club to Induce them to investigate.
Alter all the seaich not a tiling wrong
could bo heard and It has been finally de
cided that the town was trjing to grow
laterally and cracked tlie earth.
From Oilier l'arts nf the Stiite.
On Thursday next 100 shares of the Na
tional bank of Rutland will be sold at pub
lic auction,
A statue of Father Boylan of Rutland,
seven feet high and standing on a 13 foot
pedestal, will probably be placed over his
grave. Charles Jarrett is the sculptor.
The Vermont Novelty Works company
at Springfield, has just tent out its annual
carriage catalogue.
Drake Smith at Bethel, shipped
over 500,000 mailing boxes last year to a
New York llrm. They aNo made some
450,000 sections of bee-keepeis' supplies.
At Tunbridge .Martin Noyes proposes to
engage in the manufacture of carriages at
the north village.
Tho weight of the snow on the roof
crushed in the east part of the large store
house of the Fall Mountain Paper com
pany at Bellows Falls the other morn
ing. The profit on liquor sold the past year
at Newbury was lOS.US The cost of
each town pauper was fl !U per week.
There was -sSl paid for damages on sheep,
and the town is in debt for about $1000.
For five years, prior to lsMJ, the town of
Eden had the town system ot schools, but
owing to inclement weather it was voted
down one year ago. At the last annual
meeting the town again adopted the sys
tem by a small majority.
Brattleboro's tlrst msrket day was suc
cessfully inaugurated Moud ly. A large
uumber of farmers and others got into
town with their products in spite of the
snow. All the commodities that were
brought in that were not needed for home
consumption were -hipped to Boston tor
Anthony McCormick aud George W.
Goodell of St, Johnsbury, who recently
drew $1000 each in the Louisiana lottery,
got their checks last Thursday.
The North Pownal hotel is closed and
the place is now without a public house.
The snow is from 10 to 15 feet deep In
front of houses in Woodstock.
There are now 31 paupers on the Rut
land town farm of which 30 belong In Rut
laud, It is feared that Patrick Waters, who
was injured by tlie blast at a Rutland
quarry on Saturday, will lose one or both
ot his eyes.
S. L. Grilllth audGrilllth & Mclntyre
have had 100 horse teams and30okoo
oxen at woik this winter drawing lumber
from off tlie mountains down to the cars
at their works at Dauby to be shipped
The Rutland Free Library will realize
about $30 from the lecture given at Bax
ter hall Monday evening, by Rev. L. U
The adjourned town meeting lu West
Charleston the Sth resulted In a vote to
return to the district system of schools by
a largo majority.
While George Green of Rutland was re
turning hunie trom the Howe scale works
he fell on the Ice and broke his left wrist.
Tlie open bridge over tho Whetstone on
the "Brook road" between Brattleboro
and Centreville fell from Its own weight
yesterday afternoon soon after a team had
Monday morning about 30 trackmen aud
section hands on tha Delaware aud Hud
son road, working on the Glens Falls
branch and at Whitehall, struck for $1.50
a day m place ol $1 10. The men were ills,
charged and 30 Italians have been at work
lu place of the strikers.

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