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How tlio QiM'itlon Is roppoil PorloriiiliiE
tlio Miirrhigo Ccrrmmiy Orcotliip;' tlio
lirlito iiihI (irnoni Strmico Sights fir
Atncrlcuii lyet Contentment.
At tlio end of tho second week tlio lover
cnino ill oho morning, nnd irosontccl hlmsolf
boforo tlio young lady, who was in my rootn,
nuil nsl;ed forufow moments' privnlo con
versation. 1 stepped out to givo him tho
lloor, nnil this is u hut, sho nf termini related,
transpired: Tlio young mini nilvancod to
wnrd his beloved nnd handed hor a nolo, in
which wore written n tor linos from her
mother, myitis tlmt tlio lxNiror wna about to
propoto in good form, and for lior to accept
him. As sho finished n.iulirij; an agitated
voico from tho vicinity of tho door was
board, for tlio young man was exceedingly
nervous on this occasion; "Most gracious
and respected fratilein, I Ikito tho honor to
MXcr you my heart (aivl ho cl.ipoil his hand
over that organ) and liand in holy mar
riage." Hero emotion chocked him, but not
tlio young lady, who was 2!) years old. "Most
ostoemed HerrVon II ," she. wiid,"I thank
you for a proposal, which I do niysolf tho
honor to accept." Heir Von II lxjwod,
hissed tlio young lady's hand and retired, nnd
tlio latter camo out and throw herself on my
trZ. !!iC I
well, they were married, hut first mamma
gavo several parties in their honor, and thero
to saw them sitting side by nido on tho sofa,
getting acquainted. Somo said they wcro
Jiscussing whether to havo dirtier at noon or
night, after they wero ono, but I doubted
that report, as Hcrr Von II had suddenly
developed mi unmistakablo nir of appropria
tion of his beloved and a "Moria-bluck-my-boots"
totio when ho spoko to her. I think
thero is littlo question in the minds of thoso
present but that "hubby" would havo diiinar
beforo breakfast if ho should so chooso as
soon as they wero married.
Tlio mairiago ceremony in itself was an
education. Iieing an olllcor, tho ovotit took
placo in tho military church in Merlin. Tho
place was tilled with sioctators and frionds.
Tho front pews wero occupied by gorgeous
brother otUecrs, sparkling and glittering
witli brass buttons and gold braid, and nonr
them sat tho "specially invited" guests.
Just lioforo 11! o'clock, for tho ceremony was
in tho morning, tho minister entered and
took his place. Immediately all was bushod,
but for tho low voico of tho old organ. Eight
bridemaids then camo in from tlio front and
advanced to meet tho bride, who had just ap
peared on tlio horizon in tho rear, loaning on
tho arm of somo relative unknown. Sho
passed between tho rows of white rolled
maidens and led tho way to I ho altar, fol
lowed by the groom and his trHi'ti. Hero sho
stopped, and thoy all took ch.urs, making
themselves quite comfortablo, whilo tho min
ister read a yard and a half mnrriago coro
moiiy beforo ho could bring himself to tho
point. At lat tho "I will" portion ap
proached, tho young couplo ro.so, sworo and
M'cro blessed.
Tho crowd dispersed, and tho married pair
drove away to a largo hall, ongaged for tho
occasion, where tho wedding breakfast was
laid. Here they wandered about, nnd got
lietter and better ncquaintod overytimo tlio
servants turned away their bonds, and waited
for their guests to appear. As thowi enterod,
all parties bowed, nnd tho women and old
men advanced to kiss tho bride on IjoUi
chocks; tho younger men wero restricted to
her hand. Tho groom kissed all tho matrons
and several comrades, and prcfeod tho ilngors
of all tho pretty girls to his lips. Then each
oflicer, unmarried, ottered his arm to somo
lovely maid selected by bin good friend, tho
bridegroom, and led her to tlio tablo. Eat
ing and drinking continued till 3:110, then
camo tho toasts, and as each health was
drunk, it was etiquotto to fill your glass, riso
and pass round tho board, clinking your gob
let with your neighbor's across tho tablo.
When this was ovor, then camo tho
strangest of tho customs for tho American
eyes. Tlio doors wero oponod and tho serv
ants of all the guests camo trooping in, bring
ing mysterious packages and bundles. Wo all
receivuu iiiuuiiicruuiu nruMuiju iruiii)croiiai
friends, though tlio latter woro unacquainted
with tho bride. That is tho custom. When
ono hears that a friend is about to attend a
wedding, it is tho correct thing to sond him a
present during tho breakfast. Of courso tho
brido is left out, as sho has received hor sharo
at her own house, so whilo her guosts aro
making merry over thoir gifte and counting
how many "friends" thoy have, tho young
married couplo take thoir departure: that is
tho last one sees of them. Our Ii03t and
hostess left then, according to custom, about
i ocloek, leaving us to hold high carnival.
Wo danced till 12, with several interrup
tions for refreshments, for tho Gorman diges
tion is inexhaustible, and sang and danced
again till tho cocks began to crow. I doubt
if tho neighbors in tho surrounding housos
enjoyed it as they should havo dono.
Bo it goes with tho iipjwr classes, and alout
tho same stylo of carousal is observed among
tho lower grades, though Ilans andOrotclicn
do it in a simpler way. Their wooing is
short and ardent. Thoy mako lovo inces
santly, and it is quite tho sarno to them
whether they nro observed or olhorwiso. It
is quito tho common thing to seo thoso lovors
walking hand in hand up tho street, stopping
at every corner for a kiss, whilo linns'
brother walks along with tbotu, and is in no
vray embarassed. ContonUncnt roigus.
Boston Transcript.
Tlio So Called Oraio Currt.
Among the most nncient of tho methods of
treating diseaso by special modes of diet is
tho so called grapo euro, which may bo
traced in history sinco tho days of Moses. In
tho time of Nero tho curative virtues of
grapes wero highly lauded by ono of tho host
medical writers whoso works havo como
down to as. Hut grapes woro not tho only
jfruits given with n view to their modicinal
affects. In tho Middlo Ages wo find mention
o maniacs cured by a diet of cherries, whilo
strawberries aro credited with having ef
fected many wonderful cure Later, in tlio
courss of our own civil war, a diet of ripo
poaches has often succeeded, after ull medi
cation had failod to euro tho obstinate- bowel
troubles so common nmong tho volunteer
soldiers. Ulobo-Democrat.
flood in 1'lther Cnt.e.
IIouso Hunter It isn't u bud looking houso
or tho rent you ask.
Real Estate Man It is given to you, you
may say. Tlio rent is ridiculously low, but
tho owner caros moro for having a good ten
ant than for getting rich out of it.
IL H. What kind of a neighborhood is itl
It. E. M. Unequaled. Is your wlfo a bor
Tower or a lender?
II. II. What do you mount
ILK. M.-If she's in tho habit of lending
groceries nnd domestio utensils to her neigh,
liors, sho can havo a rest, for thero aro no
borrowers. On tho other hand, if sho is In tho
habit of borrowing she will have a monopoly
of tho entire neighborhood. So you seo it is
n desirablo locality any way you tako it.
Boston Courier, j
Tho Well Known lUllrnnd Man Who Sue
coctU'd tho Luto Mr. I'attor.
Ono of tho best known railroad men In
this country is Thomas Lord Kimball, ro
contly mado gcnoral manager of tlio
Union Pacific, vlco Thomas J Potter, do
ccasod. IIo was born In Buxton, York
county, Mo., Oct. 1, 1831, and lived with
bis parents on a farm until ho was 17
years of ago. IIo then entered upon a
courso of academic study, and taught
school during his vacations till his 21st
year, when ho engaged In commercial and
express business, In which ho continued
for four years. In 1850 Mr. Kimball vis
ited most of tho western states, and a
year later removed with his family to tho
western rosorvo In Ohio, and resided
thero until early In 1859, when ho located
In Cincinnati. During tho following year
ho turned to account his earlier expe
rience as an amatournuwspupor writer and
reporter, and pub
lished a sonos of
articles on tho
west and in tho
Interests of t h o
Pensylvnnla Hall
road company IIo
was employed in
tho flcrvico of that
coinnan v for three
.earg as its south-ffk
western paSscngcr
agent, livo years
as assistant gen
eral passenger
agont and threo
years as general
western passenger agent. In March, 1871,
Thomas A. Scott was elected presidont of
tho Union Pacific Hailwny company, and
Mr. Kimball, who had been intimately as
sociated with him In tho scrvico of tho
Pennsylvania company for twelvo con
secutivo years, was appointed by Mr.
Scott to tho position of general passenger
and ticket agent of tho Union Pacific.
During tho samo year Mr. Kimball went
to Omaha, whero ho has over sinco re
sided. During this long period "nearly
seventeen years Mr. Kimball has ro
niaiucd with tho Union Pacific through
out all changes of administration. For
ten years ho filled tho offico to which ho
was first appointed general passenger
and ticket agent. IIo was then promoted
to bo assistant general manager, which
offico ho filled for four years. Tho next
thrco years ho was tho general trafllo
manager of tho Union Pacific systom,
which had grown to vast proportions
and required a man of great executivo
ability, such as Mr. Kimball is ac
knowledged to bo, at its head. On Sept.
1, 18S7, ho was appointed assistant to First
Vico President Potter, and on tho death
of tho latter was mado general manager.
Mr. Kimball is a very thorough nnd sys
tematic railroad man. IIo Is master of
every detail, and in tho scienco of rail
roadlng, especially from a commercial
standpoint, ho has but few equals in this
country His long connection with tho
Union Pacific attests tho high esteem in
which his services aro held. Mr. Kimball
w married in 1851 to Mary P. Ilogers,
daughter of Nathaniel P. Rogers, Esq., of
New Hampshire. They havo four children.
b UH ml. Deaf ami Dumb, unci IMvals
Laura lirhlgemun.
Thero is a young girl living In Tuscum.
bia, Ala., a deaf niuto, who from her
desire for knowledgo and her natural men
tal quickness to lcam bids fair to attract
as much attention as tho famous Laura
I Bridgcman, Helen Adams Keller was
born In Tuscumbia eight years ago, tho
daughter of a journalist, now United
States marshal of tho Northern district nf
Alabama. When tho child was about 19
months old sho was attacked by an illness
which resulted in tho loss of sight and
hearing. When sho had recovered and
the terriblo truth of her affliction dawned
upon her parents, they tried ovcry medi
cal aid to offect a cure, but without avail.
When Helen was 7 sho was placed under
tho caro of Miss Anno M. Sullivan, a lady
who had suffered partially as her pupil
had suffered. Under Miss Sullivan's caro
Helen has mado rapid progress Her dis
position is cheerful, hut, like most peoplo
similarly affected, sho readily gives way
to fits of anger; though thoso paroxysms
aro gradually disappearing In proportion
as sho learns. Her senso of touch la mar
velously acuto. Sho began to learn to
spell by tho uso of raised letters, acquir
ing tho most common names of things,
and then began to learn tho verbs. With
this stock sho was taught to describe sit
uations such as "Helen Is In wardrobo,"
"oox on laoio. tncncaruo a lesson on
differences, such as "hard" and "soft,"
"large and "sraall.
In this way a mind which had no con
nectlon with tho surrounding world was
at lost enabled to communicate thoughts
and roccivo communications from others.
Sho has now learned to spoil out simple
sentences, and has mado a beginning In
arithmetic. Her natural aptltudo to ac
quire these rudiments Is remarkablo, and
her dcslro to learn insatiable. Her
teacher Is much interested In her and her
advancement, and looks forward to
future Interesting career for her puplL
As tho child Is yet tut 8 years old and
has had but a year's training, sho has as
yet only mado a beginning.
Besides cuts of Helen Keller and her
patient teacher, wo givo a facslmllo of
noto written by tho blind, deaf muto.
... f
George JUx OrtUmin, thn Pounder
Uriihiini'fl MiiRiirlni1.
Fort" years ago no man wns better known
in literary circles than George Hex Graham.
His uaiuo wns a household word. Ho was
the projector and owner of Graham's Maga
zine. Although a writer of grace and forco,
Mr. Graham never mado any pretence to be,
strictly speaking, a literary man, but ho was
a generous employer, and in many Instances
was nisei tho discoverer of our best known
and greatest writers. Ho was tho first Amer
ican publisher to pay respectable prices for
literary wares, liayard Taylor, whom earli
est poems ho published, was unitized when
Graham tendered him a $'.'5 check for two
poorly prized poetic eirusious. For his
"Spanish Student" Longfellow received ?1C0
from Mr. Giuliani, and for "Tlio Village
Blacksmith" $M. Fenlmoro Cooper once
called on him in answer to a note. Graham
wanted him to write ten naval stories.
"I can't write for you," said Cooper, rather
contemptuously, adding, "you can't pay mo
"How much do you want for each storyi"
asked Graham.
"Uno hundred dollars In advance," wns
Cooper's reply, pausing beforo uttering the
two last words, ns if ho thought they would
end tho matter. Without a moment's hesita
tion Graham wrote out und handed Cooper n
check for ?1,0(J0. The stories wero written
nnd published, but Mr. Graham believes they
did liis magazine no special good. His famo
ns a largo handed publisher spread, however,
and did liiin great service. His friends told
him his liberality would ruin him. On tho
contrary, it won liiina loi tuno in a few years,
as ho confidently expected it would.
Mr. Graham is now 75 years old. For three
years ho has been an iiuuuteof an ophthalmic
hospital. Ho had cataracts removed lrom
both eyes. For two years ho was totally
blind, but thanks to good treatment his sight
has been partially restored, and ho has left
tho hosplt.il to begin lilo anew. He has
made and lost two fortunes, and now at the
ago of nearly four-score years ho is about to
take up his pen and try to make a new tor
tune. Ho is not at nil east down, although
ho hasn't a penny to h'u name. The restora
tion of his eyesight has made him ns happy
as a boy chasing a butterlly. This sudden
restoration to the light of day, nfter a jieriod
of nearly five years of partial and total blind
ness, is like a new birth it is being born
again; the happiness of early manhood is
being restored, and old n:;o itself is unfclt.
It is a renewal of youth i. lot hope for tho
future. New York Mail mid Express.
ltnw C'lotbt'sittiis Aio llaile.
Clothespins nro made in the lumber regions.
They are usually mado of white ash, some
times of beach, black nnd white birch nnd
maple. Tho wood is taken to tho factory in
logs and cut into lengths of thirty-one inches
by circular saws. Tlieso lengths aro then cut
into blocks nnd the blocks again cut into
sticks. The sticks are placed under another
saw, anil cut into the required lengths. Xuxt
tho turner takes a hand nt them and from
there thoy go to tho slotting machine. They
aro placed in troughs by tho operator, the
macliino picking them up and slotting them.
They nro then placed in a revolving pipe drier
going thence to tho polishing cylinder uud
then to tho packer.
Each pin passes tl rough eight hands. A
single plant consist of board saw, gang split
ter, gang chunker, turning lathe, drying
house anil polisher and costs from $7,000 to
$1:2,000. The machines working nro very in
teresting. Tlio little blocks of wood live nnd
a half inches long nro placed on tin endless
belt, which feuds tho blocks automatically
into tlio luthe. As tholathois turned the
pin is taken automatically from the spindle
and placed on a turntablo and carried to a
circular saw, which whittles out tlio slot in
the pin. It is then finished and throwmmt of
the turntablo by the snmonpplinnco that puts
tho pins on tho table. Falling, they are
caught in a basket or barrel and are then
taken to the drying house for ten to tweuiy
four hours, or until dry. The polishing cyl
inder or nimbler holds twenty to forty bush
els; this is run at a slow speed, about thirty
turns a minute, and by simple friction and
contact they become polished. New Yurli
Mail und Express.
raselnutloii of Counterfeiting.
That old saying, "Onco n counterfeiter
always a counterfeiter," is true in '.W cases
out of ovcry 1,000. Thero is n fascination
ibout the manufacture of spurious coin that
when a man follows it for a whilo and gets
rid of hi.s stulT ho becomes bolder, until ho is
finally captured. Long years of imprison
ment do not seem to wear out tho nrdor for
tlio counterfeit mold. Thero is counterfeit
ing carried on in a mild degree all over tlio
country. Wo find tho young "cross roads"
man making a little occasionally with his
plaster of pan's molds, and then wo find that
somo stereotypor lias applied his art with
papier maelie and turned out a very good
looking dollar mado of tyiio metal. By the
stereotyping process n better milled dollar is
secured than by any other process, but that
class of men very seldom go beyond tho cx-
perimental stage. They may mako ono or
two, and then find they can do so and quit
through fear. Starvation sometimes drives
a man into tho business of making spurious
coins, but this is not often. Tho case is very
raro that n counterfeiter ever escapes detec
tion; in fact, at this ago of tho world it is
simply impossible for them to e-,eapo for any
length of timo. United States Agent in
Tlio Driimmrr Out Left.
A Scotch story is that of n climinutivo
drummer in n local bross band, who wns in
the habit, when out parading with his com
rades, of walking by sound and not by bight,
owing to liia drum lacing so high that ho was
unnblotoseo over it. Tho band, on Satur
day afternoons, paraded usually in ono direc
tion, but the other day tho lender thought ho
would change, tho route a little, uud turned
down a by btreet. Tlio drummer, unawuro
of this movement, kept on his accustomed
way, drumming ns hard as over ho could.
By and by, after finishing his part und not
hearing tho others, ho stopped, and, pushing
his drum nsido, ho looked to seo what was tho
matter. His astonishment may bo imagined
nt finding that ho was nlono. "Unci" lie
cried to somo bystanders, "has ouy o' yoseen
n band hereabout (" Tho Argonaut.
CliUllipilslin "JmmimU-I.ih"'.."
When Mr. Lincoln inmlo his visit to Gen.
Grunt's enmp ut City I'oint, Vn., in 1801, lio
was met by tlio Kinonil untl his htnir, nnd,
upon being nsktxl how ho was, Haiti: '"I am
not foclinj; well. I got pretty biully shaken
up on tho buy ciiiiiin ilown, nnd uui not al
together over It yet." "Let mo t-eml for a
bottlo of chiimp.igim for you, Mr, I'rosiilent,"
mill ono of tlio idiiir olllcurs; "that U tho
bust remedy I know of for Ke.isicknoss."
"No, no, my young friend," Raid Mr. Lin
coln; "1'vo fccvii iimiiy u man In my timo sea
sick ashoro from drinking that very articlo."
Chicago JouriiiK
A Lovely Girl.
It is possiblo for n lovely girl to bo pos
sessed of geographical traits. Bho may havo
Mobllo features, nn a la balmy breath and a
Mississippi mouth. M
for Infants and
- "Coatorla Is so well adapted to children that
t recommend it as superior to any prescription
known to me." II. A, ARcncit, M, D.,
Ill Bo, Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
prin- lias 33eon
f-'mitli &
Arc not slow, but on time with the latest
of Overcoats for Men, Youths, Boys and Children. We
claim the best made (JLUTIlIi(x m Burlington. The
i i -r--T- 1 mi
uesc maoc underwear, rne
.Latest spring otyierf in son ana btitr tiATb.
Sirs World liiimeil Silk
Now in store, large stock of Trunks and Bags. Come
and see us. AVe will save you money. Never in the
history of our business, did we have such elegant Suits
for Men, Youths and Boys. Never, did we-have such
attractive prices : and now the season is upon us, avo
will give to every buyer of CLOTLIINTG, the most Ave
ever did for their money.
Is ucd by tlio
Why it makes More Butter. Why it makes Better Butter.
It has both SUItTAC rand IlOTTOjr SKmiWUIS. Islmttated
In construction, but Its I'ltoi'USS which gives It MUI'Ult ion I'l'V,
cannot be legally used bj- others.
imp. V'eneh
thnr uglilired
Pt ro i.ouicz,
"lT?TTr"i"7VTT Ol Rl Foaled Juno fi, 183?, IS.1. dark bay, by Happy Medium,
WiVlVXv i.M JL, 4 10 dam Queen Lizzie, by Mumbrino Chief (Mie ol Ludy
Thorn, record 2:181.) kon of Mambrinn Paymaster; Ud dam by Crusader, son of S'lr Archy. son
ol Imp. Dloned ; lid dam by Hancock's Hamlili Ionian, son ol imp. Diomed. Gen. Witheis
writes : "lie s me lanesr con i ever raised at
mer." He can show a l':Jigait now on snow;
limited to 30 unproved marcs.
Mares ent to anv ot tho above horses will bo boarded at $3 a week.
Mielhurno is on tho Rutland division of the Central Vermont llillroivl and nun be remind
from Boston over tho Fitbbunr and i".hehiro Htilroud ; from New Yoi k over the New York
Central nnd Bennington and Rutland Railroads, and after Juno 1 by Citizens' Line ol bonU to
Troy, Delaware and Hudson Canul On. Railroad
piuin to imriington, bix miles norm ot sneiuurne.
For tho Bath, Toilet nnd Laundry.
Snow White nnd Absolutely Pure.
If jour denier does not keep White Cloud Boap
lend 10 centi for sample cake to the maker
1 'iGO'
A peculiar and successful combination of
Booth. tiff, Mtri'iiBtlieiiliiif uml l'ulti.KIIF.
In if agents freHh hops, hemlock sum and
pine balsam. Pain, sorenoaa or weakness
in the back, side, kidneys, chest, shoulder,
neck, limbs or muscles are all hmtuiitly re
ii even ana curea, warraniea
the lipt plotter know
sweet, reliable. Infallible. Bold
everywhere, 26c, five for $1.
Mailed for price. HOP PLA8TKB
OO., Proprietors, Iloaton
H rPer Cent
l'Kll ANMJM, net, to
Investors. lnrBil'.l
I I I against loss
132 Nassau St., (Vanderbilt Building.)
Established reb, 1, 1877. UnQUestlonabl
rolercnccs. Writo or call lor particulars.
Cantorla cures Colic, Constipation,
Sour Rtomnch, Wnrrho'a, Kructation,
Kills Worms, gives sleep, and promotes di
diout injurious medication.
Cr.NTAtm Company, 77 Murray Street, N. Y.
. t - -r
best made jNeclcwcar. l he
Hatters and Clothiers.
CO., Hollows
Poaching EUlllon,
10 hands high, ches'nut,
(imp. by l'lcrro Lorllhud), seal tirown, 15.:). by
dam The Pearl ;2d dam Caller On. Terms iSfiO.
qaq in Wintry
Falls, Yormont
MS '88
Itliek Pi reheron by Old Brilliant, out of a dum by Brilliant. Bred
by.M. W. Dunham, Wayne, I)u Pago Co, III. Terras 815.
rairiawn, uiui siiouia trot neiow -.m inn sum
was broken to harness in June, IbSl. 'terms Sun,
1 1 Tieonderoga, and then boat on Lake Chain-
1V '.u- 21. 'i.
This is the Top of the Genuine
Pearl Top Lamp Chimney.
All others, similar are imitation.
This exact Label
is on each Pearl
Top Chimney.
A dealer may say
and think he has
others as good,
Insist upon the Exact Label and Top.
Foil Saie Everywhere. Mace omiy dy
6F.0. A. MACBETH & CO., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Electro Vapor Bath Establishment
At 14U linnk Street,
nurhngton, Vt.
In connection with tho Electro Vapor IJath,
wo havo Russian, Turkish and comblnod l aths
for tho needs of the sick ami well. Tho baths
cleanse tho skin, open tho pores, purify tho
blood, beautify tho complexion, quiet tho ner
vous system, promote digestion, curo neural
Bia, rheumatism, parnlyels, colds, diseases of
the liver and kidneys, especially diabetes and
Dright's Disease. In brief, they tenovato and
restore tho entlro system. M;eodiw2m
"'oraethlng to curo Dandnill and prevent
hair from falling out. it can bo found nt
nnylllrug Store Call for YUCCA nnd you
will get juet what you havo been wli-hlng for
so long ; contains no injurious chemicals, and
Is a splendid dressing for tlio hair.' I.argo bot
tles $1, or six bottles for $5, O'J.d&wtf
i you have paios about the sides, chest and
1 1 noes your mouiii nnvo a oaa lasie, es-
ptelnlly In tho mnrnltii?? Do you feel dull
HiulBlicpy? Is there a sort ol sticky slime
ttliont the teeth? Is 3-our uppetlte poor? Is
there a leelliiK like a heavy loud on the ftotn-tich-BOtnctluiCR
n Intnl. nll.unnn fcrnsiitlnn nt
tlio pit of the Rtomnch, which food does not
siitttryy Do uinr httiuls and feet become cold
nt.d clotntny ? Have you a dry couirh? Aro
your ejes sunken ? Do you expectorate ifrecri-ish-coloiei1
mutter? Are jou l.iiwklni? and
eijlttlDi? a 1 or part of tho time? Do you feel
tired ull the while? Arejou nervous, irritable
nnd gloomy? Doyouimvo evil lorebodltiRS?
Is there u Kidillnesj n sort of whirling sensa
tion in the head when rWinf up suddenly?
Do your bowels become costlveV Is your skin
hot and dry nt times? Is your blood thick unit
Miiunnnt? Arc the whites ol oilr eyes tinged
Willi jellow? Is your uritio fcanty und highly
colored? Does It deposit a sediment niter
stniidlmr? Do you frequently spit up your
. toed, sometimes with a sour lusto nnd eome
t.nies wllh a sweet? Is t his frequo tvnttend-
, ed with palpitation of the heml? lias your
vision become unpaired I Ate tnero spots be
torothe ejes? Is mere a feeling of greut
print ntfon and weakness? II ou suffer from
liny ol these s) mptoms, cull at your drugstore
and get a bottle of
Dr. Bojcb's Liver aniKiiDBy Core
This is the only Liver and Kidney Cure put
up by a regular prnctii w physician of twen-ty-llvo
cars' active experience.
.Symptoms. If yu are threatened with, or
nlready have, Dright's dlpeuse, try Dr. Koyco's
Ivor and Kidney Cure. If you hnvo stone in
tho kidneys or gravel in tho bladder, Dr.
llojce's I.iverunu Kidney Cuio is warranted
to dissolve anil rcmoto thern. It you havo
uretha tiritutloti or ulceration or catarrh of
tlio bladder, my Kidney Cure will heal you.
If yi u pa's red or bloody urine, or stringy
initio, or milky urine, my Kidney Cure will
positively cute irai, Ifjou have rheumatic
stinging or aching pains In tlio buck and side
or hip, leading down to the urinary organ',
and distress you there, my Liver nnd Kidney
Curo will remove the cause und cute you. If
you have stoppage of urine or aio obliged to
nao your UTine drawn, try m Kiunej cure;
wn. increHBoafree .now and .permanently
si ttlliivs or trad-colored uilne, my Ktriney
Cuio soon coriects nnd purlllo-. 11 you have
cuttttiK. FcaliUnif or miiKmtr sention in tho
p.irts whin voidlne urine, my Kidney Cure
quickiy relieves uud cures. If you imve spas
modic ftrlctuio or rulnrirement of tho pros
trate irlnnd. my Kidni - Cure conquers every
attack and radically cures. It you have scanty
urine or too frequent de.-lre, my Kidney Cure
will riht all wruntrs quickly. If jou have
dropiy Iroui dlsea-es of the liver and kidneys,
my Kidney Cure Is the only positive runody
known to man. If you have liver complaint,
torpid or enlarged liver, or (full stone, my
Kidney Cure will euie the most obstinate und
chronic case. It you hnvo scroluln, erysipelas
or salt rlieian humors, nffcctlnir the liver and
kidneys, my KWnej Cure will demise, purify
uud utile. If you have rlieurmitlsm. sciatica,
ntnhirU fever and amie, caused by weak kid
nejs und uno ucid in the blood It jou have
lost your uppetlte, or toniruo coated, dry und
parched III s nnd mouth, spittle dry and cot
tuny, or have beeomo emaciated my Kidney
Cine will build up your broken down consti
tution. It you h.no Internal fever, ennker,
acid pwlcfe'in, bud luste nnd oifeii'ivo breath,
my Kidney und Liver Curo removes a 1 theso
conditions. If you hnvo vencreul blood-ooi-
son, syphilitic ulcers, sum eruptions, blotches,
' oil mil f it ,1 rr fa n t n 1 il onni, Tnlu nn mi T.1.-fi
and Kidney I ureto strengthen tho kidneys,
thereby working ull Impuri iea from the
blood, and at the same time ranking nice, new,
rich blood. It is purely nn herbal remedy.
If you cnu't sleep or rest, und roll nnd tumble,
letl sore nnd stilt, tlefh and bones tender, ner
vous, irrituble, feel quarrelsome and all un
strung, my Kidney Curo will mako you feel
well, stroeg and hapry. Mr Liver and Kid
ney Curo is forsulo nt your drug store. The
only remedy known that will positively pre
vent and cure paralysis.
My Warrant. If you givo my Kidney Curo
n fair trial, and are not cured or benefitted by
it, 1 will refund your money. I wish to bo
honest and honorable with you, nnd do not
want your money unles I can do you good.
Can vou emplov any physician to treat you
on theso terms?
Price. My Kidney Cure is ono dollar per
bottle, or six for live dollars. For salo at
your drug store. Prescribed and recommend
ed by moro than WOO renowned phyeiciaus.
Wholesale Agents:
Wem.8. Richaiidson & Co Uurllmrton, Vt.
Giif.e.n, lliooiNS 4c Hydb Uutland, Vt.
A. Peri.kt Kitcii Concord, N. H.
Geo. O. Goodwin & Co Iioston, Mass.
and wholesale medeclne dealers generally.
E. W. ItOYCE, M. D.,
may bo consulted by letter it his addreis.
Cure of Crawford House, Boston, Mas. Or
tico and Laboratory at Sprlnctleld. Mas., af
tcr March 1. 1888. His largo Illustrated Jour
nal sent free on implication. 4! d&wflm
Dick neadnchc and relieve nil '.he troublra Inci
dent to a bilious eute o( the system such as IJir
i.lness, Nausea, Drowsiness, Distress after eatine,
fain in the Side, Ac. Wmie thtir ico remark
pblo luccess has beca sh 'wu iu curing
headache,) et t arter'h Little I Ivor Fills are equally
rtlnablc in Conelipntiou, curing and prcrentinu
3h! annoylnj complaint, whim th 'y also correct
all disorders of tbc stomach, stimulnte the liver
oad regulate the bowels, l: n if tiny only cuxefe
Ache they would bealmost priedi to those lj
saffer from this distressing complaint; but rotlu
cataly their goodness does not end here, and those
who once try them will find these little pills vala
able in so many wjya that thi) w.'limt bewillini'
Co io without them, Hut after ai ' m I; beac"
iftufcbane of to ruuny lim that hiri! I" where rrt
make oar great boast. Our pills cure it whll
others do not.
Carter's Little Liver rills arc very small ar
Tery easy to take. One or two pdla make a doc
They arc strictly veritable and do not gripe or
purge, but by their gentle action pleafe all who
usu them. In Tials at 85 cents; Ave for tl PoW
by druggista everywhere, or tent by mail.
Now York City,
Batter, Eggs, Poultry and Cheese,
Maple Sugar and Maple Syrup,
Ho. 17 North Market ami 17 Clinton Sts.,
ltoforencea : I'resicent Fancullllall Nation
al Hank, Boston ; IJun's or Drndstreet's
Agoncles. P6,diwlm
That Will Dry in Twelve Hours
and givo satisfaction.
A7" A MTThTI lM head ot young cattle
VV .XvM x iu to pasturo for tho tea
son. Terms reasonable. Apply to It. O.
CASTLE. St. George, Vt.. or to the subscriber,
South Willlaton, Vt. S.VUA M. ItENSDIOT.
iw nri

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