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alio Import. i.il l.iioul News itt 11 Week
liolicd Down i'itvi espondoiits from
tho Sin rounding; Towns Cocr
1 lr lonltory Well.
V ii. i. n.- of the City Council held
t r u i . inn-.; 70 unities ware added to
f i ami llvo lmnios were struck
i "
ii n i tlin fresh nir children who
1 i ipumg )n this vloluity and
i i o weeks, loft Frldny evening
w . i K ,
. ..hi I. liml company lir.vo ngnln
i ui -i.ieu for on exhibit nt tho
, " utn fair, to bo hold in New
i ii imuencing next month,
. - cif Osdensburjr, who ro
i l i .i i f ishing uofeat nt tho hnuds
'i a lust weok, wero lionlcn by
-k of Houses l'olnt on Hntur
, .a 5)to0.
. i -Mien by AVilliam Vnn I.ibboll
1 .r i r at Donnelly s boarding
vend by the police Saturday
1 n nf AViuooski, to ulioni Van
. -h.ii tly nt tor tho theft. Van
I) in , ul.
. immont, supervising in-
i . i .' nf the United States steam-
1 . n sirlce. and Mr. A. Mc.lns-
i ij; inspector of tho ninth in
j : ' .1 Mure In tho city yosterday
linltuur. They camo through
1 ( r. mii go on to Aloxandnu Day
; i i ). Tta.
Ilol.li n has just purchased tho
1 vochl "Princes," which ho
i. uglily overhauled before an
1 ii, i i res. She it one of the
i M "i Unkind on the lake, rnuk
' 1j i hu Nautilus, Sko will be
i .. I t i ?h
lloldeu's sons, Masters
.ul.' -:ii).
.unrrs in tho caso of tho
f r lb.-. t nsion ol l'iuo street,
i. !..ngliam of Essex, A. C.
i . i W " ;ferd, and A. .1. Htovens
hi, he.d a hearing ut tho otllco of
I' i.ev J. , Russell, the 03th, and
- inio testimony adjouruol un
, in t iveek.
r r Y. M. V. A. outing for
i. i. place Tuosduy, The par
.i a l v r-'eTetary Switt and
'n-tructor Clark started at 10
( I. iiipton's Point. Tho day was
' n. Inhiug. swiiuniiug, etc.,
.j! d the day one of the pleas
; . . ;i in this summer. A number
I1 i'- li.iy, nuil made surprising
" I . u img alley. They reached
' 1 1 . in.
I ' i it. tl e younc man who throw
1 i- c um anion, Theophilus 1'oun-cil.-,
since witli serious effect,
j t.v l-.en out of reach of tho law
i.i. wns arrested by Chief Dumas
i- i!,'.tu Friday, haviug come
. . nud wis taken before the City
." haij of nssnult. His case
1 nml he furnished bail iu the
.. I' .-, i-ounsel is K. W. McCiet-
I t 'u Ldwnrd Dooluy nnd
'. i !'. , 1..1-ij2o n side, took place
. ,-inuoii at 5 o'clock on fc5t.
l.otv een Cherry nDd Ronk
i v winning by fully !50 feet.
i.ii 'it i .factory, nnd occasioned
fl '
irtor Henry l'agel claims
.ii ii ,ure fairly on the maik
1 1 tl. pistol, but that Dooley
' I . t up ins stocking, mving
' Ji leet start. Heferee Henry
1 1 in i race, No time was taken.
.. heavy rain Saturday aftor-
1 n uber of ynehts participated
. .. in front ol the club house,
i i ii 'K.-illy I'obtpoueil until next
I . ii.- iicht 1'earl, owned by Mr.
Yui'k was brought over by
i. 1-1 oio Point for tho occasion
" ii. "'urrny's yacht, the Cham
eral sinnllur yachts were
i inunlier of people congregated
1 i to witness the inanieuvres
i.' rc-t in the exhibitions is aa-
. McMnbon and wife of New
u flopping at the Vnn Ness this
. nt Ucv. D. J. O'Kullivan of
.!li',u and T. C. O'Bullivau of
i udge McMahon hns been sinco
i 1 ! intimate friend of Hugh .1.
'I - i . f New York nnd on the nc-
t latter to the muyornlty.
1 .1 in Miccoedud him as leader of
e ly district, fine of thu
i ".'!'' which has control of
. II n', the judgo o.-cupies a pro-
lii tho politics of thu ompiro
i N 1. xander S. AVobb, prosident
.1 thu City of New York, is
i In-, brother, Col. W. Hewurd
li ll.urue Farms. Cieu. Webb's
.li. t while in command of thu
. i unmade at Gettysburg July 3,
u with tstannard's Vermont
' I ' he defeat of l'iekett's rebel
1 i i"'c action Bt the Hloody
i-ylvania, and his meritorious
.... I ul staff of the Army of tho
- in t . e campaign of ISii.'j are well
i' ! I soldiers and mimiu. A
' i i .ut officers went to Htielburno
i iduyto pay their re&iiecU to
ii-ht accident txiok place Rat
..i , at, II. W, Alloa i-, Co'.-,.
1 i .1 ..in K. McConnell was in the
v. imiow engaged in looscinng
.. -i nt electric lijiht, which Imd
t gns tixuturo tor I'onvi-nlence
. .he windows, when the elec-
. .l ined, probably through oon
'ii. i.i'.lal fixtures look pffeof,
in the stool on which lis wan
1. " tiawd by the shook and was
' :!. The kuucklos and thumb
i i i w in pnmfully burned.
. . in tiling about 10:30, the bal
' i t n wood saw, nt lOllui Lyman
v. whtrf broke, injunng tbne
ir .Indus Kdson wns feed
" .' , Jack McCnrty was carrying
i ii-. m a pile near by, nud Henry
' ii w ,i, i-oliectiiig the pieces us they
.in ilir mi w. The buluucu wheel
" ii probably to a flaw In tho iron,
i. i. iii.m - pieces. Kdson wns kuoek-i-
, nud sustained n illdlng out on
.'I.- ol ids hiad 1U inches long and
i' .I. pp. l.nwienca was thrown
.'in. ol the engine room, but picked
I f,i nnd lett the locality, just in
t.. . ip.iihosaw, which Hew about HO
t i. .ii'; the south elevator, nnd bound-
l uuliiig just whole I.awroiioo fell.
ns nit seriously injured. McCnrty
.-.triii.. on the shouldur, but sustnlned
,i f w painful bruins. Dr. lliiiseii
i ill -il at ones and Mdtioii's wouiul wus
1 ui, tuo jiutieut retulniug his strength
V ,
I t
n retrmrlmliU' degree, The fact thnt no on"
wn more soriouily hurt ii almost miracu
lous. Tlio wedding of Mr. M. AA. Adams nnd
Miss llnttio.M. Pouch, daughter ol S. llench,
esq., is aniioimced to tnkn place nt thu
Methodist church, AVrdur-sdny, September
10, nt 8 a. m.
Mr. U. A. Clark of AVIIHnntstown, Mass.,
Arrived yesterday morning m this city from
Bttendtuice at. the Nprmgtield training
school. Uo will resume Ids dullr'S hero tis
physical director ol the Burlington Y, 51.
C, A, gymnasium.
Tho woddlntr of Mr. M. E Sullivan nnd
Miss Mnry MoKn'tia took placo yesterday
morning in the i-t. Sn plans church nt
Winooskl, Fill liar Nnl. h mi olllcintlng.
The wedding presents W i'" many nnd lieuii
t If til. Tho couple took tho 8:58 p. in. train
for Keene. X. II.. l'o-ton nnd othor points
fur a two-weeks' trip.
Mrs. Maria Wilson, nged 60, wifo of
Tdilon Wil.vm, living nenr Hod Cloud, No
hrnskn, died August It's Mrs. Wilson was
born In Colehri l' i-. March '.). 18-10, nnd wns
niarrlod I ictob -r, 1858, and moved West fix
years ago. Hlio wns vury highly oRteotned.
Mrs. Minnie iWHon) Gules of Ohio, a
daughter of Mm. Wilson, is at I!ed Cloud,
called thlilier by Iho death of her mothor.
I'liiirli-s AV right of Chicago is visiting his
mother here Jesse Thompson is in town
nud intends to make this his homo. Mny
Proper nnd Georgo Huntress nro at home.
Tho funeral of Kilns U. Williams wns hold
Wednesday afternoon, the 2i"th. A lnrge
number of friends and relatives were present.
Among those from out of town woro Dr. II.
H. Williams of Woodstock, John Williams
of liothel, brother of the deceased, F. D.
Williams of Windsor, Mrs. lirooks nnd sou
nnd Mrs. I'nrker of Kovulton, Dr. II. A.
Craudnll and wife, M. H. fatorrs, John
Storrs, Frank Cranylle and wife, C. D.
Williams and son, David Manson nnd Cnpt.
Anus of limiington. The (lowers were
benutiful and numerous. Uev. 3Ir. Wlioel
ock of Cnmbrldgu otllciutod nnd Mr. Sliiland
had charge.
Matthew Graham and his wifo arc with
Mrs. Graham's parent". Mr. Graham is
station agent nt Georgia.
Nod Williams who was called homo from
his business nt Short Hills, N. J., on ac
count of the sickness mid deuth of his futh
er, has returned. Mrs. Sell, formerly Miss
Skinuor of this place, now tho wifo of u
Presbyterian cleruyuien of PuebloCol. , wns
in town this week. - Kdwurd Senvy from
near Worcester, Mass , is visiting W. H.
Johnson. School commenced iu this vil
lago Monday with loo scholars. John
Cow-en, nn old pnstor hero now of South
Deerfietd, Mass., is spending a week in town
and will preach m tho 1'nion church next
Cora Safford of Washington, D. ('., is
visiting A. H. Hosford. ltov. Mr. Wade
of Kansas is visiting C. E. Flotcher. Do
preached at the Iiaptist church Sunday
to a large congregation, tho Methodists
uniting with the liaptlsls in tho morning
service. Uev. 1. D. Harwell and wifo of
Snxton's River uro in town. Ho was pas
tor of tho Baptist church hero 11 ynra.
The schools in No. 1, 5, (i, 7. '.), 10 begin
this week. We nra short of teachers for
several schools. .1. Singleton, esq., en
lightened tho farmers and others of this
town, Saturday ovening, on the injury the
tariff wns doing tho peoplo of our State
and nation, and ndvlsod them to vote the
democratic ticket as a remedy for nil their
wrongs. Patrick McDouough was nomina
ted democratic candidate for representa
tive. Charles Wright has sold his trotting horse
"Voter" for -00. Some one entered Peter
I.avigue's house in the night, by removing
tho w indow screen and secured u watch
worth !'-'0. They were evidently frighten
ed away fur they left about ?.)0 untouched
iu his pauts pocket which hung near by,
Dr. W. S. Wnbb had lit English hackney
horses arrive hero the 28th. The boring
for gas on Dr. Webb's farm has reached
"J00 feet, and is iu a black limestone now.
Dr. Homer Jiartlett and wifo of Brooklyn
aro visiting at Frank Harmon's. Cards
are out unuouueing tho marr.ago of Mary
D. Henton to Dr. William N. Suter on
Thursday, September 1, at Trinity church.
Miss Benton is a noice of Dr. W. S. Webb.
Hrii Strong has begun digging tho cel
lar for Ills house. Tliore will be n meeting
of tho Sunday-school board nt Mrs. Com
stock's Saturday at 7:o0 p. m., to elect a
siiperiuteiideut. H. Goer has built n ting
giug crossing from his residence to Trinity
church. The schools at thu village nnd
Falls will begin Monday, Mary I,. Mills
and Lena rerrin tonching tho village scbool,
and Caroline Ferriu teaching at Shelburno
Falls. Ex-Gov. .1. L. Barslow has ro turned
from his trip to Boston and Philadelphia.
Sirs. James Crane is in town.
Rev. C. F. Wilcox exchanged pulpit
with Rev. Mr. Woodall of Ferrisluir.-ih
Sunday. Rev. AVoodall gnvo an excellent
lecture on Chiueso custom, and peoplo
iu the morning and in tho evening M.oko
of the woman's mission work there. J.
B. Diilnic has engaged to work for Dr. W.
S. Webb lor a year to liegiu October 1.
The ball gamo between the St. George
and llinesburgh teams was won by thu
homo tenui 111 to 1-1. Be-.sio Forbes the
three years old daughter of Robert Forties
fell from th big li'iniii nf the burn to tho
Hour Monday, sustaining xoveru injuries; no
bonoB luokeu. H B, Carr lo t by death a
vory promising young colt Inst. Monday.
Tho enlortnlninont by the young pooplo
nt the Congregational church, Fnduy even
ing, wan a success. School in district No.
11, began Monday. Knielino Bunch begnu
as ns.dstuut iu the grulod school at ICssex
Junction, Monday. Hattle Itioo returns to
Charlotte to tench the fall term, September
b. Hannah Morey of Keeseville, is in
town. Mr. I.ytle bus returned to Nebraska.
Mrs. I.ytle will remain here till the last of
the mouth.
A man who has practiced medicine fur It)
ycur, i .unlit, lo Know suit fiom sugar; lead
whut hu says:
Toi.mio. O., Jau HI, lH7.
.Messrs. I .1. Cheney A Co. Goiilh iui n ; -I
haw. 1 een in the lhAiuI practice ot nieili. me
for iinwt in jc.us, uud would sav thai m all
my iirai-tieu aint experienco have never scii a
nvp.ii-ull(iii Hint I could plc-criba with as
liiitch i oniiih'iice of tut-cess as 1 ium lliill'ti
lai.urh I'tirc. inaiiufaetiiicd by )oti. llae
pi- sci iIhiiI It a ureal many limes .tint its i-ttt.rt
is v.'ihhIitIiiI. nuil would say in cniiciii-l.ni tiial
I have et to liml u case of Cutariu Hint it
would nut cure. If they would take it accord
ing to diruf (inns
Vmiis truly,
b. I., uimnuru, M. II..
(llllCH, U'll Suiuuut St.
Wo will tdvo $111 lor anjr case of Catarrh
that Gimiiut t ciiri'd with Hull's Catairh
Cuie, Taken luleilially.
I: J. ( '11 1SNBY A- ;p., Props., Tolwlo, O.
II. II. Hnnkin & Co., nro buying pota
toes for mnrkot nt 00 cents per bushel.
The FnrmniV Lenguo have nominated
Deacon I.. A. Jackson as the farnn'rn' enn
dldnto for representative S, M. Halo and
family from Cincinnati, Did 3, aro in town,
The Cnthollo society held n fair In Vil
lage hull thri'O evenings, commencing Mon
thly tho 28th and rentized over 1!KK).
William l.ntiilon lias ruturned from Massa
chiKotts with his horie, Charles I., and will
enter him ut Burlington for tho rncos nt the
lair. Alaco Jncksou is nt Cntup Rith
sketching tho scenery. Alton Cuswell start
ed for Iowa, Friday evening, to mo his
brolh-r. Dr. Joel II. Caswell.
lidwi.nl I .yon has ruturned from Stowo.
Miss F. K. Allen and brother of Newark,
N. J., left .Monday for homo. DelJ-i At
kins hni returned from Wnterbury. Irv
ing Snnl orn of tho Springfield I'ulon,
Springlield, Musk., spent n week In town.
Schools commenced Mondny. Blrtha
Tutllo will tench iu dhtrlct No. 8, Fount
Small in north villngo, Miss Orvls at the
Centro. Tho now school books will be sold
by F. G. Norton at tho Centre. Rev. W.
II. I.ystpr married in Huntington on the
"!)th. Henry U. Sweet of Duel's gore nnd
Myrtio l'hlllipps of Stnrksboro. Horace
Thurstnin is still sick. Tho First Baptist
monthly meeting will be hold iu tho Union
church Saturday nt 2 o'clock iu tho nfter
noon nt tho north village. At tho First
Bnplist parsonngo In Huntington August
25 Cm-lie Harvey of llinosburch nnd Cory
Dwver of ( hnrlotto were niurrled by Rev.
W. II. Dvstcr.
.1. . Miauldlntr will remnluin town three
During the heavy rain last weok there
was a laud slide nt North Duxbury, the
doublo tenement hotiso owned by W. R.
Elliott of AVcterlmry, twns moved off its
foundation and nearly buried. The em
ployes of Mr. Elliott worked nil Wednes
day night lighting the slide. It was feared
it would carry uwny the mills. Considor-
ublo dnmago has been done.
Cora, daughter of Henry (till, had her
loft shoulder broken last week: sho was
swinging in n hnmmook and one of tho
I opes broke. Mrs. Georgo AV. Stevens lms
been very sick.
l.izie Stnckpolo roturnrd to AVellesley,
Mass., Monday. Mrs. AVinnlo Stnckoole
Everett, ruturus to Providence, Mondny.
Ettu Haydeu is home from AVost Bolton.
Einmett Barrett and wifo have returned
from thttjjAVest.
AVilllom Mclntyro has lost n valuable
four j ear old colt. Fishing on the reefs for
black bass Is excellent. Guests boarding at
the Mnlletts Boy house are, F. T. A'aughnn
and w ifo and C N. A'nughun of Now York
city, Charles J. Stephens, May Stevens,
Beulah Slovens nnd Robert Stevens also of
New York city and II. A. Lnmpsell nnd N.
F, Amos of Boston.
Mrs. Jonnio Bass, who has been spending
the suininer with her mother, Mrs. 'I hotnp
son has returned to her homo iu Wost Ran
tin lingion'b .Streets, I'arl.-s ami Dalits,
Burlington has entertained a good many
visitors during tho summer and without an
exception, wo think, thoy linvo expressed
themselves in warmest terms of admiration
of tho great natural and artificial beauties
of the citv mid the hospitality of iti people.
There nru a few things, howovcr, which wo
would like to have oeu more attention paid
to, nud which we hopo will bo vustly mi
proved before nnother year.
While our streets aro not in such bad
condition as many places of our size thov
are lnllnitely worse than many smaller
places and ought to be improved. It is
hoped that the commission now under con
siderntion by the mayor will very soon ra
port a system of improvements by which
the streets can bo put in a condition of
permanency that will insure good roadways
nt nil seasons.
Our purks have not received proper care
this year. A leading citi.ou, who visited
Battery Park tho other day with a dlstin
guished guest, complains that the park is
overgrown with weeds and has boon left this
senson almost wholly to tho wilduess of na
turo. Its condition wns such that ho was
nshnmed of it nnd would glndly have re
treated with his friend if he had not made
tho discuery too late. Tho committee on
parks should not permit such carelessness.
In tho matter ol street lights wo nro very
careless. The stroots are lighted by tho
almanac. AVhon thu almanac savs there is
a moon at tho proper hour there
is no artificial light, no matter
how many clouds obscure tho moon's
rays. The consciuenco is that on some
of tho ilaikost nights this season the streets
have been unllghtcd, and unfortunato citi
zeiih and strangers have hud to Ibid their
way about tho city by tho sense of touch.
This arrangement of lighting could bo car
riod out by an automaton, but w hy thiuk
iug beings cannot give somu attention to
changing conditions of nut uro, and light
our street whenever they need light wo cannot
understand. Such oversights nnd blunders
j us these should bo remedied in thu future.
Iho Wlnooskl Vulloy Agricultural Arhii
etui ion
Tho Winooski Vnlley Agricultural Asso
ciation hold thoir annual fair nt AVaterlutry
September lti, 17 mid 18. The previous
success of the society Is such as to guaran
tee a largo exhibition this year. The trot
ting is to bo us follows-
I-"iil day. Purse .No. I, $.Hi, open to three-year-olds
and under. Pur-.i No. 12, $."u, open to
nil foil i- ear-old anil iin.li r
Sec-.. nil uny. I'liisu No , f.1'1', u'.l'l class;
tr.,uii!.:. I'iiiki' No. I. tl'i ihi elm-, trot tun."
'Iliiidda. Pun.- No. i, -iini, h "ii i us-, tint-
tin.': Pins No.;.., in i, tree tu a.! ,i.ieu.ind Hot,
Absolutely Pure.
A cream nf tartar linking powder. Highest
of all In leavonlnu strength. L'. G'uueni.
innit Ueiimt, .lay. 1., Imi
for wil" i.t ll.ii ! -" i I.. S.a I'dlnj k Hl.-ti, Mo
Klllip, I hun IWliar. te.U. Patkliu. 13. W. Kl
!), (Wry, lull Co., S.uli!.i., hliuUU, i Co., Jouo.
Miiiiniiiry of I lie olo lor city uepro-
M'titnlle and Klateiiiul County Ulllrers.
Tho voto In Burlington by wards is
shown in tho tnblo found below. Tho
llamas of republicans nro printed in Roman,
democrnts in Italics mid prohibitionists In
small cups.
i on CITV IIKPItnsr.NTATlvn.
is &
iaj or.
iu M
212 07(1
nit) aira
n ?
Mwnrd Wells (' SW 182
II. W. IlL'l.liultli.. . 2 I I 1J
Itcnrv Oreelio 1
(). P. Utty 1
7. "'..lmdlydii i
iOllll Ol i.l-1 11'
Numlier of Vetera. .175 tWJ 137
Mr. Wells's maltirltv
rott novnuNOrt.
f7 1!2 112
C a Pane . ...
II I llfwham..
..in v7 sta
,, 1 1J 1
B I. Al.l.us....
I nt ill vote -
PhoV majority
l'ngc's plurality
ion i.iKt TBM.VNt novnnNon.
II A Fletcher V 301 111 13S
II If smith PI ttl 2il Id
11 S Kaksistt 1 HI 0 II
1 utal voto
Fletcher's majority
Kill STVTH lllEAsfltUU.
II F Field Ml ail 11H 151!
It I I'ntlaril PI HU Itol 1(1
17 1
i; 11 Fini.li 1 U 1 J
Total vole .
1- kill's majority
rim SKCiinTAitv or RTAin.
C W Brownell, Jr....i 11" 1U
I'llKinilmlt 12
AV P SrAFfoiili 1
Total voto
Brownoll's majority...
l oll KTATS At lllTOIt.
6'j an ii ir.s
n ii Powoii..
; .Vtiy
11 C liAll.NCS
in in yai m
l i a
Total vote
Powell's majority
foil MI1MMB1I of o.nttis.
... 12S5
II II Powers..
T If Miilnneii.
Scattering... .
Total vote
Powcrs's majority ,
11)11 BTAtl! RI1NATC1HS.
R. Itohorls
11. U. Rankin
I Dow
.si, I
a i
. JJmh ii
'-. i iiri'i ntcr
If. 'Jlffi-dUII
t. .1. HoWAItl)
I. C. Stunk
II. A. Povr
tlllt SslSTiNT.IflKlli.
F. A. Weed ....
. M
.. I
... 1
1.. C. Nil hols....
.1. Viirm ii
N. I'tlsll'iV
.1. F. l.i o.vutl)
J. W. Dl.A.s ..
fOIl .ll'fion Of I'lHIttATF.
T II Wales.
II I, ilUll...
Total tote
Judge Wnlis's majority
toil STATK's ATlim.NCV.
.1 1" Ciishmnii Ii" 173 11 1
.; if .s.ti;i).(iiii i.i ii;i 2js
A W l'o nn 1 7
Total vote .,
No majority.
Siugloion's plurality ....
rou eiiEiiirr.
T Reeves 8H 172 lin 1.7)
; If l-'ii '1111111 10 113 !Sil 111
U (J How 1. 18.3
Total vole
No maturity.
Freeman's plurality
fun mem nAii.iKf.
M Hinsdalo 58 20) 117 lrtT
: II llnrlnii It St 221 PI
TWI'AIU 1 1 3
Total voto
Hinsdale's majority :
. 11
133 C70
171 6S5
7 '.'I
... lil
O II P.llis
If ;iiM(f
J I' Fuiiursox
M M lfi 1.7)
W -'21
I) 1
lotnl ote
l.liis's majority 70
Following is the list of justices electod
in this city together with tho voto for each
man :
Torrey E Wales
tireeii I) Weller
Hamilton S Peek
ll.iuiel Ilolicrts
. ii 1 1 it - " Uussull
( K Her main
1 1 lrn in Hanscom
.lumen li Scully
I'harles .1 Alk'ur
Y. .M Suttiin
I ) 1 1 ur DuVaroniios
.lames A Brow n
J W s'nidetoti
.laiiR'H V Madluan
Juhn O Neli
... !M
. ..i'i'l
. .'.Ml
.. Itti
. . .ir.0
.. !','ii
.. 010
.. Wl
Snino l'rartirul Sue,tloiu Kccanllus
Mlllo l.uws (;olleerlllliK the btlPliult of
To tho Editor of tlio Fno Press:
In addition to the list of subjects nnmod
in tho Fur.R Pittiss of late date, which will
claim the attention of tho next legislature,
ii the subject of tho State's pauper law,
particularly us they olleet tho liability of
towns, as to each other, for tho support of
paupers cotniug from one town in tho State
into another town to reside. By tho act of
lsbll, No. -12, tho former pauper laws,
which had como to bo well understood by
many years of administration and judicial
interpretation, were ill their mam features
abolished, or groatly changed and revolu
tionised, and the now act was put into such
lorm us lo make it tho standing puzzle of
lawyers and judges over since, to tell what
is its legal meaning. It is specially re
luarkublu in this respect, that it under
lakes to reform the English language by
auoiiiiuug mo worn settlement, or
"legal settlement." terms employed and
known in law und administration for mora
than 100 yuitrs, and substituting therefor
Dm word "losidciico" in a new and techni
fill sense, to the litter confusion and per
version of ils ordiuary and pi oner mean
lug. ilius, if n person comes irotu town
A. to town II. to resiue itialug that word
us thu wholo English speaking world uses
il) and resides iu tow n 11. for tiny time less
than thrto years, ho does no, by this act,
reside Iu town B., but "resides" and has
his "residence" in town A. "in which ho
taut resided for the term of three full years
liiiiiniiiitiuig iiimsuu una lumiiy. "
I'nder thu provisions of this net, is there
any law left lor tho town to which a iwr
son comes to resldo and becomes clinrgo
uble as a uauper by which such town can
recover its expenses of support, from tho
town in which that person "Just rusided for
tho term of full three years maintaining
tiimsuJt and family t .MJ one cau toll
'Iho judges nro so nncertuiu, that they havo
hitherto ducliuud to Inform us. If tho caso
wero one of a transient person, tho answer
would be plain under thu old Iuwb. So
iigaiii, under the old laws, derlvntivo set
tleinonls wero provided for; as, that a
wifo should follow- nud havo thu settlement
of her hiibbund nud legitimate children thu
settlement of their futher. How it Is now
who can tell. Iho condition of things
cieariy needs senium angui. i,
Burlluglon, Aug. SJU, lb'JO.
Tho Third
Annual Itoport, a Ropoit
Tho third nnuiinl rciiort of tho A'ermont
State Exporlmout stntion for the flscnl year
ending Juno DO, lR.H'J, Is at baud. Of tho
work of tho ycur Director Cook sayt, It has
on tho wholo bean ono of prosporlty. Somo
experiments have failed, but Iu general n
largo amount of work of u better quality
has beon performod.
During tho year four bulletins havo boen
Issued, as follows! No. Tl, Analysis of
licensed fertilizers; No. 15, Effect of fer
tilizers on tho composition of com, analysis
of liayj No. 10, Testing milk at croamor
ios; No. 17, Test of dairy cows at Vormont
Stnto fair. The bulletins aro published In
editions of eight thousand each, and cent
freo of chargo to all who request them.
Few changes havo taken placo In tho
working force nt tho stntion during tho
yenr. Tho work iu dairying, formerly con
ducted by Mr. N. E. AV'llson, hns been con
tinued by Mr. D. W. Colby of Cornoll Uni
versity, nnd Mr, L. R. Jones of tho Uni
versity of Michigan has been appointed as
botnnist and inlcroscopist to thu station
Tbolast Legislature of tho State continu
ed tho Stnto appropriation to tho station for
a ycur and a half. With the money thus
obtaiued sonic much needed Improvements
havo been made. A creamery has boen
erected that gives much better facilities for
conducting experiments in tho handling of
milk. It is applied with a four-horso pow
er onghio and boiler, thnt runs tho cream
separator, the churn, nud tho ensilage cut
ter. Tho work shop has beon doubled In
sizo, a largo socd room added and a lino
vogotablecellarblnstedof out the solid rock,
A "model piggery"' had long boen a crying
nocessity and now is completed and also an
ample Implement house. Tho station labor
atory and otllces havo boon supplied with a
100-llght Springlield gas inuchlno. Tho
stntiou added to its live stock by birth and
purchase five head of registered stock,
making the herd at present ciyisl.st of seven
legistored, three full-blooded unregistered,
and seven grndo animals, representing the
llvo breeds, Jersoy, Aryshue Guernsey,
Devon and Holstoin. During tho yenr etid
imr December ill, 18MI. thoy produced an
average of n little over 27o pounds of but
ter nptecc, while six of them exceeded iiOO
The work in n'l tho various departments
of thestntlon havo been carried on successfully
as tho voluminous report just issued shows
.ocnl Horses
Trot Three
tlio Winner.
About 150 local horsemen and their
friends gathered ut the Wmooskl Driving
Park Saturday to witness a race for a nurse
of Sjlfi that had Lecu made up between
Horaco lhomasof A Inooski, the owner of
Kitty T Joseph Carpenter of Winooski,
owner of Dick, Dully l.evco of Burlington,
owner of Jerry and a gentleman named
Bennett, who drove a gelding called Whito-
noao. Iho race, bast two in throe, wus lic
tween Kitty T. ami Dick with on occasional
glimpse of Jerry, uud while tho time wns not
fust, tho horses weroso closolv matched as to
peed that the contest wns interesting and
brought loud cheers trom the croud. Tho
money, .S3 to lirst, .J to second and o lo
third was divided as follows:
Dick, by Whalebone, dam by lloln-
li n Is Ethan.... - I 1
Kitty T., by the "Pheltis hor-o" 1 3
lerrv. by Adonis 3 3 S
Wlutetiose, by ex-I.ieut.-llov. Ilendee s
stallion of .Morri-. ille 1 11
l ime, 3:11. 3.11!,., 3:01.
After the race W. X. Puolps of South
Hero on his way homo from tho breeders'
meeting, showed his flvo-year-old black
gelding Whilenose, by Aristos, driving him
half a milo to skeleton wngon iu 1:25.
AVhitenose is a big fellow, standing 10,
andlio bus a slashing gait. He is to trot at
Howurd Park this weok in the throo-mln-tuo
raco. Several other horses wero shown,
among them the pacer Frank, owned by
Mr. Brownell of this city.
i meeting of the Chittenden County
Agricultural association was held at Dun
bar's Hotel Saturday afternoon and the fol
lowing otllcors wero elected in addition to
those placed in olllce two weeks since. AV.
B. Macrneof Colchester, third vlro-presidont.
(leorgo D. Leonard of llinesburgh, fourth
vlco-presideiit, J. W. Ramsay of Burling
ton, assistant secretary. Georgo Flanagan
of llinesburgh, was elected a director from
that town to 1111 tho vacancy caused by tho
resignation of Mr. Charles Wright of that
After some discussion it was voted, ow
to the lack of time necessary to advertise
and onsuru a good county fair, to hold a
two day's horso race Tuesday and A odnes-
day, September 10 and 17, and John T.
Brown of Colchester was elected gonernl
superintendent of trotting. A. B. Ashley,
prosidont, of Milton, Ci. A. Richurdsou of
South Burlington, aud W. N. Phelps, sec
retary, of South Hero, wore elected n com
mittee to arrange purses and races. Tho
olllcers and directors voted to subject them
selves to an assessment, if necessary, to
guarantee tlio payment iu full of all purses
olferod by tho society.
It wns also voted to secure tho Colchester
band of 20 pieces to furnish music at tho
meeting. 'Tho committee iu chargu of tho
trotting nud division of purses met Im
mediately nfter tho close of tho business
mooting, but owing to tho lateness of tho
hour adjourned until to-day at 1 p. m.
Report to the Oiiliinnre Drpiirtinont In
Kulntfou to tho L,ntu Muster.
At tho request of tho chief of ordnnnco
I'nitcd States army Col. Levi K. Fuller,
commanding Light Battery, Vermont Mu
tional titiard has mado a careful report iu
regard to his battery of 11.2 breech load
ing steel rifles while in enmpwit Bradford.
1 h' battery was nevor in bettor form than
at this muster. Thoy llred savornl hun
dred rounds of cartridges and thirty of
shell. Tho latter weru llred nt a targot
8x12 feut, placed about n milo distant from
thu guns. All the shell hit within a space
of 1-lxlli foot, and 10 within the 8x12. This
is close Itriug.
Col. Fuller's suggestions to tho ordnauce
department iu regard to guns, harnesses,
etc., wilfbeof much value, and ho is enti
tled to great credit for nil tho Improve
ments made in drill nnd the management of
his battery. It is but simple justice to him
to say that tho record of the tiring of shull
is second to none, nud A'ermont may well
bo proud of Its light buttery.
Ellsha Johnson nnd daughter, of Hart
ford, Conu., are guests of Rov, Taylor of
St. Paul's. Capt. Iowis Daniels of tho
Idly wns taken ill nt AVestport Tuesday,
and Is still quite ill. The streets of Arer
gcunes wore throngud AVeduesday, at tho
examination or Alpuonso Chaquette,
Mr. F. R. Ford of AA'oodhury, Conu., i
In town buyiug stock.
'1 hat tired feeling now so often heard of, is
eiiuiui) ovrrcuiuo, uy lino.; n biiraapuillla,
which gives mental and bodily btruugth.
.ggv-. i-- - i- - PK." VwiifiM. iw'riftM tjio ,
t rft w i i .
MV7l''l 1 1 I C,1
Cim.i). "Everybody loves you, j:r.ni'nia ; 1 wish cvtrj body w .mil lovemc"
Mrs. Vinkiivm. "Everyone will lovo you, my child, if they etiu
confide in yon."
TJio nbovc dialogue Mis its own story; even 1ho littlo f'lil' M-ithoilt
knowing wliv her graittllnollicr is so universally loved, see i in l.,r fiire n
light nf intclleciual symiiathy thai satlsllcs In r. Thai, sympathy lias ex.
tended itself till ovcr'thn world, fur wherever ci ilied women cit, Mr-..
Vlnkhiim i.s known anil rowivnced Rend siairo fnr"Ri n.,ith "
Is the nub rmlthc fnrp mill I.ecltlmule Ilcitinly COJV3POUND
tor the pi-eullur wenktif .e und hMhk nu .. wi.tm n.
It ran . the wnt-t fenii-i of f . iiuile 1 .unpl-iint-, th it P.. .iriiifr fl'iivi I..',i,p, Wcuk
llurk, fulling nnd lli-pliireiiioi-t nf t'te omli. Intl tin in it i-m, ll .irinn 1 r .m!,1i nnd nil
Oririinii' hi-, -i - . .f the I t. , u or M ninli, mid l in-, .ilu-ihle to the I linnet- nf I. If... 1)1
sehes ntnl pi I. '1 tiiniir- tn.in the I ti ru- at nn e-n-li -' me, nnd rher', .mv t. nii nrv to
(umeriiiM lliinter Snliihe - f .ilnt ue.-, f(i'it.iluht . N i r oih friilr-ii.ni, l,li motion,
nnd tittiittln a- mid t..in -1 In M.iiiiiH'li. ( un s lb .elm lie. n nr i.d I). I ili'v, Imller-tinn.
tr and Inrlsoriiii :ln wlmli -itiin. for the euie of Kidiu Loinpluiuts of cithersex,
(hi- 'imiioiinil lin i:ti rltnl.
All Druv't'l-I' -ell it n n tuiiiliii-tl nrllrti. nr unnt by tnnlt. In ferm of PUN or
l.n?eugl-, on n ielpt ,,f 8.. LVDIA E. PINKHAM MED, CO.. LYNN. MASS.
Assignment of ('noses loi- Trf.il nt ttio
Septomlier Term
The jury cnlendar for the Seplembor term
of Chittenden County Court hns just been
issued. It contnlns 12 cacs and the as
signments for each day aru as follows.
Tuesday Alexander vs. school district,
apt. : Brady vs. Swift tc Wheeler, apt.;
Ballard Vs. Burton it Burton; Ballard,
adinr. vs. Davis; Brown vs. Porter: Brown
vs. Porter; Brown and wife vs. Ivinsoii:
ro Bacon's ill, Muir, ot nls. apts. ; Carr
vs. Rliel.
AVedneMlay Casey vs. Puffer, apt.:
Cross vs. Peck, et nls. ; Denvitt vs. An
drews; Flatmery, apt. vs. Euright: (indue,
npt. vs. (iinluo; (iilmond und wilo vs. Ken
nedy, npt. : (Ireenougli vs. lienn, not.; Hurt
vs. Carey; Hayos vs. O'Brlon. apt,
Thursday Hadloy, ot al., vs. Bordo,
apt.; John-ion vs. Fletcher iS: Fletcher;
Eeclnlre, apt., vs. I.avee; Lavigne. admr.
vs. Graves; l.cgattlt vs. Lawrence i Cham
bers, apt.; McXiol vi. Waters: Macomber
vs. estate of Macomber, apt.; Pholps vs.
rriday Peck vs. Macomber: Potonaudu
vs. Nulty; Palmer & I.anison vs. Shiiuloy,
et nls.; Plutt vs. Piatt; Ruel vs. Curr;
Reeves, Apt. vs. Lawrence, Slaton vs.
Whitcomb, upt., school district vs. Bick
ford. Saturday Pnrshi, ndtnr. vs. AValker;
Terrill vs. Vrouty, apt.; Torrill vs. Porter;
AVheelock vs. London; AVhecler, apt. vs.
Brady: AVells vs. Palmer; U'halen vs. Du
mas; Yerteau, apt. vs. estate of Bacon.
Jurors Urnmi lo Scnc at the Coming
scy tviulier Turin.
The following persons hnvo been drown
from the vorious towns and tho city ot Bur
lington in Chittenden county to act as
grand nnd petit jurors for tho September
term of court commencing September 10.
Bolton E. Colton.
Burlington Ira Russell, Willnrd Crane,
AVillhim II. Hart.
Charlotte S. K. Russell.
Colchester E. C. P.rlgham.
Essex F. P. Sawyer,
llinesburgh Noble I.ovo.
Huntington E. W. Ellis.
Jericho I. C. Stono.
Milton C. P. Pratt.
Richmond Snlinon Green.
Shelburne I.osloy Gregg.
South Burlington Henry II. Hough,
St. GeorKO Edward Ishaiu.
Underbill S. W. Mead.
AWstford Alnoy Stone.
AVillistou John Whitcomb.
rirrir si nons.
Bolton V. J. Dnvis.
Burlington Fred S. Pease, C. C. Post,
Thomas Cook, J. E. Lannu, Henry R. Con
ger, T. P. W. Rogers, Elmoro Johnson, U.
E. A oodbury.
Charlotte Williams Footc, F. II. Con
verse. Colchester Georgo Pratt, Georgo E.
Es-.ox J. K. Warner, Seneca Place,
llinesburgh Lyman (.'. Vnrtch, F. F.
Huntington Lucius lialdwln.
Jericho S. M. Vaekard, C. II. Xash.
Milton AV. AV. AVright, M. J. Verry.
Richmond A. M. Snow, Albert T,
Shelburno Emerson A. Thorp, Cyrus
V. Van VHct.
South Burlington Martin A". B. Har
St. Goorgo Edgar Hmsdill.
Underbill Fred bhanley.
AVcstford Frank Allen, Loreu Tnbor.
AVillistou Georgo W. Whitney nnd
Grove Brownell.
Mutter Mill on the Ul-ie Small Sales -(
Iu-oko (inlnc Up,
The sollcrs nt tho Bonrd of Trade meeting
Friday wero not very numerous, but
quite n number of buyers wero presont,
some of whom wero from Boston nnd other
Mnssachtisott cities. Buyers seemed willing
to pny from 8 to 0 cents for August cheeso
and some small selections of creamery but
ter sold by tho Brookslde for 25 cents in
Ave pound boxes. Boston quotations wero
as follows:
Butter mnrkot, firm, at quotations, cast
ern creamery, extra 2-1 to 2IJ cents, fancy
dairy 21 cunts. Cheese market, steady, at
quotations, extra 8$ to 8J cents, firsts 7-j to
8 cent9, Manchester quotations were some
what higher. It Is confidently expected
by sellers that further advances are just
abend and an inclination to hold is muni
fested. Nearly, If not all the cheeso fno
tories havo sold up to August mnko nud
some havo sold the first 10 days of August.
Id AVashliiKton Monument, tho Philadelphia
I City Ball lo S3", tho Colocue Cathedral is
510, ti e StrnsburB Cathedral 10s, the U, s.
Cajiitol at Washlticlon is -sT, bat nuartlclo in
modern times hns ever Btond higher in nubile
estimation for purity, slrenulb and medicinal
virtue than the (i. (). Taylor Hnurboii and lt)o
Whiskey, bottled by U. 11. llRAVl.s. ,V ONb,
and siilil hv the lendinc Druggists aud loo
ters as a standard article.
v .', . -'I 1.1 U, ll-- lllO
pootl-Dlaht. Sister is asleep, but
ve so love 1 1) hoar you t U of nil
the ladles that, cull you Mother."
Mrs. ViNhiiAV. " Yvs.darlltnf,
when you arc older perhaps you
m iv do as linxc. ilonc."
l.lst of Tnvt Itooks Adopted for tTso tho
C'niultiir Year.
The lollowlng text books have ber i
adopted for use in the puplic schools C
Readers Lippincott's Headers, and tl i
third and fourth books of the i n I
course in reading.
Spellers Normal course in spo'! .
Arithmetics Aentwortb ' r- ,
Greenleaf's brief course, Gree ,. ., i
plete, Colburn's Intellectir .
Geographies Butler's c .. i' , u'
ler's complete, Butler's phy-
Grammars Hjdu's lesson. , .- .I.d
Walsh's llrst lessons.
United States History il s '1' s
grading facts.
In tho High school AValsh's - i
English and Myer's gonoral histor. I i
used tho coming yoar, Tho use ' It .
Heath's elem -ntary lessons in English at I
Bert's lint steps in scientific knowledge w .
bo l Otitinuod in the Intermediate sehoo ,
and Prang's shorter cotir.-e in drawing a .1
the Normal cour-ie in writing will be re
tained for all grades below the High scho '.
Thesa books havo been selected after lc
and caretul examination and comparlsi is
on tho part of the committee on text boo
Many, indeed most of tho books, iu tho us;
are new pin.licatlons and embody the re
sults of latest scientidc investigations, n ud
present their subjects in tho best of modern
inothods. In mechanical execution thews
books nro as attractive and beautiful in p
pearanco as their contents are superior iu
matter and method.
Hon. John Trout after a week's illnesi!
died at Rutland on tho 2Sth. The decec, .'.1
was well known. Ho has represontei h
town of Rutland hi tho State Igislat ro
and has served as senator for Ruth nd
county. Uo served two years as judgi of
the Supreme Court nud voluntarily retb . 1
from the bench on account of his entens e
law practice. The past few years he 1 n
not practiced nt the bar, but bis studies
havo continued during the period. Jui.go
Prout was three timo3 married. He lof '. ti
widow and two children.
Loren AV. Green, nephew of Setu Greea
of Now York and for 12 years in charge of
the government fish-hatchery in the Colum
bia river in the Rocky mountains, died it
Brnttloboro recently. He was at tho time
of his death in chargo of tho Trout nnd
Salmon club prosere at Marlboro pond,;
Our national giinio w ithnut Johnson's An."
dvni, Liniment, to rub iho heroo-W Iniii"
sible! A Small Yet JDesiraMe Place
fl'III.-. FARM of 70 acre, i- located one-).a f
1 mile west ol -Middlebury ,raded Sel ... 1
and Collece on thu ISndport road; situatei in
tho smith side ot tue road la iv b xly no. i )'
squate. Suitably divided 'Into nmwlow til
and pasture Also wo d lot of '.v nr
Apples, also small fruits nt all kinds rnisM 1 i
abundance ; 2-story house, with hllnils, ne r
surrounded with Hawthorne hedue, ch. r. v
tries, plum and pears : 3 liarns and rum n ij
water at house, barn and yard : well fonii.t:
small brook running through i ; terms SiV,
about S2IXJ0 down, and if desired roraaii iUr
secured by mortgage.
Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Parmelee,
Sllddtolitirv, Vermont.
J'reileriolc Hull's, Ustute.
AVo, tho subscribers, having been apnolntel
by the Honorable Hie Probate I'ourt lor tb i
District of Chittenden. Commissioners to re.
cuive. examine and adjust the claims and d. -mnnasofull
persons upon! the estate oi
Frederick Hall, Into of .Milton, in i-a .1
district deceased, and also all claims and d. -mainU
exhibited In offset therrto, and s.v
uinnlhs from thedny of iho date hereof, bi m x
allowed bv said Court tor that purpose, wi d i
therefore hereby k'ie n.ittce that wo will a -tend
to the business of our appointment, al t 1 '
olllce of Geo. Ashley, in saldJMdtou.Vt msa. 1
district, on the si uond Tmlas of Septcnil
nnd March nevt, at 10 o'clock a. jn., on em i
0! said tin.
Dated this 1st day of September, 1W.
U fc, ASHLEY 1 Commlioneis.
O0LD MEDAL,AniS, 187,
inn r
sSSaDi m
la absolutely pnvo una
it t svtuolt,
Ko Chemicals
pi l i i trprlon It hoi
f e tut (rt ti (A strmmh c(
ii k1 titi Mmrch, Anoftl-oot
ir hi a t' iu-t.re lar mar
i i ii i & ii4't'i,' Utt than nc on. I
ti ll .('ua, uouinriitij,
in uttbrL' Ljcilt niuirirei.,
nt 1 aUu rutwv adt-i td fat iu.nUdj
J( hi '1 a lfi pffii-i in boulth.
Sold lv rinicM erj Aluiro
W. BAKER & CO., D orchoster, Mass.
OH SAI 1. .v) dour barrets at Frasor A- VI
Millau's bakery, corner
I 'hcrrv nnd II i
211 di): .twit
iiusiness onnnre. genernl stun-
Apply to 11. M. Porter, AVUliftinsUnijr M
ijOIlSAl.K- Klolnler NetherUnd.a llo'su u
I Freisim bull, AVUUam L. AVuite, Joner.
v lite Vt ' Q ... -r

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