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Til lit tlio Mot-o Work
i t Itc
In 1st I
, l.alli
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I , i .hi 1 1 v
r ( ! ill t'l V
I oi i i Ire ill
' i. 1
1 ' . ' i l the
-," il l.i ii'llO
. 1 'i.i niiiiis-
111:1 n
. h v. it!nml i
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... l'.l.ylor i
, . -;.t i -t. ll lllil j
.u , I.. i'VH I
. I 1 ' li 11 Wfrf. I
, i ,p i- tin- I
. ii 1 1 i of tli' !
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: ' i . i ...If u
i . ' ) v, i. liin
. i-i Kin
,'i 1 . r nice
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1.1 lid'
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. 1 t
u O '
. .1 i i i ' - . i li.l; ,
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.1,; ' iiv
, . i: a
., - " liii
h ar (I
I', . I i!i.- ,
.11 t the
, . i I l .. t
i tin-
I "1 I'Vi
. i pn nistc -
,'i i . ; ut j
' ;i ..f U
w I- "U
: i-i' . i.io
i ... i i lie .
it i .i- lot
it i: ,i. 'wl
i oi . i i Us i
H" r! Ul
,! t ' . t i' kit :
. 1). 1 1 III
- ' km I i :: o
, ill, ' ' V'-.tl
i - i ' . i i ' I liu lun .
"I 1 ;m wil
i ,'!. ni'
' . 1 V f t1
. -c ti '
(i ii i
i j i " . 1 i . i
. i II
. ' . '..IT
, ..! Ii
;, -citi
: . i iiu
. .1 . . .'.vc- '
. J l. ' Mi.'!!'
i-i i ' !i .-t- Id
I., ., 1 to sin i
. i ii- i nut lm. i
' "ii. . ' 1 ill' lk .
1 ' it, .mil i
i mil ui 1,1
, . -ill ... 1 I lu' '
i 1 i : ;.iirc
. .li , ..'II. .n tl
!c: . ,i 'ii t',i'
. t i ' -..-lii ,
l s p 'I . I f tl
' I 'l
'1 'I it tl I
t in t!
n . , -. Win
t 't
Iuik ii.ii'i.oi, ntiirrjiig for Ultwgon,
in ! tin tuM iliiy Rhotild clmiigu for llavro
'p Gnvip, iukI tbts next, for Churloston. nml
e M.xt for lliMtoti, anil thu next for
i .nfttrpool tboe men on tlio sen of life,
' . i lflstitigly t"klnK xhlp and mukliii; mi
. i ;uy. Or tlwy arcs lika a tnnn who
.t..- 5 o lnu Ul n lioumi in the Corlntlilnn
ainl ( linnrrcs it to Doric, nml tlioii
'np'.ptfiit in t lie Ionic, ami In cursed by
styles of architect tm.
' mtirf mini, start rlijhl, And kivp on.
' ilt'i-i.-tioti of pliitr.'U'ter. Cliiirartcr is
'ii' irnlillhu'h of 'I'omiuitii It. is ihhr-
i . ,i wiiile '.tumlln(; llrin, lmt loM's nil
ii ' ml viii lllisht. Mow much decision
il i h "r.ici"r ii order tlmt tliesn young men
tuny l.e ''hvintintm' Tlu-ir old nsocint
miiko siinvs io fiiii-ja at them. They j?o oti
(.(.irslot'H nml th'-y do not invito thorn.
Tlicy I'miilicsy that lie will givu out. Thoy
under if ho U not getting wini?. As ho
-s liny 'ci'lmace nti.l wink nnd
-Lie, r.nd ty, "Tuot-o (joe a Mitint. "
i !i. "onii,; I'. 'u, havo decision of clmrnc
' -i ciin .lifoiil in thin mnttaraf re
. , lie It ti;th"d ivt. WllHt do you
tiic s iiij's of these men, who ntn
ii i ! I cciuuse Von will tut no to ruin
I a . ' i i v When the urtive crocks open
tli ii- l"'t,iiurtKrlmtiiusseni.-eiKpuh
i. ito It, and eternity comes down
up. ,i their spirit, nnd conseienoo
. mil l.iiieli'M ruin lifts tliom up to
. i down, will they lmih Uieiif
,'i-i fi-oin my subject that men
i . .-.ion into their worldly Imsi
j . . ' I had i uout?h work to do to
i. i.i. i. All the affairs of btato
, !' . Inn. nuw.tinns of finance,
i i-miI H.ir of pence, all international
f hi.-i Hcttleinont or ad
i ii. t hae lr.id u cot-re-i
- nnd nil comjititat Ion.
.ii in t.ll Iho earth w ho
D.itiid, the hocivtnry
i'l him tlireo times a
' i In prayer. There
' ' i have not a Imn-
1 1 i! . enx.if emcnts who
lie religious. They
that reliction will
ii ,.v! n ' i' -luon, tout it win
;" ii. or t'ull the enr
' tlr lawyer's brief,
.- Ii.i: t s store shelf.
s I ' I.UiSWN.
i i-. i' ipi-.-iiuent. They
, I ,-i well heated he
i i 'j' ililiath.to iind
i ,ii i i .i'-, or to undue
fhc i;et sleepy under
e. oi tln-y Would likO
. on S.'.liliath evetiinx,
: m; thu door, saying,
n: I'll he back next
ive t-ell ;ioU K right
" i ,!i life, to havo re-
,11.' . I'm -lioulder when
..in' '.'u'.in, i have religion
1 1 ( i. - imu-t j old and shake
I, i ' , iu-:e did you pet
'. i 'i.i. i- i n impertinent
.11 I;' e to have a rtlii;-
' I i.ey aro sick, and
.in it 'i cniiesover them
ii ni- 1 1 li.cion ius a sorlof
1 i' 'i t i open the door of
... .i t.iider other circum-
an iinpertinenca.
ni never robbed n
inKs beiui; eiiial
' )! II
,!., 1
'.' vet
. i fi
t in "
",l in
.if! U '
iii it r
i . or i i
,', ..- tie '.I
..e to li
; i ' i I',!- .1
... th ! -!u-
v i
' 1 1' ills ,.
, in tli -
o (.it . .
, ,'!it, r 'i
Hul, i i
t i.i Pi )'il I
.. l!
'I i v
'. Ih-i i
to l.-j
' '', ! .le
1 . V i! Il
.M tl. but re
I I-, t'.,'-V l.l
, i ly t.i -ml-, r"l'
i: C'f doil.ir. ' t .ie
;; ..in will btui I n I Mer Willi, H cabiuet
,: . r m ill inaki all n-r chair, a plumber
1! in.'ii'.eii betli r ; i, -, a lawyer will make
'Mi- pica, a hKii-li.-iiT. will sell a better
I l.f U'OCiN.
I .my other 'iti.:s being equal. Of
ixives a man a new
loose to hIvo him n
i ' .it
when rli-
lt (Ions In
I.i . d, or to
a man's -.
si me is an n
i lit he ry i 'i i '
ilr; but the in "
-. t ''e more b it-.i
ii i ! e mile, i i
' 1',.I'I".1S
i .ii nls yi i . .
ti - ' mi I'll
. i-i haw '
' 'i in-.,
I.'i.e n i
.1 thin.
( i ,ii th
lu- lii-c
who i'
I il .-a
. - . . (
i .'i
. i
. .' ' i. yoi -
I - .1 1 ... I ,K'I
l"l . ' 1..J
. , 'iii'ir(
..il i . . ,L
i . X 1 it -u
. .0 lL-,1
i '. . .' ' .1.-! tl .
' . " .1 . umli ,
I , I 11,(1. i
. 'i. . ' - ii.,;
. . ' ' - . ii ,. i. l.li .
I'.' ' ' ' 1 1 .L i .,i
. . t ' . I'll
M ' ' t . -.ly, ' hjj
I " t.h.ri
.i ".r ' -i-l ti ,
' i Ii i - .. m uVl
' ; J . 1 1 1 ii 1
i i i.i ;mi
, . i .'HI !
. , 1 ll ' i
' I ' - ; ,UJ1
i ' i . pro
. . t r . ti
. . : v ' '..i ' 1 1 v
. .,. . .. ii .,1 i'
i . 1 : i- i,
I i i 1 ' V. I
. ' In ' "I, ',.i'l
-( - .'. . r ',,,
u; i j i I .i -
! . v . . ! t . r
m , y ... I. 'i :
: i ... ti 1 1 ,s
L .1 'i ; . oii
' : - i-i- . i of
ii i i i.e-, .il iiuw,
' i ' 'Ul, . i 1 1, u'-t-
i- .' ,-a . M Till!
ii . t y i i..i , ih il.u
.i.,.'fl . , l.l w ith
ti .- on i ' r in any
l i 1 -ill ' It he IMHI-
l , ' , i'OU i . ' i"'l i f t ho
X. In till I 1 .11 ., lilt
hi I. ' on 1 - nil d
hi' :
,- i till! ' ' 'i
of ' notoii ' . i
in : lor tl
i-i t'Kon
', it are 1 i - i
t, ' ; hi y have not. bean nble t..
M i j 'tid. IVrhups t'i y "ili
ui . , i .if-v wil' 'ii "X-i )' i
Li . , I'ci'L ", f ',:n .
Jll ' r ' J...-. JIO -.' il'l J 'i r
hi i I '.ii ; ; 4 ' : . i i . ,
Ul "'tl T ll-' il, il
NI l ... v II ; 'I' .
u . 1 1 lJ ui - liu. ui
: 'l.ilizo niiu, or to
ti i". when his ordl
i ii iw of the philo
' t':l vacuum is im-
'i fers you have to
i- on iiave to carry,
h e to travel, tbc
v i to lift, the more
t i meet, the. more
1 1 -. the more oppor-
,i; u '.'In loti.ui.
n IIIXKlloN.
tud iroiib in the (ire
i- il more opportunities
ui if you hail only one
iVlio so biiM- us Christ ?
mtllauilh part us holy?
i ' kt m( -i the htst men. All the
- ei invert, d in Scripture busy at the
. i Uu-ir lining coiivt-rtud. Matthew
nuns 1 1 his cuutoin lioiua dtitit&; the
. . .14. .il ou feodiuK swine; Lydia selliiit;
, ";,i. Siiuiiu I'tter hauling in the net
i ' .ii i.Hib-.'ii; Saul spurring his horse to
. 1 D'uiuuous, goluu down on his law
iit-i Uusyl busy! Daniel with all
1 iirs tif stato weiUing down upon
"il, and yet three times a day wor--.i
. . i he Uod of heaven.
' - i"i, I luuru from this subject that a
i i in iv i.ko religion into ids politics.
,i .i ! I i.i tl .ill the affairs of statu ou hand,
i( ntiuttuu. He could not have kept
. i t. 1 position unL-s hu had been a
i i"'Ji politician; and yet all the
- of official and all the ilantcer of
.. ;i i-did tiot make him yield one iota
'i 1 high toned religious principle, lie
"I before that ap he stnuds before all
,i hpoeimuu of a Christian politician,.
- . there have Iwen in our day and in the
il - of our fathers men as eminent, in the
i lee of Clod its they have la-en eminent
he servlCv' of the state. Such was Hen
' ,.in t lbit'.or, attorney general of New
'. rk lu the time of your fathers. Such
as John McLean, of Ohio, rbich was
' n'lintd Un,;t;s, of Min-sacliUM-f ts. Such
v.-.s 'l'heodtirc KreliuKhuj'seu, of New .Ter
sev. .Men faithful to the. state, at thu same
time fail hf-il lu (io l
Tl.'K r.l-INd OhNKRATlON.
It is ubstird t.i epci t that men who have
been iiiimei-, -d in political wickedness for
tbir. yor forty yi .iri shall come to refor
l:i .-itioii: and mir hope is io tlie yotlliK men
who are coming up, that they havo pa
ttioiic priir iple and t'l.i istiaii principle
s-bio by hide when they cmue to the ballot
box and cast their first vote, and that they
bwiar allowance to the Kovernment of
hem en as well asto the novum iiiont of thu
1'aited btates. Vu would haw Hunker
Hill mean less to them than Calvary, and
I. LNinytoii mean less to theiu than Dethlu
lieni. lint because there are bad men around
the Fallot box is no reason why Christian
men should retreat from the arena. The
last lime )ou ought to (,'lve np your child
or forsake your ohlhl is when it is stir
rmuded by a company of Choctaws; nud
I I, hut time to surrender the ballot box
i. vhen it is surrounded by impurity and
ii - -lionenty and all fcorts of wickedness.
Daniel stood ou a most unpopular plat
i nil, llu stood liriulv, though the doliia
)?''.i ot the tiny IiNm-iI at him and tried
i overthrow him. We must carry our
relii.-ioii l.itu o'ir polite--,, lint theio arc
a , i' it t iiii.v men who are in favor of
' i. 'i.i 'i hi into net mind politics who
i' i not e t ue loiporlautu of taking it into
I ul "i ,K though a man were Intel
4.. i' nit tho welfare of his noighbor
i - i.n I uad no concern about his own
j . jn would drive out oil hate iKirwu-
littoN from ioiiue: . "i on have a rlht Ui
dtiwus'i tueti'i. pohllci and d 'tioutite .heir
political peiilimfliil.s, or receive t'leni, a
yntt will; but HI have no rluhl to ass.lll
iliolr privi.tc i.liaractci, as Is di.no overy
autumn. Thel Is notcur-'-ltiK reliidoti into
polities. Mow you c it, always toll without
asking, in any cotiicsr, what, candidnto I
will vote for. It Is always for the man
who is most bntlKcrrd, and most abused,
and most spit upon, nnd most howled at.
Vo'i have a ritfht to co.it". t tnnn's polltl
eiil sent inn-iil. s you lmve no riKht, for base
politital purposes, to assail his private
moral character.
My t.tibject also impresfces mo with tho
fact I hat lions cannot hurt a Kood man.
Xo man ever K' t into worn:1 company than
iliit-iel got into when ho was thrown into
ihndi'ti. Wh'it a tare morsel that fair
youiin man would have been fur tho hun
gry monsters! If they had tdutiKed at him
he could not have climbed into a niche be-
ond the reach of their paw or thnsnntiti
of their tooth. They came pleased nil
around about hlni as a hunter's hounds nt
Hie well know n whistle come lioundiiig to
Ids feet
You need not go Io IN'umidln to Kct
atnoti lions. You all have had them after
von the lion of financial ditre.ss, the Hon
of sic'iii' ss, tltu lion of persecution. You
saw that lion of llnrncial panic pttttltit;
his mouth down to the earth, and lie
wared until all the banks nnd all tho in
surance companies quaked. With his
nostril lie scattered the ashes on the do
mestic hoarlh. You have ii. til t.inl after
trial, misfortune i.fter misfortune, lion
after Hon; and yet they lmve never hurt
you if you pt't. your trust lu God, and'
they never will hurt you. They did not
hart Daniel, and they cannot hurt you.
THAIts of MdU'.oW.
The Persians te-ed to think that sprint;
rain falling into sea shells would furii into
pearls; nnd I have to tell ynu that the tears
of sorrow turn into precious irenis when
they drop iti!o Hod's bottle. You need bo
.ifrnid of nothing putlitiK your trust in
Cinil. Kvendi.it!!, that monsttv lion wliose
(If nis t tie world' bcpulcher. and who puts
h's paw down amid thou-aiids of millions
of the dead, cannot, niTrlKht you.
When in oliii-n timi a a mtin was to net
the houoraof kniiththood he was compelled
inKo fnlly armed the niitht before amont;
the tombs ol the di ad, earryi i a sort of
..pear, and thci when the day broke ho
would come forth, and amid the sound of
cornet and ir -t paradti ho would u;ct tho
honors of I ni'4htliood. And so it will bo
with tho C'ht i.'.iiiu in tho night before
heaven, as fully armed with spear and hel
met of salvation he will wait aud watch
through the darkness until tho morning
lawns, and then he will take the honora
of heaven mid that groat throng with
s'nowy robes streaming over seas of sap
phire 4tn Apiriiriu(,- Hymn.
Some tirre ago a prominent scientist
lectured in one of the leading churches of
I he city, and, in the uur.se if tin hour's
talk, undertook to show the relation he
twjeu genl'igy and tho Hilile. It may bo
tli.it hu was not as clear as was expected,
it may be t hat the arguments of a scientist
were too deep for the audience, and still
again it is po-sible that the warm evening
produced a drowsiness that drugged tho
senses of the hearers. At all events, the
relationship souirht to be established was
not very sharply outlined to tlio audii-nco
depite the number of decrees the speaker
has had tacked to his name by institutions
of learning, and us the learned man censed
his discourse a look of doubt as lo j.ist
what wan the object of tho lecture was iiji
parcnt on t ho fac.s of all. While thus in a
stato of uncertainty tho pastor of the
church jumped up and announced as the
closing hymn, "Xobody Knows but Jesii.''
The look of doubt vanished as bright
smiles beamed throughout the hall, and
the hymn was sung with tin emphasis.
Pioneer Press.
There is uiueh to lie said in favor of
wisely dt'libc.iMtini: before ti'-thig. Doubt
less many rash deeds arc performed, bring
int; all sorts of uuf.U't"natc consequences
in their t u.iti, simply for the want of a lit
tle relief t'nti, and others, that would have
been of thu utmost benefit- to maukind,
havo never seen th" li,;ht from the samo
cause. Yet while this is truo there is a
kind of deliberation much practised w htch
is nearly al way-, pemii iotis in its results
upon future action. It is that which pots
j aside the first instinctive p -rceptious of
right and wrong, speculates upon tliom,
doubts them, siih.i'-;ts them to proe-'sses of
I ......!. ..!....! - !.... 1 1.
cmuisiiuii ii-iisoniii, uiiu iuiipr.iu until
either by so clouding tho mental vision
that no distinct eouiso is visible, or by act
ually making tho worse appear the better
cause. Much of the wrote; doing of tho
world is tho fruit of this kind of delibera
tion. jer York Ieib'i r.
Artificial musk is a recent chemical
fl'-liievemcat, a process for its production
having recently buen patented in Ger
many. Sea uir has been found to havo a thicken
ing tITutt upon tho leaves of plants and
roes. Moreover, plants grown in salted
.oil produce thicker leaves.
(ioori'e Washington had big hands nnd
feet. lie wore a No. 11 boot, and his
V.ovcs had to be specially lnaile for him.
The 11. S. Y. P. on a card of in vital ion (o
a recent public dinner was understood by
a provost of an ancient bin-go to mean
"Reply Solicited via Post."
Senator Hoar denies the insinuation that
ito is rich and aristocratic. lie has, he
say?, Ihoii representative and senator for
twenty years, and has never been ablo to
hire a houie in Wa-dilngton.
Mies Mary Tlllinghnst, of N'ortli Stotiing-
mi. Conn., is an invetornto snake killer.
. nice .July I she lias settletl tho falo of
ninety snakes of all kinds, black, coppcr
'iu.nl, adders nnd rattlesnakes.
Mrs. Cora Hello Fellows Chaska, who ro-
ntly gained some notoriety by marrying
an Indian, has again demonstrated horgrit
Oy putting to ignominious flight a number
of "braves" who sought to take from her
hcrsharoof tho annunl government issue
of soap.
M. !.-aiuet, nut hor of tho French divorce
lew, mid one of lJonliinger'-i lieutenants,
will retire from French politics and asmtmo
tin- management of a dynamiLd factory. He
evidently wishes to lead a safe and quiet
Of all the queer losses l ttely reported,
one of the most exasperating must lmve
been that of a Wilton, Me., woaittn who
wont berrying tho other day, nnd just be
fore she was ready to start fi r home lost
tho ten quill I pail of raspberries that she
had '-o laboriously filled. An hour"s scorch
f.- ih il to l.rin.c 'o liiIit tho missing pail,
nnd she had to go home without it.
A clever i.w mdler has been doing Flor
ida, lie guarantees to rid cotton lipids of
caterpillars, und un'receiving his fee usu
ally $5 he goes f mm sliilk to stalk hunt
ing for the "king caterpillar." Presently
llndiug n bii: fat fellow ha hangs him by a
st ring to a tree. He then tell -1 he credu
lous farmer that, the strung up imect will
die nt sunset , and thnfc then till the other
caterpillars v. ill leave the plate
Maurice Tl-onipson, in giving young
writers a few ,oids of advice, says: "Send
your goods to a teputablo market and get
what you cm for them. Ndl nothing on
tho lottery plan. If you havo a good thing
you m:iv be sure that a good publisher will
know that it i- good, nud be tcady to p.iy
a good pri( i-lor it (if you demand a good
prieei, and if you have a poor thing no lot
tery scheme will make it valuable."
The Xpw Yoi k Stock Exchange basset
' itself up as an authority on ait. It has
rcfits'-d lo allow the new trust bonds of
i the Missouri Pacific Railroad company to
I be "list, d" Ik en-'si.- the engraving and
printing is inartistic .ii.d badly done. Thi-t
j isthe reason given out. The security i,
I unquestioued, but us bonds not "lisle I"
are not retrnrded as frood collateral ns those
' tht.t, are, the action of the Stock Exchange
I l -is pro-lured quite a commotion among
j the stockholders.
The large sturm of money which tho gov
ernment of India devotes annually as le
1 wards for the destruction of snakes in that
country have brought about an liiiexpc t
. ed result. It teem-, from a commuuiia
i lion made b the chief commissioner of the
I central provinces, that the natives of those
I parts are now beginning to hre-d and
rear poisonous snakes for thepiirnose of
obtaining tlio usual head money oh ered.
Light keeper Rogers, of n.itsniouth
I.-land, olY Roekpnrt, Mass., reports that
while sitting o:i mo of thu headlands Sun
day morning he experienced a peculiar
sensation. Tho air Fcemed exhausted . -fid
lie had prent diflb-tilty in brcathirg. There
s a rushing s mud like tint made by
skyrockets, and '.hero was a i-htnver re--cmbhiig
miilio.is- of ston "s falling in to the
water, after uhn h Mr. Rogers noted that
the water was boiling, as if some lan.-e,
heated body v. as submerged therein, lie
is of the opinion that it was a meteor.
Tliu Pulpit anil thcEtiiRn
llev. M. Mirou!. I'astor fluted Hrctlitop
Clliiiri h, lllue Mount. Kim., aa: "I fuel it my
nut) lolell what wonders 1 Jr. ICiuk's New
Discovery lias dune for lie . -My Lunun wen"
1 liudly dines- d. and mv parishioner: though .'
eiiuid 1ib only ii Jew wi clc. 1 to ik live not-
lies of Ilr. Imiik's New Disi ovtry nnd am
ttiund and well, jaiiuing ii lbs. in w-eluht."
1 Arthur l.o e. M'liiuKei-L',ve'i l-'uniiy Folks
, niiiliiiintiiiti, wines: "Atti-ra thoinui.'li tnit'
a'id (out iiK-lii-' e Idt-ni-t-. I am cmilliietit Ilr.
Kitili'a Ni" li s. (ivi m for l (i isuiniit mi. U-nU
Van (-.11, itii l mru v.mi-i evi i j lli.nu vlrn tnils.
1 Tht ,:reuitsi :.uiiiin--s I cini do my many
thousand friends in in urge them to try it.1'
I 1 reu trial buttles al H. atiine .v.- Iiwruy's Uiug
Store. Kegular ue jOc. nud !..
Top ICunt Should Comu How ii.
One of the Aiiiuiicau Baptist periodicals
finds fault with tlio free and easy conduct
of minister when enjoying their vacations.
It says that when they take off their usual
black coat and still' collar and put on the
flannel shirt and tho felt hat they o!n n
put on manners which would astonish
their best friends, lint, on thcother hand,
may it not ho said that many minis
ters mlfjlit advantageously banish their
formal conventionalities by which thej tn
deavorto show that they arc different from
the ordinary run of humanity!' It is not
without reason that a number of ministers
in thu old countiy havo dropped tho title
of "Rev." and are now only know n umong
men by their plain names. No sensiblu
person would obju.-t to take spiritual guid
ance from a man because his manners were
Simple and natural and because lie wort- a
flannel shirt and a felt u hie nwako. To
ronto Mail.
.V L'unii Meeting l.litiuislnsl.
The cliatnpiuii camp meeting Lm-r of
America is Bteve Merritt, tho "eloquent
undertaker" of New York city. Mr. -Mir-ritt
lias lieen a regular itt teiidant at tho
Sing Sing camp for forty years, never
missing a summer. He is a leady speaker,
quick witted and full of rp,irtcu and
saving grace together. Several je.us
ago ho roitt.entcd lo run for a political
otlicu, and Ids canvass cxt it til a great de.d
of talk here. The Slug Sing meeting is tho
oldest in tlio country, having been csl.ili
lished fifty-eight years ago, and kept up
ever since without a break. Cor. New Yoi It
Commercial Advertiser.
Mnliers Versus ISnlIer TiiIm-r.
it has been proposed to put safety valves
upon thu stoke holes in tin- great en an
racers, so that tho air can automatically
et.capo wliun the prtwsuro is ho giei t lh.it
t'.iu boiler tubes aud grato bars am in
dunger. If ii safety, valve were intro
duced that would blow utt when the -!,.!.-ers
arc in danger there would be much
less collapse among thusg ustfitl hands
aud much less dlthculty in securing each
trip men who are willing und ablo to go
through tlie ilejy ordeal tlmt btoking in.
volyoB. New York Tolojruu),
Tl.' first nnd osly pfintitned
N"..tliuil.'. i'mn-Kli'ini:.
, Cur.itlM- nml hlrpimtlii-nlni?
I'Iuh.itb t'Tcr Pt-ih.reJ.
A murti'lIouA i ninMnntlun rf riotlical mrfntH
l-Vtwh Hun, H.Mitl uk. run ltfiNnni. tnl KttrAUB
ti,u,-itn''i itiul -prootl on muuhn, ail nunly tu put on.
X tit Nnw KukIiikI n m-ii
I'A IN, ren-f Intluuirnul tn or Wonknrw,
wln tluT tuumt or t'lirouu nuiutttur w herb ltMit?il or
h uaukrd, im ltls iiifctantly tu t!i ill-nowerful CDi'di
cinal proiiortion f tlio tlrp I'!uU-r.
'I'iu- purtM uru ivuiuUi 'ullj' btiLiigtLcneil, vitahzt'd
aiul i"Hturfd to hofclth ami vigor.
II ill 11. .TK it iipi-r burn or IrrKnlr. Are
'iumi l.y ilunisaml-i of i 'pl in ory walk, uf lifti
tit.i iU Biictis- huti s tiisfactiun
rovxt a
foul into
7"r;A"70.Vlont !t any dojk.'
iski.iif a iliitit itr of imit ition Ai
i; mull ip Hun I'ubl'TiH hiin Mio r'ropn.'t.r A.i
Hop "L'STcn co proprietors, d opto n
ti'i-iii . 'mi t J ' i i-l- im.ue " 'cm vu 'i
ill ll i tm
I Wfi lis ail
mm kmmmmi
air. ami SI. nt ull druKuUts.
I MORGArl & SONS, - Proprietors,
Cniitorln yrooes Illrtestlo'Jt and
overcomes lhat n'leiicy, l onstuuuion, Sour
Btomneh, Inarrlitna, nnd Feverishni.sK.
Thus Iho child io remlt'ind healthy nnd its
tlecp aiiturnl. Castorla contains no
Jlorpliiuo or oi nor narcotic property.
Csstorlais -n wll ndjtitfil tn elilldren tr.nt
J rentmuui'nil it in kuperio, to me- pr, soilptitin
known to iue." II. A Aurara, M. b..
S'-l I'ortland Ave, luooklyn, N. Y.
"I liio lslorla in my practlco. und Hnd it
tpeci&lly udtpted to affcctloi.s nf children."
AlRS jlOllEltlHCS, il. 1)..
10.ir Vil Ave., New Yortfc
Uss O.T,-Ticn Oo, ?7 Jltimiy Si., N. Y.
rnn AND
j N FA NTS -sfrfAVt-1 NVAI.I D S.
THE (Perfect Substitut&
QNLYFor Mothers Milk.
ft Quickly Asslmllatotl Food for
In all Wasting Dl3oasos,
semd 7oj- "Tho Care and
Our soois 1 Feeding of t'nfanis"
ELY'S catapshH
Cream Ba!mifJf0
Clnanscs the fSTARft?
n as,, i imssu.-s.-.d ,h nru i
All,s i'a.n -dfcHAYFEVER
iiiiiiiuiHti iw, . ,v- S y
Heals tl, jsori-.ps (yi
Wcsiori'.s theffif S ,c. Jt0'
s - ,,r ''imsVM'
Try Tlio Ci.re.AY
eart'i-h- Is a)iil i J into , .i.-li iiu.-r'1 :ind i
nu'itonblc. l'nie'ii it-nts nt linvs'i -l-. 1'j
nun1. n-Ll .ttred, in ( ts.
IP!.V HI. ul 1 1 1, its, ' Wiurrn M.. New Yorl-
lip11!' tt i b
m "X nu:
ltttn the risk of hnvint; your platofilan win
dows broken by boys throwing stonoj,
Tako n policy in tho I.loyds Plato (llass
Instirancj Company and you will bo
secure against all oiifh accidents.
For all kinds of insurance call on or corres
pond with
Goncral Iiistirauco Agent,
J(5(5 COLL ICG E ST., 1 (i
1U1U.1N0TO.V, VT.
Havo you soon tlio lino largo
nsMM'tmiMit of Carriages nt
Cor. 'oUk nnd si, I'nut st.
The largest etoi-li nf CiirriAes to tio (n'ltid pi
Vermont , al-o a Hue Hub nt Komi L'ari.
Harnesses, Whip, eti
I'rico.s giitiranteoil to lio lower
tlian you can liml clsuwlioro.
14 lioaii of pood family and worklai,' horn
forsnluor ext-haiuto; also tini) u'od wuMtt
1'oay. Horsca boiirdtsl by day or week. Hindi's
fed for a cents. Hay ana utablliu: 15 coats.
$50 "to $100 a Month "
for local uud travtllini; men to still Knil n"
ilriiiiiiicntul Btotk. Sleiidi- uurk nil tlumu
tie Knil anil Wlnior. Addrmi for Iniui" h. I..
Hicu tuiiso.NA C'o., NumeriiCiJ, tiuueva, Now
York, T,w.1m
Having- decided lo retire fro in the Clothing
Business at Burlington on account of the c- -piration
of the lease of our store, we oiler our
entire Stock at Cost, and less than Cost, a-, wo
must positively close it out at once. Xo sur-h
opportunity has been o Herod the people of
Northern Vormont in years to purchase ;;oo l
reliable Clothing at loss than wholesale prl .
Everything must go, be the price what it in '.
Nothing will be reserved. All of our Mimi-',
Youth's, Boys' and Children's Suits and 0vn
coats, everything in Gentlemen's Furnishing
Goods, 1 Lats, Caps, Trunks, Bugs, Bubb-r
Goods, and also Store Furniture will be in
cluded in this sale. Are you in want of am
thing in Clothing? If so, take advantage of
ni mm out Qfu u
Less Tiian. llioiesale PriGds,
Reinemler Ave are positively going out of'i)i -ncss,
and everything must be sold, and at
once. Jt would be inpossiblc for us to quote
prices during this closing out sale. "We sim
ply say : Visit us, look at our prices, coin
pare them with goods sold at a profit ami yo i
wili at once be convinced that we otter you un
heard of bargains. From and after this Mat 1
all goods will be sold for cash out v. We
would also a.sk all those indebted to us to cail
at once and settle their accounts.
Respectfully yours,
Derby and Soft Hats
Fashionable Hatters and Furnishers.
HOWAIiU OI'JiKA iiorsii, S." ('II! IIVU wi'IiriU'
' CO
n O
-i j
5' O
P f
3- -1
'"- L'
. ? n ;
" ST
liii-lit i.UIIUlL i
Shown wiih Governor Attached and Cms Yr.efl G, i
tettiT, iaJSaZJtmppsJ
Tr vi m i-jsiiji
F'.isl'-3' T(,i"U -vs
v,lWit.yi(i.f5 rT ' . Kf 4 I
vjtJdf'rM., si.r. .V" . ei
.s..j,rv.r w.
' - - XL
i" r,i."t
a the follitwtng cut (r.f " r '
but 1 m g
t t.i.kr in n I'V1 t '
lh ifli-'t'i pur . i
1 f..tU
l 111 ( tpffllt II 1 Ci'lMBTft- L I
AJ4r.Il Hll.l.l'.fUiu., il-s. H HO, t n- a
IOU SAUK- (i rails Duruu-u hu
L yeurg, CO. UttOil. l C'olcUsSt t V
HurlihKUm, u w i

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