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1 HI BK S Ml S
Republican objtot to Sir. William Mak
ing; the I.phiIIiis .Speech In ltrply, Itllt
Aro Overmlml by thu
Itlnfusfltin Cotitlnuuil at
Spoulir-r -The
tliu Kvcnlng
Washington, March 22. In tho House
to-day several bills were reported from com
mittees nnd referred, after which tha lllmul
bill was railed up as n special order being the
bill for tbo froo colungo ot gold and silver
and for tbo issue of coin note?. On motion
of Mr. Bland a resolution was adopted pro
viding for evening sessions) to-night and to
morrow for general dobato on tbo silver
bill. Mr. Bland then proceeded with his
Bpooch. "This bill" said ha, "provides that
gold and silver shall bo coined at the ratio
fixed by the act of 1M37, which was called
be ratio of 10 to 1, or morn exactly it is
10.98 to 1. This providos that t;old and di
ver shall be equal at the nii'.t?. Applause.
In order that tliu e .i.a.ry should be pre
served it i3 necessary that silver Bhould be
put on the same plan In regard to lsstto of
certificates at the mint a3 gold. In arguing
for a greater volume of money, Mr. Bland
said bo would admit that tho rclluod system
of credits which has grown up in the
country does, to a certain oxtont, economizo
the uso ot money, but in tho end tho day
of payment of these obligations nlwnys
comes, nml then wo mutt huvo money.
Notes and bonds aro not money, thoy ate
convenience!. Tho whole fight over this
this issue is belvtoen tho enpstalits who do
suo money instead ot interest. Great up
plause. The gentlemen denounced tho periodic at
tempts made for international conferences
nnd international agreements every timo
froe ooinugo of silvor Is proposed. Are wo
to be shackled here by the npathy of the
governments ot other nations Is our fluuu
cinl tyatem to bo regululed not by our own
ideas of justice and our own conveniences,
but by the conveniences of other nations 't
The moment thi3 great government de
clares for ireo coinago of silver tha other
commercial natlonstoo v.i 1 solve that ques
tion, Self interest will cumpol them to do
io. Tho restoration of silver here rujaus
tho robtoratiou of it overywhero the world
over. Applause.
Gold and silver hnvo beun servants of
civilization slhco civilization began. They
aire twin brothers and whsii you severe tho
ligature both are dead, liefcre gold cau
leave this oountry tbero must be some other
form of moDey to tako it place. The mo
irlent you rcttoro silver, if gold is taken
from circulation, prices will go down in pro
portion and that necessitates money from
abroad to purchase commodities hnro that
go down because of tbo contraction of money,
llvorythrag will be oheap.
The man who holds his gold is simply
holding it for silvor; for silver will tako tha
ebuuai'la of circulation. Gold is a tyruut.
Gold won't tolorato any competition. He
must dominate or lie will havu nothing to
do with your llnancos. L'st silvor be coined
once uud see what the result will bo. Then
you bring him to tho love of tho common
people of this country, applause to tho
level of silver, where he ougut to be.
You may have to puy llttlo more, if you
have tho two metals at par, but 1st us'ro
member that as a rule, whou money is plen
tiful prioes nro good. i'ou may bavo to pay
1 ttlo more, but labor, after all, is the only
mouey. Wnll street is to-day demonetizing
liXor and wheat and cotton. This bill ro
monotizes them all. Applause.
At the conclusion of Mr. Blund's speech
Mr. Williams, of Massachusetts arose to ad
dress tho llouso und wus recognized by tho
spoaker, but Abuer Taylor, of Illinois, ns
tho loader of the ropublicau anti-free coin
age men on tho coinage committee, said ho
thought he was entitled to recognition be
cnuso tho only party opposed to the bill
wanted him to open for tho opposition.
Speaker Crisp replied that the views of
tho minority on tho bill wore offered by the
gentleman from Massachusetts. Tho rulo of
the llouso and of parliamentary practice
was to first givn recognition to the gentle
man reporting measures in behalf of tlis ma
jority and next to the gentleman reporting
u substitute in behalf of tho minority.
Mr. Taylor That was not the ordor in
tha discussion in tho lest House. Tho min-
oiity report was made by one peutlemuu
and the uUuusslon opened by Mr. Blnud.
The chulr Ot conrso this is subii-ct to on
understanding and tho chair doea not know
what understanding was roachod.
Mr. laylor I hero wus no understand
iho chair said the gentleman from Massa
chusetts was the minority lepreat-utntive.
Mr. Taylor, inteirupting, suid: Tho chair
liust recognize that 1 stand ns tbo ronre
soutative of tho majority ot that minority.
The Speaker Tho chair understands that
tho gentleman from Massachusetts repre
seats the whole of the minority uud thut he
ought to uaeultlla 1 to address thu House.
Mr, Williams, In opening bH.uddruss, said
that bo trusted in his leinnrks be should
truly represent tho puuplo of tho country in
nc-ord with him in their views on this great
juestion, Ho trusted ho should bo nblo to
represent not only tho minority of the mln
orlty, nut tuo majority of thu minority ns
Mr. lioutello You have not boon re
quested or commissioned to do anything of
tun kind una nave no nutriorlly.
Mr. lllluina said ho was acting by no
request, mil in uouuii oi tno minority ot th
committee, aud iu bobsll of the cause bo
representing which knew no party, but was
a uieie question of patriotism on both sides,
Continuing, Mr. Williams said ho recog
nueu tno met mat lie was aaurossmg iieo
pie who had ulready kuown the ovils of de
preciated money. He now spoke "out of
party" which during the period of rosunip
tlon never altered its determination to as
bist in aud secure the resumption ot specie
Mr. blmpson of Kansas What party was
that '
Mr. 'Williams Tho democratic party,
Mr. Williams fold t.o should mako no dls
tinctlon of party. Many men felt obliged
to vota for the froo coinage of silvor,
though though tlioy did not bollovo in It, bo
cause of the instructions nt their constitu
tlon, Sectional fcwllug might causa an ex
presslon of favor ot measures admitted to
bo jmtlonul disasters, but when men camo
to the House and took into tlitlr hands th
destiny ot the momiarj tystem of this
grontest nation in tho world, they must in
their judgments go beyond the narrow
limits of their congressional districts and be
accountable to tho people of tho whole
country. The fundamental orror on the
part of froo coinage men was tho assump
tion thnt quantity of money is essontlally
more Important than quality oi money,
and that money itself is of supreme Import
ance as compared with credit.
Continuing, Mr. Williams said the funda
moutnl nrgumont made by tho advocates of
the bill was that tho United Stntes had froe
colungo of sivor beforo 18715 nnd that there
could bo no danger now in restoring the law
which had operated without loss to tho
country, no had In tho minority report
attempted to point out tho fact that tho
monetary condition of tho world had en
tirely changed since that timo nnd was en
tirely boyond our control.
The gentlemnu from Missouri (Mr. Bland)
had asked whether our monetary system
was to bo regulnted by the rest of tho world.
The monotnry system of commerce was over
tho systoui of tjhe world aud wo could not
sottlo it nlouo. 'Under tho ponding legisla
tion we would conio to tho silver standard.
It was not probnblo that gold would roiuaiu
in circulation at the rato fixed by the bill.
What was u silvor standard and what did It
moan ? When gold was cut, off and driven
to a proraium wnere would sliver go ? It
would go to a discount. A premium on
gold was a discount on silvar. Silver would
deprociato and the rest ot tho world would
fix the amount of tho depreciation. Our
standard would bo in vory truth TO cents
in tho dollar nud tho paoplo who would lose
by tho depi eolation were maiuly the indus
trial classes. Tho wealth that was loaned
was in part iu the wealth belonging to tho
Industrial classes.
An international conference was tho truo
solutiou of this question. Hu ugreed that
it was unfortunate ibat gold was becoming
the standard coin of Eurnpj. Ha believed
that this country should do ovorything it
could to bring silvei into circulation. But
he did not beliuvo th it because wo saw the
iivil (which was a wjild's evil) this country
should attempt to do the world good aud
afllict its own psople with disaster. If gold
was appreciating, the wholo world wns suf
erlugand not the United Btutes alone. For
this country to undertake to stem tha tide of
tho commerco of tho world wns as reason
ablo as It would bo to attempt to stop the
rise of the mercury by getting an elephant
to step upon tue bulb.
Mr. Harter of Ohio said : "Tho Blaud
bill will contract und debjso our money.
Mr. Bland's claim that the passage of his
bill will make mouoy moro plenty, is mis
leading ami untrue. Klnco 1ST!! we have
minted 720,O(J0,0U0 iu gold alone, or an
average of over fU,0U0,0UU per year. Vn
der tlie IJI;m,l bill tliu would cease
und froo coinage would drive out
our gold and what reniaiued mercuandise
Gold sells in all parts ot the world for20.8fi
iiuias Its weight in silver, and if under free
coinage no only give it a value of 10, all
human experience shows would have uo
gold in circulation utter the president sign
ed u free and unlimited colungo bill.
Mr. Kaynor of Maryland said tho present
silver dollar wus dishonest and did not coins
up to tho test. Too domuud ot tho miuo
owners for free and unlimited coinago ho
denounced as a fraud by which no ono Was
to proht o tcept tho initio owners, to whom
was given tho privilege of dumping their
bullion upon tho people ut a comugo price
awny above its market value. Kreo coinage
uf silver meant tho demonetization ot gold
by forcing it from the channels ot circula
Mr. Tracy of New York announced, amid
loud appluusj. tho election of llogor O,
Mills to tho United States benate.
funer inyior ot iiuno.s men ollerod an
nmendment providing that all pensions shall
be paid In gold. He said ho represented tho
only party that opposed that measure. lie
denied tho right ot the gentleman from
Massachusetts (Mr. Williams) to speul: for
tho republican party or for tho minority of
the committee on colnitgo.
Mr. Hopkins of Illinois said the conditions
of this country woro adjusted to a gold
standard aud he knew of no greater calam
Ity which could bafall the country than
that this bill In Its present form should be
enacted into law.
Mr. Lpes of Virginia, a member of the
committee. nrgueJ that there was uo reason
to fear a Qood of silver iu our mints. It
was a mathematical cortalntv. ho said, that
ireo coinage would rostora silvor to a stau
dard with gold.
Mr. btevens of Massachusetts recorded
ugainst the bill, in the uamo of his constitu
ents and his party, his most emphatic pro
test, it was as a democrat, spjakiuc from
a democratic standpoint, that he felt obliged
to raise his voles against this measure which
proposed one of the most stupendous uroposi
tions over prosouted to an American Con
gross. Tho public creiit was to bo ued to
unable a ring of silver speculators to unload
their proJuci upou tbo American poople,
1 ending a conclusion of Ids remarks, tho
ilousu took n roces3 until i:iil.
TliA Kvrlilfig Solium
At tho evening sosslou tho silver bill was
again considered, Mr. O'Douuoll of Miohi
gun opened tho debate, opposing tho bill,
Mr. Woadeck of Michigun, und Mr. Bowers
of California, and Mr. Winu of Georgi
supported the bill. Mr. Covert of Now
York domed that tho bill was a democrat!
measure. Ho said It was In overy seuso
sectional moasure. Tho protest against th
attempted legislation came not from on
political party; nor did it come from ouu
special class of our people.
Mr. Lewis of Mississippi favored tho bill
and Mr. Post ot Illinois opposed it.
Uxtaodlng lliist from Winnipeg Train
Htotmert by TorpwdoHt
St. Paul, Minn., March 22. A special
to the Winnipeg JJesputcu says; "The Can
udinu l'acilio strike has now extended to tho
eastern division from Fort Willmiu to Chal
uiver, -lull nines being iockou up. n is ox
pected that tho dlvisiun from Montrenl oast
will be under strike to-morroiv. Moro vlo
louca is reported from Hut Portage, tho
train belnj; stopped by torpedoes on tho
track, and Superintendent McKouzIo nu
Conductor MuNnbb, who wero iu tho ca
boo3o, very roughly huudled. They net
both badly hurt but nro now Iu the enro of
uiTAW.v. unt., jnaicli All the con
ductors nnd other train hand3 nud th
switchmen on tho Bchrlober, Cartler and
Iiorth Bay divisions of tbo Cnuadlau l'noill
railroad, went out ou stiiko at midnight
lait ulght and it Is foarod tho strike will ox
teud to-night to tho Ontario, (Juobec nud
Mnntlmo provinces division, Vory fo
trains have" arrlrt'd here to-doy,
nvernmont Still Very Ketlcent, Hut tho
General Ilellef Is Thnt It Is Unsatisfac
tory Tlie Unltod States Will Stand
Firmly by Us First rnattlon,
Wasiii.noto.v, March 22. Tho entire ses
sion ot the cnbinot to-day was consumed in
considering tho Bering sea question. Lord
Salisbury's reply to Mr. Wharton's note of
the bth Inst., Insisting upon a renewal of tho
modus vivendl for tho present season, wns
road and formed the busts of the discussion.
The utmost reticonco Is retatnod by tho
members of tho cabinet as to the contents
ot Lord Salisbury's noto, yet there is rea-
on to believe that It is unsatisfactory to
this government. Tho position announced
n Mr. Wharton's noto of tho 8th Inst, is
not, in tho opinion of the president and his
cabinet, succoMlully controverted. Lord
halisbury's reply ns to tho main point is
aid to bo indecisive, nnd although ho con
tends against tho renewal he does not com
mit himself so far as to decline bis assent
to it.
Thero is reason to bollovo that Lord Salis
bury suggests ns a conditional precedent to
any modus vivendl that might be es tab
bed between tbo two governments that
tho United States should obligate itself to
indemnify Canadian vossol owners for any
osses sustained by thom iu case it is decid
ed by tho arbitrators that tho United States
ha i no right to provent pelagic sealing. It
is said that n reply is now being prepared
n wulch this government will stand iirnily
by lis former position.
But Salisbury's lteply la Subject of
.Much Interest in tho Dominion.
Toronto, Ont., March 22. A special
cnblo to tho Globe soys: "In official circles
rent reticence is maintained respecting the
tenor of Lord Salisbury's reply to Blaine's
request tor a renewal of tho modus Tivondi,
but it is generally urged thnt Lord Salis
bury could not comply with the request
without Implying an admission ot United
States' demand to exercise juiisdiction in
Bering sen aud without utterly ignoring
tho request of the British commissioners,
who declare there is no single case wbero a
permanent injury has bean done any habit
of tho seals through sealing in tho open
To Itemuln Until T.ier Armnco fur the
Payment of ltullrotul liomls Fined
Kansas Citv, Mo., March 22. Yester
day Judgo I'hlllipj of tho United States
Court culled . F. ray, h. R. Land uud
i' George, tb'j three judges of Cass
county, to the bar ot tho court and sen
tenced thom to jail until thoy should mnko
somo arrnngomont for the paymnnt of the
bonds voted by Cass county 20 years ago in
theJTebo and 'ooaho railroad. 11a also im
posod a line of $ i00 on oath.
The road wi never built nnd tho bonds
toll into tho hand ot innocent purchasers,
who havo obtained judgment repeatedly
aiust the county. .lui'g. Phillips a year
n ordered the county judges to issuo a
speciul tax levy to provide lor tho psyniont
of tlK-ir indebtedness. Tbo judges'Ideclincd
to niako thu levy, so Judge Phillips declared
them In conloiupt.
Harvard's 1'iusnlent Sun the Mucwuiuns
w 111 hot Vntn for 11 1 ill .
Chicaoo, March 22. A despatch from
Sail Franci.ico says: resident C. W. Eliot
of Harvard university said yesterday that
U Uavid li. Hill wns nomiuated by tho deni
ocrnis ne certainly would no defeated, llie
mugwumps in .New i orl: and New England
bo doclaied would not veto tor Hill.
The liar Association of the City of Nnw
York Wilt nu itequt'st the f.nulwlnture,
New Yor.K, March 22. Tho association
of the bar ot tiio city of New York to-nlgbt
tried Icauc C. Mnyuard, judgo of the Couit
of Appeals, nnd found hiin guilty of repre
heusiblo conduct In the Dutchess couuty
election case, by a vote which was probably
nbout live to one.
Muynard's friouds fought hard for his ac
qulttal. U ithln a few duys tbo senators
and representatives in Albany' will be culled
upon by the New York city bar to remove
Maynard from his olllw.
roposcil Legislation Tlint Will Shut
1 1 1 lis Out nf tllti Dumllilou,
- . ... . i r nn . r r .
sjriAWA, uui., .uureu .ur. uordon
of British Uolumhla has given notico iu the
House of Commons of his intention to in
troduca a LIU amending tho Chinese imml
gratlou act by increasing tbo poll tax on
Chinese immigrants from 00 to SflOO per
Tho bill also onacts that aftor expiration
ot four months from the passing of the act
Chiueso immigration into Canada shall be
prohibited altogether.
Was the Icriimi llolut I n 1 1 n Gone of
Wl-tuousln l.ynrher.
Daiu.INOTO.v, Wis., March 22. Tho Jury
In tho tjlelioldt lyncuing gaso returned
verdiot last night finding that at the time
ot tho lynching nil ot the defendants woro
Insane and theroforo not guilty ixb cburged.
A Veriunulur Unlit i; Ahi'imU.
WAKlllNfiTo.v, March 21!. Hon. O. M
Tiukham of Pomfret has been iu Washlnc
ton a few days but is now In Now York und
will sail tor F.urope by tbo City of Now
York of the Inman Lino to-day. Ho ca:
rles credentials from the State Depart'
ineut and from the Agricultural Department
and will investigate the couditlou of the
rural laboring poople of Groat Britlau with
n vlow of comparing their status with tho
samo class horu.
(laorgo M. Powcra has boon visiting hie
father, tho congressman, bora during tho
past woelc but Is ou his way home,
MIIU Clioiun bauntnr from Texas.
AUSTIN, 'fox;, March 22. Ilogor Q,
Mills has been UDauimoutly elected Uulted
Statvs senator.
What Senators and lt'lr' nlntlvns Ilnvo
Dunn Iu tlie Way nf 1'ulillc Itimlnos.
Tbo Henato spont four nnd a half
hnurs in executive) sefslon Wednesday,
considering tbo judlclnl nominations.
A speech by Mr. Tnrplo ngulnst the
confirmation of Judgo Wood's nomina
tion occupied the lnrgor part ot the timo.
Several culls of tbo Senuto wero necessary
In order to onsuro the presenco of a quo
rum. When tho roll bad been called It ap
peared that Judgo Woods, whose name
Htood first on tbo list, wns con
firmed by a burn majority,
tho vote stnndlng 215 to 22. Subsequently
one moro vote was added, to tho allirmative,
making tho voto stand 2-1 to 22. Tho voto
wa3 strictly according to party line", oxcept
that Senator PolTer voted ugniust confirma
tion with tlio democratic senators. Senator
Stewart was not present.
Thus ended one ot tho most protrncted
struggles iu recent yoars involvlug presiden
tial nomination!:.
Tho House on Thursday continued tho dis
cussion of tho free v. ool bill in committee ot
tho wholo.
Friday, after disposing of a largo number
of bills on the culenilar, the Senate, ou mo
tion ot Mr. Sberuvm, proceoded to executive
business and nt -ls-lO adjourned till Mouduy.
Mesi.rs. Williams and Walker of Massa
chusetts bad a llttlo spat in the llouso over
a question of privilege and several private
bills wero considered. At tho evening ses
sion about two dozen private pension bills
wero consideicd iu comniitto.i of tho v. nolo
and placed upon the culoudar of unfinished
In tho Senate on Monday Mr. Hoar
offered a resolution which wus agreed
to, iustiuctlug thu committee on public
buildings nud grounds to iii'qmro into tho
practicability of providing sutllcicut shel
ter east of I ho cnp.tol, for tho pro
tection ot persons who may tnko part In
tho inaugural ceremonies. Ho spoke ot the
"savago woathor' at the tune of President
Graut's second inauiuiulion, and also of
he vory heavy storm that occurred at tho
time ot President Hnrrison's inauguration,
whan Mr. Harrison's own health wns very
seriously endangered, and he sugsosted that
temporary structuro with a water-tight
roof, largo enough to shelter tho entire
crowd, could be arranged without groat ex
pense. The Senato bill to amend tho net for the
relief ot certulu settlers ou the publlu lands
and to provido for tho ropavment of cer
tain fees, purchase money and commissions
paid on void entriss, was taken up as a spe
cial order but had not lieou disposed ot at
the hour of adjouniment. 'I ho Houso pass
ed tho army appropriation bill nud tho.i
went into corunuttee of tbo whole ou the
frco wool bill.
Mr. Goodnight of Kontuokv nssnllod tho
protection system, declaring that If he could
framo a tariff bill bo w mid place a cou-
sorvatlvs tux on art.cl s of consumption in
order wltbm a reasonable limit to raise purl !
of the revenue. Thon he - uuld uavu au
internal tnx ou luxuries, such as whiskey
and tobacco, aud a tax upon incomes.
Mr. bnodgas of Tennessee oonsutned his
time iu arguing against tlie bill donating
!)"), 000,000 to tho world's fair. He contend
ed that representatives In making this ap
propriation wouid violate tho constitution.
Mr. arner of New York argued Hint
under a protective tari IT the price of mut
ton had gone down until, from being one of
tho most prosperous industries of this coun
try, tho raising ot wool had becomo oao that
ovnry prudent man would avoid.
Mr. heeler of Alabama favoi od tho bill.
The committee then roo and tho Houo
asst'S the lltll for the 1 iupro cuiont tif
thf .11 UitlH.lppI Kinl,
Washington, March 22. In tho Sonnt3
to-day, ou motion of Mr. Faulkner, the
West Virginia direct tax bdl uas still lur-
ther postponed till next 'lueaday, ot which
lini" (Mr. Faulkner hoped) Mr. Morrill
noulil be ablo to attend.
Tho bill appropriating S-:JOO,000 for an
equestrian stntuo iu Wtaliington to Gen. Ij.
b. Grant was taken from tho calendar. .Mr.
Hoar otleredmi uiucndment to insert the
words "or other inouuiuuut," nnd spoko oi
tho difficulty ot obtniniug credltalno eques
trian stutuiH. Hu did not know tbnt there
was any artist in tins countrv who had
proved to the satisfaction of tlio world his
capacity to design und execute an eques
trian ntutuo uf the first inuk. It had been
said ot Gen. Sheridan that looking out of
his window nt one of the equestrian statues
iu Washington, ho taid, "i)o not let them
mount me liku that." Ou tho suggestion of
Mr. ogrheos tho bill went over foi tho
1 ho bill for tho relief ot settlers ou tho
public lands was again taku up, and it was
Tha bill to improvo tho navigation of the
Mississippi river, nud to prevent destructive
llood-i, was then taken up ns a i-picial order.
Tho committee nniendmo:its reducing thu
totul impropriation from 10,000,000 to
1."),000,000; reducing the minimi expendi
tures under tho bill trom vJoli.OOO to !$',',
000,000; reducing tho amount fixed for tunt
part of tho river from the mouth ol ilie Il
linois to the rnouthof thu Ohio from ;'(,, JU0,
000 to i), 000,000, nu I tlw annual exwiidl
ttires there fiom .,10u,-,i(,u" to ? 1,000, OUU,
wero all ugreed to. Afterwards, ou motion
ot Mr. Allison, tho total appropriations
wero increased fiom 15,000,000 to if It?, -7!)0,000.
Alter remarks by Messrs. Chandler, Hnw
ley nud Call, an amendment was oll'ered by
Mr. Allison, nml w.is .agreed to, assigning
$3,700,000 of tho total amount to thu Im
provement of tho river botwuen tho mouth
of tho Illinois nud St. Paul, Minn,, of which
not moro than 7"i0,il0'J shall bo expended
during any one j car. Tho bill wus thcu
Tbo bill introduced by Mr, Dolph, ap
propriating l,71",tilll lor securing early
completion of the cnnal nnd for the locks at
tho cascades of tho Columbia river, was also
The bill introduced by .Mr. Mitchell, ap
propriating $2,bfiO,!!.V5 for constructing a
boat railway and necesiary mnrlno appara
tus nud appliuuces nt tha Dalles and Ctlelio
Fulls, and th 10 mile rapid on the Colura
biu river and in tho Improvenwnt of threo
mile rapids, wus also passed without discus
sion and the Seuato then adjournod,
rruhlbitluu Ouvoiil Iiiii at I'lnidnmil I,
(Ika.nd HaI'IDS, Mich., March 18,
Chnirmuu Iliukieot tho national prohibition
coroinitteo announced lust night that tho
national ronvoutiuu will hi held In Cincin
nati, lustead ot St. Louis.
Inlrrrstlnc Nolo From nil Tarts of tlin
;ioho rlthltv J'rrirntfd Many llnru
llftMls (ilvo no Indication til tho Mil
lennium. Tho prosident Frldny signed tho com
mission? ot the nine now circuit judges,
San Salvador's Congross has refused to
ratify tho reciprocity treaty with the Unltod
Patrick Mlllov of Pittsburg fntully shot
bis wife Friday morning and then killed
i telegram from Venozuela says thnt
Congress is dls-olved. Corapleto quiet is
maintained at Caracas,
J. 1'. Whelm of Montreal has Instituted
action for 10,000 damage for false arrest
ngnlnsl ex-Preinlor Mercier.
A despatch from Iiio Janeiro states that
thero v.uro 770 deaths from jellow fover
there during the Inst fortnight.
It is stated that tho national treasury of
Portugal is empty and that bunui uptcy of
tho country is almost an ollkinl fact.
Schneider, tho murdorer of servant girls,
wns executed nt Vienna Thu-s lay. Ho
was gibbeted nfter the Austrian method,
Arthur Thomas, thu wtl -known wrltorof
operas, committed sulcidu in London Mon
day by throwing himself Imforo u train.
Thero is open hostility betv.eon the oleri
ical anil liberal elements in Chili. Presi
dent Mont"' has decide 1 to go with tho liber
als. Negotiations between tlio United States
minister uud tho Spanish government, re
garding copyright, have been satisfactorily
Tho New Yoik Senate has concurred in
tbo Assembly amendment to "the world's
fair bill, providing for tho closiug ot tbo
state exliibit ou Sunday.
A dispatch lrom Granada, Spain, says tho
Marquis of Coruselico was fouu.1 shot do'id
iu his room Mouduy. Tho motive for tho
astussinatiou is not known.
The Supreme Court of Wisconsin has de
clared tbo assembly, senatorial and con
gressional apportionment madj by the last
legislature unconstitutional.
The bollor of tho East Jordan, (Mich.),
lumber mills blew up Monday morning,
instantly killing six pcr.'ous nnd injuring
somo 20 others, four of whom will die.
Tho papal brief appoiiitiug Dr. Vaughnu,
nt presont bishop of Suulord, urenbtshop of
ojtniluister, to succeed tho late Cardiual
Mauniin', is expected within a few days.
The first execution thnt has occurred in
Switzerland since lfiOS took piucj Friday
at Lucerne. The culprit was an Itnhtiu
who murderod a woman. He wus executed
by tho guillotine.
Ken or P. ilontt, the Chilian minister, ar
ris od at Concord, N. H. Tuesday after
noon on a visit to tho Now England ' tates,
for the purpose of obtaining Information
upon industrial mutters
Sunday night the bark Sylvan Muodou
gall, from Barbados."! for St, John, N. B. ,
was driven ashore at Trinity L;do, oil' the
cobst oi' Yarmouth, iu tho Bay of Fuudy
und five of the crow were drowned.
Tho will of Kov. Kpainlnondas J. Pierce
of Monmouth, N. J., leaves au o-.tate ot
$200,000 to Lincoln uuiv-roity ol Oxiord,
Chostor county, Pa , for the purport of edu
cating coluro 1 young men for the ministry,
The Abeicarno tiu-piate works in Mon
mouth, England, havo Iweu clrsad. At the
Ahertillery works the operatives Imvu ru
ceived u month's notice of the c!o3a of con
tract!. Thrrn thousand bands wilt thus bo
thrown out of employment.
Thero is a general feeling of uneasiness.
almost amounting tonpn'iic,in Hussiau fi.m
cial circles, as a rostilt ot thu Guonzberg
faliuro. It is admitted that tho fnl.uro wns
caused directly by the anti-Semitic and
unti-foreigu policy of ths czar.
rvngrticfitltiiinl Dllnisttirs lu Sosslnn,
The Winooski association of Congrega
tional ministers mot Tuesday at the parlors
ot tho Y. M. C. A. at 10 a. in. aud ilmod,
us usual, at tho Van Xess House. In tho
course of tho two .stsslous, beside matters of
bii'incss and routiuo, threo papers wero
r ad ono by Ho v. S. L. Bates on Now
England Psalmody, sketching the history of
tho service of snug from the tiniu of Steu
bold aud Hopkins to tho present; one by
Prosident BucUham ou thu relation of cul
ture to religion, nnd a sermon by llov. F.
W, (lakes. Each paper was followed by
criticism and comment. Soveutceu of the
clergy woio iu uttenduueo and the meeting
was one of profit uud stimulus.
MUsSaraM. Sclioonmaker, who died re
cently at tbo residence ot William A. Ste
venson in Tyro, Seneca county, N. Y., wns
nt one time a toucher in tbo Burlington
High school, Sho was born Nov. Hi, lbitf,
in Koohit tor, N, Y. Shu began her life
work as a school toacher when about IU
yours of ugn, Sho filled positions success
fully as teacher and preceptress iu tho
HrocKport Normal school, Leicester, Muss.,
Kankakee, 111., Anhtubula, Ohio, and other
plains. A few years ago ou account of
falling health sl.o was obliged to give up
her work. Miss Schooumaker wus u mem
ber of the llclouued church of Tyre.
Ifl'UIMlit IVlMIOllttr.
Washington, March 17. Tho following
Wriunnters have been granted pensions :
Or.ginal, Axro B. Bowon, Ueorsra It. Dins
moor, Albert Burbank; renewal and in
croaso, Warren Hulett; ra-issue, Hilas 1).
Daw?, Daniel Loiighlln; original, widows,
etc., minor of lllinui 11, Urnsbeo.
WAMUNiiroN, March HI. --Pensions have
boon gruutod to thu followlug Vermoutors:
Original, Edwin A. Uuwe, Levi flrron, ad
ditional, Daniel Clark; lucrease, Horace
WASlll.MiTOV, Murch 20. Tho followlug
Vermoutors hnvo baon granted peaslous:
Original, Andrew J. Duutou, Henry A.
Wed. iiuii, Patrick H. Mumford, Jutues II,
Mt'Gulie, Ira H. Hooper; nddltlontl,
Augustus J, Cratio; Increase, Eugene- D.
Chllson; ro-lssuo, Elkunah T Llllie, origin
al widows, etc. Hoottu T. Williamson,
Hannah M, Smith, Elvira Law con.
Original, Heury H. Gould, Lysandcr
Davis, Oolou Savary; rostoratlou, I.swis St.
George; supplemental, John Murphy; ro-lssuo,
Jackson Surgeut, Patrlok McOoveru,
John A. Qullty, original, .vldous, ic,
Mary S. Blake, Saliuu LaClalr,
(Isvr 'Hi Ir Annual i:lilhltlnn lltip Last
l.stt lug An lihjm able AU.llr.
Mnim.isUMiY, March 22, Thu annua
junior exhibition was given nt the town
ball this evening by tho class of 'il'J. Be
fore the entertainment coimncneod tho hull
was filled with people awaiting the expect
ed troot. Music was turuishod by tho How
ard Opera House orchestra. Tho subjects
of orutlous nud essays nnd speakers follow:
"iiational control of railways," L. 11. btur-
tovant, Ware. Mass.: "Our State." G. E.
Cndy! Mlddlebury: "Tho power of His
voice," J. B. Donowny, Vergounos; "The
right of revolution, " L. Tyler, Mnmaro-
neck, N. Y.j "Fnds.," Ijnnua 11. Dor
toy, .Mlddlebury; "Inmmany hull," W. J.
Douglass, Norwood, N. Y. ; "Woman In
war," Mary B. Duushco, Bristol; "Our
national safeguard," E. II. Brown,
Jacksonville; "A coming science,''
Georgo L. Hasseltiue, Bristol;
"American Hurry," It. G. Megnthliu,
Harwick, iiass. ; "A sad leson iu civiliza
tion, B. C, Minor, New Haven; "A six-
year term," B. F. Seeloy, Delhi, N. 1.;
"Tno aim of sclcuco," P. U. Kos, Poult-
ney; "Ibu uso of tho Imagination, SU3ie
T, Wilder, Ludlow; "Tho abuse of pen
sions," I''. B. Wynne, Minneapolis; ''Tho
Greek conception of bounty," C. E. Hassel
grave, Ogdensburg, N. Y,
At tho close the exhibition wns the an
nual hop given by ths junior class.
K, Ilnrrlngtfiii ol tho 1 3th Kogiment,
Admitted from turllui;tou.
Bi-.nninuton, March 22. L. K. Harring
ton of Co. C, 12th Vt., died very suddenly
of heart failure at tho Vormout Soldiers'
Home this evening, Mr. Harrington was
udmlttcd from Burlington in lbSS, and will
be buried at Burlington.
Old Man Killed by n Train.
HanuVei:, N. H., March 22. Willard
Jaquitb, n u old man living at North Thet
ford, Vt., was instantly killed by a trelght
tram at tbnt place this afternoon. Tno
train wua bucking and the saloon car struck
him. Jaquitb was deaf.
I'nttuiaster ut Mtuldttn Iirlug,
Washington, March 22. Fourth-class
postmasters wero to day appointed as fol
lows: W. W. Macia, Sheldon Springs'.
Some of the N.tuiei. lleforo lha t.Ily I a
thurs for rotmhleiHtlim.
AVith the approach of April 4, tho time
whou the recently elected uh'oriuo.i will us
surue the icapousibllities aud duties ot their
position, numerous names aro l.olng put
forward for tho city olllces. Amoug those
most frequently mentioned are: City treas
urer, G. 1). Wellcr, tho present incumbent,
F. Joliounott, C. E. Miuer ami L. S. Wa
ger; health officer, Dr. Crandidl, who has
hold tbo office one year, Dr, J. II. Llasley
Dr. 1'. E. McSweeney and Dr. IL C. Tlnk-
hum: overseer of tho-f'or, G. A. Lumsey,
James 'iruman, L. A. Drew and Gilion
Stockwcll; city eug.ne-jr, A. R. Dow, H. M.
Mcintosh and Prof. J. W. otcy. i he term
of F. H. Parker as water commissioner ox
pires this spring and it is probable that be
will uo his own sucoas..oi', though ths namo
ot D. W. C. Clupp is mentioned. Street
CoiuuiisMoner J. li. Bunou's term also ex
pires und tiiorosoocus to bo no active candl
date for the utile. Charlei E. xU'en, city
clerk, has uo compstitiou an 1 his ro-olectlon
is a foiegoue conclusion.
lllo Wondburv Granltti Coinri tny lilvMi a
Vtirdlctfor Sii.T 1.51 A aalnst .MIlllKan
.V Ulb-nii.
MoxirEl.iEii, March 16. This moinin
tho iurv iu tbo cae of Woodbury Grauit
Co., Vs. Milliken t Gibson, brought in
v 'i dict for pluintifts to recovor 2,721.51
und costs.
The second and last civil case of thotoira.
that of the Granite Savings Bank and Trust
Co., vs. 11. O, and Mrs Camp is now on
trial. G. W. Wing and Martm t1!." Carlaton
apnea for plaintiffs and . v. and O. B.
Boycs for defendants.
Tbo judgo announced that btnto cases
would be Iavuu at 2 p. in. Monday, and
tint the jurymen in waiting would Iu
cusod until that time.
Evening Tho jury aro out with
Granite Savings bank, vs. Camp case,
court has dctlird a recess until
. in
till I Sn. I l.svi. Dr. Terry Ills Choice
und .She Gut II Im
Punu, 111., March 17. Dr. W. Warren
Perry, who for several months has been en
gagid to marry Mluuie Borgu, weut to
Eli.abotb yeisterday to marry (mother girl.
Miss Borgn heard of it, aud, as she had
given Perry u nug, the swore out a warrant
against him for obtaining goods under faltu
pretenses. This was 20 minutes before tho
proposed wedding, nud Perry was brought
back to Peru. Mlas Ilorga gave him his
choice of uiarryiug her or golug to jail. Hu
chose the former.
About S 15,000 Hjtinngo tu I'ubllt' Uucu
mulits In Hit. Uoime folding Kniiin,
Washington, March 22. A firo occurred
in the folding room of thu House ot Hepre
suntativos about 7 o'clock this evening and
destroyed a largo number of public docu
ments. Summons for IMwnrd Fluid.
Nuw Youk, March 23. District Attor
ney Niouoll to-day Issued nu ordor to tho
sheriff lo bring l'dward M. Field to tbo
Court ot Oyer and Termiuer to-morrow
morning. Mr. Nicoll said that Field would
iu mi probability bo committed to au insane
A Kick rroiit Kiitluuil County.
Hl'Tl.vNP, March IS The Uutlaud couu
ty democratic commute uist hero' to-day
and unanimously udoptod a resolution pro
te.iting ngalast tho action of the State com
mittee in calling- the State conventiou at
Moutpollor 'as against the expressed wish
of the party "
"StenpT Jmiu" Fallt at l..Mt,
UvnnwoHi; Falls. Mo., March 17,
Charles Bhtw ot Portland, known hi
"Steoplu Jack," while repairing tho sjplra
of tho church at South LWsrraora early tub
morning, fell from the top uud was instant
lv killed. The accident was caused bv
a bratim rope. Ho was considered th mottd
AJi il , I J ,-,pi i, 1 ,
nr,Tnf )ti clliabor In the country,
I'lvo Acres llurnod Over Camhrltlso Cnr
rlnjo Factory, llwellluas and Stores
Itiirnetl Whnlrn .Murder Trial Ilosun
at riltsllolri.
Boston, Match IS. Mrs. Annie Powell,
Bged SI, living at IS HocUinglihm place,
Hoxlmry, h at, the city hoipHnl sufTerinc;
liom numerous wounds on the face and
head, .'illcpod to havo been inflicted by her
brotlier-in-liur. John .L P.rentiuti. Sho
innv not live. Her f ire was almost
chopped to pieces, a keen-edged liat.chet
hciiiK the wenpoti usd.
Arconllng to Mis. PowcH'i version
given to the police. Dn-ntnn, considerably
the worse for liquor, entered the houso
shortly bof-re 4 o'eloek, went Into tho
cellar nud tlicr met lier as slu was about
to so up stairs with a hod of coal
A liatelii't used by one of the tenants
lay on the floor, and Knmtuin, she says,
picked it up and approached her. demand'
inu; a retrnct'on of some statement sho
made, she was not cowed by his posses
sion of the implement mul the discussion
WHxeti warmer.
I'-rcnnan. she savs. stnifl: her over tho
liend. lVllinK her to t'u' floor, unci he is ni
li-ifed to have followed up the aUaek by
Ftrikini, iirr I wire move across the fnen
while she was prostrnlr, i.teh blow lnyint;
her cheek open lo the hone.
Mrs. Powell wn not lnuiid until nfter
o'eloek, nnd in the meantime she had loso
n !iiru;e amount, of blood. She was taken
to the hospital, and is in a precarious con
dition. I'rennan was found concealed in a houo
In Xawu nourt. II" was taken into cus
tody and locked up. c h.trgi-d with assault
and ' littery with a deadly weapon.
Itig Cnrriut:i Tni'tnly anil Other Prop
erty Dcstioycd nt i anihrldije.
CVMI'.IMD'.K. Miw-., Miueli 22. The peo
ple oi' North C'nmbtidge were awakened
from th"lr slumbers a,rl? fhi.- moruingby
n lite, stieli as the city h.is not known for
a ;.tcut many year-. The whole of Hen
derson Bros.' imiueii-e (urriase lnanufiie-
torv and repository, taking yp nearly tha
enthe block, bounded by Xoith avenue,
lladiey. Itusse'.l and Orchard streets, weld
biini"d to tlio ground, with the exception
onlv of i wo small bniUlitiu-s.
Besirfrs thI-, scvtral tenement li mses on
Hadley street, with their contents, were
burned, and the police station und fira
house of division I injured.
The origin ol the fire is a mystery.
Shortlv after midnight Snre.ent i isccek
niv; a lively lilnze in a comer of llender-
."on lircs.' factory next to the .station
house, mid iminediut"ly ranx in au alarm.
In u few minutes tbr w hole side of tho
building was in flames. :md a second. third
nnd general alarm rapidly followed the
first, and two alarms wi re sounded in
SomTville. The flame- pre.nl so rapidly
that before the firo dep i mient could gjt
to work the whole
storeroom und twei.tr
a of live .teres of
i vn Honrs of cnr
rinses was one bnpli. !' itiu nnd adlaccnb
dwelling houe$ weif i .telling.
At this hour (i n. m. i sufficient control
has been gained of the lln to render a
spreudin? of the flames improbable, bub
tlie original fire is still tieteeiy lila.ing.
Ilendersion Bros, establishment cou
sistel of a brick block loll by "0 feet, iivn
stories higii and erowded with carriai-es;
two foui-istory frame buildings, each ns
large ns the brick block, four large two
story building used as storo house, a
French roof stable and a small
bluck-diiitli .'.hop. This Inst and one
of the twy-story stor 'houses wcra
tha oniy buildings saved. Five dwellings
were destroyed.
Ther were over 3000 carriages in tho
whole plant, and several hundred S'ds ot
harnesses. Only about 100 of the vehicle
were saved.
Seventy-five lo BO hands were employed
iu the factory.
The loss will reach over f.k,000.
Whiilen Murder Cafe May fin to tha
.Itiry by Tomorrow Afternoon.
PriTi"li:i.o. Mass., March 22. The trial
of illiumCoy, the iintnlcrer o Whalen,
opened vestenlay before Chief .Tustico
Ma-on, nnd Justices Aldrich ami Ham
mond. Eighty juioif were nearly ex
hausted before tho twelve were secured
District Attorney Hlbbanl opened tho
case i' r the connnonweatb, and t,ive an
outline) of the prosecution, bringing out
the fact that thesiippos'(leIc:jeiiient of.Mrs-
Coy and Whalen was probably part of tho
scheme, as Coy gave the woman money
with which to go to Albany tin" day beforo
the murder
The. llr-t witness was William V Pal
mer ot Otis, who bought gra-s on Wha
Icn's farm Auk. 2S, the day before tho
murder, givlm in payment a silvor
watch. The watch found on Coy wns
shown witness and identified as the samo
Thomas Harrington ofOti- gavo Whalen
n note for -100 the same day. Fred W'cb-st-erot'Wcot
Uccket saw Wbalcn cash a
note at the Lee N'ational bunk the next
day. Chnrlee . Sargent, assistant ts-llcr
of the. Lee Savings uaak, paid "Whalon 1111,
the amount of his deposit, on Aug. 20.
Milton T. Abbott, niftht watchman at
Washington, testified rianlilif- the move
ments ot Coy and Whalen on the day of
the murder.
( uuiisel are of the opinion that the cisa
Will get to the jury Wednesday afleruoon-
Seiiittui' Mirrniiiu Hill Not Allow Ilia
um tu Co lleforo thu louvnitlon,
WxsuiXGTO.v, March 21. "Senator
Sherman is nut u candidate for tbo presi
dency, nor will he permit ths use of his
nnuaa by any ot his friends iu that oonnoo
tlon,'' said tba Hon. William Habn, chair
man ut the republican Stale committee, la
reply to an inquiry as to tba attitude ot
th Ohio senator on the presidential ques
tion. Sonat.ir Morrill's Cumfor lalilo Hay,
Wasiunqtov, March 22 Senator Mor-
r passed a comfortable day. Hi physl
.till (iin.i .wiutvi muig .. . . - J-
clBn Reports him as improvlns sttadlly.

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