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roltonlnc nt rortlnnil Jlystory llounvil
Inc John I. Wntiioii, Found Dead nt
Kockland Clovoland nt Providence
I'lra it tho Capo Other Now England
'eni of lutorost.
Dovtcr, N. H., Apiil 4, Wanted for
murden John Arthur Simpson, iitias
Geornj Simpson, alias Goorjre A.Stillwell,
formerly of Ji'rederioton, N. H., once a Bap
tist mlniater, later n liurRlnr, horse thief,
iuceudinry, fortjer, bluniuiRt and llually a
This individual to desired becnusn his
picture had been identified as representing
tho feature. of Julius McArthur, who
killed Deputy Slierift Charles II. Hatch of
New Hampshire Jluy f, lb91, while resist
ing arrebt lor stealing n horse aud who
escaptd from tho rotary jail ot this city
Jul 17, 1891.
So tangible clew to SI -Arthur's where
abouts has ever been discovered. The
murderer hneucrcs'iliilly eluded the olli
cers of Sttatlord county, Ilostou and New
York in their attempts to capture him,
nod np to a month or so ago he was fortu
nate in not having his identity known to
Ukko who wanted to arrest him.
Now, however, he has been recognized as
a daring oijook, who started in life, at his
majority, as a Baptist minister, and who,
a month before the murder, had rounded
off a portion ot his career by finishinir a
second sentence in the stnto prison of Mas
Fachnnetts, to any nothing of previous
numerous terms in penal institutions of
other states.
Tho indictment found against Jnlius
McArthur by the rnnd jury of Strafford
county reads: "murder in the first de
cree," aud a warr.int from that body is
held by Sheriff William S. Hayes of Mad
bury. Chief Inspector Coulter of Boston has
had Inspector Gcn-aughty looking for the
man, and Chief Inspector Byrnes of New
York lias also been on the watcii for him.
Hut Simpson hasn't been caught. He was
in Boston, in court, about six weeks nao,
when his fotmer pal, Kitene Graves, alias
Dr. Maximillian K. A. La Toss, was sen
tenced to twenty-live years' imprisonment
for a criminal operation, but since then
Simpson has kept away from tho city, and
is now supposed to be out west.
The murderer doesn't know that his
identity has been established. Ho very
likely received word some months ai;o
that tins stale of Xew Hampshire will pay
SHOO for the arrest of Julius 11. Mc
Arthur, but probably ho hasn't been told
that the same sum will be paid to tho
man who nave McArthnr a knife to use as
a wedjje to open the ceil door.
Fount! Drat nt Itncklnnd tIo. Said to
Have Upon Encaged to n Woman in
Ludlow, Vt.
PORTLAND, Me., April 4. Mystery sur
rounos the death of John I). Watson, who
died at the Thorndiko Hotel, liockland,
Inst Thursday nii;lit, of pleuro-pneumonia.
Watson, if that was his name, had boarded
nt the Preble House in this city for live
months aud was a commercial traveler,
representing Austin, Nichols & Co., Sew
He had an office with J. 10. Stringer,
Commercial street, in this city. He had
no relatives here, and his room at the
Preble House contained only a few per
sonal effects, and nothing that would in
dicate who he was or from whence lie
came. He wore a Grand Army button,
and the undertaker at Uackland found
four or five scars of what hud been severe
wounds on the body.
The clerk at the Preble House said Wat
son received very little mail, and what ho
ilid receive was apparently from a woman
in Ludlow, Vt., to whom it wa? under
stood Watson was engaged.
Watson drew a heavy pension from tho
povernment, ami, it is said, as a brigadier
general, but the pension rolls fall to bring
to light any such name.
Hystericus Case of Mrs. Fnvtmi' 1'iinilly
al Portland, Me.
Pop.tlan-d, Me., April 4. A mysterious
cau of wholesale poisoning occurred in
this city Kridav night, which came near
costing four people their lives, and which
may possibly terminate fatally for one of
them yet.
Friday night Mrs. Foxton, Mrs. Alico
Bowman, Maggio Gill and Miss Lucy
Crowley were taken violently ill. Dr. T.
I). Sullivan found the two older women in
n very critical condition and apparently
suffering from arsenical poisoning. He
applied tho proper remedies and after sev
eral calls pronounced the family out of
danger, although Mrs. Bowman Is seri
ously 111.
Tbe family had partaken ot oysters
tried in batter, and they concluded they
inut have been poisoned either by the
oysters being old or having become im
piegnated with poKon ftom the can. The
physician suyu the family undoubtedly
:sme very near death's door from arsen
ical poisoning. It might possibly come
from the oysters, but he evidently did not
believe that it did. The oysters that wero
left have been sent to Prof. Kobinsou of
Bowdoin college for an analysis.
Three Person Itltlm by a Mud Dos,
Flrmisgtok, N. J., April 4. A large
Newfoundland dog belonging to Abnut
Aber ot Middle Valley went mad Fiiday.
He hud to be chained, bat succeeded in
breaking hit. fastening and escaped. He
attacked Mr. Aber and bit him seveiely
ou the hand. Josie Knoll, an 8-year-old
girl, and Michael L'pps weie also bitten.
The animal bit several other dogs, all ol
whioh were killed. Ho continued ids wild
run until be was shot. The dog gave every
evidenoe of rabies.
Charjre of Gouiplruey.
FrtAMKt'OKT, April 4. The Zeitung says
that a itusso-Bulgar conspiracy has been
organized in Odessa, with branches in
Constantinople and Belgrade, supported
by money paid by the Bulgarian govern
ment to defray tha cost of tho Russian
occupation, and that tho Russian govern
ment is cognizant of a settled plan to over
throw the Stambulott' government in Bul
garia. Wuen you uro troubled with diz.lnos, your
appetltn all wi, anil )nu feel had generally
lake u fewdosesof Dr. Honery llnxtnr'a .Man
drake Hitter and jou wlll he fiurnrlod nt
the Improvement in your ftelingi. Kvery bot
tle warranted toglvo satisfaction.
f-ald a noted man of CO years, "my mother
bhVo nie Downs- r.imr ror coughs auu conn
when l whs a uoy.
eumatiem Is quickly
5a 6i OU Liniment.
cured. by using
At tho HusnrTeatlneStutlon About 50,
000 1'iiUniU Itnpreaentad Thin fnr.
MoxTPBMEIt, April 3. Up to last even
ing 417 snmplos had been received at tho
government nuplo sugar testing station,
about four-fifths being from Vermont mak
ers, and the wholo representing about BO,
000 pounds. Tho highest tisted sample yot,
1)1 nnd a fraction, oauio from Fairfax.
Only two samples hare yet tested below 80.
WnalilnBtnn County Court.
Mo.NTi'Kunn, April 3. In the case of
Statu vs. Albeit O. Lcvnuway, charged
with assault with intent to kill, the jury
were out about throe hours yesterday for
noon and roturnod a verdict ot guilty of ns
saultand battery. Keccss from yesterday
noon until 2 p. m. Monday.
Vordlrt Amnion! the Central Vormont.
Bkllows Falls, April 8. In Rutland
Court S.tttirduy, in tho caso of Hos
klskon vs. the Central Vermont railroad for
burning tho plniti'ltl's farm buildings near
Summit station hi 18S9, by sparks from a
locomotlvo, a verdict was roturned against
tho railroad for $i),'GH.
oiv Opera llouiu for N'oirpurt.
Newi'ort, April 0. Ellsha Lnne will
build a !jvi5,00 opera house as soon as tho
ground Is thawed. Tho building will be of
brick, practically fire proof and lorated on
Mam street in what is now Band Stand
Tark. The lower stories will be finished
for stores and olllcos.
A Young Lauyrr ot White Klvur Junc
tion Die Alone.
Wuitc Piivsn Ji ntho.n', sMarch 30.
John J. Slmondi-, a rising young lawyer
here, was found dead in his ofUco last night,
evidently having died of apoplexy or heart
disease. He win last teen altvo Monday
fvening, when ho lolt the hotel to retire.
He had made an appointment with his bro
thers nnd sisters for yesterday at the old
homestead, two miles from hero, wlmn the
home farm of his deceased parents was to
hnvo been dooded to his two brothers. His
non-appearance excited suspicion and a
search revealed his dead body.
IUitlnnd's Village Moating,
Rutland, March 30. Rutland's village
meeting was held to-duy. N. A. Ualley
was elected president of tho board of trus
tees and $5950 uas voted to the tire depart
ment, A goneral tax of 35 cents and four
cents for improvement of parks was also
ISiid Acoldent at South Londonderry.
BrtATTLKiiono, 3Iarch SO. A four-year-old
daughter of W. It, Aldrieh of South
Londonderry had her loft foot and cnklo
horribly crushed to day, between a shutt
coupling nnd a Kill at Aldrich's shop. Uho
limb was aniputatod bolow theknoe,
l.uckj- DUcuvorr of u Washout.
St. Ai.iians April 4. The high water of
tho Missisquoi river cut out a part of
tho Central Vermont railroad track near
tho Sheldon fair giound this morning. It
was discovered by a track walker in time to
prevent tho ditching of tho next train.
Prompt ropoirs nero made and only two
trains wero delayed. Carriage roads near
Ulcbiord are largely under water.
Tho Tonally Tor l'lrit Ofi'onces Incroiiieil
I'liio ol ltlu.
Judgo Ross, who is presiding at the
County Court in Rutland, is after ttio liquor
dealers very thnrp. In disposing of a lot
ot casos in which pleas of guilty hud been
made, ho said tliat tho courts proposed to
increase tho penalty for first offence", aud
If that did not stop tho business, tlien im
prisonment would have to be rosorted to.
The linos wero fixed at l?30 for each first of
fence, and the llensoa, aggregating 102 first
offence, three for nuisance, and one for be
ing a common sollor, amounted in fines to
3,430, besides costs, which probably neorly
equalled that sum.
A rruuchiuan Attempts to Destroy tho
1'ai-llument Mulldlng.
Madrid April 4. This polico this nfter
noon arrebtod a Frenchman hs ho was en
tering a back door of tho Parliament build
ings. heu arrested he tried to throw
down a bundle but was prevented. The
bundle was found to contain a dyiinmito
bomb with a fuo roady lor lightning. Ha
said ho hud placed a similar bomb in the
lobby entrance but evidently the fuse had
gouo out.
An examination of tho lobby resulted in
tho discovery of tho bomb behind a pillar.
Kach bomb contained about six pounds of
dynamite, enough to make un anarcnistic
Tho prUoner refused to give any account
of himself further than to say that he has
not boon in Paris recently. Ho is a strang
er here.
Many lY-opln Well Known In Literary
;uclt)H in Attendance.
Camdex, X. J., March 30. The romalns
of Walt Whitman, tlio poet, wero interred
this atternoou in his tomb nt llarleigh ceme
tery niter imprtsiive funeral services
which were well uttended by a largo throng
of people including, many well known in
literary circles. The casket of plain quar
tered oak was almost hidden beneath lloral
l'urchasrd to Krpp It Out of tho Unuds
of World's fall- Spi-rulators.
Loxdox, Mnrch 31. A dospoteh from
Strntford-upou-Avon btates tbut tbu Hhalie
spenre birthplace trustees have agreed to
purchase Anne llathaway's cuttaio for
JL'oOOO. This action is taken to chuck tbo
offers of Americuu bidders. Two of tho
largest bid have come from Americans who
nro anxious to transport i.ue cottago to Chi
cago. Illg Mi ll ou tint .UIxnUilppI,
St. Louis, Mo,, March 81, Too throat
onod river strike i, on and over 200,000
nogro laborers nro idU on tho leveo. Four
steamers arrived last night uud are uiiablo
to laud their cargoes. A number of boats
are lying at their docks waiting to bo load
ed. Tbj cause of tbo strike is a demand by
tho marine firemen that tho union scale of
wages be paid, and none but utiion men be
employed on tbe boats,
lttiln I'ustpanos tho Game,
BALTW'HtK, March 31, Rain to-dny
mado necessary tho postponement of the
baso ball gamu betweon tho University of
Vermont and Johns Hopkins uiilvorslly,
"' The Womlortttl hili-diko
Of Hood's Karsaparilla as a blood purifier en
titles it to your eoiilldenee. ;Nootlier prcparn
tlouhas such a record of curosnf Sernful i, Halt
itlieum. I lluoii 1'oUoniuiC, or other bid. id ills
er."t!i, Ti'tiy It is to know iu morit. Bo turo
to get Hood's bnrimpnrillA.
For a general family cathartic wo confidently
roceomniend Hood's Pills. They should be in
every home medicine chest.
iV Vorinonter nt AVonhlnulon Assisting In
tho Preparation of Evidenoe No More
Canadian Seniors to bo Allowod to Clour
from tho Port of Victoria,
Washington. March 30. Dr. II. II.
Mclntyre ot West Randolph Is here to assist
In the preparation of uvldouco to bo used in
the proposed arbitration of tue llering sea
question. Br. Mclntyre's evidence is based
on his personal experlenco as superintend
ent of tho seal fisheries while tho lease of the
Seal islands was held by the Alaska Com
mercial company from 1870 to 18'JO.
Sovcinl other gentlemen who wero asso
ciated with Dr. Mclntyro during that por-
iod will bo here during the week for tho
same purpose.
Dr. Jlelntyro has prepared a list of ques
tions, to which others may bo added cover
ing tho points on which ovldenco is desirod.
Theso questions, with tho ovidence itself,
will bo submitted to tho state department
and then turned over to tho solicitor for tho
United States who will rppoar before the
board of arbitrators. This board will be com
posed as follows: Two will be named by tho
president of the Unitod Statos, two by the
queen of England, one by the president ot
I' ranee, one br tho king of Italy and ono by
the king of Sweden and Norway.
The arbitrators aro to decide upon five
points as follows:
1. What wero Russia's rights In tho seal
fisherlos In Boring sea, prior to tho cosslon
of Aluska to the United Statos ?
2, How far wro that country's claims
ot jurisdiction conceded by Great Britain f
3. Was Boring sea included in thephraso
"Pacific ocean" as used in tho treaty of
1820 between Great Britain and Russia;
and what rights, if any, in Bering sea were
exercised by Russia after that treaty ?
4. Bid not all tho rights of Rusiia as to
jurisdiction and ns to tbe teal fisheries in
Bering sea, east of tho water boundary, pass
to tho United States under tho treaty with
5. Has tho United Statos any right, and
If so, what right of protection or property
in the fur seals on tho islands of the United
Statos in Bering sen, when euch soals are
found outside tha ordinary three-mile
Collootor of Custom Uidnred to Forbid
Clearanrtn Jrom Victoria, It, C.
Ottawa, Out., Mnreh 30. The collector
of customs at Victoria, 13. C, has been no
tified by telegraph from here not to allow
ony moro clearances to vessels goiug to
Bering sea. This is taken as an indication
that nn ngroemont has been reached between
Li.rd Salisbury and Mr. Illaino for the revi
vol ot the sealing modus vlvondl.
Met'nt tho Door bv nn Acod Mother Attor
un Absence of :'Z Tear.
Middldtow.v, Conn., April 4. Edward
Blmoek left Middletown 32 yoars ago, and
had never been beard from since.
Ho bad lou2 been supposed to bo dead.
He returned to his old homo this morning
from California, where ho has been many
yenrs prospering. His aged mother an
swered bis knock at the door and was over
come with joy at the return other son.
His father Is dead. Two sisters, now mar
ried, wero horn since ho left and he has
never seen thorn.
Lady Montagu Cti I'S Months for Killing
Her Chllil.
Driu.ix, April 4. The trial of Annie
Margaret Montagu, for manslaughter ot her
tlireo-yoar-old child, commenced to-dny.
She pleaded not guilty. Tho jury brought
in a verdict of guilty, aud tbo judgo sen
tenced her to l'J mouths' imprisonment.
Pitid Up an Imlvhtmllioiia of 18, 0(10.
Watkhhi uv, April 4. At a third meet
ing of tho creditors of John C. Griggs, in
solvent debtor, a dividend of 2o pjr cent
was paid. Seventy-five per oent had been
paid before, making a full payment ot. 100
percent on f-18, 000 Indebtedness.
For a disordered Liver try Bixcium's PiM.k.
r ii;:s:i:ai, ta eiij- mux s:.
Ixl lQlO
Originated ir an Old Family Physician.
Tl-i i i- Of 1 In usn for mom tlmn Klclity
I nlllK Jl II. Year., Mil Mill U-ailK. (Sent
ratio afl'T licnerutiun have used and M('tut It.
Kery TimtUr should Imo a buttle In his tatdirL
Every Sufferer aa.1u,S3,i
NVrvous lleail.irh", liIrthcrln,t-oiifli(Catrrrli, hron
ulillis AbthniM, t'liiiti-ra-.Morbus, bifiirliurn, Laiucui ss,
hireae-rf la U'lyor Llitibh. tuut Jnlntn n.- htrulni.
will Hud in this old Auod in, rellof and fptcilv cure,
r- ffl U Nuiuld have Jolinson'e
CVe V PiOther AiiHlnHJnlinentlnllio
lumso fur Croup, Colds,
S'iro Ttirn-it, Tonsllltls. Colte, Outs, Urals's, Cramim
and I'ulir. liable to occur In liny liuallv without
nt tlcc. Ixdms may cost a life. J'.fUpves all Summer
ConililnmtH lik,i maiile. I'rh-c, .11 i. post natch r. i.t.
ties, d-i. LJtpi es-spaid, I. S. Juluaua A. Co., tlostn,llaos.
Rots Clothes and
Chaps Hands.
Motes About Home of the World Honown-
od Flyers anil lli lmra.
Steele Bros, of Snndguto havo sold their
young stallion, Henry C, jr., to Wnrron
Colo & Sou of Aillugton, who intended to
keep him. This colt was foaled May 4,
188'J. stauds 10. U hands, weighs 1000
pound', bis slro the fast pucer, Henry C
owned In Balom, ho by Hen Franklin. Hen
ry C. has trotted several tlniej nt tho Man
chostor fairs. Henry C, jr., is a puro
galtcd trotter and shows great speed.
A race has been nrrnnuoa bolween Bel-
march, 2:111, and Nelson, 2:10, to bo trot
ted at Bloomington, 111., next September If
Nelson is uot barred from trotting on tha
American association tracks beforo that
Br. Mooro of Rupert has a black stallion
colt grandson of Alcantara, 2:23, that Is 11
months old, 14 hands high, and will weigh
over 700 pounds; shows a big open gait.
His dam's slro was a graudsou of Vermont
Black Hawk.
tVbout 70 nominations for tbo summer
mooting of the Burlington Driving club have
already been received, which is almost uu
prosedeutod at this timo in tbo season and
beyond tho most tanguino expectations of
the management. In accommodate a lareo
class of horses, tho club will add two now
purses of 200 for four-year-old3 and ono of
J300 for 2:35 class.
Tho Swnnton Courier says that J. M.
Bill, jr. of Franklin owns a woll bred son of
Administer Wilkes (1308) nnd Vandenburgh
17627. Beuutiful brown, no white, stands
104 hands, foalod May 2, lbSi). Ho carries
himself woll up and is a puro gaited trotter
being from a producing dam Flora (Ilnttio
li.) I ho dam ot Corona trotting record
2:211 by States Rights, son ot Victor 037,
by Cassias M. Clay, 2d dam; Jin by Wood
oiiuck, by Flying Morgau. Flora Is a trot
tor hersoif having a record ot 2:10 with no
extia clianco. Vandenburgh is not only
good individually but is bred in proper lines
being from u produciug dam and having tho
Wilkes Clay cross so much sought after and
being sired by Administer Wilkes, race rec
ord 2:30.
The purses for tho summer meeting of tbo
Burlington Driving club are filling well aud
the outlook promises a big field of starters
in every class.
A mark of 2:10 is what Ed. Goers sug
gests as probable for Humlin aud (Hobo to
polo, both of which are considerably inbrod
to tbo Vermont Black Hawk strain, says
tho American Horse Breeder. Nearly al!
tbe living roeurd-brcakors to polo trace
through sire or dam to that famous sou of
Sherman Morgan, H. B. Wluship, 2:00,
to pole with ruuniug mate has nevor bieu
equalled, and he is strongly Inbred to Ver
mont Black Hawk to both sire aud dam.
Belle Hamlin and Justina, 2.13 to pole, both
havo tho Vermont Black Hawk cross. The
same Is true ot Belle Humlin, Ju.'tina and
Globe, tho only three that havo ever trottod
abreast In 2:1 1. Tho pacing record with
running mute, 2:01, is bald by Westmout,
whose dam was by Cottrlll Morgan, known
as Peek's Black Hawk, sou of Vermont
Black Hawk. This goes to prove that tho
trotting instiuct is stronger ia tho Vermont
Black Hawk family than in any other trot
ting family yet produced. Every body who
knew Ethan Allen, 2:J01, Lancet and othor
dependents of Black Huwk will admit that
this famous son ot Sherman Morgan trans
mitted the most perfect trotting action that
has ever boon found. As tbe years roll by
and prejudice dies away, tho propularlty of
tbo Vermont Black Hawit cross will in
cioaso, particularly among such bnrsumen
as appreciate first cluts gentlemen's road
sters. E. F. Brownell of this city has sold a ono
balf interest lu his stnliion Alcander, 2:2!iJ,
to L. C. Bass of Boston for 3000 with ttie
specifications that the horso shall be kopt
and managed by Mr. Biownell. Alcander
lias proven superior to any othor son of
Alcantara as a sire. A three-year-old trot
ter, Aunacandor, by him, niado a record of
2:2SJ last season, aud a two-yoar-old pucer,
Prince Alcander, got a mark of 2:27. Mr.
Brownell sold tho latter a short time siuoo
for 1300 cash Tbe sale of tho stallion Is
not yot fully consummated but piobably
will bo.
Thomas llakisr Kscorteil There SI nto's
Attorney Ciishtoun Hits Throo Mich
Convictions to Ills Crodlt.
Thomas Baker of Kssex was escorted to
State's 1'rlson at Wiudsor Saturday by
Shorilf Roevos. His sentence wastwoyoars
at hard labor.
Tbo respondent was convictoJ ot porjury
at the t-'eptcmber, le'Ul, term of County
Court committed in malting his disclosure
after being convicted of intorlcatiou, beforo
J. W. Russell, os(j, , of this city at Kssex in
January, lbUl. The indiotmeut fol
lowed the third form prescribed
by net No. 29, 1610, eutitled "an act to
simplify indictments for perjury" which
form Is applicablo for perjury committed
before a person or persons or before a board
consisting ot moro than one person author
ized by law to examine uuy person under
oath concerning any matter. Tho respond
ent claimed that tbo indictment should havo
been drawn according to tbe first form,
is npplicablo to perjury committed iu a pro
ceeding before a court or tribunal between
different parties. The Supreme Court,
Judge Taft, rendering tbo opinion, decided
that tbe third form was the appropriate
ono nnd affirmed tbo judginont of the lower
court. State's Attoruoy J, K. Cushmau
aud V, L. Burnap appeared lor tho Stato
nnd 1). J. Tester lor the respondent.
Kx-Uov. Ihlllngham iu bis last message
to the I.ojislature expressed tho opinion
that tbcro would have to be some convic
tions for perjury beforo tbo liquor laws
would bo mado ellectivo. It might bo said
that State's Attorney J. K. Cusbman has
convicted three persons of perjury iu tills,
bis first term of otllco.
IVars That tho Murderer of Christie
tVaruen May Kscnpu tho (.allows.
Co.Ncrmi), N. II., March 30. Tbo Moni
tor to-uUlit has a double-loaded editorial
ejtitled "Tbo Aluiy Case," of which the
lollowhig Is tho concluding paragraph; "Ho
bus not boon sentenced according to duo
process of law, as provided by tho 14th
amendment of tho constitution of tho I'ulted
States. Tho Supremo Court of tbo L lilted
States will set Almy free on a habeas cor
pus If tbo Stato does not. There should uot
bo a week's delay ill resentencing Almy."
Itoston llotf'l lluriied.
HosroN, March 30. Clark's hotel was
badly gi.ttod by tiro early thl morning.
The guests had many narrow escapes,
Threo wore injured wbllo climbing down
ropes from tbo upper storios.
.sweet and balmy "ImnlKr nmtnd for tho llt
lle ones .,iillerina ith cnuulis and c oins, hy
tbo ii-p uf Dr. Hull's Couth Syrup. I'ri'e i'i
rent n liottti,.
I ho had occasion to try Silvatluu Oil in
III 11,111,1? IILIl......'- , ,Vtl HI . . , J
in 't y lam nice u i-iiu h 'i a pet u.a'ient r'lr .
I .ib.u tried b on my chid nuIIi-i-ihk v,tii tt I
kinullied baelsWitli like buccess. I takolplea.
in u In reeoinineudlni: It to all. 1'. y, t,Vtello.
X'l l'art Ave. llallo. Md.
A Sunday Such ns tho MrttopolU Had
N'over Keen iteforo l'ol.ce .Made lint
l'ew Arrests Uiiunr Men Attempting
to Create u lleaetlon hy a Uulvorisnl
Closing of Jlitr.
Nr.W YoltK, April 3. It was difficult to
day to find a saloon in this city to which
ndmlttnnuo could bo gained. The fow that
did admit customers through aldo doors or
rear entrances had " look outs" stationed
outsido, and no ono who was uot woll known
could get in.
Tbo most frequented plncos down town
were closed tight, and men might bo seen
singly and in groups going from saloon to
saloon In vain search for a drink. Jt was
piobably tho dryest Sunday New York has
over seen. Slost ot tho hotel bars wero
closod, but In tomo ot them drinks wore
served with crackors and cbeeso at tables.
Br. l'arkhurst's agents wero out in forno
as usual, but It is doubtful if thoy s-ecured
much evidence. There was n larger number
thnu usual of policemen in citizen's clothes
going from saloon to saloon, but thoy weio
ablo to mako but tow nrrests.
Ono down-town tnloon keeper, whoso
place had uot been closod, beforo for years,
said! "Our closing to-day is not due to tho
notion of tbo police. It is a concerted plan
in a great measure and it tbo public can
stand it, wo con. Br. Paikhurst, I believe,
will fine out that tho peop'.o know hotter
whnt they want than ho does, and if tho
p.'ople go dry a few fc-utiduys I think that
such a bowl will arise ns will result In somo
satisfactory law permitting us to keep open
during certain bonis Sunday."
otwilbstauding this, it is snid that tho
general closing of tho saloons nt It! o'clock
last night nnd during to-dny is duo to tue
fact that tho police notified the saloou keep
ers that they must close.
Rev. Br. l'arkburst In his sermon to-day
mado no reference to tho municipal reforms
be has attempted.
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ollVt thereto; and six month's from
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mid Court for that purpo-e, wo do thereto
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limitless of our appointment, at the late rusi.
deuce of Henry II. itankin, in .Miltou. in said
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and .Inly next, at IU o'clock a. m., on each ol
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Dated this 10th day of March, 1893.
H. A. BltUSII, f Commissioners.
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tinted this Jth day of February, ISC.
A. G. WHITl'EMOIlrJ, J Commissioner.
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