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To.t1 or till) lesson, Act xlll, -11, to xlv,
7 Memory Vcres, 40-18 Golden Text,
Acts x 111, -17 Cnmroentnry by tho Itev.
1). II. Stcunn.
11. "And tlid noxt Sabbath day came
nltnost tliu wholo city together to hear tho
Word of God." Tlio npostles had uo doubt
upokun to nintiy in private through tho
week, nnil tbo?) who hml heard the pre
ceding Subbnth hud not been quiet ubout
tho wondrous resurrection story, ami the
consequent great redemption so fully and
freely proclaimed. It becamo tho talk of
tho town und an immense congregation
rambled not to hear the wisdom nor tho
oratory of tho apostlen, but to hear the
Word of God.
4.". Such manifest working ot tho Holy
Bplrit could not but provoko tho adversary
to envy and blasphemy. Compare Acts v,
83; vil, 54. If nono of tbo religious pcoplo
of a community are stirred to talk against
tho pre.'iclitnK it is an evidence either that
they are al. wonderfully in .sympathy viit-i
Christ, or that tliu preaching lucks Milt
(II Tim iil, 1'-'; Col. iv (i;
10, "To the Jcv first ' ,vas tin1 piiticiplo
acted u pur. in all iipnMolIc preaehiuf? (Horn,
i, l(Vi, the to the Gentiles. M,tn has the
pnver of recoiUni; or putting from him
this uriat. (fit's nf rt rrhtstim; life which.
God hi proviiird al such infinit e cost, bin
if an one jutli'oi himself unwortliy of
life, it is eijuii; t jiuIkIhk himselt worth
of ik.ith f.Tulut ii', Ml, I'ioiu. ii, 4, f)
17. 1'anl's eonni'ission was to bear tlu
name o' the Lord noi only before the chil
dren if Israel but befoie the Gentiles
(Acts i:. 1M, and he quotes from Is.i. xllx,
l", concerning Israel's Jiess'ali, called the
Servant of the. I.cril, "I v. ill also (h e thee
for a llfsli to the Gentile, that thou inay-e.-t
be my salvation unto tin end of the
firth," Wli'ln the mistery of the cliurcli
is not reveab-d i-i the Old Testament (Kph.
i.i, 5, C, the I'liillng of the Gentile nations
lifter ii"M'! shall iiavo been converted is
n n oft ref.ciitid lact;andyei J'mil seems
to wither treir this pnshnire muiii'I him;
cnuci'")"7. his mission to the Cmntiles. j
tS. Tne. itentilej nave lie c I to the mes-st'.-jc,
nf bv receiving the word of the Lord j
they t'l7ritic"i it and wive made glad, and !
lit maov as i-e onliuneu to eternal hie
tieliovcl. Not all arc now given to Christ,
Mit nV Mho am given cliiiU conic. (John vi,
ZT), anil uhotofi er will inny como (llev.
xicli, 17 1, sure that nonn w.!i be cast out.
Tnis is the tune of salvation for the elect
ctureh after wMru shall conn the salva
tion of Isra at r. then o' al'. nations (Acts
xi, 14-17.
43. "A nit th" Word of the Lord was pub
lished tbrn.jroui ai1 the region." This
is tin- work o.' tt.n church and of every iu-
1 1 viiiu . nuel er ol it, to proelaini every
where a full and frte reden.pt ion throtmh
the death and icsurrectioa of ,Ieus that
all may hi that, so fiom all the elect
church mar lie gati cied. iter song indi
wtes that she is to be made up of believers
from all pnrts of the earth (llev. v, !).
SO. iiow little these honorable, women
and chief men thought that by tVIs
conduct they were deelaring themselves
against Gud and His ChrUt. When the
seventy wee sent out. Jesus said, "Hetbnt
dospisetb yon despl'etl; me, and he tbatde-i-piseth
mo iles-piMtl. Ili'n th".t sent me"
(Luke x. If.,, iiut this rougn wind would
work God'.-, glory bj'scatliring yet more
the precious see i ".-Mindy the wrath of
miiu shall pra'-e the-"' (IN. lx.xvi, Kb.
''. "Hi;' t -it sl.no): off the dust of their
fei t again' t them, and came unto I o
lii i in. Con, pure chapter xviii, 0, and see
tii ir iii'tn.ctim s in .Mark vi, 11; J.ului
i ". It iji.i'f privilege to proclaim tho
j. i ! tali ips, n make known tho lovo of
(i ii1, t i .', r to all i'i lii name eternal
Lie, eti'innl udemption; and while ex
Iieding that to'iie w ill receive it, quietly
leave re-ults to Grd
'.'. "And the disciples wc:e filled with
j'r,y and wiih the Holy Ghost." Allth.it
m- am cal'ii! uon to bear for thd Mike of
1 linst mid Ilii truth should ba borne
rherrlully, fo Hi hoi taugh, us tube ex
i ceding glad, and l-np for joy, under such
eircuni" ances (Math, v, 10-1", I.ukovi, U3,
rfi 'i aie told that "For tho jcy sat bo
fore Ilia, 1I cnduicd tli3 crops'' til i. xii,
lij; and it ei written that tbo woithiest of
Ileb. xi wtre susta-iio.l by the joys before
them. Hec espeehil!..' verses 10, (',, 'JO, CO.
Consider also Ron. viii, 18; 1 1'et.iv, l'J, 13.
Chapter jciv, 1. Having pa' fed on to icon
ium, we ii-;d them as usual Itr.-t anions ihz
Jews, and sc bpe iking that, a giept mill '
tudeof both Jews and Gentiles believed.
The key to this must be found in the last
vers!'' they were filled with the Holy Splut.
Why may not such piomises as these be
truo of us and in us in these days?
'!. Again the enemy is stirrtd and it is
laai i'es; that the devil is losing bo:ue of
his subject. It should give us grent en
touragementwhen thn Word pleached pro
' vokes the adversaiy; while, on tho other
hand, if tho waters are no', disturbed wa
have reason to feur that there is no healing
power pre.-enl.
I). They nbci'e here a long time, the Lorv
blessing His Word and granting them
power to do signs and wonders, according
to Mark xvl -'0, aud Heb. ii, 4. One has
said that when wo yield ourselves fully to
God Ho will yield Himcelf fully to us, and
Ibis should cause us to inquire i cry care
fully as to whether we aro yet withholding
auyht from Him and thus losing tho enjoy
inert of His fullness.
4. A divided city, some believed and
some believed not (cl auterxxviii,!.Mj. Abel
believed and Cain believed not (Heb. xi, 1;
1 John iii, 15). Ho it lias been and will bo
till the kingdom como aud God's will is
dono on eaith us in heaven.
Jisus taught His followers to expect
sullVrlng aud even death for His sake
(Math, x, US; Join xi,'.') And by His
.Spirit He, taught them to take pleasure
even in ibef-o things, feu chapters v, 41;
xx, 2t, II Corinthiiwib xii, 12,
C. licing made aware, of tho coming
storm, they iled to other cities, not be
cause they feared death, but buoaiud Jesus
had ta-ight thorn "When they persecute
you ia this city, fleo ye into another"
(Math. r.,'A). All lawful means to pre
larve lif'j aro i.ot inconsistent with retidl
Iss4 to lay down our life when He calls us
to it. Mfiny timrs thy soughD to take
His Ufa, bat could not till Ills hoar came,
ud then Ha g&vo it up.
7, "And thiro they preached the Gos-j-o!."
Thry lo lived the Gospel, for
Paul codld ay to tho Thtuu&loniuus, nu-'
ioubtlau to nil ool;e.T, "Ye ab wltnese,
K.id G,ii uUo, bowholli.T and J:rstly find uu
Vlaaj'tbl;' vo behavjilirsMelveatcoattyou
that Vwllnvt" (I Theas, ii, lJ. IJke Jchua,
tntf firetriW and I'm, tftogliV (Aoti 1, 1;
Mori vi, 30). If 'he churon '.rould ivo
hersolf Ut living oul pi,chlni; ths Qtfs-,,1,
,utedof to nmucln? nad enwrtminiai:
fMtrf)9, I9w tii Grsiit Ua4. nf ths Churoii
ivo-iid dtliyht tor.bow Hintnelf F'ronRon
her kvjhalf (II Gbco'., i.vl, 3j uid li.mten
Uu' coaifAntau,
liny or the 'I'hiinllfiii Ilrni.
t'lom Film 1'oi'LTHTi Sovinibii, 1SVS!,
Wilts for no man nn egg v lay,
How thankful ivu (should he.
If three cnud meals wis gi t. eneli day,
How thankful wn should he,
That on the day hea all Hive thanks,
We're left to "dust " on tunny bunks,
While the turkey's neok our master junks,
How thankful mo should be.
When we don't lay at this time of year,
How thankful we should he,
It our in Isti ess says to her "It's clear,"
How thankful we should he.
" That sho believes to make hens pay
In their inornhij: mash most en iy day
hhe will put a ponder to make them lay,"
How thankful no should be.
That she knows the best, and reason uhy,
How thankful no should he,
And mi her Judgment wo rely,
How thankful we should he,
for, " untiling on eaith will Make Hens bay
l.ike Sheiidan's Powdei '--hv I tin waj,
If with ns hens lts come to stay,
How thankful we should he.
So here's long life to Sheridan's Powder ;
How thankful we should lie ;
If c could cackle It even louder
How thankful we should he.
That ilh a larire one dollar eon
We pleased the inot exacting man,
As his ejK-lmsket overran
How thankful we shout I he.
Sheridan's Condition Powder Is absolutely
pure. 1 light v com cut rated, in quantity costs
lentil ot a cent a day. -so other kind is like
it. I, H, Johnson iV Co.,'.'.! Custom House St ,
Huston, .Mass., (the only makers of Hie nilan's
Condition Powder to in,' kc hens lay) will send,
prepaid in any p''isiin, two 2."i cent packs ot
Powder and a sample copy of t he llest Poo It I y
Paper published lor .',o cents. Tor nM) live
packs of I'.iwder and I 'a pi r ; for .VI.LTi a huge
J! pound Can and l'.i)ier; six (Jans for M.OO.
Mumps or cash. Interesting testimonials, irco
ltti-ln'i; rerlmllc Comet Coming Wll III ti
Inn Media It will lie Ylilbln totli,,
.Nnl.nl l;ve.
Astronomers find (rotu calculations that
the comet Andromeda, discovered by Holmes
on the (it li iuat, u very probebly Identical
with Dleln'a periodic comet, which has not
bicn recoguied tlncc 18.pj2. 1'iof. lloss of
Albany, JN'. Y., thinks there is likely
lo bo n ver.i close approach between
the comot nti.t tho earth on tho
moinlug of the Ltjth inst., In coeo the sup
nosi'd identity Letweon tho comets of Holmes
imd liiela provis to ba n fact. The dtnmoior
ot the neLiulotlty ia nl out one-seventh of a
dtgree. Tliuro ii a ' v.ell-ninrl.ed thousjli
faint, central condentation, but no apnear
nnro of a solid nucleus. Assuming, as re
sults Irom the calculations, thai, on that
night the comet was 1U, ,100,000 miles dis
tant from the earth, the diameter of the
outside uobulosity ot the comot would be
about UG.OOO miltc It is probable that the
comet will rapidly grow in brihtneti, und
that within two weeks it will appear many
tunes larger than tho full moon.
The comet cnu now be seen in small tele
scopes, aud will bo found about two degrees
west ot Mu Andiomcda.
A few hisloiicnl facts tho concerning
Bnda comet will doubtlo,s bo ot interest
to tho readers of the Kiinu Pin s',.
lhcla'a wns a small comet of 0.0 years
period a sihall ono and remarknblo for
being tlio "doublo" comet. It was discov
ered in 1S"C by nu Austrian ollicer, whos
name It bear. Its periodic character was
first detected by (lumbar!. Its orbtt
liroucht It within a very fow thousand miles
of the earth how near varied with the
changes in that orbit. Tho comet returned
in lfc!2. Thou it' was reported that an cu
counter with tbo earth would take place, a
report which crealtd something hardly short
ot a panic in the Soiith.of Franco, the llrst of
the since numerous "comet scares."
it passed the point where the expected
collisluu was to have occuried a month be
fore tho earth arrived, however, and the
ueaiest the two objects came to euch othor
sat 15 million inilu--'. In ISM it was not
seen. In 1S340 two comets were teen to
grow from one, the (list recoidud Instance
of the kind. Novcmb-r 28 lllo'.a's comot
appeared, and on December l'J It was ob
served to be rnther pear-ibuped. 'leu days
later it had divided.
The Hi st discovery of the division was
made in New Huien, Later the phenomenon
wns recoided in Washington and aumo day.
later Kuropoan astronomers found out what
bud token place. For tour months the pair
traveled alouc side by side, 100,000 mi,s
apart, toiuutimei one was blighter than
the other,) (There was a faint aro of li;;ni
part of tho time between the two. lu
Auguit, 133, the twain were seen for the
a t mi l.i,00'J,000 nubs from the eaith,
iiut on the night of Nov. SH, lb?2, there
w us a wonderful metei rie show er, Novem
ber, lbbO, there was unothtr. So it was
concluded that the liiela comet was no mora,
and that meteors of the llielid swarm were
passing through tho sky in tuolr Might fiom
a point lu the constel.ati. n Audiome bi.
1 lie v were called Audromedis. luelr mo
tion was parallel to tLe path of the comet
where its path intereecled that of the eaith.
Iliela's comot has now In en missing live
times more than ouch und, r favorable con-
litions of visibility. It is oucu mote the
roctirreuce of its timo anil perhaps it has
blazed up again for tho llnal tune lit ile
(Ires iu honor of the Columbian period,
luterestlng Cicts anil leisures l.lvnu out
It tliu Adjutant (ieiibrul,
Wamiixoto.v, Nov. I. According to
custom the adjutant general of the army
submits two annual reports ; one to tlw sec
retary of war and one to the oommuudlus
general of the army, as in his dual capacity
he is tbo head ot one of the stall depart
ments of tLe army, which Is responsible to
tho secretary, and also, in his purely mili
tary character, ha is subordinate to tho
commanding goneral. The report to Gen
eral Scholleld is now mado public.
IijIhI Niltuorlcal Strun.;! lu
According to the roport the total strongtb
ot olllcers and men In the army Is at present
2(!,'J00, The number of enlisted men au
thorised by law is 2"i,C0J. Uf the 2(1,900
otllcers aud men, there ore hi the calvary
OO'.'.'i, in artillery 11027 and in tho Infantry
12,197. The rest of the force Is unattached
to regiments or is employed as guards ut
military prisons and West Point, und as
scouts, olerka and messenger. This force
is distributed throughout the country at
vr.rious poiW, armories aud rrsonals ns the
exigencies of ttiu ralllUry service demand,
the department of the Kast, under Major
Gen, Howard, with headquarters on Gov
ernor's Jlnd, N, y., having tho largest
number, 4878 otllcers ami in9,i.
Ilelffrtloiis ll tlio Ileeruave,
The adjutant- general remarks that It Is
gratify ing to note that tho number of de-
rtloni from the nrmy Is steadily decreas
ing, lu li)3() -'89 the number of desertions
ta2HI4:iu ISM-'lU it was 1.108, and in
33!)!-'02 11JS2, or a fraction over fire per
uut of the total end. ted strength,
iti-:iiMked by It. C. Jiilnr, of Allen P. O.
Illllsdal Co., Mbli. : Nothlug nave my
I .i muiillsiu such Quick relief as Dr, Thoiims'
r electr o Oil-buliuve It lufallihlo for rheu-natias."
Mxetlne of tlio lixrcnliva (onimlttto
hi Till 0ty tti Arr.ino 1 orl
Tho exooutlvo committee of tho State
Sunday School association hold a iiu'otiug
in tho Y. M. 0. A. pnrlort In this city,
but nesk Wednesday, for the purpose ef
piniinlnn work for the jonr to come, Thosu
preiont weio Uev, 1 O, Hlierbuino of
IJnonlnirRh Fnlle, thn prenldent of tht as
sociation; llev. J. W. Iiurchi of Knos
bureh KnlU, K. 1', Adams of Snnnton,
Orons Nonconibof Newport, L. W. linwlsy
of llrnttlebiro, L, II, Lord of llui'llnfztoti,
and Hov. G. L. Story of llakersllohl,
It was voted to rcoi'cnutza county asso
ciations In Addison, Caledonia, liouuington,
Kssex, llutlnnd and Wlnduiim counties olid
committees were appointed for tills work as
follows: AddUon county, L. B. Lord; Ilou
nliiRton nnd Hutland counties, Hov, J, H,
llnbbltt of West Brnttleboro; Caledonia
county, Hov. G. L. Story ot llskeisfluld;
r.Bsojc county, Orem Neweomb of Newport;
Wlndhnm county, L. W, llawley of Prat
tle horo.
It wns also voted to Invito Georpo K.
iJavls of Darlington, who wns one ot the
founders of thn association, to prepare a
hisloiical skutch of tho association covering
tho psnt quarter of a ceutury, to ho pre
lentid at tho next annual con volition. It
wns decided to elect Hi delegates to the
world's Bundny-scbool convention to ho held
at 1st. Louis in August next, and thU dele
gation is aulhorizid to 'o 1r $75 a year
lor tl o next three years for the work of the
iuturiiutlumd eX'Culive committee.
V line llnnttKtt of lli htnto to
.lot ti
Itulids Otllcal s ol I lie Moeletr.
Tho organisation of n Stnlo Ilaptist
Voting People's union, eh"otod in tlio le-sion
of Novomber 10 by tho adoption of a State
constitution, reci miuendeil by tbo Ilaptist
Young People's uiilou of America, w as com
nlet'd but week Wednesday b In election
of tho fi 1 1 wing olllcors! i'i Calient, Itev
A. H. Hoi arts, D. I)., Uurllug
ton; vice-lire-i lent, L. W. Hawley,
Ilrnttleboro; secretary, (i. K. Wright, St.
Albans; treasurer, 1". G. S illord, Hurling
ton. 'llieso olllears, together with a com
mltleo of three, J. K. GiNon of Hutland
Rev. I. C. Abbey of llirre aud 11. S.
Hathaway of North lltnuiugton constitute
the board of iiuinngprs, The union ii
composed of nil tho young perp o' societies
of the Hapllst denumiuatiou m tho State
and is a very largo and tireless body of
ChriUinn workors. it does not Inter
fere lu nny wnv with the constitution
ot the Iccal societies, but It emliiaccs the
Christian Endeavor societies as well as the
Ilaptist Youug People's socioties. The
organi.ation is designed to build up unions
in churches that have none now aud to
bring the young people Into activo partici
pation in the reuumr meetings of the asso
ciation and Stute convention. The meeting
wus of great Interest. The subject of union
was warmly discussed, but the decl-iou
reached was accepted iu a spirit which
promises well for the future. Tlio session
lasted uutll noon.
su Indlnuto T.iitist Calculations Concern
ing tin, Ibilui.
Ai.iia.ny, N. Y., Nov. 20. Calculation,
made at the Dudley observatory by Prof
Lewis lioss indicate clearly that the iiolmos
cornel is nut identical with the comet of
liiela and that it will not come near the
earth. ,
It also appears almost certain that tho
distance of the Holmes comot Irom the
earth le increasing rather than diminishing.
"Why it was not discovered weeks or months
ngo is a mystery; for It should have been
blighter in October than now.
M a' I inn M Ik woo I I'uirs Iii :':0 7 1 .
toouKTo.v, C.il., Not. 20. The pacing
stalliou Sllkwood yesterday lowered his
2:0S record to 2:07.
? Dyspepiia is siealinR thf roses from many 2
S" lauit-.' t hn-Ls, i.nd m.. iking many nieii'-jS
faces bhinih y
WVtSS P C1 l 1 1 ii ire. i tlii-mical,?
U IJ Sii-Hrav vlt milciilni'i lliev
will cure Sick Hcmhictic, ai'fiio; tl.e4
t , i hui ot on tlio NtoiiJiit-b, l.lnraeil?
ilICIilneiM I'nirt 2o conlo a box 7
2 teu ri'il with a I asti less nnil Sulutlorontlnv. g
3 Ntw Yor,. Dt p i, 165 Cans' bl. ?
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for Aclvf'rtisinf.
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Old Books Rebound
Hid made i etrou is new ones.
Dr. AVclill'a l'ri r.i" II liniiir..
At H r. W, HswnrJ Webb's auction sale
of llnckuoys, lu New York n month ago,
the bidding was dull, and prices low. Hut
at the great horse show in New York Inst
week, he carried everything before him, In
the Hackney classes, taking nearly n do.ju
llrst and second f rizes. On tno-yenr-old
Illlles, the first prl.s was awarded to Dr.
Webb's noat bay Dolly Dimple, a daughtsr
of Huftls. Dr. Webb's Hollo Alliance nes
third. On mates that havo produced foals
this year Dr. Webb's nine-year-old mare
White Sooks took the first prlzo over nine
first-class rlvali. Mr. Webb was also In
great toi miu class !W for hackney mares,
15 bauds high or under and threo years old
or over, certlfia 1 to havo produced a foal In
181) 3, as he won both first and second
awards with tho six-year old chestnut mares
Lady Alice, by Timber Flreaway and Silver
Clais S3, for hackney mares exceeding 15
bauds and threo years old, the Sun's report
Bays, "This was one of the best competi
tions ot the show, the wluuer, W. Seward
Webb's chestnut mare Nitrate, a daughter
ot Copenhugun and Lady Kireaway, brad
by W. llurdatt Coiitts, being a phonumon&l
mure. No praise Is too extravagant for this
smashing lllly. Khe is a, most 10 hands high,
has a world of quality, plenty of substanco
und smashing ad-aiound action. She was
a picture as she flashed up and down tho
ring, her blazed face and four white legs
giving her nu additional charm in the oyes
of the critics. Mr. Webb is to bo congratu
lated Uuu tho possession of such a (lily.
Thoio was but one entry for Harris ic Nix
on's special prizo for stallions entered in tho
American hackney stud book, W. Seward
Webb's yoarl uj Typhcou having a wall;
In olusj (57, maros or geldings, four yeirs
o'd or over, shown before a coach or break,
first prire, IjyuO, went to Fred Gobtiard's
brown geldings Nip. Tuck, l'uss and Feather;
second pilze, ilfiO. to W. beward Webb's
black geldlrg Hprotbro I'aihion, brown
maro Her Majeity and bay mares Daginur
and Heroine.
Amerloan Cholera,
IFrom the Dally Hevellle, Whatcom, W.ish.1
" 1 . '. liui nelt. the ilruu cm tic audi lute for
eherlil' ws taken vlo ently id ut Clearhmok.
Ile had alt thn symptom- o. Asi.ilu cho.cra,
aud fur un hour or two 11 i s feared he wounl
ill", t In 5- llnally gave I1I111 a dose ol C'liiiinher
Inln's t olic, Choh'iii 11 nil Hhi' 1 hr.e.i Hi niedv.
which revived him until a phjsh nil arrived."
That is precisely what the inaiiuracttirers of
that medicine reenininend tor chuleia, enil
loi a pliysb i in hut che their medicine until
the physloiau arrives. If e tolora bei omes pre
vab i t la thn enuiitiy nel summer this iio
p.iration will be in great demand because it
can alwas be ileneniled upon. For sale by
lleniiprc .t I.owrey, lliirlingtuii, and W. li,
Nichols, I-ox .luuction.
Wrir .QT! Q
HORSFORD'S Acid Phosphate.
An agreeable and benefi
cial tonic and food for tho
nerves and brain. A remedy
of tho highest valuo In Men
tal and Norvous Exhaustion.
Trial bottle milled on receipt of 2; cents
in stamps. Kumfurd Chemical Works,
Providence, R. I.
LOR SAI.K-2D thoroush.brel Yorkshire
J and Ilerkshire jiIl-s I'rlce and up.
"aid-. L. Drew, Lakevlow Furius, hoiub
Hurllngton VI, 15,-.'m
(ITIi'i: lu. cveoiltors will sll nt nubile
alu-tion In s;,:i)Mri. 't,.,rA ,,,, .
lay. Dee. IJ, llor-i '. cows, and a-'ming tools,
'''-lori-'ing lo the esta'.o ci, the bile .bimrs K.
li'te. li-ll.itluvwlt
Oininsr Rooms
found! 'I Chin, , t.
Aro now Cor. St. Paul uiul
31 siin Sts.
form' rl Aincncsn It ,t.o.
An 1 are now doing a regular hutel business
lu addition to the I lining ltomns.
l- KI.H.NT Dl.NNLlt ;i" t'KVTS,
ill. D., Harvard, ld70.)
bt'J'il'! A LIiST. I)Ik. r Ilertiim
11," 1 reiuont r-treet, Hihioii.
Send for linphlctlXtVei'free:
Drrir". Hot is. 11 to o'clock.
cemed7 ""'"'" FISTULA
Dobs Protection Protect ?
iiltlrniRtlveiy nnewrre.l in the protection
Klven ynu by the unolim tlimnelii. tjlmes, mit
tens, cajii, fivin shuts, ruhher h, ot, lectins
etc., sold by "Tracy, the Merchant." A (in
line of JheseRoodi lust In. Hurst) Hlankets n
poci ilty
l-iKH I. THAOY, UenernlMerohnndlse,
Mniil i-t., i pp. poituttlce, ADlllSDN, VT.
tamoed Goods,
Bureau Covers,
Conmiode Covers,
Pillow Shams,
Tray Cloths,
Combing Towels,
Laundry Bags,
Button Bays,
Slipper and Shoe Cases,
Umbrella Cases,
In fact overytblnz In the lino of
tamped Goods.
Fast colors in cotton and
and silk tor working: and
embroidery. Beldings
wash colors Knitting
Beeman, Hunt & Co,.
114 Church St.
r m
Mr. Oco. W. Cooli
Of St. Joluubury, Vt.
Like a Waterfall
Great HulTiiring
After the Grip
TrciiiRiitlous llnartny In, tho J lend
J'a in in Hie Stomach.
"To C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.:
"Two years ago I had aseveio attack of tho
Grip, which left mo In a terribly weak and de
bilitated condition, l.ast winter 1 had another
attack and was again very badly oil, my hinlth
nearly wrecked. My appetite was all gone, I
bad no sticnuth, fell ilrcil nil the time, had
disagreeable touring noises iu my head, like u.
waterfall. I also had severe headaches and
Sovoro Sinking Pains
in my stomach, I took medicines without ben
efit, until, haling heard so much about Hood's
Karsaparllln, 1 coin lndcd to try It, and the re
sult Is iciy gratifjmtr. All the ilKagrtMble
effects of the (lilp are gone, I am freo from
pains and aches, and bclieio
's Sarsa
is sin fly online my eatatrh. I recommend it
to all." (It.n. W.Cook, St. Johnshury, Vt.
HOOD'S I'IM.S cure Njusi a, Kick Headache,
IndlKestlon, llltlousness. oldby all draglbts.
Pilass, Reel EstiSe Go.
246 Washington St., loton.
Dividends mMf Per Gent,
Invest in Central Heal Estate in crowing cities.
Audi rlz-il C-nllul .... Vi.OO.t.OHO
rpiti imiit iu - - - - . i,:in(voo
burpluH - - - - lOO.OOO,
Ohoimziui IN 1? 5.
I'a 1 Itivuli nUofSpT rent per annum for ttf vean,
I'.vnl iJlvitl U of 7 per ecu ptr onniun nine Inly, H Ki,
Apnijn i-ivjtieud fclnco oi Euniaation uwr ti per ci'nt
pfi ntiii.
Mii-plLi ut clo-o of lust flical jeer, over Sl'VO'.
Mm-l iflnril for ulw at 9 I OH pnr h:ir.
Peml to cr call at tho o3lco for information.
V, f
pr -1 '- 's
Tt0 : &m
If you want to hold vour
butter with the east possible
loss of weight, and without
any loss in quality, use ASH
For sale by
Spauldtitg, Kimball Q? Co. and
O. . Walker & Bros.,
Burlington, Vt.
Granite and Marble
on hand that we will sell
At Very Low Prices.
To be set up this autumn.
W. G000ELL
257 Pine St.,
Liberal ion Xotlcc.
I harebv clve notice that 1 have this dsrulv.
en me ton. itlehard W. ThomuNon. his lime
ilurinc the remainder of hit minority, and will
claim no e or ins wagee or pay any uruio ui
his coulractlnit from tine one.
Colohnter, Vt., Nov. 15, i-'l.wDt
('alary and expenses raid. Addrees W, A-T.
MM ITU CO., Urneva Nursery, Ueneva, ., V.
Katnullshea 1310. in.cow.u
t j
A",' 'e Wl-tl-'' ' - V -I . i
Subscribers to the Weekly Free Tress may have thia
book, postage prepaid, for $1.50.
Subsrrib ts to tlio W"olly
Freo Press may hav. iliis b'vii.,
postage prepaid, for ji. 10. 'J'his
would make a rare Christmas
Charles 11 TruoU's Kstato.
: the -uhecrlbcri, hnvini been nppolnto 1
hv the llniioruhle. the 1'rohnte ('oitrt fur the
lllMrii't of l hltli'iiden. C'oinnilisliiiieri to re
ceive, einnrne and ndjust th chums nu 1 de
mands nf ml pi ri-oni iiulnt the eitat' nf
l ''Hrlei; I me I, l.ita of L'ndei hill, in said
district decei-ed, nnd also nil chilnn and
deiuands exhibited In ofNet tber'-to; and ix
months from t he day of the d lie lu reof beltui
allowed by M.id I onrt for that purpiie. edo
then fore lieru'.'v ttlvo not ee tb.i" wo lll al
tend to the bulneis of our appuintment, at tho
due lint; linii'.B of Mr. 1" tev i urlburt. In
I'rderhl I, l.i cild dhtrlel. on ih" thir l Wed
nrHlajetir November and .Npril next, at I'i
o'clec'c a. in., mi eath of ?aid d.iy.
Duti d tlile S.'ith d iv of October, IM)1.
A. i '. HOHl'-MiN. '. rmmi.,i,,,
ISAAC WHll'AKER, f t oraml-i.loner.
l.tieindti V. Itiirtitis' ICstsiio.
STATU OK VIMiMONT. I To all pr?oni
I)iSTiiliTorC'IIITrr.Mi:N. I roncerneil i i the
cftato of I nc'l'iU V. l ar e. lat nf Hurllns
tun. In ald ditrii t, dice.ie 1
(i ui-.etino:
At a Probate court ho'den at li'i ,ln;tn,
within and forthodiatrlet of ' i e d i. on thn
Mlidnvof " em er lsB .', an initrument pur
i,oi tins; to be the last will an 1 teta nii u uf
l.ueindi F Hir.e-. late id uiltw-in, n
Falil ilHtrlet, dfCR-e l. nm pr ented
to II, e Ccni' t afores ud, for prolnie. inlti It
ordered by i-ald Court that the Nt
da of Dicinhr, l1-' . at tho Probate
Court rooniH in -aid I in- rmion, be iuM'.-n-J
for nr iv n" s.i 1 Instrument, and t Hal nonce
thereof be ijiven to all person-, loneerneil by
linhlMilng thn order lluee weeks bjecejivly
lu the Hurlinston Kreo Piesi, a newspaper
printed at sail ISurhnsjton, pioviom to the
time anpnluted.
Tliriilore, vounro liero'iy nntiiie i n apoei:
before aid t Hurt, at the time an I place afor.
said, and content the pruh.ite of aaid will, if
you havo cans,',
(liven under mv hnnd at Bnrllncton, In
Raid Ilislrict, this -th dm- of November, INI:.
:u.w:iw ,u;nme -i.i , ucgister.
Hiram I'lie p's Itu e.
Wo. thn ssiih-.eribiT-'. h.ivi i: bw i appolnte I
by the Honorable the l'rob ite i.'o irt for tliu
lUMrlCt or l Illllenuen, i niiuiissnmurs to re.
leive. examine and adjilsi iiiei uuin ami 'lo
inands ot all per-ons oi:tiin-t tho nutate
of Hiram I'he li-. ate of 1 ll-lon
in fald district, deceiv-eil, and alo all
claims and demums exlal'i.ed in otf
pct thereto; nnd six months from
the day of the dale liereo', neuii aii iweiuy
mid Court tor tint pmpo-o. o do tlierofore
hereby uivn untie- that we wnl attend lo tin
bii'luo-s of our niipeintnieiit, at tho I robite
Otliio In Hurl nutnn. In fail liHtrlet,
on the first Tue-da9 of Deci-mher and May
next, III l'l i CiOek A m.. nu ill u oi -niiiiLiya.
Dated this Itbdayo' xoiemner, isw.,
HYItONS .lO'.ES. ' commlss'onera
HI HAM WALSlO s. i """nisa oners.
Itoxunnu Fontlu's Kstato.
ST A 'IF. Of VKKMON 1' 1 The Ilonora-
IIistiiict of Ciiittfnuen, I ble tho rro
bato Court lor tho Distru t of Chittenden.
To all jieiems Inteiesteil 1.1 lite estate or
l'nxanmi r nda, late of Charlotie. In ha Ul dls-
trl .1. deieied. (,iu:it ju.
Whereas, said court has aU'iiud tue -d
day of December next for the settlement
of the iccount of the elm Utor of tho laft will
of Mild deteani-d, and for a ilecreo of tin)
residue of said leute to the helis, let; itees
and devisoea of n.d dere.ie I, and ordered
that public notice thereof he i;lven to ail per
sons lntereted in i-aid estate by publishing
this order ibree weeks kucci sshely pr-vious to
the day ae cned.lu the Uui linirtou Vrou i'rosu,
printed In Hur inwton. In said ditrl' t.
Therefore you aru hereby notified to appear
at the 1'robali, Court rooms tn lllirlillkftou. on
the day nsslcned. then and tin ro to content the
allowance ot nam accouni 11
you see cause
and to establish, your rk-hts as heirs, loitatecs
nnil mviui i-itiuiaius , iwmiw
lilven under my hand tl. is mm nay ot no-
veuiuer, A. 11. iru-.
.1ENNIE bTAOV, ilesister.
AValtor Cariirntcr's Kstn'o.
STATE OF Vr.KMON'T. 1 To nil per.o'is
DtsTHiCT or CiiirrKNiinv. ' concerned lu th
e.tato of Walter Ca penter, lntu of itur
Huston, in said district, deceased.
At a I'rohate Court, holden at Hur.inmton
within and for the district of Clilttendtn, nil
tho lillli day of N'nveiwl er. 1W.', an iiistruiuent
nurportlnKto be tho lat will met testnuiuiituf
Walt,r Carpenter, Into of HurunBton, in
ald District, deceased, wns presented to the
Court aforesaid, for probate. And itlsorder
ed by tall Court thit 'hn sth day
of iJtcemuer al the l'robata Court
rooms, in snld llurlinjtou, lie assigned
for approving said Instrument : and that notion
thereof be ittven to all persons concerned, by
publishing ibis order threo weeks successively
lathe Hurllngton Truo Pros, n nonspuprr
printed nt i-ald llurlineton, previous t Hie
time appointed.
Therefore, yon aro hereby notified to nppear
beforo said Court, at the tline and place afore
aid. nud contest tho probate of said will, if
you have unite.
Olven under my baud al Hnrlliiftim In aid
dlatriU this 16tU day of Nnvruibsr, 1IUJ
lil.wDiv JHSNIE STACY, Keij.ster.
'A Maw B
Ti.o Ft'.Kl; I'miSi
wo"i.n olTered some
al sin dly low nricee,
lmg du' ' i
reullv ma
Tin i we
e 1j
a'e I.
log ns Iouk us our subscriber-i at
Any I'ooli, i
! Any I'iipor, Published
I Any Miiiizinc )
' may be ordered through us at ft Rreat sav.
Obcrvt) ilio Com itio .is.
, Any iiuetlon we shall be ploa-ed o aus
j or, nivin? jineet, but you mint enilcse q
I stump for reply or questions 'il 'lot br c m
! siderad.
ANY HO. iv.
AN 1 V.S I'i II,
AN V iM3,
Write tho riu.i; 1'ui.ss and 1 ,1" .- as amo
for reply.
Below are a few of the boo . w are II
inc. nno of tLese can he . n n ir
ofllce. We order from 1 ub isi . , ' f
guarnntee tverythlng to I o ns rejue.en1
A beautifully illu'tratel an I c n'm y
bound edition ot I.oni;fell'' ' ' n
line" the most popular lo.. 1 cm 1 , 1
lijbcd by no American outujr, anion at
tho most f.unous poems in tho laug ae
In bnndsonio type, with luiu.orous i... 1 ex
uellont illustration!, very Hi 0 mil Ik a y
paper, gilt edges, re.nnkably I 'ui ' li
liindillB, with gilt title and o::.i.ue,,t Icr
L'j cents, po.tae prepaid
XI'To rach one of th. ' of
this paper whose ul-i, ' 11 u ; '1 i
in aitvanc to July, lt-ll.i i 1 I
you can tt once niu.c 1 fii , ' '
M'CKic thi'st; terms).
We guarantee that you ii I" J "gh I
with it. Ko illustmted edit., 'i 0 t s w k
has ever beforo be.u pub 1 h; ! 1; 3- t
than 5.1.50.
CLUr.lilNG 5. 1ST.
Tile l'rpo Press ami Ollirr IVrlodte.ll4 at
Low IU o i..' 1 '''1
We have coiupletJ 1 orn, i- n ' . iv'aerv
by the Weekly KliES c.i 1 hi j
tainelni combination witn 0 11 -r cluj
jieriodic.ils at low rtiten, lo piev it un
neeeis.iry correspondence wu ivui t'it3 t mt
nftor the subscription hni lw.ua notfj of 1
change of adlresi, or nnyt'iun conar n
thoiereiut of tho other periodi il, sluul I o
tint directly to thi otllce of t' i' r r I V
Tue Weehly I'm - l'nEbs i-i I ,iuv n tf '
following periodicals will lu so '1 ajv
one address for one year nt tiu p-1 s .
American Afrlcttltu'lst... . j
llubjl.iad ....
Ho. tun Weoi-ly AdiertlsiT
ltostou .loiirnal . t
lbiedtT's ''lid, ... I
Century Mnaiina .. 4
Ch' .1 1 I.. lUer "0
Deuioroi-l's Mai:azluo S 1
Frank I.es.'.e'n 1 'uvular JIu.1t.11;
Harper's H i'ar
Uai per'- " : iine .4.
Uarpei'- Wo Alv i
Harper's 1 nu Teople. .
Hotitehold '
l.l I es' Ho ne .'o'irnal i "
Ma-sachtietts I'UiUituinaii
Mirror and 1 arnier '
New York l'r s. ' 1
New York lubune .. . 1
Mall and Express '1
New England Ma,amo '
New I'riK-land ariner ' i
I'eterson's .Mairazino
fclentlho American
Itnril ew Yorker '
Ilevlew of licvlews J
Vole,, Ne.v . i.
Wine Awake
r'trm-Ponllrv 1 '
Our Clubbing 1 -isifc inelnln ill r r"
anil niacaiinei published. 1 "n v 'hui moil
frequ-ntly ntked for nro pr n'ai in our
list, but others may lu had on n d - f m
Ktibscribers may have raui'i tn.m c-ie pipir
from this ciubbinj lint. Al" J s 1 n
stamp for n reply when ns kinj nb u'thn, as
we do nil this work nt 110 roV. la 01 Jor tj
nccomiuodato our suhonhors.
nv subscriber may
set-ura a
1 inches)
larp-e Wall Map ( iov
seildintf US
ti r vni n wo
.it t' " av st
. -
will tienver .uuii
express oihee, and son l uio
Weekly Fki i'. Pitr- one yo xT.
nS and a
ae Coo
Book, with Wkfki v T
all for S1.35. This is . i rv
nrrricultural paper, an ' tho
Book is a iu'si-class cue.
Lapikh' Homk
f'uMPXM '
$ l.4(.
n Chlh.... 1 11-an.l
Hgru mi l t f nui
IU li tit r A
(trf f'uf fu Itrd ' 't xV
ii CV3 o other. !( -Jji. ' .
Uf "lUaiff fur ljtUItjit '"Til

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