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r m 27,1171 tri - snv
The Franklin,
MAY II AY li 13 HEX JlUliDt.lt
Ills Iirutnl Tntlier lln3 SI a-! No IHnvo
TnwHril Invent lent Ion Mory ol tliH
I ldr Norton1. Woll-Ivnnwn Cruelty
l::il lnfjtih'v will b Mmlti.
Poutsmoctii, It., Nov. 21. Tlio rosl
dent's of Jor h Kittcry r.ru very mucb ci
citcd over the fctrnngu dioappetirnnco of Ho
laml Norton, tb l(i yoars old son of tiaiuu
el Norton, who lived within (i short ilUtnuco
of tho York lino. Youn; Norton ilianp
Ijsnrt'd Sunday, August 3, nnil bilico then
no traco of his whereabouts has been
lonrred, and vrhct it morn p-ctilliir, no ef
fort bun been nuiiiu ou tl.o j-urt ot his father
to leain of hi. abiding plan.1.
This atrnni;u patunitl indiirerenca, InVou
in connection with tho fact that tho fatlior
was in the habit of i-ruelly abusing the boy,
Lns led tho noiebnon) to tbinls that there
has Iwcn foul pluy.
A visit to the locality to-day and inter
iows with several naar nohhlicr elided
tho following facts: Ou lUi fi.ilurdiy pre
vious to j ouug Norton's disappearance, liU
father was seen to strike hi in nvor tho bend
itb an (ii goud threo times, each blow be
ing sevuro enough to make tho boy fall to
the ground, vhcru he was loft by the in
human parent. The boy, buwuvsr, anan
fcgutl afterwards to riio ami pi to tbi barn,
from which he was sevu to lurid out later
in the day and go to the house. Kineo that
tlmo his whereabouts rema.n a mystery.
Bamual Norton, futhor of tl.o mipsing boy,
was audi. Ho talLad f icily nt.oul his Bon's
going away, but appear 1 to be ncrvou
and ill &t ouac. Whoa ag!t"d if ho ha 1 tauilu
any eltorta to aicertaiu the wherenL out of
tho boy, ho said ho had tint, as it did nut
concern him. Ho said iio thought that tho
buy had cno to LLicuo to & o Li mother,
but admitted that tl.r lad had no money to
take h m ther. According to tha J tinner's
statement, whin tho boy eut away ho loft
his best clothes, wearing hi. common worlt-
inft clothes.
Norton until about fivo yenri nc;o lived in
Chicago. Thero ho (juarremd with his wife,
camo Kast and tool: up his aboJo tit thu old
homestead. His ton came about a year
iQter, and ids coming was tho commence
ment of ill-treiitmont by his father, who
made the boy do all sorts of drudgery and
caused him to work Sundays us well as week
days. Norton is reported as being a very
violent man when in the heat of pRsslou and
Is held in fear by his neighbors,
Bo far no action has been taken toward
an investigation by the selectmen of tho
town, but a prominent townsman stated lo
aay that unless somo move was mado ou
their pait tho county attorney would bo ap
pealed to to clear up tho matter.
IIomeiitatl Mrlltnr rind tho CuriKtffio
lIliifL l.lst t' n com fm-t a lily Long,
IIoMKbTEAl), Nov. '.'1. Tlio striUe hav
ing been oillemlly dodr.rod oil', a grand luib
nm made this uioiuing by the strlki to
got back to work. As early n (i o'clock
tha rush began and it kept tho police busy
handling tin- crowd. Uy !) o'clock thu rush
was over but they continued to go in twos
and throes aud this will doubtlossba kept up
for some days.
A large number were turnnd nwny, some
with good proipeots of securing their old
positions in the near future, while many
were informed that thoy would be given no
work under any consideration. It is now
plainly evident tint the black list is quite
long and those whnto unmos npponr on this
list will bu forced to teek work elsewhere.
The firm is iuclinod to favor tho old men aa
much as poe.ibls ami there has already been
a large number of colored mun discharged
lo mako room for old employes.
riaiiu-Swrpi I'rnlrle I.tmds,
Newpoiu, Neb., Nov. 21 A terrific
pralrio lire raced in Btark county yester
day. A number of families wore compelled
to soek lakes, wells and caves to avo their
To Adv no t oliiiTtxrllr,
YVoiiCESTF.it, Mau Nov. 18. Tho Ulaok
tlone Manufacturing company, cotton
manufacturers at Hlackstoue, Mass., will
qdvance wages December 15. Tho prices
Lkito not yet been mudo known,
TThoellllnll tn Itliln lor VIO.OOO,
Mlt.WAf KKE, YVIi., Nov. 21,r-'lieelmen
Klinmrman and Pnngir are malclud at Inst
to ride for !?10,0C0. Zimmerman's .500
earnest money was covertd by Sangor. Thu
date and other details have not yet been
I)au Illimimatlo I'lile absolutely euro
jUoufuntlsmland uecrnlihi. liitlrtl. yejetubl.
The "Franklin Coat" our Leading Winter
Prices range from $15 to $50. All of our leaders controlled by us in Burlington,
is no exception. It is shown by no other house in the Gity. (bee Out)
Hundreds of new garments. Plain and Fur Trimmed Jackets, New Markets, Gretchens for Children,
beautiful Styles, all new. Agents for the Genuine "Cravenette"' Rain Proof Garment. We introduced this
Garment 3 years ago. Hundreds of them sold, Warranted Waterproof, perfectly suitable for Street travel
ing or Church wear. No garment ever gave such satisfaction, all styles and sizes in stock, "See Cut,"
M Nearly every Dry Goods House keeps Garments.all advertise as being tne Leading House, all claim
to carry the largest stock. We invite buyers to look at other Houses then come to "The Old Bee
Hive" and purchase. We can show you more handsome Garments than all other Houses in the City put
together. This is a strong statement. Come and let us prove it to you.
Ooiioral i:ii.lneh s luatlon I'nrli inted
rrimi Hint of l.icst HVek,
Nkw Ytmic, Nov. IS. H. G. Dun &
Co's weekly rovlow of trudo says: No Im
portant changes appear in tho condition of
Luiiness. Hie distribution of products con
tinues onoi'iiou!, production by mnnufne
turerH i greater on th wholo than in any
prnviotis j eur, and while soma hesitation Is
hpii about entering into new engagements,
the general tono of business and industries
is remarkably healthy. '
Ai Boston bu-iuess contlnuss large, col
lections good and money oaty. In general
tho i-ii nation is unchanged, excsptlog that
tha wool is moio quiet, but tho mills are
very nctnely empiuyed, and the situation
in cotton goods highly fiicournging with
advanced pi lees. The shoo trade is in good
eliapo, with bright proipect, and lumbor
rendered active by tho opn season for
buildings. In the gieat industries llttlo
chn.ige Is fecn, all tho textile works boing
rmnaikiib'y uM employed, and tho cotton
mills i'pccially prcsod with orders.
YVhile prices lor some grades of goods nre
advancing shipments of boots and shoos
from the Kant continue to largely exceed
tlioio of la.t year. Octobor ex oris ot
principal produclu were 15,()'J"i,-Jfjrf smaller
than last year nd in two wosks uf Novem
ber the decrease hai been ?ii,U00,O0O.
Tho failures occuring during tho past
seven dayH aj reported to I". Li. Dun ic Co.
and K. Hussell co Co. number for tho
United States 'M; for the corresponding
week of last year th lignres represented
'.'01 failure! in tho United Stales.
1'rof, Colbert feujs lli Tail of liieln's
Coiut will t iko Us.
Ciiii-m;ii, Nov. lb1. AVill tho earth and
Biolu' comet com.' into collision Y Prof,
LI. as T. Colbert, n well-known astonomsr,
says they will. Hut it is the tall of the
count that will bo knocked into smitlicronns
by tho earth, while the head, 1,000,000
miles away, will continuo its vagrant career.
Prof. CjlLert outlines some startling possi
bilities should old Karth come full tilt
against tho crest of tho comet.
Ho say: "Deaths to human beings bo-cnu-e
of collisions with a comet might oc
cur in mole than one way. l-'nM, there is
the direct contact, of which somo pretty
wtdl-aulhenticalcd Instances are on rocord.
becond, there is the indirect mortality on
tho much larger scale that may bo con
ceived of as possible from a poisoning of
tun atmosphere by admixture of great
quantities of gasoous matter that had be
longed to the comet.
Sumo people have argued that In this way
can wo satisfactorily account for some of
the pestilential visitations, such ns the
famous 'Illack Death,' which have swept
tho arth as with the besom of destruction
in tho past, nud moved from place to place
far more rapidly than could bo explained by
reference to tho Mow travelling of former
days, Neither tho aerolitlo shower nor the
poisoning uf tho ntinosphero can occur ox
cptfrom collision with tho head of the
ccmet, and the calculation shows that we
nie to lie spaied by a gap of about n mil
llou of miles."
i;ll(S in Vermont.
A recent i?sue of Tho Social Session, pub
lished in Cincinnati, O., a journal devoted
to the interests of tho Henovnleut and Pro
tective Order of Klks, contains tho follow
ing; "Tnore Is not u lodge of Kiks in the
State of Vermont. llrolher Fred A. .1.
Dunwlck, father and founder of Mens Kails
(N. Y ) ltdge, No. 81, thluks it would be n
healthy State for Klks togra.j in, and, with
the a.slstuuco of his brother co-workers,
will endeavor to establish lodges in I'utlnnd,
Burlington, St. Albans and other Vermont
i:a,Whcopl!ifc Ocmirli, Bronchitis and Auburn. A
certaiT euro for ConsumptUn in first ftairei, anil
a sure relief in advunccd stigef, at once.
You will see the excellent otlect ftr taking the
ri,t don, Bold by rrabm evtrywhere. Ldrce
bottles 10 cents ani 91.00.
Nninerous Children, Criindclltld ron nud
Ureal. irunilcll ildren Gathnr ftom Far
and .Ve.r to Honor tlio Aged Couple
Prospect of 1'iolotiaed Life licforc
New Havev, Vt. Nov. 10. Ira and
Hannah Crnmton Ward celebrated their
diamond wedding to-day, receiving friends
numbering over 110, from 1 till !! o'clock.
Of their 10 children nine nre living and
six were prosent. Tbey hnvo 17 grand
children, four of whom were proiont, mid
2-1 great-grand-children, five of them being
Jlr. Ward was born In IValtham, Vt.,
April 9, 17UG, and since 181S has lived in
New Haven, for GO years on his present
farm of 200 acres which ha reclaimed from
unbroken forest. Mrs. YVard was born in
Fjrrisburgb. Vt Oct. 11, 1798.
Tho I
honlth ami hearing of both aro good, their
eyesight failing, and their mental vigor un
impaired. Hnttio Mason, the eldest grnnddnughtor
of Mr. aud Mr.. Ward's eldest daughter, ,
Mrs. Julia Rogers, is married to-night to
Harold Sawyer of Atnesburv, Mass. For !
tho celebration three daughters came from '
tho West, and llowen were sent from Illin-1
ois, Iowa and Ohio.
Air. Ward voted for both Harrisons and
wants to live and vote again for Ilenjamin.
Both attend the Congregational church, of
which Mrs. Ward is tho oldest living mom
bor. Mr. Ward seldom misses n weekly
market day at Vergennes. Both shook
bands with all present aud stood the fatigue
well. Thoy seem to have a fair chance of
still longer life, ns neither ever had much
sickness. Both retain a wonderful interest 1
in local nud public matters.
lielegateB to tile ( on I lileu tal Concrusit
New Yohk, Nov. 21. Delegates to the
continental cougress nud war council of tho
salvation army from nil parts of tho coun
try, attended a banquet at l.euox lycoum at
p. m. to-day. Thero weie 2500 persons
present. Only plain food and vogotaules
were partaken of mid the tickets were 25
oents apioce. Ihe banquet lasted about two
hours and at its conclusion a torchlight pro
cetsion was formed.
The first division was escorted by a band
of cadet-, preceded by 10 torch bearers.
The national Held and headquarters ollicers
followed. The procession moved to Caregie
Music Hall, where tho proceedings proper
of thu congress began. Seveu thousand peo
ple crowded into tho hall, and the platform
was jammeu witu oaivauon Army omcors
of all ranks, In regulation uniforms.
Commander Bolliugton Booth presided
and made an address of welcome- He said
that the in-door congregations that attended
tho army meotings in tho United States in
the paBt year, aggregated 18, 100,888. Tha
converts made li2,4'ri!J; cities aud towns oc
cupied 402; corps aud outposts 555; soldiers
und recruits 13,100; ollicers 1500.
Mrs. Bnlllngtoil Booth then spoke and
arousod the enthusiasm of the meeting to
the highest pitch. She said to-morrow
night she would dedicate her three weeks
old baby, Myrtle Theodora Booth, to the
ctuse of salvation. This evoked great
cheering and all the bands played ut once,
There wore songs and exhortations and
chorutoi and then tho commander read let
ters of sympathy with the objects of tho
army and congratulations upon Its work
from (Jen, illlom Booth of Kuglaud,
r.,m.n,..l'nt Herbert Hnth.,r 'iv., ''
Ilev. Dr. Lyman Abbott nnd Presideut Har
n, Tmnn ai,i.m ,i p.i,i
rlson. Tho president's letter was dated
November lii, was addressed to Com
mander Booth nnd road as follows:
"Aly Dear Sir 1 have your letter of the
17th of November uud beg to tuauk you
for your sympathy so kindly expressed for
ine in my great sorrow. I am very liberal
in my judgment of methods aud think it
well that nut all those who are endeavoring
to subdue tho fortresses uf vice approach
them upon the same lines.
To nil whose sincerity nnd tisetulneis aro
proved by devotion und results 1 can give
my hoarty good wishes and cheerfully ox
tend them to you and your nissociates.
Very truly yours,
Benjamin Hauhison,"
Weildlui- Tarty Hurled In a ttuln,
Maujup, Nov. 10. News from Bajarr,
a town 45 miles south of Salamanca, tells
uf tho sudden collapse of a vestment build
ing where a wodding party were taking
breakfast, uud which caused the donlli of
nine portoui, nnd the serious injury of CO
llntweon TrualeH Hint rmilosting Ilela j
tlvei In tlloTllileii 'Will Finllt.
New Yomc, No-. 18. The trustees of
tha estate of Sntnucl J. Tildon report that
a settlement between them and tho relatives '
contesting tho dead statesman's will has
boeu nrrivod at and that the original idea
of establishing a library and resiling room
In this ci'y is now actually In sight and
noeds only ofllolnl endorsoment.
The persons contesting the will agreed
to release ono-thlrd tho original amount for
library anil reading room purposes. This
sum will aggregate f.'.OOO.OOO, the annual
interest of which will be about JOO.OOS.
Tho trusteos accoptod the compromise and
propose to use the interest iu the manner
contemplated by the will.
Now Victims of the Kpldoiuio ut New
Haven Dlllly,
Nr.w Have.v, Conn,, Nov. 10. The
small-pox epidemic at tho general hospital
continues unabated. Dejplte every possi
ble effort to chock the progress of tho dl-
ea!0 now c"0b nre breaking out each day.
I his morning .Miss .Meloxen, tho trained
nur-'e who attended Piatt, the first patient,
wns taken with the malady, making tho
eighth case since tho disoase first appeared
,' ",lu, aneruoon uom
"f" Huu "enry ringg, tue nones puy-
',cinn "ho t""00 wit" tho disease
yesterday, will be convoyed to tha pest
ll0U8- Ino fa'ftl cos" h"ve een reported
90 far' ,ave that of ,ho colored child that
'Hed t night. Piatt Is rapl lly recovering
nml fho other six patients at the pest house
are doing well and nre expected to recover.
Hefllllnjrtmi'ti Now Opera Homo.
The Bennington opern house which has
been in proceis of erection during the sum
mer by II. W. Putnam is approaching com
pletion. The auditorium U reached through
n grand entrance 14 feet wide. Tno opera
llouse proper is built of brick, Is 108 foot
I long, 04 foot wide. Tho auditorium is 70
feet long, from tho lloor to tho ceiling is 40
feet and tho stuge Is 40x01 foot. The two
!ly galleries are each 23 feet abovo tho stage
iloor, and connected by a self-supporting
bridge. The parquet occupies nbout one
half of the iloor. Iu the rear of it and sep
united by u balustrade is thu dress circle
The pniquot and tho dress circle have n
seating capacity of 000. Over the dress
circle is the balconv clrclo. In rnn- nf
, this It. tha gallery. Tho two have n
I Kailnir cunacitv nf .100. Thoro r
hnndsomo proscenium boxes w ith a capac-
lty of eight persons each. Tho side walls
, of tha auditorium aud of tho stairways to
tne uaicony nnd gallery are waiuscoated In
I cherry. Tho remainder of thi walls will be
j frescoed. Tho ceiling of the uudltorium
I nnd over the dr?ss circle are covered with
I asbestos, then h canva, and then fres
1 coed. Tho fronts of the proscenium arch
I ti,.. i,nvu. i. ),. i,-,.l. ..
.u UHI.VH j me ureas
i oirclo will all bo finished in sterio
I WOrk, artistically arranged. Tho
dome Is iu the form of a doublo circle, the
first one being 15 feot across ut its bsse,
From the centre hangs a large electric light
chandelier. Thero will be C0J electrio lights
iu tho uuditorium, of which 1!0 will be foot
lights. There nro five places ot exit in enso
of accident in addltlou to tho main entrance,
and tho house can be cleared In live min
utes. 'I ho total cost of tho house when
completed nud furnished will be about $35
OOJ. The lessees ot the house nro Meters.
P. 11. Bond and F. M. TIITany.
Gladstone Narrowly llseapes lining lttiu
Down by an Omnibus.
London-, Ntr. 18. As Mr. Gladstone
was crossing Picadllly last eveniuK. ho
popped directly under the heads of a team
horses attached to nil omnibus tha
that was
swinging around ths corner. Tho driver
pulled his horses baok upon their liauuohes,
and as tho Premier was walking Quite ran-
lily he escaped with n slight blow of tho
pole ou the shoulder. He stagcered
short distance but quickly recovered him
self aud reached the pavement iu safety,
llorden Cuno liefuro Oram! Jury,
Taunton, Mass., Nov, 10. No new wit-
uossus Iu the UcrJon oase have appeared
hore as jet. it Is uuaerstoou that tho (lis
trlct attorney will not put in his enso in
full boforo tho jury, lest somo ol the im
portaut matter leaks out. Ho will coutlne
himself tu only so much as ought to con
vlnce the jury that there is probable causa
to hold.
Victoria In Kieellunt Health,
London, Nov. 18. The Queen arrived at
Windsor Castlo from Balmoral today. Not
withstanding rumors of her falling physical
condition, she looked to bo In the best of
Tuuley'a "Bread Winner" outwears all other
Socialist Wnlto Kliort tile Unemployed
to 1'ollow E1U Illustrious l.xiiiiiplo and
l'ay no Kent Ills Words rind Accept
ance In Socialistic Kitre.
London, Nov. 21. Tho socialists' demo
cratic federation, through its committeo on
unomployod worklngmen, began to dny a
now rent campaign. Waito, the socialist
who organized tho demonstrations of tho
unemployed, addressed a meeting yestordny.
In his speech he said that after to-day any
man who paid a farthing in rout while his
family did not hnvo sufficient food would
bo a cur. Waita declared that ho did not
bellevo iu paying rent. He had not puld
any in even years and meant never to pay
nny. This statement was greeted with
cheers. He called upon his honrers to imi
tate tho Irish aud pay thoir landlords with
Kmergoncy committees, ho added, have
boeu formed In every district to assist ten
ants who resist their landlords. If tho
property owners succeeded in distraining
their tenants it would cost broken heads.
Then the distrained, together with thoir
their wives and children, will go to St.
Stephens and camp out baforo tha house of
parliament. This plan of campaign, the
speaker shouted, would pain thousands ot
dirty landlords.
Throughout his speech Walto was greeted
with hearty cheers aud applause. Such
rant as Watto's is finding acceptance with
the mass of worklngmtn, who aro now
tainted with socialism. Waite's threat that
organized bands will resist eviction is not
nn empty one. A vast number of cases aro
already occurring iu the slum districts,
where landlords dare not oxecute writs of
eviction. Waito boasts that for the past
four years he has lived in tha same street
nnd has not paid a penny in rent,
litiarallteed Cure.
We Authorize our advertised dri Kijist'S to
fell jnu Dr. KIuk's New I)lcuvcrjr for Con-i-ii
in pt Inn, L'oUK'hs and ColiU, u;ion tlii- condi
tion. If you aro atlllcted with La Grippe and
will "io this remedy according to directions
k'ivii.g it a fair trial, and experience no beiiellt,
jou may return tho hottlo and have
jour money refunded. We make this,
oiler, because uf the wonderful success of
l)r Kind's New Discovery (lurlliL- last Keason'it
epidemic. Hnvo heard of no case in which it
lulled, try it. trial uuttios lreu at (i. I.. I.a
1 oiintaiu tj l o. i Drue Mores, I'.i Church M.
nd Hs North Lhamtuuin M. l.artrj siza alio
and j I.iai.
lltieklen's Arnica Salve,
Thk Btst Sai.ve In tho wor'd for Cuts, Brui
ses, .'ores. Ulcers, .ilt Kheum, fever Soros,
Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains. l'om. and
nil .-sKln Lruptimis, auu positively cures file",
or no pay required. It U guaranteed to tfivo
perfect satisfaction ur money refunded. Price
i.1.') centis per box. For Salo bv (i. L. l.aFoun
taln A.- Co., M Church bt.. and IIS No. Cham
plain Ht.
From Ono Who KuH'orcil.
PfOTTSViLi.i:, Pa,, March 16th, 1692.
Dn. David Ki;.n.ni:dv,
' Drc.vu Sin : From a Rrowintc gM, 1
ilTcrcd willi fcuinU' trouble- or weuUm.--
periiliur lo my spx.
1 doctored with
several difTtient
physician, hut
lound no lelicf.
"Was o lvducpd iu
Mreui;tli and tlrsli,
that I wtMgJitil hut
tiSlhs. 1 dimiccd
to learn of Hit! oti.
tlirful niu's Dr.
Din Id iTeiinctlj'H
Mrs. Can-in Buutou. J'avorilc fti'iiit'ily
wiu lierforuiiag, nud tried it The ilrt
buttle produced inarlieil improvement.
Alter taking live hollies. 1 wns almost a
Hell HOiuoii and welshed 1:21 J lie.
'.rmr tjuxk ofw my xi ffeu-
I.XU SISTERS," Mich a j-T.iin in weight
aud heller in health th"ii J ever was.
It in my de-he in tcM t ry iiiinianiu
tliiMHirld v.li'i s ii tie r liom any ol the
complaints common to our tcx, of thu
beuellt and cure to he iletived from Ihe
us." of Or. Kenned)'.- Fnvorilo Item
ed). Jills. L'Aiiuiit Hon on.
If you have chronic uculiiesi, bp.ulnp down,
uterine eiitairb. K.ippreii'd or patuftil peno K.
tiisplcioiH Krnwthi. dipsdto tiiuiiiroi ejiicer,
or Jit'iuui ili.ig(-, miter from palulul or n regular
menstruation, Imcorrhaa. orliuui.tar uiuntlily
stcknefs, fallingoftliewnii.il or elaiifc id hie.
Ur, Parld Kiiuu-dvs l inorllu fiemeilv iJ Ihe
only help fur um -, it ran'iind tlioiixindv wheu
ll eljeluiB lulled. L.l'il, K u 1 1 dlsiwiirJKtd
uud git a up m despair, good health audi mirlife
can bBlnt)dbT utinK Dr. lwuueily'ii htiturite
fcemcd?. IVlce. Jl t. bsdilv.
"The Franklin" Coat
The Forcible and Brilliant
David Frost.
ni Speaks nf an Insidious Koo of Teniper
nncx und an It Ueuuinds I.nw Oom
nieiuU iu earnest Lungiiagn the 3Ian.r
Virtues of Kiehiipoo Jndlau Snsw.t aud
filtes Ills Kensons.
The poi trait of David Frost, the noted
temperance lecturer, will bo reoosrntzed far
and wide. The noble, work of this distin
guished advocate ot temperanco has given
liiin'a roputation econd only to that ot the
late .1 o 1 1 1 1 li. cough's.
T)vm I'noT r.osTov, SH.
In a recent eonver-atlnn with Mr. Krosl,
that gentleman snid, with the convincing
earnestness which chanioterizelils reinarks!
'Mine of the gientest evll with which tha
friends of tempei anee have to eouteiid is tho
cheap whlskcydecncUoiisand miserable rum
liiixtuies by which tl.e market Is flooded
under the guli of ' Itltteis," .arsapiinllns,'
'(lingers, nnd other patent medicine.-. The
enm minis cnnsiimptioti id sueli miserable
tnff docs Incaleubible injury in manv cases
by implnntlng the taste for liquors wlieio it
never would exist otherwi.se. This most in
sidious form of intemperance .should be put
lo ii by law.
"I dil not mean to sa," contlnuod Mr.
f'ro-t. " that all piopi letnrv inedielue coir.u
under this head, ami In fnet I know from per
Houal evpeiieneo ot one which is not onlv a
(irent Medicine, a Splendid Tonic, and I'll,
livnlled lllnod I'uriller, but which 1-Innocent
of all detei inriitlng inirredlents and free
from 1 1 . in n f u I Effects, no matter how much
or how freely It may be u-ed. It is lint my
wi-b to nnpenr us the exponent of nnv publlo
UMiiedy, but In this eae I deem it my dutv to
coniiiiend that (Jiaiid liemedvof the Indian
l.ue, Kieknpoo Inclinii -iikwii.'
" I -peak from e-iieiience, 'or It has stood
me in gnoil stead. When half sek, w orn nut,
and my most lebelllmis slomm h refu-ed to
loimer act in its normal capacity, ' Kirkanoo
Jniliati ,rifi' ,di re.torrl ttit ti a health
iMiirili'oii when uothimi lie watih. I have
taken .iccnsior; nUn to learn soniethlng about
this medicine anil Its origin, nud know that it
is not only an old ami tried remedy among
the Indians, but thill It ugetulile I'uritv and
Ibiiinless Curative Kffects isstdl maintained,
i' nil Hint its ninnufactuie is atlll earl led on bv
liiodnrn method, exactly in accordance with
the ways of the noble lied Mali.
".simple liriiitrt, Uaiks, I.eavesand Flowers
from the Forest are all that enter into lis
(onipo.ltlon, nnd the .-trenijth which is
gained from Its use Is mil the false strength
of the rum bottle but the Noble Usliilaratirm
of liniindluK Health, and the I'uritied lilood,
clean.ed of U poison, eoiir-ingthrnilgli every
Vein and Aitery of the llitiimn tein."
This an I more did Mr. Frost h ive to "iv In
retard to " Kieknpoo In Han s,nw." N oids
tail to convey the earni foi.e of his re
marks as expressed to the w it i .Mr. Frost
till pur-ues with nnabiite l vigor the ihiIiIh
eaiise lu which he bus enlisted, and s:iv that
temperance was never making such vast
hend way ns it is today.
kickapog vmm
Sold by nil
6 bottles for $5.
$1 per bottlo.
N. H. Downs' Elixir
Itns stood tho test for SIX TV TVAltS
nud lias jirovtil itscli tho bot lcuudy
yl.nunu for tl.o euro of f 'omirii;ilfon,
Cj f ouyM, CoUIh, Whooping t nuli, uml
Ynff l.uiiu Illnitten l.t jl., :;g or i hi,
0 l'rlcoa'.c. COcuu l 41.i. nor hottln.
y Eii.-si, jj3i;:::i t i:zz, ?r:ji., B:-Uszi, Tt.
fjr jr iit ntrn my nr cr vr iy vf
- n i'
IB, tsll
Jg& mmfm
JKU S ,;i ill
i mm i m WA
1 til IfeiMiH I hr
Gravenette Rain Proof
Hoivivould yon Ijko
a quartered oak
side-board, with two
Ions drawers and
donblo cup-l)oards,
having also a largo
beveled mirror. All
.15.00 ?
I have a great
variety of side-boards,
with a wide rango of
prices. J also
Keep Everything
To Sit On,
Lie Oil
Sleep Op.
Geo. A. Hall,
Rink Building, Burlington, Vt
If you -want a good car
ver, call at
Mixing Bowls,
Baking Dishes,
Crockery of all kinds, Cut
Glass, the best line in
the city.
Salts, Poppers, Olive, aud
Bon Bon Trays, Salad
dishes. Every
thing to make
a table at
tive. 41 Mt tirrh St.
Tiie miciavioi. nbows n
I tie stylo of tase .ou Is.
Tbcy sve made of Bcnuinn
Plorancc Uninimr SHk.
vbinevrt.ioneiO(;ii. &.!
roi I J'lorfuce ri'K
,toin nro sni'j ra rr
.A in a tCT. bssorini tba
bniud'i '(nwoaono
'! A"1. T pattorr.
ltvAvbbun r. berc Sw UnftJ
(AwAiu b. k and rrrlBt
turoii:ioi'.t wltlt
sln, lbyarepor.
fci'tflf.iug. Red lr
cold climtiiet &ro
it naorr duu
bt; und qull-as
f.i -ii.oi ablo as tae ur tol
l.icis sc! 1 tjy all amr
pr. dculor, who cun
1 c ii piled by lh
Is Suiuuicr St., i'.toa.JJun,
S7('if.ims utor nu tSi
mako. tsald retell ual
wiolMils. i'rr thajs -.Tltlj
nbljer iu tli cn l, iW. (or 11 suit .1, c-aij.i
Side Boards.
je 1 i.Tr'irr'JT'.'V.'rlM1 l 'rrTnswi
Y S.W' n ' W
I raw
6 mAMM M
i www

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