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Camllilnry of Col, 11. I. Khnlmll for Doln-gto-Oriinijo
County Soniitiirn unit
Othnr ontcern Nnmoi of TIiuho
Monlloueil-County Division.
Randolph, April C There Is n very
stronir Hcntlmunl In this section for that
able man from .Maine, Speaker Thomas II.
Itceil. thoiiKh there la u feeling atnoiiG the
luboilin,' cli.Kses that Is fiivoruhle tu Mc
Kinloy. Col, Itoburt J. Kimball of thU
toun Is u eanclklate for n ilulcKaleHlilli to
the National Convention at Ht. l.ouls nlul
hi naino Is beltiK Very favorably con
sidered. Col. Kimball Is a Kelf-madc man,
ImvliiK started out a poor boy In tele
graphy r.nd by his push established him
self In a irooil banking business In New
York. He has kept his residence In this
town and State for many years. He owns
a beautiful residence here and has a lino
farm, living hero the major pr.rt of the
year with his f..mlly. lie Is allvo to the
interests of his native town and has In
vested and given much money for Itu wel
fare. He Is n, representative Vermontor
In every sense of the word. Ho has never
uought nn oHlce, although his town gave
him the compliment of electing him i-.s Its
Useful in Every Kitchen.
A unique and convenient cutter that
can be used for biscuit and crullers.
The illustration shows it as adapted for
crullers. 1 he inside part marked A
is easily removed when desired, thus
adapting it for biscuit.
How to Get It.
Send to Rum ford Chemical Works,
Providence, R. I., two labels from bot
tom of can of Horsford's Baking
Powder, with two 2 cent stamps, and
the cutter will be sent free.
Price without labels, 2,r cents.
Biscuit and Cruller Cutter Combined.
State polities this county furnished n can
didate for lieutenant governor In 102 In
tho person of W. H. Vlnll."
Tor town representatives thin county
has furnished a few In times past from the
othiT side of tho county. The only town
In this side of tho county that may be call
ed doubtful on tho town representative
liiostlon Is Hralntree, which has oci nslon-
lepiesentatlve In the legislature of ISM I ally sent a democrat ns u result of local
where hu did good service on several Im
portant committees. Now his many
friends In this section have asked him to
become n candidate for a delegate to in
flclits ninonir tho republicans
There lias been considerable talk In tho
past few months, at least an Item has been
going the rounds oc tno smto press 10 uiu
uecome n lmimihiiiuj iui i nvn h- . koiiik ii iui.u.i.-. ....
Kntlonnl Convention He will go to tho effect that at the next mectlugof thel.egls-
Convenllon with tho almost solid support, hiture the citizens or vmnnmsiown w-iu
of this county and It Is thought II will be to petition to ret that town Into Wmlilng
unanlmous. Ington county from this county. This ts
Compj.ratlvely little has been said ns . denied by many cf tho prominent citizen
vet In ITU nd to Slato politics. In tho of that hustling town. They c-lalm that
county there are but a, few avowed can
didates lor tho important unices, i-or
Senators In tho Hrndford district the only
namo mentioned Is that of C. C. Stirgent of
Corinth, who will no doubt have no op
position In that district. Mr. Sargent H
u graduate of Dartmouth college, was n
member of the House In Vst assist
thev are well sntlslleil In the county In
which they are now located.
Following Is a limitation from a letter
received from an Important business man
In that town by one of his friends In linn
dolph: "In regnrd to the division of the county
(or more to Hie point) in setting vt uunms
Into tho bont lioforo us! Just how this
was nccompllshed remains somewhat of a
mystery; enough that It wns done hucccss
"fully, though ono of our number grew
giddy and was sea-sick for awhile, but
nil these troubles were teniorary and we
had had an unusual experience, the re
membrance of which would be olio of the
permanent pictures remaining In our minds
when these dnys In Uermuda aro numbered
with tho past.
This Spanish Point bears Its namo with
out doubt In honor of Its first discoverers,
ns tho whole Island docs tho namo of a
Spanish navigator, llcrmildez, who, seek
ing tho west Indies In I5li, Willi a cargo
of hogs for tho colony established In Culm,
strayed out to these reefs. He Judged tho
land to bo uninhabited, but attempted to
land some of the hogs. Contrary winds
frustrated tho attempt to land, but It
seems likely that some of the lour footed
cargo got nshore, for when "1 years later
In 1101 nn Kngllsh ship was wrecked on
tho reefs tho sailors, who got ashore,
found hogs running wild In great numbers
on tho Island.
nut judgo from 1SSG to ISM) and Is t0Wn to Washington county It Is a scheme
which must have originnicii, tanii iur n
purpose I have no doubt) In some brain
outside of Wllllamstown. It has never
been agitated In town, nnd I do not re
mninlw.r nf ttiuirlllir It siiokeii of once 111 the
aro mentioned an candidates for Senator, i nst live years only In the connection with
! or tho pr.st two conventions these gi'iuie- t,0 roport clrculaied inrougu me nuue
tit present ch-.lrmnn of the county com
mittee ..nd a very capable man for the
position of Senator. In the Handotph dis
trict the names of 0. V. Lynde of Wll
llamstown and Casslus Peck of llrooklleld
men have sought n nomination and it Is
considered that according to location It
belongs to either of then' towns as It has
been many years since they have, lueii re
prchonteil In the Senate. Itoth ure able
men and hr.vc both served a term In tho
lower house. H Is said that either man
could possibly have had a nomination
before now It they could havo agreed to
their turns, but on account of their poli
tical (lllllcultlcs Ilnndolph and Cheliea
have stepped In and cr.ptured tho plum
each time Pnless they agree each may
lose tho nomlnr.tlon again. Another namo
mentioned In this connection Is that of J,
1). IHnlson of this place, although ho 3
not u candidate for the position.
Mr. 1-1 nde does not ce.ro anything about
It for himself but his fellow townsmen
want lllm to bo a candidate, as they say
It belongs to the town. Mr. l.ynde Is a
man of means, being a director and vice
v nnr sinte tinners that nn effort would
be made to have this accomplished at our
coming Legislature I believe It would lie
of no advantage to Wllllamstown could it
be nccompllshed. '
A Hunting Kioiirnlnn-A Wonderful Kx
rnviitfd (lullery mill Until Itiioni-Siiiiii
HMorlritl Parti.
Helniont, Warwick K P.ermudu.oMarch 17
We paid our respects to the patron saint
of the day, to-day. by "drowning tho
Shamrock" early In the morning and cele
brated the day by a boat exclusion; our
thoughts turning homeward In comparison
of tho probable state or tho aimospneru
them with the soft breezo and golden sun
light playing about us us wo moved over
tho blue waters. Tho boatman has found
Appeal to Tliolr Kollonori to Rronte n
l'ubllo Dclimnd l'or it-limn Tlialr
lli ilUOKt on it Hollgloui llii Hut
liiilorjo tlm Worldly Demand.
Unltlmore, Md April S.-Cardlnnl nib
bons has given to tho United Press nn ap
peal, signed by the American, Irish and
Kngllsh cnrdlnals, In behalf of a perma
nent system of arbitration. The appeal
Is tho result of n Joint conference In which
Cardinal (llbblns. Cardinal Loguo and
Cardinal Vaughan have for somo tlmo
been engaged. It Is as follows:
"Wo, tho undersigned cardinals, repre
sentatives of the Prlnco of.Peaco and of
the Cathollo church In our rcspectlvo
countries, Invito all who henr our volco
to co-operato In the formation of A pub
lic opinion, which shnll demand the cstnl
llshment of n permanent tribunal of arbi
tration, ns a rational subslltuto among
tho Kngllsh speaking races for a resort to
the bloody arbitrament of war.
"Wo aro well nwaro that such n pro
lect Is beset with practical dllllcultles.
Wo believe that they win not prove to no
Insuperable If tho deslro to overcome
them bo genuine and general. Such a
court existed for centuries, when tho na
tions of Christendom were united In ono
faith. And have wo not seen nations ap
peal to Hint sumo court for Its Judgment
In our own day?
"Tho establishment of a permanent tri
bunal, composed, may be, of trusted rep
resentatives of each sovereign nation,
with power to nominate Judges and um
pires according to tho nnture of tho differ
ences that arise, and a common accept
ance of general principles defining and
limiting tho Jurisdiction and subject mat
ter of such u tribunal, would create now
guarantees of peace that could not fall to
Influence tho whole of Christendom.
"Such nn International court of arbitra
tion would form a second lino of defense,
to bo called Into requisition only after
tho ordinary resources of diplomacy had
been exhausted. It would at least post-
fins SpaniunlH minimi thn islands "I,os in M ortrtrtlt unart Un, fnniiv
of tho disasters nrlslng from the stormy I ' ,.rhU , matt(,r of whlch ,ll0 constl.
n m V, "u "" tutlon and procedure must bo settled by
ll;0 Sir CJeorgo Somcrs. bound for lr-, B0VprlIlnentH. nut, ns governments are
guim IU! ll lieei Ol nine iuii!, u
wrecked on theso reefs, he reported that
In tho 'winter In tho city,
This sweet maid, demuro and pretty,
Plays a part
flho's tho comic opera maid who
Mabcs tho young men all nfrald to
Own a heart.
Slio It Is who sings so sweetly
Of tho cows and then discreetly
Goes to milk them bowing neatly-Kxlt-Ulghtl
In the country In the summer,
This demuro and charming mummer
Clad In silk
Sees a cow nnd n?ks tho farmer
l'lenso to let her swcet-volccd charmer
Let her milk!
IIo at once, of course, consents and
She u bucket forth presents and
Presently tho cow resents and
Teacher "Now, nupposo there wcro flyo
boys going skating and thoy had only
threo pairs of skates: how many boys
would have to look on?"
Hoy "I know: tho two that got the
worst of tho fight." Harper's Hound Tabic,
"fly Jove! I lea my pockctbook under
my pillow!"
"Oh, well, your servant Is honest, Isn't
"That's Just It-Sho'll tnko It right up to
my -wlfo!" Philadelphia Telegram.
i Your Sickness I
rlllns, anil the so-called tonics anil nervines failed to benefit you, you aro
Jr tteyttt in rtf trnlt Vfttt'd ryntnrf in npf well In tlm lllnn.t IVLi. rl.l '
Wine, vou know. Is a nlcadnnt medicine that corrects the troubles tlint-
I alTcct the stomach, nnd enables that Important oran to nbnorb the nccesiary 5
. nutriment from the food you cat. Mood Wine enters the blood nnd cleanses 5
. tt rll , i v.... . i , , .
ii. ui itn (jciiiib nnu nnpurmcs. i uu uuu i get sick wncn tno moou is pure :
; and when you aro sick itt because tho blood is preyed upon by disease germs
Blood Wine
f(Trsd) VirV.)
makes rich, red, healthy blood corpuscles, and In so dolnp makes you well
nnd strong again. You'll be glad you heard of It when it has made you
ucaitiiyanu rigorous.
ni.oon TimiviN to watkk.
Rnlem, Ma., Felirnsry 10, 180.1.
IJpurfllrsi I urn trying your Ill.oon Vk'WK nml have med ono bottle. I can
3 feel tlio oilects, for my blood was nil turnlnf Into water, I lind a iiilo look, my sppo-
rjr tlto Inlt me, nnd I bernmo nervom, but tho o bottlol have useil has done me a groat
deal of good and I think t wilt keep on uslntf It.
Voura truly, Mm. CAKOMNK I,. HONNKOAN,
Costs 50 cents at tho druggists, and Is made only by !
THE LOUIS DAUDELIN CO., Worcester," Mass.
the Islo of Devils wns the richest, health
fulest and pleasantest lie had ever seen.
Ho attempted to form a settlement here,
conceiving that tho Island midway In the
sea between England and tho new Amer
ican colonies would serve ns a base of sup
plies for them: but lie did not live to seo
Ills plans carried out. A few years later,
however, his namo was given by tho Eng
lish to tho Island and for many years It
was known ns "Somcrs Island." Colonists
slowly arrived and In ICl.i there weru sev
eral hundred of them and 11 governor from
England wns sent out. Ono of his llrst
nets wus to Issue as payment for Inbor on
the part of tho colonists for the company
of English proprietors small brass coins
president of tho National Hank at llarro , ,," ,. ,.- .r n,i xtHnes
nnd has been very successful In his ,. ,,,;.,, , r -,.,
business career. Mr Peck has been a very j ir Caim-llaii T friends kindly consent
r, 1 ... 1 .1 . ' lug to sail under the Yankee flag.
j uu- ns mis luwu is luiiceineu n mj r , ... ronvlnred that boating Is tho
no claJm to tho otllco and Is qulto willing! " "..etor way of e nJoWng our
to support either of the gentlemen named. I "? lc , f "flJm can bo n I 1 Irom
A gln.,00 at tho list of Senators front this , 0 Tnle lZ
county for the past M ycnrs slnco 18,0 to , ,'r " s1miL, ix Into his boat, and
nCLTiain wimi townn nuvo ncin mv)ruu
iHnilnii tttmiir riu ivi n H ' liiitiru nil
Hn!0rS,Tohol Vv,H "Pi7' wm.tl! w w sh or t"hlTllnKS an hour; this
nt this time. John Lynde of I'llams-; ......... ,
nun.i ui 111 ,-vn ' .,,,,1 iinvnln- for Inlnnil irei neon e. orferell
Held n brother of Casslus nnd nn excellent
member of tho present highway com
mission, wus a Senator In ISSi). Following
Is tho list of Senators from Orange for
II1U 1'UBL Itimill'l UL II IX.'llkUlj'. JLU"
man A. Whlto of Washington r.nd Harry
11, Nllcs of Thetford; 1S72, L. G. Hinckley
by such expeditions.
1 wish I could transfer to words In somo
small degreo oven, tho experience wo huvo
when wo rowed out across tho harbor to
SpnnLsh Point, a day or so ngo. This point
and Ireland Point opposlto mako tho two
ends of the crescent In whleli lies 1110
, L .' T5 i inl, rHii riinJni;i, q' Hamilton Harbor with
1,u7 ,.") ' Jo,Snr ui , " tholr numerous Islands and reefs. Ireland
nnd am r. C-eorge , of Tops ,,, is.u. j , , d , , fortlflca,lonH
John Lynd of llll nmstown un I.. P. , , , , , s nlsh Volllt ls Jllst
(Jeo -go of Topsham: 1S,8. Cob J. 11, Mend , , , fj ' , 1 of cemur(,8 havo
of Randolph an. Co ' C' ( Ht t; bristling with ragged rocks and
Ilrr.dford: ISO, Marcus Peck ot "rookllel I ' , , , , h u
and S. M. . Oleoaon of lhotfonl ttsj. .Nel- , , violence.
aon L. Hoyden of ,mJol'ih "'V' .'T,' ''l The work ot corrosion on tho porous
i' rary 01 aumuru; 1031, ii. .iiuiiiiiiu ui
Hrndford and Solon 1J. Hcbard of Chelsea;
ISS'i, John Hjlley of Newbury and Victor 1.
Sper.r of llralntree; 1SSS, M. T. King ot
Tunbrldgo and S, V. Krary of Strafford:
16W, It. M. Harvey ot Topsham and E. C.
canal formation produces many beautiful
esults nnd thoso seen at Spanish Point
aro very remarkable. Caverns nnd grot
toes Into which a boat may bo pushed
through arched entrances, and out ot
which ono may look through other open
t- f f..... . icno i.ttti..... it r-v..T.i..
v"L"X-Sr"-yZli cut through the solid rock by the
..:i. ,1 .1 11 m- n-n-.. ...!.. .... fretting waves nro numerous; urches
t v itaJiin ln Ph. 1 iVn,rthi i tn'llK 011 PtllarM ot stones, around
?;.i5-; " ""h" ' .hP."?" 1Z ,.LS i' .11" whoso baso.lho restless waters are forever
beating may bo cecn.
How long havo they stood thus, how
long may they continue to withstand tho
constant wear of tho oluments? Working
along over tho dangerous point we nro
soon whero thu pulse of the ocean Is felt
nnd our little boat rises and fulls to Its
measure. Still our lioatman pushes on
that only ono mr.n has served two terms
In that time, and S. P. Krary was thn
lucky man. Itarulolph tins been favored
four times with a Senator, Chelsea threo
times; Newbury, three times; Thetford
twice, Bradford, threo times; Topsh.-.m,
threo times, Strafford threo times, while
Washington, Wllllamstown, llrooklleld,
llralntree, Tiinbrlilo r.nd Orango only
once. West P.ilrlee, Vershlro and Corinth
nru tho only towns that hnvo not been
represented In thu Upper Houso during
this time.
For Stato's attorney tho only name men
tioned so far Is that of Halo IC. Darling
of Chelsea, a son of Hon. J. K. Darling.
Mr .Darling Is nssoclnted with his fr.ther
iri tho prnctlco of law and has met with
good success so far. There does not seem
to bo any opposition and ns 0110 attorney
lias stated It. Mr. Darling Is the only
atttorney In the county that has not h:vl
it and It is his turn. It will be well to
Btate hero that theso several olflccs rotatn
from one district to another, D. C. Hyde
ot Strafford Is tho present attorney and
In tho Bradford district, consequently It
belongs to tho Ilnndolph district this tlmo,
For tho successor of our elllclent Sheriff,
Charles F. Smith of Topsham, there nro
governments. Hut, ns governments aro
becoming moro and more Identified with
tho aspirations, nnd moulded by tho de
sires of the people an appeal In tho first
Instance must be uddressed to tho people.
"Wo do not hesitate on our part to lift
up our milled volco nml proclaim to all
who' r.ro accustomed t( hearken to our
counsels, that It Is a sign of dlvllno In
lluence nt work In their midst when 'Na
tion shall not lift up sword against na
tion, neither shall they bo exercised any
moro In war,' for It was written ot a fu
ture time, 'Como yo and behold tho work
ot the Lord, what wonders he hath done
Uon the earth, mr.klng wars to cease
even to tho end of the earth.'
"Others may base their appeal upon mo
tives which touch your worldly Interests
your prosperity, your world-wide Infill
which they had struck oft am sent outi(,nco mi(l IllItl0rUy ,n lho nffl, 0f men
for that purpose. This money had n hog Thn Catllol0 clmrcll rPCogn7.es tho legltl
011 0110 smo ami a snip miner iuii nu ; nmtt.,forc ot Hllch tnotlvt-a In tho natural
on tho reverso In commemoration of theor(ler . , i,lcss0!, whatever tends to the
nik uajiui lence."! 01 me nrst seiners.
Pieces of this curious money are still
sometimes found, but the genuine nrtlcle
ls rare. Quite a trade in fiu;-slmllies,
which visitors buy for souvenirs of Uer
muda, Is carried on by the merchants
In tho wnll of the public gardens nt St.
Georges, the fort anitUrtlAYullons nt tho
northern end of thrliUUnd, la a mnrlric
slab bearing thin Inscrtrfton.
Near thli pot
Was Interred, In the year 1010, tho Heart
of thn
Heroic Admiral,
Sir Georgo Somers, Kt..
Who nobly sacrlllced his llfo
To carry succor
To tho lnfnnt and suffering plantation
The State of Virginia,
To preserve his Namo to Futuro Ages
Near tho scene ot his memorable ship
wreck of
Tho Governor nnd Commander-ln-Chlet
Ot this Colony for the time being caused
this tublet to bo erected,
Tho town, St. Georges, still bears tho
name of tho English knight, though tho
Islnnd has reverted Io tho nnmo of the
original discoverer, the Spaniard, ller
mudez. There Is perhaps h sort ot poetic
Justice In tho fuel, that the heart of tho
heroic admiral should have been left be
hind In that "pleasantest Islo he ever saw."
although his body was returned to mother
Kncinwl for interment.
Tho close rotations with tho West Indies
early led to tho Introduction of slaves,
both Indian and negro, and slavery con
tinued on the llermudas until 1S3I. About
(V) per cent of tho present population ls
colored; tho pure negro typo Is seen, but
tho majority of tho dark skinned natives
present un extremely well marked variant,
If one may uso this term. Wo aro con
stantly puzzled by tho Instances wo seo
of lofty foreheads, straight linlr nnd flno
well cut noses nmong them. Tho other
ward through tho crested waves almost i Pr, c, niU'Vu lMulatlon one al-
.u IJV w, n IIVI VUlllllUg HlOCIt,
colorless, weak-eyed and physically feeble.
Does tho soft cllmiito bring deterioration
to tho Caucasian race, while giving to thn
race of mixed blood such conditions ns
aro favorable to Its development?
M. F. O. M.
"Doctor," snld tho distressed wlfo to the
fnmlly physician, ns ho was coming down
stairs from his patient's room, "can you
glvo mo no hope of my husband? Can
nothing be done?"
"Madam, said tho delighted doctor,
rubbing tils hands, "allow mo to congratu
late you. Our patient hns taken a turn
for tho better nnd now we may hopo to
have him about again In a fow weeks."
"Oh, doctor!" exclaimed lho horrified
lady, throwing up her hands, "you told
mo lie could not possibly gel better and I
havo sold all his clothesl" Exchnngc.
Auntie Ethel, you must not be so Im
patient. Remember that Rome wns not
mndo In a dny.
Ethel Why, nuntle, how enn you say
such a thing? It Is wicked, really wicked.
Vou know that God mndo all the world In
six dnys, and Ho certainly did not spend
more than flvo minutes on Rome! Har
per's Magazine.
"Her fnther Is not what you would call
a well-read man," said ono foreign gentle
man to unother.
"No. Ills library commits of only two
books. Hut they sulllco."
"What nru they?" ,.
'Rank book and check book." Washing
ton Star. -
"I'll kiss y(iu for minister's snke,"
"Pray, don't forget yourself," sho said
I straightway .took her at tier word,
And kissed tier for myself Instead.
l -Truth.
real progress and elevation of tho race.
Rut our main ground of appeal, tho living
founder, the dlvino bend of Christendom
It was Ho who declared that lovo for tho
brotherhood Is a. second commandment
llko unto tho llrst. It wns Ho who an
nounced to tho people tho prnlso nnd re
ward of thoso who seek after peace and
pursiio It. 'Messed, said He, 'aro tin;
peacemakers, for they shall bo called the
children of God."
"Wo therefore earnestly Invite nil to
unlto with us In pressing their convictions THE REST KIND OF CERTIFICATE
ui.i ui-riii-a .i.uii uu u I rai'vu i c- kui Vnl, M , ,,,, ,.
other measures as aro constitutional.
Archbishop of Ualtlmore.
Michael Cardinal Logue,
Archbishop of Armagh, prlmato of nil Ireland.
"I can never lovo nnothor," protested the
Sultnn. '
Oil, go on,"rojo!net the Circassian dam
sel he was' sparking.
"Hopo to die," Insisted His Majesty.
"You nro tho four hundred and sixty-fifth,
nnd 1G.1 Is my limit." Detroit Tribune.
nts by means of petitions and such ., ""r.V'.C ,'T,',?' ,'V,' 1 'Z ,.,.
ier men... n nrnVnn.fitutinn.il. Uvccl wlth thu defendant for eight years.
Does tno court understand from that that
you aro a married woman?"
"In course it docs." -t
"Hnvo you a marrlngo certificate?"
"Yes, Your Honor; threo on 'em two
gals and a boy." Plck-Me-Up.
without effort, It seems, so quietly and
easily does ho manage, tho craft. Lofty
cliffs ot rock now rlso ubovo us, showing
arched openings and cavernous recesses
In their rifted faces over which Is drawn
11 veil of mingled tones of gray and green;
another form of Nature's lavish usu of
decoration, for atl these grays and greens
aro living plants, mosses and lichens,
thriving on this rocky bed, moistened by
tho soft sea-foam nnd beaten by every
wind that blows.
In the face of this cliff we notice several
openings, which seem artificial, and tho
boatman says there ts a gallery behind
them and a ball-room and 11 bathroom
which wo may visit If wo can get out of
tho boat on to tho ledge which Is the en
tering platform from tho sea. Although
thu tide Is high our boat Is fully threo feet
two names fr.vornhly mentioned, those of 1 below the ledge and tosses llko a cockle
sut'U oil luu gieai wuu-n, uui nu i:,tllliuk
lose tills sight nnd scramble up ns best
wo may. Tho gallery which has been
tunnelled out ot tho rock has n stairway,
also cut In the rock, leading up Into tho
gardens of tho admiral's residence, and
was constructed somo H years ugo by a
former officer ot tho admiralty, tho Earl
of Dundonald, Natural caverns wero
utilized in tills, novel construction and It
would seem probable, that at first the
object in view was to havo easy access
to tho vaulted grotto to bo used ns a ball
room. Then, having secured tills and
having fashioned tho winding stnlrs lend
ing down Into tho water out of tho sldo of
tho cavern and scraped nnd cleaned thoon
closlng walls and vaulted roof and rocky
floor tilt all was wnito ana smooth so that
Luko Parish unil John A. Huswell of Ilnn
dolph. Ilotli gentlemen hnvo held the
otllco before and made good and faithful
officials. Mr. Smith, however, Is n candi
date for renomlnntlon, and there will bo a
lively contest. It Is customary Inthlscoun
ty to allow cachnsslstant Judge toservetwo
terms. At present tho assistant Judges
nro Chester Dickey of Washington and
W, H. Klbbco of F.ilrleee. Tho former has
nerved two terms but the lattter wus de
feated In IS'.il', owing to peculiar circum
stances. After tho death ot tho regular
nominee, tho namo of Judgo Klbbeo was
placed upon tho ticket by tho county com
mittee only a few days lsjforo election,
but despite tho work of tho various com
mittees, many voted for tho deceased mi'.n,
which allowed tho election of Judgo Lewis
lin;ii unuwyu mu niecuuil OI JUUgO I.eWlS -, : : , - v ,-
Dlckerman of Tunbrldgo, tho only county 1110 ljatcr, c,oM step easlly ,amJ ,m,My
ofllcer ever elected hero by tho democrats
since tho formation of tho Ilcpubllcnn par
ty. Jtiogo uicitey having served two
terms will not como up for ro-electlon, al
though It Is possible. llralntree seems to
bo tho town that ought to bo represented
In this district and It has a very good man
In tho person ot Henry W. Fltts, who hns
beon suggested for tho place. Charles It.
lllgclow of Hrookfipld ls also mentioned as
a candidate. Judgo Klbbee will bo renomi
nated ns ho hns been a very conscientious
Judgo and well liked by tho lawyers.
It ls a foregono conclusion that Hon.
Samuel M. Glenson of Thotford will bo
rejiomlnatcd for Probato Judgo for tho
Jlnulford probnto dlstrjct and tho somo
tiling can bo said for Hon. William II.
Nichols of Hralntreo for tho Ilandolph
probr.to district. Solon K. Berry ot Thet
ford lias sorved two terms as high ballet,
but ns yet no namo hns been
suggested for his successor and
ho may bo renominated to succeed hlm
el,f.' County Clerk Curtis 8. Emery ot
Cholsca lum sorved several terms as coun
ty commissioner and he will probably bo
renominated uiul elected for tho position.
There may bo a possibility ot a chango In
this, list, but It will bo varied but a little.
This county Is troubled but very little
by thn democracy, although they havo nl-
waytPIjeld the r county convention and
nominated oincers each time, without a
possibility of an election, except in 1SS2,
iWTien W. B. Vlall of this town ran for sen
ator abalnst N. Lv Boyden. Then If U'had
not been for tho Bradford district Mr,
. Boyden would have been defeated,, In
Into tho shining green water all this hav.
tng been accomplished so successfully, the
thought of further excavations might have
como and the lofty arched chamber at tho
other end of the gallery called tho ball
room havo.bcen tho result. This, of course,
ls mcro speculation on my part and of no
value, but this. 1 may sarely say, that
there nro few such bath rooms In tho
world, whore tho 'living wnter pulses
without ripple, to the beat of tho. great
waves without, and like a mirror reveals
tho slightest reflection from. above as well
ns tho soft white' stond below on which tt
rteluctantly wo turn and remember that
wo now have tho problem ot getting back
near-Admiral Wharton of tho British
Navy sends to tho London Times somo
facts concerning somo extraordinarily deep
soundings taken recently in tho South
Pacific ocean. Tho British surveying ship
I'enguin, between tho Tonga group nnd
New Zealand, sounded In three plnces
Archbishop of Westminster.
London, April 5. The Dally News will to
morrow say Hint the appeal Issued by
Cardinals Vuughan, Loguo and Gibbous
In behnlf ot tho establishment of a perma
nent tribunal of arbltiatlou Is most desir
able to whining the cause.
Tho Standard will to-morrow publish n
despatch from Buluwnyo saying that the
Matnbeles havo murdered 11 hundred
whites and that 2rJ) aro still missing.
Tho Stuiuhilil will describe thu cardinals
appeal as a curious document, saying that
In tho present state of public opinion In
Europo and the world generally, the plan
Is 11 Utopian dream. Moreover, It Is doubt
ful If any such plan set afoot by thechurch
of Home would havo a chanco of success
In Great Britain.
Spider Wob Moll Sprinkled With Irldrs
ctint Cheullln DijIn,
Veils aro at 11 premium whllo the March
winds aro blowing. Tho young person who
wishes to keep her complexion a thing of
benuty must guard it nt this season of tho
year with special care. To do this veils
aro n, necessity. Tho new French novelty
veilings havo Just appeared In tho shops,
and nro pretty enough to mnko 0110 forget
the exorbitant prices asked for them
The newest und most novel veil In town
Is calld the Dresden. It has n black spider
web mesh covered with chenille dots In tho
Iridescent colors pale pink, light blue and
delicate green. Another novelty Is the
brown spider web veil, sprinkled with
black chenlllo dots.
Lnce-trlmmed veils nre much worn. Tho
latest shows the bottom of tho veil cut In
smnll Van Dyke points, edged with Vulen
whero the depth exceeds WoO fathoms. Up clennes lace. Many of tho most expeiislvo
to tho present tho deepest water found
was to the northeastward of Japan, whero
In 1S7I tho United Stntes steamer Tuscn
rora obtained u cast of IGi' fathoms. The
Penguin's soundings wero C022,5H7 nndSlSS
black veils aro finished with an uppllqun
border of whlto lnce,
Tho whlto chiffon veils so popular at the
beginning of tho season nro still worn, but
now they havo a border of colored dots.
fathoms, Thejo soundings wero sepuiato l ! Tho tulln veil promises to be the veil of
from ono nnother by water much less deep tho spring nnd summer, it comes In any
nnd tho bottouiH mny not bo connected. . of tho ordinary colors and lies nt the back
Tho distance from tho two extreme sound
ings was 4M miles. Specimens of the
bottom were recovered from tho two deep
er soundings, and proved to bo the usual
red clay found In nil tho deepest pnrts of
tho oceans. "Theso soundings," writes
of tho head In a largo bow, with (lowing
ends. In fnct, all tho new veils tlo In a
bow at tho back, and In somo cases tho
ends aro long enough to mako themselves
quite conspicuous.
Every fashlonnblo woman theso days
tho admiral, "afford additional evidence owns two or threo veil pins, Thoso most
that thn deepest holes aro not In the cen-1 in vogtio nro shaped like a butterfly nnd
tres ot the oeenns, but aro nenr land, as ; mnno with a patent spring which Is con-
two ot them nro within 100 miles of Islands
of tho Kermndec group nnd the other not
Tar from a shoal. Doubtless deeper de
presslons in tho bed of tho sea are yet to
bo found, but tho fact that this soundln
6f 30,!)30 feet shows that the ocean con
tains depressions below tho surfneo great
or than tho elevation of tho highest known
mountains Is worthy ot record." 1
Tho county about Los Angeles has for
somo time been suffering from nn unpre
cedented spell of dry weather. Tho rain
fall during February nnd part of January
was tho lowest ever recorded there by tho
weather bureau. The snowfall In the
mountains wns ulso unusunlly light, and
the streams aro lower than ever boforo
known. Grain crops nnu pasture aro suf
ferlng, tho soli Is dry and hard, and great
loss will result unless tho drought ls
A carefully manufactured cracker made of the"
finest selected wh'eat. Over s.ooo.ooo pounds sold ,in ope yeaf,
proclaim its popularity. 4 Our name "Boss" on every biscuit.
Originator ad Sol JrUmiUctarnrs.
cealcd under the body
Varl-eolored bits of ennmel may form
tho butterfly's wings, or they may bo stud
ded with sparkling gems. Besides, the
buttorfly veil pins there nro dragon Hies
and wohderful-looklng beetles acting In
this capacity.
Word comes to us from a seeker of tho
antique ot n quaint epitaph In Guilford,
Whether tho departed Betsey wroto her
own Inscription In view of her demise, or
whother from tho pen of a facetious
friend, wo nro left In doubt.
Under this stono .
And under this tree,
Lleth tho body
Of Betsey P. T.
A lover had sho
Tho young reprobate
lle courted her early,
He courted her late.
But tho question unpopped
Seventeen lltty-one
Up to heaven
Went Betsey, nlono.
If she'd Itvo a day longer,
A leap year was given;
But alns! sho died .
And went single to heaven.
Arn You Kvor Annoyed,
by a buzzing or roaring sound In your
head? Hnvo you dlltlculty In hearing dis
tinctly? Aro you troubled with a con
tinual dropping of mucuB, Irritating the
threat and causing you to cough? Is your
breath unptoasnutly affected and accom
panied with bad taste? Is your hearing
less iwiitn? Tf bo. vou havo' catarrh, nnd
should at once procure a bottlo ot Ely's
.Tho i)!ym will glvo Instant relief,
"Flossie, hnvo you Joined any new so
ciety lately?"
"Oh, yes; and It's n lovely organization.
It's thu Universal Sisterhood of tho Uni
versal Brotherhood ot Man." Chicago
Husband "Yes, dear, you look nice In
that dress; but It cost mo a heap of
Wife "Freddie, dear, what do I caro for
money when It Is a question of pleasing
you?" Memphis Scimitar.
A well-known lady of central Mississippi,
who visited New Orleans at thn last Mardl
Grns was considerably shocked at the "de
colletteness" of somo ot the costumes at a
fashionable dinner.
"What did- Mrs. C wear?" nsked a
"I didn't look under tho tabte; but sho
didn't hnvo on anything nbovo it." New
Orleans Times.
Why find so.mugh fault with tho weather?
'TIs true thesd cold snowbanks are drear,
But, taking the months altogether,
There's only ono March In the year.
Why murmur when high gales aro blow
tng? You stamp yourself foolish nnd queer;
Theso days llko tho swift tide aro (lowing
There's only one Murch In tho year.
Grny skies Into blue sklas nro shndlng,
Bold trumpets to pipes soft nnd ctenr;
Tho wolf to the cossot Is fading
There's only ono March In tho year.
Clevclnnd Record.
Mrs. Mnnn "I'vo Invited Mrs. QuIIlum
to dlnnor this nvonlng, and I'm almost cer
tain she'll disappoint mc."
Mr. Mnnn Nonsense, Cnrrlo; she'll be
suro to come."
Mrs. Mnnn "That ts what I wns think.
Ing.when I said she would bo suro to ills,
appoint me."
Sho I wonder why I ever married you
for, anyway? ,
He I guess It was to get even with your
first husband for being smart enough to
die. Indianapolis Journal.
- .
H I g n I of Troublo.
Tne llrst mfc-iia ot uorvoua troubles are
teaUuches, cuusea by overwork of Wo
Lrulu in controlling tractions nerves. It
U too ofton Uio case that these, headache
aro rolluved with some powerful dmg,
only to return after tlis effects of the
drug ar gone,, necessitating another dose,
'eu-Itol CURES headaches, not by dead
enlns the pain, but by correcting th
nerves, thereby lessening the work ot the
brain. Try it. Price 24 cents. For sola
Beecham's pills for consti
pation io and 25. Get the
book at your druggist's and
go by it,
Abii1 win nan Ibtn 6, 000,300 bat..
When eood.
live 'seed It sown, the '"
planter's battle is half
vnH. TIlA Mtvla fnr wiiln.
i'awate farmers and gardeners
(I re
1 Their vitality is- assured. Every
thing that pays they grow. Get
i'uregory'8 beco 'wataioguo for.
i loco (mailed tree) aim you'll have.
a oootc worm reading. Fined;
ma nam lacts fpr planters-
, J,.M.OMflORY30N,
3 MrMeMd!Hau. Jk
.7 i'ut auuriciiiiJK
never use more thnn
5 tvothird9 as much Colto-
iff B t ft M n a ...... 1.1 -I- 1-J
0 B When fryinK with Cottolcne nl
4 nut it in n rnld nnn hnnflnrr
:bit with the pan. Cottolcne pro.
HO TQITIiltfS'aliaA ;sJ
f JLl
I A -
for usinit
aS. al f
ways ;
-Sgjuuccs xue ucst rcsuiis wiicn very
hot, hut ns it reaches the cooking
4V fvfiiib iii4t.it nwut.i Hi Ml J iiuu UllU
JZzw. ...1. 1. f .
.m wmpii 11111 mirmtTM it twiii nnu.
cntcly browu n bit of bread in half
.1 n t... 1 1 . v. .1. ...
-5 mimi'i-i:. x-uiiuw iucsc uirccuons
-!Hn nislnr rnflnlfn. .mil tnr.l wilt
S never again be permitted in your
Cottorcnc is sold everywherein tins
jk wun irauc-innrKS "LOttoiencana
1. - - J :.. r t 1 j., t 1 1
$f on rvrrv tin.
amis ai., uosion, ronuna. me.
I Where CodLiver Oil has failed!
has succeeded It makes a new digestion, expels disease
germs, heals the mucous membranes, revitalizes the blood
and creates sound flesh in
I C onsumptiozx, Bronchitis,
chronic coughs, weak lungs and all wasting diseases. Agree-
able to the weakest stomach. $
Druggists, 50c. and f.i. Pamphlet free. Angler Chemical Co., Boston.
Ilnvo roportod comparatlvo tcts which they havo m.ido
recently with different kindi ot fertilizers on potatoes In
comparison with tlio StocklirldRo. Several farmers inailo two
and threo tet at the saiuo timo, so that tlicro wcro twenty-six
experiments with other kinds as compared with
nineteen experiments with tlio Stockbridgo. Tlio Stock
briilgo ylolils averaRiid 100 1-5 barrels per ncrc, and tho
other kinds of fertilizer". 4-5, leaving a difference In favor
of tho Stockbridgo per aero of 33 2-5 barrels. These experi
ments nro detailed In full in tlio Stockbridgo catalogue.
Thoro Is somo reason for this. If tlio Stockbrldge
hnd been wanting in any particular, no such record would
havo been niado.
For 23 years tho Siockbridge rlanures havo led
In field results. Kverytlilng that would Improve their
effectiveness has been done. For ISOti moro potash has
been added, in ono caso nearly 40 increase, but there is
uo advauco In tho price.
Tho Stockbridgc flantires nro. mndo "Double
Strength," and 0110 ton will therefore go ns far as two
Jons of other kinds. Tho forms of tho plant food furnished
nro also best adapted to the different crops, and they can
bo rolled upon to Insure good results, as they have done
for tho past twenty-threo years.
Seo our local agents or address
UU TY HJLIV COMPANY, Chatham St, Boiton
Furniture Buyers
Can find an elegant line of COUCHES, LOUNGES and SOFAS
in our stock at prices 3tire to please them 5.00 to 575.00.
Many of them are our own make.
We have beautiful Parlor Suits in Brocatelle, Silk Tapestry,
Damask and Plush. These arc our own make too, and we like to
show them. Fine goods and better made than the parlor suits of
fered by dealers who make none, but buy them already upholster,
cd. Wo know ours aro goad and reliable. They don't know
that theirs are.
We are offering just now a lot of Remnants in fine Upholstery
goods, CHEAP.
This is a good timo to have your badly-worn chairs, spfas, etc.,
covered over, repaired and refinished; we do it promptly.
Wo are poltliijr lots of orders lately for Window Shades. Want wj In
your hotiio i
J. J. Wright & Co.,
Successors to GEO. A. HALL.
212 and 214 College St.
For Braparatlnx Maple flap
Bend for illustrated Catalogue.
f.0. 303, MAM.OW, N. H.
Who would Improvo their district fohooli,
will do well to examine
Cowmou School Suporrhlon., ,
It U effectual, practical and not expensive,
Full particulars upon application. At
dross JOHN 12. OA.L.12, Guilford, Vt.

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