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Stead r Tons In CheessEggi Attracting
Special Attention Gocyl Supply of l'o.
tatoel Mve Btoek nnd Wool Marketi.
Boston, April 8. Still lower prices hnvo
to bo ntndo on butter this weok. Tliero Is
nn unsettled and uncertain .fcdlng, and
whllo receivers mo anxious to olcim up
buyers nro disposed to hold oft for further
Although receipts last week were not
a largo ns tho previous week, there wns
inoro than enough for'tho demand nnd
iomi) 1ms boon carried over. This, with
later liberal receipts, had n depressing ef
fect, nnd buyers aro likely to have tho ad
vantage during tho remainder of the week.
Many dealers think that tho break hns
come too suddenly, and that It would bo
bettor that prices should decline gradually
until tho now season Is fairly opened.
As the old stock Is virtually out of tho
way, there ought to ho a doiuand for a
good d'-al of new butter, and whon tho
markut settles wo look for a larger trade,
Unless the supplies nro very largo a reac
tion may set In and bring prices up ngaln.
They nro now about " cents lower than a
year ago.
Chepnu nml
A steady tono is maintained on strictly
choice fall stock. Holders of lino fall
cheeso nro still stjoug In their vlows, be-cau-o
their stock cannot be replaced, but
those, who nro holding early mado aro
ready to accept rtny reasoliablo offer rather
than carry It along until the early skins
como Into market. Tho export trado con
tinues light.
Tho egg market Is attracting special nt
tout Ion. liuyors have commenced opera
tions for cold storage, and five or six car
loads hnvo already been put into tho
Qulncy Market company's warehouse.
It now looks ns If tho prlco of llrst-chiss
torago eggs .vould not go under 12 conts,
but our dealers nro still hoping for n lower
price, nnd they may get It Inter, when the
western folks sccuto all they want. This
will bu u busy month In tho egg trade.
Other Produce.
Tho benn mnrkct shows no Improve
ment. Choice marrow pea nro slow nt
f 1.15. nnd choice mcdltmu at $1.15 to fcl.lH
a buihol, In largo lots.
Tho potato market Is kept well supplied
nnd thero is no prospect of nny udvuni-t)
for sumo tl inc. Sales at "5 to 30 conts u
Xow mnplo sugar Is nrrlvlng moro
freely, nnd with n light trnde, prices nro
tending downward. For best cakes 13 to
111 cents Is a top price, and lu tins 8 to 10
Thu grass seed trndo Is up to fair pro
portions, but warmer weather Is needed
to give an Impetus to tho country distri
bution, Tho rroduce Oiintntlnns.
Oats Onts were n Ilttlo Armor, In touch
with tho rlsoin othor giMtn. No. 1 clipped to
arrive aro quoted nt 2 vrt'-M'Xei No. ' clipped,
!!7((7lic; .No. 2 white, JUtfyXo; No. H white,
S!IVS27c; Nn. 2 mixed, :0 ift.i;4o. Tho spot
muiket i i-lichtly tinner, though with u rathor
dull trade: No. 1 clipped trade, .'frtS3Jo; No.
2, ,rJ7l-c: No. 2 widte. 2"H tV?4C S No. 3
white, '."('.iS.'.c; No. J mixed, .jot-'Co.
HUTTnu-lintter is easier. Tho lower grndes
nro fully n welly ns well sustained as the best
cre.unerliH, however. Host freih cronmery,
small lots, 2 IfS-'lo; western civamory, oxtr.i,
lu r mud lots. iUiilat llrit, 17$le; Imltiitlon
ci eamery, lliijliio; factory, l-'lto; northern
d:ilry, lGQi-Oa; northern creamery, SfiffSioj
eastern creamery, oxtr.i, 'i22a.
.Mi'rro.sB and IjA.mhs Motions and lnmbs
am firmly held hr the shippers, but this miir
ket Is r.itlwr weak. Veals nro castor: Spring
crs, tO (49 as to quality; lambs, 0Tg)3Hc: fancy
Briclitonsnud iottom Iambi, Tstji; yor
ltnKs. tl'a; multuns, fS7o; vcats. 5(glUo, as to
MeaI The llrmor position ot corn Is hold
ing oornmeal protty rirmly: Kiln-dried corn
meal lor expire, 11 SV$1 00: ba meal, 7tV978aj
yellow Granulated, .($.' 2o; rolled oatmeal,
KTtf&Itt "tf bbi; out, Wilt) $1100; graham meal,
il'ibqib; ryo flour, iit$'i'a: rye, OJiJSo
i;uit wrn ii uruiur, in j myiiiiiy wnn 1110
rise In wheat and from tho smaller rec-jpts.
Country yellow nd No. 11 yellow to arrive aro
quoted at iOWIOc. Light offerings aro
noted in the spot market, with quotation at:
Bieiimor yollow, track, 4040.l6c; stoamer, 38$
r'l.oim Little change Is noted In tho flour
position. The demand feems to bo for Hour
outsiile tho combination, or clso for flour thnt
was bought previous to tho ngreeinent and
which will bo sold regardloss of the agreement
prices. Hound lots, sight dratt, extras and
seconds, J29143 2U; spring wheat, clour and
btialght, $.lWlk; winter wheat, clear ond
atrulght, 37&9l: winter pat., flM Mi spring
p.it., ') sst j.
Al'Pi.KS Applos nro in modorato move
ment, with tho market quotod at tho figures
I) slow, in car lots: No. 1 Baldwins, W 50 J 78:
No. 1 jroenlngs, ti 60&1 2.5: lien Davis, U 75
11 SO; Rome beauties, f.Kgl; russots, tl 7&3 6u;
Tolmiin swells, 2tiJ 50.
Potatoes Potatoes continue qulotntvery
low quotations: IIebroii9, U0o bu: ro-e, U5(9
42a; Ureon mountain, 25(i3o: whlto, afewc,
Bweet potatoes oro quoted ut: Jersey double
heads, tl
Ha v Tho hay position continues steady,
with cholcu hay llrin. Btr.iw is steady and un
changed. Ilran is flrmer, though without
changes in quotations.
Eous-Ecgs are a fraction flrmer: Westorn,
114i(SI2o: Indiana and Michigan. &YlHa',
eastern fresh, lattloi nearby, 14(315 1 fanoy
hennory, 17ilPc.
Cur.Kc Choose holds qnlte firm : Northern,
lOdSllo: western, WftlOc; twins, 10HUMo!
nage, VXSWffi. Add accJlo for tho Jobbing
PoliK The pork market is quiet, with barrel
pork 111 73; lard, 5Jjo; fresh ribs, So; hams, UH
IIkkk Beef Is firm, from thoshlppors' stand
point, but trado is dull. Quotations aro firm.
The Wool Market.
Thero Is no improvement In the general
situation in thu wool market hero, nnd
at tho present time It is almost impossible
to soil wool, as no one seems to bo In
need of raw material. Of course thero is so
Ilttlo business doing that It amounts to
nothing In tho way of sustaining vitluos.
In tho nbsenco of anything but n hnnd-to-mouth
demand, territory wool Is very
much depressed, and dealers say that to
loreo trado would result in n concession of
prices, and thoy aro not disposed to inako
thnt concession,
,I.lve Stock markets.
Amount of live stock on the msrkots at
Brighton and Vr'atertown:
. , Cattle, nnd Lambs.
Western a,(lt)3 10,805
Massachusetts .... 151 loo
Maine 110 ..
Now Hnmpshlro.. 180 143
Vermont 1U a
Totals 4,.'5S 10,453 25,821
Cattlu TI10 home trado for cattle was in no
tetter position tlmn last week, and vory light
from tho north.
Milch cows Not much life, still something
doing in this line.
Pat hogj-Market off Wo on northern
drosied, with sales nt 4A Western hogs nt
IW'WVj, ' dollvered direct from the west.
bb.i A fow from Now England, but not
suftlciont for butchers to make much no
count of, and prices wore located about as
lust week, no particular change say the butch
ers. Veal calves A year ngo the supply of calves
was heavy, but light this week, comparotivoly
so. Dealers complain of prices paid und hold
ff supply,
Live poultry -A few lots at 10(3)1 lo V tt.
New York I'roiluco Market.
Now- York, April S.PLOUR Receipts,
18,000 paekagesi exports, 23,000 nacknges;
sales, 13,000 packages; market Is higher;
winter wheat, low grades, $2.25f2.90; do.
fair to fanoy, $2.85ii?3.DO: do. patents, $3.9
fi4.25t Minnesota aloar, $2.7003.20: do.
straights, $3.OOfi3.60: do. patents, $3,454.36;
low extras. $2.252.90; city mills. $4.lMf4.25;
do. patents, $l,30ft4.5O; ryo mixture, $3.50
RYE FLOUR-Steady at $2.C5f?2.93.
WHEAT Receipts, 8,000 bushols; ex
ports, 325,000 bushels; sales, 19,000 bushels
ot futures nnd 45,000 bushels of spot; spots
are easier; No, 2 red, store and elevator,
The licit Cough Cure
Is. Shlloh's Cure. A noglogtod cough Is
dangerous. Stop It at oijco with Hhiloh'a
Vor sala by O'Bulllvan, tho druggist,
1 iiuicu Direct.
U 1
R2S82t,c: afloat. taWtmiol t. , 0. b., 8311
SIVio: unsrnded red, Mfisijc; No. 1 North
ern, 7Mft6Vic; options wenk.
COnN-Kecclpts, 12.000 bushels; exports,
7,000 bushels; sales. 410,000 bushels of fit-
UireS nnil JI.UW iwmiuia oiiuib 111 o
stronger; No. 2, 3Pa for elovntor and 40c
for afloat; options weak.
OATS Receipts, 10G.0O0 bushels; exports,
10 000 bushels; sales, 30,000 bushels of fu
tures ifnd S3.000 bushel of spot; spots aro
steady and options easier; April, 2Vic:
Mny, 24c; spot prices: No. 2, 251,40! No. 2
white, MVic: No. 2 Chicago, 2GV4e; No. 3,
2IUc: No. 3 white, 2TVic; mixed western,
2.Vii2fi4c; whlto do., ZCfilS'yic; whlto state,
2ryr(2Sc. , .
IAHI Dull! Western steam nt $5.33;
refined, quiet; continent, J5.G5; compound,
I'dltK Steady; old mess, JO.OOftO.M;
new mess, 10.00W10.25.
HUTTI2H Stoady; State dairy nt 9f?17c;
do, creamery, 12f?17c: western creamery,
lMflSc: flo. fnctory, 8'J 1 2c : Eltrlns, lSe.
C11EKS13 In fair demand; Stato large,
iVttlOUc; do. fancy, lOJflOMc; do. small, C3
;TnOT,ETJM Lower
refined mill In
luiiir. it 4rir.i rfl.
COPPHH Options dull: sales of 0,000
bags; spot steady at 13?lc.
Sua AH Higher; standard A, B?e; con
fectioners' A, !"Ue: cut loaf, Co: crushed,
Cc; powdered, 6''jc; granulated, 5?8c.
riilcann ftraln Kntt troitiine Stfirltvt.
Tho leading futures closed ns follows:
Chicago, April S. WHI3AT May, Cltfc;
July, CiTJ,fI(!flie.
CORN No. 2 April, 29j,c; Mny, 30c;
July, 31Uo; September, S2',1032?ao.
OATS No. 2 May, mic; July, 20s; Sep
tember, ro'.ic.
MESS P6RK-Mny, tt,V,ty. July, SS.77V4.
LARD May, J5.12',!; July, J5.25.
SHORT RlUS-May, Jl.CO; July, $l.72"4.
"Cash quotations:
PLOUR-Pirm. " ,
WHEAT No. 2 fcprlng. atftGlte ; No. 3
do., (SftfiSo: No. 2 red, GSViQfO'.ic.
CORN No. 2, 20j,W23?iC
OATS NO. 2, iauC
RYE No. 2. 37V4C
HARLEY No. 2, 373Sc.
TIMOTHY SEED-Prlme, $3.20.
SHORT RIUS, Sldcs-$4.70.
:. I!, Kiintl'o Dally lliillntln.
(Tho qnly representative of New York
Stock Exchango In Vermont.)
Chicago, April S. Wheat opened steady
nrotind tho closing prices of Monday.
Cables wero firm nnd commission housca
wero freo buyers of May. After the open
ing the market beenmo somcwnui quioi
but hold firm. Later cables showed a still
further advance in Liverpool nnd llerlln
and our market ndvancefl rapidly, May
selling at 6S. Tho reports from tho winter
wheat belts show no Improvement to crop.
During tho afternoon tho miirket became
very active, prices declined quickly on
selling of wheat by Urosseau and Cham
plnln; tho weakness caused somo alarm
nmong small holders who sold and put
tho market down about 1& conts from tho
high price of tho day closing at tho bot
tom. Wo think It Is now the time to buy
whesit on this break. Corn and oats wero
steady early In tho day, but weakened
In sympathy with wheat. Provisions open
ed strong and higher; later they weakened
on selling by parties who wero long and
Inking protlts. Packers wern very modor
ato sellers to-day. Wo should think It
tlmo to buy all kinds of hog products.
Counselman & Day.
New York, April 8. Tho market for
stocks was qulot and for tho most part
strong at tho opening. London prices wero
firmer for St. Paul and L. and N.. The
bearish sentiments In stocks arc tho gold
shipments; It Is very doubtful, however,
If tho continued strength of forolgn ex
chango which will lend to further with
drawals of gold will have anything mora
than-1 translstlng nnd brief effect on the
general market. St. Paul's earnings for
tho first week of April will probably show
quite an Increase, thoy will bo published
to-night. American Tobacco was active
and weak at tho opening but rallied back
n little on buying by Insiders. Sugar
remains firm and looks as If It would sell
much higher. Cotton fcaturoless. Tend
ency downwards. August cotton opened
nt ".CO and closed ut 7.71.
-J. S. Dacho & Co.
Bristol, Vt.. April 6.-In tho local mar
ket last Saturday butter brought IC&I80
per pound; eggs, 12c a dozen; dressed
poultry, 10'ifUc per pound; live do.. 7i8p
a pound f dressed hogs, .$5 per cwt.; beef,
$4.505 5.00 per cwt.; hay, $11 a ton.
Watcrbury, Vt.. April G: Tho prices In
im mnrkot this week nro declining; but
ter ana eggs aro especially iuw n ,
m..ni., u,if-ne nn1 svrun nro not hrlnclm; I
per bushel: baled hay, $16 per ton; tub,
butter, l&alBc; no. in crntes, loqiic per
mum!; manlo sugar. In tubs and palls.
tVfiSc per pound; do. in fancy cakes, XfjlOo
per pound; maplo syrup, In gallon cans,
C01 70c.
St. Albans, Vt., April 7. The market to
day was dull, with small attendance and
light receipts. Creamery butter Is 20c,
separator Imttef nftlSc, flnu dairy 15017c,
fair to good, 1315c per pound; cream
cheese, 9c por pound, sago cheese, 10o per
pound; now laid eggs, 13c per dozen; prime
tub sugar. 7c; fancy 10-pound cans nnd
bricks, M19c: common to good cakes, MJSo;
confectioners' sugar, 10c per pound; maplo
syrup In bulk, wijCOc: do. In cans, C0'rf75c
per gallon; potatoes, 25c per bushel; chick
ens, live weight, 10c per pound; turkeys,
live weight, 10c per pound; lamb and mut
ton, live weight, 4iJfBc per pound; veals,
II vn weight, 4ff5o per pound: native dress
ed beef, $lfC per hundred; hay, $9'J12 per
Local Retail Markets.
Burlington, Vt., April 9.
Butter and eggs aro a Ilttlo lower In
prlco this week. Tho following quotations
aro furnished by somo of Burlington's
leading merchants.
O, A. Unrbor.
Dairy hutter 25 cents a pound; cream
cry butter, 28 cents; plain cheeso, 15 cents;
a pound; sage cheose, 18c; eggs, 18 conts
a dozon. Fancy cheeses are as follows:
! Pineapple cheese, 66c. to $1 each, accord
ing to slzo; Roquefort cheese, 50c a pound;
English dairy, 30c; Edam, $1 each; Neuf
chatal, 6c, a package; Cheddar cheeso, 38o.
a pound; American club houso cheese, 40c.
, tier Jar; McLaren's imperial chocso, 76c
1 per Jar; Swltzor choose, 36c a pound.
! Milk, Cc a quart; pure Jersey cream, 40c
a quart.
Dolan Brothers.
New St. Louis flour, $4.75 per barrel;
Michigan. $4.75: spring patents and Mlnnc-
'sota patents, $4.75. Buckwheat Is 4 cents
n pound; ryo flour, 3 cents. Now maplo
'sugar 15 cents a pound; mnple syrup, $1.25
n gallon. Granulated sugar Is C14 cents
la pound, or 10 pounds for $1; coffee A, Cc;
I light brown, Bo.; loaf and pulverized, 8c
I Whlto clover honey 20 cents a pound.
iSnunBh. 4c a pound; cabbage. 4ci potatoes.
60a a bushel; onions, 3c a pound; turnips,
lBo a peck; beots, 15c a peck; popcorn,
B cents a pound; onions, 3 cents a pound;
curly lettuce 8 cents a head; radl.fhos 8 to
10 cents a bunch: water cresses, 10 cents a
bunch; spinach C5 cents a peck; cucumbers
15 cents each; onions, 10 cents a bunch;
I beets, 20 to 25 cents a bunch; tomatoes,
fctl CUIUS IA J,uu,u,
P. E. Parkins.
Teas Oolong; and India, $1.60 per pound;
Formosa Oolongs, 40, 60, 80c and 11.00;
English breakfast. 60 to 80c.; Ceylon, 8O0.
to $1.00; gunpowdor, 80c; young Hyson,
GOc; Japans, 30, 40, (0, 60 and 70c
(Joffoes Privats growth Java, 40c por
pound; Mocha, 38c; standard Java, 86c;
golden Rio, 2!c; Marlcabo, 80c,; mixed
ground, 25c i powdered Mocha and Java,
40c; dandelion, 26c: New Era, 26c;
cereal, 30c; cocoa coffoe, lEc. per lb.
Spices Peppor, 40 cents per pound; all
spice, 40cj cinnamon 60c; ginger, 0o.
cloves, 60c; mustard, 60c; Cayenne pep
per, 60c,; whlto pepper, 60o.i mace, 11.20;
nutmegs, $1.20 per lb.
N W. Jonos.
Bananas, 35 to 49 cents per dozen:
oranges,' 35 to 60c; lomons, 20 to 30o,;flgs,lS
to 20c, per pound; prunes, 10 to 16c; ralslhs,
7 to 86c; dates,. 10c per pound; apples 40
to 50' cents a peck; citron, 20 to 15 cents
per pound; olive, 36 cents per quart
and JO to 7S centi)ar brtt;.,vaportod
afoDlss. 12a: peachs lOci anrkots.: ivtn
Koj ruspberrfw, !p.iMuri(li nuti, at-l
sorted, 18c per pound; cranberries, 16 cents
a quart. .
Albert E. Jones.
Spring lamb, hindquarters, 15 to 17c a lb;
forequartcrs, 10 to 12Hc; lamb chops,
15 to 20c; mutton hindquarters, 1214 to 17o;
forequartcrs. 10 to 12c; mutton chops,
12i4 to 15 cents per pound: Beef, Western,
porterhouse, 20c; sirloin, 18o; round, 1214 to
15c; roasts, 10 to 18o; coarso bcof, 5 to Gcpcr
lb. Vermont beef Is quoted nt 8 to 18
conts por lb. Hams, sugar-curod, 14 to
18c; breakfast bacon, 15 to 18c; California
ham, 11 to 131io: smoked Bhouldors, 8c;
tripe, 10c; pickled pigs' foot, 12V4c; pickled
lambs' tonguos, Be each: corned beef.fl to
1214c. Pork, roasts, 10 to 1214c; steaks,
16c; salt pork, 10c; lard, 12 l-2c Veal,
roasts, IB to 20c; veal steak, 19 to 20c;
blood snusage, 15c; Boston sausage, 16c;
Albany sausage, 16c: Gorman bologna, 10
to 16c; Vermont pork sausage, 12 l-2c
Turkeys, 20o per pound; fowls, 17c; spring
chickens, 16 to 18c; ducks, 20c; goose, 15c per
lb. Tho different varieties of fish nre
quoted as follows: Mackerel, 18 cents per
lb.; haddock, 8c; bluefish, 16 to 18c; cod
steak, 1214c halibut, 20c: salmon, 35 to 4Qc.
porpound; smelt, 1214 to 15 cents por dozen,
Touch Ai ImIiuiii.
Hay, 18 per ton; oats, 32 to 35 cents
a bushel; beans, J1.B0 to 11.75 a bushel;
spring rye, $1 a bush.; buckwheat, CO to 76c
a bushel: peas, 00 cents to Jl.OO a bushel;
corn, B0 to GOc a bushel; middling;, J18 to
J20 n ton; shorts, $18 a ton; bran, J15 to $17
a ton;corn meal, $10 17 a ton; No. 1 prov
ender, $13 a ton; No. 2 provender, $17 a ton.
Wholosnln Prnritire Mnrlcet.
Burlington, Vt., April 0.
Quotations aro as follows:
Provisions Dairy butter, 22 cents per
pound; crenmery butter, 24c per pound;
cheese, 9 to 11 cents per pound; eggs,
IB cents a dozen; beans,$2.00fi$2.25 per
bushel; honoy, 16c. per pound; potatoes,
5 to 40 cents a bushel.
Meats Beef. Vermont, dressed, 5 to B'4c
per pound; pork, dressed, 4'4 to Bo; lamb,
71tc; mutton, Cc: fowls, alive, 8 to 9c;
dressed, 10 to 13c; chlckons, 3 to 9c per
pound allvo; 1214 to 14c; turkoys, 14 to 16c
Has u Regular Snccotuih of Cases up For
Montpeller, April 8. In thodlvorcecnseot
William Oatyluie vs. Caroline Ca.yhlie,
which was heard yesterday tho court
granted a bill this morning for adultery.
Tho cross potltlon was dismissed. T. R.
Gordon for petitioner. J. G. Whig for de
fendant. "In Budd Bruce, udm'r. vs. B. P. Morse,
a caso In general assumpsit on a note.
Judgment was entered for tho plaintiff this
forenoon. Tho damage nre to bo assess
ed by tho clerk. A Ilttlo over $300 Is in
volved. Plaintiff Is from Cabot and de
fendant from Elmoro. J. P. Lam-son for
plaintiff. S. C. Shurtlcft for defendant.
C. B. Mend vs. Wilbur E. Hayford and
trustees nnd George W. Parmentcr claim
ant, apt. Judgment of tho City Court ot
Montpeller affirmed ns to principal debtor
without costs. Discontinued without costs
ns to claimant and trustees, Prasler and
Parker. Trusteo Mead adjudged liable
by agreemont for $23.02. R. A. Hoar for
defendant. T. J. Denvltt for claimant.
Eliza M. Lyford vs. William Wescott,
wns a petition for an appeal from the
judgment of tho Justice for nbout $3:
which appeal the petitioner failed to ob
tain in Jtistlco court, as ball was not en
tered within tho two hours required by
law. The court granted the prayer of tho
petitioner without cost to her except pay
ment of defendant's witness fees. Peti
tioner must furnish $50 to entitle her to
enter. Sho resides In Cabot nnd defendant
In New York. J. P. Lamson for peti
tioner, P. L. Laird and A. D. Kimball
for defendant.
Green Mountain Granite company vs.
Taylor O. Parker, ct nl npta. Genernl
ussumpslt on a nott crvcr $200 Involved.
Judgment entered this afternoon for ula n
tiff; clerk to assess. Tho parties nre from
iiarre. n. w. scott for plaintiff, J. W
Gordon for defendant.
N. E. Granlto works vs. Harriet Bailey
Is now on trial. Plaintiffs como from
Hartford, Conn., nnd seek to recover a
balance of $490.14 duo on the J. Warren
Jjalley monument now In tho Green Moun
tnln cemetery In Montpeller, dollvered to
uerenaant .May 23, 1SS9. Tho monument
. .
the statute ot limitations and also makes
a point that tho color wns too dnrk nnd
claims several defects In the monument
which was only conditionally ncceuted
Tho contract price was $2350. of which de
fendant paid $1&00, and plaintiff allows her
Jdti.eu expended on foundation. F. L. Lnlrd
for plaintiff, T. J. Deavltt and S. C. Shurt-
lerr for defendant.
Wife and Child of Sir. Pinter Want Pay
Km- Ills Confinement.
Bellows Falls, Vt April 8. A suit has
been Instituted against Patrick, William
and Michael Drislan in behalf of tho wlfo
nnd child of Herbert J. Porter, ono of the
tnreo brothers recent y convicted of nine
Ing obstructions on the trnck of tho Bos
ton and Maine rnllroad nenr Drattleboro.
The suit cornea under tho personal liability
ciauso 01 mo Vermont prohibition law
whereby tho seller Is liable to the denond
cnts for tlmo lost nt tho rate of $2 per
uay wnue in oonunement. Tho crime was
committed last October. Porter hns been
In Jail since nnd has Just begun Bervlng a
three years' sentenco. Another Important
leaiuro is mo equal liability of tho land
lord owning tho building, which is In this
caso, col. George W. Hooker of llrattle
horo, In whoso block the sales were mado
by confession of one of tho Portors. The
urlslanos nro residents hero but do bust
ncss In Drattleboro.
Vermont's Fanioiu llenlor Will be In Ilos-
tnu This Wen It.
Jacksonville, Vt., April B. Bradley C
Nowell, tho henler, has spent tho past
week at nts nemo hero, preparatory to go
Ing to Boston. Ho had planned for a rest
before going, but on reaching honvo last
weok, ho found n crowd of altllctcd peonlo
awaiting his coming. Among tho number
wero merchants, lawyers, clergymen and
even doctors seeking treatment, and tho
healer has boon kept busy almost day nnd
night, though he has found tlmo to do
vote a Ilttlo attention to his blacksmith
shop, Among his patients was a young
man who nnd become a confirmed Invalid
from tho uso of cigarettes. After two
treatments ho declared that ho had been
ontlrely cured of tho deslro to? smoke,
while his general health was perceptibly
Improved. Mr. Newell will go to Boston
on Tuesday nt the request of a largo num
her of Bostonlans where ho will remain for
several days nt tho Qulncy House. After
wards ho will go at tho request of promt
nent Stato olllclals to Burlington and Rut
A Woman Wonted l'or Horning a Neigh
bor's limine.
Bradford, Vt April 3j Mrs. Constnnco
Wright of Oxford, N. 11., has beon ar
rested on the charge of larceny from tho
dwolllnx of Mrs. John Pratt and for set'
ting tho liousa on fire, a week or moro
ngo. Mrs. Wright's houso Is but a few
rods from tho Pratt home, which had been
unocoupleU for several weeks before It
wns burned.
Wagon tracks nbout tho houso led to
an Investigation, which resulted In as
certalnlng that Mrs, Wright had hired a
team ot H. P, Warren, the evening before
the flro and a comparison of the foot
prints showed that they, were mado by
Warren's horse. No prrest was made nt
first, because the hiding; plr.ee of Mrs.
Wright.' 'could not ' bo ascertained. Two
days offo friends ot Mrs. Wright sent an
agent to mis town to negotiate, with Mrs.
Pratt and offered to restore the stolen
property ana wpbu 10 nettle, how much
proptrty was taken Is unknown nor Is It
tiie'WeeICs neWs
Tlillrni!-; April 9.
Conference on tho Manitoba school ques
tion caino to 110 ngrecmotit Edward C.
Stone ro-elected Inspector ot buildings at
Biddoford. Mo Charges ngainst Chair-
(nan Wntcrsof thollolyoko (Mass.) llccnso
board dismissed Now couunatidur of
tho American branch of tho Salvation
iVrmy arrived at Now York Molllo
Ford, nllus Hull, tho "cuckoo" girl, nr-
rested for horso stealing nt Clinton, Mnss
Vermont Republican delegation will
bo for Hood Tobacco trust will pay 11
quarterly dividend Stoamer Hope, nt
St. John's, N, V,, roport.s no Improvu-
tnont In tho seal fisheries prospect
Overwhelming defeat of tho Democrats in
tho Khndo Island stato election Poli
ticians baliovo Harrison will bo nominated
If McKlnloy Is not President Diaz of
Mexico favors n fuller uei'jp.itlon ot thu
Monroo doctrluo by nil tho Aitiorlcun re
publics Long upward strldo In tho na
tional bank noto circulation limit 1
Rochefort confident, that England will
never ovneuato Egypt Mrs. Annie
Morton, nsslstant postmistress ut West
Ncwlleld, Mo., nrrcstod for robbing malls
Young woman giving her iinmo ns
Cnrrio Wolff, Dover, N. .1., killed herfclf
In n Providence hotol Would-bo train
robbers captured and two shot lu Bremen,
Ind Valparaiso deserted owing to fear
of earthquakos Hoy killed nnd nlno
men injured by n gns explosion nt Sugar
Notch, Pn Death of Charles I).
Uolc, past grand secretary of tho
I. O. Q. F. of Massachusetts
Georgetown, British Guiana, seonis eager
to. fight Voiiezitolalis Spain has not
abandoned tho plan of sending ti licet to
Cuba Supramo court decides thnt credit
Insuranco Is not legal in Massachusetts
Now gun Carriages to bo built nt
Wntortown (Mass.) ursoiinl for the coast
defonscs Express car robbed ot n sum
of monoy by masked mon near Hlchlnud,
Mo Now England southern conferonco
of the 1ft. E. church opened Its fifth ses
sion at Fall Hlvor, Muss Miss Mary B.
Hnclton awarded the first of tho Hall
gnrten prlr.es nt tho New York Academy
of Design No trnco of tho mnllpouch
.. . V. V . I
that disappeared botweeu Now Vork nud
Boston. I
Friday, April 3. I
Kcicgnics cnoscn umrsi msirici nopuu- .
llcnn convention at Holyoko, Mass., "reo-
ommended" to voto for Heed Sheriff
shot nnd klllod a meinour 04 tho Delk
ennir In Georala Body of treasurer of 1
t' " XTI. t 1 1.. . I '
utiiiuuniui juuui,v, uu., luuiiu 111 11 iui;ii
f ittsnurg stcot niunnincturors ennrgo
tho nnvy departmont with showing favor
itism Mr. Heed's financial plank will
bo drafted by himself for tho Malno con
vention MoKlnleyltes claim .'10 of tho
48 Illinois dolcgatos French ministry's
foreign policy upheld by chamber of dep
uties Tho Matnbelo revolt confined to
1 . 1 T.
John Addison Por- 1
Coffin of OAn.ncct I
the Mntoppo hills
teracouses Governor
cut of duplicity Autl-theator hat bill
becomes a law ln Ohio Baltlmoro
proposition to admit woinou delegates
adopted by tho Mothodlst conferonco nt
Fnll River, Mass Firebugs burned 11
woolen mill near Davisvlllo, R. I Busi
ness section of Brunswick, Gn., de
stroyed by flro Every ctoro in
Orlsknny Falls, N. Yv destroyed
Labors of Venezuelan commission ho
llered to bo nbout half complotcd Nino
persotii drowuod In Owsley county, Ken
tucky Jury disagreed In tho casu of
Mr. and Mrs. Argcllur ot Baltimore,
charged with mmderlng n Massachusetts
man Tllg lco and log Jnm lu tho Kenne
bec river brokon Mnnltoba school con
ference adjourned without accomplishing
anything Mrs. Morton, nsslstnut post
mistress ut West Ncwlleld, Mo., pleaded
guilty to ombuzzloniunt Now York
Chamber of Commerce favors creating 11
department of commerce and manufactures
Augustus Hnppln, caricaturist und
Mlustrntor, Is dead Manyfnllures in tho
Iron and stcel,trado are accounted for by
p.xtromely low prlcos Report that Great
Britain will reojivo $5000 Indemnity on
account of the (Jrunu lucldont Chicago
man has perfected n process by which na
tural colors can bo photographed At
torney General Moloney of Illinois now
seeks annulment of the Tob.icco trust's
dinner Hnblttinl drunknrdi nnd vn-
gmnts in New York may bo sent to a farm
ing colony for reformation Flvo per
sons ovorcomo'by coal gas lu C. Johnson's
house nt Purksvlllo, L. I.
Saturday, April 4.
Alleged conspiracy to hold up nnd rob
midnight freight north on tho Boston and
Malno A Mnuehostcr (N, II.) woman
nrrestcd for alleged robbery and arson ln
tho town of Orford Frouch cnblnot do-
olded to remain lu ofllco despite senate's
refusal to nrnnt a voto of confidence
FaII lllrnp tMnss.) Mnfhnril.t. i-nn fnrnnnn
fuvored admitting women delegates to
general conference Strlko nt the Prnv-1
Smull shoo factory in Auburn, Mo., set'
tied Strike of street rallwny men ln
New York city threatened h. M. Stock
ton won the national court tennis cham
pionship Colored men enlisting in
Washington to fight for Cubans
Favorable roport ordered on bill for new
custom houto nt New York Nomina
tion ot Benjamin F. Franklin ns governor
of Arizona favored by senate committee
During tho past rjunrtor 124 vessels
wero built In tho United Stntes Large
Increase in money order builncss of. tho
postofllco department Armonlan fund
saving lives ut Marash, Turkey Ames
bury (Mats.) cltlzons swindled by the
plcturo dodge Schnefor beat Garnlor n
second tlmo In the billiard tournament
Tho Auburn (Mo.) shoemakers' strlko
hns ben sotted satisfactorily to nil con
cerned. Both sides mado concessions
Howard Prior. S yenrs old, nn orchestra
lender, hanged himself nt Mnntnn, R. I,
Ho hnd been suffering from nervous trou
ble Sunday. April S,
Definite uws recelvod In Now York of
tho lauding of tho Bermuda's cargo ln
Cuba Burglars wearing dross suits
gngged a watchman and blow open tho
safe In n bank nt Whltlnsvllle, Muss
Brigadier Fielding and staff of tho Salva
tion Army rcslgnod and will Join tho Vol-
Uinteers Congressman Harry Miner
wedded Actress Annie O'Neill of William
H, Crono's company Dorvlshos re
pulsed with hoavy loss between Kassala
nnd Sabdorat Judge MeDonough ro-
fiuod to grant Rev. Mr. Allard and Mlbs
SmHh of Fall River, Mass., a hearing on
charges of porjury Hnrvard won tho
Junior fencing championships Crnzy
mnn at Pembroke, Mass., burned his
nouse, and, tnklng roftige in n hnymow,
defied nrrcst Franklin A, Martin,
wnnted in Boston for polygamy, got uwny
from tho Lcadvllle (Colo.) police,
Slonilnj, April a.
Opening of tho horso show at Boston
Mngnlflcont lecturn presented to Tro
mont Toinpto, Boston, through Rov. Dr.
Lorliucr, by Do Molay 6onimnndery,K.
T Secretary Carlisle publishes a letter
Uow's Thlil
We offer Ono Hundred Dollars reward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot bo
cured by Hull's Catarrh Cure.
P. Jl CHENEY & Co., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F. J,
Chenoy for the last 16 years, and believe
him perfectly honorable in all business
transactions and financially able to carry
out any obligations made by their firm.
- Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's CiLtnrrh CuredB takon Intnmniit.
acting dlreotly upon the blood and mucoirs
surfaces' of the system. Testimonials sent
free. Price
75c per bottle. Sola by all
drug-gists. '
withdrawing from the contost for tho
Democratic nomination Secretary
Olncy domnnds of tho Spanish govern
ment a transcript of nil proceedings In tho
Sangnllly on?o Kxtonslvo diamond
robberies In St. Augustine, Fln.j gems
secured valued .it $30,000 Spnnlsh
rnblnot nwnltlng nctlon by tho, Unltod
Stntes congress A hundred wliMes re
ported slnin by tho Mntnbolcs Four
thousand houses burned In tho town of
Santa Cruz Dtath of olght persons
caused by explosion of n tug noar Ter-
inondo, Germany Spring fnotory of
Washburn & Moon cotnpnny In Worces
ter, Mnss,, burned. Jjoss, $17fi,000
Sovornl buildings burned nt Hart
ford. Loss, fBOOO, Twenty vnlunbln
horses burned to death nt tho
Buffalo driving park Fatnl prlzo
fight between two Haverhill (Muss.)
pugilists nt South Lawronco Clnr-
endon-strcet Baptist church (Boston)
voted to extend n call to Rav, Dr. I. N.
Hahlcrmnti of ew York cjltj Moro ovl
detico secured ngainst Rogers, chnrgod
with tho Pnrnieleo murder nt Cobalt,
Conn Methodist conference lovo feasts
nnd ordinations in Fall Hlvor, Ijtvwronco,
Mass., and Now Itiivon Boston mid
Mill no tracks between Concord und
Nashua, N, H., to bo nightly pntrolcd
Waters will succeed Deland as bond coach
of thu Harvard football eleven Moro
booty of Mrs. Wright, allegod flrobug und
burglar, unearthed In Mnuchostor, N, II.
.' ,, ,n 1
1 acinar. Mirii 7.
Socloty on dress parado nt tho big horso
show nt Boston Rov. Dr. Lanahnn of
Baltimore to publish the "Ern of Fraud"
In tho Methodist Book Concern Wed -
ding of ex-President Harrison nnd Mrs. !
tUnnnlMr Tl.iv.,. T1lna .unlirrlnlnpil
In n Pittsburg lodging houso Sonntor
Quay said to bo prepared to mnko ponco
with McKlnloy Hinting In Hnytl on
tho nccessliin uf tho new prcsldont Sul
tan said to hnvo propnrcd n dcoroo order
ing expulsion of nll.Chrlstlnu missionaries
lu Armenia Govornineiit rnm Katah-
din in readiness for her trial run on
Long Island Sound llnttlo fought be-
twoou President olnyn's troops und tho
Nicnraguan Insurgents Populist catidl-
duto elected mayor of Ellsworth, Mo
Spaniards defented by tho Cubans nenr
VlClll UKUH J. 11. IT, XJUIUlUllb LI.II1IUUL.1
hl Xuwimrt. in. I.l nrnnnrtv tn his wife
Clenfugos O. II. P. Bolmout transfers
jiurdor of a farmer near Hookvillo, Conn
W()lnoll ln Virginia Ineligible for pub-
olri,.0 Gloucester (Mnss.) fish no
firms nnd business houses greatly stirred
up over the Frye hill to protect sentnon's
wages Mrs. Booth-Tuokor trlod ln vain
to lnduco her brother to return to tho
Armv Slinwiiltor won tho
national championship chess :natch
William BlgBorstafT, colored, hanged nt
. ... .. .,' .. ,.,i. ' . t)ii. 1
Helena, Mon.. for tho murder of Rlchnrd
Johnson- Ht. Rev. h ephen V. Ryan,
bishop ot tho Catholic diocese of Buffalo,
f.erlously sick At tho Concord (Mass.)
town meeting n committee of flva were op-
pointed to mnko nrrnngements for the
tTrclon of n stntuo of Ralph Wnldo Emor- ,
son At , iiUSWorth (Me.) city eloc- 1
pnluted to mnko nrrnngements for the
tlon, Henry E. Davis,
lm Cltlrntie' rnnrll.
date for iiinynr, was defeated by Robert
Gerry, tho Populist candldntd 515 to 6a9
In Cnlnls, Mo., Gcorgo A. Murclilo wns
re-elected mayor for tho fifth term, nnd
Eoven Republican aldermen wero chosen
Tho young womnn who committed (til
rldo nt tho Central hotol, Provldenco, is
still unidcntlfiod. Money found in her
effects will bo used to purchase n ensket
nnd a lot in tho comotcry Tho largest
anchor over mado nt Aldcn's anchor works
ln Camden, Mc, was shlppod yestorday to
Now York. It weighs 7000 pounds
John Francoeur has n fractured skull,
having been found nt tho foot of n lnddcr
ln tho Chiico mills barn ut Fall River,
Mass Joseph Burton, nn nged rosldont
of Dedham, Me., committed suicide by
ni,i w nf Uvh,,in a l frmi v
taking a doso of strychnlno Alfred F
Trumbull was probably fatally Injured by
being run over by a wagon ut Lawrence,
Wednesday, April 8.
Our government will resist; expulsion cf
American mlsslounrlcs from Turkey
Rumor that Great Britain will rccognlzo
tho lndcpeudouco ot thu Transvaal not
true Elections iu New York towns
go to Domocrnts on nccount of the Raines
law Tho A. P. A. declares war on Mc-
Klnlcy, and will boom Linton of Michi
gan for president. "Oliver Optlo" in
Boston, nftcr a trip nround tho world
Hundreds of men nt Bath, Mo., engaged
ln gathering wood and logs from tho jam
which broke loose In tho river Celebra
tion ot tho 150th anniversary of the organ
ization of tho First Prcsbyteriou church,
Ncwburyport. Mnss Mayor Brickctt of
Haverhill, Mass., abandoned attempt to
keep Officer Ryan In the ofllco of police
captul'n -Shooting nnd bloodshed dur
ing Chicago's city eloctlon Brltnunla
won n race off Nico Butler knocked out
Hlgglus In two rounds nt Lynn, Muss
Steamers Bollarden nnd iTrluslaud col-
lll,el1 ll Now York bay Body of Mnn
UBl "Cooney" Mentions found in tho rlvoi
nt Hurtford John Hunter hold for mur
der nt Tolland, Conu Stablo employe
seriously Injured by drunkon mon at
Westbrook, Conn Tho late Alexander
Buchanan, a Montague City (Mass.) black
smith, left an estuto valued nt $50,000
Grossly Irregular manipulation ot tho Du
luth and Winnipeg railroad charged In a
suit begun at Duluth A 4-year-old lad
killed by n frolght train In East Boston
Martin Curran ot Boston lnstnntly klllod
by a train in that city Two hundred
and twelve political prisoners confined lu
Cuba by Spanish officials Argentine
proposes to subsidize a line ot stouinshlps
botween Buono( Ayres and New York
Street rnllway employes In large cities
may co-operuto with tho American Rail-
way union Administrator of tho late
tohn Spnuldlng of Doston sued for largo
sums alleged to have boon promised by
tho deceased to O. A. Bradford and Marie
D. Bradford Budd Dohlc, tho famous
relnsmau, announces that ho hns retired
froui thu turf und that ho will dovote
his time to development of a gold mine In
California, ot which ho Is the ownor
Tho Society of the Army ot tho Potomno
will hold thor 27th nnuniil reunion this
year at Burlington, Vt., on Sept. IB and
17 Yesterduy was tho second day of
I ho Olymplo games. The Americans won
more honors. T. P. Curtis ot Boston
won his hent in tho hurdle raco. Ellery
II. Clark of Boston won tho broad jump.
Blako ot Boston got bcoond In the kilo
metre rnco. Garrett nnd Jamison of
Princeton wero nlso winners Dlsputch.es
from Bouno bay roport tho arrival thore
of the craws ot tho sealing schooners Wll
flolmluu, Mary and Ellen, which woro lost
on the night ot March 17 In the straits of
Hollo Islo whlio oqgnged ln sealing
Thooxpodltlon of the Russian Geographi
cal socloty, equipped for tho exploration ot
tho Irkutsk region of Siberia, has started
and will bo absent for three years The
junk house of .Incob Klein nt Amesbuiy,
Mat., was burpod. Loss, 3000. .
Now York. April 7. The Society of tho
Army of the Potoma'o will hold Its 27th an
nual reunion this year at Burlington, Vt.,
on tho Kith and j7th of September, pon.
Orlajid Smith will be thp orator and Cnpt.
Jack Crawford, tho poot scout. The change
from Juno to September as the dato of
the meeting Is dne to the numerous poli
tical and other conventions tq bo held this
year In June. Ths denth of MaJ. Gen.
John Gibbon, the prosldont devolves upon
Major.-Gen, James Jordan the duties of
presiding officer, '
' 'Mdntppller, VU April 5. Mrs. Nellie
Hay Day- died Sunday afternoon at 3
o'clock, aged 38 years, Tho funeral will
be' held' at Orrln -Daly's, rcsldenco on
(Continued from first page)
expect to cross that lino this year, nnd
do not Intend to stop short of tho two mil
lion lino. Tho work of tho whole year
has been ono ot general prosperity and
advancement In all linos ot Christian
Rov. Thomns Tyrlo spoko appreciative
words regarding tho work ot Presiding
Mlder Hamilton. Tho effective ciders of
his district wero then called for.
Rev, J. S. Tupper of Newbury was al
lowed to withdraw from tho conference.
A report received from Rev. G. L. Story
rognrdlng tho publication of tho minutes
of the conference nnd tho mutter was vo
ted to bo left In tho hands of tho secretary.
The effectlvo elders of tho Montpeller
district wero called nnd reported.
Tho bishop Introduced Rev. Dr. W. N.
Burt, superintendent of missions In Italy.
He spoko of tho possibilities of the work
there nnd reviewed briefly what cheer he
had brought.
Rov. C. II. Pnlne, secretary of tho board
of education said ho wns glad to meet
tho brothers of Vormont conferenco and
said ho enmo ns nn agent to report tho
work tho board was doing. Tho succosh
along tho lino was encournglng and re
viewed tho ndvnncement for higher educa
tion In colleges ot Methodism. He urged
tho support of Mothodlst colleges nnd
wanted tho young men educated there.
Rov. Dr. Ilodgers from tho Drew semi
i nury nt Madison, Wis., was Introduced
und said It was his first tlmo In Vermont.
Tills conference ho said sent most of Its
. t0 lno noston university nnd he felt
n little out of place, being as ho was from
tho Drew seminary. He spoke of tho
closo relationship existing between the
two semlnnrles. Ho gns-o n general do-
Scrlptloll of tllO CampilS, buildings lltld
gnvo much Information rognrdlng tho Inner
work of tho Drew Institute.
Tho following drafts wero ordered to be
drawn: Twenty dollars to tho chartered
fund; $SB1 to Hook concern, and $100 on the
Episcopal fund.
The clnsses for admission on trial nnd
to full ndmlsslon and nlso tho supernu
merary members of tho conferenco were
referred to tho commlttco on conference
It was voted to mnke tho reception of
tho clnss entering full connection tho spe
cial order of 10 o'clock Thursday morn
ing. 1I1U n I
! held at
Tho statistical session was ordered to be
o'clock to-day. Tho morning
(seslon camo to a close with tho singing
ot "Pralsn God" nnd Rev. Mr. Cooper pro-
nounclng tho benediction.
After prayer by Rov. J, O. Sherburne
Rev. Alnnson L. Cooper, D. D., of New
port delivered tho seml-centonnlal sermon,
which took the place of the regular con-
terenco address.
! r' tC?Rcr, , CC"ia .1,r,cacher. 00 ,yf;-s
, nnd for thnt reason hnd been elected to
,cllv(,r tho sctmoni IIe ono ot tho mosl
Poallenl preachers In tho conferenco and
his sermon which occupied nearly an hour
and a halt In delivery, was closely fol-
lowed. Ho opened his remarks by a pcr-
conal history of himself nnd reminiscences
01 ins eariy 111c.
I "My ancestors," ho snld, "for 200 years
,vcro momoers oi mo congregniionni
church nnd for four generations the male
membors wero nil deacons. During a re
vival In 1S30 my fnther nnd mother, who
wero then living In Rochester, wero con
verted nnd Joined tho Methodist church.
My mother whllo I was yet n boy, offered
me to tho service of tho Lord. I had no
knowledge of this until nf ter my 15th year,
when I wus prepared for tho ministry.
My mother died before, I entered the
ministry nnd my only regret wns thnt sho
did not live to seo her (Vslrc grntlflod. I
nccepted tho covenant botween my mo'.hcr
and God, and at tho tlmo of Nicholas
Nathnn, ln 184C, when tho conference was
held at Sprlnflold, I becamo n candidate.
Tho candidates In those dav were not re
quired to attend the conference ns It re
quired greater means, and very few were
1 " i? '"K ,no 111
Dr: Cooper then concluded his address,
speaking upon tho divine spirit. He took ns
ins text Ltiko lv, lb and 19. Ho said tho
spirit of God Instilled llfo Into the human
form. Thero Is n divine power exerted by
tho spirit of God when a human heart is
mado new. Man enn resist tho power of
tho spirit If he chose.s but ho cannot, If ho
continue, find his way to tho power of
tho divine. Tho spirit of God is wonderful.
An example Is found In tho world whero
He brought older out of chaos.
Tho anniversary of tho missionary soci
ety of thu Vermont conforenco wus cele
brated In tho Methodist church this even
ing at S o'clock. ReV. Charles C. McCabe.
D. D general secretary of New York city,
u'ns unablo to deliver the address of tho
occasion owing to illness. P.ov. William
Burt, D. D superintendent of missions in
Italy, Including Sicily and work among tho
Italians In Switzerland, spoko In place of
Dr. McCabe. Dr. Burt said, after a rapid
survey of tho political and religious con
dition ot Italy and of tho causes lending
to tho political Independence and un.'ty of
tho nation showing tho parts played i,y
such mon as Mnzzlnl, Ga-tbaldl, Pope Plus
tho 9th, Cavour and Victor Emmanuel.
Ho gavo Interesting statistics nnd state
ments concerning tho present conditions
nnd outlook for tho future. Tho Metho
dists now hnvo 3S stations In different
parts of Italy, sevtn elementary schools,
an Industrial school ln Venice, a thoolcglc
nl pchool, boys' collego nnd two colleges
for girls. Their latest grent nehlevement
hns been tho erection of n mngnitlcent cen
tral building 153x93 feet, flvo stories high,
tho total cost of which was over $200,000,
nnd Is considered ono of the finest build
ings In Rome. His remarks wero closed
by showing how tho work with Italians
hero und ln "Italy Is becoming reci
procally helpful. Thero aro missions In
Boston, New York city, Philadelphia, Chi
cago, Pittsburg, Cincinnati and New Or
leans. Many amusing stories wero told
and his address was vory much enjoyed.
U, V. M, llojs Hold Their Annual Dinner
111 llntttlll
noston, April S. Tho Now England Al
umni association ot tho University of Ver
mont held Its fifth annual dinner at tho
Parker House this ovenlng. Judge Ed
mund II. Bennett, dean of tho Boston Uni
versity law school and president of tho as
sociation presided. Fully 100 members
wero present. Tho University of Vermont
string quartette furnished music.
At tho guests tnble wero Rev. M. II.
Buckhnm, president of the university,
Hon. Hosen M, Knowlton, Hon. Samuel J,
Elder, Prof. Samuel C. Bennett, Dr. J. L.
Burton, secretary of tho American board
of forolgn missions, Capt. S. E. Howard,
Rov. E. H, Bylngton of Newton, Prot F. E.
Woodruff ot Bowdoln collego.
Nearly all the guests responded to
President Buckhnm In his address re
ferred to tho earnest nnd effective work
or tho association ln behalf of tho Univer
sity and congratulated Its members on
tho earnest attention they had given to
tho wider problems of higher education.
Ho spoko of the' Oxford system, which
empowered me master or arts with a
voice In tho management or the Institution
In terms or the highest commendation.
Ho suggested that the application or some
Blmllar system to tho University of Ver
mont mignt somo time bo commendable
and advisable. He paid high tribute to
tho quality of tho 4S0 students now In the
Institution, and referred to tho loss the
University had sustained in the death of
Mr. Houghton, of Houghton, Mifflin & Co.
Tho association choso tho following of
ficers; President, Judge Edmund H. Ben
nett of Boston; vice-presidents, Charlos A.
Catlln of Providence, R. I., Prof. F. E.
Woodruff of Brunswick, Mc., Hon. G. O.
Benedict of Burlington, Vt., Dr. F. W,
Page of Boston nnd Hon. H. H. Powprs of
Morrlsvlllo, Vt.; secretary and trasurer,
George W. Stone of Boston; chaplain, Rov.
E.. H. Bylngton, D D of Newton: execu
tive committee, Wyllys Benodlctof Boston,
Dr. C. P. Thayer of Boston,. Dr. J. A, Dow
of Cambridge and Trod A. Richardson of
Hon. N.'W. Flsk of Isle La Motto has
returned to his horn afttr an extended
Southern trip,
The I'rco Press nnd Othor l'eilodlcals nt
I.nwltiites In One Address.
Wo have completed nrrangomcntswherc
by tho Weekly FREE PRESS can bo ob
Inlned In combination with other lending
periodicals nt low rates. To prevent un
necessary correspondence wo wlli stato
that after tho subscription has begun 110
tleo of a change of nddrtus, or anything
concerning the receipt of tho othor period
ical, should bo sent directly to tho ofllco of
thatperlodlcal. Tho Weekly FREE PRESS
nnd any ono of the following periodicals
will bo pent to nny ono address for ono
year at the prices annexed:
Tho clubbing price on the Boston Jour
nal, tho New York Press and Now York
Bahylnnd $1.10
Boston Weekly Advertiser... 1,60
Boston Journal 1,60
Century Magazine 4. CO
Chicago Ledger 2.B0
Demorest's Magazine 2.60
Forum 3.C0
Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly 3.40
Harper's llazar 4.23
llnrpcr's Magazino 4.13
Harper's Weekly 4.20
Harper's Round Table 2.B3
Household 1.73
Interstate Poultrymnn 1.20
Literary Digest (new) 3.50
McClure's Mngazlne.. 2.00
Mirror nnd Farmer 1.B0
Munscy's Magazino 1.93
New Vork Press 1.15
New York Trlbuno 1.13
New York World 1,73
New England Farmer , 2,23
Our Llttlo Men and Women 1,73
Scientific American 3.00
Saint Nicholas 3.00
Review or Reviews 323
Vermont Chrotilclo 2,00
Our clubbing list Includes all papers and
mngnzlnos published. Only those most fre
quently asked for nre printed In our list,
but others may bo had on nppllcatlon.
Subscribers may have moro than ono
paper from this clubbing list. Always
send a stamp for reply when asking about
this, ns wo do nil this work nt no profit In
order to accommodate our subscribers.
Sent post paid for TEN CENTS each to
nny subscriber who has paid, or will pay,
for tho Weokly Froo Prow up to January 1.
THE MAJOR. Will M-Clements
.. . llcatrlco rinrrnden.
DODO: A Detail of tho Day. 11. F. Hensnn.
SKHTCHES. J, M. Hnrrlo.
, AND VOYAUHS. Franc I). Wllklo.
DREAM LIFE. Harriet B.ch.rStowo.
. , Ik. Marvel (Donald G. Mitchell.
COSMOl'OLIS. Paul Hourgot
,m Ik. Mnrvel iDoiiald O. Mitchell).
WAS IT SUICIDK? Kiln Wheeler Wilcox.
.lames Whitcomb Riley and 11111 Nye.
,... Tiillulah Muttesnn Powell.
HEALTH AND BEAUTY. Hmlly tf. Ronton.
Theso nro bound In papor; munlly two
hundred or moro pages In each book.
Theso nro sold everywhere for 25 conn
The Weekly Free Press
Gives 84 columns every
weok for a year $1.00. No
other paper in Ycrmont can
say this; no other papor
gives so much news as tho
Yon have a neighbor who docs
not tako tho FREE PRESS
possibly ho borrows your
copy send ns his name and
we will send him a sample
copy of tho host "Weekly
paper in Ycrmont, 81 col
umns of tiow.s a wook, SI
it will be money
in your pocket and you aro sure
to bo satisfied, if you got the
wedding cards of the
Free Press Aesociatioh.
Weekly edition Ij clubbed
with the woekly
llotlt papers fur $1.15.
The Result of GOOD
Work has placed our Hon
uments in nearly every
Cemetery in Vermont and
many other States.
AND s n
The Bailey Granite Co,f
1H Collego Street, . -
HV..h lit. .V I r.r ... ' -'
' 1-'

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