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Those Who Served In the Civil
tVldo Dlnpoaltlon of tho Itcmalns of Army
and Nnvnl Coiumnmlora How Their
Grave Are Marked nnd Who Cnron Tor
Copyright, 1890, by tho Author,
America lias no Westminster nblioyor
St. Paul's to onslirino its illustrious
dead. Their graves nro scattered far and
wido throughout tho laud. Perhaps this
lias bceu ordered wisely. Such sentries
of memory and suggestion sprcud broad
cast servo a hotter purpose in such a
laud as ours than if tlioy were, concen
trated in ouo vast gallery of tombs, a
nation's pantheon though that might be.
It sometimes seems that thcro would
havo been a peculiar fitness if thoso of
our groat r-oldiers whoso f anio is especial
ly associated with particular battlefields
could havo been buried in them as, for
example, Meado at Gettysburg, McChd
lan at Autietam aud Thomas at Chieka
inauga. Iu theso great national ceme
tery parks tho most eloquent monuments
of their fanio aro to bo found. There,
sleeping with tho armies of obscurodead
whoso hands aud hearts did tho work of
their leadership, their ashes would havo
found tho most adequato embalming.
But perhaps what is is best. Yet ono
fancies that tho work of Memorial day
would havo had a peculiar significance
in smothering tho graves of an army
witli flowers nud lent fresh poiut to the
old couplet :
Only thn memories of the Just
Uracil swift ami blossom In tho dust.
Tho art of tho sculptor has attempted
tho presentment in marblo and bronzo of
mauv of tho ureat men whoso swords
flashed so vividly in that wonderful four
years which shoot up liko an Alpine
peak out of our history. Each year adds
somo now imago to tho national portrait
gallery. Not a few of theso aro worthy
of tho greatness of tho subject. Such,
for instance, is tho Farragut Btatuo in
New York. But it is a depressing fact
that many of them reflect littlo credit on
tho nation, and somo of them actually
bolittlo tho greatness which they design
to commemorate. Thero seems to havo
bceu a slight awakening of tho public
conscience in this respect, however. Tho
fact that tho congressional committeo in
whoso charge tho award of tho Sherman
Btatuo to bo erected in Washington was
placed found no model fully worthy is
an indication of it.
But beautiful and touching as is tho
desiro to honor tho great dead by sculp
tured figures erected in public places,
that men may gazo upon them and thrill
with the lesson of their lives, thero is
something after all that comes closer to
tho heart. It is in tho subtlo and preg
nant thought that all distinctions ceaso
in tho presenco of death. That tho pri
vato or tho general did his best to do a
noblo aud a worthy deed is whero tho
honor lies. Tho blazo of famo is a flash
in tho pan without such a tost. So,
however wo may pour out oblations of
honor aud gratitude at the tombs of tho
great, tho tenderer sentiments should
linger at tho graves of tho unknown
dead. Tho great soldiers themselves, if
they could open their lips, would say so.
A glanco at tho resting places of somo
of tho distinguished personages who
blazod tho traces of thoir famo in tho
great civil war will servo as an example
of tho wide disposition of their remains.
General Grant's tomb, overlooking
tho Hudson river, is a notablo sight in
tipper New York city.
General Robert Anderson's gravo at
West Point is looked after by Mrs. Gen
eral Anderson and his daughter, Mrs.
J. B. Lawton. Tho gravo of Sumter's
hero is decorated every Memorial Sun
day by a detachment of veterans from
Kobert Anderson and A. S. Williams
posts of New York city ; also Anderson's
battery, Sons of Veterans nnd Ander
son's zouaves.
General D. B. Birney's gravo at
Woodland cemotory, Philadelphia, is
well kept under tho caro of his wife
and sou and D. B. Birney post, No. Oil,
G. A. R.
General Francis P. Blair is buried
in Belfontaino cemetery, St. Louis, iu
a well kept trravo. Tho monument to
tho general is iu Forest park, St. Louis.
Tho gallant General Henry A. Bar-
uutu, who died only n low years ago
from a wound which never ceased to
trobblo him, is buried at Oakwocd
cemetery, Syracuse. L,ifayott post of
Now York city lookn after tho grave.
General Hiram Burnliaui, hero of
Fort Harrisou and tho captno of
Marye's Heights, lies in Pino Grovo
cemetery, Chesterfield, Ma His gravo
is marked by a monument, occupies a
prominent place iu tho cemetery, and is
kept in good condition by tho authori
ties. Burnside's grave, in Swamp Point
cemetery. Providence, is kept in good
order, a permanent fuud having been
established for that purposo.
Doublcday'H gravo in Arlington cem
etery is marked by a monument. Gen
eral Doubleday's widow lives in Wash
ington. Lafayotto post of Now York
city is interested iu decorating tho
Colonel Ellsworth, tho zouavo, ono
of tho earliest of tho war heroes, is
buried iu Mechanicsvillo cemetery, Now
York. There ia o monument. Ellsworth
post of Moobanicsvillo is interested iu
tho caro of tho gravo.
General Charles Dovin lies in Mount
'Auburn oemetery, Cambridgo, Mass.
Post 10 ia interested in tho caro of tho
Rear Admiral Charles Honry Davis,
tho naval hero of tho Mississippi, lies
in Cambridgo cemetery, Cambridgo.
Thero is a monument. Commander C.
!H. Davis, United Stutos navy, son of
the admiral, is interested in the caro of
tho gravo.
General John A. Diz, author of tho
phroso, which in 1801 thrilled tho
northern heart, "If any man attempts
to haul down the Amcrioau flag, shoot
him on tho spot," is buried in Trinity
oometery, Now York. His gravo is
marked by n simple hoadstono. Tho
Itov. Morgan Dix, sou of tho general,
and John A. Dix post, G. A. R., look
after tho grave,
Charles Ellet, Jr., who distinguished
himself on tho Mississippi, in command
of tho first steam ram fleet, and who
died of a wound received in tho naval
battle of Memphis, is buried at Laurel
Hill cemetery, Philadelphia.
Farragut is buried in Woodlawu cem
etery, New York. Tho Farragut plot is
beautifully situated on Aurora hill.
Captain Loyal Farragut, sou of tho ad
miral, and Farragut post of Now York
city aro interested in decorating tho
General Gcorgo P. Foster, colonel of
tho Fourth Vermont voluntcMS, ono of
tho crack regiments from tho Green
Mountain State, is buried iu Lako View
cemctM-y, Burlington. Stannard post of
Burlington looks ufter tho grave, Thcro
is a monument.
General James D. Fcssenden is buried
at Portland, Mo. , in Kvcrgreon ceinotcryT
Thcro is a monument. Tho general's
widow, his brother, General F. D. Fcs
senden, and Bosworth post, G. A. R.,
look after tlto grave, which is in excel
lent condition.
Fremont is buried in Rockland ceme
tery, on tho Hudson, nhovo Now York
city. It is a commanding sito and in
marked by u monument, recently erected.
Rear Admiral A. H. Footo lies in
Grovo Street ceuictory, New Haven. His
son, A. R. S. Foote, and Admiral Footo
post aro interested in tho caro of tho
grave, which is kept in splendid condi
tion and is marked by a monument.
Gavfield's remains rest at Cleveland,
in tho cemetery overlooking tho lake.
General John F. llartranft is buried
at Montgomery, Pa. The national guard
of that state recently erected a monu
ment to his memory at an expense of
Hancock, "Tho Superb," lies in a
vault constructed during his lifetinio
and under his own supervision in Mont
gomery cemetery, Norristown, Pa. Zook
post, G. A. R., Norristown, and tho
Montgomery County Historical society
nro interested in tho caro of tho grave.
General Alexander Hayes, hero of tho
Mexican war and of tho civil war, ii
buried in Alleghany cemetery, Pitts
burg. Ono of tho sights of Pittsburg if!
tho Hayes monument, erected by the
Ladies' Monumental association.
General C. S. Hamilton is buried at
General Geary is buried at Harris
burg. General Thomas L. Kane, famous
leader of the Pennsylvania "Bucktails,"
lies buried nfc Kane, Pa.
Captain Miles W. Keogh, tho gallant
war veteran who fell with Custer at the
Littlo Big Horn massacre, lies in Fort
Hill cemetery, Auburn, N. Y.
Kilpatrick's gravo at West Point is
looked after by .Tudson Kilpatrick post
of New York city. Thero is no inonii
Kearny's gravo is in old Trinity
churchyard, on Broadway, at t ho head
of Wall street. Thcro is no monument.
Tho Do Peyster and Watts families, rel
atives of tho general, aro interested in
tho caro of tho grave, nud it is under
stood they proposo tho erection of a
monument, Phil Kearny post of New
York city is interested in tho caro oi
tho gravo and would erect n monument
if p'li'mission could bo obtained.
Iitithauicl Lyon found his last resting
placo in tho Churchyard cemetery at
East Hartford. When Lyon was killed
at Wilson's Creek, his body fell into
tho hands of tho enemy. General Price
returned it to tho Federal soldiers, and
it was buried on tho farm of an ex-con
gressman named Phelps. A few daya
afterward it was removed to East Hart
General MePherson, who died within
tho enemy's lines at Bald Hill, in front
of Atlanta, was laid to rest in tho fain
ily burying ground of his own homo at
Clyde, O.
General Georgo A. McCall is buried
at West Chester, Pa.
McClcllan lies in River View ceme
tery, Trenton. His family has erected a
monument on his grave, and thcro is
another in front of tho gatowny of the
cemetery, erected by tho general's
friends and admirers. Tho general's son
and namesake, Colonel Georgo B. Ale-
Clellau, is interested in tho caro of the
General Gershom Mott, tho distill
guished volunteer general of Now Jer
sey, is buried in River View cemetery,
Trenton, within a few feet of his old
commander, McClellan.
Meado is buried at North Laurel Hill,
Philadelphia. His son, Colonel Georgo
Meade, and Georgo G. Meado post, No.
1, of Philadelphia aro interested iu the
caro of the gravo. Tho sito of tho Meado
tomb is on tho'most commanding ground
of tho beautiful Laurel Hill cemetery,
overlooking tho Schuylkill river. Tho
very famous ceremony of Goorgo G
Meado post on Memorial day has its
most important event at tho gravo of
General Meide, whero a speciul ritual
cervieo is performed, hurphced clioris
tors and a band takopart. Tho ceremony
ends with a volley over tho gravo and a
buglocall. Tho gravo lias no monument,
but thcro is ouo in Fairmount park
Tho remains of General Thomas Fran
cis Meagher wcro never recovered after
his drowning from a vessel in Missouri
river, Montana,
General Mansfield, tho gray haired
hero who was killed at Autietam, is
buried at Middletowu, Conn. Thcro is n
monument. Mansfield post of Middlo-
town looks after tho grave.
General O. M. Mitchel is buriod in
the family plot of Greenwood cemetery,
His sou, Captain F. A. Mitchol, is in
tcrested in tho care of tho gravo.
General R. B. Potter is buried in
Woodlawu cemetery, near Now York,
Tho plot is kept in ordor by his widow.
Abby A. Potter, at proscnt residing in
General Robert Patterson, tho Pcnn
sylvania militiamau who rallied tho
troops on tho border in 1BU1, lies buried
at Philadelphia.
Gettysburg's foremost hero, General
J. F. Reynolds, is buried in Lancastor
City comctcry, Lancaster, Pa, Tho f am
ily of tho general and two posts of Lan
caster aro interested in tho caro of tho
Roar Admiral John Rodgors, ono of
tho fighting sailors of tho war, is en
tombed in Oak Hill cemetery, Washing
ton. His gravo is marked by a monu
ment, is cared for by his family and is
in good order.
General Jesso L. Rono, who foil tin-
dor a sharpshooter's bullet at tho battlo
of South Mountain, also lies buried at
Oak Hill cemotory. His son, Jesso Rono
and Rono post, No. 44, dopartment of
Now York, G. A. It., aro interested iu
tho caro of tho gravo. A monument to
tho horo has boon erected on tho spot
Whoro ho foil.
General Adam J. Slommer, hero of
Fort Pickens, lies in Montgomery cem
itery, Norristovyn, Pa, A monument
has been erected over tho grave, whioh
is iu good condition under tho caro of
mo generals mmuy uuu aooh post.
G. A. R.
A snd fato must bo recorded of tho
remains of tho gallant Colonel Robort
G. Shaw, leader of tho colored regi
ment which had tho placo of honor nnd
of danger iu thm'ssault upon Fort Wag
ner. Shaw was instantly killed, and
tho southerners placed him in u gravo
scooped out of tho sand between the
fort and tho sea. Tho beacli has since
been washed away by tho action of the
waves, and so the bones of ninny of tho
heroes of Wagner aro scattered forovcr.
General Stannard, whoso brigado of
Vermont militia is credited witli hav
ing turned tho tide at Gettysburg, July
ii, 180b, is buried iu Lako Viow ceme
tery, Uurlington, Vt. A bronzo statuo
has been erected by tho grave. Tim gen
eral's widow and daughters, together
with Stannard post, G. A. R., and tho
cemetery commissioner?, tako excellent,
caro of tho plot.
Sheridan's gravo at Arlington is
looked after by his widow and Phil
Sheridan post in Now York city. Thero
is a monument at Sheridan's grave.
Sherman's last resting pluco in Cal
vary cemetery, St. Louis, is under the
caro of his son, tho Rev. T. 1'. Slier
man, who resides in St. Louis, aud also
of Ransom post in that city. It has u
General Sedgwick rests ill Cornwall
Hollow, Conn. Thero is u monument al
his grave.
General Truniau Seymour, ono of the
heroes of 1 ho defense of Fort Sumter,
rests in Italy. Ho died thero last year
and was buried in tiio Protestant cem
etery in Florence.
General Georgo C. Strong was among
thoso who foil in tho tumult upon Fort
Wagner. Ho lived a fow days after re
ceiving his wound, and his remains
wero removed to Greenwood cnietery,
Brooklyn. George O. Strong post, of
Brooklyn holds service at tho general's
gravo every Memorial day.
Stonenian, the cavaliy leader, who
died in San Francisco, lies buried at
Lakewood cemetery, Lakewood, N. Y.
Thomas' gravo at Oakwood cemetery,
Troy, N. Y., is cared for by a commit
teo of several G. A. R. posts. Tho con
dition of thn gravo and the surroundings
nro of tho best, being kept m order by a
permanent fund. Thero is a monument.'
Terry of Fort Fisher famo rests in thn
City Burial ground, Now Haven. There
is a monument, and tho general's sis
ters, witli Admiral Footo post, G. A. It.,
of New Haven, keep tho gravo and it.i
surroundings in good condition.
General A. T. A. Torbort, tho distin
guished cavalryman, is buried at Mil-
ford, Del.
General Emory Upton rests in tho
Martin lot at Fort Hill cemetery, Au
burn, N. Y.
General Wadsworth's remains were
recovered from tho enemy at the Wilder
ness and entombed at Templo Hill ceme
tery, Genesee, N. 1. There is a monu
ment, and tho sons of tho general nnd
tho Gcnesco post, G. A. R., bearing his
namo, look after tho grave.
O. C. Washburne, distinguished lead
er of the western armies, is buried at La
crosse, v is.
Major iuthrop, tho gallant leader of
tho " forlorn hopo" at Big Bethel, whero
ho lost his life, is buried at New Haven.
monument marks tho grave, and a
sister, together with tho cemetery com
pany, is interested in its care.
General William Wells, who won
famo for himself and tho First Vermont
cavalry, is buried at Lako Viow ceme
tery, Burlington. His family and Stan
nard post, G. A. R., givo tho grave
special cam
General b. k, Zook, who fell in tho
wheatlleld of Gettysburg, is buried at
Montgomery cemetery, Norristown, Pa.
His gravo is in excellent condition, be
ing looked after by tho general's family
and G. A. It. post No. 11 of Norris
town, which bears his name.
Arlington shelters tho remains of
nearly twoscoro of tho distinguished
soldiers and sailors of tho war. Besides
Sheridan and Doubleday, who havo beeu
mentioned, tho following aro entombed
in that classic ground ; Crook, tho cav
alrymau aud Indian fighter; Alexander
McComb, General J. B. Riekctts, Bur
bridge, Green Clay Smith, Gibbon,
Mower, R. B. Mitchell and Sturgis,
General Joseph J. Bartlett of tho Sixth
and Fifth corps lies buried thero; also
Capehart, tho cavalryman; John Irvin
Gregg, Hazen, Meigs and Ingalls, Roger
Jones, Belknap and Ucnef, Geuerals
Sutherland, B. F. Kelley, Thomas Ma
on aud Caleb Swan, John Edwards, N.
W. Brown, Gabriel R. Panl, J. B.
Plummor, J. II. Baxter nnd the gallant
western soldier, Lovcll IT. Rousseau.
Ucrdau, tho noted sharpshooter, lies at
Arlington, and also General Harney, tho
old regular who left tho scrvico nt tho
begiuuing of the war.
Fivo distinguished sailors aro buried
at Arlington, Admirals Porter aud Jen
kins nud Rear Admirals Queen, Johnson
nnd Shufeldt, Nearly all of tho graven
in Arlington tiro marked by monuments.
Tiio graves in tho cemetery at West
Point aro cared for by tho government
aud aro kept in cood condition. Several
of tho G. A. It. posts of Now York city
decorato at West Point each Memorial
day. Tho following whoso names havo
not appeared before in tho list aro en
tombed thero: J. M. Braunau, Grover,
Hartsuir, William Hays and R. II
Jackson, J. B. Kiddo, Mackenzie, tho
cavalry leader; Thomas II. Neill,
Uharles P. Stono and ueorgo byltes.
General Koyes, who died in Switzerland
last year, was brought to est Point for
Tho state of Indiana has entombed
witliin her borders tho ashes of nearly
nil of her distinguished soldiers. Gen
oral E. S. R. Oanby, who foil n victim
to Modoo vengeance; General JolT C,
Davis nud Duiuont nro burled at Crown
Hill, near Indianapolis. Thoir graves
aro cared for by tho Grand Army vet
erans and aro iu excellent condition.
Oanby has a nioiininont at tho grave,
General Georgo H. Chapman, tho cav
alrymau, also lies at Crown Hill, aud
his gravo is cared for by his widow aud
children. Cruft is buried nt Terrs
Haute, tho homo of his family. His
gravo is marked by a monument. Man
son lies at Crawfordsvillo, tho homo of
his family. Pleasant A. Hacklciuan is
buried at Rushvillo, whero his widow
and children reside. His gravo is mark
ed by a monument. Veatch, who died
recently, was entombod at Rockport,
Sol Meredith, leader of tho Iron Brigado
of tho West, rests under a monument
erectod to his moniory at Cambridgo
City. Wagner is buried nt Williams.
port, Harrow at Vincennos and Slack at
Indiana heroes wiio lio in distant
graves aro Milroy, buried at Washing
ton; Miller, at San Francisco, and
Grcsham, iu Chicago.. Gcuoral Robert
Allen lies buried ju Genova, Switzor
land, whero ho died.
Tho following Ohioaus aro burled at
General Joseph Hooker is bnrled iu
Spring Grovo cemotory, in a beautiful
and prominent spot, his resting placo
being indicated by a largo marblo shaft.
The grave, is cared for by a relative of
his wife, ho having married a Cincin
nati lady. In addition to this, his gravo
is decorated each Memorial day by tho
G. A. It. posts of this city.
General William II. Lytlo is Imried in
Spring Grovo cemetery; his gravo is
marked by a beautiful marblo shaft.
Tho gravo is taken caro of by W. II.
Lytlo post, No. 47.
General Angnst Willich is burled in
Spring Grovo cemetery; gravo cared for
by August willich post, No. Mo.
General Robert L. McCook is buried in
Spring Grovo cemetery; gravo cared for
by .It. L. McCook post, No. 110.
General Edwin F. Noyes is burled in
Spring Grovo cemetery ; gravo eared for
by Edwin F. Noyes post, No. 3 IS.
General II. B. Banning is buried in
Spring Grovo cemetery; gravo cared for
by II. 13. Banning post, No. 11)8.
General Ileeker is burled in tho Ger
man Protestant Burying ground; gravo
cued for by Heckor post, No. (I!18.
Probably not ono in all tho hosts of
Union hemes found u moro romantic
resting placo than tho noted Kentucky
soldier, Thomas Lconidas Crittenden.
Tho general sleeps in tho "bivouac of
tho dead" on tho banks of the Kentucky
river at Frankfort. His gravo is witliin
a few yards of tho spot whero O'Hara
pennc'l tho lines:
On fame's t trrnnl ramplni; (,'round
Their silent tents nro (.pre.nl,
Ami ulory puariW In solemn round
Tho hlvouao of tho dead.
At the setting of tho sun Crittenden's
gravo lies between tho shadows cast by
tho state monument to Boouo aud that
circled to the memory of the Kentuek-
ianswho fell at Buena Vista, in Mexico.
Tho remains of General rilocum Ho in
Greenwood, near tho tomb of Henry
iVard Beeeher. Tho general's family
and Ransom post, G. A. It., of Brooklyn
look after tho grave.
Logan is buried at tho Soldiers' home,
Butler's remains lio iu private ground
belonging to tiio Ilildrctli heirs, iu a
plot annexed to Ilildrctli cemetery,
Lowell, JIik. Hall Butler, son of the
general, anil Benjamin F. Butler post,
No. 4',', G. A. 11., look after tho grave.
Banks' gravo at Grove Hill cemetery,
Walthain, .Mas., is looked after by his
widow aud F, P. A. Rogers post, No.
Si), G. A. R. Thero is no monument.
General .1. G. Barnard, tho distin
guished engineer, is buried at Sheffield.
Muss. Tlieri is a mortuary chapel in the
cemetery creeled to his memory by Co
lumbia college, New York city.
General J. M. Corse of "'Hold tho
fort I" nieninry lies at Burlington, Ia.
There is a monument under way. Mat
thias post of Burlington and the widow
of tho general aro interested iu tho ear.1
of tho grave.
Corcoran, tho gallant leader of tho
Irish Legion, is buried at Calvary ceme
tery, Brooklyn. There is a monument,
aud Corcoran post, G. A. R., decorates
tho gravo each Memorial day.
Cashing, destroyer of tho Albemarle,
is buried in tho Naval cemetery of An
napolis. Thero is a monument.
Admiral Dahlgren is buried nt Lau
rel Hill, near Philadelphia. Tho ceme
tery officials, witli tho bravo admiral's
widow, havo undertaken tho removal of
tho remains to finer site, but, owing
to somo legal process of tho owner of
tho lot, they havo thus far been deterred
from their laudable object.
Gr.oitdi: L. Kn.Mi:it.
How to Develop One's Calve.
Wo havo somo good news for bicy
clists wiio havo mi u to regiet tho
thinness of their calves. A friend of
ours, who has a model pair, assures us
that they aro not t litis developed through
bicycling, but simply beeauso every jlay
no jumps ror tun space ot nvo minutes,
falling each time on his toes only. A
half a minute may suffico for the first
trial, but, with a little practice, the
exercise may bo endured longer. When
you havo modern society calves, you
may thank us for that. Boston Herald.
It la
it Syiiiiilinny In Ciirliiim I'rltU-Tlu
Kinplri' u rntnrll)'.
Never wan thero a wliler raiiKo for the
eluili u In Hlcevrn than now, ami, Hit-eves
nluy u tar greater part In the lieeoiiiliiK-1
niss of a toilet than ono would think hiij-h
tho New York C (iinin?rclul Ailvertlsrr. 1
I-'or Instance, a sdlm IlKiire looks inneh
better III a full lilshoy sleeve of Uiu bit;
puff In the elbow than In either the leu u' I
mill ton or the Umpire. While a round I
sveho IlKtire should eschew both of the.su
former modes, as lundliiK to make tlum
appear heavy nnd bulky, takliiK away
from the symmetrical lines of the tlKiire.
I-'or the latter class the Kmplre Is, n
favorlto model, and It Is smart enoiiKh to
mako every one wish to wear It. It con
sists of a wide, Immensely lull ponff at
thn shoulders, ill oimlnu' over the top of the
skln-tlKlu sleeve, which Is usually a mass
of erosswIsH wrinkles, and made to extend
over tho hands In a lomr point.
A pretty fashion Is to cover tho entire
lower arm with lace, tilled In over the
foundation to match the puff. Another
charming model of tho Umpire has u Har
lan puff hiuIiikIhk from a lltted lowerarin;
a band of embroidery Joins the puff to the
lower arm, and Klves a Mulshed effect.
Tho "sectioned" bishop sleeve Is wonder
fully chle and Is n favorite style for thin
Kowns of nil descriptions. It Is cut In
four portions, all of which are joined by
bands of lnco or openwork embroidery.
A deep band of shlrrlmv tits It closely
over tho shoulder and iiKiiln nt the wilst,
llulshed by a frill,
This sk-ovn Is especially smart mnilo up
of sheer muslin over u silk foundation,
which shows off tho delicacy of tho lace
Insertions to ndvnntiiKO. Tho le o' mut
ton sleeves, with many new embellish
ments, nro seen. A chnrmhiB model has
tho fullness of tho lower arm cauuht Into
folds to lit tho arm nnd held to abovo the
elbow; a number of small buttons deco
ruto It.
Terry Patottlc Geo whiz! This hero
paper says tho blood In a man's body
travels moro'n nn.ono miles In n year,
Wayworn Wntson Wot did you o an'
tell mo for7 Ain't I tired enough already?
Cincinnati Knqulrer.
Witch Hazel
A well known cure for piles
Cures obstinate sores, chapped linnds,
eczema, skip diseases. Makes burns
and scalds painless. Wo could not im
prove the jiiHlIty- if paid double the
prico. Tho beat salvo that experience
can produco or that money can buy,
f J
Trade Mtk
Al 1
Nature s
ruritana will positively give any
man, woman, or child Perfect Diges
tion; kind of digestion that
brings New Life.
nf nil sickness and
O all disorders of the
Blood, Liver, Kid-
v nnvc T.nnrrq.
, ....... b
Wi.rt-ea. Tlrnin. nnd
Skin is caused by improper work
ing of the
Puritana makes the
Heart Itighr,
Xiiuigs Itiglit,
Blood ItlKht,
Kidneys Itiylifi
Nerves 1 tight,
Health Right.
Itecame it makes the Stomach
flM nt voiir lru!t lliM treat iliifacnnritif rlnit div
rovir' tli r(co u tl t r tho einiiMe treatment, on
tmttUot I'urltana, one hnttlc of I'uritana I'llKum! oca
Ivtttlrnf r.irilann 7'nbli ti. all in ono j acku'e), and
lit Meoa tho tby win n y'u Ik art of rurlUim, TL
ixritanu Com;uuDil LV. CgocorJ, N. If.
Pleases us more than
to have the PUB
our GOODS and
parison is always to
cur advantage.
The Old Reliable
Y. 31. C. A. Hulltling,
II. W. HALL, Uen'l Mnimgor
"Extremes fleet"
In our stock, ex
tremely high quality
meets extremely low
Every bit of CLOTH-
? ING vc sell has a maxi
mum of goodness and a
minimum of price in it.
We have bargains in
every department such
as you cannot find else
where. Our latest is
50 Bicycle suits, strictly
all wool and fast color at
5 dollars per suit. You
ought to see them.
B Turk &BroJ
Tho Lratling Cliillilors. j
I A N vj-
I N '
(Order Raynold's Pure
S0J1K OF 01 II
If your druggist docs not have
8aK" ll'e sell no
f MO,0nn'l2.o pWsh, rvrrywhero.
merchant's Worm Tablets.
25 cents ft Ikit of any ili-aler or wtit liy mull
Jiockport, X. Y., U. S.
llljf Hr 1 iWWliUaif to s
U iiFi
P P n I 1 11 I .Viluro'-i imitelile.ss cure lor Couiflis,
i 17 I ll U C0I1N nnil ((.iisiiinitlon. This remeil,-,
I 'A rX U I l Iilcli is tiistelt-ss anil line- niu eanso
1 L-llxriL,llXL- mmx, Is in eyeryicsiH-ets.iperl.ir In
iviislinir ilisciiscs tu eo.l-HM'r oil. I n.
ilnrseil liy thnus mils o. nlijsiehnm.
Solil everywhere ut one iliillur nef
Silicate of Iron
Ready for Use. Quick Drying. Tho Best Paint for Floors, Piazzas etc.,
We have a complete) line of Moorc'x l'nri- Hous CoLt. tnailo from tMr vi r 1 at
nml tuo.xt lasting pigments, comllni"l with Pnri- I.lns,-. -1 Oil mul tli In 1 I.i , ihl
Dryer.". No mineral Oils or llenzlni- IhIiir used In tin lr eompoltion, tiny ara
.strictly Pure Unseed OH 1'alntM. nnd wnen properly applied will cover nnr t iir
face. hold their luster and color longer, awl Klw better jtisfaetlon 1 a y 3' 1 r
paints In the market. 1'ut up In one and two pound .111- for f -tv a J
quarter, half and one gallon cans, live, ten and iw. nty-llu gallon lv - anl llfvy
callon barrels, At whoK-iile by the
Cut Paper Patterns for Readers of the
Free Press.
IVohavomado arraiiRPinents by which wo ara oirerin? ti tho rovlon of th
Fni:i:l'ucss tho Demurest Cut Paper Patterns which aro worth from '.'0 cent to o0
cents each, thus making every copy of l.hN paper worth from 20 cents to uO ccnU I u
out thucoupou below and nmll ticcor.llii to directions on It, and you will rocolvo by re
turn mail tho pattern in the si" cho-sen.
K11CI0-.0 llvo 2-L-cnt stamps to pay for malllns, haiUlinc;, ots. U Ituout tho coupou
tho pattern would cost you '!' cents.
Save tliis Illustration and description tp comparo with tho pattern
when you receivo iL
MS Ar.TA fAPi:.
Slz. s Medium and I.arco.
Small shoulder-capes with ripple effect
are ijulte popular, for while Imparting a
dressy effect they afford sllwlit protection.
Hllks, i-atlns, velvet, erepou. and Kredadlmi
are the fabrics chosen for tho capes, lined
with brlKht-colored sllliP. lace, chiffon,
Kniize, and ribbon nro lavishly beajK-d u
on them In frills, ruches, and bows. Tho
capo Illustrated Is of black embroidered
white net over a golden bronze silk. A full
full of cliantllly lace over another of pinked
silk Mulshes the cdRO nud 1-' headej by a
ruche of black and white lace. Ixiops of
pansy rlbhon'and tho Uteu llulsh the neck
A special Illustration nnd full directions
about the pattern will be found on the en
velope In which It Is enclosed.
I Free Press Coupon Pattern Order,
Untitling tho holder to
J 1- 111 111 uolow, tiio nuniner ami siza 01 too pauoru yon uoire, mn uu uin
Scoupon to FitKE Phkss Association with ton cotiU to pay for lu illim; haudllng,
Potc. Ho turn to give your tinme and full uililresi, anil choose one of the sises
Number of
This Coupon is good for any Domoroit Pattorn that ha boon or may bo pub
lUhod lu tho FllKU PltKSi, if sent with tho roipiUltJ ton eonU to pay for maillug
No pattern need bo expected before 10 or 15 days after the ordc
is given as wo have to send for them.
5 In tho tiller or thn mil. The wuffielnus art
veriin-r bow nun rvuiii. ui ni r
S i.y.TyUav.lt huKlll. Tho Co Umtis ot tho
r r itr.n 1-m.r.o " ii- it" M"."',..ni Lnw j
ilallyclreulntlim In Veriuunt. Will you miw
Drug CJ.
Paris Green of Us.)
llieai, have lilm order of us.
sootls at retail.
lloraleil Talcum
toilet Powder.
A ,in vocl l,y lllirli.
At ,,0ill(.ll Antliutjn
Itlcn ii h ii I't.rfi :t Sntu
urn) ! ,1 Inn for Infutita nnd mU
uil. IlMltdittul nflui- slmvltm, , tltlvoly
rrllt-tCHil'i'ifkly lloat. Nuttlu HhjIi, Uiufuit
skin, Mmlitjrii, uti: hvinuviu lllou-tics Mm
l'lc, IlinltcH tho rklti Hnnnlli anil iiiulltiy.
I nli). in, Mill-Ill IIH a. Solil lV ilrlll-uuls or
malted for Hi cililf. Samplo Jj
iiialiiil. (Nniru tills im; r.) r 66
Notvark Kvv Jtrsoy,
Kor Catarrh a,...
lir-aftiPR cnuspil by natnrrli, O Hilt thrtj
months' iim; 11.00. W. P KM1T1I & CO.
I'rois., 102, 410, 412 Mirhi(?an Hlroit, Uuffa
lo, JJ. Y.
Neurotic Pile Ointment
Make our Druggist Order It
MciWcmc, ftoi 'A living,
And Hie I'urtsl ami IU-.1 MrtUcal dualities or all oilier.
AW IViseasos oV Ui Stonuu'li, Wowes,
ltoni, livi Mwirtneys anil Vvlnsry
OviEuns. fti'vvousncsH, t4iiwU'ssness,
csiee;ly I'rnwk fcomnliuuts.
vl,WWVv M 11 will tin eim- or Uell,
or lor ntiylhliit: Impure or Injurious rouml Ihereln.
TaUe no Substitute. Semi for our Vu.J.le.
uov hittuus. r.sr. nnn,itw.i. nvav vunu.
'N(iTii VT
Floor Paints.
ono DomoroJt Pattarn.
h M9wmeinMnm
it lieu yen nti, nil 1 1.1 UK .vunu
Fellhu mid wish to illnKHiMf It, ad.
,.nH.En ll In ,1m T.-I1P,. Itll.-fl4 itn
rniilliiy jiiu 1. Ill iiiimyiij mm 1,
B P ltoniisor II UIU puce IS I ltilll. "
lelmsiir if the piien Is rltnt.

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