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feature. Please semi any sugges
tlons or roc Ipcs to our special
editor, addressed
coon cookery.
ily Marlon Harlnnd.
It Is n pleasant thine for a writer upon
cookery to tell the well-to-do housewife,
who lian means mid markets at her cum
mand, how to add new nnd ilalnty dishes
to her generous list of delicacies.
Pleasant to deal with salmis of game,
and combination of mushrooms and
oyster, and rich sauces for meats, yog- -tables
and puddings, slid pastry made,
f1nal:v In1 whni iln. Irish call "lashings
of btittrr. Pleasant to scjourn In Imaglna-
In the Huns', of Feasting, and to feel that
.. . ..in ... I.An.mlf frit lll
one may uikc crciui 10 mivi, nn -tondlv
faiv therein served and eaten.
Hut It Is n hlesred thing to enter, In 1
thought the kitchen of the woman who,
"docs her own work," and to reveal to
her tlu possibilities Intent In such thins
ns slit lino. Her store Is not meagre
only homely Corned beef, salt pork and
1 idllsh apples, potatoes, turnips, carrots,
parsnips, niv there, and always cabbage.
It's Cousin Cauliflower Is welcome amoiiB
tac rich and fashionable. Cabbngo Is u
bum , relation tht.t has been uuiRht Its
plan- Even the farm lalvirer. who dh
t 1 i's his stomach with the half of a big
I i rl culi'ias' at a 12 o'elo-'t dinner,
M lott zts, sheepishly, to u city guest for
' m eh 1 mm.m flxln's." Hut a worklnsmaii
c. n't llv hluh
will r it waste mlnutei and paper mitter, and one quart "f liollltis mill', 11
li 1,1 stl iilns lb" nutrlllvo values of this llitle at a lime tj pii vtnt lumplns. Stew
b uri licni of hi" low HvliiB. lie will iU one can of tomatoes until they inn bo
1 . ib and his better-edui.atf d wife stialned easily, and If very ncld, use one
1 -st 1 fl It. Il mnv divert her UioiiKlits half leaponn of soda, pour Into the
firm the wintlfiil monotony of roast, boll
1 I -..'Id, l M-lally. frll-tood If she will
jiivi my iv 'ipes rcr purariu eaui.nse-
werranled trustw Ji ihy and palntahlc a
tii 1 1.
Otiarter a llrm cabbaRe, cut out the
H. II.. and nick olt 1 110 outer nnd coai-vr
le .vps. Il.iw ready plenty of bolllm;
t r. In Which have hoi 11 dlssolVid a
j. f n nib ti.'poonful of silt nnd a bit of
s 'a ta .is larae as a kidney bean, l'itt
i t . ibbaKe. cook fa-t for twenty mln-,
1, s pjiir otf all the water, ami 1111 up
tli in t wiiii frcth from the b'llllne tea
kittle Sal' Slightly and conk ten minutes
longer Dr.ln and press In n colander, to
f it out ad tho water. Chop ratlier coar-
Fi'y, s .iruil r. 1111 iimiei, ii.iii:i .111.1
t o r th- 111 c I'nill very hot. and dish.
A dasi of lemon Julee or vinegar, 1m
provis this dlsn,
When you have dralnrd nnd chopped
t 11 cai Nnr stir Into It this sauce Hub
0 ta' lrsponnfiil of butter Into one of Hour;
1, I In 1, !! liltnillv. rill 11 euntlll ..I Mill
m ik, stir over the lire until It thickens,
si .. 111 with pepp t ai.il
i-i 1 with tti.i hnt p.'ihlintr
all. and mix
fci lutein set In boiling water fer ten mln-
ut s and -nv.
Vein mil vurl th illsh liv nnlirilll? thet
lmi mixture Into a greased pudding moul 1
with a cov-, and boiling it naif an hout.
Turn out iiinn a heated plattor, anil cat
witn drawn ntuijr. n is men u canu.in
pudding and te.illy nice.
Tivi-r'n eiiiiaop
HAKi-.u i,.Min.iir..
Poll, as directed, In two waters, chop,
and Irt It get cold. Allow to each cupful
of enhiiag" one raw egg, well beaten, and
two tabi .--qi lonfuls of gravy. The liiprir
In which c li ned beef nr pork has I een
bo'led will do. It th't. be used, yo'l need
in salt In Die seasoning. Mix all together
well, flit a greased, deep dish with It, sift
lln? crumbs 'il th top hake, covered, wi
ld bubbling hot, then brown lightly.
Sfv n pound of prunes until they are
f ft reimve the stones, add -uigar to
your taste, and the whites of tluee ecus
hrotm to l stiff froth. Ma.kc a puff nastc
fir th- bottom of a pudding dish. After
biatlng 'he egs and piuucs tos-'hoi
until 'jfiey are thoromrl ly mixed, spread
turn (a the crust. I!al:t- for half un notir,
or unfl you nro sure tho pudding is well
lia'.u J.
One half head of cabbage, chopped fin
Take ono u of vim gar, two tablespoons
ntTiigar. salt .,,! " jppcr .0 "X .,nd
1 ir tablespoon of butter. Let the dressing
li .it thoroughly,
scalds odd one beatc
lug over tho cabbage,
1' w minutes befoio
With meats of any I:
Mince cold meat of any kind line, sea
r n with pepper, salt, a llttlo grated
f-nlun and a few spconfuls of gravy. Add
n-i-thlrd as much fine crumbs ns yoj
have meat nnd mnko Into m-il balls a lit
tie larger than an egg. Set, until wanted,
v.'b- re they will become cold iinrl stilt.
Hull white leaves o; cabb.igo ten min
utes, lift rtt carefully, not to break them,
and spreid upon a dish to get cool and
llrm. Wrap a ball of meat In each, bind
loos'ly with cotton strings; set in a dnp
j ,og-pan, anil pour a little weak soup
Mock, or po. -liquor, about them, to hinder
them from burning. Cover, and bako hnif
an hour, misting tunc times, cup the
Firings and withdraw them iientli . pour
ever tho rMsoles a few spoonfuls of to-
irate saner, made savory with gravy k-tt
In the drlpplng-pan. and serve. M.H,
One quart of water, tho juice nnd pulp
of two lemons and ono coffee-cupful of
Migar. When boiling hot, add four table-
spoonfuls of cornstarch. Let It boll lliie-n
111 nutes, htlrrlng all the time. When cold,
jiour it owr four or live oranges th it
Have been sliced In a glass, and over th
top spread the beaten whites of threo
e?gs, hwei-tiMcd and flavored with vault
Ono quart of solid oysters, one quart of
milk, ten largo oyster crackers, rolled
line, peppe-, salt nnd a small uleeo of
butter. Stir all together, and pyiir Into
a dish llneel with a thick, puff paste.
Cover with 1111 upper paste, nnd b.iko
1 ,reo ouarte.-s of an hour.
olives or
.. . . t, . ...
.Maito a sauce or one- inuiuspnon 01 nui-
ter, 0110 tablespoon Hour, stirred In a
Fiunepnn until brown, then add gradual-
Iv oro cun and a halt of soup stock, or
beef extract, nr plain hot water will
or pla n hot water will
n with salt, pepper, a scant
good tab 0 s.iu6e 11ml rn".
,f nulil" nrt r !nne ' n ilhl
inswer, season
tnblespoon of j
nan cup 01 cui unvc.i, nr 1.1 t nu ni iiniMi-
rooms. Pour this around the broiled steak
before setting It In tho oven. Thu HllVOr
of tho ollvo Ih to many people a delicious
iwlillllnn 'I'l... miiuhinnmu llnl-nr In tfiau.
w'., -
Put In n sttnv pan two pounds of veal,
cut In pices, Just cover with cold water
(for In a stow tho Juice Is wanted In tho
liquor rather than In the meat), allow It
to simmer until tho meat Is tender and
the water reduced ono half, season with
nalt and popper, add a tablespoon of flour
mixed smoothly with a llttlo cold milk,
and also a dessertspoon of butter and
servo with spilt common crackers, dipped
In gravy.
To ono cup of boiled, sifted squash
(which should bo as dry as possible) add
ono egg, two cups milk, pinch of suit, a
seasoning of nutmeg nnd sweeten to taHte.
Line a deep dish with plain paste, till
with squash mixture, fid bake ono hour
In a moderate oven.
and Just before It ''-' .-..i.it- ....... "'";-'" 43 cents: Coffco Essence, CO cents; Gold
negg. Pour the dress- perfect fooiU- in k and shudiUd whole
"ANBES" Range,
Groat Improvement over Steel Ranges,
. . ,,,,. i. , i c,i
.No lnoro Itlist ir out as In Steel
.t warping or nucming
0f Oven l'latcs. Drop Oven Door. See-
sired. If your local stove dealer Is not
sclllns the Monarch Amies write lis.
Mix to a smooth paste one tiiblespion of
Hour tlth two hiMiiilnit tabtespi.nns of
thickened milk, si-isonlnp: with salt ,11m
pepper, and serve Very hot.
Soak one-half box of gelatine In one
quart of milk for ten minuted, then let
Il come to a boll, and stir Into Ibis tho
olks of sis f'L'irs. well bintfti. with Kevtii
talilcspoonfuls of powilcied siiBar. Cook
till of the conslsteney of soft ctislanl. Hu-
, fivim the li,vo nnd In nhmt live
n:liu.ti - .'dd the well beaten whites,
v-nvnr .i.nl nonr In moulds.
he nastiisilums when they aro
! mail and grein, before the Inner kernel
; v" ho an
ti" wa!" , knight!
.im,,,, c..vi,., i t.i .,,.. ainn
Tu-n fioshiMi In co'd water, pack In small
1 ottks and cover with 1. oiling vinegar.
Sweeten and spice the vinegar If you like.
Use ns a substitute tor cupels.
I'rie the barberries from stems nnd al
low an equal weight nf t-'isnr. Put them
ill in .i-i uiu ni'iin- nun jini ..ii--i
cnourli l cov -v. and ciok slowly. When
thi.Jtilc.-Isilrawnir.it str.iln to remove
40 minutes, stlrr'ng often. Turn Into small
Jars and cowr with paper.
Mix thoroughly three well beaten egs,
one nnd a half cups of sugar, ono and a
nur cups oi raisins, secneu aim cnn.npeu
,Ilne, ono cup of butter, half teaspoon of
soda, a llttlo salt, half a nutmeg, and
stirfcn with limn enough to spread on
thin. The dough should not be molded or
Rub the yolks of six bard ho led eggs
with sufllclent mayonnaise to make a
Ullc,k -mM, Sprfli;, ,)rplul .,,
layer of mayonnaise dressing, lay on
white lettuce leaves, and put the egg mix-
turc between the leave.4. Press llrmly to-
gether, and servo as soon as poss'blu af-
tub makln-
While pastures were never In better
condition or feed In genernl more agun-
Ua'nt at this lime of the year than at
foremilk tinTls nnUerlai.f giva.lT than
tf!u- suppl'notwlthsumlulig fhe'Vpct Vba"
:.'.."" .Y'iT. "V. , "h. ; ' ". .
,11111.! anil criuenii-i:. r.u..ii. 11. .
Bteater than In the corresponding months
me. limn in un.- v..iiiri.uiiu.im ii umiiH
,.,T.VlX,rrwe,trArUf,nd th 00,1
5 mJ .
'tWA " ,, illo 1
'. fL)11?,
...... . .1 -f iti.
shredded wheu and the learning of this
ruth Is removing hat bane of he -New
England farmer's llle-surplus milk.
The many ways of serving the shredded
wheat blse'iilt are contained in the Vital
Question, fourth edition. This hook will
be mailed fiee to any address, mentioning
this pup r.
The New Era Cooking School,
Worcester, Mass.
Tho 1'i ee PiesH mid Other 1'erloillcaU nt
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concenilni; mo lecelpt of tho other period
ical, f.houiu ba tent uirectiy to tno oillco of
that periodical. The Weekly FREE PRESS
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Free Press Association.
tonal Ton. Cornier or last f.nninciou . ,, f. , nniiK-nn of m Aii.ins 1 . . ,. , , -" !,m!l" colored, nwDwc: nt?nt skim-,
,, , .11 m i ... i..,..,..,,ni. u , V i 01 o; Aiu.t n of year, but it Is iimny ypars slncu there (,i:.r,7rj rt skims, 5'.4i.c; fun skims at
liiervolr. All .Modern liiil'ioveiuents. Ii preached an able sermon on the holy . . . ,ifr...,ni.I, Iirirf m 2''2f.3Uc.
Mnilcln Styles ami SU.cs. Kor Voo,l Catholic ehuich. At Its conclusion ltlsh- 1ah"Ce,1.a ,.h , SI .1VnVwSl S ' katia-Voty firm: Stale and Pennsylva-
' ... 1 , ... ... on Midland spoke 11 few words of tun- t lirescnt. With UhlttiRO and i'Jtrlli at j. 2li.lll2c: Western ficsh, 21c.
or f Hal. Water fronts 111 all Sizes. It de- i..,i.. ,i .,.i i, .,i ,.,1 '" wnls. New York ut 2.'! rents It must t'ivr.'rr..:tr.ii,lv! .li.rr.vn ut Jl.dOTi
, and let It stand a w'nl, "'--iiu. 1 acre is 11 iiiuuiai ai- Spcess,,ot Pepper. 40 cents per pound;
serving. Very line "" "eieei un i.i.u u. 1 .... w, .. T.em,e- 40 rf,n.,. cavenno Pennor.
S'ScSlS the :,; Cassia. SO cents; AllH-lce. 30
COCOA:" nnc!
v ( if '
Purify of Material and V ) 1 1
rnpcnr nriiR rirc
Catholic if AVIillii Itlvnr ,1 unction Erect
n l ine I.Nllllcc 'm.Slig S.'IO, ()()().
White River Junction, Oct. 30. The new
St. Anthony's ltonuin Cntholli- cliuicli
ii'icUO lure ut r. cost of $30,Vt:0 -was dedi
cnted this morning. Bishop Michaud of
Burlington was proFent and took part In
(ho !v,,.nM (lt.k,B.lU.(1 t!u. ofI)rn ,lf
blessing the building to Rev. William N
Lnnergaii, pastor of th- parish, Hew Fa
at.... t ............. iU... ...1 .U .... . ..1 t.l.vl. .....i.
benediction, Thu musical selections were
rnVpo.siVi"'lUrC1 ""d ,lR' VnlW iH'rV'C
tst In this part of Vermont. Nearly a
thousand people witnessed the cercmonle?.
'IVnyher "What aro you lnliRhln? at?"
Hoy "I ain't laushln' mc face s.lpned."
Ally Sloper.
I, urn! Kellill Unllli't.
HurlliiKton, Nov. 3.
There nro few chanses In 'lie local
market quotations this week. The follow
ing quuiiill'ii'H are furnl-lied by somo of
Ilurllnston's leading merchants:
Holan Brother?.
Hairy butter, 22 to 2." eentti a pound:
creamery butter, 21 to 27 cents; plain
cheese, 15 cent., a pound; -sao cIiccm-, is
.e - nts; cbbs, 21! cents a dozen. I'aney
cheese, 12 to 1.1 ctH a pound, s.ise eliesc l
w cents 10 ii.w eacii. accoruuiK io sue;
"'" "'.r. " :JV K
-' ' '.,,.,., ' ', nri,.n. ,
: Neufchatel. t cents .1 package;
r checw K , ccfits c t pound: Araerl-
Jar; McLaren's Imperial cheese, 30 and 60c
'""" v
Per Jar; Swltzcr naeesc, 33 01 nts a pouml
K. ill 11 141 I I' 'U IIIHI HUILIIIIIIl.HI ItlV" Vl,-, I. 'lll
tiUI1...l.l.1.ln 1. - n- ...I,
New St. Louis Hour, J...2.. per barrel:
Mkidgan's best, .u25
snilnir n.itents 11 nil
m im,of0t;i patents, .25. lluckwheat, I
cents. Maple
hu 1. cellls 0uiid. manle syrun. Jl.00
a tf.,i:on, Cranulatrd sugar is U!i'
!,w.nln nii'lml nr 17 nnltmlst for SI .i'hV r fifTei.
a, 6 cents; light brown, 5 cents; loaf and
pulverized, S ccnls. Now White Clover
honey, U cents a pound; cabbage, 3 cents;
potatoes, is.u a icck; ums jo a uuncn;
popcorn, 4c a pound; curly lettuce, 5c a
licud; lettuce, 10c: egg plant, 15 to 20c,
each; celery, . to 1 nts u bunchi
tomatoes, 5 cents a pound; squash, 3 cents
a pound: shell beans, 10 cents a quint,
tweet potatoes, 1 cents a pound
F. IS. I'orklm.
Teas Russian Caravan Tea, $2.00 per
pound; Ceylon and India, 8.1 cents and Jl;
mimosa uoiougs. w, iv. vi cents anu .w;
Ei.gllsh llr-akfast, Co cents; Gun-
powder, 80 cents: Young Hyson, 00 cents:
Japans, 30, 4", to, 60, 70 and in cents; Ap-
plete.u's Tea, S3 cents; O. and O,, 10 cents;
Ceylon, GO and 7j cents: Jetley s tea, $1.00 j
Ceylon, W and "
"A." .,.,....'.".' A " ....7. ' ,V
il-. ..i.ii t r...i.i tz.., t'i ........
Coffee Private Growth Java, 40 cents;
Old Government Java. cents; Mocha. 43
.. , , . ,
Pr do, Graln-0 Cereal. Scents. J2.75 !
f"n; Father Knelpp-s. cents. ,10,
Per dor.cn; New Era Coffee. 25 cents; $173
n, ,!,. ai,r.,,l.H u'k.M r-nlY w
. to Jo.i-n- Dandelion CofTo 20'
So'cents'; OoWei toa cents CeaoN ,
f- and Carmel Cereal. 20 cents. $2.20 per'
ri0"": old rlat Mill Coffee. W cents, $220
v .
nnr Hfyfn 1'nntnm ipppnl .,nli 1,
eents7 Mait 00 CO cent's , Kaffeebroad
v.11 i", vjiiiisui, iii iiiun, v. in v u t r, iv tviiii)i
Nlltm' hn0 M J1-20. MustnrUi M
Raprlca SO cents; Mixed Pplcc 40
rnntn! r.rrV Pmv,ir m nt..
" ' '
N XV. Jones.
Bananas, 23 to 40 cents per dozen;
oranges, 30 to CO cents; lemons, 25 to 20
cents; figs, 1'. to 20 cents; dates 10 cents
per pound; citron, 20 to 25 cents per pound;
olives 35 cents per quart, and lOcts to $1.50
per bottle: evaporated apples, 12 cents;
peacln-s, 10 to 20 cts,; apricots, 12 to 15 cts;
raspberries, 25 cents per pound; nuts, as
sorted, 15c; apples, 40 to 50 cts a peck;
cranberries, 10 to I2'j cts a qt; prunes 10 tu
In cts a nound
nectarines, 10 cents
pound; grapes, 23 to 33c a b isket; poaches,
so to 10c a doen; watermelons, 25 to l..c;
quinces, PVts a pound, apple.),? 3.25 lo $3 50 1
barrel, 30 to 50ets a peck; plums 40 to Ml
, . . . ... ,.
cents a peek; pears, 10 to j0 cents a peck
.limns A- Ishuiii.
Haj, $0T?$9 per ton; baled, $10f5$12; oats,
53 to tN; a bushel; beans, $1,50S$2 a bush
el; spring rye, 76 cents a bushol; buck
, V. bus hoP corn W'So a bus
mlK $13 te
"1'1U" l ? .,VV., 1 .'". i
wheat, CO to 75 cents a bushol: peaB,
to W
11 luill llli'lll, fiuuii u iniii .u, 1
.. I'nii.lr.,. tin ., In... V"r. O .11? ..
toii;balol shavliigs, 35 cents a bale; baled
,1'yo Mraw $12 per ton,
ill . A AO, 1'UULiTllX A.MJ flail,
Albert E. .limes.
Spring lamb, hindquarters, 15 to IS cents
in pound; forcquurtera, 1214 ccntB; lamb
chops, IS to 20 cents; mutton hindquarters,
1., ppnts! foreouarters. 10 to 12 cents! mot-
,"." ?hops' U7 "? " Lni? I,or Punl; ""f
Westrru, porterhouse, 20 cents sirloin, 18
cents; round 15 cents; roasts, 121,4 to
... 1 r .
2 cents; coarse uecr, b to ii cents per
pound. Hams, sugar cured, 12fe cents;
breakfast bacon, 15 to IS cents; California
ham, 11 to 13'. cents: smoked shoulders, i
cents: trlpc, 10 cents; pickled pigs' feot,
Mhk ,eni; a quoVtV pure Jcwc I ratf' must Brndc up 7 percent
40 cents a quart. ' l,cw 'n!c'' These kind will sell quicker
FLOUR, SCGAIl AND VEGETABLES. "' "nllnnry western at 20,-.
Fresh eastern command 22 to 25c. lte
C A. liarDiir. fl.t(,c.rUn,. stock in fair demand at 14 to
i2,321;. cents; pickled lambs' tongue, 5 cents
.vS each; corned beef, C to 124 cents. Pork
" - ",." Tf, w ,
, roasts, 10 to J2Vj 1 cents: stcaki
salt pork. 8 to 10 cents; lard
Veal, roasts, 15 to 20 cents; v
roasts, 10 to 12vi cents: steaks, 12V4 cenU;
10 to JZViC.
oal steak, 1)
to 20 cents. Satts&gc, 10 centB! German
bologna, 10 to 15 cents Turkeys, 18 to 20
cents per pound: fowls, It cents; ducks,
15 cents; chickens, 15 to ICc. The different
varieties of fish aro quoted as follows:
haddock, 8c: blunflsh, 15 cents; cod steak,
15c; halibut, 20 to 23c; salmon trout, 15
to IS cents; fresh salmon, 15 cents; shad,
18 cents a pound, pike, 15 cents a pound:
Labrador herring, 25 cents a dozen,
Wliulcsulii Produce market,
Burlington, Nov
Quotations are as follows;
Provisions Dairy butter 20 to 21 cents
per pound: creamery butter, 23 cents
a pound! cheese, 10 to 12c a pound; eggs,
18 to 20 rents a dozen, beans, $1.00 to $1.23
ntr bushel: honey, 10 cents per pound: no-
tatoes, 10 to 45 cents a bushel; apples, $2.50
to $3.00 a ban el.
Meats Beef, Vermont, dressed, 6 to 5U
cents per pound; pork, dressed, 4'4 to J
cents; lamb, 9 cents; mutton, 7)4 centsj
fowls, alive, 8 cents; dressed, 10 to 13 cent;
chickens, 9 to 10 cents per pound alive; 12)4
to 14 cents dressed; turkeys, li to Id cents
Prpch Marlf Rllrfpr Pwrppdq
rrcsn raaae tsutier i-xccc.ub
t-hp nrmntirt
nil. ULUiauu,
Cold .Storuco Mnclt Tiiltun In Proferenco
, . ..
to Meslt Itetl.!pt1-ery I.IUlo lun'B" i
In tlin Olii'oti! ltmittna Cliulco 1'ieili
,. ,
l.(!Bi In (fond Ilemaiiil.
. ... . , '
Mostnn. rjov. P. . Vn Itntirnvotn-pnt In
the Bencrnl tone of the butter market
can be repot tod. Some of our dealers
Bay that they have a little better trad
thnn last week, while others contend
that It Is as hard ns ever to sell fresh-
made butter In largo lots, Tho supply '
eontlnnnM tnwrnnil t bo 'rum n.i nn.inr..
continues t.xccici tne i.emand, nnd 11c-
cumulations In cellais and public cold
storncc warehouses tire the lesult. In
the meantime summer creamery from
cold storage 11ns uecn 111 demand, ntiir
this continues to be used lnsteaJ"ot tho
fresh muke.
1 1
I 1lrt
It Is not unusual for Hcston to Ire be-.
hind other places in regard to the de-
; seem strange to outsiders that no inurt 1.37H; New York, J1.2.V.f l.fin; hong Islnud,
than 21 cents can be obtained hero In a f1J,2,',,iJl;i:.;!erst;' ,,WLot!, 1.0B1....: South
...t...i , 1 1 1.- if Lr"' li,c' ....
wholesale way. but such Is the fact. If
the great bulk of the ruce vers are te PR,
.,. ,,Mitb
Hie lllllli. J
The principal reason for this condition
of affairs Is that n tailors ami Jobbvrs
are using cold storage, stock, and while
this can be bought at 1 to 2 cents less than
fivhh make, and It Is satisfactory to con-
sumers, It will be taken In preference to
the fresh rccohits. Of course a certain
quantity of the Unest fie.h Is selling at
full prices, hut the proportion 1psosiiuiu
1 11 nrmitiji rlcnh wit li t lm M-tilr nmmirt
fimsumod that hiit, very llttln lnllu..neo
on general values.
tr.u i .. n..i ..1 ... 1 .. I
xuc-iu in ifij unit; i:iitiiif;ij III IllHU 111
the cheere situation, except that holders
nro stronger In their views In antlclpa-
Hon nf the fnlllncr off In RiiiiriHi.s K ites
uon 01 me jailing on in fcuppiiis. h.ues
ul U111111.1:, iiiii.--iiiti4ii; nui 1111:111 in . lu
t'.iiCi with some fancy makes nt U94 toi
10c. Demand rather light, but with
colder weather It Is expected to
At r ca ralrs wore at to8?;c. nclu
lug large and small
At Little Falls tho
pales were SVi to SUc, and market llrm
Cholc, fresh eggs have been In good
demnnd nt 20 to 21c, und special lots of
northern Indiana, Ohio and Michigan at
2l'i to '.'2c. To command the latter
;f,c, The Hock in cold storage was r;
..... . ..... .. 1 .
; . T- n :.. .
time last year.
Monday's advance- In wheat was not
carried through Tuesday. The bull con- i
tlngent received u check and quotations
wero set back, the net decline for the
. . ......... . ... . .
uuy being -nc. i,asn wneat cioseu at it-,
December at r.O'.e. and May at C7i'.1X
Cu'-ic. Corn was also off ic, but oats
gained Uc.
Uradstreet's visible supply statement
followa: Wheat stocks cast of the
Hockles increased 2,3S3,000 bush, Euro
pean stocks Increased 3,900,000, world's
stocks Increased 0,283,000, United States
corn stocks decreuscd 323,000, outs in
creased 89,000.
The price of J3.90 which is made on
some brands Is the lowest nt which
spring wheat putenls are openly offered,
and thvre arc not many sellers at that
price. Good Hour can be bought at
uround $t per barrel, a rangu of live
.1,1,... i . . ,i.
well-known Hours, wlU, some fancy
quotc , at ?4.,0. ,, h(jnt
iiaurrs are lor waio a: around per
barrel. For winter wheat intents M.S0
"anei, ror winter wneai p i-.enis .i.so
'S tho l0Wt?Sl "riro m t,"! ,nllls '
good flour, nnd from that prices lango
up to $4. The range for straights 1,4 'r mi
in o. 10 jilt mil i tri .wi te'i'lilur gjjus.
,n en -t I.. i -....i
While there Is not very much pressure
to sell on the part of th mills in view
of the lanje kales jirovlously nme, uu.l
the somewhnt uin'crtaln ftiti,iv of the
wheat market, the fe-ellng for several
days has been such that a bid of live
cents under asking prlcc3 would prob
ably find acceptance.
The following quotations wore made
yesterday by the Hour trade price com
mittee, coveting the millers' and the
Jobbers' prices: Spring wheat patents
from $3.90 to $4.30; spring wheat clears
from $3 to 3.75; winter wheat patents
from W.S0 to M.ar.i winter wh
fro $3.00 to $4,10, and winter wheat clears
from $3.30 to $3.95 per barrel as to qual-
Ity of the Hour and size of purchase.
There was a fair supply of good cattle
on the market, but buyers nr.d sellers
were s-o tur apart concerning prices mat
trading was slow. Well-Hulshed wett
ern cattle are now bought at a very low
figure, local markets are ovorsupplled
with beet, and the J.irltlsh markets are
demoralized. Some of the choicest cattle
on the market were held forSUc lb, but
drovers could get no bids above Be, and
no business was reported above that
Tliero was not much trading In milkers
but drovers reported 11 very good Inquiry
There is no change In the condition of
the ealf market. The sunnlv remains
libout the came and under a steady de-
mnnd price's are unchanged at about fie
il ni lees urn linelumced nt nhiillt Re.
Hutchem did not show any great anxiety
to do business, but were picking up lots
here and there In an Indifferent manner.
q-hr mllinlv nf rtheen mill limilm u'ti
rather large. But for the free buying
i,f n lnenl .iliinrrhtf I'InE" pmnnnnv ilrnvers
! would havo been forced to sell
.i,,.i..,. i,i... .i,, ,,,
j mnslderably below what t in
tnln. Considering the sunnlv
ell at prices
et held remarkably steady.
Tho Chicago market during the past
,-ook wm.s an exceedingly bad one for
pollers and owner?. Then- was a steady
decline In prices all the week, The bulk
of tho trading was at $1,505.20 cwt,
compared with $4.85575.50 during the
previous week. L'u-al slaughterers were
free buyers', but exporters bought very
The tecolpts of swine worn small nnd
the trailing was of llttlo Importance,
Sales Included: Four hogs, average 270
Tallow dull: City, 3c; country, 3c,
as to qu kilty.
Now VnrU I'rnittum Market.
Winter patents at $3.75ff4.00; do. strnlghts Kelthsburg, where he resided until com
at $3.5.Vi3.n5: Minnesota patents at J3.1W lug to Chicago In 1880. Ho had not ieen
4.23: winter extras at $2.S0ft3.10: Minnesota in i,n,inc mi- muv vears. but had been
bakers at $3.1Ofi3.I0; winter low grades nt vlnK W(tn ,H wfo mid widowed daugh
'"tivp'i Ol!RFlrm nt S" OVfil 3V sales r. Mrs. E. C. Purcell, at tho abovo rcsl-
MJlJl sales. n . o TUo funer(il wlll b0 from th0 rcsl.
WHEAT Receipts, 31R.200 bushels: ex- dmiie this morning at 10 o ciock. inter
ports. 23.903 bushels: sales, 1,163,000 bush- ment at Oakwoods."
els ot nuures ami b,wjv inisncis 01 epuii
spot market firm: No, 2 red, 70V.c fob, 1
afloat; No, 1 Northern Dulutji, 70c fob,1
auoati ro, 2 ioriiunii uuium, hm iun,
afloutl No. 2 hard New York, 75c fob
afloat. Options opened eqslpr from tho
effects of unsettled cables, but nubso
aucntly received good support on liberal (
export buying and further news of politi
cal unrest In Europe; closed 'ISfTsc net
higher; March, 75'a n'-Hc. closed at 73?4'V
May. 7" 1-Ii:n7?r.',e. closed at 72l!ic: Dectt.t
bev. n lS.liWi7i:y.e. closed at 71'Hc
. Ot'UN UecclptH, 2H,m bushels, exports
ta.,ml lllHlc,lH. 'mWHi mM bushels of m-
lures nnd ill, 000 bushels of spot; spot Is
steady; No. 2, 3')'' e fob. ulloal. Option
market, after an easier opening, duo to
itnloiullnR iiml lower iiibles, rallied on
export demand and the Jump In wheat,
clostnK tiartlv Uc lower, .'.ray, illflsilid
closed at 30'4c; December, 31 lo-WttoVm,
closed nt 3"sc.
OATS-Hecelpts, 17I.M10 bushels: exports,
"at bushels; spot sleadV! No. 2, 21',e; No.
3. 284e; No. 2 white, 3)is.c; No. .1 white.
'itt..i. it-.tni. t..iVr..i iiinai..,ii onti inli.. i-h..Is
aw)M.opY U'"'Ck W,'r"'' Hl"U''
" HAY Market quiet:' shlppInK nt DOTIOc;
j i'r-f ' . (!ll,veston,
lbs., liMjiuuc; Texas dry. 21 to 30 lbs., lie:
U$$? nCCce at
WiLUc; Texas, 12W15o.
I . A It I) l'l rmcr : Western steamed closed
llt ctlv U j.)TO, November closed at
f.VSO noni'nal: retlned llrm; continent at
s' A' 1,1 r'-w'' compound nt tt.ViW'l'
' piiK Market llrm: mess at ?s.7,fi!i.2:;
snort clear at fiifii-i; lamiiy, fii.,iii'i(i;.(Ai,
HL'TTHH Plrm; Western creamery at
VH.'So; Jo. factory at ll''lPjc. Hlg'.ns,
So; imitation creamery, tSfil.e; State
dairy, l-lilfe: dn. creamery. 1 ."At 221.0.
' CH1..HHK Market llt mi arire w! lie .it
Gt.p: m inn 1 ' tvh'to i1.'!tU,.' Iiirtr,. cn'nred nt.
. -Market easv: city at Slic: 1
coin. 11. v .(Hn:r.e.
Pl.Tlinnnril-Stoady; I'nlted closed no
markt: retined New York. r,. 10; Phlladcl-
piila nnd Itnltlmore, $7.33; do. In bulk tUo.
i'in' i''i;i',-upiioiis c nseu sicai y aim m
' ml $ Ma c
ni.wi April at t-;!c0; spot Ulo qn.ct but,
"teiidy; mild quiet.
cZWtilWl" V ".''rellK.d lirn,;
No. 1), I 7-K.c. No. 7, l-He: No. 8, 4 5-liici
f.l 1 Nol'lklc;
mould A, Mir; standard A, 4?c; confec-
t lntn.r' A 47-n- mil tnnf. TiHoi CTUPllPil.
5!vl" powdered, e'ie; granulated, 5c; cubes,
MOLASSES SCO A It 3 9-10c.
N,H Voik I, he toelt Hnrkot.
New Vnr ( Vnf ". 1IKKV iH lt"CClllls.
, : .i.. . n ui.,
i", '". ' , ""ft C nvs s emll- lollrm
about all sold. Steers at Jbroni.C.",: tops. 1
X-W oxen and stags, 2.7W l.iV); cows, l.i
fllXUl. tl11t!a iiw-;y3,;,; cables llrm: exports
01 iihi (piarters 01 neei
CA1.VUK rti.-i.iiitx 1MI head: venls are
steady to Lie higher; grassers "low anil
wt.nl;. Wfilu it enfiT.nfl;" urnssers. 3.5,',
In-,3.v7; Westerns. 3.2.'.l 1.2.'.
SIIi;i:;P AND LAM US Keceipts. l'J,.'l
r 11 lis. Si re
HOGS Receipts, head; market slow
nt W-oft3.D3.
i. Incite (Jr.iln ami I'roilnro MnrkPt.
Chicago, Nov. 2,
The leading futures closed as follows: '
WHEAT. No. 2 November, GTH"; De
cember, C7M,e; May, tTT-Sc.
CORN, No. 2 November, 32c; December,
32e; May, 3l"'9c.
DATS, No. 2 December, lliiflc; Mny,
.MESS PORK, per bbl. December, $7.0);
.lnnimry. Jfi.e-T.
LAUD, per 1H0 lbs. December at H.92',4;
Jiinuaiy. .Von.
SHORT RlilS, per 100 lbs. December,
Jl.C:1'..; January, 4.03.
Cash quotations were as follows:
FLOUR Market steady; special brands,
' : 'JV '.'i, i' i'i J" Axl, , j VPi?.
S l.l'Jti l.f.r.: hard patents at $3.'iO,t3.75; sou
i - V . n .' 71 . ' . , - 'u-
s.i'u; bakers, $:.ir.,.so.
VVIIKAT-No. 2 spring. ??f M'ic ; No. 3
I'bltN No. 2, 32'.c; No. 2 ye'llow, 32'4'.!
"-V. . . .
OATS-NO. , -!-!- L'.K--; .NO. Z Willie, .lf(P
27'-..c; No. 3 while. 2JVlMc.
RYE No. 2. 52:.2'l;e.
ISARI.EY No. 2, 331Hc.
Fl.ANSlCKD-No. 1. $1.0.1171.01
MESS POItK-n.t.01i7.M.
SHORT It I PS-S.'.Oflli ,--.:o.
SHOUI.DHRS-Pry salted (boxed) $l.37'.3
SIDES, short clear $5.1Wi." 20.
WHISKEY Distillers' Hnlshed goods,
per gal.. $1.25.
SCGAR-Cut loaf at $3.64; granulated,
On tho produce exchange to-day the
butler market was steady; creamery, llfj
22c; dairy, 12's1lHi. Eggs dull, fresh 17 j'J
lFc. Cheese quiet, creamery 7-'it9,c.
Utlca. N. Y., Oct. 31. Tho following
sales of cluvsc wero reported at tho Utlea
boaul of tr.ulo to-dry; 1 hlrty-ono him -
largo colored Sc; m do. whito 7'kc;
05 large white Sc; 140 small white 8"'i,c; 1
smill colored S',e; S7 packages creamery
buticr 20 to 21e, 35 cases pi lilts 23c.
At Little Falls tho following sales were
made: Ono Hundred and fifty large- col
ored 7'ic; iSO largo colored Sii-j UO largo
Ci.'I'Jieil null Willie P'Sl., t..t niiniii ninu- 1:51-
DCo small white and colored 8Hc; small
wlilto and colored S'ic Butter, 33 pack-
a&es dairy butter 17 to 19c.
Vergennes. Vt., Oct. 19. A large number
of farmers bioucht ntodiice to the mar
ket to-day. The price of eggs has gono 1
,.r. .. .An, n .tn.nn frilll! tl ll'r.fll Iiml rl'lli.l'..
ei-ms to he a great scarcity, llutter re -
mains about the same at v, to 'c and
't'o f'.
fowl's, s to uo; beef, live weight, 'P., to le:
do. dressed. to he; hoes, ,ive weignt, 3-,.o:
d7k.WesscTs CtoV9e; .liiTi'flve' iiVhll
I'tc; un, uressi'ii, iu iu 1-1, siii-i-ji, nvn
weight. 3c: mutton, 7 to sc; apples, $2.50
to $3.25; potatoes, 30 to 40c a bushel.
Drawn or listed off, each, 53c;No.l, each,
3 to 7 pounds drawn or listed off, each.
R'c, 5 to 7 poimdt. No. 1, iMch, 70c; 7 t'i 9
pounds dr.v.vn or listed oft, ench $1,10; 7
lo 9 pounds No, 1, each, $1.20; 9 to 12
jioundh drawn or llstul off, each, $1,Vj;
9 to 12 pounds No. 1, each, $1.00; 12 to 17
pounds drnvn or listed on, each 52.20; u
to 17 pounds No. 1, each, 52.uo; 17 and up
drawn or listed on, encu, :.,u; ii i.nu up
, 1'.,c.nc.1'' ,. , ,,,
than No. 1.
'.. ' : . v. ' .' ,
No 2 kip, tO to CO cents less than No. 1,
Cows and steers, ail weights,
ie per
l,0,""-- n,,llls alld us' n" "rlsllt!- ''!tt
i ' ' ulul 11
Rendered, choice, In cukes, per pound,
3 tn 3Uc- Rendered, choice, In barrels, per
pound, 2,i to 3 cents; unreiiilercd, olilin
1 'T I" barrels, Kr pound, PU to - cents;
unrcudercd, Mvect. pr line, per j j"j
t(. 2 ci-iits; unrendrred, ordinary, per
pound, 1 to lVi cents; Grease, per pound.
1 to 2 cents; market uiste, per pound, U
tn li cents: bonis, boiled, dry, clean, per
ton, $7,50 to $10.00; bones, ordinary, per ton
$2.50 to $5.00.
Extra heavy, each 70e to $1.00; ordinary,
each, 3u lo CO cents; bhenrlings, each, 5
to 20 cents
The Chicago Times-Herald says: "J
lifnlaniln Pllllimh. who died at his rest
deuce, 200 Boa'Cii ureuiie, Oct, 21, was bom
n inr ncion. vt. m years ago. .iiusi 01
native town, wnei u
merchant, Com
lug to Illinois 30 years ago, ho settlod In
Dean tha A ' n9 m
lha Kind m wm mways cougm
, Signature f.tr LSff .
. I heal; sheep slow, common and medium, , tally Admiral Sampson asks that tho
" weak: lambs tileadv to llrm: ton grades ,.. . ,, .. ..
l'V higher. Sheep, ixmittK heavy weth- Vesuvius ue seni 10 iiavana unpai.i
ers, J 1. 7.1: lambs, medium to cholcv, j.i.2.iw apanisn troops i.sreatcn troume in cub.i
r. iwi. ..... .' run ..n.,.i..nl e.,1,. TIV7, ' ?. I . . -!... ... ... .
sinwn" .-...v.-, I rir?iutni ;uciiniey reviews victor-
A. V. Enos killed In a factory In Had
dntn, Conn., by being wound nround n
shalt Suicide by banning "f Lovlna
Short of Hrldgeport Inquiry by Clara
Haiton as to the president's Intentions
respecting future distribution of relief
In Cuba Thomas Spencer, a Knll
nlver weaver, killed by a rniiawny
Caravan consisting of 4" persons and
100 horses overwhelmed by a Hood In
Mncedonla Severn Iburglarlps In L.U-
bee, Me William llawes of Uoston
killed by Jumping from a train In Walt
ham College In Hyan, I, T burned
General Ulos offers to furnish 2000
armed Cubnr.s to help Americans In
preserving order, asking only that they
be Riven rations; his proposition rejected
by Geneitit Wood Hodygtiard of de
tectives with President MoKlnley while
uwny from WashliiRtou Samuel Will
iams stubbed fatally In Hoston by Jo
soph Harper Storm on Lake Mich-
, caused a long lint of disasters
.,,. , ,,.,,,, nnillcin
Thteo men killed In a rear-end collision
In Omaha, n switch having been left
open Kdwnrd Moore killed with a dirk
by n volunteer named Green near Man
chester Michael Hartholenil wounded
his wife fatally and committed suicide
In Hlackstone, Mass.
FltllJAY, OCT. 28.
Five train robbers, sons of respectable
PcoP(". sentenced in ht. josepn, .mo., to
10 years Imprisonment Chicago
woman wounded mortally by Paul Vin
cent, who then committed suicide
Eight or 10 persons lost In Lnko Ontario
ncn,r SollU,R' 'V?. . , " ,
coal vessel H. F. Gerr ser given two
years for stealing from the treasury of
Now Hampshire Order to be Issued
before Thanksgiving exempting 8000
places from the operation of tho civil
service law French consul In San
tiago protests against the exclusion of
destitute negroes from Haytl Na
thaniel Chllds of Hoston, press agent of
a theatrical company, killed himself In
Philadelphia John Huckley of Fltch-
burg, Mass., 11 years old, killed In South
Framlngham In Jumping from a trnln
-L. J. Uurrnge of Leominster, Mass.,
years of age, hanged hlmielf
Hrockton strike declared off Colonel
Waring of New York, Just back from
Havana, III with yellow fever Five
Indians killed In Oregon In a fight with
whites, one of whom was Injured mor
lous soldiers and sailors nt Philadelphia
Heavy live stock movement reported
In tho west Chicago Democrats Jub
ilant over results of registration
Trotter Directum sold to a New York
man for $30,000 Chicago's lake front
battered from the effects of the storm
Texas railway commission and the
roads at war over freight rates Sixty
postoHlces established In Porto Rico
Award of $10,000 by chief Justice of Can
ada In the ca.se of Victor II. McCord
against the government of Peru
Honolulu officially condemned as a place
for the encampment of troops.
Israel Luskin, 89 years, drank lauda-
num. in West Gloucester. Mass Sul-
v.. Mi r r u t,,i, u
cldc by hanging of G. H, Hushbyof Pca-
, body, Mass Three track walkers
! killed near Larchmont, N, Y Several
i bulldlngi burned In Rockland, Mass
Two 1-story buildings In Haverhill
burned at a loss of $50,000 Grain store
house of MeKenzle & Wlnslow In Fall
Itlver consumed Escape of four pris
oners from the Jail In Kingston, N, Y
Man and two children burned to
death In Sherman, Tex James Adnnis
of Hoston, 05 yiirs old, killed by a train
William Elliott of Lenora. Wis.,
killed his nleco and shot himself
Six troopers hurt In a collision of trains
in Mlddletown, Pa Hospital ship, Hay
State, arrived In Boston from Porto
P.lco with 133 sick and convalescents,
mostly of the Sixth Massachusetts; two
men died on the passage Holler ex
plosion at the Calumet and Hecla mines
kills three men Mrs. Bodkin Indicted
, ,n San Kranclsco. and will be tried In
,,..,. lo .ii,r,i mr,i- f
' , , ; "1, . , . .... ....." ..
Dunning In Delaware! Americans pre
pare a pronouncement on the Philip
pines; Spnln said to have asreed to yield
the Islands If we pay the debt
Virginia Democrats drop General Fitr.
hugh Lee as their candidate for senator,
. . , , ,,n r ti..
as they say he Is not a full free sliver
man Republican returning trom tne
west says that the npathy there Is not
the apathy of discontent, but of content
Snn Francisco company wants to
raise the battleship Maine, and asks per
mission of the United States govern
ment Succersful close of Phlladel-
' phla's peace Jubilee Dispatch to the
New York World says a treaty with
I Ppaln will be concluded In a fortnight,
America to take all the Philippines nnd
, pay $10,000,000 Secretary of war re
10 rmU of the- publication of Col
onel Roosevelt's report on Santiago and
Montauk Yellow fever continues In
the south despite the frost Cleveland
Judge accused of taking half the fee In
a divorce case heard before him
Nurse who attended Rough Rider San
ders of Salem writes his father that the
soldier could have been saved with tin
proper use of necessary drugs, which he rcMllme,, 'business in their store house In C. C- Lee's over Sunday.-Cov.nant inst
il Id not know enough about to admlnls- itlK. ,.t..,r ot tm,jP burned block. The inss of the Christian church will bo held
ter. Young Woman's Missionary society of the next Saturday at 2 p. m.
Canvass by the Now York World gives
the natlonnl house tn tho Democrats,
Veu- Vnrl- tn Vnn WveV jml i i n-elee.
.ew ori to an CK tnu a le eiee
Hon ot Senator Murphy Uelleved that
the United Stntes will demand the Phil-
Ipplnes, and will offer $40,000,000 for
Ihem Whites and blacks In Wllmlns-
I in, N. C on the verge of ti race war
- Masked highwaymen attempt to
hold up Chnrles F, Cogswell of Win
chester, Mass Cubans in Havana
working nr.ilust General Gomez
Cnmp fur Second brigade selected at
Greenville, S. C and troops will begin
to leavo Camp Meade on Nov, 19 Bat
talion of First Maine heavy artillery
boarded transport Mississippi at Boston
-Death of Colonel George E. aring,
Jr. ,of New York ot yellow fever
Revision of the Dreyfus cose granted by
court of cassation Capitalists thus
far refuse to Invest In Cuba; form of
government causes anxiety Former
fillbiiftcr Silver Heels in Boston harbor
Business activity In Manila Pres
ident confers with army advisers as to
sending troops tn Cuba Issac Stetson,
the hermit of Dalton, Mass,, found mur
dered on Weston mountain,
John Reed, the notorious confidence
man, got away from his keeper In a
Woi'cvster hoicl m i ..' mi go He
gumption of hostilities ridiculed in Spain
General Wood finds Manzanlllo In an
unsettled state; clamor of Cuban insur
gents for offices amounts almost to o
demand; Impossible to satisfy the two
factions Corn pith as armor; new
method, of making ships of war prac
tlcally uiislnkable Sergeant Wllllair
13, Walters of company E, Sixth Massa
husotts, burled at Framlngham wltl
military honors Funeral of Prlvati
Charles A, Hart of company I, Slxtl
Maisachusetts, held at Concord Junc
tion Court of cassation has now nbso
ute control ot tho Dreyfus affair, and I
sincere may produce the full truth i
his caset; he Is likely to be brought bad,
1 ,IUII . . . . . i.ilUnb nuv.
rlrcles thought to be for the purpose o
showing France how her colonies woub'
be threatened In enfe of warlike demon,
stratlons Small niea In London visit
ed by a cyclone Two men killed bj
electricity dining rainstorm In Haltlinor
KiiGagement of Miss Emily Vnnder-
bllt Sloanc to John H. Hnmrnond, a poor
young lawyer, announecd Prevailing
theory nt Dalton, Mass., that Stetson.
11, tuiiiini, Liitii Li; iwii.
wieiiei iim, was muruereu in nmousn ano
then robbed Planned to form co-op-
eratlve shop for striking ladles' tailors
In New York, which will have, patronage I
of leading society women Ex-Prcsl-
dent Harrison writes that while free
tllvcr may be dormant In New York It
certainly Is not In Indiana, and ho urges
sound mor.ry men to vote for their cause
Entry of emperor nnd empress of
Germany Into Jerusalem It Is said in
Washington that .1 successor to Ambas
pador Hay will be named within two
weeks Church of the Most Hlessed
Sacrament of Haugtts, Mass., dedicated
Four prisoners escaped from county
Jail nt New I.indon, Conn Govern-'' Mcr breached at tho Comer school houso
ment is to purchase hospital ship Hay,l3,?f T1!. . " ffrncon.-U. C. Hubbard
State of the Massachusetts Volunteer , v,o;!klf;i;'rcturncd tnm
jm H-sui:iaiion una Keep vessel in kit
vice; transport Mississippi sails for New
York A.'ss nf Colonel Warlnir nlacvil
In an urn and await the command of Mrs.'!
President McKlnley's purpose to hold
the entire Philippine archipelago by progressive domino party. Mrs. M. F Al
right of conquest and to compensate len rt turned from Hoston Saturday nlghu
Spain for actual expenditures for the Mrs. Joseph Stone has been quite 111 for
Improvement of tho Island, but not for ?. m'm!11r "f '.V -'-ewls Martin cf tho
any military expenditures. Is odlclnlly friCn(i,M' wl,s '" town SunJ'-- visiting
admitted for the llr.st time Admlnls-! We ,Vcar tlmt Ul0 Allcn shoc Co of Bur.
tratlon decides to delay the departure llngton aro making extremely low prices
of troops for Cuba New French cab- ' on shoes.
Inet announced Court of cassation! WFYIJHIDGE
nppolnts councilors to proceed with new '
Inquiry Into tho Dreyfus case Entire 'fr, .., J, ; 'jni-rlnBtor. Ins returned
Japanese cabinet res.gn,Wr , lives- '
tlgators complete the work of their friends In town.-Mrs. Nelllu Glearon ct
southern tour Cost of the war with Hyde. Park. Mass.. was. tho guesl of her
Spain will reach about J210.0O0.000 by end aunt. Mrs. G. L. Harrington, last week.
of the present Ilscal vcar Consul 'rllp f'rusado band nf West Cornwall h-M
Hanna advises young men seeking work ''''"estlng services at tho Method.st
enllreh l.ml Ktit.,1,,1. Avnnlm.
tn keen nwnv rrntn I'nrtn Ttlen rri- ,
sylvanla's Dimocratlc state chairman
accused of offering to soli out the party
-English government places big or
ders for naval equipment Provi
dence firm falls for $S10.0u0
Trio of alleged burglars captured In
Fall Hlver, Mass Hill Introduced In
Vermont legislature for reorganizing
thn national guard George M. At-
wood of Providence commits suicide
British spcclul naval train wrecked at
Rat Portage Private Wlllard Grvep
of the First New Hampshire regiment
held without ball on a charge of mur
der Rev. Dr. Smith Raker of Ear-
Boston called to Portland, Me., and wi.
accept Dtath of ex-Congressmar
Joshua O. Hall of Dover, N. II Wor
cester celebrates the return of Its sol
diers from the war Hill (N. H.) post
master more than $600 short In his ac
counts Strike against running over
time in Hargravcs mills at Fill Hlver
nut very successful.
nrltlsh warships at Halifax take on
big supply ot powder, ammunition anJ
small arms, and one sails for St. John's
with submarine mines Report from
Rome that France Is making ready
ut communication between Malta an
Egypt Senator Hoar makes a specc.
it Worcester: he suys: "We will 111
innex the Philippines, treat them as a
inoty, govern them as serfs, but we wi"
et them on their feet, and protect thei
1 tho exercise of self-government"
-oldlors In Camp Hamilton obcerv
allowe-en by a raid on three carload
)f beer, men of the Eighth Massachu
"tts Joining In th? celebration Larg
H-tall of the Fifth Massachusetts sen
:o Greenville, S. C, to prepare ncv
umi for regiment Three dynamlt-
runs to be constructed for tjoast de-ense-
at Hoston Cabinet considers th-
avernment of tho Islands which wl 1
line Into tho hand" of the
Unite '
tates as the result of the peace treat'
Boston city collector on Monday re
?!vsd more than $3,000,000 for 189S taxc
Dr. W. D, Nutter arraigned In Ma'
en. Mass,, and held In $2000 ball on th
hnrge of being accesory in a mal
ractlcp case Laying of the come,
one of All Saint's chnrch, Urooklin-
ass Officer J. L. Abbott, thnnig'
.hose negligence Rcd, the bunco mor
,nde Ills escape, suspended by Wanb-t
'ridges of Massachusats state- prison
mmuph Investigation to he made
'lilted States debt Increased $13,157,7'
last month Police will Investigate th-
shooting of James Woodman at Roches
ter, N. H- Oeneral Bacon reports th
Chippewa Indians humiliated and beg
glng for peace, and recommends the ree
jgnltlon of the bravery of s-everal mc
jf the- Third Infantry Vermont lcjls
lature passes a bill to Incorporate new
road to build from Hurllngton to Can
ui'ilan line Bertha M. Huse, aged 31.
disappears from her Enfield, N. H.,
(Continued from 1st page.)
.....1. .1.1 n...t. ..I.- f. nil.-, r. rn l.n.-n
Methodist clinch will meet with Miss Lena
Gill on Church street Friday afternoon.
i ' 1,0 iiuug oraersw 111 meet wuh.uir.
'' Jl- "'kciuw .u n-i nui.ii.
. .. .,,., ,..,is,,.i , i,a f busnel of
',)t.anuts, tms year.-W. P. Chase, w ho was
H.Veii-ly Injured a week ago by a fall, lm-
proves, but viry slowly. II. It. Allen has
.been at Long Point the past week, Mrs.
M. W, Wilson is at nomo irom juiiianu.
Mrs. Dwlght Eddy Is In a low state ot
health this fall. A. C. Sumner Is at work
In E. B. Patteisou's gioccry store.
It Is a lively place about tho ruins of
the burned bloiks. Men and teams are
hauling stone and carting away the rub -
blsh and Contractor Rogers lias a gang
of men at Aurk on thu foundation walls.
D. E, Fan- Is at homo from tho U. V.
.vi. to atieini mo iiincrai in ins giuuu-
mother. E. C. Dike & Co. had about live
tono ot mapie sugar In the lire. It was
avcd In a damaged cindltlon. At n spec
lal communication ut l.ltmnus ods'o, l
and A. M., In Dunshee's Hall Monday
evening It was voted lo appoint a commit -
tee to Investigate as to whether the lodge October 31st, was a service, to bo remem
wnuld build .: new hall or rent and report bored by the Congregational church. Thu
it the next iigular mening. ininton rust
G. A. It,, wlll meet Wednesday evening,
Nov, 9, In the oillco oi j. j. inimas. tiai-
lowe'en parsed off In the usual manner
here. Tho ainall boy and a few of a larger well, charge to tho pastor. Rev, L. C. Tar
grnwtli got lu their work ns usual. trldgo of Hague. N. Y address to thu
Tho funeral of Mrs. Amy I-arr was held people. Rev. C. M. Thomas. The choir
f loin her late homo on East street Turs- rendered appropriate! music Tho frlonda
day afternoon. Rev, Wesley A. Kliule, of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Wolcott pave, them
pastor of the Baptist church, of which a surprise party, thu 2Sth, which was en
tile deceased was one of the oldest mem- Joyed by all. Mrs. Coleman and Mrs.
hers, olllclated, A large number of rel.i- Scott ot Sandwich, 111., visited Mr. and
tlves and friends followed thn lemalns to .Mrs. J, Q, Cnswe-ll lecently. Mr. and
tho ccmotery. Her husband, Horace Furr, jirs. g. A. Wostbrook returned to Brook
died In April of last year. Tho bearers iyn Wednesday,
vro six grandsons. Dr. Edgar Farr of ...- vm.-nrvr!n
nTw York, D. E. Farr. Winfleld Farr, SOUTH STARKs-BORO.
Georgo Farr, Arllo Farr and Walter Dag- j-Re meetings conducted by Rev. James
gett, Fred Maniim, who has been spend- c. .vianis of Jersey City, will contlnu
lug his vacation here, has returned to through this week each evening. Mr. and
his duties as night clerk at tho Van Ness jirSi George Hurlburt of Monkton accom.
House.-J. W. Pago went to JefTersonvlllo ,,nnled by Mr. and Mrs, Daniel Hurlburt
Tucsdny, The Bristol and Lincoln Tele- fIOm Iowa, havo visited at Byron Hurl
phono central has been located In the of- turfs tho past weok, Their visit was pro
fico of J, J, Dumas on Main street. longed on account of George Hurlbim
TIRIDPORT, having a slight paralytic- shock conftulni
, . , , . . , dm to tho bed for a few days. He hope
Mrs. Roscoo and her daughter of Glens t0 bp llWo , KO neme thu w-a.-itr.
Falls has been visiting in town.-Robert Luclnu Grtco Is gaining very slowly.-;
Thompson Is expected to preach In the i
niatlindlst church Oct, 29, Rev. Mr. Bacon 1 (Continued on 6th paso.)
of tho local Congregational rliureh nt
ter.dtd nnd spoke ut the l iylng of the corner-
stone at tho new Congregational
church of Hrlstol. There are Satunluy
icnlng prayer meetings nt Mr. Austin n
conducted by the Y. P. S. C. K. Murtln
Harvey and wife an; planning 11 visiting
trip Into New York State.
Tho funeril or .Mrs. Jackson was held
at tho residence of William Grandfy
Satlltday at 12.30 o'clock. There will bo
n C. H. sociable ut tho vestry l'rld.iy
Nov. 4th. Messers Carl Ilensou
nmi Krcd Spiuildlng spent Sunday In
Shoreham.-..Mrs. John Hussell of Shore-
ham Is visiting her dr.ughter, Mrs.I '.,
v niKer. i.raiuim fhompson spent Sun
day at his sisters, Mrs. James Henson's
Tho town mectlnir. called to sec If tho
town would vote to bond to help build an
electric road from Itethel to Itoehester,
resulted In a voto as follows: For bond
ing 21, against bonding 70. Joseph Ilaltell
and a party from Hread Loaf Inn were at
tho Central llouso recently. School closul
In No. 2 last Frlday.-Tho International
Paper company have completed their roa 1
on to West Hill and aro now renilrlrn?
I their Alder Meadow road. Tho prtsldlim
Miss Hertha Mallory returned from
nrldgewater Frldiy night, where she ha
been spending a few weeks with Dr. and
.Mrs. s. Uine. Mr. and Mrs. Carlo
Martin very pleasantly entertained about
23 of their frion.'u i.-ri,i,.. ..i
George M. Wrlc-ht of New York city Is
at home. Mrs. Mary Smith Hllmuth ot
MIddltbury has been visiting relatives
here. Julia Abel, the young daughter t
Station Master, C. D. Abel. s I'l with
diphtheria. Vernon H. Branch of Caw-
ker City, Kansas, who is In the ei.it nn .1
business trip, has been spending .ev.r:il
days with his father. O. T. Branch. Miss
l lorencp Chapman of Mldlleburv was 1
guest of Mrs. F. B. KtmKill at Faglo Inn
last week. Wyman H ldreth his moved
with his family Into Frank SPdman'i
houso In tho village. Mr. and Mrs. Sted
man will spend the winter with their
daughter on the Mather farm. The La
dles' society are making arrmgem-nts o
hold a fair at the town hall next month.
Tho many friends of E. Phillip Wirreti
will be glad to know of his successful ex
amination and entrance to the M dlct
College In Buffalo, N. Y where ho wll,
pursue a course of study for several
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Pierce of Middle
bury visited Mrs. E. B. Pond last week.
E. D. Collins returned from Fair Haven
last Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ca
sey of Providence, R. I., have reint'y
visited their mother. Mrs. Carrie I'asey.
Mrs .Mary Mason lies critically 111 of "ap
pendicltls. She has been an invalid a year
or more. A nine-pound Ctrl was born last
week to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Barnes.
Seymour J. Davis died Wednesday morn
ing, Oct. 2'Jth after an Illness of live- years.
Mr. Davis was born In this town Sept. 15,
.lisn. and lived all his life here. In Fon-
'nihry, 1570 he married Mary, daughter of
Nathan and Sarah Huntington Greeii.wlth
.whom he I1V11I most happily. He wis a
member of tne Freewill Baptist c.iurch
and a consistent Christum. To him death
had 110 fear. Possessed of a kind, cheery
, disposition, he had many friends who wlll
mouin ins ii.Mtn. jio was the last cf his
family, there being none leu t.iat benr
the name, his nearest relatives ate un
cles. His death fallwith crushing weight
t'pon his widow, who lias so faithfully and
, leuucriy c.ircu xor mm in ins long sick-ne-.-s,
and the hearts of the people In this,
community go out to her In love and
sympathy in her atlliction. His discaso
wax of peculiar nature and baffled tho
skill of the many doctors whom he c jii-
1 (-uited. An autopsy was held and it was,
decided that his death was due to an in
' jury leceived while at work In the mi.l
j about 11 years ago. His funeral was hud
from his late residence and wis l.irg- ly
attended. Friends and relatives were
pu-seiit from Burlington. Vergennes. New
llaviii, Bristol and Starksbt-ro. s-. J. Sar
gent had charge of tho arrangement and
Rev. W, A. Klnzio of Bristol was tho of
ficiating clergyman. Mrs. Nellie Garland
Mclntyre of Pristol spent last week with
friends here. G. A. Thayer mado a busi
ness trip to Boston last weok. Mrs. Ma
bel Shedrlck and Mrs. Mary Currier of
Sunnpce, N. II.. who have been visiting
their s.ster.-Mrs. George Caustic, leturn
ed to their home last wveke. Mr. and
Wilder uf New Haven spent Tuesday with
tho family of C. C. Lee. The t'olIow,r,g
perse us were elected delegates to tha
county Sund.iy-vhool convention to N
h-Md in A eyhrldge Nov. 3 and 1. Mlsc Car
rie Puiinton nnd Llzzlo Parent from tho
Methodist school and Rev. Mcrton Ha i
Andle Hill and Walter Estey from th
Union school. J W. and A.T. Morgan
were in New Haven last week making re-
(pairs on tha building 011 their farm there.
Mrs. Lois Leo Is In Starksbe.ro a!st
'ing In caring for her brother, William Or
' vis w in is. in v.ry poor health. Mr ar. I
Mrs. William Mclntyre of New Haven and
Mr Vnttlnir nf ll.'irtnn were iruestsi at
. mioRFHlM
-.uemr.n. . .
.Mr. and Mrs. t. v . wane wr.o nave
neeil wim ,r. aue s laiurr uie iMi ear
i... -.,,.-.,.i t tissmiri Mr m.i Mrs
i.amuel Nve who have been spending the
cummer at Mr, Bernard Pearson's havo
returned to their home. Mrs. Pearsons
Who has been spending some days with
her POn has returned to her home in Mas-
saehusetts. Miss Florence Howard ha
K-n(. to Sherburne, Mass. Mrs. C. N.
North went to Montpeller last weok to
attend the meeting of Vermont society ot
colonial Dames. Mrs. Jane Fnrr an I
1 , laughter Winifred of Larabee's Point ar.
v siting at W. H. Blrchard's. Mr, and
Mrs. C. N. North were In Bristol Wednes-
t0 attend the laying of the corner
stone or the new congregational c-nurcn.
1 Mrs. Charles 1 .a very of Brandon Is visit-
inc ,or sister. Mrs. M. P. Cook. Mrs. W.
- , vy. Moore has returned from Holyok,
. i Mass.. where she has been visiting her
I daughter.
1 The ordination of Rev. E. C. Partrldgo
-pi-n.tn was by Prof. J. Wesley caurcnill
nf Andover. Mass. Ordaining prayer by
ucv. c. H. Peek of Benulncton. right nana
of fellowship. Rev. Benjamin Swift of Or-

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