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The Whioetskl Valley, Villages Hp North,
Alone Otter Creek and by the Shores
of White ltlor Cenorcd by
Special licportors.
Tlie throo yur old daughter of Mr, nml
Mis. II L. Sumner of Cum- street dlcel lit
Jt it lionii Thiiilii veiling of sentil
1 II i This make the second one nf thu
I irmly to die within trn ekiys. Thu funer
li w is lichl I'liday iiftertioou. Thf Inter
im ht was In tin1 Case street cemetery,
trim re t of tlie I' imlly arc- doing ns well
li an he r :('. d.
Mrs. Live-t .1. Siitnpon died lit her latn
hum. in We., bridge) Friday morning lifter
a long ll.iu-s. iheic ate two sons mid
two iHuglitei-s surviving. Tho funeral
Ma-- le id Sunday afternoon.
Mr K. A. Richard of Case street lost n
alu.iiilc work hnrsi Thursday. Whllo
ilr w nir logs down the mountain one of
tin chains broke which pushed the lond
on to tin husi'X nml thiuw one of tli"ni,
li. ,inm It Ititern.illy. Jt was leil holm',
it ii. stance of lib. at three miles, nml had
I .li in tlie burn about 15 minutes when
It ei oipt .1 d' .nl. 1'pon examination It was
jnjnd t l it It broke a blood vessel Inside
I li i ,ui"i U Its death.
Mr II !;. IIIsm ll's ttirnltiirp which lias
b rn stored in the Vulb-tt block since ho
1 'l the Addison, If belnii taken out and
s ipprd to Tlonelorogn, X. V., where Mr.
I! -s. .1 will tun a hotel which lie will tako
pi sscs.-lon of socn.
The erv f lit wan given at u llttlo nf
lir . o'clock Monday afternoon for n Mr.)
I i the Dyer block on Main street. Tho
t milling Is occupied by Mr. K. Towne, who
b.is the north half of the building and tho
t juth half Is oivupled upstairs by the
I. nk. Iitnini.ro Lodge of I. u. V. !., and
t'i Rebekihs. Mr. G. II. Sumner also
lias t store beneath, whiiv ho runs a
M-o crj i 'id meat mat ket. The lire caught
1 i t ip ce l.ir of Mr. Sumner's ilcpartment
in (i r iom which he usw for n lard room
i n l ha t-'it Into the main idoiii hut tho
hose oinpany succeodpil I'l getting It out
bi fori it had done much damage. Tho.
mrst o thf (inmage was caused by water.
VI . rt i.ccupkd by tho I. O. O. I'. and
Mr Towne were not damaged, only by tho
unoke. Tin- property was all insured. Mr.
(limner was the heaviest loser. Ills loss
with be s.'Veral hundred dollars. Tho
(l. Ullage to the building will amount to $Jf,
Word has I cell received if the safo nr
I a of Mr. and Mrs. ,1. A. .Smith in New
"Sulk on Thursday and they stated tint
He had a very tempestuous voyage. They
xpect to uruve In Middle-bury in about
two weeks and will remain liro until
April 1.
T.u .inntinl report of the town otllcers Is
n it aim ha- be en mailed to tho votets of
tho town Thu auditors niort tho total
expenditure on orders Issued dnring the
ear ending Feb. lu to he $16,."J9.M. The
ulcctmcn'.s order are $1,173 Icon than a
year .tgo, while, the order for "poor exceed
these of last year by ?r,0.1; the road com-mli-sioners
Ly $72!i and tho sch'tol direc
tors by $23. The treasurer received from
tli lleiiior agent J-iuO.23. The expenses
were JIVTM and tho profit Is J.Tl.rA Thu
nmouiit to be raised the coming year is
M ss i;ila M. l'c-cuc of this city and Mr.
John I!. Gi.moio of Iiristo, were united
In marr ag'- at the Me'thodist p.usoliugo
by tlm Hoy. J. 11. llohlnson Feb.
It. nk Ni ,.;eaux, aged 23 years, died Sn
tutd.iy alternoon of typhoid fever. Mr.
N ts -a-ix has for the past year had
ih.irge of David Duquette's baiber shoi)
whei e he has been employed for over live
ars He was an exemplary young man
mid a general favorite In tho eommiinity.
Ho w is sak only a. wei'k and his death
wasep te- uin xpt cti'd. ilo leaves a fath. r
mother uul two biotheis. They havo tho
h.wnpn 1 y ot tho eiitlro eominunliy.
Mrs. H. li. Iilnn of Springfield, Vt for
iiwrlj rf this city, gave birth FiUlay to a
Hotter broii','ht In the market Saturday
37 to ISc for extra; eggs Ko and not many
S. II Mdlrr of New York city Is con
tracting with David Miller of Addison lor
k few earloa ls of hay, the iulin prleo is
Iroin $1 to (i, i or ton for loose hay.
i ho fun. nil of Mr. John N, Not ton, was
held Horn .St. Paul's chinch Tuesday
I neiirion at 11 o'clock. The ciy linpies
ftlve burial service was read by i'.ev. Mr.
oi1mv the rector. The e sti'. m In which
the dee-eased was held was fully demon
Unit el by thu huge number of people
pros -nt the church being filled to Its ut
most e ipne lty. In addition to the beauti
ful llowers which completely coveted the,
i iisket, a number of choice designs wero
tiif fully arranged about the chancel,
Mi'-'ts. 1. 11. .Smith and C. F. O. Kimball
wero in e bulge. Tho bearers were C. II.
Klrcnt. . J. Strong, Foster t Strong,
Chas D. Haven, V. It. Warner ami (Jeo.
C hess Among those in attendance-from
out of town were W. H. Ilorton of Fair
H,i mi, Fzra M. Horton of liurllngt jii, I).
V'. II. Ilorton ami daughter of Sudbury,
Jt. J. Ncitoti of .Sli.-lburue, Mr. and Mrs.
John Stewatt and Mrs. Dr. Sutton of Mld
dlebury. Misses Fiances and Mlna Walk
er, Mrs. 1'. ,1, March anil A. It, Vandetto
of Ilurllngton, Miss Iela 1.. Htinan of
llr imlon and Mr. W. V. Watt of Knst
drango N. .1., A. A. Hylngtoii and C'harle-s
II. Vlngton of Hliiesbuigh, A very sail fa
t'irc of the oeefcslon was that th father
and mother of the dPceased, owing te
ill Ir fcbli luvilth wore unablo to bo jire
Fei t They have the sympathy of the en
tire commumtv. The business places wo
clo: el during the services.
Or account of an accident to the mall
c ir i n tho --le i per duo here at 3:1.', yesti-r-il
.j mnrning the through mall did not
n ai h here until tho ai rival of the. tv;i
tialn irom the south at 1U:1'.
Mr, H. V. Ke-ars or Monkton has rn
fc.u.cd for tho n nson to travel for tho
JJerr'ns Harvester 'o., of Chli'iigo.
Slt.is I'. Iloyt of I'aiitou Is to hao
e urge of the Col. Ciililion fin ill in Khel
I urne W W. Ilnnchett Is to carry on
th Iloyt farm lu I'anton.
I F Match of Ilurllngton has leased his
farm In Wnst Fi'rrlKburgli lu Aithur V.in
(krhoof .It hii Plnnkcy Iiub taken tho D, O. IJar
to f .ini in West Ferrlsliursh to work on
The flint ra! of Miss Flmenrp Super, who
died In Chicago last Wednesday, was held
from th ii-ldenci' of II, s. DiuiJme on
J.ist sti-tet Saturday uf tei noon, Her
hi-ether, N. 1). Soper, enm" with the r. -inalrs
ftom Chleago. Itev. Wesley A.
117.1c. the liaptlsl i.stor, oillel.iti'd ' Col
K F Uun-heo had ehargo of the tutu nl
nrrange in. ills. There was a lnig attendance-,
as Miss Soper formerly refilled hem
and was a nleio of Col and Mis, n. j.-,
Dunslicc 'I lien- was i. beaiitlful dlaphy
of (lowers, Tho beaieis were N". 1. Dun
,hee, II. S. Dunjhee, Jessi Steams
unci C I', Abetmthy, all iea
tlves of thn deceased. Tho Inter
b r father and mother. Tr-e Adiil.-' i
couni union cf the . . s, (.-. m t ,,
tho Uaptlat church Saturday. Thcr was
n large attenrlaticc, over one hundred lit
InB present from -tit of town. 'h" c j.;
bar nir was awaided to WeyhndM The
ollke's eleeted fo th nisulr j, x t.ie,nii,s
nrc J'rcsldunt, V. .M. HeneUitt of New
Iliivrn; vlce-prpsldcnt. He v. M. Halo of
Lincoln; scctetary, Miss Maty Wllmarth
of Addison, treusiirrr, Miss Myrut Hits
sell of Hrldport; superltitetident of Junior
work, .Mis. llcnjatnln Swift of Orwell.
W. 1'. Gardner goes to Lisbon, N, 11., thin
week, where he has u situation in a hotel.
-I-:. L, Sherwln, 1'. It. Hill nml li. X.
Dike are nt home from their trip to Troy
anil Albany. John Thomas has returned
to his homo in Mount lloiley. Curdcl
Norton, who has been dangerously 111 with
pneumonia Is bcttcr.-John Slp;es nml Will
McVar uro sick with pneumonia. IJownril
S. Illll of tho Farmers bank of Vcrgpntics
was In town over Sunday. Tho lirlstol
Military band played at the link Satur
day night, Tho winter term of tho grad
ed Fclioul closes next FiUlay for a vaca
tion of two weeks Monday was "pay day"
at tho otllce of the ltristol Manufacturing
company. F. W. Nash matin n business
trip to tho '.Jiiecn City Monday. John W.
Dike of Stnrksboro and Miss Mabel LI ten
of HrNtol were mairled February 23 at
the lesldenee of ticuteo N. Dike, Hev. V
A. Klnr.Io olllclatlng. Charles S. Dunslieo
of l'roctor Is In town for a ft w days.
Miss Mary Cutting has been visiting her
sister In Verge lines the past week.
Dr. M. D. Smith and C L. fireen of M1d
3lehnry wero In town Monday. Tho pneu
monia cases nro all recovering. Hevlvnl
meetings wll be hold every evening this
eek at tho Methodist cl urch. Hev. M,
I. downing of the Freo MetfuVllst churih
of Iturllngton will assist In the services.
Very Utile excitement ovcrMaie-h lncting
The class of V.i, I!. II. S will glvo their
play "The. Itniigh Hleler" again nt I lolly
Hall on somn dato in the near future', ly
request The Mlliervlan society of the
elms of 'P:i, I). II. S., . lected olllcers Mon
day evening as follows; President, Gen.
otvutt; vice -president, Guy llaldwln; see
retiry. Miss Anna SliPldon; treasurer,
Miss Minnie White. Meetings every Mon-d-iy
evening. n. Iloyt Landon Is in New
York this week on business. The revival
meetings at the Advent church weiv
brought to a do.-"' lust week. Jesse
Steiins of New York and N. I. Soper of
Clilcicn who came here with the lemalns
of Miss Florence Soper, have returned
home-. II. W. Peake went to Ilurllngton
Tuesday. J. S. Flint of O. C. Taylor &
Co., Iturllngton, was In town Tuesday.
A specimen if maible is being shown at
the store of K. S. S. I). Farr. It came
from their fnim In Monkton. Superinten
dent of Schools W. A. Kinzle. has been
visiting the giveled school this .week. The
dodle atlon of the new Masonic hall has
been ntioned indefinitely. Probably
sjinu date lu Ainll. 'I he hall will be ready
fur the annual meeting March 13. Thu
Methoelist church was well tilled Monday
evening to hear Hi v. M N. Downing of
the 'lueen City. He pron-hed a powerful
and liiletesting sermon. Mr. and Mrs. II.
A. Dotin. who have been visiting friends
In re the past wi'ek have returned to their
bun ie In the Quee-n City. The new drug
store of It. A. Atkins In the new block,
will be reudy for business In a few days.
All the leal estate and pergonal property
of the late J. J. Hldley will bo sold at auc
tion ni't Saturday. It Is reported that
Hrlstol .t Hanforth will put In a stock of
ready made clothing lulu their new store.
Muntoe Frank expects, to move to Lin
coln this week. Miss Fanny Ihiba fell on
the lee Tuesday anil bru'sed her head
The Ilrlstnl high school expect to repro
duce tho "Hough Hlders" about thei mid
dle of Mai eh. The Good Templars held a
weight sociable Wednesday night.
Mrs. A. H, Iloffnagle, who has been is
Itlng f i lends lu Heber, N. Y., returneel
Ikmuc Saturday. D. '. Twitchcll has
renieel Mr. HunneH's home place and
takes possession at emce. Mr, Twitchell
has sold his farm to C. li. Ilullard. P.ai
llno Paitch was quite 111 last week. Her
bert It. lilodgott of Littleton, N. H., Is tho
guest of Miss Hoffman. C. V.. Vainey of
Hrandou Is visiting his sister, Mrs. Mar
joiie H. Nutting Mary Hnriows Is iiulto
111. Mr. and Mis George Hvi rett uf Vcr
gennes nio vis ting Mr. Hvoiest's mother,
Mrs P. L. Adams. Ovrr thirty young
peoplo Attended the county convention of
thu Y. P. S. C. I-:, at HtLstol Saturday. V.
M. liennllct was e lect, d in e'slilent of the
county organization. li. W. Flint, who
has been epiite ill Is Improving. Garrit
Coursey had the- misfortune) to cut his foot
quite badly while splitting wood Friday.
Hev. George II. Dunlap of I-Jast Concord,
N. II., was tho guest of Hev. J. II. Hoff
man TueseUy.
In the death of Hzra A. Hazard Ferrls
burg loses one of its oldest and most
valued citizens. He was the last male
member of the third generation nf the
Hazard family, once so numerous n his
native town. Always eiule t and unassuming
in his life- among his fellow townsmen, ho
declined all olllivs of trust and honor
which would have been gladly be
stowed upon l.im, successful In
the accumulation of this world's
goods, he never forgot the day of
small beginnings, and was ever leadv
with a kind word and helping hand to
nssist the nee-dy and deserving to ncqulre
homes of their own. The esteem and re
gard In which he was held wax evlileiicul
by the large number eleslrlng to show tho
last tiibuti- of respect and affection by at
tending his luneial, which was held from
his late lesldenee on the 10th inst. The
occasion was rendered doubly sad by tho
recent death.-, of his eldest daughter, Mrs.
Delia Melby of Whitehall, Wis. A widow,
Mrs. Caroline Williams Hazard, and cnlv
daughte r Mrs. C. S. Martin nio left In tho
,nncestrul home, which the deceaseel did
f-o much to beautify and Improve during
a lung and Industrious life. Hev. A. J.
Applemiin, pastor of the M. 12, church of.
flclatcd at the funeral of II, D. Alexander,
O, II. Alexander, K. II. Converse, G. A.
Footo of Charlottle. P. V. D.iklns and II.
C. Martin of l-Vrrlsburg acting ns pall
bearers, M. F. Allen having charge.
The ladlps of the Freo Haptlst church
served n chicken. pie supper In tho
church vestry Wedneselay evening, March
1.4. -The W. T. C. F. social at Mrs.
Dickey's Thursday evening was largelj
attended, Music and lecltatlons constitu
ted the. evening's, programme. The C. C.
C. will meet with Mrs. c, Hosnh-k March
lu. Mrs. L. At wood Is conllned to tho
house with a severe cold. The fireen
Mountnin Cold Spring creamery paid its
patrons for tin- me nth of Jan. 7.7 cents
per bundled for per cent mill: and un
der the' new law it gain nf 12 per cent. In
the e-hurn. Miss Mabel Illll leaves this
wetk for Hrlstol, where she Intends to r. -main
during thu summer. Mrs. Samuel
Harris has recovered from lu-r Illness.
Mrs. George- O'Hryan spent Sunday in
Lincoln. Mr, O'llryan's father Is seilously
III.-Miss Kitty Smith Is In Ilrlstol.-MIss
Ilattlo May Sargent of Lincoln Is visiting
relatves In town. Fred liruuell Is hauling
lumber from llaldwln's mills to Kurlliig
I Ion. Mr. Hartou of Sallsbuiy. a member
or the Anti-Saloon League gavo an nil.
elress at the Free Haptlst church Sunday
Mrs. M, i:. Ilich s lu Castleton. Mrs.
Jed Cnlletto of Cejinstnek, N. Y., Is visit
ing her mother, Mis. Doleeware. Miss
Kendall clusid another successful term of
school Friday. Mrs. Ilattlo Walte, has
ivnti-d her fm in to .Mr. Hlchards of lirld
port. Mr. ami Mrs. I, II, Hlch spent last
wee-It In Troy, N. Y. Joo Dolcewaro Is on
tho sick list.
Mrs. Rosftta Sampson died last Friday
morning after a long Illness, ifhel was
burlO'i Irom her lato homo on SuncLy alt
ernoon. Htv. It. L. Thompson olflelatlug.
Ir.t rment at Mnplo Grove cemch-ry. Mrs.
uaiur"n toimerly ros.dcd In Cornwall,
but hud spenl tho last four years In
this town, where sho won tho respect
und esteem of all who knew her, Sho
v, 'is a conscientious, upright w oman and
mi l c i plary luelln-r She leaves two
sons and four daughters, into of whom,
Miss Florence, has tenderly cured for her
during her long Illness. Miss O. Sarah
Wright Is visiting her brother at Spencer
Ma--)'. Miss Nona Sturtevanl Is visiting
In St, Alhans.-Don P, Hiirlbert occuplid
tho pulpit of tho Methodist church Inst
Sunday morning, Clyde Flsku Is homo
from Saxton's Itlvcr, sick with tho
mumps. Mis. Hobert Warner returned to
Fltchburg, .Mass., last Week. M. N. link
er was c.tlleet to St. Albans last Sunday
morning by tho Illness of his daughter,
Mrs. 11. A. Clark. Mr. nml Mrs. Willis
Sampson came up from Salem, N. Y,, last
.Saturday, to attend the funeral of their
mother, Mrs. Hoselta Sampson,
Miss Hose Donley closed a very success
ful term of school here last week Friday.
Prizes were awarded to Sadlo and Lllah
Orvls mid Kdllh Ilurlbiirt for no nbspiit
muiks. The scholars bought tho teacher
a large album Miss Lillian Young Is
M'sltlng her aunt, Mrs. J. N. Cutter, In
Huntington. Alice Atkins has gono to
Hrlstol to work for K. 15. Patterson. Ar
thur Thaxter visited his home-In Ilurllng
ton last week. Mary A. Young returned
home Sunday and was suddenly tnken HI,
but Is better.
I Deacon Catlln died Monday In his eighty
sixth year. In spite of his years he bus
been young In heart. Ills Mcknrss was
chin t, being taken 111 Sunday morning,
I lent y Hlssell went Monday to Tlcundero
g.i, where March 1st he took the Hall
house. Mis. Illssell and the children went
on Wednesday. Miss Kllzaluth North
siient Sunday In town. Next Sunday
communion will bo observed In the Con
gie.gatlonal church. The collection is for
tho Congregational church building so
Tho Woman's Foreign Mlsslonnry so
ciety will meet nt the Methodist Lplscopal
parsonage Wednesday afternoon. Howard
and Louis Martin of Hurllngton spent
Sunday In town with friends. Mrs. S. N.
Allen left for West Paw let Saturday for
a two weeks stay. F. M. Stearns and
family returned Saturday to their
homo In Wallonsburgh, New York.
The funeral of .Mrs. Sinclair was
held fiom the home of her
daughter. Mrs. S. It. Mai tin Friday nfter
noou, Hev. .1. II. Metcalf the Fnltnrlan
pastor at HurUtigtcm officiating. The body
was taken to lioston Friday night for
burial. Miss Vlda Tit ft of Castleton, who
hns been spending a tew days 111 town le
turiml Monday. Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Allen
ar. spending a few days in IJoston.
The circulation of tho Orwell free lib
rary for W.i Is Lt'Ol books; new subscrib
ers jS. The library opened lu Sept., ISf'i!,
with 112 books. There are now 121 books
catalogued Mrs. 1C. M. Wright has been
111, but Is Improving. Dr. Arthur Murray
was in town over Sunday, from Fair
Haven.-Jeriy Qulnn's children uro sick
with the measles.
Hev. S. H. Itarnum has returned from
New Haven, Conn., the condition of his
mother being somewhat Improved. Mr.
Itanium represented the local Y. P. S. C,
K. at the coitnty convention held In Hrls
tol on Saturday and delivered an Interest
ing address. -The Young Peoples c'ub re
peated the drama ".Inslali's Courtship," on.
Friday evening to a good sized and ap
preciative audience. They have raised a
MlHielent amount to pay their Indebted
ness anil leave a good sum in the treasury.
Mrs. A. O. Field returned home on Sat
urday from Huilluglon, wheie she has
been for several weeks, a guest of her
daughter, Mis. S. K. Maynarel.
A (To-operative creamery association
was formed Wednesday night with tho
following named olllcers: President, G. H.
I'lirlntotr secretary, F. T. Gulnilon; direc
tors, G. II, Puiinti.n, F. T. Gulnilon, 0. C.
Clark, I. A. Colby and W. Grant. Thej
directors met Thursday and decided on
Iho location of the building, which is to
be at the Centre between A. M. Sargent's
and the Christian parsonage. Work will
begin at once. John Grace moved from
the rooms over Morgan's store, to Hun
tington Wednesday. Hert Gove is to
move into his tenement and woik in Moi
g.in'.s blacksmith shop.
Mis. Harvey Farr is' very sick with en
larciMiient ot the llvn and other compli
cations. Dr. Grliinell of Htu llngteui was
called Tuesday a- cuiinsel with Dr.Drvlg.
her attending physician. The following
n.iiiii il ruiaiivi.s of tho late George Hut
terfield of Manchester, N. II., were re
membered in his will: W. 13, Ilutterlleld,
n. nephew, $;ooi); Mrs, Hannah Varney and
Mis. Sarah Atwood, nieces of the deceas
ed, Jl.oijO each, Huth Itarnum of Monkton
was iho guest of A. T. Morgan's family
over Sunday. Mrs. Aimer Hagly of New
Haven Ml. Is Is visiting friends In town.
Winner licrce, C, Deirhorn ;nd wlfu and
Geirgo Dearborn ami wife ntteniled thu
funeral of Hiram Pierce in Waire-n last
Saturday. John Hamilton has t .ken a
farm In I-3.ist Mldd!ebiiry nml moved this
week Wednesday. Horace Lyford and wlfo
o. W, ii lull werii guests of Dr. Dodge's
family over Sunday. G. A. Thayer lotuin
eil Satuiday from a businci-s till) to Hus
ton, CharleJtown and Fltchburg.
Mary Church has gone to Hlllshoro, X.
H af,aln to work. Charles Higglns is
very sick with tin? grip. Mrs. Wnllaeo
Norton's mother, Mrs. Hock, Is stnlng
with 1-or for a while. Mrs, 0. It. Church
bus beer sick In bed with tho grip, Mi
Lyman Hhodrs Is slowly recovering. The
holy of Mrs Frank Amy was brought
hero last Tuoselay to bo hurled.
1 Waldo n. Clark of Australia Is at Ly
man Clark's. A son was born Feb. 2Mh
to Dr. and Mrs. W. J. Hrandon. Mrs.
Charles L. Seeger hns been very sick the
past week, Mm Grace O'Hryan, who has
been very sick with pneumonia, Is belter.
There Is to ho a se-heul exhibition at the
town hall Friday evening, March 10th.
Tho South school taught by Miss Anna
Hussell of Hrldport and the Corn r school
will unite their foi-t-es. Mrs. Mary 13.
Owe-n of Dauby Is 111 town. A lunch with
hot eofiee will bc fierved at tho parlors
of tlm Paptlst church town meellntr ilr.j',
March 7th.
, The Ladles' Aid society at Ilaruumtown
w.,l meet with Mrs. Lnroso on Wellies
day, March Mb. A full altendanco Is de
sired, as It is tho annual meeting for tho
eleitlon of olllcers. Mrs. Fidelia Dean,
widow of the late Thaddeus Denn, died at
her home on Wednesday, March 1st. Tho
f'lneral will be attended from her Into res
idence on Filday at It a. m Hev. 13, It.
Harris olliehitlng, assisted by Hev.l, P.
Ki Hogg. The donation for thu benefit of
Huv. 13. H. Harris last Friday evening
amounted to JT,, Next Sunday, March
Dth II, F, Dcaeh of Ferrlsburgh will
supply tho pulpit at Knst Monkton and
, llarnumtown in the absence of tho nasto..
who goes to Panton and West Addison to
preach lor liov. J. II. Long, who Is sick.
JJE N N I N (IT 0 X 00 UN T Y.
I II. Te. Hover, an Insuranco agent nf this
place representing tho Interstate Casualty
Cc.iniMiiy was arresteil on nil electric ,-ar
In White Creek, N. Y Thursday morning
w-hlle' ncconipnnylng his mother-in-law io
I Albany. The olllcors had been notified
1 from hero I y somo ono that ho was on
tho car and wero waiting fur him. It wus
inn do upon a complaint by Georgo An
drews of White Creel:, v. ho charges Hut
Mr. Hover Induced him lo Insuro with hlin
lust fall, and that Instead of paying the
premium, 22,ri0 to tho ompany, Mr, Ho
ver appropriated it to bis own use. Hy an
arrangement between ''lem, tho ellWr es
ccited Mr, Hover and his charge to Al
bany, and th n rctui-iud with him lo
j lluos-lclc, Falls, whero ho was kept ovur
night, and where he had n hearing Fri
day. He was held by the justice, and In
default of ball was taken to Troy, for
keeping. His peoplo nru trying to seuuro
hail for him.
State's Attorney Hates, Deputies God
froy and Nash with Justice D. W. Hydo
went to Si'iirshurg Friday and raided two
disorderly houses, complaint having been
lodged against thorn. They arrested two
women and six men. Tho latter, Including
costs, paid IS. Tho charge against tho
women was held open ns they promised to
leave tho Stnto at once. Tho places of Jo
seph ltlalr and Wllllnm Carroll wero
j searched for liquors hut as nothing only a
i tittle cider was found they wero discharg
ed. On their return homo Saturday they
visited the establishment of Sears Smith
In Woodford and arrested him for selling,
i Mrs. James Tomllnsoti, an aged lady,
fell down n flight ot stulrs Saturday and
broko several ribs.
A year ago an Art League was organ
ized lu the public schools. It now has over
3W members. During the year over $30
has been expended to adorn the walls In
different "Jchool rooms and a largo number
of pictures, busts and other articles have
been contributed by different persons. Tho
league begins its second year under very
auspicious circumstances.
Joslah Dupaw, formerly of Winooski,
now assistant doorkeeper of the I'nltcel
Stntes treasury department nt Washing
ton, hus Just Invented n sealing machine
which will seal 230 lPtters n minute. Ilo
has also patented a brush and mop holder
which he has sold for a large hum. The
sealing machine will bo used by tho gov
ei nnicnt.
Horace Thomas, Sr., electrician and
manager of the power station nt the goige
met with a nearly fatal accident Fil
day forenoon. Ho shut off the power to
one of the dynamos, the machine having
a capacity of 2"0U volts. It wus out of or
der and ho went to work repairing it
supposing that tho power was entirely off.
Ilo found his mistake as ho touch -d tho
machine. A strong cut rent passed thiougli
his bady and the ends of two lingers to
the left hand wero burned lo a crisp. Mr.
Thom.is fainted twice but legalncd con
fclousncss ami was able to drive home.
Tho full current was of com so hoc mi,
or he would have been killed instantly.
Dr. Peck was called and dressed tho
Mr. A. H. Kdwards, who has been sick
tho greater part of the winter has so far
recovered as to walk out of eloois.
A letter has been received from Mr. O.
13. Hos.s, fotmerly of Winooski, now of
Philadelphia, stating that be Is getting
along finely nml Is well. This corrects the
rumor which had gained ciiriency that
Mr. Hoss had become inentully unbal
aned. An event In society circles he-re was th"
wedding yeste relay or Miss Augusta,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Ii. Lit
tle to Mr. Homy A. Slayton uf Morrlsvll
lc. Tho ceremony took place at 2 o'clock
tit the bride's home on Mala street, H.-.
S. L. Hates uf Hurllngton and Hev. G. N.
Kellogg of MorrlsUllu were the olllciat ng
clergymen. At the appointed hour tho
bride and groom i-nteicd the room preced
ed by the ushers who were Messrs. Ii.
Frank Stetson, jr., of Kllzabethtown, N.
Y and George 13. Little, brother of tho
bride. Tlio bridesmaids were' Miss Jose
phine Slaytun nf Morrlsvlllo and Miss
Fiances L. Little. The wedding match
was played by Miss, Llzz!o Winter of Ilur
llngton. Tlio brhlo was attired In whlto
organdie over white silk. Sho wore an
exepiislto brooch set with opals and dia
monds, a silt from tho groom. Miss Slay
ton wore a gown of blue silk and Miss
Llttlo was diesscel In wlilto organdie. Af
ter the ceremony tlio bridal couple leech
ed congratulations from frie-uds, many be
ing lire-sent fiom Munisvble, Hurllngton
IJoston, and other towns. Jtefleshmcnls
wen- served by Caterer Coon. Mrs. S. 1-3.
Hrowncll, Miss Mattio Matthews, and Miss
Addle 13. Lilwanls pres-.ded at the- tabh-.-..
Mr. and Mrs. Slayton weie given many
costly and beautiful presents. The- hap
py couple left on the nfternnon mall train
for Washington, O, C, and the south.
The hrldo was for many years a succesful
teacher lu the Winooski graded schools
heie and for the past year has been teach
ing In Moriisvllle. Sho has many friends
who wish her happiness. Mr. and Mrs,
Slayton will reside at Morrlsville.
Two more candidates for town clerk aro
In tho field, F. L. Nichols and 13. It. Rus
sell each with strong support. J. A. Dona
hue Is candid. Ue for treasurer and J. rf.
Reynolds and William Fletcher for select
men A very well attended and h trnionloiiK
caucus, to nominate, camlldati s for town
olllcers irom this portion of thf ti wn,
was held In Iho senoul hou-e Saturday
evening. Candidates for town clerk weiu
T. W. Sibley. 13. H. Hu.-sell and F. L.
Nichols. I'pon the second ballot Mr. Hus
sell was nominated by I'.i nnjorlly. J. A.
Donahue received the unanimous nomina
tion for treasurer and Charles Athi-rtun
for selectman. Resolutions wero adoplnl
pledging tho entire siippott jf the voti rs
of this village and vicinity for tho candi
dates nominated Amusements will ne
made with the Central Veimont railroad
to run a special train to tho Ceniui on
election day,
Krnest Sanctuary returns to liarre to
night having fp-nt Sunday beie.
William Folsum has exchanged his farm
for J, II. May's hotel at Jerk ho. potlt will
movn this wiek,
Charles Atherton Is moving Into Mrs,
Awn Head's house on Park street,
Jules Sajirtuiiry of Holton Falls Is vlslt
IjiK his brother, A. F, Sanctuary.
Miss Jane Alien has moved into Mrs.
Sinclair's house.
Mr. and Mis. G. W. Hill of Dakota aio
guests of Mr. and Mis. M. J. John?. Tin y
will soon go to New York Statu on a vl-lt
after which tlu-y will return to Vermont
to t pcml tho summer
Wilbur Scolleld of Starkshoro was In the
vitiligo Tuesday on busliutu
F.rm st, thu little son of Mr and Mrs.
Thumns P.nizo, who has been very 111 tor
four wuoks Is Improving ve.y slow.y.
A, 13. Head and a nutii'-er of nu n have
gone to Thompson's Point, Charlotte lo
till Ills leu house.
Frank Lord of Wllllston is moving Into
Mrs. Loren H. Rnldwln spent Sunday
with her daughter In Huiiliigton.
I''. M, Donaldson of Swanton has moved
on to the Tn ft farm iviont'iy purchased
by Clark S, Morse of Hurllugton.
Mr, Taft has moved into tho Atherton
liuiiso In Wllllston,
I Mrs. Lavlnn TUley Is slowly recovering
I from her recent Illness and is now ablo
i to sit 111).
l.lzzlo Maltland spent Sunday with her
Mr. nml Mrs. Walter Mae-la have moved
lo Kssex Junction. -Miss l-Mlth Hall and
George Hall spent Sunday with their
parents. Miss Klictu lingers, who has
bi-en In Milton for a few days has retui li
ed tn town. Miss Grace Hice Is visiting
fi lends In Hurllngton anil vicinity. Miss
' I...... . .- -. ,.. ... .......... .. ... I
t-rotMHl I 1 1 A I'l 11 UllltJSr.1 1H VlSlllIlg ill i..
A. Hates.'-Miss Annie lioweii went to
Willlston Tuesday. "Tho Old Fashioned
Singing school," directed by "Miss Mehlt
ablo Plunkctt" and "Squire llelllngham"
will be given hy the Wistford grnngo on
Tuesday evening, March 7 Lucretla P.
.leirlam, wld- or Stendman G. Meriinui,
died in Mllford, Neb,, on Fob. 7, aged 7ii
years, Mrs. Merrlnm spent many of l..r
early years in Wt-stford, also tho lln.t of
her married life, leaving hern to go to
Iowa, and In J (5T1 moved to Nebraska.--The
B, II S. glee, mandolin anil banlo
club wero greeted by a fair sized nudlence
Friday evening. They showed much Im
I ptovement over tho entertainment given
last year and deserved n full house.-Mrs.
13. H, Huggles Is sick with the prevailing
dlsonler. Maurice Irish, who Is attending
school In Hurllngton Is sick In that city
with tho mumps.
II. 13. Thompsqn Is gaining, Archlo Mc
Nea' and his daughter, Jennie went ncrosi
tho lake Wednesday for a few days' stay.
Miss Mabel Parsons was In town over
Sunday. Mrs. Alfunso Allen, u former re
sident, died at her homo In Burlington last
week. Tho body was brought hero for
A child of about two months was left
In John Hlvers' bain ono night last week.
They found tho baby soon after It was
left and Intend to adopt It. Miss Grace
Crockett went to Hurilnglon Filday, for
a few days' visit. Tho union school clos
ed with exercises appropriate to Wash
ington's birthday on Thursdny.-Mrs.
Caroline Fisher died after a long Illness
Satuiday morning. Tho funeral was held
at tho Haptlst church Sunday at 1 p. m.
The school hi tho district nc-ar Fort F.than
Allen, taught by Miss Ullcn McNnll, clos
ed Thursday with tho jsunl exercises. Tho
prizes weie nwanled as follows; For at
tendance: Chaunccy Hums, Ralph Hums,
Victoria Lundgren, Lena Lunilgii'ii, Nora
Lunde-p-Mi; for scholarship; Clara Rums,
M iry Qiilnn, Nora Lumlgren. The following
list lind no tardy marks: Chauncey Hums,
Clara Hums, Ralph Hums, Clark Hums,
George- Deterge, John Dcforge, Mary De
forge, Victoria Lumlgren, Annie Lund
gren, Lena Lundgrcn, Norn Lundgren,
Mary Qulnn, Marguerite cjiilnn, William
Qulnn, Mary Toolan, Frank Toolnn, Wll
Ham Toolnn, Albert Fairbanks. The b -st
evnmlnatlon paper was that handed In
1 y Clark Hums, an examination In geo
graphy which marked 10) per cent.
The town reports Just distributed make
u i:cnl and attractive pamphlet, having
li" printed at the Freo Press Job olllcc. 1
Tho town made tho experiment of going
elsewhere for their pi luting one year but,
never rep".ited It for It was not satisfac
tory, Tho treasurer reports total re
ct Ijits, ll.rfll..i; disbursements, $10,9",.."t'i;
balance on hand, $iC70 , duo from unpaid
taxes, $I7S.4I; due from tuition, $7.; tofil, '
$.Vi.23. Tho only debt mimed Is due poor
farm, $I2V.SS; leaving the town ahead, i
S7.12.3.; the debt at the first of thu year
was $171'.2t. This Is a better showing than;
has been made fur years and the select-1
men, Mcs.rs Hay, P.i?e ami Gebhnrdt uro
te, bu commended for their management. 1
Tho schools have cost $3W; roads, 2I12;'
poor, over $.Vl; town olllclals pay, f2f 7;
State) taxes, 1307; county taxes, JII; cur-
rent expenses, $11M. Temporary loans'
havo bicii paid and other minor expenses.
Tho school board make n good showing
and tho superintendent recommends tho
erection of a new school house at the- vll-.
lage. Thero was paid for teachers' wages, I
$2727; books, etc., tSiJ; officers' services
$12il; Miscellaneous expenses about $K0. '
The libiary trustees report that ,".0 new
liook. havo been added for tho year, 30 of
which i-cinio from a gift by Lieut. F. M.
Harstow, making fin I books In all on hand.'
The number of books drawn for the year
was. 129s of which over ) wero fiction.
The llbrvry has been made prosperous by
liberal gifts from tlmu to tlnio by Mrs. W.
Seward Webb.
J I.. Dulnie wpiU to Canada Tuesday
morning, called thero by tho serious lll
wss of his mother,
II. H. Hus-e-Il Is moving to Hlnesbiirgh.
13. H Slocum Is now ablo to lido out af
ter seeral weeks' Illness,
'I' - .-'ophlu Hoherts Is visiting ftlcnds
lu Mlddlehury.
V .nt i Mi .w of Hurllngton spent Sun-'
day in town.
1 l ed .laekmin nnd wlfo havo moved Into
thu Tracy store block.
J L. Harrington has moved to the falls
and Is occupying tho Lake place.
' i hal Lyon.-- of the 21st Infantry of
I'lattsbiirgh Is the guest of his cou-iii C.
G L .ns of the station. Private Lyons
was in the bat In nf Santiago.
A glee club has been organized at the
Institute. ,
Tho annual social ot the "Lords of
Creation" held last week was a pronounc
e;d success. Thu attendance was very
large. Tho supper was plentiful and very
promptly and neatly served, and the pro
gramme was both varied and original.
Waiter J. Howland and Miss 13va Pease
were united In marriage by Rev. C. 13.
Ilayward last Wednesday. They begin
hou'ckci-i ing soon in a part of S. S.
Thonisun s house. Thero will bo a special
business meeting of tho church held Im
mediately after "preparatory lecture"
Wednesday night. Miss Nora Stockwell
wus united in mniiiugo last Wodneselay
to a Mr. Sherman of Huntington, Hev.
C. 13. Ilayward officiating. Tho regular
monthly meeting of the Woman's Forc-lftn
Missionary society will be held at Mrs. J.
C. Stones' Thursday afternoon, subject
tor consideration, "Constantinople." Tho
Literary society held Its bi-weekly
meeting at O. 11. Brown's Tins
day night. 13. H. Jordan went to
Massachusetts Monday for another
week's trip to get orders for maple
syiup and sugar. Mrs. 13. A. Cass went to
Gouldsville last Saturday for a few dus
visit to friends. Thu ladles of the church
are making active preparations for tho
purchase of a new carpet for the church.
Efforts will also he made to thoroughly
clean and renovate the church Interior,
cleaning the walls, frescoing, repainting
the woodwork etc. Tho primary school
closed Its winter term last Friday. Very
effective- work has been done by Mrs,
Drown, the teae-hcr. The- members nf the
band and others having parts in thedrama
soon to he presented nio making line pro.
gross at tin rehearsals and It is hoped
thu entertainment may be given eaily In
March, Charles Hlckncll has moved into
the Bensr.n house, and Is tD work for J,
3, Burrows this summer. Gabriel I.aw
lelice is moving to the "Berry house,"
neni the P.ck fiirni, II, L. Smith Is near
ly recoered from his late sovero sick
ness, Fred Scjrlbncr and wife have en
gaged to work for F. S. Tomllnson the
coming season. -John Ilogan and Kllen
Sweeney were married Inst week. Mrs. A.
C. llasklns has been quit.- sick the past
week or two, but is now better, .
Wm. O. Daniels is moving from thn west
part of the town tei the Caswell farm, east
or tho village, which he Is to carry on for
n ye nr. 13. 8. Rogers returned from West
Topshnin Saturday. -Miss Alice Jackson,
spent Sunday in Burlington. Mrs 13bcn ,
llutibtiril and little daughter of Burling-,
toil returned homo Monday after spending
a few days with her p Hints, .Mr. and Mrs.
M. Mulvlhlll.-Miss Ji-nnlu Rankin who
lias la-en home for a week nursing a hard
cold was able to return to her work In
Hurllngton Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. S, 13. Hrownell were at
George N. Brownell's last week. Mrs.
Smith of Talcott, spent a week with her
daughter ree entlv. Miss Bertha I.iicl-Iiis
Is ill Talcott. Our agisl townsman Mr.
Nllcs died last week at his daughter's,!
Mrs. Gilbert James'. The funeral was held
at the house, and builal in tho Fast i-em-i
etery. Clare-nco Steady Is very 111 at his,
grandmother's. Ralph Cocklu was in,
town recently Mr. and Mrs. Clarence
Caswell visited friends In Huntington last1
The sons of 1'. L. Towno nro 111 with
Iho measles, Safford Fay has been called
ns JurMunn for tho United States Cjtttt
now In session In nurllngtou. Tho In
ili'i.tedness of the town or Hlc-hnioad has
been reduced tho last year to !J. At th
annual meeting North Star Lndgo F, rind
A. .U. the 21H utt., W. D. Hall was elect,
id secretary for the sixteenth tlm. and
13. B, Andrews tho thirtieth tlmo elected
trrriMirrr of tho lodge - Daniel Horry,,
nlglil operator at Iloxbury Is now station-1
(Coniinucel on Cth l'age.i I
Desired in Case of Straine vs.
Bradford Savings Bank
and Trust Co.
The Petition Argued llrfnre Judco
Wheeler in United States Court
Grand Jury Keport I'nui- Truo Hills
-Court Will Adjourn This
Upon the reassembling of United States
Court .vesterd.iy morning at U:3u the petit
Jurors wero discharged and there being
no business an adjournment was taken
until 2 o'clock In tho afternoon. During
the afternoon session tho grand Jury re
ported four true bills found and four bills
not found and were discharged with the
thanks of tho court for their promptness.
At the close of last evening session an ad
journment was taken until i o'clock this
morning. Judge Whee ler and clerk ot the
court George 13. Johnson will go this morn
ing at ll:2i) to Montpe.ier, where the Dis
trict Court will hold a session, opening
al 1.3o o'clock for thu purposo of natutal.
The court was occupied at the afternoon
and evening sessions yesterday with the
application for an order from the couit
restraining all poisons connected with tho
taking of testimony tn tho case of Robert
F. Straine vs. Tho Bradford Savings Bank
and Trust Co. from giving any portion or
part of tho evidence produced for publi
cation, Tho attorneys of the plaintiff filed
an answer to thu application tor an order.
The applcatlon was made by Attorney W.
B. C. Stlckmy for tho bank and grew out
of the publication In the Montpciler Rec
ord of an artlcli., matter for which had
apparently hei-ii furnished by the solici
tors for .Mr. Straine. The hearing was
stopped at Bradford, where tho testimony
was being taken hefjru n commissioner
last Friday. The solicitors for Mr. Smilno
were W. M. Stockbrlelge and Fri-d .1. Hut
chinson of Boston, John 11. Beckett of
Braelfoul and Gilbert A. Davis or Windsor.
Tin. bank was reprcse-ntexl by W B C
Sliekuey of Bethel, W. A. Lord of Monl
pelier and David C. Conant of Bradford.
Iho article leferred to was read In court
and contained timoug other things tho
"It appc-ai-e-il that from .May 1, IS'jil, to
-May 1, 1M),, 13. o, Leonard inn thu bank
on a contract prico of JSue) a year and cer
tain expenses; that tho bank hi MS had
$.0,ri of the assets Invested in the 131y
mine and had possession of thu mine The
bank had negotiated a snlo of It to the
I-.ly Copperllelel Mining Company, July 23,
is'tt:, for m.vw taking tho note of the lat
ter company for that sum and discharg
ing all Its claims against the mining pro
perty. This company was organized 1 y jir
Straine and Mr. Leonard with a capital
stock of Jl,wm,floo and Immediately .ssued
J2i),CCU of bonds secured by a mortgage
of its entire mining property. The- Brad
ford hank accepted one- half these bon !s
as security for Its $:,,' note and the
oth-r flio.ihji) of bonds weio turned over to
Mr. Straine as his projierty.
Mr. Straine was the owner of sixty-four
chares of the stock or the Bradford bank
and in the autumn of 1SH7 demanded an
examination of thu boo.is ami papers of
the bank. Ilo sent his attorneys, Mcs.-r-!.
Stockbrldge .fc Davis, to the bank to make
the investigation. The.su gentlemen wen:
refused access to the books and paper-,
and final, y at tho ciese ot" banking hours
were turned out. A suit Is now pending
lu orange County court against 1-3. O.
Leonard, the clerk, for refusing to show
the books to Mr, Strain' attorneys.
But what Is more particularly Interest
ing Just now is the fact that these trus
tees, January 31, 1S, on thu veiy last day
of the bank's existence prior to the ap
pointment or a receiver and tho Issuing of
an Injunction by Chancellor Tyler in pro
iccdlngs In ccmliy that wrro set on foot
by tlic-.o trustees on tho night or January
31, paid themselves as rollows:
J H. Hale, services to date, trustee... J110
L. 13. Kimball, services to date, trus
'e ioo
W. 13. S. Celley, services to date, tius-
f 6)
13 C Sawyer, services to date, trus-
Uo 1J
IJ K. Andross, services to date, trus-
tt-'c 3W
13. O. Leonard, services to date, trus
tee ino
W. W. Goodwin, services to date,
treasurer 7u
A. C. Hllss-, services to elate, clerk ;n
II. T. Johnson, services to ttat.-, clerk. 3l
It also appears under tho same date that
n payment was nindo to J. Jl, Watson or
$2722.0.', .j trustee. In full for his services
as attorney, to date.
In January, ISPS, 13'. O, Leonard, ttustce,
clerk nnd malinger, and at one tlmo treas
urer, ovenliew his account to the amount
of about ?."2iil. This wi.s fixed up on Jau
uaiy S. isas, by two notes signed by his
wife, Ircno L. Leonard, ono ot $3075, te
ciired by two bond.-, of tho National Life
Insurance) company ns collateral, and
on- tor $22) with F.ly-Copperfield Mining
company bonds ns collateral, In .Septem
ber, 1M'7, this mining coinp.utiy hnrt been
adjudged Insolvent, asslgne-s app.ilnted
and its bonds were then not of great
value. Theo notes remain unpaid in the
hands of tho receiver, It further appear
ed that tho hvnk held .Mr. Leonard's notes
to tho atrount of J3277.02. Mr. Hale was
unable to recall any knowledge of this
Attorney Stlckncy stated that the claim
ot the petitioners was that the books and
other data of tho bank were shown only
for the purposes of examination for two
in the case and not for general publica
tion. They claim that the information
was never given out In any other manner
and information as contained lu the article
rerericd to could only have been secured
from the solicitors of Straine, .Such con
duct was Improper and the orators on thu
publication or tho article refused to allow
the uso of further papers until an order
lie given by thu court for their protec
tion. Tho attorney for tho defendant in the
case admitted that the books containing
the accounts, etc., weio produced and
stated that spectators wero allowed at
the hearing, any of whom might have
gleaned Information as to what was go
ing on nt the hearing. Some of the tes.
tlmony was read and created not a little
Interest, He denied that any of tlie or.i
toi's solicitors desired any of the Informn
Hon except for tho trial nf the case and
have not used them for any other pur
pose. Tho fact that an Associated Prrrs
man asked for matter relating to the case
was brought up nnd It was stated tint
tho attorneys of tho opposition was cun
suited In tho nmttor and tho reporter re
ferred to tho commissioner.
Attorney Slickney called John B. Peckett
om- of the nttr.rneys of fltrnlr.c, as a wit
ness. Mr. Teckett testified that ho wab at
tho allien of thn bank on last Tuesday
when examination of the books was made.
Thought there were others present b sldo
those directly interested In the ease. Fx
tracts wero taken from the book of rec
ords somo of which wero read. Ho did not
know nt what hour the Record went to
press, On cross examination ho stated
that no objection was offered to the rend
ing of tho items ot the bank books and
that he did not examine the books for pub
lication of what they contained.
Gilbert A. Davis, another attorney of the
plaintiff In tho case, was called and exam
ined. Ho stated that tho urtlcle In tho
Record concerning the nffalrs of the bank
was of his composition furnlshid ut the
request of -tho correspondent of tho paper
in Bradford, Some minor dotnlls ns to
the Intent of the nrtlcle wero brought out
and on cross examination the. witness
stated that he was not connected with
tlie paper In which tho article appeared,
He said no attempt was made to keep tho
hearing secret.
W. M. Stockbrldge, the third wlttipss,
was another of the solicitors of Straine.
He was qilestionpil upon some legal mat
ters to bring out Ills idea of propriety
in certain legal matters. He illd not con
sider the healing u private one In any
At this point court ndjourmvl until 7
o'clock in the evening, On the reassem
bling tho counsel for the bank called 13.
A. Nutt of the Muntpellc-r Daily P.ccord,
who testified that he- received the story
printed in the Record concerning the
bank and wtoto lis headlines. So far as
he knew no attempt was made to keep the
story out ot tho weekly edition of tho pa
per. David S. Conant, ono of the attorneys
for the bank, was called and testified to
some unimportant matters in connection
with the conduct of the hearing nt Brad
ford. On cross examination ho testified
to tho Interior arrangements of th" bank
and the pint t-s occupied by tho spectators
pre-ciit nt the hearings.
W. M. Stockbrldge was recalled and tes
tified that he did not bellevo any ol the
witnesses summoned to the bank hearings
gavo out Information to the press.
The solicitors for Straine then Intro
duced a Joint affidavit signed by Hobei t
F. Stra'ne, Charles A. Lnnson, Fred J.
Hutchinson and John B. Pc-ckett, stating
111 strong terms that they were In no way
connected with tho artlclo published In the
Record and knew nothing of It until Its
ippearance In the paper. Thn afllilavlt of
W. M. Stockbrldge of a slinlar character
was rend as was also the article publish
ed from the Free Press special correspon
dent regarding the- hearing.
In re.urt Thursday morning Juris;?
Wheeler granted an order restraining
the oiatoi- fi-jin giving nny lnrormatlon
I'OiicernlliAT tho evidence In tin; case so
cured Tt im tho bank's bonks or papeis.
' on was adjourned until April 4th at
10 a. in.
A Cyt nrmovfd From l!U Irt Tlilcli
Tlin Operation Successful and tlio
l ope's Tover lias Subsided
i Homo, M.uch 1, Tho Popo passed a
fairly good night and was better this
Dr. Mazzlnl, shortly after nine o'clock
this morning, removed a cyst from tho
left tn.gh or tho Pontiff. Tho operation
purioiined was pcrfeeiTy successful and
tho patient bcro it well.
It appears jvste-rilay's fever symptoms
were entirely duo to the cyst, from which
tho Popo hus long suffered. Thero Is now
no trace of fever.
Dr. Mnzutni thinks no complications will
ensue. Strict measures havo been taken
to. exclude outsldeis from the Vatican.
2:55 p. m. The Popo yesterday desired
that tho cyst bo simply lanced, but con
vented to removal upon the eloctor'.s In
sisting. Dr. Zapponl, who remains nt the
Vatican, saw the Pope at 1:91 and found
him In a fairly satisfactory condition.
Numbers ot despatches or inquiry about
tho Pope's health have ben received at
the Vatican Horn diplomats and others.
The stream of caller continues, and
.sincere symp ithy is .shown In .ill circle.-,
Italian as well as papal. There is no sign
of 'anything unusual at the Witlean. Car
dinal Itnmpolhi took his customary drive
this nf tern son.
Dr. Lapponi will again ! leep at the Vat
lean. I lining tho operation the Pop.
asked bis private chaplain, Father Angeli.
to say miss. After the surg.-on.-- nml
eoiii.,i'tc d their task he was bi excellent
spirits and even Joked with them. Ho
s.e-pt two hours during the el.ij.
A i u o'clock Drs. M.uonzi and Lapponi
again vlslt-d him and found that the pain
caused by thu operation bad mi far abated
r.s lo allow him to He on his lack. At
that hour his teniper.ituto was lower and
h.-i general condition satisfactory.
The est removed was about the size ot
an 1'iar go.
Din -.: g Dr. Mnzzonl's visit the Pope ask
ed lun how many female patients were
aiioiii.iioil.iteil at the Hospital of St, John
of v. h.ili Dr. Mazzonl Is the chief surgeon,
and h .nnuired regarding tlie work done
al li. splt.il ly the Sisters of Mercy.
He 1 vg-d Dr. Mazonnl to Informed the
Sistiin that he blessed them, knowim;
that they were praying for lim and for
Ills li-i-jvery,
1 1'i.hs.s complications, of which there Is
no ai prehension, should set In, Dr. Muz
zonl will not return to the Vatican until
to-morrow morning.
The seml-ottlclnl Vatican organs In their
ilc-tnl s t,f the Illness confirm to-day des
patches to the Associated Press in every
particular ami warn the people against
exaggeiatPd statements published in cer
tain quarters.
The hematic cyst had been forming
'probably fur thlily years. The only per
sons prisent at tho operation weie Dr.
Mazzoni, Dr. Lapponi, who assisted and
Dr. Plo Centra the Pope's personal at
tendant. At half past nine Ills Holiness
was eat tied on a litter to a window of
his apparment. Settling he said to the
doctors: "Do you want to play those
tricks upon mo at my age?" then ht lay
down composedly on his right side. Al
though the courage which the patient dis
played gave' them courugo they feared
to use chloroform nnd used Instead a II
eiulel anaesthetic condstln: of cocaine
chloride of sodium and morphia.
1 Owing to the size of the work the excis
Ion oceiii toil some time, but Dr. Mazonnl
quickly traced the extent of the growth
i and tho actual operation lasted 2 min
utes. The Pope displayed great fortitude.
After bandaging, he was carried back to
the bed and once the- feeling of falntness
due to the shock and loss of blood had
passed away, he appeared quite calm. The
fever quickly subsld.-d, confirming the
diagnosis of the doctors.
King Humbert, ijueen Marghorlta, fieii,
Pelloux, the premier, and Admiral Do
Cunevaro. minister of foreign affairs,
have ananged to be Informed at frequent
Intervals legurdlug the Pope's condition.
The diplomats dinner arranged by Car
dinal Rampolla for to-morrow will not be
i given, the luvltutlons having been counter.
' maniled.
(From tho Haltimore Sun.)
James 11. Ilamiiek. aged seventy-sl,
died Saturdiy night iio.r Parsons, Wesst
Vn. Ho was famous because of his knowl
edge of embalming, having, It Is claimed,
revived tho Kgyptlan process. His mod
est heme was visited ly scientific men,
who woiidored at his. nrt ot preserving,
which ho cHlmed to hnvo found from the
Bible, but ho guarded his secret and dhd
leaving it untold. In his house wero scv
eial mummies preserved almost 'ia natur
al In appearance us in life, tho bodies
havlnp been secured from public Insti
tutions ten ye. rs ngo They are In yliirs
cases. A negro's lv ni. obtnlncel In ISSi
from a Cincinnati medical collese, Is ex
posed on a plnque, tho heard and tlesli
being soft and pliable. About the exter
ior of the houso and on trees nro preserv
ed birds nnd squirrels, while here and
thero lu the yml Is a su iltc coiled up as
If to attack, all embalmed
All the Granite Works in
Barre Closed Yesterday.
railed to Come to an Agreement With
tlio Dealers on a TUB of I'ilce-No
Agiei-inetit 1'iiislble and a Long
5) tli !u Seems In
cvltablo. J Harrc, Vt Mareh l.-A general shut,
down of nil tin- gr.mlto works tecum i
this morning at 7 o'clock and soon u lar u
number of cutteis and blacksmiths w m
on the streets d'scus'ing tho situation. It
was a greul surprise to tho communi'
1 when the news spread about tho city th i,
I', at i.n 1' 0 granite cutters anil tool shati -iiu-is
v, n- idle and that while no str ki
;.i :n running order an ngrei-n.-
il t In en reached between thu 1 !
-in. I ers nnd dealers, henco tho cm
i ' iht- idleness to-day.
A .-ii-- Pi.ss correspondent earolull;- ti .
i-siignted the situation and utter "c.- .
suiting leading members or the dealer
e utte rs and sharpeners the following fa- -s
were gathered.
On Decembr r 1st tho cutters and shar; -i-ners
l.oth submitted whatever wng-s tin y
desired In the new bill of prices win- i
! would go into operation March 1st Aft - r
. .'eveinl meetings the ugreement w.n m.i..a
hotween the cutters and de-aler- nnd ,
stK'ke s far as tho cutters wero concern
ed was averted.
. Hut with the sharpeners it whs . ffrrert
The inmmltt"e appointed by th- ie.1l.13
... ..... . 11 .-.mn.w eomnuuee 01 im sh.irji-
eiKr.s were told by tho sharpeners that tl
tool sh.-irpniii rs' union wished the nun.i- r
of meyi composing a gang to be clung. I
from M to 11 men. Tho two commit! -reached
an agreement on Monday cv - -lug.
Last night the dealers met and on
ote- fa ,d to ratify the action of th r
own commute", thus leaving the matt- r
In sm h .1 situation this morning that t! o
tool sb'rp. ners would havo been o'dig ,1
to wii.-. ths morning under no bill .f
price. -1,5,1 i,v ,1 mutual agreement on i
sides it 1 s .u-t Id -,1 lust to call to-d.iv
holll'' 01 ier that the matter m.ghi
be a-1 , . ! if pnsstbl, .
Th f Man- A: Onrdi'ii aro not .it
presin. :r miters nf thf at .1 -' asst.
Hon .- .heir men w.-n- at wcrk thn
for tt, ,t e-t',iseil w.'i-Ki'ig .it 1,00:1.
Th -ig of the Or init Mniufneti".
ers' as-, .1' .1.11 aiitl that of the T ! Siiar,'-
ii' rs 'ip nt midnigh tin agr- -
mtnt -ii'p.irently being farther away than
evi-r. Tin manufacturer-) have been ii
csIon slue e 1! o'clock with two hour's j, .
tcrmlsslon and are still of the same iron .
The Sharpeners have been in s, anion st
7 o'cleck ami weie addressed by seer,l
prominent granite men.
Thcv nrc thoioughly convinced that th' v
are In the light and will not cor,?, nt t ,
any compromise. Thecnmmltteesrf the two
organizations met again this even ng .11 1
wen unable lo agree upon an th'tig m. -teriallv
different. The cimm l s repur
ed L-iek to thelrrospc-i;tie:is ,1 ,i,( ns ,1 I
their action was ratified by th- h rpen.
but the manufacturers ha. n 't t doi 1
There will bo no work hero ia-morrow as
both sleles are determined not to yield if
is veiy p.tss'ble that the dltlleulty will t r
minate In a strike of Imlefiulto duration.
llelng s,W, i,y Uraitfnrd I.. Dewey of
N iv Vm k.
Ni'ithflelil. March l.Hradfnrd L. Dewey
of New York city is engaged en the pr -Ilmln.iry
p ins for Dewey Hall. He is a
noteel architect having been employed hy
several of the Icding railways. He n -mod
-led the Grand Central station In N- w
York apd 13 of tho buildings .it the At
lanta exposition weio erected from draw
ings made by him.
j Annual Meeting at Ilnusliiirgh I'.ills Tri
ll. n, llareli to Ili-dli-iitliin nf w- Hall.
The annual meeting of the 7th Mason.,
district w'll be held at Huosbiirgh I'.ills,
Friday, March pi. Tho new hall of l.:i,
roln l.nlg.-, Nu. 7s, will In. dedicated at.
this time, and the Grand Olllcers of thd
(ir.ind Lodge will be present.
1 At i o'clock p. m. a lodge of M. M. w 1 l
be opened. The Grand Lodge will b, !
celved, and tlie hall will bo dedicated 1 y
tho M. YV., Oram! Lodge of Vermont, t i
accordance with ancient form nml iis.igt
At 1 o'clock exercises w'll he held In ope ra
' hall and an address delivered hy M.
Daniel N. Nicholson, Grand Master. At S'
o'clock lodge will be called to labor an I
iho work of the M. M. degree will he ex
emplified by Franklin Lodge, No. 4, G. II.
Clatfln, YV M. The lecturer ef this elogro
will be given by officers of Mlsslsqti.v
Ledge, No. 1. Review of work by CharUs
C. Miller, G L. At ll:iv a banquet will
be- served.
Itetlrcs I111111 Dm .Miiuiiceiuent of tho
slate limine AmIuiii.
The resignation of Dr. Frank W. Page,
tuperinteiiileiH of the State Hospital lor
the Insane at Watcrbuiy, Is announci-il
and the trusties have secured Dr. Marcei
lo Hutchinson, now superintendent of iho
dipsomaniac d -iiartnu-ut of tho Massa
chusetts General Hospital as tho succes
sor of Dr. Page.
The resignation of Dr. Page from thn
management of tho hospital is from pure
ly personal reasons and Is a source of re
gret to the trustees who have found m
him an able assistant In bringing the hes
pllal to Its present splendid conditio! .
They realize that Dr. Pago Is a man lu
the front rank of his cho.en work ami ic
gri t exceedingly his resignation.
Dr. Hutchinson Is a man who comes to
the management of tho institution li'iihly
ii'comniended. He was for fovornl yea s
assistant superlntendnit of tho Trenton,
hospital for the insano and Is now 4 years
of age. He has n wlfo and two children,
Hr. Pago will probably remain at tho
hospital for two or three weeks, wh.u it
Is expected that Dr. Hutchinson will as
slime the management of the Institution.
Washington, March 1. Soon after Cor.
gres odjourns tho President hopes to
tako a brief vacation to recuparate from
the strain under which ho hns been f,i.'
the greater part of the past year. No de
finite pinna hi.ro l;een outlined, nor tho
maniipr of thn outing finally determniHl
upon. Tho President prefevs a trip on the,
water and th probability is ho will avail
liar, elf either of tho despatch boat Do.
ph.n or tho yicht Sylph for a cruise 'rt
Chesapcnko bay and tha adlacont rivers
lloou s Sarfiiparilla never disappoints.
It mnv be taken for Impure nnd Impover
ished blood with peiicet c influence that
It will cute.

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