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Germany Will Cause United
States no Further Trouble
in Manila.
tlavo I'lnccil ttio nrnunn Subject I'mlnr
.Vie rvectlon of Amnrlca A Great
Stroku of .Diplomacy W 111 Cll A Told
All Diiugor of A Clath Ho
twuon'lhu Nations.
Washington, Feb. 2S. Tho German cov
et nmellt h s sot ut rest elfoctuully ihe lit-1
mors of u purpose on Its part illicitly or
itidltiCtly to emburiuMS the flitted Stiles
In tlio Pulllpplne Islands and has given a
mgn.it niunlfest.itl.m of Its de-ire to pio
nitu the most cordial relations between
Germany and tho United States by orelir
i ir the withdrawal of nil vessr.s of Us
ji.vy from Pldllpplnu w.iters and plac tig
tin liven and propel ty of its subjects there
under the protection of the United Stun
tf. vcrnment The action taken is lusiurdod
liirt as a stroke in diplomacy by which
V I be removed all possibility of a cl ish
between Herman and American tnteicsis
in and about Manila and notice to all 111"
world .itul iwpe.cta.lly to Americans who
entertained any suspicions of sink-dor ue
hUns by (.ier.unny, of tho wish and pur
jien of tho Gorman wnpilu to cullivutu
He ftlcndshlp of tho United States lly it
I'crin.iny at onco plates the piotection oi
nil he' largo Interests in tho Islands al
most i.iupletely in our hands.
Tho uiinouncemr.t of this act by the Ger
man government came nt tho close 01 a i
day that liad been full of sensational Ill
inois Qt a claf-h between tho Ame ricans
irnl Germans In Manila, iho rumors llnal
1., going mj far us to asscit that Admiial
lnwiy had ilred on and Mink a Herman
Vessel at Manila. These, rumors spiead,
despite tlm fact that the cable conneil
ll ii Manila with the outer win Id Is in tho
c ntrol of tho UnlWsl States government
bu that it might be roas.on.ibly expected
that It would bo tho government to le-,
cslve tlio first news of any disaster or col-
llhimi at Manila and that at the White1
House, war department and navy depart
ment posltlvo elunials wcro made of the !
receipt of any nuws tending even In the
nl ablest degree to conllrm the rumors. 1
Kveu some of tho moro cautious naval of-
1. ers wero infected with fear for tho mo- I
ment for while they had not the flight- ,
ost idea hat thero had been any treble
be win tho Aniei lean and Gcmmi i-lups
Mill Uiey realized that lielo was .. .,JB
the possibility of an accident about d ship
that might result disastrously. Tin so lln-
aim; fears In naval circles w.-ie s-t at
rest llually at tho eloso of tho day by the
iiieipl ol homo dlspalchus trom Manila,
but without mention ot any untoward In
cident. H.ibed on this fait Htceietary
J.ong, Secretary Alger, Cupt Ciownln
Fhleld and General Corbln all took tho r
r-iiotisibllity of denying the rumors In the
strongest terms.
finally at thu close of tlio day and after
tho othcl.il closo of the department an
nouncement was mu.de for tho reason for
the great confldenco tho official.-, hud In
tho fuUlty of the rumors the- stattment
y: r mil iiii.ii i
being authorized that by ono bold stroko
Qcrnkiny had removed all pcvislblllty of
liny clahli betivetii hot heads at Manila.
It was announced that iho German gov
ernment had ordered their ships away
from Manila, probably to their new naval
Htatlon at Klae.huu on tho Chinese coast.
Tho announcement was coupled with the
statement that tho German voxels were
needed there. Tills may be tin case for
1 hi story has come to Washington that
the ( hliioso have been nbllflng some Gi r
lii ;m citizens almost in the shad iw of the
Chineso capital at Tien Tsui. The Ger
mans h kvo come to believe that the only
Xi iy to meot sucii casui Is by punitive
irjasuios and iih the Tien 'IV In 1 at tin
head of tin" navigation at 11,. ho river, ju--t
lu 1 'W I'eking, it may bo the purpose to
fcind hotiio warships up tho liver to cou
Vev an Idea of'the Gel man displeasure.
The German government followed its an
nouncement to tho stato department of a
purpose to order its vessels away from the
Philippines with a formal application to
the I'nlted States government to under-1
tako the piotection of all the Germans
in tho Philippines, not only in iktsdii but
in property. This was regarded as a slq
mil manifosiattnn of confidence that tho,
administration felt could not bo resisted
y id as practically formal notice that the.
Germans have no ulterior put pose in the
Philippines and rather than bo subjected
to suspicion on that seoro had taken the
course or turning over the caro of tho
welfare of their citizens to ihe I'nlted
Slates govrnment. Tho President very
pioperly ar. fpted the trust and there will
hi no German ships at either Marila or
Hollo to disturb iho relations between th
two countries by forming tho base of ten-'
l.itioiml and false tumors, I
It appears that the move originated at
Ji rlln without suggestion from tho Gor-1
man authorities here although tho Ger-,
mm ambassador Dr. Vim Hollebon, c.e
r ited tho directions forwarded by cable,
from lierlln. The despatch arrived ut tho
embassy lato last evening and the first
thing to-day the, nmba.-xndor went t th
Btate department ind i.ud tho nnmunl-i
Ciitlon before Secretary Hay. A confer- i
Once ensued on the situation at Mnnlla.
Mr Hiiy was not prepare.1 nt tho
lline to give an Immediate answer to the
Gi rman icquest that Gorman lwrsonal and
piopcrty Interests should pass under tho
caro of the United States military and
naval forces. After tho ambassador's de
parture, Mr. Hay conferred with the Pres.
ident and It was ns a result of this that ,
the President announced his puipose of
Assuming the protection of German Inter
ests, '
In some diplomatic quarters It was
thought that Grat Hrllaln might not en
fiiely appreciate this move by which Ger
man warships are sent to China which li I
the. great field of action between the pow
c rs of Kuropo having possessions in the
far Hast.
Count Von llulnw Says Dewey Never
Threatened tt Sink the Irrnf'a I'ln
iiHCfj DUciiftgfi Siimoiiu tkuostlun.
Ilcrlln, Tob. 2S. In tho nelehslng to-day
referring to tho statements published
In fnrii- n newspapers legardlng tlio sup
pesed nctlon of tho German warship
Ircno In tho Philippine Islands and tho nl
legi'd conduct of Hear Admiral Devoj,
who, It bus been said, threatened to sink
tlio steam plnnaco of the ireno the min
ister of foreign alfulrs, Count Von
Hulow, said thfho stntcments be -lonfievl
to tho categoty of "plump
eanuids" previously illscovered by hliu.
So far an ho knew, Iho lreno wns not in
tho Philippines but was at I long Kong .nd
tho only Gorman warship at Manila wns
tlm Knlso.-ln Augusta. There were, lit
milled, n consldorabln number of German
merchants in tho Philippine Isluids which
tho German navy wns anxious to prteit
during the Spanish-American war, The
minister concluded with remarking:
"Wo hope that our countrymen will find
recurlty under American rule,"
Minister Von Hulow said that unless tho
claims of German subjects In Morocco
were speedily settled tho demands for
puch settlement would ba supported by
Oorrnan waishlps. Ho referred to Cuba
nnd said tho German firm of Schelder &
Flechcr claimed 2.500,000 marks and tho
firm of I.obecks, their successors, claim
ed 1,000,005 marks compensation for losses
cinrlns the war whllo other claims aggre
pated MW.oOO marks. It would not bo pos
rujo thu mlnlbter pointed out to sseuuro
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sumption but cut short
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Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pec
toral Plaster should be
over the lungs of every per
son troubled with a cough.
Write to the Doctor.
Umnual cpportnnltlei and lone ex
perience emliier.tlr ritiallfy in for
firing you mmlicai notice. Wrilo
IriMly all thu particulars In j mir case.
Jell in iThiit ymir cxpci nice nan
l.m with our I'tierrr I'erli.rill. Yml
win receUe a prompt reply, without
Addreta. DR. .1. C AVKIt.
Lowcii. Mass.
1T t ,,lIt lhp f;rmnn Knv. rnmrnt
w011ill , , cIalni .1S m)lch os!
Mh, ( f
m-1 ,
ol, ra
...,, ',,-., mIllU,r
,,, ..,. , wl, ,,,',.,.
er.il act of !&.9 the triple rule of Gi-rmiiny,
Gnat Britain and the Tnlted States was
established over tho'e Islands. Since lin
net lame Into foiee. ho continued there
had been no lack of friction between tho
representatives of the different powers
which had been duo to tho disorderly
character of the population.
'Hie minister of foreign affairs then said:
"Tho final
settlement of the sm ces!on
rests with tho powers. I refrain fmin
delivering a deelslvn Judgment on tho
.,ntft r . . I t. ...
"'V,, '',,;',' ",' ,
......i. j..., I.T mi iii twin nil- I i.;ni-ij
examined, lint I hold strongly to tho
hnpe that wo shall succeed In disposing
also of these latest troubles In Samoa,
with due protection for German rights
and Interests nnd In a m.mner which cor-
P'ls with tlio friendly r.
lstl"- "'tween the three gi
lntlons ex
conei rncd
"That thin?!, in Simoa requ'rn readlust
meiil, l a principle neknowk de d on all
sides It e.innct be d. nled that the trl
donnnliim b.i not sto.. l the ord. nl. Wo
are pn-i m .1 .m our p. i t to consent lo a : Van ilvera, died hero to-day, ni:ed loj
clean p.iratlon It' the two ether pow -! years. She was a daughter of Col John
ci - r.i . n; Hut as lone !s tli s a rc - 'Hoof and was born at Cat njfh.irli where
ment d not rx -t, we shall lu Id t thei'she stent nearly the wholo of her bfi
art ct v i. and w slr.'l not allow the Slv was ,i member of the original Daiigh
riglus wl.ii b th. t act g.ivo us to bo cur- ters of tho Ilevolutlon.
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your iiMiipy it
it fails to
rclleio or
tailed, or our Interests to suffer diminu
tion. Hut, wo ulinll nlso respect tho
rights nocriilng to others bv virtuu of tho
Samoa uct."
Unroll Von Itulow mill Aniliimndur Miltn
Until Spunk of It.
Ucrlln, Feb. IS. To tho correspondent of
tho Associated Press to-day Huron Von
lluelow rolterateil his assurance ot Ger
many's deslro to innlntnln friendly rela
tions with tho United Stutes. "There Is
nothing politically between tho two coun
tries," ho said, "to prevent this becoming
an accomplished fact. I know of no trie,
lion between tho German nnd Ametlcun
governments, and so far ns Samoa nnd
tho Philippines uro concerned, my speech
to-day shows tho true situation In both
' Of c.mrsp, between two great nations
such as you and wo are, both striving for
tho world') trade, there nro naturally
many dllTerencs with regard to tarlfts
and corjnato matters; but 1 aim even hope
ful that tlieso will be adjusted and that
tlio political friendship which exists nnd
lias throughout e.i-lcd between the two
nations will extend also to commercial
Ambassador Whlto nlso repeated to the
correspondent of tho Associated Pt"-r his
htatemcnt that Get ninny's atlftudo
throughout had ben not only neutral but,
In some cases, as for Inslaiice contraband
of war, con moro particular, wln-n tl'o
1. tilled Status was lnolved, than fctrlct
neutrality dictated.
The niirmnna Wholly Kepimslblo Tor tlm
Trtiubl. Ht siimitn.
London, March 1. Tho Dally Graphic
publishes this morning from a Samoa lor
rtspoiulent, a story of recent events these,
attributing the whole trouble to the at
tempts of Germany to upset tho Herlln
treaty and to secute supremacy In tho
The correspondent says:
"Tho 'Germans, long j nlous of growing
IJrtttsh Inlluencc, s-olzed the opiortunlly
to break faith. Malleto.i's party would
undoubtedly have been victorious If sim
plltd with urms anil ammunitions as tho
Germans supplied M.itaafa, but the liut
Ish, lojal to tho treaty, infused to supp.y
c.ther party."
'1 he .iriiflpondcnt then proceeded to
de. nbe whil In ealls the G rmaii plot
to Induce M'lt.iafa's force of .V a nun to
, lake the isl.oids by storm." He says on
; this point:
Tne Germans tried their utmost to
lirnke thj natives attack the Hiliish con
sii ato ind tho mission hoinso wlvre tho
fcim-ul was irivlng lelugo to lirltlsh sub-
ijicl li was only respect and fe -r for
the Uiltlsh flag that held the natives
b,r k. 'I h i Germans told the natives to
lull all the Knsllsh lnlslonai les mid to
weep Hi.- 'pigs of ICngllsir into the Fca.
The Ioottnc; was terrible. Tw. nty villages
were utterly wrecked the houses distroy-
cd and tbs vrdagcrs left destitute.
Cl.arlrs liurk, n Well Known Iluslnpss
Man. TaUrs I.Hiiilniiuni.
Ntwport, Vt, Feb. :!. Chas. Hack of
Troy, Vt., a brother of Postmaster H ick,
who was arrested recently for cmhi-KztinR
poslolllco funds and bound over fur trail
at tho t'nited States Court attempt-d
suicide to-day by taking ono and a half
ounces of laudanum. Ho was alive to
night but no hopes wcro entertained of his
recovery. Mr. Jiuck was about V) years
old and had been connected with his bro
ther nnd father, D. H. Hack In business
tnr mnne viirs. "FMnrinelitl trouble and
,ls brother's downfall wero the probablo
causes of the deed.
Kansas City, Mo., I'eb. 2S. Young Joso
James, son of the notorious bandit, whoso
name he bears, was to-night adjudged not
guilty of complicity In tho robbery of a
Mlssoutt Pacific expriss train at Leeds In
the, outskirts of Kansas City last Sept
ember. The Jury was out less than an
hour, the verdict of acquittal having U-on
reached on the first ballot.
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Mrs. Jno.n Sweet of Stamford was over-
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xriA just in time to save her life. Her ' patriots feel gratified that his art Is np
husbind built u chaicoal lire In the cellar predated abroad, although at the samo
and then went to the bain. Mis. Sweet, time thcio Ls Bonn, cause for mortification
smelling gas, started to the collar, but In tho reflection that tho committee of tho
van oveicome and fell to tho lloor. A (Jjjg trustees of the Uoston museum of line arts
followed her and loiused her to consclriu.-.- could not dccldo to buy ono of his works
ness onco by licking her face. She 'rtiiido at the time of tho Picknoll exhibition,
an cflort to reach tho stain, but full again. Tho picture acquired by tho ministry of
She was re.-e.iied by her husband soine
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llcnnlngton has boon represented in
every battle that has taken place, ilther'
on land or n-n, slneo tho be-glnnlng of the
Cuban war. Soinu of bur mm wero pros
eut when Dcwvy galnexl his victory at
Manila; her boys wero at IC1 Caney and
Santiago. One was with thu marines ut
Guantanamo and another at tho shollln?
of Santiago and Matanzas. In the re
cent lights nt Manila the first Wyoming,
lu whle h Arthur Carjitnter, a son ot Mis,
David Carnonter. Is a. cori orul. and the.
1st Id.diK, in which Kouei i Nie.hoi.-, is a hero this afternoon which Judging fmm i tno joko was carrteit into enwt Is famllliu
pilvato in Co. A, took e onspleuous parts, the Intercut shown by thou prc-ent prom- t0 ,1'10 PU'"c. u '" a dangerous Jok
tli.! malnrnf tho latl. r belli killed. Uoth ise? to be very successful. ?"" n0 ono but n mlm llko I'lodgett, who
boys went West about three yeais ago,
A letter iv.is received last week by
Hoi. i rt Piko of Pennington Horn Kriust
Kdi on, tho young man that stinted out In
tho summer of 1107, to go to Nebraska In
an open sail Unit, lie is now with his
family in Noriolk, Va. Ho has served
through tlm Spanish-American war, in ;i
Nebiaska regiment and was but lntoly
discharged. Vuuntr l-dson was a fomur
member of tho High fdiool In lieiinlng
ton. 11c Is a oung man of exceptional
abilities and push, as 1.- shown In his at
tempt to sail to Nebr..s.ka lu a bc.it of his
own manufacture.
Since the organization of Henulngton
ccunty thero havo been but two public
executions, both at Uennlngton CVntie,
fittil'hntli vl I nonoi1 In Lirun .iHSi'tnlllles of
and both witnessed by largo assemblies o
people. Tho first wns that ot David td-
ellng, will' h tcxik pl.iice June 11, Hcd-1
ding was accll.-ed of giving comfort to I
the ene nv. ani of annronr atlrnr for the
uso of the torles n quantity nl guns that
wcro stened In tho liouho of David Hob-
Im-on. Ho was oiiglnally sontenced to be
hung on the Ith of June, but as nn his
first trial there wero only f-lx jurors, the
gov. rnor and eotiucll g.ivo him a lopriove.
When the people heard of the tepriovo
lliey wero niciiiieu lu iiiuu uu: ui.iii.r iiuii
their own hands. Ktlinu Allen, woo nan
but Just returned fron Ihigland, satisfied
them by saying that If Redding w is not I
1 l.n 1. 1 I I.I.... .-.I' U,.l.lln..
uu k n- ii....... .1 .. h """"M
had tho scoii. It led on the Pth and was
IlIlllJT Oil IIH Jtlll. JUU M'L'UIHl 1U1II 1.1ML
public exec-utlon In the county . a well as
tin. Stat... , ok p ico lebt nary s, 1821..
irt years ago. '1 ho vie Urn v t Archibald
H..tes of Shaftsbury, who killed the- wifo
of his brother. Her husband, Phllorman ,
H.tU-s. t'.'i years of age, now resides In
Shaftsbury. Aichlbald Hates claimed tiiat
ho had been wr.ingfully defraudi.1 out of
a portion of propeity, and for revengo
shot hlsi brother'fl vite. Ho was under tho
inlluenco of cider when ho committed t'o
deed, and Ills last woids on the scuffed
wero "Cldsi- did It." Tho Jn.II In which ho
was confined wns attached to the court)
hoiiH', and stood not far fiom whoro tho I
monument now Mamls. Thero wero sev
eral ablo lawyers connected with tho trial,
among them being Samuel H. fllackmer,
then Stato's attorney, who conducted the
prcseutlon Hates .was defended by Har-
inon Caulield ot Arlington, Daniel ItoL-
nrt limn of Maiiebi str. ami IVilllmn H
Souihworth of this village. Of all thole
collected with tho court Mr. Hobortn Is tho
only ono now living. Tin day of tho tx.
e-i utliiii wuii clear nnd cold, but that did
not deter u largo crowd from ansembllnir,
Tn preserve order the militia of Iho coun
ty under command of Col. Potter of Pow
nal wan ordered out. The cnpluln ot tho
Pownnl company, whoso namej was
Irownoll, was of u tender nature, anil
win n tho drop gave way lie fell to tho
ground In 1 faint. Tho gallows wns elect
ed by HeiiJ.ur'ii H. Sears, mid lliern was
.in lilloll 1,1 I'll .1, CMtllltl Tllft . ....n. I
w is tho county she rllf. Gui don It. .Smith
of Mnncluwter. Cipt. Wllllnm E. Ilnwkes
hail I'liarg.' of tile procession whloh cs-
corted lUtcw to tho Hcaftold. llo was action; nenco auscs piupiiuiion aim hiiori
seated In in open wagon, lu which wero breath.
Few nil non-commissioned oltlcors. I'001' '"f" 'ol1 1,lKO polfons tho blood,
.,,.,,n . iwiMTviMwnnnuM,, 'making it thin and watery, which Irrl
AMASSED A TOHTUNE IN PHir.ADEf.. ,utcs an, Wiikeus tlm heart.
IJ1I" I Tho most senslhln treatment for heart
l.lnus W. Dexter, a former Windham troublo Is lo improve, tho digestion and to
conntv man who died in Vincl.ind, N, .1., tnstiro tho preinpt nsslnillntlou of food,
Inst Friday '.n his V7U1 year, Is said by tho This can bo done by tho regular uso nf
New York papers to havo left a fortuiio of ter meals of somo mi to, pleasant nnd offer
J.VxI.OOi). He leuves a widow, but no chll- live digestive preparation, llko Stuart'J
dren. lie bus a brother who llvos ut Dyspepsia Tablets, which may bo found
South Nowfane. His wealth will go event- at most drug stores and which contain
ually to his brother's sons, E, M, Dexter valuable, burliness dlgestlvo elements In .1
and Charles Dexter, confectioners In Phil- pleneunt, convenient form,
ndelphla. I.J nuts W. Dexter laid tho It Is safo to say that the regular per
foundation of his fortune In the confeo. oistont uso of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets
tlonery and fancy baklnff business In Phi)- at meal tlmo will euro any form of stom
adelphla and other larsa eastern cltM. fic.h trouble except cancer of the stomach.
Ho wns fond of good horses and years ago Full sized package of theBe tablets sold
his t ibles nt Philadelphia contained somn by druggists at fl cents, Uttle book on
nf the finest animals in this country Ho stomach tioubles mailed freo. Address F.
met with business reverses ut ono period, A. Stuart, Co., Mm shall, Mich.
which nature bestows upon woman,
Most women can be beautiful, for
complexion, velvety skin, brilliant
Ion, attributes common to all women
How many women there are today
ly losing their priceless possession
has become poor, they are run down,
they feel weak and nervous, have
headache, poor appetite, indi
gestion, bilousness, constipa
tion, kidney or liver trouble,
uacK-acne, icmale weakness, or
some other difficulty.
which Is surely tapping
their health nnd strength
nnd ruining their brauty.
At this season, Spring
Debility is woman's
worst enemy.
A woman's first
duty.ls to regain nnd
maintain her health
Ir. Orewiie' N ervnra
Clave AIo Hark Ur
Health. It Will Give
You II a 1 1 h a n il
Strength If yon Use. It
and beauty. If she
eets back her health,
beauty will surely fol
low, for beauty dc-
s entirely on good health. The urcat
health giver and beautifier for women is
Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve
remedy, for nothing in the world so i
surely and quickly icstorcs lost :
Xne?vr?H ing well and'" IMor piimon U
to the nerves, purifies and enriches symptoms developed. Ho gradually grew
the blood, and makes women vorse until Saturday when his heart be.
strong and well as Dr. Greene s came affected which caused his sudden
Nervura. Itclears thecomplcxion i death.
of that dark, sallow, pale look, Mr. Norton was tho eldest son of ox
removes eruptions, black-heads I Alderman N. G. Norton. lie was born In
and humors, makes the skin vel- 1 Shelburno in 1837 and came to this clly
vety and glowing with rosy color, w'tl1 '.Vn a,rPn,,M 1,1 and cngag. d In
the ets brilliant the lios red 1m- ' ,ho mlllinK business with his father until
incests Brilliant, tne lips red, tm- th(j f.(I, oC Sl) wh(,n he wcnt ,(( ArZ011J
lrr.mnlnlnt nhfMI, twn vftnru 11. i-ntllrtlr.il
in hit career, but he sot to work manful-
Iy nnd amassed a second fortune.
The. announcement tli.it tho l-.encl, mv.
ernment has bought for tho Luxembourg
museum in Paris a painting by tho late
William I.. Picknoll must make his Tim-i'"
tliA flnn rsvfe It. 1 1.. M 1 1 r. i 1,
titled "Morning on the Mediterranean-'
Antlbcf," which was one ot t.io works In
the Hoston exhibition last year, and was
morUr.ii writ ii ..mk'.i.i.. .i.-. .i.
prlco paid 1-y'tho Frr'nch government wns
nominal. Mr. Picknoll was a native of
Home Mlintf littll7.etH l.lkrly to Provo
n Prnntablo Sulijrnt.
North Timbrldirc. Feb. 2S. Tlio board of
ngricultun. began a b. rieH of n.xdlngs
i , j. ikmi or wiuuen alter rofiponellng to .."u.i. n.i.o "n"i'i n.
the nddievw of volcome by Itev. Mr. Aid. n nls brevious reputation and the fact that
gavo a. vry lntero.nlng talk on ro-opera-' tlle 0!lrcr knew him is all that prevented
live creameries, Mr. Hell was followed by' 1,lm from b''ing shot. Now that the facts
Mr. 13. S. IJrlslmm of St. Albans, who are all brought to light it is evident it was
gavo a talk on home mixed f. rtlllzers. Tho1 on,y done for a "ul fun- As lins" already
speaker brlclly g.ivo his experience In the pioven, lilodgett's rine was not load-
busitas that showed qulto a saving could
bo errectod by any intellig lit fanner who. In nn Intcn-Iew with Sheriff Graves ho
would glvo the matter a llttlo study. I sillll: Such nn occurenco as that even It
This is the first tltnu that this subject i meant for a Joke, cannot bo passed un
has been touclnil upon at tho boaid n-ot- noticed. I havo no personal 111 feelings
In its and bids fair to lv ono of paiticul.ir towards Itnnelall Hlodgett, and havo no
Interest. Tho last speaker of the after- doubt now that It was all In fun. but it
noon was Mr. J. K. Curtis of Georgia who l! a vt'r' serious kind of amiHemetit. I
g.ivo his intoresting talk on silos and si- h-ivn about ID deputies under me in the
luge. Tho first speaker ot the evening Stat0 ,ini1 10 Protect them and myself
was I). H. Morso of Randolph, who spoke from nny more such occurences I propose,
on the subj.-ct practicable fanning. Iio to make an example of this case. If I had
was followed by Prof. J. L. Hills ot the "t ht'e acquainted with Hlodgett ho
State Agricultural college, who held tho
'l(1!-0 nttentlon of the. audience with his
t"'k on eeonomlcal dairy fcods.
ueiiin. rru, rium iiuericau miPi
ness men Ui Herkn the correspondent of
the. Associated Press hears of a sincere
di-Mro on the part of the Germans to cul-
tlvato better relations with America and
of f.icllltltles given for the establishment
of American Industries In Germany ns
well as of tho wish of German merchants
w ......i. ,,,., i-"- .
lioston, Feb. :s.News comes from
Tnlmtnni New 11wm,uh VrovMmea
,,,1.,,,. nl,l(ll (., u.-l,.! t
thut ,, lnUI- w, generally advance
t, Qf , conform wltu
,.,vanee mndo in Fall Itlver vesterdav
I. . .VrrL I ,ii 1 yesterday
53 ."Jl.T.' " " D
icincioc ur ntn 1 1 huuducd.
I Do Not He Alarniml, Hut Look For Ihe
I Cuiite.
Heart troubles, at least among the
Amol.lcan8 ar..' "certainly lnere.isl.ig and
,.i.in this mnv be liir,.,v ilim in th.. r.x
10 U IS '"."S 1)0 ""rl, "l 0 Uia ex-
"?n "'l ' V"'
' nh ", ,
of American business
often tho result of weak
stomachs, of poor digestion.
Heal organic dleuo is Incuriblo: but
not ono caso lu a hundred of heart trouble
is organlo.
The close relation between heart trouble
nnd poor digestion Is because both organs
nto controlled by tho samo great nerves,
the Sympatheitlo and Pneumogastrle,
lu another way, also tho heart Is affect
ed by tho form of poor digestion, which
onuses gas and fermentation from halt
llireitcd tood. Thero is a feeling ot ep
I""1' 10,1 UI"1 heaviness In th- chest caused
l-'"i' of Iho disten.Ie.1 stoiiuich on
tho heart and lungs, Interfering with their
Feared That Ho Has tlm Pneumonia and
Cannot KccoTer - deceptions
London, March 1. Tho Itrmo correspon
dent of tho Dally Mall huy;
"It Is feared tho 1'opo li,i pneumonia,
nnd will not rccovo-. Cardinal Creglla
Dean of the finc-rcd College, has been in
tho apartment of His Holiness the cntlro
evening." Jr. Iapponl will sleep at tho
Vntlcnn to-night. Ho declines to give liny
Information. Dr. Mazzonl has also visited
tho Popo professionally during thu day.
Callers at tho Vatican have found every
thing In tho usual condition there; and
all Imitilrlca wcro mot with tho denial tha
the Pojie's Indisposition Is serious.
His lloVness rose this morning nt 11,
but Dr. l.npponl Insisted on his return to
bed ns ho was suffering from fever, fol
lowing a general chill with pains In the
lumbar region.
Cardinal ltumpolln, papal secretary ot
state, paid several Wslts to the Pop" In
tho course of the day. The receptions for
March 2 and the pervleo In the papal chap
el llxed for the following day havo been
countermanded but the diplomatic dinner
arranged for Thursday, tho Invitations
to which havo been Issued by Cardinal
ltumpolln, will bo given.
To-morrow the Osservntor Itomnno will
publish an olllolal bulletin regarding tho
Pope's Illness. In tho mcantlmo the cleri
cal papers are silent on tho subject.
Sttddv.il Dtmlsn of One of Vergennes Snh-
aliintlal HualnoNS Mfti.
Vergenncs, Fob. 26. John X. Norton, se
nior member of tho firm of Xorton. Wnr-
r.cr & Co., druggists, died last evening at
o clock. .Mr. .Norton hail been In poor
"-- lul uu' "s a.i ins piaco
lMU omcu unul lno spring oi ivn. in
fa 1 of, tho sn,,ne ,y0!,.r ''c, PUn hasMl lh.3
S,,1',1!?'" "lA.V!'
wn itii tiirvo no has contlucteu a very siit
ccssful business. Ho had been promlnent-
iy identified with tho lire department for
suvcial years and also has been an of-
.1 1 .1.,. , . . t" I ,.. I ..
had the respect of tho entire community.
Ills sudden demlso was a shock to a laro
clrelo of his acquaintances. On tho 12th
of August last his only sister died sudrten-
at the breakfast bl. Ho Is survived
by a wife, father, mother, twj brothers,
an" A. v. Norton.
Sheriff Graves Will Mnkn an Example of
Kntidall ltlorlgutt Murphy llettor.
W.iterbury, Kcb. 28. Randall niodgett,
ho rl,f k'at )r of ,t',e.M?? 1'nir,hm'T Vany
Vs K .T 1 '.T8"" ., ottWcra and
""own himself on tho mercy of tho law.
"e Mill In concealment until Saturday af-
I""100"0"11 then prcsente.1 himself at the
, IIS0' i"CTin Gr;"es. wl'om ' assuult-
cd Thursday morning.
Blodgett states ns follows: "Some of
tho boys had said 'Doherty ought to In
hung,' so Illodgctt, who Is noted for his
practical Jokes, enlisted about a dozen
men to make up a vigilance committee
and fako a lynching party. Their only
purpose was to frlghton Doherty, and had
r'. serious intentions, l lie way In which
would have ieeii a eleacl man to-day.
Murphy remains In about tho sumo con
dition with a chance of recovery.
Nowport, Vt., Feb. 27. A touch of "prins
i-riilhnr fiClit- r.vip n-.ftlia nf i.imi I Imm t
colll has t.on. nmI Vermont maplo sugar
n,ueis niu Jjumplng aroutul to preparo
for BatlieritiK sap. which started with tho
parllcst thaws. Several ambitious .ug.ir
makers aro Jumping around to pre i arc
nm, continuation of the mild weather
wm m.lco ti,u opeiatlons lively for a
snort time.
How dear to this, heart aro tho old-fash-lontvl
"When fond recollection presents them to
In fanny I seo the old wardrobes and
Which held tho loveel gowns that In girl
hood I knew,
Tho wldnspreadlng mohair, the silk that
hung by It;
Tho straw-:olorcd (rutin with trimmings
of brown;
Tho milled foulard, tho pink orgundie
nigh It,
Hut oh, for tho pocket, that hung In
each gown!
Tho old fashioned pocket, tho obsolcto
Tho praiseworthy pocket that buns In
my gown.
Tho dear, roomy pocket, I'd hall ns a
Could I but behold it In gowns of to
day; I'd find It tho source of an exquisite pleas
ure, Hut fill my moolstes sternly nnswer mo
Twould bo so convenient when going out
"Twould 11 old my small purchases com
ing from town;
And nlways my purse or my kerchief I'm
Oh, 1110! For tho pocket that hung In
my gown.
'ihe old-fashioned pocket, tho obsolete
pock. 1,
Tho praiseworthy pocket that hung In
my gown.
A ijown wth 11 pocket! How fondly I'd
guard It!
Each day cro I'd don it, I'd brush it
with cure;
Not a full Purls costumo could innko mo
discard It,
Though trltumrd with tho lacos tin cm
press might we iv.
Hut I havo no hope, for the fashion Is
Tho tear ot regret will my fond visions
As fancy levorts tothe days that hnvovan.
I shed,
I wlgh for the pocket that humy In my
The old-fashioned pocket, the obsolete
The praiseworthy pocket that nunc In
my gown,
Carolyn Wells in tho Jamestown, N Y.,
h 'Si iff fc
f ! "
SWAMP-ROOT, The Great Kidney Restorative and Healer.
To Prove the Wonderful M:rits of This Great Discovery,
Every "Free Press" Reader May Have a Sample Bottle
Sent Absolutely Free By Mail.
What your kidneys nood is a ccntlo, hcaliiis, tonic influ
ence, that will soothe their irritability and gently n ulato
The only thine that will do this is Dr. Kilmer's Swanm-
'Uoot, the ideal Kidney Restorative.
j It used to he considered that only urinary troubles were to
he traced to the Kidneys, but now modern science proves that
nearly all constitutional diseases have their beeiuuing in tho
disorder oi' these useful organs.
What more natural
The Kidneys filter and purify the blood.
When they don't, your wholo body must
it you nro sick, doctor your kidneys,
becnuso oh soon as they arc well they will
help nil tho other organs to in alth.
Tlm mild and oxti aordinnry effect of
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Hoot, tho sreat kid
ney romody, Is soon realized. It stands
tho highest for Its wonderful -urcs e,f the
most distressing cases and is fold by
drugglstn In fifty-cent and one-dollar bot
tles. Makei a noto of tho name, SWAMP
ROOT, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Hoot.
Vmi m,i. nve a sample buttln of this
famous kidney remedy sent freo by ma'l,
postpaid, by which ou may ti st Its vir
tues for such dlsoieicrs as kidney, blad
der find uric acid diseases, an 1 urln iry
troubles, obliged to pas3 wator frequently
night and day, smarting or Irritation in
passing, brick-dust or sediment in the ur
ine, constant headache, lncku.lv lame
1 uk d -le -plessnnsu, indetri stiun,
ncrvousiii ?., skin trouble, a"acmin.
Hilght's disease, neuraigia. rheum itUm,
bleating, Irritability, worn-out feeling.
.est goods always give. E V E RYTIIIXG N E W.
or -tjt rnr'tj cTnccT
tucuithafae. Kvrv-r i-anhtveOu-irrhoiM . Mn-ttlft IMnr
I.lttle Dotothy llrew, granddaughter of
Mr, Olndstone, puhllshes In an KnglSsh
magazine this protty picture of a visit to
tho Queen at Windsor Castle; "An Indian
man whom the Quivn likes very much whs
at the door. Tho net moment we stood
before tho great Queen whom grandpapa
served for tcxty years. She was just an
other woman like grandmamma, with a
whlto cap on her head. I court usled and
kissed her, nnd told her my name, Doislo,
and ot grandpapa, anil all our pet names
at Ha warden Castle. The queen put on
her glass, s and asked mo to go to ti c
other side of the room so that she could
seo mo better. Then she. took u little
Jewel-caso and said, 'This is for you.' 1
opened It and saw a darl'ng llttlo brooch
with a diamond V. a diamond H. a tur
Hiiolse J, and a little crown at the top
made nf red i n in. I. 1 iv .rtesled and kls.
cd bet hand, and said 'Thank ou vety
much.' She looked very nice and kind, and
I liked her very much. Tho Queen kissed
uiu again and mother and I went awny."
Tho nverage height ot the human rare
Is, for men, 5 feet ii Inches; fur women, 0
feet 2 inches.
A remefly recommended for patients af. I
lllcted with the i.rlppo Is Kemp's lialsam,
...i.i ... 1 2 ..i..n.. ...,.,.,,,1 ... ,i.A
11 IIICII Ill.esi'ci luiiy umiivu m niri -.n-- i.
the throat and lungs. Do not wait f. r the
first symptoms ot the disease, but get a
bottle to-day and keep It on hand for use i
i the moment it U needed. If neglected the'
Igrlppo has a tendency to bring on pneu.
monla. Tho Balaam prevents tWs by
keoplne tho cough loose. All druggists!
ImII tho Liultam. '
lack of ambition, loss
of flesh, sallow
If your water, when allowed to lema.u
undisturbed In a glass or bottle f r
twenty-four hours, forms a edlmont r
settling or has a cloudy appearance, It is
tivldenco that your kidney and biaddjr
need Immedlato attention.
Swamp-Hoot has been tested. In iO
many ways, In hospital work, In prlvatn
practice, among tho helpless too poor 'a
purch i"--o relief, and has proved so -cersful
In every case, that a special . r
rangement hai beer made by whle1 i
readers of tin "Krco Pres," who ' a
not alioady tried it. m iy hav a -an.i, o
bottle sent absolutely free by in id o
a book tellli more at out Swirrp fV .t
and containing some of t'le te h- n 's
upon thousands of tisiimonui' . it r
cmIvkI from n n and wuui-'i whj a
their gooil he, HI', In f-in. -Y r y
lives, to tho wonderful cur if e- pr r
ties of Swamp-H .ot 'r sure it 1 nu -tlnn
the Burlington "V .k!'- Fr. Ii "
when c-eiidlng y.cr uddle- -) Iir K ,
ma' & Co., Itli.ghamton. N. Y.
to Meet You, Sir !
us sell you a hat.
We offer vou three thincr6
Quality, Asso-tirc 'U ..n
Price. We can give yoi
the best S3 Hat in "the.
world The Guycr Hat. We can give you the best )
Sz Hat in ihe world We can give vou the latest -)
styles. We can jjive you the satisfaction th.it hon-
Full-size, for Famllleo. U m A
TTiertrUimfako ilxutthtn m J jt uradJrwant n p -fr)pri n-.r-inirtbiftivi-i'
iiw-iuerit- r tjcta Uan V.tnf t IV atvdK-tBt o
lutein frr- w hi. j,u if Ttiertjnr irik,in) w irfitii r
ti trii buiwhatUhor.t.' i 'Tfrtiin atkA .ii omtfrpr -n
it 'it ot any trt er-iimljf c:mt-tt MiSul shi sni
pt)itiM!jrliiot' konlt no Uiil(r what it 1 M lie, UVw h tn
iuto'irriTHrontiT- ' Uloai thinptnrt l( IntKc 1 adtnu'L r )
one of lLUtt A in - ..t'n!lti ; Fuhion, New.t u-tr rar
itf.-ni Youfafl'nfftllifiv.thab-nluuTKI TH, tftiuwiu n4
- r r Tt-aN" n, ,KA ' ti rurfuliy U)rJ t r - kMatom r ,
YORK CITY, DEPT. ( P. O. BOX 2017,
Every Farmer Knows
that nearly all tho diseases of i ittlo n'O
directly caused, or greatly aggravated by
poor digestion nnd Impure blood. Fuel
ing cattle that havo Indigestion Is like r 1
Ing wood Into a stove which hns no
draught. No heat comes from wood that
does not burn; and NO PHOFIT OOM' S
1'KOM l-illJI) THAT IS NOT Oil :STV3l.
.s a highly concentrated TONIC, not a
"stock food." It tones tho stomach, nl'.s
dl,iHtlcn .and m ikes puro blood.
Nl'TltlOTONH Crill-S AND PltH-
vmnts scorns in cai.vks. p pi-
vents AIIOKTION. MH.K FI3 13. t,
CAKIOD HAG and klndird diseases. 1 y
reducing fever It Increises tho butter fnts
and tenders the milk more wh lesome.
NU'l 1 IOTONK Is a aluablc TONIC for
HORSCS. U prvents COUC and
Send for our book on Stock Feeding.
W. I). Carpenter. 312-313 Kirk BMsr
nastcrn Olliccs, i?yracuse, N, Y.

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