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The Wlnnoslel Valley, Villages Up North,
Along Otter Crook iinil by tlio Shores
of Wlillo ltlvur Covrrcil by
ipcciul ltcpnrtori.
Mi s Hirtlia Cushman mul Goorce Dol
plila oC IlriiliHirt were titiltcil In mnrilago
ht the residence of Itev. .1. O. Gooding by
lilin 'Wednesday nf toinoon, Mr. and Sirs.
Pelphla wc-nt to I.iidpnrt to Ills parents,
liomt. where his invents gave tlieni a le
tc I tton.
'IT- farm that belonged to the Ch.vuncey
J i icli estate which was fold at anotlcin
n few days ago and bought by a .Mr.
Chi rch of Whiting, changed hnnds attain
K ttirday, .Mr. O. I'. Slooro being tlio pur-ch.isn-,
.Mrs. Gcoigo Fletcher accompanied by
tlr. Dr. Nobles, loft on tin- slcen-r Sim
. ay evening for St. Augustine, Fl.i., where
Mrs. Fletcher will remain for mi mo time,
the guest of hnr brother. Robert .Murray,
who is manager of the Ponco Do Leon IIu
tel. Mrs. Nobles will le-maln also for it
lew weeks.
The following en or was made In tlie
report made In Wednesday's paper. It was
V 1 1 II .in Jackson that was elected poor
mister Instead of William Sheldon, and
Illls N, duly as third selectman.
The "city reports arc In the hand. of tho
printer and they will show expenditures
ns fodows: City poor, J.17U.42; poor farm
fJM."'l, police and jail, $177.00; lire depart
incnt, Ju20.2'; water department, $llJL'.b3;
sidewalks, $1213.13; hilcUe. ISsiW; hlgh
v ,iy.-, J3",; sowers, $:Ni.O:.; park, Jirw.M;
h t lights, $1251.37 : city hall, construc
tion and furnishings. $13,049; city hall ex
pellee s, 17l 27; library. ?223.r,l ; liquor
nger.. y, $J401.:; Incidental, $S1G.G2; making
t tDtal or JU.V35.M.
11, W. I-VM of Ferrisburgh, who has
lior-n In Indiana and Ohio for the past
Jc;ir and a half buying hay for tho Eust-
in in.it k -ts reports ivlces ranging from
tbret to six dollars per ton. Ho says West
ern h y Is superior to the Now Engl md
Matorm-in S. Nay. buttci maker at tho
lleef Bridge creamery near W'eybiielge Is
re ported to bo dangerously sick with ty
phoid fever at Sledfoiel, Mass., wheto tic
is visiting- friends.
I'uf. W. K. Hanccr, principal of the
Jotif-on Normal school, has boon secured
by Ethan Allen post, G. A. It., to deliver
the Memorial lay address. Ho Is a speak
er of much ability.
The Fcriisburgh town teports are out.
They show a slight decrease In tho debt
of the town.
Mrs. Michael Honawny of Fcrrlsburgh,
riRcd r3 years, died Friday morning.
Chjuiic y Qulmby, who has managed
tho Frank P-epton farm In Walthnm ban
jurehascd a farm in Dempster, N. H., but
will not movo there until another season
r he li(i rented tho Caleb Wright farm
In New Haven.
Will Uenton of Weybrldpei will movo on
to tho B'nton farm Apill 1.
Levi t:"ach, who lias lived on the Lynch
firm in Panton for tho past four years,
1 as purchased tho blacksmith shop at
I'errisbursh and Byron Garvey of Eaet
Middle-bury has leased tho Lynch farm for
the coming year.
Isaac W. Velsey, who at one thno was
travelling salesman and proprietor of tlio
A'ithcrcll houso at Flnttsbui gh, N. Y'.,
ell 'd at Tioy Wednesday of heart trouble.
Mrs. David Hare, vim has been conllned
to tho lionso nearly all winter with tho
irrip. Is nblo to rldo out.
Leon Cushman, who has been employed
in f'hamborlain, Footo & Co.'s store for
tlio p.ui-t year 1st moving to Hristol wheio
lio ban a position with Hristol ,t D.inturth,
Peter Thomas "of Pittsford has benight
tho Levi Peach place In Ferrlsbursh.
Joseph L. St. I 'e tors of North Ferris
burs has purchased a lot of Carlos Kim
ball In West Ferrlsbitrg on the lake shoro
and will erect a cottage thereon. Tho
main building is to bet 10 by Si, with an
ell HxJS, with a 12 foot piazza.
Ralph Coolcy is to carry on tlio Henry
Wllin n th farm in Addison tho coming
Pi is n
Tho overland malls from Kast Addison,
Chimney Point, West Addison and Pan
ton and the mall from Hasiu Harbor worn
unable to reach tho city Tuesday on ac
count of the storm.
Mr. and Mrs. Cleo. C. Everest aro rejoic
ing over tlio birth of a son.
The many friends of Mr. .1. G. Hindes
fire pleased to learn of his Improved con
dition ho being able to sit up a little, for
thf past few days,
Tho country roads aro very rough on ac
count of tho recent thaw and freeze up.
Deacon L. Catlln'a funeral was hold
Thursd y at 2 o'clock in tho Congrogation
xi 1 church. He Is survived by two chil
dren, Georgo Catlin of Scranlon, Pa., und
Miss Lll.i A. ditlln, who has cared for
him In his declining years Itev, W. N.
JtacAn of liridport and Itev. K. C. Par
tridge conducted the, servlees. Tho Inter
ment was In Lako View cemetery.
Mrs Hnrve-y Farr was taken worso
Thursday nl?ht. .1. II. llcan was In Mont
pcller Thursday on business. Mrs. G'o.go
t'uiihtit m recovering from tho grip,
Miss Cora Hatch la f dling. Mrs. Mary
Davis remains very low. Tho liieen
Mourtain Pulp company have li).of4 fict
cf r-pruco In tho woods. A. A. Hanks Is
negotiating for Halls Point In Fenlsburt'.
Alford C. Sumnor made a business trip
to Rutland tho past we-k. Ira !:. Whlto
of Morrlsvlllo was In town Friday and
Batuiday. Kdward Huilbuit died at Ills
homo s 'nil of the village Friday after
linen with consumption. He leavis a wid
ow and sev 'ial rhlldn-n, two being in a
home In lliuilngton, placid there by tho
eiv rsecr of tho poor. A regular mooting
of W, (', Dunton post, G, A, It,, was
held Wednesday evening, Marcli $. Su
perintendent W. H. Hosworth of tho
llrlstol Manufacturing company made a
In sines s trip to tho Queen City Friday.
Mrs Alma Ridley has bought the llrlstol
JIouko property and tho postolllco block
rlto. 'I ho llrlstol Mnnulnctur.ns company
liilppoU .1 casket to lioyco AL- Hatch of
Walcrlmry Satuiduy, Hie outside case of
which measured forty Inches wide, and
over seven foot long Leon Cushman Is
moving hero from Vergennos and has a
situation with RiUlol ,t D.-infrrlh In their
tlotlilnc department. At the auction wilo
of the Ridley property Saturday tho faim
Houth of tho vlllugei was sold to N. F
Duiifihco, ijuardlnn for James J. Ridley
for J3-IK, Tlia Hodge place on Fast Main
i-treot to L!. C. Dlko for $2773. Tho half of
tho V irny block on Main street to C. I'.
Hush for $1200,
At tho Ridley auction last Saturday tho
Farmers' National hink stock of Ver
Kenes was sold to 13. C. Dyko for SO cents
em the dollar, firlttol electric light stock
fold lor 60 cents. Rutlund school te.,t
Mock f r 5 cents. Hiistol railroad stock
for 12 cenls, Dakota and Kansnn hank
(,tocl. i, bidders. Tho hotel property and
the Ridley block Eito was sold for 113.M,
Five porsonft were taken Into tho Mutho
dlst church Sunday on probation. Mis,
Joi nio Sw it Kutlirc died in Lawrence,
K .iiFiiR, Fe bi unry 21 Mrs Sutllff was u
patlNO ot this town, and wus u relative of
H. A. Hasseltlno of this town.-Max L. to New York on Wednesday on business.
Powell ot tho Queen City was In town -Amos Phillips has his now Iioufo com
Satuiday attending the Ridley miction. pleted and tho family hnvo moved In.
Davd Uhltlemnro had a stroke of pic- George Gill expects to movo Into his now
tilysla last i hursday. Tho funeral of Kd- houo hv tho 2uth. Fred Ilrlirgs 's to oc
wiird Iluiiburt was hold from his lato cii y the house vacated by Mr. Olll.-The
homo Sunday afternoon, Reiv. L. A. Illge- Now Haven manufacturing company havo
low nniclatlng. The beaters were Gooi go the largest stock of goods kept In town.
Hurlhur I. William Ilurlbtirt. Noble- Hurl- This Is tho only store owned bv n manu
but t and Roy Hurlburt. Tho burial was facturlng company wo know of, nnd per
il! tho lllngo ccimotery. 1.. A. Hasscltlno haps the omy general merchnndlKe storo
had charg.) of the funeral arrange- the State that does notkecp tob.icco for
motits.-lho llrlstol Manufacturing ,i0 to absorb tho wages ot tho laboilng
compuny In their proposition to people. This company has set an exee!
tho proposed casket trust mado It n vital lent example, and they ought to succeed
condition of tho proposition that tho plant business
hero should be maintained which means
much to this thrifty village as this ens- SHORFIIAM,
w';uldnCHrLs3sSxlle1smcn1 onlhe'rd.d M"' A,1",lno 111,830,1 "s tho Ip.-Ml.s
at i intDiovo n la-go number hi tho mo Sfvenson, who has charge of tho
ardent was as free In DrWtol Sa.u.dny as
.spVi at Down W . m,e '.m'gs
ikJrs came from afar.-The Hristol
High xehool. clns "SJ. will by reipn st pre
sent their drnma "Tho Rough Rider In
Holley hall Wednesday ocr.:nc. March
15.-Tho Ladles Homo Clnlo met
with Mrs. R. F. Hatch Wednesday nfici
noon. Fdu.ird Hurlburt, who died Friday
was buried Sunday at 1 p. m. from his Into
ted dinner to the voters Tucsdav.-G. R. v "fnvltt of Winooskl and . Hall of
Orcult has boon hoiiFcd with a cold sluco "Iflimnnd. wcro iiftown Thursday, on tho
his leturn from Dr. Clark's sanitarium 'olleM-Hood case. Tho infant child of
last week. Daniel Cutting died Wednesray forenoon
C. W. Dmisbio ot Proctor, formerly ot of Pnoiimonla.-Tliere was a parly at Wil-
Hrlslol, has gone en tho road for tho m,r Scolleld's Frldcy night. Mrs. Howard
Vermont Marble- companv as salesman, Hanson Is III will the- grip. John Dike
Farr. tho Free Press hustler, was hero 'thel bride have returned from their wed-
Mopd .y. Town Clerk W. V. Wilson Is In tour. Fred Andrews of Huiilngton,
leeelpt of a copy of tho Klondike Mln, r wni ln tfnv" 'MiurwHy. on business. Slim
dated December 23 from C. F.. Hanohott. Carrie lllll Is at homo from Kno-liursh,
Hristol lodgn of Good Templars are, to- spending her vai .i I Ion. A few of tho
heaislng for a play to be given In tho farmers hnvc tapped their sugar wcrks.
mar future. N. D. Hlssouetto mado a Notice tho Inventory sale at 1'rlndle's.
visit to the. Queen City Sunday. T he an- NHW HAVHN.
nual meeting of Llbiinus lodge, F. nnd .
SI., 'will l3 held Monday afternoon March Mr. nnd Sirs. Georgo F.vercpt have a son,
13 In the now hall. Pa'. Slaloney's troupe born Thursday, Slarch 2. K. H. SeUler
wore greeted with a fair house .Monday and P.. F. Dupra are 111 with hard colds.
nicht. Kugono Narramoro and wife havo J. w. Klngsloy and .1. W. Hoffman visited
again become citizens of llrlstol. A. J. Darlington Wednesday. .Mrs. O. C.
Hour has moved on to tho D. W. Nash Piuney of Huiilnglon was (n town n few
farm In N -v Haven. Charles 1. Hatch, days last week. Rev. nnd Sirs. J. 11.
wife and child of Waterbury are the Hoffman visited friends in I'Vriisburg
guests of relntlvcH bete few a few d .. AVednesday. Raymond Poulln, who has
Three young men took thu freeman's been spending several months In Water
oath Tuesday. bury, Conn., returned home Thursday.
Town mvtlng passed off very quietly. Mrs. W. C. Sumner is 111. ICrnost U, IVrd
There was no balloting all tho olllcers be- of Sllddlebury visited relatives In town
ing elected by accl.,mntlon. Sirs H. II. Slonday and Tuesday. The little dnugli
Danlels continues very feeble. Julin Dan- tor or SI. J. Desnutels, who has been 111
lels expects to movo back to Ids farm with spinal trouble Is much worse,
soon. Tho meetings at tho Slethodlst George S. Russell retired fi mn tin board
church aro attended by largo eonsrega- of selectmen this spring, after six yeais
tions, and tho Interest is increasing, or continuous service. Sir. Russell has
County Sup't-Intendent T. C. Uoyco will mndc a record for painstaking-, faithful
hold a public examination of teachers In srrvlco that will lie hard to equal, and the
tho grndd .ichool building next Frld-iy thanks ot all tax pavers of the town are
and Saturday.-Nearly a root or snow lell ,luo him for his watchful caro ot the.r
heio Tuesday -ind Tuesday night. Vlra Interests.
tno little Uaugliter of Sir. anil Sirs. Lu
ther Puninton Is cUlt terioiisly III. Ro. d
Commissioner Smith Is busy breaking out
tho roads and cleaning t'lo stieets and
I Charles lligglns, an old and respected iarm on snares lor tno ejm ng year -ii in
.resident of this town died .March 1st. aged Jenkins and brother have taken , Idlain
about SO years of pncumonla.-Gcorgo Ha- Pl'in s '""' " Hat numtown for the e-om-eon
has moved back to Rralntree.-Slr. long vnr.-.Slrs. Coolo and family havo
, Flint from Umfntree has moved Into tho mo,v?'1 t0 I . Dean s tenement houso
.house vacated by George Hacon. Willard
Hlgglns from Harnnrd was In town last
week to attend tho funeral nf ln's father. i
i ho homo of Lyman D. Rhodes was Mtd-
lened r l ursday I-e-b .16. by the death of
l L'nCr -,U'a 3,,n"' "B?;1 19, vo;,rs'
3 months of la grippe, terminating in con
,. . .
feV-OllWII UL iliu llllls.
nev. II. U Story has been engaged by'
Jarllold Post ns speaker for Slemorlal
Day. A donation nnd oyster supper for
tho boneiit of Rev. SI. W. Hale will bo
held In .Morgan's hall Tiles-day evcnlnc. i
sin nil nth. Sirs. I.ucindu Murray, who
has been spending the winter hi Amster
dam. N, Y., was called here Tuesday by
tho illness of her sister, .Mrs. Ri.Vda Fan".
.Mrs. Farr is In a very critical condition.
I'red Hiyant was homu from Sllddlebury
College over Sunday.
Genrgo G. Llliott and family aro s-ttlcd 1o iniv phlcCl at thp homr of M(.s niiling
on tho Purlnton farm which they recently Wednesday evening, the laii Inst. Sin- Is
purehased.- alter Kimball is reported n Mster uf Mrs. F. E. Hurgc-s ot Ilurllng
tc have- purehajcd the place oppoMto the toli. acl.olmt f tho f0cM ,,0sltlon
Purlnton pl.iee.-l-.dward l ollansbee has tltl ll0th panics occupy it will bo quite
l.arg:ilnod for Sirs. Hean's place. Sirs. II, a .seeiety event
i Kimball ls expected home. soon.-Mrs. i'..,t January the hardware ptore of IC.
fjteiihcn "loum,' ls sulferlng liom a bad n, Sheiman at Slanehoster Depot was
cold.-reUr Lafayette w ho fell on inn axo broke,, Im al lllKnti ,, ronsldernblo
ast week and cut the cord of his heel plunder taken. Suspicion pointed to Har
Is doing as - well as could be expected ,y ,,k.);!, and Charley Smith, two young
George K.llott has bought and moved on ,IK 0f tltr- place, -,nd Tuesday they weru
to the farm on tho four corners in nl rested by i,'onstable F. D. Glddlngs.
Jertisalem.-IIenry Dwire has moved into 'j-Juy had a justico hearing, pleaded guilty
Andrew llallock's house. Sllsres ICva and nl,a Wer-5 held In $W0 ball. Thnr.-day
Colla Spraguo of IKnesburgh with tl-e r morning they were rrought here and upon
grundmothc-r, Jonetti- Norton aro visiting their own petition wt-to laken before the.
relative here and will go rtoni hero to municipal court and pleaded gu.lty to tho
Henry Norton's In Lincoln.-Genrgo Keyes chargo upon Information illcd against
(will move to South Lincoln. Frank Tart them by tlio state's attorney. They woo
i has gone to the. Gore to work In tho mill (.entonced to two years In tho State pris
1 the coming season. It is ieporte-d that on.
Walter Kimball has bought the Thompson rjr, Stephen IC. Riinney, the oldest prac
place near the tour corners and that Kd- tlelng physician in Pennington county,
ward Follansbco will buy .Mrs. Hean's illcl nt bis residence In N'ortli Honnlncton
place. Sir, and Sirs. Kleazar Shattuek
visited In Lincoln over Sunday. Tho
Ladles' Aid met with Sirs. Kllza Orvi
last Thursday. Thorn will be a young
peoples meeting at Daniel Sargent's Fri-
day evening of this week.
Tho last quart, rly meeting nf this con-
frrenco year will bo held at tho Sletho-
dlst church next Sunday. Quarterly eon.
feronco Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock
Presldlng Klder Noe is expec ted to l o
present. Judge Htiywnid is very foolile.-
An ontcrtalnmt nt was given at tho town
hall on Wednesday night of last we-it for
the, benefit of the Slethodlst soc.eiy Sliss
Wait, the elocutionist of Shoreham guvo
x vera! line- recitations, a quartette from
Slldloliiity College added to tin- pleasure
of the occasion nnd nn oyster supper was
served In the vestry. Proceeds about JD.
tleorc-e rireutt ii.iu nmveii into ti,e 'i.-i.
houso.-Sjlvoster Adams has rented
Francis Twite-hell's plain and William
Benton Is moving to tho Benlon farm In
Sirs. A. C. Farr and daughter Winifred
are visiting In Sloiiali, N. V.
,..,,CT ,nnlar,v
ivc.ni .wvimj.
Tho Ladles Helping Hand society will
meet at the home cf Sirs. C. Reed on Fil-
day afternoon. Sir. and Sirs. Fred Patten
havo returned fiom Tlconderoga. when)
ihey havo been engaged in business
through the winter,-.Mr. and Sirs. Chan.
Strong rpent Sunday In town. The socui-
bio at Sits. Lizzie Hutchinson's was well
attended di-splto the stoimy weather
which prevailed in tho evening. The pro-
coeds we- e .?!.! 0. SI r. Slayo and family
Lewis, N. V.. have moved on to Sli. i
mcrth's farm on Jersey street.
I .Mrs. Nancy Cook of Shoreham visited am to be congratulated uion tho steadily
Mrs. IC. B. Pond Inst week.-.MIss Allco growing business,
Wood of Burlington visited Ella Kelcham Tlif law In relation to recording births
last week. A very pleasant evening wan and deaths by town clerks was changed
spent at the. Baptist parsonago on Friday by the iccciit Legislature. Her. tolore tho
evening by a Inrge number of friends ot clerk had 110 means of llndlng out the first
Rev. and Sirs, J, W, Ilisley, who donated namn of tho child by tho certificate pf
some 2j. An oyster supper was enjoyed birth handed In by tho physlclnn. Now a
I and all other good things Incidental to 11 notlco will bo sent to patents Immediately
donation, Dr. Colby entertained Sir, Mc- upon tho receipt by tho clerk of tho birth
Donald, a college friend, on Sunday last. certllleato from tho doctor, warning par
Sir, Frank Hubbard of Sliddlobury spent cuts to send In tho names of all ehlldicn
Sunday with friends. Ho has not wholly before .ro days. Thero Is now two yenis'
rc-coverrel from his recent injuries and is Incomplete iccords ut tho clerk's efllco
now walking with a enne?. which should bo properly filled out be-
view havtcn" mills fto April 1st ami sent i,y tna town cent
' 'to tin S-ere t JIT c( State All parents
Work was begun on tho co-operative having children under two years are urged
creamery Slonday. The, building is to bo to hand In the first names at ouce to Mr.
21 feet by IU.V 8. Thompson 1b ablo to Morton
be out -Ge..)go W Flint Is gaining The It may bo Interesting to km w tho
Slaiiufnetutlni: comnanv aro runntner their.
Jsuw mill nlshts. ilr. ii, L. Thomas bochJ
! Ll k ',L'h.?
? cUonry Keegan
oC Cr0WM 1 olm- ls clcrk at 11,0 1!lF30"-
Miss Cl.ira Smith Is visiting In Hristol.
Mrs. Cnrllon Hostwlcl: Is lll.-Rc-v G. V
Russell has accepted tho pastorate ot tho
l' reo Hapt'st church for another year.
rho chicken pie supper at Frc Haptlst
church was lurcely .itU-nd 'd. Lawyers 11
Solomon Jewell has moved on to tho
Kno farm in Charlotte. Frank Slot-dor
litis movod on to Sirs. Jewell's farm.
Charles Sluz.y has taken John Palmer's
No,ke tho Inventory sale at Prlndle's.
N VrifMl n h,1!4 ,,ecn MeI , Jt
weoli.-H. W. Field will sell Ills ,1 dry at
,i ti... ,i-..iu. ...i...
IUIV1IUII II, U ,U,I lllfll. UL-llll IIIIL'Ul, III,
las been working for Sirs. Smith the past
two years goes to Now Yoik tlio 1st of
. sh ..n "i,V ,ZZ
succeeded by H. Walte.
spent tho winter
in Michigan has returned homo very much
Improved In health.
Notlco the Inventory sale at Prlndle's.
The marriage of SIiss Caiolyn Hilling,
youngest daughter of lion. SI. C. liullng
of North Rentilngton to William H. Ar-
lllilil ,-,f NTnrtl, ,lr,m Mmj lo nnnMiin... I
Wcdnesd.iv night. Ho was about 77 year.-,
of ngo nnd h ,d been In poor health somo
time. Ho was a graduate of tlio Unlvef.
Mtv 0f Vermont Sledlcal college and had
pi noticed over f.0 years c-ontinunt-osiy.
rh(. county convention of Christian ICn-
' deavor societies has been postponed from
tlio l,",th, to tho ISitli of .March.
The annual report of the Lebanon
Springs railroad shows the gross earnings
to bo $3",2.S and operating expenses $2730.
Tho road is only operated from Peteis-
burg to Hc-iiin, N. Y., a distance ot i-lov-n
n.ries, and this Is the tlrst time In years
that tho road has paid expenses.
Tho firm of SIcBrldo & Platka have
finally moved Into their now market In
Corporation block. This location Is ono
of lhr' l"1'-' ln town "ni1 tho market itself
13 "pupped to ccmpnro with oi y In tho
state, Tho entire ground Hour Is occupied
by tho 11 r tu ; tho trout as a grocery and
,hoo storo, and thu icar end, formerly
,h" I'rocei y department Is now tlio meat
in irket. i he store- h:is lieen entirely rc-
-ino'lolcM and refurnislied. Tho south wall
'wim out away to admit nine largo pinto
l'""5 windows and a new entrance was
miile from Ibis side. The fe-atmo of tho
market is the meat refrigerator. Sovon
thousand foot ot lumber wcro used In its
construction. Tho apartment for Ice has
11 capacity of 14 tons which In tho hottest
weather will lust about ono month, Tho
fol,r Idnges to tho door aro of solid brass
"n,i "c-lgh 10 pounds. This refrigerator s
Pronaiuy mo nuesi in tuo state, in con
nectlon with the storo Is an oil well hold
ing r.j barn Is uf oil. The grocery store lias
undergone many changes. Of special men
tion are new tea canisters wh'ch aro
dicoiatc-d with real gold leaf. This linn
(Continued on Oth page.)
Bennington and Lyndonville
Both Suffer Losses
From Fire.
..... . , . . . , , , ,
Vlvrd Out ln Lyndon vlllt, nt a of
8-'i",0()0 htoio liomt- In llrniiliiuti n
Drstuiycil- Dohoi'ty'n Trial For tho
Ilulluu I'al'ii SliniiC li. t itl.ilr
Lyndonville, Starch S. Ido's block wni
burned tills evening, and .ill tlio occupant
nirtcred nearly a total los ,ii,RieHatlng,
$,:"),Utti with an Insurance of J2i',tA Tin-
11: o originated In tho basement setting a
Rood -start beforu the alarm w.-a given on
account of tho storm all being closed,
This was tho first fair test of Lyndon-
vllle's now water system as a llie prKC-
tlon and It proved excellent.
I'no Ptsse .no as follows: On buildings.
Jll.ttfej; Insurance, isiut); Lyndcmvlllo .Icvu
n il. S2.W, Insurance. $in0o; R. Dmion, tail
or and tenement, $2nno, no Insurance; J. 10.
SlcNulty, tenement, no Insurance, II, L.
Parker, boot', shoos nnd r welry, fCfi,
Insuiance, J.iu; J. S. Ituoll, c lothing, $:.
insurance-. ..'); F. K. Winslow, grocer
ies, ?2i'i0. insuranco $1.70; Cnmpbel! tc
llodcott. Insurance loss, $200 ;iuii'd; H.
J, I lodgett, bicycles, $."0n, In.sill.ilice, 2."t";
...vii. ,-a.v, itii-tii.tiiti-, v.ui.ivi,
doss and Knights of Pythias ball a tot .1
l..-s with Insurance; P. P. Hall tin
Shop. 110 insurance.
Re.l Men. 4-Vi0, Insurance-, $le': Goidelt
still w.iltliiB tb" oiilconie of Miiriibj'i. constable, J. II. Drown; ovetteer, O. D. and 1W for tho (lie department.
Ii Juries -t be I.uttnVs Life 'till Rcwell; llst.crs, A. D. Matthews, II. P.
In the llnl.tnrr. Cook, J. J. Gray; town grand jurois. It. musmus,
S. Twombly, G. A. Drcw;i.iidllnr.N SI. J. I II V. Sears, modeiatoi" F. II. Dean,
uwen, SI. SI. Taplln, P. L. Webster; road clerk; C. T. Dean, treasurer: IC. R. Wy
Watcrbury, Slarch S. The trial ot Do- ee mmissloner, lior.a o Dovcreatlx, school man, W. T. Pi.tter.-on, A. P. Russell, so
berly which was to have- 1-een held hero dlieclor for three, years, 11. C. Horry. leettnen; H aeh A. Peers, -onstable: E.
to-day lias been postponed again to await LUUHG i vv- Mender, overseer of poor; 12. P. Stll
tho result of .Murphy's wounds. Ho re- ' -r,n, C. L. P.awson, Hyron Ray, iistors:
malnst practically In tho samo ccindit.'cin SIndetator, II. W. .Marvin; town clerk, John C. Thomas, scheol director tor three
with his lire hanging in the balance. Dm- Warren Rockw.-ll; selectmen, SIclborn years: A. H. Miles, road commissioner; H.
Ing the illness of Dr. Janes tho case has Hasten, il. R. Darby, Gorge W. Hoards- I). Williams, town agent: li. IS. Williams,
been attended by Dr. Grout. lfj: town tre-.isu.er, J. S. Jordan; over- H. V. Scars. C. A. Thomas auditors; John
State's Attorney Hoar lias taken no ' or or poor, SI. P. Goodrich, 1st consta- E. Collins, C. A. Thomas, town grand ju
rurther action In tho cast- of Randall l)l''- WHllum WIghtman; 2d constable-, SL rors; tax voted, 110 cents.
Hlodgett, the. Joking lyncher. T- Jl0'': ""tcrs. J. Q. SIcGrigor, H. H. j ...,....
. . Reyrolds. SI. T. Slott; auditors, H. S. ' HRANDON.
A FI RF. IN HF.NNINGTON. Mott. Jacki-on Reynolds. George SI. Hons- r t'tntnccv mnriemtni-- s W .Tnnej!.
I Henr.ington, Yt., Slarch S. Flro was dis.
covcrod In the wooden building used as a
stole house and packing room of tho Ynl-
eiitino Knitting company about 3 o'clock
tlils morning. A brick barn belonging to
SlaJ. Ytilentino was close to it. Tho Hen-
nlngton knetilng mill was about -10 feet
away and tho Ytilentino resldene-o about
the snme. The ent ro re denartmont wna
called out. On account of the deep snow
It was hard work to got the apparatus to
tho (Ire. Fortunately there was no wind,
J lie storo house with all Its contents, in-
c-iuuiiiK u milliner oi cases oi goocis wine
were to be shipped this moinlng was
entliely burned. Tho barn was saved
with the wooden tn'mmlngs burned off.
Tlio origin of tin- lire Is a mystery as no
liro is kept In tho building. Tho loss Is
estimated at from $3cJ to $.W0.
IlenninL-lon Yt M-,rebs willl-im P
lienniiiMon, t., Slarch s.-Yi illlam L.
Hlanehard, a prominent refdeiit ot Hie
village, died this aftmoon after an 11.-
lies- ot about a week, contracted while
si.iioilntendlng the. clearing out ot tli-.
.-ewers after the recent storm. Ho had
been v 1 litre slree-t nnil sower rnmnilsslnti
: '
et for two ears and was a e-andldnto for
cms eai. no was iur several years lore- constable Jurisdiction c t tho Slate. Voted
man of a birdgo building gang of til" $:;,.i(i to Cumniings Post G. A. li. for Slo
Fllchburg railroad, taking up r.irming at- morial day. Voted tax for all purposes
tor leaving that position. He was also in p pt.r cent,
business In this vl.lnjro two years. Ho
leaves a wife and daughter. Sir. Hlaneh- FAIRFAX.
arc! was about years of age and c,i,to
11 '
ilKimlor.l in thn (lrifi Th,. iW. w,.w
dead, app.iren.ly havln? pci shed In the
s orm. No owner has boon found at the
timo of writing.
inuiniug sue was louiiti lying clean on tno
closet oor with a liandkereh of ti. d
around her n-ck. Sh. had evld. ntly hang.
ed herse.f from a wardrobe hook by silk
handkerchief, which had In time given
way to the weight of her body, and sutTcr
ed It to diop to the Moor. Her husband
died a f- w onrs ngo and uh" had since
lived with her son, Cuitls II. Hunt Sirs.
Hunt was a sister of Dr. C, F. llawley,
P. A. llawley. and .Mrs. Cyrus Leach of
Fairfax, and Sirs. John Robinson of Fnst
Sw anion.
ti.. it ,1 ium c, aii. . u
Dr. II, D. Be.dcn of St. Allians was call-
r;:(;,u:,;;rtu,,ii;o;;una,;iT:7 vr,-l
the unrortuuato woman dead.
anil came 10 i asmngion lour years later
. '" ,e.' ..A. ..." ,..r w,"s !,"re'"''V
1 lie lien IIU.11UUII IS O il) Ot CI tat
vi-iivnvT nrvutmiTvic-
1-ii.iuw 1 1 i.Ahiu.vi'.lth,
Washlnglon, .Mai eh 8. The following
Verinonters have been granted pensions:
.iciiiiiiinai, n. .11. fierce, rioutii i.onclnn-
derry, to S; Increase, Hiram Taylor,
.Miiiuieuury, i 10 iiz.
,,,,.,,. ,-, ., ,1,1 1
ire .l ,,, - n t'- ii',.,.; "','. 1 , .
IrOllHlll CI . J. I'. Iltlttfl iK'Ill ! Wflf'Ct IIll'll.
' v" : , 1". I. i'.: . .?"'' !' "!. "
I ,, ", pi, .1. i -11 ' , "i ---
sloner loi J lwni.,,
t.'-A L , V ,.f,0"1l 'llrcc'or;
ii, . , ' " u V
I hi e "f,., ?'eiJ ,Tvr uU f,or
the, coming year. $-'.0. was voted for the.
proper observance of .Memorial Day.
Lf3iidt?r G Cole, cue of the wealth est
residents of Oakland, Cal. was stricken
i with paraljsls recently He Is a native
'ii .Mtintpeiiar ami wen reniemderud by
j tho older r olelc-iita of that edy
"no; collcctrtr of ta.e-s, J 11. Alfred; lis- fence viewers John H Thorn I-" n f'r,,,
Brandon, S arch S.-The oecrscer ot u.,,s. c. II. Hunt. G. G. Orion, II. Davison; . C II" M I grii 1 . '
highways vlth helpers started out this auditors, I. IC. Hunt, S. IC. Wilson, IC. D JoVrV K I . e P ins, "cllr o ' icit'heV
morning to op-m tho so-called Miller Shepardson: trustee, public money, F. W. ,,s c Boers- r ' ad ommlllS ior V , '
bridge toad leading to Sudbury, the- first Shepardson; fence viewers. I. W. Harris, leld C
three miles of which is along the cro-k. C. Whie.er. R. SIct'lellan: grand Jurors whooil!
".-' .n.i "i-hvu nun il "4 . l ii.Miifif'i in- n n v i i. jr i in 1 1 1 iwiiiim
, All..,.,u O A I.,, . - 1" I'-'l tlPltll, I'. . CtUlL-l , IIIIAIC-U .. Illll.-W Hl l'l H..I1 lull,. M It V
.Messenger from North Fnlrfitx savs Sir-. ,il,"ows 1-.fct Academy fund. t. A. Slacomber, J. IC. Rlev; treasurer, L. SI.
Hannah llawley Bunt, aged 71. committed nZ Xl-?," ,,n11' K' "d jurors, L. I. Hunt, jiate.s; ovoise-er of poor, F. B. Macombor;
suicide by hanging this morning. f. '"'V,'" ,V 0rt"n:,,";,! J.' !o' """table, IC. B. Whipple; listers. II. S.
She had been falling mentally for s, - ,',1,S, ' , ' A' .Uf ' n 'St0IK'' " ates, i.uther Putnam; audi-
oral years past, but appealed to be as well J,'1,1,, ' ' ' , , ' , " , '., 'i, V, torfl' l- C- N''f'l"1'- S. H. SIac-otiil)er, John
as usual when she leilred bust night, ii Is ''"''r1' ot:"' ' J1" Isdlctlon Allen; trustee of public money. L. C. Nich-
vpiiMnvTti.-tia 1,1 1., .ci-.,-.
. ,', ,, .,.!,, f'""" j--- lister, i-,, h, kins; overseer of the poor.
'Washington. March S. -Vermont peopla or, 1,1. il. Til ley , pound keeper, Step . .1 L. L. Hail is; enstai.!o, C. K. lU.rt listed
here are n-jololng over tho in-w appoint- N0011I11; road commissioner. IC. SI. Bins- , , iin....l(1' . c-ai..; y rn,,i,
inent of chief clerk for the- war depart, dill; Sfhool commissioner for tlnco years. 1 ',', ..0'n, '.. 1.0!.,'l
ment John C. Sohollold. Tin- u-w chief ts RHln 11. Forbes. Tux fur all purposes 75 I M ,.. p,.ulcll' (;' w Watt's Ve.Vr,i'
1 native or I'lttsto r,i, v t.. whero he was cents on tlio dollar. . MSl.nt u, ,.,,, cs, , ,, D j,,;;
botn December 2ith, M lie gradualo.l .-chool cNiect.ir F O Burt- ncent to
from Sliddlobury college In the class of ) HUNTINGTON. ' ,., , ,t.Vr,t ,.'..?', .., " V'
Gill ictntl bo Will S'frve For the Year I!n
lllng out) Kt in ile nrk.
The annual town meeting was held In
ne.oi-t .l,.n., i,.e,,m 1st constable: L. P.
r; JllllllS HIOMI1S, JSl coiisiaiuei 11. j.
ts, 2d constable; Jonas Slevew, col-
or of taxes; Frank Chuff eu. A. M.
Iteomb and H. M. Noycs, listers; H.
tho town li .11 Tuesday, a largo attendanco ""cl treasurer, Chester Dlckoy; selectmen,
being nresoiiL S. H. Walte wus elected ra C. Calef, D. S. Lmory, D. 1 Stan-
inoihrutoi-; N. O. Wood, town clerk; F. cy; overseers, solectmcn; listers, i nosier
11. Strong, town treasurer; 11. C. Lam- Uld'cy, Frank Ordvay, A. F. Rohotin , J
phcr, John C. Peck r.ud Joseph Foss, so- ro id commissioner, Arthur . Hi tchln-
lectmen: W. G. Ilassett. ovcisoer of the ?''n "thool directors, D. h. Worthley, J.
IJ. Sawjor, C. S. Pago and n. si. sici-nr- UNDIMHIILL.
land, auditor; R. C. Sluiuon, Peter Par- .... t t
mi and 8. IJ. Walte, errand Jurors; S, N. Moderator, II. L. Colcgrovc: clerk J. J.
Whltcomb, road commissioner; E. C. Monahnti; sc W-lmeii I-, llnrrctt J-C. Da
Whllo, school director. It was a warm vies. Robert KlrLy. treasurer L A . Hen
mr. m..n. ..,. Mi,,,.-.. ,iu,.i,inii ry; overseer of tho poor, II. 11. Paine; con-
being hold during the cotirso of the day.
The now list of olllcers Includes nioatly
new hands at the- buslnc.-s, and a gie.it
renovation In town business ls expected
aurnK tl0 crmB L.;lr. siueh dianp-
proval was shown toward the action ot uuei-iur iur uireo jw-.
thn -ehool dlietais in not applying the Newton; road commissioner, J. V. l lynn
2,. cents on .i dollar which was npproprl- was elected on tho ith ballot. A ote.d school
a-ed toward the schcol house debt, it be- tax 4.V, town tax 23c, to pny J2000 of rail
ing applied toward thn ppyment ot ad- ruad bonds which cleans them up. . J.
dltlonal expenses which were Inclined Fuller was oleeted as committee to sell or
but not reckotod In Hie estimate of tho convey town teal estate.
cost of tlv- building. The chief bone o
eontenllon was over tho amount which
tho grand list should bo mudo out at for
the coming year. A tax of 210 cenls on a
dui.tir was llnally voted upon, 00 cents ot
which Is to bo applied on school expense?,
41) cents to road expenses, and the bal-
anco to the remaining expenses of tho
town. Dinner was served In thf church
vestry under tho auspices ot he Lattice'
Ceir. tery Association, and lliew realized
n v tvRtiSFi Ft.n.
,, , . ,,n,.,,i,.. t.i,
Sloderator, II. OF. HrlRham: clerk and
treasurer, F. W. Davis; soltetmen. II. F.
Dilgham, G. W. Glddlngs. 15. J. Donne;
listeis, A. T,. Hall, W. A. Whitney, F. 1).
Al i, ...... .1 .....II.a.u I t Itnll tl C:
Stait, John H. Seinott; overseer or the
lioor, W, O. Htighairi; constable, F. N.
Wells; town gr..nd Jurors, G. C. Corse, W.
O. Iliiglrun; lead commis-ioner, M. F.
Hand; cemetery con,mlsslonors, 5 years,
L. Cot so; conimltleo iirlgliam Acatle
, , , ,,...,.iu. ,r,,,o0 t,.i.r.
3 '-f1 Cc co ?v
;,m h ; 1-1'- ".'?' ",,a,"," CT'X
F.1."".1 ?'.? L "' I odg" 1 1 , SI . L. h I a 1 1 ,
tW. 11. Glddlngs; sexton, F. N. Wells.
! Sloderator, F. W. Baldwin; clerk, L,
SI. Htiblinrd; trciiiror, II. C. Pieice, so-
I'ctmon, O. A. White, A.' It. lCmers-'ii, C. expenses, J21 was appropriated for Slemo
N. Leonard: 1st constable. C. C. Grow 2d rial ilnv. S12J for the Centennial library
ingcr, trusted of public money. J. S. Gor-
don: fence viewers, P. D. Jameson, .
N. I'heips, W. A. Soulo; grand Jurors, R.
W. Darby. Dunc.in McGregor, Jr., Guy
Haynes, inspt-ctor of leather, H. C. Ladd;
road commi-sioner, P. D. Jameson; nge-nt
tu defend suits against tho town, L. F.
S'Uilo; school director, H. 11. Reynolds,
it - tnreo years scnool uirecior, iienry
-.uttt for one ye-ir; library trustee, II. W.
Marvin. Voted to raise 123 ier cent on
tho grand list to defray town expenses.
.Moderator, C. G. Peck; clerk, treasurer
and Hu.steo, J. F. Silles; selectmen, N.
D. 1 artcli, II. SI. Page, C. J. HusacII;
overseer uf poor and poor tarni dlieclor.
Ci. D. liuyntoii; constable, 1 1. C. Russell;
listers. L. J. Itrownson, Harrison Uwen,
J. H. Allen; auditoi.s, H. A. lieccher, II.
" 1 lU,';, ,U' I,,"rVfenc"1 vlow!I'
Jamc-s H. Hlid, Peter Lavlgne, James Da-
vis; grand Juror, II. A. needier; inspector
oC leather. William Sanctuary: tolind
k.eper. Napoleon Lewis; Inspector of lum-
Lor and shingles, J. 11. Allen, town ag. nt.
C. II. Weed: school director. II. SI. Pi.go;
t, ,. ,,i, .. . ,
- u-uiL-itij it untc-i, x, ... ..men, t u.m cum-
m,tsloner. L. 1. Ha . Voted to giv tho
Mo(lo,atol, , w. ..arris: town clerk. A
H. Hcemnn; selectmen, I. W. Panis, IC.
Klnsbur.v, C. A. llawloy; 1st consta-
'"o. j. il .iiiinii -ci i-uiu-uiuic, j. i,, jisc-i-
" 'J .r." . .V' " J.iV "L
v.-yor of wood and lumber. George Ken -
(kd: ,0,i commissioner. Dolno Beards-
,fy; town nsjeiu to (iefend suits, I, IC.
Hunt, school diirctois, C. H. Brush, I-.
,..,,. ,, ,, . , v i i n, i, , iJ nf
;., V ,, : . " rA rV,. -c,
' Z , . - in . . ?T
, i' i " .
!,llZ f ' I , .)L , L , nf ',. n,,i
$-..uii tor tlio maintenance or a tioo pub-
lie ibrary; voted to abolish the, town
liquor agency.
W Ml... .1111 1f,
(ren'me-. O W Is ham- so cctnoi II
if,'. I"""0. ', ' ..'. lsnnm' .."f "."l0"', li:
."' "....:.. ,,,.: j,,, rr!...T.' '
usii'is, i'.iiu: sou iiiiisiuii, eiiariics .soriii.
a ull... overseer of thn noor Vm-I
'''"" ce.M:h wf0:
auditors; IC, It, Sutton, IC. D. Isham and
IC, Tllloy; feuca viewers, II. H.vC.irr,
Sli dcrntor. F. D. Falhv. SI. n elerk.
Geo, so . S.iyles; selectmen, G. II. Hal-
1,.l, r- Vl- 1....U,,. I a c. .l. lt..
- .., , iinii.-ii'i
J. C. C.tnicnter, T. H. Sweet, G. SL Nor-
,u"l: ''onstablo, II. W. Glllett; treasurer,
,,,,,1 trustee. John Finco: overseer cr thn
poor, Wiirham llrewwlcr; agent lo prose
cute and defend suits, Henry Brewster;
hmu commis-ioner, . .1 itaniinii; scncoi
director for threo years. Kenslo Buriiham
auditors. F. R. Strong. B. S, .Mori III .md
A. II. Ross; sextons, South village, II. J.
Butts; Ne-rth village. SlontravHle Ross:
i"c-iur ot ii-aiiier, c. 1. ityuian, m-
ti'cotor of lumber, William Goss; pound
I. .. ur t
liibltcctor of leather, C. L. U'yinan, In-
I c v, , v
A. L: Ga.usha: clerk . and
iiiiudurer, . u. hop o seiceimon, . v.
1,("co' K 'role;
overseer of poor and poor houso director,
A- ,J- Horsk u; conslnblo ami collector,
Walter S. Roble: school dlieclor for thno
years, ' Edgar Phillips; trustee ol public
?none . F"A n0 , ' sters. II. n Olmsteid.
II. Towlc. George Tltcmore, town
Kiand Jurotii. John Webster, Phdn M.
Stanley, town Haent. E. R. Bell, i.udltors.
C W aatesn, C W. Powell, James Hill;
road commlBiloner, S. P Trunx, trusteo
or public library for five yeais, c, w.
lyatcs. Voted to paj' tlio taxes to tho
, liii, , nil uiiu null L llie ilu iwtit r..,,. ,. a.,-.... , i i.
troinurer; voted $2,".00 for Memorial day;
town tax 30 cents on tho dollar.
Moderator, S. H. Carpenter; town clerk
heaver; constatilo ntvi collector, u. w
-- , ,,, . a !
Downing; library commissioner, S. h.
f'arpenter. Tax, hlglmiiy, M cmis; fcchool,
M '-enls; town tax, $1.00.
' nnd collector. V. J. 1; ul or; lUUcrs,
Milium Mvnn, T. S. Whipple, T. SI.
Graves; auditors, J. J. Monahan, Abraham
Marlow, Geo. C. Dunton; town agent to
prosecute nnd defend stilts, F. Barrett;
, t-vcittnttnc-tr
',"UB"U" '"
Moderator, Richard Smith, clerk, W.
W. Hutchinson, selectmen, A. P. Leach,
J. SI. Hurt. E. V. Smith; road commls-
sloner, II. S. Leach; treasute-r, Hiram
I.add; overseer of tho poor, James Kemp;
constable. A. J. Croft; listers, C. II. Abels,
W. J. Chalice, Clias. Allen; auditors, U.
J. Parmolee, G. S. F.issctt, Lyman Gilbert;
town agent, 10. SIcFecters. Tho sum of
W was approprlnto.il Tor tho public II-
brar.v nnd a sum of money not to exceed
lft wtm voted for the proper observance
f ,,pmnri,., ,
i Memorial D.ij.
,.,.... .,
..imiuillltji-, v,e'i. niwflfl, tit-.i .ill-.
treisuter, Fred O. Fleetwood; selectmen
IC. K. Riigli.un, II. P. Slunson, A. IJ.
Smith; listers, A. A. Nlles, Geo. II. Ter
rlll, Oscar Sherwln; audltois, A. L. Che
ney, C, F. Smith; over.-eer of poor, George
A. Cheney; agent, Ccorgo SI. Powers;
toad commissioner, G. A. Harrows; ceme-
io.iu commissioner, i.. .. narrows
comtt.lssioner, G. W. Doty:
direetor, John SI. Campbell; first
n'n 'tWnn: entlretnr .,
ble, Gcorgo K. Towno; collector of taxe,
Levi Small; trustee of imblle money. H.
SI. Rlrh; town grand Juror. Seymour Har
ris; second town ginnd Juror, S. C. Town.
A. tax of $1.10 was voted to defray town
elerk; II. SI. Gipson, J. W. Lyman; se-
joeimen; W. C. Fletcher, constable- anet
collector; W. P. Scott, treasurer; II. SI.
Girsnn, ovei.:cr of poor: G. H. Church-
ni. H. SI. R. Wllley. C. SL Wlnsl' W,
listers; Thomas Hums, W. A. Atwell.
muntl jurors; W. II. Wright, F. C.
Spooner, D. J. Grlditli, auditors.
Sloderator. Hon. George H. Child: town
elerk, II, S. Thompson: selectmen. Thomas
F. Dewey, ICrwin G. Piper, W. C. Sturte-
vant; treasurer, Hon. George JC. Child:
, ,)0r mnster. selectmen ennstnhle mul eni.
, leetor, Louis Rivers; listers, Charles S.
1 James, Martin IC. Spraguo, Lucius j!
1 WrUht: mad commissioner,' Charles O
Harvey; school directors, L. O. Thompson
Patiick Dillon. Samuel J. Howies; town
aguu, Klmer IC. Cowles; 'voted W ee-nts
on the dollar to cover all taxes. The town
vote,i t0 a(.ct ot thu c.,atp al(1 t0
u"h tree ml Me 1 br-irv
00 , i rf- rv , . , ,
A J n cJ or o in W
or t ra voirs Kter 1-' Cowk" for -hrec
rnrK Vnrl y ,VcU Tfor rur ves
: ! '"' "1" ftpragun tor toui eals,
lleroert I. 1 honilismi fnr lie,, ve'iri
I " L,10m,s0" for IUl Cdr
Sloderator, John II. Thorp; clerk and
treasurer. W. W. Higbeo: selectmen, J.
.1. Qtilnlan, Williams Footo, F. H. Smith;
over.-cer of the poor, George A. Footo;
' uV' ' n 1 'V 5??,".0"
W. N. Ncwc-lT; auc'lltors, Chiiries SI.' Hylngl
ton, Charles D. Cook, Stanton Williams
tmsteo public monev. W. W. Hicbee
''v i - l'v wni. on an xaxos paid en
, ,1 lolk r for all m irnoses
" '"'rnosca'
Sloderator, S. II. Slaccmiber: clerk. L
V ',', " "ll-'t " cuiinan, ceotBO
Kimball, Gcorgo
" "tu'N- u' "ilK,n grauci juror, S. II.
M't""1",': ui commissioner, F. II.
S,nlt,1; l,rnr" lnisw- C- P' Mnt-omber;
"';t'n' to prosecute and defend stills, S. H.
Slacomber. thlid school director, t: n
, lnu-c-ies. It was vnte.i ir. ,-ic., .. ..r
W cents in the dollar ot the grand list; to
unserve .-10111011111 uay; to expend a sum
....... ,,,uic- UlilU t. ICIf
not ioss man u.o nor more than $3flu for
''J,"''''' f c'i0' Iwi'sos and to approprlato
51- toward purchasins an organ for use in
I lne town nan.
.Moderator. V. P. Slacutchan; clerk, Alice
A. Raymond; tioasurer, O. IC. Luce; sc.
lectmen, A, 11. Cheney, George H, McAl
Is interested. P. D. Pike: nmlltora 1. a
Pike, J, B. Ayers, F. E. Staftord; collector
I nf tnvnu A - -b..u nn,.
... . ciiiiiiiiicieo
, elected tit the sieclal town meeting wcro
empoweieci to purchase such a farm as In
their discretion seemed best nnd nm .1...
samo in repair to bo used as a poor farm.
.Moderator, C. S, Dana; clfrk and treas
urer, A. P. Roscoo; selectmen, Geo. C.
Fltts, W. 11. Hunt. J. O. Rottum; listers,
E. A. Langdon, E. C. Ryder. Sherrod
Blown: constable, J, A, Cadwcll; overseer
iniinin cinmiuuie, tt , .. cauweii; overseer
of the poor. Josiali Cowles; fence viewers,
I - I. in,.i.i t t . A n n '
town Brn.l ju.ors. SI. J. Laudon. B, H, SI.
moneys. A. P, Roscoo, F. T. Nnsh; Lhoo.
director tor t n eo years c. 8, Dana; road
co.niulssloiier, B. j! Fisher. Tax voted, W
i per cent.
Sloderator, L. W. Pcet; clerk, c. II.
I Lane: treasurer, W, H- Illnshaiii: select.
mer SI S Cair, James L Douglas. Ar-
thur J. Field, constable, Slarvin E.
Twitchell. overseer o tho noor. rtollln
I A Footo; Haters, W II, DoLong, Robert
! Enslon, 1'nyettu Searls, school director,
w II BliiKliam. ro.ul commissioner, John
.E. Sperry. auditors, Homer S, Cobb, John
,.v.... ...... pu., ,1, n,l,ll 1,1(1 1 IV 1
Halnon, J. W. Atwood; agent V. II.
Ulngham. Town tax SO cents.
Sloderator. J. D. Denlson: clerk, Henry
W. Tewkshtiry; Helccimen, SI. D. Church,
A, O. Osgood, IC, A, Shattuek; listers, J.
P. Cleveland, G. S. Hull, C. L. Ilodge;
auditors, J. F. Slead, C. It. Granger, It, C.
Gilbert; treas., W. II. DuHols; collector,
C. R, Granger; ovoiseer, D. H. Slorse;
trustee of public money, IS. T. Lombardj
constable, Luko Parish; n'cond constable,
IC. W. Kent; town grand Jurors, C. L.
Hodges, James Hutchinson. H. C. Waldo;
pound keepers, W. R. Halrd, W. S. Wood,
A. W. Finery; surveyors of wood and In
Hpcctors of lumber, Lemuel Richmond,
George W. Davis, J. A. Huswell; Inspec
tor ofleather. F. C. Cone; K-xtons, P.. A.
Smith, II. II. Chnndlor, W. IC. Adams, S.
11. Waldo; fence viewers, J. II, Hasp. J. C.
lleb.ird, J. C. Greene; school director fjf
three years, Jolin H. Goodrlcli; public li
brary trustee, J. W. Fargo; road commix
nlnner, J. li. Wells; reimetery trustees, A.
G. Osgood, Irvln ChnsoigrandJ urors, Wal
ter C Howard, Herbert C. Allen, Lyman
Hutchinson, George II. Osgood, A. G.
Wheeler, Luko Palish; petit Jurors, G. O,
Huswell. W. SI. SlcCollom. II. R. Wight.
C. H. Slnnn, Fred Seymour, J. C. Greene.
O. IC. Cushman. II. C. Waldo, O. L. Hnr
iidcn. G. II. Temple, G. L. Slnrtln, Web
ster lCaton. Appropriated $.V) for Slemo
rlal day .mi $2") for tho public library.
Town tax vot?d, 4a cents, which Includes
tho State, Stato school, State highway
and county taxes. Same commission al
lowed collector as last year and bumo dis
count for payment of taxes.
Town clerk, O. IC. Sheridan; selectmen, '
Joseph lllnerth, C. S. Carman. C. C. Shi I
don; tro-isurer, IC. D. Herrlek; constablo
nnd collector, C. It. Cummlngs: listers,
P. Sears, S. S. Stevens, James Hannah:
school director, )C. Smith; auditors, J. A.
Hutler, Lyman Folton, IC. D. Heniok:
petit Jurors, L. IC. Leitikos, G. W. Sbar
row. IC. P. Smith, D. N. Hurton, G. W.
Deal. Col. Dunton. IC. IC. Hc-rrlck, J. R.
Dlmon, D. IC. Loukes; prand Jurors, IC. J. t
Phelps, A. L. Thompson, J, lllnerth, F
C. Cool. Vote on abolishing liquor agency
37 in favor to K opposed Adjourned till
tho last Saturday In Slarch to act on two
articles In warning, namely, "To see if
tlio town would vote to pay indebtedness
In district No. fi, also to sen if the town
would appropriate S2,."i0o to build a school
ho'isu In Illshgate Centre. .
1 The March m 'jet Inn was held In Stiles'
hall with S. N. Dlx as moderator. A
sharp contc.U for tho otllco of town elerk
'was expected and tho largest vote e-ver
cast at a Starch meeting In this town re
sulted as follows: C. L. .Martin, 2:,';; O.
N. Keltnn, $s; C. F. Rawson, 2. Slight
changes were made In tho salaries of town
olllcers. Tho policy of 4 per cent discount
for the prompt payment of taxes was
continued. 11. II. Halle, Charles Sine la
and Fied I'.nwson -vero chosen selectmen;
W. J. Wright, tre-vsuier: Joel C. Good
spred, overseer of twor: C. SI. Foley, con
stable; W. O. Donney, J. H. Lambert and
G. W. Wright, for listers; S. N. Dlx, C. ,
A. Gardyna and Jas. Goodspted, auditors;
.('. P. Ciaiip, trusteo of public moneys;
'lCli Sliangraw, fence viewer; I'. G. Bren-
nan. grand Juror, Will Lepper, inspector
nf lesitherjll. S. Currier, load commis
sioner: Dr. IC. T. Brown, school director
for threo yors, and Jas. Goodspoed to
till tho unexpired term of C. A. Ke'.ton,
for one year. Voted that every man
should bo a pound keeper nnd his yaid
or barn a ppiinrt. The tlrst selectman wan
elected agent to i-osecute and defend
suits and be given tho authority to em-,
plcy counsRl. J. A. Flint was appointed)
asslttint town clerk. The constable
jurisdiction was extended throughout thu
State. Tho articlo In the warning iclatlvc
to closing tho liquor agency wus voted
down. Tuxcm to bo raised were agreed
upon as follows: Contingent fund, 70
cents; school fund, SO cents and highway
f'i'id 35 cents on tlio grand list. The lit
ter to includo tho State highway tax. Tlio
school ellree'ors were instructed to in
vestigate and report nt a f'-.turo mcetln;
ln regard lo the matter of an adequate,
school building at Slontgomery Centre. ,
Clerk and treasurer, W. B. SIclClroy;
selectmen, George A. Lewis. Charles C.
Wlggln, Henry A. Daniels, listers, D. W.
Tarbox, II. R. Chapln, SI. W. Miles;
overseer of poor, L. It. Wells; auditors,
W. C. White, R. IC. Densrrvire. George S.
Herrlek; town agent, William Chapln;
grand Jurors, SI. K. Price, G. Sawyer;
road commissioner, Martin Penbrook;
constables, 1st. J. F. Hastings; 2d. D. P.
Sawyer. Voted a tax of $1.70; voted to
hate a town liquet' r.gent and a deputy
health olnco-.
Sloderator, W. E. Bliss; town clerk and
treasurer, O. H. Kent, selectmen. II. A.
.Morse, C. A. SIooio nnd L. C. Parker;
overseer of the poor. II. E. Burnnp; con
Mnble, A. G. IDutton; listers, I. S. Tabor.
II. E. Burnap, J. N. Bliss; auditors, W.
IC. Bliss, H. C. W.-l-s. E. W.
Cote; grand juror. S. B. Fair: roai
W. Cote; grand Juror. S. B. Farr; road
commissioner, A. W. Hawkins, agent to
prosecute and defend suits. A. Dwlnell;
se'.ijol moderators. SI. S, Hathaway, H. IC.
j Burnap, F. J. Gale.
' Constable, Geo. B. Farr: poor master,
C. G, Vinton; road commissioner, R. A.
Dunham: selectmen, D. B. Blalc, Clar
ence IC. Martin, C. G. Vinton: listers, W.
W. Jones, Geo. B. Farr, Pe-.irl Dunham;
auditors. C. SI. Bobbins, E. It. Clallin.
Wayne Dunlin m; school director, John
Flint; town clerk and tteasurer, Holla. i
The olllcers elected In the town ot Parre
on Tuesday wcro cleik and treasurer, D.
A. Camp; .selectmen, W. J. Ciapp, Ell Hid
den .end O. SI. Waterman; ovon-cer of tho
poor, J. SI. Ward; road commls.-l ner, G.
H. Hutchtns; listers, C SI. Winch, C. N. ,
Viarber, L. W. St-ott; tlist constable, A. B.
Gutchlns: second constable, Lewis SU-
Leod; grand Jurors. Ell Holden, Wllbu;
Cutler nnd C. N. Barber. A tax rate of
$1.75 was voted.
Clerk and treasurer, I, A. Shattuek; first
constable, C. W. Bailey; second constable,
E. SI. Hull elected over V. W. Rand; se
lectmen, C. A. Stanford, John Hancock,
G, W. Biidgman, overseer of the poor, F.
A. Fay; road commissioner, C, A. Clapp.
Tho usual amount was appropriated for
town expenses. Sloney was appropriated
to purclinso scenery to complete the equip
ment ot tho town opera hall,
Sloderator, Horace W. Bailey; town
clerk and treasurer, Albert W. Sllsby; se
ll ctmen, Byron O. Rogers, Washington
Patterson, L. W, McAllister, over.-e"r,
John F. George; constable and collector
or taxes, John R. Weed, dsters, John R,
Weed, Dexter S. Fulton, Herbert 1. Rnu
dull; auditors, F. Sherwin, M, A. Gale,
Ile-rbeit I, Randall; trustees nt tho public
money. A. W. Sllsby; fence viewers, Jas.
Sllnard, A, SI. Pencil, Gcorgo A. Bailey;
town grand Jurors, B. O, Rogers, R. G.
Brock, W. W. Brock, Jr.; road commls.
sloner, Wniren W. Bailey; town agent,
John R, Weed; school director for threo
years, Abner J, Whltehor; $35 was voted
for Slemorlal Day. The town history pub
lication was left in tho hnnds of tho se
lectmen and Mr. F. P. Wells, tho histor
ian. Seventy cents on tho dollar town tax
was voted. 30 cents highway (Including tins
State hlg-hway tax) was voted. It was
voted by a small majority to continue tho
liquor ngepcy. A new feature (n Newbury
town meetings, much enjoyed by all was
the half hour recess at noon for refresh,
mcnts, vlbltlng ,ctc.
At tho town meeting on Tuesday all of
thn former olllcers of the tewn were re
olected tor another year.
The World Champion High
Diver, Thomas Donaldson,
Fatally Injured.
At tho Sportimen'n Shinr at Stadlioa
Ml cue re Gurdeii-I.ost Control of ttii
Iloily at,d Did t Come Out of the
TYater-l'racturcd II In Skull and
t'rmhtd Hit Fnce,
New York, March S. Thomas Donaleison
of Hath Ucaeh, L. J., known the world
over as the champion high diver, dnt-i
from tho roof of .Madison Squ.iro Garieu
a distance ot feet this afternoon wit i
probaly fatal results.
Donaldson tratoled for some years w th
llarnum & Bailey and has been tho star
attraction at tho Sportmen's Show no;v
runnlrs in tho garden. He has been mak
ing two dives daily. Thu tank is less tha.i
eight feet deep ami on two or threo for
mer occasions Donaldson did not have tho
sticce-.-s c-xpecttel and camn out of the w ,
tor with hcmorthasc'S from tho noso ui t
Harry Cornish, hos had charge ot tho
water sports and it was ho who this aftei
noon gave Donaldson the signal to dive.
3(,cn persons weio present and saw thu
famous diver lean from tho platform, and
falling slowly forward mado tlio plunge.
Ho shot straight downward but it was
plain before) h had got halT tho distance
that ho had lost control of his body, ll-i
struck tho water head tlist and failed to
come up. Small circles of blood camo bub
bling up from tho bottom and Harry
Reeder the amateur champion swimmer
and an attache of the garden plunged int j
the w.Uer. Tho man dove several t.inc-t
anld finally Reeder brought Donaldson to
the surface. Ho was apparently .load with
blood llowlng from mouth! nostrils an 1
e-ars and from wounds on tho head.
Donaldson was carried to ono of tho
dressing rooms and attended by several
physicians. He was then removed to the
New York hospital. Ho has a fractured
skull with compression oC the brain and
tho left side of his faco Is crushed In.
The surgvons at the hospital say that liU
death is only a question of hours.
Witnesses of tlio accident say that as
Donaldson left tho platform tho colors
which were dropped about him became)
loose. His attention was diverted and ho
did not have his wits about him when liei
struck tho water. Ho weighed more than
210 pounds and struck witli terrific force
Donaldson was 4." years of age. Just be
fore making this dive ho said ho Intended,
to challenge Kearney T. Speedy, tho
champion htgh diver of the world.
Washington, Slarch S. "No appoint
ments in tho census force will be made at
present," says cx-Gov. W. R. Slerrlam,
director of tlio next census. "I hopo to
got tho organisation started by April 1
Tho SoO supeiivsors will not bo appolnte 1
before Di. 1 next, but In th-- meatitne t
will bo selecting tho various experts who
will havo charce of tin details. Th.t
enumeration does not begin until Juno
"At least t0) enumerators will be re
quired. Wo will occupy this summer and
next winter In plott.r.g thn l'nitd States
into geographical divisions nnd s.ib'l.v -slons
and assigning thn suivrvlrur.s ai d
tho enumerators to their respective dis
tricts. This will bo really the flrt w.tric
wo shall do."
Tho law directs that the census shall ha
taken ln Alaska nnd Hawaii. No decision
his been mado yet about what Is to no
dono about Porto Rico and the Philip
Waterbury, Slatch fi. At the .mini -1
meeting held this evening the follow u
ollicers wcro elected for the ensuing yeat .
President, C. IC. Mnniy, second trustee. G.
B. Evans; third trustee, Thomas O'N- i ;
clerk, J. J. Colby; ti easiirer, J C. F.irra ,
collector of taxes, C. C Graves; first .n
dltor. S. W. Joins; steeond auditor, W. V
Bryan; third auditor, C. SI. Gillllth. cM f
engineer, W. II. Carroll; first as-dst.u t
engineer, John Deal: second James lla -tle;
lire wardens. S. W. Jjii-s, Ch ,r:-
Keene, P. G. Wright. Joseph Huniiln-;
water commissioner for tlnee yiars. G.
K. Moody. It was voted to l.ilso 2'i cents
on tint dollar to meet villag. expen-e-.
that t lie board of e gino-r.s lie instruct d
to pay the numbeis of tli tiro com pan
PO cents for the tirst hour of setiiie ,t
fires and 23 cents lor each additional 1-onr
thereafter; that tho taxes bo collected be -foro
September 1.
New York. .March J.. Rudyard Kipling j
health continues to mend slowly. So tu
beef tea is his only articlo of diet a l
nothing will t added to It until an ir -provement
in bis condition will permit 1 i
has not yet been told of tho death of h 3
dnughter Jo- phlne. EIfIc, the other
daughter, rested quietly to-day.
Bellows Falls. Slarch 7. George Potter,
a br..keman on the Boston nnd Slaina
inllroad was j-oriously Injured here this
morning. Ho was standing on top of a
moving freight train with b:s back to
wards tho engine and on enteritis; tho
yard tuiin.i was sttuek In tho head bv
tho stone work. His head was badly
brul-ed and the scalp torn from tho neck
up so that It hung In folds over hi.- face.
Ills woiinls were dressed hero and he w.isi
taken to Urnt'leboro, wheto ho tesldcs,
Tor Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears tho
Signaturo of
Ber the ) lnB Kiatl You Hare Always Boict
Bi6nr 2L&mz&
Bean tio ) 8 You Have Always Bc'igiit.
Beati tho I Kind You Have Always Boutfit

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