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Secretary Long Asks For the
Construction of 18 War
Vessels in His Report.
bihiiuld bn Provided If Proper Knntrnot
Cannot bo Mudo Xa .Sultsitilu Armor
Cnti lu Secured ut !300 l'er Ton
Men In Snntlngn right Should
be U.Mtirdoil.
Washington. Dec. 3. Tnc mutual report
i i he m aviary ot the navy In u docu-
.rnt ot uinM'.ml lntciost, lU-nllniT not on
1, with the .vmk ot tho navy during tho
1 .-t uur and important loooinmciulutlons .
i r Hi. future but also discussing Dm ------ ....
nuie important qitesiloiis iclali'ig to tho supplies and account, aivl mi.1i other In
siavy, Including the authorization of IS new cldenlal changes made as. bocamo noocs
v ar sh.ps, tho Imperative need of special nary.
1. Msiatl.m in the cutl days of Congress. ,NCIKASK GF COItl'S OK NAVAT
.r .irmor ot the lies t quality that can he, CONSTRUCTORS
j l.iln. d nnd the proposition that tho
ianks of Congress be given to the com- The number of constructors noiv allow-..hdcr-m-cliler
of the North Atlantlo ed by law Is 10. This number Is reported
. .,, imn ..ml in in,, nilleiuit ariil men mi- bv I In- elilef of the bureau of eoilslrtic-
u r his command for the part they took
li. the n.ival epi lations at Santiago. llu- ariiiioiis, increasing, nnu rc-poisn.iu
These larger Items of the report receive duties devolving upon the construe. Ion
extended attenticn nt thu hands ot Score- corps with tho large amount of conHrue
tarv Ixjng. As to thu incrcaso of tho n.ivy Hon which Is at present In progress. It
h, 'jiv: Is therefore recommended that this ilml-
Tbo number of large, swift, and power-
f 1 armored cruisers of great coal cnutir- Do removeu. anil linn it ne leu 10 me uis
11 ce lu our navy Is largely disproportion- erellou of the secretary to appoint to this
li c lo the rest of the naval cvltiilj.lshmejit. corps, from graduates of the Navy Ac.ul-
'Iho ( xiierienep of the hint year has also
Hliown the need of several smaller veit-els
iiKii.illv rUiMA o iriiiihrinlB. It is thele-
f lo recommcniUil that Congress be le- H has been the i.ustom of the depart- ,,, vessels therein authorized from being nma sum of J24.2-IS.H47. Mr. Smith iiin
q tested to authorize tho constmctlon of mini for a number of jenrs to select two i-niuiacled for until the armor therefor Is eludes that over one-fourth of the entire
tiie rollowing oH.els: or three '.ing men iroiu among inn
First- Th r-'o arnrarcd crulreis, of about brightest graduate nf til" Naval Academy
: ,010 tons trial displacement, of a miixl- anil send them abroad for a post-grade-jt.
nm draft at deep load not to exceed 2, ate course In naval architecture, lly this
f t, canylng the heaviest armor and sytem the coips of coi,tructors has Ik-uii
most jtowerful ordnance for vessels of brought to a high slate of clllclency.
t loir clnsa to be sheathed and coppered r..eni.-mi,' nr.' fnpi nv rtVif,
and to havo tho highest practicable t-peed
&i, rrreiit i-odlii of action.
Second Twelve gunboats, or about ;o
t ns trial displacement to be sh"athcd and
nd, third, as recommeiwHed a year age.
r e protected cruisers or atoiit tons
I i.il ..Isplaceinent, carrying tho most pow-
t fill ordnance for vessels ot their c.h.
t be sheathed and coppered, and to havo
. l. ifii. , rvi"-i,.ii!ii,ti :.rut !?t'.'fir
. ........h ,'...v.....'.v. -,... CI - - -
- dills ot action.
Tho increase in tho tonnage of the lust
ree named vessels from t'.CKO tons, as
ri ommciKled u year ago, to ono tons is
t ggistcd by thu naval board on construe-
t m is better adapted to the prn.mt
l.. cds ot the aervlco. Tho same boarrl nro
a so of the opinion thut ir any ot inn
ijregolng vessels are authorized, the law
s onld provide that in case satisfactory
1 da can not be obtained foi their con-
i, hi. fnn by eontraut. tho ilepartment
t all have authority to construct the same
in the navy-yards.
Thc M-circtury's referenco and recom-
1 en i itioii as to those who took part in
Hie operations at Santiago are as rollows:
1 1.. .1... l.n.l rP
.viiiic iiiuso ciiKiiKi-u in mu ...nnu ui
Manila have been deservedly rewarded
...u nu 1,,1-n u.u u-r.-t. c.v... ......
r Mi- tliose who took part in the opra-
uoii 111 fiiiniiiKu, ui.-i i.ijii.K inu Mime urn-
f IIUUHB CUIIIIIICI illlll OAll rtOl lllll.ll IIUIU-
i.n, ......a,.,.i r.,.nt,n ...nu.
1 ir lor their great servb es except tho
r 'ommendatioiii for promotion by tho
1 resi.lent which lurvo lap-d, not having
l -en icted upon by tlio Senate.
The ilepartment bclleveu It due to these
I .'lain men to suggest to yon that their
til' is lirrecognlz. ilamlequaljiixtlceiloni
l em .ml that, In accordance with tin
t I'ute In such ceiMS, made and ptovlded
i r. eommend that tlio thanks of Con
e ie given to tho commander-ln-chlet
it th" North Atlantic squadron and to tho
e i r- and men under his command, as
ty y were given in the ease or the com-
nJ r-in- hier and officers anil men of
siatlc squadrcn. The North Atl intie
.i.Kliou was chatged with great and ex-
log duties, including the blockade or
1 a cooperation with tho armv, .'mil tho
ihuit, h.oekade anil cupturr ot th"
.inipli souadron under Admiral Ceiveia.
i- I which it discharged with signal elTI-
ncy. It was ti campaign of great scor.o
ml enormous icpoindhllltim and was
oi ght to a successful and glorious cr.ii-
' munition, which terminated thu war by
ihe el. .-tructlon of the Spanish .ea power.
I was marked by unsutpassed precision,
linlliancy and vigor. That the men who
1 j such achievements earned their eoiin
r - gratitude luuo received no reward
1 im lis government Is an omission whkh
it cannot lie doubted wdll bo cordially and
g nerously repalrtil.
Secretary Long refers to the retuuiofAd
lidrai Dewey nnd his enthusiastic welcome
from the whole country. After sneaking
or ihe New Yolk reception and the sword
presentation in Washington, the secretary
M.m.s up by saying it was tho nation's
The warships claiming bounty and prize
money rrom the many captures and en-
r-gemetits during the war are set forth
In detail. Tho secretary says the survey
the tians-Paciflc cable route Indicates
' .ft it will be entirely practicable. It Is
li tended also to survey n cabin route from
Guam to Yokohama. It Is proposed to
s- tpply all new ships with smokeless pow
Tho 12-inch gun has boon so greatly do
V loped that it has been designateel as the
aviost gun for the latest battleships, in- .
s'end of the 13-lncli gun. Many improve
ments In naval oidnanco are underway,
li hiding uniform calibre for smaller arms
i ud maehlnj guns Work on the design
ut" gunluat No. 11 to iiplaco tho Michigan
ot the Great Lukes, has been auspendul
P nding negotiations with Great lirltaui
f r a modiiliiitlon of Iho treaty. Sccie- 1
t ry Long review aUso tho various iuial
n 'letent- or the nsi year
I'ho secretary gives a tulilo showing na-
vil coiistriicticn going on abroad, as com-
pucu with that in the uniteei hltitcs.
with that lu the United
-I'l.'Ul HUH, It aptic'l'S mill eniy Italy Illlll
J pan laid down less tonnage than this
i untry during tho present year and that
1 dy al'ino has loss tonnage l.nder eon
f rm : ion Th.' total tonnage under crm
h lie lion Is: England, 531, CSU; Fram e, 2."..
r Gnrmnny, lH.tS3. Italy. 120,r,IO: Japan,
a iWKl. Russia, 222,!i7U; United States, 123,.
III he opinion or tlte department It
n-oiilrl he in Iho Interest nf irnnil l.iij.ln..Bt
oignnlzatlem and economy lo consolidate,
the three Iniieaus of coiiKtructloii end re -
) Ir, steam, engineering atl equipment
n idi r ono bead. Theso bureaus havo lo
di with the construotion and lilting out
ot vessels; lu ono word, the mnttrlil of
tl o ship. It Is an Integral work.
Kaeh ol tlio abovo bureaus lias now,
el ring the- construeitlon of naval vessels,
Its separate Inspectors al ouch yard. A
e i nso'idnteil bureau con tl, of course, bo
i. n much ehe-aper than three hiiie.i'is. and
a great snving made by a teiluotion of Iho
n '.v three separate working foicos, both,
el tie'al and mechanical, especially in our 1
n vy-yards. Fewer naval ofileers would be
TWded, as thoro would bo hut one staff
In tend of threo, so that moro onlcors
would be avallahle for other duty. Under
tho present system ono bureau brings Its
work to the point of readlnoss for the
work of another, which Is not always
ready for It. Thero Is necessarily a lack
of that adaption and harmony ot move
ment which oro head would secure.
If this consolidation were effected, the
ir. at'er of furnishing coal and other cur
rent supplies, which Is now under he eli
te Hon nf the bureau of equipment, could
lie easily transferred to the bureau of
" Want of Watchfulness
makes the Thief."
Many cases of poor health
come from want of watch
fulness. 'But if you keep
your blood pure no thief can
steal your health.
The one effective, natural blood puri
fier is Hood's Sarsaparilla. It nerer
Impure Blood-"Flv8 years I guttered
with pimples on face and body, Hood's
Barsiparllla cured me permanently.
klio cured my father's carbuncles." Amiirt
K. Ciiast, Tustln City, Cnl.
eMnrrh-'THsacroeable catarrhal drop
pings In my throat made me nervous and
ftl?7T. Mv tlvpr n-nt tnrnhl. Hood's Sar-
napnrills corrected both troubles. My
health Is very good." Mns. Klvira J
Smiley, 171 Main St.. Auburn, Maine.
TTond'i I'll!" rursllforltlti the non.lrrltatltijTM.il
only citthitrtlc lo tkc with lluud'i hrMprllla.
tlon and lopalr ns Inslllclont to perform ,(v
tatlon as. to the number of constructors
err v. such additional assistant construe-
tors as tho demands of the icrvico mako
Attention is invtteil to tnc recomm'jmia-1
Hon ot the chief of the bureau of yards ,
nnd docks that the grade of assistant civil ,
engineer bo establish :d In addition to that
of civil engineer, ninl that tho number of
olllcers of tho corps of civil Kustneers bo
Increased to 30. At present the corps '.s
composed of 21 ofileers, all ot the grade
nr i,.ii ntinni... Tlii.M nnmlier Is not but-
tF, v......v.. ...... . .
licltnt for the proi er conduct of the work
of designing, bill illig. and maintaining
thn public works of the navy. Thero are
at present four graving noons oi mo
largest slr.e and one steel dock under eon-
strnetkn, and o.herd may be atithoiiz d.
Many new buildings are nlo in piocess .i
contemiil.i.tloii or construction at tne ar.-
0us navy-yiirilc. and a number ot n w
yards estalili.-hi'd 111 our recently acquit cd
possessions denial id the attention ot a
civil engineer, llu- unties devolving ui uu
the bureau of yards and doiks, tlierelor
have been gieatly incrca.'-ed, and a larger
Matt or civil onginocis Is neccssaiy it a
proper supervision is to lie inaliniili"d
over the imp mailt impiuimcnt, which
r... ...n . ..I, I ... .1lli. Itl MmfirMJ
iciiune tiut-'iui ii.iiiut, "iiiii. i.
and constant attention after completion,
AMKIUCA.N itt;uisi cult i j.,a.n-,ii
im-rcIIASHIJ ki'OM Tilt! GOVKHN- ,
... ...
eveml of ibe fore Kn-biillt ves-els thnt
were bought by the department during tho
Spurilh - Amerlcan war were aftenvanls
ot'ered tor sale, as proviileil uj taw. ami
bid upon, but were subsequent wnn-.
drawn itom sale owing to the fart that
ttin iri nsiii v dnnartment. acting In acconi-
ai.it; with an opinion or tin) nttorney-geii-eial.
rerusid, although the bidders ieie
Ainerieun citizens, to grant registry In
sucn eases on 1110 giounu in.n tu.
Hies governing sucn ni.iuei vauuu-..
them rrom tho prlvl.cges granted to ves-
sels or domestic bul d.
'llurefore, in oreier tnai purcn.is'Ts ui
oes ot the kind referred to m iy be
given the benellls of the shipping laws, it
is i'cesary Congress, ir It approve or
such action, enact a measure providing
that nil vessels hereafter bought by
American citizens from the government,
no mntter where built or how procured by
It, shall be entitled by virtue of ruch liur-
chase to tut mo rights una privii'.-'-s m-
lowed by law to vessels built in the Unl-
ted States,
The department submitted a bill to tho
last Cotv.'resrt for the orgiwlzation ot a na
tional naval reserve which It Is hoped will
be eiinetid Into law during the coming
session. Tho navy uiloat has increised to
such an extent as to make It of great im
portance tint t theru should be a jescrvo
upcii which to call lu lime of wa. The ot
licet in charge or the naval mlll'Ia In h.s
ui.nual reportsmakes certain recommenda
tions In this connection to which atter.tku
Is invited. It is deemed to be very im
portant that such a reservo, representing
tlio whole tOUIUly and ro'ated directly to
the natknal i.aval establishment, should
bu fostered and made ready for call.
The most Impoitiint question pertaining
to naval construotion al tho present time,
and ono that deinaiuls prompt .ituiulon,
Is that of the armor for vessels now build
ing, and for others authorized but not
yr t contracted for on aoeount of the pro
vision in tho act ot March 3, .Mi, prohlult
mg The department trom contra! .Ing fur
vessels therein authorized until contiact
lias been made for the armor therefor
within J3"0 a ton. The prico ilxed Is ono
ror which oven inferior armor can not ho
obinli.ed, and tlio department 1ms iheic
fore been unable to Invltu propo.-als ror
the three Daflo snips .inn nt in. . m-
ine.ii.-u '' "i.."..-"
i'i' m." ' .i, n,mor uinctlon U m lol
brlelij, the aimor si tuation is . s i -
lowi: All the armor foi tho battle sblin
Kcarsarge ami jveniuct.) uu ui lii ton -
3wod2 Si
tracted for and delivered All the "mu0Y7co,
f tho WMo shps Ainhamn, Ulinota and
UVisconsln has been contraoled for. and
,... .. lltuor tno contract will prnb-
,.,. ,, r.rnnin,,i i... v-,.. inm Thn nr.
- .,. ,,, n,-.. ,.ra.i, nhnrn mnneil
i was contracted for at JKO per ton, ix-
e Inslve of a royalty for race-hardening,
for which Jll.2'1 per ton might, under cer-
tain condition' be paid.
i. nu i uiiuiiioii., oi i-uiu.
August nnd Hcptcmtior or tne pros-
cue yciii cuiiiiii. i.-, iirm ... n." -
matin for 2.1M
tons of armor Tor the lour iiai'iior-ueieno -"" ,,,,." kivvii as
ni'nltnrs authorl2.d liy tho act of May 4.i" " tllu -'lllm hen-'omes hoarse, or oven
Al the same time contracts we: e. "fter the croupy cough appears, it will
undo lor llf..5s tons of armor for tho bat-, Proven, the attack. It Is tited hi many
imaiio lor jii..;i.i ions ui uiinor iui uiu uai -
i tin shhis . Maine, Ohio, and Missouri, this
...,,11 , mm.,. nr nm,,.. l.el.ie
necosnry in tlte e-arlv Btago of Interior
j construction. The abovo armor for moni
tors and battle ships, aggregating 2,2icS.S
tens, was contracted for at 1 100 per ton,
All tho deliveries wl.l probably bo com
pleted by April, 1!KX.
There remain to bo contracted for 7,3SS
tons or nrmor for the Mull", 'ihlo, and
Missouri. Theso vemuls urn now building,
and It Is Imperativo that their armor
should be conducted for early Ir. the com-
lrnr vear: to dclav it beyond that timo will
in all probability delay tho completion of
tho vessels beyond tho eontraut dato ot
cornple Hon. 1'nder existing Iiiwb $!") a ton
may lie paid for armor "of a niitablo
quality" for these veisels; but $100 a Inn
will not apparently buy trio best nrmor,
which for such vessels Is, of course, the
only "suitable" armor,
it will prohxbly buy armor mada by the
ordinary process of face hardening, which,
though good, is not the best, und tho de-
nartment doce not therefore consider It
suitable for tho vessels In question. Armor
of this kind was re uctaeitly ordered for
Iho four now monitors, becauv the ves
cols wero progressing rapidly anil 'he de
partment desired lo avoid tho d. lys nnd
cnibairu.'isiiicitl likely to urlso If their
armor1 was not forthcoming when loqitlr
nl, Moreover, the u vessels uro of .1 low
free boaid typo and otter comparatively
email targets, while thu contrary Is tho
case with battle ships, whoso prcs'lge Is
very groat, uivl should not therefore lie
Impaired by tho uso of any but tho very
bent armor. I
In addition to tho 7.3.V! tons of armor re-!
quired for tho Maine, Ohio, and Missouri,
thero will be tequlied about 9,'0 tuns for,
the three battle ships, and about S.lOO
tons for the threo armored cruisers nu-1
tborlzcd by the net of March 3, HM, a
total ot about Sl.tSS ton" ot nrnior required ,
In nil, and not yet contraeteu ror.
In order to attrnet bidders tho depart
ment grouped together all the armor re
nulred. nnd In March last advertised
throughout the country, Inviting bids for
2I.UU tons ot nrmor plates and upp'irtoii-
iin.iw of the kind desired for tho now ves- .
Notwithstanding the very great
quantity desired and the long period over
which deliveries might extend, but ono hid i
was received, and that named n pilco
greater than that authorized, and 11 was,
otlierwlo an Irregular bid.
With thn new nroeess of malillfniitlllo. I
l.,. mn.l.i ,m,1 lu inn dn In I li I a !
'country and abroad, which Is guaranteed
,t0 staiid a halllmlo test fiorh 20 to 25 per
'cet more n"vere thnn that now applied.
Moicover, such armor possesses remuric
ablo Immunity from cracking under
numerous heavy Impacts. Tho department
desires to make use of such armor for tho
Is now bui'.dliig. which are yet tm
swplP-d with iimor.'nnd for the armored of the annual report of Postmaster Uiii-Vc-scls
authorized bit,', not yd contracted "'"1 Uinrlos htiinry Smith is a plea for
..' , --I....1 im..n.... !
it eilll ne nsperieii nun iiimiii,i ihiii.w,, .
melits have iccently been made In the
quality of armor and that the manufne-
ture o"f such Improved armor Is now sue-
test-fully and commercially earrhil on
both In this country and abtoid. and that
It has been adopted bv all leading null-
time nations except the United States for
thelr latest ships ot war. lis superiority
over that horetofor produced Is uniities-
tloueil, and It uso Is considered an Imperii- i
1 i .... ..
It Is urgently recommended mat in t lie
enrlv davs of Its next session Cingress
enact such special legislation, by joint
....iiiiini, r, , i, r r, i a .. ni o v I in nee-
essary to enie't tho department to mak"
con,ract.s enry In
tho coming year for
7KS toiij; of minor or the best quality inuiivr niiuini kifi j-rar, nnu ui nun uniw Tnntinn li. Andrews: vlce-prnq lent. W. lice, ?ti,2i!'...7n; graml total, ?r.51,(M,OTI.
that can be obtained In this country for t,u' dcpiirtment would have received ror .;. Ainln-w-: aecrctnrv nnd tre.-i -irer. It. Appropriations for 1!iW Legislative. $10.
tbe Maine Ohio, and Missouri, and that thl wrnngly lised second rate mutter j,, 1'atrlck or Hurllnglon. T'ie lieadqu ir- tl-M-.:'; executive, 213.7c; Htnto depart-
the provl'defi of the n't or Mulch 3, IMH,
limiting the price of armor to po per ton,
,..i i, roairiniinn nrnvnnHiirr the nrmnr-
contracted for, be removed.
Whatever may be the future action of
Congress regard'ng the establishment ot
a government armor fnctory. It can hard
ly afreet the suivl.v of armor for tl'n
Maine. Ohio, and Missouri, as It will un-
Ider any clreiinistances bo impractical!" to
iobtaln'lt from Mich n"s-urce In r.-asonablo.,
I time to complete tho vessels a'aovo refer-1
,C( to.
Tho department renws Its recommcn-
(inti0n of last year for a clifaiRO in the
,n.e.-nt law fot rewarding olllce-s for
conspicuous conduct In battle and for
rxtraordlnary heroism. The Injustice of
tn(1 p0spnt system f apparent. The prn-
.i.... n.nAn tv... i.n,.iu
IllllllUII U (111 IHU.n III
nth0 omcci orrrates ns a reduction of
,np latter In rank and also delays them In
pmirimr u.
li.nre iinl ..,...
mi ititn ii n nun viii
panles regular rise In grade. In oth r
wori, thu promotion Is made not nt tho
,.xs1f.nst. uu. government, which .-hould
1)f.ir )t lt tlc, oxp0nse of the i:ifer-
tunate olhccrs who are over-slaughed and
vll ntp tlnll) plm,i,0j, although faithful ,
, rV(.rJ. ,i,,ty and only unfortunate in I
lacking the opportunity for conspicuous
conduct or heroism
'pi,e prt of the nnw Is so good that t
nm plIrt, n, i,, palnrul to the oillrer pro-
moled ns well as the officer reduced. The
ilepartment thorciore again urges that
legislation be enacted providing that ad-
. ... .... .. 1 . 1 1
itii':t-uit'nL in iniiK ioi m-ivici?i rniiii.-it'ii
during the war with Spain shnll not inter-
icie "ii-ii uie- i en nun in.niiuuuii ui umvim
otherwise entitled to promotlcn, and that
.uicers so unvaried ui 11 inner grn oe i-y
IINIWOII III Will HIT! fl' SIlllll 'e Cill.lCIl il S
,,,,,,,.., , 1,. .,,,
to ti,PV mivp been nromotid. T' e
,it,nartment submitted to congress at Its
iui.t seswl. n a bill siilistantlally to this -
leet, which Is print' l ns Senate bill No.
.ViM, and to which attention Is Invited.
:ii uiiiainm is uiiieii.
1,M.I, .1 -.1 ,.. i...t
i, ,i , i.n, i i i i , i
and no men ever deserved leward more
richly lliose who took part In the opera-
tiets at Kantiago, ellsplaying the samo
conspicuous conduct and extraordlmry
lor0sm. have received no recognition
whatever tor their great services except
tie reeonimendatlon.s for promotion by
the President, which have lapsed, not
having been acted upon ly the Senal
The department bellevert It due lo ths
gallant uu n to suggest to you that their
service's be recognized and equal justb o
done them, and that, In accordance Willi
the stntilte in such cases made tin 1 pro
vided, you recommend that tho thanks of
C ongress tie glen to th commander In
chief of the North Atlantic sqiindton and
to tho olllcers and men under hht cant.
mand. as they were given In the case of
the commander In chief nnd officers and
men of tho Asiatic Squadron. The Nit-iu
Atlantic Squadron was charged w'tli
great and exacting duties, Including the
MiubnL -r n,,i... ,. in. .u
.,.r.....l- ui iiu.l, "U,. .I.H.i... i- l-'U
armv. and the mirsu t. blockade, nnd can.
ture or destruction of the Spnnlsh squad
ron untlPr Admiral Cervera, all wl.nli
discharged with signal eillclency. It was!
a campaign of great scoin. and enormous,
responsibilities, and wns brought to a sue-
cessful and glorious consummation, which
terminated the war by the destruction of'
thn Spanish sen power. It was marked by
,,t,mirnnsie.l uroelatnn hrlllbme ii,,,l vie
nr Tnat ,u. men w)u h hn achieve
ments earned their country's gratitudo
have received no reward from Its govern
ment in tin omission which It can not bo
douhtfd will bn eorrlhillv nml i-r.nei mial v
repulied. Among tho latest companies organized to
If reward by the present system of pro-' promote Vermont's late-st rosotticos Is tlio
niolirn is nbnndoned, ns above suggested, , "Vermont Lime company." Tills is a stok
the department renews Its sugge-stlon em- company recently chartered and Incorpur
bodlcd In Senate bill Ttto:,, Introduced nt thn by the Sl.Uo to linrrnse the produe.
last session of Congress, which provides tton ot llm" ,rom extensive quan-lei
for mevlnls of three classes one for con- situated on the lewls Nelson farm In this
solctious conduct In war, one for extra- town.
ordinary heroism, and one for general Fifty years ago thero wero a number t f
meritorious service the first to carry primitive kilns sett up at this point and
with it a percentage of Incrcaso of pay, crudely worked for a time, but no beriou.s
based upen the rank of the recipient, and attempt was nuido to market what was
calculated to take the pIhco of tha in. etu.irrlcd. These kilns were long since
c(nsc nMvh wouM ))n t)o resuU Q
motion were that form of reward contln-
m'''' His believed that such a medal,
, WQrn ,U,h,B llf(, lim trnHrnlttPll n!) ,,n
lniH.rltnnce. will be far men,, grateful ton
, . , , , ,. nrnmn,i,,
Tivrntj-nvo Vein' CennlHiit Una Wltlimit
11 Piiilure.
Tho first Indication of croun Is hoarse,
n". nnu in a ci.iiu suhject to that dlse.ire
11 ma' 1,0 l,,k'11 a 11 HUre sign or the up-
I,.,..,i, nt .... ii.... i. T.-n
"""'"" ' " "
,,,,,,.,., . r-A,,..., ' ?. .
I'"'""'" " iiceuinii- roiign cotign. ir
, - - , i .. . . ,
. thousand, or homos In this broad land and
never disappoints tho anxious mothers
Wu ,111V,P J'1'1, lo learn of a slnglo instance
in which It has not proved erroctual. No
other picparatlon ran show such a record
twenty-live years' constant uso without
n failure. For salt) by W. J. Henderson,
Hydo Park, Mass., Oct. 22, 1R4.
Dr. S. A. Tuttle, Dear Sir. I havo usrd
your Hllxlr for Rheumatism where It had
settlod In the lingers tnd toes, nnd settled
so bad that tlnce lingers on each hand
and.all my toes wero shut up tight, so
much so that I could not open thorn; tho
nulls hail grown Into tho tlesh which mado
It very painful to inc. I consulted many
physicians, but they declnred nothing
could be done for them.. I was then re
quested hy some of my neighbors to try
your Elixir, which I did, and after using
two bottles of It I found that tho Joints
were loosening, and they continued to
loosen until now my toes are as well ns
ever, and my flngerg are so well that I
can put on gloves, something I could not
do for fifteen months, and I owe It all to
your rciwr. i am still using your Kllxlr,
Rt'spectfully yours,
MRS. DA.tlil, K lll.I.lCIirOI'
Water Street,
Postmastcr-Gcncral Smith
Complains of Abuse of Sec
ond Class Privileges
$24,248,347 REVENUE LOST'
During lite runt Year by nu Improper
Clarification of llil Class of .Hull
'Dm 1i Moloney In ttio I'oatolllo
Department 8tt,ltt2,747 I.r
limn the i'rurloiis Ywtir.
Washington, Dee. 3. The chief feature
unigiPMiiuiiiii iiuiioit 'to hi i me "iMun m
Kl - eillld clnM lntlll lirlvlleues. Which. henn
- : - -
ays, results in uii annual wasie oi up-icv,.iy ;. hour.", as the business will be
words of 2",oon,ooo. The total expendltitn a' cutrled on la and night with alteniato
of the llseal nr vere Miit.ias.liili i total re- Bangs. Two hmidred cords of wood are
eelp s Hm.O.I.MI, tho dellcieney being 2,- avallablo for Immediate use, and hundieds
les than last year. oC cor,,,, cnn ))e Bupplled from surround-
The poitmaster general says: ling country. Knch Ullm will hum from four
"'t is believed that fully one half of all t fx cords dally. The; wood need not bo
the matter mailed as second class, and marketable us ,0rt Inferior wood U
Paid for at the pound rate, Is not properly 1 ar?Piy uped. The kilns, however, will be
sceoim i-iiiw wiuuii i ivni. m me iinvmin to luirn coal, also a cooper shop
"" ""hot. juno, i" I'm.. ! in"
,I,Ik1 !,... n-l.ld ..I...... ,',n nnnrmnnu
"" t'""- .u".-. .-' .-
quantity ot 17t,D."l.t;i3 pounds, from whle.i
tnc department derives only a fraction ,t
the levnuto to which It Is fa 1 1 1 ' olitlll"il.
The department actually dei Ives a revetu o
'" i""" " "e -
'H.Vij, lustiad ur Il.i)3..10, which -
Actually n e( i-ed, and the p stal rev. nue-t
wouiii nave ncen increaseii ny tnc niui'i-
omme and weight of tlio mails pays is
se ond elnsx matter. whti It should pay
i V. i ,.l .....1 tl..., i.i,. r......l.,lw
1 ;.'" ,?:., "' """ "....."..
on.. Ifty.Iirth part of the portal revenue.
ami Its carrying, reckoning at eight eeti 4
Willie reVf'ltl-3
from It was l,'t".1,51(i, tlin-
causing a .o.i
o tho government of over ?12,000,iWi,
If there Is to be a favored clns," Mr
mlth Kiyn "let It embrace all the p. nplc
With this cltis paying properly even pen
ny postage with icason-iblo ilirutaticns,
could be applied to letters without entail
ing a deliclt larger thnn that of the last
few ye,ir.i and poslbly with none at all."
Iiegardlng our new possessions, the post
master general says:
"Tho presence of the fulled Slates
, , , , , , , ,
'""?Pli '"e i'"'.; islatnl poss-e-slons ami
"nn 1,1 constant rrnr.nii n c. iinn wiui
. ' ' ,' . .. . . .
Piaeueni on.ncr.nion oi t no oni iochi pus-
J1 ,rm,.w '., ' extlnKiilsnmcut or
T . 1 "i" o.,...
'"' "" , ... . ... ...
mt,nts or the native popula.lon
in connection with the man transpettn
. itlcn service I beg to recommend the lol
lowing legislation by Congress
n. . ..,.,,.,1. . w,. . ...I,- 1... nltnmur
. .... - .
xc enter a Mr or aptrttr. lit In h car used
.,, i....!...; .... ,,.
..o. ,itl, p..ll,t.n,. rvinll ,.rrr t.'l.tlf. Ill tllf
. .... ..... ,
".VvUe ' for the i compulsory scpari
tin,, I
, . ,...1,11,1. ,,f u(,-0n,l lass ii-.ill mat-
1 whjle m,n ,.v of thc pllnis,ers
,Mve slow, ,t wlilbignefs to undertake
,, i, ... ,.o , . . f ,H
tills work at thc leqi.t vt ot th
special of-
fleets in eharLc of It a few are unwilling
to co.nerito with tlifirove.rnm.nl m this 1
matter, which saves expense to inc ui1-
lurtment and faclhtnt-s despatch ot mall.
I al. .-u'nnl'
with ny approval, the fo!
, . ,,.,,,.,! ,,i,,u
for legitdati. n
iuimos l...lll,livil.i..,.... -
'made by the rourtl. assistant postmaster
That Hi.' lnti'i-.tatn-commi'rce law be
amended to prohibit common eariiers, to
I:, telegraph and express companies, or
at y ct their employes, rrom nldl.ig and
al.i ttlug In the green goods or lotteiy
swindles, or any other scheme carried ei.
partly by mall and partly by common cnt
rler, and which Is In violation ot tho pos
tal laws.
Vhnt a statute lie enacted authorizing
postoffice Inspectors to take out search
waiiants whenever tho same may be nr
ci'ssary In the prosecution of their oftlclnl
That an appropriation bo made for the
puiposo of constructing lookouts whore,
in the opinion of the posimastui'-generjl,
the same may bo noeiled.
That provision le made for the payment
of incidental expenses Incurred by local i t
licers or others 111 tho arrest . detention,
and keeping of prisoners charged witn
violation's oi ino nosiai laws uiiiii mini
. . , . .
I""""1" ""-'-"
tody ot a United States marshal.
A New IniliMlry Which Promises Kxcil
Icnt Hi noils t.iie'iti d in t'bnilntte.
Charlotte, Dec. 3. Vermont Is continual
ly adding lo her alreadj long list or na
tive Industries, and almost dally the l''r. o
l'lush piln.s aecounls of new interprl'ts
backed by Vermoiit brain and Vermont
capital. Many of these become Impoi.aut
factors 111 the State industrial wclt.1l'
j.awloned and nolhlng but a quantity of
Hmo chlivt mnrk tho simt.
' Kxpcrtt, .'Xtimlned the ledge ot rock this
summer and pronounced lite, stone a sn-
Perlor quality of clear white Ume stone.
,mlileubirlv aluable as an limredlmit of
chloride of llmo eTctenivoiy uso in the pro
duction of white paper.
Mr. Truman id. Andrew's, who owns tho
property, irtcnnted a number of others In
the enterprise and plans wero at onco
mndo to organize and commeneo opera-
"'ins. A largo Klin nas tiireaiiy i.een hunt
" ' , ' 1" " V'" ,' ' "
Uet ."uh, ' "i1 ' e, f""."'1,? '"'0 ,JI c"
cniistructed Trom the kilns to tho uuarr.es
nv ih.. raw s,to..e. thu i,..,ii,.
lea.ls direct to f
..." . ' ,
.:,',, ,,..
' l'?e
'nn die. it 1 lo
.8t(,"e lti
ground and can re-adby
quarried. The supply ot
nlgli Inexhauatllilo and kiln
You can if you
usg Gold Dust.
It does most of
the work. It
saves time, mon
ey and labor.
Strut for frf booklit
for Houitwork."
"Qoldan Bolw
CUcip SI. Louli NcwYttk Bolton
OTASH gives color,
flavor and firmness to
all fruits. No good fruit
can be
raised without
, Potash.
Fertilizers containing at least
8 to io of Potash will give
best results on all fruits. Write
for our pamphlets, which ought
to be in every farmer's library.
They are sent free.
93 Nassau St., New York.
after kiln could bo supplied for years to
it tw llwi ntnn nf the cnmmtiv to rrert.
,t,nni li lis n tlio snr lur. coin with n.
I Inn. md 1fl hi. ri-nl. .f ll.v...
uit'cioj . i.... . " hhm.
wi ne mint near oy aim an inn ivnreis
...... . ... ..
ninnuiaciureii on uie spot, it is expceicu
tl,lt on(, )llt will be In full operation
v,,,in two weeks and when others are
i,ii 1 1 1 cmnlovmi'ti I will be u-lven to about
2 - mn. The olllerrs of the company are
Ms iouowp: iti -lucni nnu m innger,
prs , 0(llce of the company Is at 103
cobc "ttrcl. Burllr-'on.
Kn-CongrecMiiuii IV.'av r anil .11 1 NlfhoN
I lie I'Hillra-l iiat'ifllr.l Until, ert.
I'lnttKliurgh, N. V.. Div. 3 The mar-
vnBe of cxronErest-man J. M. Wv-r and
M);,., Mnry .-nno. Peloid Nichols, oc-
I'lattsburgh, N. V.. Dec. 3 The
0,,,,..l , Tr'.lllv .'lr.M,nl t.Vmrr.li vi..lnr.
,i,.v afturnoon at 3 o'clock. The coremnnv
wiii performed by tho lector, the Ib v.
H. I.r. Oratibau. Miss Nichols was at-
rM n-whllc tin and was nt'tcnVd hy
Miss WeC'dwnrd of this village and D. A.
I.eckwood or Mcch.ir.lcsvllle ni t"d a. b-st
The brldo Is thc daughter or B. T,.
Nichols. on of thrv most tvomlnent httsl-
ness men of Northern New i ork. and tho
i room is ci-tliler of the .Mcrclctrits Nation-
il bank. The mart luge was the soe al
.11 I, .11111. ..... ...... .11.. ....
0VC)U of ,,, Fny()n in M Uti-btirgh
son In 1M
it the pof
Tiurjy nK,t tn postolTice h-re was
robbed bv one of Its rami ives who scelli 'd
about $12. The thief took all the mon-y
,n ,hi, tnm, ,irn,,ri and when the Ion
,V(lJ diyK-ovro,! the next morning It v.x
ffi ,,r,ra !o chief of Police Hiltler. who
so .tl discovered the guilty party and upon
Mils refunding the money the matter was
P.dward While and PcPr Otimblov.
cbliken thieves, have been sentenced to
six and tour nvntlis rcsmetlvcly, In tho
...... , ..., ..f v.......
I O II 1 1 I V J.'ll. J 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 J l' I S Ol I IlllhtllP II. I, U
fl ;' farmers In this vicinity
during the part tew mrnths and th" con-
vlctlon eif these two nien will i robably
i'lV.ll 1 1 1 u,,i; vi uir i.uio, .....h i.-'J
iIiIcvch which has evur Infested this conn-
Thero Is a project rri frot to build a
skating rink on tho Clinton county fair
.rounds, this winter. If the plans uro
i"i'-ncii moi-uun ufiuimii m.i
proi'.imy run metr cais to tne grounus, ui-
V. " ' '. . "' ' ...
,''m,on V0", 5 ,," "m- iJAi, .
life. 19.
II ndfiraon Nomliuttuil liv Ai'clumutlon
No ( 1 1 1 h i- CUauco I'.xcipt Kiir -rrgenut
lll-A ruiii.
Washington, D. C, Dec. 7. Tho cnucus
jf tho ropulilleun membc-is of the liouse
last night was a cut and dried analr. The
selection of a candidate Tor speaker by
the- Kirty In power Is usually a very ani
mated occasion, but months ago all thu
oine'r cuririiniues woo cuieie-u inc. uoiu in
ter the retirement of Speaker Heed aband
oned the contest, leaving CJen, David H.
Henderson of Iowa the unopposed candi
date. Ills nomination wns, therefore, a
foregone conclusion, and he nomlnattl by
Col. Rttswed. tlte s-crgeant-at-arms, were
renominated without opposition, ns rol
lows: Clerk, Alexandir McDowell of
ll,n..n..lt.,..tln. A rvAl.'n...... w T r-tAnn
x- '"-. Vi,. . :",'Z ." " "
.?, s . i...... ...
Ohio; ehnplain, tlte Rev. Hinry dnden of
Michigan. Col. Russell wns-fiot a candl-
date for re-eleetion and Col, Henry A. Cns-
son of Wisconsin was nominated In
sic ad.
The caucus was held !n the Holism ot
Representative, and was largely attended
Tt wi. oieslrle.l over l.v n,., flrnQvenoe
of Ohio, who was lo-el.vted chalrmnn of ls quartered In Ids lino tesldenee at tho
Ihe cnucui. Mr. Ixiuelciisloger ot Sw cornerot lt,:h .St., nml I. St, Senator Rcs.s
.Irrsey was re-elocted secretarv. Gen. hack with some experlcnco as a
Henderson's namo iron prcs-nted by Mr. IcB'shi.or behind him. lie mado a gie.it
Payne ot New York, and ieeonded hy Mr. ,1"!''n' fr "'ids In the Senate .list wint -r.
Hopkins or Illinois, both of whom had during Ids briet incumlKn. y here,
been candidates originally. The roil waa , Mr' '- v Wllley or ttarton Landing, hns
rot called and tho nomination was mndi,llccn appointed a railway mull clerk,
by acclamation. '''l!0 treasury department has given oP".-
"0111. Henderson came, to the Capitol and l'lul itl." that thero is no vice-piesideni
remained In the Speaker's room until ar- f"r tho Clement National bank or Itut
ter thn House officers had been se'eete.1 hind. Vt., in plaeo of Henry A.Sawyer, de-
He was then escorted to th,. rostrum nt
to tho rostrum of
Hopkins of Illinois
nan of New York
renteil wltli eheer.-i
the House by Messrs,
and Payne and Sherman
His appearance wits greeted
and in re-nonso C.en. Henderson addressed
the caucus.
.l.i.i s.ti-i! ltl I, r .
It wn a thrilling escapo that Charles
Davis of Ilowerston, O., lately bad rrom
a frljhtful death. For two years a beivro
lung trouble constantly gnw wnrso until!
it seemed ho must dio of Consumption
Then he began to use Dr. King's New
Discovery nnd lately wrote: "It gave In.
stunt relief and cftecteil a permanent
euro." Such wonderful cures havo for 2"i '
years proven It's power to cure all Throat,
Chst and l.un? troubles. Price SOc nnd
tl.Afl. Kvery bottle guaranteed. Trial bot
tles freo at J. W. O'Suillvan's drug store, i
Washington, Dee. 5 Lete-rs patent have
been taken out by Vermonters as follows:
William K. Cnry, Sprlnglield. earburuter:
Jainei ilartnoss, Sprlnglield, box slide
fonnltig tool.
' I
1 lifs
Estimates of Sec. Gage For
Appropriations For the
Next Fiscal Year.
I lie Highest lUllinut In 100,11 '4, H.-, 1
for thu AVr Depin tiimnt - A S 1 1 1; 1 1 1
Drcrtate In Iho I'unvlou A pproprln
UvnMitiiy Iniprorrmuutf In
Hy Vnrd. Aakcil.
Washington, Dec. I. Tho S'ciutary of
the treasury to-day transmitted to tho
House t-f tU'nresL'nln.tlvt-s lb,i ntliriutfi of
nn iroiu nil o is rei 1 reil lot tno kitv ce n
llu. I1m.miI l-rvir imHIim .Iiiha lll. tr,nl Thn
u...... ..uk
nggieg.ue appropriations estimated for la
l'U,'Xsl,!i.'l. 'Ibis Is an Increasu ovir tlio
i.-ilmates for the present l-cal ye.ir of
VA'tJl.tfll, and ni Incre.in' over tho appio-
piiatlons for the present year of ll.2B.02l.1
Kollowlug Is a total recapitulation by
depai tmeiiw of estimates tur the ne.M
J'uir Including the appropriations for tho
pn sent llseal year, cents omitled:-
i-timnies lor r.Ji legislative, 0,;i3r,,2..7:
j.feuiivi. j..., iw, staio uepartm.'iit,
t.,tn-r. . . !. ...
in. in, ucusnry ueimrtment, iu.',iii,iu;
war depnrtm'nl $1W,112,S)1; navy tiepu.t-
ment, 7'S,4ra,rctO; Interior departmeiu, J!71.-
OVtl: roslofflce den irttnent. Jl.nfl.it.;! de-
partiiKiit of ngrlcultiire, ),3;,257, depnr:-
mem oi aieor, n2,:wi; oepiirtment or jus-
ment, $2liX),G1S; treasury di part men,
5in5.soi.tlOi war df partnvrtt, l3,ri,v,.;.'8;
navy department, .'.l,P2i.2't0; Interkr tie
litirtment, $lfi7.&l2.RI5: pnfofllce depnt-:-mcnt,
l.r.cn,f,"it; depaitment of ngrlcullure,
$3,72r. t!t; department of labor, $li2.fin0, de
partment ot Justice, $8,3:'2,)77; grand total,
Amrng the estimates for tho next llseal
year are the following:
Army and navy pcnsl ns, $145,230,322. This
Is 3W li ss than the appropriations f. c thn
current year. New jail, penitentiary and
other buildings at rfitka. Alaska, J.P.OrO;
government buildings, Chicago, JJO.OO ;
Kltchburg, Mui-s., JjO.liOo; Norwich. I onu .
KWfi; Uniaha, 3j0,fj0, I'hiladclphla mint.
important increases in appropriations !
nsked for imp'ovements nnd ex' -n.slons nt
the following navy yards and naval sta-
tlcns: Kot navy yard, Portsmouth, N. 11.,
W2,0oo. lucre ie nearly $.)ii,0f; navy yard,
lioston. $1.7!)3,f.OO, Incrctise aliout Jl.iftl0.Vi;
naval slntloa, New London, firt.ui", n
crcase, 2.'i.0ir, navy yard. Hrookiyti, J1,'j77 -O01),
increase! nearly a million; navy jard,
Uengue Island, Pa., tl.'MXW-. Increase. S) -PU.O10:
riivy jf.id. Washington. $ U7.S(1 .
Increase i' i.'jm; navy yard. Norfolk, va ,
l,iii:).'it. increase n million; construction
gun and mortar batteries, Including woriis
for defense ports'. Porto Hlco, pneumatic
dynamite batteries, etc., Jo.P'o.i'OO; iiv-tai-latlcti
r.ingo at.d position finders. l."0.0i;
sites for fortilicntlnris and other works, ib
rensc, $11 72XXO ror construction or buP l
lng.i, military posts, barracks and quar
ters for artillery In connection with pro
Jrct ror sea coast derense. two millions;
LWI..-.I livu'Jll "li tl-l. I'lllllin ,11 Hill. I. ll
r.iosts In Cuba, Porto Hlco. Hawaii and
, i orio uico, nawati ami
the Philippin.s, J2U0.W)! Improvement ot
Yellowstone National Park, J310,(Vio. Tha
total amount estimated tor under tlio tltlo
Of public WOrkS Is $76,4111,22; as against
iiv.u..ivj uiiurr cununi .ippiopnacions.
To t'realdc Over KeputillcBn Cnnfrrenoe
Vt'l iiioh I 'l llclegiltloll In Cntigrua
Vtiriiiont Vusliliij; ton Noti'S.
Washington, P. C, Dec. 4. It was a
gi. ic fill eomplement that some or tho
ic.uhnsj republiejilis ot the Hou.-epatd Juege
il. il. i'ower.-, of Vermont, the other nllu
In designating him as presiding offuer of
tlio oonlcrenie iliat met at the Oil llol lo
the itobcrts caae. The loniei-
enco was held at tho suggestion or Uen.
Henderson, the speaker, and only the .it.:.'
lawyers ol tho House were Invited. Tho
ptogr.imme mapped out at that conrere ino
was followed by the House to-day.
Ihe eriuont delegation are now all In
11., ,1... ..-...h In ,1.1 I., 11...
enat, tolday attorn 'audio
powers has ncen hero several ilays and .s
occui ying apartments at the Rlggs House,
Ol .. i.i, a, , i..,.. .... ui,. i.n. e t
iiiii.ii ii.nei linn uceil lim 11UIIIO 1U1 IL'lU.II
years wlun In Wiishiugton. It l
ra ur-
I, utn,,,,no. ,,i.lf. f-v..
for many New Kng.alil-
' ... ,.;
; V, V,
rout arrived In Wash
ington later but attended the Republican
, '. caucus of Saturday evening. Ho Is look
ing much better than when ho left Wash
ington at the close of tho last Congress.
Senator Proctor has been here at Jirfisr-
l"lll peiious llullllg Hie p.IRl summi r. HO
ceased; also that the Shnwmiit National
eease.i; also mat tne hnuwnnii .Mitiouai ,
of Do!llon lll,s 1,0011 approved as :i
'cserve agent for the Fictoty Point Na-I
"onal bank of Maneht ster Center, Vt. Thn
department has ivoked its appnval of
the L.iiitlncntal National bank ot New
York city, to act ns lojervc agent lor tho
Factory Point bank.
Harvey K. Willis of Mlddlebury, Vt., has
been appointed an assistant hi the expe
riment station of the agricultural depart
ir.ent at a salary of Jim") a year.
Tho ann ttinccment is made by the treas
ury department of the appointment of
Herbert . lilake as a deputy ecllovtir
and Inspector of customs nt Newport, t,
Oral W. ilarwooil has hen appointed a
Vt. Next
letter carrier at ncnnlniston,
Wcdnenlay tho civil service commission
will hold nn examination for tho position
of clerk and letter cuirli'i" at Ilenu'iigton.
The last -lay ror illlng applications was
last Friday.
Robert H. Domey has been uppolnted a
substitute clrk and Alfreel W. Co He ap
pointed a stamper Ir. tho St. Albans, Vt.,
pnstotilci'. Waldo H. Stork ha been ap
pointed a substitute oarrlur nt Rutland,
According to the report of the comms
sloiier of navigation, showing by Stat.s
and territories the number and grcps ti n
nage of roglsfued, enrolled and licensed
vessels of the. United States, Vermont Ins
211 vesicla with a total toniingo of 2.1.titl.
The civil Hcn'iea onnimls.slr.il has given
lirtlco that an examination will bo held at
St. Albjin January 2 I ext for the poMiton
ot wati'liman-llreman nt a salary ot $6i
a year. Applieatiens slic.uld be li'.ed
propmtly but will be recdved up to tho
lime of tho examination Kllirlblllty tor
appointment will be determined from nn
exanilnill ai into eich applicant's cxpul-
e nce. ahliuy aim character as a worni.'. in
1 ..1...l....l ,.t.'.tllt,.n.li,,a tn, 1 1, n ,cnl.. I
uu ii ri )"'.'. 'I" ; '-., ' "
be p rfornicd.
A mi rn n o n iu'1 unni.md
tl tin- l tilted Sinus, and under the r. gu
tleitts of tho 'treasury department, must
,e between tho ages of 21 and 00 years.
be between tho ages or 21 and m y
Persons who hnvo aufTered tho loss of nr.
arm or leg, who aie ruptured, er who
have oth-'r aorlous disability, are consid
ered physleJlly dldqiialllied for appoint
ment to the custodian service.
A petition In voluntary bankruptcy was nominated on the sixth ballot receiving f0
filed Friday by Adolnhus J, Brown of votes against 47 for DeArmond and two
Franklin, who has Until ItPs if 20il and for Sulzer. Tho nomination was then
ns.sets of V'11 which aro claimed as exompttie ' ' inlnious.
under the biv, I ill'. Itlchardson, who was In tho ways
Cured Permanently by the American Catarrh Rem
edy, Pe-ru-na.
Mr. John O. Atkinson, Independence,
. ,,. ,A ta-
wu, um rram nim ' j. uiiruuiui,
says: "My wife had been suffering from
n complication of dlseascB for 2.'i years,
.ittcrcaqehad tiifflerl tho skill of soma
, cr case nau Ualtlna tno BK111 of somo
of tho mo3t noted physicians. Ono of
her worst troubles was chronic constipa-
Hon of eoveral years' standlne. Shoalso
-,,t,,i win, ,nt ,ii,nif- ,i
suffered with eonoral doblllty and
paroxysms sometimes as often as six or
eight times a day. At this timo sho was
passing through that most critical period
In tho llfo of woman chango of life.
"In Jnnc, 1S!)5, 1 wroto to you about
nor caso. You. advised a cottrso of Pc-ru-na
and Man-a-lln, whlcli wo at onco
commenced, and have to nay It has com
pletely cured her. Sho flrmlv boHovM
that sho would havo boon dead only for
these wonderful remedies.
"About the same ttmo I wroto you
about my own caso of catarrh, which
auuiiL my imwi i;asu ui uuiaiiu, iiii:ii
,.' , . ,1 1 . ,i r
was of !ii years' standing, and at times I
, J, , , t 1
was almost past going. I commoncod
using l'o-ru-na according to your In
structions, and continued its use for
about a year, and it has completely
cured me.
"I havo to say that your remedies do
all you claim for them, and even moro.
Catarrh cannot oxlst whero Pe-ru-na is
taken according to directions. Man-a-lln
Is a most wonderful mcdlcino for
chronic constipation."
Mr. A. F. Stern, Marino City, Mich.,
writes:"! was troubled with catarrh for
threo years, and
tried almost
ovcry catarrh
motllclno I
hoard of. I wont
down to Dela
ware, O., to at
tend college,
whoro I got ono
of your Alma
nacs, and saw
another remedy
for catarrh. 1 was almost discouraged
with trying all kinds of medicine,
u... , ,i., , ,u .,,.
uul '" 1 " i t..Juu.
medicine was all right, and so I
tried it. After taking seven bottles
nnenrrllnt- n rtlroetlnns. T was cured nnd
felt llko a new man. I recommend it to
all who aro suffering with this dreadful
disease. It Is the best medicine for
catarrh. I owo my health to you."
Mrs. .1. A. Bashor, Knoxvllle, Tenn.,
writes: "My health was completely bro
ken down and had been for almost a
year. I could not rest day or night, but
suffered constantly untold misery.
Tried remedy after remedy, hut found
nn relief until I'e-ru-na was recom-
Tho microbes that cause chills and
Mr. A. F.
mncous membranes mado porous by catarrh. Tc-rn-na heal 4 the mucous r.ien.branes
and prevents tins entrance, of malarial germs, thus preventing and curing these
The Blue Store.
Zero! Rough Weather! J
When you read such a prediction in your paper you think of
if Storm Coats, and wish you had provided yourself with one. We
arc making: Special Sale of Men's Storm Coats made for rough
weather. Snowllakes won't hurt them and a blizzard won't p.n- 3
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Afttr h Spirited (.niitr.t Kur ibe Hoiiiin
I.xHiler-lilp ll'.licrt I eteil In i iini'iiH.
Washington. Dee. 3 The democr-.ua ot
the Hull'., of Ui'piesent.itivc, ai ihe.r lateness of the hour, he said, lie w j .. I ir fc
caucus held In the Hall of Jieptc enl.itlses do more thnn return his proic ml ' ki
yesterday afternoon. Felecp d Re i . ewcnla- trusting that he had a pren -r nr t
live James D. Richardson or Tciinc-sce aslt'un or the great resonsil..lltl s p ,i d
their candidate for speaker, arter u spirit
cd contest lasting thii'ttgh six ballots. This
curries with It the domoi ratio learlerlilp
011 ,mi ,1po;'' XIr' Rioh.irdscn has sorvul
H years In the House and ls the oldest
democratic m"tr.ber in point or service, ex
cept Mr. McP.tie or Arkars.is. Thc candi
dates against Mr. IM- hards hi were Repre
sentative.! Do ArmoiH. ot Missouri. Dank
head or Alabima and StiUer or New Yoik.
Representative ITay of Virginia was eject
ed olnlrmnn of the caucus by a vote of
77 to CS cast for Mr. Mr Rat or Arkansas,
li ti ui tii.rn eiistotmirv for tb"ol.lest mem
ber In point or service to pteslile uer the
caucu". ami the selection el .nr. liny, wnn
has served only on term, was an unusupl
honor. Tho name of Mr Not ton of Ohio
was also iro.ented for presiding oitieer,
lut was withdrawn. Representative Cum
inllii,s of Nw Yfl. and H ber.seci of
ixililslnia were elected sicictailes.
Mr Rlelriidroii wes plui.d in lumiiui
tlot. by Mr. Cnrnvick cf Ttiuic-ssec Mr. Dc
Armond waa nominated by Mr. Hmton of
Mlsi-oiirl, Mr. Riuikhf.id by Mr. Rail of
Texas and Mr. Sitln r by Mr. Cutiiin nga
of New York. Tho llrst ballot vituilted:
Richardson, '3; Do Armond, 3); Dnnkhead,
.11; Sulier. 21.
Tho four following ballots showed Utile
chntlgi'. At the end of the fifth ballot Mr.
1 ,,,l,..n.l ,,r A nlinmn ivltlwlrnw tr
...,........ w. ............. ......... .. ... . .
Daukhcad's name, an.1 on the llrst roll
,' ,ho, f11,1. lMllot "bo,u ' w. ' 1 3
" . V' Raiikliea.rs supiiorters went to Mr
mcnarii.son. ,v ino con in uie iiiin i.-i
call the vote Btood: Rlchaubon, C5, Do
Armcnd, 1J; Sulzer, 20.
llefore the second roll call began Mr.
I Sillier withdrew and asked his friends to
veto for Rlchardtcei. Thero was a general
istamnedo to the Tcnnetseean, and he was
mended to mo by a friend. I hare t.tfcen
ono and a half bottles and am today
woll and hearty. I shall always praUe
l'o-ru-na, for I fcol It saved my life."
Mr. J. W. Draper, Galnsboro, Tonn.,
writes: "For many years I had been n
continual sufferer
from that dreadful
d 'easo, chronic
catarrh. I gave
up hopes of ever
being relieved. I
tried overy remedy
my friends recom
mended, but all in
vain. Finally I took
my bed. My friend.?
had all Riven me up Mr. J. W. Draper,
to dlo, believing mo to bn in the
stapes of consumption. Having a bu"'(
of Pc-ru-na in tho room, I began t" t.i
.. . . , , . ,1 .1 .
't, and In a few days fc r-" well that
' t J , ,, .
, Bot "P- i continued il, inmroviUK a
the time, until I am now alnu -t a foup
man. Can do as hard a day'" w . rk a
almost any man. This happened fou
ycard ago."
Mrs. Rachel A. Macaw, 07 West .Tef
ferson street, Sprinmield, O., writes
" our Pc-ru-na
worth its ivi.-i.t 1
rrnld. T fe. 1 lib,, n
new woman. lean t
tvfpS praiso it enough. I
r Bpentagreattleal
j of money on d3t
to:s, but nr thin
ever did mo any
good until I stc
to you and tried
your Pe-ru-na. I
nnu" foot Ttll nf
Mrs. Rachel A. Magaw.tho catarrh( bl
I shall nover be without I'e-ru-na, an
shall tell all I seo to try It, for I know it
to bo a sure cure for catarrh. I can't
praUo i'. enough for what it has done for
Catarrh is an Amorican disease Fully
one-half of tho people are alllictcd moro
or less with it in some form. Previous
to the discovery of Pc-ru-na, catarrh was
considered well-nigh incurable. Since
tho introdnctlonof Pe-ru-na to tho medi
cal profession thousands of cases are
cured annually.
By aid of Dr. Ilartman's free books
and free correspondence a multitude of
hopeless pooplo are permanently curec?
of this most loathsome and stubborn
disoaae every year. Anyono afllicted
with catarrh should writo Dr. Hartman,
Columbus, 0. Ask for free books or freo
advice, whichever you most need.
fever and malaria enter tho svstem thrjtigh
I The Blue Store.
$?.59 and $10.00.
fand means committee room was cs- re
to the hall by Messrs. Itall t'..rnu
Sulzer, and made .1 felicitous sp.
' til. inking his colleagues for the ho r
had ronrerrcd uion him. Ow h.
upon him by the action of tho caaous
Tho following candidates for Hous if
rers wer; then soleeted: C lerk Jim -i
Kerr of Pen'TyIvanla : sergeant -it arni
ex-Rer-es.ntatlve llrookshlro of I'-di.i'-i
doorkeeper, Henry Moler of lll nils pi
master, Oerge 1.. Drowning ot V rglnia
The caucus alto selected th. f. lowtM
democrats to fill tho four sp. cial pe.i 1oi i
allotted the minority partv u t ic Housi
Special employe. Col. Isaac R 1111!
Ohio; speylal messengers. FwP g T bi r I
ot Missouri (a son of tho late Represer t
live Dlnnd of Missouri) and F in I
I Knight of Georgia; special pag. Jirr
'... omo.
A resolution was adoptid. iroti n
Mr. Dalley of Texis Iimtrin tlnp- Mr H
ardson to confer with Speaker He tola i
nnd request a larger de-men rati, r i resen
t.itiou on committees. In the .ii C n
grew tho minority were allotted s x n
on each committee, they now d sbte se-i
Mr. Roberts of I'tnh put. .it d in
caucus procTt'dll gs and voted for Mr
Rlcliar.'ion for speaker.
Tor Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bough!
ro of (yi&c
O U. Gl CZ- i- irt. X A b
intt the 1 h6 Kind You Hare ilways BocgM
. Irs
1 hezzM,

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