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.UA Q&&A&&&A&4&
c . .
C loft- theme
2,' .i.roiw-.
2! -T" , - j
I o-day, l o-morrow and Saturday,
t m. , , , ,
j mis IS our annual sale,
' wn'rn enrrt. tn Im Int.. Knl nnr-
'' J '
Ji - n n r
!j UL? iVJ b.
1 r . .. .
ot uoi i 50 paucrns. incw,
original price $7.50 to $15.00
4 Lot 2. 50 patterns. livery day, serviceable and desirable,
will sell quickly too, originally S7.50
i NOW $3.50 EACH.
Sec ho greatest Special
line of umbrellas sale
in south window now on.
! ."ft
, partment stands isolated from
Alone, as happily defined with the finest array of Misses ;J
Shojs in the State, and we
1 Inn
Practical CSn
Good Carpet. i Rattan Chair
Fine Rug. f Morris Chair.
f A jiair of Portieres. White Bed.
A Set of Lace Curtains. A Carpet Sweeper.
j( Handsome Tapestry. fa Folding Screen.
Prlc" talk ' cheap, hut as the iiiveitory tlmo approaches you will find wo
value enc 1 n1 're than goods. Tai.o the elevator to
Th- drug
r t r et w 1
re ot M. C. Powers on Cl.er
e liit-tel yesterday.
Mr. and Mm. A. U. Greeley are happy
ri'er the arrival of an clglit-pound son.
iorn Thursday afternoon.
John 1,1-ov. n, the Wlnocxkl liquor agent,
1 beeti reappointed by tho county com
siciii r.
The engagemciiit of Harris II. Walker to
J s Mary U. e'arle'on, daughter of Judge
I icton of Montpc ler, Is announced.
Mr. and Mr W. K. VelIer are now oc
e n kig iiit'r new rcsidenco on Spruce
I'lc l just abovo I'nlcu street.
Justice Hawkins- .".dmimstered a fine of
Jj and cos's of 37 27 to Adolphus Ploof
t-.iti relaj far a hi each of tho peace In
vhiih En ma Fuiness was the complain
s it
A t tltlon In voluntnrj' bankruptcy was
1 ed yest relay by Frank T. MctSovern of
Hardwick who has liabilities ot JliiS.Sl and
n-sets of $70, which uro claimed us cx
i impt
A r "on in voluntary bankruptcy was
1 ic . Mundaj by George II. Summer of
TWIdo oury i"oi merly a merchant, who has
1 ntles of 11Ss x, and assets of $2'0, of
hleli JjenJO i.s insurance.
I' ny gn Haunlbal Holden, hen of Mr. nnd
J'rs G H. Ilolden of this city, has lvturn
t o Mer.il.i. after spending teveral weeks
' c moi-nt-Hrf- near Heng Kong to
u l-e off a sliciit attack of tho fever.
Prank Le wis has resigned his position
is conductor for tho Wngnor Palacei Car
impany and returned to Ills homo in this
v He will re-enter the Medical Cul
go In January.
Ii F Meeeh has resigned his position.
," lth tho alke-r Grocery company ,inel
has aceeptel a position as manager for
ho Ctoss-Abbott company, wholesale
Tracers of Whlto River Junction.
The woll which Is being put down at
''Ort Ethan Allen In Order to ItlCieaso tlle
f ai,"i,- ui iviiu-r uun mm im u ui'juii
n im 1 A 1 riwtr -i-ni. , emu ,-ri unni, ti nr
jout 3 'J feet. Tho inquired supply ot
U 1 as i.e. yet been srecurcd.
i ne ini Ion of tho P.olton Falls wa
rr pewi r ulant has Ijeen turned over to
Alderrr-an F. O. S'nelalr as engineer on
iccount cf the removal of W. 1 1. Lang
Putnam, ' mn.
Mr and Mrs. L-.or.ard Andrews started
resterday for St. Augustine, Fl.i., where
i'V expect to spend the winter. Their
nighter, Mrs II. L. Hillings of Hasten,
vill mc t tnem In New York and aecoin
i.i nv them.
A pcMtlrn ln voluntary banruptcy was
ecelved Thur-day by Clerk of tlle United
tales- fourts Georgo Ii Johnson from
William J. White of Newfone, who has
'labilities of S.15D 17 and nssots of JlS7l.ro,
t which JsS2.IV) Is claimed as exemnt.
Charles Hushman of Sheliniine, who re
cently discovered gold on his farm, has
iccelvcd many good off-rs for tho pur--haso
of tho properly. Ho will not sell
1 ils winter, however, but In tho spring
'rIII probably bor-n to develop the, strike.
Itus' ell W .Taft ot this city who passu!
(the examination for ndml.'Hon to tho bar
Mils fall h.v opened i.n oilleo for The prac
Ice of law at No, 114 Colleti; street. Mr.
"Our Leader" Razor,
Hollow Ground, Wirranted,
Price $1.00
Save Money
5!alSarfet;Rar,0r!J!,'Si WamondE.lRe Rn.or $..or Strop ,5c to ,
i.oo; L.tit.her Brushes ioc to 75c.
IS WTS "PaCT' 10,V A
PHONE 31-2 J
.i r .1. ... At,l :
Just one hundred of Ihcm. Made in
tWO lots. No more for love or money.
Thev would have heoti told before but et
iiic wouiu nac occn soia ociorc, uui
htmnjr other mattcru of jrrcatei' import wc It
Intst riv.iv fill tii.flnv in.
, , ..... i ,M
you VC oecn waning tor it. Jw.l t
-ldvi'f.n tn nil is i
r n i
C. A H LY . If
.. .. .
nanusome inovciia' raucrn urcsses (M
One of the greatest difficulties
. " . ,. , t
tliat COP.frontS a mother IS tO llncl ?r
t..i f '
the proper style and shape ot shoe,
best SUltcd tO her gin-'. lust llfire ;
r r .
is where the Bee Hive Shoe De- ;J
the rest of shoe stores.
save you money on every pair. J
nut ir
istfiias Gifts
I "IVift i u !1 vivi fa nf mm ami lw. cniti -
(.st In the class ot law jitmlent.s imshinff
the bar examlnaticns lu which ho led with
a percentage of K ll-12tbs. Ho is tho sjn
of Chief Justice Ttitt and graduated from
was former ycon-
f II. W. Allen &
Wiltcr J. Dobble, who
with the store of
o., as a salexman. has returned to this
f X i,.e h. V , , I . , . , '
? l',!hnSbWy dm",C
f dlicctors of tho Mary
al mot yesterday at tho
lr usual mecU. g and din-
s dinner was served but
Tho board of
Fletcher hospital
hospital for their
nor. A delicious
the business was defen-cd until the even
ing of Monday, December IS, when the an
nual election of olllcers will take place.
Officer William Garrow and Mrs. Leon
ora Savolr wero quietly married at I
night for fighting hno been lined by Jus
tlce Graves. One was taxed S'Ji and costs
n.iil tl.n nlli tin n-l-. , 1.
...... u.v u.ltv., .1,11, . ,11. lllilll . ,u
iccelvcd tho larger tino was the one who
lacerated libs antagonist's thumb with his
The mnrrlnge of MIfs Susan M. Ullllnrd
and W. J. C'ota ot this city occuncd on
Monday In Northampton, Mas. The cere
mony was performed by the Rev, Roland
:. mlth in tho prefciico of a few friends.
.Mr. and Mrs. Cota arrived In this city ye.
lerelay and aro r.t homo to their filencH
at No. ICS Pino street.
Tho death of Mrs. Anthony Purcell of
South Burlington occurred at an early
hour Monday morning1, after a long III-
M . , ,, , 1 . 1
nml iirn,imii.hi 11.. iin.hnmi .lie.i
years ago. .Mra. Purcell's remains wero
taken Tuesday to Shelburno for funeral
and Interment.
,, . ,, ,. , .1
. ... tnu uij i ... i-uiiira.i)
u'hr n elvll netlnn nf general riesiitiiii .It
civtl action of general nssuiiip.lt
ln-nnMi! lu-thnflinmiiliiln MnniirnnhiMn -
company against Leo Ravlln of Colchesier.
. . ........ ... . ...
Mr. iiaviin uuiii a u.ock, securing the
lumber from tho plaintiff company, nnd
tho suit Is biought to recover nbout $3.71.
V. A. Rullnrcl appeared for tho plaintiffs
and 11. I-, wolcott for Rnvlln.
o .,... 1.... ....... r rt
OI,,V H-ll UIU lUUrr llill I III DUCltlCiy
night and until about 2 o'clock Monday
"p. ..-... - ''.'. .....ii. ..j
afternoon. It was accompanied by a high
VFJ I1, wlu so ,henvy ih,',,t,lt i1nt
drift. About live Inches fell but .1 good
VrlH0,nvm2iJhT WSw"SfLu.?,r ttZy
J - . .....n- ..... ...vi. ......
lCdmund C. Mo wit retired Monday from
tin. linn of Cushmaii & Mower and will
n'nln,.l. ..n.n.ln.. r. ?.,.. n n l C3 . T.-..l... tlOll Of the lr-llTl.1 .T t fl mil llPrt fl 11,1 In ll.rt
, ...,'. , ..in,,., ii, 0,. ... ,,, o,. i,i7AVn J..rVi, Vr,-. ., nameu ntnry ualey as a truant, and ho "Cause When a man's good
cm. i cn uy iec. j. e,iore-c. j r. nur- ,,,, ', ' .,' Vi, eiw.ninX ii,e c, fn!i i wus Blvun a hearing and sentenced to tho sell me booze I won't turn i
lrr.,0?. I ,c..r2"5,eH Vl TLan u' XrX?! oo tor two yean.. on him-tlmt why." wa
...v... .... . ii oihuu ""''f- ;,f thr, mi .VniVi inL. i hn V.i ir la uoy "!LS Ut'u" lU the school beforo and do.s "-Married?" naked the Judge.
Mr and Mr.. Garrow will reside In this ( the Jtama not rt not U ta claimed receive so good care in "llav,, been." wa. the laconic
Little Wn I'nele Tom Ml Onhell i Tnito l"ls c,l "'s Klvi " ",m al Vergeinios. i " nere elo you worn v"
Tho two Poliinders arrested by Deputy r .ZIZ r!iV. .lu a , !T A I,art of the liquor cases ailslng from! "At the Wlnooskl lime kilns.'
.-heilff Rallou in Wlnooskl on Wednesday ,'' ' ' ! ., t .1 ' i ... Li., ' "o searches of Satuiday and Sunday wvro on may go back to Jail
. ..... ... .... r. . ... .
iilcli has been rel Itcd for h s occupancy.
r. CiHhma.i retains tho ofllces fcnnerly
cupled by the two attorneys The part-
rshlp has existed for tbre, years with
T f I'tlilinti fiifilna i hn ntt .va Tr nmP i
iKTKhln !
i lli.i. ...I. I ...lit -1 i .
fnllrw thn iwn mnmiinr r.f firm i
open a new omco in uio uaywarci nioe i".ui uituiiiu m mu nnu oi nui eiuiy, r.i nn the Kti, nml n ,i,,im,, ... . .. "hi iu n.-i .-luunuuni nu jesier
which has been related f ir his occupancy! '""1 has since resided In this city, being S.C" -nVmn tonuZ clar' she wns vor' slck aml Florence also,
Herman A. Dixon and Miss Daisy Rar- curlier days She- retained her nhvslcnl ",nw f,!" on 12 ,iay- THo ivernjfe Novem
rows were united In marrlago Thursday I)OWer In a reinatkable degree, and her W. !ri,,rI,lta,1t" for the past 17 years Is
evening at !) o'clock nt tho homo of the lnrntai powers till they became wcak.ned " ' lnlu's' T,1 Prevailing direction of
T n A rM., . 1 Xtl. lii , . ti
evening ai :i o chock nt tho homo of the
bride's mother, Mrs. If-abelln Harrows, on
North Union street. Rev. Dr. W. S. Rob-
Shave Yourself,
T.... ft r
1 rile VermOnier KflZOr,
Parent- firnnnA W-. .-. t 4
i rticui uruuuo, warranted,
Price $2.00.
It will nav you to trivo us i call,
mTsiWmT )
performed tho ceremony In tho pre-
tho nonr relatives of tho contract-
parties. Mr. nncl Mrs. llxon left on
Urn 10;0il traltiH for n short wedding trip,
nfter which they will return to this city
to reside.
The well known suit of K. D. Walker vs.
C. Clnpp In nu notion of trospass,
has been mnnv times continued In
ck tho City Court. In now net for hoarlnc on
December 1!). Tho suit Is a part of tho
,,, 1)0nn, ,vnr tlm FCfno of wlllch wn8
laid In this city last summer. The Immc-
,"n, cn,ll,c of tM nctlnl wnn 1,10 tearing
ilown of ,,oarils on tllt, cUy InaI.U.t
trrounds, which were claimed by Mr.
' A complaint wns received fromJohn Ron-
J cis by Chief Bmlth Sunday mornlnir at
'l ' nn early hour and accompanied by Sheriff
jjiiuevcs ho wet to the nosers home at
t,lp cornr oi xortn ltonu nrni aprimr
' streets and arrested Mrs. Sndle Rotters,
who M much Intoxicated. Tho two ofll-
, rials had some dllllculty In felting tho
wotmn Into a team to brlnt? hei clown to
tho Jail, whero sho was allowed to tjot so-
!'oi- durlns the day.
There wns a henrintr in city court Tucs-
day foramen In n civil action brought
1 by ricorc;o Sutton of ShWbumo against
Asel llroi". of lhl. city. The stdt arose
book account, ret for trial Tuesday, was
?J a load of hay, which Sutton claimed to
V. have sold them throuRh Kdward I.ane,
if. who drew tho hay to this city. The cas-o
Ifr was held open. The suit of i. P, Terrlll
of Cndcrhlll vs. n. 11. Snott, nn action of
t" bonk account, set for trial yesterday, w.is
. eontlniU'd to Dec. 20.
t ! Ilnrrj' Wells, a member of Company M
( during tho Spanish-American war, and
who was taken sick at Chlckamatitia and
has never recovered, has be"n Kiante4 n
pension of J21 per month with back pay
from tho timo he wns discharged about
one year aeo, miking about $300. Mr.
Welln was a member of tho regular army
previous to his enlistment In Company M,
Ills many friends will confirntulnto him
on recelvltnr the well-dcs-crved jicnslon
from the jrovcrnment.
Mr. and Mrs. George P. Uf 11 will receive
tho sine' ro svmnatbv of tho community '.t
Jbo dcaUi of their little dauKhter. Marlnit!
Pl.-'her Dell, which occurred at 1:15 Wed-'
nesday mornliuafternn illnessof about onu
" week. Tho child was born on October 13th. .
week. Tho child was born on October 13th,
JMS. Th0 fmv rnl wns heU1 privatoiy wd-
,us,ln nfternoo.. with burial ntUiko Vlow
cemetorv. Thn svnintimirt of tho tHse:iso
cemetery. Tho symptoms of tho dlseaso
wero those of diphtheria but cultures at
the State laboratory of Ilywleno failed
to show the disease. It was, howevi-r,
IhoUKht advlsablo to Isolate the family ,
mid for the samo reason tho funeral was I
held privately
ton upon the building of tho IHirllnKton
Cold Storage company at the foot of Col
lec street has been extended for a short
time. It Is expected that the bundling will
of tho Consumers' Icn company on Maplo
ulreet atid a cold storage plant establish-
ed on a larger scalo than has ever beforo
cen operated In this city. In event of tho
foimntlon of a company and the removal
of tho building on addition will bo con-
structed to tho old storage building 1(0 by
40 feet In size for a freezing plant. A II -
cense has already been secured for tho re-
moval of the building.
Tho work on the marblo quarries on
North avenue owned by Hockwooel l!ar
rett of P.titland will not b continued thtg
fall. Se.oral of the slctie-' that liavo been
quarried have been taken to tho mill to
be tested m to thelt soundness and there
uro saver il more at the quarries to bo
brought to tho city. Tho testing of theso
wlll comploto tho work on the quarry this
1. n.lll ..nl...t.l.. 1. 1
u',.ri i i,- r..J.i.. .1... ,.
of the stone' for Interior work Tho te--t-
lug Hum far han not proved' that largo
sound blocks could bo quarried but some
of tho stock has been polished and gives
a very favorable impression
1 Unele Tom'i Caliln Draw Tivn Large An
nrrt Bt 0p.rB u,p.
L, 0 mnn"'1nt of the opera house and
Stetson s Uncle rom s Cabin company
gave a practical demonstration Tliur.-day
of the fact that In tho hearts of tho Am
"V , VV 1 -'7r . , , ,WCner oft-e'
..iii iV ii wM..,... I
,N, '' u' l "V' li..nUff Pf0rhl,?r"hi!l
7 "" , nffa '"" ,, ?""'' 1 rm'A,.,
( ( t , nv enm i t es'wllleh Isn 'ihu
I f ! " '
well-Known drama tun thero can be n.i
question of tho truth of the statement
when made ln connec tion with tho com
pany playlt lti this city Thursday afier
noon and evening. With n east of nearly
r.0 peoplo they gave an expedient prcsenta-
done Willi tl o bloodho uncls a. d l o
i parad!' wltl S f"
..... o.i
' n-
. ,
s Al THE i
Thosc who enjoy Irish comedy
comedy wcio
Donavan's In
o opera house
much entertained by tho
"Dewev's Recentlon " at tho ooera house
Wednesday. Any other name would bo
ns npproprlntfi for tho farce, but tho name
Dewey Is supposed to liavo great drawing
powers these days, hence It.s selection,
Tho Domivnci's, James H and Fannie, are
practically tho whole show, which is of
the regulation noisy character, although
thero wero songs and dances by other
members of tho company between tho
acts, which mado tho affair a continuous
...rnn.n..n. on.l rt Hint ..v.n... 1 1.
eniov.iblf. to thn f.ilr-slzed audience, who
applauded and laughed to their hearts' ,
content. i
.... . . ....
.miss Anno uowry, wnoso cientn is an-
nni:neeil nlsewhere.
was as wo tup-
pose tho oldest resident in
neing m ner nuiii year, nue
, , . ... . r.. .
in her 96th year. She was
daughter of tho late Human Lowry, for
merly of Jericho, in this
of Iluriington, who was
uiiuie-neien county for
Intel I'nlterl SlnleM m
. ......
trtnt t.t rn.mnnl tnr. 11 iin.ii-i, .....1
"f "t rem- n,Vr , id . Z ' int.ne "
0f strong character and largo Influen
to died January 5, ISIS, nnd his grave
ln Hlmwood avenue cemetery. M
in ..
uim-'. mniimi. t..,. Mnrrni -....'nri.n
W,1 1510,1 '" "r"niTton. Oct. 23, 1SI3. Slid!
nnin olrrlit n 11 ilrnn I., II, I .-.,, n,
SS,.h"li'wi?. WS5 .rhls'illn
year, who was ictlred In 1SG3,
In cone-c-
nuenee of serious dlsnblHtlra and partial
.... fr. 1....IU lnn...1 I ..... ,1 ......
"' "as since resiuecl in this city, helng
confined for the, most part to his house by
1" Physical Infinities. Miss Lowry waa
''.WJ S? !r
L'U II II IlL'tl ItJT lt IlinHL 11.1 rr I rV hlu hrtllun hif
flutttTlfl lt)() nllflllHiii nml mn a UnlI i.. 1. 1 v.
nmrd by i still larirc thouish irrontiv
r-n r.-iTf.il rnnu if -lw. .ieinnl..ir,n r i
wwv ui urnvt,m Ul II fl
lnrntai powers till they becamo wcuk.ned
t)y ndvanced ago in tho later years of her
I An association of Interests has been
i formed by J. E. Cushmnn and A. U Sher
man, attorneys, under the llrm name of
' Cushinnn & Shorman. Tliey will occupy
tho offices used by Cushman & Mower and
by Mr. Sherman,
During tho partnership of J, E. Cush
man and Edmund C. Mower, which has rc.
cently been severed, Mr. Sherman ocon
crtS per
pence of
pled offices with that firm nnd now In the t-"' conforenoo have adopted tho follow,
removal of Mr. Mowrr becomes a partner i"R resolution;
I with Mr. Cushman, Mr. Sherman Is a The members of tho quarterly confor
graduate of the Roston Law school, class ''iico aro resolved to remove thr action
of ISPS, having taken tho usual threo formerly taken, committing tho church to
'years' courso and graduated with henors
ln ono yWa tlmn. Ho led his clats when
"irniiieu 10 me Vermont oar in JSiej and
jins been practlelne for tho neiBt year. He
is a younsr man of ability and woll read pointment u tne present pastor tor an
nnd the association will no doubt bs a "thcr year, It is Understood that Mr. Hall
has boon actlni
uh stcnogrnphcr in t'ho otrioo ot enshmnn
l&'lIow,r. has reslgn.Hl her position and
! zz: 1 isv i
The Succes
of a Love Story
Depends very much on the telling
We have purchasod
By Theodore Roberts
It will be printed in these columns in
i.,1i 1 . ...
installments, beginning soon. It is
not only a story of love but one of
adventure nnd is filled with stirrin
incidents nnd excitincr climaxes. It
is charmingly told and is story that
... uo icau wuu inw;rcsi.
. , ,., ,, ,, .
I)oB filling l,is Uegun mi.l Dlnriiiitlniie.l
-liiloricitioii uuil eiart 1 uhi".
Tile number of cases In eltv nn,l inufl,-..
court Monday and ilm iirntuiriinn r.f
the-rn which wero lleiuor casex ni.nl. ih,.
du' Sl-Ctn to tho officials who have to c.o
suvh mailers like those before, tho
wur injunctions. The searches made
hy Sheriff lleevcu on Saturday and Sunday
furnished a good portion ot tho number
' thevio were added one or two civil
actions and a case of Intoxication.
1 In elty court .Monday morning business
was opened with a civil action, brought
.vome lime ago, in Which ueorge Corrigan,
by next friend, sued to recover damages
ot Ji fiom John 11. McCticn on the ground
that he was bitten by McCueu's dog and
seriously injuied during lat summer.
There was also another action in whlc.i T
H. Corrigan, George's father, brought suit
for the samo amount against .jee'ueii
10 recover tho valuo of the boy's services
"uriug his enforced Idleness-as a result of
the lnillry. H. .1. Ferirnwnn In.,.., r. ,1 flip
the Coi-rlirnns anil n .1. Fo.tei- mr Me.
(-'u'-n. The hearing was opened and tliu
testimony of Georgo Corrigan taken dm-
'ig the morning session. In the afternoon
lU - o'c.oek, when the case was to liavo
bee" resumed, a settlement was reached
unci me suns wero entered discontinued.
The next case was that of Mrs. Sadio
Rogers, who was it nested early Sunday
morning at her home on complaint of her
nusoanu ny unier Smith and Sheilff
Reeve. Mrs. Refers entered a plea of
KUiity to lno thargo of Intoxication and
wa3 llnod fr uiul costs of t0M. She made
a disclosure and told a story of four young
men coming to her homo on North lieiul
street about 12 o'clock on Saturday night,
? .wanted to buy whiskey, and said
tnat u "ael formerly been solel at tho
""E0- SIr- an" M,&' ""
"vlng there lor only about two wevks.
I-,,er ln ,,,e "e.ilng.s he said, two of them
ca," lnuk uli fr wa'" Hrepato
u tiing ur one or tnem, who coinpi.ilni.el
that he had oramps. She wanned the wa-
. ,, . - . -.
tor nild drank somo nf the llnnnr hers.i.f
This latter proceeding continued untd
she was Intoxicated.
SiK-erla: Officer Coon brought ln a bey
trk"d ljf-1'01t' JuMcc Gu0r'?o w- hervillo
oL !" 'h" .Hu5'"ar" 'jlck. Tho
first of the lot was the case of tho Stato
vs. Intoxicating liquor found at C. A.
.,.L u. ,..- ,ul IIIU Cilt? UL UIO OllllO
vs. Intoxicating Ilquor found at C. A.
Murphy's on Main street. ThLs Honor was
-uurpny-a on .Main street. ThLs ilquor was
adjudged forfeited and Daniel Haley ad-
Judged Its owner and ordered to pay tho
costs of seizure, which wero $10.19. An up.
costs ot seizure, which wero t 0.19. An an
Peal was taken and bail lixed at $50. D.in-
lei naiey was arraigneci tor hav.ng on
band with intent to sell and pleaded not
guilty. Ho was found guilty unci senten-
eed to pay a lino of tiO and costs of $11.51.
An appeal was taken in this caso nisei and
ball fixed at $.X Tho State vs. Daniel Ha-
l0-v Ior maintaining a nuisance was thai
next of this series and to this charge an-
other plea of not guilty wa.. entered audi
thp. TCR t If 1 ll ell I en U nnlnrA.l .. ..
Che Rouse
of I$$terc$
of $100 and costs of S11..M. This wn. 3nl,'"",l,, ' 1 "m ,'r,"!r "riiien
appealed and ball of $Wf fuinlshel by J.
I'lack In all of the threo cases.
The Cilso ot 'he Stato vs. Intoxicating
liquor, found at No. IDG Hattery stioet.
was ineci ana the liquor, which was 10 nal-
ions Qf Wh.skev ordered forfelie,! t r
i).,ii n, m t. ,
judged tho owner and ordered to pay tho
cuius oi seizure. Hinnnii nt. .r. trt jo a..
. . . : .. " " ' " "e'4
nlbncu '" bot" cases W attorney.
A P.I nnrw m imtu
" " 1 1 " 1 1 1 ' 1
liin.ir iui-. .i.- 1.1..1 ....
terUtlcnf NnvMnt.er.
1 l,,f wia .lnb- ..kiH i.
,.. i, , " .eV.'' ' " '. " . " h
,. ,.: ,V , Vi'V '. ... ... L ...
...... ... , ....It ,b J I 1,1 . 1 11 1 U 1 1 1 .li
nth T,, ,',:, ',,, ; ,
the MmTnS hat' of v,!?., V
'd y-r,?luT a rm the nJer,
No vemb r" LVn.ufT '
. . . ' .
the past 17
hlch Is 38 clereeH. Tlio preolpita
luclutt, Including
1 ,,ur 1I1CI1U3 OI
snow, meltesl. Rain or
V, 1 ' , ' 1,10 .Vrcvu VlnB "lrpcllon of
w"8 llortn an1 tho month was
mndo up of seven clear.
eight partly
t-loiidy und 15 cloi dy days.
tlrmbsrn of the Mnthiidlat Clinrch Want
Itev. Mr. Hall A nnther Yr.
Tho inembcrH of tho Methodist church
are o well pleased with tho services of
their proscnt pastor, Rov, C, L. Hall, that
they havo decided to retain him for an
other year and tho members of the auar-
lno policy of a threo years' term of pns-
tornl rervlcj, and have requested Iho rre-
ph'ihk u.uur iu n-i ins innuenco wnn me
bishop and cabinet to secure tho reap-
win remain.
to ounr. a com) in one day
r.iko LaxnLlve Rromo Quinine Tablots,
each box. 2Co,
" lllineal was taken nml lii.ll Ov.l ni -.n t
county, and later tlm e.-w,. e., 1,, ... ".. . . . . .'..' kiwis 01 wc.uner. 11 is now
high sheriff of ed. nw n..,.,ie,i nt ..: ' ' . weather, and wo would not r
l!) years, imtj to lwn. t-M and enst nf n m . ...i.i,.i. "''rL" larger sneei 01
nrshnl fn Hi ,11s. : ., "'"' '" Lake Chamn.uin frem any
SnjdTlint Hli Cnntititiancn In the Offlco
MIbIu liu ninburr.mlnc to Mnyor Itob-iirt-KK,t
Writ Kmiiwii Cltlzsm
aionttoncd In Conueotlon With
tliu Vncnnoy
Chief Of Pollen Lnnmla .T Hmlll. T-.
day prepared and placed In tho hands of
.niiyor lioiiwl Jtuberts his leslKiiallon, to
take en"c2t on Decomber 15. This action
on his part will bo iccelvcd with not a lit
tle surprlso and In ir.a:.v catvs with 10.
!!:H,!','lrl,10,loUtr ?r rK""tl. which Is
stances" which aro responMblo for tho art
but gives no direct reason for the step.
I'ho rondlllon.M referred to In the loiter of
cslKnatlon have existed for some llttio
time. Tliey wero dun In a measure to
events which wero made known at tho
lime and no doubt It was the desire of
. hlef Smith to remain In his oMItlnl ca
pacity for a lentith of tlmo In edcr to
iimvo in some who had actively cunnuctcd
themselves ,vlth the, chnrces npnliist hltu
i.ii no was upheld by those who had conll
dencc In him to a dceron which tn.ido It
posslblo for him to eontlntio In tho dis
charge of his duties. Tho letter was as
lliirllnRtnn, Vt.. Pec. 3, 1S09.
Hon. rtobort Itobcrts, Mayor, City of llur-
M. ll t!l... 1 . . ..
.-in 1 n.ivo received 1110 im-
pivslon from somn of our friends CTiat my
ton'l"if "c? In tho oilleo of chief of police,
should regret slnro cur relations have al-
"Z, tffttt
r.anu you my res cnat on ns rlilef nf nn.
lice, to tako effect on tho inth day ot De
cember, beforo which dato I shall bo nblo
to nrrnngo the affali? of the derMirtnvnt
ami can turn over tho effects of tho of-
Iice to my successor. Thanking you for
the manner In which you have used mo
In all matters connected with the r,mn
innd awaiting your commands In r.nv out-
I" a jwe. we. n, 11,
nun.- uiuieiTs in which you may navo oc
caslon to use mo at all time, I am, sir,
Yours tc-epectfully.
I I.OOMIS J. SMITH. Chie f nf Poller.
Tho announcement of .1 vacai c.v In the
otllce of chief of police will brine out tlm
nanvs ot sovor.il candidates M- the posl-
,lon- Among thoso likely to be mentioned
for oilleo aro K. F. Hrownell, Ueimty
Sheriff J. 13. Iivelle, H. M. Price and ,
Drew, outside the police fotvo and Offl-
r' rs Hussoll, Graton, lirothcrs and Mo -
I'llgott of tho present regular force. Tho
"rdsnatlon win be accepted but Mayor
Roberts has on yet done' nothing In tho
ol aiipuumng a successor 10 uniei
Iiidce Ituxrll and Stiite' Attnrnny Ilmwn
St 1 Ikr 11 Hut d ( ;i.r,
I'or a period of fully five minutes Tucs-
clny morning Judge Russell, State's
Attorney It. 1'. limun n.i.l .nannn.nt
John lllvpra Kit In ilm piiv mnn rm i.
merned in a deep wave of thought. This
condition of affairs was due. to tho abso-
lute nnd unqualified refusal of Rivers to
receive the. oath or to dUcloso as to where,
he secured liquor on which to get drunk
mo nigni neiore.
Rivers was nivctted nt tho police of-
Hcc about 7 o'clock on .Monday evening
having drifted to that haven with a guod
cargo ot intoxicating Honors aboard, lie
was steereel to safety by Officer Graton
but even then a
le ver disclos.i If
ter. Tuesday m
announced that lie would ,
he stayed thero all win-
morning he was brought
In'" court and pli-aded guilty to being i
drunk. n was then called upon to kUii I
up an,, bo swern in order that be might
illelose where he secured his liquor.
"l "on'1 ,,(' sworn a,1(1 1 won,t
wheio I got my liquor," ho said,
Judge Rusoll looked at State s Attorney
Rlown. tho State's Attorney eyed the pris-
, , - .- - .
oner nnu uivers iookmi f-erenely out anil
counted th team passing the court room
window. Tills slntn nf thltwu lnsleil fVi..
wvrrnl minutes.
"Why won't you disclose?" asked tho
enough to
round and
the reply,
and .sentence
is suspended." said the. J
Bra.ncl his hat angrily ,
Judge, and Rivers
and made for the
door accompanied by the ofllcer.
Judge Russell recommended to Sheriff
.1".'. UI.-1.-UIII1..IIIII.-1I uj- III!
Judge Russell recommi
Reoves that Rivers be p
ueoves inni itivers do piacen in solitary
confinement. With the sentence suspend-
ed ho remains in Jail to nwalt his rcadl-
ness to "pe-ich" on the man who sold
him tho "booze." when lu will terve out
nn TOiitene or oeing eirunit anu oe anow-
ed to go h:me again,
It is very unusual for a respondent to
refuso to be sworn, although quite often
men havo refused to disclose nnd been
sent back to Jail.
i 1-iis.hig the 1'iilltic
Mrs. E. II. Pa'mer of Shelburno receiv
ed Monday ev. n!tig, a '.e'.ter from Dr. J.
E. Taggart, who sailed for Germany, Nov.
11th, a few extracts from which follow:
Steamer Patricia, Nov. 13, '99.
Dear Mother: We an now In tho middle.
of the Atlantic. I am tight glad wo havo
a largo ship under us for wo havo had all
eallze that we
water than old
motion we gel.
but wo havo Just passed through tho
worst storm this ship has over seen. It
was grand to free, but I don't enro to see
another like It.
You can realize something of the storm's
fury when 1 tell you of tho strength of
ln iV'tm,; on OicTdecka:; when the
the waves.
went over tho boat It moved that
.it.iiui r.-ii-i.ii iiieiies, II ilisu nrui.e iron
castings on ono of the machines on deck
that wero at least six Inches through. An
1......1I.. 1... ,11, .. . . ..
1 have not so far mlsse-d a meal and have
beuu able to take, caro of tho crowd, and
nm 111, ii oil In tin v 1 nnvnt flt Vinllni. ...
uiy j(f0 . . .
Glvo my best regards to all tho pe'ople.
Yours with much love,
J. E. T.
rhere wilt bo a session of thn Simi-eme
Court in this city December 2C. at a. in.,
to net upon tho petition ot tho Rutland
Canadian R. R. Co., vs. Central Vermont
Hallway Co., for a crossing In the town of
Alburgh, and also to ecinsldiT the nward
mado by tho commissioners npiiointc.l last
July In regard to tho crossing und connec
tion hi this city.
Ifleal FgoA Ciioppsrs, $1.50
Weather Strip, 12 II. Ior 15c
Oril Door springs, 10c, 153 and 25c
Slag Handled Caryers, $1,25
Burlap? Lined Horse Blankets. $1,00
Duck Lined Horse Blankets, $1,35
1 in
f ur
Don't be a fop but look
well dressed.
Buys a first rate business
suit for Winter Wear.
Your money back if you
' U
' WalU II.
Chas. E. Pease & Co.
City Hall Square, South.
Itettirnrd tn liiirllii-tiiu For Tlinnknlvlng
Httt t cfi Itnmn Karly lI1.1t Iirnlnir.
Alexander Itushlow, peddler residing on
Decatur street, has disappeared, 110 ono
knows where. Ills wlfo Is nearly pro-
stratcd and the rest of tho family uio
K'eatly worried over bin mysterious dls-
appearance. On Wednesday of last week
Hush.ow eamo homo to spetid ThanksKlv-
nig uay wr.a nis v,ne. iie naxi ne-cn 111
(.Irand Islo for over two weeks, pel. In.? his
goods. Thero was nothing notl-eablo
ii-oui nis actions tnat wouiei indicate any-
thing unusi'al. He slept at homo that
night and on Thursday morning about 7
o'clock remarked to his wife that ho hud
some business down town. Hu thereupon
lert tlle house and walked down in tho UI-
rectlon ot Church street. No ono has
ie(;' ''Im since.
1 Tho motivo for such action on .lis part
not known by any member ot tho tarn-
"V He has resided In the city for tho
past seven months, coming from South-
"uuk ..mon., n nt-i utj icn ines employ 01
his father-in-law to work In his fu titer's
meat markot on North Wlnoo-?ki avenue', council the bishop appointed Uev. Patrick
In this city. His rotations with his fatln r Cunningham of ISrattloboro and Ue v. P.
have always been pleasant and It is said J- ISarrelt of Huri:ng:on to till tho v.ienn
hia domestic life was equally so. It is not cles, making tho council as foilo.vi: Yeiy
known that he owed any money, he was Hov. J. M. Cloarec of liurlhigton, Itev. j.
not subject to liisine tits of any kind and A. llolssunault of St. Johnsbury, Rev. U.
was not a drinking man, so thero seems J- O'Suillvan of St. Albans, Rev. N.
to be no reason for such action. One Proulx of Rutland, Rev. Patrick Cunning
thcoiy, advanced by a member of tho fam- ham of Diattlcboro and Rev. P. J. liar-
ill Is that, having disposed of some goods
in Grand he was ieturnlng with the
'nonej' wan probably drawn Inio a
K!lmo f Mr'1, nml nftcr beln fleeced be-
came discouraged or deranged and hence
" disappearance. Some think he .n.iy
..... l. m ,,,.h,uj uut mo i.uinij in
not lncllied to regard this as probable.
1 Tho I'ollco have not yet taken up tho
case but traters have been sent to Grand
-""u""ik iuwiis, wnere u n
hont'd, a trace of him may bo found.
oanas-rc i-nnnr
' """" ' - ' '
hnuim.iry or I'.u-tliiojs Tramartril ror tb
IVrrk Iliuiliig life. 0, 189!).
Estate of John Clark, Shelburno; ad
ministrator, commissioners and apprais
ers appointed.
Estate of Annora Rurke. Essex: admln-
l.lrnlrii' ..r.,1 ......,mll , . ... .1
. . ..... j . ..in. Lviiniii.-oiuiiciii ui.injii.iii.
Fsiiite of Mellnda D Adirni Hnrilne
. imi, ti.itV.'v? o',l. "imS' uurllnB-
. n . '.. . . . '
mi.,-S'trator. Wil a'i
....nnintV.i vn'
0( xelson jr. Nav. Mlltoll. ,,,
nroved. letters teslnmentnry KuneH nn.l
deei-eo ma.le
i i:stlUe 0. Dav,d M. n0!ls. llnt.,ton,
,,I,l,,l,r.., . l I ----- -r, .
I administrator, commissioners and np-
nralsers annointed
pruisers nppoiniea.
Estate of Honry Thorp, Charlotte; ad-
mlrilstrator. nimm H. nnim nml imirnla.
pr .,m,ninte.i
i'state ot Marv R.. and Josenh n. De.
ccn!i(1' t0 SOil roa, egtal0 nruntpj . 'L'
Kuunlia,,. BranteU lo iho
n,iai nf nalnli in,t iniio t5K r.',OJ
guardian's llnal settlement made ' " "
Etnte of Mary Jane- Morton p'w id
mlnlstrator pomnillniier -...,1" '.. i"
mlnlstrator, commissioners and annruis-
crs appointed
Lstato of Annio Goodwlm (a ward,) Rur-
llmrton: guardian s settlement made.
Es ato of Mandana Stlmson. Duo-ngton;
administrator appointed; administrator's
inventory tiled.
Estato of James P. Rartlcy, Underbill;
nclm nlstrator s inventorj Hied.
Estate of Thomas . Thorp. Underhlll;
appeal irom mo report ot tho commls-i-rn-
ers; citation i.-ucd to the aclmlnlstra or.
Estate of Isabella Selden, Rurlin0'ton;
commissioners report lllcd.
Estate of Smith Wright. Uurllngton;
w I. filed for prol ate; hearing Dec. r.Oth.
MStn,tl',,C u'm'y Sherman, Htintiimtui;
will Hied for piolsite; hearing Dec. 20th.
IJH.tte of Johanna Flynn, Burlington:
appraisers iinentory and commissioners'
report llled
ijui l ineu.
U1 '""'" -'oore uurungeon; nu- Houlo; parlor lamp. E. M Temple; chnm
mlnlstrator s inventory tiled. 1 1-er toilet set, J. J. H.milly: parlor clock.
1 Guyetto; ccntor table. Edward Haley;
WANTFn INi tT ai pamq fo1"' chalis, Emilia Wlllctt, wateh, J. W.
wftiM cu liN o Tobey; dining table. F. S.iltus; potatoes.
Arrrnt of M Arrliieton. lired With Oeorgo Heibb, cotton, John McC'otinell; oil
I.lilnu i...tber Tfonmr..
Sheriff Harney Kelley of St. Albans came
lo this city yesterday noon and In com
pany with Shorllf Reeves made a ttlp
llwotigh tho colored quarter of the city In
t-eareh of n woman named Mrs. Arlington,
who Is wanted In St. Albans. Tho woman '
was found at tho reune. ot Agnes Willis
mid placed under arrest. Sho "was taken !
luck to St. Albans at 4:20 by Sheriff Kel
ley. Mrs. An'lngton was arrested for having
been In a row In which she nnd her hus
band assaulted a woman In the "Mocks"
at St. Albins with a club, eerlously Injur
ing tho vleilm of the assault. Arlington,
the husband and chief assailant, was re-
cently arrested In Now York nnd Is now
awaiting trial at St. Allurw.
... .
.. J. Inlmor ami Harry Person who
havo jointly operated the American Houo
u nco Inst Anrll. have, dissolve,! imrtner-
slilp, the former buy ig out the latter s
.mere-si. ...r. i .iime.r is morougniy tnmii-
lar with the business and will manage tho
bouse along tho same linen that have mado
It a ,)c,pulsr Place In the pnsu Mr. Person
has not yet decided what ho will do,
Surprise Food Choppers, $1,25
Safity Lanterns, $1,00
Tutor Lanterns, 50c
Disston's Wool Saws, 65c
Pure Root Faint, 90c gaMon
NepoBsst Rootlog, $ ,00 per sunarc
JIh III Mrmorr 11 f tho T.atn Illslinp I)e
Oiir1irUiul, FnlloTTed bjp tlm Nw
HUlinp1 Adilroti An InipietilTe
imil I.Jiuoly Attnodoil Cernmony.
On November 21, IU. Uev. J. S. Mlchaud,
blflhoii of llurlltiirtoti, Issued his first pas
toral letter to the clcty of tho illoc-.'c.
In that letter ho imnouneed that n in,ts
of month's mind for tho lato Illshop IjouIh
Do (loeobrland wou.d be held at at.
Mary a cathedral on Wednesday, Decern
bcr n, and lnvltd all the priests In tho
rilnccf o to bo 1 resent. In accordance wlih
'no aniiouncement it of the priests nather
d In this d'y yosterday and at !) o'clock
In tho iiiorniiiK tbu solemn servleo vas
becun. Tho church was well idled and
jibe service was an Impn'sslvu ono. Tho
jmutirnlne that was draped lti tho edl
1 llto nt the tlmo of tho death of Hlahop
Do Ooesbrland was .still in place, with tho
exception of a portion that had been re
moved from tho chancel. The seivlio
opened with slnslnB by the priests In tho
j choir while tho altar boys and visiting
I priests, fo. lowed by tho bishop, entered
I the chnneel. AfKT tho mass was uunc
Ulahop Mlchaud sprlnk.ed holy water und
Inctnso over the catafalque ot the de
ceased bishop, which was placed In front
of tho chancel, llo then retired to tho
throne and addressed tho priests In part
as 10110 ws:
Itev. Fathers and llrethren:
This siciio Is far dlflerent from the ono
whlih 1 attended when the first bUhop of
iturllngtou came to take iiohsrslon of his
See. If I remember aright Hutu was at
that time but ono priest working 'n tho
t'loc-ese. Vhrri 1 contrast that entrance
with this tny Installation It seems dimply
wonderful, the profrrtv-H that tho .hurca
has made. 1 .succeed the late Hlshop De
Cioesbrland. but as you all know 1 bad
nothing to say. When the council was in
tension and I was recommended .is coad-
Jutor to the deceased bishop. I was t.ot
aware of tho fact null It was lecld.-d. I
have tome to you without asking. You
aro a good priesthood. I know you
wc.i, 1 nave H"cn you a:i come into tho
llocese. I know your talents .ind yo'ir
Zeal and I know that you have the glory
01 1110 cnurcli ol Iturllngion in yoir
I place rays -If In your hands, t
am your head arm your father, but I
shall be as In the past your brother. 1
wont of you li.lal obediencn. I shall
weigh all my requests well, but when 1
ask 1 .shall want Implicit obedience,
1 The hli-hop closed his remarks with tho
announcement of various appointments In
tho dloce.se. There wero two vacancies :i
the council caused by tho death of Wry
Itev. Thomas Lynch and by the
ui o. .uie-nuuu 10 inc oisnop'
rlc. With tho consent of the rest of tho
The other appointments wero as follows:
Examiners of clergy. Very Rev. J. M.
Cloarec, . (',.. of Rur.ington; Rev. T. J.
';l'Tne' ,of Rutland, Rev. J. F. Audet ot
Inooskl, Rev. D. J. O'Suillvan of St.
Curia for matrimonial cases, Rev. D. J.
O'Suillvan, moderator; Rev. J. F. Audet,
defenser matrimonii; J. M. Coathuel, no-
Curla for criminal cases. Rt. Rev. Illsh
op or delegate as Judge, Rev. T. J. G.ifl'
ney, procurator llscalls; Rev. N. I'roj'x,
auditor; Rev. J. Glllls, chancellor; Rev. C.
C. Delany, notary.
School board. Rev. Patrick Cunning
ham, Rev. Henry Lane and Rev. X.
Rural Deans, Rev. T. J. Gaffncy, Rev.
J. A. Holssanault, Rev. J. 1. Audet and
Rev. Patrick Cwinlngkam. This is a new
feature Inaugurated by Wshoo MIeha.id.
the object being to have fomo priest In
. ' . "v"" "',
each seclion to look after
the snlrilual
anil temporal welfare of sick priests
GflHs't',ar' "nd C'lani 1"0r' RtV' JoU
funeral. cry Rev. Jerorn" M.
. '. ... ..
e cne cioso oi mo aauress oy the bish-
L ' " ! .w.ertt
inrrnii .i.iviuiceu lei I II f inronO ami KISS-
c-i ., rlnc on the i,ki,m,i. i,n.,,i -ia n
I . . oisnop s hauil as a
token of their acceptance of him as a
bui10p anil of the,r ovaltv t0 Uim
J J ....it.
fire Stntlun N. Two Cell tlm M title lloi
liv ii l.nrEo v.J rlty.
Tho fair under the auspices of the Shcr-
.111 h;iml elileh hrnj Keen In ninrrn.i! it
th.. cite tt-iii fne h... nt nm r.n.i
a halt closed last evening with an attend-
aci. larser titan on most of the pie-vious
evenings. Tho first part of the evening
was devoted to awarding the piizcs to the
holders of tho lucky tickets. Although
the llle ot tlciPts WJg I10t aH la,-j,L. us
was t-xpeeted the band realized a h.ind-
aon e proilt from this portion of the fair.
The contest on the mus-ix box for the lire
stntlsns did not assume I.irgo nrooortions
Up to last night, Imt the members of the
varlou.i stitlon,- had be. u working haul
a,, lapt nllTht tho vot ttcIlt up lnto u.
thousands .Mth station No. 2 cn Norih
Oham)laln street winning by 1673 vot. ...
The contest elcd as follows: Station No.
, r.ll; No. 2. 1J: No. 3, !(. The other
prizes were awarded tin follows: Silver
knives and forks. John Muiphy; oak rock-
(,,., I'lorenco Chaycr; pipe and case, A. V.
heater, George He-nti. .I nner set; 1- fin
, ii;.r him, ,i. r. ...iiiu, bii.i u.i
J. Dufr.tnler; doll, L. W. Chestnut: bir
rel of flour, ii. It. Smalley; Stewat stove.
Hcrt Wate'-man; ton of coal, A. Heaupr
suit, C. Tyler.
To be Conalriorrd bj tb Miprrmn Cnurl
t ll pedal sir1iiii I!.-. 'Ui
The f.peclal session of tho Supremo
Court which Is called to be holden In tins
city on the- day fo. lowing Chrlstm-is will
consider the "if In the report of the eom
mission appointed to adjust the dlfi'kui
tles of tho Central ViTinent and RutlaJid
Ciinadlaii railroads over ihe loute of tho
latter road through this elty. A minor
matter of consideration Js u cro.-slng in
the town of Alburgh.
In the hearing held by tho commission,
Ill IIU !.,.. 111.. , t ...V .UIIII1II.3IUII,
whcll callsdrred the proiosltleiiis of the
two roadf tlleru was some difficulty aa to
lt. xuct COnStruotion of the statute
whk.h lmiCat. the powers of the. rum-
mus0,, t the icnort made tn .hn Hit.
premo Court the commission says In part:
"1 ho commission decided that it luid jur-
lbQctlon over tho whoU, subJeet anaJ
lieu thereof of connections, This is sub
ni ill nl to the court."
The petitioner asked only for an under
pass for the Rutland Canadian Railroad
under tho Central Vermont Rullway near
tho tunne. while tho defendants rofarred
the whole miuier to the commission.
Four petitions In bankruptcy were lllcd
with Clerk of tho United States Court
George E, Johnson Tuesday, onn of
which is from this city. Tliey waro ns fol
lows: Henry M. Snfford of Burlington, liabili
ties JITC.Cl, assets JM, claimed as exempt.
Frank E. Orcen of Mount Holly; llabtll
ties )13iWi.3t, nsse'ts H2.30, exempt Jim),
OccrRo Lane of Randelph; liabilities
JJ2:iS,tiri, nsset'i i-2 exempt 2V7.
lVeel A I'lummer of Cambridge; llablll
KIV r.. h.siiIk 137f0, exempt J101,
We the undersigned drurfflsts, offer a
reward of GO cents to any person who pur
chaseri of us, two 20 cent boxes of H.ix
ter's Mandrake Ulttera Tablets, If It 1,11,4
to euro constipation, biliousness, slcl -headache,
Jaundice, loss of appetite, sour
stomach, dyspepsia, liver complaint, or
any of the illscoscs for which It l recorr
mtfided. Trice ." cents for either tableti
or liquid. Wo will also refund tho money
on ono package of either If It falls to glvii
It. II. Stettrns & Co., W. II. Zottmnn f
Co., OeorGo A Churchill, V. I. Taft f.
Co., J O, Hellrosc, W. J. Hendersrn, P
Henry Parker & Co., J. W. O'Suillvan, M.
H. folllns, Oosselln IJros., W. P. Hu 1
fleorgo I.oveland & Co.; Wentford, Prl 'i
Uros.; Fairfax, W. .1. Trombly; Illnf -iurh,
II. M. Hull, Andrews Uros.: Monl,
ton, U. S. Meader; Orwell, W. H. French
ft Co,; W"ybr;d(?e, W. J. NewtMi; A -bur,
N. X. Martin; Alburn Sprlnjrs, t
It. Skelly, ndmr : (Jrand Isle, Aifel Itrot ;
Kouth Hero, ('. I), Irish & S01; Kecler a
Hay, Kceler Uros.
Tho Chc-ss club met Wednesday utyl
fleeted the following olllcers: President.
Williams; vlct-pri sldent, Woodbury, st- -retaiy
anil treasurer, Wadlelgh; cxet-utl- a
committee, MeKellow, l.ee and U. Plerc .
It was decided to try to arrange ui tourii -ment
with somo other college. Uultles wua
ehcuen captain of tho team.
At a co. lego meeting held nft.T senior
ntatoiy Wednesday morning It was voted
to give a cake walk some time this mon-h
for the benefit of tho foot ball assoclotloi
The following committee on nrrunK'tnerv
wns ,ippolnti-el: Chairman, Uee'b,., fi.iti.
Wheeler, Tobey, flrand, P eae. (Jroi .
Henter, Telllor and Hutchinson '!. A corr
mltteo ctnslstlng of Fort, Oould and Wl
Hams was appointed to confer with ti e
faculty Ir. regard to a chango In tho mark
ing system.
Hylngton has bevn compelled to lea
college owing to Id health. Ho expects t3
spend the winter In Colorado.
The freshman class ch-ctcd the followli if
otTlcers nt a class meeting he.d So -urday
morning: Pas.- ball captar ,
lirooks; base ball manager, Pile ,
member of conference committee, Mlllei
bunquct committeet Case, Hlmonds, Va 1
eiuette, Parker nnd Pierce.
Tho Vermont Academy club elected tl-i
following officers yesterday moriln"
President, Prof. Ftio; vlee-preldeiit. f -ford;
secretary and treasurer, II ifhii
son, '03; executive committee, Porter T 1
lier. Miss Field.
2;,ono nAiutF.i.s or' appi.es.
H. F. Sixton neid P. Cooney have Ju. .
t ''turned frjm Vlislnln. v. here they . -i-iitod
(b.-org.. C. Yeomans of Western Ni
Yotk In buying, a-'s Tting. grading 11 1
I'iming 2;,0 b.uiels of apples, si 1
baii-.dr. of which veie bought In a lurr i
on the trees, which thy had to hire pi. ! -'
d, ay well as overseeing tho whol-. T.
varieties wore Hen DavK York s Invper.il
am) wine sops. They made the trip In tl u
intetest of John Nix & Co. of New York
The list of F.uropean Immigrants v e
tjuebee. for tho month nf November Is . a
follows: Russia, fil: Austria, 31; Galicia,
12, ICnglaid. 7; Sweden, 5; Roumanla, o;
Poland, 2; Hungary, 2; Germany, 1. Fin
land, 1; It.tly, 1; Ireland, 1; Armenia, 9;
I'alestlne, 1; 'turkey, l; total. 723.
A CAitl).
We, the under.-lgned, do hereby agrei
to refund the money on a 50-cent bott'o
ot Greene's Warranted Syrup of Tar If it
falls to euro j our cough or cold. We alo
guarantee a 2-i-cent bottle to prove aatla
factory or money refunded.
W. J. Henderson, W.H.ilottmani-Co
F 1.. Taft & Co. K. Gosselin & 2ro."
J. O. Hellrose. F. J. Peaupre.
George A. Churchill. Trellle Duhamel.
R. P. Stearns .1 Co.
W. P. Hall.
James E. Naylcn.
J. W. O'Suillvan.
Joseph Cota,
M. C. Powers.
E. R. Crandall,
F. H. Parker &
Collins Rros.
R. E. Prown, North Wllllston.
C. D. Warren, Wllllston.
Geo. L. Pease & Co.. Wllllston.
E. W. Freeman. Richmond. Vt.
REED In Washington, D. C, Nov. 2C. a,
son, William Jam'-s, to .Mr. and Mrs. Wil
fred G. Reed.
COTA - I!II.MARD-In Northampton,
Mass., Dee. I, Is. l.y the Rev. Roland C.
Smith, Mb Ptn-an M. flil'lard and Mr. W.
J. Cota, I'o'h of P.urlington, 1.
I Dlllll.
I HOWE. Ill Florence, Col.. Oct. LT Mr.
, Auguta M. Howe, foxmotly of Eppex Cen
tre, t., .iced S3 years.
LOWREY Sunday, Dec. 3, Miss Ann
We, the unde-rs.gr.ed, do hereby agreo
to refund the money on a 50 cent bottlj
of Downs' Elixir if it does not cure any
cough, cold, croup, whoenlng cough r
throat trouble. Wf also guarantee Downs'
Elixir to cure cur-umptlon, wheti used
according to directions, or money bac.e.
A full close on going to bcsl and small
doses during the day will cure the mes
severe cold, and stop tho most distress
ing cough.
R. !. Stearns & Co., W. H. Zottman .fc
Co., George A. Churchill, F. L. Taft Ai
Co., J. G. Hellrose, W. J. Henderson, F.
Hetiry Parker & Co., J. W. O'Suillvan. M.
E. Collins. GocIln Pros.. W. P. Hail,
Georgo Loveland & Co.; Westford, Prico
Pres.: Fairfax. W. .1. Tromblv, HIne -burgh.
11. M. Hull, Andrews Pros., M.i"l,
ton, C. S. Meader: Orwell, W. R. Frein'i
& Co.; Weybrldge. W. J. Newtci, A -1
urg, N. K. Martin: A I burg Spilns. .
R. Skelly, admr.: Grand Isle. Aged Rr. s ;
Fouth Hero, C. H. Irish .t Sim; Kucle-r tt
Ray, Keolcr Pros.
U'-ifor Tivoc Public notice Is h re
ValCr IflXeS t,y given as riqund
b fi'i tlon 3". of the Water Ordinance th t
water tiM s for December, lsf'.i. boti
p. hedule and meter, are now due and p n -able
at the Water Office. No. 5 City Hi' .
1'nliss prompt payment is made a per
cent, will be added to the tax bill and
the water shut off as prescribed In EC
tlon 3S of the Water Ordinance
i Piano Wisdom.
5j It tikes long years of acqunlnt
f ancesl'ip with different trakeM of
J pianos to be able to discriminate be
tween the good and the bad and the
i woithl.s.
Wo have lived with pianos so long
t that we can tell from the mere
Sj sounding of a note the ancestry and
bivedlng of that piano. Wo have
ifr tills tlinn wisdom nlwnv nn l;.n!
You're welcome to It w henever you j
caro to have It We will treat you
you honestly and fairly. There isn't
a piano In our place which Isn't
woith looking at
; Y.M.C.A. Building;, g
Cleuuu tut tx.atinu the btlr.
I'romotf. . lnlutltnt rroirth.
Never rlls to Bestore Oray1
Care, leitp dneiira b.fv fuliuj,
are now In season. Oct a pood
stew or fry at the
144 Church St., Durlinzton, Vt

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