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THE WEKKLY F11KK PRESS, 3 cnets pr
copy, N) cents for six months, $1.00 n year, post
ge free.
Ulvcrtl'ement. and stibcrlptlons received
nt tho office, ISO College street. Full adver
tising rates Kent on npplientlnn.
Account cannot bo opened for subscriptions.
f-ubcrlbcrs will plensoroinltwithordcr.nnine
nrc not entered until puyment Is rccolvcd, nnd
nil papers nro stopped nt tho cud of tho tlmo
piild for.
llenilttnnco nl tho risk of the subscriber un
til mudo by registered letter, or by check or
postal order pnynblo to tho Publishers.
Tho date when tho subscription expires Is on
thcnddrcss-labcl of ench paper, tho change of
which lo a subsequent ilalo becomes a receipt
or remittance. No other receipt Is scntu,
ss requested. Tlio receipt of tho paper Is a
mfllrlcnt receipt for tho ftitl subscription.
When a elm-.igo of address Is desired, both
he old and new addresses should bo Riven.
Terms SI. OOii Year, Abniys In Ailinlirc,
When you want anything, advertise In
Ibo new special column of this pajier. Sotno
I nrgalns nro offered thoro this week which
It will pay you to read nbout. Boo pago
teven, This paper has moro than 25,000
i enders every wcok, mid ouo cent a word
will reach them nil.
Tho llrltlsh olllccra whoa fewmonthsngo
were busy Idling us how to rim our wur
hi the Philippine, uro now having nn op
portunity to put their theories In prue
tlce In South Africa.
Tho company of tho Seventh Infantry
now nt Pittsburgh Unrracks Is ordered
to Fort Wayne, near Detroit, Michigan.
This will bo lho headquarters ot that reg
iment, and It Is tho Intention to coneen
trato thero the various dctuchmcnls of
the Seventh now scattered over the Unit
ed States.
Tho Lucanla, which sails from New
York thl3 woek will carry tho heaviest
1st ot postal money orders payable In
,'orelgn countries ever sent out of the
.'nltod States. Thoy will nggrcgato about
w.500,000. and represent only one week's
irdors of money sent by the servants and
aborlng class of foreign birth as Christ
jias gifts to tholr families nr.d relatives
An autograph letter from Gen. Kthnn
Mien to Major Philip Skene, dated nt
Castlcton, Vt., October 27, 1772, Is priced
tt fifty dollars, In Dodd & MeaeVs cata
logue. Ono ot Lafayette's letters ls offer
ed at thirty dollars in the same collection,
nnd ono ot Lord 13y ion's at $1W). Wash
ington's manuscript orderly book for two
months In 1776, Is priced nt $100, and a
collection of Gen. Grant's military let
ters and orders, In 1S01-5, at $2000.
The outcome ot tho recent case of Per
kins againt tho Houston Texas Central
I'.allway company is worthy of note. Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Perkins were passcngets
in a Pullman sleeper. At night drunken
mm were nilowed to enter the sleeper and
to nso profano anel improper language,
which caused Mrs. Perkins great mental
suffering and caused her to lose her
night's sleep. Mr. Perkins sued the rail
road company and tho jury gavo him a
verdict of $300. This verdict has been sus
tained by the court ot criminal appeals of
In view of the cases now boing contest
fd before the Supromo Court of the. Unl
et! States Involving the question of tho
nnstltutlon.illty of the clauto of tho war
revenue act Impo-drg a tax on inherit
ances it is Interesting to note that last
year tho commissioner of internal rovenuo
collected fl.233,433 as taxes on legacies.
The commissioner has now instructed col
lectors throughout tho country not to
force tho payment of the inheritance tax,
but to .iwalt tho decision of the Supremo
Court in tho matter. In this connection It
may bo noted that among the cases pend
ing Is that involving the will of the late
Cornelius Vanderbilt, on which It ls esti
mated tho ta-i will be at least J),000,W0.
The good souls who were predicting tho
disruption ot the republican party in the
Empire State aro now forced to witness
the spectacle ot Piatt nnd Roosevelt
agreeing upon a programme for the repub
licans during tho coming session of the
Legislature, by means of mutual conces
sions. Their programme Is said tobetodrop
"Lou" Payn from tho ofllco of insuranco
commissioner when his term expires; to
cut tho term of tho mayor ot New York
to two years and to let pollco legislation
alone. In this connection it will bo of In
terest to learn that tho coming session
of the New York legislators at Albany Is
likely not to bo prolific In Important meas
ures, nnd there Is a general tendency to
cut down legislation to tho smallest pos
sible compass. In time our neighbors of
New York may come to tho point of
adopting biennial sessions ot their Legis
lature. Ju(le" Powers on Polyjnmy,
Tho position of tho representatives of
Vermont lu Congres.s has neve- been
equivocal on tho subject of tho suppres
sion nf Mormon polygamy; nor has their
opposition been conllncd to sentimental
disapproval or simple denunciation. lu
f.ect tho history of tho warfare on that
"relic of barbarism" Miowh thai tho Stato
which gave birth to Drlgham Young, has
been In tin very forefront In the enact
ment ot the moasurrs for tho suppression
of the national disgrace ot polygamy. It
was Justin S. Morrill of Vermont who,
when he was a congressman introduced
and cnrrled through tho first bill against
1'Jlygamy. Tho Kdmund.s law, ns every
body knows, is the existing statute. It
may not be as well known that when thu
1 111 for thu admission ot Ptnh ns a Stuto
was under consideration, tho repivsinta
Uve from our First district, Congressman
Powers, offered and secured tho passage
of an amendment providing that the Slalo
constitution which the people wero about
lo adopt, mint contain a clause forever
prohibiting polygamy; and further pro
viding that such prohibitory clause must
not bo repcabd or changed without tho
ei nsent of Congress. Otlur States may
chnngn their constitution ns tliey wlll;
but the Stato of Utah can never chango
her constitution to as lo permit polygamy,
for nothing Is more certain than that Con
gress will never consent to nny letting
down of tho bars, on that subject.
New Phase or tho Sampson-Schley
Admiral Dewey must thank his four
starB that he Is no longer obliged to strug
gle for recognition of his rank, when ho
contemplates the Ignoble controversy be
tween tho friends of Sampfon and Schley
-h strife whcse ond no prophetic eyet has
yet been able to foresee, It was quite
generally assumed Hint tho seml-olilclnl
stntcment regarding Schley's stutur,, tc
ronlly inado by Secretary Long of tho
navy department would give tho dispute
an cft'ectlvo quietus, but that tlttcruf.co
seems merely to have changed tho trend
of the controversy, which hns broken out
In a new direction, tho latest phase of tho
dlsputo Involving tho project to create
Sampson mid Schley vlcc-ndmlrnls.
Word comes from Washington that the
administration has been tirgul to settle
this unfortunate nnd unyecmly wr.inelo
by making Sampson nnd Schley vice mi
nerals In tho order named.' The friends
of Schley opposo this proposition owing
to tho fact that this would reverse thn
comparative rank ot the two commanders.
At the pres.m tlmo Sohlcy stnnds two
ntimb"rs nhe-id of Sampson, having reach
cd that position In tho usual order of
promotion for services nnd tho retirement
of olllcers abovo him. It ho wcro to bo
promoted from tha position ot rear ad
mlnul to vice admiral, It would bo with
the erudition that Sampson should pass
him nnd stand ii'-xt to Admiral Dewey.
Schley's friends mo undci stood to hold
that It ho Is worthy of promotion at all,
It should bn In tho pioscnt order.
In vlow f the fnct that tho services of
both Sampson and Schley hnvo been roc- men. In Porto Itlco we hnveST oinccrsnnd
ngnlzcd through their promotion to t ho j zs.V, men, not Including n battalion of UV)
grade of rear admiral, tho chances nro .native Porto Hlcans, nnd In Hawaii thero
that tho cmtlnuntion of this controversy nro stationed twelve officers nnd fl men.
will result In both men rcmnlnlng where hr cnnro army ,u the present llmo thcrc
they nro, whllo their friends will continue. , fore consists of 3301 olllcers and Sl.tKM en-
10 ugni over again mo naval name odminl mrn. nr n rraml mini nf n.s.
Vermont's Mineral Kesonrccs.
The Springfield Republican Is Impressed
by the fact that Hurre, which a few j-ears
ago comparatively was a small countiy
hamlet ot a thousand i.onulallon os so Is
now a city ot nearly 12,000 people, tho """' J,,llRnK 'ronl preeent ludlc.i
product of whose grnnllo quarries go all 1,on' 11 wl" 1,0 'mpc-sslblo to make nny re
over the United State nnd Into manv 'TfHon in our forco In Cuba for a enn-
fnrelgn countries. It concludes that inas-
much ns the supply of slonoscems to be
Inexhaustlblo nnd can bn mined at com-
paratlvely low cost the city and Its prln-
clpal Industry can not have reached their
full growth, nnd hints that tho town may
push Itutland and Huillncton in the raeo
for leadership In tho State.
Tho people of this State nte proud of
tho gratifying growtli which the city ot
Harre hns experienced ns a result of the
progress of tho granite Industries, but It
Is to bo borne in mind that this ls only
I ono instanco of the profitablo development
, of tho mineral resources ot which our
Stato ho.-ist. nnr'mnrhlo and rr.-,nftn nnd '
Main Industries are now being supplement- rll)lc nlmor thiU ,lc mlKhl ''feline a re
ed by tho opening up ot mines nnd tho clct,tlon. various gentlemen who wero will
institution ot various Industrial prolects , lnff to succ'1 I'1 began, last summer, to
which will bring wealth and progress to mal:o t,,clr fplratloi s known. In La-
... , . , , ,, , ,11101110 county, cx-Gov. Carroll S. Page in-
tho communities In which they are lo- , . . .
Mi,h v ..,i i i...i . 'augurated an extorsive cplslolaiy and
vested at home moro than ever before and
the first decade of tho new century will
unquestionably witness the full fruition of
., . ... ... .. .
the general adoption of this policy In
rapidly growing towns ns well ns in great
ly Increased prosperity throughout tho
The DrinUInK Hnuitsnf TwoHunilrL-U
Years Ago
That our ancestors, In tho olden time,
ank strong drinks, "ns 'twere their , Sll latr ' Fr"""1 C0(U"t' ca,"1l, ! June M. ifiw. the total number of deposl
,W milk." Is known to every one: 1 " tho ll0rSOn f A' Al tors in our different savins Institutions
all drank
mothers milk, Is known to every one
but how large n portion of tho expenses
of every public function and occasion, ns
Well as of the average household, used to
go for distilled liquors, in those days, ls
not often understood till it Is disclosed by
tomo old record.
The State historian of Now York, In
his annua! report for 1S07, prints a court
record of the trial and execution of ono
.i.H.t ui j-,iini-i, i leimi ickhijii, 111 llie yciir I
fit i l.. i ..i... ...
pMI , ,) i ii .,n,.y, ...
k basket weighted with stones, was found
.In the bottom of a well, In the city ot ,
N'ew-YSrk. A coroner's jury wnssuminon-
c,l which found that it was the body of
, in.: iiiiaiiL ciiini ui iikio iienuriciis cr
Hcndiickson, and that it was put alive
16M, for infanticide, eopied from the old 1 1"ominently from tils view of the situu
Manuscrlpt Colonial Records. From this tIon is tllU tllero ls no concentration of
Into the well, and so drowned. Tho wo- in tho dlftrlet for a change of leiresenta-
man was nrreslcd May 2d of that year 'l'1'- if su. h a desire should become n. in
charged with tho minder ot her child, and 'f1 He, however, did not feel Inclined lu
put In prison in the State House, fiom , l('l' ,luwn ipon the invitation of any ri nl
i which sho escaped. Several weeks after , or competitor, preferring, naturally, to re-
U , ... n. , - ..nKctl.t,. .nln. f ,1... t 1
July was arraigned before a special court 1
aut: u9 ic-arresieu anil on me -ii cay oi
of Oyer and Terminer (meaning of hear- S'ven him such large confidence and sup- 1 ' "" '"""'- " '
Ing and determining) upon the charge of Port In the past, ratlur than from any ap. p onnont aggregated $12,203,571.10. nn in
child murder, "against the plea ot our Want or the organ of any aspirant, llo "'cc Jll" K's- of IMWiTi.
the laws
man pleaded
upon tho s
.owing .uonuay-exec.uiou louowing moro
closely upon tho heels of sentence, In tho.-o
days, than Is now customary. Sherlft
John Manning's bill of expenses Incurred
In tho arrest, keeping, iccapture. trial
and execution of tho woman, is appended .
to tho record, and is ns follows:
"Charges about Anglo Heudtlckson:
To 2 cans brandy to Masphage Kills.. 0
To brandy and provisions carried to
Nevcrslnks 2
To manoy spent nt Nevcrslnks 1
!To six men in tho boat to Never
slnks 2
To il vo Indy.ms emi!oycd to Hnd
her 0
.To 5 cans brandy at the time she
l was taken 1
I To six men that took her 3
i To French wlno to ye Jury 0
1 To brandy to ye carpenters 1
To ye negroes In brandy 0
To ye executioner in brady and
French wiiio o
,To work dono by ye executioner 3
To Owm brlggs nnd making 1
To ye, Carmen and porters in brandy 2
I To French wlno to Cm men and
I lmrters nfter yu execution 2
.To account of H. Newton of moneys
I spent 1
To her Dyett durlns ye tlmo of lm
I prlsonment 0
To an Indynn 0
I To yo Jury of llfo and death In
I French wlno 0
To more wlno and becru 1
Sutnma totalis 20
i Lord, tho King, and against has organised no literary bureau. Ho has ' u" "-"' " u. -lu
.... thL, 0.,'Ji,l",.,), ii llUl'I t'liff II Hill UU" HVKfLTlHU
oi im government. T ie o- M,,v i-u'i, mm u i'ii-miuiu ,
guilty and was wiitcncul "as asked no paper In the State, for its ' .Uu U4 Wu.......
pot to bo hung upon tho fol- support. Ho has employed no retainets ' " " . " ",c. " ' ?..""r
Mora than half of theso Items, It will 1 Vermont will bo represented In tho House
be som, was for brandy nnd wine, and, by two no.v men. The new man, In Con
nearly linlf vh.; JL12, bs. of the tola! ex-jgress, however able, Is an apprentice, lie
penso of tho transacllm, Including money gets no recognition from tho speaker, It
paid to tho Indians to capture tho woman, I lie Is placed on any committee It is at the
making, erection nnd taking down nnd 'tall of some unimportant one. It takes
calling away of tho scaffold; "diet," I.e. tilm ono trim to get acquainted with his
bcaid, of the woman, and Incidental ex- hiothor members, and at the departments;
pmses of tlvi court and Juries, was for land beytud the roullno of business as a
tho stimulants deemed necessary nnd member, ho enn accomplish lllllo for his
proper. None of which probably wcro lib- constituents, or to sustain tho .'finding
sorbed by tho "Indyans," as there used to
be stringent regulations prohibiting tin.
furnishing of liquor to Indlnns.
Tho account was allowed by tho court
as nppeirs from the record, tho sheriff
taking two hundred guilders In wampum,
In part payment thereof.
What would be thought nowadays of a
.hcriff lo New York or elsewhere, who
should bring In a bill ot over sixty dollars
for liquors furnished to jurors nnd work
men during a short trlul and summury
Thu HirciiKih ol Our Ai'inlt'N. I him nt tho present Juncture would bo
That tho extension of the sovereignly of ideomed a pbico of surprising folly, by his
tho Unllrd Btntes over the prlnclpnl do- associates In Congress, and by Vermont
pendencies transferred to us by Spain will cls , OVc.. tnp col,nt,.y. jt cannot bo wlso
Justify tho material Increase made In tho (0 cluingo our entire representation In tho
sine of our sinndlng army cun no lonser
ndmlt of a doubt, when we take Into con
sideration tho forco which this country
has bc?n obliged to send to tho Philip
I Ines In order to put down Agulnnldo's re
bellion. According to President McKln
hy's message tho regular r.rmy now num
bers 61,95!) enlisted men nnd 2218 ofllccrs,
this strength of our standing army hnvlng
icen niunomou uy tno net ot congress
passed on March 2 last. A little later In
his nicssago President MoKlnley soys that
I '
.u..v. ,., wniiiuLi, ...
the Philippines at tho present time In-
eludes lira officers nnd IMCC men, nnd
when tho troops now under orders shall
rcnth Manila, our nggrognto forco In tho
nrchlpelngo will comprise Ml olllcers and
(.3.IK1 m"ii.
Hut theso figures do not Include our en
tire military forco nt the present tlmo by
nny means. Stntloned nt different points
In tho United Stnles we have Mu ollleors
nnd 17.317 tr.cn while a largo army Is sent-
lered In our other d pendencies. In Cuba
there are 231 olllcers and in,70f. enlisted
I tut of our totnl force under nnns nt tho
present tlmo 31,051 nrc volunteers, nnd as
soon as tho war In the Philippines Is "nil-
ed these volunteers will undoubtedly bo
discharged, leaving the service lo be dono
In Cuba, Porto Itlco, Hawaii nnd the Phil-
'Pl'hies dependent wholly upon our regu-
"ll,(''r:1'ln time to come and lho same thing
ls ,rlr, of r'orto Illc' nml IIawnl1- '1'he
num'J(r of troops that we shall be com- j
1,0110,1 lo nn't'ln the I'hlllpplncs Is ns
yrt an ullilo,vrtl Problem, but It Is s.ifo to ,
s-ay ,llllt for 4,0,1,0 W"1' nt lcnst 11 I
1,0 nc';,M''''T for tho United Slates to keep
i somewhat formidable force Ir. that terri
The FirM District AVhy Juilco Pow
ers Should .Succeed Himself
Tho situation In this congressional dis
trlet is ns follows: In view ot tho fact
that Judge II. H. Powers had had live
clcctlons t0 Congress, and of nil Irrespon-
literary canvass the lalte.r conducted
ehlelly outside ot the district-both of
wlitMl cntm In linvn fnintclin I ci.Kul.1,.,1
,., p.,,;, , ,, ' " ...
1,1 Chittenden county ex-Mayor Hamilton
S. Peck of this city and Railroad Commis- That ,, nsgrcgate ut (,pposl(f) docs not
sinner D. J. I. osier next appeared in tho rcw8,1It tho (l:lvlnKS of rC!ll(U llts of our ,
,,pll; Pm1"cnnJBBon can,e "'"StMo exclusivoly Ls true, but the propor-;
woid that i on J. K. nntchelder would savings Institutions'
renew his effort to represent tho district ,,. , '
, . n i , , , , ., , I. standing to tho credit of our own people
Later Col. Joel C. Hakcr of Rutland was . ,
announced as a candidate with a promlso
. ,, ,, . , . .
of considerable support from that county,
of St. Albans. Two counties In tho district
have not thus far formally presented any
aspirants tor the nomination, though C.
M. Wilds, Eq of Middle-bury, has been
more or les talked of in Addison county,
ami ex-Li2it. Gov. Fish, of Grand Islo
.accept a nomination to Ccngress, if tt
v, ero to bo cordially presented to him.
I The ono fact which stands out most
iitiinlnn t hrniulinnt tho rltstrlnt .m :i wlinlo
. -an"v ", n n ;:, , o C
l"' "eltlon to con-
c- 1 "tte
Judge Powers has in tho mennllmernaln-
' honorable position
uw.l..., .,v,i
cheerfully acee.le to any prevailing desire
i1""."." ,,ui,v u. iu.w
directly from his constituents who havo
-" - mv,
taken somu pains to ascertain the actual
and unbiased wish of tho republican
masses of nls district, as gained througli
responsible sources with tho r suit that
outside of a few interested circles he find
,no general demand for a change of rep- vIp,nlt. , 1f)p ,hnt th(! ,Jurlll,UlI1 Sav.
resentatlve to which ho should bow. He npfi lmk ,Pa(lH n othpr lnHtltuUons of
3 "J",!?,0 ' I",0, l01SUCC0;1 M,n- thta charaeler In the State-Doth as regards
.self, In compllanco with tho desire of many . , , ,
. i , , ,, . number of depositors and total deposits
,) voters In all parts ot tho district ivlioo i ,,
- , , . , . as well as resources, having had In Juno
wishes nro entitled to respect, and upon!, .., , . , , ,.
1.. ,. i ,,i , 1 1 ,i lnf'' 1M-' depositors nnd devoslts nggie-
q I tl,.-, V,n,l ,11,,,,., .,!,, ,,,,(,UUb Ulll Ulll null
with any competitor for lho nomination.
It is a quare, open, nnd credilablo can
Denying to no man the right to enter
li'upon un honorable competition for uny
3 elective office, nnd recognizing In porno of
s.lhe nsplruits named qualities which may
g i well entitle them to favorable conslder.i
o'tlon, when the tlmo for a change of rep
u . lesontntlve comes, our own clear eonvlc-
tion Is that no chnngn Is now desirable.
n.uur information, nlso, Is to tho effect that
tho fooling that It is better to mnko no
change, during tho eomlng campaign, is
becoming Increasingly manifest nil ovu-
tho district. To this conclusion, nnu con
sideration, doubtless, Is powerfully con
tributing. It Is th.-.t ns Congressman Grout
nas eiccunou a ro-electlon In tho Second
11 district, If Judgo Powers Is not returned
of his State on the floor of the llou-e.
With two now and untried men, Yeimont
would bo nowhere. Now, tho representa
tive of this district, in any classlhcatlon
of Congress, Is placed among tho leaden
of hla party. Ho Is a strong debater, and
Is listened to, whenever he speaks, with
attention and renpeet. He knows tha
ropes and can accomplish vastly more for
the people of Vermont, than any now
man. Ho ls, as our readers know, watch
ful for nny opportunity tu servo his Sltto.
Ho Is a working member. To sujxirsede
llnuso In tho samo year.
Judge Towers received In ISM (ho largest
vote over cast for a member of Congiess
In this Stato, Ills mijorlty of over eigh
teen thousmd, that year, was moro than
tloublo tho majority ho rccolvcd nt his
first election In ISM. The vote for him ul
his last election wan as largo In propor
tlnn to 10 tolnl vot(, pn,t (ls , 1S00i ,,
lho urmimlty luhlssiipportwns surprising
;for bul clght SC!ll,crir,(;vot,vswero cast for
t-UIIll'ESI!llUl 111 W1U (I1M11CI. Jl 1 11 pilC-
nomennl record. Judgo Powers has done
nothing since, to forfeit tho icspect and
I conlldeneo ot tho voters; and wo see no
lcns0I1 ,0 suppose that they will go back
on him, either as they are represented !n
the nominating convention or nt the polls.
Vermont's HiivIiiuh InslltiilloiiM.
Gratifying ns well as conclusive oviden. o
of tho constantly Increasing prosperity uf
Veimont is to be fouiul In tho report nf
tho Inspector of Finance Piatt deillng
with the savings Institutions ot tho State.
An unerring Index of tho material prog
ress ot n peevde Is afforded by tho aggre
gate savings effected each year, and ijno
of the tnbles In tho Inspector's report
sIiowh tho growth of our savings Institu
tions slnco lf.'A
According to this authority tho inmvber
of savings banks In 1S50 was six and the
total nmount of deposits $IK',376. In 3tC0
. tho number ot s livings Institutions hnd
doubled nnd the oggrcgato deposits had
advanced to $1,111,532. In 1ST0 theru wero
, only eleven savings Institutions In tho
State, but the total amount of deposits
had moro than doubled, tho aggregate
being $2,74 ",779. In 1SS0 the number of
banks had Increased to sixteen and iho
dejiosits had ngaln more than doubled
during thn preceding decade, the total In
Ing $7,3!'i,40'J. I'rom IfSO to ISOj the num-
her of savings Institutions Increased to
thirty-one and the total deposits to $!!,-
During tho decade now approaching its
ci0e tnP srowtli ot our savings baukj and
trust companies has been rapid ns wll as
unintcrtuptcd. In 1W1 tho totnl deposits
wero $21,i;2O303.ID; in 1S02, $2-l,C7l,7ll.7ii; in
isn3, $27,M2,929.0fii In 1W, $27,905,T,r;.l.J; In1
ISM, $30,4fl8,MU3; in UM. $.32,170,712.??; Inj
1897, $32,C?,lS7.l3; In ISPS, $31,071,721.77; and
In 1SK, $3fi,r,21,7l9.73.
It thus aiipe us that even InlSOl, the year
In which the ilnnnclal depression made it
self felt In this section most severely.
thero was a material Increase In tho tolnl (
deposits in our savings Institutions, and
the enormous Increase In the nggregate is
particularly worthy of note. Pp to tho
present year tho deposits havo almost
,1nlll,ln1 clr,r, 1 f I. iMnnnc Ulnn
vM3,7r,i72,.0Si ,, ,;v'lw, tho tot;ll wlll u.
! . . '
Questionably Dp more than twice that of
icnn ., ,.ii,i , , !
i ' , , . , ,
erring Index of our material advancement,
j . , ,.
A.,,.- ij.ui L yji nil' i iinjfui,r iiu,r, .ii.il Lit
tors In our different saving institutions
was 113,3fi9, of whom t'9.531 were residents,
I and n,S3j iion-re-idents. Tho deposits of
I residents of the Stato aggregated $.10.SSt,
1 while tho totnl deposits of ni-resi-
ilcnts weie only $G,142,f;20.05, fo that exclud
ing tho lepresentattou of the wealth of
other Staler In our savings Institutions
tho showing would still bo a very hand
some one for our own commonwealth.
The divid'nds paid to stockholders dur
ing tho last fiscal year aggiegated $.k1,3"D,
w hile tho dividends paid to depositors dttr-
lng tho same i.eriod reached a total of
ticnsury during the past year by the snv-
n,ltmlotli( aJtCBnlA m J
nc,e;tFp ovcr tllP provlous year of $!,333.G3. '
Tho table Included In the Inspector's re
port giving the resources of our savings
institutions also Includes a number ot
Items that will have special Interest for
our readers. The mortgages on Vermont
real estate represented by our savings In-1
stltutlons aggregated $7,4'.'f ,477.15, a gain 1
j "ver tho '"lous year of $S.miB, while
$1,757,131.13 and the aggregate of municipal
l)0mls wn8 e rff Vf3 3 Qf QW s.iy
lngs u.ttutTons 'iwen'ty-three are savings
iJt( ft nn1 ,ovcn,f.(.n nre trlIst companies.
i th.s connection it will bo a source of
r!1.,np..lUn ,n rpHl(lpnlH nf ,,H rltv. ,,
gutlng the Immense sum of M,u7ti,b79.71.
The Rutland Savings bank stands second
In the list with 10,.'7S depositors and $3,311,. j
.Vw.liJ deposits, the Vermont Savings bank'
of Ilrattleboro third with 7.32U depositors
and $3,17S,7"3.r,2 In deposits, and the Mont-j
peller Savings bank fourth with C.ISS do-1
posllors and S2.3O7.0IO.31 in deposits. Tho
Tho Hurllngton Trust company has 2,ls7
depositors nnd $l,2S0,3to.:, In deposits; tho
Wlnooskl Savings bank 2,072 depositors
"A Word to the
Wise is Sufficient.
But some stubborn people
iuaii until 44 down sick " be
fore trying to ivard off illness
or cure it. The wise recog- j
nize in the word 44 Hood's"
assurance of health.
For all blood troubles, scrofula, pirn
pies, as well as diseases of tho kidneys,
livurnnd bowels, Hood's Sarsaparilla ii
the effpetivn and faultless euro.
Poor Bl00fJ-"Tlie doctor said there
were not seven drop of good blood In my
body. Hood's rar.suparllla built iiienpnncl
mode me Mrou and well," Susie K. Huovtn,
10 Astor Hill, Lynn, Mass.
Dyspepsia-" We all use Hood's Korea
partus. It cured my brother-in-law and
inyeelf of dyspepsia. I .owe my llfo to It."
M. II, Kirk, 607 Franklin St., Philadelphia.
fiood& SaUafiWiilk
nnoit1' fllli curf llvtr Uli; thu non irrllatlns and
yly csthnrUc ta k with Hood1? SinrlU,
Grain-O !
Grain-O !
Itcracniber Hint nnmo when you
wnnt a dollcious, appetizing, nour
ishing food drink to tnko tho pluco
of coffee. Sold by all grocers nnil
liked by nil who lmvo ticd it.
Orain-O is mudo of puro Kfnin, it
aids digestion nnd strengthens tho
nerves. It is not n stimulant hut n
health builder, mid tho children ns
well as lho adults enn drink it with
great benefit. Costs nbout nsmuoh
ns coffee, lfic. nnd 25c. per pack
age. Ask your grocor for Ornin-O.
Try Grain-O !
InelHthat jour ginccr rItcs jna Gnln-0
Accept no unit .tlnn.
mid $1 T:o.iV)j.1S Iii deposits; the Pcllows
Falls Savings Institution, depositors
nnd $l.1:i7,fi73.2t In deposits; the- llrattlc-
boro Savings bunk, ',570 depositors nnd
Jl H'S f"l) Ot l.i i!er.olt- Hie Pasynmlmlo . K " "clos" of UK) or les. DcpoS
in deposits, tno i assumpsit liru r,,ct.Ve(1 )n from n to ,2l00i
Savings bank of St. .lohnsbury, r,,m dc- and no Intel wt will be nuld on nny sum
pusilom and $l,7S0,D."i2.t7 In deposits
Citizens' Ravings Hand
n,i ni...
...... ....OL V Ulll-
pany of St. .lohnsbury, 1,201 depositors nnd
$l,313,5..il.: in deposits! nnd tho Ottn
quechee Savings bank of Woodstock, 3,221
depositors and J 1,03,211.21 in deposits. The
Homo Savings bank of Hurllngton hns 330
depositors nnd deposits aggregating $."",
VJ2M. This partial survey of the conditions ot
tho savings Institutions of Vermont Is
creditable alike lo the managers ofhoso
Institutions nnd to our lecle ns a whole;
for It shows that we nro building on a
lcx'k financially and establishing a basis
for sill! greater prosperity In the future.
The "Attempt lo Kill On" J5r. Prouty.
Itefcrring to a statement by the New
port Kxpress to the effect that before Mr.
Prouty's nnmo was considered by tho
President for tho position of Interstate,
eommeiio commissioner, ho signified his
willingness to appoint (Sen. Grout lo the
position; nnd that Gen. Grout declined,
and suggested Prouty In his stead. C. F.
Itanniy, en., of Newport says:
"I am Informed by a gentleman who Is
in a position to know the facts that tho
President never signified his wllllngni .-s
to appoint Gen. Grout. That no other
name than Mr. Prouty's was vresented to
the President.
It ls true that a powerful political friend
of Gen. Grout suggested that ho try to
secure the commlssloncrshlp, nnd prom
ised him support to that end, and that
Gen. Gr. ut declined It, saying his ambi
tion was for the sonatorshlp, and that ho
had no desire for tho position of commlrf
slonor. The attempt to kill off Mr. Prouty by
means of the commlssloncrshlp having
failed, an attempt seems to bo made- now
to kill him olt by misrepresentation.
"We trust the papers which have copied
your Item ns n 'piece of leislde history'
wlll glv as much space to tills second
chapter ot It as they hnvo to the first.
There Is a vast difference between Doing
offered a position by the Pre: idmt, nnd
being offeted tho support of a friend, to
secure the President's approval."
Tnentj-flve Yens' Coii.uiiit Usb Wltli.iiit
ii rnllllr.
Tho first Indication of croup ls hoarse
ness and In u child subject to that disease
It may be taken as a sure sign of the ap
proach of an attack. Following this
hoaiseniFis Is a pecu'Iar rough cough. If
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Is glvtn ns
soon as the child becomes hoarse, or oven
after the croupy cough appears, It will
prevent the attack. It Is used In many
thousands of homes In this broad land and
never disappoints tho anxious mothers
We have yet to learn of a single instanio
In which it has i.ot proved effectual. No
other preparation can show such a record
twenty-live years constant use without
a failure. , For sale by W. J. Hinderson,
ill ugglst.
Long ago, near David's clty
Un a shepherd band,
Fell a glory such as never
Shone tn se-a or land.
In tho fields, Iho shepherds watching,
Guarding flecks by night,
Hear a song of wondrous beauty,
See a hcav'nly light.
From the East tho Wlso Men journey,
Se, king Tor a King;
To the Monirch costly Incense,
Gold and ir.yrrh they bring.
Light that shone on humblo shepherds.
Guarding llocks at rest;
Star that guided Eastern sages.
In their kingly quest;
Roth, alike, from hoaven shining,
To the Christ child lead;
Prlneo nnd peasant, wlso and simple
Come lo Him in need.
Lordly king and humble seivnnt,
Ily the self-samo way,
Come ns did tho sage nnd shepherd
That llrst Chrlstmis day.
And tho glory which from heaven
Fill o'er shepheids then,
Shines to-day, and lights forever
All tho ways of men.
Waller II, Crockett In the December
The statement recently printed, that
Robert Tuber, the actor, and husband for.
tho time being of Julia Marlowe, ls nn
Englishman, appear to be a mistake.
Wo aro Informed by persons who ought
to know that ho was born In Stowe, Vt. 1
New York papers announce the death
nt TloiiKtln. China, October ti. of scarlet
fever, of Mnud Lockwood Aiken, wlfo of
Rev. Kdwln Kdgerton Aiken, formerly of
Rutland, now a missionary In China,
Col. C. S. Forbes has gone to Washing
ton to attend a meeting of the executive
committee of tho Nntlonal Republican
Leagii", of which he Is tho Vermont mem
t,er. Tho committer will select a llmo nii.1
place for holding tho National League con -
cntlon in l'.WO, nnd organize for ctliclent
republican club work in e.ery Stale pres. i uaie iooks uon me question or ills can
ideullil year. Thlrly-livo Slates will bo dlducy Is only a matter of conjecture, r.s
lepiesent"d at this meeting
Dr. Sellm II. Penbody of Chicago, for
merly president of tho University of Illi
nois, has been appointed editor nnd
statistician for the American commission
of tho Paris exposition. Dr. Pcabody lies
accepted the appointment, nnd will tall for
Paris Willi tno commission m i.-eiiruary.
Jlo Is a graduate of the Unlveislty of Vcr
moi't, lu the class of 'S:, and has exeep.
tlonal quallllcallons for the responsible
position to which he has been appointed.
llenfiiiim. Cannot bn Cured
by Ileal applications ns they cannot rench
the dUe.i.'Cd poitluu of the tur There is
only ut i- way to cure deafness, and that Is
by constitutional remedies. Deafness Is
caused by an Inllnmed condition of the
mucous lining nf tin- I'.iistaehlan Tube.
When this UAh Is inllamed ymi havo a
rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing, and
when It Is eutiiely closed, Dcalnets Is the
result, and unless the inllammntlon cun
be taken out and this tube restored to us
not nial condition, hearing will bo destroy
ed forever; n'no rases out of ten are
caused by Catarrh, which is nothing but!
an Inflamed condition of the mucous ur-
Wo wlll give Ono Hundred Dollars for
any case of DtafnesR (caused by catarrh)
that cannot bo cured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure. Send for corctilnrs, free.
F. J. CHEN K Y A- CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hull's Family Pills aro tho best.
Deposits Juno 30, 1800,
Total Assets
r. I . WAitn, Wii.t.Aim CitNe,
CiiAiit.r.s P. Smith, Hkmiv iIiirbnic,
.1. I.. HAItSTOW. A. tl. 1'KIUCB,
llRNIlV WKI.t.S.
Itecelves nnd pays duioslts dally. De
posits mudo duilng lho lit at four busi
ness days of tho mouth draw interest
from the Hist. If made nftcrwaida in
terest will commence tho Ilrbt of tho fol
lowing month.
IntentU wi:l bo rredlted to depositors
January 1 mid July 1, compounding twice
u yeur. Thero ato no stockholders in this
Dank. All the unri.ings, .ess expense, be
long to deposltois. Tho into of interest i
depends upon lho earnings, and for twelvo
years was ii per cent, but under a U.v
passed by the I-ciHsliitum nf l.w, no suv-
ings bank can pay moro than I per eiiit.
until its surplus reaches 1 per -nl. of
lis deposits, whru u cpn'Ial dividend is to
bo made.
, A1,' tnxes in this Stnln nro pnld by lho
excess of tills iimount,
, posus uy widows,
' n,,.,. ,, .
' fjimrui.iiiH, ciuiiiiuiiiu ur
religious Institutions or on trust funds de
posited by order of tho court.
No money loaned lo uny olllcer or trus
tee ot the bank.
CHARLES P. SMITH, President.
K. S. ISHAM, Assistnnt Trca urer,
A Private Lighting Plant.
Acetylene Gas.
You can produce your own gas cheaper
than you can tjuy oil or eleetrl.-lty. Wo
ranke two tpe of machines for generat
ing ACKl'Yl.lCNi: GAS, known as tho wot
nnd the dry piociss Thl gos l made on
ly as It Is used. Machine does not h.ne
to be cared for often, r than once In l.i
days'. Our machines an approved by th
l-'lrc Insurance lioaida ill over tho United
States. e light residenc. s. stoles,
churches, pub.lc buildings. Imtoiies and
towns with double the lllumlnutlng power
r ifi cinii cneaper man any inner sv?
tim.of lighting. Write us for full Infot
matlon. W wnnt good agents National
Acetylene Gns Co., 422 P.llleott Squat c,
Uuffalo, N. Y.
7h3C..nCir.lonal Situation ns It Appears
tn llin eeonrt District
This district is not up yet with that
over the mountain In its riop of congres
sional candidates, but It h'ns made u good
start. Tho fourth appeurs In the an
nouncement that Col Porter H. Dale of
Island Pond ls lii tho field and tho pa
peis up that way my ho starts "with h.s
own county, at least, enthusiastically
united in his support and that ls moio
ll.an can be said of Col. Kittredgo llas
klns of Ilrattleboro." Hasklns ovidcnily
Is tho nun they fear most, and rightly
also, for he Is not only pretty suro ot h.s
own county but ho is the only aspirant
likely to develop much moro thun lor til
trtngth, and therefore the ono who enn
best stand a multiplicity of local candi
dacies. Stafford nf St. Johnsbury com. s
nearer to him than any of tho others In
suungth throughout the district, but he Is
hampeicd by formidable opposition nt
home on the ground Hint lie Is nn ex-mugwump
and by tho complication of Gi out's,
Rates' nnd Prouty's candidacies as well as
that of Dale In that section of the state,
while Hasklns, since Judgo Read's with
drawal, has the whole Meld clear down
this way, except for a llttleta'k at Mellows
Falls that will be recognized before tho
end as too boyish to count.
The latest indications are that the talk
nf a Windsor county candidate will not
materialize, and If that be so. It will bo
another Important factor for Hasklns.
Nothing of course ls certain in politics
and especially in a situation like the
present that offers such a Held for the ex
ercise of the proclivities of Vermont n -puWIean
politicians to trade and dicker
But the f linnet's of Hasklns are unmistak
ably by far the best of all. BrattlejoiO
The "mountain line" rule is threaten 'd'
If the proposed plan for re-apporiionment
of representation In the republican na
tional convention should prevail, Vermont
would be entitled to nine delegates In
stead of eight as at present. It Is ca y
enough to select eight men without of
fense, by adheilng to tho rule and choos
ing four from each side, ot tho mountains.
Rut where shall this odd man come from?
That's tho question. And, by tho way, Is
there u (ommon-stiiso reason for fol
lowing tho mountain line rule, anyway?
Isn't It more of a subterfuge than a nocs
slty? Doesn't It simply spare mn the
cmbaiussment of making a choice some
times when they don't want to? St. Al
bans Messenger.
The law (tho prohibitory law) ia
the work of the "great body of tho
people of Vermont." Il was not
true when tho law wns tlrst adopted v h n
the Idea was now and had tho advantage
of a great moral enthusiasm behind it
without tho saving effect of experience,
and when it was the chief Issue of the
electlcn of 1S.",3 when the voto stood 20.fl0
to 1S.142. That It Is not truo now vas prac
tically confts-ed by the last legislature
when It refused to submit the quesilon
of a vote of tho people. Stripped of all
subterfuges, tho reason for that refusal
was a fear that tho people, would repudi
ate the law if given n direct chance at it,
for it was perfectly obvious that If, after
a ir years trial tho verdict should be one
of approval, and In favor of tho continu
ance of the law, it would add trermtidous
ly to its nural force. Brattloboio Re
former Dem.
The total of 43$ killed at Modder River
on the llrltlsh side may make some peo
ple in England understand Mcthuen's re
mark that It was the bloodiest battlo of
the century. Tho actual comparison with
the 7,0.0 French killed nt Austerlltz, S3.
000 French killed ut Waterloo, tho 900
Ciermuns killed at Sedan, thu 13,l10 I'nlon
I soldiers killed nt Stone's River, the total
looks pretty small. Iioston Record.
Among tho list of prospective candidates
mmtloned for congressional honors In
' 'he secoud dUtrict is the nnmo of Porter
, Dnp "c Is'and Pond. Just how Mr.
ho has never expressed himself publicly
upon this subject, so lar us wo can dis
cover. That ho would balance equally
well In tho scales with the other cnndl-
dates for this ofllco there U tint llttla
room to doubt. A bitter light will bo wag
ed against Col. Hasklns from certain
counties in the district, and the name bit
ter iigiil will be waged against wmueu
I . . ninuorii irnin inner coi.uiies. mu
CiH.ntlr nl KssfX nnd Orleans nr, liable
to oscillate U-tween tho two. Should Pur-
lor 11. Dale, with his numerous friends
throughout the district, and aguinst whom
no Haw enn be found, consent lo bo a can
didal!) for second district congressional
honors, we believe he would not only be
henrtllv endorsed by IiIk own county nnd
that of Orleans, but would receive a
strong following in the other counties,
Tho question for Mr. Dale tn answer is,
"Are you in tho swim?" Newport F.x
The Van Ness Houso at Hurllngton has
been conducted for mans years as a strict-
temperanco hotel and Is recognized ns
one of tho best In New England. Thlsl
i.ici .iuo net-i .i.iiu.w ui.nnci id mo on -
repeated assertions that It Is Impossible
to conduct a llrst cluss hotel without a
bar. It ls, therefore, not surprising that
n number ol i irons navo oorn niado to in
it iii,iii'-t ,1. ,, ,r on , t, iiinil.) ll ill
some way connect it with Illegal tra flic,
Tho latest Is to havo tho hotel adjudged
Burlington, Vt.
Surplus and Profits
A general banking business
. transacted,
T , .
urattA drawn on any country
, . . '
111 IvUropo, payable in the CUrreil-
cy of tho our.fry
Special attention given to ac
C0U1US OUt-Ot-.OWn depositor
H. T. ltUTTElt, Cashier.
JOEL H. QATKS, Preelaant.
Pituu'K e. nunoERa
I delro especially to buy In Kan-ns. Nebraska
nnd the Dakota. Correspondence solicited.
s. k, iir.iiiMinr.Y,
040 Kxcliaiigi) ISldg., UOslON, MASS,
The Burlington Trust
i6a College Street.
Chartered by the State of Vermont.
ransacts a general banking business, and executes Corpor
ate and individual Trusts.
Edward Wells, Prest. B. B. Smalley, Vice-Prest.
(of Wells It. RlcharJson Co.J (ex-Collector U. a CJJitumsl
D. W. Robinson. E. Henry Powell.
(of Robinson-Edwards Lumber Co.J (of Powell & Powell. Attornoys,
A. E. Richardson. Henry L. Ward, Treasurer.
(ot Wells f. Rlchar-Uon Co.)
TANGIN was made
to cure womanly ills
just as surely as the
sun was made to
drive away darkness.
Every woman needs
it at some time in
her life if well, to
keep her so if ill, to
make her well. If
you want to know
about the best medi
cine on earth for
troubles distinctly
feminine, send a
postal card for a free
sample bottle and a
valuable medical
I 11 I A
1 .L
a nuisance ne.ause llnu-r was served cu
the tables at tl reeent Fi.-'i and Game
I.. ague banquet, nlthoug'i it app.ars -ho
league management furnished the lepwr
and that nothing of tho kind was intima
ted to the hotel managiis when the ar
rangements for the t.an.iuet was mad"; it
also appears certain that in no possi dn
way could the hotel havo oroflted by :t
The case at this writing Is In the hands of
tho court nnd wo have no dosiro to antloi
lKito the decision. Neither have we any
deposition to defend Col. Wo. dbury. the
proprietor of the Van Ness, If he had o-.ni-
mlttcd any Infraction of the law. How
over, when a '.nan hns allowed prlnclpl
and a respect for the law to stand 'u--tween
him and the small fortune which
ho could undoubtedly have accumulated
from Illegal liquor selling nt his hotel lur
ing the years of his' proprietorship, It 1
si-ems to us-that he ls entitled at leaat to
the respect nnd cteem of all good eltl-
zens. it is certainly not nn encouraging
featuro In good government that such n
mini can be harassed and brought into
court with men who have no respect lor
the lluiior laws of the Slate, on a inero
technicality at tho most. Northfleld
Look out for the man with tho patent
milk preservative.
Thero aro various agents now abroad In
thn land selling "Freezene," "No-lee-
Preservative ," "Liquid Milk
and several such nostrums In
tended Incldentu.ly to keep milk frin
souring, anil primarily to gather In the
farmer's looso change.
in all imwo several rases wiiicli have
im-ch icpu. it'i. 10 iuo i ermoiu oxporimem
stattnn. tha rhpmlmt 1i:ixIk nf tlin nrrttorv.
alive is the B.imo. It Ls fm-m.i!.1.hv.l.
formalin a powerful disinfectant and
germicide, but not ,i desirable article of
diet for lho human species. It Is not
strictly ..nil ferlously ikiIsoiioiik, but It is
held by all the best iiuihorliies to be
lint nu n. lo thu dlgesiivo syMem.
It Is (he sain matt rial now largely :i
use In creameries for preserving samples
or milk for testing. It will i . rlaiuly
ke p milk from ourlng; and It tlnn en
ables the slovenly d Iryinnn lo cov-r up
many of Ids worst negllgeneles. It leaves
him free lo enjoy the filth of an unc ean
stable, to save himself tho trouble ot
cleaning his cans, lo be ns looso end lnv
nnd wicked as ho pleases,
This Is not to say that the man who
i uses i-reservaiive, rrcezeno ann me line
Is necessarily that sort of a fellow; but
these chemicals do protect him from the
res.ilts of negligence and Ignorance, nr.d
seem, to tho unprejudiced observer, to
M't'lll, IU ll.O lIl.prejUJJ.eTO OUSfl'VCT, lO
.offer tho careless milkman an undeserved
salvation from his sins.
Incorporated 18J0,
Capita, . . f 50 0,0 00
Surplus, . 250,000
A general banking business transacted.
Our large resources and unsur, , s. j fa
cllltlcs enable us to re. clw it, 'uvjratlii
lerms a.counts of Individuals, fluns and
corporations. Ladles' and fami y a counti
are especially Inviteil.
U E. WOODIIOL'SIi Cashier.
From Its curef d man.-.g. mint haj 1101
mil Willi a I0.-.1 from iii loan made dur
ing the last twenty year--.
I iJenoslts tnado tltiri tiir ilii llrsl (lw rl ti
of tiny month w.ll draw lii 'ieaf frorr ihs
lir"t of that montii. inpo u nuii.
after the fifth dny of any montii wi c
Inlerrst from tho tlrst day ot the next
I Interest Is rredlted depositor' January
1st nnd July 1st, compounding setnl-nr
nually. The rate of Interest p. Id to (ie
poitors by all savings hni.ks In thl Sti'tu
ls limited by law to four per n nt until Its
l Mirplns amount to ten per cent of lt
idopnsits, whui an extra dividend is la
1 bo m
ix made.
I No Interest Is allowed by law 'o br pn i
on deposits In excess of two thou .nd '
lars -rxeept it Ue on deriolts by wll.
orphans, administrators, executor p r
dlans, nharitnblo or religious In " i ,
or on trust funds deposit! 1 l j oi I r c!
I The Dank pays all taxes Ir Mi S n
on deposits or fifteen hindrrd 'V.I rs oi
Due deposltois Juno 30, 1899 $"2 0 t
Surplus i- - i
Deposits nnd surplur 7 .77 05
OPriCEItrf S. II. Weston, IYta.d n,
Ormnnd Cole, Treasurer.
TflfSTEKS-S. H. Woston, J. H Smm
O. P. Hay, A. J Stevens, Ormond C&.o, E
C. Mower, Snmu l Iilgwood.
treatise on the
diseases of
& CO.'S
New York.
AictlnVUit rs In Vermont A Novel
- Vnrlous Mate ltiiiiieuiit-.
During the past week rep..r-s
come fiom different parts of tn
ihc miures or foolish gull em.. .-- 1
visiting tins section of the e.. .1
muire Is a small bird of the .. jk f
and was Mppii-ed to be an li.
of the an tic regions.
Three or four yeurs ago a l.r-r-
1 t
of ih-e birds was sen nn L..
plain in the tally wlnu r .uul
them were shot by gunners,
ulso found at ;his t mi on 11
small l.iUi.s and 1 ond- in dilT, 1
f 1
the sti'l. Nnli.r.ilif.-. could M'f ''- 1
planation of then- pi.-nt s-i Mr 1. at
Whither they wciv driven 11. r.
ocean b severe storms or cam l.i'
lho food supply In tin Ir na'i.i 1 '. ' ' s
gave out was never di termi' I "1 xi r
mists who examined the ,-ie. lmir
brought to them found the 1 :rd vej
poor in uon ami witn empty m.ps
, This year specimens
are being shot
many set lions of the state
and a f i m r i
wife lu Li.nenburgh caught one with lv i
Work on the receiving tomb ut Mornu
Side cemetery In Ilrattleboro wi 1 be c
tlnred during tho winter. A t, nt l'i f
mi unto. Inclosing the entire stru. ' ur. a .
heatid with two largo io:il -"o. s will
used during thn winter by a l.irg l' n
ber of men unployed on the Job Tie
granite will perhaps be quari .1 it Pi rr
morstnn and lilted under this cunu 'I
is tho purpose ot the lontr.u t. rs t.i
p'ete iho tomb e-arly In the spring r sar-J
less oi weather
A .NO I-.L rill I
Arthur Quimhy ot Lyndnnt l'e who J
now a student at Norwich mi iM'-aiy
to take a novel trip during h' i 1 xt s. r
mcr tuentlnn. Ilei baling I. .:. at Hell 1
a gasoline laufieh. The r" M be
feet long with a full cabin . f pl.rc gla s
In the launch lu- pidpums 10 mi1 wi h
party of friend.- fi. ni p. rl ngio'i
to Minneapolis 1 y ,h
plain the Richelieu
livers and the great
wn i ivuw fiiam
and St. awcreuca
Wculd use Kemp's Ralsam fer tha Throat
and Lungs. It Is curing more cases el
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Hronchitls, Croup
and nil Throat and Lung Tloubles than
any other medicine. Thu proprietor 1-aa
i , tt juu a
i fh?R!2,(. V0,.'. 1 -'' .'"l'1""!, ,ou n?4
ind K 1 rmed" rrlce 2iff
autnnrizeii .my rtruggts-. to give you a
and He.

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