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Gov. Ptirknoy's proclamation appointing
Thursday as a day of soi row nnd prayer
on amount of tho death ot President Mc
Klnloy will llnd a responsive chord in tlio
hearts of nil Vermonters.
How little did Senator Piatt dream that
by trying to shelve Theodore lloos-v.-lt
politically by making him the icpublican
party's candldnto for Vice-President, ho
was taking the very eP lnrlt would mnko
Itoosevelt President McKlnlov's successor
in the Whlto House. The mere statement
of the case points out Its own moral.
Mrs. MeKlnlcy litus teen urawn to the
popular hentt by the dcvoMun and lo-tltudo
shown during tho Illness .n her distin
guished husband, nnd she will have the
sincere ssmpathy of the entire American,
people In tho ben m oment which has ootno
to her in tho death of President Mi Klnluy.
Tho announcement that Arthur 1'. Stone
editor of St. Johnsbury Calcitonin!, may
becimc prlvuto secretary ot Congressman the country will line a strong, nblo and
Hasklns, will bo received with pleasure by faithful President. His accession to the
all A ermont newspaper men. Kdltor Stone office Is as clearly providential, ns such an
Is well qualified In every way for the po.-i- event could well be. He did not seek the
tloti. and it Is to be hoped that he may be Vice-President -it vva-s absolutely ft reed
selected for the. position In question. upon him. Kvldently he never harbored
the thought of mining to the higher oftlce
Mrs. J. J. Astor has set a new style for through the death of Pr sub nt McKlnloy
mothers In high society 1 'tiring for her till It was foreetl upon him. He would
own children, and the stc.rj conies from hnvo shielded the- hitter's life with his
Newport that women are hunting up the lr own If ho coubl h.ivo done so. He bote
children, and begging, borrowing tind himself with marked dignity and gcoi
stealing others In order that they may be judgment during the trying elays when tho
in the fashionable swim. This is a most late President's life was banging In tho
commendable fashion, but It will bo hard baluuto, ami weh-oined with sineercst re
on lap dogs. Jolelng the prospect of bis recovery. And
ho has with liko slneero sorrow mourned
Washington despatches say that the con- the- death of his late chief. Ho comes to
Bcnsus of opinion there Is that President his high oftlce In the shadow- of a great
Itooseve-lt will ask tho present members of national bereavement He takes It, as we
the c.ibi'i. t tee continue in olllce, ccitnlnly bellove, with a (hop sense of tho re spons-
untll net Do. ember, when Congress will Utility thus suddenly brought upon him,
a semble Some members nt the cabinet and a determination to give bis best i ow-
oter mnv wish to bo relieved, as they nr.. ers anel most fnthlul service to the coun-
not in the be.l of health, and th.1 new try. Those who judge him by the carb a-
Pre 1 1 nt may ile-citle himse lf later on tha...
he v ill prefer to mi s urn. chanyes,
but this Is a m titer ciuit-.- m the future
T I. - who are Invent to Mrs. MeKlnb y
Ire- d t" ..ontetnphiti the- conse-anc e-. .-f
h tleatb e.f bet husband to her. Per' :-s
atver elld tt woman lose, a husband vvi"-e
leath meant more completely the clei., li
aen of everything on vvbii b she leant-.J f-.r
iu r it it has seemed, Indeed, t-i t'.i.-o
ne st intimately aoepi.iinled with the two
hat Airs Me Klnley drew the very vitality
l...ei alillv.rl trntn lilfl pntlMtient nre s.
,Ii(-e .,.! his patient tendr rnoso, vv hlrh
t ii-m ii;h all the years she has been an In
v.i el never faltered.
One e,f tho latost lynching look place
m V lekhlfc, Ky., opposite Cairo, 111., on
i.i ..--i i . . t . , k.i, i 1
IhtirsJ. 3 iast. A mob of negroes broke in-
. ., . ., , ,1 , u . .i...
to the Jail and seized and hanged thr- e
negroes, I'rnnk Howard, Pnni lteed niiel
lirntst il urlt-on, who were awaiting ttlal
for the murder of an ol-l negro, Wash
Tlioi in- Thus elo tho blacks Imitnto the
example of the whites. There was not tho
sliriitc-st reason te. snimos,, thnt Lbo mur-
tlerers would not suffer tho leEttl penalty
sf their ctlme; but tho mob preferred to
te the executioners, and to punish mur
der murder.
Lmma (Joldman Is quoted as saying:
if I were not in Jail, nnd It the people
about the 1 resilient would let me. I would
nurse him and nurse hint well. To tno the
President Is simply a sh-k man. I ntn'ii
t mired nurse, and I have the sympathy of
it wommi, the sympahy ol an anarchist.
It Is not sympathy for a ruler, but sym-
path- for the man-tho man who surfers.
for tue wife who suffers. liy what I h ivo
said I do not mean to letrut other st-ite-
ments i have made of mv opinion e.f the
PreMoent. As a Ptesident mv opinion cf
Sir SI Klnley Is nothing."
Tlf situation iu Venezuela must be ele
I'l'iril'l', if the latest advices from that
country are to bo jelled upon. It Is slat
ed by arrivals cut the steamship Muruou--Ibo
that all Venezuelan laboieis from
fourteen to slty years of age have been
lmpr ssrd Into tin- army; homes ami mul-a
have been seized and that many steam
boats have been taken Into the govern
ment service-. The prisons nto filled and
the- mere discussion of question of will
is treated as an offense punishable by Im
prl onment President I'natro Is reported
to Iioa sent men to assist the Colombian
rebels, nnd the- outlook tan not he rcgunl
ed as otlie r than setlous.
It Is a remarkable fuel Hint while tho
miserable assassin Cv.olgosz (.hut I'resldi-nt
Sle Klnley because! ho was opposed to geiv
erninent and nil form of authority, he ap
pealed In the offlceis who represented
government to prevent tho people from
lyiiellug lilm, thus giving the Ho to his
pr ii-s -eel belief. It Is also te, be nerteid In
thl-ionneellonth.it the i.utl.trity that tll(, ,,,,, ,1(10 whir.- a team was In
the prisoner affected to despise, caused .1 w,ng to ,,ry him tn the neatest tall-for-
e of soldiers lo ho In readiness te. pro. rPn(, ,,, ,, , tllll W(llu Uos,velt
t"f"' l,,u """"' emcm 01 .vie-
Klnley h death was followed by violence,
wnue. oilier lorces gunrueu nix lamily in
their distant homo and l-.mmadoldman nnd
otner nnat lusts in l ini ng... nils sp. ciu-
no 1 10 uii inc. iiuere msf me .111-
fereneo between liberty una 11 e n e, nd
snow iiieiii in. i per mini unci-- milieu.
Jove I onli . long it It does not lituf re
wllh tho liberty and the wclfaro ot othcra.
I'lt-slile-nl (nrllt-ltl'M Wound.
Tho assassin, (lultcnu, Ilred upon Pre--Mcnt
Onrlield from behind his bticli. The
ball entered m the right side of the bach,
fractured the eleventh rib, passed throiiKh
the spine and spinal canal, shattering tho
first of tho lumbar vertebrae and driving
plnces of tho broken bono Into ill- sur
mundlng parts and lodged btlow the par.
creas, two nnd u halt Inches to the lift ot
the spine. The autopsy disclosed these
fnrts nnd also thnt channel h.id been
"burrowed," ns the dne-ors cull It, by tho
pus, (-Mending from tho estirnal wound
dnvviiitout ly to th" rip lit groin ',nr!lcld'B
heart pave out under blood pols mlng, ns
did McKlnley's.
The Call to I'tilillo Jloiii-iiinij.
The Invltnlton of Mnynt llawley to our
citizens to iisjomhle ot. ThJrd..y to ulvo
public expression to the sorrow which fills
all hearts ami to do honor to tho memory
of President McKlnloy, Is in aceoid with
I t,l oreitrlil. When Mr l.lnroln wns .IS'ltll .
tiled Acting Secretary of Stnto Hunter is
sued a proclamation Inviting tho people
of Ihe country to meet and hold suitable
public exercises tit tho time of the funeral
of the Into President nt Washington.
Minor A. I.. C'atlln Issued n like prcinma
tlcn, calling on our citizens lo meet In
their respective houses of worship at tho
tlmo set. Tlio two Conttregiitlon.il
churches hold a lilnt service nt the l'lrt
church, with ndiltesses by Hon. 'liorge I'.
Kdmunds and the pastor, Mr. IV. !x. At St.
Paul's services were conducted by Hit) rio.
tor, Mr. Hurl; at tho Mrtho.'it eburcli by
Professor Petty and nt the I'nltMrlau
church by Mr. Ware. Sen Ices wero also
held In tho Cilhollc churches.
In September, when President Clnr
lield died, Oe.vernor purnhnm Issued a
ptoclnmatlon, .ind telegraphed it to a hun
dred and fifty clergymen In thn State, ic
questlng the people to meet In their
houses of worship "for jirnycr and enntrl
tlnn." Mnyor .lo D. Hutch, by proclama
tion, called the citizens to meet at tho
Collego street i bitreh, The church was
draped In mourning. Appropriate music
war rendered, and addl esses wero mn-lo
by President liuckhnm, Hon. Daniel Itob.
cits, Itev. K. It. Atwill, t.nd Itrv. Merrltt
Hulhurd. The rvlees were Impressive
and the elusions who gathered more thin
tilled tho house.
Tlte.Ww Prositle-nt.
We believe that In Theodore Iteo-evelt
lures in which the yi How jotirn els hnvo
I . - n wont lei re-prc-t iit ltlui nn n reek ess
ami desperate- lirc-etiter, may be appr-h n
slve nt harm to the public ftom tho plac
ing of the helm of State In his bands, but
th- y will eomc to dismiss th- lr fear-. If
h. vve-rc rcullv .is Impulsive, a m.i.i as
in.in suppose- him to be, It must be nel
nil 1 1 1 -1 by nil that his Impulsos have gen
erally been generous nnd go.-d, and It Is to
li-i remembered that giant tcsponslblllty
- i-inmimly brings caution even to tho
thoughtless man. We do not expect that
Mr. Roosevelt will make anj suibb n and
s" ' ""1,p 1 """f's ' ''nDlnrt. lie- will
iL-iieieiiti.i-.-i ins iiuii-i' ijii liip line 'S Hliei eiejivil
by his predce cssor; ami the Interests of the
Illation will be- sate In his hands.
A .Mini til" De-stiny,
The manner In which iho honors and re-
sponslblhtles of the pioMincy were thrust
' '
upon nun was quite tn Keeping wan ti e
events In Theodore Uoose.vtlt's Hf-
liso has been meteoric, full of sudden and
c'ul('lil- "dnpt.d himself to new conditions
nn'1 characteristic energy has mad,, a
biiecc-ss e.f all ho hus been called on lo do.
,Ils l"1liJ of ,lnl" everything thnroiiphly
manifested Itself during a trip tn Kurop
ifter his graduation irom llnrvard w1 en
he tramped over the mountains of Swltz-
nnd Oeruny and b roughing It
l-atn.-el many practical things which in.
'H" lho "niUr "f tho "r-Unary traveller.
Ho entered politics at tho comparatively
early age of 22 and at 2J was ele ted to
the New York Assembly. In lute twice r- -elected.
Then In 1SS1 his U.ve of a-lventi r
ln,1lloml ''lm to locale on a cattle ran-h
in ,lle Wft' HI"ro 1RS9 1,ls I,o!ltl'-"1 re
'"'fn B0 rnl,i'' Ul"1 110 1,la' ntl' 110
",,l,'', 11 lnan of 'ltlny. A member of th.
,h" eommlsslon for six years
f,om ,s"'- h" ,"f'nl,", president of the N. vv
York pollen board ami then nsslstnnt sec-
re tary of the navy. '
The thought of remaining a c ivilian nt a
desk when there wns lighting to be. done
was distasteful tn Sir. Itoose velt nnd when
War wllh Spain was dee-lnri-d In HOS ho
resigned his ofllco and organized the r nl
ment of Hough ltlders. Tin- most ton
Mpieiintm figure that emerged front Hint
war, unless Admiral Dewey bo excepted, It
was not strange that the re-puhlle uns of
the- nmpln- Stute In looking about for a
eamllelute for the governorship should sc.
bet him. Ills eb-etlon follovveel and tl en
c tmo the nomination to the vlco-prod-de-ncy
a neimlnatlon that wns t )i rusnt til on
him. lie elee-lliieil to bo shelve d by his ele-s.
lion lo that ollle-e- and nt 111" time of
Pre-He-nl McKlnley's assasslnntlon line s -velt
was undoubtedly In the lead tor the
pieslelentliil nomination In 1001
When the guides who had been sent out
em Friday to llnd him, after It becums
eeit'iln Hint President SIcKlnley coubl not
live, finally hunted him, ho was on the
,,,,, nf j,()UMt j,,,,.. , , ,irl.t f ie
Adirondack-), sorting game. It was a walk
of ten milciH through the wilderness 10
,iHt,1Iu.,.l , t f 10 K11,,.H. Thcn
,., u uti;Wa UW(I through mud
Umt rrnr,rd the huh- In some nine es. ,
ifoanllng a train nt a lllllo railway station,
t,(,r(, WilH a ,,,,,,,, rlm , u foK t, A,.
1,1111' . . l inil . ar being thrown off Iho
,,.. j. ,, tl,(. w , f(jlowol by a iccord.
,,r, ,, ,. t,,, 1 , , R n,, 1k uv
made liH2setoinls
j Thus la was that Itoosevelt, not yet 43
years of ngo nnd the youngest man who physicians ndded to his strength of con
ever sat In the presidential chnlr, received gtttul0 nlul c),ccrful spirit, would, under
tno news of his sudden clevntloit to tlio
highest olllco In the world. It was n fit
ting climax to a life of adventure, energy
and political preferment.
Tlio Now Zealand Homed)- fiirStrlkt
Hon. II. It, I.usk, who has been spend
ing n day or two In Purllngten, Is nn Intel
llgcnt Kngllshmnn, who has
been for
many years it citizen of the Colony of New , Vo believe It to bo trim thnt no Prcsl
Zcnland, where he has had repented elcc-dplt .inco -Washington, has stood so high
ttons to tho colonial Parliament and has ,,,,,
. . , ,, ' , , , ,, ,. In the affection of the people ns W am
taken a lending part In shaping the gov
ernment and Institutions of the colony. , McKlnloy. The passions of the Civil War
Ills health having become Impaired In tha In lt,15, In half of the land, stood largely
nlmnst unvnrylng cllmnto of the north-! hotween Mr, Lincoln and tho regard In
cm Island of New Zealand, where the dlf-j
ferencn nt mrnie temnprntnro between
summer nnd winter Is only eight degrees. ,
nnd having been advised by his physic-
Inns to seek some favorable resort In the
temperate zono of tho fulled States, he
fiitne to Vermont nnd has spent the pn.-t
,, , , . ,i...i,i,
summer on firnnd Isle. Inconvcrsatlon with
a representative of this paper a day or
two since, he said that having seen most
of the civilized countries of the globe, ho
had seen none that eciua ed New .cninnti ,,,,,,, , ,
' , ' , ranks In life j his grac Urn-mess of manner;
In the benntv of Its scenery. It Is it pc- n
cullar portion of the surface of the plnnet, unblemished personal diameter; his
unlike any other, it lias for Instance, no devotion to his Invalid wife, and his other
wild llowers, whatever except those which lovable trails, captured tho hearts ot nil
g.ow upon trees, no reptiles but lizards; ,vho cnmo ln contact wllh Mm or watched
nn Insects but mosquitoes; no song birds; ....
., , . , ,, , .. int.i his eurccr. He never uttered a mallei us
no wilel animals. The forests are lllb-d
wllh grent ferns, some ot which nre thirty speech "chtirlty to all ami malice towarels
or forty feet high, nnd the sllenco ot the none" was his motto. No unkind remark j
unbroken forest, without song ot bird or cvrn ngnJnst ,,, cioal(cli his lips. If
sound nt beast or moving thing, Is oppres-
. he had a personal enemy It was without
Mr. r.ti-U during the past two years has ralls Justification for the enmity,
been giving much sttiely to our American Mr. McKlnloy has passed away In ih'i
Institutions and while he finds things to zenith of his fame and height of his useiul.
ndtnlre, as to some things ho thinks we ,,, . , ,,, 1
. . .. , neits. ills term In ho Presidency will pass
might lcnrn a useful lesson Ire-m the expe
rience and example of New Zealand. ThU 111,0 th0 "ory of the Ameilci-n
colony has for Instance, solveed the prob- republic as one cf tho most lm
lem of labor strikes for Itself. The work- pottnnt periods In his life. lie
tug men cnere. ne s.ejs ute ... Keu...e.i n.cu
unions to a much greater extent than in
this country lira-tleally all belong to
some labor union or other. Alarmed by a cess In politics or lnoccutlve position,
tremendous strike some eight years ago, He was a bravo soldier In his youth; nbl-
which for four months paralyzed n i;lwCr In his prime; a legislator of natio.t
brar cites of Indttsliy, the government took
hole! of the- matter and the Parliament en- nI fl,mo a"'' high influence-the herald of
acted a new system to lessen and control coming prosperity and progress; a succens-
the differences between labor nnd capital. ful nna a,nilrablo head of tho nation,
The principal feature of this Is a court
of arbitration. Tills consists of five- mem-
hers, two chosen by the employers, two by "ti'milmlty the enormous responsibility of
the working men, nnd the (ilth being tho his position. Ills lntest public utteran
chief Justice of tho supreme court. 1'e-r his speech at Uuff.ilo, won for him the un
tbe e lections of members of the court the n,, m.nc or Eomc ot hls E0Vcre!:t crl-
voters are registered In two separate class- , ... . ...
., , , , , ., ties, nnd ot wise and good men of nit par
esthe working men In one unci the em
ployers In another, and the elections are l,CH-
separate. The court Is empowered The country will mourn ills loss with
to settle all differences between ,)oon an(j instlnc crlof: but no revolution
employers and employed, as regnrels
wages, hours of labor, apprentices, etc.
When a contest arises, the court summons
witnesses from ench side ot tho cont rover- place. The President dies; but the repub
sy, hears arguments from each and an- lie lives; and It shoeild be strengtheneel
nounres its decision, which, with (he tes- rathcr tlmn weaKcnctl by Hs ic,hon ot sor
tltnony, Is published, nnd which both
sides must obey. The labor unions are, wo row I
believe, all rrculieel to be Incorporate 1
and to hnvo sonio legal nnd responsible
existence, and the decisions of the court
are respected and obeyed.
The sstom, when Introduced, was re
eelve'l with suspicion by the laborers, anil
strong opposition by the employers; but
as It gradually came into pnu t lee the- fe ars
and objections of each dlnpi enrcel. The
court has been wise nnd eonslderato of th
luteie-its of each c lass. The e eindltlon of
the worklngmen has Impmvcel In a markrel
legre e mitl the empltiv -!! I n-1 that -If
gre liter stability nf their re Intlen s vv Ith the
men, tho nhsenre of striker and tin nr
lalntv as to what Ihey can rely upon. In
respect to the labor needed to ennblo them
to fullflll their contracts, moro than dim-
ponsntes for the Increased ouilav for
wages. There- have been no strikes In N- w
.enlanel since this system came Into force.
Doubtless the system is one which we in
this country might look Into with profit,
of course conditions vary much. In the two
countries, and vvhu Is successful In one
might not work well In the other. The en
tile urea ot tho colony of N'-w
Xenlund Is only about the same as thnt nf
Colorado, and Its population, exclusive of
some forty thousand Maori Indians, Is
onlv TeYlfllHl. ni- nhrmt the s.'imn r.a tlir. ,rn
- '
illation of the .State or Maine. New
y.ealan.l has no such enormous aggrega-
mum 'i idiiiidi, (in-i Hie-"-. meir-M-:-, i i pup
uheilnn e-rnwded Into cllles, ns are In this
cniintr). i ne posstniuty which mignt ex-
tst in somo states nere, or tnr nesiruetion
or tho representative character of tho
Court of Arhlttallon, through control ot
the elections nf all tho Judges, by political
manipulation nnd corruption on the part of
the employers or of tho worklngmen, does
not exist there. Still, thero mny bo feat
ures ot tho New Zealand system worth
stuelying and perhaps of ndc ptlng, with
ailelcd safeguards to meet tho varying eon
elitlons. Sir. Lusk thinks thnt polities nre much
cleaner 111 New Zealand than In most of
the States of our Union. Tho caucus sys-
te m. which he thinks Is the 1 nne of Amer
ican politics, docs net obtain there. Ho
1 ompllnienls Vermont by siting thnt ll Is
mote like New Xenlnnd, In Its freedom
from boss rulo nnd comparative honesty In
politics Hum any other American State.
The- Death nl'tlii- I 'n-sidt-nt.
For tho third time In Its history the na
tion Is called to mourn the loss of a Presi
dent, slain by an nssassln's bullet. Tin ro
Is but one consolation iu the case name
ly that if It was appointed tn our Presi
dent lo die, from tho anarchist's assault
upon his life, ho was spared the llugetlng
suffering under which the strong physical
p iwe rs of Garfield gradually sank; and
the country has been spnred the long
months of distress and suspense, through
which It passed In August and September,1
issi. The first news of the tragedy iu tho
icmpio or .music at uuiralo eamo
with a terrible shock to all hearts
of persons of all ranks anil panics
tu.il Millions in life savn those nf a lew
desperate anurchlsts, hall crazed cranks,
anil men of minds iinbnlaiiei d by political
spite. it vv-as tin- lust thing that
.. , . , , , ,
.the- people expected to happen, nn 1
kiii it Iso. soi row, sjmpathy and'
eh.nd moistened mllllimH of eyes and
ClOtltlCll the fnees nf men nnel women
. I
throughout the length nnd breadth of the
land. Then came tho bulletins which
in rmltted hope thnt he might survive. In-
creasing In cheerfulness till cmi.
,..i ..- .1
i iiiiiie v iu.-," iiintiiM iu ii-.i.ii.iiy
that tho skill
of tho surgeons andj
Ood, nnd In answer to tho prayers of
multitudes, carry him through any ctlsl.i
to follow, nnd restoro him to tho country,
which lio loved and v hlch loved lilm.
From this cheerful expectation, tho dis
quieting news of I'rlday brought a sad rc-
vulf Ion.
which even the adherents of tho lost
cause-lost largely throughhls wisdom and
devotlon-camo In later times to hold lilm,
nnd n0 other President on the long list ot
chM m,lKl?lriltpSi cxrcpl McKtCy, has
approached those two In popular esteem,
His obvious purpose to bo the President
not of n party but of the entire peoplu; his
kn,ny fccnB extended to persons in nil
m ,)0 mourl,r(li however.
even moro
for his virtues ns a man than for his suc-
bearing with unsurpassed dignity an 1
or panic follows his death. Tho Pres.
ident dies and a strong man steps Into the
.Medical Dille-ii nccs Alieiut MeiKinlcy's
The suddenness with which the whole
nntlon was plunged from the pinnacle ot
hope and confidence that President Mc
Klnloy would surely recover to tho cer
tainties of national loss Irreparable and
popular grief inconsolable consequent up
on his death, has made It Incumbent upon
tin- surgcona and physicians to offer some
explanation of the way in which the pub
lic wns lead to look for his testoration to
health. This apparent neccs-slty has lr el
to published announcements by different
authorities In the case which shed Inter-e-.-tlng
light on the situation.
l'.efnre pte,cedlng to a cumnarlson of the
assertions of the medical and surgical
experts who attended Ptesident MeKlnlcy
It may ); proiltable to consider the sit
uation as It existed so far as the public
was concerned, it Is now evident that tho
whole American people were so Intensely
anxious for tho beloved President'!, ie
covery, that they allowed themselves to be
unduly encouraged nnd Ignored symptoms
and indications which In ordinary cases
hav.- been given proper emphasis and im
portance. The people knew from experi
ence in connection with the case of the
. .
uunenieii linruem, that the chances were
.,Knlnfl tll(. recovery of Mr. Mc Klnley, but
,,. ,walf,, wns met by lhp thmlRllt xflt
surgery nnel mct'lclne and e lectrical science
had made such wonderful strides In twen-
ty yc.arft as t0 COIU!tllutc tho difference
he-twoen life nnd death.
The manner In which the distinguished
patient rallied and seemed to recover
sttenptb nnd spirits furnished ground
fcr marked optimism In connec
tion .with his case, and yet there remain
ed the high temperature anil rapid pulse
which betokened danger. Locnl physicians
everywhere occasionally spoke of the- un
favorable symptoms noted, but tho pro
pie wen- constrained tn believe SleKlnl-y
would be spared to the nation and tho re.
assuring tidings which continued to como
from miffalo helped to bwell the wave of
popular hopefulness nnd expectation.
Pre sldeut Unrllcld's physlrlnns announc
ed after Ills death that they felt them
selves Influenced by their sense of obliga
tion to the American people, and In the
light of utterances by some of Hie- men of
science who attended President .MeKlnlcy
It Is evident thnt this Inllue-nce was neit
without Its effect In this Instance. It Is
generally agreed Hint the surge ons pe r
formicl their work with the utmost skill,
The Small
of the Back
That is whore somo people fut'l
weak all the time.
They are likely to be tlfiapondent
and it is not UllllSlial to illltl thtlll
borrowing trouble as if thoy hadn't
enough already.
Tho fact is their kidneys nro
weak, either naturally or because
of sickness, exposure, worry or
other influences.
" I nra thankful to sny," write, .1, L. Oamn-
I...II l t- t,t .1 o . .. ... 1
ul m ouiure, 111,, mm lieioel'g Sarsniin-
r, u clJrcd , For mmy yenr,,g
troubled with backsc-he. At times I wm no
I"'1 1 1,',lJ t0 'IP'"1 from the bed or chnlr.
1 am novf wen ana stronirnnd free from pain."
Vl'l.Di cl.l. 1 1 1 . .... ...
' ' '' luruiuiae eiiei ior mm It has
"U"D ur "nrs.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
. 1. t 1- . .
I'romises to c
promise Ik-i
1 "i"'t i euro ana Keops tlw
lirnilliso I?e.er!n Irn'iieiinnC ...ill.
i -t,, vii viii viiiv llillj
Hood'B today,
Savings Bank
1NC0KP0IUTED 1817.
Deposits June 30,1901, ;57,900, 142.62
Surplus - - 350,610.99
Total Assets - - $8,250,723.61
jLAltiJ CIlANH, HhNllY WUM,3,
V. V. WAIU).
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posits mndo di.rltig the llrst four buslnesj
tins of the month draw Interest from tha
llrst, If mnde- afterwarls Interest will
commence the (list of tho following month,
Interest will be credited to depositors
Jiinunry l and July 1, compounding twice
a year. There tiro no stockholders In thla
bank. All earnings, less expenses, bebjiij
to depositors. The rate cf Interest de
pends upon the earnings but th Ijeglsln
tute at Its last session posscd a law rtMng
the rate that rny savings bank In tho
bli to can pay al not lo exceed three and
uno-half per cent, per Milium, until its
surplus reaches ten percent, of Its deposits
When n special dividend Is provided ..-r.
Ail pj.xes In ibis State arc p-ilel by the
bank on tie posits of JUO or less. Depot
Its are received In sums from Jl to K.COO,
and no Interest will be paid on tiny sjm In
excess of this amount, except on deposits
by widows, orphans, t.dtnlnlstratnrs, exe
cutors, guardians, clrerltr.ble or rell
l.'leitiH Institutions or on trust funds de-l-c.-Ited
by order of ihe coi'rt.
No money loaned to nnv ifficcr or trus
tee of tho bank.
CHARLES P. SMITH, President,
rHKDKltlCK W. WAfin. Troas..
K. H. 1SHAM, Ars'slant Treasurer.
but with regard to the conditions which
prevailed nt different stages In the pro
gress of the case medical opinion diffeis.
.several of President McKlnley's physi
cians nre Inclined to the belief that tho
i...een. ...i.i..t. . ...
...ul .Mum e-.uiKea mf. ccacn was pou.on-
ed by the ntiarehlsls In order that It might
with absolute certnlntv nrcnmpllsh Its
mission, while the wide distribution of
gr.ngrene discovered ns a result of the
autopsy has led to tho suggestion that
It may have been possible to mold a soft
. , , ,
b dirt with some very powerful mineral
pclson, so that ns It passed through the
tissue it would distribute- the poisonous
..... .. .. . .
. ,.,,. , n. v,Lei.ir
state emphatically that there Is no reason
to believe, poison was Introduced Into the
,'.,.,,',, , . i ,,, , . , . , ...
1 urtner light is likely to bo shed on this
mootetl point since word comes from litif-
fnlo that Dr. Herman Mntzlnger, assist
ed by I3r. Henry It. Oaylord of tho state
pathological laboratory and Herbert M.
Mill, tho city chomlst, Is making a
bacteriological analysis of some of the of
feeted parts to determine whether the bul
lets lirrtl from the assassin's revolver
beire some poisonous substnnce. As con
siderable time ls required for the com
pletion of the work, It Is not expected
thnt the result nf this supplementary In- O. P. ttay, Ormond Cole, K. C. Mower, "llls advisors collectively, as he had pi.
vestlgation cnr. be announced before next Samuel Hi'givood, c. if. Sl lpman. v lously done individually, requesting them
week. Should these Investigators disagree
as have their predecessors, then, indeed,
would tile public be left in doubt regard-
Ing somo ot tho features of this remarka
ble case.
In tho meantime interesting matters
have come to light in connection with
the treatment ot President MeKlnlcy. Dr.
Wasdln ls one whom Dr. Mann, tho
operating surgeon, pronounces a superior
authority on such matters and whose
tlnorles and conclusions he believes to
be entitled to consideration. In reply to
the questions of a representative of the
press with reference to tho dressing of
the wound which It will bo remi-mbeinl
vvn stated In a bulletin to have resulted
In improvement in Presblent McKlnley's
ci. ii. .lliou, Dr. Wasdln said:
,.. , ,. iiii. .
On lucselay t was , c.-lded to open the)
oxtrrlor wound in the abilnmcn. There had
been some Irritations there, and we de-
cieleel to llnd the cause. At first, we to-j);
out a few ot the stitches and, Intel, luid
np.-n the entire Incision, leaving an op- n
ing in this wound live inches long ami
three' inches deep. It requlri-d no eeffeitt
t" open tho incision. We Immediately
fcand ill th" track of tho bullet throah
the flesh nnd fatty tissue that g.ingre-no
heel developed. None of the parts other
thin those around the Immediate bullet
wound were affected. Se removed this
alteetcel tl.-sue cleansed the wound and
cle-sid It.'
"When you found that gangrene existed
In the surface wound was it not an In
die niton thnt It had penerated deeper?"
"No. It was not. We ellhcussrel the stlb
Jc t thoroughly, explornl as far ns wm
could, and thero was no Indication that
the process had continued Into the ab
dominal cavity."
W Ith reference to tho high pulse Dr.
Wasdln mude this Interesting statement:
Tho case of President McKlnley stnnils
absolutely unique in the history of stir
g. t y. From the time ot the first operation
up to the time the stitches were reinov.d
from the surface wound, there was no in
dication, outwardly, which would Indicate
that there vvnb an Internal process which
would result In elc.cth.
"Tho case presented many complex feat
ure s. 1 lie conllmicil high pulse was a con
statu puzzle tn the consulting htaff. At
flit we attributed It to the shock follow
ing the Impact of the bullet on the breast,
In taring In some manner tho muscles ot
the heart.
"We then began tn administer digitalis.
T' Is line! no effect In ri elm-lug the pulse.
We dlseontlniieil the use of digitalis and
fraud thnt the heart action continued tho
nine ns at llrst. On the second clay thero
w is nn accentuatid second soundit was
n- vc-r n heart action that we could look
for In a man In Sir. SIcKlnlc-y's condition
of henltb. This clement of sustained weak
ness was a conundrum that confront, el all
of us up to the time wo found, while pcr
f. lining the autopsy, that gangrene had
developed. Then It was easily accejiintc el
for "
Ono of the most Interesting features of
Dr Wnseltu's lengthy statement referred
to tho results of the autopsy. He said en
this point:
"I have seen inieiiv eiinirrenenim enpi.s.
but none Iu which the parts lacerated by
the- bullet were- so completely and uniform-
1, affected. The entile tract of the, wound
from the outer surfneo of the abdomen,
through the tissue, fat, stomach, ami nh-
dome it cavity Illicit of the stomne-h was
thoroughly and completely gangrened.
"The wound In the posterior wall of tho
sttmiach was p u tlctilai ly affcetcd, the """" ",B
g..ngrene extending for a inJIus of almost physicians, Dr. Pllss and Hamilton sign
two Inches around the suturis. n. statement that lie was on the road
"I have never seen such a condition.
When the stomach was rcmeeveel the tissue
bore no reseiublane e to human tissue, anil,
In fact, was as bloodless as, anil much
res. mbltd, a piece- of clay. "
It Is slgnlllcant that Dr. Park, when
questioned about the case for miblleatlon,
de clared that he hud been so misquoted
thnt he would Insist upon having his st .te-
mcnt rc-duced to writing, lie said:
"There Is no reason to believe that
poison wns Introdii ed Into the wounds.
The giingmie was caused by the secretion
of the pancreas escaping f...... the wound
ami liroducing the trouble. Ihe pancreas
vviis pirl'orateil by the bullet. There was
no wav n wiilr i we con e en-term ne loin
outward evidences that gaiigieno had s.'t
In. There nre no indicative symptom
I "I; It -K't n fact, doctor, that when ,),
surface wounds were npi in-el '1 uesdny, ll
wis lonnii lei in niiccicu ov giuigiene. anil
that th'- affected pil'thm wile Hi'll re-
I moved '
I No sir ll I not
There was merelv it n
llri'it tie r il l we e ioiiiI 1 till' g th t ill
I dl .itc.il tho presence of gangrene' hvtn at
1 thu uutoDuy it wtut discovered that
Buiflinqton, Vt.
Surplus and Profits
A cencial bankine busiiicm
Drafts drawn on any country
in Europe, pajabla In tho curren
cy of the ':ouniry
Special attention given to ac
rotints of out-of-town depositors.
II, T. RUTTEn, Cashier.
JOrn II. GATES, President.
DA:fIi;L, W. KOHINSON, Vlce-Prcsldenu
FIlliD'K K. llUIlOKSS.
Savinas Bank
Mom its ciroful management hat not," "i-i""-"""
mU wUi, lo8if trom ...... l0,.n ma., Jur.
ihR the la.u twenty years,
1'Posits made during the llrst live days
?, "u? TlXo
after tho fifth day of any month will diftvv
Interest from tho llrst day of tho next
m?.",th' , . ,,. , ,
interest Is credited depositors nn. 1st
and July 1st, compounding semi-annually,
1 he rate of Interest paid to depositors by
"" '-Jvlngs banks In this rit.-.to is llm-
lied by law to 3V, p pent antll Its Mtir-
j,,1M llIllomit(. tc iq por C(.nt n lts 1p,0.
Hs, when an extra dividend Is to be :n.ide
Interest is allowed by lnvv to bo paid
011 JePslt! in excess of two thousand dol-
,'-rs fx-ept it be on deposits by widows,
orphans, administrate,, executors, r.uar-
dlans, charitable or re'.lglcus Institution-,
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court. '
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deposits of tifleen hundred dollars or lc-s.
Vrnvnvr tiicvet si-ii t--tTt'n
v Liiiio.N r loans soLicntD.
iJlia Depoiltors, Juno 30, 1001 022.0US-1
fcurl)lus 51,'ls 2
IJeposlts and surplus $J7J,-"il 12
OI-'I"i'.'I-:rtS 3. II. Weston, President;
Ormond Cole, treasurer.
THL'STEES S. ll. UVston. .1. 11. Small,
grenc existed only along the track of tho
bulb-t. Irom the potetlor wall of the stom-
ach to the kidneys. The wound In tho In-
tenor wail of the stomach was but very
slightly affected."
"l'r im what we know now, it Is a fact
that from the moment the bullet pent--
tinted the abdomen Ml. McKlnloy was a
doomed man. fllvrn such a wound, with
our present knowledge. It must bo ccr-
talnly, but not necessarily rapidly, fatal.
1 ne case is not unique except in one fe nt-
eue inai me man was lor !" mill? in SUCH
a satisfactory condition. This, despite tho
fact that we wire unable to account for
the rapid pulse, led us tn hope that Mr.
McKlnloy would recover, but 1 personnllv
had more- hope than actual be-lief that he
would recover."
'I may say too, ' added Dr. Park, "that
the President knew that he was to ill- 43
hours liefore- the end ei me. He met t'io
news with that same fnititude which has
toM of , h,8 ,ast mom0nts." ,
n wln bo nott'(1 th:U Dr- v'rk 110t on'' i
differs from Dr. Wnsclln as tepards v irloi's
theories in the case lint there is -il-n .i I
conflict as to statement of fact. Dr. Her
man Mynter. who assisted at th" first
operation, Is arrayed against Dr. P.m m
the statement affecting the perforation of'
the- pancreas, and against Dr. is llt,
and Dr. Mann ns to the presence of ga i
gteno on the surface wound. Dr Mi n,
practically accused Dr. Park of being d - 1
llclent in knowledge of anatomv by - iy
lug that It would have been lmposlhlr In
view of the range taken by the l ull t for
II to have passcel through both w ill- of
the stomach, clipped rff the top r.- tl.o
left kidney and also have passed thio .gh '
the pancreas. Tho pancreas, he declared,
was nut of range. When asked whether
tlio consulting staff n greed with Dr M- I
Httrney In the positive statement that Sic
Klnley would recover Dr. Mann replied
In the negative nnd said: j
"I could not then understand anil di
not iinib rstand now, vvhv Dr. Me liurrey
Hindi thnt statement. I felt at the turn
that I wanted myself to Issue a st-it -mint
In a manner to temper Ills, p .! I
coni'Uided thnt It would be wrong t do
so. ami might convey to the publb th it
the staff was not a unit In Its belle f Th
wns the only matter on which we eh -agreed,
anil as the path-nt wns in s ith
a satisfactory condition. I concluded 11 t
to Issue any statements, although SlcRtir
ney's was unjustllhible."
In the meantime the- grent public was
hoping for Sir. SIcKlnh'v s recovery, ami
basing Its expectations en the tidings re-
eelved from the l-e elslde e.f the be love. 1
Pi esldc nt.
However grcntly the phvsh-lans may dif
fer ns to various other aspects of Presi
dent McKlnley's case, It is agreed that h
was a doomed man from tho outsit, In
spite of the abundance of hopeful Ind!- i- '
tlor.s. In nil these things there Is a stilk-J
Ing parallel between President McKln'iy t
, case nnd that of President dnrtleld li- tlt
I were wounded In tho abdomen, both vveto
operated upon and for a time
tin an- ,
notince ments of tho attending physb la-is I
f ,, f , ,,, Mrlk'ng'
. ...
similarity In tho bttlletlnf. Ireticd. "h lv ,
Iniproveineut" were the words which came I
,,., ciat llolel's bed almost to the very'
, , ., , .... ... ,, ,
to recovery. In flat (telel's enso as Iu that .
: .viciviniey, internal con.iiiiuu.s were ue- ;
vcloplng that could not be detected by,
' science, much lets by human eye, nnd the '
BIV,U loVl. ,lf tne martyred men borne by
I tlll, popular heart caused hoie to over- ,
ghntlow Hll 0sc lm, approaching death '
,iinlshed hope to make place for dread
I certainty. i
' .
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Samo ns If Forming an Original Cab
inet-President McKlnley's Last
Speech Fully Outlines His
Future Policy.
Washington, Sept. 17. President Iioo- -elt
.it :i o clock to-d.ay fimvcurcl 'lis tir t.
cabmen meeting held In Waahlngt n At
this meeting tho Pre sident ke 1 th
members of Mr. McKlnley's - al It,' t to ro
tain their respective portfolio, U.rotighoui
his term ami announced that hi- ..dmi.tis-
tratk-n would follow tho policy outlined by
Pn-slelent Me Klnley In his Uuffalo speech.
.ft-r the obsequies over tho late Pr. s-
Ident, tho cabinet, at Presnlent ft"' so elt .
re-picst. assemblfd at the rrsldene e ot
Conimattel. r Covvles, where the President
ls staying until titter the funeral, prinel-
pall. lor the imrposo of llltorml! r
now . lilef of the state of aflalrs In th. ir
resii. ellve departments. Tho rreleler.t el. .
slre-l to le.irn If there were any matters of
room, nt, requiring his attention before ni-t
departure to-night for Canton, lie v.a.- a--
sum d that there was nothing of pressl g
importance. The President then aeldrc-s.-c 1
till to retain their respective positions li
his eai.inct. Mr. Itoosevelt expressed the
hope anel expectation that every mcmbf-r
would serve throughout bl.s term for, ho
said, he tenderc-1 the appolrtm-nts ns if
ho nal Just been electee! to tho Presidency
ami was forming an original cabinet.
Th- President said, however, there wis
a difference between the present tender
and that of an original offer, namely Un-
der the present clre-umstances they wero
not at liberty to decline,
1 Upon be lug asked If resignations should
ne lormauy presented in me ustini man-
u-i . me- i lesiiu-iiu mi;. c-i en inni ma hi;
tlou at this meeting hail precluded the nec-
essltv ot pros-nttng resignations,
The cllscu.sslon turned upem the policy
of the administration, n-id Mr. Itoosevelt
announced that In regard' el the spe-ei-h of
the lite President at the .iu'Ttlo pa-i-Am.
rl-an - x,io. Itlon th'- elav pre.ii.s n
the ti igle' sb -'-ting is n-.tl-nlng t ; '1
. ie- to h f..' w d 1' the i-in '-'i .-I -n.
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company the remains of the dead
d-nt to Canton to participate - i t
ncral ceremonies on Thursda:
The counsel for Rear Adm ra:
having accepted Rear Admiral F
Itamsay is the third member -e t
court In place - f Rear A lm ra'
no obstacle remains to the t .
celebrated case.
Jt 3i

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