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Herbert Lamphero almost Instant
ly Killed in Automobile
One Arm I)l.nlnln1, Until l.rpo llriikcn
unci Hurt In (lie Knee l,eM Control
or .ltncliliie In line
ill M.
Julinnlinry . Spec-lnteir
lemnly llnrl.
St. Johnshnry, Sept. 17. .rust at the
opening or tin hint ilny'H iirennimmc of
the Calcitonin county fair u fntnl niitn
mobile ni-i-Ulent eieetirreel while loin iti.a -chines
were lioliiK driven iiioiiinl tin- hull
mile truck In the fourth heiil ot n r
that Has lllillnlsheil yenteiili III .1-1.
M- Alien hail ninitu the HiHt inmrler In
-' Mi- ml, eln.sely leillnu eei '..- ..i hi,..
l"ollnsb, when Dr. Allen lot umtrol uf
Ills machine on u hhnrp curve unci at u
speed of nearly M miles .in hour il dashed
olf the track down an embankment 1'.
feet IiIbIi. Ileibert l.uinpheie was iicllni,
on I he front to balance the mii.-hlne-nround
the curves. Ue was thrown
BRalnst a Mom hltchliii; rail and ulinosl
Instantly killed his skull Ih-Iiik irushe.l
in by contact with the post. lr. Allen's
machine wa.s overturned ami the doctor
vas pinned under the machine. Ills left
arm was disjointed at ihe elbow, both
lens broken, uiiil he leeelvcel u wound on
the nos,e. He was conscious when the
machine was lifted olf limn him and
taken at once to the hospital. No opera
tion was necessary and his chances for
recovery are good.
French (.larriik, who was siandini; near
was hurt In one ejo and three other men
slttins on the rail which the machine
Mrnek when It left the track weie rolled
down the hill but nftt hurt.
iamphcr was years old and leaves
a wife and a two-j ear-old buy. He car
ried an Insurance policy with the New
York l.lfe Insurance company.
The chauffeurs of the other machines
quickly stopped their automobiles with
out any further accident, tlnnis-h they
had some dilliculty in steering away from
the crowd which rushed up the inn k to
the scene of the accident. Ur. Allen was
regarded as one of ihe hct eh.inlfeiirs
in this section, but his escape from in
stant death Is considered miraculous.
This is the llrst year that an aalomo
bllc race has been held heie. To-d cy s
race was an attempt to lower yesterday's
record of a mile In 1 minute and 5'J sec
Northlleld, Sept. IT. The IVk ltlver
Valley fair rinsed this evening. The at
tendanro to-day was 4,0aa. Theie were no
amusements In the forenoon and the
crowd was not pleased with the races
and urceted the announcements of judges
with hoots and calls for new drhers. The
members of the press- had much trouble
to pain Information ninl the ciislomnry
courtesies were not extended. The ex
hibits wote never better and the fair
never mote liberally attended and sup
ported. The races:
2:21 class Won In three straight he it
by Dora Starr, owned by C. J I. Wood of
Barre. Ilest time 2:33 1-2.
2:22 class AVon in three straight heats
by Miss Diilard, V. S. I'.ip ol liar re.
Hest time 2:11 1-1.
Free-for-all Won In three -trnii-ht heals
by Florence II., F. J. Houston of North
field. Best time 2:2 1-1.
One l'lve Ileal Contest riiflnllieil
Another Knur llent Itncc,
St. Jnhnsbury, Sept. 17. A tat.il auto
mobile accident in the inorniiiK and show
ers In th afternoon could not keep the
crowd away at the third and last d.iv of
the C'aled'jn'nn county fair, (her ."..i
tending the races, which were the'
attraction of th clay.
2:30 class, rrnsi; vi.
l .It
chier Lady, Kitrrie, b. m., Smllh Hros .1
Louise Wilkes, b. m., Allls-in and
Peck 1
Second Thought, eh. g., Newport
Stock Farm 2
l'lince Hlect, b. g., He,m and
Nichols I
1 1 1
4 I I
Time 2:U, 2:19 1-1, 2:21 1-1. 2:23 .'1-1.
2:19 CLASS, I'UHSK $2.-,0. (L'NFINLSHLD.)
Annie W b. m., Stewart 1 2 2 3 1
Lucy Verser, b. in., Simon 2 113 1
Uluo Ribbon, s. s., Whitney.... 3 3 1 1 ':i
llarrlfcon Wilkes, b. s,. De-me .1 : j y
Eclair Wilkes, l. s., McNally.O dN.
Time 2:20 1-1, 2:20 3-1. 2:23. 2:2:'. 1-1, 2:27 1-1.
2:27 CLASS, I'L'RSK 2f0.
Guy Miller, eh. g., Stewart 1 J i
May Girl, b. m., Lee 2 a
Jtoblusnn, b. g., Brasher 3 i 2
Adson OigooVl 3 3 1
Jard n g. h., Ball dm.
Time 2:2H 1-1, 2:27, 2:2.
FRKK-FOR-ALL, I'L'RSi: $3ml.
Chehalls, blk. s., I'tton 1 1 1
Carrie J., b. m LovrII 2 2 2
Wllo S., eh. I'.ige llros 3 3 3
Time 2:111, 2:17, 2:111 1-2.
O. W. MnrroiT Micmic firent Inerensr
In I'roseeiitloiis for Driiukennens,
Montpeller, Sept. 17. The Rev. i. .
Morrow of Burlington, who lectin, d at
"Worcester Wednesday evening under the
auspices of the local Hood Templars
lodge, was in the cltv to-day and lurni.-h-ed
the newspaper men some Interesting
figures showing the percentage 01 m
crease of arrests for intoxication m the
licensed cities of Montpeliei. Hull im) and
St. Alhans, as procureel by him limn the
city court records for these three ciile..
for the months of May, June, July and
Au.iust last past. In Montii'dler thr
172 arrests as against .!1 In tin- same
months In 1WX.', an lucre. i-c- of lir, p,r cent.
In Rutland 192 arrests 'gainst 32 in IW2,
an increase of 5W per cent.
In St. Albans, IPl nsalnst 101. i,n In
crease of in', per cent.
In Montpeller and St. Allians Mr. Mor
row Included tin est s for breach of the
peace In his totals, but in Rutland took
the record of cases of Intoxication only.
Was n Well-Itiiiinn Resilient of Ver
ge lines.
Vcrgennes, Sept 17 Jaroli Solleder. a
well known and highly lespectcd citizen
In all its plages,
Ely's Cream Balm
cleansen, f oothes nnel lienls
the diseased membrane.
Itcarea catarrh and drlies
nivay a cold In tho liuad
Crenm JJnlm 1 placed Into tho nostrils, fjireudt
over tho mcvnbrano and Isnbsnrhcd. llellrfU Im
mediate and a cure follows. It Is not drying docs
not produce s nef .Ing. barer Si.f, 50 cents at Drug
gists or by mad Trial Size, JO cents,
u EbY IIKOTIIKHS. 68 Warren Street, S'ew York
It is near at hand to hun
dreds of Burlington
Don't ncRloct nn nchlnpr back. ,
Itarknehe Is kidneys' cry for help.
Neglect hurrying to their aid. .
Means that miliary troubles followr
Hire disaster, diabetes, llrluht's dlrnse.l
I'rolit by a Iturllnglou citizen's cxpeil-i
Mrs. W. M. MeDetmntt of Ei Drew street
cays: - For mini) .m-iiik 1 inny say from
childhood 1 had backache. Like other suf.
fei"is ftotn the same causci sometlmen It
was Very severe at other tlmei mild. When
ut Its worst I could not enJov any rest at1
nlKlit In any position. 11 not to be so t1
could not stoop, my head was ii fleeted, i
dizzy fits made everything swim arouucV
tne and I saw no Indication of (lie trouble,
h tiling. My attention was dhected to
'Dunn's Kidney nils, 1 did not expect any
great benellt from Ihem for I had ttsedj
everything I conld lay my hands on vlth-j
OUt getting rwlief. However my husband
went to W. J. nenili t'on's drug storo nntli
!got me Doan's Kidney I'llls. After the
(il Pt week I felt a decided clmngo for th.f
better. Iniprovcinent was steady and r:v-t
id. The backache and .soreness dlfap-!
peired, I was nhlo to rest comfortably'
and the llslitness nt d vertigo In thei
head ceaed
I felt like a different person
Hiicl am only too clid to recommend
.medicine that brought this abou
For pain by all dealers; price 50 cen's.;
I l'oRter-Milbnrn Co., Dltffillo, N Y solij
agents for the 1. S.
Remember the name Dean's and take no
eil 'egenni'.s. died at
al'tcrncMin .it ids home
:',n o'clock this
on Water stiei-t,
from pulinonai clem.i.
of his age, although for
Mr. Seilleelc-i hits been
in the li.th year
about two years
;c!lllc t. d with a
disease of epilepsy. .W't
he had been able
to lie about most of the tune, until about
one week ago since which Ills death hns
not been ilnixpevteel. He Is survived by
a wile, ran' daughter. Miss Lena Joseph
ine Kolhcler, one adopted son, Joseph
Solleder, a fathei. I'lrich, and u brother,
Kiieh, wlio resides in Side Ayneeker,
d'Tiufinj. wiieie tie deceased was born.
Mr. Solleder came to this country about
.if.it ago. and has resided here, with
the e'xrcptlon of a short period since.
Iiuriim a nnmlier of ears past he has
n eiulio l.itgciv Inteiesieil In farming.
lie was a nu'inlier of the Congregational
Chute li of this it v. having joined soon
alter ids in rii .il heie. He was a pioml
neiil memlici of I lot Chester Lodge, No.
1. A I". and A. M.. was past high priest
or the .leiusalem Chapter. K. M. A.; C.
ti. ol Columbus Council. R. and F. M.;
and a member of .Miami Calvary Com
mauileri and of Mount Sinai, order of
Mistle Shnnc lie was also a member
of tlie ergennes Lodge No. 1". N. K. O.
I', and was a member ot I'.ow Moltke, railway y.erel In ICssex Junction at about
No. illi, of this cily. in which lie h'dd tliS seven o'clock last cloning, the cause be
olhce of tteasuier at the time of Ids ing a broken rail. It was nccessarv for
tlf.ilh. Notice
pent later.
ol' funeral service will ap-
I'oiind fullty of oiootinu n Itneeoon
In ( orlilu Turk l.llit utliltl.i.
Newport. N II., Sept. 17. Coiiunl.-slon-eis
c. 11 li.irk .iinl Nathaniel Wentwmth
arrived here vesterdiy for the purpose
ol arresting l'nitcl Slates Senator Ked
ilflcl 1'roctor of Vermont. The commis
sionets at once prm eedecl to Corbm I'ark
anel there made the anest and convic
tion ol" the xeti'itor for shooting one
1.11 c een last Sunday In said park."
Sen.. 1 . J'roctor pleaded gul!v and
waived all examinations, thus preienting
Ids being taken to Newport le.r a justice
hearing. He- was ace ordingl.- lined the
lull penalty In this case. ?n. which he
paid, t geliier with costs 01 J7 r.n.
Serv.ir I'roetor took the mutter calmly
and did nut make any e'oniplnint to thu
1 niiimissloners. There Is a leport heie-
ah., ill.- to the eifec t
W.ltdi n. or llete etile
lor a lew dais ago.
p. 11k. and that the
tliat a llsh and game
isiled Senator I'roc
at his ciuarters In the
senator exprvvscel his
wdlinguiss In pay for the fun lie had had
in shooting th mi. Some, e-ven g,, so
l.ir as to sa iliat the Vermont man con-saletc-i!
the Incident closed after the war
de n's visit.
II did not escape- the notice of the com
mlssii neis, howeier, and Mr. I'roetor was
Compelled lo settle according' to the
methods of the law.
Tills vicinity Is being" closely watched
bi the commissioners, and their m t(on
shows that nut even Fnlted States se'iia
tors can break the law without being
brought lo jiwtlco.
Alter the matter was straightened up,
Senator I'roetor was driven rtoni his
cuaiii'i"s In the park to tills village, where
in' iook the 0:113 o clock train for V
1 er-
The senator Is one of the dlreetois of
the !!ue .Mountain Foi.-st association, hut
mat Kiel nail no cited upon the
ceeclings of the commissioners.
I'eiirful (bids Kiilnst 1 1 tin.
Bedridden, alone and destitute. Such,
in brief was tho condition of an obi
soldie r by uaino of J. J. Havens, "e..r.
sailb'S. O Km- years h" was troubled
with Kidney disease and neither doc
tors nor medicines gave him relief. At
length he tried Hloctrlc Hitters. It put
biin 011 Ids fuel in short order ami now
he tesllties" "I'm nti the road to com
plete" reeovery." Best on earth lor
Liver ami Kidney troubles nnd all
forms of Stomach and Bowel Com
plaints. (Inly f,0e, Guaranteed by J, "
O Sullivan, druggist.
Caleb Threatened
Old Ant lam
Ills lleenrd
it It.
Ueiidville, Mass.. Sept. 1S.-H Is prciba
ble Unit but for the slowness of the rout
ing in the last 2ni .lards the champion
harness horse Han Batch would have
siic c c edi d In ids attimpl to-d.n to lower
lib- own recoid of a mile' In 1 :.",9, made
al Brighton Bench a re w weeks ago,
I'aced by one runnel I lie epiarter was
made In .JiU'iniuN and Ule hall in :f,(l 1-1,
From theieon lie had the benellt or twi
runners and 1 cached the ihrce-cpiat lets
111 l:2:i l-l. The lecotcl t l)4-ii seemed to he
tic nilillng. Inn en gutlug into the stretch
11 heavy bit ol track was experienced
which tlted ihe pacer so much that he
le-ae lied Hie wire in two tuiaales Hat.
Backers of the lavoilles In the regular
clients were ngnln in hard luck, tirade
K'ilar in the 2:17 trot was the only one
to win. Rythmic, the blind horse in the
2.o; not, lifter winning Hist heat tired
bad,i In the home stretch t t lie othet
two and Wc ntworth won easily. In this
event I'lline of Orange was the favorite
but lii'iet was ill the- contest. In the 2 nil
pace, Al Bock was picked lo win hut the
rae-e developed Into a contest between
Ciibanole and Gold Brh k. The runner
chopped the lltsl hem, hut look the next
two handily. Results:
i 17 cl.'ss. Hotting, purse H.lViO-Oracle
Kellar, won straight heals, Miss Brock
second; Oh eel View, third. I'liuce Ca
Ion, Nlckelette, Naulta. Wild "hi
Kassall, Dr. Short and Km line S, also
started. Best time, 2:12.
-.0; class, irottlng, putso HI.Min Went
woi Hi, won the second and third heals
and rate; Rythmic, won the Mist la'al
and second money; Susie J, thiid. I'rince
of Orange also started. Best time
2.i.i pacing, puts" M,nii- Cubuiole hik
h . wun the- second and third heats and
race Hold Bilck. won llrst heat unci
sec mil inonex Nonninie thiid Al Bock
ml Brown II rl abn Hluilud, Best lime
2 ii 1 . 111 si cond hriit.
Several Bristol Men Suffer the
Effects of H. G. Mullings's
Had A No Hummed $17. of Oilier Par
ties. Whn Cailghl MenllliK In Pre
vious Venr.- Trnllle on Central
Vermont Delajecl by Tun
Might AccldentN.
Ittistol, Sept, IS. The minora that
have been allo.it the past week In re
gard to the disappearance of Henry tl.
Mulling, culminated late Thur.-da.i night
in the ac knowlecigc tuent that the Ve-r-gennes
National bank held Jl.Tm worth
ol notes purporting to be signed by lliistol
parties, which are claimed to be forgeries,
perpetrated by Mailings. The Hani's of
the patties used ule Frank N. 1 1 1 1 1 Tho
mas Leonard, L'. J. lliistol, 1!. A. Atkins,
I!. C. Sargent, Patrick O'Nell ami 1 r.
A. .M. Norton, lirlstol Ilewiet are Iomtm
by 17"i money loaneet.
.uuiiings begun wotk here for Ii. K.
ei . .
-'"". ..o nce. ... jenrs ago.
colder aliout 1.1 years ago. lie lias been
... in. tut i,i'., -e I . v . r u
it and Slew-
.lit .V I Her
clellvcry clerk. While, with
the latter llrm he was caught taking thu
linn's monei and had to eeiurn Sloi,
v.hkh was sedtled by a relative. For v v
cial lears he has been in the cmnlov c,r
the National Lite lnsutance Co.. and did
a large budnes.
He leaves a wife and three children.
Three Curs Smashed
West Merlin
A one of the Creni
Monti elier, Sept. K The Ce'ilial Ve r
mont tallway tracks .it W'.'si IViiin were
blockccl this fotenoou by a rear end
freight collision near tin- gravid pit.
Three iivlght tiains left Nortklield aliout
eight o'clock. The llrst. Ihe way freight,
was doing ,'omo shifting and the second
train was ll.iggccl and stopped on the.'
main line, lierore the thiid train eoidd
I e Magged it c rashe 1 Into Ihe rear end
.d the sccc.d ti iln. demolishing three i
cars and bloc kinif tile Hack until u,.:,viv I
The clews escaped Injuty In
Jiiinpilig. A dnxen pa-esengMs from
I Nortluii Id dm- here at v::!D had to wa'k
I in f i urn M'i;i:i lier .lune tien. ivhe-n t lt t-
train ic ichci'i the ,1'inction shottly after
dei en ue Ine k. The wreck train had the
tr.ie ks c lear befote noon.
1)i:i:ailmi:nt at f.ssln jfnction.
I Lvo. Juncllon. Sept. is. Several freight
cais weie thrown ftom the track in the
Hie I'.oMou train to go down on the Bur
lington 10.ul an 1 back into the station
and tlii'i- the engine or the Burlington
train which was headed toward St. Al
bans wis attache I to thu Boston Haiti
and chew it to St. Allians.
C. II. I.alor of Kiill.-uici Cliurged iillb
.cllhig to n Mireiislinr.v linn.
Rutlinel Sept. S,C. 11. Idot" or tile
brm or I.ilor ,t Co., wholesale lio.,r
dealers, was brought Into county court
tills afternoon, as tin- remit of an inlor
matlo 1 hied by Stair's Attoruei I 'rest on
to answer to a charge of selling liipmr
to II. Lord of Shrewsbury Bail was
furnished in tin- amount of .'..mm.
Was for Venrs President of the Trus
tees of llonl iieller Seinlnar.i.
Montp Her. Sept. is.--The int. Pi. 111 e
Iceclleil at .bilt.ehe r till.- i.'-mui! if
tin .sudden death ibis morning of Ihe
li' V. Jeilecll.lll Hlltkei- Heeln.lll at !;
home In 1 nion illage crime n a gnai
slim k to ids mini Iriends lute. Mr. li
man was preciel. nt nf the 1 o. 1 d if tms
tccs of tlf Monlpeller Seminir.i fnnn
1.2 to l:'l anel clnimg that time ileioied
Ids whole time' to raising runds fur tli.it
In.-tlliiuoii. Mure thai tune he lias bei'ii
the Methodist pasioi" at Woodstock,
Brnttleboio and I nion village being sent
to the latter place for Ins s uel year by
the eonlelcmo held last April at Nnrtli-
tieid. He wa.s born at F.eirfix November
2ci, IVia and joined the Vermont confer
ep.ci' in 1m7. l''i'i" four years from 17" lie
wis presiding elder of the Sprlnglleld
district of the Vermont 1 o'ifeienc e.
lleen Selllnii In the o l.lceiise
'I'omi of Woodstock,
Woodstock, Sept H. John Straw, who
lives on Church bib. was arrested la;t
evening by Sheriff IC. A. Thomas, undt
see tlon 7o of the local option law. on the
charge of bringing Intoxicating liciuor into
the town of Woodstock, In which no li
cense Is autliot l.ecl, witli intent to sell
the same or have It sold in violation of
lie was taken before Justice li. W.
I'tior and on pleading guilty he was fined
5lni and cor-ts of H3.nl, which he paid
and he then was discharged. State's At
torney 11. H. Blanchaicl pieselite'd the
A package of 30 pints came by express
and was put on the Bridge water stage
with nrdets to take it lo llugene Smith's
place, but Straw being suspicious took his
team, met the stage this side', took the
ho, opened II, put the bottles In a bag
and started for home. He was met by the
shcillf, who was looking for him and was
taken in charge. The llcptor was turned
down a sink spout iu presenee 01' the
After Jhe trial It Is said Unit Mr. Straw
has made money al the business under
lliis law and also under prohibition and
that lie hoasied of hillrg l"n in the biuk
made ftom it besides being able 1.1 cliess
Well, etc. It is proposoel to bred; tin the
business and 11 heavier lihe will be im
posed on the next nlfeneo.
Manchester. VI.. Sept Is -In the IS hole
match play at the Kkwa.iok Golf dub
course here to-day ;. M. Il.iers of I'itls
burg defeated Norman Hunter of Mug
land ope up,
lines Not Want Diiiuliilcnii I'iii-In Hade
I'ree nnd Veiitrul.
Sin Homnign, Republic of Santo Do
mingo, Sept. IS. I'nlled Slates Minister
Powell has sent 11 strong protest to the
Dominican government based on Ihe fol
lowing grounds:
Tim Ihe action of the Dominican gov
erniuert 111 sending lo Congress '1 ptoject
for establishing tho neutrality of Do
minican waters ami making certain porls
flee would, In view of the fact that Santo
Domingo Is a neighboring' Slate, not bo
accepted iu a friendly spit It by tho gov
ernment of tho Fnlted Stales.
That the I'nlteil Slates governtneiil
vonld pot allow Hie establishment of 111 .1
t tailing pol ls In Santo Domingo or lb -cession
of anv portion of Sanio Domingo
territory to any Knropean pow. .
That the I'nlteil States will tot permit
any'nntlon lo lake ixcluslve use of Dom
inic in wall is In time of peace nine II less
in llmu of war Nor could Ur 1'nlie I
Slates allow any portion of Dominican
leillloty to be classed us Hernial, nor
permit any section of the eonnuy to con
flict Willi the concession granted,
A pond, particularly ir 11 portion nf or
Ihe margin Is swampy, litis great pn-sl-bllltles
ror lite nature student. There
seciini to be no limit to the variety or liv
ing creatures which he may llnd there In
the course of 11 year. In this respect 11
pond Is superior even to a hrook,
1 live near such n pond, nnd I visit It
often. It has Its counterpart In any one
of ten thousand little ponds throughout
the country, yet the Fulled States gov
ernment does not employ a number of
clerks sillllclelit to record the business
which Is transacted within sight of Its
banks. No matter how hot or how cold
the weather; no matter how dull things
are In the country round ubuit hen
there Is always snmctlilng Ititen sling i,
be seen or heard, Here I come In tin
early spring, to see the llrst, and see m
lnglv the brightest, of I tic marsh mari
golds, re Heeled In the colli clear witer,
and to lift from the shallows masses of
transparent frog spawn, hi which tnnv
be scoll scores elf tllll black Speed's, w hlcil
some day will be frogs. Hen., too, I
come al niglil to hear Iln lonely bhlcrn
calling his mate. In a voice which sounds
like, waler beating agalnsl the mouth of
a cavern. And later In the year I llnd
their nest In the marsh near by, a hand
ful of coarse' grasses. Willi four or live
buff eggs. And ro all through the sum
mer, win ti Ule turtbs sit In rows on the
half-sunkrii logs and when Hie frogs
septal upon the lily p'ids. until the fill,
when tin- niuskriits build Unit- winter
houses on the mud Hits, and when the
black duck and the wild ge. se elrop In
to spend n few days on their w"nv to
the South. Nor Is business siiHpenclc d In
the winter, for th-n under the sheiiing
lee along the bank. 1 mark the tracks of
the mink, ami when I see h. liveu them
Ihe tiny footprints of mice. know pte-tt.-well
whal he wns looking for.
Amongst the other Inhn limits of this
pond are some huge sinpphig turtle-.
Whose- age Is Ule- sllbj, et of frcep.cnl ex.
cusslons al tin- nc'irest 1 ntrj gioe. ri.
Some bear upon their shells frtalii dates
and other mmks. wide h it is 1 l.ilnii-d
were carved more than llfty yea is ago.
It Is not often lli.y are seen, but now
anel then one of these old villains will
raise his great snake-like- head above
the surface of the pond, and blink a pair
of the coldest, crudest e-yi s which ever
ellsllgured the head ol' a reptile. Nothing
In the pond Is sii 'ied to these hardened
old sinneis. No doubt they live largely
on llsh, but young inaskrats and duck
lings lire oitcti led. id below Ihe Hlirfaee
of tin- pond to lis- no more, und wild
mice, which sometime s swim across, an
roolhardy. to say th." least Last June I
was walklnr ab.ns th- bank ot" a little
stream which tb.vs though a m.-.id ,11
and Inl i a p ! when my -11111111011 was
altrae ti cl In Hi, p e,,r tnon tnint of a
patch ol" waving gi iss. I was .as.i to
see- linn t,,. w ,, I,., 1 11,.,., , ,, " , .
1 so I ,,,,, , investigate. ,),,
I middle- of a g l-si;:ed depression e.nise ,1
hi the Hall, ,iin ,;.,,m, , u. Kr ,.,
, stood a giant .-nannii.c 1 .1 11 v,-..i.i,i.l
lift) pounds if an I shoal.) h:i.
and will, great borne laws agape, l-e-adi
lor business. I gnessid that It was p.-ob-ably
a female on her way to deposit he,
I c-itgs in tin- s-inel -eoineivhere-. so I decided
I not to int. rtupt lic. r. instead, I retired
" 'ii.-uiiu-e. ami ciimneel a tree, win nee
1 a g 1 view id tlie nie-adow and the
surrounding country. TI,.. ,., ,,dy snap
per continued on h-r wa, I'ure-htng
through tin- glass iiu,. tramp sieanier
itl 11 lle-al'V Sc-.l. nnd stoliolner n,,,, .,,-,,1
'then in raise hrr bead and loot; ai-uuml
III the eouise or time sin- omit" out or the
meadow and l-ito an old road with a
sanil-li-ink rnnidt.i; along one. side ol' It
This bank si . m- d to In- her el. stlnatloi,.
ror on the- slele oi it S,e balt.ei, anel be
gan scraping a hob- with her big. be
cluweel front feet. She seem, el to be In
no particular hurry, and as I was, 1
slipped down the tree and J ft her to talc
her own time. By and by I icturnul.
and there she- was still scratching h, tin
bank. But this time she w is rakine- ih.
sand into tlie hole, and u,. task w.
liearli done I waited entll she had com
pl. t- d tin- work, and as so ui as sin- wad
"Moil aw. i" . I b.-i. in to il. some digging
myself. I'nil. r s. nio twelve Inches ol
sand 1 e.ime upon the i g--s. twnily-two
r them, pure i. hlle and as round as
marbles. In f-u-t they looked more like
huge white alleys Hi in aaiildng else
1 know of. eovet ed I hi m up again, and
II' they an- not discovert el In a skunk or
-onn oilnr animal which Is fot.el of s ,di
ileintles. ih.-y will pr.diabl.i hatch some
time late- In tin- fall.
Muskrats an- ,,nn ng the most Inter
esting pc nn inc ut nslebnts of the pm d
All the year round tiny nr.- bus with
something, .mil nevr Int. d. ring will,
any one nn.. never tins or Hat. lung
these Industrious creature s at their
work Now one may be seen sitting
upon a stone- near tin- bank, with tin
tench r gn in root or sonu- acpmtle plant
In Ins little lists, and again he mai lie
sctua'ting on top of a pile of drift wood.
wrcMling with ihe sh. II of a rresli-water
mussel. At either times several may be
seen w.-ll out In the wat. r; some iving
Hat upon ihe sut face, otlu rs diving from
time to I i m for roots or other food, and
others still, chasing each other playfullv
as In some frie-ndl gam.-. It Is inter
esting, too. to si i a muskrat gathering
grass for her n. st In the bank. She
comes ashore, probably at some landlng
plaee well known to her. and with the
water dripping from her shining coat
sin- walks aliout amongst the gras. lilt
Ing orr tuft niter tuft, until her mouth
will hold nn more. Then back to tin-
point mm in she plunges, swimming
along with her burden until sin. mars
her burrow, the entrance of which is In
low Hie surface-. Then she dives gently,
anel If im run to the nearest spot cin
the bank, you tnnv hen'- her enter he,
underground home. But it Is in the fail
Hint tin- muskrats seem to have- the most
work on hand, when they begin to bulid
their large- elotne-shi.poel houses In the
shallow water. The wrol; is clone d,, th
at nlghi. scleral rats working on ,mr
house. Be-aver-llke they carry their ma
terial In their mouths, now a stick, now
a hunch of leaves or moss until the struc
ture rises perhaps four feet above Ha.
water. In a small chamber In the middle
of tills mass, the muskrats live until
spring, when they return In their bur
rows In the banks.
Belle Fesn w"ns married April Jfl.
to Arthur Ki'inp. a Prntostmit. by Atdi
bisioi ceirrigan, at the home of her
mother in Fifth avenn... On .May yMl
Mrs. Kemp obtained a dlvorco from inir
hiisband, at Newport, on the giouml of
"la-gled to provide necessities of life.-'
but by law the divorce was not to be
come operative for sK months. Now it
Is reported thn sh- is engaged lo marry
I loll Im lluniiewell oi Bosioit, from whom
Ills wife, i rtginally Maud Jafrray of New"
Ymk. eibt-ilned a divorce abotil a year
ago on the grounds, as alleged in hei
complaint, of "adultery wilh a woman
unknown, cruel and abusive treatment
nnel a confirmed habit of Inloxleatlou."
The illumed Mrs. Ilunneiiell was io
cenlly mai t lid at I . in I e 1 1 1 , to John s.
Toker of Now" Ynrk.--Ni w Yoik Soeielv
ri:fi.i:ctions of a baciifloh.
Most people's grief works so hard at
lltsl that it wears Itself out,
It Is dreadfully careless to wear ono's
valuables In open-work stockings
Maybe women wear so inilih hat out-side-
Uielr heads becaiiso thero is so hitle
It makes a woman awful homesick nm
In have something lo sit elown and have
it long cry over.
A woman knows she is n good house
keeper when she goes visiting win, 'lf,r
husband and lie swears because th- hni
waler faucet works differently flt,m ,10
one at home. New York Press.
lor tort.- year- Dr l-'owk rs Kxir
of Wlbl sir iM'berry has In n m )t, .'
mer vomplaltit. iysentc-n , rr, ,"
'i.'O.IJ ua. illlo in loo nioilllll II , t
lifts ..... Iill-il tt .In n '. e
I I I'll. , I ,1- '
But General Tendency Is to Take
a Favorable Outlook of
Onniage to Corn Will Affect tlunllty
Itnlber Tliaii Qiinnf ll.v Wholesale
Trade Wiilts to .See Ulfeet of Cold
Wrnllicr A'eiv I'.ngland Cot
Inn Mills Itunnliig,
New York, Sept, 1. Bradstro"t to.
met row will say:
e.'ondltlons still display Irregularll.i
but except where crop and weather d
1'iopmenis have been clii tluctivel.i nn
favorable, the tendency Is still lo take a
Invoralde view of Uie general outlook for
bill and winter Uncle. All section.-, how
eier, havo not been iibccted aliKe. the
Northwest returning relatively the p..e.r
cst reports as to ciirient dlsli ihiiui e
trade while Hie Southwest mid 1'acille
const and some sections of the south
give excellent i courts of business alreadv
Crop di. mage to corn except In a few
sec tions ol' tlie N rtliwe.-it lias be- n a
in met- moie of grading than -i ipi.intity
unci the satin Is true of wheal. 'I'll, .a.l
look lor aieiage crips Is still a good
one. Wink- trade o Inlt n prohibit ,n
e llnei- to ti-. view that the bo m K over
In sc-e-tal indusliies. Ihe i . . li 1 is main
tained that a g.v.il average ol tall and
winter Hade is in prospei t. Retail triole
in tin- Northwe-st wns good ror this week,
but iu wholesale circles the tendency
Is to wall and see what thu actual pto
porUons of crop damage me. Un the
I'adlic coast Hade leports are lery sut
Isfin lory Chicago reports fall trade in
dry goods iilfeeted by weather and n,-w"
liusiness n-tarded. but shoes .mil rub
her goods have been helped, proof (
li.jai.i Hade having already been irans
aelecl, however, comes In the a, Uie.-. ol
be-ai.i shipments and reports th it rail-rcael-.
liaie- all they can handle.
Although the cotton movement at the
South N nuii-li behind lh.,t ol lit ;..ir.
blMille s fe--ls the llnletllS Ull.'l it bj
goo I priies. A feature of tie w.-ele in
.i" i-.n-.i.n.i nis i.e.-n tin- n - imniion
oi a iire n, miner ot c-oiti n " ut- i oni
plilrt o im ,ui.,i-n,-j e-on.litioi- as r -gards
prices hoiiei.-r. .-nil , - u-om
that section The- -ttn itl. n at I'i-il i :. Iphi i
in textiles Is sllll inn . i lain mdtl , 'V. , -of
the sirllie- h.'ie not j.-t worn awai.
Shoe m-inufnc tilling In Nov Hngland is
active Trade i.i lumber nt the Mast shows
little. If any. improv. ment.
The stories cif etop damage have a dis
tinctive!) unlavorable eltect up.-.i the
outlook for Uu- country's export trade.
Aucust e-iotts were the smallesi reported
lor a year past. A favorable sign how
ever, is tlie expansion noled In manufac
turing goods.
R'cllway earnings continue to point to
a large volume of general hm-'ness the
country ovei. showing as I hey do an In
crease In gross receipts for August ol'
fully ! per cent, from the correspondn-g
month a year ago. anil of nearly In per
cent, for the tirj-i week In September.
Business failures for the we e-k nnmbei
IT') against P.", last week and 12 in Un
like week in Ul,
oll I
INjiei-lallj In Pittsburg; tlnsl
.l.iklai; lleilerale I'reiu-ri-M,
N.-w Y.
"pt IV - Ii li
Dun's w
I) l"e I ,
eh' to
n .a i.,w w ill s ,,- :
:.i. i. b-i-.i 1 1 progro.s-.
d. - He unusiia! op
.ni-nls. Trillh wis
Business had
mad '
d'lnng lb- past
position irom tin- .1.
imped, d lo a eon.-, :
rible- exle-nt. La-
bo,- troubles ilunlnlsm d
it the Mast l,ii'
I a I tin- W, si
new ones are tlue.ttene
I lie ' 111' Slioitage is beg, lining to I e felt,
especially ii, Pittsburg where sulllc-lenl
labor cannot be sei-urccl for hau-'inu
ireight. I'.i iiieuis ,,e se.isop-i i.ly pro-n-.-."e-e
pl where late c rop. . ; , ,s-ti. .
nie-nts. and the outlook fo fall 'and win
te-r Iiii-iiii-- Is c iie-out-iM-u Cm. Illi. ui-ii-
tin iron and steel Indi.-ir) we.-e sui -.luctly
slaie.l ,y a high authnril.i when
Mr. James M. Swank ai u.aiui-e-d tliat
'tlie end ot' tin boom eh os not mean Ul
ead ot ptospot ity."'
No developmi ni of Importance oc
curred In tin- elr) g iocIs market. Tin
print chilli market lias again t.illon into
dollnes.s. IrrogularHv continues Iu wool.
A hug.- motion of lil.nk silks pioilucel
belter irsiilts lhati lecont sales. A very
large tt.insaciion In lent her amounlluL'
lo l..'.iiii,iiii was made a i a concession iu
price- lii, i the efre-ct was to m'terlally
st'-engtl.en the matket.
Bv the census of Ife-ie) Chicago
win wn to nun; second as a nuinutnetiir
ing centre among Fulled States dtie-s
(New ork being lltsl) In number of es
tablishments, in.ao: amount of capital,
J-1 t.fi. ". nh t ; aierage number of wage-
.irii-is L'lil.i.Jl; wag.-.s in tin- census
v-ar, lll..k'i.:!.!7. and gross value- of prod
ucts, J.v.s !i.","l. In value of pro.luots ol
in iiiufacture Chicago out, an!. ed any one
of IT e-ntire Slates nnd Torrite.r.es. In
piol Chicago sinoel seciiinl nninng the
i minuy's lilies book and job printing
and publishing. I,, the printing and pub
lishing of newspapers and perlodli-nls.
n, the inaiiufai-tiiie of men's clothing,
md in the manufacture of furniture and
lumber. It led nil Ihe cities In foundry
am! machine shop products. H led
every point In the world in Hie shipment
of grain and In slaughlerng and meat
packing. In the last named activity the
lalue of her product for 10"ii was $JIV
sl .hi', which was ."Ji.fi per cent of that
of tin entire Fnlted Stales,
For years past Chicago has stood sco
rn, d to N'i w York onl) In the amount of
its hank clearings, the bital for the sl
mouths ending on June :in, Iliat. being
$1. :.l.'.iKi,eMi, as compared with H.II7.i"i.
ii.i foi Boston and jir.ti'iT. " . "ni for l'idla
ebiphla the- cities which stand nearest
lo it. Chicago's building permits lor I'm J
agKiegaled f W.nui.fKni, and Its whole-sale
trade was $l-i,cinii,iiii. In each of these
time Hems a large gain was made over
tlie corresponding petiod immediately
Chicago Is In llseir a little universe,
ihe fourth In population and ii-altb
among the cities of Ihe world, being led
In London New Yotk and Paris only,
she has a larger diversity of race-, than
am" other tcivn. in the ten years ending
witli ll'ii Chicago acliled o ln-r population
n dly larger than Baltlmote, Boston or
St. Louis, each of whlc h led her a few
decides cailier. Ill lH'ii her population
Is conslileriibl.v above the L',iiii,(Nm mark
s Chicago's present ratio of lucre-use
In 1 decade (Mi per cent) Is more than
twice as large- as lh.it of any other big
city In the world (Loudon -il per cent.
Paris I1- per cent, Bi'iiiu I- per cent, Phil
adelphia i'-t per ce-iil. Vienna 11 per cent
and St- Peteisburg IS per cenli except
.N.-w "inrk CI7 per cent), she Is certain to
soon pass Paris, whose population Itl l!W;i
Is In the neighborhood -f I'.Mni.imn, ami
stiinds a chance to evenlunlly get dose
to New York, whose opportunities fm
territorial expansion are not great, and
lo beat Loudon. Charles M. Harvey, in
Leslie's Weekly,
llucUlen's Arnica Salie,
Has world-wtilo fame for marvelous
cures. It surpasses auv other salvo,
lotion, ointment or balm for Cuts, Corns
uii ii Boll- Sores. Felon- Fleers, Tnt
1, c- Salt Rheum. Fov r Sores, Chapped
II nils Skin Bruptlnns, Infallible for
IHirs Cure guar nteed ( nly i ,o at
j W O'Sulllv.in s, Uie druggist.
l-'rihlnsfle Dreanis Some of the lllni
etillleM lo Miln- '',,. Mb-nii-nt In
Ks I'ure Slim Kinds of lines.
The discovery of tadliiin has brought
to the sclent m f 0 ,ny (r(,,MH lUlll ,,x.
" f,'."""Hy tll"s'' ' 11"' lilchemists
of old. Ihe possibilities of this wonder
ful detiiMit, or which at present we
know o IitUe, are almost beyond c-cni-cepiion.
Lcai ing the Kc-lentlllu ami phy
sical iirnhlcin;i Unit ute al present agl
talliig the sdentllle world out of the
iiueslloii, let us consider hrlelly, und in
pain language, Uu- concelvabk, possl
blllilcs ol radium In th ttntusliial world,
and Us piobable effect on man. Judging
irotn tin- n stilts of Ihe most recent ln
visllgiilnn.s we have in radium a bodv
hit is e-otiiiniially giving orr he-at, and
that conslantly tnaliilnlns a tempera!
jure of nvo or six degrees Fahrenheit
dgher than Its surroundings. Here we
Have ii concentrated energy In the small
est possible bulk thai Is both lasting
mid constant. The praetlriil uses id such
a body In the Industrial world would be
llitnltalile. and would revolutionize all
ki own methods of locomotion and mech
anics. It i probable that a few grains
might provide energy In dt Ive our loin
uiotiMi, motor cars, and meeliani.nl en.
1 glncs and can lam-s of cm-.v .1. i .i,,t ion
I " ii n ii
mliiule fin itilltv of the element
pi one fly
employed wc may in future be
nnin to heat our bouses throuOiciul. and
k' e-p Ibem nt an eiptable temperature.
Tin- . 1 1 e cooking would be done on'
1. 1. Hum -i.n.s. wldle elcetilc generatlnir1
si-itlinc ror lighting and pin poses of!
lnioinoiiot, would be driven by tho samel
eiieigiang torce
Ih'- applleallon of rncMnm In motors
would solve one of H. chief ellHlcullies!
or aerial Might, and, In ract, dreams be
yond conception tnnv lie rapidly conjured
up as to what radium may do.
The llrst great dllllinlly lo solve Is
how to obtain this teniarkable elem-nt
Itl Its pure tnie. f. i- up to tlie ptesent
all our knowledge- 1- el. rived rrom the of.
feets of n.s salts or compounds with
other bodies. The chief ore from which
radium Is ohtulnoe is pitchblende-, but the
ciiiantlty It e-ontams Is so sin, ill that only
n bout three grains can L- itrie-i-.l ftoti,
a I. n of lb- mineral. Belter method- nf
e-;tr.-etni, are now being pntiontly stud
ied by s-ieutiti,. investlLMtors. But nparl
Ir-ni C. .ossjbii,.s of radium from an
Industrlcl point of view, its effect on
the body of lu-in. owing to the- peculiar
rays It emits Is not P-s remarkable.
These peculiar rays have recently been
ptined to i.-- vetv extraordinary ac
tion on diseased tissue.
Already three- distinct kinds of rays
are distinguished, namely Hi Inflnlte'ly
fctunll positively chiigecl atoms of trit-t-r.
Hi ing at great st, -e-d, whli Ii e an b--i--.i--i:
!. and Hie result seen b the
I benib-irilinent on zinc supihlde screens:
C) rn.is which appear lo oon-.-pond to
the c.ilboelle- iay n la Crooin-s tube: and
CP rays which r.rn-spnnd to th" X-rays
When tin- surf ue nf the body is e-po--eel
to tho-v tays a p -ub er aition
t-il-."s lilac e, wb'di la beiltbv tissue
t.'ke.s Hie form of a I . n . while In dls-ea.-'eel
tissue, as in e-i-e,s of r. d-nt nln-i
. i-d 1 i; "is. distniot 1 .. I . , . f.'r. t .
pro-' '. ! In IWO 1.1--. s of - tl-f-.terl
ir lei. i, i with I . ii .ipi-lu il' ns if ra
dium, il..- ipso. is- i.i 4 rd lo h.tv- dlsap-
-en i eel, ai-el ot',;.- .i;os are said to 1
i. regressing favor -1 1 v. In a ease .''
luptt" In Se aland f. ur weeks' tre.itme
caused tin- elsi,,se to disappear, while In
nnnlh'-r e-aso more recent of t-ilent uleei
under the Inlluence of radium the ells
eiimgi ,oon dried up, anel within a roit
nigbt lmprovemet was e-iident. But II
Is too prc-n in Juelge ir thee remarkable
results ate ot- v.nent or not.
In applying tlii marve-iius body it
so -nis abi.. 1 lucre llble teat it shonlei
have nn.i in Hon without being removed
rrom the hermetically sealed glass tube
which contains It. Nevet :neb ss. such
I.i (he case. Theie Is something weird
nnd even nwo-lnsplt Ing in watching the
action of this lvlsibie fore", which will
even pass through metal eiver one Inch
thick. A tiny particle or radium bro
mide weighing only the twelfth part nt
a grain will vlslblv dlsciintge n gold-leaf
elee troseeepe w lum olneeel within a dis
tance nf s, fi t. Taken b-io a dm k
room It bruhtli light up the spnf where
It neat Ii I. a he
e ven w ben a she,
tlii-k is pln."d ;
troscot . .-. ti. ti 1
a-i X-r.n s. ,-een anel
c-f -in t :l o- -i- an ine-1.
tw-e-en it mil the elec
dl takes .
lo, b I- found that if
Another ini t'er
a i nl on, cluing
radium broinid- is
minute uuantiti nf
wrapped in bl '-1.
paper and biou-iit near I
pet i'.-. '! d-ci 'v iiKi-n tin- ei
i II. ' w-.th luht. which Is i
e-r-'l Uu-: . -i nee of all the :
e ei e in .:
e sc-ms to b
lue to n gee
-truetnres nn
thu '- of the eye. Tlie same e-rreet is
,,, el el e When t'.'.e eyelid is rloSOel.
If tl in particle of radium Is place 1
on . I f glass end lUnivecl to r-
ni.-li, tli. to 'or two davs or '.
a datk pale-h Is iiroeluo. 1. which
Is doulul. s eluc to the reduc
tion of ihe in.-ta'b. e.nis'it i.-nts
of glass. This i ale Ii produ.
tne-telv on the S'll-f.i.e. bl.l
1 is lint
pet-. Hales
reimp'.cte-lv thioug'i the gliss: Hies a
glass tube or bott'e . -iitalnn g nullum Is
-ecu ilail-.iu.l Owing to lids action on
gla'-.s. for aiplleailon purp.'sos, a small
ceil wilh a tide a fiont Is now adopted
lot even ilirn Ihe siilslanee mu-t be
kept a considerable dlst ince rrom the
s n
Curiously enough, some or" the rnvs of
radium ate easily st-pped be thin inter
posed siib-Ua lu-e-s, w hlle other rays emit
ted In- it li.ue mari.-lous penetrative
power. Its effect on man intemaliy tins
yet to be Investigated, although there s
I little don'ot an e"ttee,ieli" minute cpinn
i tlty even ot a preparation of radium
! would have fatal results, and It will. Il
lull piobabiliiy, prove to lie one of the
most dangetous anil poisonous sun
stance.s known to man.
Its praell. al application for industrial
purposes enl) awaits some- method of ob
taining a ninie plentiful supply; then tho
st ei iilations we have now iiiiltilge, m
will doubtless become true. London Pal
Mall (ia.ctle.
(From the
New York Journal.)
Many women are nbllged to net ns
executrix at some period ot their Hies.
H a person dies leaving you all Ins or
her money, lln-t.- is no re i son why )ou
should let'use the utile e. If, however,
there are other executors and many leg
acies lo be paid, you shonlei hesitate b -fore
accepting. It Is always in your
power to ilecilne; 1 ut once undertaken
th- eiihee, )e,u cannot draw back.
The duties of mi executiix are. Ilrstle,
to bnr.i Uu- testator and pay his funeral
expen-es out of the prope-iiy. Then she
must pa the elebts of the deceased, hav
ing nisi gone to ihi sui ruga te's olllce nnd
proved the will. Uistly, she must pay
over the sut plus including to the teiins
ot the will.
Never undoi take any ifgn-einent In con
tu-e-tion with a will in yur personal
eapadly, but always as "executor."
otherwiso you will be personally lia
ble, even If you hnio no nsse-ts in your
Remember that In any position of
trust as executilv. trusnr or gmirdlan.
you nre not allowed lo make i cent
ilheeily or IndliecUy.
j-lveii to use- vour position lo make
a bargain with your own money is il
legal, and all prollls Isdong lo the esiat-.
A guardian or trustee it not only liable
for misuse ol money or slock In her
hands, but tor letting it He Idle.
A mart led woman cannot become a
guaidi-in without her husband's consent.
A sttivtle woman who is a giiariliaji
loses her guardi inshlp by marriage.
A mortgage is a mysterious obc-ct of
dread to the average woman. In tonllty
lis untitle is vety simple. The subject
of the moi'tgage-usnallv land -Is con
veyed tn Ihe patty who is willing to lend
money wilh n proviso In the deed that
when the money Is repaid Ihe propetiy
shall be recnnvoyoil.
"So yon havo
married Ihe only ghl hi
the wotitl?"
"Yes.' replied Mr. N. Wed. "1 wauled
to kiep all the rest ol the follows out ot
Rouble." Nashville American.
Don't let the
re zeni.i or oil i"
'r net I for II
( un't hnnn the
any dtui, stoic
Utile ones suiTer from
crrttirlng skin ellseasc s
Doan s e hitmen c-eo-c s
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m v ilia,
John 'I'. Urines Would lime Ao WliHe?
Mini Vole There. (
III nn iiddress on "Tho Problem of the
Races, " beforo the 4Mb convocation of
thn University of Chicago on Iho 3d Inst.,
John Templo (iraves of Atlanta, (la.,
advocated as a solution of the. race prob
lem the establishment In the Philippines
of a negto Stale, where no while- nur.i
shoul lie allowed to vote. He said In part:
The races en- wider apart und more
antagonistic than they ware In IMS. There
Is less of sympathy, and more or tension
than the races have known since the ter
rible days of reconstruction inmle chaos
In the South. Four decades lifter his
emancipation the negro Is in point of
fad less a freeman anil Inllnltely less a
citizen than ho was in IKS.
A Chinese wall of pre.lulce shuts nut
the South oti this itiestiou from the sym-
pathy of the American people, mid nl
lliotlgh fraternal platitudes may cross It,
nnd political nlllllatlons may scale It, und
commercial Interchange may run Its elec
tric wires under and above 11, and al
Ihough but recently military loyalty has
seemed lo shatter II, this wall stands. In
tin- sight of (Jod and of nations, and
hedges i-i the Soulli lis a separate and
peculiar bcon in. hindered with tnlsannre-I
hens'em. held aloof in preludlce, and
I fretted by a criticism which, If sometlmei
I founded in philanthropy, Is too often ex-
pressed In passion and answered In bit-lerne-ss.
And so long ns the problem stands the
old slave States of th- South, unwilling
ly, protestlngly, despairingly, and yet
Inevitably, must be and will be ihe con
tinuing gap In the magnlllielit lino of
i our national unity.
It Is a ptoblem of moral decay. It de-
nirriilisr.es politics, u nerever a iuiick su
premacy is tluenteneil through a black
'majority Hi" black ballot Is strangled
without reset vc- in-the black hands Hint
hold It against the surety of the date.
This Is ivtong. It is Illegal. It Is mmi
I strons. But It is true.
I Never, tieer In a thousand years will
! the nei-ro. North or South, be allowed to
i govern In this republic, even where bis
inuinrltlcs ate plain. We might ns lu ll
i fix tint fact In our minds to stay. No
statute can eradicate, no public opinion
I can remove, no armed force can o-r-'
throw the inherent, Invincible, Indestruct
ible. ai,e-. if you will, the unscrupulous
en par Ity and determination of the Anglo-
Saxon rnce to rule.
In a land of light and liberty
.ii n ..t-
of enlightenment atcl law, the wome n of
the South are prisoners to clanger and to
fear. While your women tv iy walk from
suburb to suburb and Irom township to
township without escort anel without
alarm, there is not a woman of the South,
wife or daughter, who would be permltt-el
or who would dan- to walk at twilight
unguarded throuch the residence streets
nl a populous town or to ride the outside
highivnvs at midday.
Here, then, the issues unity of the re
public, material development, puritv of
politics, political Inelepende-tu e, resp. ot
Tor the ballot, revereiice ror tlie eonstl
tutlon, the saretv of our homes, tlie sanc
tity of our women, the supremacy nf law.
th. siero.lness of justice, th" integrity e,f
race, nnd the unity or the church.
There be siat'ds. that lidpli-.-s and un
fortunate Inferior. For his sake the on
rilfferei.ee hns widened between the sec
tions ot our common country. Over his
bine lc body we have slu-d rivers of bio.
and treasure to emphasize our separate
coniiellnns of his destiny.
Atid yet as the crimson tide rolls awiv
Into ihe years we realize that all tins
blood and treasure anel travail was spent
In vain, and that the negro, whom a mil
lion Americans died to free. Is in pres. nt
bond and future promise still a slave,
whipped by circumstance, trodden under
font by It on nnd ineradicable preludlce;
shut out rorever rrom the opportunities
which are the heritage nf liberty, and
holding in his black hand the hollow
pmeiiment of bis franchise as a freeman
looks through n slave's eyes nt the im
passable barriers which imprison him
forever within the pmgrcss anel .chle-.e-nient
of a dominant and all-coneuering
Separation of the rne-es is the ivn -the
only way. Is the expense appalling? Is
the cost prohibitive? ICngland again of
fers an example Hngland, our m..tt r
eotintrv-Fngland. ret to ourseiies. tl
greatest and m-t etdiglitotieee g"er--m.-iil
.uiiuor the sun i;.,g.uri his ji
put its hand into its pocket to -p- -id
Vie (.i IK..1 in otdif to bill oit the Hi-tl
landlords and to lir-i the . tln-rivi- ,. -
. or thi
ll n. n
w ei .- pi, I
to t'lir-i
running sore of Irish dis.-nr.t. i
be that th.- isl in, Is or tin s
i . d by Prm leb in- m our kc p,
-li an answer to the probl.-tn
tin times No reasonable or consul, r to
pi in ivoul ! . ill for the- whnl-s.il- or -ecim-mari-
d. portatinn ol tbe n. cr.i W tli !us
consent, a-.l with go-. rum. nt i! aid tl.-moe,-ient
m'glit pro. eocl slowli anel ivi'l,
e-onsidera t ...n If onlv the vess.-is tii,.
I roiight for. igners t,. our simres f"
km, tn ivs-, i, i, earr-.-l b .ok to Afn
many negtoes as the-v brought linmu'ra' i-
lo ns. not a single 1 l . i - k man. worn in -r
child would have been left in the cour.trv
In 1-x'i!
i'he superb Ind'ieein-nt to the negro
would be found in the fi.e.l.nn, th- i.i !i
i iilu-illt) . itnl the oppottui itv ..r an I--dependent
commonwealth in which h
would be freed from the une.iial competi
tion of a superior people, ind given a
chance to develop n charm ter. and te
demonstrate- the merits nf Ids leaders arid
the c-ip.nitirs of Hie race. Let no white
mill vote in the negro state to hiri-s
the negro s councils, mai let no negro i
vote In any other st no than Ills own j
The chief opposition In the South would
rest upon the misapprehension which )ou j
doubtless share, th it the negro is inriis
pensllile to the agriculture m.d labor con- I
dition.s nf that section. That wis nice1
true. It is no longer true. I state h.e 1
for the fit si time a fact which will be .
siirpilslng lo the Smith as It Is to ) :
The negro no longer makes the st ip'.
or cereal crops of the South: The cat, ".
of Texas, of lxmlsl.ina, nnd of Mi-
sippl Is made childly by the whit
and not by tin- negro: The negi.
longer an industrial necessity. This
Is from the census.
For half a hundred years w
wrangled and fought and bled aid
nbout this black man from Afi'
the wrangle worth Us fearful - "
the gr.-it Northern sc. timi nf .ur
mon country alwavs turn its
ngalnsl the great Southern ' " -country?
Shall the y.uug .lm.ru
- null lt
ll i e ; S
i-1 "'i ,' f
I' -ur li
Mounting Soard in all the the Popular Shades,
Card Mounts, 10 to 30 cts per doz.
The Free Press Association,
189 College Street.
Sold and guaranteed by
his heart against UI
jounjr Ametlr-Hti
of the tioutii o-rr
n lien s cause?
I fl.i, r.... rt
c aucasimi unity l appel
' ''" "" -Hny of our imgbil
. ... . . , ui- is e ar i ountr (,
in r
uc motoeci p. lonlrol
II, a al vl
;!."'' "" 1-IV'' 'I""''
gnat tlurtl
lie nive- mi..'e
The- ue ,
ye t to do
it blaiii, 1. i
come. In Ip'. -.
our eh iliz.i i , ,
lime- II.,
duly and i r.,
and beclou.i
Let us pm
mil of the w .
chance thai,
and let us hi
a i an to w p- n
l" bole nm 111 Wi
lli! ib!- element
1 " , i "t in dr for i
" rr uni-d to I t,r p, til
' nine li l,. perplex.
" " "id h im mr!
1 " er I ., i m ,itjrl
' i o wilh 1 un.
f1'f.lt f. . . . "'
. w.x.. i., .m.., i i....siDl:NT ARTHCrl
To Ihe Fdltor .f i,r. r,-,f
Pre ..s
The Hon. .
ii M 111-
le.l or
city, ori-gon
1VM. He was .
at once Inti,
tor and Juclg.
t a
1 el enl
1 '). llMll til
purchase of i
lie writes
ce ruing I'rc-i.:
In Fall fax,
Illi we Ml
- f llnwa ei ,
' ' Was bnil
! years or iig.
1 Wis
n pre writ n
r nn i jtnr
I re id in t
1 1' ll JUl I-
"1 would lik
the -ledicatloi
an account of
Bttrliuglon I i
kindly sent me.
'1 know wb
till" place, of I is '
mid teiad are t-i n
if I woro now i
to Chester A A"
I mr a
r hnn
e ir,
I lie
' H I
. R g
f ,
two da ugh lets, lie ,
was a dear loi e y g
"I remember that win
beitn, the ,s ,, mg, r el .)
He lined .'I t k- IP
r y
1 1
i "S. i h, -i, r was n
Arthur n. is i..t L
about th" ,! - r f
I think sin- W is n
in. i
I' tie-
As some Intelligent peep e
mat rr. .se. -,t ri r w.- t n
but was born In ( ai , la. t!.,s s
n.ony ma pr,, -e . ,di.-, i i L
ra. lory.
Ludlow, S .t 10 :.
Wr nm Mrs CJr-,.,, s.l.l I I
"": ... lu ,,
n ricrr,. , match.'
"Incbeci, they ate! The sbghtest frlrj
tlon will sullli e to set e- a, imf.-ti
conflagrution." San l-'rancisc Bulletlil
lired Mot tiers.
It's hard work to take care of
' 're J
nnel to cook, sweep, wash, sew aid
p. sines.
It makes a shop of the hrm-- i i
ton. where slvt--n hours mnk' a et j
yet there Is much working vrrtinv
Hood's garsnpnrill.c li.-Irs ttr I r itherl
in many wins- it r, rushes th i . ir
I roves the api.-tu-, and as jrcs restful
If Hie Ilntiy Is Coltlng Teeth
be sure and use that oil nnd well tried
r-ireciy, .nils, MINSLOWS SOOTHIN
.s-.HI P. for children tee-tling. It sorthe
me eniiei. soiic-os in- g ,s a. (lis al
pipi, cures, wind c Uc ixd 3 tao bcsl
re mny tor diarrhoea. Twputy-five cent.l
a uuciie.
I That
SlllllP 1T1PI1 Welll i
hut it t lo ht'tv hi - Yi
lew, otliPivs want
ihnt little lon-r, B
wlu'ii it pomps to (i!
ii top enat. V I
I One's
I Appl
iance Stylish
pan irivo ynu tl 0 J
CXtlVllK' SllOt't,
very hoNy lift
top on:it. re t'
loBL'Ol' llll'-l m
Ill COV els
punn. t-hi' i's. In
Mnoks, in lt f. s or
silk line! or
I' i'l J
I in n
Nt'vor in our
history havo mo
li.nl snr-h a show
intr of fashu n ih;-
fall overcoat.
At tjti to .fL'j.
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