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(Continued from 5tu IU(.o )
A, ii . ' 1 "vt,!,.-",rp this week. -Mis'. Julia
Hf.it roliir,,c, , .iitlM,,tl ,,,, ,ts .,.
,, ,, HeI",,(.'1- Ml Al'"'' Wili.-.i- l- .it
li h .'v S:,',11'!,C1' l"" ,,,nv
' V " ?V A' l-lt Uh luil l.ll.l will
T : r,,mllv ""i--Arthur Jlv
Hi ami Miss U,.,.iR!tiilia Krown. win
-( broti fiiiMulliiK n fL.w ,,,Vf, u.,, ,.,.
Chartes un',"1 t0, i"''Kt' M'-iKl iy
(inrlos wills, u.m ,, i.c.tl )M UIl(i0
.1 "mi. for ti. ,mst yi,. , vpUlUf )l)H
1'Mretlts, Hip 1PV, ,, jj,., will.-.-
nlno-pntind son was l.ru m to Mr. nn.l
v . !'1,i,v', Tuesday, Dctrmber '."J.
" J olln 1ms purchased ti now np-
i I ,,! , , "' lu-'w "K"r house, which
ho built last full.
A merry company assembled nt the. homo
Jir 111 n u,l Mis. r j. .":i i U on the oven
liiK "f . ntni.uy i t intiKtiitnliit.' them mi
the Loth anniversary of their man lane.
ley Weie assisted In i nlorlnlnlnn' by
ihidr iliuishtoi'-, the Alls-sos Krmi. cs mill
ra Clark. Th, passlnn yeari h.io dealt
pently with the ,i ,i Kin, c a;,
Jiiuts nml tho cordial welcome cMeuded
to their nut-sts on nils occasion was only
n lountcrp.iit of Ilk,, eouriostcs (.xlended
l..v them at many social nnlherhin-. nnib.r
IlKlr hnppltublo roof in nu. past. Hill
Inn tho ovunltiff n humorous ami ,n.'iii .1
poem. wiUtcn for th, or. islou. l.v Frank
C Cnin.liill of llurllnntoti. a cousin of
-Mrs Clark's, was rend hv Hip llov. (i. II.
i it, whli h elicited applause. Mr. Carr
Plso Hindi- a fow timely lemmks vol. Iiir
the mlnils of il-.p quests when hp wild
tlmt thry vt-. re not there morel v to lirini;
nlffs, but l.y their ptoseneo in i pivss
tholr r steom for Hip l,st and hostess. No
table nmonn tokens of remembrance which
consisted of ni tides of sllvpr, bunk tintos.
ftp was a sllvrr tea set, p. .-i.nl, ,1 Lj
Jlr. and Airs Milton Htoris and family ol
Kurlh.nton. a combination silver sol of
Unlus and folks anil spoon-, from Mr
n tit I Mri. OcorRp A. l'ootc mil II. II
t'onvi rs. . A substantial i.illiiioi. m
porvpd, JIKs 1'lora M". riarU. Mi"" Aliie
Jlecrs and llilph W. ;. CInU ,isl-lbi,i;
1ho Missis, ri.irl; in servins. Mr. and Mi-.
' 11 I.ymaii of lIlnosbuiKb. Mr i.id Mis
I.PP Traiy of Addison w.r. .inionn Ihc
Kiipsts. Cyrus I'rliiKlo has sold bis I'.inn
to lilisha J.irUnian, consid,i . ii.m sin
.stock and liols lnilui1.il. Mr. uid Mis
Jnrkmnn will oi npv th. lr n, w lioni.
nbout Kobrunry 1. Mr. and Mi A II
IIHstol anil fnmlly, who h.ive , n i!...
Kiipst.s of Jlr. and Min. D. (J. rout, i,r
a few day?, have returned to tin ir h,.:..
In Slidillebtiry.
Mrs. W. O. Trapp pas'rd i
January 1, at the Mary 1'l. t
I W.I '
rrid, ly.
1 losplt.ll
alter a sovero peiiod of snif. nnv. Sh.
hart l.ppn Ml for s,v. ral . '- ..ml : 1 1 -though
her chnnei'S for life mi .n un
certain, tho past two we. li In l liien.K
hnd hop,d that hhe wnil.l n..,r. Tin.'
1ierc'.ie.l hii-biind and 1 j 1 1 1 - -,n v. ,1 l.uv.
the svmpalliy of the m.nni .nii ill
also the mother and s.ups Mis I rapp
was 17 years of hko and 1. r il'.uli , un,
on the ilth annivorsnry ol b, r ni.nriiu".
Tho funeral was held fmni th, Hiptl-l
Church Sunday at elev. n ..i l.nl;. lb,
lU'V t' V,'. Stil'for.l otbeijlins' and .1. II.
Allen In iharse. IJIishn J.n'kni.iu h:is
bouclit the Cj ins I'rin.llp I'-.rni in i:..l
Charlotte for $1,ijo0 and to.,U iii.Minn
lanuary 1. Mih. JI. C (.'ii'pidy w.ia in
Hurllnmton over Sunday. Mr. and Mrs.
llorre of Jorloho wore hero to attend tin'
funirnl of JIr. Trapp. Th, k of pray
er will be oIji.pi veil hero with m.i'tinnH at
.the tloiiKr.-gational ve.-tn Tuesday :in,l
1' I'.lncsday evenlnuK nnd ..! the M.'l'a""i-I
Thursdiiy nnd Friday ev.'niun. M. i i.n
mil h. l.i at the ISi.pti.-t Chun h Sn id.iv
and Jlondav evenings. Mi -. C. c. Ann in -.id
daunhtrr have none to Ki.i'iMm to
s id i lew weeks. Mr. and Mi - II ; liert
l I ft. id will .'.inilii' n. , bun.-,1. , ; o,,' in
roon.i in Hull's blink. iimi' i.i,,ii,.l
. . i . .rue 1 ludsr n. ,
''I'. .'Ilvr wcdlirif ,iiiiii.:- I' Mr
r .1 Mr- Will ,rd S I'.irt b . . . d
! v 1 , s mi. lit In . il b 1 1. . 1 1 i
1 tii' . .til ji.i i i - ii
1 , Th, p i 'i-- ' ,'n.dit
i. -' vi'v.'. I. 1 1 inn. b -i d 'i"W
v,r 1 il, ii I. is oi , el I'ii I. i in-
1 ,i uit.i ..nip!. b nl - i n
i . I villi t ' iii.m. i' . n . '
. v. In. b In has- I. nib T . '
1 r .it lion., in -I ,n, i ,11--.
ii i ' i' oi ni, i. Tb. u 1 1 -1 - 1 ' i . ,1 -1
. t.,1 . . hI.ik: un1'. p I" -I , ' ., I
1 s. nd 1,1 : u In in l-o in ' i' I , i
ivenlr of I a, ,., , .
1 1
i r. c, nt in. . loiy .
of lb, In. I V i ,b i
lb, foil .win- ..111,
I n
1 . lb, war - '.-"I -V
.r.l 1 i.umI., i . ii,-,
' iv. r I lin in. i I -'
yr eorilm . , . r. i.ii . I 'i
or lb nry 1 1nn,, '
Vi.i"'t pb -lei ii . 1 'I .1
sli.e utiii. I I is in '
tli I Alpbon-. .',' a t
'r rk I-om 1 hi I. 1 '
G II ttt. The I. M il!
cllifr- will tnk, l'li'
(, ii ir .", In tin .
Or. . j ' blind, on 1! i
i 'hi.
In, t i
I. ii . I ,
ii k T
.,1,1 I '
1 .. - i
1 in . inn .
i. .r b.
ii. hi ol i
, "II 111'
mil v
II- 1 1 - H
M. -.
in i. .
Mr ("lob. mid loudly '' in r.uilintr
t n, ri.iu.rdnv to attend lb, .iii.ii.il of
r , .., . , l.iHier. Mr. Kiii-mii ol Hueker
Miff.-red n who. k
I rolo of Lynn, M.i
1. y of Luwlston. M.
i-'oi Jerry Crob., .ue
- j. , n . ' I've mill
1 . put off until
" i .
.i '
last Wiek.
s.. and Mis.
brnlbrr and
.lie bis KUPMtS.
of Mr Cliappid bus
-prlnu Tiier, was a
W ,rs danee nl 1! I- Ill-own h h.ill
v. ;ir s nlht. Mr. r.iiri.bnni of .Ipi--
i. i w is in town won .in
- iv i 1; M'-Miihon, who b id
f r .il'I ndlc-illH, is dolun
t-onio Unlit
I. Iw.u-i I'ilzlmons and Ml-s c1iii,rin,
V , t n wei-p married at lirlxtul J.inu.iiv
f, ('. Sl.-vens and wit, "I Ki-Hex Jun -linn
have been .-peudbiK t w dns Willi
n I II ib. W. W. HoiiKbton bis l.n
' i .tr ,i ,, f w tiny with .i sore hand -
180-184 Pearl St.
Sale of so daring a kind evet introduced north of the great cities,
ol over $12,000 worth of
A surplus stock
Furniture, Carpets, Stoves, Crockery, Lamps, etc.,
Must be closed out in fifteen days, regardless of how great a sacrifice.
Our store will be closed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. To arrange
stock and mark down prices for RED TAG SELLING will open Saturday, Jan
uary 9 at S:3o a. in.
A RED TAG will be attached to every article on our floors, marked in plain
figures, which will enable you to see for yourself the truly astonishing price re
ductions. This RED TAG SALK should be ol interest to every economical house
keeper, hotel keeper, boarding house keeper and superintendents of public insti
tutions, because your every dollar will do double duty here, and in justice to
vourself, you should be hereto benefit by this event immediately after our opening.
ed cue as yet, it will be for your interest to wnte for one.
Inrd's.- John Tuttlp bus bought "''I
Htilliiiaii HpuulditiK fiiim of 1' M Kvnn.
.lames (ioodall and wlfo nnd rhlldri-n of
llurlliiKlon spent si-verul days Willi his
mini, Miss Cnii-Ic FaniMWorth.
Thn following offlei-m of Fully Loi1p,
No. .1. KulKhtH of I'ythla.i, have been
elpi-trd for Hip oiisuini: year: Chnnri-llnr
ronnmiiiilpr, Chnrbi W. Ihu-kley; vl.-e-(baiie.dlor,
Joshua V. Moiitoliore; prelate.
A. I'hncry Caldwell, master of wotks,
(leot-Ko I. Derrick; keeper of reeordH nnd
mals, Honi-ne W. Thoipe; ninsler of
hniinpp, Justin (I. Moore; ninidcr of ex
tlieiiuer, II. W. Clnldeiu master-iil-nrms.
William W. Kvnnni trilPleo for three
years. James 11. Miller.
At the annua! me.'tlnK of ,t,p t-'miilflln
County Telei.hono eompany tho followlnj;
honrd of dlieetors was chosen! Jasper X.
Keller, Carl T. Keller, Mutt H. Jones nu.l
P. V. Story of lioston, the Hon. l-'.dwurd
C. Smith, M. P. Abbolt, J. II. Abbott,
Henry (!. Morton and Arthur C. S. II. e
iiiiin of Kt. Albans. Tho following olfb-ers
were elei'te.l by the dlrpetors: l'resldcnt,
Jasper Jf. Keller; vie ..-preIdenl. J. II.
Abbott; seeretnrv, the Hon. Kilns W.
l'"llnn; nudlior, K. W. Loniiley; mamm'er,
-1. I'. Abbott.
Tho Hon. John M. Thnrne, who 1m
been city Judife since December 1, I'M, Inn
tendered his rcsiKinitloii I" Governor Mr
Cullounh, to take erfect on February 1.
It Is understood that there urn several
candlilllles for the position to be vacated,
nmonir the pinminent ones belnir Nalli.ni
N. Post .mil C.ipt. L. K. Tillotson.
Seldon K. All. 11 db.l suddenb' of pn.il
monli. at Hire, n't lock Mord.tv nil i
noon nt hi. i home on South Main Mro.l.
John J. Hunt, who him be--n sciion-d-.-Ill
nt his home on Hiibk street, is idn,l
ii.uiv F. llnl'-h. who bus been ilniiR. r
ously 111 will- typhoid fever In Provld. n- e.
Ii. 1.. I- milking tiood prnirress toward n
rovery and will be brouyht huine as oon
as his londiiion warrants the uiid.-rt-ibini!
of Hip trip.
Th, weddinu' of Miss Allies T Finn,
d.iuiibter of .Mr. and Mrs. Jiunes Finn
of llih street, and W. I lurry llo-t of
UurlliiKton. will Hike plneo on Tue- I
.In v. Jaiiiiurv 12.
Lx-l. I,iil. -tinv. find Mr. F St .. .it
Ktratiah.iii. Mis. .1. llfsoiy SmlF: en 1
Mi-s Aiml, 1!. Smith bft Viiew.lav t..r'
N iss.,ii, ir, th.y will p .-. a I'.-u v." '
Th, d"alh of Sainuil S. .I.i.kin.iu , -ci,
.-red nt hi hem, on l'.p. r W. l.i u
slr.rl i t si oiloi-k y.st,dn niornn v in
lb, c.Uh e.ir of bW i'rp. .Mr .1.. I. in. 'ii
.-iv an i Id soldi, i and . ne l.i'. er ,,l A.
1 1
It. Hi.rlb"! post. No. i.". 'i. A.
. My 1 1. lb M . ulisl'-.l In i 'mm
V. inmni Vol. ii. 'eel ,n Aim"
and ,n . .1 i'ii I tl .i,.-" b.irne.1 I,
In Map b. T-'l Fp.'ii ln i.- '
In;, uoiiiids. h, i!-;.iin . nlil.'d
1 ;. I.". I and s. r. .1 nni'l his i.
ni'i.-l' I,. I oiil ri .l.iiiii.iri-. ''.'
will be b Id II, In b.s Ini.
. lo. k on I-'i id.i. . i I'l i'i ..on.
f It"
:.i ii
i m K.
M iv'.
rib 1 1, I'll
' I' 1 1 .en
on A-" l
If not supplied with the necessary warm garments
for the wifiter season, the opportunity is now yours to do
so at the smallest cost you have knovn.
The Ooak and Suit Department
offers hundreds of fine tailor-made garments and outer
garments at 1-3 to 1-2 and in many instances only a small
fraction of real vorth.
Walking Suits of tlif iroml nnd di'pfixliililo kind, froinr ns low
us $5.00 and $7,50 each. Possibly your sizi' will not lie found union-,'
I'ii- forty to (illy suit.s nt tliosi prir.'s, hut if it is lion; you -jot sonio
tliinj? that will In- notuiilly worth if'JO.OO to .J.'i.no.
Velveteen Shirt Waist Suits S9.75
Jackets and Wraps $G.C0 and $8.50
Misses' Garments $5.00 and .?.7.50
Children 's Garments ?3.50
Women's Walking Skirts S3.75 and $5.00
Misses' Dresses, sizes 13 to iG $7.50
Women's Black Dress Skirts $7.50
. Petticoats Taffeta Silk S.3,75
Eiderdown Jackets .' $1.00
Come early if yon care to see this beautiful lot ot
hiph tfrnde silks uoin,? at less than half value. Great var
iety to select from, but each day the showing is being
materially reduced.
D:ress Goods.
, a
I-, 1 1-.
nt .ii
1 1 .
Do not delay this Dress Goods purchase, hint
very nun li to yuiir iidviiiiln-rc to ooino lioic now.
S1.00 values 39 cents and 58 cents
$1.25 values GS cents
$1.50 values 'J3 cents
iiii"-t di'siriibli' wi'iives oi tin;
.. hut stocks must ho lvduui'd.
or colors; it will
j in
! l
f ii-
r. I i in
l:: .k- .
M I 1. W
bin.ik,r h
In- has a p.'Mti
Hill. I. It ill is at
a short i.u.iti,
I. ,. ntlv mov.-d t
II, bad b.-iii In
; t om .
ri T. -a , s-. ,
I in i, d v. it Ii
. bo b.i'- I., ,i
K - i- mm b
Kim.- t,
M, n d isi
1 1, i - i-t,i
h. r-Mr- '
II S.M i..lll
itn'!'o -a
v li h
M "
i. 11
111 for
! ,ru.
ii on the railroad llii"
lioiu, Iroui I'.r.iudon for
n. -Henry I'bn-,. nlm
. .l,ri,ho. di. .1 Mon.la .
poor health for s.-v,ral
M nil I'n. ii.i-
Hl.n I I'obiii ii b.i
... .il ion ai tin ir
I'. I. r 1 1, ,..l . u.i-
N. Y, ir .- '
r . . i ed l.v 1 1 1. l ,!
ol Mr-. I.oius i
in M
ot tins
All. in- W.il-
1 1 I in in 1 fi'i.ui then
boiii, in I',. i,.,
i- bom, ii ..in P. ii i , f..r
i. . l Sum! . X. . -
I- 1 t-' i U ..I' lb. d,.ilh
1 loi, S.u'K' nt :i t h,r
' ) Al r S.i i nt u aa a
. ,1 fi.'.'i 1 i . i
. ill. d l.v ihc
b.. i Mi.
S ear'- 1 1 ".ii
d..in. X H . '
111',' -s of p.- 11
Anna l.i Id 1
111 . t, no. .1 1
years. - Ilu regular eoniinuni. ation of
Mi'DoiioiiKh Loditc I'. nnd A. AL, Mill be
held in their new imurters in (li-.nm.
hall Thursday cveninu, .limunry 7, wilb
work on tho third defrree. Jiidson l'l.-ni-iiik
Mas injurid l.y b.-liiK strut k by a
II. ivht car at Fsse .lull, -li, Hi last Me. k.
The cMienuly mid M.ather'! the p'l
M i ri. has caused nun II trouble with
..t. r pipes all over
A la rue
of Mr. ai
invii. d In
. ,1, brni.
ir i l . i. ,.
sp,,i .1
1 in . ...
li- : eolll.
i imli' i i
lll'll U,
ih. I,. II
'. . . .. I,
.. lU I.
, . - I v I
t ,.,. u !
. 11.1 I ' I,
'I'll. I.
'l.i.l 1 li
zn Alb
I -v I III -.id.lilin
Mlpp, I 1
tin- villnue
..r ih,
nl Airs. II. W
I In ir home Tiiesd
Hi. ".Mil nnnlvd'
A . i v il, ,i -ahi
i Ih
ii r
11 1, ll'K
i:i mm.
iy .'.elllUK 1"
,ir of tb.-lr
. 1 elilliy V IS
II .'. ' -Mb .1 1 1 1 1 I'l ' 1 I i I- i -
. -Tb. F. K li.'K. i- I. 'mi
ll i. .'.r. b i-,.l a v.ibi I'I,
III S"l..tl Pie, low "I li . s ill
am mill 1 1 , . ii i i . ., I bill lo
1 1 -i in rl" ." . ii.ll '-i I ii"
I T 1 linn, r b id 'i hoi -,
ii d. r in. ii-.i. il , in iitn.-l.iii. ,
u di i l.i on .. b-v. I
hoi s, st iiinlil. ,1 sin. h' ly
. P. 1!o., .mil wife wen- call. .1 lo
r ma. la Thiiisday b Ih. s. rioiis illness of
Mr--. Koyee's inotiii r, Alls. Ithoda I'bad-
i M. U. who has been under a ph sl Inn's
I.. ire there tor some u.eks, and was
I thought, unlil rediitly, to be impioi bn;.
I Ali-s I'annle Hull of Sv.anion Is th,
! KU,sl of Alits Halsy l.'o.M Alls.- M,iy
I .. . ker is speii. linn Xew Year'.- wilb h. r
,-is,r. Airs. Kied lional.l-oii in Sw.u.ioi.
, and Mis. II. . P., ib. wuh friends in til.
I Alb ins.
X .1 .uid oib,r pi. i
fi.ii.bier Ala.--.., u
- .Max i Audi, w
Ion Aloud. , . Mis . .
W, Id .ue alien. linn
I tu hi old - All- s M vi .
Ali.lili,l.iu i oil. K'
b, r- In was
ib, r. who is
I urn, d .''. 1.
I 111 P iss.lie.
W Howe ol
io tow n ..v. r Sunil i'.
1" I ill l.ed lo I St 1 III
I. in nnd Pbn-.i
lb, IiIkIi school at
i, MosL i- returned to
Mond iy - .Mis- ( dive
1 1 1 ,11 lias ellini. d
s ,mpl"i..l nl i:. A.
low bn . Hi. . r. for th,
eleeled Sunil iy lor th.
ft nip .Montr, nl and
Austin s --Tile lol
Siinda s. hooi w er,
.'ii'-uini; .eiir: Su-
' All-
Ai I
,11 "I
0 I,, lull. ,i
1 U , dll -.Mi-
S llll!,l..
kliU-ht- of
niiltm I n
an o si
r I
-a. ,
I Ii k craves an.. . ..u... -,, nn..... ..
ii I
! Sifli inks !
t i
I. a lid had ,
In - So, lal .-in le in.
.Mi - I' II. Ala. . in... r
r 1 in o ,1 lo I .- un
n 1 1 in . I ins of I In
w,- I .-Id Thur-'l ,
I., lb, I, Kill. it- w .fk
a - , r , ,.
Al i-s. ,..nn ' Irn 1 . lie !-. I rin .1 to
In Hue 111 , 1 J I 1 1 .-. I I S I U ' K . ,,I--S.
i.ilnn.r. -oi nl several dn-. at 1 ..me
..litis- Th . '.! -l o of the III. In'-
nl.itni ..I .1. W. I'rocl.itl ii.i. bun
pi. ..--ii I Miipn-. . "lit y X.-w V, n '- ,1.
il hoi. ,.r "1 ln se enty-seveiitb bnthday.
- Jll'-s I, 'Mi.ll Aliieliri.le has r.tiiin.-.l
lo .b.bi- p Mrs. ll.itlie Soiu.-i-vilb of
S'-iiiMi, 1.1 is iidtnu; her parents, Mr. and
Air--. A. Al. Wright. Utile Noiman
AViIkIii. who has been .pule ill. Is mu. h
better. Alissi s Jennie, .Mac. lira.
MM tie Ale.S'eil have relumed to th
ifS,(clie s hools.- .Miss Winnie Woleott
has ri. turned to her school In l.sxex.
i'. W. WiIkIU has rented Uie hous. lor
lili'ily ociupled by 1.. Al. Mead, and e
peets lo movo lllele befoie lonK AlNs
li. I". ('roi-Iielt bus leturned to her siho.il
III A inhei St. Allss Kute .Mason bus pine
to ('nim.l.i to visit her broth, r. .Mrs. P.
I.. Pm mulct', who has beei ill for some
tune, Is eonvulcsclui;. William Caswell,
who has been tpiitc ill. is ninth In tt r.
.lb, i
i h il l,
i --on.
Ilie-ll I
.: In I In
i, elllll.
t nt-
p. un, c .run 1 1.-
li . 1 daiiubi r "I All
onal l.-o i .,' . I Sw II
ine I In r. I i i . ml. i r
tun. ral si n e s w ,i .
h, tin- llii. I'. T. t "l.i r J
in.- il
lien p.
The 1. idles' society will nit it al Hie
home ol Mrs. Frank P.eane .l.imnn lj.
'Ill, Diainntle tliib will present ib, drama
"The Turn of Tl'., Tide" In lin near
lurin d
i 1 r. i w 1 1
II. i
ml.- and .
t lb' ir wot l at Si.
Sat. nil i . Audr.-w
1' ' '.mu th ol lo;s in
... null , ard from
in Tall ri
ll' I- Fall--,
la',. 1 1 v has
Il H lb It and
I'm est 'tt
w intoi I hc rt innin.- ol II. .man Hill
-e iut.ii.il In th. t.tn. t.iy Alondn.i.
. I '. "kiii- ol Al i a. hns.'lte is i.dliiiK
son Jam.-s At kins. - Frank Heine
in Ilurl.tiKlon last week, the nuest
hi.- si.-l.r, Mr-. Mkh.i.l Alntlman.
.Mis Willis
i"iluiK h.-r
c.idv i
Inrni'd .Monday from
r at lloxl.ury.
l.r..l, II inn I of Almisilll. i- -i I
i, wit.lit wilt. u. -r .-ist. r. Air.- John
mi Alts, l'o-ter I'lellienl of Alm
bs, Alinii.. is l In nu. -t if Air. nn.l
din Ab't-nll .1. F l.citi is bn-- t -I
Ins po-ini.n nt Jeffords .bun Mm
ai d i -.pi. is ii. i-.'siiun lib I. inner . mpliiy
in.nl as H.ii.lin;; sib "in. in, .titer pa.-.-.iii(i
a li w i.i'i.s in N walk. X. J.- Mr Aura
K. inl.nl hi- t .Mm ii,. I Hem a fiii'tlii In s
sta.v in II" Ion. H. II. Ali.-on bis r tum
id fioiu Paislon and Is visiliiu In this
' I plnce.-Allus Jessie l!..s. of W.tl' nun,
t . i..iie . i- Hi. nue-i o I h'-r bioili.-r. I . Al.
I!,,.-.. Air-, ita.hel Stanley di. d a' Hie
hom, of her son. Ariel Stanley, Wednes
day. Mai -ball Point has none to I'.osli.n
for surnlcal In ntinenl.-A. II. Ilaney h i.i
s. Id his lions, nnd nloi n South Alibi
si reel to Al. J Norton of liurliiiKt'in. n-
and I si.leration ?1.2tm. Air. Norton is n Ua.el-
iiik salesman in the employ of Kimball
Hi os. .v ( -i. He intends to take possession
of tb. ptopt'rty in th, spibiK. Alls. Alary
I.ovcrin ol I'.ast Herki-hlru is visiting nt
1'. Al. ('aipcntor's. C. II. Alllchel, who
was an sle.l for a thh.l offence of Intoxi
cation, ami was to h.ivo had his trial
Tnutxlny, bit town WrdneMlny ul'ler
satisiymn hit bail lor purls unknown,
Th, n pot t of weiitlu r lor December as
nlven l.v a local obsei ver Is as follows:
Maximum IT. Hie !Mth: minimum '-'-. Hie
1Mb, precipitation 2.27 inches Two snn
serlhers hale rctently been a.lilcd to th,
Notlbern Teleiihonu t ompuny's exchanne,
Arthur .Siraltnii nnd IZ. .1. Wilder.. 1 'r.
Twitehcll, oculist of Paiilmntou was m
town Friday nnd iiM.-i.-lt.l l.y His. l-'n tl
Unit bin.-on mill (lord'in Abell r.moieil a
.lis. ..-..I .j, oi lllll. 1!. nu- Kimball.
.louiiL-est iliiUKhter of Air. and Airs. K.
AI. Kimball Dr. J. A. Archamb.iuli of
liutlinnion has recinlly been vlsltlnn bis
inoth.-r. Airs. 11. Arebainbiiult. Misses
It. Ih nnd l.ucil, Unit ttavo u leap ear
patty l'ilda eicninn. A dov.en younn nu n
weie esc.iie.l thither by the muld'.ns.
One ot Un- enjoyable ft a lures of the enler
lalnmeiil was a straw I lib'. Allss II. lb
Stone nnd Allss Kathrme lVrley visit. .1 in
Swanlou ret 1 1 .
p. rint,iHI,nt. l.o.-n :-.li,v,e. assistant su
perintend' nt, ileoin" llov.-rn: -ecr,itirt .
J. Kinmi-tl W'.-ld: treasuroi. Albe-- (ilntlvs
Dhnoinl; librminn. All-s Minnie c.-ipinn:
lil.iiuei.il anetit. .lo'.in I'leer; cborlsler,
(borne lloweu: orn.i: ist. Aliss (U.idis Di
inoiio. . F. Austin ret' until Iiom Haver
hill, .Mass., Tbilisi!. iy.
Airs lanmii Pall letnrneil from l.urliim
ton Silnrday all. rnoon.- AJiss Main I ln
nalls 1 lielinbsbnin was a cm -t nt J.
. limits I ,. . tit Jv. Aliss Piarl P.-.ttci
1- i in in d '.. X. w Vol k S.iturila.i ninlil .1
ti r sie idinii a week al bonie. Dun S
(iti- .ml .1 . .lin Innilnp ol Ii.m tiiiiiutb
I nil. jr ha'.. In. ui spendnm a ,v,- .la
Willi Inei.ds Inn Ali.-s's Al,iici..t ,i..l
llildl ll".klll- I.IIIMI..1 1.1 P l lll-.L'loll
Tu .-.l.i alter sp,i,.inn 111.'' boli. I., v.- wi,h
lb- ir . ii. nts. All. and .Mir 1" I.. I Inplu,- --Fr.iiil.
'Iiii.i. iitiirind to Xotwnii .r.-i.l-cin.
Tin --.lav aliei .--in-ndi. a a w,. k a'
lioine. Tin- follow li,.; is a h. I ol o'lb ! .
..I lin- i 'o'ln r . 1 1 l"U 1 1 Slllltl l Si bo ! for
1 In toininn i.ir: Supei un, ml. ir. ;
l.i mi Pit ii.-: i.ssi-i .nt ip.-i i..i,i .1. - i. i:
.1. (iat.s; s.ir.tiry. All s Xelh, I'l.i, .
It' iS'l'i r, All.s I'l.n.n. e II,, .luii-. . n ni
bl, Miss Kuth Hot. Ml.-, thoii-t. r. I'. I.
Hopkins. Th famieif are busy iliawmn
w i ir.il .'.lit 4 lie ir ue Inn,.-, s .Mis.
Donna Adams and .1. inula, r of llm.--
burnb -l....ni wiln her i.ai.nt-. M .
nnd Alt'-. .1. It Andei-. n. All. and Mi"-.
F. A. Pratt ntiiru.il to liurluintnn Aloi.
da. I1'. I.. II, i l.ii- i.-M. .1 in Si Albins
ni.tl K.if-l ll.-lU.'-hu. Tu. sd.iy mitl Wedi',--il.iy.-A.
S. K.ndtnk is in llurlinntou m
lemlinn Hi. Stall me. tin k ot the Jl ip"l
Si.nal .Makers' nss' tlmi.
A iliuinhter was born to Mr. and Airs.
iluj II. SI. irt I- nib. r:i' ln S TII...I-
H.tt of St. Albans islletl ndallv. s m town
Inst woli. - llmiv II. Fnn.ind rtlurn
ctl lo I'.ui linu'lon Alonday lo nsume his
stiidb s in the F V. AI -Allss Maria .1
Urady of Fast Huh.-rsllchl Malted tileml
111 town Jaiiltan- 2. Aliss P.,ssc Shanley
has nlven up her school In Fb teller on
account of lllnc-s. Al. I.. Ktuit has nmio
tn Worcester, .Mass.
Mr. F W. Shcpaidson I-. (pule s,-k
Air. (ioodrl.h of W.-stfotd visit.. I Ins
ibtuuhltr. Alts, j, II. Saffoid. list w... k. -Allss
A.la Currin is sp.-n.lini; several d-ivs
I:ir advertisers b i .
from rmnll I . nu nlte s.
thai "it e-iti li soul
i oiuet Idttt-, I liroi,h t i '
ir.iu I'lowtli. t-.p b
ntleiti"-er ma be e. -i,r
u-'i tlv
St. p. Il lo
than on
: r. w t .
b th
-i I'lir.
olui'ie -.
. n In,
l lill.lv.
I.'lt'-st ll'll
worth full prit
hi'U&on. Every yard
Cut- Glass.
nt ci
I1SS 111
.'nil. :
.M.-ll.' I.'e'itlll.s I'roin ll.-llllllO" of Hp'
count from oav regular prices, wliich arc
limn idhi-r st' r.-s iiMi.
UnderV;7e-Sr Shown in the B-aseinent.
25 per cent dis
!" iier cent lower
A Hatnil 1 bttlt ;
for I wcr, in Si..n. ,, ,
t, lid tli, I nm ml of .
('. I. Ah. Mali,, 11. i;
H'lil: and All and Ml - i
In 1 lurlinv 'on I in .
Inn I In ti'i n vtr, ii s
earn n h 's pnri 1 -property
in s.ov
hous, o. ' 'i t. .1 I i ,
b 'tu lein.m. "I - , ,
-om, wi'd lot- :
in llui llnni on . .
Wt M Plain I '
Al-s. '. (' l i
v. Dinner wb. i. '
Wllbnm D l i - I,.
part of tin I.
I W Pen .".0 n ml 1 i
ol the letup' i ii
that It was t
than ho e . i - , ,,, .
The yt itb .1 - i ,, ,,
day iiflef i 1 1 i , , ;
Hrnest Mills i. , , ,
f!eorte II. nt in , 'l! i, i
ei:.y lb" in w I . . I,, ,
Is liulldiiin on 1 li,.
Aliircb I - 1 .ei t i , i
to Norlbli Id t . - ,ft
Inn lo II. i v. r ' . i
Alorse of i ti 1 1 't n t
of Airs. V-ll 't,
bromtht to St .w ,
At tb- 1 1 . ' i i
No. 1 .. 1 " t: '! 'i
III, f.ilbivn.:; i-
plv n In 1 1 1 1
menial tin -i- '
Airs. A. P. w . i
r. ollnn. K'l 'v
Warren m.. Al r '
Mrs. I. 1.. II in t- '
At the All tin"!, ' i ' i '
mm ninif in tb ii.
S( cl.'ll HtUd w I n
i:an; Tb, -' rntmi . i -t
npn -i. print, to tl ", . i.,
Year. --At Fint . -'b ir- h
II. Abbott. Patau Will pr
day inoi'i .mr fc. i - I ' al '.
srrmon. 'Siiu;. i.i S
lilblo cl.i-s U m . Yt m P
tilt V nn"-tlnf nt 7 : tn ,
I-'nmoi's Hi n ' - .. , Tl i i ,
hymns will 1 , i I ni i
orinlii expl.il' , d.
1,1 ter . r I h-
1 1 o
' 1
r a
I .
r M
! V 111 S
1 (I 101 -
farm to
' i y w id oi
t a m r
rmd nl v
. ,s w k
- t' Sum lei
Tin i" N on" ' Don't V
city whose niembr r-b
p-ir IP "-and w hn-h i
br-r. I: i crimprscd o
i.-ii'- o' p'-ople v.-h" o
column ol tl.is new' .
.1. til .t I
"HiiVI .1 le
M II 1,1 I
lb. ,
loin I
K F.t, h
i'l-e. 1
and Ti
dm sd.i; s.
days, not 'I ues.l.-iy and W
A!r. nnd Airs. I!. 'K. Sim.--ni h.i
to i:.nt"n for -i f. w w. ''-.' visit -Tl e i I
between tli.in1 1-, and Fumlu rl mil lb id
is frn:'.en iivit so I. im- a:, ,t-i --sii.u
Hi.' I, I, Mis- 1, Will meet Til Mrs-I.O . .1.111-
uaiy 7, with Airs. .lam. s Honn t din
ner. Air. ami Airs. Allen llrov-n ale vi-it-mn
l'li'tids in town Tli, antiuil .. -t. r
supper fol the b. tlolH of tin Aletll idist
i 'lunch will be nlven Jaiiiiin y 1.1 at tbe
rbui-'-b. All were nhul lo hne Miss Jes
sie W'otalwoilh back hi l.,r hinh si booi
anaiti.- -Miss i!inn"r, the eentriil tel. phono
n.rl. spttil Xew Years' with h -r iitr'-nts
at Ninth Hero.
Utile 1IV.-1"!,.' W It II. Who b lj- lift"
i r sbk of !! oni'lnnl t"n iinoui.i I- 'low
aid, lo sit up ,'f wton Martin w.o h -.onMimi
t ion. is now : i low- lint in- ii
oiur. niubl v.-iiu-h.-is Air nnd Mr . 1
b. rl P.n lo .- ol N'. I. : Moii, . p -i. p .,.
ll.lV III toWII. 'I'll, OU-l'.lllllll, ll.i" bet II I
iii'iinl Iri.in th, Fuslny hous,, but '.!.
st bonis hn. nol opi ne-l.
30 do.'.on.-, Fine Jersey Ribbed One Case
Vests and Pnts for woim-ii, In roo i Vests and
sizes onl , fur t hi , ro.-isnii the priee ' ei'iii iii,-i!ny
iibsteml ol jjilj.i will In- 79 cents.
1G0 Combination Suits for wo-i
men. niitiiriil wunl nml while, loll1
.ixsnrtinen! ni' si es. price 78 cents.
'7cvy Heavy Fleeced
Pants tor women, ."iO
nt 35 cents.
Vests and Fants for
Girls, rio.ul.-ir M-llin-,'
i-ents. i'i 19 cents.
Mis I.. J ."
is i ui'-; al u.
-i '"I- il 1- I."
mall has sloi.;.i
lol'l" I
M u.i
roia I'.
1 i-k
.v. ! s of Chay. X. V.. i
.1 Thomas s -Mi s p i. s
a- f : om ! '.'I! Iillt. 11.-- I'i ,
I nolm: to i'isk uaid Apr!
Men's Fleece Lined Shirts,
color. ooo;ii' .",(1 cent o-iio,;,.
Md'tlllellt ld'o'i'll. ti, closi- llii-.
the priee v, ill In- 25 cents.
Men's Gray Mixed Fleece .Lined
Shirts and Drawers, elioieo ((f sin
ole or double front juid Imek. 38
One Case Fleece Lined Vests
and Pants for women, estniordiii.
ii ry quality, price 21 cents.
ill ilil'ili iidl lo He- ,'iliove
t his time o n ill iissnrt m en I. s of lip
WEAR i'or Men 1 1 1 t Weineii.
rriccd at-, Hen's
Children's Camel's
and Pants, vuiue "n
lii'iil'.' ii iiNsort mi nt of
Boys and
price !)")
Hair Vests
cents, but
Mis brings
ed. 11..
1). rr ml.
hop ii ..
A l.ll-K' .
sl.'iV. I -I.
n- Al'
,. 1-. il- t
w rk in t
il-. i n
i 'h i rl. st.
I al Hi.
j I 11 lu1'
coin ui.
i. lib 'is 1 1
W nl ii, i
bank, r '
b-lt. . -fio'
.1.-, il;
ll'-iel-. l!
s w
), .1 -frn-i-
I'l ,i
I i-
d i'ii-
i -
n I esi.
1 r n-
hi S W 'll
pi ts I 1
I.. ll
Pr w
; the price ilmvn to 35 cents.
50 Black Fleece Lined Over
shirts, e.xtrn ln'iivy ipiiility, value
To cents, priced at 48 cents.
75 Black Jersey Fleeced Over-
shirts, ."n cent iii-:ility, nt 35 cents.
reiii.-irhdble '-liii'-i " ,-ii-e olVeriii"; nt
lie eelehnue.i BENKINGT0N UNDER-
s: .co
SI .35.
i t ,
1 A .
I J lime I'
sfuttv. ('. 1,
J. William",
l-l. T.
(1. A. Itarney.
1 !-
John Poor b.is sold
Il.iny MeKntee tor $1 "on. ;,
in February. lb 01 ne II. .An
Dartmouth last Tue'.li' -Clnronie
Uowbs retunnd t
Friday after apcei .t-.,j t! .
Airs. Few les s hom 11 A P 1
daughter. Ethel, r tun.- o fr"i,
lust .Monday. Air. . nd Air-. S n
moved into n tenement i
house. Tho Ilev. II. J. I
ly returned from Shebl,
Phillip Howard teturn. d t
last Tin sdnv. The n,uh r
of Air. and AIr. J.itin - v
(ik.isant .surprise at tl- e
day ei.-nil.n-. the ov. .-. ..
1 1 -
!- F
l-.i t
sir '
ii fair
Ft i
. N 1
.t ','oun i v
n old, N. H.
I i n I i,i n
lias uiiir.i ,1
Air. and Airs
d f it :u New
For Forty Years
the Ktr.udard.
Tiny unite every
point of worthiness.
iMl at
w .ih li. r pat, nt-
The mil-tall ai
nary 2 was w II
nhollt Till of the
F. 1 1. Furrin nnl wli',.
lb, Hapli .1 Cliui, li Jan
allentb tl by tb, elmr, h.
111,-IIll.el s beinn leeseilt.
(A word to the wise, etc.)
4 ir
A New YeaFs ball which will held at'
tho Franklin Foiinty House b'rliluy evi n
Inn. Jiiliu.iiy 1, was well iitletiibil nbout
V) couiles beinn picsent. William Kyan,
I who is alluiitllnn school at St. llyaclnthe,
I P. q anil Thomas Kyun. who is utientl- '
i inn school at Sin rlnonke, P. (J., have been I
I home for a few days' vacnilon. Ilurold
' Fairchlld nnd Ciny Mtrilll. who have lit en,
1 spendini: n week's acallou al home, re-!
, luineil lo the F. . Al. Salurtluy. Fharles
j Merrill, who has a position ih cleetiiual
inpiuicr at llayonne, N. .1., was nt home
I over Fhiliimas- Allss Ptarl 1-lrwln. .MNs
Helen Ilowliilld, Aliss Kutio 1 1 .s .ill mid
I AIhs At. lei Minion, who have been spend-
Intf their vae.illou at home ltd urn. -tl Alon-
day nlnhi lo Johnson, where they are. at
timdlnn Normal school.
Air. nnd .Mrs. Stephen Foon nnd family
Is vlsllmn friends lu SI. All.ins. Juhn
Khaik.y of Allilillcbury Is spcinlliiK the
liollduH at home.- I.lttlc llownrtl Hull
,111111 Knthcrlnc St anion of Not Hi l'ulrllel.l
I nltcutb il the obl-fiishlnneil spelling st hool
ni Hast Fnlrlltltl unit met with n peculiar
I accident, i in rctiindnn homo the hoise
I not IllnhletKd. thtowinK Hie noeupunts
out of the sbinh The hoise went home
laud bdt Ihem beside the roatl - Kdwnrd
! Fox Is buylnn putuloes, paylnn mi cenis
lier bushel. Mlchuel .Sheehan Is su-k with
' (he nilp Allss Marnarltc Hheehiin Is vlsll-
Inn triends hi llulfnlo, N. Y,
Tin ie was a tl.inco at Frank Prior's
Thursday nluhl winch was well attended.
Osborne brothers of Hhr-x luriiNhed tho
music. All ropoil a very nnod lime.
They dauceil the old jear out. mid Hit:
in-w year lu.
Fbuibs o.steyer litis moveil his family
from Si.n hawk's ranch to the. O'e'lulr
ti nenicnt on Ibe Wllllslon i-o.ul.
liraiit and Kale I 'oiiislmk sn nt Snti
i! is in Hie ellv. Hit suesls of Air. mid
.U,'. Un. 11 Whltloili.
p. II bh, nil ol Hill liunton sienl his me
ntion Willi hi-- uncle, ( '. I :. lic.in.
Alts. Klla Sleek, is very poorly of late
with he.itt tumble.
Aliss Isab.lle Ashley, who --pent the
holidays with her brother ami Ins ftinnh
in Woodsville, N. II., has riturn.d hom,
Dt'lbcrt W'alUlns and wife of Alalom
wete tin- nue.-ls of A. II. l.eonard ami
wil, last week Air. it 11(1 Airs. I '. F,
Skills. William Flynii, Allss Daisy M,.
N.ill. Lyman Powell, llitlnel lionets, Will
iam llj.m and Alius Wiulfred Flun al
lt ndetl the New Yeai H ball nl Jclfcrson
llle lasl week -Allss Lottie Story of
Hss.s Jiiuctioii was Ihc must of Miss
Jenera Patterson on .Sunday. -Alts, ('iim
line Hyde, who has liven hpendlun sevcial
weeks with her sister, Miss Amanda l-'ul-h
r, returned tu lior home In Henrnla AIou
dny. The water Is nolnn ilown In Hie
liver ami only sl niimleis aie now
running nt the pulp mill. Miss licrtha
HfWIliK leturiied Hllliiliiy Inuu a lew
ila" vli.il In Fairfax Prof K S bbott
it tin ned fioiu his home In Di rhv Sat -.lis Sarah Ann Poultcr of Ui. enneld
url.ij and hi nun t;cboo .icalu Alon laj i Mii"s , Is vIhIUiib nt Hie hcnni. of Waldo
I' icil (ioi 'lon spt.it Alondni ami Tmstl.iy AntislroiiK. William Dlmoml has teiurii-
I he I! v. Air. A.I.. ins ami wit.- nf Hi
i hurt Ii ol ilcornia Finn wen- pi,.-, nt.
also the ljcv. Air. Fota of l.ss. x Jin,, tiou
Tho annual ineetinn of Lnni'-lli lo.ls .
No li, 1'". nnd A. Al.. was h, ,l ,i in,),,
nail D"t i nibcr ao mid th, follow im of
tiet is ,li. ted: W. AI.. '. S. How.nl S
W.. Fb., rles '. AI-i nl-ir. .1. W., A. .
lis-tinun; treasurer, i. L. Union seer. -lary,
1. 1 :. Hum: S. D.. II. II. I lv.li; J.
I). L. It. Hales; S. S., L. 1!. Taboi . ,, s.
lb nine liaseonib; i hnpltiln, the , v. 1!.
(. ) I mil . -The niarriano of Dr. John Al i
M.n lil.lke of n.llton llllil Allss M.iln Ilu
Hull of this place otciiriid at tb,. bomu
of the bible's pnrcnls, Air. mid Alls.
Il.'iuy Hull, on TbuiMlay, D,..niber ::i,
'I'he tcicmony in which th, double rim;
was used was pilvate. only the immediate
triends, Alls. ICIla Shattiick of llalors-li-dil,
it cousin of Ihc bible, and Airs.
'Icnrso Alb n of N.uwlch, Conn, were
present. The Hev. A. 11. lU.lhe. f.ilh. r of III,
Kionni. oil, i lalcd. The lit 1 . 1 . was nnwiicl
in mode hn.adeloth wilb while silk waist
mid mIiiic plctiuc hnl. Tin lame number
of valuable nllls consisllnn of monei.
linen, out nlnss ami silver, which were pii
si nt.-d the hi Lie, were a sllnht ni.nilfesta
1 toll ol the hlnh esteem in which the is
held lu this limn, whom lot neural yens
liast bhe has been luomlnent in niuslt.il
incli-s, beinn a very huccesslul i.k-e and
Idnno teacher. Dr. and Alls. Hl.ik.. will
lake a lulef weddinn tl all. t will, h
II:. iy will be ill home lo their hi. nils at
liarlon, where th" doctor s Incited - Mi-.
(i"oiKi- Allen or Norwich. N. II . Is snend-
Inn a It w tl.iys with Airs. A. II. p.... man
'The Fairfax i.'ieamery comp.int Imv,
tilled their ice house. Tho ice p r a Hp,,
iiuallly. Clan nt-o Learned is improvinn
slowl.i . Dr. Powers of Sheldon was in
luwii lasi week us counsel on Finn nee
Lcurned s ruse. The school at the N. II.
I. coumieiice.l January 1 nl'lcr a a.all in
ol two weeks. Air. P.tlltier Fainswtuth
Is toulineil to the house by feeble heallh.
.Mis A. Kinney is Mim'iiiiK wuh Hieu
m.illMii. -Kity Marvin Inst it line toll Inst
I week while iiluyinn in the yaid. it run
lu (in b.i I ! hinno In lis chest ami 1( ,,d
to death in u few minuti s.-Aliss orillh
i 1'iercc lelurnetl homo from Nt iv llamp
sldn lasl w 't'k There will be me. tinn-
nt Ihr ll,i.tlst Clint vli every tinmiii; this
Wti-li .Mrs .iiai.ci .in .. in oi Heaver
bj -nt January - nl U'T luthur, li, Al. Hal
Aly.-itl Ha!:in. of Hie .Stale bo
Wutorbiuy. Is at home for his
va at Ion. - 'I lie orchi-tr.i wi.t to
11. to Friday, win r, liny pli.yc.l
li.'iin i' lh.it t v.-ninn--So .-ral younn p. ..pi,
attended a patty al F. P. liaeos la-t
S.itunlay ev.'ii.nn. A v. ry Wi.isint time
was enjoyed bv all. Tl., ice is eon-.i l. r. d
He for double teams to Sw.inton ami
I. Albans. Several are lil'lni; !.-. li..us,s
this week. 'I'he lee in about l" ln.-h s
llili k nnd very nood ipiality. David Tud-
hope mi l John Pau-b y, Jr.. h id a r.i -e
b.'tw. en their colls la-l I'l l. lay wbb Ii
was won bv the former,
blank, t. They will try
w ecks.
The pur.
it nnmii
in iw
The funeral of lh" bttl" son of Air. nml
Mis. William Collins wa., In Id Fijday. A
kirn'- number of lb" frkn.l- of Cliamn.-v
L,, is . ulli -tl on him late Thursday n,ht
nnd left bun a sic I lo.d ol pr.nlsions tor
llie in-w i.ar. 11. H I'aswill is uniiil'i'i'i d
among lb.- su k.
Airs. F. F. ll.iwb y o! Nashua, N. n.,
is visdinn h'-r faster. AIn Al. S. Ilnwl,y.
H. W. Forte and wife of Fletcher visited
his r.i tin r, J. II. Ctuse. 'I hor.-iluy.
On S.ituid.iy cvinlnn at the n. A. li,
h ill tut lined the joint ilislullatiou of Hit.
newly elected olheers of tho li. A. It., W.
11. C. and S. of V. I )fi n titit nl Command
er captain Frank Kciilhld wits inslallinn
olllc.-r lor the ll A. li.. Alts, lleornu F.
Fail.' for W. Ii. C. and D-pai Uncut Com
man. br Col. A. I.. Cheney for Sons of
dpt. Frank l.'enli.'M. tlepnrleiunt rom
inan.b'i of th, ll. A. li. lor Vermont states
that Ih. eiiiampmcnt will be li,.l here at
Alnrrl-n die on I 'ebruat y :'j and :ii.
1-:, C. Well-, tool; the younn people for
n straw ilde to Kali fas Kail- last Satur
day. The s. Iioolm.nes of Allan Patterson
nave hhn a suriri;e party Salurdav even
Inn. .Monday he wt nl lo Kce-ville. N.
V. lo uttciid h!s sister's w. . I. linn and
hopes lo si iy lor the winter In a store
there Dai Id llallup artived al his home
h. ie Alonday evenlnn alter n :'U months'
stay in the West, lie worlud most of
the lime In Spuria and Dululh. .Minn,
llcfore i-ombiK home he visited nn undo
In Dakota. H. O. Weston, sou of Mr. mid
Alls. L. li. Weston nnd Allss l.lzie ,1.
Hum, oblest (Milliliter of Air. and Airs.
AV. II Hums. vctc married Wednesday
eicnluk' ul the Melhodlsl iiarsonnne by
the Hev. H. L. Al llarnis. After u .short
slay hi lown Air. ami Airs. Weslon will
no to Sheldon whi le they will reside..
W. J. Wheeloek of Wutervlllc vlsltetl his
sister. Mrs Jennie Wllley New Year'H
d.i Mm. W. A lic.'be and son Kdlson.
ol Moirlsvllle, passed January first ui d
sit-oiiil nt II. N Hrio s Tim Hev. Air
Alolir, assisted by .Mrs. II. N. flray unit
cUS to M S 5 a 5 ffi a '-;i W V -
75c a yard.
The ir. ,- -. 11 of
toll WlM..). ; ' I, il
'j s in 1 . n n- M
l. . n -. l , u- ' i- s"rr
p. 1 w i". 1 '',. nt
11 it.' L" ' . 1 1 w 1 I'l 1 -
. ,1 1 . 1 I v u . --
p, ,.p-, F Ml'.-
nrr .- ' 1 10" ' 1 it
t 1, 1 , - 1 W , ' ' IH1
1 T ill i '! .- ' - AI
1 V. ilium .-' r- ! M
I 'lb el ." in
I 1 .l.i ' .ie;
ii.t ' S
ni lit
A wise decision
demands comparison.
Without comparison
it's a guess.
Compare a Lowell with
any other wool
carpet on the
F Al. I 1 .1 11
Ml!,. lornierb
place. Th. d.
:,ssi,,n at
li.inn ft- mi Al
bom L.inn
.Marsh nnd Fl
lumber tor K. :
Klmer IV. cut n- f '. '
1 hoppmn Mi.
u.'k to the
Alas- . for ire
,,! All-s Nina 1
is much
..- V,
i m h. r. -know
i or is . s
mi -Mi -oh
for a .-.
.1 IH. i'
. Tick i
t -
Als--,s Alary I.. .m'.i!- ,
ut. rtatt . .1 th- prim ' i
th, day and Sun !av - In
al P.. H. Flli'iwiu.d-.- N.
d F'
I . .il
. n -itt
l -
Mlw (ila.ldis Thomas Is at home nam
nurliiiglou for a f. w .li.s.-.Mr. and Mis.
A. D. Slot Uwcll vi-diMl I. is pnnnt-t at
Aloiclown last week.-Alr. and Mrs. cin s
t' r A'Hlin me vlsilem his parents at
.sw.impseott, .Mass.-Mi-s Lottie Atwtll ot
Johiisou lisltetl her sister. .Mis. II. J.
llctnl, last week Alts, il.'orne .Mann. 1
mid tlaunht. r of Itichwot d lulled her p-n-t
nts. Air. and Airs. Ht man Aldlt-r. k.si
week. clusicr F.iann ami AIws ll"iule.'
Clink vlsitid tiientl-' In Rlcblord 1 n
Week Air and Airs. Will I lounlit-'llinc of
Ninth l eiiiie. N. .. me ilslliiif: In r par
ents. Air d Airs Henry W'hllti mioii .
Alis. Liny Leach of Alornsvllle Imiii
In i- moih. r. Air- Al.itlba liuss.-ll, lust
in ek. .Ml. nnd All". Frank P. nnotk mu
ji.iret'ls of a tlausd.tei'i born December i's.
Airs 'I'. J. Finney b visiilnn her nbie,
Airs, Al. J. Harm, al I liirllnnlon.
llr. H'-au, who his In i n con.ineil to
the house si v. r.i 1 weeks by s. kn.'S.-., is
able to be out. Air. and Mrs. 1'iisl Sui
(lalr at - ,-lowlv ImprovliiK. Atn.nn tl..
lsiloiK Horn out of town the past wck
nm Airs. D. S. St-mt nml Frank S.unent
ol John-oil. Miss Fdltli Kinsley of .'b t
ch 'i-, Air. ami .Mr-. Vernal of Fall fax,
who aie th" nm ts of tb. ir tl uinhtcr.
AIM. J. A. Wntklus, nml Ch'iles .Miner
of Cady's Falls. 'I'he last of the scries
nl' Hie sp, libit; contest was held last
Tuesday nlnhi at the Hev. II. c. I low.
uril's. About Ha worn present. Alts. .1. K.
Wilcox look the prize hnvinn spollei tile
most words correctly. Mrs. Aland Cnsli
liivr, wife of W III i i m Cushlnn, who has
(iron in poui htallh lorn Ioiik lime, passed
liwcy lasl Wednesday nlnht. The limcr.il
was held I mm Hiclr homo the f'ollowinn
Sat.i'i.. Tl" 1 1 . II C Howard olll
clatlnn. bin- l a. - a husband and an lu
fit ... ut 'it. . - I'. v
- tin li., .1 tl . I.. ui. i . . A
J , ' ln ot. .1 i'ii il y I tl.
nm t li im.i ,inui t rs ir o
nave. 1-. i;-i'ii..-.Mi-. 1.. i:
has none p. H.n-n.'i to isn
.111.1 s-l-i. r -Tilll Week 1" I
us a witi; of piavi r. -The Hi.
lb.- Kept. lin. b,
Set ' Ii l-l here .
The sp'-nker is
Is expi i led the
II '.! I 1 1 n.ii w ill
' r J. Wanu. r .
ins. both of i',i-i 'I
l.i.t Saturday, J.tnua
.t tb.
I'i. ir niar
11 ii ri.iato'i
In r in a !n I
tit! ob--,t i 1
i d Ani'.i ol
.1 to I, I i memorial
tow n I n.i May u".
yet am "in -etb H
s of the e.'metery
, n ,1 m.i r - Ab-x.in-MI-
s M i A. Hutt h
i . wcrt; marrleil
:; r. t ins- t -i'. r.
w let. 1 irm last w
M , i . -i.ii'i'tl wot '
W . n ib.e run
y.Ali Fri'i-i -K
i wi i tu.irr
jf j i m'o,r -' i
j in this li w
AT ' - I i s
, ., , ,. X" " ;
t Al-s '1'' '"' ' '
, i - ft'- on . I.
i .-i . ; i ' '
m.i i-
ll 1.
11.- n t
Sli 1 t
In. tv i
-,i I
.1 M.--
1". i-:-
i k wi
I in tie
Tb -
ll -,eW
and 1
fin n ii
bis wo
few da; hi
still fulling.
1 ,. 1 .ici. :
out 1 .'li tab.
r.'-.v llm -b. I
Wllh.im Tibi
k In Wolfti
town.- .
Albitt Nil In,
ill t x-l.ov. I'ane
l he past veil, 1'
St. Albans, wlier
who h is In ,-t. empbed
. oifii e as .itenom-uplicr
ft W e.lnestl iy nlnht lor
he has accepted H .nl-
tlon as st. noKiaplier tor i ustnms An'-nt
11. H. Hentb y. lb- Is ni.-eetiled In Pate's
oflicc by All-s Nii-.m I. Lockwood of St.
The death of William H. Luee or- uric 1
nt his homo .n Luce hill on December
111. The 1 in.'Ml ties lit Id at West llraiuli
Church on Siiut-'i.iy afternoon, the Hev,
1, L Kvm- alicndhiK- The arr.iline
ments wrc in . li irtfe of K. AI. Sears.
The burial was in West Hranch cemetery.
'I'he bt.d of I low anl Small. 'y aeenm
paub'tl by Jli' Stuilby ami Alls. S.irih
Phillips of lliislinn-, Neb., leached Wa
Iclburt on t'ri'l iv and was taken lo tl ,
li.un, of Air. Sm ilb s pnretiis in South
Hollow The liuier.il was heltl there on
Sun. kit. . i ho lie. D. L. Hvnns atltiutinn.
Tlie heart is wero lleruian Warieu, Lmv
rente WriBht, lleorne .Mutsb.ill, Lvnn
Pratt. Heoriiti Town n ml Jesse KellonK.
Tin- sinners were Miss Nellie Watts. Airs
T. 11. Smith. A. II. Cheney ami 11 W
lluinhani. The in r.innemeuts were in
ih.nne ,.f , II. Chiiii . Mr Snialb'.v was
about Si sears of nm His pmenls nnl
M.-l.-M and .mien Wife hate the si ni
pithy of the whole coiiiniunily - Airs J.
N 1 1
1 I i-t w.
S. th
he 1 1 .
I. il in i
lu. 1 1 I'ii
t ill 11. d t o
.1.'.-, I'll II
I-. Sid. Mi ,
old t " ii
and nm i
bllPI'e ' up
the uln i I
Ibe W'-l-l
i nil w i ,
nivn it ., n.' 1
i mil' b 1 '
Most ot In
the In. s.i -
Ald'.s started
MU li . to s
it.'tl 1 t ill.
M '
1 M
I in
III ii. n.
li i, -
lb. 1-
1 M
1 -1 I I,. Iv.
n. I t '
-n I 'Ol
t. '.. - I
i . Si- W 1
..in i d
I I W ' I 1 I
u, . - , w
(Continued oti S' . "lb i ir. )
Dr. H. A. Backer.
Eye, Ear, Throat, cmd Noso Only.
Oibce hours u.ilil M it ' I , i
to i;. on .May ii. ..iti. t f i .
In hllO'l
Hayivanl Bloc):, Burlinnton, Vormonl.
wij tf.

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