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The Hcv. l'rniK'fn .A. (linden of Drtrnlt
Niin the Winter Of I KM Warn
More Ketrre '1'hnn Thin One. j
(A Itcltolt Conlemii.irory fiiyn )
".Many Dctrollors have expressed tlio
Milnlnn that this lit the most continuous
ly severe winter Detroit hns over had,
bait f'lty Controller Wades says thnt the
tvlnter of 1-M2 wits inie never to bo for
ottrn Tho snow fell In November mil
.lid not leave the tsr mntl until April, lit
Ihi' woods, It was four feet ikop ami. In
(lie open country, fences were not to bo
l-cen nnywheic. I'coplc drove to their
town inrrtltirr In April In cutters mid
tdeh-hs ami. for two wcckii ufter tlnit,
there was not a Iimiii on tin; road. Tlio
now was so drop mat when It became
foil, tennis cut ihrmtsh and tonlil not
Diirlnc the w.inlcr, rim and hnsswood
(roes were chopped down so that cattle
rouM browse on the buds, yel the cows
-cre not sutlsllcd l-e-niip the buds,
tvhile nourishing, did nut afford ono-mlt
ronr-o fodder.to male a etnl. The farmers
M't around tliLs" difficulty iy Providian:
the utile with straw, and when the ow.s
raw the fuj-mcr npi'ioachlne; with a
handle, they' fairly helloweil with .toy.
It was tlii' .Ift'cnds or the times that
III to is not a miittt hod left In any
f'l -Hit's limine In MIohlKan.
As the weatlier moderated, the mm
pi. idn. illy inc'tcd the snow, and there
nn no rnlil The pround, under ta
ho,t v protection throughout . the win
ter had no frost In It. so that wln n the
mio-.v disappeared, tlio srass si emed to
lunt out of tin- earth In a day. The
rattle wore living on itrnss lv May. The
transition froru winter to earlv summer
rune so lapldly th-it spi'Itu; seemed nl-im-l
Mr. Pladi-s Is well known hy all of the
thirtv third degree mason's m urniout
nil mnny of thou- who have not -it-l.ilied
that eii'lnenee In th fraternity.
He Is the successful e'ty controller of
Detroit having oienpled tiiat position for
piie ooiiHorniiv, years, lie l.'sne an
linmnl books showlnr the condition of
rverv departmeiit-and ixactly what
i vi rv dollar has been expended for Is
In enld typo so plain that he who ti ns
liinv read and hl.s sound business
tnithods have commanded thcnsclvcs to
his conptltnonts.
Ilia easy cure Is l'nnons' I'M. ThBy.dO
not Irrltnto the stomach and howcli Ilk.
violent pureed, hut net CMlly nnd genii;.
JKo n Pot 1 lent drttiiKiti or Bent postpaid on
receipt of nrtce.
I. R. JOIINftO Jt CO., llalton, MM.
uunlly finds nn unrrepirnil, At night nrt the
donor ilWeiit In the day when mottivr taut t.uN
nro nlniip -nn i lie- n ml with nn linln Mnr-n hi.ttie
i i jniinmin .iiiiaynp i.inimnn in nami mil Kive ArtOuUIICB IIUIHMFUT
prunipi, nrri nui nnn uiny eareanie, jjc r.iia sec. (9lllllrllill
i S. J Of! MB ON tu CO., 32 Summer Ctroct, Ooeton, Moss.
A white ninn throiifthntit the l'hlllp-plni-.s
Is as safe In traveling or living
as in Arizona or t'olorado or Montana.
He inn y ko ahont with perfect freedom.
Not only that. Inn tho people me ready
and anlons to idiow him hospitality.
Tlio Filipino front whom he asks a
tiishl's IoiIkIiik: feils lilphly honored and
(I'rom the lioslon Trnnerlpt )
The no-lteens" force i Win some very de
cided vl' torhs In the Veiinnnt town-lnccl.
Int-h Tiie-.l iy. Taking tho cotintieH as a
vhide, only three out of the fo n tu:n conn
ties letnaln III the license column, .ut
against nine a year ago. and these by .1
considerably reduced majority. Thin turn.
kIvcm him of his best. The men saluto about Is not all Mirprlnlnt;. The opera-
lil tu as ho pa.sst.-s, and the children cry
"HnenaH dins," and lire very proud If
their s,,lutatlon Is returned. Anions
the wild people, the slttitattnn Is much
the same, aithoui;li here it Is better to
send notlie of one's eoinitiK 111 advance
and to bear some sort of credentials.
To Illustrate the slttitatlon. the work
of the provlniiil tieasurers Is In
stniieed. Ilai h of these (they are all
Americans) Is required by his baslncs
to vl.-H oor pneblo of his province,
mid Mich a nip ir.-.iy invohe liiindinds
of miles of tr.ivel ovei-lnnd on horso
baek or by iMfioinata. So far as
known, no tn usurer has ever been mol
ested, a It hiiiftli he often curries much
mom y about hmi Tho provincial su
pei lsors. also American, are oblig
ed to travel every where, as are many
other civil offleeiH of the government
At the present time. Americans are all
over Hie Island on one errand or
(mother, public or private. No ono
think- of dinner or piovnhs against it,
-lleinv iJannett In the National
(ii-omaphb- MiiKiiKine (Washington).
I do not think any American need he
BPrrehensHe of 'attaeks upon the p-r-tonal
characteristics of American ulrls"
on this side of the water. The prevalllnu'
tendency seems rather to bo to eulogize
tills youns; indy with a fn vor calculated
to create jealousy anions her Hrltlsh sis
ters. An any rate, my own leellmx Is that
thn American Klrl deserves all she nets
1 havo seen a 17001 1 ileal of her. not only
In Kngland but on the continent. Sim
Varies, like the offspring of all nailon
nlltles and It may bo said of her. as of
the little Rlrl In tho nurserv rhyme, i,mt
"when she l.s bad she Is horrid." lint, at
lier best, she n-ems to me to eclipse the
dapisel'i of .ill other nations. don't finite
know how she do's It, and. not helm; u
poet, I couhl pot describe the process if
I did.
It Is not that she Is exceptionally be, 111
1 ml Rut she has such an Iriistilile
y with her, she is such an adept tn the
nrt of looklnc nice: she is so witty and
Eood humored, and vhc enjoys life so
thoroughly. In short, had I to decide,
like I'arls, between the rival charms of n
lievy of modern beauties, I think an
American gill would probably lake the
apple. Conseiuently, I lather envy the
Hrltish peers whether or not porsonnlb
repulsive who are able not only to Unit
American bridts, but handsome dowries
thrown 111 London Truth.
Let me say one word about the way a
liiiner is served in l-'ianee and most
countries in Kurope. I do not wish to
1 'Iticlzo or reform, but I have always
Veen shocked. when dininc; In some
American hou.ses, to he served In the
s.mie large plate, with let us say ro.ist
hi of with a thick brown gravy, canlillou
r with a while sauce, mashed potatoes,
mi 1 imi another vegetalde. In some
lit hi hi'iees J nave seen one or two v
i-t.ible- -erved In small dishes or saaci r
vvhli h Is less otfenshe, liut either one
must ent mole (piickly th,,u is ood for
illgi -lion. or evcrylhlpg gets 1 old if eaten
iiltli appi'Lclath o slowness. In France,
ttlth Hie cs(eituin of simply piepniod
igetables with butter servtd s,nneiimes
with a roasted or broiled meat with no
r.nue iixcept the gravy, everything Is
Kervci in lonrses. livery ailment kcrpst
Its own liavor, and is hot vheu eaten.
Falad Is soinetimts served with roast
meat, but not often. It is usually served
ufter the vegetable, which Is served after
tho meat; then what is called dessert in
the United States is called entreim t
BUcre In France, dessert proper tieing light
Hiiall cakes, fruit
Jlnrch Woman's Home i.'ompanlon.
When a hug railroad tourney is in con
templation 1 sensll le costume should bo
"11 pared l-'iippiry of all kinds should be
ow!.owod, fir it stamps the wearer as
provincial or sadb huking in good tasty-Hliboi-ite
silk waists, h.its. gowns, con
'spiiuous jewelry and while gloves and
pitticoits should be left al home or
pl.-ned In one's traveling trunk.
'I no wise woman hiil'tu t.pon utility,
lyn -Mid lonil'oit when planning her
tin vol I it; outlit: no matter how e.penslve
In'- hat or suit may he. It is n-veiely
plain, dependent wholly upon perfect cut
and ilnlsh lor lis chic appearance. A dark
mld suiting Is Ideal for a tr-iveling cos
tume, showing neither soil nor dust, .1
leature never to In- overlooked. Our wise
tn.ehr aigiies th it dust and poverty are
miieh allki ; tf either be endurtsl It Is less
annov-lng il the visible signs are not per
ceptible when abroad.
Needful toilet artlih-s, a daik liannel
nluht rohc. a bottle of .immonlated salts
an I anotl er of soda mint mulcts to ward
off headaches, and a good book, are tho
pnncipiil things to be carried in the travel
ing ase. with overshofs and an umbrella
son ew-l'ere hi the outfit for a rah.y day.
IPack petticoats should bo worn, and
con'tort-ihle walking slices, and dirk, ser
viceable kid gloves are also n part of tha
fostiime. The shirt waist should be of soft
dark silk. Mulshed with stitching and but
tons onlv. and made charming by the
smart stork and cioss-stiti hea Unci-. Have
plenty of haiHlkerehiets, a fresh stock
am1 an extra pair of gloves. Uy the aid of
thi-M- eNtras the traveler can present her
self at the end of a long journey looking
spick .mil span and smiling.
When Mandy sets the b'iler on,
I An' hustles up th' lire,
1 An' starts a-stlrrin' up of starch
I An' h'ists 'er sleeves up higher.
1 W'y. tin 11 you know 1 1 1 war l.s on,
I It ain't no time to josh,
1 ne on y ming 10 110 i- get,
When Mandy starts to wash.
Cold beans an' bread an' coffee's all
I'll git to (.it that day,
An' 'tain t no use to stay eroimd
An' git In Mandy's way,
Fer then sp,.-! Mt me hard at work
A-iinsIn' out kei splosh!
"i ( can't stay round th' house an' shirk
Whin Mandy starts to wash.
An' so I kinder hem eroimd
' A I my tetbaecer's out,
Fer down at Jobs (th' corner store)
Th' boys all set about
bonbons and cheese. I A-lookln' just as sheeplsh.llko
an enawm eracKors uosn:
1 ain't the on'y shiftless one
When Mandy starts to wash.
Job showed the little, round, soro spot
on hU arm to his physician.
What Is that, doctor?'' ho asked.
' That is a boil." pronounced the medical
man, ufter a brief examination.
'A boll?" echoed Job. "Well, that's a
new one on me!"
Later, howovor. there were others mi
Mm. Chicago Tilbune.
Writing Paper,
'Nen I go amblln' down th' road,
A-feelI;i' sneaky-lllie,
To, jlne in witli th' other boys
At's sorter out on mrll::
A toller can't help feelin' mean
'So long 's he can't Josh,
Th' on'y thing to do is git,
When Mandy stints to was-h.
- (Grace (1. Itostwlek, in Llpplncott's
t Lin of the local option law when 11 Mrs
went Into force was an entirely new tlilii'
to the great majority of voters. They ha 1
never before enjoyed the right to s-'uv
whether Intoxicating llipior should or
should not be sold In tin ir n pecth e towns
mill cities, and there was a perhaps not
nnii itural tendency on the part of a good
many voters to experiment with their new
pilvilege. In some cases, no doubt, even
against their own convictions. At all
1 ton id. the license vote was much more
sweeping than we anticipated In State
so iargi ly t .irnl In character.
It w.i 1 nlmbst ltn vltable that this year
should v, IliKSsa ri action. The pendulum,
rch i'-d fiotn its fifty yearn of inaction
trnersiil tho ate to such an exuberated
point that Its backward movement mm
sure to go almost ,is tar the other way. and
It may take veral years before norm il
eipiillbrum will be attained. The people
hardly kin w at the outset what loial op
tion meant Prohibition they were lamllliir
with, but local option and high license had
ben fin-h litlm.itely associated terms tn
all discussions of the (ptestlon that to
in.inv they appeared almost sj 110:1 mous.
It Is possible that there were soma who
suppied It obligatory for Ahem to (b
for high llrcnsc. If liny voti d at all. That
is where the made a Kl'at mist ike. Local
option does not Impos,. additional icstrlc.
lions, but1 simply gives greater freedom
for the excise of the popular will.
To our thinking, the ret inns fiom Tues
day's election U on this most prominent
of local issues ire very satisfactory. They
Indicate that the people ar( 1 merging from
that political upatln which Is almost In
sepaiable lrom a condition of foregone
conclusions. A Slate without vital Issues
that tegi.l.irl.v appeal to popular Interests,
Is In danger of digi-neiatlou and stagna
tion. Where no vigilance Is required;
whete the same general results are sure
yi ar after year, without effort or struggle,
tile situation drifts toward par.il.isis. Ver
mont's experience last year was enrrect
tlve and generally wholesome. She shook
off her sleep ot generation and awoke to
a realization of something dellnlte. Tho
old order ot things was challenged; new
Issues il, nianded more discriminating
nlinemenls, and we saw what had not
been witnessed In many years before,
an active and lnteri-sting campaign.
The result of this year's voting are r
vindication of the local option law itulto
as much as were those of last year. The
show the people of those towns that ileslr
110 license that the remedy Is in their own
hands. There is no danger that something
which they do not desire will be siiperlm.
posed upon them by their neighbors, as
was the case under the old prohibitory
law, and as long as there is ,1 single city
or town In the Stale that desires license,
there remains the justlticatlon of the local
option In w. F.voti If every city or town
should vote no-license there would still
be a warrant for mnintnlnlng the law, be
cause public sentiment changes from year
to yi ar It Is unite likely that by another
spring we shall see evidence of this,
though we do not expect to see the license
vote again attain the proportions which
it reached last year. Vermont now has
11 rational working system that ought
to make her less of a. hermit State than
she has been.
tub thfci:ky.
When the Jap and the Russian
Arranged a discussion,
To settle on In-ms of peace.
Th lan'Miage tlu-y uttered
Uiii- sputtered and spluttered,
In words that resembled these:
"My hatskv I doffsky."
The Russian began
"I tntMMlv it offsky
To greetsky Japan."
"I'm gl.id Yokohnma."
The Jnii said, "to Toklo.
And I ie-l'uslvama
To cover my koklo."
"I'rav pardon hyMcrf vltoh."
Said Russy, "my loutsk
Lay all through my Slhen vltch.
I fror.o, my earkoulsk."
"I t'ladlv ry-Klushlu"
"I'was the Jappv who said so
"Though infio not in Jip 'Who's Who,"
Al least you're not Yezo."
Noteworthy KxpcUlllonPi Thnt Hiive
(June Into the I'ror.cn North.
Mr l'eary la golnR on another hunt for
the North l'olc. The laymun Is some
times npt to pause and ask himself
whether, after all, tho business of Arctic
exploration Is worth while. The. history
of such exploration Is a Mory f hum ef
fort. As long ngii as t'M Sir Hugh Wllloughby,
with several other commanders, led the
wnv Inio itm tnanii North In thn eastern
hemisphere. It Is ptobabh: that they
reached covi-.ntv.two degrees north
latitude. In the centuries following, nav
igator after navigator went Into the
Notth either In the eastern ot western
lieuilKnlicro The niLnies of Itarents,
ttnnri- lliidunn .Tnlm DaVls. Froblshcr
noil u'ltiinm I'initin ore written on tho
world's map, their explorations were
without doubt.- of speelllc benefit to com
met'ce and the identltl'- world. Modern
oxnlornilnti in.'iv lie said to have begun
with Ferrv. who In ISJ7 reuched Wl degrees
1.- minutes north. The most memoruble
expedition of the 10th century was that of
Sir John Jranklln, wno m i sens..
the North with two ships unrt 1.A men.
Ills expedition wns lest. In the next 1
years no less than :'l expeditions from
Kngland or Amerlen wore organized to
search for Franklin and mnkc explora
tions toward the pole After that, polar
1 x (derations lapsed for a time, but about
P-".",. It was icnewcd with fresh vigor,
lulling the century ICnghiml, Oerm.my,
Austria, Am-Ilea. Scandinavia nnd even
Itnlv bale K-lit explorers, md the achieve
ments of ICniie. Hayes. Hall, (Jrrclev,
Wellman. He l-ong, Nanscn and I .Miry
an- loo well known to nerd speelllc men
tlon. Hundreds of thousands of dollars
hac been spent, many hist, men
ha vi sulfcnd untold hardships, even he
ir g driven 10 cannibalism. And for wliat
A.tf in., . ne iters J ITI IV lll.ll lin-y lliii.v
,-.,f,i, mi iciieltiarv point on the top
tin world n point win h, 11 loimu. w-nnu
beneiil nobodv exiepi t he. (-N plori-r hlmielf
ni.it the hi-tnre luir'-niis. No one Ins j.-t
reaihed It. The mini who made the near
eri appro'ich to the goal was 1'npt.iln
I'lfin "t the Duke of Abru.zi's e.xpeili
tiou nadilng'. degrees, ::fi minutes north.
I he doubier who Is rompelhd willy
nlllv to oliseie the in Hons of explon rs
111 i take eomrort In tho thought that Il
ls 'at Past absolving a lino of hum st
1 ndnvor. that any Increase ot our knowl
edge or the world Is not altogether worth
h ss.-M.11ch Woman's Home Companion.
Many n Mfn Hpcnt In Sufrorlng Ilemtu
TrollhlM Were Atloired to KfiTelop
At This Time.
Every mothcrof airrowlni? girl should
rotnomlier that thero will como a time
when lier tluiiRhter will bo a
lotiKur but will f,lmro with her th blots
Itigs of womanhood. Unless nourish
ment hoops pneo with ffrowth the founda
tlotiH of a life of sulTeritig tiro laid nt
that timo. Mrs. .Tohu JfacKlnuey, of
No. 178 Thirteenth street, Dotroit.Mlch.,
writns a timely word. Slio Bays :
" T did not Ret proper euro nt tho first
critical time in my ltfo nnd for seven
teen yenra I RuiTered us a result. I had
dizzy upell.'i, felt ft constnnt fear thnt
railroads nnd two' trolley lines on whlnji
cars tun every fifteen minutes, mtikln
It In effect a. suburb of Uon Anseles. In
population It is about tho size ot Bur
llngton, and claims to have, in proportion
to papulation, more millionaires, more
niitomobllrs and mnro bicycles than any
city In America. Tim mountuln ninno is
nearer than nt Hedlnnds, and tho moun
tuln effects, as wo hnvo seen them often,
tire, very striking. Tho city Is luld out
with broad asphalted streets, nnd has
some of tho lltnst avenues on this const,
lined with fine mansions, wldo lawns,
In perfect condition, and Miaclous ground!,
elaborately laid out and adorned with
toii2rb palms and ornamental nhrubs
nnd flowers. I have seen hero 11 slopn
of half 1111 acre or less, covered thick
with nernnlittiiR.il muss ot brilliant scarlet,
nnd qualities ot other flowers massed with
(dmllar effect. Von soo hero bananas
which leach to the third stories of fomn
of th houses, but bear no fruit; and
Jiolnsettlis, lirt'iti feet high; and helio
tropes, which covi r tho sides of cottages;
and passion Doner vines covering largo
trees; and ro'-es climbing from tho ground
to the roofs of houses; and great livo
oaks, and p ilms. seventy feet high, nnd
nt eviry turn like evidences of the m
- .1 1 1 . 1 . ... 1. - - . . .
BomoinHigurenainiwanooui, ii.i.aw.iivnllolli.V ,,r,llIllt;Uvi. ,, B,mulullr.s dual
nutl Watt afruid to un out ulono. jly Inics of thn soil and climate.
brenthing was vorv short and I hud pal-! l'ho city is growing rapidly, nuihllnir
pittition of tho heart no badly that I J'H the Principal streets are held .it
1 1 . . - ...it, ..., VM' the front toot, and owners are looking
could not co up Ktiurs nor walk oveu fonuiril ,r) fl lltno whcn tllo)r lols wm
moderately fust. I wits so nervous that )(, worth 5l. -i front foot, ns lots 011
I could not sit .still. At difTeront times ltroadwav in lxs AngeKa are held to-
for years T was under tho enro of the !' S"-' T; . IIr','1;lTn1Jn0c.Vnr,,c,1me
, , . . . ... .. .T.-i of r.isln p Hopkins of Burlington, cumo
best phyHtctnus 111 Detroit ntirt i tried a ,lcr(, fl(jm rtan j.-r-mcijico mra, thirty
number of udvertiRtttl medicines. Koth- years ago, and Invested In land on whb h
till helped 1110 until, on the udvico of a the city now, In part, stands. Ills widow
t,eir-bor,ItriedDr.William;)'PiukPilk jK;;- - !f
lor l'alo I'eopli'. 1 lelt rcliereu ueioio c,nn. v.Im l!(nt a music store in Hur
tho first box was unisuert unu 1 Kepi on imKt
is removed in large quantities from
the soil by the growing of crops
and selling them from the farm.
Unless the Potash be restored to
the soil, jjood crops can not con
containing valu
11 tie farts Rath
l rrj t rofn th!
r orJi of ri ir
nta cjcpciimrits
in rr ci n mi i titf
C .id t cnd n
y r e r
r t jf 1 any
ft 1 will
11 tf r 11
9,1 Nastnu St., Hew York.
nxri.AiKi.vn it
Cucst See here, wain r T
thirty-five minutes for t i '
Waiter Ye-s.ih A tut in
flow 1 rltleh --nl-' ' 11:, t
sab' 'hl".i;'o News,
t t
i-Vll'sh dellglts.
ti e ( entto of a bad old
thonrand d
'Twas awful, In
fnn'lv fuss. 1
To have bet hubby 1 "hit at It nnd sneer.
"I'w.is .. ful. whin b.r fellings were ail
tangb d tn a mc"s, j
To lvie him i all II- it photograph a dear.
Ho one dav In Ins ..hseiico she. jol butyl
with an axe;
She lerkfd that fuetrre off the wall
where it so long had been
She chopped it h-to silvets with some
well-dliected whaeKs - I
She'll never have another pe ture taken 1
with a srrlM . I
S. W. Oillilan in KeMlu's W ecKty
takintr thorn until I was cured.
11 T.af -M-iiii.,,. ,ief liltlo iiil bad i-5ion.
.1 .it 1 r.. nr. 111 .it:.1- 111
1 1 inrainnitiiiu invuneiKi. ouuiuiin xnn. noir
Pills, and slio got well nlit awny, My
nioco was thought to bo soiiifj into con
sumption utid, upon my advice, sho tried
tho pills. They cured her couj-h and hho
is now well and strotif?. My entire fam
ily nrc cuthnsiantio over Dr. Williams'
1'iiik Pills for Palo People and wo can
not say enor.ph in their praise,"
Theso pills cfTct such cures bc-
i, .. .1. . .. Il,n
OThCUH'J'" urai"' n.v,.....- I lriniifnct'iTn of Minns at Chicago
Other remedies act on the symptoms , )ir, IiaH retired fiom active buslnesr
theso marvelous vci;etablu pills remove takes life easl'y ntnonvf his roses
tho canso of tlio troublo. They hav , orange groves.
proved themselves to be nn ut.faili.iK " to-morrow, to
specifiofoi' nil diseases arising from im- i o. Cl.
pure LiJooil mm weaiceueei inrioa-uiu
frnitful cam es of nearly nil th?
ills to which humankind is hoir. Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills for Palo Pooplo un
sold in boxes at M ecu's n box, or sir 1
1 an Irt -...1 ...... 1 ... l,.l r.t nil 1
OOMiS llll UII14 llil L"; ... ....
drugRists, or direct from Dr. Williams
Medicine Co.. P honrrtsdv J.'.Y.
irj, v. no Kepi a manic uiu.-c in en- r -r f tt i
iton bdore th. (Mvll.Wiir. ninlwiiB .1 Wnnnfy U 8 flvptnf H
'ntlblh i"r.-iL large n.VVlnlsome" ph." e I I (j AT t I V 1 M fl I h
Altadena, Just outside of l'a-adcna. iUUllw X i.JL.1.1. UtLU.UlJ
the foot of Kcho mountain, lie made
a fortin.. in pianos, in Chicago; war, one
of the b iildcrs rind owners of the :m
m"iise Corouailo hotel at Coronado l!e.n h.
on Han Dl'-go Hay, and was one of the
leading piomoleis of the gas and watM
weiks mid street car lines, and other
public enterprises which h ive t.irgi ly
mad.- the cltv of Han Diego what It is.
He sold his intTcst hi the hotel to f'nrl
Porick'is. the sugar king, who now owns
the .'nliro pioperty. .Mr. Story Is still in-
teiestid. with two of his sous, in Hie pul)islirrl p Vi'l'VlllUl '' t Of t UO 1 H'lK
:ro: ,ut
Big Seed B'-ook
Ono of liio liosl sopil patnlnr;np.
Pel's votl ill n'lrill
l.ilili'.S tllilt o-l'f W run
She had
It surely
It made
her we KI
a picture taken wltl
harness on
did look good enougli to eat;
i splendid half-ton" for the c mi
llion her-! to con:
They cried: "Whoe'er saw anj tliiiipr so
They had a stunning carbon made and
hung it on the wall
And there it hung ital grinned at them
and never stopped at all-
grew to lie .1 regulation, trutinie-Drceit-
me rest.
grinned when they were angry and it
ptinneii v lien they sad;
grinned when they were worried or
grinned when they were pious and it
grinned wlnn they were bad;
grinned when all the air seemed tum
ble fraught
seemed to gtin the hardest when dear
wl fey looked the worst
Da' k mornings, when her frowzy hair
and sullen oyer, were flights.
And when her lb ry tempi r irnle per feel
as though she'd I urst.
it grinned and gilnnoil ten thousand
T.ocently an old woman at clnhi.
l rance. was told that she had won J.n.O''1"
In a Spanish lottery. Later she found
that she bad been hoied. and the shock
I of the disappointment killed her instantly
(Hdltorlal correspondence.)
Pasadena, Cal., I"eh. '.';.
To the Free Press:
It will cost you nolliintj
to uot prices itntl wi iinvt:
been able t gain and
y so many riHi
liters tiiiit wo feel
Mutt you
Singleton Old Jllson seems to be losing '
oine of his adipose tissue must be 1
Iioubletou-Yes. he's autoniohlllng.
Singleton That 3 hurdl exercl-ing, is
Poubleton Ves; stoopln' over llxln' ma
chinery. Cle elnnd Leader.
Fitr.n i'iu:ss associ tio..
Tho Inteirolleitl.it- A. A. has a balance,
of $l.;ci;..'i7. tho largest in Its history.
Tom Jenkins, iln- wrestler, wants a
matrh with John I'ienmg. the "Hutcher
lii-v, ' and is willing to post ,",nij as a tor
fnf and side In t.
"Shall we take Just you
What will you
Said the Ilus'
And the Jap usked,
So tin- Itus.s had a vodka of Inksl
And the .lip t--ok all egg .N.uas.ikl.
Thin cadi of Hum suiokiil a (ig.u..kl.
And there you arc an -kl.
--lionon Triveh-r
"Thousands of dollars hnvo I paid out
to doctors duriux mv lift and I don't com-
, plain of tho doctors; but Dr. Kennedy's
ntic medicine, Ciil-ciua Solvent, beats tln'ni
all. Tlireo bfttles of i( cund 1110 lint
, sprint; 'f heart trouhlo nivl terrible pains
1 in tho side, bnrk nnd head. Am bot'er
j than for tlitrtv ve.iru."- H. J. lirnudow,
1 .le-.vett Centre, 'N.' V.
I For $H On iniented in O.il-eura Sohent
I Mr. Jlrriinlow jot what be hid sj.ent thou
I and; (or m .iiii. All dru.'yiits, S1.0U.
1 1
: oW.SS'M I 'V?
w.r,vJv:'.. - - -, ;rr;v's-
j 1 ' 1 i 1
Tlit? front elevation of Burlintiton's new federal building, which will be o,reetod. at the corner of Church nnd Main streets this year,
nnd which has been fully described in the Free Press, is given above. That it will be a handsome struct lire, comparing favorably with
other public buildings in the city, will be generally conceded.
Slty-six miles of rails and In tween
two and tin 00 hours on the cars like the
trivelev from t.os Angeles to bciutltul
liiillands. lying forty miles due east
ot the 1 irger city as the crow lln-.s.
lie-Hands Is beyond question one of the
1 most attractive Inland cities in alltor
nia. It l.s surrotii'ded by mountains, two
. Je-aks of which, San IV-ruadiito and
Corgonio rise io,i( and U,"" f t, and
'are still capped with snow Twenty-live
I years ago Kedlands was an arid w.iote,
'wllh practically no vegetation but sage
brush nnd cael'.. Now It is a town of
about Ii.0il Inhabitants, the dooryards
and grounds around the humbler dwell
ing houses being filled with palms and
mange ttecs. while It ioss- sseS many
spacious and elegant plan-s, tin homes
of wealthy people who have been drawn
there by the natural and acipiired b. autles
of the spot. The soil and 1 llmate :It It
esiKclallv for orange ( ulture. and the
village Is surroundi d b. thousands ot 1
acres of orange orchards, the tm- in j
which an simply loaded with m-1,-w j
globes. 1
In lomp.my witli Ml. H. 1". Shaw v..
visited ills ranch, within the city limits,
from which he has picked a thou-.ind
bows ot niuel oranges this season and 1
has still fruit enough to till from :.( to j
3,()0 more tov:, 111 on hlA tre-s. im-.-hi-s
ivatuaitie crois m iuii-? ,uin mur
'Tills Is hut one of hundreds nt such
I ranches stietching upon eery hand, anil
thu packing and .'hipping ot oranges is,
I 1 Judge, the chief business of the town.
I till controlled by a fruit combine, which
I issues 10 the growers permits, allot mg
I among them the number of boxes, which
Ithty may ship at any given tune.
1 The great show place of Itc.llamK
and it wou'd be Mich In any city on
the conl mint, is the Smilev pail; laid
out by tin twin brothers of 1h.1t name,
of Lake.- Mohawk and Mlniiewarka fame
III the H ist, and now owned and k-pt
up by tin- surviving brother, Mr. Albert
K. Smiley, who has his winter home in
tile- pieeu.ils of the park. This is a tt.nl
of many bundled .n-r, s tin- go! U b -k--a
. ' in res of diversl'ied suii'aie.
travelled by line roadwa.i.-, curbed with
stone and kept m perfect order, winding
ami 1 ginis of tropical and seml-Uopie-.il
tiees, ,md past gre.il pastures of floweis
blazing with rich colors and fragrant
with perfume. The visitor drives ander
tin shab of magnolias of several Mads,
of ai o-ias. also ot m veral specie i,n
lung csp fl.illy on anient il; its giaciul
spraes ot Sl"'v green being loaded with
bunches of yellow b.ossonis; of oiiealp-
lus tin. siraii'-tc 11 wnicn kci ps 11.
lob.igi. and tdicts lis I-11k ever winter
thu- grows eighi fi et or na re in.
In t lit . at the rate ot eight or ten feet
ot trunk a en-. 111 southern 1 alitor- I
nil. of palms i-l v.uioiis ,iretiis. of
ni-.iue 11 ia .nut otlur 01 1 atiK n' il 1 u s
lied His ai-d -piui.-s. 01 l!i nphni
trie and of main otli-r trees and -hrutv ,
lmkno'wii In the ti-.up.-rnte aim Here
you see lldg' s of 1 lltnbll'g Hi" llfli'-t, I
Jcet high, and act' of g--r.ii 1 ons at.d
jiansles and stock gllli How. is 111 1 petun- ,
las of notable size and perfect en. et, . I
etc.; and interspersed heie aid tin 1 1
clumps of bamboo, and tall pimpi- tni
iiud bnnanns, twetuy-lhe f. . t ill -ml ,
Immense century plants. I't e w..i r
btoi -.lit tro.n tin- mountain wlhh
the life ol thlh pnndlse, Is c.u 1 led t.-
the tops of the knolls and sli p- u
pipes and distributed along the sides 11.
iotl7onlil liiriows; aim mere -ire poi u
tor iuiuutte pi nils lu re and there. W lu 1
one ptamls in tills si'eiie 01 iui.ri,.
beauty and is told that twenty . i"
ago II w is all a brown and barren er. -t
without a blade ot grass, or anim. g
ol beauty on lis surlaee, one begins t 1
understand what lirlgatiou menus In tin -legion.
There ate otlnr ptivale pulls P,
Ileal, nuls, onb less spacious ami ocuiuuiul
tluu tho Smla-s park.
Though less than two inches of rain
nnd not one-tenth of the usual moil. ill
has fallen here in tho last six mouths,
the minks "f drought are much h--upparem
than one would iwpeet. Th.
UinfH Is springing, and crops of bail-
starting, and the youni: leaves of tin
deeldueiit. I s appehrlng. And tho dltt
loads iiround Itedlauds and other cities
are i-ot always dusty. In cause Iho-o
most travelled are hprinkled twice in
the year with crude petiolciim, heated
to make II more tluld. This gives to the
mad a Miifat-e approaohlntr asphalt, and
no dust lisos under the hoofs and wheels.
Pome Vi 1 uwiitors have )tad something
In do witli the growth of ItedlanilB.
The late Mr. Curtis Wells was a leadline
banker there. lilis wlduw lives there,
and their son, Mr. Kail Wells Is presl.
dent of one of the banks, nnd engaged
in various aetlvo and successful inter
prises, Mr. and Mrs. l-'iank lllchardson
have a place ,1 mile or two outside tho
village. There is not, and never has
been, 11 saloon in lledlands, and a gnth
erlni! of lt people resembles a typical
New Kngland Gathering.
A e come from Hrdlands ti r.iK.idona,
which lies ten miles east of l,os Angeles,
and h connci ted wllh that city by two
sat is
tim! our print
bindery able
you to your
! 1'iir.i: rnis
also will
shop and
to serve
and trarden.
the best vi'
how to i.'r.nv tin-in. Do not ordei
your seed corn before yon seni
for it.
Write for it to-day A po ita
card will brintr it.
Young & H&Jste&d.
284 Grand St., Troy, N. Y
l wt
Fountain Pens
, at Fltni: PHESS Si 'IE.
Cures Chronic Diseases.
Noises tn
tilled by
the head. Ingin:;
a new n" el hod.
-nblliiK of t
Ate you a sufferer from Sh-k llendaihe. Ner.-ous IVistration
Neur.ilgla. Nervousness. Nausea. I'orgett -ilness, -nsomii.i Mcnt.i
i:-hiustloti. Twitching of the muscles ot tne ace r i jre
Sirknes, Sleeplessness. Styes, TliieKeneel Kyeiius, tied ana nuameo i-.je
.'.1. 11, ..i.leeis In (he distance , lo i rl.v. llouble isioii. -u .u He
Iloes the print s.-em to run together? Is your child dull and hi bird 1'- (hiss
mates at chool. or cross-eyed?.
If von have any of the above symptoms there is -rouble .villi tie ee..
i:auiliiatinn free.
I cure all forms of rupture without the use or t .1 an 'c.
(ir I will lit you to ono of my own special trusses .-"jro
to hold.
Acute or Chronic ( tired quickly, snfely. snrelv without
stretching, cutting, pain and loss of time or Inconven
ience. No mattes of how long landing or how cornp.i-
,..i 1 or-.i 1 .lmi'i .-in or dilute. Mvireatment removes every tr. e if 'ha
effect of early follies,
sine and permanent.
all time to . ome.
I cure Varicocele q n klv
safely, without r ittmg
danger or detent I n fr "-m
i,.inu 1 ..111 nolnt out the dangers and eplaln MY NEW IUbl '1 KU
Nliwi.V msC'OVI-.lUCD MIITUOD isle, operated exclusively by me
an orlgliia' and s ife cure for Varlooco the safest ns well ns tn
certain end satisfactory attainable.
1 euro cancer without use of knife or loss of blood.
.MV N'KW MKT110L CI ItW for tills uise-ise is simple.
It dissolves and --eniovcs all obstructions ind ires for
Variocele and Hydrocele
I use a suro and positive cure
monials on file.
a great patt of my time to the tre.'rro
lire the great minority of cases web-
Morphine, Rum and Cigarette
i Women
Piles and Fistula
Nervous Dcbilily
for tumor. I have many estl
Habits if
stay cure 1
md a combination ''
-,-oi-st form of 1 ileum i
I ' ive devoted
W'-meii. I cm
disagreeable examination
At lust I h.io f
that will cuie the
he -ent by n..l
lteh.ag. 1 lining -'"citing 1 1
extein.il :.bi s r.-d in 1 .-1
'i -eitmmit can be .-cut 'in n:.o
Loss of power and all tr.' .l-le.s r- s iltlng 1
i etlons of outh given
1 erne lies
-111 (' 1
em 1
All forms treated by new ip.odies
liout-li'd by '
so. write for 1'
e, tha
I' 1 .i.e 10 i,r -, ,r th-- itv - 'Hi "'11 .'"''i..
11 1 1 I. t .,1 live tnii far .iw.m . i 1
e r , i-e Y-iil will re (ne as .ri)f 1 "i.s 1 1
1 01 -'vi w'C (i i- r cth e ..i
nnd oilier forum of IJIectrlclty unci! in ihc
.or tr--.it1
win- r
1 " . ivl
-t t
Milt nnd oilier forum of IJIectrlclty unciI in Hie (reiiinicnt 111 iii-einie.
W. (j. ir. h ANJ.:RS, M. U., 24 titiell St., Burling on, Vt.
HILL'S C. O. Q. TABLETS arc always
in RVO BOX with white letters None genuine with
out Mr, 1 ill's portrait, as above, anil this signature
Vc would rcsp2ctfully call vi acca-uni of ill pmti
attending to ouilJ, or .na-ce repiirs, to oar Kuip stocc if tii
above ood?. All ra'inar sizs? cinriii for unniJuts slup
ment. House Finish, aid odd wcrk of ever dasotripioi.
furnished to order, upon shore lotise. Smiti jrljrs raau
the same careful attention tint .v s;ivj to urj diss
Our p'riccs are low Ve t?mc mtj j all vrc
Pioneer Shops.
i-9 I 1WVJ.,
Burlington, V

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