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(Continued from third rnpf .)
Hurt llnrncr has moved from Cambridge
to Jxiinwm'a Codding Hollow farm.
Mr. nnd Mis. J. 11 .McKniinni and daiiKh
ter, F.dni, of HurliiiRtnn Mnlti'il lirr pur
f ntp, Mr. mid Mrs Chiiiiiiey Tlllolson over
i-aturuiy and Sunday.
Only fnlllmy o.i.os imp bothered siml
clelnved by "minis." The steamship doi ,s
lint have tn unit for n Iii-cpx-o. And III
the business world otilv tin' stntc Hint
does not advertise (or t tin t does not nd
crtlsc tinouph) Is bothered by "dnll
Mr. ItlMiop too! possession of the Meni
phremngnK imtii on Friday. Mr. dumb
will remain unit board tlicro for the
Tl 10 mil nows ivns received In town
on Suiidny morning of the dnnvnlnir of
John Ccwnn's twin soph. The bodies ar
rival Mnml.iv. Mr. Cowan formerly
worked for flip Hoston Maine railroad
here nnd hns lived hero for yi-iv H
cpntty thpy niovrd to Worcester, Mas? .
where l:r had fmploymcnt.
The Iti'V. Mr. Itynn is .lust computing
n now f-t.iblp for the Mi thn list p.irj-nn-agp
-The nddlllnn of the new depart
ments to the school building has nl
rcadV been begun. ThP Dulles' Aid was
entertained by Mrs. Ocorgo Iarabce on
" lirEdjy, July 11.
r.mrls Welmnmn has pone tn Jcffcr
.vilk for a short stay.- Mnlld Anif-den
linmp from Nortbnmpton, where sh,
I been cmplo.iod as nurse for sonic
--A son was born to Mr. nnd Mrs.
Illam Wilson I ist Tlmrday. Mrs.
lies I.lbbv. whose ferlntia Illness has
n mentioned, secm to be Improving. -!I
Rnwson has returned to his hume
V. WcUford has sold one and nne
rth acres with new barn, slluatid on
h street to Frank Kendriek for JT"'
S. Tlnklinm of Hurllngtnn is visit-
frlends In town. F. I'. Fawyer bad
end of two of his oncers out nrf while
woil; Ir. the tub shop last week. Mrs.
?c and three dauphtirs of Lansing,
h., arc visiting nt .1. H. Freeman's.
rles Case and wife of Clin ano are nere
the cummer with his brother. I. 1'.
p -S. C. Currier lias based the O. II.
smuil irrist mill for live years.- R. '
of Kvansvllle has pun haf-eil n lot mi
h Btreet. and Is to build a house at
j.The Hiv. A. 11. Hl.iko haw hi- 1)' w
o completed so th it hi' lias moved
Fred Kimball and family of Sonier
Mnss., nnd C ('. R-iMwm of Mont-
r arc oceiipvinir a enttsiRe across the
f. F. Pcrelvnl Vr (., nr.-1 putting
stone dam nt their mill.
p new steel rflllnc is being put in nt
Coiicroentinii.il I'liorch, ami there will
o porvlee- oni'iii; the next three Siin-
Mlf-v May Wall. ice of I.nuell sang
he ConKTegational Fliurcli S'lnd.iv
ing Mi's Wallace remains most of
time In I tost mi where she teaches,
e - N. D. Hlake and wife, late of
eester. Mass., are visiting here. Mr
o Is engaged fur the coming year tn
Vermont Commercial College nt Hur
jn. K. W. Savage, for several years
on acnt here, ha", been appointed
new position in the employ of the
tlian l'licifle Rillivny eonipanv, and
leave tin- first of r. t wiek, gidilg to
real, and from their along the lino
le p.nd in. iiignra ting and Instructing
in agents in a new system of keep
ariff rnt"s and tiling then.
t Libbie liall has gone to North
Isppck, X. II , whrte f.hr bas a
on in a hotel during the summer
I.ena Warner of Boston. is pacing
.'aont inn with her brntlier. Vernon
.er Mis'! lirewer of lligbg.ite, 1
mc a few weeks with In r sifter.
Charles Stewart. Valind Hinel.nr
one of his fingers, while working
P. AVoodwortb's f.- son s.iw mill in
field last Friday. -Mrs. Amy Smith
w I.rltian, t'onn. is stopping ,t few
! with lur lirnther, II. O. limes.
Irvin Stephenson and children, hwe
to Chatham, N. Y., for n few
is. TROY.
aughtfr was born to Mr. nnd Mr.
n Muck on Friday. Julv '.The 1,.
met on Wednesday afternoon with
r. I.. Hiitehinf. Mrs. Sarah Itr.id
f Springlleld. Mas , Mis I.ena
horn of Lowell, Mass., tiradley and
il Davis of Newport are staying tor
! at A. J. folburn s -The bonsr on
rner. owned by Mrs. Khrpanl, is be.
Intid The baby ib er at Mr. I'rank
. still nurses a bottle anil i row
ely. More than ftA people have bten
Mrs. Julm A., wife of Silas Phadwirk,
died Saturday at the home of her son-ln
law, Lucius flnodhart. after suffering
vlth a rbronlc tiouble for the pist several
years, llesidi s n husband blie leaves one
tain, Irving Chadwlik, of ItoMnn, and
three daughters, Mrs. ). It. Crerne and
lrs. C'asslus ihitton of (Hi n t'ove, Lung
Island, and Mrs. Lucius (Toodhait nf thi
plici The funeral was held at her late
lioino at three o rlnck Monday atlrr-
roon, the He.v. Frnser Mftzger, pastor of
the Christian ctuirch, was the oilielating
clergyman nnd several selections weir
rendfrid by a (piartcttc composed of
Misses S I.o'ilse Hastings, flail L-iiusoti
end John L-imson and Dr. W. M. Kilty.
The lemains of Mrs. f'elhi Hadger,
who din Inf'alfiornia. arrived here Mon
ti lor nmial. .Airs. liadgrr was
i low of llenrv llagley, who was proprie
tor of a general store lit this village about
ill years ago. She was a daughter of tin.
lato Luther llolnmn. She Is survived by
on' nrntnrr, i-aigene iioiman or tins place.
fleorge (. Hatch's stock shlpmi nt from
lids station Monday consisted of tune
calves, 1.1 hogs nnd thne cattle. The
jirlre paid for hogs nnd calves was live
cents per pound.
A daughter was bom Monday, July 15, tn
Jlr and .Mis l ied W. Curtis. Mrs. Cur
tis and daughter aro nt l)r. Clifford's
A daughter was br rn Monday, July IS,
to Mr. and Mrs I'uKlns V. Flint.
Tho center village s Incoming a favor
ite resort for summer boarders, havlnu
more this year than cvr before and there
nrf Mvcral families coming In tho month
of August.
.ludpte Jesse. Johnson nnd wife nf Urook
lyn, N Y., werp In town last week A son
was born tn Mr. and Mrs. n. A. Child
July Misn lionise Johnson has com
mencpd wnrk In the Opinion nffice. F.
Ii. Cummlncs has sold his rrMdcnce to
F L. Ilrlplinm W. II rjondwin went to
Winchendnn, Mass, Monday, wlur h"
lias a position In a bank. J II iJewey has
fionn to Wocidstoek, wher" he has wotk.
Mr and Mrs Walter F. ruvls left for
their home In Wultharn, Mass. Saturday
-John II Stillweii of Princeton. N J,
Is spending his vacation with his family
In town Mis Marjorie Shaw nt Cim'
lirltlge, Mass., Is a guest of her gintid
tnnthrr. Mrs. M. II. Cook -Mrs C. c.
Pnty Is taking a trip through the north
ern part nf the State with Mr Inls. who
represents Graves Itrown Co,, of llos
ton, rtulph Morris of llverett. Mass,
came Satin da to spunl his vacation
with his mother, Mrs. n. C. Morris.
Mr. nnd Mr. M. A. Uavls of AVnlthnm,
Mass., have arrived and opened their
Moii"p fnr ii few weeks. J. (I. Morris of
Knl' tn. Mass, Is at the Low mansion.
A beneilt concert for Miss ncrlrude Mar
tin was given In village hall Tuesday
The democrats nf Onange cnunty will
hold their biennlul convention at Chelsea
on Tuesday. August I hi town hall
oposllr the hotel, for the purpose of nom
mating rniidldnte!i for county others.
Mr. Ocorgi Skinner nf Lowell, Mass., nnd
lili daimhtrr, Mrs. llernlce Skinner Laduo
if Plerinnnt, X. II. , are visiting his broth
er, Austin Sit In tier. A ynung boy base
ball nine nf the Il.irre cnngregallonal
Church, accntnpatiled by their pistor, the
lliv. r. K. I'nolp, camp oypr Monday and
played a match ganto with the K. (l, K.
A. club of the local Congregational
Church, the game resulting In favor of
the heme team by a score of 7 to I, The
umpires were Mr. Poole and the Rev. Iter.
hctt J. Wyckoff. It was one of the most
atttaetlye games of the season. A return
game will occur at Harm city net Satur
day. -Charles F. Pulton, a West Mill
farmer, had live sheep and five lambs
Killed by lightning during a thunder
storm on July 13. Mrr. Alice T. lladlev.
who has spent the year nbrnad, cnine
here Monday tn spend the summer with
her sister, Mrs. John 1!. Atwood F.lmer
.1. Flanders, a young West Hill farmer,
who was pnntlned In the Waterbttrv
nsjlum several months last year, was
again taken to Waterbury on Tuesday,
the old symptoms nf insanity renpppnrlng
- The Hpv. Herbert J. Wyckoff has re
sumed his afternoon preiPhlng at South
Washington meeting house.
Misses Mary and Tlsther Wilcox of
Kansas arp .spending- a few weeks nt W.
11. Arnold's. Misses Hejsle and Jenettec
Crnoeh of Granville are at William Hu
chaniin's. Nnl Moran nf Troy Is visiting
his grnndparr tits, Mr a.nd Mrs. lalward
O'Shea. Mrs. Wal'ace of Amherst, Mass.,
Is a giiest at the Itv. Irving H. Childs's.
Mrs. Wallace Is Mrs. Clnlil's mother.
Little Miss Carrie Chllds of North Stock
bridge, Mass., is also nt Mr. Child's for
the summer.- W S. Haseom Is In White
hall vlltlng his brother, who is sick. -Fred
Harlow of Claremont, N. It., Is In
town. The Itev. fleorge W. Morrow of
Hitrlingtnn will be here next Sunday nnd
address the people of the Congregational
and Methodist societies at the Congrega
tional Church on temperance.
Mis i!. A. Qnilty ami children, who
have been spending the past live wi ek
here with hrr parents, returned y.-sti r
dav to h'r home In Dorchester, Mass.
ai i omnanird bj her siMcr, Mrs. It. H
10 v. rr st.
A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Ilwaid Itawson of Whiting Tuesday.
Mrs. W. A. (iauiley went to Huston yrs
tfi'day, h.nmg spent the past week here
with nlatives.
Charl. s tl. Wlnslow or HioolUyn. N. Y.,
pending a few days here with 1 i
I'rederli k Juno nf HoMon is In town
for a fi w days.
Miss l'Mith Leonard is at Lake Dun
more for the summer
Mrs. It. L. Congir of Urnsliton. N. Y..
I.s visiting at the home of o. F. Si.u'.h.
Mrs. J. C. Itrown Is In St. Jolmsbury
having her ryes treated A notice has
bfpii posted, calling the republican caucus
for Friday, July 29. Ariangi ments an
made so that the Rry. D. I, Milliard will
remain pastor of the Congregational
Church In Cabot.-John Fatrington m,i
his hurse to a party from Itarre. Mr. ami
Mrs. Fletcher of Swnnton vlsitnl their
patents. Mr. and Mrs. Wells, over Sunday.
Mr. Charhs lingers is entertaining her
mother and sister, who are lslting her
from Chicago -Ftnt'vi Laird, Nellie Wil
liams Alice Paine. M.u,, M.nf-h and Nellie
Adams n. atti oiling the summer si hool
at St. .lohtishl.l v.
Col. Freil F. Smith of Motitpeper was
. allnl hi-le Tnrs.lav moriilng by the sen-
lllm-s of his ister, Mrs. Julia Holnn-
-on. Mi.- l.ida Mans ,,f (Pnhhiril Snnm
im is visiting friends at the Centre f,.r
a few days. -Mrs. Sarah Stone was called
to Moretown Sat in day, wheie she has a
case nursing- Mrs. Sarah Ilov and
daughters, Jane and Mayville, went t.i
Maine Wednesday to attend the wedding
of their son and brother, Lincoln Kos.
Miss Lames of Chicago is visiting' her
aunt. Mrs. L. A. Stearns, for a few weeks.
Charlotte Allen of Lowrll, .Mass. u th"
guest ot her aunt, .Mrs. A. L. Atkins, for
the summer.
Mis. H. H. Morrill of Windsor is visiting
lur aunt. Mrs. L. A. Mall -.Mrs. Harhel
Flint Is isillng her son. Penil V. Flint
In IlilMwrongli, N n., :,n, W1j p, fl.m
there to Uo-Miin.-Mrs. W 11. Fltts spent
a day or two In Windsor recently Mrs.
Henry claMnn of Charlotte is visnmg at
N. I). lticr's-S. D. Nichols nf Midolcl.ury
is at homi for a two wei Its' vacation-'-L.
J. Williams and wife of Lebanon N
II , arc at West Williams's.
Mrs. Thornton from Nebraska Is visiting
h'r mphew, Flank Hulkley this week.
P'rry Davis has p turned from Hoston.
Mrs. Stone from W.itirbury Center Is
Hiring for his wife, nnd Mrs. Plm Clark
is doing Ins woik. Some of ins children
are in Watoihnrv stopping with their
aunt, Mrs. Montgomi ly. Mr. and Mrs
Sinus ate slaying with lur patents. Mr.
and Mrs. Il Aveiy, ,,n account ot Mi
S'lUlrs lu.ilth.-Fth.l v,,,,i s Mll.
Clara Hiatoii is caring tor Mrs. 1-: (1
Atkins this week, who had an aentr attai k
of congestion of the lungs. -Mrs Willltun
Ward's two sisters from Hos-tnti are Mop
punt with her f.,r a while. Communion
services wcie held t the Methodist
i oiiren tast Sunday. Five were taken
Into full conneition, four prn'i.itnn -Seventy-one
took supper at the parsonag,.
last Wednesday.- Miss Thomas from
Keene, N. H , is visiting her aunt, Mis
Jason Hlll.-iiinte a crowd came rrnm
Mnntpoller TurMlay, all resuient.s nf the
place and tnk dinner at the hot. a m-
and Mrs. Heorge Howe were invited' to
otioii I v.iiii I lli'iii,
Mi'ses Jessie Stanton, lua Heed, Kail,,
erine McCarthy, lleivl Hildrllh of North
lii Id iir'l Lillian Molt of Woodstock vis
ited Mrs. Leap Hill on Monday. Miss
Jessie Kent of l.ikeport N. II.. vhatid at
O. L Marin's la-t wiel; -Mrs ,.
der and Mls hlanehf have retiirnid from
their visit In Washington. D. c, nd
Mi'esachiisets.lt5coe Hartlett has niov
fd Ills f imlly frnm St Johnsburv Into the
tenement recently vncnteil l,v c, c !on.
frew.-The Itev. A. M. Smith officiated nt
the fuiipral of C. c. Wlllard in Fast Mont
pellcr Unit Thursday.
Charts Coonpy, a well known farmer
of Middlesex, died Wednesday nlsht nt
his home at MIiMIpspx Center utter an
lllnpfs of id years with paralvfls, which
eventually caused his death. Mr Cooney
is survived by a widow and throe Kins,
all of whom reside In Middlesex Ills
funeral was held Frhliy afternoon at
one o'clock frnm his late hnme. The Hrv.
J. Q. Angfll nfllcMtPd and the burial was
In the cemetery at Middlesex Center.
Fdwatd Laundry nnd Henry Lacount nf
Middlesex were In city court Thursday,
charged with Intoxication and with
bleach nf the peace In nssaultlng Tho
mas Small, a teamster for C C Putnam
Sou They pleaded utility to both
ih.irKCK n, n,,. total of the line ind ist
of tmli was $w.ai. Tho ulleriiativc Etu
Special offering of 50 Dozens.
A fine chance arid one that will not be repeated.
Extra fine and firm quality fast black Lisle
Thread assortment of open lace patterns to
select from also very fine firm quality
plain fast black Cotton. When sold at full
value ithese qualities are 35 cents and in
some stores as much as 50 cents per pair.
Full assortment of sizes 9 1-2 to 11 1-2
while they last
For To-day Only.
A Regular 30 cent Matting laid for
20 Cents a yard.
27x60, regular price $2.50,
For To-day
tence is lfil days at hard labor In the
House of Correction at Rutland. Neither
of the respondents had the requisite csh
but they hope to i.nse it in time to s.ive
a trip to Rutland
Tin N'i w Kngland c.dlege entrance nr
titleate board has placed Montpclt"r Sua
inary on its npprovnl list tor thp e yens
from .lanuarv 1. 1''"! i!raduat"s a this
Institution wilt, during that period. In.
admitted to any S w laigluud col'i g..
without cxnuunntlnn.
The marriage of John J. Ulinney and
Miss .Ininl' M.. daughter of Ilr. (?. K.
Hunt, not ut i n Thursday afternoon at
St. Augit-t 'a'- Church parish lion-e. The
Itev. rather W. .1. O Sulllvan olll-iatu!
Mr. and Mi Cllnm y lelt nn the White
Mountain train at four n'clo, k for I'nr
llnctoii. They will visit in N'w Vm-lt and
Itnstnn before their return to Monipillir
The IP (iuv C. 1. union, pastor of tho
lirt I'.ap'ist I'hiucli In this citv has re
ceived a call to the assistant patoiate nf
Calvary HaptlM Chinch in New York i It y.
nt n silary of Jf"" a yar. This is tlv
rhurcli of which the llev. Ilr. McArthur
Is pastor. It Is the largest lPiptist I'hutih
In New York and one of tin large st in the
counlrv. Mr. I.atmnn will prcai h thorn
Julv 31. and In the mi. it time will have
the call under oonHd, ration. Ills depar
ture from Monipeller would be unlver--.
1 1 1 v r' sretti d.
Nel-.m Willey died I'liday in More
tnwn, iiL'i'l T.t '.ears Mr. Willey was a
prominent faimer of that town, lie is
survived by a widow but no children.
I'll'- funetal was held Sunday afternoon
from his late home.
Judge John 11. w'nt on heard Mon
ti. iv morning in the oflice of the county
eh rl: the arguments of counsel on the
fiuestlon of temporary allmonv in the di
vorce case of Jessie I Ingrain vs. lames
Ingram of llarre Chief Judge Howell
made an order in this case at the Mar' h
ti rm of Ynshington county court but
counsel Inteiprind the order differently.
The rpictkiti Involvd was as to wne.her
$7a paid Mrs. Ingram at the end of the
March term Included what sin wis en
titled to idr opent.cs of the suit. Judge
Watson withheld Ins decision until he
can confer with Chief Judge Howell.
A son was born Saturday evening at
th aton hospital to Mr. and Mrs. J. 1 .
The work of erecting the new' station
at Montpelier Junction to replace the one
destroy.d by lire last spring will be
commenced about August 1.
Tnes-ilay wa the hottest In Mo.itpeller
for the past three years. At nino o'clock
In the morning the temperature was s.'i md
during the alternoon the temperature
registered !M and on reliable tlivrmnnie.
lets that had not bei u exposed to the
sun. A i rV- in the stouo sheds In this
cltv and l'.arre and at Harre Miiai ries was
largely suspended because nt the intense
In -jt.
The First National bank nf this cltv
has brought suit against the Capital Slat"
company of Notthfiold for Jl.Jin'i for mom y
loaned on the notes of its directors nnd
Joseph R. Almnn nf this citv, a formrr
maniger of the company, has placed an
iittachnji nt ou the plant of the company
it Northtleld for the sum of 51.3W alleged
due him tor labor. These suds are re
turnable at the September term of Wash
ington Coiintv Court.
I rod H. C. Thompson, a plumber nf this
cltv. died Mondav i veiling of typhoid
fev. r at Vi rgennes nfter an Illness of
three weeks. About four weeks ago Mr.
Thompson went tn Vergennes to do a
inb of plumbing and was taken III there.
He leaves a widow and one daughter ly
a firmer marriage. Mr. Thompson was a
native of Vergeunes and his Mineral and
burial oci lined there yeterrtay.
(ofcph II. Yattrr, Jr.. of this ilty and
Miss Hattle M Kennedy nf Willsborotlgh.
N. , are to be ma -rled at the home of
the btide in lllsborough nn l'riday,
August 12.
The road case of Silas O. Mead vs. tho
town of Moretown, which has been a
familiar entry on the Washington county
and supreme nurt dockets for fevral
years, was again taken up Tuesdiy .H
Middlesex before Frank l'liimley of
Northftcld. Mark Me.irs of Mnr;lifed and
J A. Ciburn of Kist Montpelier the coni
mlssloners. C. I"). Ulgcrtnn nf Norlhiield
nppeared for the prtltlnner and II. II
Pcavitt nf this cltv for the town of More
town. Mr. Mead has been Ir.mig for the
past eight years to got the town of Morr
town tn straighten thu road opposite
Middlesex village,
The aiithniltlis of Norwich I'nlverslty
have secured Hie bouse and property at
the Center whli h for some time has been
oi uipled by I'tof. C. C. trill nnd will con
vert the house Into a tenipnrary dormi
tory, the college building having been
taxed to their capacity l.iht year. Indi
cations at present are that the freshman
class this fall will be equally as large as
wns last jear'r, which was nun of the
largest for many years past. Thn new
president, Charles A. Sponner, Is expected
to teach this place a fpw weeks belore
the opening of the academic year. The
friends of the Institution feel much
pl'.isid at tho many gratifying rnndl.
ti'ns Hirrntindlng the university and nnto
with pleasure the prnsperltv which is at
t'ndlng all of the higher educational In
stitutions of the Stale.
Preparations ufe already beginning; for
the annual Dog River Valley fair, width
will take place in September as usual.
It Is the Intention nf the nllleeis of ihn
society to do everything possible lo hold
the next fair up to the high standard nf
past years nnd If possible to mil No it
an even gr'.iter succeps
I.onls While a well known stone cut.
trr in this -..(ion nt the Slate, died Sun
dav mori in of eoiiMinjpllnii. n,. M( p,,, ,,
In falling health for the past thne years.
IK la aiuvived by a wlk , a daughter nnd
Only $1.89.
a son. Mr. White had been a ioficnt c
.Northtieiii f,., the past four or five j.'irs,
lie nail workei at I S Ir.l.le M V.irlli
li'ld. lierlin, liarre, Hardwbl: and else-
win re. ills age was 1 vents.
Thi 1'. K. Junes house nn Main street
i to be u, I ,i.s a nubile librat nendlng
the building of new bhrniy. The bonks
in Hie llhr.m were destroyed, with few
extent rms. I the t nlun block lire in
the iarly sumini r. Si veia! MdunifS havo
rfi'titly b"t n presented to the library
by friends
Mrs. Charl's Dole ixpiels to b ive (own
in t wi ek to i.sit her brother. 1 u. Ch irb H
Austin. Ill ( h. Cairo. Miss Ruth I loll
pi etu to spied the coming fall and win
ter In lev. i with her nunl.
The Itab..n residents held a gorgmiis
picnic Satnnliv afternoon in the woods
north of th. Milage. Thete weie musie
and dancing .nnd lefreshments. and tin
iittcnilaui e was not less than 2 porsons
Misn Jesslr King passeil awa' nt the
home of her f'ther, J. .1. King, on Ninth
Main street Fi alav afternoon. Miss K'ng
has been sb k lor a little oer a wei k
with consimii'.in. Iicath e.iiun vi ry
taslly whllo ' . was laying in a, linm
mnck. Miss King was very popular in
town as well as elsewheri and rhe leaves
a largi rlrcle ' frietidK, She graduated
from tin- local liish icKno'i in l'.n with
three ot lu i stud pts. Siace she has been
emplmed In the wrapper fa -lory. Sh"
was 21 ye us of :uc The funeral was
held at 2 :' p m. Suiidav, the Rev. Father
O'Neil, assisted by tho Rev. Father
I ynch, officiating.
.Mr. and Mrs Charles W. Richard'on of
iturllngtnn have I.e. n ill town the past
.vie!; visltine iclati es and calling on
old neighbors -il A. I!ihni II is at home
for u two weeks' vat ition from Scln n. c
tatly, N. Y , when- h. has In en employed
the pat ye ir bv the Central lib i trie
. enmpanv. (h-itman li Ronette, the oldest
person in town, de d Tuesday, July 12 at
I tin home of Ins son, S C. Honette, in this
village at the age nf HI years and two
i months. Funeral m n itrs were held at
I the house, attenibd bv the Rev. Mr.
I Rarnes, pastor ot the Metholb.t Church.
.'.ml his rem utis f. taken to l.yndon
, Mile tor bur il Mr Junes R. Dale ami
diughter. M ss Annie visile I fi n nils in
I'arre, Montr" !! r an I Waterl m y noarl
all of last Wi I; Tie frame to the nr w
crivereil bride, aerie, the river near
Oeorge l"ord s was ;n-e last wei k, and
Is partijlly coM-red.
I Miss lulla rinss and Anna 1 wiser have
returned to their home in .Montpehi r, af
ter a two weiks' stay ..t Frank li.'.tohcl
lier's -TIki-o w ill hi a pri aeliiug p'rvlee
ii'wt Srndav at the iismi! hour. Mr. ami
.Mrs. I' irry Rfiilamln of New York illy
and Mr Ni wton of Rnstmi are at th
J! itchelib r house.
Archie flood ile lift on Surd iv for
i Sharon whirn he n i nipb mi rt at
l.lohn Kilis for th.. i immg thne in. mills.
- Mr John D n'kfe ,.r Fort Fdward, N.
V., who has In 1 1 veiling hrv aunt, .Mrs.
Arlntta Dnrkn. the pa-t thiee w. el,-, left
Monday for ,b ri'erson. N II . when .-he
will join her hiishaiid.-Mis llelle Ilouble
day Is caring tor her grandmother. Mr,
c.nlie Cilb v, having ictiirned to her home
in Tunbridge. Ralph Chambeilam of
Urooklyn, N. Y .,is a guest at the South
Royallnn 1 louse '.ert Tennev, a former
resident, now of Ratre. Msiteil his broth
er, Frank Trnney, on Sunday. -A. AY.
Hohonnn returned from West Hartford
last wick and has chargn of the station
here. V.. J Hewitt and family have ie
turnci from Somervllle. Mass. -The Rev.
I.evl wild will sunnlv the Congn gationnl
pulpit next Sunday owing to the nbsrneo
ol tne niv. Sherman Coodwin.- Mrs.
Hfiirv Wnlciitt and daughter are guests
of Mrs. Finlly Dnubleday. 1 M-. H.ma
D'eiing of Huston, Mas, arrives next
week ami y otion a dental olllce In the
Martin block.- Harry Sargent and Miss
Ucrlruil" Pawning have returned to
I.xrter, N, II . after having spent the past
two weeks with his patents. Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Sargent -J. O, Ashliy left last
Tuesday for Rome, N, y.
Jilil's ICirock of Kllsworth, Mame Is
spending a few dns at .1. K. Safford's.
.1. S. Adams and wife of Siniiiupm ott,
Alass., nre visiting his son and daught
er hcre.-Mr. nnd Mrs. Smith nnd MIsm
Maxam of Waymouth, Mass , are guestR
at i:imer Sto blard's-CIss F.velyn llnl
comb -I Rurllngtoii. came Monday to
visit the Rev. and Mrs. J. W. Millet
Kmnk Porter cut his lei; quite badly
HK'iiday, wlillo chopping - Floreiu o
IliKh'iin. has not been well the past
week. -The Helping nn,l club meets thin
week Thursday with Mrs. J. W. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Fupuie Ch.iinberhn nf
Worcester, Mass , came Saturday to the
home nf her parents, Mr. and and Mr.-.
Amos Leavltt -Mrs. James Saigent and
little daughter, Alice, an expected this
week nt tho "Cobble. "-MrmlKts of
Retlicl Lodge, No. r, J, O. C). F., attended
the funeral of Herbert Oraut at Hetlul
Yffliies,iay.Mrs John Hnzzell of Lake
port. N. II , comes to A. W. Rallard's this
week for a vim ninoni; ielatii and
Itehlnfss if th,. Hkin. horilble plagin
Most evervl a.ls afflicted In on. .i or
I' 'nix one h ill . ni ii r faiiiu
cure Joan, Ointment At uiij iling
f lure, ja t'Luita.
Programme nf Annual lliirllnglnii l)l
(rlet Ciliaiiiiieellog (Ipenlng August l,
Vergennes, July 20. The Mth nuntial
llurllngton camp meeting will be hold at
Spring llioo, New Hiiveti, HjegJniillig
August 1(1 and closing August 2,1. The
meeting will be In charge nf t),,. piesUHej
elder, the Rev. (i. W. Iliown, H. 1)., ot
Rutland. The opening srvlco will be
held Tuesday evening, August Id. Wi d
ne.'tlay, Augubt 17 Is Missionary dav and
the nn etlngs will be addressed by speak
cih In the Internal nf the Wrnna'n'H For
eign ami Woman's Home Missionary so
cieties. The Iltirlliigton dlstiict F.pworth
l.inguo will hold a rally on Thursday.
August IT and have engaged thn Hev. C.
U. Rnwley, 1'h. I)., nf Reiuiltigton and the
Riv. C. Wilcox of Walervllet, N. V
ns speakers.
The speakers engaged fnr Sunday, Aug
ust 21 am tho Rev. (!, 11. Hughes. 1). I).,
presiding elder of the Saratoga district;
the Rev. W. II. Washburn, t. 1)., of Mld
dlehurv, and tho Rev. c. 11. H.iwlev of
Siratoga Springs, N. V. Mrs. I. '. Vlscher
of 'isi her'K l'erry, N. Y., will have
charge of (ho music. The Methodist
llMnnal and I'eulei nslal Hymns No. 3
will he usul.. Tin Rev. C. R.'llawley will
lead the s ..'il mietlng (.very motnltig.
The boarding house on the grounds fur
nishes ampin accomniotla lions for meals
and lodging at the rale of j. prr day.
Ministers- and their families will bo served
nt 1." cents per meal
Those wishing to drive to the grounds
can have their horses catetl for nt the
stables on the grounds. Cottages mav
be rented of N. I,, Rail of FcrrMiurgh. A
gate fee of j.-, crntH fr a season ticket to
the grounds will bo charged. Tl inlii will
tie reduced rates on the railroad and all
mi ai iiiiins win snip ai inn camp gioutuli
This camp meeting will be preceded by
the etinont Woman's Chiistlau Tempi r
iiiii e fulfill Institute, which will opt ti
ngust 12 ami continue until August Pi.
The prim ipal peakets during this meet
ing are Miss Alice Moore, national secre
tary of Rockland, Me ; Mrs. A. J. Weaver,
national evangelist of Itatavla, N, Y., the
Iti v. O. A. Andeison of (lothenbcrg, Swe
den, and Vermont workirs.
IMnn for Meeting nt Mile Truck
August Hi. 17 mid 1u.
Plans ate being perfected by the Glens
Falls (N V.) Trnttoig as.-oclatloti and
every Indication points to a very success
ful racing ni'-t at the mlln track Align t
K 17 and 1. The m .ting coming as It
does the week iieious to the opening nf
cistern New York and western Vermont
circuit or the Washington county, Cam
bridge and Fair Haven fairs, will surely
u t tract the fust ones and the i.jg crowds.
The entries will close August :;. with f.
C. Smith of (liens Falls, secretary and
Thrre will be two rents Tith d.iv for
wnlch the purges will be S.Ted i a, h. R
will be the first t i. ing meeting of th.
si if on in that b.calitv. and with favorable
ve.,tlnr tin -e sei ills to be no reason to
doubt its iniir" sueci ss. The jorri.i.tv d
progiamme lolb ws-
l-'li st race
'I lotter.s eligible to 2-27 class.
Facers eligible to 2..71 class.
Second lite
Trotters eligible to 2:15 class.
Pacers chglblo to 2 17 class.
SF.CONH i:ay.
First race
Trotters four ears old or under, eligible
to e:dn class.
Pacers three years old or under, eligible
to 2.io class.
Second race
'I totters eligible to 2:20 class.
Paocru eligible to 2:21 class.
First race
Tint tern eligible tn 2:3.i class.
Pacers eligible to 2:M class.
Second race
Free-for-all, trot anil pace.
Oi.e of the sptcial atti aeti ins of the
mretlng will he the dtlving by I'. ;.
Smith nf his yiarllng colt Raul ). Kftly,
to beat the world's p curd at that age
of 2-2o 3-1. He has worki d already with
: pparent ease ilhthv ol miles m 1.1 si -i
ii'1". quart. r in Si 1-2 secon Is, halvfs in
1 II. I loi'setjien think it will bo easy for
lutn to In at the re.'ord any day he i
flrhen lor it.
The otfii i rs of the association are.
President, the F ti. W'dlinin M. Cameron
seen tary and tr usurer, f. '!. Smith,
xfcntive committee, Mr. Cimeron. Mr
Smith, M. 11. I,, land and James A. Ma! on.
Rutland, July y -The Central Trad- s
and I.ibor Coum il of this citv at a
meeting held to-night vend tn hold the
1abor day celel ration at Fair Haven this
year, '"he reason for this dm Nlnn is th it
the Rutland Hese 1 .i ! 1 association want, d
fi'ii for tho use. of the fair grounds, on
that day.
The liurliliFtnii 1 ase bill team has
pi." ved the following gann s during la.
week: At At 111 ! if Park Ft'lda--. liurling
ton Ti. Plaltshiirrh ; .,t Rntl md .--.ilut-day,
P.iillncton :t, Rutl.,nd a, at Athblir
Pirk .Monday, Cuban X i Hants 7, Rur
lington 2: at Athl die Park Tuesday. Hi.i
linaton 2. Montpelier 1. (pi Innings:) at
Athb tic park We lne day. Cul in XUiants
J. Purlington I.
Won. Lost. Pet.
Montpeller-Rarro pi ?, .7i.t
SI Albans S f, .:.7I
Hull. md '. fi ii Sni
Riiillngton fl 7 .IH2
Plattsburgh 2 p) ,1G7
Won. Lost. Pet.
Hoston 50 27 .CIH
New Yoik il :ia .i;.i,
Chlmgo 47 HI ,r.v
Philadelphia -I.' :rt ..,i,.i
Cleveland 10 XI .M,
St. I.ouis 31 -M ,.",i
Hittoit 31 II .ill
Washington If i;u aki
Won. lost. Pet.
Ni w York 5'i 22 .71f
Chlcngo iS 2S .f.1.'
Cincinnati J1 :u rit
Pittsburg 12 .'2
St. Louis 11 ,V ..-.:-
llrooldyn SO ,V
Roston 2S fO p,',i
I'hiladelphln is ;,i3 .'21;!
Ihery man thinks every other man has
his price.
bachelor's Ideal better half Is a wo
man with money.
Il M.11 lie looking for n man with brains
call on a butcher.
Summer clils belli ve in making hav
while the 11 it 111 shims.
A fast nung m in is apt tn bo slnw
about geltlng nwav from the bar.
A pound of can ly will go farther with
a man than a ton nf nrgunicnt.
Money has kept many a man nut of tho
pcnltentlary-and nut of heavrii, also.
A girl would rather gn hungry than iiiIsh
.111 opportunity to havo her fortune
An absent-minded wnmnn Is nne who
forKcts herself and buys things when sho
goes shopping.
Hcery time an old bachelor heir a bahv
1 r he takes a fresh grip on his resolution
tn leinuln single,
A woman can twist her husband around
her lincer as long as she feeds him well
and decsn't tiy to reform him. -Chicago
Pollcvholtlei- Rut suppose 1 should be
I nn ovii by an auloinnblle Would I
gel mulling or wmild mv licit.- git imv
thing'' Agenl Ciit 1111U You wid li"d '. I00N
II u it Miur poll, v that n co 1 ill th,
ordinal, aii lib 111- chua,," 'inbu ,
Dispntoh irom Toltlo ms.vs gre.it'iHt
bitttlp of war Is Inline; foui;ht nt n point
bctwooli Kat Chott ami Tn Telle Kino;
foitner place captured by the .Tnp.'itieso
only Frldny last, nnd the lallcr jilure
the Hussions made one of their baseij
rumor (hat l'ort rtlitir has fallen, hut
thin report lucks continuation of any
nort; diHpiitclies from scat of war do
not rIvo nny couDrninllon of sensa
tlonnl reports of Japanese looses ut
Port Arthur KIkIHucii poisons killed
and CS Itijnted In collision on Oht
raK and Knsterti Illinois rnllrond nt
Olenwood, Ills - A rbl t ni I Ion of griev
ances, which precipitated strike In meat
piiclclni; lioilsci In viu'lolis pkrls of the
country appears to bo In slRht and
conferont'o between employers and
strikers will bo held - Lewis L. P. At
wood, real estate dealer, Hoston, (lies
voluntary petition in bankruptcy
Fit MIA y, ,m:ly in.
Toklo reports taking of Yin Kow,
port of Now Chwang, with resistance
on part of Itusslans; Japanese scouts
within six miles of New fhwanp. while
f.eneral Oku vltu TiO.OOO men is ap
proaching Tnscblrhlno One tnan
probably fit tally Injured, sover.il hurt
and t'.O or 70 passengers badly shaken
up when Grand Trunk express train
was doruiled near Gorliiuu, N. II., ow
ing to spruadlng of rails Kdwnrd II.
Abbott, president, treastlter nnd gen
eral manager of Abbott ngency, and
reputed to be wealthy real estate op
erator, with oflice In Huston, enuitnits
suicide by shooting Strike which bus
demoralized packing industry not yet
settled, but Indications that it will soon
lie ended by adjustment of dltJirulties
by arbitration Three prisoners at
military prison at Fort Kthnn Allen,
Vt escape; sentry In charge of them
while they were mowing hay nlo dls
:ipp'.'firs - Hoston naval recruiting
oUlcc gets special rush orders to take on
all recruits possible- Charles II,
Woodsonin discharged in Hoston court
of criminally disposing of an Angora
oat, as a feline cannot be made the sub
ject of criminal procedure Pall River
wage cut of 12'j percent goes into ef
fect on July '.Ti Hraintree, Mass,
man dios of toy pistol wound received
on the Fourth- Street railway tracks
at North Adutns, Mas-:., torn up by or
der of state voniniissiotu'ri! Chlcngo
board of health behoves consiimptluii
is curable regardless of climate Part
of old Times building in New York
fulls; three hurt and many narrowly
escape Iiemocratie state convention
at W'ntervljle. Me., nominates Mayor
Davis of Watorvlllo tor governor
Establishment of American custom
liotiso in canal zone causes sharp com
ment in Panama rx-Presldent Kru-
ger dies tit Clnrotn, Swlt7erland
Pian for army reform preented in
Hritish house of commons Mad
Mullah reported within 50 miles of the
capital of Somallland
SATI'It DA Y, .TT'LY in.
Negotiations for penco In packing
strike are practically at a standstill and
strike will continue until one side or
the other abates something of the de
mands made up to present time
Three negroes who criminally ns
snulted Mrs. KNIe Riddle of Hurlington.
X. .1 . sentenced to 40 years each in
state prison; pleaded guilty, given the
extreme penalty for their crimes and
on their way to begin long sentences
within half an hour -Lack of further
official news regarding engagement nt
Port Arthur on night of July 10 is
very puzzling; that .Tapnnese were
heavily defeated is not doubted- Two
deaths at Hoston , ospltals from te
tanus as tho result of blank cartridge
wound Htiffaio rami kills his wife,
daughter and himxelf Filipino com
missioners Invited to rislt Puget sound
cities - Grain elevator and freight
cars burned at South Chicago; loss
about !500.ono Preliminary injunc
tion granted against Northern Securi
ties stock distribution Other milN
likely to follow the lend of Fall liivor
in revising wage schedules-- An oil
well yielding IO11O barrels a day
struck In new West Virginia lield
New York subway practically com
pleted; to bo turned over to railway
company Aug. 1 Chicago aldermen
ask for legislation to regulate running
of picnic or excursion trains- - Ship
laying Alnskn cabin sends message to
Seattle through Sitka; line will be
ciunpleteil In about two weeks -President
I.oubet confers the Grand
Cross of the Legion of Honor upon
Secretary Hay George A. Church of
Khode Island, who was loft .fUCO.noo by
a Frenchman, proves his identity In
court in Paris Hritlh government
grants permission to bury lunger's
body In tile Transvaal; no service to be
held at ( "In reus- t'osfa Kici reported
to have unoiiieiaiiy Intimated to Pana
ma that a joint commission bo ap
pointed to tlx boundary line.
SIWHAY. ,11'LY 17.
Negotiations between packers and
Htrikers broken off; employers refused
to take back all men at once; three
hurt In Chicago riot: no fear of a meat
famine. - Patrolman Charles S. p,-e
badly beaten by a crowd nf toughs at
Hoston; thinks he shot one of his as
sailants Organisation of employers
at Hoston "to combat the errors and
unjust methods of trade unionism" -I'lisiu'cessful
attempt to launch the
llve-masted schooner Jane Palmer at
Fast Hoston - nusslans now conclude
that General Ktiiopatkln has shown
ills mllltaty skill to he above reptoach;
cruiser No Ik reported to have Jollied
the Vladivostok sn.undrnn Mr.
Hlbabeth lthea of West Itmbuiy,
Mass.. arrested on 11 charge of assault
on Fillth Cook with Intent to kill
America n college athletes given no wel
roiue by the English 'varsity men
Hoily found 15 miles southeast of
Plymouth, Hug., Identified as that of
F, Kent I.oomK who disappeared from
a Jlner on June 20 Switch and tower
nen nn Nrw Haven road to denned aa
eight-hour nerferaent Washington
fileuds of Mr. Muybrick losing hope
of hnr hewff speedily pardoned Dion
Perdlcnris reaches Paris and plunges
Into diplomatic work; he Kays France
should adopt a stlffer policy in Mo.
rocco. and purpose to put llalsull, his
Lite captor, In charge- Ottawa an
nounces that visits of military bodies'
between Fulled States and Canada
will be discouraged heien fter.
Fully 1000 people partu lp.itcd In
tli'ii-i' uttni:U on htiiko brcukeii. tit Chi
cago; four fo badly Injured that they
may dlo; two white men and one police
man ulso severely Injured; hurried riot
call prevented stiike-lirijakers being
killed Uitsslnn volunteer steomshlpH
Ktnolenak and St. Petersburg now
cruising In ltrd sea mopping, (mips of
neutral nations and searching (hen, f0P
contraband of war Paeqii-ihi Itosso,
nn Italian, terribly slabbed by a fellow
countryman on steps of police station
at Hoston V'.-ry Hev. Stephen Keaiy,
provincial of Puwdoti Older in thn
Fnited Stales, dropped drad wi tin
celebrating masF. in chapel or mono tr.y
of the order at Hobokeii, N. .1 ti
morons drowning accidents In New
Ftiglnnd, large majority of -iofims be
Ing bathes- -Grand stand collapses at
Clevehmd baseball game, U0 persons
having ilmlis broken- - Abb 11 to Nul'
dozzo, 10, shot and killed Mrs. Fllo
DIOtltl C. Piedolllfli, :i at Pio.'ldetice,
following sireet quarrel over VI wlnrh
Nnrdezzo claimed woman's, husband
owed bltn Dedication of ( r stian
Science church at Concord, N It
Fall River textile council shows d's.
position to pay tho manufacturers rj
kind In the way of discourtesy, fiues
tlon of strike referred to sepur.jta
unions - Stpamcr Provldei,c0 for Hui
Pall Hiver-New York service of the Old
Colony Steamboat company bmnrhoil
at Qulncy, Mass Officers of I Immg
Ion, Me., sure flint George skip 1
was killed before bolngthtown rtowell
where body was found Syoid t wins
the Hrlghlon junior ,1 .".(" hi sti', nj
Hrlghton beach Pilgrim tm ,R,ont
to be erected at end of f'npr- ( ,,d
Russians routed after un attar'- ot
Japanese position at Motie-, j, S(
Russians said to have left fioo di nd on
the field, and flielr wounded est ti jtcil
at over 10iX); fighting lasted for about
1." hours, the Rnislan attacking forcn
numbering about L'O.OOO; .T-ipnufriu
losses not known- Locomotive and
five cars, two loaded with livestock,
go through open draw Into river at
Portsmouth, N. II ; steers, sheep and
pigs drowned; four trainmen went
down, but were rescued Strikers to
again propose that packers r"lrs itr all
old employes, pending arbltrat 1,
New Kngland Dtedging compary as
signs Fall Ither cotton n lnnfac
tnrers do not want a strike Wool
brings L'O 1-S cents a pound on two
Montana wool sales Negro who shot
n white mm lynched hy mob at Ste.
plietisporl. Ky lewMi hut I r on
New ork Fast Side close sho, s l.ei .mso
of high pries Panic on lake ster r,f.r
Fastlind (in,, to listing becaus.. of in
sufllclent b.ilhit P.altiinon- enmn it
tee reports payment of InstiniecerUilma
for February tire of $;;0.:,Q.()(o Hrc-ord-breaking
attendance at F.'ks' con
vention at Cincinnati Den . 'ratio
leaders zatlmrnt New York citv toplan
campaign; report that "hnrm..n tha
watchword" Kx-A f torney 1 ,ei eral
Knox visits preildcnt at Oys't - Hay
Nomination of Joseph W I t fo-
governor by Missouri I")envn rats H
conceded Laying of Alaska cable de
layed by accident in storm Pope
said fo regard dissolution of concordat
a" certain- -Hrltaln his untitled Rus.
sla as to Thibetan poller; not to annex
country or establish protectuni'e.
WKDNr.SDAY. ,11'LY 20
Furopo thrown into veritn! o war
fever by action of Iuism.i 111 p st .
war vessoj, through Dnrda i.im). 1,1
guise of nierclmiitineti and l.uspital
slilps and then turning them 'ose to
prey qii neutral shipping of .itltur na
Hons; I'tigland and (Jermany. i-fro suf
fer most in this iepect. leudu g pro.
tests against Ituxsinn action - Ailiei
trades unions In Chicago toc!;j 'ir' a
ask for joint conference with p 1
and meat butcher with view b. pencil
fill ending of strike - Latest fst't ats
of the rnlted States wheat crop ' t,.
000,000 bushels San Fran s,.4
brewers decide to strike; tn.i.l 1 n ij
involve all California Gcven,i,,Uit
commission liegins at New York Its fn
rpiiry into Slocnm di-ns- r CH. ago
theatres will bo able, 11, jet- amended
city ordinance. t open sop' 1
Cripple Creek miners, (lNtrustum mili
tary, a si; lied Cross socrty to dist -LUtr
relief - Goven or W'liithrop of p .rto
lileo giving imli'i
tion: ulreinlj jiopu
udent ailministr.i
r socially Narra
rs reporteil safe by
stlgnt'on appn tited
' 1 - Di.sp.iti Ii frcitn
igo university an
t' oldest Hi by' r .11
, gansett bay ffe it;
I committee of m
I by ( iiivcrnor 1 ;.ir
Histnaia b. chic
1 IlfUllK i'., dlfcoveri
I city, A dab Cotiiinittee
1 meet I're.sldent Roosevelt
of 1,1 ' fg
at Oystir
Hay and have satisfactory irtrrvlew
Former Cashier Halle of C '
brook. N. IL, National bank n leased
from jail Northern S . inti s com
pany ,'lUtllorlzes J. J. 11:1' ' . :i J 1 - - ilf'nn,
decision granting pr. l;vr aty r u
tion to P.. II. Harrin'fii n'd nt: 1 .,
Root vlsit.s I'resldent 1. sooit tn -portant
r-olltienl mat' 's . iiM.leii.l
Hiyan sny-th!it 1'ark. r e, ctbi: o''l
prepare wnj for economn ivf. iu
General Miles explains that l i w t'
iltew ns a candidate for pri siiletii j on
Prohlbllluli ticket to prevent iIism t s a
l'rpsptit treasury ibticit aboii'- Sis..
'itiO.niNi and current expense- er.urmous.
fdlt Secr.ar.v Shaw has utuple funds
'ivallable Some of Sydnu., C P.,
stt'llu'is return to work Haytien a in
ister of Interior alleged to bo invohed
in bond frauds Two empty lifeboat
of the wrecked steamship Neige,
washed ashore on tl.i (iiijneys
LOW R Vl i s Tn . Iff IRi'I'S.
For ti" I'on; n.. S. ''s 1:-.'' .rs'
1 iri us. In li ill 1 . 11 I 1
on Wellies.! i , A .4. 1 , t - 1 i 1 1 : 1 1
uiont R 1 1 i 'iu. ii m 1 . w
r. I. s and 1 tin -e . ! 1 1 1 ..u. 1
In 1 ei n 1 ' nn1 1 'ilu- 1 1.' 1 01. 1 I
ton and In 1 1 1 11 W it 1 1 1 . ii 1 I . it S'-
Trains will b"ie Cinil r dsj, Jun.tl.m nt
.l.n. s in .ii'd Ii .0 .1 m iirt iinj; ' r.
Inmtoti at .1' '1 fi iril 11 1 . rcsp. . Mv. 1
Retiirnim;. .1 trnn w II b "o It u-bint u
tor C.imhiidge ,lun. t.nii in. I iutei mr.i ito
M itions at I .'.ii r m Th' round trip r t
from ('.imliridKi Jnnrt m ,li fl'er.s, n,v p
r.unhrnlKc .Hid Clovi rd le iMll be $1 fr vi
North I'nderliill !)"i cents; from FnderhlU
7". centu fioin Jericho 00 cent!-, frnm
F-.-i Centre li 1 ent.
A tram will leave W'aterburv at s .'i0 ,
fi., Ftnpidng at all M.itioiif and re 1, 1- eq
Riiilinton at 1" 1" The roiuid tr p r ,o
from W'ntcihun ami .',,rth nuxburi w'l
bt il, irom Holt. mi H. ent troni .l.ois
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