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islative Committees Beginning
to Make Reports on
ciniits to Change the l.n" ItrlnllnK
i MhIiium Hunk llepnsll,
i:tiul? Tnnlnn n HITei t in
Abolish the llnllriuiil
tolitpellcr Oit. 13. Thiit the standing
mil Iter from both houses lire getting
.-o fn ioili was shown lo-itav liv SCV-
I lulls lli.it had received consideration
1 wile rrtnrnnl to tile l.eglslatlllo for
mi- "his Is almost utipri d-dented dur
il. , ... l . f.i tf flu. uess-ioo ntiil the
rk ih f.uther nihnnccil tli.in il has been
i a years lowalils tin- Close 01 tne
,i . tifik Th.. liniiKo nasscil Its tlist
ti rti'HR amending the charter of
r li I irii'llt company nnel lira
fr i Mr (e.nimittoe of the judiciary
ti sun mic ordered to n third runl-
i- i pnrt.iiit Mils were introduced
II ii among them tli.it b Mr.
nr f Dl.totllorstntl making i M'l ."I of
t .ings banks over 51.1"" u-
. i t, i hi. hy Mr. Morse of It.nidolph
, i I . i ix.it. on, .'iixl liy Mr. Kills
Kr ,'h 1 nlatihg lo tin1 ctnplnv
rtt ii nl labor. Tli" latter piohlbits
i 1 Ir ii .! r 12 imi. il age working" in
i in i r 'Hi ir k1i"i and the emplov
, ,i ,f i , lr. n limlir 1", years of age
ir g th i ) pui. he m hoots mc In scs
i n
'lint f r lio.nl .'iimtnlfslou is to re-
t(ijn,m this year lf snnwn
tn :tn il tins morning by
ii ikei s;t. Id, icp'ulltig net ia,
! i. it us to Hi" rallro.nl com-
i s I'lll if it becomes a law
th railro.nl commission,
nf llariiaul offend another
Mr capital vanishment. This
i.,cs that a person eiitntnltted
ri'in for life may lie cnnsld
his estate may lie settled and
n iv attain marry. This net np
iry person now under sentence
If s
,' Hii
me I
t '
tr M
r d !
W fl
s ii
lr Hi
1 I
'trod'ieed In the House this
Mr Pa vis of lti thel "to pay
dr h Hie sum therein named"
ir 'iiind and is prohahly only
. I'd of scores of others of
it When the court of
! n r. it d two years ago it was
' . rt would consider claims
f i r . i anil thus save the time
K i"i - l.e seen.
n ' ' with the hills nlrcidy In
l i fl - '! 'iic the taxntl.ni of ele
'.gs hanks, the hill mtro
i ii tl . S. nate this afternoon ly
t .r Wells of Washington county, is
spe ,i interest. This hill carries a
.f k provision that the savings hanks
ha i p ), tax-s on all deposits, or. In
thrr s inK removes the $I,ifl limit.
The announcement in the Senate this
tiieruriiin ny .-vitaior l-isn 01 inri-
- h
delic.'itr npei.itlon at lleiiton hnspit.il
was s"iprlf to soiue of the senators.
Chaplain I'arm.m has heen epei tintr
for . nor 'inn' that this fipcrat Ion would
have to P.- i fiiimed, but hoped to put
It off till Hie cio.-e of the session. It
...,.r... 1 1.,, Iw I' . .1 ....
n . ..ii .... , , n, iiiiiiiii.-i i.i
this (lt an 1 Senator Kish. aiut was
mh ..,."i'ii i 'in. in e.wjc'T iv. is remov-
eu aim a m eyer.au tnat nan ncen
In, ,1 lit !- I 1 'it.' ,li. I.:, rrr.ii n f,-r uni,.,..
time iv. is r moved. In announcing Hie
IUik s ot the chaplain Senator Tish
rlipiininn c vi n when he was about to
ro uMli r the snrceon's knife command
ed 1 .s profound admiration and stamp
ed ibiplain rarinau as no ordinary
in in Sen.itor I'ish also said thai in
tiaai.lrt,. 1,1 l...tl.rr- In. IK, l,ll.l 1.1 ,..IC
, ..i, ..,.... j .,,.1.11 l.llll.ll
riiaidaln Parman has nn iiRed mother
t West In Id. who is totally bland, and
f. her who 1- a helpless invalid and
thai both it entirely dependent npim
what th' I'll id chaplain can earn. Ar
lui.Ki nn i '- have been made to supply
fn m ir i bfi-i- in the House and elsi -
1 in re . .
or i w
is .
11 i-
II i M !,
bv -
Sll t'.
Ul.iin 111 tlie Senate for two
Ks until Chaplain I'm man
iiiue his duties.
' to the members of the
oil. ,ms county was clveii
jiilur lliniso tills evenliiK
(i II. I'louty and C. S.
i irb ans county.
' "I lien. Kilw.u il II. Kip
- hefore tlie Heunliin So
rinont Officers in Hepre-
!i on Wednesday evening,
will he "Hi'Uiiui.-eences of
I Harper's Kerry 111 lS"i2
tun- and Occupation of
i vi;'
J ii si. vi i:k run
ix out of the j; di inoe.-.Us in
i' hi id a. cailPUS at the State
i v. i. nit; to decide- wheihe.- or
i. Id place in nomination m xt
.uididate fur I'nit'Ml Slates
-ie . ccd the Hon. Ib-illield
I'.ipe of ltarre eity was elect-
Good shells in your gun mean a good bag
in the field or a good score at the trap.
Winchester ''Leader' and "Repeater"
Smokeless Powder Shells are good shells.
Always sure-fire, always giving an even
spread of shot and good penetration, their
great superiority is testified to by sports
men who use Winchester Factory Loaded
Shells in preference to any other make.
dent of the hospital was present this nmendlnu sections of V. S.. po ns to equal,
evenlni: reprexentltiiT the trustees and ize taxation, l'xtentls to bidders of real
was accompanied by his private, sccrc- estate the same rlrht to offset for debts
tnry. owlnn as holders of personal property now
At in event It seems n physical impos- enjoy; committee on Krnnd list.
nihility for this sub-cominlttee or any MHy Mr. Davis of r.ethel. to pay
....mn.inee in ihoiouirhl v examine the J"'"' Ooodrleh the sum named (for
accounts of the State Institutions for rdltlnc Vermont Itevoltitlonnry rolls; com
the past two yenrs and report to the
Ueirlslnture befote ThankssivlnR.
The Senate and House cotnlnittces
ato acrecd to report fnvornhly on the
bills to do away with all bounties on
noxious animals. These hills will li.nc
smooth sallitiK In both houses. j
ennle Adopted lleniiliillons In Sjin-
lintliy llh t'linplnln rnnnnn mil
bj Sennlor Ishnni to I.I ml t
lloiiileil IndehteilnrNN.
Called to order by the pi oi-ident. De
votional exercises conducted ny the Key.
tiny C. Uamson of Montpilier, chaplain
ol the House. The Journal of Wednesday s
proceedings was read and approved.
S. 23 Hy Senator lluxton of Kiitland,
ainendltiK section lt, Vermont Sl.itutes,
relatltiK to attachment and sale of live
animals or property liable to perish or
waste. Changes ns to notice of alta.'h
nient and sale. Notice to lie printed n
newspaper. Committee on Judlcliry.
S. K-Ily Senator Ishani of ChlttendL'n.
to limit the bonded indebtedness of
towns, cities and incorporated villages.
Town, city or village, by two-thirds vote
at duly ttani'd meeting, may .itc to
Issue bond-, for pntchasltiK i oa.I-makliif;
apparatus, buildim; permanent highways,
or to pay mi rent indrhtedness, but shall
not hercaftir issue bunds for any pur
pose for an amount exceedini; m per
cent, of the grand list fif s.iid town, cily
or villayc, and any bonds Issued x?eed
lag that ainouut shall he void unless
permission ij. h"re.ifter obtained by i spe
cial act of the legislature. This act shill
not affect bonded Indebtedness now exist
ing. Committee nn judiciary.
S. 27 l!y Senator Carpenter of Rutland,
r'lating to the Vermont lustloc. 'ind pub
lic ofllccr. Kxttiids the time for coin
pbtion and delivery of said book to Jan
uary 1, IDoi'i. General committed
S. 1.1 Amending section bvtl. Vermont
Statutes, relating to service of notice fin
absent defendant, liepntteil favorably by
committee on Judiciary and third rending
S. An act to make husband and wife
competent witnesses. Reported fivorably
from committee on judiciary and third
reading ordered.
The president announced the appoint
ment of Senator Fletcher of Windsor r.i
member on behalf of the Senate of tne
joint eniniulttte to Investigate and report
as to the expense of State institutions.
On motion of Senator I'h rce of Wind
ham the S(iite adjournrd.
CalU d to order by
the president.
tl. II
II li i
Ilf tl. w
'I .il i a
S .1 ".r I ,
I'i ' ir Mr
fl h.uinw ar.d Mr. Malone of I'alr
" v' rituv An Informal ballot wis
h s' i-iK. ii hieh Itepres.'iitalive X.
A b,l -.' ,,f Hurlingtoii ! d. Mr. Ilul
' ' '1" ii ki I Ihr caucus but stated he
v ' '' Hel d ite for the position and
'ftf 'i " Hue of John II. S 'liter ot
l i Mi Si liter was I llnated
bv Mr 1 1 Hi i ' n ,j n of st. Allians and after
" ! .R -'i. urn. .ili i,y Mr. ii'Sulllvan
aid M lull.ir.j. Mr. Sent r was deflaied
tie ti Hi n i of the caiKus by a rising
Vf'tc n w iil I., iionunateil next Tin sd ly
fif'f i feii.i, 'n Mr I'.ij.c of Ha i re ei'y.
i he - ..!- omnntlee on elulms from
t e Sei.iif Hf if, (! iig.iln I,.,,,)
a' w . I I i, eveniiy in t,o St. lie iiudl.
1 ' "ff ' '"i 'In ounts ot the State
l' '"i the l,n-,iiie for the :m
1 i ' Sf i .itor Fleii her ,,f Wiud-
i- r . ii ' . . in en added I, ... In mi.
'"ill H ' ' ' I tl.ey ,iie nm mg the
' i ' 1 i.n e ..f K S I'I itt of
I' i iiini sihn i -j1 "r oi llnanie
Dr Mai din II it. l. n on .iiperiiiten
That Racking Oouah
turrl.i'hy,on,B lima Balaam
H. 2 Amending charter of A.ihtIi an
Kidelity Co Committer) on oorpoiatiouv
Senator Kish of Windsor announced m!
the Senate the serious Illness of i baplaln '
lb v. Mr. I'aiiiiiiii, spoke feelingly with'
regairt to the same, and present' d r."-i-lutions
extending to Mr. I'arm.m the(
Miipatny ot tin- Sennie in his aMla-tton.
which r. f.lutlons were adou d l.y a
unanimous rising vole.
S. 2 Ily Sinilnr Lawrence of Addison,
to p.iy C. J. S"dy J'.Tl for services and
cash paid out In pursuit and arrfst of
Kll Odell. charg'd with a crime. Coin
inlttie on dainis.
S. Si rty Senator Wells of W.ishlnctnn,
relating to thr taxation of Savings hank
deposits. I'rovides that saving bar.lis
shall pay the taxes on all stvings de
posits atifi that no deposit shall be taxed
against tlio depositor. Comm.tte on
Senator l'lerce of Windham presented
a resolution providing that when th S. a
ate adjourn" on Friday li.reno m il 'e ,tn
til D:i p- ni. of Monday, Oct ih.-r 17.
On motion of Senator Dickey of Orange
the Senate adjournfd.
mlltee on claims.
II il.'Hy Mr. Leavens of Cambridge,
amending act No. !W of l!f)2; eommlttee nn
temperance. No person engaged in the
liquor traffic, directly or Indirectly, to he
neicptfd as surety on bond; no peron to
he surety for more thnn one applicant
sureties must he residents of same town
as applicant.
H. Cl-Hy Mr. Kills of Hrattleboro, re
biting to emplOMTictit of child labor. No
child under 12 shall he employed In any
mill, factory or workshop In any capacity.
No child under 1,3 shall be so employed
during school sesfion. Advances age at
which children at Ir.l or In mills may b
employed, nfler attending Cf. weeks school
dining the yenr from 1.3 to 16 years nr.d
applies same provisions to parochial
yehool pupils l enalty for employing chil
dren adverse to limitations prescribed, or
rs parent or guardian consenting thereto
lixfd at ,vi.
Count v courts, municipal courts and Juv
tice-. to havii coneuirmt Jurisdiction
Repeals section .3.1 W, rel.Uliig to child
emrloyment. Comtnlttfe nn eduralinn.
1 1 M-Hy Mr. IMdy of Stowe. amondlns;
act reioiing to seine and set line tlshln
game and fbhcrles. 'I'rovlfs for permits
by commissioners for set line fishing,
with a view to colIecUon of Information,
ami preservation o: the Ihh.
H. V-ny Mr. Dyer of Middldown
Slirings, amending the law relating to the
cutting of hushes on the loadrlde; com
mittee on hlghnnys, btldges and ferrlin.
(Sclecimen to hae bushrs cut for spac.i
of ten feet each y,n of center line of
H fil-Hy Mr. Miller of liarnard. abol
Khlng the denlh penalty and substii iitlng
lite Imprisonment; Judiciary.
II. (.37 Hy Mr. Start of llakersHeld.
amending the statute relating to th rail
road commission; commltt.e on ruiiroads.
(Abolislits th" comirlssion).
H. I Amending di.ii tor of American Fi
delity comp'iny
Mr. Darling of ChcKca explained that
the proposed amendment struck out the;
rlcht to insure against plate glnssj break
age and steam boiler explosion, the con:
pai'v desiring the change;; so that It may
enter New York without payment of
heavy fee rfiiulied for instirancf agiinst
these risks
fin motion of Mr. Waite oi llde I'ark,
the Ilo'jHe adjourned.
HOI'S K-A K'l' K R N O O N .
'I'he speaker announced the follow
ing members of the Joint cominlitee on
tf'tnpernni'e on the part of the House:
Mr. Graves of Itennliigton, Mr. Grout of
Derby. Mr. Parti of Springfield. Mr.
O'Sulllvnn of St. Albans city. Mr. Agan
ot i.uiliow. Mr. crane or Hrooknlil, Mr.
I.avens of Cambridge...
H (!.. -Hy sji-, M.les of H.irtoii,
anieinls Sec. 11L'7. Vermont Statutes, by
removing the elisiiuallllcatlon of Jurors
serving for four terms after their hav
ing once srved. It does not excuse
special Jurors or those drawn on struck
Juries. Judiciary committee.
II :' Ry Mr. miss of Swanion. le
galizing the I eorganlzatlon of tlie
Swanton Savings Hank and Trust com
pany. onimlttco on banks.
II. 70 Ry Mr Russell of Shrewshuiv.
amending See -ihiii, relating to tire In
surance. I'rovides for payment of lull
face of policy In case of total losp u
valued Insurance policy. Committee on
Instil ance.
A fnint resolution, hy Mr. O'Sulll
van of St. Albans city, as follows:
Whereas, the Hon. Redfiehl I'rr.ctor.
the senior senator from Vermont, has
1 ho luxury of (. V.
Hy. iinrrtinlll
laluc H l ii ic
l-itra atii f lie com
fort of l)i .N t'H
lniirt firi'oMiUt
Sleeping Cui'i
Cdlt in hn)rf tliAii
rpnKfr Atccnidfiii
I'lovftl iii Kivp'ilrtailft
ariitHnuie rfltttur
nny lourrotnbirutiuji
iA iri v.
IhimiKh Vr Uiim lo
M. I'.ml, au.i IMftllc
Wrltf H T rOT.VIK,
W)3 hln til "ii HtrMt,
Ri:soi,n'ioNS as to chai-lain
Whereas, 'Che lte. Marcelltis ". Far
man, chaplain of this Senate, is aniict.-d
by severe sickness, compelling his ah
since from among u. theiefnre, b It
Resolved. Ily the Senate that we have
Scarnnl with deep sot row of ,he Illness
of our respected ami beloved assotia'e,
and that we hi rchy tender to him our
heartfelt sympathy and expre-n our
eirne.-t hopes tor Ills speedy lecov ry.
Resolved. That a copy of these resolu
tions be spreael upon the Journal of the
Senate and that a copy of the same be
torwai'li .1 to Mi. Kaiuian and also to his
!prclnl Committee lo CmiNliler CnneiiN
IIIIIn .lolul Com ml I Ice on Temperance.
Devotional exercises conducted by the.
Ri v Mr Shaw, the' member from Marl-1
lieiro, Journal of yesterday read and ap
proved. 'I'he speaker announced as the sperl.il
committee to consider caucus hill these
iiieinhir- Messrs. l.ewls of Tiny, I'ro..
tor of I'roctor. Downer of Sharon. O'Siilll
i,in ol St Albans rliy, Kitts eif Rrattle
lioro. Archibald of Munch" ster, Milliard of
Rurllliglon. Norton of Vergennes, l.add of
Allinrgli. Mansur of llrightoti, Hirkforel
of liradford. Smith eif Shcllield, rialli'y of
Harre town.
H Vi liy Mr. Deavens of Cambridge,
amending s.ctlons 7 and .'II of No. 'JO of acts
of I'.ift.' Towns shall elect lliuor ceimmis
sloiiers by ballot at town meeting, with
out reganl to their political alllhations
I'lfth class lli'enses (ilruitglsts) may he
granted by license coiumlsslone is, In
stead of selectmen, as at present, Joint
commute e em temperance.
II. r.il-Ry Ml. Cheelel of Stnckhrldge,
aineiidlng seitlon , V. S., relating to
form ol ballots. RmiovcH setiaro from
head of olllelal ballot for town represen
tative; committee on elections.
II .37 -Hy Mr. Rylher of Dover, relating
to piotcdlon of fish; committee on game
ami fisheries. Makes the close season on
trout, salmon, sal mon-t rout and 'longo
from August I to Mav 1.
II 5s Ily Mr. Walker of DummerKton,
relating to taxation on savings b.inkK de
posits; way mid means, Makes the limit
f.M inslind of 2,iin,
H Til fly Mr. Fish of Ira, mmnllnc
statutes relating to lien on orttH; Reneral
H, w-liy Mr. Morv of lUuUulyli,
of late, liy ellllgent labor and pains
taking iisearch. sought out and
brought to light many valuable manu
scripts ami records relating to tin- ear
ly history of the Staff, and prei'nted
'In an elegant and artistic form fac
simile copies of the same to the Ver
mont Historical society.
Resolved. Hy the Senate and House
of Repi esenlutlves. that the thanks of
the people of Vermont are due to tile
, Hem. Reillleld Proctor for having ri'S-
I cued from obscurity and oblivion many
! valuable historical documents and re.
I stored them to the possession of his
I nat Ive. State.
I Resolved. That a copy.of thesn reso
lutions be forwarded to the Hn. Red
field Proctor by the clerk of the House.
Adopted on part of the House.
On motion of Mr. Downer of Sharon
the House adjourned.
Two Bills Relating to This Work
Introduced in the House
Member Went Borne to Rent Un.
Ill Monday A Hill Introduced to
Kxtrnd Open Jicnsnn for Ileer Ten
I)a fiov. Hell nml I'mully
Return to Wnlden.
Is Better Than Two Afterwards -a
Chance to Profit by a Bur
lington Woman's Experience.
it is sirango now people will put away
all opportunity until ton late; it's only
little things that go to malic up our every
day existance, the troubl a vre don't
pay sulllcient attention to them. Hack
ache is a little thing, sometimes it cenca
after a haul day's work; or a slight cold
il win pass on, you siy It's only the
result of overtaxing my hack. It Isn't
tne limit or your back, but your kidneys
l lie exertion of straining has Intorlcrcd
wiin tne delicate mechanism, hut It really
is Kinney acne, ir tno kidneys are not
relieved chronic disorders set in and this
is why tho "little, thing" should not be
passed over. A Hilrllngtnn woman hns
H'ainel to appreciate what delay means
.Mrs, u r, liyner, formerly of 21 Peru
street, says: "1 never had backache until
la grippe ieri mo a victim to it. For
four yens I had ,i constant pain across
tho loucr part of my back. It's nersisi
ency was terrible and resisted all mv ef
forts to shiko It off. Reading or worklmr.
walking or staiiilluir, sitting or lying Ilia
pain in my wick was always present In
full force. In one of my attempts to cret
ease, I went to V. J. Ilendeison's drug
store ami got a nox or Doan s Kidney
PIHs. I never was so plrneil at anv
ict of mine In my life. They gave mo tho
firs! freedom I ever had from aches and
and pains in all tno veam I suffered
Tho result was so positive ud decided I
am onlv too plo'isci to ho able to rec
oinmond Pom's Kidney Pills In others."
For fair by all dealers, price Tdt cents
Kf)ter-.Mlllii7? Co,, ,N y, snhi agents
for the I . .
Rememlior IM nuiio, Doan's, anil take
no subBtltut
Monlpeller, Oft H. After a session of
15 minutes both houses adjourned this
morning until Monday afternoon ami
nearly all the. me tubers left for their
homei hy the afternoon and evening
trains. Two bills In the Senate t Rat were
ordered to a third readlnt this morn
ing were ordered to lie until next week
because, of tho absence ot pevir.il sena
tors. The two hills Introduced in the House
to-day hy request by Mr. Pnttt of Spring-
Held will cnmmf nd themselves t all who
are in sympathy with the "'k of tin
Vermont Humane society. One of these
bills prohibits krepltlfr cattle or oilier
animals In tmnslt confined in ears fcr
more than ;i consecutive Houm without
water, feed and rest, and the .ihi r gives
agents of the Humane soci"t- minority
to sign complaints before the ...art Mr.
Phelps of llarnet Introduced t Mil ex
tending the open eason for ih r m Ver
mont so that it shall he for th, last ten
days In October and tho llrst ten days In
November. The House pas.' d one cor
poratlon bill and ordered another bill to
a third reading.
Oovcrnor Rell and family w nit this
noon to their home in Waldi r The .mv
erunr will not be at the cnpit.il until
next Tuesday morning, as h. InsMtutes
a Pomona (.range- at Cornwall next Men
day cvenlnc.
The hill lijtroduced In the House this
week providing for the. I, . using of
osteopathy to practice In Vermont and
permitting graduates of th HoMon,
Klrksvlll" and Still College-, of osteopathy
to practice In Vermont without passing
an examination will meet with very de
termlned opposition on the fl. . -r of both
houses, not only by tho ph -ifi.ui but
hy eethers who consider nu ll i bill class
legislation, and discriminating against
i;rmluM"s from the tnedica' d-p.irtmenl
of the l'n'vrr.lty of Vcrmoiy, V 1 1 -, Il-ir-
varel or any rvtli'T New Fnglai,.! colleges
who, after they have reeeh- i th. ir dip
lomn from me college must p.is a very
thorough and searching exam. nation be
fore they can receive a llen-i- to prai
tlec their piofi-lon.
Sennte Did Sni Act on III I lo (Mrlng to
Smnll Attendance.
t alien to order by the president pro
tern.. Senator I'roiity of Or ins. Pevo
tlonnl exel rises conducted n- the Rev
W. A. Klii7.le of Darre. Jm.i I of Tlitus-
day's proceeding fad ml .',,'oved.
Joint resolution from H .- irov!ellng
ror preservation of certain ,rly erniont
hlstorli'al records colle. i-d hy Senator
i'roctor. ,
orpkri:p T I. IF.
. 8 Maklni; husband anil wife rompc
tint witnese. On motion of Senator
Slack of Caledonia, onleied to he becails.
of absence of man;, s. nators.
. 1'! Anienuing -eition bill. Veimont
statute. On niotion of Senator Lawrence
of AdilLon. order, d to lie for the same
leason as above
I In motion of Senator Slack of Caledonia
the Senate adjoiil iii l
scernl Hill Introduced mitt Hue l'rl-
nte .1eniirc Passed.
Divotloaal exeiiises weie conducted
hy the chaplain. Tie journal of yes
terday was read and approved.
H. 71 Hy Mr. n Sullivan of St. Al
bans city, relating to allowance to
widow. Widows of persons dying In
testate and without Issue shall, on ap
plication to piobate court receive from
husband's estate all household goods In
addition to present liare of estate
Judiciary committer
It. 7: Ry Mr. Darling of Chelsea.
rehitlng to nmcnilm"t of charters
Corporations oiganireil under general
statutes may by vote of all Its stock
holders alter the business, of corpora
tion, but shall not engage In business
not authorized by said gener.il statutes.
Notice of change shall be Hied with
secretary of Slate. Judiciary commit
II. 7.1 Ry Mr. P.irlt of Springfield.
by request of Vermont Humane socle'y,
relating to prevention ol cruelty to an
imals, committor, on Judiciary. (For
bids the confinement In the cars, for
more than 24 conseititive hours, of an
imals In transit, without rest, water
and feeding. The pi rson having charge.
or In his default Hie railroad coihpsny
at his expense, shall attend properly
to care of animals when unloaded.
H. 71 Ily Mr. D.irtt, relating lo
same as above, cnmmitti'O on judiciary.
(Hives agents of Humane society au
thority to sign i oniplaints before the
courts; lines to l. paid to the society
pi osce'iiting the i lolation.)
' 11. 75 Ry Mr. Phelps ot Unmet, re.
luting to the killing of deer; to com
mittee on gam" and fisheries, (Adds
ten days lo the open season )
II. 17 Amending statutes relating to
taking of land for si hool purposes.
11. 21 To incoi porato Mechaiilcs
vllle association (amended as proposed
hy committee on corporations)
On motion of Mr Kicker of St. Johns
bury It was ordered that when the
Mouse adjonriied It ho until two o'clock
iK'Xt Monday afternoon.
On motion of Mr. Walle of Hydo
Park, the House adjoin ned.
The member who fails to get on In any
of the actlxc working committees some
times Cnds it pretty hard to kill time,
and goes, back home with a not verv ex
alted Idea of tho halo which Is suppos mI
to surround tho head or tho town rep.
resent.itlve. We are remlndul of nun mem
her of a recent house, from a small town,
who found himself with Utile or nolliing
to do In the way of committee work, and
upon whose hands time hung heavily be
fore the session as half through. To
soino one who spoke to him a year or
more later about his experiences In Mont-
pelier he said: "1 wouldn't go hack there
again and be as small a man as I had
to be at that sis'slou for ten dollars a
day," At home this man was an energetic,
thrifty farmes, and would havn served
well em any of tho busy committees. He
simply didn't get a chance.
The Glenwood
Oak Stove
For either Coal or "Wood
The Glenwood Oak Stove with triangular revolving
grate is acknowledged the most perfect working coal stove
ever made. This grate keeps the fire absolutely free from
clinkers so that the fire need not be let out the entire winter.
The Mica Covered Openings in the lower feed door show
the fire and give a most cheerful and pleasing effect.
The Swing Top may lw turned to one side, allowing the
large flat top beneath to be used for heating water, or other
purposes when desired.
The Wood Grate may be used alone, or resting on the coal
grate, which is a great convenience for people u.sing both fuels.
It burns with economy either coal or wood,
Dr. P. E. McSweeney Elected
President of Vermont State
Medical Society.
Imitation I"telnled liy Dr. .1. II. Wheel
er lliirlliiglon ANo fihm the Trea
surer and Member on HxeciitHe
Committer Meeting Closed
nlth Trolley Hide.
Uutland, Oi t II. The closing session of
tin.' 01st annual meeting of the Vermont
Plate Medical society was held this morn
ing and wa.-i opened by Hie report fioin tho
house eif delegates read by Hr. I.yman
Allen of liurllngton which nnmui the fol
lowing ollicers , committees and ibdeyates
which were declared cleitid.
rusiib nt. I', i:. MiSwctuy of Hurling
ton, vice-president, M. I.. Chandler of
H. ure; s.cietnry, (!. H. Corham of Ucl
lows rails; tieasiuvr, 11 11. Stone of liur
llngton; auditor, J. II. IlloilgeU of Saxtmis
Iliver; executive, committee, president anil
secretary and V. ('. Hawli'y of Hurling
ton; publication committee, !. H, tlor
ham of Iiellows Kails, li. II. Anderson of
Urattbboro, K. It. Campbell of Hel
leiws I'alls; necrology, M, H. Kddy
of Mnlillelniry. C. t. ScoAVld of
nichford. K. W. Howard of Shorehani;
legislative. S. H. Darling of liardwick.
11. I). Iloltoi' of Hr.'iMleboro, H. II. Camp
bell of Bellows Kails Kails; license cen
sors. Henry James o: Uaterbury, S. W.
Ilnnimoud of Kiitland, J. S .Hilt of Hel
lows Kails; anniversary chairman, . V,
I'eck of ltrandon.
t'pon the invitation or Dr. Wheeler of
liiirhngion the society will hold Its .-.est
annual mie'tiug at that plan.
1Kb gates to the different associations
and soiietbs were elected as lollows;
Ametiean .Me dlial association. Dr. II., D.
Ilolton, Massa. hu-- its Medical Society,
Dr. Hh'dgett. Dr. 1' It. Htoililaul. Sliel
blirni'; Dai-Inn nlll Mi .Ileal soe ietv. Dr.
I). '. Iiilcr, Iiian.lon. Dr I.. V . Bur
hnnk. abut; fnivei'slt y of "imrnt Medl
ial society. Dr. M. K. Mciluue Mont
I" ln r. Dr. C V. Uaitlett. Ninth I'.enning
toii. Maine Meilical society, Dr !'. M.
Nichols. Ilarton, Dr K. S. .'ira. 'iroy;
Uhode Island "rich ty, Dr. A. I. Miller,
llnittlel oro, Dr. W. YV. Townsciw, Kut
lind. New Hampshire Medical s. eb-ty.
Dr. A. C. i'. illiy. Il iralolph, Dr. K. C
I. nblle, Dorset; Connei'lii lit Medlial so
ciety. Dr. I'. 'I'. Kidder, Woodstock. Dr.
.1. W. K.st. i brook. lira p Ion; .N'e.v York
Medical society. Dr. K. D. Hills, I'oultn
Dr. i'. S. Hodskins.
Itlver Medical society,
S.iMhii's Itlver, Dr. A.
I'he Initial paper as read hy (b o. I". II.
WilUrd of Vergeni.es entltl. d " flic
Serums anil Animals Extracts m Our
Tin raphy." l'ollowlng this "What ''an
Preventive Medicine Do to Safeguard tie
.Middle lCar Against Acute and Cnrnnic
Infection," as discussed by Dr. Krancis
'. Kint'l son of lioston by the use of
olored charts, i'.llls O. Kobert of K.nr
Haven read a paper on "SraHntlna .'.
Itiibelln." A half hmir as devurd o the
idlng a. id dlsi usstng of "The Specific
Treatment of Typhoid I'ever." ! .1 M.
llackett of Chaniilaln. N. V. and other'.
Dr. John t . Mil urn and Dr. r.ni"!on of
Hoston wete ulected honorary members
of the soeiety A llnal adjoin nm Mit was
taken at eleven o'cloek. alter which the
tnemlnrs and their wives took a trolley
ride to Kair Haven, slnre dinnor was
servid at Hotel Allen
Castleton; Unite
Dr. K. I- nsgood,
1.. Miner, IMlows
Snrlnglleld, fut. H The first snow fell
lure Wednesday afternoon. After ono
Inch had rtllcn It turn to rain, This is tho
earliest snoSv and heaviest In three years.
rev,. ilrul u.iAti, lo iei.lt wiu 'lit
and In liMM, llio llrsl (lurry was October 21
I'Virtlfy tho system ngalnst dlsense hy
purifying and ciiricping iac nioou -in
other words, take iioou's Saruaiiarllld.
still ten days before the expiration of
his sentence John I'arrnr of Water
bury, who has been behind prison bars
at the House of Correction for some
live years for embezzlement has gone to
Waterbury to uttenel the funeral of his
father. At the time Mr. Karror was
sent to the Houo of Correction for
seven years Imprisonment, the whole
State was arouseel over tho case, owing
to the youth of the respondent, his pre
vious good character and the. situation
In his famllv and home. Mr. Karrar
has gone on In a quiet wav putting his
spare time to good advantage In var
ious studies and has gained fop him
self the name of one of the best pri
soners at the institution. His sontenco
with time eiff for good behavior will
oNpiro Monday the 'JUh. '
Wot el was received by Mr. Karrar yes
terday of Hie sudden death of his fath
er. Krl ward Karrar. village president
and water commissioner of Waterbury.
He was In a ellteh about seven feet
deep when the banks ruddenly caved
In on him. On receiving notices of his
father's death. John Karrar got Into
e ommtitileatlon with District-Attorney
J. I.. Martin and obtained permission
to attend the funeral, lie left last
light unaccompanied for Waterbury.
The House of Correction orfieUls
stated to-night that Mr Karrar had not
bei'n released. He' was allowed to at
tend tho funeral at District-Attorney
Martin's Instructions but Is in chnrge
of the sheriff al Waterbury. When
aske.il if Mr. Karrar would return to
serve out his si'ntence, the official said
he (ltd not know, but presumed as it
was so near an end he would not. j
Itutlnnd County Court Henrliit tnsr
ngnlnxt Hminell Molt.
Rutland Oct. 1 1. -The Jury in the
case of John K. H. McDonough, as
proponent of the will of Mrs. Heorgo
H. Ilnssell, against Mrs. Julia K. Den
nis, contentant appellant, which has
had the case under consideration since
ten o'clock this morning, is still out at
eleven o'clock to-night. The jury came
in this afternoon and reported that
they could not agree, hut they were
sent back to their room by Juilee Mun
sou. Tlie criminal docket was reached this
morning when the ease' of the State
against Uinmctt Mott of I'roctor was
taken up. Mott is charged with at
tempting to commit criminal assault
on Miss Nellie Kelle-y, a nurse employ
ed at the I'roctor hospital. The de
feiulant is alleged to have called at the
hospital on the night of Tuesday, Sep
tember fl. stating that his wife was
sick and that he wanted n. nurse to ac
company him to his home. When on a
lonelv road, It is alleged, that, ho at
tempted to assault the girl.
Montpelier, Oct.- II. Miss Mary Ann
Thwins celebrated her I'lUh birthday this
afternoon by keeping opon house nm
tno to four o'clock, during which time
stores of her friends both old and young
called to offer their ongratul itions to j ti,jk 111
this nonagenarian and to wish for her ternoon
many added years ot pie. .miss inwing
was born In llarre and is the only living
child of Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Thwing.
She has been Infirm from birth and when
3 year? old fractured one hip so tint
she has since been unable to walk. Kor
many years she has resided in the Iwonils
house on Muln street in this city, living
with Mrs. Amanda Ioomis and Mrs. Rov
nnna Podge, her sisters, both now deceased.
Don't Fail to Secure All of Our
Exposition Views,
Hnllre merles Doilrahle A fforellnc s
Complete History of the f.'real
St, Louis Hiposltloii.
This paper
impres" upon
secute 111 the
Cltv" series nf World'- I
The reason for the r-
viewa are selecfd so .
whole pei ies eml ia
the 1'iiir ar. hilectct-il.
ethnological, nrti-t ami
If nny portfolio mis
much will lb. . s
r nembr-iiiee ..r ! '
posi oi r fei
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Its icid'-rs' 1 1, ad', i-e lo
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i, v s
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l. n .k-
f itur.
I r 1
bv it th
.,e", I
tl o
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11 1 1 L" .
n-otig llloso
llf p.tr'-i
series is ,itte. ted I''
institutions of ..'ira
who are inline :n
nlr-'iily Issued.
Thi ies are, of e i.' . a. ura'c an 1
authentic, since th; ornrinal '.honirrar
are sicured by th" official ) hotogr.irh. r
of the ICvposltlon. espoi lally for the r-'or-eH
citj" series; and tlie de (rlitic por
tions ar" also thoroughly 'lUilicnte . sIiko
thi'V are prepared by Ir. Walter It,
Stevens, secret. irv of the l.ouisiani Pur
chase Imposition
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awakening to the imont tan' e of scar
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this small amount being cbarg. d t)
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and t"n cents e-ach week, or ; on r'iti
send $2.i and the necessary coup"- s f ,r
tlie 2'S numbers now out. -there w be ,W
albums in the rnmplete series.
Hon. II. r. Illonil, Donor of WlniNor
Library. In lleml.
Windsor, Oct II Word was received
tills evening that the lion. II. K. Dlood,
donor of the Windsor library and a mini
for the Did South Church of this place
was diad at Viaitnatu. .Mass.. ngru
jcars. Mr. Illood wa born in what in
now West Windsor am! had lived bore
many years before r' inoipg to W.iltham
Hi had uheii a hbrarv to Hrownsvllle and
one to Asculn-'yviUe besides the one here
He was present at the dedication of the
Windsor lllirarj building a few weeks ago
and wa not feeling well at that tune, but
no one i p ctcd thai It would be his last
visit. Postmaster s . lirymit has gone
to Walthain to make arrangements for
the funeral which will be held here and
Inula! In the old South icmrtcry at Windsor.
AllolM'il tu Atlrnil III 1'allier's I'liner
nl llvelng to ioml llebnlor He
I'riibnlily Not Itciiirii lo
lttitland, Oct. 14 Although thero are
Montpelier, Oct. 14. The farm biilldln(;s
nf Duclus Oould In Kast Montpelier were
burned this evening together with 30 tons
of hay, two hogs. .'." cords of wood and
a part of his hous-ehold goods. The loss
I2,i"i, partially coven-d by Insurance. Tho
lire caught In the barn from a nroken
lantern and the barn and house were
burned to the ground.
Dvspopsla bane of human
Hurdock Hlooi Hitters cures it,
permanently. Ilegulatis and
tones tho
In all lit itages.
Ely's Cream Balm
c!rnc, i ooIUck rinel heals
tlie dlnmi'U menihrane.
It rurecatrrb ami drlvm
ani7 a ceilil hi the head
Crciiiii IJnlm la placed Into tli nottrili.aprraill
oer the ninnlnn'ic and la abaorlicd. Itellef la Im
mediate anil a cure followe, It la rot drying doea
not produce ineesiLi, 1 arse Flie, ccnta at Drus
glrta or by mail; Trial Size, 10 ccr.ti.
KLY BltOTlIKHS, Warren Street, New Tork
A Father nf 1t Cblldren Willing to I.rt
One Co Cheap.
New Ynik. Oct. 13 Mrs. Kr.inces Hell
of Jersey City was arraigned before
Judge Hlgglns in tho first criminal court
yesterday on the complaint of her slt'T-ln-law,
Mrs, Rose McDeriU'Ut of Tenth
street. Mrs. McDcrmott said flint Mrs.
Hell had annoyed her for some time, and
ihen she met her on Tenth strc-t last
night her sister-in-law upbraid d her In
lotjil and exulted tones.
Mrs. Hell denied that she had used any
bad language. She was 77 years old, she
said, and had fifteen children, fv.ntcen
living. One, 1 cars old. she declared hoi
been stolen by her MSter-in-law, Mrs. Mc
Dcrmott said she obtilned tho child for
consideration of one cent.
The bill 'of sale for the child was as
Sept. 7, lP'M.
"1, Thomas Hell, do hereby waive nil
claim to my daughter. Iloe Olendwine
Hell, and do Ivrcliy sell iwr to John and
Hose McDermott for Ihe sum of one cent
1 hereby promise that, should said glil
die bufore the expiration of two month.'-,
1 will see to fcer burial."
The rross mark was alleged to repre
sent Mrs. Pell's signature. The court de
cided that the child must be returned to
her mother and dismissed the complaint
against Mts. 15e.
At the time, nf tho closing of the doors
of tho farmers' Mutual Crrajtiery com
pany at St. Johnshuiy tlie creditors nut
and appointed a committee of !lo to in
vestigate the company's affalis and recom
mend what steps shouM be taken to get
back a portion of their money. This
committee consisted nf 1'.. T. ide. C. II.
HlRglns, Charles Weeks, W. U Itussell
and W. I Hussell. Tim committee has
given tlie matter much careful examina
tion, hut has been unable to reach any
satisfactory ngrcemcnt with the parties
liiterostojl and llio affairs will h settled
In -the bankruptcy court. The outlook
fur tho creditors Is very b.ul-
I'reil .leveetl nnd Irilng Ishani Must
I'ay $1110 llneh Vile Case on Trial.
Montpelier. O't 11-Tbe rape 'is . '
State vs Hiram Warp n. trial 'f wi 'H
was begun In Washington couirv i -r'
Thurtl.iy aft'-rnooi.. will go to th' iry
before noon to. morrow The r, siioii l.mi:
stand in his own behalf tni- if
lenying in c-ery psrte liar ili.i
story told by the complaining witness.
C.l.iilys Stearns, a blind girl li vcars oi l
Arguments were made this atteirnoo.i for
the State by S. Holhster J.ieks.,n ami
hy 1". I,. D.utd for the te'spond.nt W A
I. on! will close for the reponilnt to
morreiw morning anel State's Attorney
Scnter for the state.
Irving Isham, who was convicted ' r
teTday in Washington county court of
illegally killing d'-'T, Is seriously ill in
the county J-i 11 with heart tremble. Ho
Is in the care of the eliy phys-icrin
A fi.'tltinn is In circulation asku.g (!
ernor Hell to appoint flen. J. 11 I, p.-a
city Judge for the two years entv.in . eg
December 1 next.
The petit juror not on the n -rren:
case were excused this afternoon hv
Judge Tyler until after the October term
of supreme court, which convi n ' i. 1 1
her Commencing next Mondav r
noon th court calendar will he t.i t o
and divotce and other court ef. w ;
In order.
Montpelier, Oct 1.1. Tile , i
State v. Hiram Wniren of Cain'- i'
lory rape, was called in V..-hingt -county
court this afternoon uiol io i''l
all the afternoon was occupied in c
paneling a jury. The respondent
charged with committing tlie crime i.f
ratio on Olaelys Siearns of Johnson.
August 15. hist, when she was sit
ing her sister, wife of the respond-nt
111 Calais. 'I'he complaining wltnos Is
Hi yents old and has been blind from
birth. She was on the witness stand
when court adjourned this afternoon
'I'he jury In the iase of State v- I'reil
Jcwett and Irving Isham. shooting a
doc l,it iictoher. afte-i be!"g out nc if
ly 'Jl hours, retm ned t - ''of this af
ternoon of guiltv api"-' bull of tee
respondents The
jiennlty In ca-i s i ,
i-ourt has no ili-i i'ii
'I'he respondent J- w
by Judge Tvh r i" i
and costs of pro-ei r
nat ive senti in e A' i
respondent, Isham. his
fen ed for a I'e w 1 i
placed In the custody
' - I'rn .e t ',.
- k.rd and , nn
t he n i eti r
w . - sen ti n, e 1
, I IP ,,' 11, M)
w I ' th.' alt. I -1
, rwl ,.f t '
i'Iii e i i d -
.1 In
I Mieillf i:
l'OS'l'M STK.It
i. Hit I
W S a pp.
well to-. 1. 1
llnticiuk. Vt
. i 1 iri. s K s
ant .1 j'OpI. i.
lor Infants aud Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Boars tho
Signature of
O V. J3i "X1 O XTL x y. .
Boars the 1 h Kind Y 'I HaAUw Boi'tht
Htri tho lh) Kind Von Have Alrvars Boojht

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