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Aldermen Got Legal Opinions on
Them Friday Night.
I)r. rlnrk'n DIM TSvltntinUvrlr He. Ir iti-i!
by Attorney It rim n i:. It. Toon
I'nlil HI 03 linilcr Kite Ye-nr Po
lice ienloo ttcMilullnn.
A ffrlnl merlliiK of (lie board of nldcr
M"ii was hold In st iibtht mill for tlic first
mm In weeks every member wiih present.
The particular ob.(ct for whh li I ))' unit
i.iK un- mild w is ti nilvi- the nport of
''u AM'irnry Urnwn upon ii bill pte.sont-
il l.y n. 1-' J. i'I.iiI;, health nllleer. Thin
Pill lit1- i.iii'-ifd i otitudornhln tilscussfon lit
lot'incr mi i ni,-s nnil has been vetoed by
ili' mm in i involves a number of leal
j'litil.x ,,i..l iiii.ui thoo Attorney l!rown
l mib-red .in r. l ti i rin Iu.t til-Jit. Jn uddl
I on In In- (T,.rk -i bill, it bill for K pre-i-ntcd
b J; Ji Cnon for extra pay as :i
) ".ul.tr pop, ' in. hi came up.
1 ho opinion of City Attorney lliinvn
l.pon lir CI irk s bill -was lis follows:
i a n 1 1 ir.r-'i A i's"ibition passed by the
iiv ci. .in, I .,n Hi" Mb d:iy of July, l!nl.
r.ildd ti.it tlin health ollloor shall ro
ice ii - il iiv of 'i")0 to lu pnid quartet ly
111 lull I'.' I .ill M rwi'O? CN.Ipt actual (llh
1 lll'scm. iitj).
The . I urn presented bv s-i'rt health nfll
i r npi.'i in. Ii'c.iluv of w)uh my opinion
i . . I for t - us follow.-.
i" sal n-i for rpmrtiT f 1 CJ.r.O
April to bin .-il notmit 3.lTi
April to ii porlh In Still" l.o.uri 1 a,
Mav to t l.'iri il p. unit- T.7.".
.M.iv to 1" it .its to state bo.iril ..".ii
.liinr to "I l.iirlnl permit s:f.n
Juno lo ,s repot is lo State hoard l.'Ji
.linn to rm-t iRr for (ii.nlfi'ly re
ports -so
J'. ii" to ii. ill nr monthli trpoit fnr
epiart r ca
i 'f tl is ilnm only two J i fins appear to
1" within th" .scope ot nnl n .solution:
Sil.irv for quarter, $p: Tin, iind pnstaip
for ipiirt.ily nport. The Inst Hem
thereof, ' mii'lma nmntnly reports for
J"f'i. 1 i an tln.l no .statutory pro.
r mtr. Such minimi; Is a part
-.-ir Iv included m maplnp; Midi
. . tli.. Si it.- bo ml of li. alth. for
v .! li '.i .1 lu i. Hi i .tin ' r is rn
When Chlllnrt to flic llono
Painkiller &T
Is tiTdcil to prrvrnt colds
nnil to wnrtl otT lllirfisr
c u,i r I f r.
i isinll f.
! nei c
1 r p .it-.
i li ft
t i! d 1 i
rd on 1
fori 11
J rovlde.
lloll or
i i i I'
ll ' nd l.ilm ?:5 ,! ore rliarp
' s b'.u.il pi rnnts. nut by sco
ff No. Ill, A. ' of I '.:. It I
1 tli it f i i i ,1 1 1 1 Pun.-il. iirpia
Vinovnl permit tin health of-
p. i- or ot .ir jn i -on i mhio; the nine,
fi.ill I'lrivc tb. sum nl cents to be
I .nil by tbr pit. -on to whom it Is
fled. Sueh biiti.il porrnlts are. there
forr , p.. loiiRi r Usally i harnoabbi to
ha id rit .
To ni.ipit ii.it". it Is my ..pinion thnt
laid oily i- lind. r no J. p.il obllR-.ition
to pay s-Lj.i ( l.i j nl .is lna.li prt. bei-auso
it n not . in .i 1.1 o to. l.,ii iolaiive of
raid rnsolLtioti, iImiik tin c onii'iMi.sat ion
i.f paid bialtli offli'or, iilthoui;h apjiar
ftitly mad" t hn iMiinlcr . sneondly, be
Liiisn fili.r,0 tlieroot nr.' not lecally
(li.irpo.ible to .said ri . and. thirdly,
because tho charec of no lor making
D.iinthly I cports for ciuartrr is not
pioperly charRoablo to .inybody.
Hut had tlili. claim hi in mado nt?rep
rldy to said ipsolution, tin" iucitlon
'' the jiirl.sdlctlon of tho city council
)ve-r the subjict matter thireof, would
)illl remain for consideration. Such
I'lriMliiWinn was doubtless usumrd un
jer a provision of tho city charter, sec
tion z, wlurcof a par' reads us lol-J.iw-
n c . . i ..ir, i n chiiii
Ji' 'i- it i.. i f . 11 otln r nl v
t pt a 1 . i: othci w i-.
Hit tin i i . i -.ot. m cm
1 . 1 "i 1 . . i . i . b . I pat t 1 '
I .. II. . : - ..I 1 'i .j, oi w
1'. ie,
I.N the com
official.s, (x
provid"d "
1 o have lx en
1 est I ll'teil h;.
itch section
II p. .1 1
1 1
, . 1,1.1,
t, JI 00 !!
lor i 'i.i
.ii.. i I.
li sain .1-
t In 1 . ii
'" a contagious dis-
ii. '.ii i ol the State bo.ud
... i li a officer shall re
- a ml tin bis biennial 1 1 -i.i
lor .-.I'litary inspections
i.miitiiim and placai dlntr
Hidings, ),n shall i coolie
tie local board ot health
oi ciii for winch he acts
s-'rill ili f i ri.i'onabb, but when rall-
1 by tho State board oi health to at
tend an.v lnt'etniK of said board be
s'inll re. civo Ins i j, clues and tho same
j er do in as the State boaid, troin the
i.iwn or tily lor wbn h po arts, unless
J e :- in iciUpt of a stipuiatrd salary."
i'roin this sMtion it l- in.inifcst that
t r fits- council ha-, to pow r to tlx
tl.i coinpi ns.uion oi the health officer
for c.mltnry itiMiectlona and for qtinr
alitlnlnp; ntul placardliiK InfcctloiiM
liiillillii,'s, ni) that must be dono by tho
local board of health of tho town or
rlty for which he nits, which lioatd by
section 10 ot said net, Is defined to be:
'The health officer appointed by tho
State hoard of health, with the select
men of his town or tho nldcrincn of
hi.s city.
a mi ii is equally manifest from an
Inspoet Ion of tho rlty charter nnil nil
the oilier statulory law dellnliiK tho
dutim of the local health officer, that
his i ninpens.itloti for pel foi inlliR-them
has been iixed by the statutes creat
ing them, except for .such (.unitary In
.specllons as ptovlded by suction I'.',
Those reasons lend mo to the conclli
slim that the provision In said resold
lion passed duly .1, l;i04, tlxlnpc the sal
ary of the health off leer is wholly II
leifal and void. Said .section ID, which
makes every local health officer u
member of the court to sit In Judgment
upon the value ot hl.s own public sir
Vices seems like lcRlshillvc alliance
with a very Krave subject a lusus
naturae even amonp Vermont statutes.
j. a. imowx,
City Attorney.
Ilr. flail! anil Henry Ballatd, bis attor
ney, were present but Mr. Ilallard was not
prepaied lo discuss the opinion rendcrel
by Mr. Hnmn nt length and asked for
some time to consider the. tnnttet. The
board therefore took t:o action on the
1;. ii. rnnn's bill for extra piy com'"!
about tlnnutfli a resolution which tlx
the Milarbs of policemen at ,A J," atid
.' per month acrot iltip; to bntttli of ser
vile. Mr. Coon cliims to be intitlnl to
vj per month ns lie claims to have been
a recall. ir polictnan live years iii!ou.s
to the passage of the resolnlion but that
h" lecivrd onlv ?"." per month niter its
pas'sae" up to tho time he T"ft I lie foice.
The opposition to the bill was on the
proud that Mr. Conn did not render con
tinuous service iiltliouch he did hold a
eommis-lon. This bill was vi toed bv
Mayor llurke nnil City Attorney K, K.
Htowu lenriited an oilnion siieral
moi tli-- niro to the effect that it should bo
pni.l. Last lilssht City Attorney .1, A.
liroivn litidered an opinion in which ho
ioi,. uri-'d with Ji. II. Htown s opinion.
PieMcl.it Tnft said il was not the in
t'lition of those who (rallied the lrsolit.
h"ii to hae .my oil her leceivo the iu
ri'.isrd pay unle-s ivnilered e..ntlnu-
ols , litre. J, ;. mlin (oulll hold
i lo.iinission for Ln jears but that If
he il.d not seie h,. Mould l).; no better
poln i in, in than n one jear man. He
s.m, il. at the in.'iiased p,iv for years .if
s'li' e was pi v n Ircauso It iias be.
In ii Hint an offr-rr n no h.id sered
tlrrr j.-nr wes more efficient than one
Mho li.nl .sei'i"d ti.o end that one who
hid ;tod live ienr. n.i; moio ifl'lclont
th.ni one who bad wivhI three.
Mtniniy Hroivn sud tho bill should be
ci, mi. red In aecord.ir'e with the iord
I'T ol" tho resolution and that nothing was
s.il.l about continuous seriko ir the res
i bit Ion.
Al Ji'i'mnr Stiles moved that the bill bo
paid and Pi csldcnt Taft called for an
avc and n.tv ote. The bill as oidertd
paid bv a vote of eight to two, the vole
beitit' as follows'
Voting yesCnffev. Oermaln. Morgan,
Parker, Hecves, Meagher, Stiles and Wll
laid. Voting no Taft and Courtnev.
The luard then adiouined until next
Thursday night.
Aon A'eedn'l.
You needn't keep on feeling distress,.,!
after eating, nor In loliinc, nor e.pcrlecln
liiiusea betwien meals. '
in other word.-, y,m needn't keep
... nit; m. eiici'iic, Ul-.ll Jfiu
Moods Mriparill.t rures dvsnetisl.n Tf
I nn( s tl Mnm.ich, per
creatcs H norni il appetiti,
the v. hole si stem.
(. urt.ilnly
st lengthens
fe. ts iig -non,
am! builds up
Utllppr Klrrldl nl Aimiml Sleet Inn
'riiiirmlny I'ri'nlilrnl'n Iti-pnrf.
Tho nnintnl mortlni; of the coipoialloii
of the lloine for I test 1 1 ill n Chlldien w.m
held Thursday afleriioon at I hue o'i lock
al the Methodist Church llcpoiis in ihe
nesldenl iind ollar olllceis and roinmll
ti cs wer hcaid ntul new olllc..! eb'i'leil
as follow r:
Prei!lileiitMts. I,. It. Pl.itl.
Vioc-pt'osldrnt-Mls. II. ,1. An lr. wi.
Tteasuir.1 -Mrs. A. (i. Pelice.
Secreltuy Miss Maiy Uobcita.
Auditor W. C Isham.
Iln.it it of lil.inaReiK -Mrs. II. .1. Aiuliews,
Mrs. C. S. Ishaiu, Mrs. A. tl. Pilr e, Mrs.
C. P. Stetson. .Miss Mary Unbelts, Mrs.
llairiel V. Illekok, Mis. A. II. lilchaid
snn, Mis. lied .lohonnnll, Mrs. C. P.
Smith. Mrs. II. S. Peck. Aim. I. Ii. I.nid,
and Mr. li. (!. '. Tobey.
Ilotioniry mrmheis of the board -Mrs.
C. M. .Spaiilding, Mrs. T. A. Hopkins, Mrn.
S. P. Tin rey.
Advisory commlltee Mls Mary C Tor
rey, Itobert Itobeiis, M. A. Ilitigham.
Twelve county inanagets Mero also
elei ted.
Tho annual repot t of the president was
In part as follows:
The home has had a wry proporoiis
year. The number of chlldtcn in the home
Ihe last of last inunih was "J, while the
whole number cared for during the year
was l".t, representing 111 towns tbroiish
out the Stale. The chlldl'n are :' ceiving
cneful training. They nie liiught to think
the home the all Important 'lung. Tile
public schools are doing much to IniproVi
the condition of the children. K. iv reallzi
n hut a bit of outside life does for . hll
ilien whose hies'nie spi nt in instit'ltm it.
Muring th' year wo have iie.n able to
Hud mine ei.'celknt homes lor -.iir .-li II
dien. Due lady writi "1 IniM to go
to the hospital for a serums operation,
but 1 lie hind ,i good wu,i in to l ike
care of mv deir child until I s'l.Ml re
turn" If ve imild Iind ini.tr such sol
diers of tlic i rnss, We would lint M,
troubled ahoiit honii s for lh. s, n, i,ccled
nti.s. lb it Is whf re W" so .- 'div laiss
our list presiilml. .Mrs. Miner, with her
far-wght.d dls"r.'iiou. at.il 'ier gteat
generous heart, so ll'led with love for
little children. We have lion .-own Iv
eeiiMired by soine for Inking ,! our lold
babes of sin and wnmv. U'e tiy to b"
very Judicious. Surely we ibsiio to make
our home good and pure, and send out
children who shall use up to be pohle men
and women, and we iHtumt 'oruei th' se
wnrds: "Suffer the little om s to conic
unto tne and forbid them not."
It the home gm s on in us .mble work
It will alw.iis tin, many llltl" ones to
live. It Is a gri.it. noble work.
The iiuprc-slou is luriciil lliit the home
is rich Sin h not tb- ia-e. We
begg.irs as ot old. we have m,,
our dailv bri ,i,l. '.nt for nut-odi
and fnr uih xpei i, d pi uses w
upon sin ,!i . -co i, , ,t , ,nr (,,
tlnn to time.
Theri .ii" i"'irv things we ,n-
111 M "I of. I -p. . l.i 1 y eli ctt ! light
dorm toi . , ),, , w st ill ii- V.
e f,..-J !' w. I .ill. I oal. .1 . .III.. -II
('rrtiuiln nml rimretlf ' riirrlinnf of rtOO
Tons llni Hern llcpuillnli'i,
Aldernniti dermnlli (lermaln nnil
.lames ciiaretto will probnbiv not i;o
Inlo the coal business this full ns the
purchiiso of ,100 tons which they re
cently tnadi! In N'e.w Voile bus been i.
piiillatcd by the enmpuny fnun which
the plirpha.se was nuiiln.
'J'ho coal was bought of polls ,;. (
of New York and Oermalii K: Ch.irette,
as Ihe new concern was lo be known,
supposed they had everything- arranged
and that Hie ioal would be shipped
They hit vo received a letter fiom the
.Vow York cancel n, which snys that I lie
concern has received newspaper clip
pings ivlilch say that liermaln fc Chnr
etto proposo to sell coal at lower prices
than other lliirlington dealers. The
letter also says that ltiirllnglou dealers
object to tho transaction and that In
tho opinion of the concern it would In
Juro tin, lltirllugton trade If the coal
was shipped to (lermaln .t Charette.
The coal therefore was not shipped.
Mr. ijcrnmln Is In correspondence with
other loucerns, but fdirs that boats
cannot bu secured so that coal can be
shipped to ntirllngtoti this fall. He
says, however, that, ho and Mr. Char
ette will be lu business another year.
.11 rs.
Iter! lliirill llrlimx nn
ugnliiM Iter Miislinnil.
Mrs Pert ;. P.iizzetl has brouKbtsull
for dn-oice agalnsl her btisbatnl and
Ida ll.ii-i.er i,s named ns co-respondent.
The runlly tioubles of Mr. and Mis.
liuzzoll, wim forni'rly lived in this rlty.
have ciivrred a period of many months.
They moved fiom here to llichmoud
and it was there that Miss Harbor nml
Ml. P.u.xcll lirst became associated to
getlu r so that tin Ir actions caused
i oinm. at.
'u I . .- petition Mrs. P.nzzell slales
she iv., inairl' d on April , is'ii. (in
Octob.r 4 nf .it jear Mis. Huzzdl
claims her htish.iml lift lu eoinpnn.i
with Miss Hat l" i'. In addition to ask
ing for a dlione Mis. Hu..ell nsk.s
for alimony. 'I his petition w.i i enter
ed J'n..y in the i.rinly cleik's olllce.
Ilcnntlfnl Home
nard Wells
h for
. p. -id
It .in
Th" I'
the Si , '
Fri l.i.i .
fi b ml-Well-
Th. to
or.iti ,1
pn i ,i
and . h.
ni.-n. .1 I
in which In train the boj we . ould s,u, '1'iMr.i
out better hoi s ' I Ml I"
The farm l.ns bun produ 'ii" ,i , d luslaud Mi
furnish' (1 the whole family with vrg. .h'"t .
tables. Th. tlowrs .ibmit lb. !. ildinas 1 rank .is
of Mr. an, .Mrs.
n Jolly IMnep I'rl-llii'iilug.
pt ion
tie ll
- ,u the
' r ,-i.,.p
.indsonie home of Mr.
Wells on Summit st n ' I
f a iMi pb as. ml feci
. ning, w lien about 1I of
v !' til. 1 1 1 il by Mr and Mi s
.1 Mr ,iii,l Mi.- .1 1 1 S I., ..
Il -.ipi "III'' .1 lorim- Wile de
ll ith a pi "f u.-liui nf Hon i
1.1 All,' ! If .ill IP .lilt V 1 i mi s
- in' h. , , 'iiii-. i "inbiin d with
.t mm 1 , , i s. M a -a- w a I in -
, ' I e J loll . I , ( Ipl r.l I loll-i III -
s'lmoui-, w-i t e i-.-i i , d.
'-, Mrs. W. C. I sham
Muih. ill a--.isliil the
- Iilld lb' '1 ''lit will
j09 going to school?
Then put HOOD'S
iAsk for Plymouths.
,a 1 J MADE FOf Jw
Olias well.
Ask for Plymouths.
oWhole Family
TnADCf!iit',cwpiaJ) MARK)
"onige irnn, pi elm,,.,,, , lu, k oi skill is
IcpoMfi ." .or villus IIT'll ;u I'd in
breaking He y, a,- t . . .1 , by h. mime in
nr. membiis oi tie iinny tribe .is the
result of a balf-dn V lishltm. nud nt
HP;lig lie Springs one New York .mum;
I'ldv. Miss Ith bards. in, ihsl mgulshed ber
K'lf by bring In a string id 11 shiny black
lass after a day's outing "up Hie creek."
Hut all th" sport lu Vermoin i- not wiih
the. rod. li's a famous pi f,,r the gun,
ns Mr. Mi'Hiiinc, Mr cliik. tli- im.lt t
inllll.inaii-i , Mr. Anlilli.ild and Mi. r.nr
banl.s. Miinlic.il st. I, looker- and biin
dreds ol .ille i- .in t,-sit wild dil. I.s
i "ine under the tin nl th, Ir run-., i.ut
(Per and nUnr g.ime . s.ii.l to In un
usually phnlil'iil llu- ,i'.ir, nwnig, nn
dnubt, to the I. i,l that th, huniiuu si i-
cio riillwny development hni been rapid
The ieetlnn teems wllh useful miln nil .
It if ems as If almost every metal Valuabh
to man Is found adjacent In vast .piauti
ties, but beyond all is tho latent agin d
limit wealth.
Tho thing to-day which Is most t et.it d
llig farming ih'vslopmcnt Hi Mont inn i
Hie live utoi Influence. Tills is i x-rted n
very way to discourage sell ieim nl Tin
Mltlomen and thu sheepmen are hold u
ui wiih tinaelty to the domain wh i
tbev hale so long c OlllI oll( d, Inking HP
large alius of public land U'libt Hi
desert and other land laws, fencing oiler
public lands and Intimidating
w mid tnki up homesleipls on the govern
in. lit lands.
Tlnie urn rattle barons and sheep king,
n Montana who count Ihrlr holdings In
Ihe rpinre milo whete ICaistern fnrmir'.
eounl aii es. The lands they own and con
tml In Ihe exclusion-law fill and unlawlul
of MttleiH foot up inlo millions of
In the very face of hundieds of tine
farms adjacent to Hrcal Kails. Ihey do not
hi lltale to nay that the government inn
make only n failure of Its irilg.ition woik.
that the land Is worthless for farming and
useful only as a range country.
The Slate Is divided Inlo two factions,
one of fanners and citizens, who ibsire
i ilnigninls and settlement, and the live
siock element, which would drive out
'iery setll'i ami keep out all prospective
i "lies.
I'Vil'lUtllltely, the lleleg.llioll 111 ( 'nngt ess
i- found among tho lirst. Setiatot f!ih-oii
hi-, unbounded fallh In Montana's agneul
ton . Sftiator Clatk would eo the Slate
materially developed, and llepresenlallve
HI' ill's rei nt lemall. .il the Slate ion
iitition. lh.it "what we want now is in
t.ll.-n 111 lie babies III the place of bull
' dies," nub. at"-! his prelerctice.
Citrcmrllspertcsol lik
utt , If-tllllS,
tor,i , tint etc., ni
hfpltilly r,ood for
ts.c llircif, J, temfm
W. f'ttumentix.ettX
faction puatntitfeiloil
retunded t st.t.itnttl
ly liM'it F 'rr st ill
SOLD IIV Al I 1) t f,(,I
lllrrs wl.,1 li ilia, h uiii.1 ii. ill i, i nfe fluiinnliim,
booli, " Vetcfinuy I'tpericnre, rftrf
TITTI I Ml lilll CO., J7 Bufflf HI , I(J
ller nf .-rnUr. 1 littr fi i g nu n i.ut
lout kit bllHrrot ttiey f.ffif f,l, j It , tryi,
son has b' en dull b,
III llu i e p.itl .. ..
doll' d l.i rm iph .imn
I'l, it s" llen'it'.l f
II" ,'ll'UII'll'U' d p. il
enough, Piif b. . n ri
the , I. .1.1,. in ni"
unw III a li ly : all
ore Which .iiim.is
The very i-icltce nf
IlllelV I" pi KVe s
III" SI. it", a- In M.i
I f : 1 1 1 1 1 . - lllle. the Id
r Ihe p. i t .
for V, i in. nit
. rn- i ith. i .
' i u ti- for Hi
'- although
1 ears
l.e . -.-
e am
a ri:w m:i Tv hint:
ith nv. .1111111111. Hut
lo he vtlling Itself
lai lot i manner niid
w. II for Pi. rul iif .
it a iiiiiii a in .. s, ems
illation All thiough
' o bu-' lis and New
1111: and home.
'lends air being bought by
f ultili-eil ponpli- mi- uiiiiiui' r lion,
not al me 'm- I'liniui' t hoine .,
Many of tb. .. p, opp- lcning
Hi" pi ir.
! pi IK 1 1 II I
and Nn
I'l. id", b.
' II t lie low II II.
Hi" Hill" b. III.
I'll" I Op II I . .11
s. And
i lib. r
be' nine
are a gieat enure of pha-tuc.
we have to thank Mrs. A. K. li
The llouiis hay,. ,, grMt lnlluf
chililren, . ulttvutit, tin m i
the henutifnl.
Vv"' have so manv thlrirs to lie tiui.U-
ful for that It is hard to know lust wh. ie
to begin. Pfrh.ips we should Hi -t speik'
of our staff of physician-, who give their I
services gratuitlouslv and then of tb.. I
Do.ird of trust-c. who h i'-"
fully cared for the pi riuat.i i.t
tlrrly relieving the in.ai.iL,.M.
The pime S'ltidiv - ho. a -,-
tamed during the ye.ir bv tie
I Lurch. We can hnrdlv expiess
nine we iee for th. m.
The King's Maught. is have l.rln i rre i
deal with the sewing. The rnitarliin s.-
cieiv nas tnateil he r h.dlen 1
iable year The ihlldicii w.
1 or trciii
, hard -on.
II tile
I lie for
so f.nth-
clal ev i.i s
W. 1
.stt -
of ),.
,f th-
-I d
Ilghlllll ho
Too 1 ,t.
Hon In -luii':.
Syrup Mb
f'lf i ie.pl after rnnsumii-
' ' its deadli gi lp on t h"
1 '! V I - Not way lln .
. t K r. i- I nil".
Left Hie
( n-
1. . !
the :
and Wife In
e Together.
Order to
Mrs. Ta .'. I.i' .1" and Moses I'.os
s'tt wei- rr- - I V.ii.r.-il.iy by the poln ...
pal a cntiipl.. . , g btiti made that they
r as man and wife on
r'.t. while she has a lius-
- wife.
H'jrlirstin s-'tve t'me ago
1 rule on the
If flic Ilaliy
Is Cutting Troth,
J.e tui-e nno- U'" that old and well-tried
em.sly Mrs. Y in.-lnw't, Snothing Syrup,
for children t. "thing. It soothes the
child, 'often- the gums, all..vs all pain
ci.ns wind coll-' and is th" hot renii.lv
Twenty-five cents a bot-
Jnr Ijlatihoea.
Don't Wonder
Where You Got It
but at the first sign
of cough or cold,
take Hale's Honey
of Horeliound and
Tar and effect a
quick and pleasant
Sold bv all dnutclsts.
Pike's Toothache Drops
Cure in One Minute.
Needed in Every Home
'V- (r
t Up to Date "
. webster's ,
A Dlctlonnrf of ENOI Istl
Biography, GooKraphy, Fiction, etc.
sThe Now and Enlarged
Hdition Contains
25,OOOiNew Words
Now Gazetteer of tho World
with moro thuu iH.tuju titles, bused on tlio
lutostceiikiis returns.
New Biographical Dictionary
containing munei ol overltl.UKliiotoworltiy
pernfiup, with HHtloimllty, occupnton, dnte
of lelifnu, (Into of birth, ditith, etc.
Uu' ' W.'f. HA llll 13, Ph.D., LI,. I),
united States ( onimlssloiicr of JMuciitlou
New PlatcaH. 9
Rich Bindings
2380 Quarto Pales
3000 Illustrations
ew Wo also publlali
Webster's Colleolate Dictionary
wl,,U,'i."",s a1r:'!f1Sl,,nt!,sllHr,r,,"n'""'l'r'S.
1100J'k-M. llHullluililli,n. hl,Tiliii! Hind...
f irt-clnwln(iittllty, hCcoiid'i'l(is in sle."
"A Tost In Pronunciation" which alfords a
Pleiuant and iimtriietiM. (ncnliKf'R enter,
talnaieiit. Illustiided pntnplilot nlsn tree.
Publinhern, ftprlnnf Ir Id. Ma,M,a
i '
Hern l.liinu Miih .liosfN HesHrti,
Mlo Mill I'lirtit (he ( liarue.
l..l''oie, 11,17. of Km Mil. el I..UOIC
' h.irKo or li vinr
in cty court Krl-
nvf r to county
Liter sho iv.
T.e.iry to fllo an
.ii. i
who wir- 'itr.
W It 11 Jlf.i'S Hi
(lav and i
..ol.lt in II, e
iuoj-tod State'
-I'd on a
It, Mas
u bound
mm of $r.i
iniormniion aainst her and to that she
pleadril utility. Sentence in the case was
faispondrd ,lntil after tho trial nf llesrett.
The latter has oiiRMKed counsel and will
lifiht the charge tinalnst him.
.lames McCarty pleaded Rtiiltv to beinK
drunl: Friday and was fined s.1 nn.i
'c-t? of Jturt He will seivo the alternate
lih n o of 30 days in jail.
A ivoddinp; of interest to Vermonters
was that which took place on October
1 at S ji m., at the Church nf the Am-rr-iifion,
New- Yorl: city. when Mlsi
Mary Adelaide, younRe-t daughter of
Mr. and Mis. Ild ward It. Crandall of
Wiuonkl. was married to Dr. .laitii u
Mernard Mckenzie of New York. The
Hev J' l .Mcl.auffhlln of .NVwliurjfh,
N Y. a personal frlnnd fif the kiooui,
pirfouneil the ceremoni, assisted by
lb' Rev. IMwIn M. Sweeny of New
Yoik city. The matron of honor was
Mt- Alviu M. Taylor, sister of the
limb . The best man was Stephen K.
Mi Kenzie, a brother of the (,-room. The
in nie was itoivtii'il in a rtcotn coloicd
l.(i e with black plrtuie l,,i M,
lied ilolfts, Inr f.norite ilowfi. and
wore a iiescent ot diamonds, the jilfi
nf the irrontn. Tho matt on of honor
wore a i hampafrno mini od voile cutvti
with black hat and carried pink roses.
Immediately after tho ceremony a wed
ditiK .supper was served at the St.
Denis lintel. r. MeKenzIn will be i e
mi inhered ns formoily house hui ri oii
nt the l'.inny Allen ho"pital. and phy
"iilan at tho Vermont Statu hospital at
Wnlerbiiry. Jr. and lrs. McKenzle
saite.l tor .Southern points, and will be
it home in N'( w Yoik after November
1 . where tip dm i or has a Uliralive
- of tl
In .lulv tl,.
Mr. Hi, w ,
Tl i'l st 11
d nn' r to p
alw a 1 1 I. 1 1 1
pt ia te . t c
t' a. hf rs oi
. l.'Ct!
' ars
'.d. I t
, i, in
-UP' rlnt
i I'.IIfbni
I. ai. Th.
..'K forw.inl to
a brlLi I i:
-' -' W'r w ni,., .
the puMi, . ),.
I ,k
a so
! .id
l. mi i
Th" .
' i
I to
e. IP-Ill! tr.llllI'lK- they h,i
dren. Wi al e alo mdi bt
plain Ti i tispot t iti"! , or
liuhtful rid" on th, i
In Hi" .1 ' .ii s to . oi,,, n, iy
W I'.h r'l.' W' d i I.f tRl . Willie W
an opp ,rluiiltv foi dome stood
othrr lives brighter. t.rnMiiR
I .
I- tor the
n tn r 1 il
i Ii" f 'ham-
I ,r d
nf II (111 nlil'll resp,
this bliv-ed honi"
In it-i lif.til" work
v. Ill
i- ill work
" hue -Ui ll
and m ik.nir
f..r a -..ns..
h liiat
(-" .'.iinar.i
were 11 v
North C:
hand and
l.avole J,
for (.'inada
and discoiei. . th
with 11. t' II.
tlc poll, " ai'.J t ...
P rd.1.1 Mts H- -1
tlUliill, I . n ol. k
. !'.'ltlll-.'., es '
lluil ns'.i.i and w
th f.i"t 'hat h -'.tin
r man but
In Hitrli' ptnti to t
with him.
i nalnnl-f il fif
loOII'l ll'illS"
h .iv M.-iv
.ii;' I h" , i
i l in i.l.iul?
i ml A lie l
".tin I"
.nl I,.
I . b
w i
'i in
l . In., d .i
111' bit of
llni r on i
l.'.'iv 1'
h a n hoi
1,. . ,,
1 1 Hi'
V v
I, -it
r li
. i ,..
moot lull .
In nth
i'- in ' it a -to.
il I. .il.lv
tli'IIIK'1 I
I'-I.ltl'l I'M
I'Minthl "mi
'n h no 1 1 I
d iv I In in,,.
lle, I boil' ,.
pert'., .lllho'lel
.1 ollpl" nl I ml'
hilars hi., I'.iinilv
tilllli nl in I'm '.
'Lam .i.icbt anil
i in, unit of mi.ii. .
towns When llu
and letuiiw lo t In Ir
ill lice I.s of a ;-i;i to
-iM'Piiini oi in., in,, in, i. , adi.uitiitr", at
least fd the suiniii' i visitor .Iitilt,-e Kfl
loKOf of New imk was tho lirst wealthv
man to build a Hummer homo lu Ver
moi'l, and then followed lir. Sen a r I
Webb, buiiriir e,. vthintf on Slplburi"
point until he h.id jk iirm t tn, ,,
a v.ivt e-i.,n Tins I, . ,u, "SI,. li,un.e
rarnis," and lure he int.i'.uno lav.shlv,
not oniv In .-ummer, but le has week
end parti' s. semntimrs of l.'.l of " h
mil .Ir ulini
1.. iu. ' II I ll
Mum' llu
a. i. tmr I
.1 In ' i in f
ie nth' . i
I" 1. il
ml l,i tl,, .
Ill I II h.i '
for in, ,
i Ie h.i I,
, ,,l,l.
h t
"I .nt. .i ni lunllu nl
i .itliiii; la. bt. The
I' It in th" li' ar-bv
Tamil!" "bri .lie; i aniti"
p.ih.tial i it y ii si
I'llivilee the mr,t
A co,l -h.nin ,
hi- i nlulni'iiir. Ik,
ii ii ii (nu iiii, nun.-e
.' (pi.ll't of w.iti'i'.
-ho, ild h" tn-1 ,1,5..
be h I- warm. th"ii
-iiaiitf i. i tier, will b. a moment ,,f , t.
Pries' i, nt wh. n the lemon ju, ,. .,,j ,,ts
"f taitar tin el W.i I until Mus c a-, s
bcfoie ti-'iu: the shaimifHi. Alt.r tbir.
for I, ilr hatr in
Jul." of two I,
- "t '-alls nf taft. i
'I h salt nl
ssi.hed In the
li add th" h'tiion
r .-mil
at I ir
i'l 1 1 r.
mt .
i l".in in
lb" hail
All CM
.! --li . li l:
- i ' r. . 1
in tl..
Ih nt I
and sellp,
iialirs, ,n. I
i '.islnr nil. half p.i t
t nii-lut' nt i ai, that i,
I" rennet. I w . drain
a Wei It to the " alp
The fnllnwitiu; t..ni
and prevent f ill m.
of 5-ae tea add "in
tiiitti (it-iin- of
. atilhai id, s two
t w
di am
e i!
1 1- "hoi
- Applv
with bi
. is Sill
hair: T
p'nt of I
in Ine. b
UI,. i s nf
' ' I of n M .
nutht wiih this lot ,
( 'of ".unit oil i - - a nl to indue, t ',
I Iiii ii . It Is u u i Hi to l,i ;, .
Km P'oiK but .so little at , . ,
it mi d with ot h"i' iin.r. d i
I be. s its t "i-i oi -I. I , mol.r, i
"ie ' it i. nt or - kin food. I ut t
Id in a in.
Hi pint:
uin. ". oil of
thi'i c tun.
-k m is- i..
i to datk ti
' "ne qua it
i whKk v.
r '. 1',,'f of
tn am
Siittie Will'
t.llll Ilk' W.
'I he man w I
Ills Wile t .' .
S. If
a poMii
It. bu.
look to
I'. .'I I
fllelil 1
Alt ( I M I
'I, li .p
ii t ,
tl .
i. I
.ti -
f.i, t
1 1 r
It a
llll , I
turn '
M lo 1
C ulini.'
If fort-.' .
you put
nth' r w bu I
ll i sm ill
at iiikIiI li
the la t I,
Wh. ii ,.
sit -.h, n,
ut til itler
Chi. . ie. N,
I '
' 'I nl
I. ol is III i . t
at r.iirir.t.
f i lends.
i .
1 s
all the e ir round
'f Hurlmutott on
- .Iiistl.-e H-.-w.r.
it it. 't .1 r
' 1 t . , :n, 'i l t
full hfi.ni! nf tiilroid i oiimil - ..nu-
th i.i' t at th" H.i-i'itn IIni--o m Helhel
nn 'I'hur.sila v and bst'-n.l in "M h n
the lailto.id falalllv of Sunday inornin.,',
Ki'pt' inb. r IS, when I lu qii.ir-vni"n -Sha,
l.yii. h and Smith W'-rr kdb .1. Al
loriifv Wittft-. repif.'si nted 111-; Cfntral
Yfimotit ladriiad. State's Atiornev
Hlatiihanl of SpriiiKfieli, the fit Hi. .'ml
M. M. (lordon fd' liarre the n I i'.ii - f
the fated party. Seieral witness s 1' -till"!
thai the niKht uin KlV'ii tfi a re,itei'
or If km density of foR-thnt the tin n a'.d
oi.e other frequented th" tivltfnt yards
about v.hr" th" three loot th. r Ir.' -There
the four finpt.ed Ihe .-uatfnts of
four quart "lnnis-ip" krrs ' -if v.hi-ik"i
The liquor may or may imt have been
crotten by express from New 1 1 impahire.
for a inns llu f
u e h n i ,. it t '
a. . up nt p.. I
rest Mctln ns
(t'HHl I I
I.I'. I
...I I
BurIinp.ton. - Vermont,
ti i.
Twelve mil-s 1 The report of the flndlntrs
the ermont i mis-loners will
t"ttic' .ril , .Mumis-iot., t s
I .PP. i John i mud. ere
f th.
il i
bv th' ill,
w as.
of the coin-
beuin later. Tho railroad
iniHi'ted tin- lu'ofsi.-ed
phi -.'S of t'e 11. 'pel
on Tl. ill's.! ii Vo t ep rt,
11 , tl to tl," p'l'i'i .
1 !
A Wonderful Saving
,1 Met!-., dwt I'll
'I It. 1
I I,
' h
. I .
II .
Mr. and .Mrs. ;. II. Hnlilcn I'.iiiertnlii
Honor of 'I hidr on ami llride.
At their pleasant lioine on South I'rion
ft iv rt Mt and Mrs ll. u llohp,, ,.U1 v
tair.eil Thur.--day "(. or more p. op.- in
honor o' their son, Limit. .1. Hannibal
Hidden, and his bride, who returned We-.
Iiesuay eveiiinj; from a week's weddiiu;
trip. The house had been profulv dec.
orated with rosee, carnal iou-i, smil.ix, a
paiaRiis and latter .sweit ami music na
lurnished duriiu,- the en nine; i,y t,,, xieo
bin orehfstra. Uefreshmi'tits ware servd.
lb" dinliie; room table liolnjr decorated
with pink riisis. The rucUs were reeeived
bv Mr. anil Mrs. n. !. Holibn and Ueut.
and Mrs. ,1 II. II olden mil the llvllr-i-t ,.
II. I'.llker Mrs- ll. J. Shnnlev
I. C T rrri iiiKti.ii,
mil Mis lsot a I..
Mrs. I
Mrs. A. I
.Mrs. A. (I
fbibs. Mr-.
Trial of lleiiiaiulii
Had a I
W illlauis
1 'll II II I itr
lif-n i ii.iin ill ,tr,
"f thf nn. id'- ' l'i'i.
Mi fit. ith. will t" t ik
Stati 's priMon ,i Wit d
li ial i ,,i,.',.,t I . h.
and m.i' possTilv
the Mai . Ii term of
V. A, Hi. Hard, i- m
m ri u ,
man J itn
ha k t.
t soon.
. nt
I ut.-. .
'! I ill, I i
I . Iv ll ,
I r. o, h .
I I oi
out the V
I'l.. .ll 1
! ' 1
1 i.
i.i i.p it ,
ll I.
. p.'i
III tl I
: vi ii h
b I.I , .
i I i 1 1 .
in i .
,1, ..lull-' - "i i' t i ' a.'
..... , iu - il l. .1 .'I nu. .1 i 1
., then . Hat . h
. l , ,t ,mll ' t ' Clll-n-s c' t' i
v. M :t tni' 1' lint tniM .1 w . . .i
r 'p , ,1 mi . n il . o-t , l
w i l,"s ill ,1, $1 1 p r k i'l
, l . 1 .', 1 1 1 !' " 1 loll
,l( ,1 i 1 n; .Ion lie ill liesi.l
Fire Ins. Co.,
Rutland, Vt.
tig at
Suf i
li I ti- he-
hi ll. llll I
be put ie
nui't. 1 1 1
tip' State
l- hi
i i ' nil" r
, 1' until
1 .11111-. I,
Hue und will iim.i'n tin re nrtil about
lleiembrr 1.
Willi. ,i,i, Is i
Upper pal t of ts
at rnnirf incut oi
I ll"
ed In a .'ll in I he
1, but owinir to the
.Pill it S possUdc
tnr otheis rontni, .1 In that section tn
have comnHiiib at inn with him ard it
has Iiii n thoimhl bcl to h.,.. ii,M..
apain tr,iusfrri ed to Windsor for s.,f .
keeping. Tho cniit liiu.llll e nf this r.iso
plai cs It" trial in t lie hands or A. I,.
Shot num. who In t nines State's attorney
1 id'' linn i I
l'p In irmonl 'ie r is is re it an 1 j,!iu
ines sjoi't i,;s,. Inrln, .suiiHliiny Septcm-
u Ie I
n hi
t IV
w In.
tie i ,
Hi, i,.
li i. i.i
I ll Iv
I ll
I r.
I I-
I" a mistake to Im.iKin . that it. 'hint;
pile" rant be curid. a nust ,ko to suflcr
u il n v huiKor than Mm rai' help Hii-iu'm
(liniment bruins mslat't iclief and i,c,'.
mam nt (tire. At .-mv .In .-t.ur. cents.
Dr. (I. I.. Wonilmirlh of eraenin's
sveeks In llrcoirr on n I'nllc.v.
-mt fnr the rcorrv nf ilnmajros
ol Jl..-1-xi w.i- .litncil Thur-d.iv In the
county elerk's office. Th,. s i,.lt
of Dr. (i. 1, Woodwotth i . Tin- Sun
Insiiiance Co. of Loudon. Knfr.
The plaintiff was a resident of Ver
(icnnes duel had a boat house nud
naphtha launch mi otter ("reek. About
utro this ptoperly was Ininied
plaintiff claims ihe defendant
for the loss, altlnniKli
placed with the rum-
Is returnable at the.
Per ilu vs. tnid s-cv
of rod .ilu eq,, .-,
tluil, c unliiK last
list Hire have, atn
inr the be-.t ,.,id
there Is or, nku-e
'i'.ii thousand di'iolecs
. tun klintr iu lili;h leo
on the olllce vi-allon
r all. succeeded i,, j.'el
ii. the biiKaiu, ind
bin Vi t mom m the
a year
nud the
failed to ettlo
insurance was
puny. Ihe case
March term of i utility court.
$1,000 FOR INJURD3S,
DnuinKi .Suit Ilriiuulit lij- Henry llnj.
muml liKlilnit Antliouy l)iiiiii(. y.
Henry Hayinond seeks lo recover
damBos of $1,000 from Anthony Don
nelly for Injuries alleKcd to have been
sustained lu this city on September 1"
last ns tho result of n row. Ilavmniui
claims that Donnelly assaulted him
draKfrc'l blin about tho street, struck
him with Ids Hats and with a stb k
and Indicted various wounds.
Ilnymonil claims thnt tin was obliged
to expend a consldnralilij amount for
medicine nnU wai detnlueil from work.
Ho thorufore seeks to havn Donnelly
pay for tho Injury to his person and to
his feeling's. Tho casn was entered
Krldny In county court nnd i.s re
turnable ut tho March term of county
reirsons Inlcinllni; to apply fnr tho an
nun! clerk-carrier examination to bo held
for tho pnstotllro hi litis city Iu Niivem
bur are reminded of the fuel that nppllc i
Ileum therelor will not bo m eepteil mil. s
received In Ihe i-ecrelary eif Ihe b iarl of
e Mitnlners at lloslon, hel'oto 4 p. m lie
lohtr I" The reqiiired applliMllon firm
ind drseriplli-r painphlrt cap be se. iuei
from tho loi.i! cull hiiiht nciclary al
tho iKnlidllco iu thla city.
summiM .ind pin tun,. Tbr. nr,.ci, Mnun-
t iln State hasu'l r. .eiied, r.itnp.u'.iUvi ly
speaking, ihe ntt iili-ii lis wind, i-tul
si eiue bi.uities ellllllc It in. hut. Ill less
vfiv potent si;ns t.ul In their pi e.ln t Inns,
this 'iloii coituiri ' will diiidi In nor.
Mith the far-f.inifil White mniiiilalu ie.
mon, ntul Ihe eInlont shore ol old Hake
''humphnn, vie wllh Miis.-nrliii.sett'.s p. t
ninth slmio and New York's harbor
1 I ices, ri,.,, pi point of opiilarlt.i . writes
Ihe St. Albans ci n pniiilpni oi il..
SpriiiKlield Hepubliian 1 1 itiuui...
th" numher of 1. i r I I and miuiiip i
kiiesls who Iiii vo iisltid the SI. He dur
ItiK the present m .u-op is in ally double
th.it of iwo years nii", and a mini more
Ihan in nu. s-ahnn "t hH (ivu- .in.i
p'.fiple hni.i taken Hit- mill., to Hi. si.
I.nnls fair, ,( il,,. ..ullin pi ,, the
.Munlrei.il se,im,--s .-.low tint :,n tin
usually liuj-n p,.i , i.i.i, o I 1 1 ,iv, I,
made Moiitrnl their I rtnu point in
ptefereni,. p, ,s,,. ,,,. , ',,s.,n ui-ri -Iv
Hi. i' th,.s inltflii i-1"' "us opportunity
nf f-f e ine in,, m., i,. ,a , t-oioiit in' .mi,,.
t no
I In ii
t i i tn
l! p.
It i'
nu l ci
I'l. u
1 1 I Hi
ll I'l I f VV.
'mail I
an- bin'
s'Ull. I'
d. r 1 1"
n roil:,, I
out k , ,i.l i i . 1 1 1.
us. s a- a p! i. .
"it Hi' ist l.illv
111 e liti Ic i ih,
"lit.-- dels think
It'll Is ll c !!
lo 'l 11- Insl Ih.
It is a w
"Hoiid nl
and tlnie
."di i i
I. a. . ,
mil.- i
how ii
"P i, I. i
i l.l.lv
ople 111
t wa
llow v
in i.t -
.1 IV i
I I . IIII (
. .Illll
in in
1 ".
in oh
S i v
ii tint
i: n; i in m n
, i .it .iil.il tin ll h ui.
Main h us, - ale iv
, ill. .n- ." I .V M
liu-. . ,1 ml tins. 1 tb.
III, ' '
II M lb H
will be
M'l' tin 1
,. It . lint
and tilt.
.I . w it h
li, I i ni ei -i like mill
I, 1.1 it. .1 I'
llll" -li, mil
Klven II l.b
p lint
,1 Willi r,.'i
e nallen -
Hi '
mot .
I 1
A l
ki I uin
s., . el
. 1 iid. i '
l'li ii in. i.
I, . Hi. blin
Hmvv oil
it. i
nil. 1 S
in. i
1 1
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in.- many itiousniiils And llu Mid is not
Splendid cat las ate hep i; mail
around tin V, rinoilt rhnn - of l,kn
' hatnpl.iln uul at Albmuli, iihbh is tlm
tavorit. haunt t,f plMr.ilork llv h,. i.i.ed.
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cure Hlieiiinntlsm ,(; NLiirnlqia. Kntlri!
v. K. tal.l... Safe 41.eowly
I'alnilmis yields are Itpportril fiinn
(Idee Hesplsiil Districts of Mnnljimi
Maudii'iiiiped lij t alllcnii'ii,
Pari-- ililmni .. iiatoi from Mont, in,
pie.irliid iwiini .m.ii-s ,iii Ihe do' trim
ot Ihe pi'SSlbllll ie- ,,f lu-.St.itr as u f mi.
iiik i'kioii. .inn .iiiiioimn ine n.-.ui
lnlinl.it. ml- mnslli -lo. knu n hi'mlieq
loiiR n I . I hiiiil at tin idea of a man iii.ui
iiik a Hi n, r on a himt' stead m jimi,,,,,.
t hi senator's fm ", i -t It
u r.i ( i ol
low i i id. ia e.
ol thit Slate.
This ilrv f it nunc l.n d
biolvi'ti looks as much like
lam bill l.itpii r i an v 11 p
tho rei'iuds lor lie la-t
show the rainfall in avua
tlllollKhiillt (,'real .lie,
be foro It i .
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IW-'lve ', e.lr.s
K' nnly fo tr
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(iiii, Wlinii,,u c,,,,,, In, ,i, i hni. M,, AHIiienu
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llil a iif. iril.t In ,.v,lifii ali,ra I m ol tan c
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IiuIMm Wunli .t mjhhU
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will ut i iinsl.li i.itioii. . i.iiilemn ti.e
tn as "lit only for the aho.lo ..f wild
In ists and wild, r nu n." Hut inn soil is
a wonderful bin. k loam, and tho nun
fill i 'liu s at Juki the rlKht Htnn ti niur-i-h
tho crops. Without a drop nf in-
r yields are mado of forty
wheat to thu aero, pevctity-
of oats, two tons of tinio-
Kit loll '
b, she Is of
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: -Prof. B.
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a , i . i iiii. i , t
Geo. Wilkin:
I li'slhiiopl
here nl li 1 1 in I
mid ,sli;iii'l
wool I I'liiisri';
in Mroiit: win
ter iiinti'riiil.s. a
Vfirifty ol'
Hlllilhli' t'.-i
in i x 1 ii
strums, nl
.-t ."ill up to r"-f1
Sllllic CM'rl-lS
Iiiiii.'iI imllri'iis
in solrrt I'l'iim.
rn s ,i
mill 5
llslile per ear IrillillM'
y ! ll Inr o ,v i-iir.. '
hni I . .ii vv 1 , H ' . , I.v He l' '
Is alinilt I,, resiioie brr .
V ellt I. II. . II h.i !. I
h.i i.d l "-1 oi . .1 nl Ier se i- ri
llll SS. 11 .1 I , I
tl'nlli Hie elteets of n nIiiic1.
llll I In,. iini-I
prnsl I nl I"
i ImhiI ii orll
lllnll I lis
r slori
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tbi. llu.
bushels i
ii turns
teins of alfalfa, four Ipiinlred
f pututoes and other iiiin.irlunle
The bininr j lepls aro beyond oidlnary
h' 1 ' U 1: Talbot, near Irani l'alls,
in sod 1 (st ye.lr b,jij liushf ls of the new
Vdm r.il Dewey" potatoes on a quarter
e ' nn in in and (-old 175 but-holil for bred at
t- a hushfl
Senator (Hhson himself Is a dry 1 md
fi rmiT, iilthoui;h lie pre.'i ts prr.it tb -i
lopiiient from mlc n .. i li. iu -. -tn
mi und hay and I n e I- 1 1 l ' in i-.i1-tb
tie sfi'ntor is the founder of lir -n
I l ii av th" se i mid on in .lb" t
In pr led with
Pi i will ( h.
r r
s the founder
se i mid i 'I v in
tho fi.H.tiit e,i
lower.' 1 1 r i ,
llel 1 Is . . .
I'l (
' r k .
' K ( ll (Jf
r,'l 1 1 V
hy tlio
r II r V i' s
mums 5
in ,i 1 1 i
r n
.--I 10 SCI'll III
ciistoui work.
nines siimv nt
hiibii'tiicss', stylo i
nut scon in liny''
- We IkhkIIc '
tlll'lll CXC'lll.MV
The Leading Clothiers.
W It
he I
S. xu 1 1
nil. I
H ' 11 c
I'l ol
Solll ll
to the
bi'.'ir.l I
and fuitlii
for ..ffi.
I''l Illll 1 s
w ith - i.i
it.n r,
r . i i ii
I . I. pi , l
, . ii I M n
Ad.li. s
tup I "
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S! l
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ill .
Free Press Aaso.
V l'
iiii: -itr.B
A Shot I iTWN.
.' M.

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