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on the Leadlnr
in Demand
TU'itnn. O't. II). Ttip local dairy
iirkel is tint niiiti'iliill.v elm lined,
notations follow; Hutter Vermont
in icw i iiiiu-isuirc e.xiin vi en uici ,i
l(l"l':,p, noi'ib -in Npw York Wtfh
c. vie-li-rii "in..r,i"1io. noli Id"!
HT S ll 'll 'III HI'V l 111 S I .X i,lJ ( 11LV
isteni lust nmrks line, eastern fair to
mil I I'll l.'l. -l-ii,lw,ll mill. tAim (it
Hop, New ork iinil Vermont, dairy
I I lilf'li n nii rii nrii v ,in in
uitutiuii lienmer.v extra 17c. lirsts lWt
to, Inilli 1 Ut 1 1c
Clii'ivc New Vnrk nod Vermont
ilnx ivlru IIV.i1lll.il lliwli. SI .-Villi ...
...nl.,L 7...W. 1 .1
oil- i" ion ni" je,
lacs 1'aiiiy hennery nop. Mnlnp
and Now Hampshire thirst.
' cowl '-iMi-lU: Voik Mute
i " 'Jik-uMp, MIcliij-'.Mi extra
Jl',;"'.'.- up-li-ru Mr-Is "in
I Itl'flMe. fun to tfood is
inn- liii; IT'
L".r11i. rcl'i
llll'l lex.
".i flllur
1 Fl
.ond southwest cash demand, iJiecetnbcr
manipulation and mfdl receipts. After n
n.nliiT line to pinilt whips; me nun-iei
clmcd im tiled nt MMHc "rt lulvunou.
Salts Included No. - red; Mny, 1.13ri)
II..-1.. cln-ed JllF-i; JJCC, 1.1T1J1 i'ts,
dm id -M.U-V . . .
CONS' ItecelptS 13.7.. Ill; exports fi,
,r lin; subs 10,i'" I'll futures,
-init was lirm; option market was
Ki'iir.illv flrtti nil day ami par
llrnl. u Iv In Dm 1.it limir. when reports of
poor htmliiitK returns mm n unod rusli
ili ipiiiiil caused ii short scale, tin- i loss,
sliovvini: 'a lo V' net nilvnnce. May "Ion .1
,M-'ii Ocl (iosul .V'! . D' i- . f'i's'llili v".
( lo-i ll V'"l'.
OATS -Itcc Ipis ll''.'0 hti: exports
lin , spot ipil- I .
FKI'.n The in:ill.it was Mill" I In-dnV
Siiiini; hiuii. inlilillliiKH. M.G.
H.U -Tlii' iimik'i was 'lull ti-dnv.
Shlppl' 'S itl'-i rood to i huh o, !i"ic
lllliKH- .M.'nkct Mini. Ti x m dry, II
in ',n id. . it iii. (tulvi "t.in :n to :'. IP-,
lit IT''; ' .illlnrnla. 21 to I'. His . Un
wind. Tin- in.ii lu l was 111 in to-d.iv.
Ilium vtir llcccc, 2.i:r.V. ,
Hlli:i- Oulit. rnmil. Jin K"7 II urt. mess
s r..'it I h.uns. JSA.lWi21 fill; p.u-kil.
.; rMin.'i; Pity 'Xtia India liioss, JllWif
bH5) W.if dull: -.vi-Morn sti-.iiii.il,
ijc , i losrd 7.-f noliihml; rollni'd
hill. . . , ,, . ,
I'OHK Tin' niarkil ns dull to-duy
l-'iuiillv, IL.-iiKHljui. nhnit rlcars $l.t.V)'i'
Kir,", iiu-ss. l.l inn l. 'I ...
I'OTA'I'OI't1- U mii firm; t.oiiir Isliind,
Jl ."lOnCii i; Jitsi-v nnd aoutln i n Jl.xul.75,
IllSI v .wi-i-Ih Jl k'VI ' . ....
I irl'ltol.Kl'M--Wuh stciuly.ii'llni'd Now
Yni-k J "i 1'hd dilphla mid H;iltlmori-,
i.iii u i in i. nit. r i".
'I A l,l. i W-V i i.ii.v. ilty te pr phi;)
4,i.i mint r- O'Uir- I l!'n t" '
i' il'I'Ki: - M.ithi I us llrm, I roKors
Jl: .."ii I.'" i
i 'i I l Shot lint mi in, .mi
Department Store.
Ten Days' Sale
(Continued from Z1 pngo.)
M i ml i 1 1 -1 1 1 I . ('nril'i ii l'r U'-
. n it . i ti.r i if. lolni nin iii d
i h .it .ii- ' -i ii. "1 to I1 I lit mi
iliim d di in in.' I"t hoi ll in i oiu.i pi "
i,l li !! mill- ir tin- I'tli-n;-' n ni.i'-
I ,i 1. 1 1 .HI ll I "111' t'T'i'll IW I 'll
nilnir .in i -it. M' d'h' ootlnuk fi'- limit.-
.mi lul .it tin' .I'lviri- i sin.illi
- num. I Iii pt.i'ils .iddii'i; tin lr "fl'i'l--1
. - ill .it- ilnM I'll sh pun In- - In
, I i in ! ..ii"' .it Ml i t):n I ii-nn with
'p. .ml 111. In.itU't In"! tlvr poilll-t
Ii i 'In Tl.i i lovi. w.i- iii ii il .i' ii'i
ti 'I pn i - 1" .tn :nt iiii-i- hi nv
, -. --.ll. U. Ii I. ll"' ' i i "1 llii'lU ', -
' i- iii.lui.ini.' Nm . Si'T.'.'M -i Dii
7"' . .1 in . '7" M V' '7 .' iT ."
?7 ' 7 '". Jnlj . S7 ' I S- i ' -T '.' n
lipf-n lionvy
d' '.H
Si 'I.M! K.iw w i '' .i.lv f u i i,i in :
. : i'!v, :,-1,r: I'l-tm iiim.il, Hi-', p,. inu
1 i - .-uizir Vf, i-i Inn il sumii --ti.iih'.
N' i. JI.M', No 7. ?l C: No. . J4.41'. No. !,
M.f., No 10, 5 1.3. No. 11. .M.'li, No. t'J,
5 1 J1'. No. is. SU5; No. 14,. $4 h; I'Oiu'co
tlonrrs n, JIT.'i, mould a, $."2"i: cut loaf,
jr, iii; ci'iithort. Jl CO; powikTeil, JSyi, Kr.ut
Hint fd, ,M!'1; cuh'is, ir,.V,.
ni: vrmic i.i vi: STOCK MAHKin
Ni w Vnrk. ort !'i
I'.KK -R-! lt.-- ipl- I !v hi'iid st"i'
1 1"W mil 1 to 2"n' ImWit: hull- and i
1 1 1-1 1 -ii IV Main r lin'tVi' lnr i" i !
h: It I I. r ds .Hid W' -li I'll f'l ."i"".. t'
i "' I'.it i. n J4 1": I nil' 'J . ." 1 '
Kitchen Furnishing,
Beginning, Thursday, Oct. 20th,
8 a. m.
This sale should be of interest to every house
keeper as a money saver. We need more room
for our immense stock of Holiday Goods and
have made prices that should move every piece.
Chopping Kiiivos,
Cim OpiMiors,
('i)i'K' Screws,
Must iny; Spnnns,
(iiiiil Tin Cups,
Xo. 2 l.!lllip UllPlHTf!,
So( of SI col Skiiwors,
IJi'i'iuI Knives,
( 'ako Knives.
Wire l'ot ''leiuier with
i r
.1 Vl"ll-
i ml I'n
t 'I on- f.
rate h
i lr,i
. dmilili-
Mi.lu 1
I.- In.
1 li.'l' "1. Wlliti
J o! i
IP 1
Ii. 1 !
h isUl
"li.S 1
'i s!' n ' 10r n lmliPl
I .i i inn - i 1 1 i i-nl'lmi '.
-' '' 1 1 1 1 1 i l i 1 - ."ii ii .1 hox
I i ft in Wr; ."itV n duKPIl
' "'i' a lin.N. mini I'ttr :i
l - w.-ti-r- i-i--- .':,-ir ;i dozen
u--Ip. ."ic n luislii'l.
V (ivi- SI Kr no n lui
v I a 1 .
: In i u't -"PI nil'fii!
i i si no i iiii-in i. siioii
"'H :i lill-l.i 1. I 'll ,- In anv
l.il. Inipoiti'l I. mm hf-an-h.'i
u- l'.ppf- 1iir(;no( n Uii-li
lii'diiiir u l n-lii'. iiir-nlis
' 1 !i llllllll f- SI -iir,, . l,
""J.iL ."H .-i ip.yi 1 1 .t-i . k is SlOi-
i -nit i-i, niicicnii u
' ' ' 1 siiia-li Sljr, m ., ton.
vl ' iloi'i' l'iincip.. nid
' "X i auhtli.w cr .riO'(i7nc n
Ii'-.-hK uri-cn cufn ?Ai',Hr
i 1 - nth' ,i hox. rit run
1 . II111--1 I- sironf i,"ii-
-': plant 7." 1 a ilncn.
vl r"' a box. ok ru $'Jo U. oO
i i. wins i:-.i.t- '.
i I t i '- hi I'lni 1 h- i p 7"'
"i i - i i , 1 1 1 1 - J I -", . nl - : J ii
.'."i'ii . v. i nil.- ;: ." ii i : ,
'I.' - r.J t.,. X.
I , ml- 7. ' lir. d nrn Uci low
I I'.'iin-ylv.ini.' Imps f i 1 '
iu I'li'ilH'"'!-: MAP.KKT.
i'l" o, t . j;.n , . 1 1, . , i
iv .! 13; .1 ih.
i ii i ;c ; Dfi , 4: ' , ,M i , IV. 'i
,. -r.v.
-Ji't.. :".-a,ic: Di'C 'Jv Mnv, lllWc
i'i .ni (ivr iii.D-iiri.. siu.'.ni-
1 l'llllli'S.
np.Hiiii"! Smi.-ir
Pol, Tin Mnsliep,
Apple Corer,
(! niters,
.InpiiiiiiMl UiTdy.0
Wire Ten Pot Sim,
Tin Candle Slid.
.liipiiiincfl llusl Pan,
CotVec Cnnister,
Ketiimeil Ladles.
Forced Iron H-istiny;
Ifle 'I'in Dish Pat.
l.arur li'eliniH'd
l.ai'ue Tin Cnllpp
l-ipmrl Tin Oil i
o. I Tin Sud D i
Mary Chapln. -l)r llulhurd and family
wild Kr.dny nlfilit to Ifyilo I'ark.-.Mr.
Hiwctt has sold IiIn plnci' and 's niovlni;
Into the Wfll liousp. 1 lolla Hpsh Is at
homo with her parents for a short time
1'i ti r Uomo Is conlliicil to tho housa by
Mli hue sh.
The Homeland ( Irelo will hold their
annual iiicctlnir for the nlei'llon of of II
eeis Thursday, October 2D, at the Oin
Ki I'Katloii.il Chili eh parlors. The usual
tea will he sm Veil. -I'eai 1 Smith anil wife
of Mi'lroM'. Mass., am vlsltlnn at Henry
Menil's Mrs. .Mi'ilotu HcliivelK has re
turned home from the Maty l'letehcr hos
pital, havlm? a trained nurse In attendance.--Frank
l.m.'klln of lloston is vlslt
Inii frhnds In town. Marjory llayden,
who has been (pillu 111, is n-coverllif?.
I'nluii services nic Imlnif held by tho
MethodNts nnd t'omjrPKatlonallats.
(Jrllla liiutictt, who has been at the
Aihrnndaeks as waitress, has lutiirned to
her limnc In this village.
Aunt" Mary Vnn SUklen li ipilto sick
with n nervous trouble. Her filittr, Lucy
1 Steele, of .';hilbiu lie has hi en sent for. Dr.
dder of HurlliiBton Is attemllni; her.
1 Italph Aldtleh, who has not been very
i will ol lali, did not seem to Improve, and
i Dr. Wilder was culled to see "ilni, and
I pi nnoiim-eil il a case of slow fever.
Ml" Uiul-c llefllon has lented her farm
di (Ii'iiiki Karnsworth of MurlltiKlou and
In h.i- tiki n pos'i'sslon.
II. II Cbillenili.ii h.iH moved from his
sinnim r noine on Um laKo roa'I to Uir
i it lor lb" w .nil r.
Chnrle i f)-teye has moved from tho
t'Clair house to ihe we.-l tenement of
the 1 1 l ll in i ll hon-i . Intely vacili'd by
I'i irr ('mi', who has movid to Hie eltv.
II. 1!. Chllleiideii Is dlifylnn fir ,i larue
'Wleiii, north of bis farm bu'i-e, lo In
is'd In mi': of all t mi rsjr-ii ii .
Mr. and Mrs. K. M. Ill.iUe and lieryl
III. ike p.i.-snl H.itiirday and .Sunday with
t Ii- ir palentx. Mr. and Mrs. V. C Hlnko.
Mr and Mrs. John Shenn leave next
wide for VerHt'iines, where thny have
li i'und i miilojitii-nt in the Industrial
si hnnl oira Dllhcri, wife of Frank Uo
ilalie. died in Fall lb id Sitr.riny niKht of
( i m: mi tion. Two slxters have ilii'd of
tlie di I. id ill-en",' within two months. The
lion ml was held in Si. Albans Wdne--iliv
tin n-ii mtr A hushiir.d and tlve elitl
ir. n. one mi i.ifMiit. siifi"'. -An cpl-
after the enstonis office diirlns the ab
sence of Deputy Collector Steele, who Is
havliiK his annual vacation. Miss tlar.ili
JlldklllH has hci'ii ijiiltn 111 the pas' Week
hut Is now ahln to sit up a slioit tlmu
each day The Dnilles' of the f 'otireKu
llon.il f'hur h will rve their animal
chlc-ken pie supper at t lie church purlor.s
Wiclnesilay evening of this week Mls
Alible .Itidkins ot Swanlon Is In town,
callid hi re by the Illness of her sister,
Miss H.irnh Judkins.
Jit" .1. S.ifford Mr, n turned home Hat
Ufday from Jerlelio where she went to al
t on 1 her sister's funerul. 'I be men of
CoiiKieitatlonal church sorved their ann
ual chl 'knn pie supper in the rhtirch par
lors 'I'liesdav evnlin,'. l-'ollots itiit the sup
per a very plpnwint in us leal ent'rtalnment
was Klven. - Dr. B V Washburn Is on Dm
sick list A. II. Altken nnd son. Itilblec.
hit Sdluiday for California Jolnliu; ,i
pnrtv of IS! from lUchford. U. 1) Wuml,
who has been emplowd by Franklin
county creamery has kouc to Itirhford.
Thomas Orckit and Mis. T.ena Mninmonil
were married Sunday, October K at the
Haptlst rarsonapis by the flew H. F lef
firton .t. W. I'omeroy Roes to Itlehfotd
next Himday, wher-i he will ipcak In tin
Metwiiiisi tjhurch In thu morning on u
trip to the Holy Land Miss Anna Ham
ilton has been piusslng a few days in St
Albans. -". P. I'omeroy of llurliiiKton
spent Sunday with his parent.', Mr. and
Mrs. .1. W. Fomi roy Tho funeral of Mi".
.1. O'lh'bn, who died verv suddenly last
"at ird.iy. was held Alotidnj at the C.nh
olle Chuich.-Mrs Catherine Hill, who
has In en passim; several weeks with her
ilaiRlitrr. Mls Mini IP 11. left Monlnv
tor In r houi" In t!a-tlr ton. Mr. and Mrs
John I .aw rente have returned horn New
port, where thev h-ivr been with their
son, Karl l,.iwii-nc" Mrs. .1. M. Jeffonl--.
A A. Ael tine .1 V. I'omeroy and W It
1 nrkee at.' iittnidltm' the Pt.Uc Sundiy
rehoel eoiiventloii at Ludlow. F. C. Knn
b.ill of liui linciim wax in town Moml.n
F. R .Morilxi.n. fit ite seeiitarv of Hi" Y.
M. (' A . u.l'e .) l'i.iflll mld.xx,x i
tie Mitlmill-t ( Ivir b I. -i Suiid o . T'-m
pull it V. ill In in. iinieil in xi .Sioid iv morn.
ln l. lin it, S. M Smith of Itichford.
-It. J. Mi-ar-. ho has bcun tnuelii.i; In
New York lor ths Dr. U. J. Kendall Co.,
la at home for a short vlnt.
!l(i". .len., 5i:.3i. Mav. ll:30.
l:IJ (I'er K"l IIM-Oil. t7:''..
i ?7 - ,1m. 7.:'n m-iv. J7.:,'...
SUIO.'T Ftl CS-Sides (looxel Oi l , 57 "i
I ie '" IT's, M i . ! ,"'.2.
Cash iiuolatlons:
lli:.T-No :' sniiiu-. J. Ill; 1.17: No. i.
$1 17V" t. en,
No : H..W.
-. No. 2 white
Ni. 2 v
is- Nn. : -r
"Mi. ". While.
1 1 v I '--No 1. 77'.-
I HAKI.FY-iIond .
i l ll" ' In, ill 11) ( ' .
i'i.AXS'M'Ii- Nn l.
i N" 1 1 v
i x i:sm 1'iiiMv ii1. i m i . 1 1 . a
I. Mill il'. r p 11 -i 7 J J1 .7 .'
.- Hi't'i l;H:S-s,l - noo-,"i v; n7 -o.
SI I !.! Slmrl i. ,ir (Ij.... il) $7 SuT .". i
V HISKI Mian nf hishwi-K-s) Jl '.'ii
(' il..- piii.lni i liiinne ti.-d iy lie In'
i-i n nke was si. .it, tn lirm eieann i-h
I I-'. i "Liii'!,-. I.:i17: "'UVS Mend,
i. ii- inelinled n;'...ivi l-i2c-, I r-i
i .' pinne Mr-Is-, "in-c, . iras, L.'i
Ie -c ;ii ,nlv, liKilnijr.
lis I pl'i '
l:l ik".
i mle I tin
- Snwser
ie i.ltt''lllS
I plll'l'lllixe
w.i- the.
i l i.r. hi'i'e. Mr. and
Mr. and Mrs. It v
n ci ptinn ol Mr and
in tienrmii Tluu.-d.iy
Llla Whltiny, Ilorlrnn' Hell. Jontiiv
Mayo. Myrtie (loodhui , Huiihr .Stanley.
Claude Deiliv, Pbitu Ktanhy. Homer
Iti.C'ls; lllleii II. Wanner, teaebel. A
In pound hoy was bom lo Mr. and Mrs.
los'-iil. Waslmr Halillday, Oetoher Mrs.
C. I!. I urlcs'iti started Dm Kith with Mr.
nnd Mrs C I,. Marsh and Putty fiom
F.n ixbuiuli F.iiw to visit Ni vv York,
(iettysbuiK ami a'lilliRton.
Banfoid Hearlex id llrilol Is Visilitir? at
the home of his biother, ('.. W. .Seniles -Mis.
c f I'hayer Slarled for Neenab,
Wis., Tuesdav to puss the winter with
her sister. Mrx. William Sill. -I,. VV.
Howe of (iitrdner. Mass., Is In town -Mr.
and Mis. I.. I'. Livingston formerly
of I'livlon. Ohio., nn have been In town
for sevi nil weeks, have none to Itlchfoul
to reside -Mr. and Mrs Homee F.ihvlns
of Wntervllh: visited friends In town re
ci ntly Mlsx Wi'-uner wlshex tn statu
that Die mine of Mls Iluth Johnson
should have oemrred In th" lepoil l,it
we, k as aii honor pupil both for i.
celletiio In Maudlin; and perfect deport
Hunt. It was (iceidentlally omitted.
The weddini! of Harry Hlaey of New
port, Me. and Ml-s Mar Hok.iii of thin
city was celebrated at .St, Mary's rectory
on Wedni'sd.iy evenitie, the Itev. D. J.
O'Huihvan ofiirlai Ihk A reception follo.v
mI at Die lioiiie of Die hrlde s si-ter, Mrs.
Hurt Hyce, of Honth Main street.
The Iti-v. Jiilm Sevvall, who has
been pnxtor nl the Fllst ConKieifation
!il Church hen for the past three years,
has accepted ,i mil tn the First "on
HieKatloiial cimieh of Itandnlph, Mass.,
for that place which lie will leave thH
v.a ek. Mr. Sew. ill's lamlly will Join him
about Novenibi r 1.
The c-isc ol State v.- Arthur W. FNher,
alleKinv ciiKlty to a Iioi-ji , ivlilch bill
be, i. mi trial In I'tanKliii c i rly court.
w..s nl'-'n to tin tmv Thii-i, i mid it
Mrdiit uf ma (tulltv was piMiniitiv re
turnnl. The case of St. Ie s Alien
ail' Kin', ill i.ffi . e lin
i -i , w ,i- t iki n p on a
ml Die i t My t - re
F. W M i tiriok.
vf rru d 1 1 ' ' 'iiUrrer,
I i tin. Mit si. II t Tho
m to tin up n ourt.
' iti' v !' t r I i liadie,
ir.v iiil'i- 1 rexi-t.
prisniK-i- p! . ,1 guilty
ill, w l.i. b ". , a i piI
flt'uri'.'in illiatn
ih r tin blanki t
di iiiiii-i-' r lo 1 1..
-1'i'iidi nt's en
! .Iiidio II. ik. Iimii
mlluilsiiiK tin i
cii-e will h' i
In tin i,i-. .
whom tie -r.
Ifi; an III i .
to a s!i p. ,i
and Da- r.-p
C. H. Cntes lias rented hl meat business
and farm to clvirbs Domini. Mr. 'lates
Cues out of hiixlnc.xs on iiceoiint of poor
health -Mrs. II. . (illhert visited in town
recently - K K. park"!' v.. is home finrn
Mmil -ii tier over Sund.ij. K. W. ComhH
ha- impniv.'l hi- lesnli-iiie l,v pulntlni;. -Hli
I aid I lomii, i i- -n k with I v ph'nd I ever
' it" .1 on i ttnar ' the W . H ' S
me- i xHiiti'ii. . a to pav a
tun- ot Jl" without fo-ls. Ie the dlvnrco
eases of oijv llaz.ird v- i'mter 117
zard and Mini e C..ta v l'rit.k i '.im, tho
petition vvi i. il'smi-xed nnd he - anion
Were taken otf the dn'k"l
L'l I
,if tin eheesi
a sepiu.itiir
mii-xt of Mis.
I ie
M, ftl is
Ml- V
I ''I'b i..
Ill' h in'
jSi.it i.
i m M v
ni HVer Slll'il.lV.
ii :
ah ..
i It I-
. Matislield,
.1. W lll-l.i
W - i i li i 1 1 d
' i . 'l In he I;
Mix- Fll7.il.
. lei M -
llell-.ll. - II. I
id iii S' :.
Ik-.iu- . . ll
hi. i
.i ID.
o VI,
i M.
No. -
Xo :V.
Xo. to
Nn 17 Co.il Ilo 1 ,-iihI Shovel,
Xo 0 W.-ihli Tubs, alne on... ;
No. 1 Wash Tubs, value line.
No. "J Wii-li Tnhs. value Toe,
No. 11 ash Tubs. YVrinirer
pl'l'-e . . . .
No L''J W si, Tubs, alin soe.
No -J.l Wash 'labs, ilii )."ie.
her Pails, value
Hod and Shovel,
fie. Sub' price. . . .
irii '
v j 1 1 1 1 - 7 ".
I I, .11
i .Mr .'fin .Mrs. .lunn i ,11'ko visueii irmiiiis j,,
,m 1 "ixlnn y the Inst of the weik. .1. v .
'.P. I ,-nii ii in liiistol .ii'tini; as sub-i Hutu
ii.t Fred M, iniiiii on the II. F. D. route lm-j
,. .....I.. 'I'I... f ,,,..tl...r r.f III., !.'..- .Ml-
;:', ! ' i lull will be with Mr. and Mr. 1 !,I",,''"I,U1 '
, i,,u ..... -..ii, ,i ih.. i,iivv vv i aunt. Alr-
swiiis-r vv i- ,n town over Sunday. Tin, '
, I. II III i'i the I. He 111 ntv Hn wxter Ih udver-tl-id
I'll' - i. .1,, :7th. A Die lli'M lee ct
i. ii line, ni tl, kiuw's Daimhtirs Die 'J'Jtli'
..1 np ui nl ih Ituiland eonviiillon will'
I'-, sum hv the i ountv sn-ntary, Mts.
is 'Iiiwil.- The meetine; will be held
wuh Mrs. II M. Norton at the acctis-i
'loin d place. -Mis. Mary Wyninn Is home!
i li-iitn a sojourn of several vveelts wlthj
lli-ieinlx in llulinionil nnci hiow e.-,-vus. lu
ll. i lit llii-wfier ol Noiihlleld has been with
her si-ler. Mrs. .1. S SWeel lor im' pasi
I 1 ... 1 1 -1
Ml Il- id evi I
'in; ii, tu Mrs 1''
Mis. Tapper of
wn 1.1-1 Week
i iii-
n-:- M '
. ( In .dsp.
vi.tm-ci v
-F.I-ir J
ca-e i
11 toil
III 111
i Mi " r
1,1,- ...
S. .III. '
I ill VI
l ,1 - ol
I'l'I- III
I'I Oil
'if ' 'HI I
.1 as
!,', lo,
mtv court re
'I ' - lav arn-t"
. , l X W-'t-e 1,
M Wmc v--
: i i i. ill w i-
. r i.i
I -' i i ;..
'. Vl- M. v I
11 vv i-
VVmiiii Wells ot ladtiud (J ie i-
lllll .Hill Willi, i vv uh I 1
A. Fl ill. "l i ll.t . ii I
Ml---. F Ii. I' II lin-v-'Kuno to V, h i, I'n ,
Junction.--.iis-... l.nu Fain-wiuili ml
Itieh ll-.pki'i- lelui-iied fr.nii M'.nui.ii.'v
.Mond.iv.- Flnvd liniill.lll sp. HI Sun, I n i.i
Sw.into'i wllh C. S (Jan.- I'uil l.i,..- .,
has hoiinhi Mis. .M.uj M.ml. v .- lnm
pnSsI --Sion .KlV'.'ll I . i ember isl M id im
DoK.ibeom of lll";h(;;ui. Ccnli r i- Dm
wuc.n of Mr. Maud llimnljoom - W. I '
f'ratt has irinc. to Corinth and Lin
Alui'it younc lit mle attended .i corn I wick
I l.iiskltiK al C. W Murtin's Fnd.iy and Valnim t
a food tunc was npuitnl. ! St. M.iii
I v
I In
1 A
' 'I'll
!,".! I I'
!' I 'I'vi!'.'.
I --.-I
'I V I
'I W"
, Finl.iv
-ton -- I lie
I'll.- ,.
a x .Mt
1.. -t. ill.-'
Ini-in --
dniiyhi. r vv
ni is lln.l.l. II
d i
f I-'
1 urn
dd nr
So ill F
ni t'.i-
vv - - K,
-Mr.-. Cyrus Hams h
ftnin inn uinoiua. Mis
29c i
.42c W
Improvlni; !
' J. Noi-
I from a two weeks visit
lnachn "t-y broke at th'ij
and II. W. Notion w.i-i
i Wmooski In K"t Die
tl !
i ikinir ciili
lie ll rilb x
i is m nct
i iitinil I
-Kiv. r.il
I't adilii'S
-a turd i v
.1 Nid..
1, it !
- for
wdl -p
I'f'i nut and ciii:i:pf maukf.t.
Jto.-ton, Oct. I'I
1 rTF.H-Qitlet hut st, ,i,lv. Iiorlbei
vvtxtern. :'!' ,ii22i .c; d urv. 171... .
c 1 IJFSF ynh I ; " Vci-'nuiiit twin.-" if
1 a
1 i
l 1 1-
I'm-' -
'1 1 s
Si Ii"
1 7
1 (
,1 1
I '
low in fruits. Iiecoijitx
i-'iidli in d vpl'j lifavy,
show s no inipi oveineiu.
- -tl.'l liirm 1 1 nllliliiMl (o
. ';. vvlia Ii Is in short
- . 1 nils a premium.
11 in short supply, ,'iiul
been nhta iticil for u
"' 1 'a )! 'i bex are about
how in Dm iii'irkct. A
1 w ere i.lfi'i-.'d iliiiinir Die
1 iii.illi.v was ,oor a,,
to v ii nt (la 111 The Cali-
- fv am ul "jrade anil hit ve
I I I- inov 1 im nt of criiii-
1 ' in tie lo. il market.
1 ' ( 'apr in mi ,.K Dieli'
' -f. w I i '. tin 1 urp sp
1 I'.i'Cs tl , Hoston.
- imw oli'i nid arc Cali
" s -e! vv . 1. l,t supplies
d pi ici- . w cliolce
a"d command high
fi e I- l-o!il lirm.
7.v: no a
nil- S'J nor,;!!
2.". k no- si t.v.l' :n.
-' Mai' ' ll.il'vcys $1 nil
.i-i 11 n.s.si jr,',n no
t " ! - 1 I
hoston roi'PKi; maukf.t.
llostou. O t Tl
The local copper mail-,-1 wax sou 11
.Ni w York. Oct 11
i'i linn fill n f. - op. ni il stiady Del i
.i'ii; Nov . s". : I , $ii!,i '.Jan.. 11 1 1
Fi I , jpi.e--.. 1.1 uv: .Mai-i-h. .'ll'l:'; Api.l
'." lid. May. SI"!', spot i Ins. d sl.'ii
10 poliiis ib 1 line, mnldliiiK uplind-. ?l"
mlddliiiB Kiiir, Jin."," saiix, r.:i: hah-s.
Plain ll-fpiiirt. value 7.i'
Foldmur Pread This value
The PutValo Cereal Cooker,
allle 40c. Sale U'ice
The Buffalo Kyir Puaclicr. value
loe. Sale jirice
Bread Kaisers. 10-(t.. 17-ijt .,
21-(l., lift i lined, value olle.
H7e, .()(). Sale price 49c, 75c, 89c
Sale price 50c i
tin- f ill months In n.i pin;;
,v d.tuuhlir was 'nun t" Mr. and Mrs
J M 'Yr.Klii Tin s Ikv. Mr. and Mrs. C.
U Uiinht and son. ICdvvlr. who havi,
..'i vi-iiin in Huston i etui mil home
Mo nl.iy W llli.iui Plant and family
i iv moved to Uui liiiuton J. 12. Wolcott
ii ,1 (humbler p. 'me Inane from Huston
Mi i. lay Mi-x di. tee Wilson went to
i .iiistcr, Mas--.. Thursday. The Kind's
D i .t'nlet-x have placed fill new chairs
iir 'h panxli house A clncki n pm sup-
i p, r will he served Fndav muht. Mi-scs
(li.ue and Myrtle McNeil wire at home
' ov i Sunday.
The Hcv Mr and Mrx. w tl. P.. k. r
nave an iiifnihiil i.irt.v Mmul i; . v- uu ir
in honor ot Mr and Mrs W. S Jud i ,.f
Svv.inliin, who ale visilr.iK nlal'v - ,1 1
fraud- ui tow r Julia liilh. rt ol S' A '
h..n-. who h.ix I,, i n with her ninth. -i-, M.
l.vin i m Oil',, it w i ., i . II. t, I ui m-d lion .
tin I, Di in-i IP iv. v Nmhos oi !r,Ll
A. i.l. inv was lioi v i r Slunk v A . 1 i -
man. l.iitln r Sliuili. wis with li'in .,- i
Kin si -Mr. .ird Mix. J mil s l.'.h.
Cr.lllsbuij. Willi lave Ill-ell V.-ltllK ''"ll
dauuhter. Mi.-. F M. Wright, ami ntla r
friends, nturm I to lla-ir hum,- ih. 17:h
uisl.--.Mis. I'lora l'l-ih-y n mains critic. iilv
ill. Tin- llev. ,1. . II. linker will
eliniiKO pulpits with the Itev. Mr. Nevvto'i
piistor of Die .Methodist Church at ..-t
Fiinxhun,-!!, the i'lil.
u I- r
ir d
I.e. Sah
;!D(luail Tin Wash Kettle, alue -Inc
Sale prici
1 1'.
IV l.sti
1- 'litlllll
Till'.' LOCAL M.UIK K I S.
Then arc no cb-iiiuis m th. prn-.
staple piodiiits this w, I,, ,gnx n I
at ;u li nls a iliizi-n. i-i'i ami r Inuti-i
ii-iils a pi and, daily lent r at j".
and clu-esc al P. cents. !' I. it... - n
al 7" i '-nls pi r hush' I. I l"i Imii -. i i
hi rh an onipai all v i ly in w, .-iIIiiik
cents eacll.
1 .
M l' .
I d
1 ii r.-l. ! (.' t
' Pp'lis ,S1
'Ii -"111- $1
viiis uiui
"i'i dark
1 1 ii in U '."
lreels of lliirUiiKiuu Jiny 1 "n ni 1 is li New j
Field for Hunters.
1! L. Tousley of liose street had a
pci uliar epeii, in e yesterday inorui in 1
and throughout the day was the r,l,j ,' ,
or much Jest lui? on the pait of hl-i j
fiiindx He. in ciunpniiy with atiotlur
ninn was di Ivliuv down Piarl sn-ii
mil at a point near Lafayette pl.u . In
ni siariid to ch.i-e an .miin.il c
Mi. 'I'ousley Ihnutht was a Cat. 'I'll
11. ll urapphil '.''IDl the line; f, a
ininule-. while .Ml'. Totlslev and h -
I I. Hiked on V
i r a while di wind on the mei t
'i ii 'he animal nnnhi 1." soni'-H 'nn L
oh x a i.il and Mi Tmisley -l.ind pj
Pearl Ay-ate Whiti
b-(iiart, value 7
.fl 1!).
Sale prit
Enameled Ware.
Chrysiiliie P,lue Kunineled Tea nnd Col'-
iee fois, Mes "J ami ipiaris.
value pie in s.n'. Sale price 25c
Plue White lined Cnffee pot, :iil. si",
value (ioe. Sale price 49c
Venetian lilue Tea Pot, seamless, 4-qt.
.size, value .27. Sale jirice 92c
lined Pj'e.serviny; Kettle with cover,
'e Sale price 75c
Blue White-lined Water Pail, value
i .
i ( ii.foMi, is si -j.-, ',i i ,r,o
no i
1 .'
i H
i nt'
'r ,
(s Ir i
n v
til'fon a
alitor' ii
fjlliia t
oik si' '
si 'S'.i
-im i y
l ma i;
SI 7.V
i. in In
'i'i ilni In -i
I J..
'. pnuies
- i n
s -Vl
''!. N'ew York vnrie--I
i t- 'I; l'j, i nch, west
"i ' ords Hie K ill basket.
tnluiv- J-l.'j.Vn'J
i' ilncus VKiM.7." n
II "I'l'I, 1 a kei;.
Nntil p K'uii",) v
, 'i fit 1,
i (ivnninriM
x,i'H 1 nrh T'roilnce Millkel,
New York, Oct II
I . H- I .1.1.11 hill-- Mm' I
I I-I ' ' " pk:-, I" i' I in a
ll ni i la i i i 1 1 1 . !rt;i' ' i Mm , ol
il 1 '" K, '.villi , i.i'
WO, ' lialnhts, J". 0- ' " , ' . n t . i
ii J w I '', whiter 1'ivv Traill-. ' ;
inv estimate. 'I I
ill o k him. and I
ni - hand. Ml. Tim.
'.I. . w on I lo In ad,
inilknian happi in il
i m and a -In d Mi .
.' . Will' b in K"
i 4 il vv as a Plat k
n In inu a W'ea '
uiiii il vv i- i -i" i a
,il d '..id I In In. in H'li'i
iii 1 1 In pi ll Iii vv mild
li, a' -mn Im- I In skin.
mini. 1 1 stiirn d
lav ill"; a VVI In il 1'. Fi
b y hit Hn 11 n i m.i I i t
who Ii 1 ild til r 1 1 " ii t
ill, Mi loan II, is I SI
PiiU h V lilt ills
Ton-1- v t hink--li
, 1 : 1 1 instead
I- -aid that the
ol hi. ii k imnk.
api in i d iii an i -
have li ii u-'-il a
i ( il It'll I A.N'NI LHSAIiY SAI.U
The foiiilh aniversaiy sain of Dio Hum
lliiKton Furniture company will open at
Dm company's commoiliouii store In D:o
Clement block "n Pearl street Monday
mnrnliiK. al which lime Die residents of
Huillimton and vicinity will he Klven
an unuxiial oppoitunlty to secure har
naliiB In liiinlturc. carpets, stoves, eli.
'I'ne HuiliiiHton i-'iirnll ui e company, by
fair and lionesl dealiiur wllh the inircha."
Inn public, has Juslly won ail ( nvl ible
rcpulation ilurliiB the years hi which It
hax served Die I eople. 1 'l OHI l ss I. as been
Da- watchwoid of I 10k llrm uiui its name
tl ,
i nun
i t
I ,lli
I Lf
I i
i l '
, 'U.J4 tie
I Ivl t
lll.ll ,
.1 I,
I till
- S'
I'll l In
l"V . .
i Dm
I uu
ul i
pi n-i
i On.'
1 1 . 'I
I I .
I'I itv
the hi'sl ipiallty and
I i, a
n n
i '
, i u
i' the aiptoicilii" fin
is of kooiIs 111 ali de
meatly Incrciis'.'d un
f the store Ik taxed
i w i tho bent and latest
n I nl' r iliiuni,' loom, lii'driMim
m isi 11a m oils I 111 nil lire, while Die
ui of i. itpcis is ii ii i I and i hir.uii
f 01 d set ipl Ion- are i n h,- I'oiiial
h'li' lw an departuu nl Th He it. -I
mi i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 h I l ii t-' will nwiii ix
i fli sale vv h h "in i ' Mi
liit meal
price. . .
No. 'JO (irey Enameled
Boiler, value ti!)c. Sale
Xo. liii (irey Kiiameled Oatmeal
Boiler, value 7!lc. Sale price. . . .59c
Xo. oil Hotel sie Oalinea
value $!.." 0.
PT-quart 'ene
Sale t. rice $1.50
i it ii Blue White-lin-
j I'liere will In- a chicken pie supper at
th Ci-nti r chinch. Thursday evening, the
I ..i I-- I ia Ion l.amb and wif- Ironi Con-m.i.i-ul
are expectnif; to spi ml the wln-
'ii h.ie with Ins sistir. Mis. Ma,- Mar-
li.il Mi lord Is In pour leallh. A.
!. I i ,hiiur was horn Dm 1Mb to Mr. and
Mi- Arthur Hooper. Mrs. Clutter has
I it.il th" pi. ue known ax Dm Aunt Ma
i i Uii'n I'ia.e Im- live ns. Sh- will
'i,v. lie n -i- soon as it ix vacati d bv Mi'.
. Ch.ik A -nn w.i.- biirii In Mr and Mis.
MmvIiiii Moiiiatine the ltth Cli ii ,- Tui-
' i. . r vvil! lie iv to Jiiliiixiin. Nov i-nihi rl and
1 Mr Kp.iiildlnjr will run his own farm. -
I lieu'. i in i n Cni-xe will elii-e Ills house for
tin w-liitfi and move his family In with
h'T fatbci. Henry Scolt.
Alice, the seven-year-old d uicbter of
Ml. and Mrx. Charles It. Honliu;'-r of
(in en's Corner, died Friday uliMit of
di.iiielex The tuncral was held Snilda uf
tiriiion at two o', lock, and the burial
i- in the ii.,iiliv ci-mclery M'T. Ivinire
l 1 1 III i Is- lsillnc; at Dm hoine of Imr '-mi,
C r Citlni. ir Sh'-l-lon - Mrs. John i.i
Huiiihaid nave a dinner to th school i Illicit--
ii o.-tii'ii i- ll In honor of Dm slxiii
hrlhdav of Imr d.-i'iirhter. M..ttl" - Farn:-,i-
Icivi' I In ir fall pb.vviiu: well under
ei I Jiisli
Pan, value ifi.00. Sale
li quart iiieiian Blue Deep Stew Pan, value
l-d'iait iietian Blue White-lined .Milk
in ice ...
25c I
Miss Sadie It. l.ear of this to.vn and
W'esle.v McKeii yhcr of ltutl.mil were
luaiirol Wednesday, Oclohtr 1 at the
boini of (Imis1' Unker by the itev. 11. L,
Thoinpson They will icslde in Uiitland.
MPS. Fllzuheth Caiitlemau illed Sat
m day evenliiK al the bonie of W. M.
Lewis, s.nilh of the vllbiKe, of tuhercii
IosIh She was vears of ai;e The
l , ll n 1 1 lis, were tal. ill to S I'nf use , N. Y,
for initial Tucnl.iv.
Mrs. Hubert Silby and Utile laughter
and Miss Kutlnrine O'llllen of Noi Dlll.il.l
me gin -Is nl Mointin O'Hrl 'ii x-I-:, J.
HoKcis of HilllihUtnn Is vlslliiiM his iiinlh
cr ill C. 1'. Nevvlou's Mis. Chaibs lloh
bins Is 111 ni the home of her .lauKhter,
Mi h. A. I'". Dei by Mr. ami Mib. c,, y.
Crocla lt and clilldn n ale sp.indluK a
vvi'"l. In Hoston Mi. Hid Mi- J di
Jonn- iii and children
an- vi ilmr In in-'il.i
.-up M Ie l'tl'M'1
lrlimh la It di n d Di
i, UsP""
J Pun
1' LUI
"t M.lrixe .-ji--.
Mr- Mil. i Jnhii
S i v Ix l i
vv i-k Miss (lr ice
O" I M sa Mary
Sh'-nd-i'i Mi--. N, lhe .lmii -. M xs i:dnli
I I' una- and Miss i h I . TIlulIM lir- at
temliny Dm t, nuis' i mivi ntnili at liut
1 ni'l Mr I,. J Wh.K "f la XI Mti.n,
Mi-, v wit. d il Mrs I, ..I I'lioina -'.x
li inilv Mr. and Mrs. A. (I. il.i y hit
eiliu x,lay fur Norwalk, Ohio, vvlmre lliey
wlll spend Die winter Willi their d.iiiKh
ter. Cauls are out for Di" ".veilillnir of
Miss Kthel 8. Walton to William W. Wei
moie at Die Methodist Church Widimn.
day evenlniT, Novcinlar ",
C J. Hell Pomona OirniiKc wax itiKii
tiiled Iii Coriiwall Mondnv eveinnii, fiov-
inor Hell belnir pri-ciil and taking a
Plouilnenl pint 111 Die exercises Supper
was served at live o'clock 111 the town
hall to over 2.11 persons, itcpn seniutive-i
flOlll SIX (IriltlKCS Wele piCSHIII '1'llln im
Dm lllth Pomona Dranite to he Instituted
In Dm Suite. The follow-in"; otllcers vvcie
elected: Master. C. A. Milinp of Salisbury;
lecturer. Mrs. c. ll. Line of Curnwiiil
M'iri'liiry. W. M. Hiiuip of Coiiivvnll. Tho
ui xt meetiim d' tin- flralHie will be held
111 Hildroil the last Tuesdav in Novein
b i ','ln (,'rinije is (be lai'm si v. l nr-(-
1 1, 17,i ni ll-i Stan im ml" i - t i K It r
ihi oath ol ndmi-sion
i'hc ntciii-ils .ii-s u-l as niooil mt ii
the worn ni who shops ns Is i Mm 'ahhi
to D i w an i i who trawls
fir I. S. f'i'biirri v-i calhd to see A. 11.
Mums nn A ednesd iv. - A little son of
Mr and Mrs Fred I'.owdi n Is ipiite sick
Sev.ral fiom hen- att-nded Die funeral
ni Ml.-s Wyru Post on Tuesday.
Mi-x iiiixe Klncsbiiry of Wahh m has
. n M-ilnm la r cousin. Mis W. H.
New ton - Mi x I'dwaid Martin, who has
he, n in ill li. .tit li for sunn; time is
fillini; better.
Mrs C A (lardyne and W. .1 Wiljht
aie in Huston this week. -Mrs. M. 1'.
Hopkins has none to llakerslbild. Mlis
Miotic Hiown Is home fiom Knoshumh
l''alls. - Mis. .1. W. Howley Is vlsitlnir In
Montpellei. - J. II. Farnswnrth of Hakers
tleld vlsllid at Jeioiuo 1' 'nrnswoi th's ie
i entlv -t T H ill a;ul C K, Nelson were
1n Deib Line over Suiulav M isses
Laura i in I Flora (illinoie aie vlsilhu; In
tow II.
The lull's' of St Jnliiix Fol-mpal
Finn i'ii will serve an "Autumn .supper."
at Liberty hall Wednesday evenliiK Oi tu
ber ti'.th A eonllnl Invlliitlon is extend-,-d
to nil V- A Pl .ee. who bus 'li en
piile III He pint week Is lniproviii".
.lonepli Patterson has icnlcil tim Uoussciiu
lioiise on Lamklns stieet and Is mm inn
Ills l.nnlly to Dm vill.ip. ', where they will
reside the comlnir year. -I'. S. District
.Maixluil I. D Mlh- of Nivvnort wis In
(own on buxlni . S.itnrhiv 1 1. nl -v
I ' via nid VV J Hi'hoi'leiall of llislon
I ,h ii in I iwn for a few vv - ' k'
.on wis belli to Mr and Mrs II d linr
tiilHI 'I ni mill) Oi tuber 1 dipt S
Mi' l'j of tiw Moil Is ii ijvvu loukmn
Tim Ion cabin of the lion. John Ken
drlek was huiii.'d with all of its . 1 1 - '
tents tit two h'i liii-k Satunlay iiii'Iihiik
Mr. Keiidrick had taken a Kre.it dt-il
of pains to lit it up for a summer i.nnp
with old lashloned furniture. It is quite
a loss .is ill of their bedillti"; and t is
supposed tlm crockery, etc, wa- burn-!
ed. Hut none nf the crockery ..in he
found in the riitns. Some, think the'
Moods vveie stolen and then tho thieves (
burned the cabin There wax i small
Insurance on It.- The larue hay linrn 1
ot Mrs. J. M. Hotehki- s was dlscov erml ,
to be on lire about seven o'clock Sat-j
iinlav evenlii"; Them were several
tons of hay In the earn 1'loye Grow
bad just pill lu a new carriage in Die I
barn a few' ila.v hefon and It was
bun, cd Them w ix no wind and Die'
lire was 1 1, idim d in Dm Lain . house j
imi -bed. Tl re n , il.i. I,, how the i
lite starlid as no one had been ill the
ham. It was insured Judu'e Hutch-I
kiss nnd wife of ileoiein spent Sunday I
with Mrs. llnlclikx.x mother, Mrs .1
M. llntchklss. Mis Cvrus Newton of
Si. Albans Is entitle; for Imr mint. Mis.
J II, ItiiitKlcs, who Is very sick with
Ik art trouble. Purley Hasiom of Hos
ton visited his patents, Mr. and Mrs. S.
Hascom last week. Mr and Mrs.
James Levvix, Mr and Mrs Cleon Or
ton spent October 11 In St. Albans.
Mrs. James KukkIos was taken sudden
ly 111 Tuesday iiiornlu"; with heart
tumble Mr. and Mrs. K. T. Hums and
Mrs Italia Southard were in St Al
bans the Full --.Mrx s. I ', Wllxon and
Miss Marlon Hulhiid visited friends In
ilioria last week -tim Fairbanks
spent October 1.7 with 1! M. Mallard.
Mr and Mrs. 11. Hevins, Mr. and Mrs.
Cleon Orton, V. 11. llolbrook. llovvard
How land and Miss Anna How land at
tended Dm plav at Wauith's Opera
House October IS -Mrs. A O Corrl
Bnn and d.iiinhtcr are vlsltlni; fiietnls
ill South Hero D. II Henrdxey wife
and ilnuuhter xpent mt week visltlnir
friends li. Hn huumil The Hon. John
Kendiicl: and wif, uT Pi nviib nee 1! I,
airived ill town the 11th - Hill Pil
lows and wile vveie the nuexix of aix
bi oDier. Chin leu, of Cambtiilse. Oito
ber I'i
Chillies nnd Sadie Winder of South
Hill Hamuli are .MtuiK at Yv'ilii.un V.'hei 1-ci's-Sliss
Fllaheth Ivenned.v was hnine
over Sunday -A. lnx was seen on the
Dr. luck farm Sunday. -Tho in irriaije of
Jennie lli'lle. i-hlest daughter of DoukIih
nnd nmmn D.intorth, to Nelxon Korsythe
of Itochester, N. V., was solemniicii at
the Methodist pnrsoiuitfe Tuesday even
lllk". The Itev. Iltlike otllclatlliK At Die
close of the ceremony liKht refrex'inricnts
wire served Die wedilini? ii.irty at Die
home of Mis W. V Kims The happy
couple started Wednesday f,,r Dmlr new
home 111 Itocbister. They were Hie recipient-
of many useful presents ami the
iu'st vvi-his of her manv fi lends ai com
pany them.
The follow Ini; pupils of the West llerk
shire hli;h and m nnni.ii s.im ils an class
ed as honor pupil- for excellent staudlUK
for the month nullm; iietoh. r 7. di-rtle
Conklln, Hernlce Hopkins, llunicc Stan
ley, Jessie (Illhert, Ruth (Illhert, Marlon
HUbert. Fllu Whitney Horten-e Hell.
1 nil 11 li i Mavo. Myitle Doinlhue Claude
Deri V PI. I i St nib v il' i H no "'"I.
Clilir Di'llv ( laj Ion Uui' lomii pup I
lor ex licit di pmtn i t (i-iiie (' "k in
Anna St- nU v it(i"ipi Hei km l v
Oilbeit ltuth (liUnit M.iriou (! n t
! luirs-l F ,
til , i ;-,
I in i " i
1 1 I ni.
I.i i, dis, I
lie ear hi
of a ! vv
T 1. -ui i
i low .i r.l
'! vv 1 1 I'll I
I. M " .
lie I- -I 11
VV I'll.' '
VV - V ,
b.ll w.i
and n
da ui; n
..I Col
wa- i '
' llllle
i Hi V I I. Ull. I J
' The bl lib W i -dnvvtii
mad" .
Miss Ch ,i b.' '
I I Im sO'ieun w a -wore
a in a in i
i match. A Ihi 1 1
i cousin of tin
man. A Lirimlv
' '.
".kllli a i d W
y. w.ll t.lke
im mi it l inn n
1 uexd iv aft-
- 1". k
- ui. iv. n r.ii t
Iv'.ll I "'II t v
i ' ha- n. . -
; . led vvit'i
.- - In th
W .1,1 V-
fit CO
ll, ll
x. M
vi I lb
'he ' s.
nxxetnhlvl nt
r " 'i when
rl In t:io
.r-i e M.
mi d on
' I 'he
. 'her.
v I.. a
- r r , nt. ,1
r . .o'.-r-
' in i-;.
c- i
i . ''ni
ir .xkui
n ci Dm
. ' sa.-o
an t
;.. .
,ry l,
Tvv Itehelt
' ' time,
s ' ol of
' s- nut
ai I Mrs.
reel I.mt
i cin.:
lll.llll p.
p.. ce at
, Du
ll I I
1 1
- u.i
I , ill I 1 11 I 1 " I
.11' i 11 111' ".I "ll'l 1
it ein
h ivo
i " m
i-i i a so
I i- .
I K--..und
' '. IP
It ii. .rl.
I ' ! i-.f
, . ..ml
w f.
hi ,
', 1"
id M
li.om '- Vv
' Si M h v -
i I'Sulliv
.'til. ,1
1 1 Kane,
o Kane.
k- in.iy
.i- h at
inoiitii.s" tii'
I"".!- att'in.
i if- tin lans-
i tiain ..'id v
M K, tllie.lv
the maul nt
dm e. tow a
I-i. Nevin- o
Rromii, a- :
ittellde.l n
lowed I Iii i en n
Kl oom, dm e is
were .- i -, "d i
ilfts was Imi-i.-.
lei t on I in i I, v i
bridal tmii. atl.
up tin ir I'esidi i
Tin- ei urtx an
Ilil,- ntatrini"!. il
a sister of
I "iinr. and.
, it!i ha' to
ihls city,
d as best
ciition fol-
uiy ai Uu home of tho
which 1 1 liesliments
1 di-pl iv ..: weddlnsT
Mi and Mis Kennedy
. o'l-lol k
whii h i
e lu the
still busy
niist.iK. s
I ra i
v w i
I ' v
of i-:
in ii
v.i M
if W.
ill IS''
.hill 11 Vs M.I!
Fl ii'hllt ch W 1.
-i par. in- I "i
i he K! "in .1 "
Fmm.i J Tv
.!' H. rk- hu i
, id i-.h li d itt
th" (.!.', d
t In ir
et I fe
ci sij
' v,
, rn
' ill
In tin ci-
iner H Tvl,
man led m I--7 .. id p.u n d hi l
wa- ur n.t. .1 the "i,,, d f
able I v i t 1 v
Mr and M" .' F V Fvh - i id -mi
have b tt for Los Ai m h - li' vv hero
Day will hike up tin ii n''hr Thu
cotidiiiii!' of Mi l''iess lii.ilth in i le ttiu
chaniii tinesx.irv.
Owen Twias'. oi e of St lhv s vrner
ahle a-.1 rt'spi-v 1-d m.n, pa-sed away at
the hum" nf his sou. ii P Twmit "t IliRh
street, at tn o i lock I'm sday nu-'hl. Hn
death rc-uU'd from a tall he had about,
tin d.ivs an" when In traeturcil his lift
thlun ai d s i.i win n he bus been ;nd
uallv '.mini". Mr Twibit was a native of
Cork, Iiel.ui.l when lie wax born it: '.Mi.
helm,- In Ih" "ltd year "1 his at;- lb was
mart led In lMt and m 1M7 the family
enimrated to this countrv landing; at St.
Albans H.iv. Mr T vvi uk t"
tcsxlnn of lailnnllK win.
fur -(-"i y us. He ix surv iv .
li. P. Twibb of this 'Itv
i'vviKt.' "f itutl.ind. and
Mi x. Flleii M. Kelt, v n
luneral services will be
M.iiv's Cliurcli at nine
row in -rulnc-
The death of Mrx Millie F arilsworth,
av d - years, oceurnd al Die St Alhm-4
liiixpn ll at two o'lh'Ck vexierday lnnru
iii'; of shuck. tolluwii'K mi .iperati.ui lop
app. ndii ill- Mrs. l''arnsw"iih lc-iv - tw I
viuiib cliildii'ti The icmaiiis will hn
taken to-day to Isle La Motte, tor nit,f.
k up the piii.
, h be follow. -il
ll 1". iw.i SOUS,
I David It.
ne I i mlit r.
f Montreal. Thu
held from St.
o'clock i ii -in u-
A son w.i born to Mr and Mis. Henry
Cameron October I:' -Mrs James Ttidhopii
.ml Mis William Hist are visitim; m
Svvnnton.- l.exli. Dodds of C.rnnd Isle n
hi town, siirtitn; and slupptiiK apples.
Ji.nies Pillow still cmtiiuicx to Improve.
iherc wis a social at the honn of
Mr. iiial Ml.-. J. A Dod.ls Wellies lay
ivenlim of this week. There were
music chaiiidis and potato and ilothci
pin contests with prlso s to the winners.
-O. P. Knis,'ht bus n turned from tho
wm Id's fair at St Louis and is now cn
teitulnini." In- friends by lellliiK of tho
Ditnps he saw there. ltd, im Knirtht a.
broth, r of lb" Into (1. K. Kr.Uht. who
has hi en here from Alameda, Cab. visit
Imr relitlvcs and friends, has reiunied to
Ills home.
(l.oiTi Klne '- dten i i k . lin.l u. 1' ir
l avion Mr It xt ml "f Ilmhimt' and
( ll, rb U vn ilds if Svvai ton Wcii lu
town Satiiidiv Mi M is ol St J hiia-
ti i i t i mn on fo lib i ifii.J

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