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James M. Kellehcr of Troy, N. Y., ami
M iry Carpenter of till; city xvero married
u morning by Jtislh o M. H. Mia.-.
I M ' rti. . iiRcd IT r tr. son
e i i (bin clt Mini Mary Murray
f -tirot. died dl lib. homo In
J ki n. N , October !.
-ill .x. l.nkcr of F.sspv Junction
v ro thr jnwr-r hlddcis fur tbo construe
tlnn rf a buy ihod lit Kurt Ktiiun Alien.
if i .t.i in Airlo. Nn. TH, Fraternal
u, - of (Ins i'lty win ii.iii
i.n.il I ill In Masonic 'Ample,
oxenum. November 1.
V (!. ('linit'b l' turned
i tun months' tiiii, .bir-
( i
) ill
Tin s
1 L
) "
. I e
V w v
1 II
I 111
hp r,.
II a- 1 1" I'd In i 'liii Men, Mni-
outll 1: k.illl Mel St. I.olll-.
i r tn h.ixo li'" rs-
Mll Kill" nf tb.' city
i s Inn nni nvftuic
1 bull .Mwl tills b ;i
I'stlmates for tbc
1 i .
Ilvmiui Rosenberg
l- ,f returned trotn
i neld. Thov report
V "t till' ll Vet .'Hill
ii- irly n tiMit. Iirxp;
- xx . i . also .- .'ii.
t ,.W. V
' 111 till'
iln r so.
.I i I. Mm
i, 1 "pfcrt
i 'or ("olodnv
"i Mount M.
1 i. of
! u-trl !
. 'PI b-ft .''M
V.. where In
i. vol Kin tri'
..f ibis cit
iKn has :
I.I. 1 1 . t- nun
After Eating
Nausea between meal, boleliinjr, vom
iting, flatulence, fits of nervous head
aclic, pain in the Ktomacli, mc all
symptoms of dyspepsia, and the longer
It is neglected the harder it is to cure it.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
and Pills
lUdicnlty anil permanently cur it
strengthen and tone the stomach and
other digestive organs for the natural
performance of their functions.
Aeeept no substitute for Hood'?
" I hud dyppofifiin twenty-live yor ino
took different modlrlhes bnt got no btlp
nntll I bcfiAii taking Boot's 9rsvHHa.
Have taken four bttlen ot this medicine
nd can now eot iilmoit anything, alep
well, have no cramp In my stomach, ne
burning and no illsitrfss." Mrs, William
G. Bahrctt, 14 Olrie.v St., ProvltUnce, R, I,
Hood's Snnapnillln promlsoa to
euro nnH
i in - .."M .1
. ii . ..I M.r-
' .I.U, "ll till'
I I CI i.l of
'.. Ml. . Iltlo.l-
I Mir fid there,
' ilimouy.
i t 'iii'd itnt -.!
.irh. Ho
in' 1p ti. four
": ' timet 'i
. i ' I'lM'li Mci
U i in I bit r
x . . im ter ,
I 7" yi in -
1 "I ll'clS"K
Mllllg Hi his
t ami Klm-
ii ' 'I by it
'1 '"' I iiin'i nl
. Mi. Pil Inter.
t. I
i wl
x- ' re lilril
W' "I tills
"f 'i:j 'a nr.d
ii- l.iiiiii-1
- I' -III. Ill of
..f .tinll .71
l ii i l.n mod
Mor ill ... i.i'.it..il
i rsarv Sund i . if
Melxn. II Iti 'tin il
'i l ' .lined tb" guc ' -
i-- :nnl Mis'. 1. illi. in
1 ri print. Afr. n u 1
Ml lIH lit- of Hi ,'1J
. A business session wan bold,
i ' nl new momhots xxoro ad
otlireia urto elcet.-cl ab tol-
M. llonrtt of Kt. Johns-
-U. II. J'routy if Hiir
Ilrownell of Hurling
llnrnbam of lfurllni;-
N " I Ions'
tit whb b
mittrd :i nil
low s .
( 'iitnni.mcli'r C
Sin-'tary-C. r.
Treiimrei C V.
Iti'Klstrar !. N. Tlldrn of n.inc.
.ImllfO (ulvointo C. II. .iinilnn of Jtut
liitnl. SiirKion .1. ,V. .iftitif nf llurllnstiin.
'bapliiln 1. , Mow!' nf NoithfM.i.
Deputy fui retnry 11. Kdwnrd Dyer of
At tbis f.oslnn n liiiinlsoini Insignia
wm pre.Mfiiti'd tu the n tlnnsr riiinnmiidoi'.
A. n. l'.ituii nf Montrx'bor, umbr whom
tbc onli. f b.is hml n prosporo'i" Riowtb.
A b.iliiiuel i riiii'lurtcil th" ."-rpsliin.
w l.o
I IV. .1
"PI 1 .1
' bi .
onii!.' p.l nt
:i liMli- nrin
i nl tl p fort.
iu.i;- ibi nut
b. -In
li. s
I W i I .
M n .1
lliibb ml
1 roui. it
1. 1 oil
i ,
I1 id'
- rf
Mi ..i
I' r bom. ir
( it 1 r i o 1 1 1 1 t
of p.
ir of Mr-
1 .1 .loll' r.
r i., w. in
- .. tit i .
mm. Tl i
1. IP id v .M-.-T
Mpi lit. Ihoii will
I ii I i'Ii.i iiilisi- . n
U'lM- ill ' 1 i 1 if
' s'. !i i" 'nl.. r w t .
t .1 on tin .i -ni
uon- lor S' i-
I ".'. 'I
i'.l I liroiib
I , lolltll ot
i h.
..nip. n .
' n' j
n 'IHII. .
- .1 inn f .'
Ii ..Illi
1 Mi
I liii .
it in
' !'
In I
M I '
'I m
1 .it l
,'lmr -i
I tnu,i :'.
tin l'i.unliff
. .1 , OS' of
A Molni. s
"" in i ' i ni
v i i ii i . r
inn. 'I Ii.'
1 1 M
' I:
i I. lb,' Vi
i. widow
.i- t'.7 y- i
i I'd ir.iu
U' IS. 1,,'i.
.mil 'i
Mr sin.
- Iioiiso t'.r
it i. Illip in,
. i- tr.ivi In
nun. in :o
l.lwin llniii
t il in.inu. ri
Cniniiptltl t v Mimil by Vprniniil Nntlnn-
nl (liinrilsiniMi ('onipli'lril pi(pribo".
't'bi. pompi'titivi -boot for tin'- p. n
ti nnliil trophy cip bv tin' vnrloii'i pom
p.ii.ips of tb" Vermont National fluard
Wcis completed yesti rday sit the r.nii
.it I'm t t'thnn AlUn and I'otnp.inv i
nf St. .lohiiKbiny wuu the tiotdiy by n
Miialt niiii'Kiu. Company II of I'.nri'
u.i ( oiul mid win. the prist" of $1V
Conipnny 1! of St Albans was third.
Tin sbontlnp yesterday was from tbo
rariKeH at .MIO nml tno yards. Thi
-bootlnK at (hp 200 yards rutiKP vas
l oinplpted TiiPsday mid Company 1
w.i- in tbo lpnd at that tlmo with Com
imiv 11 seennd and Company i; thiid.
At tin fifm yards runs:", Company II
If. I with a senrp of nr.O, while Company
I! bail :ii:i and Company 1) 1!3!'. When
tin ijOO yards ranRe was ie,n heil theiu
was n decided eliaiiKe 111 the stamlitiK.
At this ranu'f. Cntnpany H had n score
of "IT. making a total or l.nfifi; Com
P.my IC had a .-eoro of i''if., making n
ini.it of 1.04 1, and Company It had a
-..re of JIM, making a total of 1,0 12,
t Mil- i.timp Company 1 of llrattle
l'oro bad th" .sicond blKhcst t-rmo,
m.'ik in u- :( " 'I .
Tin coinpanlps whiib shot at the
. of the afternoon woto much
Ii lUilii'.ipiied by d.irknob?. Jlspecially
w as this line of Company M, which was
lip last lomii.iny to shoot, and it was
'with t;ri,it (liifn'jlty that the last man
. ..nl. I sei the tiiri.-et. Ciimpany G was
j.ilso at ii disadvantaKO for the same
1 1 1 ason.
' The -coirs in.nl" at till- shoot by the
i oinp.i nli s of Ihi second battalion also
. ouotid tor in.' li.ittnlioit cup. This
up wi- won i.v Compiiny M of liur
Imirion with n lot.. 1 sc'oi. of 95.",. Com
l in. K of 1 .i ii i u ti t ' ii i w.ts second with
i or." of v i: Couiinny A of liutland
i' - tlnifl wii i ' 'i or. of Mil and Com-
c ,,t in. i,,i,,n was f.nirtli with a
l. of I -''.. I'h'- i up ii. is been bold
Coiap.in; .l .- m I'.il years.
Ii" -liooiui; lnir.in at about clnbt
' "k vi -t"i il.i y morning and eontln-
I throunhoul the day. Col. Ilstcy
! hid Um Unburn Tut'silay night and
- at the i.inge ys'i'iday and will
Micip lo-dty. Major Howe was
o plesillt, .litholi;;)! JlP did Hot tilkl!
i' in tl,. shoot Several good indi
vidual score.! weie made (luring tbo
jilav At Tein .ud-. Sorgt. S. II. llast-
i inf- . I Compjiiy n m.idp Ao out ot a
'possible T.ii. Siit. .1. M. Ashley of Com
pany M made 4 1. 1'iuato 1'. Eraser of
ii ompany M i i.i.le I.: and l'rivatn It. C.
jllan-on of Coinp.m A ni.iilc 12. At tlOO
ix, mis I'rixati Miigi.nt of Company l
in. lib In. Capt Tillot.son of Company li
' m.nlc 40, and Cm por.il Ilctti rly .mil
'Prixnti- Teiihix' ,unl J'.irboll of ('om
' p. my 1 i ai li made
The scores oi the -ixeral companies
trds x , ri a ' f olloxvs .
l'ne nf lliisber Wrrtlii'lin CoiHln.
ui-il In Coiiiilx- Coin I.
Tbo e.iFo of Alfred lltisli. y v.. Abo
Wertboitti, which was betrnn 'I'ucsd.iy
mornliii; In county com t. piimn to ,i'n
abllipt end at'l'T the Jury b.ul ,t.pn eni
paiielcd. -Mr. Wcrtlielm xvas called to
the stand, but beforo lm gnvr any testi
mony Attorney I'alincr mined a tichiilcnl
(Ittestlon as to the Htilllcleney of the
lilendllinf. This miitter was decided In
r.ivor of Hip pl'iintllf, whereupon Attorney
Itttssi'Il annouiiecd that the dpfeiidan't
xxas not te.uly to proiced with tbo tllal,
as ll was supposed tho luling xvniild bn
In his favor. Tbo easo xxas tlicieiip.iii
continued tmd the Jury exi used. A. Ij.
Shoimnn and H. ; Tuft eopresi'iitod tin;
In lut l rf. In tho previous rnso ai;al:i.st
Wtrthtim in xxblch A. C. SAnildlm; xv.m
the plaiiitirf, tho Jury Moml U to .1 lit
favor ot tho defendant.
In tho afternoon the wisp of Is-i i" T.evln
vs. Viutor i:ohen, an action for tho re
covery of damnum of JJ.OVi for nllwd
Marnier, was taken up. This Is tho last
Juty cn.se that will bo trird previous to
tho adjournment of court and nil tho
Jurors tint on the case xxrro exi-iisxl un
til Dpcemlwr a at s a. in.
In the case now on trial tho plalntlfr
claims the defendant called him a hnrso
thief tmd necused him of sxveirllii; false
ly on the xviiness stand. C. J. l.erMisoii
appeals for the plaintiff and H. V. Taft
for the defendiuil.
Tho case of Isaac. I.ovlu s. Vutor C
Inn op- upled iiio-i of the tunc in county
court vesteiday. This case is an action
in which tbo plaintiff seeks to recover
datnaxps of j:..0in fiom the dpfnd.Tit for
alb'Ked blander, Kevin's claim being tint
Cohdi i.illed him a thief and oiler ap
pplalions win i I y his leputati m -ulfei-p1
to th" amount naniPd ahovp. i'he ti.li
ninny, most ,.f xvhlch related to l,.'in ,
standing among his iissoci.tti s. xv.is inui
pletid istonlay ufteinoon. A large .lum
ber of xxitnesses trsiitnd but tne -aiiiliiation
of eiielt xvas brief.
Nato In the afternoon the aig'imenlH
weio begun, C. J. J'Vrguson, the attorney
for L.win, stating the easo of his client,
alter which tho defend.int'n attorney, It.
W. Tall, made his argument. Court th"u
adiourneil until nlno o'cloek this omn,
ing when the closing .'iigumcnt xxill i ..
lnado by Mr. Ferguson.
One dlvorei) enso xxas lieard x rd.i .
it being that of l.cxvis lienxx.iv x -. i;.n
m.i ltenxvax-. A bill xxas gia.nt.il on the
ground Of .nblltely.
4th Anniversary
Oct. 24th.
price tire the lntirst,
(lur finality thr bent.
We li I in to plenne (tie puli-
(lur piilons do ihc rest.
4th Anniversary
Oct. 24th.
- Burling!
Furniture Co.
1904 ! 1903
ISO - 184-
EACH Yenr Ins boon a yrnr (if Progress, nf trrpntor ncliicvoiiinnf of wider usefulness K.icli Kcnsoa tin' Ircjiiin of l.ital jiii't-ntm
has iniiltiplierl ; Mieli a wonderful in crr nse m our liusine.ss duriutr tlif past Four Years is not only an evidence of Hu Iniyincr puiilic's. ennfi.
(Icncc in our ineicliaiid'se, line calls for a fjreatiT effort to continuo to trrow. to merit your valued pnlnunmc, liy our consliuit aim to ple.iso
you; witli (his in view We shall celebrate the opening of a New Year next Monday (October 24th, with an
. . . .ANNIVERSARY SALE. . . .
That will eclipse anything this city ever knew.
ll, is an event of st irriny: interest tn every man ami woman in Burlington and vicinity.
Our displa. m' Seasonable Furniture, Carpets, Stoves, etc., surpasses nil showings' of jitw i.nw .sons,
plcahinn taste and elmrictor. Hnnidcr plans hate bci-n made and lar.ii r sloelis frnthcred than ( er In l'iirc.
-t st
A full price reduction ol one-third to one-half less than regular.
I b
' I
A ot Rutland
H of St. Albans....
c of Itiandori
1J of Harro
F of Noi'thtlcld
(1 of Hradford
II of Montpollei' ...
I of lliattbboro..
'1 ii
1 1
XI r
111 SI. ,.
Ii' ' Doili"
I 11. 1'lll .It
.U.. Shu
nut J tn v
Sh.' i,lso
' 1 1 ot
i' . .f Wi-
l"i fi l.i'gllll
"' M.is MIX.
Si. Mary",
niiio o'l'loeli
ph s i in, -
(. II, I'erUns lli'Mili I,, S,,M, ,
nil of His Work lo l.eulsbiiiirs.
I ' I
t H
( i I
ot t
I i i
an I
i, r i
I'io! c
1 1 mo
"I tx I ll
II ' i
"III lo
I'. I'kllls of
111 .X eslei'-
xx is ealb d
annual n .
i b.inds of
'I Mi. it tin
1 ,o Hie
M i. in 'it l.s
. 1 in
XX ' I
Th. -..
!'. l l
f in
poxx i r I
en n .i
Ion, i r
1HU In
of M
JU 1 X '
on l' i'
el, uy in tm r
a- I Motttown
i .
II '111 I !
' 'Mil t
I I Mol
I. 1 I . I'
I d bv I 1
X' .'I'll
I l"t' 1X111, XI
i - 1 1 Sin x ,
I ' mlon b
1 - .in ,i 1 1
l' X f I IP
it'll. Ic .
i....niit ipis of v,. mont
i k of I '.ii t iiioiii Ii, a o,, i
I - hi-
I, and
mil i."
irtl". s
XX ell
nitc of
Cnili d
Company A ot Rutland :;o
Company Ji of St. Albans Ill'i
Coiiip.my c of tinndori J7.S
Coinpii'.v U of St. Johiihbiiry
I 'oiiip.iny
i '..lnp.itiy
i 'onipany
i 'onipany
company 1 of Heniiingtou ioi
Co ni my l of Noxvport ai.t
t'onip.iny M of Kurllngtnn ;m
The si ores at yiiiiis and tho total
"oils at .ill ranges were as follow.-:
COO yds. Totals
Coiiip..iiy A 1V
C paliV li 2C4
Companv c ll'l
Comp.inv P :t,T
Company K
Coniii.iny F '-07
Comp.lll.V (l '-'4i 1-22
Conipany H 2S1 Kt
Company I '" 1
Company K IH! ':17
i 'iiinp.i n.x I. I""'i 1 "'I
l lilllli.lllV .11
Tin -hool will close to-day, xx'b.'a
nixidiiil numbers of the legiment
1,01 J
William ,1. Iteaili nml Miss Xliiry ,
Dunlin Xlarrkil e-ler.lax .
A 0.111. I, but X', iv i, i ttv
soleinni.i d at St. M.irj '"..i!,
t Tdny moriui.g at nun o clock,
trrnting p.utl. s being William
anil .Mi-.. M.u.x A. Iiotibn
inon.x wms p, rlornii.l bv ibe
Iihenv, assist. nit at ihi
(he pr. setii e of a loniouiv
and fn..nds that Idled the eluioh.
The bride xxas atlendnl In Mls.s Mir
Rfiiet I'aliy, as maul of In, n,r, xxlnl"
John lllack aitid as bi.-t mun. Ti,.
us-hrrs weie li c .Killev and John ll.uh
b.iu. The bri.le xv.is becomiiiclv goxvn. .1
in a eniition of silk voile, and cuirl. , .i
whlli; prayer book. She xxorc ,l ii.iiii--bnroiigli
hat The coxvn worn bv th - n.ud
of honor was of l.m hi oaih lot h and -1,.
xvoie a. bat lo mat. h.
Follow ing the ef ri inony Hi., brid il paitx
repaired to tile holm of Mr. aid Mrs.
11. MeC.uthy on Si. I'.nit stre. t v h. n a
wedding bieikf.ist xvas serxid. C. A
Wal.strom biiiig the 1'iiinr. A r". . p' .. n, I
xvas I'e.J att. r the tin a k fast, at xxl, i
tlmo Mr. and Mrs. Iltady received InariV'
pongriitiilriliijiis. The brldo xx.is lb" r. "i
pient of ;i l.aige number of useful ami
beautiful presents, including pieces of
furniture, silvcrxxare, china and cut glass.
The grooin is a member of tho Ready
Rros-. Uvery company and li a. fax-orle
with a wide (help of friends. Th" htidr,
is one of llurllncton's popular young
ladles, and the largo number of ,rirnt.-;
sho rcpeivfil attest the esteem in which
tho Is held by hit- a' -oei.it. s
Mr. and Mrs. Ib ady , ft ., M'p noon
nam in r ,i , xx. ens WMldmg trip to
Boston and Nnv York, fin Me ir return
they will re-.d" at No. 221 St Fay tlrct
.urs. , ,rn i. ax. He I'laeeil In llnnds
I'lolialliin Olllccr Fergiison.
ioitod h
. I I j
a-: 'fiwriTCir-s-?.
r -i '.- xx a s , W P-Wt I
I Hi Idx !
'Ill . ' I. -I
ll'X. 1'. ,t.
VMW I TSn Va rV C,S! ''('U fl-& GRADE
! ipj ?S"l 'fFIA oil'heater
miii2fim x v.,x -win r,.,iP,. iMiior sun or jiivv..' issagv -!
5?ir'rfe h'gh.-' gt.'l". rnbliid mam. huish fe .feSW ,1 . VjA M, '
N-" i, .,,.. xvoik. arll-M. in di sign, consist - VIJJ-' TMr-Y, il f hWf k" " -
I A good, strong iron li. 'i. spring nnd ms of Luge -'f'. ., "n . ilf. patent -.-uJ y, jjj t f Efpli . (Jn ,. . .
XlMllresses eoniplele. F' -i.ofor arm roeki r. and two parlor chairs. -"V" ' - -'f li -V.. .- - I V'1 '?ijK3l
C( a", handsome silk-damask coverings, for " ., - -i i. -- s.T' vfissiaiSf . .
Worm SI '.I HiO.JU . hand-.me up-to-date China Clo . fi fl
i Worth 50. ,,s -b.nv i ri :'.,. i d. -mil of ini"-t 1 Fyifc- M ..jyP) S2.0u
1:'Vh 'l'-85- v "
FH kJ ' fmsmzfl x.w0. HANDSOME n r
fi.. ' i. J... iC" ; i SmSSssssRsa' ip ' U s. , ; (:-!""s; ,. fancy r'. X
" &,'k-is-Bir'l ' l BMiMW tp'-N.".'"i ... .-, ...laiitv . iMg? . -,, t atvtp v? "
"f 111'- V J Ur .."-ZJ KT Wi " Slll'JO x .
t. b.ivr for , ?3'JU Ttmmrrr-Lla WoiMifl-". . " t 1 v as f
living Imp. hind-, uk In ' ""'a .. 1 1. , on-,-t i ,1 , , Width 11.00. Y VtT'.
lameiibout ",f ' 1'ii'rinil ill. ,,. i,, v,,l ".jf -'..vi r, . , wsT
have Mis. !"'"' h pl.i." 1 1 1 1 1 i . Hid "leg.ini i.ih - - - . 3t
of 1'roha- l" ''s'' 'id xxnli no. i.,minoii.. i,, mat, 'i. i . . , ' t f- VfTSHi." 7
"'k- $14.85 auy DINING TABLES. ei V ' ' V
.. . .. . VW ARM ROCKER , V'V
FOLDING BED COUCHES. AMLr a h.,,d-..me ,,, w,,t;l ,. 0-;,:)
(i.'k n.-k't- of :- ,-r-,W C-V
i&i-c:Jr-r MvSiM ' I'ti'sh. writ 'n'i crrr -h&N
k and ? C-.;K-i,?e.Ci'-ii'-T- rau -.j ,,, v is. " , 1 . 7 n r -'
i ti. I- ., st,,, el gc h.x ! muu u, ffiwafcai '1 ItyTfia )tA'
;.:-:.,:;:rmg ;oir.;-,;r:;,'j W I WfSara
" w.M' .in i if i-mi fittoii m.ittr. .-- ' T33SZZ:i ' CI T VTl "'j,f.i B i-
Ml bol.t.i i, ill, , look .i... , " Ibii-li. tinc.-l make ;7RPWS. I , L Vj J 1 S , i
'.'..,w!,:lnf"1'.'.1.,f,..' -.;.;...; s, , a UM$tA
$8.95 book -lo ii . im' f W ,'X1J. d- ii.gi, M id.. !., ,i-h. iW-TA
Woiii. $ii.oo. $3.9o j fj sixiish, r, bgs. for $4 90 ifr&By n$r
. worn, (;. j j.V worn, $vo. RUGS.
tff CHIFFONIERS MIGH GRADE R,i "..V V.V1..'.'- "
.-sjBaegLjiBi 4 bnnilsoine solid O'.li m Ann lira. "i ii'V.si.
WLW ch.fronier fix'. . p A HANDSOME EXTENSION TABLE, designs s- ... ,
jl hiflonler, tn.. :,,,. UlXwSr iHitxxear ail othei-. fm .. I QQ
SS-ji-21Jjf drawer-, bt-t glos - SnSwLvrff FANCY Hound or square tops, p, tini -t uunr- ... xvm t'i $ :o
m-'i nn.ni. without m,,,. wtifflir. ,':rv'1 ;,i,k or Iilllnr ''vr. l'w,"
ife'j but i.incy top, for J9S(& REED , above, from $6.75 ' INGRAIN CARPETS
Wl 34 95 prtfsvTco worth from J.o.o'i sjr, oo. Npwt4, iiiM,,, m ,
PP Worth J'-o ROCKER,- Inch.s xx b. ,., . 29c ,.,,' X ,r 1
Hf J. '0. ef highest oualily DINING CHAIRS ,
R1."j2S. fTi lleavist. b. -t II,, , , .
COT BEDS xwsSiw f"'' . fnwf A 1""u,""" r:"": s,',a f','"'vl u p ' 1 -
r-- 1 i. $2.G5. IJj)i 1" c c 1 1 1 1 r of solid oak. Vl, , '"' ''
WgsS y v 'm MH -i. ,...-- r ; ; ' - ;
I. rCiiaSSJil . .'tmiW ,
i(W V FANCY ODD wrv fG(;, . iQan,r
fi? PIEECS, 0 Tl ' ' P " 25c
... il U ll i COMBINATION ROOK.nARP.R hrrT. ...
. .. , . e i'.iiin.x nun ii"- 1, I ll til ' ww-w..w rriuy .soiinigii.ti t
n rlegant strong folding pot bed, ,,m ci, ,n- XT&il
w,.h b. -i xvoveii xviro spiing, evtr.i ,,io-t K, a, . ri d. - $Mh:- Y AND WRITING DESKS LACE CURTAINS
I. ami well buiCL-d, for M(,s ,..,, r-'jigsJ'.e:- w-rtli Jl.n'. p. r pair, lm .
$1,35 in.. hog, my r i i tn. 'I Sr"." ."-..flWi
; l t,,!x:: z;. fefl brass extension rods
:t. .:.:.."r: f-f
WW U&U iibAJN ri-tlTH. b.n k fm e I v. . i U J H! r' X f- '. " IMI!
- m i i . . i it i..v. i .ri iiv.p,u lii -TTYTmmr i v .
I, heavy weigh,, goo,, sue white MU8I0 OABINBTB. ? uur.n .iiLj-a
or g. ..v, per pair, lor Finished In il.nk ma- IrSSBT ' ,9 rV . ,,, iAfttli.'K
GOC boganx. select stock, all p fH worlli $1?00. V. .J of gr.ueful .b - f J W V M
. -'- r,,,l,n:, x,:;;l ; Mr''r'sB -b..im...k.
BED COMFORTERS. "S "l,, IV-i'll '-' fefe ...s, fus, $ ).
A braxy weight, full size. fa--i color toV.Tr'' ' RJ "'''' ' 0 IS H 'llff"" W i ,
sateen ..ivxllng, nicely bill. hc,. lor rtr )) L ' a b o I.1'-"-' ' XXa&J$' ,vlos fo L J tij i-.
mmSI 90c ?o,ro. i I "I'Msjiiigix rr t-m . S ll
j W.irll. .f.O. j Worth so no V law p.b . - W lr ! ' G5c
Prompt Attention
given on mail orders
Is an
t - -s-nud i
ili ,..
cnrn stove and rantre in the home A life-loiiff friend to the family. uiieiuallod J'or eti'icieiicy, do, inline--.
tirahility. Our "Jewel" and "Acorn" hoatini; stoves and raiiycs arc made of new material by most
I workmen, famous for more than seventy yours as tin; world s standard heaters and couk-n. miUions use
sold with a sijruod tMiarantee.
A handsome steel raiiL'e with fi holes, hot closet und cupper reservoir, as low as... .$24.00.
A handsome Cast I run rantre, t holes, hinht shell' and reservoir complete, raii'jiti!; from $23.00
"Ve show tin strongest line of lieatiiifr Stoves in the city, prices as low as $ 4.00
l" l.a
tXVO XX ill mi
the hope of
I. This result
C'.ll.l I iv.
band ..ii. l tie
Canada with
plly ever nl'ti
tnrour.li the appli, ation to
Iivoi.. jil.-i, , ,j in the bunds
lion officer Ferguson. Mrs. I.avole
xx-as sentenced Monday to servo not.
less than six nor more than seven
months in the IIousp of Coripctloi nr
ter she had pleadfd guilty to mi In
formation cbaiging her w.th lixing
xvith Mosi s jnott.
.'.ir. i.avoic xvanti il his wife I
slie xv.llltnl to go xvith bin, si,,. ,
only fj .xears old, was main., I xvlo .
slu xvas IS and for 11 months prcviou
to In r arrest had bun xiin,oi,t 1,.
uusnaiiii, xvho xviiit to I'nii.ui.,
th'-e r,,, ts W'fi'c taken im., con-1,1
ation and she xvas pla.-i d in ihc b.n
01 .xir. I erguson. She will he oli ig.d
to icjioii 10 mm riguiariv ami till
how she is behaving.
last of unclaimed letters in the .uibn.r.
stolllcu lor thu week endiiig t. tolur
ton p.
K 1W1:
Mildred Allfii, Madam Hrmili, n Mi-
J. F. liairett, Kuiiico Raker, Mr.-. Cath
i rine lliirns, Mr.-. A IC. Hak. r. M
C.itheiine I'.is-Kly, Mrs, Manila Ch.u ,
bcilain, Mrs. 11. ii. Flildier. Mis. i ,.
Fisher, Kate Douglas, Mrs. I.ou - II, xi
I..1111.1 Johnson, Mis. Frank l.;ii.ili v
Aim. i Moiips, Miss Nclllo I'.e," K .1.
M. Roxvell. .Mrs. Kate Stone. K' .n
rine Weed, Mamie Wi litem. N ; 01, I ,,
elle, Stffimnn l'osnuil.
lonipil. for
Nalloiial Kill
score nialle.
I lie incdal offeied by
association lor tho
of lo
I III II I -lie - a p,-
I'l. if. I'erkiiis
I'll Mir ..vat, r
" "bff ribillloas
11 I e oi I nil of lb..
bv Prof.
O'l tne
ii x i rinoiil ny I'l of Sl i d y
ai d an ai tit . bv ',,,r.
i i' plesi lit III Columbia
o I ill ks Of Vl'IIIIU It. epe'
ii- iii i .in u anil lam,
Jreleil ul
I nst I
(lie Xlllllllll
senior ( lass llleeleil OfTlccrs II, W.
Ileiilli I'reslilenl.
At i lucrum: rn ihc senior 1 i-s Tne .
il iv nftiriiooii II. lib v W. lb ath. .ixiti-
Clilllll.ll. Id Molllpillcr, W.IS elected i I l-s
piisnlinl. nihil- olllcpis ! t .1 wr..
Mi-s Ha.-y M Kniight. I.. S. of Wu .1
sor. x lec-pn si,, nt ; Mat tin W Cliuf.".
il, Mol ri-x illi . hceielary: Walter 11.
W ashbtii in , i:. II.. Wooilstocli, trea.-ui i r,
executive i I II 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , Vim out A. Hat.-,
cli.iiim.in; Miss Miic I,. Clifford and Ralph
I'. Wai l fliil.lt, Illcktoril and 'lamb. II
Were appollili l a ( ointlllltce lo , cii I
Unit senior privileges be granted to in. in
b. rs of the hciiloi i lass as in yen's pa.-t
The farm buildings of Ficd c. Hal ,
located on the Hliicsdalc N II. ro o
about txvo mills south of Ui'.iit! boio.
xvi re Irlnlly dcstiojiil lix ll'.. S'lndax
Mi" loss aiiiounling lo nl, out SI. Jul. The
lile sliirhd Iroiii an oil he.ii.i' win h
lias ben placid In tho bath room on the
giounil Moor. hi ii dlspox-ercd lb" mom
xvas one mass of llaiins. and .illhouiili
evi rj eifoit xvas undo lo extinguish Mini
tluv weie soon beyond coutiol. Wl'h the
help of neighbors, Mi. dale succeeded In
siixlng most of the routciils of the house,
xvbif h logetln i xx.tb a barn att'c h"d, w.m
bin mil to ibe fiiindatlou 'I'hero w.i
Vl.uiO hisuraiur ou Ibe building ind l
mi llu In ni r hold goods
One attractive thing
that it may be Had
' minute
ibout i want ml
III I eon Mi I til In
Is nib ITiim.
F. Km.se mi, J.
J. .1. Iioherl.x.
l'.n nsxvorlh, J.
llerurr, W. I! irr ,i
C. Colby, M, ,1. ji-.vx r
''has. M. l-.'gan, Hiorgi
W. Foster. R.ilob (ior
ion. l iaiiH uiasi-. I ;. (loddnd. Herb' i t
Tn.xlor I Im ms. Claritne Fnierv. IV.udx
'.mil, nr. 1'ianK Knight. M S. t..i,.
.tacoii .MitPiifii. .I.ri y Fhyenouf, l,,,,,
Plomoiidfiii. .M.ulln Rie, Aillmr Itexd
ibo. 1. I.iion, Harry A Small, v, II, i
man Wnrner. ii.iuli w.ilker. An bur I;
STRAIN In tbi , it v. Ci, tober 17, Khza.
belli M. Strain, agul ,.u.,
MI'l.gl K":.N In Mm , ,i v. (.,,,(,, ,. r,
Mrs llri'Ii..'it Mill, pi. en. ;, , j,,.,, "
MI RR W In, .1 m Hi,,.,i.x .," ' N 'y
" "'be,' !.. I'li.l ,i,,l .' M,r,v. s,',n of
tin l.i f (lain It and Marv M'l,., ,v ,,r
Inn In i.ib. t , .in , 17 yi a rs
N SII I. J. in i,,. (i, , ,).,. N,.U1,.N.
N 1. inn d No-h aged v; ,.irv
rei-final I'ttcnlioii d.i or nn.-ht
l.ady a-sistaiit xxlun ri pi- ti,.
Rung Distance Teh phoni
1.-.7 Hunk SI., Iliirllngioo, t.
Arsene Boucher,
Funeral Director and Eialioer,
169 North Strost.
Night tall
Trlephono 43J.;U
Burlington Furniture Co,
180-184 Pearl St.
We Prepay freight on
purchases of $10.00 or over

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