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l t .. .1 mr.
.11.. It. .... (.1
. i ....iitlHiin lilft 'AnfHi nrnii.
oMrt nlftrlnil 11 1 v tn hf In IT In
1 PHI CHI. IIP WHS llllLMI .Si J uui
V. Mn 11 n U I in 111 1 1 1 1 l?H ( 1 L tli IVIiVW "u
cts of ? St2 of which ?1 SO is claim-
IJH.1nti rnnlt Ip.mllprl' PXnmlnil-
,, -IH I... hold r.l the Congregational
I.. r...--., t....r.t(i.i llilti unplc
Alien, county examiner.
. ........1 f fl.u
,.- ... Mnin ll.irlplnl 11 llf t tl I
y. On Sunt'.ny even'tig nlinut 300 Ktioits
iiin.-,! nt tlm lmmo of Mr. Potleman
honor of the event ami uere enter-
nrtl lYHH lllll!?U, lilt
rc crTil,
nrr.iuim i miun ci m.-i ucrny, iiieu
petition In bankruptcy yesterday. He
liabilities rf J1.G17 and assets of
Sin 1- .,.1,,..1 tISrt !e nlilMlfnt IV.
ibt. O' Km lljbil.ilcs Jt.C'y represents
. , . .... ) .........ni. .l
U u ii' 1'itiiwuiinuii i';..
Alderman Germain Germain, who Is
nt the homo of his sifter In Port
.... , i- i.. i.i.. .i . i.
expected hourly. I Ms son. Ilo.gcr i Jor-
un. leu lor mere on ri;;.ii i.v. Jir,
rmain was oj'eraic.i I'piin mj.up tune
Pnlnf l.,1.,ii, .( l'l,.1,i,l illprl
rfrni- litnl'tiltur .it ..J. n i ii' '
i l-'niltiv Mpn linat-itt.nl nt (In. urn.
IS years. He wns ftken to the hos
ll nt'lv 12 hours hpfnr. Ill il'nlll.
So-lv was lnkftn rriil.iv I i KSeh-
'i 1 w'icre the finical wis htl,l.
S, Pease returned from CJ m 1 1 1 Tues-
luirii in mn rpmirpii nv nqq ni n nrw
nil lilt s nm ir i. vn H imipi. nni irpp
il a petition In bankruptcy Mon-
II hup liabilities of SSD.'.l.i iinil
fse(. Krnntr .T. ltn viiimiil of
i. ' il I . I ' ;i i il I in i' I . .ii"ii il I ft i il in; 1 1 -
n lie has liabilities of .'Lull."', and
lir. d e. nipt.
ne .-uaie l. M. v. a. lias nppoinien
H Fullor of Mechanlcsville, N. Y.,
Rutland, Brattleboro and Bennlng-
Whlto Klver Junction and begin his
irlr 111, flrst nt npvl mnnth.
the home of Mr. and Mrs. James
elm. fif ll'ird f I.. ...... 1 , . ...!.. r
lipln ppl.hr.ili Mia 9r.tl, nnnlvprsnri.
their murrlngp. Th evening wus
a niincinv. aiiur wincn reircsnmoiiiy
it nu v ni injiu'ii in mis civ ia nr. i
urpi: l. otcvi.'iinuii ui iurritvui;.
.311 UiinLiu iioumuu ilii: 1't uiiiivi
11 t.n.n,nn .. t; Knn n I wl In tlin uoli,
professlon with his brother, Dr.
II. Miller. His family will go to
w York soon.
nout or liio iriencis or liss i;rnre
vis, dauphter of F. Ij, Davis of North
cui, tfina'i ni nvri i iinvii wiuwit
ursday In honor of her engagement to
lph O. Wood of West M)anon, X. 11.
e cvrnlnir was pleasantly spent with
ny presents of linen, etc. The wedding
I nnrnr in I us r v in ni?r.nihpr
1 States army, wlio has been stationed
this city since May of lust year.
t on Monoay witn nis ramuy tor
w York, where he hns been ordorod,
pt. O. J. Holdcn, who Is now on
t on .Monday witn ins ramuy for
y, will relievo Major Keleher here,
e tranifcr Is merely an oxchanjjo of
linns v inesn i'n onicers.
yiiia jiuiiria iil jiiitju, u titiiiwr.
y aiiernuon. sio nan imuiiuies oi
.i.r7.14 and assets of S7.708.60. of
llch $848.00 is claimed exempt. Of
liabilities, $7,231, represents se-
red claims, J2,9.'3.H, unsoeured claims
d $2,&!0, notes and hills which ought
be paid by other parties thereto.
nree pennons in nnicruptey were
d Tui-silay as follows: I'hllllous V.
Ill ,ir I. .1 rtillfili! rv r, l.inn-rtt Mn
llubllltles of $3fi.0 and asnts of J100.
inieu extmpi; ueorso ueauciry ot hi.
lillltles of 5712 and assets of J100,
imeii esimp;, linn jiernert v. HurIc
Hrattlehoro, a laborer, with I'ahHities
v., ...... . ,n u. s-.,.iu, t.,i IU1II.M
0 Is claimed exempt.
i vii ii. iiuseii!, ii iomier liuriimton
committed su de at R iiervtll
IPS.. 1 mirsilav llV lllhnllTIn- II inn nnlln
tt ittlc,olllrr nnA .1 . ,. .
PTS Jet and Marine: the other In hl
iuth. Mr. Itor.ers was the son of Mark
nosers of flur ntrtnn. and was horn
Burllnirton Amrus- in. ism if wo
rried but linrl nn phlMrt.i, 11
12., and Montleello Idqe, A, O. U. W,
left uurllngton twenty years ago.
hit ifuuiiu f'r. c nil nnnn.iiii. I..
morlal hall the drawings for the pro.
sed soldiers' and sailors' monument.
..Milium .iuii oc uuriioii oi uarro,
dellnlto selection hrus yet been made,
n Woman's Relief Corps has for years
ii ruiifuiiiiK n lunu nir inu iiiuitunii'IK
d litre now at the r a Dosal J2.;0i1. It
proposed to erect the monument next
Inc In ellhpr Tlnttprv nr f!ltv ITnll
Irs. Ji D. Tanner pave a pleasant rectp.
il lu iiniiiiL I..! i:ifitH fir npr nmn
uth I'nlon btrect Tuesday afternoon
twron the hours of four nnd six, Mrs,
monil Cole, Mrs. M. V. T. Dode and
s. Henry Wells were In the parlor with
-, iwiiini, turn .inns nopuie van
lclen and Miss Mnrv t.vmnn f,rnt,iiA,i
the refreshment tuhlc. The dlnlns room
s decorated with chrysanthemums,
lln phi VKflnlhemiim nnn .n Kn n,l...
re rcattcrcd about other portions of
'he commlttoo on the filtration plant,
islstlnp of City ETnBlnccr F. O. Klnclnlr,
of J, W. Votey, Aldermen Reovcs,
iriran, Measlier and Fred Johonnott,
nn a trip lo the lot adjoining the re
determining; a site for the plant. It 1$
rervolr Tuesday afternoon with a view
Ihciusht that about three-quarters of nn
r.cro of land will be necessary for the
lllter. It 1 unlikely that the committee
will do more than determine, the slto for
the plant and select plans for It before
sprliic opens.
William M. Dullahan of 62 North Chnm
plaln rtrcot died last evonlng at seven
o'clock of pneumonia ana heart disease,
He had not been fcelinR well for about
four days but had been about the street
until yesterday, when ho was taken sua
denly 111 with pneumonia. He was 25
vears of ate. For several years no nan
been employed In the druu store of W. J
Henderson, where he was well and wide
ly known. He Is survived by a wlfo unJ
n father, Michael Dullahan, nnd four sl.
tcrs and four brothers, nil of this city.
The funeral arrangements were not com
plctcd last evening.
While Henry K, Spear and a helper,
Mr. liuzon, wero testlnB Dr. J. W.
Mrrrow's automobile on North avenue
Tuesday nioriilnr, the feed pipe broke and
a shower of Biisollne wns sprayed over
the muffler In a second the machine
was ablaie and the occupants were forced
to Jump for s.tfety. Snow was thrown on
the inarhlnle In an effort to subdue the
Hatiies, hut 't was useless and the only
thin saved was the front seat. Mr.
Spear luid bfen lepalrltiK till m.iehlno and
Dr. Morrow was to tour the State In It
for ndveitHrs purposes.
Frank Harney, who pleaded not
cullty of Intoxication when arraigned
In cltv court Thursday, wns
found Kullty upon further hear
ing Pi liny morning. I in was
fined the usual ?r. and cost' of
U&.G.1 with nn iillernHllve sentence of
ten days. Harney took an appeal. He
vns convicted on tho testimony of
Pscb Morris and Louis l.lmogc. The
latter admitted on the stand that Har
ney has recently testified ugalnst him
In court but that he buro no 111 will
toward the respondent.
Those of the friends of Mr. nnd Mrs.
Thomas Reeves, who knew of the 0'-
rnMon "xpresypd to Hum hearty eon
grattilatloh. on the 3Mh anniversary o
their uwrihigr, which en -re Tii.di
Many Indicated their feelings In a
Htihstintlnl way by sending irstlmori'.il'
of the high regard In which Mr. nnd Mrs
Jteeve3 are held, there being few, If any, I
tho county who are better known or mon
highly welcomed than they. All unite Ir
wishing them abundant health and sails
faction In the prosperity which has comr
to thc.ni after many years of rtmarkably
hard, persistent work.
The first meeting of the Men's Social
union of the First llnptUt t'hurch was
held In the church vestry List evening nt
eight o'clock. Because of other appoint
ments, Congressman Foster, who was to
have delivered nn nddre, was not able
to be present. In his place F. S. Rotan
gave nn Interesting and helpful addroi
on the position of men In tho rellglom
and social work of tho church. The Rev.
F. D. Penney, Robert Noble, Lester Da
vis and Mr. Dyke, assistant observer at
the local weather bureau station, whi
came to this city but recently from Wil
mington, N. C, also gave short talks. Hr
nest Chausse sang vocal solos and ro
freshmonts were served. The union has at
the start 30 members but It Is expected
that the membership will Increase toon.
Fine Cable DamasSi
Ml Poplar Prices
llll 1
iiianMiniii Miii ii i I ii mi i i i iM m m av &r m w vwu m n m mm ?: .j.mii i mmmmmm
mil r-'irsjmmmmjmiM oxa
i MftMHiKS ip5,M ft mmsmmmm
ill ii mmutmt m jri wsawiv luaussa ?v ,:w.uir in
1 Wm mMJ Euncft ana Crav eiofes lnmM
! ,
II II ' - - -
List of unclaimed letters In the Burling,
ton postofflca for the week ending No
vember 20. 1508.
Lena Dlake, Mrs. Arthur Dufrensuo.
Mrs. Helle Felber, Annie Frambly, Mrs.
V. A. Fuller, Mrs. F. G. Ferguson, Mrs.
.1. II. Hnlden, Mrs. North P. Jones, Mls
K. M. Latham, Ruth Martlneau, Mrs. ,T.
Tt. Morse. Mrs. E. Moorhouse, Mrs. S. D.
I'llshury. MlbS Margaret Tlllcy, Klara
Rcrgeron, Mrs. S. Delorme, Mrs. Iivll!a
A. W. Allen, V. F. Hurdltt, Rolla J
Rristol, L. W. llond, Marry Derry (2),
Delos Rurrlll, Eira Clark. G. Davis, II.
G. Furbuck. W. M. Fleury, A. XV. Grny,
Joseph T. Gatlpon, Willie Gilbert. Charlie
Helton, Moses Hall, W. If Ilarland, AV.
A. Henry, F. N, Knights, n. C. I.idd. J.
W. Lawrence, R. A. Lawren.ce, Leon
Mofse, Frank Morrow, W. F. Otis, A.
K. Pallard, Edward Rivers, Joseph
Sylvester, Edward Tlerney, F. W. Taylor,
H. V. Wilcox, Howard Wilson, Henry
Woodburn, Charlie Wlilette.
I.umlere CompllQ) Must Pay Judgment
Obtained by F. J. White.
Unless the Judgment for the plaintiff,
affirmed by supreme court In the case of
Frederick J. White vs. the Lumlere
North American company. Is paid, execu
tion will be asked for and the property,
still held under the original attachment,
will be sold. The Judgment of Chittenden
county court, which was affirmed by
supreme court, was for $12,923.
Tho original suit was brought by Mr.
White to recover damages of JiO.OOO and
at the time of bringing suit, attachment
was mado of the plant and personal pro
perty at Howard Park. A bond was af
terwards given for an amount sufficient
to release the personal property and al
low the business at the plant to be car
ried on. The case was heard at the
September term of Chittenden county
court In 1JN when Judgment for the above
mentioned amount was rendered for Mr.
White. The case was taken to the
suprome court on exceptions by the
Judge Mover' Decision In n Suit tut
ProfeilouRl Services.
Judgment In the suit of Dr. A. .1.
Radlke vs. Edward Krupp, an action to
recover 3G00 for professional mci.,cal
servl' es to tho defendant's two sons,
Em 11 and Oscar Krupp, was given yes
terday by Judge Mower for the plain
tiff to recover f5 and costs, the amount
of damages awarded representing the
only undisputed Item In the account
between thn two parties.
Judge Mower's opinion was a lengthy
and exhaustive one. The bin for ser
vices to Kmll Krupp was from Decem
ber, 1303, to tho time of his death, dur
ing all of which period tho patient was
of nge but, according to the testimony
of the plaintiff, the parent agreed to
pay the bill. It appeared that Kmll
was self-Bupportln to tho time of his
death and the court failed to find that
Whether It la of the note, throat, stomach,
bowels, or more delicate organs, catarrh Is
always debilitating and should never fall o(
It Is u dltchargo from the mucous mem
brarjo when kept In a state of Inflammation
by an Impure, commonly ecrofulous, con
Jltlon ot the blood.
Jurei all forma ot catarrh, radically and
lermonently It roraoves tho cause and
.Tcrcorats all tho effects. Get Hood's.
Citian Sets
All Linen in:listchcd Table
Dnnip.sk, 2'' yils. hint,' hy 2 yds.
wide, with 1 do.. Napkins to
Larit' assortment of new and
beautiful patterns in White, Silver
Uleach and Cream. Priced per
pet at
$4.38, $4.50, $5.00, $5.50, $6.75,
$8.50, $8.08.
Cinen Sets
All Linen Table Damask.
yds. lony by 2 yds. wide, with 1
doz. Napkins to matdi.
Lare assortment of the best
patterns. Priced per set at
$6.25, $6,85, $7.35, $8.95, $9.90,
Bleached Damask
All Pure Linen, Satin finished
Damask, 72 inches wide, with Nap
kins to match.
Priced by the yard at
85c, 89c, $1.00, $1.19,
$1.25, $1.39, $1.49, $1.69. '
Napkins to match.
Priced by the iloz.
18 inch square S2.50
20 inch square $2.39, $3.25
22 inch square $2.98, $3.50
24 inch square S3.50, $3.89
Bleached Damask
Several jjood patterns in a fiO
inch wide Union Damask at 23c yd
Several extra Hood patterns in
a GO inch wide Mercerized Dam
ask at ) 50c yd
Fill Lmn Damask
We have, an exceptionally good
line of patterns in all Linen Dam
ask, of extra pood value.
Priced by the yard, 60 and G2
inches wide, at 59c
(14 inches wide at.... 59c and 65c
70 inches wide at 75c and 79c
Cream Damask
Several very pood patterns to
select from all 2 yds wide. Priced
by the yard
. G5c, 69c, 75c, 79c, $1.00.
Unbleached Cinens.
Of '.rood quality, serviceable and
a iiic line of patterns.
Priced by the yard at:
54 inches wide 30c
OS inches wide 42c
GO inches wide 49c
02 inches Vi id c 50c
('4 inches wide 59c
We arc showing a very large
line of new and beautiful patterns
in idl Linen Napkins, of very ex
ceptional values.
Priced by the doz. :
18x18 in $1.00 and $1.69
20x1:0 in $1.19, $1.43, $1.69
20x20 in $1.85, $2.15, $2.25
22x22 in $1.89, $1.98
,22x22 in $2.50, $2.98, $3.50
Euncb gldtbs
We are particularly proud of
our showing in Lunch Cloths, not
only the beautiful line of patterns
but the extra good values
Priced singly:
.'50 in square 98c, $1.59, $1.69
32 in. square.. 75c, 79c, 89c, $1.00
3G in. square 98c, $1.19, $1.37
3G in. square $1.59, $1.75, $2.25
45 in. square $2.00
54 in. square $2.95
Cow els
We are showintr a most excel
lent line of all Linen Towels at
prices to suit the convenience of
Cray giotbs
As we have said of the Lunch
Cloths, so say we of our Tray
Priced singly:
15x24 in I2V2C, 15c
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Remstitcfeed Cowcls
Plain White, open work, White
with colored borders and Satin
finish Damask.
Priced singly:
18x3G in 25o
20x40 in 35c, 39c, 42c, 45c
21x39 in 50c
21x44 in 49c, 59c
22x42 in 60c
27x45 in 65c, 75c
22x51 in 85c
2Gx50 in 89c
22x48 in $1.09
27x45 in $1.39, $1.49
Fringed Cowels
All 'Linen Damask in White and
White with colored border.
18x36 in 25c, 35c
22x30 in 30c, 45c, 50c
23x50 in 50a
27x45 in 62V2C
0rasf) Cowcling
Priced by the yard :
IS inch Absorbent 8Vc
Bleached Crash, .10, 11, 12i2, 14c
Brown Crash 7c to 15c
Glass Toweling .10c, 11c, 12V2c
Huek Toweling. . .12y2c, 13c, 25c
Cbe IticJatislan 0onpa$iy
Burlington, Uermont.
Best Values
in m
gemforters M
the making of the promise was estab
lished. The other services for which compen
sation was asked were for services lo
Krupp'.s minor son, Oscar, from Octo
ber, 1903, to March, 100C. The court
held that the plaintiff failed to estab
lish tho making of a promise by the
defendant in 1903 to pay hla son Kmll's
medical expenses nnd as tho alleged
promise In behalf of both sons was u
single, promise, proof fnlllng as to one
son, It would fall as to the oiner also.
The defendant claimed that during tho
period In question', while ho was away
from Uurllngton, he sent Oscar pioney
suHlcleut for all of his wants nnd he
knew nothing of the rendition of tho
medical services for which recovery
was sought. Tho court failed to nnd
these facts controverted by tho plain
tiff and took them as established,
Dr. Uudlko will appeal the case to
county court.
More Important Events fSrnuprd for
Kre,. Pros Itenilern llrrm-h of
I'rnmlsc Suit to lie Tried In
County Clerk Cushman of llennlngton
tins prepared hla court and Jury calendar
for the term of tho county court which
convoncs tho nrst Tuesday in Decombor.
There nre IS cases set for trial by Jury,
the most Importunt being that of Mist
Oscallno M. C. Petersen of New York
iigsilnst II. C. I.indloff, formerly presi
dent of the Hennlngton Knlttlnir com
pany, claiming $2,000 for breach of prom
ise. Another enso will be that of Mrs.
I Henrietta Adams, a suit In ejectment
proceedings brought against former Chief
of Pollen Fred TilTt. There are 19 eases
'set for trial by the court of which 12
are divorce cases. Judgo John II. Wat
son of Montpellcr will preside.
Tho Oraml Islo County Educational as
sociation had their third annual meeting
at Alburgh Center Friday and Saturday
last. Owing to unusual delay in tho
trains tho Friday afternoon session had
to bo omitted, part of tho work of that
period being deferod to the next day.
In spltu of the heavy roads, an npre
clatlvo audience gathered to her tho ad
drones of tho evening. Nelson Flak of
Islo Ia Motto, who presided, presented
In happy phraee tho several speakers.
State Superintendent MB-son B. Btonu In
his address on "A Neglected Element In
Our Public Schools," traced the great
changes that have taken place In our
home life nnd our eoclal conditions dur
ing tho last two centuries, the while
our methods of education have remained
practically the eame. In tho early days
the boys and girls were trained, In tho
home and under the apptent.ccbhip sys
tem, In the 1uu11u.il arts, while il devolves
almost wholly on the ,choolmaster to
supply the mental training. To-day mul
tiplication of niAchlneiy has caused tho
disappearance of the apprcnt.ce.and social
and M'hool claims leave little time fur our
girls to perfc t themselves in the do
mestic arts. Uo )k and papers aUiuml,
education is no longer conlined to tho
,toiher and the clergyman, yet the
.choul stl(l offers only the same old
opportunities for nwulal development,,
As a result of this one-sided tralnh g,
our boys and girls leavo school with
false Ideas of labor. Thus ull clerical oc
cupations nre filled to overflowing, nnd
the home, the farm, and the shop suffer
for trained, Intelligent workers. To cor
rect this wt.ong condition the education
of the hand must be assumed by tho
schools and maiui.il training must bo
made an Integral part of scnool work.
IJeuteuant-Governor Prouty In his ad
dress on "Vermont" reviewed tho recent
remarkable Industrial development of our
State Und made a promising forecast.
Ills slmplo record of pn&t achievements
and hopeful words for tho future gave
a healthy stimulus to our prldo In our
little State with Its big history. A
pleasant feature of the evening was the
unexpected presence of Senator H, W.
11111 of ulltTalo. Senator III1 entertained
the audience with a senelal reminiscent
tall; which proved that his long residence
and large Interests In tho Umpire State
havo not alienated his uffoctlons from
his native Vermont. An Informal recep
tion for Lieutenant-Governor and Mrs.
Prouty ended the evening's exercises. The
two Saturday sessions wero devoted to
dlscussslons of practical question. II.
A. Kdson of the University of Vermont
Knve a helpful talk on "Nature Study."
Tho commltteo in charge of tho meeting
arranged for this with thn hopo that from
It would develop for our county a gener
al pUm for the training of tho faculties
In observation, lis a preliminary to and
accompaniment of the study of agricul
ture, which seems bound fcooner or later
to bKonw a component part or our school
system. The cordial hosptallty shown
by the ladles and chool directors of Al
burgh was thoroughly appreciated by
every visitor. In accordance with what
seems to be a general desrc, tho next
meeting of the association will doubt
less occur early lu September, the placo
of meeting to bo North Hero,
One of tho biggest real estate deals
recently closod In southern Vermont
was the purchase by the Vermont
Marble company of Proctor of about
1,100 aeroe of woodland In the towns
of Orafton and Windham. About 17,
000 was paid to V. A, Wilbur of Graf
ton, for the property, which Is covered
with a good growth of spruce. The
marble company Is not expecting to cut
It at present, but Is holding it, with
about $-10,000 worth of similar adjoin
ing land bouglt last year, lor tho fu
ture needs of Its business.
Tho Scott Stocktng mills '11 .Hnnnlngton
were sold Tuesday to tho Vermo.it Hos
iery and Machine company of Northfleld,
but the mll.s will continue to bo oper
ated under tho present management until
January 1 when the new company will
t.il-e potpesslon und continue tho opera
tion of tho mills along tho stmc line as
heretofore, manufacturing samo style of
goods, employing the samo operatives and
It Is expected that an enlargement 'jf
the mill will be required to take caro of
the business. The company, who have
bought the mills, are erecting another
mill at Northlleld, for tho manufacture
of cotton goods. Henry L. Field of
Northlleld, a manufacturer of long expe
rience, Is president of tho now company
and will have general supervision of the -business.
Fred W, Dutton of Northlleld.
treasurer of tho new company, will su
perintend the new mill and John H. Fro it
will bo the superintendent of the mills at
Hennlngton as heretofore.
Mrs. Dert Itockwood of Bennington
Tuesday morning found that a light of
glass In her house on South streot had
been broken. She at tlrst thought that the
glass had been broken by a stono from a
boy's sling shot but later found a
strange bird dend upon the floor. The
bird had struck tho glass In Its flight
and had been killed by tho force of the
Impact which hid been sufficient to shat
ter the large light. Mrs. Ilocl'.wood
showed the bird which waB as large ns
a robin, to a number of people but not
one could give Its name,
Pownal officials hold an Inquest Tues
day over the body of Dime Benjamin,
who was found dead In tho woods a mile
from his home Monday. Tho body was
brought to the residence of his father,
who lives Just over tho Pownal line.
With tl.t exception of two bruises on his
face, there were no Injuries. Thero were
H in his pocket. Eleven loaded shells
and the gun found near him showed that
It had not been fired after he left homo.
Medical testimony was that he had been
dead a week.
"When Is your marriage to Old Boodle's
daughter coming off?"
"Never? Why, I heard you wero going
to marry her?"
"I was; but Old Man Bonds put a atop
to It.'-
"What In tho world did he have to do
with It."
"He ruined Old Boodlo In a wheat cor
ner." Houston Post,
I) I S 1 X F KCTA XT n 1: t; D o n ANT
Dr. Hazard's Chlorides.
That powerful disinfectant which
destroys all odors without producing
one. For sale In Burlington by F. E.
Perkins, W. P. Hall. G. A. Churchill,
W. J. Henderson and J. W. 6'SuIIIvan,
CUTLER In Paris, France, November
9, 1000, John Atkinson Cutler, son of
Janus I. Cutlor, formerly of this city.
UURMTT-In Minneapolis, Minn., No
vember 17, lOtU, .Charles G, Burrltt of
Rhclburne, aged 40 years,
add page eight, I
Prepared from Wormwood, Arnica,
Hemlock and other Valuable Oils nnd
The llrnt 35 yrars ngo, The net to-ilny.
From an old Merchant and Ex. Lieut.
Governor. To Morehouse Medlclno Co ,
For Years 1 havo sold Dr, Morehouse's
Artemisia Liniment, nnd never had A
Medicine in stock that sold as well, It
was often ordered by our best Phy
sicians, 1 know Its good Qualities from
Personal use.
N Ferrisburg, Vt. May ltl, 1900.
If your Dealers do not keep MOUE
HOl'SE LINIMENT in stock ask them
tn order a supply of THE BUBLING
Arsene Boucher,
Funeral Director and Maim',
169 North Street.
Night call.
Telephone t32-;i
Tho undersigned, having been ap
pointed by tho honorable probate court
for the district of Grand Isle, commis
sioners to 'receive, examine and ndjust
nil clajmu and demands of all persons
iiguniui Aioert Kcyuoius, lato of Al
burgh, Vt., in said district, deceased,
' hereby give notice that wo will meet
for tho i urpose ot examining and al
lowing said claims at the residence of
Juokson Reynolds, In Alburgh, the 20th
day of April. 1907, from 9 o'clock a, m.
until 4 oclock p. m. of Bald day, and
that six months from tho 22nd day of
October, A, D 1900. Is the lime limited
by snld court for said creditors to pre
sent their claims to us for examination
and allowance.
Dated at Alburgh. this 20th day of
November, A, D.. 190B.
Expire! April 22, ll07.
M 1I.W.EN,
. O. O. BELL.
mI w.if CtimmimilntiprH.
STATE OF VERMONT, District of Chit
tenden, ss.
Tn Honorable, the Probato Court for
the district of Chittenden.
To all persons Interested tn the
estate of Evelyn Lucy Howe, lato of
Jericho, In aula district, deceased,
Whereas, said court hns assigned the
Sth duy of December, 1900, next for the
settlement of the uccount of tho ex
ecutor of the luat will un ' testanuint
of Evelyn Lucy (Sargent) Howe, late
of Jericho, deceased, and for a de
cree of the residue of said estate to tho
lawful claimants of tho same, and or
deled that public notice thereof be
given to all persons interested tn said
estate by publishing this order three
weeks sucesslvely previous to the day
assigned. In the Burlington Weekly
Free Press a newspaper published In
said district.
Therefore, you are hereby notified to
appear at the Probate Court ituomn In
Burllr.il an, Vt., on the day assigned, then
and there to contest tho allowanco ot
ifald account If vou see cause, and to
establish your right as helts, legation
and lawful claimant nf unlrt ihiMu
Given under my hand, th!3 20th day
of November, 190C.
Sl.wSt Register.
STATE OF VERMONT, District of Chit
tenden. To all persons concerned In the ci
tato of Annie a. Pierce, lute of Hunt
lnstou, lu suld district, deceased,
IJlll . s '
At a Probate Court, holden at Pulling
ton, within nnd for tho District of Chit
tenden, on tho 15th day of November,
1900, an Instrument purporting to be
tho last will und testament of An'il
G. Pierce, lato of Huntington, in said
district, deceased, wns presented to
tho court aforesaid, for probate.
And it Is ordered by said .ui.it that .he
3th day of December, 1906, at the
Probate Court Rooms In aid Bur
lington, b assigned fo; proving
mud Instrument; and that notice,
thereof bo given to ull persons con
cerned, by publlthlng this order thivM
weeks successively In 'the Burllncinu
Weekly Fre Pr.ua, a newipaptr publish,
at said Burlington, previous to the thnu
a: pointed.
Therefore, you nre hereby notified to
appear before snld court, at the time and
place aforosald, and contest the pro
bata of snld will, if you have cause.
Given under my hand at Burlington,
In said district, this 16th day of No
vember, 1900.
Sl.wSt Tteglaten

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