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Disbursements af Various
ommissions and Boards.
railroad commission In any given
vane ns prima faole evidence In couri
nnd he also was opposed 10 ennotlng new
laws when the existing laws cover t tit
case. Tho present Inw rovcro every con
colvnble rase u 'htc n remedy Ih needed.
Mr. Gibson of Rrattleboro addressed the
committee In fnvor of tho bill Introduced
by him ns n practical itionsuro Hint will
be of ccitiie bpnrflt to tho State,
Amount of II on 1 1 no Work Mint.
y lloiitir Hci'nii'.ldcri ft Ac
er 1'ini crs .sennit , d mice
(he ( nlllc Cnui'iir It) 1 1.
1 r Nov 1! Considerable more.
c I 'ii w i piisent In both houses
'he J, i. fin tin. rt omened this nft
i r 1 1 ,tli K. ate mill House trav-
. n luiuc amount o routine
M. l-YiTshiirgh Introduced n
i n Hip House providing
. , rni nt without pny from
N iv, l'ir IK, lo Tuesday, Do-
' 'ill w II I - taken up to-mor-.irr
ii i H was temporarily lnld on
Ho,! ' th.u.ulit bitter of lis vote
g i til id l :i-ii i e, to tho bill Intro-
In tit Sr. i to h Senator Cha-'G
ntiunm wiiien iirovides lor nn ntinio-
ill of JTiiio iiiiiuiiilly In Hi.17 nnd IMS to
iraio r m unter , nurmreos nr
tirovided tlio fedeial gnvoi ninent
P i iprlnte nn equal iimount. This
r -ailed from tin Semite, the vote
' a IK id lending was ieion
n d ' was lee inimlltert to the
Uec in Kiao and colli t expenses,
hi 1 nrrivitt.i g the shooting of plek
i tbc ul lie waters of the State oe
cd n. rlppl" of discussion In tin;
this nftert. ion. but It was llnally
With few dissenting votes.
Senate voted this afternoon to dls
w th icollig the jouinal for the
r of tho ..sslon.
' 'I iriAm'ri. for the appointment
t'lu com. loner nnd prescribing
T.e th ai l ! . is, on wnicn I'leie
i 1 st. .in and eonfeience
S i 'i ' i week, was to-day or
rii ii ,i Jinn In that body.
1 ,it i vi mlttee appointed
x ii i.e tin- accounts of the
.s and bonnls of the
l iut b.ivi tlieir usual Sutur
S in 1 ij rii'os. but winked all
lay a' the St .t'- liou'e, and will
tnrir . . r.g ition as time per
'1 icy a auiliorized to summon
es, b. Is anil piper, and to take
on ,inl .'e appointed liernaril
an i u ns- n - i .logr.ipner iur me
tter. No rdmrt w II be fortheotu-
leport h . linn eirrunt about tho
h 1'ise for "sc ral days that tills
road commissioners, and that thu'r
Tile commute woiked all dnv Sat-
n the vov heis of this commis
I n's j( i t special conunlttee Is
: 1 of Si niiturs Chase of Windham
Laffonl of Lamoille anil Ui,iiri.nt-
Flinn of Springfield, Porter of
ngtcn and Jackson of Ilarre cltv.
tt.'ro An nmvnvTTRTriM
L UL 1 II 1. (V. 1 J 1 llf ' m I T T lltu
ii rn t il f rnm t tin tim-i i .-.
K.tvc a joint hearing this ovrn .
bills rt'lntlnw to the Rtato imnrri
J 1 e.io lillls wffB introdurefl in
oust' iiv Air. fitivKfiri nr Hni n.
Mr. Flynn of Snrlncrflold and Tr.
of Montpt'llcr
Si ntcr In ndvnratlnsr tho hill
IIP 1 lu- , i.Kloi.to.1 n l.
v ''J ''ill "'JiVf.VU t' UltJ
' n-r in ivi. lour nini ft v
i i nffic - of t!ie ooinmisalonurs.
inf-lr to thv Rovornor and to tho
of crniout X'ndor tho iiroseut
la ll t'u 1 roinmiHKlonpr rn n li
ncrs snouia o put on the same
ns otlinr State offlcnrs. that thov
i u mcci(1 once in two yearn
hat the Kovornor nhall linvo tho
to rrmcvp from offieo for causp.
"'' "uiu cam lhu uiii
n uilplllilll)
tno noon) . It nuls tho rnllrrwil
ufo to thf Ktatn. V pnia during
, , t i i a ........
- v'"t"j'i tn i;m
i- "n i try iimiv piim-r in ln orivpn
im wrr nr in iw n n u w.: n'v,t i.m
h, vt,- uih ccjiiiiniMJon tne
-n l iiiikiiii ill llltVM.
l linn said tho bill Introduced by
a "oppiem "i in tne jos bill nnd
s eortam set Hons that would con-
... 'lino lis iiuici a nunc power or to
' ' T 1 I i ..
" hi,- v, ll-
iiiiuiii raiii-oao, neiieved tho mw
n force Is nninle for Hn
inn aim in ra Iromlsi l ,l.. n.
"Itlllllfniui! II1U IlllGOOO. Air. vil
nil- null
uiscussion which k vo tho mil.
commissioners power to condemn
mr lunroan nurnoscB nn.i t
uiimnnes, These bills tako from
ir.o court the powor of appointing
Isslons to settlo sued matters and
It to tho railroad commissioners
ho questions of fact as found by
illroad rommlsslon are final. Mr.
ra considered the CJIbson or TIosh
nltOBether too drastic. It rIvcs
illroad commlsslotiors almost un-
thcy already liavo more powor
do tho commissions of many
cr C. Smith, chairman of the pres-
mlnliitrntltm 1,,1., nu u ... l
"""nn i.-uiiniii5-iion snouiu ue h'lven
iu curruci nuuses and entoro Its
, but all this can lio accomplished
ut rnnkltiK tho commission a court.
., .. .-v.tjtt,, OJfiiVHIV.
1 have jower to rcfjulato and to
uj an iiuminisirativo uody,
Hon. TT. H Tinu-nrs. nllnmn fAH
- " " , ,,m,J 1,,
utland rallroid, oiuloraod whnt "Jlr.
nun pain. j0 onjeeted to tbo two,
5 firs' term and advocated
years' term. JikIuo i',.n.,.v i,i..
cd to having tho facta found by
'Vhp friinte Pnsr l.nrBc iiihIit of
IIIIN Vnnir of Tlirni linporlniit,
Devotional exercises were eondiirtrd
by the rbnplnln. On motion of Senntor
Taylor ordered that the reading of the
Journal be hereafter dispensed with.
Si. 40 llelHtliifr to notices of sales
on execution.
K. S4 nclntlnjr to the distribution of
H. io To amend chnrter of thr vll
Ioro of Morrlsvllle.
S. 9i" nelotlni; to duties of officers
of Statu Institutions and auditor of accounts.
S. 100 ItelatlnB to forest .leedllnfts.
S. 102 Krlntllif? to certificates of
S. 101 To provide for the appoint
ment of the board of visitors to State
S. 3 Oli To nmettd charter of the city
of liarre.
S. 110 To Incorporate tho HurlltiK
tou Mutual 1'lro Insurance. Co. (as
S. 112 CSrnntlnR certain powers to
the city of Ilarre, relative to the wat-
erliiK of Its streets.
S. 11" To Incorporate the Clyde
Hlver Klectrlc Hallway Co. (as amend
ed). S. 113 To connfrue No, IRC acts of
S. 121 To continue the tuberculosis
K. 122 Uolntfiifr to powers of health
officers relating to Inspection of foods,
drugs, ntc.
S. 124 HelatiiiK to system of book
keepluK used by State auditor.
S. 12H To authorize St. Albans to
Issue bonds.
H. 127 Cattle commissioner bill.
S 129 To provide for a boundry line
P. 130 Hilatlnij to storage vault In
the State House.
S. 4ii An net to reirulate investments of
trust companies.
S. 9 An net to Incorporate the Weit
Ilurkc Water company.
S. U7 An act to remedy tho non-payment
of r'eut of safes In safe deposit
companies, banks and banking Institu
H. 180 To authorize city of Montpeller
to take land for a city hall; on motion
of Senator Taylor was ordered to lie.
II. 200 HolathiK to allowance to hus
band or wife of a deceased person.
H, 23." To enable, tbo Wlnooskl graded
tiliool dlstilct to if sue bonds.
If. 2C5 Relating to quarantine of con
tagious diseases.
H. 2G Relating to telephone and tcle
grupii wires In front of cemeteries.
H. 3.V. To amend charter of village of
St. Johnsbury.
If. 4.jS Relating to tree wardens and
Bbado trees.
H. 470 Relating to the refunding of
municipal bonda.
II. E2u Confirming certain acts of tha
tiustees of Iiennlngton village.
II. .191 To amend chnrter of tho Chester
Savings bank.
II. 610 To amend charter of the Essex
County SavliiKK Hank & TruM company.
H, To provide for uniform blanks
for use of probate court.
S. 49 Relating to educational privileges
In unorganized towns nnd gores.
S. Hi" To Incorporate tho Greenwood
Cemetery association of Whltlngham.
S. 5i Relating to laying out highways.
S. 90 To aiwnd charter of vlllago of
Morrlsvlllo; on motion of Senator Van
Ratten. '
On motion of Senator 1'aul Senate ad
Several New Illlin Hill llelntlnir
I'nUcrxlty of Vermont Jliitle Special
tlrilrr for Weitncsiln y MornlnK.
Devotional exercises worti conducted by
the chaplain.
II. CU Hy Mr. Sentcr of Montpeller. by
unanimous consent, to change tbo name
of West Long pond in Woodbury to lviko
Greenwood. To general committee.
11. (112 Hy Mr. Alexander of Georgia,
from commltteo on corporations, to In
corporate tbo Wnlllngford Water com
pany, Ordoied to lie and bo printed.
II. 013 Hy .Mr. Alexander of Georgia,
committee on corporations, to Incorporate
tho Villngo Cemetery association of
Shoreham. Ordeied to He nnd be print
ed.. II. 011 Hy Mr. Shields of Glover, from
the committee on corporations, to chanRc
tho name of the Robin Hood Co. Ordered
to Ho and be printed.
On motion of Mr. Darling of Chelsea,
tho House resonsldered Its vote, refus
ing a third rending to II. 420, relating to
negligence of corporations, and tho hill
was recommitted to the Judiciary com
Joint resolution Introduced by Mr. Mar
tin of FerrlsbutRh, providing for adjourn
ment from next Friday to Tuesday, De
cember 4.
H, f,15 for JI, 392 To require a license
from dealers In evergreen trees. Intro
duced by Mr. Sentcr of Montpeller. Or
dered to lie and be printed.
II. 10 Relating to University of Ver
mont, made special order for Wodncsdf (
morning at 10:30 o'clock. Adverse com
mittee report.
H. 130 An act to amend section S6 of
nnumber 115 of the acts or 1901. entitled
"An Act to Hcgulnto the Trafflo In In
toxicating Liquor," rotating to licensees
receiving goods In pawn for .liquor.
II, 181 An net to fix the dates for hold
ing tho stated terms ot county court In
Could Do No Housework for Weeks
at a Time Little Daughter's
Face and Head Also Covered
With Teething Sores Mother
and Child at Expense of $5.00
"1 have bcon troubled with eczema
I nn my nanus mr twenty years, nuvo
I been so had that I could not dress my-
seit or no any nous worK lor viccKa at
ft time. I used sevetnl different salves
and washes, but they did not seem to
do any good. At last I got n treat
ment of Cutictirn Soap, Ointment, nnd
Kesolvrnt, and in two months' (into
my hands were all healed nnd havo
never troubled me since.
"Ialsotised thoCuticttra Remcdiesfor
my little fiirl when she was cutting her
teeth. Her head nnd face wcte cov
ered with teething sores. 1 don't
think 1 paid out over five dollars for the
Cuticurn Remedies before we ucro nil
cured. I think Cutictirn Soap is just
lovely for the complexion, 1 keep it
in the toilet for my own special use.
Jlra. II. K. Oilman, Box 395, Lisbon,
N. II., Sept. 14, 1005."
Soft White Hands mid
Luxuriant Hair
Obtained by using Cttlicttra Soap as
sisted by Cutietira Ointment, purcae
and sweetest of emollients. Millions of
women uso Cutietira Soap, mid Cutietira
Ointment, tho great Skin Cure, for pre
serving, purifying, and benutifyinp; tho
skin, for cleansing the scalp of erusls,
scales nnd dandruff, nnd the stopping
of falling hair, for softening, whitening,
and soothing red, rough, and sore Imnds,
for baby rashes, itchtngs, nnd chnfings,
for nnnoying irritations and ulrcrntne
weaknesses, and many antiseptic pur
pose.1), as well as for nil tho purposes
hi tho toilet, bath, and nursery.
floM throughout Ihe ircrl 1. ('ultcura Sonr, ZSe., Olnt
But, JOc, lUflolvrnl, iOp (in form rfChnroUla rov-,!
fill,, 2Jc. per vUI of fiO), mar bf hail o! :L doipirliMt
foltH Drug Chum. Corp , Solo Prop,, ll n'.jn. !jm
ft7-31aUcd l'rcc, MIIow to Curf Tortutl.-.j Itrnior"
Had Presided over the Federal
Courts in Vermont lor Near
ly 30 Years.
l'elllnK Iirnllli Compelled lllm 4n Re
tire from Artlve I)ti)' llni Hcnril
nnd Decided .tinny Important
Patent nnd Custom Cnsm
Wan 73 Venrn Old.
the counties of Washlnston and Wind
hum. H. 212 An net to allow payment of
lines after commitment to county Jail.
II. Lf.l An net in amendment of an In
addition to number 00 of this acts of 1WV),
entitled: "An Act Kstnblishing a Labora
tory of Hygiene, and Repelling number
115 of the Acts of 18," relating to autop
sies. H. 272 An act to amend section 24 of
number 1 10. of the acts of 1H92, entitled,
"An Act to Incorporate the City of Rutland,'-
relating to the method of Indexing
its rccoids.
Joint rctnlutlnn relating to the appoint
ment of a commission for tho tbieo hun
dredth anniversary of the discovery of
Lake Cbnmplaln.
On motion of Mr. Rallev of Essov thn
Senate was requested to return to th
possession of the nouse Senate bill 70, to
provide for an Investigation of the water
resources of the State. On motion of Mr.
Thomas of Marshlleld tbo voto refusing
this bill a third lending was reconsidered
and tho bill was recommitted to tho com
mltteo on Stnte and court expenses.
H. n-tS To provide for tho expenso ef
keeping a defendant In Jail.
S. C2 To regulate duties and pny of di
rectors and trustees of Stato institutions;
to general committee,
S. tt To Incorporate Rurnhnm and
Hotelier, incorporated! to commlttoo on
S. CO Relating to Essex county gram
mar school; education.
S. 75 To Incorporate the Wells River
& Rarre Electric railioad; commlttoo on
street railways.
S. S2 To provide for the surinnrt of In.
sane poor. Committee on insane.
P. S3 Inspection of food, drugs, etc.
H. 3 To amend act relatl mr to rr.r-1 g! r.i .
tlon of births nnd deaths. To general com
H. 101 To amend acts relating tn pvnmn.
tlon from tnxation. Orand list.
S. 60 Relating to return of Inventories
Orand list.
H. 3SI Incorporating Readsh nrn Snv.
Incs bank.
II. -121 Relntlng to time of cnnatrnntlnn
Dog River Vnlley railroad.
H i"S Relating to Powers nnit (Inline
of water commissioners of Rrlghton.
H. ii I'ormltlnif the shootlm rf i.luroi
In the public wntcrs of the State.
il. !i7 l'ermlts sell ne of fish or rmmo
taken from private pond or preserves.
II. 10 Fixing residences of married
II, 3:M-Roatlng to ferry nrlvllesn in
Orson Emerlck.
H, K Regulating custodv of ivi nnru
In certain nppcalcd cases.
II. MO Relating to lien on colts.
II. 577 Relating to fences.
II. C?9 Provides for keeping Stato
oflleers1 reports In tho ofllce of the
town clerk.
II. 431 To free sand Hnr bridge from
H. 472 To prohibit careless distri
bution of drugs,
II, r.0f Relating to licenses.
S. G2 Relating to form of ballots.
H. 110 Relating to Mlddlebury Col-
1 1. 19!". Relating to fishing,
II. 226 Relating to taxation of stu
II. 319 Relating to annexation of
part of Miirshdold to Plalnfleld.
It. GG3 Relating to lleensos for
On motion of Mr. Fllnn of Knrlna-.
field tho House ndjourncd at 4;30
Urattlcboro, Nov. 15. Hnyt II. Wheeler,
former Judge of the United States clr
cult and district courts for Vermont and
a part of Now York, died at his home
hero this evening after a long Illness from
liver nnd heart complications t la hnd
been In ill health for some ilmo and In
September expressed a desire to Presi
dent Roosovclt to be relieved from further
official duty. As soon ns thN became
known a contest for his seat was begun
and the President aiiiiolinced In the latter
part of October the appointment of J. I
Martin of Hrnttlcboro ns Judge to suc
ceed him.
While on tho federal bench Judge
Wheeler heard all the federal cases
from Vermont nnd has done thn greater
amount of his Judicial work In the federal
courts of New York and Rrooklyn. He
was recognized ns one of tho hst Inform
ed Judges of America on patent litiga
tion nnd many of the most ablo patent
nttornej's In the country camo to Rrattlo
bnro and presented their cases before
him here In chambers. In his work In
tho New York courts ho alo heard nnd
decided many lmportnnt eases relating
to the collection of customs.
Judge Wheeler was 73 years old last
August and has always held a high
place In Judicial and vlllnge circles for
his high Integrity, hl firm friendship and
high standard of civil life. He was ap
pointed Judge of the federal court In
March, 1S77, nnd had served 20 years In
that position. He wis entitled to retire
ment three years ago but continued In ac
tive service as long as his health would
Reynolds Co
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PKtbtNl 10 1HE WIFE;
We Mention First :
Two black-skinned women met In
tho Fifty-fourth street court to set
tle a question as to the ownership of
somo wearing npparel, Tbo magistrate
listened patiently nnd thou dismissed
the enso.
"What nm I gwlne to do to get dom
dnr clothes?" nsked the complainant In
agitated tones.
"You will hnvo to go to a higher
court," replied his honor. Whereupon
the complaint wept out Into tho corri
dor nnd climbed two (lights of stairs
looking for a "higher court'
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Hnyt Henry Wheeler of Rrattloboro,
Vermont, a well known Judge, whose du
ties have largely been performed In the
United States courts at NewYork city and
Rrooklyn, was bom August SO, 1S33, son
of John, born Aurjust fi, 1S02, and Roxnnn
(Hall) Wheeler, born April 21. 1HG.
Hoyt Henry Wheeler spent the forma
tive period of his bohood at Chester
field, New Hampshire. whra ho atten
cd school, and subM'iuently continued
studies at the high school n Nowfano.
Vt. Deciding to adopt the legal profes
sion, after completing bis -chool work,
ho entered the law office f Charles K,
Field at Newfune, whore u; remained
for some time, then ho n id law with
J. Dorr Bradley and Georce R. Kellogg
at Drattloboro. Hd 'was' ad'nitted to the
bar at Windham county at the Soptember
term, 1S39, and comiiKn-cd his profes
sional career with John E. Hutlcr as
u.rtncr, In December of the same year
at Jamaica, Vermont. Mr. Wheeler has
occupied isome veif lin.poiitant publ.o i
poitlon.i, In tho disc hat go ot which hu
has reflected great crid.t not only upon
himself, but upon thn good Judgment
of those who weio instrumental In se
lecting him for the rrspei tlve offices,
lu 1VTT ho was chosen 11 representntltfe
from Jamaica to th" legislature; from
IVCx to 1SG0 he was State senator to Wind
ham county; ho was Judge of the su
premo court of Vermont from December
1, 1S69, to March 31, 1S77; he was appoint
ed United States Jiulg" for the district
of Vermont by President Hayes, March
1C, 1577. Mr. Wheeler took up his resi
dence In Rrattleboro In 1SS4.
Mr. Wheeler married Miss Minnie L.
Maclay of Lockpnrt. New York, October
24, 1S01. Sho died three yeais ago. John
Knowlton, a posthumous son of Honjn
mln L. and Elizabeth (Maclay) Knowlton,
a sister of Mrs. Wheeler, lived In their
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lnnd .Monday.
Rutland, Nov, 10. Albert Armstrong
of Ludlow, nge 23 years and unmar
ried, a yardman employed by the Rut
land railroad, was liiHtuntly killed
near the Rutland de ot at 1:45 o'clock
this afternoon. Atnistrong was caught
between a passenger coach and frelgnt
car while coupling cars nnd bis chest
was crushed. It Is said that ho gave
a wrong signal to tho engineer in
charge of tho switch engine. The
young man had been railroading only
a few weeks.
Died from Ixponurc tu I hi- YYooilx In
I'ownnl MIkhIhi; ocr n Week.
Uennlngton, Nov. 13. A party of
senrchers, who hnvo been searching
the woods for the last threo days, this
nftcrnoon found the body of Ellsworth
Henjamln, generally known as "Dime,",
lu a clump of plno trees on Cnrpentur
mountain lu tho town of Pownal. Hon
Jamln left homo Novomber 11 on a
fox hunt. Ills dog returned Tuesday
night, slncu when men have been
searching the woods for tho missing
This morning his gun with a broken
stock was found In a wood road and
tuither search was rewarded by tho
discovery of the body, There Is no
suspicion of foul play and death was
unquestionably due to exposure. Ha
leaves a widow and two chlldron. Ho
was 37 years old.
Rutland, Nov. 19. Paul Ray Stln
son, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. R. gtlnson
of this city, and a member of tho class
of 190 J, Yale, Law school, has been
chosen as ono of four YaU men to
tnko part In tho annual Yale-Harvard
Rutland, Nov. 19, Word was re
ceived here this nftcrnoon of tho death
Saturday at a Rrockton, Mass., hos
pital of Charleu A. Johnson, a formor
secretary of tjio Rutland Young- Men's
Christian association, who was well
know'n to association workers through
out New England. His stepdaughter,
Mrs. Arthur L. Pierce, resides In JIk
Druggist Ilrynn Xn It Wns Left
When Ills License Kxplrrd.
W'aterbury, Nov. 19. As a result ot
the liquor raid last Wednesday eveniri!
W. V. Rrvnn of Evans A- Rryan
was given n hearing this morning be
foro City Judge Krwln M. Harvey of
Montpeller. State's Attorney Reiijamin
Gates of Montpeller appeared for the
State and the Hon. W. A. Lord of Mont
peller nnd I'. -'. Moody of this place
were counsel for Mr. Rryan. Tho hairing
was In 1,. C. Moody's law offlee,
The only e.'ldanco Introduced by the
State was from the officers who made
tho raid, who were Sheriff F. II. Traev
nnd Deputy Sheriff .1. II. Hannon of
Montpeller, Deputy Sheriffs W. J. O'Nc'l
nnd C, C. Graves of this place. They
testified as to the amount of Uquoi
The witnesses for the defence were Mrs
W. V. Rryan, E. G. Evans nnd Myrton
Pittersnn. Mrs. Rryan stated that the
beer and nle which tho officers seized
from theli private home was for her own
persona! use and was ordered for medical
us by her doctor.
Messrs. Evans nnd Patterson both
testified that the three boxes which the
officers seized the night of the raid had
been In tho store for over a year and a
half and were cases left after Mr.
llryan's license expired.
Mr. Rryan testified In his own behalf
nnd produced nn Invoice of thn liquor
which the officers seised, the same be.
Ing dated In April, 19W, when Mr. Rryan
hnd n druggist license,
The court reserved Its decision,
Rutland, Nov. 19. The board of al
dermen to-night by a voto of 9 to 2
declined to Approvo tho pioposed
intended charter for this city on which
a committee of ex-ninyors havo been
at work S months, nnd which has
been forwarded to the Legislature.
Tho legislative commltteo on corpora
tions will be notllled forthwith of the
nldeimiiii's action. Tho disapproval
was based on tho proposed lining away
of aldermanlc standing committees,
their places to be taken by commis
sions of public safety and public
Jndgr Inrrrr Promise tn (.lv It All
III Spare Time ThU Winter.
Montpeller, Nov. 19. The Bpteraber
term of Washington county court recon
vened this afternoon, Judgo Georfro M.
Powers presiding. The docket was called
and more cuses were set for trial than
can possibly he reached before Judge
Powers la obliged to go to Caledonia
The caso of J, A, Oilman vs. Theodora
Slayton, to recover n board bill of $23
Is now on -trial.
Judge Powers announced (his nflornoon
Hint final adjournment of tho tcitn will
not be taken next week, but that after
Caledonia county court completes Its
December term ho will return to Wash
ington county In January, If any time
Intervenes before tho January term of
supreme court.
Tho grnnd Jury will meet Thursday af
ternoon and w'U probably In- In .--i..,n
nearly a nrel:.
Attended tbc lliiniiiiet of (lie Midnight
Chili In lllildh-hul y.
Mlddlebury, Nov. 19. The second an
nual banquet of the Miilnight club was
held at The Addison this (veiling, about
1U memlieis from th.s pine.., Bristol
nnd Now Hnveu being present. The
guest of honor was tho Hon. D. .1. Fos
ter, congressman from tho lirst dis
trict of Vermont, who responded 1 tno
toast "The President." The other
spenkers were: C. H. Dann of Now
Haven, "Vermont"; 1 C. Russell of this
place, "Addison County." Ur. E. H.
; Weston Is president of the club and
A. P, Roscoe, secretary.
roitoltW, Irii(r .More, tiroeery nnd Tno
DtTflllngs DcHtrojcd.
Jericho. Nov. 20. There is very little
left of the business portion of tills vil
lflsft Threo times In the past few years
fire ha.s eaten In the principal klrt'Ot, tho
latest calamity coming this morning,
when tho jKistofflce, nnd drug storo and
dwelling of William Jnrk'nn, with the
izroccry store of W. W. Chesmore and tho
tenement nlmve It were burned to tho
Mrs. Snrn.h Jackson, who lives with
her son, Mr. Jackson, over the postof
tlce, was the first to discover tbc tire,
which startod from' a defective
chimney In tho unoccupied teno
nmnt over tho Chesmoro store, and wiu
then burning very rapidly. Sho g.ivo the
alarm but the Humes were already be
yond control. The vlhigti Is without lire
protection and little could be done be
yond saving what gno.1 could easily bo '
Peter Gomo's harness sh.Jp, near the
grocory store, wns In great danger but
the volunteer bucket brigado managed
to save It by oonstjuit wetting, water be
ing brought from the river some distance
away. The north wind was also In fa
vor of the buildings across tho street,
thu preventing a much moro serious dis
aster. Peoplo In the village notod a
strop odor of smoko eaily' In the even
ing, but thouitht It came from chimneys.
The estlmatod loss Is JIO.OOO, well cov
ered by Insurance, .
Tbe Rev. XV. II. Spenee over First Con
gregational Church, lliillnnd.
Rutland, Nov. 20. Nearly fi00 peoplo
saw the Rev. William 11. Ppence of
Cambridge, Massachusetts Installed as
pastor of tho Plrst Congrexatlouat
Church here to-night, succeeding the Rev,
Dr, George W. Phillips, now ot Shrews
bury, Mass., who terminated n sn years'
pastorate In this city September 1. A
council composed of the pnslors and lay
delegates frr.m nil t'.e Congregations
Churches in Rutland county and several
clergjmer. from other parts of New E. -Kind
met Mi. Spcco this afternoon i
make evitn'nntlr.n ns lo his ecclesiastic 1
training and qti.eral litnoss for the past -rate.
The foatuie of th" installation se .
Ice this evening was an address by f
Iliv. W. C. McElween, pastor of tho
f-'hnwmut Church, Boston, who gave oi o
of tho most powerful sermons ever heard
In this oity on "Life, tho Mos'ago of tin
Hour." He said Hint mnn can make him
self what he will and too few distin
guished hctween making n life and mak
ing a living. He characterized life mak
ing ns the Mlous opportunity of .i
Christian pulpit.
The former pastor, the Rev. Dr. PV
lll s. gue the prayer of Installation.
The charge to the pastor was given
by the Rev. Nicholas Vander Pyl ot
MarhU-pead, Mass., who paid a high
tribute tn Mr. Spenee as a man and
minister ns n result of a long, Inti
mate acquaintance.
The Rev. J. II. George of Rurllng
ton gave tho charge to tho peoplo and
the Rev. l- Laurlston Rullard of
Urandou extended the right hand of
fellowship. Tho congregation, over
which Mr. Spenco Is installed, numbers
nearly 7n0. The First Congregational
Church Is the second largest In Ver
mont. Tho present edifice was erect
ed In June, lSf.0, It being the final
homo of a little baud of worshippers
who organized a Congregational so
ciety In a log hut In 1773.
Rutland, Nov. 20. Frank Rlckford of
W'aterbury was r.rrestcd In this city late
last night on a charge of trespass. Ha
will be tried to-morrow. BIckford ear
lier In the evening attempted to break
an entrance Into the woman's quarters
tho Jail and made himself otherwise ob
noxious. Ho served a sontence at the
House of CorncUon n year ago so ha
was familiar with tho lay ot th land.
ING, Newport, Nov. 20. The annual meet
ing of the fifth district, I. O. O, F was
hold horo to-nlitht with Evening Star
Lodge, No. 37. A banquet was served at
six o'clock by tho Indies of Rebekah
Lodge. Two hundred members were pres
ent Including members from visiting
lodges at Island pond and Barton. Grand
Master Caldwell of tho Province ot
Quebec was the guest of tho evening.
Sevornl grand lodge officers were alao
Montpeller, Nov. 20. The Jury in tho
caso of J. A. Oilman vs. Theodoro Slay
ton returned a verdict lu Washington
county court this afternoon for the plain
tiff to recover 139.73.
Tho caso of the Stnte vs. Metcalf, fel
onious assault. Is now on trial. The re
spondent Is charged with assaulting a
Syrian peddlar named Mary Jarble at
Woodbury last summer. Btato's Attorney
llenjnjiiln Gates a.poars for the State, and
W. W. Ia Point of Rarre, for the re-:londent.
A specific for pnln Dr. Thomas'
Ecleetrlc Oil, strongest, cheapest lini
ment ever devised. A household rem
edy tn America for 55 years.

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