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Erratic Weather Retards Retail
Business at Some
.Points. V,
trni'y Trnnviotlnn In These Line
Minn Confidence In I lip future
fcoinp .Manufacturing; Hindered
by Mrll.ru Mnllroml Con
crsllun Itellcird.
I New York. April H.n. O. Dun & Co.'s
toK'jr review of tnulo to-morrow will
IUrrttlr wca'her makes trade reports
regit' i , ret l sales of spilng wearing
par i being retarded at many points.
Ith ig. s sections oxpcrlonco sea-
nnblo cjnd 'Ions. Temporary lntorrup-
m to rf'a'i distribution has no 111 ef-
i ts upon Jobbing and wholesale busl
ss, l owc-vcr, hmvy transactions and
. pnicnls testifying to conlldence In the
ittiro, wllio mercantile collections show
irthcr Improvements. Severn! strikes
live rctardul work but manufacturing
I turns are most satisfactory on the
I hole. Toxtllo mills, machlnn shops',
eel plants anil foot wear factories havo
Me ml" machinery, forward business
iprirlng more rapidly than the rate of
rodur'lm In many capos. A large sa.o
pig Iron Indicate tho confidence of
Id' l prod liters material bolng ordered
Ir del very up to the end of the year.
la Iw i eonectlon Is being relieved, ro
up's f h'l'ln coming to primary mar
ks hp tr-v', and gross earnings of
lllr i ,n I '.-i for March wire 7.1
pr cor i irgor than last year, while
Irolgr niitivrco at this poit for the last
leek showed gains of f3,Gn2.Z5 '.n !m-
hrts and $2 1W.07S In exports as compared
Ltd J if same week In l?0i. Money rates
live rule low -a't loans averaging nbout
to pee reit v. ,ch caused a further
arp -lo n terllng exchange and pre-
Ijdi I iry pr .ft n gold imports.
Pa i ,"i i. v.r, ii In tho I'nltcd States
erc .11 ag int 1H1 last year, and "n
lunula 19 ng.t'iT-t 21 last ycr.
(111 ISclnil Trade Peels inverts of Hit
Benson Crops llelnjetl.
IN'ew York rril 12. Hrndstrccl's to
orrow wll' s
Trneb urn iraniifacturlng conditions
e In gb i1 gr. e favorable, dc.-pitn tho
ual '1 in demand. In retail trade,
Id weither and b id country roads are
bar In fullest activity but the volume
rifss ps a whole exceeds the cor-
Ispnndlng period on other years. One
roof of this is found In the liberal gains
cross railway earnings over Jpos. s jier
Int In crease bring shown for March,
Iper cent for th- tlret quarter and 7 por
In for tl cal jear as compared with
e be t rr 'ds f f preceding years. Cold
ealhrr h s 1 lirw'se has off. red iv check
crop Kerin'natlon. Seasonable changes
Ie eln'mrd to be largely responslblo for
e downward swing Of staple commodl-
s in March. A favorable feature is
le rem wal of bu Insr of Ue.-iemer pig
Ion on a largo scale for second-half de
rery nt prices representing a com-
ron iso between buyeis and sellers.
Iier'nlly notable features arc tho facts
I at many In es ef business In the south-
-st s1 iw n ids. s in outputs and sales
fr a yeir ago or 3 to r, per cent. The
ua'Inii of monev is tovai-d fun tier ease
lumen's i f r-nrency to the Ir.'eiior ate
nw l f col pM Ions are still bnkwnrd,
ourH opv a e said to hive nmal.lv lm-
foved In Hit .ithweht and In the lo.ist-
In iU- Konds trade. The labor sHiiatlon
I pood .ml wn.es In many lliifs have
en ndSan ed. lt.iihvay eonKcj-tlon Is
ss a u'e nnil deliveries of era In. coal
' other di'n are Inci casing.
firther en is exnecte.1 when water
ivUatlon nnpns. and n heavy lake trade
111! I rospi rt
iuslness faf'ire.s for tho wee!,- number
npTnst 137 l.'it week. 161 in the like
Irk of V in in-M and If) In 1D03.
Tn Canada bail rmds limit
lide, and collections are Mill slmv fmm
c Wet, out Kreat Imiielus is exjieotel
mi unr3 w'ira navlsatinn opens. There
a larfie qiiant ty of Kraln to move in
e Xorthwe,st. heavv-machlnerv men
Ir factories and railway-material men
port an immrnso volume of business
oked, and Imm-grntion Is already very
nvy ' Moniieal navleatlon will onen
Iwefk or two Inter than last year.
If you are in this condition,
your ncryc force is weak the
power is giving out, the or
igans ot your body hayc
f slowed up," and do their work
Ijmpcrfectly. This failure to
I do the work required, clogs
the system and brings distress
and disease. When the nerVes
arc weak the heart is unable
to force the life-giving blood
through your veins; the stom
ach fails to digest food ; the
kidneys lack power to filter
impurities from the blood, and
the poisonous waste remains in
the system to breed disease.
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"Beveral yeurs nco I was all broken
flown. I was nervous, worn-out, could
not sleep, nnd was In constant pain,
I doctored for months, and finally tho
doctor Bald ho could do nothlns for
me, I l.ctfan taklnj I)r. Miles'
Tcrylno, nnd used altonether elcht
liotlieH, nnd I U-onmo Rtrons und
healthy, and now weli;h 170 pounds,"
,n t, J', L'l'NNINOHAM.
103 Ellsworth Ave,, Allegheny, l'a.
Dr. Miles' Nervine Ii sold by your
unqlst, who will Huarantoa that tha
st bottle will lipn-; if it f-.ii. i,.
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Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind
By Toning up the Slood and Nsrvis Pa
tlont Recovered Weight, Strength
and Good Spirit.
Whou tho nervous system is broken
down from ovonTOik.or whatever cattso,
life loses its joj'B. Not CftAy is tho ner
vous victim :i sufferer himself btit he is
uatiftlly a trial to tho whole famiiy.
Nervous breakdown in qftcu gradual,
nppearinp nt first to ho merely an nnu
Mml frotfulnew. Dr. Williams' Piuk
Pills tono up tho norves in th most
direct way and not only cure minor
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Mr. W. W. Slunroe, of 10 Hazel Park,
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ago this Sopteinler I became all run
down from overwork nnd from confine
ment to work during warm weather.
For two months I grew steadily worse.
I lost in welirht and strength and had no
appotite. My memory failed mo quite
rapidly mid I Veeaino in a very low
state, both physically and mentally. I
took no interest in life, neither in busi
ness nor recreation. In iny position, uc
foreman iu a larpe manufacturing
chemist's establishment iu Roston, n
gootl memory is absolutely essential to
success boenuEB of tho immense amount
of detail that muBtbocairiedinthohead.
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at tho end of two weeks the cbauRO foi
tho bettor was remarked by friends. 1
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a lino rmedy and meke this statenipnt
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These pills actually make new blood
and have curnd sucli disease as rheu
matism, nerVoue nnd general debility.
Indigestion, nervous headache, neuralgh.
and even partial paralysis and locomoto;
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nerves they are unequalled.
If you are n sufferer from any disor
der of tho blood nnd nerves write fo
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receipt of price, iiO cents per box, six
boxes for FJ.BO, by the Dr. Williatm
Medicine Company, Schenectady, N. Y,
Wholesalers are behind on shipments be
cause manufacturers are backward In
dellveiien. Hi -orders are Rood. At Toronto
hat J.obbtrs are talking of advancing
prices, hardware sh!nnents are large but
poor roads affect provincial trade. At
Winnipeg retail trade is pood and a
heavy trade is expected throughout the
Xorthwest. Money is firm and collections
slow, owing to largely to the congestion
in Hxntn shipment". .
Falluies for the weel: number IS, as
ntrainst C9 last week and IS In this week
a year ao.
Ilelil Ao YVitnrftiiffl nRnlnM l.ouls
.SmcliNI ( liarcccl itIUi MimiccIIuk.
Urattleboro. April 11. Tho case of
the Tnlted States against a collection
of nine Russians mostly women and
children was tried yesterday after
noon before .ludtre James 1, Martin.
Tho people wei e Uzoklal Abrainowlcz.
Mrs. Kashan Isador and three children
and Mrs. Knehol rerovoskln nnd two
children. The crowd was brought
here from fit. .lohusbury and St. Al
bans, where they were arrested churn
ed with being in the countrv illegally.
It seems that they landed In St.
Johns, X. n., March 2;i, and wore met
there by loul Smeldst, ah immigrant
presented the defense, to-day agreed tip
runner, who agreed to get them into
After an Investigation Smrldst was
arrested and all the Russians wern held
us witnesses against him. They wore
examined yesterday before Judge Mar
tin and placed In ball of $100 to Insure
their appearanco to testify against
Smoldst In May when the case will be
tried at Windsor. All furnished tho
bail but Ahramowlcz nnd lie was sent
back to Canada where he will procure
It as he had n paper showing hlni to be
tho possessor of some. S.000 roubles.
Mrs. Isador and her threo children went
tn lli ldgeport, Mass., nnd Mrs. I'i rovo
skin and her two children to Xfw York
city. The husbands of the two women
have been In this country somo time
und are In good circumstances.
Tho funeral of -William Mather was
held this afternoon at two o'clock at the
home of his daughter, Mrs. Austin K.
Miller The body was tnken to West
Urattleboro for Interment. Mr. Mather
died Tuesday morning of apoplexy, Kor
many years he ran an old style up and
down sawmill nt tho outlet of Marlboro
South pond hut had lived In this town
for the past 1C years whore he had been
a carpenter.
Vlunres fcOllietlrilCR ore fnucimi 1 1 If
not starting. They state thlui when
language falls. You know that the ikiji il
lation of tho world I- Increa.-hur, but von
do not realize tho enormous growth
until you nro confronted with the flgurts
In ten vears. total increase in Mir.
lntion of the rirlnrinal countries ,.r ,v,
world, CLOOHOM! Tho compiler of theso
figures adds, in mo London Kxpress, Yv'o
find that the total impulntlon has grown
from r.w,ooo,ori in isg to c;o,cooi last
year. The figures are as follows;
Russia 12o,0i).000 141 'Jfrt.frti
United States f.S.MI.Of")
Germany r.i.'.'7D,ftC0
Japan 4:,iTl,()
United Kingdom .... V.i.22,W)
Spain ,
Smaller Xntlons
, S4.071.fX
, IS,'.'.", 000
. 18,157,001
, 47,733,000
Then this: Tho most crowded ni,.m...i
nation In the world Is Holglutn. Tho na
tion thnt has tho moit room for expan
sion Is our own 1,'nlted States. Here Is
the pioof In figures:
Area 1'ersons
In siiaro per fn.ua.ro
miles, trlcj.
Unit Nil States 3,CC7,371 21,4
Russia (In Kuropo)., 262,490 K1I3
Bpn'il 1IH.741 wis
Hungary J25.3M 153,6
Franco 201,321 jjioj
Austria lir,,S02
Germany 205.727 nan
J'lPtn 1I7.47B 310.9
1'nltcil Kingdom 121 371 341.0
Holland n,r.M 400.4
Dclslum , 11,370 ,7
Five Other Jtlrora Wanted to
Acquit Thaw on Ground
of Insanity.
Deliberated 47 Honrs vrlfhnur rtcncli
Ing AKrreinrnt Tliim Ilnek In the
Tombs to Avtnlt .Second Trial
.leroine Will Oppose Any
Application for Unit.
New York, April 12. Hopelessly divided
seven for a verdict of guilty In the first
degree and five for ncqulttal on tho
ground of Insanity, the Jury, which since
the 23rd of last January had been trying
Hurry K. Thaw, icpnrted lo-dny after
forty-seven hours und eight minutes of
dellberaUon, that It could not possibly
agree upon a verdict. The twelve men
were promptly discharged by Justice
ri'zgerald. who declared that he too, he.
lleved tlielr tnsk hopeless. Thaw was re
manded to the Tombs without ball to
await a second trial on the charge of
having murdered Stanford White, tho
noted architect.
When this nw trial would take place
no ono conn-cted with the case could
express an opinion to-night. District At
tnrnev Jerome declared that there were
manv other persons accused ot homicide
awaiting trial and that Thaw would have
to take bis turn with the rest. As to
a possible change of venue, both the
district attorn' y and counsel for Thaw
declared they would make no such move.
Thaw's attorneys will confer lo-mnrtow
with tho prisoner to decide upon their
next step. They may mak an early ap
pllcatlch for ball. Mr. Jerome told ho
would strenuously oppose such applica
tion. He added the belief t lm t ns seven
of the Jurors voted for "guilty" his op
position would probably be successful. In
that event Thaw has another long sum
mer before him In the city prison for
his case on the already crowded criminal
calendar cannot pnsslb'y be 1 cached un
til some time next fall.
The scenes attending the announce
ment bv the jury of Its Inability to
ngrte upon any sort of verdict we-e
robbed of any Iheatrlcallsm by the
general belief that after their pro
tracted discussion nnd the repoits of
a wide division of sentiment, the Jur
ors could make no other report than
one of disagreement.
Thnw. surrounded by the members
of his family his devoted aged moth
er, his pale young wife, his titled sis
ter, the Countess of Yarmouth, his sis
ter, Mrs. (joorge Carnegie, nnd his
brothers Edward and Josinh Thnw,
received the news in absolute silence.
When it became known that tho Jury
was about to rr.ftko t:i report nnd that
the caso would bo disposed of. Thaw
called his wife to a seat by his sltlo and
sat with his right arm thrown about
her until he w;as commanded to stand
and face the juVor. Smiling nnd con
lldent when he entered the court room,
Thaw sank limply Into his chair when
foreman Denting R Smith, In response
to a question by Clerk I'enny an to
whether n verdict had been agreed
upon, said:
"We have not."
His mother, her features hidden be
hind a thick black veil, sat stolid nnd
motionless, in in health of lute. sw
had felt severely the strain nnd stress
of the long hours of nnxlnus waiting
His wlf-, by his side, gripped his hand
tightly as the foreman spoke, and then
when he sank down by her side, she
tried to cheer him. ns best she could
by saying that she believed he would
now be admitted to ball and that a
second Jury would surely set hi 'n free.
The mother, the sisters and tho broth
ers, pale nnd well nigh exhausted bv
their tedious wrack!iitr wait for a ver
dict, smiled wanly at Thaw as he was
led away again 10 the Tombs They
wero permitted to speak with him for
a few moments to bid him good cheer,
before ho ciossod the "Hrldgo of Sltrbs"
to the cell In tho prison which, until a
few minutes before, ho had hoped thut
he was about to quit forever.
Outside the b.g square criminal courts
building, only a few hundred persons wer0
gathered. Thousands had been thero
earlier in the day, but police 1 enforce
ments had arrived wMtfi Instructions to
keep every one moving and this had soon
tired the Idly curious Into a wllllngne.ss
tn depart. Inside tho building In the
galleiles overlooking the court and
gathered along the corridors- wore groups
of moro fortunate persons who had been
able to make their way past the vigilant
guards. Tho court room Itself was half
empty. Only the newspaper men, the 'court
W im I''"
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- from wheat that is all nutri
ment is the eoda cracker, and
yet the only soda cracker of
which this is really true is
Uneeda Biscuit
In a
attaches nnd a .cw favored friends, were
allowed to enter 'o hear the verdict. Jus
tice Kltzgeralu Tared a demonstration or
some sort should the general publlo be
admitted and ' 0 Issued strict orders
against this.
It was 4.2.i f. loik when tho Jury filed
Into the court room. The afternoon was
dark and rainy and the electric lights
had been gluwli g for nn hour or mote.
Harry Thaw had been waiting for a sum
mons to face the Jurors ever since shortly
after ten o'clock this morning. He felt
that to-day would Iiri?,g a crisis and that
, either a verdict would b reached or Jus
tice I ltzgeruld would discharge the
jurors from any fuither eonslrlcratidn of
mis case. Ains v.v tne general belief and
the only roma,rl;.i!le feature of the case
was the dogged way In which the Jurors
tuck to their w..rk and declined to nsk
to bn excused J istlcci Kltr.gcr.ild had de
termined to lei them wrestle with th
ctuestlon until cv called for a respite.
This appeal came at 4:1J o'clock and then
followed a hunt for counsel hoUt District
Attorney Jerome and the attorney.-; for
the defendant having temporarily left the
building. When ' arrhed Justice Kit 7.- !
gcrald notified tl.nn of the Jury's com-
munlcatlon that 1 disagreement seemed
inevitable. Every one connected with tho
case .seemed wiling to accept tho situa
tion as offering no hope, and then fol
lowed the brief ciurt room proceedings
at which the disagreement was publicly
announced, the jury dismissed nnd the
prisoner remanded. Knterlng the court
room at 4:2f, p. m., the Jury was free
eight minutes later.
Thaw when he hid returned to The
Tombs, prepared and issued the follow
In? 'statement: ,
"l believe Iliad every man In the Jury
possessing aveiage intelligence, excepting
possibly Mr liolt .n, comprehend the
weight of evidence and balanced It for
acquittal. AH my family nld mo good bye
with courage. trust tU. V.) we may all
keep v. ell."
To his attorne - Thaw said he wis
deeply disappointed.
"Hut I couid hardly expect anjtlilnj
el-e In view of ' ie events of the past
fow days." he .d.led
Eat Her in the day Thaw had issued an
other statement in which he said Jie had
des-rod that his fate seliould be Judged
upon th" "written" laws of the Stato of
New York. He declared that ho be
lieved that the ev dr nro adduced had can
vlneed even District Atnrney Jerome of
his Innocence under th,, strict letter of
the law'.
Attorney Delphln M. Delmas of Cali
fornia, who conducted Thaw's cite in
court nnd who in making his summing up
addfess to the hiry appealed almost
directly to tne "unwritten law" or
"dementia Ame-lcana" a.s he tetmed it,
was not In court to-day when the Jury
made Its report and was discharged.
To-night Clifford W. Hnrtrldgo, the at- ." . ,,,fT WaS " cha"'f" tUo W
torney of record and tho warm personal ?i, ""!'' Thereafter there was con
friend of Thaw, gave the following state- " 'l'' f . f" " i'1" th' n,n ,,Ut
ment to Tho Associated Tress
"Mr. Thaw has already expressed him
self desirous of n trial under and In ac
cordance with the laws of the St.i;te of
New York. I can ndd nothing tn that
except to say that I entirely agree with
him nnd hope that wn shall havo a new
trial speedily nnd that the next time It
will not bo necessary for the presiding
Judge to iiavo to cliargn the Jury that wo
are living In a civilized community."
Attorneys Daniel O'Hellly, Clifford W.
Hnrtrldge, A. Uussell ivahndy and John
H. Gleason neted for Thaw to-day. It
TVHS Pnlfl fll.lt Mr. CYnnlllv n-niil.l
a lending part In tho future conduct' of
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soda cracker effectually
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criap and clean,
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moisture proof package.
TIONS. The story of the proceedings in the
jury room as thoy were learned to
night far outranked In Interest the
brief court proceedings which brought
the famous trial to a close. It turned
out thut the Jury considered ovorytMng
connected with tho case except the
"unwritten law." ltaslng their Judg
ment entirely on the evidence they vo
te, cither for or against murder In
the ptst degree when they cast their
Hi st ballots. The first vote was eight
1 to four In favor of conviction. Then
the twelve tried to reach unanimity
upon .1 verdict of manslaughter In tho
first degree, the maximum punishment
for which Is twenty years' Imprison
ment. The men In favor of arqultinl
largely oil tho ground of Insnnltv. It
1. said, would not change their ballots
and In tho end won over one of the
right who had favored conviction.
During the nearly forty-eight hours
of deliberation only tight ballots wero
cast. The Jury spent the two night
sessions dozing In their chairs. The
' entire story of what happened in the
' Jury room from the time tho twelve
men retired at 5:17 o'clock on Wed
nesday nfternoon until they finally de
cided this afternoon that tho prospects
of n verdict wero loo remote to war
rant longer discussion of the facta was
told by one of the Jurors, Henry C. Har
ney, No. a manufacturer of pianos.
The filial ballot was taken Just before
the Jury reported Its disagreement In
court was as follows:
For conviction of murder in tie fust
degree; Messrs. Demlnt It. Smith, fore
man; (leorge I'faff, No. 2; Charles H.
Kecke, No. 3; Harry C. I3rearley, No 0;
Charles D. Newton, No. S; Joseph I!.
Ilolton, No. 31, nnd IJern.ird Geratman,
No. 12.
For acquittal on the ground of In
sanity: Messrs. Oscar A. Pink, No. 4:
Henry C. Harney, No. 1"; Malcolm S.
Kraser. No, 7; Wilbur K. Steele, No. 0,
and John P. Dennee, No. 10.
Ml1. Ilolton Is the Juror whoso wife
died during the trial while the Jury
was being kept under lock nnd key.
Juror Harney said:
"About ten minutes after we reached
the jury room we took the first ballot
and it lesulted In n vote of eight for
conviction of murder In the first de
gree and four for absolute ncqulttal.
The men who voted for conviction wero
Smith, foreman; I'fatf, Kecke, Drearly,
Dennee, Ilolton, Newton and Gerstnian.
The men who voted to set Thaw frco
were IMnk, Harney, Kraser nnd Steeln.
"Thirty minutes elapsed befoic the sec
ond ballot was taken and then tho votes
remained unchanged. A third ballot was
taken nt 6:4J p. m on AWdnesday, nnd
. v , until. 1-u.llJl VM.-1T I-IM-IH Hi
sleep, and no hallot was taken until 4:."i)
o'clock the following (Thursday) nfter
noon, This was iWvernl hours aftr tho
Jury had appealed to the court for n re
rending of the testimony given by eye I
witnesses of the tragedy. The fourth bal- I
lot marked one change In tho vote. Four '
of the Jurors still held out for an nc- j
qulttal, but of the rest, Hernard Gerst-
man, tho twelfth Juror, changed his vote
from murder in the first degree! to that 1
of manslaughter In tho first degree '
About two hours later a fifth ballot was
tnken and this showed a decided chango
" t.l"'lpart "f J710 Jurrs "'ho v,n,rd for
of the four Jurors who yoted for nn ac
qulttal hnd not been altogether in vain
for they succeeded In winning over to
their side, Juror Ilennee, who up to that
time had voted forVnnvlctlon. Tho rest
of tho jurors, with tho exception of
George Pfaff who had yoted for murder
In tho tlrst degreo doclded that Thaw was
only guilty of manslaughter in the first
degree. Tho sixth ballot was taken at 0:25
o'clock Thurrelay night and remained un
changed. After that there was no bnllot
until 11:3) o'clock this afternoon when
nil of the Jurors showed thnt they were
of tho same mind ns before, excepting
Hrearley, who In addition to voting for
manslaughtor In tho first degree, added
that tho defendant should bo recommend
ed to tho mercy of tho court.
"Tho eighth and last ballot was taken
at 3:tf, o'clock thltufternooti and showed
a most rematkable chango In tho entire
Jury, The five men who had voted for
nn absolute acquittal changed their bal
lots to that of not guilty on the ground
of Insanity, In tho hope of winning over
their colleagues but tho remainder of the
Jury, all of whom, with tho exceptton of
Cleorgo rfaff, had voted for a verdict of
manslaughter, mado up their minds that
Thaw was guilty of murder In the llrst
degreo and voted accordingly. This prac
tically ended tho deliberation of the Jury
nnd tho Jurors, arriving at the conclusion
that they could never agree, naked to be
"It will bo noticed that the only man
who voted consistently according to his
first opinion wns Goortra I'faff, Juror No.
2, who from tho very first ballot adhered
to his bollof that Harry Thaw was guilty
of murder In the flrst dogreo. Kqually
as consistent In their belief to the con
trary wore Jurors Pinlt, Harney, Kraser
decided that in their opinion Thaw was
not guilty Theso four men, however,
slightly changed the.r belief on the last
ballot when In the. hope of winning over
their companions they conceded acquittal
of the defendant on the ground of In
sanity. Tho sessions of the jury were not
altogether pleasant and peaceful.
"There were many stormy arguments
and nt one time charges of inconsist
ency and breaking faith with the or
ders of the court were made, hut nt
no point of the deliberations did the
foreman loe control of the situation.
He successfully held the twelve; men in
cheek and was tho tlrst to suggest
when It was seen that there was no
possibility of a verdict being reached
that they report tho mutter to Justice
Fitzgerald and leave the further dis
position of tho case to his j-idgment."
Juror Wilbur F. Steele said.
"There was plenty of disparagement
between the opinions expresst., i,y the
Jurors. We considered insanity' In
many phases, hut did not give the sub
Ject of wronged womanhood any
lengthy debate In fact, scarcely any
It was touched upon nnd quickly drop
ped. The question which was consid
ered at unusual length was whether
Thnw was Insane at the moment he
shot Stanford White, and whether nt
that moment he was responsible for his
Juror Joseph Ii. Holton said:
"Thero was no question of the "un
written law" or of 'dementia Amerl
ennn' In our deliberations. We con
sidered the case from a purely legal
standpoint. We were not swayed by
"The Jury when considering the case
took no stock In 'brain storms."' said
Juror George H. Kecke. "ty u,i not
pay an undue amount of attention to
tho testimony of the alienists either
Mr. Ke'ke said. Mr. Kecke said It was
lifter Mr. Dennee had read some of
Thaw's letters that tho latter decided
that there was a reasonable doubt as
to Thaw's sanity. Dennee then Joined
the four men who stood for acqulttl
on tlie ground of Insanity.
(Fiom the Manchester Journal.)
In the death of fleorgo Gronvllle Bene-
dist the State has lost one of 'her fore
most citizens, the city of llurllngton one '
of its staunchest supiorters and the '
uewspjper fraternity its nestor nnd a ,
beacon light. He had served his State In
her most trying times and was not only 1
a good advisor but also an Indefatigable '
worker. Kor fifty-four years he was '
connected with the llurllngton Krcc Press
forty years of which lie was its editor-In- 1
chief. It is with pleasure that we re- '
member the only time wo met Mr. Bene
dict nnd recall the pleasant words which '
he spoke regarding our taking up our '
labors liwllio old home State, prophecy- I
Ing and wishing for tho Journal's con- '
tlnued succc'3.
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abdoTBen." ....
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